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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  June 9, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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hillary clinton campaign, only a little while after that important meeting that the president had in the oval office with senator bernie sanders. so you have now heard officially from the president. there had been some anticipation to come in to the white house briefing room to make the announcement. we're told he will not do that. the president makes the official announcement on video as you heard. senator cardin is joining us. you must be excited. what is your reaction? >> wolf, people were asking whether the democratic party will be united. i think president obama answered that. we are not only united, we are eager for this campaign. we are very proud of our candidates in the primary. they had more that united us than divided us and we are united to make sure we win in november. i am very excited by the president's comments. >> we're also getting word, another tweet that hillary clinton, senator, just put out. quote, honored to have you with
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me potus. i'm fired up and ready to go and also getting word that the president and hillary clinton will go out on the campaign trail start campaigning together in wisconsin on wednesday, june 15th. that's the day after the democratic primary in the district of columbia. what do you want senator bernie sanders to do next, senator cardin? >> well, i'm proud of senator sanders. he ran a great campaign. the issues raised are critically important issues to the party and the country. i know that his energy that brought so many new participants in to the process that he was going to help us make sure we have that participation in the general election. we are together. our party is together. look on the other side with the republicans who are fighting among themselves. we know that we have a message for the american people and more importantly senator sanders points about equality and opportunity, those points are going to be critical in our campaign in november. >> you think the president will
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be able to help hillary clinton recreate that obama coalition that got him twice elected president of the united states? >> there's no question that president obama knows how to connect with the american people. and that he will be incredibly important to get people to participate in this election. you know, we saw in our midterm elections the dropoff of participation. well, this is a presidential election. and president obama's going to make sure that his voice is heard and his voice is heard for the type of progress that we've made during his term, terms as president and this needs to be carried forward by a president clinton come next january. >> you've heard donald trump say he's going to go after those bernie sanders supporters, as well. he makes the point that he and bernie sanders agree on the issue of trade and other issues. is that realistic in your mind that a significant percentage of bernie sanders very ardent
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supporters might not support hillary clinton but instead donald trump. >> we are very confident that the type of motivation that senator sanders gave for people participating, they were the issues that we find very comfortable in the democratic party. they're not in the republican side. they're not with donald trump. we're going to do very, very well. i think our point is to make sure people have hope and understand that this election is about their future and that the need to participate. if we get that message through, the sanders supporters very much helpful for us winning in november. >> senator card inof maryland, thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> we have the big breaking news. here live, these are pictures, i don't know if it's live but pictures of senator sanders with harry reid up on capitol hill. yes, live pictures. this follows the earlier meeting. let's listen in, see if they talk. >> what do you want to tell
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senator reid and, senator reid, what do you want to tell senator sanders? >> we won't take any questions. that's the deal i made and bernie set up. that's it for now. we have time to answer questions but not now. >> come talk to us in the hall afterwards? >> everyone, thank you. thank you. >> all right, guys. >> be back out the doors. >> walk back. turn around and head out in that direction. >> everyone includes everyone. >> sorry. >> thank you. the directions. folks, very important. thank you. thank you. thank you very much, everyone. >> you heard harry reid say no questions and not taking questions and you saw the photo-op, the senate democratic leader, minority leader, harry reid, bernie sanders. the entire effort designed to try to unify the democratic party right now to go ahead in this challenge to work together among the democrats to support hillary clinton in her battle upcoming against the republican
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presumptive nominee donald trump. this is an important day because the president of the united states following his oval office meeting with senator sanders now officially come out and endorsed hillary clinton in a video that you just saw here on cnn. a video released by the hillary clinton campaign. president obama endorses hillary. hillary clinton tweeted, quote, i don't think there's ever been so qualified to hold the office. this statement from the president of the united states. the president also saying she's got the courage, the compassion and the heart to get the job done. i have seen her judgment. i have seen her toughness. i have seen her commitment to values 36 will. that's what's driven her and still does. expect josh earnest to come in and elaborate on the decision by the president, very historic decision by the president to go ahead today and announce this
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endorsement for hillary clinton. michelle kosinski is our white house correspondent. >> wolf, for this to be released on twitter, too. we have never seen anything like that. presidential endorsement of the former secretary and released on the twitter and get wind of this. we have known for days now that the white house is working on this. when you look at the video, you see that this is well produced, music in the background. done well ahead of time and not quite sure when it's released. you heard in the video the president say, you know, i met with bernie sanders this week. giving them some cushion on the production of this. of when it would happen exactly. that's a strong indication they themselves weren't even sure up until today and that's what we're hearing, too. they might try a sort of softer endorsement, something on social media.
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depending on how this meeting went today. between president obama and sanders. that's how important this discussion was. it was a long one. more than an hour long. but what we saw in this endorsement is not something kind of leading up to a fuller endorsement that would be more of a campaign style event. with the president side by side with clinton. we saw a full throated endorsement in this video release today. i mean, the president making very clear that she is the number one qualified person for the job. and as we're listening to it, we're thinking, he is not going to say anything about sanders. i haven't heard a mention and then there it was. he included the campaign that sanders has run up until this point. wanting to compliment him, in the past few days, wolf, it is interesting to see. what a difference a day makes. yesterday the white house would not even acknowledge that hillary clinton is the presumptive nominee. now we see this endorsement. yesterday, the white house was e
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fusive in its praise for sanders. they want to include everyone. don't want it to be a winner and loser in the democratic race but for everybody to be a winner and put this out there as a unified democratic party, wolf. >> they certainly are doing that. hillary clinton campaign announcing that next wednesday the president and hillary clinton they'll campaign together in green bay, wisconsin. according to the statement just released by the hillary clinton campaign. they'll discuss building on the process we have made and vision for an america that's stronger together. so they will jointly go out on the campaign trail next wednesday beginning in wisconsin. here's the historic video by the clinton campaign of the president of the united states enthu enthusiastically endorsing hillary clinton. >> across thousands of miles and all 50 states, tens of millions of americans heard their voices heard. today, i just want to add mine.
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i juan to congratulate hillary clinton on making history as the presumptive democratic nominee for president of the united states. look. i know how hard this job can be. that's why i know hillary will be so good at it. in fact, i don't think there's ever been someone so qualified to hold this office. she's got the courage, the compassion and the heart to get the job done. and i say that as somebody who had to debate her more than 20 times. even after our own hard-fought campaign, in a testament to her character, she agreed to serve our country as secretary of state. and from the decision we made in the situation room to get bin laden, to our pursuit of diplomacy in capitals around the world, i have seen her judgment. i have seen her toughness. i have seen her commitment to our values up close. i have seen her determination to give every american a fair shot at opportunity, no matter how
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tough the fight was. that's what's always driven her and it still does. i went those of you who have been with me from the beginning of this incredible journey to be the first to know that i'm with her. i am fired up. and i cannot wait to get out there and campaign for hillary. i also want to thank everybody who turned out to vote and who worked so hard for our candidates. this has been a hard-fought race. i know some say these primaries somehow left the democratic party more divided. you know, they said that eight years ago, as well. just like eight years ago, there are millions of americans, not just democrats, who have cast their ballots for the very first time. >> there's the president of the united states. he says i'm with her. i'm fired up. i can't wait to gem out and campaign with her. he will next wednesday in wisconsin. a tweet of former president bill clinton saying, thank you,
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barack obama. quoining ing joining us is mark preston. you are getting what the sanders campaign knew about this. what are you learning? >> wolf, we heard from president obama right there is very important at the very end talking about how the democratic party divided eight years ago and how quickly they came together and when hillary clinton abandoned the bid for president of the united states and i spoke to a senator, senator sanders, senior aide on the campaign and read to you a little bit of our discussion. he said that the president's endorsement of secretary clinton was expected and he described senator sanders meeting with the president today as very good and very positive so clearly senator sanders knew it was coming and not a surprise to the campaign. as for how they feel about the campaign at this moment, he described it as a very hard-run campaign and emphasized that they're going to compete in the district of columbia primary and he said that after he left the white house and said very proud
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of what senator sanders plishled. as for going forward, this aide told me that there are a lot of discussions going on right now and they'll continue to be discussions with the clinton campaign about how to ensure that senator sanders goals for progressive agenda. this is why bernie sanders ran for president to push these issues to the forefront and they feel very good about how they've done so, wolf. >> they should indeed. all right. mark preston, thanks very much. back up to capitol hill. jeff zeleny outside senator sanders' office up there. there's a lot of history involving the president of the united states, the former secretary of state. when the president's so enthusiastically on the hillary clinton campaign video endorsed hillary clinton brought back, jeff zeleny, memories of a different period eight years ago. eventually she came out and endorsed him with enthusiasm. >> reporter: no doubt about it,
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wolf. this week in history eight years ago is quite remarkable all week long, how it's playing out in a similar type of fashion after a hard-fought and long democratic presidential campaign that ran from all 50 states. all corners of the country. the difference here is there's a democrat in the white house. that's barack obama and seeing him endorse her there in the video, wolf, completes the circle here of their relationship. some eight years ago, i remember this week very, very well when she finally came out and said that, you know, she was supporting him and then they traveled the following week to unify, new hampshire, wolf. but in the opening days, there was not a lot of unity and more tension than unity. a lot of voters and supporters in the crowd there said we'll never vote for barack obama and there was so much anger out there. i think that, you know, what i see from senator sanders at this point, wolf, is different than that. we saw him leave the senate office building here, the office a short time ago. he's in with harry reid now but
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he had a smile on his face and joy in his step. he never expected to do this well. and i'm not, you know, surprising that. he's told me that on multiple occasions that h did not expect to sort of build this movement a year or so ago getting in the race and he thought that hillary clinton should be challenged and, wolf, challenge he he absolutely has. the direction and agenda and policy focus of this democratic party is different than from a year ago when she jumped into this race here. he's pushed it without question to the left more liberal, more progressive in terms of minimum wage, health care, other things. i think senator sanders' role in the campaign is remarkable but seeing the president out today and campaigning next week in wisconsin, wolf, that is something else. he is waiting for this moment to campaign against donald trump. we all remember that moment back in 2012 walking into the white house briefing room to talk about his birth certificate with donald trump. it's personal for president obama. this campaign for the next five months is personal.
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it's his legacy. yes. but defeating donald trump in his mind is very, very personal. wolf? >> yeah. i have spoken with some of his top advisers, the president of the united states. they said he'll do everything he possibly can to help hillary clinton become the next president of the united states. and help re-establish, recreate that so-called obama coalition that got him twice elected. stand by, jeff. david chalian with us, as well. the political director. david, as they say in real estate, location, location, location. in politics, also. explain the reasons why on monday hillary clinton will campaign in ohio, on tuesday she will campaign in pennsylvania and then on wednesday together with the president of the united states they will both go out in wisconsin. why these three states? >> listen. this is where the battle's going to be fought, wolf. this is the battle to 270 electoral votes and we know looking at the 2012 map that the democrats have this slight edge
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right now electorally. but we also have seen the success that donald trump has had with white working class voters coming out in big support for him throughout the nomination season. so he and his team, talking to them, the first place they look is sort of a swath of the map from pennsylvania to ohio up to michigan, over to wisconsin, as the place that if they can take those four states which were blue and in barack obama's column and flip them they are going to win the presidency that way. that upper midwest region is critical for them. obviously, other states, virginia, north carolina, florida. there will be lots of areas around the country where this battle is joined. but to see hillary clinton as you said hit ohio, pennsylvania and then with the president go to wisconsin, big high profile day for her.
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first time out on the trail with president obama and choose wisconsin where, you know, where donald trump actually was defeated and perhaps one of the weakest moments of his campaign, they want to go there and have an exclamation point that this was a state that she lost to bernie sanders and this is a state where she plans to make a general election stand. so i think that is a big moment there as to why they chose wisconsin. >> yeah. very important moment, indeed. i suspect the first of several opportunities that the president will have to go out together with hillary clinton out on the campaign trail. we also know, david, what are you hearing, the latest, donald trump said the other day on monday, maybe as early as monday, delivering a major speech going after not only hillary clinton but bill clinton, as well. he wants to rain on her parade a little bit right now. what are you hearing about that speech? >> listen. donald trump gave us a little
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preview of what that speech is going to be. he says that he's going to make a case from now through the election that he believes that the clintons have sort of profited from their positions, whether as former president or even as a sitting secretary of state that they have been sort of signing their pockets with their positions of power. and positions of connectedness. he is going to go after the clinton foundation. he is going to go after some of their personal relationships in the world of the clinton foundation while serving as secretary of state. i'm sure we'll hear that time and time again. by the way, the other thing that donald trump told us is that he was also he said eager for president obama to join the campaign trail because now he feels he's got another target to go after. he says he hasn't really taken it to president obama but now that president obama's endorsed hillary clinton, is going to get out on the campaign trail, i'm sure that we are going to see donald trump take the case
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against president obama, as well, since, obviously, one of the key republican arguments that may find resonance among independent voters is do you want another four years of this? tough question to ask as president obama's approval ratings ticking up but now that he joins the political fray, will donald trump be able to sort of draw him in to battle, as well? >> good point, indeed. david axelrod is with us, as well. senior political commentator, former senior adviser to president obama. joining us on the phone. david, your reaction to the video released by the clinton campaign formally showing the president enthusiastically endorsing hillary clinton? >> well, it's obviously a big plus for her and it comes on top of a statement by bernie sanders that must have been very heartening, as well. what you are seeing here is the consolidation of the democratic party. and one of the values of
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president obama hanging out and not endorsing a candidate until this point has been that he can play a larger role in reyou nighing the democratic party as this primary season draws to a close. so this is a big day for her. you know, it's so interesting, wolf. you think about this process and how dynamic it is. a month ago, it looked like donald trump was about to con l consolidate the republican party as all the republican candidates fell by is wayside and he became the presumptive nominee of the party and hillary clinton looked to be struggling with her nominating process and bernie sanders and how quickly things can turn around. she had a huge day on tuesday. and now this big enforcement which will pay dividends down the line obviously in terms of the president's campaigning. it wasn't a surprise but the
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timing of it adds to a sense of momentum for her. >> the timing is a little bit of a surprise. we anticipated it would happen, of course. the president endorsing hillary clinton. but the way they did it, fact that they did it on social media, they released a video, they released the tweets and i just want to point out, david axelrod, josh earnest white house press secretary walking in to the white house wrebriefing m to give us details on the decision making process, how the president came forward. so if i interrupt you, you'll know why i am. >> okay. >> were you surprised of the format for a formal endorsement? >> well, you know, this is obviously in line with the way barack obama has communicated with his supporters from the beginning of his presidential campaign back in 2007. but it's particularly important because of the important role
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that social media has played in the campaign of bernie sanders. and it's meaningful that a number of seconds of this video were devoted to the sanders campaign and the role that bernie sanders has played in this election. it's obviously no coincidence that it comes out after the meeting between president obama and bernie sanders. and i think this is in part a way of reaching his supporters giving them their due for the movement that they've built and great campaign he's run. and sending message that we're all together now. so you would anticipate after, let's say, i suspect not necessarily before tuesday the democratic primary in washington, d.c., the last contest of this election of this primary season, but at some point bernie sanders and hillary clinton getting together, as well. >> well, bernie sanders said he
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was going to do that today. i expect that that will happen. i know their staffs have been talking and, you know, what's clear is he wants to have an imprint on the platform of the party, an imprint on rule reforms moving forward. i think he'll get that. what he made unequivocally clear in the statement today is that he is going to be out there and out there vigorously in the fall campaign helping hillary clinton and opposing donald trump and it's an important signal. i don't think, wolf, that that immediately means that every supporter of bernie sanders transfers over to hillary clinton. this will be a process of grieving the loss of their candidate and adapting to the race that's now at hand and some of them won't come but most of them will but certainly it sends a strong signal to those
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supporters of bernie sanders if he fully embraces hillary clinton's candidacy and devotes himself to campaigning in the fall and it seems clear from what he said today that that is in the offing. >> we're showing viewers some video. you will remember it, david, back june 27th, 2008, when hillary clinton went out an campaigned for then-senator barack obama. unite for change. you remember that slogan very well. >> in unity, new hampshire. >> that's correct. >> i was on that trip. to use a term of art, we shlepped to rural new hampshire to unity, new hampshire, because it was a great symbol. she had won the new hampshire primary. and new hampshire was a swing state. and we went to unity and that was where they -- where she made her formal endorsement.
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she indicated the support earlier. you are going to see i suspect a similar event somewhere in this country before long with bernie sanders and obviously there's a plan -- >> hold on. >> for the president to appear with her. >> all right. here's josh earn, the white house press secretary. we'll get details. let's listen what he says. >> i appreciate your patience on the schedule today. both senator sanders and senator clinton wanted to make announcements and i wanted to give them the opportunity to go first and i'm here to answer any questions you may have about their announcements or any other topics on your mind today. so, kevin, do you want to start? >> sure, josh. thank you. let's just start with the obvious. can you give us a little bit of a readout on what the president and senator sanders talked about during that hour-long meeting? did they make any requests of each other? >> well, obviously, the president was pleased to have an
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opportunity to welcome senator sanders to the white house and congratulate him on the remarkable success he enjoyed and the context of his democratic -- campaign for the democratic nomination for president. senator sanders competed in every state across the country. and earned more than 10 million votes for his campaign. that's a remarkable accomplishment and the president complimented him and congratulated him on his success. i think you could describe the conversation as a friendly conversation that was focused on the future. part of that future conversation was about the importance of the upcoming general election. you've heard the president say on a number of occasions how important it is to him personally that he be succeeded in office by a president when's committed to building on the remarkable progress that our country has made over the last 7 1/2 years.
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so that certainly was an important part of the conversation but it went beyond that. there also was a conversation about the long-term future of the democratic party. and senator sanders campaign enjoyed so much success because he was able to inspire a lot of young people both democrats and independents to support his campaign and to be engaged in the political process. that's a good thing. and president obama and senator sanders had an opportunity to talk about what work they could potentially do together in the future to ensure that the democratic party of the 21st century is diverse and vibrant and inclusive. that's a long-stated goal of president obama and president obama had a success of a coalition built involving young americans and not all democrats. senator sanders built on that progress and they're hopeful to
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be able to work together in the future, not just the national level but the state and local levels, as well. >> did they make any question of each other in. >> well, i'm going to do my best to protect the able to have a private conversation but there's agreement about the way forward. obviously, there's a lot of agreement when it comes to the future of the democratic party. there's also a lot of agreement about the highest priorities that the next president will have to grapple with. the priorities range from issues like addressing income inequality and the special interests in the politics and issues that senator sanders discussed and issues that president obama has had an opportunity to address and as you heard from senator sanders in the driveway a couple of hours ago, a discussion about other issues like expanding economic opportunity for the middle class, keeping the equipment to the veterans, making sure that we give college
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candidates the opportunity to succeed and not just weighted down with extraordinary debt. these are all issues that president obama sent seven years fighting for and senator sanders spent a significant amount of time talking about these issues, too. not just in the context of the presidential campaign but in the context of decades of public service. >> i'm sure the president gave the senator courtesy of letting him know that he would be endorsing secretary clinton in the coming moments or hours. could you just provide a little bit of how the president broke that to him? i'm sure it was probably expected. but -- and what was the response? is the president disappointed that senator sanders did not go outside of the white house and in talking to reporters did not endorse clinton? >> well, let me start by saying, no. senator sanders i think is quite clear that he intended to compete for votes in the
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upcoming district of columbia primary scheduled for tuesday so i don't think anybody has the expectation that senator sanders was going to deviate from that plan. at the same time, to go back to your first question, the president's had the opportunity to speak to senator sanders three times in the last week and as a result of those conversations, i think it's fair to say that senator sanders was not surprised by today's announcement. okay? roberta. >> did the president show snar sanders the video? >> again, i'm not going to get into the details of their interactions but i assure that senator sanders was not surprised. look. he began his statement in the driveway in front of the white house today by saying that president obama and vice president biden made a commitment to him early in the process that they would not put their thumb on the scale and senator sanders himself said how much he appreciated that president obama and vice
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president biden kept that promise. >> when's the video recorded? why was it decided that the endorsement would be done through video rather than having an event or some kind of other alternative? >> the video was recorded on tuesday. and i think secretary clinton's campaign already announced there will be an event and the president is very much looking forward to traveling to green bay, wisconsin. title town. with secretary clinton. to appear with her in person at a campaign event and build support for the campaign in state of wisconsin, a tate that president obama won twice. >> and does he have other plans next week to do campaign related events for secretary clinton? >> that's the only campaign event on the schedule at this point. but i would anticipate that it's only the first of many campaign events between now and november. . michelle. >> you mentioned things that the president would like to see, working together on the issues. did sanders also have things
11:32 am
that he wanted to see from the bho white house or did he have any particular asks? >> i'll let senator sanders characterize the points he raised in their meeting but look i think that he did that again speaking to you all a couple of hours ago and quite direct to the president for the promise not to weigh in and give democratic voters across the country the opportunity to make the decision of who to represent our party in the general election and general sanders i think again as i -- when i spoke to the president briefly about the conversation with senator sanders, i think both men are pretty enthusiastic about the opportunity that lies ahead, not just in advance of the general election but over the course of a generation. to ensure that the future of the democratic party looks as diverse and vibrant and inclusive as our country is. >> did the president ask sanders to step out of the race? did he want him to step out
11:33 am
before the d.c. primaries? >> listen. as i mentioned yesterday when i spoke to a group of you, senator sanders more than earned the right to make his own decision on his own time frame about the future of his campaign and the president certainly respects the important work that senator sanders has done on the campaign trail. he certainly respects the strong support that he's built in all 50 states. and that means that senator sanders gets to decide when -- what the future of his campaign looks like. again, when senator sanders spoke to you after meeting with the president, senator sanders reiterated how critically important it is for president obama to be succeeded by a president who shares our values and is committed to building on the progress the country has made under president obama's leadership. that certainly was part of the conversation in the oval office and senator sanders speaking to
11:34 am
all of you made clear it was a priori priority. >> what was the point and the outcome of this meeting? what was decided between the two of them? >> i think the point was for president obama and senator sanders to continue the conversation that dates back to january or february whenever it was senator sanders was here much earlier in the campaign and so, again, i don't think there's any expectation either on the part of senator sanders or president obama that senator sanders was going to make some abrupt change into -- abrupt change to his campaign strategy which at this point has included competing in the d.c. primary that's scheduled for tuesday. >> why are on they on twitter and why come from clinton instead of the president? >> i think, obviously, it makes -- i think there's some intuitive decisions about why
11:35 am
it's important to give secretary clinton the opportunity to make this news. obviously, you know, i saw some of the early comments of her campaign that she was deeply appreciative of the president's endorsement and the president was pleased to have the opportunity to share it but it's certainly the decision for secretary clinton and her team to make about how best to use this material to advance her campaign. >> you see speaking of twitter, you see a lot of sanders supporters now putting out, you know, their continued support of sanders, many of them saying it's bernie or nobody. won't be clinton. what do you think is the president's best approach now that he is going to be on the trail in a matter of days to winning over those people in. >> well, listen. first of all, high school secretary clinton's responsibility to win over those people.
11:36 am
i'm confident she alreawill hav forceful case to make about the values she represents and so i think she'll have a strong case to make and that's a case she'll make. president obama has a lot of credibility with the voters. president obama fought hard for many of the principles and priorities that senator sanders is talking about over the course of the campaign and devoted extraordinary amount of time to making sure that wall street doesn't run amuck and trample on middle class families and i can recite you and probably spare you right now a long recitation of all the things president obama's done to make sure that taxpayers are not on the hook for bailing out big banks and focused on expanding economic opportunity for the midding
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class. that's consistent for a message spread that resonating with voters across the country. so president obama has a lot of credibility. with those voters and, look, here's the last thing. senator sanders obviously has a lot of credibility with those voters and you heard him say to you all how critically important it is that president obama be succeeded by somebody who shares our values and is dedicated to those progressive priorities so there are any number of people, secretary clinton, senator sanders and president obama, who can make a very forceful case to those who were enthusiastic supporters of senator sanders in the past. okay? john. >> josh, you mentioned that the president we obviously know out next week with secretary clinton and attempts to be out many other times. how eager is he to get out there on the campaign trail again?
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just like one more campaign for him? the president's very enthusiastic about the opportunity that he will have over the course of the next several months to make a strong case and support of secretary clinton. i think that's evident from the comments that president obama made in elkhart, indiana, last week. the stakes in this election are high, particularly if you take a look at the u.s. economy. we have made enormous progress digging out of the ditch. the private sector is what led that recovery but the private sector would not have succeeded without the policy decisions that were made in the first couple of months of president obama's presidency. we have a strong case to make about the wisdom of the decisions of president obama and the commitment by secretary clinton by those principles and evident i think from that video and from his appearance on "the
11:39 am
tonight show with jimmy fallon" airing tonight at 11:30 -- that's a free plug there, peter, for your network. >> appreciate it. >> i think anybody with an opportunity to watch that interview will see the president is quite enthusiastic about this election and about the prospect of being succeeded by secretary clinton. >> there's credit for bin laden and that was really his decision alone he said in the past. right? what role did she have in that -- >> i think the point of that video where the president obama talks about the courage and the compassion and her heart and how her service to the country are critically important to -- were k critically important in his decision to endorse her in the campaign and i think she is choosing to say he close to have
11:40 am
secretary clinton by his side making difficult decisions that had enormous consequences for the united states and our citizens. [ inaudible ] she's certainly in the picture where that decision is being executed and she certainly was an important architect of the kind of foreign policy decisions and strategic decisions that president obama had to make over the first four years of his presidency. >> i don't know if you're tracking the twitter feed up there. >> i have not. >> it may not surprise you that donald trump tweeted. >> i am not surprised. >> he wants four more years of obama but nobody else does. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> is that what he wants? four more years of bom? >> well, no. i think there are a number of occasions where you all have pointed out to me some differences between secretary clinton and president obama. so they do not have -- they do
11:41 am
not have the same opinion on every issue but i think, again, just to go back to the video released today, the president said unequivocally he doesn't believe and can't remember somebody more qualified, a candidate more qualified to hold this office and after getting to know her personally working closely with her in the first four years of this administration, and spending more than a year on the campaign trail competing against her, in the 2008 presidential election, the president's had the opportunity to watch secretary clinton perform up close and he's seen her tenacity, dedication, her commitment to a set of principles that they share. and that's why the president's quite enthusiastic about her campaign. >> thanks josh. >> okay? let's move around. >> thanks, josh. can you confirm that the president did vote for secretary clinton during the illinois primary a few months back?
11:42 am
>> i did not ask the president about which box he checked on his ballot. but i'm not aware that he changed his mind over the course of the primary. >> now that the endorsement is out, i want to sort of revisit a question you were asked about the first lady doing an event on the state of women next week. can we expect to see her with the first woman nominee sort of make the case for secretary clinton on the campaign trail, as well? >> well, listen. that event you were referring to is in the works for months now at the white house. so it is not a campaign event, an official event, critically important to america's women and american families and there are a wide range of issues to discuss. part of that event includes a conversation that the first lady will have with oprah winfrey so i don't know if it comes up in the context of that
11:43 am
conversation. but this is an event that's -- was planned independent of any consideration of secretary clinton's campaign. that said, i think it's entirely fair for you to interpret president obama's remarks in the video released today as consistent with the first lady's views of the campaign. the first lady is enthusiastic about secretary clinton's you cy interpret that video as a joint endorsement. and at some point, i don't know exactly when that will be, but some point i'm confident that the first lady will have an opportunity to share her own views and her own words about why she believes it's important for secretary clinton to succeed president obama. you know, i'll just end by reminding you a number of occasions where mrs. obama has
11:44 am
discussed her deep admiration for secretary clinton's public service, her career. she's been a trail blazer. and mrs. obama deeply respects what secretary clinton has done and the issues that she's fought for over the course of her long career. >> one more. yesterday the president at a fund-raiser said he was concerned about the ability for democrats to do the sort of hard work of the ground game of turning out low income voters like he did in 2008 and 2012. is that a tacet criticism of the clinton campaign she has not reached those voters so far? >> no, it is not. the president was making a point similar to the point that he made in south florida at the end of last week talking about how important it is for democrats to run scared. to not be complacent about what the polls say.
11:45 am
the stakes in this election are high and the republican nominee has certainly defied conventional wisdom in the past and his campaign is one that democrats should take seriously. and the president certainly intends to devote a lot of time and energy to making sure that voters all across the country, democrats, independents and republicans understand the high stakes and the president will certainly make a strong and clear case for the candidate that he believes is at least as qualified as any other candidate to seek the office of the president in our nation's history. april. >> josh, a couple of questions. the sanders campaign or bernie sanders has been looking at history when it comes to the unification process. they have looked at 2008 when
11:46 am
hillary clinton conceded and barack obama reached out his hand for unification with secretary clinton. for this president, what does the unification process with hillary clinton, bernie sanders look like, particularly when it comes to his -- >> well, listen. i think you are making an important point which is that there's some relevant history here. secretary clinton was not in such a different situation than the one facing senator sanders today. what secretary clinton did, and this is well-known history now, is she was justifiably proud of the historic nature of her campaign in 2007 and 2008. she was proud of the strong support she got from voters all across the country. but she also made clear that
11:47 am
then-senator obama was the best opportunity that our country had to advance the priorities that she had been campaigning on. and again, i think there's a relevant analogy to be drawn between what happened eight years ago and when's happening right now. >> it's a relevant analogy. can you bring us back to how nond paying for her campaign debt, bring us back to how president obama worked with hillary clinton to get her s support eaers who were very ang at the time to get them to follow him? what was that piece that made -- >> well, look. i think what's important is to be respectful of those voters and certainly in 2008, president obama, then-senator obama, was deeply respectful of the investment and commitment that had been shown by then-senator
11:48 am
clinton's supporters and over the course of that summer and fall president obama and his campaign with the strong support and endorsement of then-senator clinton made a powerful case. and i don't think there were too many of those supporters that were converted in a day. but over the course of the day i think the president made a strong case and i think secretary clinton is certainly well positioned to do the same thing with regard to senator sanders supporters. >> what's the concern in this administration about the independence that could go to trump particularly when it comes to issues of trade? hillary clinton's trade issues or trade stand and they were for bernie sanders and vote for donald trump? >> again, as you all have pointed out to me a number of times in this room, all three of the candidates you named have the same position. on the transpacific partnership. it is a different one than president obama has. >> okay.
11:49 am
lastly, so just -- i'm sorry, one last piece to tuesday and the video. what time was that video made? was it after new jersey or during the day or after california? what time was that video made? >> i believe in the day and after a number of news organizations -- >> thanks, josh. that was in that room, right? >> i don't know exactly which room it was. it was a room in the white house residence. this is a -- >> there are a lot of rooms. >> there are. i don't know which one it was and consistent with the practice that previous presidents have followed when engaged in taping videos for political purposes. this is what president reagan did and president bushes did and president clinton did and what president obama has done before. >> costs bourn by the hillary campaign? >> either the hillary campaign or the dnc.
11:50 am
what i can confirm for you is not filmed at government expense. >> who wrote the script? >> i don't know who was involved in writing the script. but again -- >> both camps at the white house and the hillary campaign or the dnc? >> some combination i think is best way to describe it. >> you have always said in the past that when it comes to the president's endorsement since the candidate makes the decision about the timing, your hesitation about confirming that the president may have given a heads up to senator sanders and the meeting, i kind of want to nail it down, did hillary clinton campaign decide when that went up or did you guys decide when that went up? >> i don't recall having said that the candidates themselves determined that. obviously, president obama made a very purposeful decision over the course of this campaign to not weigh in and to give democratic voters across the country the opportunity to
11:51 am
determine who should represent our party in the general election so the timing of this decision was -- it was one of those driven by the president. but, obviously, as i noted yesterday, the white house has had open line, an open line of communication with each campaign. and so, in order to make sure that senator sanders wasn't surprised, it required president obama to communicate with senator sanders. in order to make sure that secretary clinton's campaign in a position to release the video, we obviously had to communicate with them, as well. >> lastly, where do you see voters? right? what should -- they just stay home? is that part of the message here that the decision's been made now. the race is over. their votes don't matter as much as california and new jersey or other states. >> no. that's not how i would describe it. i think the president is somebody who -- who has on a
11:52 am
number of occasions articulated his view that people should be engaged in the political process, people should be engaged in the public debate. certainly an important way to do that is participate in elections. there are delegates up for election to the democratic convention and something that's worth voting on. that would potentially put district voters in a position to have more influence on the process than they do now. okay? james. >> josh, thank you. a different subject. >> sure. does the president have confidence in debbie wasserman schultz to maintain her position? >> the president was in south florida at the end of last week
11:53 am
and talked about the service as the chair of the democratic national committee. look, the president appointed her to be the chair of the dnc first term and part of the legacy at the dnc is having built a democratic campaign apparatus that succeeded in re-electing the first african-american president of the united states and the first since eisenhower elected and re-elected with more then 50% of the vote and certainly the dnc and the structure that was built and financed through debbie wasserman schultz's efforts could take some credit for that, she should. the president made clear debbie wasserman schultz always had her back and he will have hers and announced the support of her campaign and appreciative of all the important work she's done at the dnc. >> was there ever any point where the president ever considered endorsing anyone
11:54 am
other than hillary clinton? >> as i alluded, i'm not aware the president was ever changed his mind in the course of the democratic primary. >> you mentioned earlier that president obama carried wisconsin twice in a row. why shouldn't we interpret the president's decision to campaign there with hillary clinton as his first outing as a sign of weakness on the part of the democratic ticket since they're going to be campaigning in a state whereby all accounts they should be able to retain that? >> the president to compete for wisconsin in 2008 and 2012. hard fought elections and both times he came out on top so i would anticipate a similar outcome in 2016. >> two more things really quickly. you stated at the podium just now you believe there's a very strong case to be made for the president's economic stewardship over the course of the last seven and a half years. senator sanders in his statement
11:55 am
in the white house driveway today painted a very different picture. senator sanders said that the united states right now is drifted toward aoligarchy. does the president agree with that? >> i think the president agrees that's more work to be done to address increasing inequality in this country. >> drifting to oligarchy. >> those are senator sanders' words. >> i'm asking if you agree. >> the president agrees there's more to be done to fight income inequality in this country and the president put forward ideas. unfortunately many blocked by republicans in congress. we could start by raising the minimum wage. i think the president is proud and justifiably so of the remarkable progress of the president and not satisfied. there's a lot more important work to be done and why he believes it's so important to succeeded by somebody who wants to build on the progress we have made and not tear it down.
11:56 am
>> presumably if you or the president agree it's drifting to oligarchy you would have said in response to my question? >> i guess those senator sanders' words and i'm using my own to convey our viewpoint. >> the president used a public view or another to comment on the fbi investigation into mrs. clinton and her e-mail conduct. at one point he stated that as far as he could see there was no real damage done to national security. you yourself from this podium suggesting the investigation wasn't trending toward any focus on police:on the herself. i wonder if you could address for us on the potential conflict of interest that might interest when the head of the executive branch is openly saying i want this woman to succeed me in the oval office and you have other employees of the executive branch working this case who now just heard how the president wants to see the case resolved.
11:57 am
isn't there some conflict there? >> james, there is not. and you noted a couple of instances in which the president had been asked about the fbi investigation. and in each of those answers, the president made clear that that investigation is one that is being conducted independent of any political interference. that is a principle to which the president is resolutely committed. you mentioned my comments. my comments were actually also in response to a question. and were a reference to a published reports of comments from fbi officials that -- about the direction of the investigation. but look. the reason that the president feels confident that he can go out and make this endorsement and record a video in which he describes his strong support of secretary clinton's campaign is that he knows the people who are conducting the investigation aren't going to be swayed by any sort of political interference. not swayed by political forces.
11:58 am
that they know that the investigation should be guided by the facts and that they should follow the evidence where it leads. and the president has complete confidence that that's exactly what they'll do. >> so when a career prosecutor or a fbi agent when's working on the clinton investigation hears this president speak openly of how he wants hillary clinton to succeed him, you don't think that that career prosecutor or that fbi agent takes that as some indication of how the president wants to see this case resolved? >> no. i think that those career prosecutors understand that they have an i don't know to do and that job that they're supposed to do which is to follow the facts, to pursue the evidence, to a logical conclusion, that that is a i don't know that they are responsible for doing without any sort of political interference and the president expects them to do this job. this is the reason we ask career federal prosecutors to take the lead on those kinds of matters. they're the ones that conduct the investigations.
11:59 am
they don't have career jobs. that's their responsibility and that's why the president discussing this issue at each stage has reiterated his commitment to this principle. that any criminal investigation should be conducted in an independent of any political interference and that people should be treated the same way before the law, regardless of their political influence and political party. regardless of the political stature and regardless of what political figure endorsed them. >> has president obama ever discussed the justice department investigation with mrs. clinton? >> he has not. he has not. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> we are going to continue to monitor the josh earnest white house briefing, providing information on the major news of the day. the president of the united
12:00 pm
states, president obama formally endorsing hillary clinton for president of the united states n. a very enthusiastic video released by the hillary clinton campaign, the president said in no short order, i don't think there's ever been someone so qualified to hold this office. the president insisting that hillary clinton is best qualified to serve as the next president of the united states. on tuesday, he taped a video, a video that just with the past hour or so elised by the hillary clinton campaign. watch this. >> for more than a year now, across thousands of miles and all 50 states, tens of millions of americans have made their voices heard. today, i just want to add mine. i want to congratulate hillary clinton as making history as the presumptive democratic nominee for president of the united states. look. i know how hard this job can be. that's why i know hillary will be so good at it.
12:01 pm
in fact, i don't think there's ever been someone so qualified to hold this office. she's got the courage, the compassion and the heart to get the job done. and i say that as somebody who had to debate her more than 20 times. even after our own hard-fought campaign, in a testament to her character, she agreed to serve our country as secretary of state. and from the decision we made in the situation room to get bin laden to our pursuit of diplomacy in capitals around the world, i have seen her judgment. i have seen her toughness. >> that's part of the video released by the hillary clinton campaign. the president very enthusiastically endorsing hillary clinton as the next -- for the next president of the united states. we have a team of reporters, analysts, commentators. all standing by. full coverage this hour. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer reporting. let's bring in david gergen,
12:02 pm
senior political analyst who advised four american presidents. david, a very important day. the release of the video just coming a little bit about an hour or so after the president wrapped up his meeting at the white house with the other democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders. what's your reaction? >> wolf, i am so struck by the contrast of the democrats now swiftly and smoothly closing ranks versus the republicans and tension and near disarray at coming out over the last three weeks. something is happening now and the politic that is we didn't see in the primaries. that is that donald trump completely dominated the airwaves during the republican primaries as we all remember. but now, you see this professional team taking the field on the side of the democrats and they're dominating the airwaves, they're getting their message out very, very well and they've got a team of
12:03 pm
surrogates that donald trump is out there almost alone, virtually alone making his case. here hillary clinton has, you know, president obama now, she has her own husband, another president, michelle obama and soon bernie sanders, elizabeth warren and the white house podium of the press secretary. it is a -- i don't think one can say it's over by any means. a poll out of the pennsylvania today, trump 45, hillary clinton 45. general election. we don't know where the fbi investigation is going. it's something has dramatic has taken place in the last three weeks. i think capped today with this endorsement and that is that you've got a -- not a hillary clinton juggernaut but a very professional team taking the field and donald trump and the republicans had better be paying attention. this is going to get to be a tough play for them. >> certainly is. david, stand by. david axelrod is joining us, as well.
12:04 pm
former senior advise tore the president. our senior political commentator. david axelrod, your reaction to what we heard from the white house press secretary josh earnest. >> well, i think that it was an affirmation of what the president's own statement contained, and you know, some of the questions i think portend what you hear from the republicans. how can there be an objective investigation if the president endorsed? you know, what of the disgruntled sanders supporters and so on? but, look. as david gergen just said, this is a good day for hillary clinton. and it does -- it's a look at what's to come. you have big guns in terms of the president, the first lady, helpful in terms of unifying the
12:05 pm
party. the president is obviously going to be helpful in terms of challenging some of the statements of trump and just the bay bill clinton was for barack obama in 2012 when he made that very powerful speech at the democratic convention. so, you're seeing some of the power that she can deploy on her behalf. in what will be a tough and competitive race. i want to emphasize what i said throughout having gone through this experience and david gergen can speak to this, as well. these races have ebbs and flows. i mentioned earlier a month ago it was trump on the rise and hillary clinton scrambling and now the tables have been turned and there'll be other twists and turns in the turn but it's undeniable the president of the united states is a very big asset on her side.
12:06 pm
trump put out a -- by the way, we should mention, wolf. that donald trump put out a tweet shortly after the president's endorsement saying -- noting the endorsement saying that the only person who wants four more years of barack obama's barack obama. and we'll see about that. and that will be the republican campaign that hillary, another four years of barack obama. barack obama's numbers are pretty good right now. his approval rating is above 50. has been for sometime. they have been creeping up and a more formidable surrogate for hillary clinton. >> donald trump tweeted obama just endorsed crooked hillary. he wants four more years of obama and nobody else does. hillary tweeted delete your account responding to donald trump saying delete your account. david axelrod, stand by.
12:07 pm
jeff zeleny up on capitol hill. you are getting new information on when the president actually -- what informed hillary clinton that this endorsement was on the way? >> reporter: i am, indeed. on wolf, tuesday night after the six states primaries and president obama reached hillary clinton he said that this is over i'm going to offer you my endorsement and meet with bernie sanders and offering my endorsement and when it was set in motion, taping the video and putting this together. wolf, something interesting about the phone call and did not just happen that quickly. the president had to try hillary clinton and then try her again and again i'm told. they finally reached each other early wednesday morning in the early hours of wednesday morning. when the president related the fact to indeed endorse her. wolf, i mean, this wasn't a major surprise. he's been inching that direction all along. but he, you know, wanted to give senator sanders the respect and courtesy and senator sanders
12:08 pm
said today stepping out of the west wing and he did feel that he was treated with respect from both the president and the vice president. wolf, i think that's important here because we talk a lot about senator sanders. he is on board but those 10 million voters who supported him are not yet all on board. that's the next central part here and senator sanders, of course, will have to do his part to help bring them toward hillary clinton. >> we'll see when that happens. we'll all anticipate that meeting presumably in the coming days. that hillary clinton will have with bernie sanders. bernie sanders said he hopes to meet with her. let's see when that happens. he is saying he's competing next tuesday in the democratic presidential primary in washington, d.c. that's the last contest of this primary season. mark preston is with us. cnn politics executive editor. i assume there will be more high profile surrogate endorsements coming forward and i'm sure vice president biden endorses hillary
12:09 pm
clinton and we heard the white house press secretary josh earnest say that the first lady michelle obama, she is on board and presumably she is going to go out and campaign with hillary clinton, as well. >> we heard from martin o'malley. he was holding back on endorsement until a nominee clearly came forward and, in fact, that's happened now and he will be on the campaign trail and when's interesting about where we are right now and where we're going forward is all the roles that potential big guns as david axelrod had described barack obama, what role will they play? we'll see barack obama, for example, on the campaign trail. he'll be able to help boost the african-american vote. not the percentage of the african-american vote but perhaps he can get more african-americans involved in the process and, quite frankly, to the voting booth in november. that's going to be key in states such as pennsylvania, perhaps
12:10 pm
ohio. and wisconsin. some of the battleground states, as well as maybe a state such as north carolina. bernie sanders is going to be able to help with the liberal vote. he will perhaps be dispatched if he agrees to do so to college campuses around the country. he had such a huge following as you noticed toward the end of the campaign and really quite frankly throughout the campaign, often holding the rallies on college campuses to see huge crowds, 10,000, 15,000 people would show up to them so perhaps he can help unify this democratic party even more as jeff zeleny noted. that's a big task for hillary clinton. elizabeth warren could help with that. and helping not only with women that hillary clinton doesn't necessarily need so much help but african-american women and others in the democratic party. joe biden, pennsylvania. that's what he did for barack obama in 2008, 2012.
12:11 pm
he can go to parts of the country that perhaps hillary clinton doesn't have to go to. he'll be good there. and of course, bill clinton, somebody who can basically go anywhere in the democratic party. hillary clinton right now will have a lot of top surrogates to go out and try to help her win this election in november, wolf. >> yeah. she is going to need them all in what's expected to be a very, very tough fight over the coming months with donald trump. bacardi sellers is joining us. here's the question. will hillary clinton be able to put that coalition together that helped president obama get elected twice? >> well, that is the question, wolf. that is the way that -- that's the pathway to 270 and the pathway to the white house. what we all know is since i believe 1948 you only had one party to have a president-elected three times and unless you include al gore
12:12 pm
winning the popular vote in 2000, you can maybe say two times. so we know it's a difficult stretch here but one of the things that barack obama brings, this is a big, big day. this is a day to celebrate. as my friend david axelrod said, this is the big gun. what he showed in the last two elections is a diverse coalition and when you have on stage michelle and barack obama, when you have on stage bill and hillary clinton, elizabeth warren, when you have that diversity, the powerful figures, 270 is definitely in reach and right now a stark contrast of where the republican party is and where the democratic party is. since three weeks when hillary clinton gave that speech in san diego, where she eviscerated donald trump with prose, he still has yet to respond to that. today he simply responded with a tweet and so what you are seeing is democrats playing offense. republicans are scrambling and donald trump is playing defense. this is a good day, a good team
12:13 pm
to be a part of. and there are going to be questions to be answered along the campaign trail and hillary clinton in very good stead, very good company and someone that supported barack obama in 2008, very proud to join barack obama today and say i'm with her. >> very quickly, bakari, will the african-american community come out in the numbers for hillary clinton they did for barack obama? >> well, let me first say that african-americans aren't monolithic. i dare not speak for all african-americans by any stretch but i'll tell you that we're going to have extremely high turnout in this case. one is because of young vetters. 4 out of 10 in this country, 40% of millennials in this country are voters of color and many coming out to support hillary clinton. many are coming out to continue barack obama's legacy. but even if you didn't support barack obama or hillary clinton or bernie sanders, there is a
12:14 pm
unifying voice. there is the best turnout mechanism we had and that's we're deathly afraid of donald trump being president of the united states and that's a turnout factor. the anti-trump built with the team is a good mix for november. >> stand by. manu raju up on capitol hill. lots of reaction coming in. manu, what are you picking up? >> there's really a sigh of relief on capitol hill. this is a place in the senate that largely overwhelmingly almost unanimously supports hillary clinton for president. all except for two democrats senators have endorsed her. one that endorsed bernie sanders. one told me that he doesn't think bernie sanders should go to the convention. really a sign of the lack of support sanders would have choosing to go that route and the message of today at the white house working together with hillary clinton and try to
12:15 pm
defeat donald trump went over very well here and a suggestion that bernie sanders will start to pack it in, particularly after tuesday. now, harry reid, the senate minority leader came out after meeting with bernie sanders for a half hour, just a few steps from where i'm standing right now and made it very clear that this was a very, very positive discussion. >> i had a very nice meeting with bernie sanders. and i had the good fortune of being able to spend sometime with jane, also. got to know jane quite well in the campaign and great respect and admiration for them. bernie was terrific. we were able to recount some of the battles we had here in the senate. but he in my opinion was instrumental in our finishing the job. no better example of that than we talked about with the affordable care act. that would not have been plishled without bernie sanders.
12:16 pm
he had his eye on what he wanted. he didn't get everything he wanted but he sure got something good for community health centers. $11 billion. we talked about that. how important it was for the country. i also told him, i said, bernie, i know we are not supposed to be envious about anything but i want to tell you i'm envious of you in this respect. i've been somebody that fought inside and outside the ring. i ran marathons. i was always so -- i thought of myself strong physically. i said i can't do that anymore since i hurt myself and so envious of you that vitality, the energy you show. i said, during this whole campaign i've never seen you tired but once. and that was the day -- during the beginning of the campaign he had surgery for hernia. i said, bernie, you are pushing too hard. well, he has such vitality.
12:17 pm
i'm so amazed with that. we had a good visit. i am feeling i'm in a good place with bernie. bernie is in a good place with my caucus and i feel he's in a good place with the country. i'm not pushing he to do anything. i think he needs time. i've invited him to the caucus on tuesday. i think he is going to come tuesday at 1:00 and talk to us for a little bit. >> mr. leader -- >> all right. so there you have harry reid the senate minority leader describing the meeting with bernie sanders. significantly at the very end saying that bernie sanders would come to his democratic caucus meeting next tuesday, same day as the final presidential primary contest for the democrats, washington, d.c. and bernie sanders said earlier in the day over at the white house he wants to participate. he wants that primary to go
12:18 pm
forward on tuesday and he's competing. nia-malika henderson are with mus. it looks like they're falling in police. >> that's right. happened so quickly. bernie sanders feeling the love today. a first at the white house. with president obama. and then with harry reid. some point also meeting with the vice president. so people coming out and really praising him. and talking about his historic run and giving him credit for moving the party to the left and really raising some of the issues he's raising for many, many years now in the senate and vth, as well, a local leader there. so this, i think the contrast couldn't be more clear between the democrats running very successful presidential campaigns. looking back to 1992, bill clinton, two successful presidential campaigns, 2008, hillary clinton runs, loses and then barack obama, those two successful presidential
12:19 pm
campaigns and that, all of that experience and all of that knowledge i think you can see on display here with this perfectly choreographed kind of roll-out of an endorsement for hillary clinton and then that praise for bernie sanders. a person who certainly wanted this. he wanted this sort of end game on his own terms. he didn't want to be forced out and democrats, of course, wanted to in some ways treat him with grace and certainly pay respects to him for what he has done. this really historic campaign and no one thought would happen and then, of course, that video comes out, the endorsement of barack obama to hillary clinton there. capturing out moment of history, right? first black president endorsing the first female nominee of a major party. so, you know, quite a contrast i think with republicans who now it's sort of in their court to get their game together and figure out how they can unite behind donald trump. >> very historic moments, indeed, for the democrats. very exciting moments,
12:20 pm
especially very exciting for hillary clinton and her supporters. the president of the united states today officially endorsed her to become the next president of the united states. the reaction from the other side, not so positive. the republican national committee issuing a tough statement. also, donald trump and supporters not issuing positive statementings by any means. we'll get that side of the story and more on the historic day right after this. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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12:24 pm
the breaking news, the president of the united states has endorsed hillary clinton to become the next president of the united states. in a video released by the hillary clinton campaign, the president said in no uncertain terms, quote, i don't think there's ever been someone so qualified to hold this office. she's got the courage, the compassion and the heart to get the job done. president obama endorsing hillary clinton. you saw the tweet from the hillary clinton campaign there. there have been a series of tweets, actually, in the last few minutes.
12:25 pm
donald trump tweeting a very different reaction. quote, obama endorsed crooked hillary. he wants four more years of obama but nobody else does. to which hillary clinton responded with her tweet, quote, d delete your account and then shawn spicer for the republican national committee tweeted whichever intern just sent this doesn't get it's not smart for you to talk about deleting anything cc@fbi. so the tweeting war continues right now. joining us, cnn political commentator mark lamont hill. kansas secretary of state and jim mecina. well, jim, we just heard the president in that video enthusiastically endorsing hillary clinton. it was interesting the form that they used for the endorsement. going out next wednesday, campaign with her in green bay,
12:26 pm
wisconsin. to put it out on social media, were you surprised by this format? >> no. i think it's perfect barack obama. this is how we did in both campaigns. went right to the people, gave a straight message on why he was doing this. i was really proud the white house decided to do it this way. >> what did you think of this endorsement? >> well, look. barack obama's very likable guy. i think he is a huge asset to hillary clinton in that regard but i think there's a real risk here of hillary clinton tethering herself to the obama record because while he has a 50% approval rating, issue by issue, it's not high. a full 65% of the country thinks we are heading in the wrong direction. perhaps because more people are on food stamps. stagnant wages. middle east being on fire. i think she has a lot to answer for on this endorsement. >> i think, actually, barack
12:27 pm
obama's popularity will do her a an extraordinary service on the campaign trail and serves as a strong contrast to donald trump in terms of what looks presidential. at a moment people saying that donald trump has not sort of conformed with traditional logic of a president to have barack obama on the trail is incredibly helpful, particularly in wisconsin hitting the road and then again in ohio and pennsylvania where she struggles do get voters of bernie sanders sorts with economic considerations at the top of their list. i think he'll do her an extraordinary service. >> yeah. >> you got to admit, chris, i know you're a donald trump supporter, that the democrats seem to be getting their act together in the face of what clearly the last few days has been some disunity among the republicans. >> i'll admit they closed ranks quickly. wolf, in '08, the democrats closed ranks quickly, faster than the republicans and '04 behind perry and then gore. you know, that'snot nexpected. but we have to think about this,
12:28 pm
how this campaign plays out. this is a very different campaign. i would say trump more than any other candidate in the last two decades is an anti-establishment outsider candidate. and so, when you see these power figures in washington speaking next to hillary, that only augments his message that, look, this is just the democrat half of the establishment backing the candidate. not surprising for a president. it only reinforces his outsider message. while it's good for a party to be united, i'm not sure it's not a double-edged sword against donald trump. >> go ahead, jim. >> i think it's a difference. today you have on the field two biggest voices in the democratic party, barack and michelle obama and on the other hand donald trump at the same time in a twitter war with the very popular republican governor of ohio. so you have the democrats unified. you have the republicans in as
12:29 pm
big disarray as we have seen in this generation. going, you know, less than five months before the election. dy i disagree with the secretary of state. it is a different scenario and never seen the republicans with this kind of problem. you have tom coburn, very well respected republican senator saying trump has a character flaw. you have, you know, a bunch of people continuing to walk away from the party's nominee. mark kirk of illinois. never seen this in a very long time. it is okay to be outside the mainstream and then run a campaign to win the presidency and what donald seems to be struggling with. >> there's a difference between -- >> go ahead. >> there's a difference between unification of leaders and voters. polling bears out that voters in the republican party are unified to the tune of 80% to 90%, probably higher than the "the new york times" poll taken two weeks ago. contrast that with the democrat party, the leadership may be all on board and poll after poll shows supporters will have a very hard time getting in line
12:30 pm
with hillary clinton. so i think leadership unification, great. but work on the voter unification. at the end of the day, that's what matters. >> if you're donald trump, you don't want 80% of the republican party and number is lower statistically largely because she was in a primary. now that bernie sanders stepped out and barack obama endorsed her, you will see it jump up. this is the same narrative of republicans in 2008. hillary voters will never turn to brack barack obama. it will happen largely because there's such a strong anti-trump narrative on the left and we'll see this happen very quickly i think. >> chris, what is donald trump need to do now to get his party organized, to get his party united? >> you know, i don't think there's all that much he needs to do in terms of -- a lot of it will happen naturally, especially as we go into the campaign phase of the campaign. i think, you know, if you drill
12:31 pm
down to what's really important in deciding this race it is unaffiliated voters in florida, ohio and pennsylvania. are those voters swayed by how quickly the democrat leadership rallied behind hillary? i don't think so. it's going to be reaching out the those voters. so a lot of what you will see from donald trump is i think very similar to what you have seen before. him trying to bring people in the process not necessarily long-time voters and voted for their entire lives. and that's the unpredictable nature of the campaign. so, the clinton campaign is doing everything according to the book. the trump campaign from a year ago is not going according to the book and winning largely because of that. so i don't think we can answer any of these questions with certainty and i think the voters to decide this election probably weren't watching tv this afternoon. >> guys, stand by. we will have a lot more coming up, including the role of elizabeth warren, the senator of massachusetts. she is about to deliver what her staff says will be a major
12:32 pm
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welcome back. i'm wolf blitzer. we are continuing our extensive coverage of president obama's endorsement of hillary clinton to become the next president of the united states. jeff zeleny is up on capitol hill. jeff, another key moment will be elizabeth warren. she's got a significant amount of support of democrats out there. the democratic senator from massachusetts. she's expected to deliver what her aides say will be a significant speech later tonight. what are you hearing? >> reporter: she is indeed,
12:37 pm
wolf. elizabeth warren on the sidelines in the long demratic fight getting into the race and the race very quickly. she for the last few weeks or so has been going after donald trump with some degree of success at least in terms of getting under his skin and doing that at another speech here tonight, a liberal judicial group. wolf, her office provided a few excerpts of what she is going to say. take a listen to. this is something to say about donald trump, he is a loud, nasty, thin-skinned fraud never risked anything for anyone and serves nobody but himself, saying she'll go on to say one of the many reasons that he will never be president of the united states. now, wolf, for the last i would say three weeks or, so maybe a little bit more, elizabeth warren is sending tweet after tweet directly after donald trump saying that, you know, he's not qualified in and sort of nipping at him and, wolf, we are expecting some point very
12:38 pm
soon after she talks and meets with senator sanders to offer her support finally for the presumptive nominee, as well, her former colleague in the senate, they worked together. they have not always seen eye to eye on things and jumping into the race soon, wolf. >> interesting point. a significant development i'm sure one that hillary clinton will gladly, gladly accept. stand by, jeff. i want to bring in jack ie kucinich and david gergen is with us, as well. i want your reaction to what clearly will be the message of a lot of republicans. reince priebus put out a brief statement pointing out that he says that the obama administration has not had success over the last nearly eight years, buried the country in $9 trillion of crushing debt and then went on to say this about hillary clinton. as obama's secretary of state,
12:39 pm
hillary clinton put our national security at risk with her elicit e-mail server to skirt laws and obscure the unethical dealings as the nation's top diplomat, hillary clinton is under a fbi investigation, the corrupt family foundation taken millions of foreign governments is an unprecedented conflict of condition flikt and adds i don't think there's been a candidate for this office more unethical and untrustworthy than hillary clinton. david gergen, i suspect that's a theme of a lot of republicans going forward between now and the democratic convention. and the republican convention in july and then the election in november. >> i think it is very -- they're trying to turn this into an anti-hillary race. and listen. they have a lot of support for that proposition across the country as you well know. and, you know, the polls are even as the democrats are elated with a last three weeks and how
12:40 pm
well this has gone, there is an army of people out there opposed to hillary. and they may pull it off but i do think it makes a difference what quality of team you have on the field and the general election. and at this point, the trump team is not in the same league with the hillary clinton team. trump team doesn't have the surrogates and firepower that hillary's now lined up behind her. these tweets, putting into -- sending up tweets against big guns, that's a no-contest over time. and i can't get over the fact that how much the democrats have now suddenly seized the airwaves to get their message out so that donald trump who loomed over sort of a dominant figure in the politics no longer, you know, he's been cut down to some size now. that does not mean he's not a real threat to the clinton people but clearly over the last three or four weeks her chances of winning are on the rise and i think they're kind of attacks
12:41 pm
that we have just heard about we're going to hear a lot more about them and obviously everybody's waiting for the fbi investigation to get its, you know, settled out. i must tell you, wolf, i think over the last three weeks the trump university has become to donald trump what the e-mail server problem is to hillary clinton, each one as an albatross to deal with. >> jackie, we'll hear of a big speech of donald trump's part maybe on monday going after hillary clinton and bill clinton, as well. he wants to go on the offense on this issue. you're hearing the same thing. >> yeah. we are. but, you know, it will be interesting to see what tact he takes on this because donald trump's allegations of the clintons swung from things legitimate, the questions about the clinton foundation to things that really aren't that -- end up being more of ed klein fan fiction type of that nature. if he's going to go conspiracy
12:42 pm
theory, substance, really, really interesting with this speech and that's one of the thing that is we're watching. what he does pull forward. how far back in the past does he reach? talking about whitewater or focusing on e-mails and things of the last two decades? that is the open question right now. >> yeah. i assume he'll go to things that happened while she was secretary of state, including benghazi which, of course, he keeps referring to all of the time. i'm curious, jackie, your reaction to the democrats uniting right now, clearly, in very ambitious and very bold moves around hillary clinton. >> well, you know, one of the interesting things about this is when was the last time that a candidate wanted the encouple bent president campaigning for them? this shows how popular obama is at the end of his term, particularly with democrats and it really -- so that in and of itself is interesting because
12:43 pm
republican candidates didn't want george bush near them. al gore didn't want bill clinton campaigning with him. that's another kind of notable thing about obama's endorsement. another thing that's going to be really interesting and i should have mentioned this before is how obama tries to take it to trump. these are two -- someone he enjoys sparring with, someone he enjoys going after so that on the campaign trail is going to be something to watch for. >> a lot of us remember, david gergen, you remember, as well, the whole birther issue that donald trump had raised against president obama and then once president obama released the birth certificate showing, confirming he was born in hawaii, he had fun with donald trump at the white house correspondents' association dinner when he, obviously, ridiculed him. >> well, that's absolutely right. but i think it's very clear that barack obama's come to hate donald trump. to treat him with disdain.
12:44 pm
because he feels he's so far out of the mainstream, so far out of the group of people who might be acceptable running the country. and barack obama wants to protect his legacy and do what he can, everything he can to get hillary clinton elected because that will protect his legacy and take down a person he regards as a real threat to the republic. >> david, stand by. jackie, stand by, as well. we have to take another quick break. we'll take a look at some of the states, state that is have gone democratic in recent years that donald trump seems to think he can win this time around and vice versus. much more right after this. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from
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12:49 pm
news. welcome back. president obama today formally endorsed hillary clinton to become the next president of the united states. he released a video actually was released by the hillary clinton campaign. there's the tweet from hillary clinton, president obama endorses hillary. and then she quotes him saying i don't think there's ever been someone so qualified to hold this office. that was the statement the president made in the video released by the hillary clinton campaign. both hillary clinton and donald trump, by the way, they both claim they can flip some states that have traditionally voted for the opposite party come november. cnn's tom foreman joining us now to talk about this. walk us through the states they're each targeting, tom. >> one of the reasons hillary clinton wants to stand with barack obama is this map which is from 2012. if she just replicates this, wolf, takes advantage of the state that is he turned over, then she comes in with a pretty whopping victory here. however, bear in mind that barack obama is very popular of
12:50 pm
democrats, very unpopular with republicans. and among independents, his performance has been tenuously one of her ideas here is to look out west, see if she can maybe get arizona to move over to the democratic category. she wants to make sure colorado and nevada stays in her corner. if she does that, the margin gets bigger. 270 is what she needs. donald trump is at 190. donald trump, however, sees his own possibility here and part of it is a rustbelt strategy. he's looking at these states right up here. he's saying, if you look at wisconsin, michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, he knows there are a lot of frustrated working-class democrats up there, white democrats, that have not been happy about the trade deals that she's supported. bernie sanders walloped her in wisconsin. that would barely get him over
12:51 pm
the line. he'd get 270. she'd get 268. if he could actually flip new york, which he thinks he can, and florida, then he gets a big win. 300-238. those are big reaches. can it be done? we don't know. they start with the map from last time and she says, if i hold on to that, i win. this is my race to lose. donald trump says i've got to change something from that last map. i've got to flip something or else i lose. wolf? >> that explains why hillary clinton will campaign on monday in ohio. on tuesday, in pennsylvania. and on wednesday, together with president obama, they both will be campaigning in green bay, wisconsin. clearly, they see those states as potential battleground states. tom foreman, thanks very much. into wh when we come back, the president of the united states endorsing hillary clinton to become the next president of the united states. much more when we come back.
12:52 pm
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12:56 pm
once again,he president of the united states formally endorsed hillary clinton for president of the united states. joining us is bakari sellers and co-founder of women vote trump super pac. and mike shields is joining us, our cnn delegate. mike, very quickly, is it at all realistic that republicans could change their rules and donald trump potentially would not be the republican nominee? >> no. you would have to have something cat ta clis mchappen at this point. they can report things out to the convention that is then voted on by the entire convention but there's no will to do that and i think it would
12:57 pm
take a huge number of republican leaders convincing the delegates this is the thing they should do and we are not there yet or we are not there at all. people are talking about this. i think that donald trump can put this to bed by being a he had looker and attacking hillary clinton every day and making the election about hillary clinton instead of about him and it will go away and it's not really an issue at the convention. >> amy, how do you think he should deal with this? >> well, i think hillary is the issue and i don't understand why the people -- the leaders in the party keep pushing this stuff because that's exactly why donald trump is in the position he's in, because they haven't been listening to the american people. and wolf, it's not just on the republican side. it's the democrat side, too, with all of the bernie supporters. so i think donald trump may have more support than republican leadership may want to believe. the one thing i'd say to them, they need to stop focusing on
12:58 pm
parties so much and focus on being an american. >> because amy, you've heard some of the voices, like hugh hewitt and others, saying maybe it's not too late and they can change the rules and prevent trump from being the nominee. >> and you know what i say to that, wolf? let them try. every time they've pulled one of those things, his support grows and intensifies because the american people are fed up with it. they are tired of these elites and party bosses trying to dictate everything. and every time they pull something like that, donald trump support just grows. >> you know, bakari, hillary clinton says she's not going to get into the gutter with donald trump but how should she respond? >> i think she's going to have to respond the way she is, by
12:59 pm
using donald trump's own words and to push back a little bit, it's not republican leadership doing anything to donald trump. it's his own words and bigotry and xenophobia. that's why you have people like former secretary tom ridge, republicans, lindsey graham. i haven't quoted bun democrat yet that has been -- >> they have been doing this a long time. >> well, tom ridge hasn't been doing this for a long time. secretary ridge is as republican as republican comes. the fact of the matter remains that hillary has a very good day and barack obama who has a 51% approval rating in this country and 90% approval rating with african-americans and 73% approval rating with hispanics. the only way donald trump could get approval ratings like that is if he became ordained. >> bakari, it doesn't matter how good of a day she has. she's still under investigation by the fbi. >> if that's your only retort,
1:00 pm
good luck. >> we've got to wrap it up for now. our special coverage is not going away, by any means. thank you, amy, mike, bakari. i'll be back at 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." in the meantime, our special coverage of this historic day continues with jake tapper and "the lead" right now. some breaking news. president obama says, quote, i'm with her. "the lead" starts right now. the big endorsement is finally in after meeting with senator bernie sanders president obama turns right around and says he wants to hand over the keys to hillary clinton. how does one say that someone is being racist and then back them for the highest office in the land in the same breath? the republican party as shaky as a jenga tower right now with new calls to take the nomination away from donald trump. can they even do