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tv   New Day  CNN  June 17, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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victims in the last week's shooting. that search for answers continues as day six of the investigation is getting ready to get under way. meanwhile, investigators are learning the killer not only used his mobile phone to browse facebook, but text his wife as well. two hours into the three-hour orlando shooting terror attack while hold up in the bathroom, the killer exchanged text with his wife he authorities say they also tried calling him several times during the rampage but he didn't answer. this, as chilling new video from inside the gay nightclub surfaces. it was taken by a survivor as the killer passed inside one of the club's bathroom. flightened club-goers huddling together hoping they wouldn't be next. this video was recorded and he
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was shot in the foot and leg. >> there was about 17 of us in there. only five or six made it out. >> reporter: he describes the moment the s.w.a.t. team breached the wall to rescue the victims inside. >> while the gun fire is still going on, other police officers are running in there with no regard for their safety and they are pulling some of those people out. >> reporter: president obama and vice-president joe biden spent the day in orlando meeting with victims and their families. >> i held and hugged grieving family members and parents. they asked, why does this keep happening? they pleaded that we too more to stop the carnage. >> obama's presidency challenged by dozens of mass shootings forcing him to be consoler and chief. could this massacre have been avoided. investigators are piecing together the killer's past. cnn has obtained documents showing that the killer had behavioral issues dating back to
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elementary school. the school records show he was disciplined 31 times between 1992 and 1999 for rude and aggressive behavior. a former elementary school classmate tells cnn that the shooter once threatened to bring a gun to school and kill everyone. >> he was always a little out there, didn't have too many friends. >> robert circle and other classmates told cnn that in the days following cnn, the killer claimed osama bin laden was his uncle. and he joked about the attacks. >> he had his arms out making a plane noise and a boom sound, fell in his seat. he was laughing about it. >> even more new information now surfacing and coming from jenson beach, florida, not far from where the gunman lived. an employee at a gun shop there saying he initially called the fbi in the days before the shooting reporting that this individual had actually stopped by their shop to try to purchase
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level 3 body armor. however, when fbi agents asked to see perhaps more documentation or at least more information and a possible sales documentation, it was not available. when asked if there was any possible surveillance video, that also was not available. what this does t really does speak to the fact that investigators want anybody that sees something to say something. >> they have a lot more to learn. polo sandoval in orlando. from the investigation to the politics. donald trump and john mccain are teaming up against president obama to atk his an toti-terror strategy. the senate set to vote on several gun control measures as early as next week. we are live in washing with more. >> manu. >> bipartisan talks about gun
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legislation have stalled on capitol hill despite senator murphy leading a 15-hour filibuster. nothing has changed but encontinue intensifying tensions on this red hot issue. >> it is almost like they gave up on isis. >> donald trump taking on president obama joining fellow republicans as framing the orlando shooting as an issue of terrorism rather than guns. >> to a large extent, he is blaming guns. >> i am going to save your second amendment, folks. >> top republican, john mccain, striking a similar tone, laying blame for the massacre squarely at the president's feet. >> barack obama is directly responsible for it. when he pulled everybody out of iraq, al qaeda went to syria, became isis and isis is what it is today thanks to barack obama's failures.
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the 2008 republican nominee clarifying within minutes that he misspoke, saying in a statement. i did not mean to imply the president was personally responsible. i was referring to president obama's national security decisions, not the president himself. democrats quick to pounce with harry reid spokesman telling cnn, senator mccain's unhinged comments are the latest proof that senate republicans are pick puppets of donald trump. >> they are going to have to explain to the american people why they are just plain handmadens of the national rifle association. >> both sides of the aisle presenting competed legislation aimed at keeping suspected terrorists calling for guns z
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democrats calling for an out right ban of sales for those on a terror watch list. they say this could unfairly target innocent americans. >> an idea many democrats call meaningless. >> it is a fake, a way for them to say they are doing something when they are doing nothing. >> as we expect the four gun bills to fail in the senate monday evening, watch for this fight to become a wedge issue in senate races across the country, specially in a handful of blue states where incumbent senators are battling to hang on to their seats. pat toomey helped draft a bill that failed in 2013 opposes a bill to prevent suspected terrorists from getting guns. democrats have rejected his effort to compromise with his own bill.
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this issue very quickly being wrapped up in election year politics. >> manu, you have given us a lot to think about. let's talk more about the political battle over guns as well as the criticism about president obama's terror response. we bring in phil mattingly and errol lewis. thanks so much for being here. so, on capitol hill, is this just going to be a pathetic deja vu of everybody ringing their hands and nothing happening? is there any way these competing bills could get some traction? >> no. this has become a very politicized issue. of course, it is in congress, on capitol hill, everything is politicized. the key thing is what nancy pelosi and paul ryan said. neither believe the other party's suggestions are there.
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as long as there is no trust or legitimate negotiations. there are a few law makers who have negotiated in good faith. party leaders are trying to shut down the negotiations. they don't like this issue or where it is going. monday will be four votes on four amendments to an appropriations bill. >> i would argue we are in a slightly different moment. you have donald trump opening the door to close this terror loophole. if you are on a watch list, can you still buy a weapon? you currently can. >> you see democrats say, let's not try to ban automatic weapons. let's focus on p background checks and if you are being investigated, you can't buy a weapon. isn't there some room for that to move forward? >> i would think so. this is the lowest p fruit you
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can imagine. the notion that you can't get on a plane, because we think there is something unusual or suspicious about you. if you want to go buy a gun, sure, go buy a gun, a high-powered gun at that. i think the factor that could change all of this, we hope that the public gets involved. what's so striking about all of this, is if it plays out as phil suggests, the reality is, it is very much at odds with what the publics say they want. >> they want expanded background checks. >> the notion it gets insul plated from all the sentiment is a matter of people not picking up the phone. we know how this works on capitol hill. there are people probably the summer interns that have to record all of those calls. how many people call for or against this idea or that bill. this really would be a good time. if people really cared about
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this issue, to spend a couple of minutes today, over the weekend and on monday to let their representatives know, specially in the senate, how they feel about these things. >> manu, donald trump is an interesting wild card. i am going to ask phil. sorry. donald trump is an interesting wild card here, because he is going off message in terms of the republicans. his first supporter in congress, senator jeff sessions and one of the most ardent, seems to be bristling at donald trump's position. i am going to sit down with the nra and say that people on terror watch lists shouldn't get their hands on gun. there is nothing wrong with donald trump trying toner jize the discussion and work out something that we can all agree on. i think that's positive. but the gun control issue is not the greatest issue in the world and the congressional republicans should not take cues from trump on this subject. >> uncomfortable, right? what he is saying publicly is what i heard in a series of
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e-mails and text messages shortly after donald trump's tweet hit from republicans aides. this is a difficult position. their leaders, their members have sided with the nra on this issue to this point. when it comes to banning people on terror watch lists from purchasing guns, the answer is no. they will be opposed to that every single time. what donald trump has done is given a new line of attack to democrats. david made the point. he brought this issue to the forefront of a presidential campaign. an issue that democrats have been trying to repeatedly push to the forefront. now, the presumptive republican nominee is doing just that. i think the issue for jeff sessions is, this is also a protection issue. 24 republican senators are up for re-election, 12 in bluish-purplish states. this is a wedge issue thu don't want to be talking about. >> donald trump is consistent in his world view. he wants to abrinl the freedom of religion but having a
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religious test for muslims that come into america, he is okay with abridging second amendment freedoms. if you are on a watch list, you shouldn't be able to buy a gun even if you don't get due process. there is some consistency. a lot of second amendment advocates say, we may be with you on that thing but not this thing. >> some of the respective conservative voices have been saying, not trump, because he has a interventionist, activist side to him in some policies. this is one example. this is pretty heavy handed stuff. he is just talking about having a conversation in order to advance his own politics. he is trying to redraw the map in ways that some of the senate republicans don't necessarily want to see him try. >> maybe it is also just called common sense. maybe he is not sort of navigating all the political waters here. maybe he is just giving his gut response. people on terror watch lists shouldn't have guns. >> he has had this position
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before. he was asked about this in the wake of paris and san bernardino. people on the watch list shouldn't get this. this isn't a shift of position. the difference is, he is now the nra's endorsed candidate. it is just a tweet. he hasn't elaborated on it. nobody knows what he means and where he is coming down on policy. that is the confusion with the republicans. >> i did talk to sam bogut who said, we are fine with people not having guns. >> we have just a few seconds left. i want to bring in the issue of senator mccain who went after president obama and walked a statement back. let's play the shorter version of what senator mccain said tying orlando to the president's national security strategy. >> barack obama is directly responsible for it because when
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he pulled everybody out of iraq, al qaeda went to syria, became isis and isis is what it is today thanks to barack obama's failures, utter failures. >> he said he is responsible for orlando. he walked that back. it was unfortunate. he meant to indict the president's policies and not go to the president individually. aside from that, he is bringing up the president's foreign policy, his inaction in certain areas. that's controversial enough in terms of what he is saying and arguing. >> it may or may not apply to the orlando massacre. this is a thing. there are some people, apparently senator cain is one of them, who this is this is all inspired by isis overseas. that's where the focus should be. there are others that think this is an immigration question or a hate crime. some of the president's remarks suggest that it was inspired by
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that. from everything we know about the killer, there is a mental health side to this. >> guys, thanks so much for being here. have a nice weekend. we have breaking news to get to right now. iraqi troops reportedly recapturing a key government building from isis in central fallujah. the head of the iraqi federal police force announcing his troops have raised the iraqi national flag over fallujah's may jo mayoral building. they have recaptured an entire central fallujah neighborhood. john kerry calling a memo from his own diplomates, blasting president obama's policy in syria, an important statement. more than 50 state department officials taking a stand calling on the president to order air strikes against bashir assad's regime in syria. more than a quarter of a million people have been killed during the past five years of civil war
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in syria. >> england is in shock over the murder of a member of the british parliament. 41-year-old lawmaker, jo cox was shot and killed outside of a library as she was leaving a meeting near the town of lees. a 52-year-old suspect has been maintained. they are planning to put up a sign warning park--goers of alligators two days after a 2-year-old was killed in a gator attack. he died of traumatic injuries and drowning. the family released a statement saying they are devastated. words cannot describe our sudden loss. >> we sure wish those signs had been up earlier. people don't think, even though it says no swimming. the sign said, no swimming. you don't think when you are wading in six inches of water, there might be something lethal.
3:17 am
>> when you have kids, you don't have control over your kids in an environment to keep them so close or far away from something that might be that dangerous. >> we have much more ahead on the orlando terror attack. the killer texting his wife during the rampage. what did she know about what he was doing? >> a survivor who lost six friends in the massacre joining us next. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium. (mamost of the show. we missed (woman) and there's no way to restart it. (jon bon jovi) with directv there is. ♪ you see, we've got the power to turn back time ♪ ♪ so let's restart the show that started at nine ♪ ♪ and while we're at it, let's give you back your 'do ♪ ♪ and give her back the guy she liked before you ♪ ♪ hey, that's the power to turn back time. ♪ (vo) get the ultimate all-included bundle. call 1-800-directv.
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>> did. >> new details about the orlando killer and his wife. they exchanged text messages during the massacre that left 49 dead and 53 others hurt. we want to bring in art rod deric as well as a survivor of the attack at the pulse nice club who lost six of his closest friends, ivory mckneel. thank you for being here. before we get tower story, i want to talk about the latest developments in this case. art, there are several things we have learned this morning. the text messages. what do we know about what the killer was trying to communicate or what his wife knew was happening while this was
3:22 am
unfolding? >> allison, not only the text messages but the fbi has come up with p statements during the interviews. that is enough to file some charges. having said that, the bureau does have the electronic devices, the phone that was used by the shooter. they have got all those text messages. it is going to be very interesting to see what the back and forth was. i know we have heard some of it. i am sure there was more. it sounds like he was communicating with her, trying to find out if his story on facebook was trending, what's going on on tv. i mean, she could have called 911 at that particular point. instead, she decided to call him back or attempted to call him back. >> art, there is another development, that is that a gun shop owner in that area of florida says that he tried to alert the fbi before this happened because somebody suspicious came in and was
3:23 am
trying to buy a load of ammunition and body armor. he says that the fbi never followed up. listen to this gun shop owner from lotus gun works in jenson beach, florida. >> when he was on his cell phone, he had a conversation in a foreign language that was even more concerning. then, he came back and he was requesting ammo. so he wanted bulk ammo. so, at that time, he declined any business and he left the store. we had no link, no contact. we didn't know who he was m but we did contact authorities and let them know. we just had a suspicious person that was in here. >> art, why wouldn't the fbi have followed up on that one? >> reporter: well, there is some confusion in the story. i have heard two or three different versions. one is that they did attempt to follow up on it. apparently, there was two situations going on. there was some police officers from the middle east that were there trying to buy some police
3:24 am
equipment and then this incident supposedly with the shooter. when questioned, one of the stories i heard when questioned, the gun store owner by the fbi, he was unable to provide any type of identifying information, name, photographs. there was no surveillance. they didn't get a license plate number. so it was pretty difficult for the bureau to follow up on that if, in fact, that's the case. is this another red flag? it could be. the details are kind of mixed at this point. >> i hear you. ivory, i want to talk with you about how you are doing. you lost six of your friends that night? >> yeah. >> how are you coping today? >> it's a little difficult. it's very hard for me to enjoy a lot of the things that i used to enjoy, just feeling guilty about doing certain things like listening to music or just being young and like posting a lot on social media like feeling like i
3:25 am
look at other people's posts now and it's like if i see them posting something happy about like being at the beach or doing something fun like it upsets me specially if they are part of the lgbt community or if they live in orlando. i am like, why are you post being happy things? >> we have heard this from so many of the survivors, this phenomenon of survivors guilt, that why did you make it out when six of your friends didn't? that's a completely natural reaction? i don't know that there is any answer to that. >> i don't think that there will ever be. like i said, i mean, i just thank god that i made it out. we were so confused at the moment like i don't know what this is. it doesn't make sense to me.
3:26 am
i don't even know if this guy is a terrorist. a part of me feels like he is a bit of a narcissist and he just wants to do something that is bigger than him. >> we have learned more about his behavioral issues that started from the time he was a child. >> are you trying to make sense of this? >> i am. i feel like he is more on a psycho, a bit of a psychopath. i feel like this was just something to show, look what i can do. >> did you see the gunman? >> i didn't see him. >> do you know how you made it out alive? just quick reaction. i've always been one of those people that if i hear a loud noise, i am gone. i don't stick around to figure out what it was or make sense of
3:27 am
it. i feel like the noise was too loud to ever be mistaken for anything else but gunshots. >> what ivory was saying, there has been information that has emerged about this gunman's profile and teachers from the time of kindergarten were saying he had behavioral issues, he was angry, he used inappropriate language. there are flags a mile long in his school records. what could law enforcement or anyone have done about that? >> reporter: i think we have to dismiss the juvenile record. even from a legal perspective, we don't use juvenile records to look at unless there is something, a connection. here it is, a connection. we can just put that aside as juvenile behavior. go back to his adult life and there are flags everywhere. he tried to be a law enforcement
3:28 am
officer and couldn't make it and then took every job that was under the position of law enforcement officer, whether it was security guard. he was just a disenfranchised individual that was looking for some place to land. unfortunately, he landed in the jihadist camp. >> art, thank you. >> ivory, take care of yourself. are you reaching out for help? >> i am. >> it is going to be a long road but we are happy that you survived and i know that your boyfriend was out of town and you are very grateful he was not there that night. thank you for sharing your story. to find out how you can help survivors and victims families of the orlando attack, go to david? >> allison, some frightening moments at a concert caught on camera. rock star, meatloaf, collapsing on stage. pretty shocking video. what happened? we're going to have the latest on how the singer is doing coming up next.
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search teams recovering the cockpit voice recorder from egyptair, flight 804. the black box, as it is known,
3:33 am
was in pieces. investigators were able to retrieve the crucial memory unit that's on the way to egypt for further analysis. crews are still searching for the aircraft data recorder, flight 804, crashed with 66 people on board. a 1400 acre wild fire raging dangerously close to homes in sorp california. they jumped highway 101 in the coastal canyons west of santa barbara. about 800 firefighters and a fleet of aircraft are battling the flames. terrain is rough, dry and windy and the brush hasn't burned in decades. scary moments for rock singer, meatloaf, as he collapses on the stage while performing in can d.a. cell phone videos show the singer tossing the microphone down before falling to the stage. the music stops and several people then come to his aid. meatloaf had canceled a show earlier this week due to
3:34 am
illness. still, no word on the singer's condition. let's hope that we can find something out in the next few hours while we are on the air and bring everybody developments. >> you have to think, some combination of dehydration, exhaustion. hopefully, it is nothing more serious than that. >> we'll bring you updates as soon as we have them z. >> after a break, in the aftermath of an orlando terror attack, a tennessee lawmaker raising eyebrows by giving away two assault rifles at a campaign fund-raiser. why is he doing it? we'll ask him coming up next. p , their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you
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what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. back now on "new day." the cun tountry is still reelin from the terror attack. they plan to offer two assault rifles as door prizes. tennessee state representative, andy holt, is a lawmaker. we are talking about that. he joins us now. representative holt, good morning. thanks for being here. >> good morning, david. appreciate the opportunity to be here with you. i should point out this was a campaign event and a giveaway he
3:39 am
planned well before the orlando massacre. why still do it given be what's happened? are you lacking some sensitivity about this massacre by moving forward with this giveaway? >> i think it is hard for anybody to imagine just having seen the images displayed and hearing the stories that have been told by the individuals you have on and other media outlets that you have on, not to feel a great deal of sympathy for these individuals. no reason for any american to have to endure the kind of suffering these individuals have suffered. we need to be very clear. we don't need to allow again a crazed muslim terrorist to derail or change the plans or activities that we have as americans. i think there is no more than this particular individual would love, this terrorist, than to think that he has changed a significant number of plans for americans and also that maybe gun control measures will be instituted regarding the use of firearms here in the united states because of his actions. i am sure that there is nothing
3:40 am
that he would have liked more than for that to occur. i don't concede to the idea we should change our plans because this individual inappropriately used a firearm. >> representative holt, you are making a slightly different argument that somehow a terrorist is going to change our american lifestyle. >> that's what we are allowing to happen. >> i think others would have a different point of view. in this particular case, you have a weapon of war that happened to be used in 14 other mass assaults and murders in our country in recent years. by giving away a gun like this, you can understand a lot of people saying, there is a lack of humanity in doing something like this, not recognizing a lot of people think the gun culture had something to do with this, the wide availability of a gun like this. >> i think you have made a couple of incorrect assessments. you called this a military weapon or an assault weapon. it is a semiautomatic rifle,
3:41 am
very similar to any other out there on the market. there is not a failure of the gun here in this particular situation. there is obviously a failure of the fbi, a failure of other government agencies that should have been overviewing this particular purchase. as i have sat here this morning waiting to come on with you, we recognize that the gun shop owner actually reached out to the fbi. failure after failure after failure. what are they planning on doing? >> you are an elected official. that's an important point. if you are a supporter of the second amendment as are others that are looking at measures that would close this terror gap. if you are on a watch list, should you be able to buy a gun? he was not on a watch list. there is an amendment to say if you are on a watch list within five years, you shouldn't be able to buy a gun. given be what you are saying, of fbi failures, would you support such a measure? >> i am a state lawmaker but i don't get to make those decisions but one day if i go to congress i will have the opportunity to do that.
3:42 am
i think there is a reason for terror suspects not to get firearms. a man that has devoted himself to isis and radical islam. that's a precursor that should disallow an individual to have a firearm, to keep and bear firearms here in the united states. anyone who has pledged support to an institution or an organization that is inherently anti-american, probably doesn't need to be able to have firearms. >> if they are not on a watch list currently but have been within the past five years, would you support a crackdown and not allow someone to get a weapon. >> i would support our federal government implements laws and being strategic in their implementation of those laws. until there are significant policy changes related to again my opinion is the argument should be radical islam and gun-free zones. unfortunate unfortunately, the media wants to focus on the ar-15, the gun,
3:43 am
not the person who is pulling the trigger of that gun. i think that's where the focus needs to be. we can villainize this firearm all we want to. ultimately, what we are leading ourselves to is further control. >> you are talking about what the media may be doing. let's take the media out of it for a second. why don't we point to one of our leading commander's in afghanistan, general stanley mcchrystal who talks about a weapon like the ar-15 and absolutely refers to it as a weapon of war. you are talking about giving away an ar-15 so that people can defend themselves. if people had had an ar-15 or similar weapon, they would become safer. here is what general mcchrystal writes. today, some of our politicians and the people that back them, seem to promote a culture of gun ownership that does not conform with what i learned in the military. here at home, many of us are alarmed by the carnage, alarm by
3:44 am
the loopholes that let felons and domestic abuseers get hold of guns without a background check. we are alarmed that a known or suspected terrorist can go to a federally funded license. >> general mcchrystal has not talked about the failure of the weapon but the failure of the government. he said multiple times, people that have been convicted of felonies ordo mess sti domestic. those folks don't merit to keep arms. in my opinion, it is not scary for a lawful citizens here in the united states to own and keep arms. the problem is when we have a failed system that allows individuals who should not get these arms when arms fall in
3:45 am
their hands. that exact same tool. that's what a firearm is. it is a tool that can be used for different things. in the hands of a crazed criminal, it is a dangerous things. in my hands or the hands of another law-abiding citizens, it is a tool that can be used for self-defense and other purposes. >> thank you for your views we are going to talk about sports. what is going on with steph curry. the warrior superstar losing his cool in game six of the finals. we have the bleacher report next.
3:46 am
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nba finals coming down to a winner takes all game on sunday. >> the city of cleveland hungry for a championship. they haven't celebrated a pro sports tight until over a half a century. they are just one away. they can thank their home town boy, lebron raymond james. he is out to prove he is still the most imposing player on the planet. how about the cavs defense. all over the warriors like white on rice the last three games. check out lebron with a sick block on steph curry and then the stare down. curry gets hotter than a boiling pot. he fouls out, throws his mouthpiece, hits a fan and then for the first time in his career, he is out of there. he gets ejected from the game. after the game, steph's wife, ayesha, known for speaking her
3:50 am
mind on twitter. i have lost all respect. this is rigged for money or ratings. not sure which. i won't be silent. just saw it live. she later deleted a tweet and apologized. those are some big, bold accusations from the wife of the mvpz. >> usa came to play. big win over ecuador in seattle. they are just one win away from making it to the copa america finals. dempsey puts his team ahead. puts america up 1-0. they go on to win 2-1. they advance to the copa america semifinals n front of a hometown crowd tuesday in houston. the first time team usa has made it this far. extra special this is 100th anniversary of the copa america, the first time a match has been played in the u.s. >> let's go. we're going to turn to politics next. donald trump keeps butting
3:51 am
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your concert tee might show your age...your skin never will. olay regenerist. olay. ageless. and try regenerist micro-sculpting eyeswirl. it instantly hydrates to plump and lift. it's been a tough couple of weeks for the trump campaign. he seems to be at odds with some party leaders. now, a former george w. bush administration adviser says he will be voting for hillary clinton. joining us is michael eric dyson. he has a new piece called, we must march on cleveland. we wit get to that in a moment.
3:55 am
cnn commentator and donald trump supporter, jeffrey lure. let's start with the words of this former deputy, secretary of state, richard armitage who says he will be voting for hillary clinton. >> if donald trump is the nominee, i would vote for hillary clinton. he doesn't appear to be a republican. he doesn't appear to want to learn about issues. so i'm going to vote for mrs. clinton. >> i laugh because rich armitage was the figure who leaked valerie plain's name and let it fall on scooter libby. i believe i am connect in saying he was a close associate and deputy to colin powell who couldn't bring himself to vote for john mccain or mitt romney. >> this is not important to you. you are dismissing it? >> i am dismissing it exactly with amusement. >> i can see that. michael, what do you make of what's happened in the past few days since this terrible massacre in orlando where donald trump is breaking with
3:56 am
republican orthodoxy and saying, yeah, i don't think people on the terror watch list should have guns. what effect do you think that will have on this campaign? >> one of the few bright moments within the trump campaign. he has also reinforced his belief that muslims should be banned from this country and speaking of the fur roar that has been unleashed in his rallies. he is acknowledging there ought to be common sense when it comes to gun control. a person on a no-fly list shouldn't be able to buy a gun. it seems like common sense. in one sense, they are kavetching about donald trump. the republican parties inclinations have produced this full grown baby called donald trump. >> republicans don't seem to know what to make of donald
3:57 am
trump's position that people on the terror list shouldn't have access to guns. it seems to have thrown them for a loop. in fairness to donald trump, let me read you a tweet that donald trump sent out. reports of discord are pure fix. great events lined up all over texas. republicans will win in november. that's different than what some of the other leading republicans have said. what do you make with how he has seemed to have broken with the party message? >> i think donald trump is donald trump. i am not at all surprised that he would do something like this. in a moment of national tragedy, he is trying to find, as are some other people, a way to resolve the problem here. he is very much pro second amendment. i think reince priebus has it exactly right. reports of discord are greatly exaggerated.
3:58 am
>> i want to talk about this op ed where you are calling on people to protest. >> i know these words can be read as a call to violence unseen at a national political convention. we have a positive moral obligation to protest the nomination of this racist demagogue for president. >> i am not talking about violence from the people going to protest but about enduring the violence. at donald trump rallies, pushing people around, suggesting that racism is an okay thing. >> the protesters have been violent at his rallies as well. >> they have not been violent in trying to physically assault their viewpoints. >> outside, we have seen protesters who are protesting donald trump cause all sorts of disruption. there has been vandalism. look at this. >> i'm not speaking of that.
3:59 am
i am speaking of protesting in terms of expressing your viewpoint that donald trump represents something that is problematic in this country. i'm not speaking about protesters that will go anywhere and do anything. >> that is what they do. >> that is not what all of them do. that is what some of them have done. what i'm calling for is a vehement expression and articulation of disgruntlement with what donald trump represents, the amplification of bigotry, anti-muslim. >> and if violence happens, you are saying so be it. >> i am saying the violence against the people there. i am not sanctioning violence on the part of the people protesting. the more likely scenario is enduring of violence. when i link that with what is going on with the african-american protest, i'm talking about black people that are linked with those that despise them. >> i believe very strongly in the first amendment and anybody's right to protest
4:00 am
anything. the key to it is, of course, nonviolence. that's where we get into trouble here. i would certainly hope that professor dyson is going to lead a march on the democratic national committee at their convention and ask them to apologize for slavery. they have six platforms still standing in which they call for slavery in the united states. i never hear anything about that. i would think that would be pretty bad here. >> i am against slavery wherever it exists. what i'm against now in the present day is the refusal to acknowledge the humanity of so many other people and the inability, it seems, of the trump campaign to do anything but amplify the worst sentiments and worst racial and anti-muslim and anti-mexican sentiments we have seen in such a long time here and to find discourse in the rhetoric in the person who is the presumptive republican nominee is quite troubling. >> gentlemen, you have both made your point. >> thank you, ali. we do have a lot of news.
4:01 am
let's get right to it. during the rampage, the killer exchanged text messages with his wife. >> it was almost like time stopped. >> there was about 17 of us in there. only five or six made it out. >> after the worst of remanity reared its evil head, the best of humanity came roaring back. >> we do not take away a citizens right. >> donald trump says he has the ability to talk tough to terrorists but he does not have the courage to talk tough to the nra. days after 2-year-old lane graves was killed in a gator attack, they are re-assessing their safety precautions. >> were there enough signs up about alligators in the water? good morning, everyone. welcome to your "new day."
4:02 am
chris cuomo is off today. we have david gregory. great to have you here. incredible news to report. more developments today. let's get to those. there are new details emerging about the communications between the orlando terrorist and his wife during the gay nightclub attack. disturbing details about his extensive history of behavioral issues dating all the way back to grade school. >> president obama is ripping gun control opponents after meeting with the victims and families of sunday's massacre. several votes on gun measures are now set for next week. will anything get done this time around. we are going to begin our coverage with cnn's paul polo sandoval. >> reporter: hard to believe that seven days ago, the staff at pulse nightclub was getting ready for what was supposed to be a very busy weekend. instead, today, federal agents again arriving at the crime scene for what will be day six
4:03 am
of thin vest gags. the federal agents learning that the gunman likely used his cell phone during the shooting, not just to browse facebook but to text his wife as well. >> reporter: two hours into the three-hour orlando shooting terror attack while holed up in a bathroom in a standoff with police, investigators say the killer exchanged text messages with his wife asking if she had seen the news. she also tried calling him several times during the ram panel but he didn't answer. this as chilling new video from inside the gay nightclub surfaces. it was taken by a survivor as the killer passed inside one of the club's bathrooms. frightened club--goers huddling together hoping they wouldn't be next. the man that recorded the grainy video was shot in the foot and leg. >> there were about 17 of us in there. only five or six made it out.
4:04 am
>> they described the moment the s.w.a.t. team breached the wall to rescue the p individuals inside. >> as our officers engaged, other police officers are running in there with no regard for their safety pulling some of those victims out. >> reporter: president obama and vice-president joe biden spent the day in orlando meeting with victims and their families. >> i held and hugged grieving family members and parents. they asked, why does this keep happen s happening? they pleaded that we do more to stop the carnage. >> obama's presidency challenged by dozens of mass shootings. could this massacre have been avoided? investigators are piecing together the killer's past. cnn has obtained documents showing that the killer had behavioral issues dating back to elementary school. st. lucia county school records show he was disciplined 31 times between 1992 and 1999 for rude
4:05 am
and aggressive behavior. a former el tamt skier classmate tells cnn that the shooter once threatened to bring a gun to school and kill everybody. >> he was always a little out there, didn't have too many friends. >> robert circle and other classmates told cnn in the dates following 9/11, he claimed osama bin laden was his uncle. he joked about the attacks. >> he was acting like a plane, making a plane noise and a boom sound or an explosion type of sound, fell in his seat and was laughing about it. >> reporter: a gun shop owner about two hours south of here is coming forward saying they had initially notified the fbi in the days before the shooting saying a suspicious individual had stopped by and tried to purchase body armor as well as several rounds of ammunition that was not sold. however, when investigators asked at the time for
4:06 am
surveillance video, for purchase records, that was provided. they say they believe that individual was the man responsible for so much pain here. >> it is so tough to hear, polo, that they couldn't connect the dots sooner. thank you very much for the reporter terrorism and gun control, a hot topic on capitol hill. donald trump and john mccain slamming the president's anti-terror strategy all while the senate prepares to vote next week on four new gun control bills. cnn'smanu raju live. >> earlier this week, there were talks to see if there could be a deal to prevent suspected terrorists from buying guns. those talks have collapsed. after democratic senator chris murphy led a fill buster to demand action on gun control, nothing has changed other than intensifying tensions over this
4:07 am
red hot issue. >> it is almost like they gave up on isis. >> donald trump taking on president obama, joining fellow republicans in framing the orlando shooting as an issue of terrorism rather than guns. >> to a large extent, he is blaming guns and i'm going to save your second amendment. >> john mccain striking a similar tone laying blame for the massacre at president's feet. barack obama is directly responsible. when he pulled everybody out of iraq, al qaeda went to syria, became isis and isis is what it is today, thanks to barack obama's failures. >> reporter: the 2008 republican nominee clarifying within minutes that he misspoke saying in a statement, i did not mean to imply that the president was personally responsible. i was refer tog president obama's national security
4:08 am
decisions, not the president himself. democrats quick to pounce. with senate minority reader, harry reid telling cnn, senator mccain's unhinged comments are the latest proof that senate republicans are puppets of donald trump. this is happening as the gun debate continues to rage on capitol hill. >> is going after the second amendment how you stop terrorism. >> the republicans are going to have to explain to the american people why they are just plain handmadens of the national rifle association. >> reporter: with democrats calling for an out right ban of sales for those on a terror watch list. something republicans say could unfairly target innocent americans. republicans proposing to delay gun sales to allow the fbi to
4:09 am
investigate. an idea many democrats call meaningless. >> it is a fake, a way for them to say they are doing something when they are doing nothing. >> as we expect the four gun bills to fail in the senate monday evening, watch for this fight to become a wedge issue across the country in key senate races as republicans try to find. republican senator, pat tumi, helped draft the universal background checks that failed in 2014. he has his own bill on this terror issue that democrats themselves have already rejected. very quickly, david, this issue getting wrapped up in election year politics. >> absolutely. our next guest is proposing legislation that he says would balance republican concerns about the second amendment rights with those of safety. david jolly joins us now.
4:10 am
congressman, good morning, good to see you. >> good to be with you, david. i do want to start with something i think you are trying to address. the politics around guns becomes so difficult because you have on the one hand saying anybody who wants any abridgement of gun rights, they want to take away the second amendment. there are those who are progressives that do want to ban certain kinds of guns which offends a lot of gun owners and rights advocates. how do we change the approach here where gun owners, gun rights enthusists say there is a role to be played to try to deal with the fact that so many weapons are used in these events? >> there is. i'm a second amendment advocate, but just as heartbroken as every other american. the politics aren't working or reflecting our better angels and american values. when they say folks are complicit in the shooting, when they yell, shake on the house floor, it is wrong. so too is the inaction on our side of the aisle and comments
4:11 am
from our presidential nominee on our side of the aisle. the politics and blame are getting us nowhere. these solutions are just within reach. if we drop the partisan divide, we can do that. i've circulated legislation to bridge that divide. let's talk about. if david gregory is on a terror watch list, i can go buy a weapon. you are saying, no, we should change that. if i'm on a terror watch list, i should not be able to buy a gun. you are saying, let's make it so i can't buy a gun. there is a caveat you want to include in that. >> it is common sense. if you are on a watch list, you shouldn't buy a gun. it is common sense. the democratic proposal is flawed where it provides no due process for an individual, like ted kennedy, who is wrongly on that list to be petitioned to be removed. if you are on the watch list, you can't buy a gun. if you are turned down, the government has ten days to notify you and you are entitled
4:12 am
to a due process hearing within 30 days where the government must prove by a preponderance of the evidence why you should be prohibited to purchasing a firearm. the proceeding is secret to protect privacy but the individual is entitled to all the classified information used against them. >> early on in an investigation of whether or not an individual is a terrorism or a potential terrorism. you want that individual to be notified they are on the list and to confront some of that evidence. i want to play some sound by jim comby who has proposed this. >> if someone on the watch list purchases or attempts to purchase a firearm, an immediate alert is sent to the agents who are source of the suspicion about that individual so they can incorporate that information into their investigation. it is a little bit challenging for us. known or suspected means it hasn't been adjudicated in every case that somebody is a terrorist that somebody were
4:13 am
investigating. we don't want to blow our investigation. >> the challenge here congressman is that we want investigators to connect the dots. we don't want them to miss shooters like in this case. >> of course. >> do you worry what you are proposing would do that, hamper their ability to investigate? >> if you are on the no fly list and you go to buy a ticket, you are going to be turned down as well. this creates flexibility for the government to have ten days for how they notify the individual why they were turned down. if it is an immediate investigation and immediate emergency, there is flexibility for the government to do that. understand, though, i have drafted this bill. i have not yet introduced it. i circulate td to all of my colleagues to say, help me make it better. how do we solve this, republicans and democrats? david, let's inject some radical common sense into this issue. on my side of the aisle, if you are on the no-fly list, you shouldn't be able to buy a gun. on the left, you shouldn't be able to throw due process and second amendment rights under
4:14 am
the bus simply for a political agenda. politics divide. it is heartbreaking and it is going to destroy us. >> the point is well made. certainly, throwing due process out, there are lots of things we do in society in the name of protection, we willfully give up aspects of our personal liberty. when my ten-year-old son goes through a random screening, it is fairly ridiculous but i have aseeded that for the greater good. why do you think some due process needs to be abridged. >> you are on the watch list without any notification. the fbi can continue its investigation. if you go to purchase a firearm, which is a constitutionally protected privilege, the government says you are not allowed to. i believe that individual is entitled to know why. it can be done in a private hearing where only unclassified information is presented to that individual. i believe an american citizen is due to know why their government is turning down a constitutional
4:15 am
protection. is there an easy solution here? no. we can balance due process, second amendment rights with our national security interest in the common sense of not letting a terrorist buy a gun. >> you have made your two quick political points. do you think your legislation or any legislation will pass the house? >> it should. i am from florida. we left a state that was united in mourning together sunday night. i got on a plane and went to a congress that is divided for no other reason. the american people are begging for unity. we have a congress that is peddling partisan divide for a winner take all november agenda. we can protect the second amendment while protecting our communities in due process and keeping terrorists from buying guns. >> before you go, what about running for the senate yourself? you have talked about running for the seat vacated by senator
4:16 am
marco rubio. >> i have been running and marco saying he is getting in. i would love to announce this on national news this morning. i owe it to my community p to wait until noon today. i will let my community be know my intentions. >> i thought that just between us might work. thanks so much for your time. alisyn, to you investigators have now recovered both black boxes from the wreckage of egypt flight 804 in the mediterranean. the aircraft's flight data recorder was found overnight. that device was damaged, as was the cockpit and voice recorder. investigators were able to retrieve the memory unit from it. it is now on its way to egypt for analysis. egypt 804 crashed last month on a flight from paris to egypt. 66 people on board. >> a sobering assessment of the campaign against isis from the head of the cia. john brennan telling a senate
4:17 am
committee despite gains, efforts to disrupt the group's ability to kecarry out and inspire the terror attacks have failed. he called the radicalization of the lone wolf attacker ex specially challenging. >> disney plans on putting up a sign at their resorts warning guests of alligators after a 2-year-old was snatched and dragged into a lagoon by a gator. martin savidge is covering this. where we now have an officialle cause of death of how the child died. it was a combination of factors, trauma and also drowning. meanwhile, the florida fish and wildlife organization is saying, it is very critical. they need to make sure they have captured and euthanized the correct alligator in this attack. the way they are making that confirmation, the alligators they have killed, they will compare the teeth to the puncture wounds on the child.
4:18 am
vital to make sure that alligator is captured. the changes that have come to disney, they have alluded to them. more than just signs. we are conducting a swift and thorough review of all of our processes and protocols, including the numbers and placement and wording of our signage and warning. you will remember that the sign that is were at the grand floridian where this attack took place. simply ask guests not to go swimming. many have felt it was more appropriate to say, there are alligators. this is dangerous in the water there. those are the changes we expect to see. >> thank you, martin savidge, very much in florida this morning. singer and former voice contestant, christina grimmie, will be laid to rest exactly a week after she was gunned down in orlando. ♪ that's video of the 22-year-old
4:19 am
singer's last performance. she was shot by an obsessed fan during a meet and greet with some of her fans. adam levine is paying for the funeral expenses. >> the orlando terrorist and his wife exchanging text messages during the attack. what did they say? did the wife know what was happening? we are talking to the orange county mayor and a survivor whose best friend died. you will know that name coming up next. veloped our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not toyota. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive. mary buys a little lamb. one of millions of orders on
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4:23 am
scheffler . we can't anticipate or catch every single deranged person that may wish to do harm to his neighbors or friends or co-workers or friends or strangers but we can do something about the amount of damage that they do. >> president obama addressing the nation after meeting with survivors and families of the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. he is making an appeal for change during his nine th visito
4:24 am
the scene of a mass shooting. let's bring in the mayor of orange county, florida, teresa jacob and a survival of the attack who lost his best friend, demise rawlings. mayor, i would like to start with you. what were they able to do and say to the community? >> sometimes just being physically here is all you can do and say. we're so honored and so touched that the president and vice-president are here physically, came to visit with families and our first responders, and for even the people he wasn't able to talk to directly. it means so much to us as a community and so many that are healing. demetrius certainly on the front line really taking the bront of this. all of us have been hurt and impacted, because we love each other here in this community. knowing that the president, our president, has come to care is extremely important to our
4:25 am
healing process. >> demetrius, were you able to hear the president or meet with him? >> i saw it on the news. i didn't go to it, because i was dealing with a lot of other things. plans for funerals and candlelighting. so unfortunately, i didn't go to see the president. >> i want to talk about what you endured that night, because you were at the pulse nightclub with your best friend, eddy justice. we have all learned eddy justices name and story because of the series of text messages that he and his mother exchanged while this was happening. he was telling his mom that he loved him. here on the screen are some of the text messages. he was trying to get help. he was telling his mom to call the police and that there were a bunch of people in the bathroom and where police could find them. sadly, the police did not make it in time to save eddy. i know you are haunted by the last exchange that you had with
4:26 am
him. can you tell us about those moments? >> absolutely. one thing i will say before i say that, eddy justice was a really good person, a very outspoken, loveable person. so we're going to speak on love. that night was just not a horror movie. it was the boogeyman. knowing that you don't know who is there to come get you or what's going to go on, because you don't see him. you are waiting for the light to come on and your parents to say, hey, it is okay. it is all right. you are safe and is no one is going to hurt you. you are out of harm, danger. that night started very late for us, actually, you know. i believe we probably were the last three people to walk in the club, because we got to the club really late. it was like 1:45. my last snap message was at 2:02. the other one was all blurry to
4:27 am
me. the light goes out and people were around scattered. me and eddy just had ran into the women's bathroom. when i ran into the women's bathroom, i got this ball in my stomach, this was just a trap. you need to get out. i looked at him. i told him i was like, this is a trap. we need to get out. he looked at me with the face of, i'm afraid. when you are always the one that takes care of your friends, they look at you to be the big brother. that's how the relationship was with us. he was like, please, don't let dpoe of go of my hand. make sure you get us out. me and eddy were always hand in hand, right hand to right hand. when i walked out of that bathroom --
4:28 am
>> i don't want to interrupt. i just want you to know that even though you were supposed to be his big brother or you thought that you were, there was nothing that you could do that night. i know that you feel terrible that you got separated from eddy but, it was chaos. it was a war zone in there. >> it is easy to say not to blame yourself when you are the survivor and you lost someone. it's totally different. it kills you every day that you wake up, knowing you are not going to get another text message or to know that there is going to be your best friend. i can only imagine what his mother is going through, because she has to bury her son, her child. i will never know what that feels like. i will only know what it feels like to lose a best friend, a brother, a companion that goes beyond a friendship. this community we are in is more than just a community. this is a family to us. we were in our comfort zone. this was somewhere like church.
4:29 am
this could have happened at church, the movie theater. >> this is where you were safe. >> a safe haven. >> it is. >> so mayor, i just want to ask you, what are you doing for the community moving forward? >> you know, we are trying to use this as an opportunity for all of us to learn to care more. there air lot of people who still harbor indifference and bigotry and hatred and this is an opportunity for people to see what we know here in orlando and orange county. we are all brothers and sisters. we all have to take care of each other. if more people felt that way, we would have less hate. we would have less young men growing up and young women growing up feeling so conflicted and so lost. we do what we can here.
4:30 am
we are bringing our churches together. we have brought them together. we have called on our faith-based leaders to say, you need to be part of the solution and the healing, not part of the message that separates and al n alienates and persecutes. >> we are all following your lead with your message of love. we have heard that repeatedly. mayor teresa jacobs and demetrius, thank you for sharing your personal stories with us. >> the dynamic duo this morning with such a great moment and voice and message after such a difficult week. >> we are going to turn after a break back to presidential politics. live by the poll, die by the polls. the poll numbers show he may have trouble in his campaign. what can he do to turn things around? we'll discuss it after this
4:31 am
4:32 am
4:33 am
4:34 am
we're back and back to politics this morning. donald trump down playing some new national polls that show him
4:35 am
trailing hillary clinton. another poll showing 7 in 10 people have an unfavorable opinion of him, which is devastating as the gop nominee seems to be at war with party leaders. we want to discuss it with patrick healy, "new york times" contributor and the senior contributor to "the daily caller" matt lewis is here as well. here, you have unfavorable highs for donald trump. he is finishing his third week of bad publicity and self-inflicted wounds. he is now raising money in texas ond not anywhere near the swing states where he needs to go to start adding to his political base. >> he needs to be in ohio and pennsylvania, virginia rather than just presume all of these swing voters are going to come to them because they dislike hillary clinton so much. he is sort of trapped.
4:36 am
he needs to raise money. they are not on the air anywhere near like hillary clinton or her superpac is in terms of fighting back to her message. he is going to these sort of safe places, letting the crowds give him the love that fuels him. >> where the money is. >> and where the money is. >> he does need to raise money. >> there is no question he needs to raise money. the unfavorable numbers are really troubling. hillary clinton hasn't gun to start uniting the democratic party. she hasn't started to do real business with bernie sanders. trump is headed in the wrong direction. >> one other thing from matt lewis, one thing that's interesting is there is a great opportunity for him to start defining hillary clinton, who is very vulnerable, you have the e-mails and leaving all the room for her to define him. talk about a missed opportunity. donald trump surprisingly closed out the republican nomination long before hillary clinton did.
4:37 am
she still hasn't really completely finished off bernie but she is the presumptive democratic nominee. donald trump had this big head start where he really could have started to consolidate support and define hillary clinton. i think the opposite has happened. i think he has swquandored thes weeks. >> he is leaving money on the table. syria, if he made or found more ways to make connection between hillary clinton's state department and syria, instead, he is recycling these old argument zs that leads us to richard armitage, who was the deputy secretary of state under george bush, who has come out, and said, i can't in my own good conscious vote for donald trump. he says he is going to go as far as voting for hillary clinton. trump supporter, jeffrey lewis
4:38 am
said he would never have been in the donald trump camp any way. >> if armitage doesn't support donald trump, that doesn't matter. this is a microcosm of a larnl larger problem. he has the fact that the electorate is dramatically different. i think the media kofrm has changed. on top of it all, you have republican voters and opinion leaders in the security community that are not rallying around him. he has to worry about keeping his base together. it is a huge problem. >> first of all, it could be a leading indicator for colin powell, of whom he is exceptionally close. he was the head of the state department. these are guys that had problems with the iraq war. they didn't become bush republicans on national security but they are national security
4:39 am
republicans. if powell were to come out and endorse hillary clinton or others like armitage that endorse her, that could have a real impact on independent voters. >> if colin powell were to come out in favor of hillary clinton, it would be staggering. it would be very hard for donald trump to build up a real moral authority argument against colin powell. if it is colin powell, we don't care about him. he is not tough enough. the thing is, this gives such an advantage to hillary clinton to be able to not run a traditional democrat versus republican race. if these republicans are falling in line about her. she seems like she is the patriotic, country first, rising above. she would love to be able to run a race that's not just pure democrat versus republican usual stuff where she is seen as uniting the country and donald trump is seen as just shouting from the sidelines. >> matt, we have 30 seconds left. do you think that any of this means that donald trump's campaign is in trouble. i know you will say yes.
4:40 am
obviously, this is all the indicators. the media and pundits have gotten it wrong. you can't count him out but i think his campaign is in danger. i think he has missed an opportunity, a window that he had. he squandored it. he can get it back but i'm telling you what nothing he is doing is leading us to believe that he is going to do that. >> matt, patrick, thank you very much for being here to get your perspective. on to the other story we have been sadly recovering. the orlando killer seemed like a devout muslim to some. we will talk to an author about islam and homosexuality next.
4:41 am
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a complicated profile of the orlando terrorist. an orlando terrorist who hated gay people all the while trolling gay sites online. great to see you, dr. ahmad. we have been talking about whether or not being muslim is incompatible with being gay. what does the koran say? >> it recognizes only heterosexual marriage. any other sexual activity is deemed as a moral transection. it specifically talks about male
4:45 am
sexuality. there is nothing in the koran about punishment for anyone that decides to engage in those activities. >> that's interesting. so you are not allowed to be gay but if you are gay, you shouldn't be punished? >> there is no prescribed punishment. there are two other powerful rules. islam is very protective of an individual's privacy. if anybody goes intruding on an individual's privacy, including their private sexual practices, that is a violation of the muslim's privacy. for anybody to claim somebody is engaging in these activities could be also a sin of defamation. >> so fast forward 1400 years from the koran to today, are modern muslims today allowed to be openly gay? >> the answer is, one can be muslim and one can be gay. from my reading and my knowledge, many muslims around
4:46 am
the world are living these lives in fear and underground. fast forward 1400 years. we have had severe punishments on gay muslims around the world that are not sanctioned by the principles of islam. for instance, if you think there has been a sexual transgression. the koran requires you to have full witnesses of the act, an impossible evidentiary process. muslims around the world are killed and executed for this. >> the way we have heard of things happening in iran and saudi arabia, its disgusting. >> iran, according to legal scholars, over 4,000 homosexuals have been executed since 1979. in saudi arabia, punishable for death, but rarely has anyone been prosecuted. they have dug pits and put individuals accused of homo sex
4:47 am
ual eighth and collapsed walls on them, counter to islam's prescription for how we should behave when these things occur. >> you can understand why modern muslims would not want to come out of the closet and be openly gay given that's what's going on? >> we can also understand there is a real phenomenon of muslim homo phobia. it is sanctioned because prosecution or persecution of gay individuals is institutionalized in muslim governments very widely, more than ten muslim countries prosecute this with the death penalty. >> i want to talk about the term radical islam. this has been hotly debated again this week as it so often is. because donald trump is aggravated that barack obama wouldn't use the term. he has said, what would it matter or change if i were to use that term? >> where are you on that term? >> my feeling is it is very
4:48 am
important. president obama's theory is that it would marginalize and vilify the entire muslim. my opinion, the entire religion is vilified by the actions of radical islamists. i think the distinction is very important. i do believe the orlando gee t jihadist was an islamist. his motives were islamist. that helps us distinguish the white and muslim body to fight this. words are very important. >> if the president were to say radical islam, what does change? how does it help fight it? >> it helps acknowledge there is an ideology that is not just a generic violent extremism but a specific ideology which targets anyone that does not subscribe to the taliban version or the isis version or the hezbollah or hamas version, versions which
4:49 am
claim it is a religious duty to execute a jew, to execute a gay, to execute a yaziti. critics of the president feel he is too weak and muslims who are trying to make the distinction are marginalized from both directions. >> you have been so great about trying to educate people and have that conversation. what else should muslims be doing? >> the disaster and catastrophe is an opportunity for us to re-examine why these acts can be abducted by islamists like isis and the role of muslim states that have these punitive laws. no basis in the koran. >> so saudi arabia iran inverntd sharia. >> if you look at any of the
4:50 am
ideas counter to the koran, they always supercede us. >> doctor, always great to talk to you. >> my pleasure. diplomats take more significant action in syria. will the president consider air strikes against assad. our counterterrorism experts are going to weigh in, coming up next. something even bigger. go to, dawn saves wildlife.
4:51 am
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4:53 am
to the fight against terrorism now. in a new memo, more than 50
4:54 am
state department diplomats to order air strikes against assad's regime. they say getting tough him is the only way to force him to the negotiating table. some warning from the cia director about the fight against isis. phil mudd and senior editor and cnn con interetritt butte tore. let me start with you, our democratic core breaking ranks with regard to syria, specifically ramping up air strikes against syria. this is all part of the broader fight. >> 51 state department officials, mid ranking, but really, secretary kerry has been rather forceful about this. there is a consensus belief that you cannot deal with isis. isis is a manifestation of the problem caused by the assad regime. barack obama has said we have more evidence of war crimes an crimes against humanity on this
4:55 am
particular regime. >> so phil what, breaks this impasse with the administration. we know a secretary of state, hillary clinton, proposed more robust action, and president obama has resisted it? >> what breaks is what the president decides to do. let's frame this. in 2012, he draws a line and says the use of chemical weapons is outrageous. nothing happens. three and a half years later, and they say we've negotiated with them with cease far, and assad is violating the cease-fire, there has to be a cost. there is this tension, with the red line starting four years ago. the president is trying to get us out of afghanistan and iraq, and meanwhile, diplomats are saying unless we use it as a stick, in other words, trying to bring the president back in, this is mott going to succeed,
4:56 am
the presence negotiating this effort to get out and get in. >> right. obviously there a desire to have negotiations move forward. i think it is striking that the head of the cia is onkcapitol h, we know their desire to create a caliphate is what makes them powerful. to me, there is something of a fallacy of an air strike, as opposed to how else are you going to take out tens, maybe 20,000 isis fighters without a serious commitment with ground troops. >> we saw this with the iraq war, 2004, how many tons were dropped on the city. they went to mosul. you cannot win with air power alone. the united states is leaning overwhelmingly on proxy forces to fight the fight on the ground, that are at best, secretaritarian actors, and at
4:57 am
worst, as bad as isis. right now around fallujah, air ra -- sheikhs to be alive, isis does to people and in syria, we're relying on the kurds, we're dressing it up as a syrian defen defense force, but this is a kurdish army. they fight isis extremely well. but they're building their own nation state, which is going to create tensions in syria. >> so while this is happening, phil, there is the broader question of the influence of isis. to whatever extent isis is gaining or what is closer to the case, losing key territory, they are still a source of inspiration. you draw a dis tink between isis and al qaeda lone wolfs. explain what you mean. >> this is hugely significant,
4:58 am
david. when we saw al qaeda attacks and plots, 10, 15 years ago, al qaeda would draw recruits in and explain to them the al qaeda way of thinking. we have to get the americans and brit tans out of the middle east and we can control the governments. it was a clear goal that went back centuries. what is happening with isis is fundamentally different. isis has said to folks, even in the past months, don't come here to recruits. attack where you are, in europe, orlando, washington. what these recruits are saying to themselves, whatever i'm angry about, gay people, america, we saw attacks on museums, whatever i'm angry about, isis gives me the validation to do what i want to do any way. so isis has become an excuse for recruits to attack, even though there is not a clear-eyedology -- >> i can clear that what brings these attacks together. >> it is in part to kill nonbelievers based on a rigid
4:59 am
view of islam. whatever ends, michael, are they trying to serve? just a few seconds left. >> i've interviewed sector, why did you join. we hated the united states. they've done nothing to rescue our people in syria. >> they can take the young, angry and give them a sense of belonging. >> an australian fighter blew himself up, if you read his blog, he was a far left antiglobalization. >> we should mention brennan warning, they could intensify their attacks in the west. phil mudd, michael, thank you for being here. we're following a lot of news this morning. let's get to it. >> he was texting with his wife when he was barricaded in the bathroom. >> the harrowing moments inside the club. >> you can smell the blood. there was so much blood. >> we had information that he was going to put explosive vests
5:00 am
on four people. >> grieving family members ask why does this keep happening. >> i'm going to save your second amendment, folks. >> donald trump, talking the talk. he ain't walking the walk. >> president obama, he keeps blaming guns. >> we don't act. we will keep seeing more massacres like this. >> it began in the voice of donald trump. then bernie sanders -- >> what we need is a revolution. >>announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> did he say a cinnamon roll revolution. i hope so. he gets my vote. we're going too be talking about that i don't think man coming up. welcome to "new day," it is july 17th. 8:00 in the east. >> he is renewing his hunting license, no, his fishing
5:01 am
license. >> is that right? >> good to be here, though. >> all right, we do have a lot of news to cover. first up, we are learning more about the final communications from the terrorist who attacked the gay club in orlando. the deranged killer and his wife were texting during the rampage, and new information is also emerging about the killer's past behavioral issues. also, alisyn, president obama ripping gun control opponents after meeting with survivors of sunday as massacre, with several gun measure votes next week. will anything change. we're going to begin with paulo sa sandovol. >> reporter: several dozen investigators coming together as they get ready to begin day six of this investigation. meanwhile, family members are continuing to lay their loved ones to rest. he used his phone to browse facebook during the shooting,
5:02 am
but he texted his wife as well. two hours into the three hour orlando shooting, terror attack while hold up in a bathroom in a standoff with police. investigators say the killer exchanged text messages with his wife, noor salman, asking if she had seen the news. authorities say she also tried calling him several times during the rampage, but he didn't answer. this, as chilling new video from inside the gay nightclub surfaces. it was taken by a survivor as the killer passed inside one of the club's bathrooms, frightened club goers hoping they won't be next. this woman recorded the video. >> there was about 17 of us in there, only five or six of us made it out. >> he describes the moment the s.w.a.t. team breached roach th to rescue the victims.
5:03 am
>> other police officers are running in there, you know, no disregard no, regard for their safety and they pulled the victims out. >> president obama and vice-president joe biden spent the day in orlando meeting with victims and their families. >> i held and hugged grieving family members and parents, and they asked why does this keep happening. they pleaded that we do more to stop the carnage. >> reporter: obama's presidency forcing him to be consoler in chief, could this massacre have been avoided. investigators are now piecing together the killer's past. cnn has obtained documents showing that the killer had behavioral issues dating back to elementary school. he was disciplined 31 times, between 1992 and 1999, for rude and aggressive behavior. a former elementary school classmate tells cnn the shooter once threatened to bring a gun
5:04 am
to school and kill everyone. >> he was always a little out there, and didn't have too many friends. >> other classmates also told cnn in the days following 9/11, the killer claimed bin laden was his uncle and joked about the attacks. >> he was making a plane noise and he made like a boom sound, like an explosion type of sound. fell in his seat. he was like laughing about it. >> reporter: there is that lingering question, while we continue to hear from people who had at least one encounter or another with the gun man. did anybody see this coming. a gunshop owner did come forward to the fbi in the days before the shooting, saying something showed up at the store trying to purchase ammunition and body armor. the fbi said they when responded and spoke to the gunshop owner, but could not provide license plate information, or suspect description.
5:05 am
looking back today, the individuals who own the store saying that the person that showed up at the counter that day was likely the man that was behind so much pain here at the pupils nightclub. >> if only, if only something had been flagged beforehand effectively. thank you for that. while president obama's antiterror strategy coming up attack from donald trump and senator john mccain, while the gun control battle rages on capitol hill. ran newm m >> a deal to prevents suspected terrorists from buying guns, but they have collapsed. some moderate senators from both parties are discussing a way forward, but still, a very unlikely to get anything enacted this year, even after democratic senator chris murphy of connecticut led a nearly 15 hour filibuster this week to demand action on gun control. nothing has really changed on
5:06 am
capitol hill. other than intensifying tensions on this very, very controversial issue. >> it's almost like they gave up on isis. >> donald trump, taking on president obama. joining fellow republicans in framing the orlando shooting as an issue of terrorism, rather than guns. >> to a large extent, he is blaming guns. and i'm going to save your second amendment, folks. >> reporter: top republican john mccain, striking a similar tone. laying blame for the massacre squarely at the president's feet. >> barack obama is directly responsible for it. when he pulled everybody out of iraq, al qaeda went to syria, became isis, and isis is what it is today. thanks to barack obama's failures. >> reporter: the 2008 republican nominee clarifying within minutes that he misspoke, saying in a statement, i did not mean to imply that the president was
5:07 am
personally responsible. i was referring to president obama's national security decisions, not the president himself. democrats quick to pounce. senate minority leader, harry reid spokesman telling cnn, senator mccain's unhinged comments are just the latest proof that senate republicans are puppets of donald trump. this blame game happening, as the gun debate continues to rage on capitol hill. >> is going after the second amendment how you stop terrorism, no. >> the republican also have to explain to the american people why they are just plain handmaidens of the national rifle association. >> reporter: both sides of the aisle competing legislation, suspected terrorists from acquiring guns. with democrats calling for an outright ban of sales to those in a terror watch list. something republicans say could unfairly target innocent americans.
5:08 am
republicans proposing to delay gun sales for three-days to allow the fbi to investigate. an idea many democrats call meaningless. >> it is a fake. it is a way for them to say they're doing something when they're doing nothing. >> reporter: now, john mccain, who we mentioned earlier is in a very difficult reelection battle. last month, he told me this could be one of the toughest of his political career. not only does he have to contend with concerns from latino voters, but also from the right wing of his party over the issue over immigration. so what mccain is selling aggressively are his foreign policy and national security credentials, which is why he took the sharp jap at obama yesterday. mccain's fate, part of a group of vulnerable senators, who will determine the fate of the senate majority. and expect the gun issue to become a major issue.
5:09 am
>> absolutely. manu, thank you for all of that reports. let's talk with michael smerconish. what can we expect this coming week in congress? are you as pessimistic that despite all of this human cry about something has to happen with gun violence, that nothing will happen? >> i am pessimistic. the reason i am pessimistic is i'm mindful of the fact that if you go back to 1992, 102 congressional districts were competitive, defined as the presidential race would be decided within 5 percentage points. today, that number is 35. 35 of the 435 congressional districts will be in play, and all the rest are predetermined. we could sit here right now with a marco and color in the map. what does that meern. it means that no matter what the clamoring might be for change on the gun front, when these legislators go home, they are representing the like minded,
5:10 am
largely because of gerrymandering. >> how about paul ryan signaling, it doesn't give a lot of more moderate voices in his party. i want to ask you about mccain, who really issues an unfortunate statement that he tried to walk back biry saying the president s directly responsible for orlando, by his policies not being aggressive in syria. what struck me about it is not just an unfortunate comment, but also not a fuller context for -- plenty of blame to go around with the iraq car and not just about obama but the bush administration as well. >> when i heard him oorks im a he appalled by it. i thought it was an appalling comment to say. you know, the walk back really wasn't much of a walk back. i was talking about his policy, not his personally. he was laying blame on the president of the united states for the death of 49 civilians in that orlando club. i thought two things, david. number one, it puts him in a category with donald trump. the very person who said i don't
5:11 am
respect john mccain. i respect those who don't get captured. secondly, i said to myself, how many would have died had we done what john mccain was advocating, which was to remain full force in iraq. what would that body count be today. i guess a third point would be this is what drives isis. the idea that we are activists in what they regard as the so he called arabian peninsula. i thought it was wrong, wrong and wrong. >> you talk to the american people everyday on your radio show. with gun violence, have we just all sort of surrendered, congress will do nothing, we expect them to do nothing, and this is the new normal. >> the fatiguing moment came post newtown, the death of 20 school children, to f nothing could be done then, i don't hold out hope that nothing could be done. you would see that every phone line is ee lu-- illuminated, an
5:12 am
it is split down the middle. >> i think frankly the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle, particular with regard to what just took place. >> can we look at a couple of other political imagines. co consoler in chief, george w. bush did it after 9/11, laying now flowers and those lost in orlando, privately, hugging them tightly, listening to them. the other imagine i wanted to mention, here is marco rubio, former senator with president obama. >> former presidential candidate. >> he could have been, right, the nominee we would have been kind of in a different place. just trike striking to see that political imagine here. >> this is going to sound awkward, but he is awfully good at it. it is a shame to say that about the president. he has had too much practice is what i really want to say. he strikes the appropriate tone when he gets behind closed doors. he doesn't need to do that.
5:13 am
we've come to expect it. he doesn't need to be there. but he is there. i don't like it when people say he is politicizing it by being a grieving individual. >> i don't understand the whole politicizing argument. aren't we allowed to talk about it? when something affects the nation and breaks our hearts, aren't we allowed to talk about it? >> i've been talking about it all weekend. i'm not finished. >> anybody who goes through loss, to try to elevate the loss of a loved one. after something this horrific, to try to elevate it in some way. when you have an opportunity to be with the president of the united states. what about marco rubio what, do you make of the imagine of him and the president together in florida. does it get your mind thinking about what could have been? >> it gets my mind thinking what's to come. i am out of here. whenever he was held accountable on the campaign trail for all those missed votes, he said i'm running for president, i'm not staying in the senate. it looks like there is a change in the works. it looks like he'll stand for reelection. >> back to congress for a second.
5:14 am
their approval ratings are abysmal. gerrymandering, everyone is in their own echo chamber and voting how they think their own little slice of constituents feel. why does everyone think they hate congress. this is the do nothing congress. >> we all hate congress, but our member of congress, hey, she's not so bad, he's not so bad. i lost track of what the reelection is, everyone else's member is who we don't like. >> i was on capitol hill yesterday and i was talking to some folks up there. one of the things, serious minded who do want to make the institution work well, but what controls the political debate is the fringes of both parties, they're cable news, and it makes it hard to find a more moderate reasonable middle that doesn't want to legislate. >> this is my point, david. we have seeded, those who are not on the polar fringes, have unfortunately seeded the debate
5:15 am
to the loudest voices. they say something , they becom a superstar. it used to be you got to capitol hill, you paid your dues, and you got ahead through legislative achievement. say something crazy, you become a superstar. >> the world has gone mad. check out smerconish on cnn saturdays. weekdays on serius, xm. how do the people in orlando feel. did it help. we asked a gay community leader who met with the president, next. many sleep-aids have pain medicine
5:16 am
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5:19 am
i held and hugged grieving family members and parents, and they asked why does this keep happening. they pleaded that we do more to stop the carnage. >> president obama, addressing the nation after meeting with survivors and families of the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. joining us now, someone would met with the president, orlando city commissioner, patty sheahan. thank you for being on "new day" with us. tell us about your meeting with the president. >> thank you, alisyn. actually, i didn't get to meet with the president yesterday. they were concerned that all the
5:20 am
local elected officials would want to meet with the president. i'm like wait, i'm the gay one. i didn't get to meet him yesterday. what i did do yesterday, though, was very meaningful for me. i actually got to see him when he was placing the flowers with vice-president biden. right after that happened, there was a delivery from a gentleman, joe copan in new orleans, and he actually delivered 49 wreaths with all the survivors, and they had their pictures. we placed them around city hall and it was very, very meaningful. and then rodalfo was at the memorial last night, where the president placed the flowers, and he and their friends all came in, and they knew everybody that was affected, that had been killed. and they said okay, these two were friends, these two were a
5:21 am
couple, and we placed the wreaths where everybody was together. it was just, you know, very meaningful. the family was very touched and thankful. >> we have pictures of that, and it does look beautiful and powerful. commissioner, i know that you had told us that the community is angry, understandably, and that they want answers. what are those answers? have you been able to now, days later, get any of those? >> yeah, you know, i mean, i think that the one thing i really feel a shift, and i truly mean this because i've been an lgbt activist for many years, i've dealt with a lot of people whose hearts and minds that was not in favor of my community, but what i've seen is a shift in the faith community. they have been very upset about some of the protests that have been talked about happening here. they said this is not reflective of our religion, and they've reached out to the christian
5:22 am
ministers, they've reached out to the muslim community, and they've all been together. that's the first time i've ever seen that. we've had interfaith groups, but i hate to say it, it has been a lefty churches. but now i'm talking about the baptist church folks locally talking to our muslim community. which i think is great. i mean, they're saying this is about love, and we need to embrace our lgbt community, and i've never heard that before. so i really do feel there is a change and shift because of this tragedy. >> that's a nice silver lining, commissioner. we heard there might be these sick protests from that odious fringe group -- >> i'm not going to mention their name. >> i'm not either. >> i find them so disgusting. i've been dealing with them as a gay rights activist, i've been very involved with our local pride parades, as an activist into my role as a city
5:23 am
commissioner, and i have had to deal with these people. and the thing is, we've dealt with them in creative ways, we've put dancing boys in front of them in a line, and we've done the human chain. >> yeah. >> at funerals. and we're gijust hoping we won' have to do that. they've promised they won't do that, but i have to tell you, there were 25,000 people on a facebook to do human chains at funerals, which is basically, they have a first amendment right to protest and they say horrible things. i mean, the vial thinle thing t, it is like a business plan. they try to get people upset, and they hit them, you know, and then they sue them. this is not -- this is the whole business plan that they have. >> oh, my gosh. >> but we -- this is -- i say this is not actually a religious anything. they're using a church to use a business plan to sue government
5:24 am
that don't allow them to spread their filth. >> we've seen lots of ex streamists who bastardize and we pray that does not happen during the funerals down there, but it is very heartening and inspiring to hear that the muslim world and the christian world an the baptist world are all coming together and you all have an action plan if that were to happen. and commissioner, one last thing. what is the action plan beyond the funerals? what will the gay community there, and entire community do now? well, i'm really like, like i say, i'm very encouraged about this interfaith group that really brings in faith leaders any would say more conservative parts of my community. i'm very encouraged by that. we've got benefits happening all over the city to raise money for the victims. we've got people coming from all over to assist the families.
5:25 am
i think once that initial dealing with the funerals, getting people visas to come from other countries, getting the bodies delivered, i mean, there is just a lot going on right now. people are, you know, we've got a lot of -- a lot of bodies going to puerto rico and other countries. we've got people coming in to make sure they can attend their grandchildren's funerals, and making sure they can get the paperwork through that. once we get through the crisis situation, i'm really encouraged, that even politicians, even politicians who have never been supportive of my community, are going to services with lgbt community members. never seen that before. and a lot of people are cynical and saying is this going to last. and i think it will. i've seen hearts change. i'm just as cynical as a lot of people. i've been a gay rights activist
5:26 am
for a long time. i see a change. >> commissioner, we appreciate your words, your optimism, and our hearts are with you today. thank you for sharing all of that with "new day." >> thank you, alisyn. alisyn, thanks. so the terror attack in orlando expected to lead in a spike in gun sales. it often happens after these events. why is it the case. by how much. the numbers are in. cnn money now is next. my night we got a new family member and she got a nutritious meal of purina cat chow complete with the four cornerstones of nutrition including high quality protein. now our family is complete. purina cat chow complete.
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and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? it's time for cnn chief business correspondent christine romans. >> good morning. trying to overall vicom's board, $40 billion media empire, of course, 93 years old and said to be in poor health. he is moving to uost.
5:31 am
smith and wesson selling more guns than ever before. 22% increase. the latest numbers include april, typical for gun manufacturers after mass shootin shootings. after december, it jumped more than 61% after san bernardino. >> thank you, christine. five things to know for your "new day," the terrorist who attacked a gay nightclub texted with his wife during the rampage. we've also learned the gunman had serious behavioral issues throughout his past. the senate will vote on new bills next week, banning firearm to people on terror watch lists. another would close gun show loopholes, but none are expected to pass. one year ago today, a gunman sat through a bible study at the bla black emanuel church in charleston before opening fire, gunning down nine people. events are planned to honor the
5:32 am
victims there. disney world planning to put up signs warning of alligators near all water ways, just two days after the toddler was killed by a gator. there will be a game seven to decide the nba championship. lebron james scoring 41 points for the second game in a row. 115-101 over gold citizen state. for more on five things you should know, go to for all of the latest. king james versus steph curry, what do you make of that for game seven. >> i have a lot to opine on, because i actually do know both those names, which is unusual for me. >> we'll be breaking it down in a few minutes. first, a 14-year-old middle school graduation speech is going viral. here is 8th grader jack aiello, hillary clinton, bernie sanders and of course, donald trump. jeanne moos has moore. >> reporter: he may not have the
5:33 am
polish of a professional impersonator. >> the bigger hands. >> i don't really like people. >> but 14-year-old jack aiello gave a hugely popular graduation speech at his suburban middle school. it began in the voice and with the gestures of donald trump. >> we are going to start winning in every front. we're going to win so much. >> we will lead and we will win and believe me, we will win. >> jeff even pounced on how trump pronounces -- >> china. >> china. >> china. >> china. >> china. >> china. >> jack then detoured to cruz. >> god bless. >> in which cruz tweeted okay, this kid is funny. he then dabbled in cross gender impersonation. >> i'm going to run a campaign of unity, a campaign of inclusivity. >> they've given us the skills to get through sixth grade and
5:34 am
from seventh grade and through eighth grade. >> his dad says his son wants to be either president or a comedian. but jack really went on a roll when he started talking about the scho the school's cinnamon rolls. >> let me start with the lunches. they're delicious. and some of the best cinnamon rolls i've ever tasted. we need to make them free! what we need is a cinnamon roll revolution. >> just as long as they aren't communist rolls made in -- >> china. >> jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> i love china. >> i love china. >> that kid is good. i love cinnamon rolls. who doesn't love cinnamon rolls. >> that works all the time. that was a great bernie sanders impersonation. that was his best. >> you either want to be president or a comedian. not much in between. >> i agree. that it s what it has come to.
5:35 am
all right, meanwhile, a story we have been covering a lot. it was getting a lot of attention last week. we want to give you an update now. the judge in the stanford rape case, slammed for giving a convicted rapist six months in jail. now under fire again. we'll discuss that, next. do you really know what it means? no. the answer is no. because it's complicated and science-y. but with my nutrition mixes, you don't have to worry about the science. you can just put it in your pie hole. planters. nutrition starts with nut. choose blades that cbend from end to end, that understand legs. choose beauty and brains. choose venus swirl. our most advanced blades, with six times the flexibility. for flawless skin, choose to smooth. venus swirl.
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there has been a lot of fallout for a california judge, who was under fire for giving that convicted rapist, you will remember, a six month jail sentence, a former stanford swimmer who raped an unconscious woman. joining us now, senior legal analyst, jeffrey toobin, and the friend of the stanford rape victim, michelle landis. jeffrey, let's start by updating the viewers, who may have lost track of what happened in this case. what has transpired since this shocking sentence was given out. let me show people on screen
5:40 am
here, some jurors -- sexual assault case, a petition, as you know, to remove persky, it has more than one million supporters, and plans for a recall campaign against percent ski getting him off the bench. >> what is so unusual is you have the prosecution moving to recuse a judge in a case, because of bias. in my experience, i mean, i'm not saying it has never happened before, but i've never heard of it, where the prosecution, which remember, has to appear regularly in front of a judge, who has a criminal docket, says the judge is too bias to hear a case. it is just an indication of how -- what an extraordinary a situation this is. >> why, despite michelle, your deep concerns about the outcome of this case, why do you think this kind of action should be taken against the judge? what did he do wrong in his role? >> we feel strongly that the judge mis applied the law in a serious way when he concluded
5:41 am
this was an unusual case. and that the interest of justice required probation. one of the offenses for which turner was convicted is presumptively ineligible for probation. the judge really bent over backwards in order to award probation. when did he that, he undermined confidence in the whole legal system. >> this is within the judge's discretion, is it not? you may be opposed to the outcome, but is it not a worrisome step to start taking on the role of the judge in this way? >> well, no. it's not a worrisome step. in california, under the california constitution, the judges are elected. so mr. per ski syy is an electe judge. it is not entirely the case as you're saying that this was judge discretionary. two of the felonies do have a
5:42 am
discretionary ground of probation. the third one does not. there we think he misapplied the law. >> usually when a judge misapplies the law, that party can appeal. but the government can't appeal criminal sentences. so there is not the usual remedy here. my only concern about this situation is, look, i am as horrified by this sentence as anyone, but judges do unpopular things. sometimes we want them to do unpopular things. they are supposed to be somewhat insulated from politics. you're right, there is an election process, but you know, in communities, let's say that don't like same sex marriage, where you have judges saying we want, you know, the law requires same sex marriage, i'm just a little concerned about what happens when, you know, judges become sort of like politicians, who can be recalled. are you concerned about that? >> it seems to me, jeff,
5:43 am
yourmeyour argument is with the california constitution rather than with me. there are people who think judges shouldn't be elected. judge persky is an elected official. the prosecution agrees with us he has evidenced by as. the prosecution gave an amazing statement, they don't trust him to be fair thechlt don't trust him to be impartial. >> if future jurors don't trust him, then can he continue to serve on the bench? >> that's the question. that's a hard thing. you know, i ish know, much as i admire the work we do as journalists, our attention fades, and our attention will fade from this case, and i think jurors who don't follow the news carefully probably will not have a problem with judge persky if he stays on the bench. it does seem very much an open question, whether your efforts
5:44 am
will succeed, because he may yet get thrown out. >> he may resign. we have several members of the u.s. house of representatives, many members of the california assembly calling for his resignation. jurors who won't serve in his courtroom. a million people signing petitions and a recall effort underway. it may be the case he may resign. >> michelle, you know the victim in this case very well. she has had a tremendous impact on the wider debate about sexual assault in this country. how is she doing? how is she responding to the attention she has gotten? >> fortunately she is anonymous. >> her statement, and the issues. >> well, she is angry that mr. turner has not yet apologized or taken responsibility, which is another reason that we think judge persky has misapplied the law. she is disappointed the judge didn't recognize that and he didn't show any remorse. she is happy that her words are having such an impact around the
5:45 am
world. >> jeffrey, thank you very much for the updates. coming up, the hunt is on for a man murdering his wife. john walsh joins us next for the season premiere of his show. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmmm. incredible. looks tasty. you don't have heartburn. new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief. (mamost of the show. we missed (woman) and there's no way to restart it. (jon bon jovi) with directv there is. ♪ you see, we've got the power to turn back time ♪ ♪ so let's restart the show that started at nine ♪ ♪ and while we're at it, let's give you back your 'do ♪ ♪ and give her back the guy she liked before you ♪ ♪ hey, that's the power to turn back time. ♪ (vo) get the ultimate all-included bundle. call 1-800-directv.
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this sunday, "the hunt" runs
5:49 am
to cnn. not who done it, but where did he go. let's take a look. >> he seemed very panicked, wild eyed. we put him in the back of the car, tried to keep him warm, tried to figure things out. >> do you have any idea how you got here? >> oh, yeah, i was going 50 miles an hour. i was going see my wife. >> all right. >> it was an accident, i love her with all my heart. i would give my life in one second to get her back. >> what was an accident? >> the gun just went off. >> he kept from being himself, the gun just went off. i think he even mentioned i watched her die, something along those lines. >> i love her so much. i love her so much. can't believe it. there is a divine reason for this. she was ready, but i'm not ready for her to go.
5:50 am
i love her with all my heart. >> what is her full name, sir? >> tammy marie meyers. >> host "the hunt" joins us now. hi, john. >> how are you? >> i'm well. great to see you. william greer, what do we need to know about this guy? >> real dirt bag, domestic abuser, and wanted for murdering his wife. >> not wear pants, pulled off, how does he walk away from this? >> i guess they didn't feel they had enough evidence, because they didn't have a body, so they cut him loose, then later on, his own children, who were visiting him at the time, two little boys who were terrified by what went on. he was divorced, and he got visitation of his sons, and ten days later, his two little boys told their mother that daddy killed his new wife, while we were there one night. we could hear the gun go off.
5:51 am
we could hear the shots. now the cops started to take it seriously. >> oh, my gosh. so the kids were witnesses, and still, then the guy was gone at that point? >> he was gone at that point. and then i did him on "america's most wanted" i think four time, and i don't know if your fans know that used to work for me, you were one of my best field reporters. >> thank you, i loved working at "america's most wanted." i talk about it all the time. >> you were terrific. but any way, every time we profiled greer, we were 15 minutes behind him. >> oh, my gosh. >> he had this famous hat that he always wore. so we got the hat. he left the hat. left some fake i.d. in an apartment one time. three different women that he had moved in with had called right after he took off and said my god, we are so lucky, we think that this is the guy and it was the guy. so now, he is going to be the top of the show, because i, you know me, i never give up. i'm going to catch this guy. >> absolutely you're going to catch this guy. we saw it all the time.
5:52 am
it doesn't matter how long they're gone, you can camp them. we always talked about what police work is like, god's work, what they do and the sacrifices the cops made. but in this case, it does seem like the cops dropped the ball? >> i think that they didn't buy the story. there wasn't enough evidence at the time. i wish they had taken him seriously, because he would be in jail right now. he is out there. my fear is that a guy like that, you know, leopards never change their spots. he had a long history of domestic abuse. he crossed the line and killed his wife. who knows what he is capable of doing. we need to catch him before he hurts somebody else. >> you're going to get him, john. it works all the time. >> great to see you. >> make sure to watch the premiere of "the hunt." right here on cnn, 9:00 p.m. eastern. a story you do not want to miss. a survivor of the massacre and the police officer who went
5:53 am
beyond the call of diuty to sav him.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
♪ ♪
5:57 am
in the days after the orlando terror attack, one of the survivors was reunited with the police officer who saved his life. anderson cooper tells us how one of orlando's finest went beyond the call of duty. >> i need a big hug from you. >> it was an emotional reunion for angel colon and officer delgado. >> the first time they've seen each other, what we now now the worst mass shooting on u.s. soil. >> just all the chaos when i arrived, the people running, screaming, crying, yelling. >> officer delgado entered the club along with other officers shortly after he arrived on scene. inside, the gunman was held up elsewhere in the club. >> oh, my god. >> sun shots were ringing out and officer delgado's instinct to protect kicked in. >> seconds later, we hear more
5:58 am
gunshots. >> you could hear them from outside. >> from outside, yes. we know what happened, but we -- i followed them, it was three of us. we just jetted right inside. >> officer delgado was able to help remove some of the wounded amid the darkness and disco lights. >> somebody yelled out this person is moving. another person, i saw was moving, so i went and another officer grabbed him. i just don't recall if that was angel or not. we pulled like, you know, three or four people out. >> when he was dragging me out, i could look up, please hurry, please hurry. >> a gunman shot the woman next to angel in the hand and hip. he pretended to be dead. >> when i first saw him, i was laying down on the floor, i could only move my arms and my head up, so i just saw him with his glasses, help me, please. >> a nine year veteran of the
5:59 am
police department, dmnothing cod have prepared him what he saw that night. knowing he saved some lives, brings some comfort. >> what was it like to see him today. >> a feeling that you can't describe. you can't put it in words, knowing you helped save someone. >> anderson cooper, cnn, orlando. oh, my gosh. the bravery that went there that night, the police and of the survivors. it has been an intense week. >> yeah, being down there had to be so powerful seeing it first hand. >> we heard today on the show they just believe love is the answer. reach out to people, anyone in pain, you know. we don't react in anger. reach out and love people. they think that's the answer. the idea that so soon after a tragedy that that's what the people of orlando feel, i think it means the rest of us should feel way. >> as much hate as there is, as much despair, there is the sense
6:00 am
of perseverance and resiliency. that's what is so sustaining. when we think of the victims and how much has been lost, we think about that, about kindness, about love. about what they stood for. >> we try. it's been great to have you here today. it has been an intense day. >> great to be here. thank you. that does it for "new day." "newsroom" starts right now. good morning, i'm pamela brown. just a few blocks from the pulse nightclub. >> and i'm fredricka whitfield at the orlando regional medical center, where 23 victims are still recovering inside. >> here in the city wrapped with pain and reeling from so much tragedy this past week, another heart


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