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tv   New Day  CNN  June 23, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> it all started wednesday morning. >> we will occupy this floor. we will no longer be denied a right to vote. >> reporter: outraged democrats seizing the house floor demanding a vote on gun control after the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. >> how many more mothers, how many more fathers need to shed tears of grief before we do something? >> reporter: prominent civil rights activist leading the sit-in on the house floor. paul ryan called a recess shutting off cameras in the chamber, but that didn't stop democrats from continuing their showdown, streaming live feeds from the house floor on social media. >> suspected and known to be a terrorist, why can you get a machine gun? >> reporter: democratic senators storming the floor in solidarity. >> this is nothing more than a publicity stunt.
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>> we will not bring a bill that takes away a person's constitutionally guaranteed rights without their due process. this isn't trying to come up with a solution to a problem, this is trying to get attention. >> reporter: republicans convene in a session to vote not on gun control, but to override a presidential veto. leading to tension exploding in the chamber just after 10:00. >> permission from the yesman from kentucky to seek recognition. >> reporter: as republicans opened the floor to vote the democrats pressing against the podium, chanting and holding signs with names and faces of gun violence victims. democrats yelling shame and singing the anthem of the civil rights movement. >> the house stands in recess subject to call of the chair. >> reporter: one republican disrupting the sit-in. >> radical islam kills people.
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>> reporter: arguing it wasn't guns that led to the orlando attack. just before 1:00 a.m. the house calling a procedural vote to adjourn until 2:30 a.m., scheduling a vote on a funding bill for zika virus that democrats oppose. >> you have no response except to run away in the middle of the night. >> reporter: after passing that bill, they passed another to adjourn for the july 4th recess. >> the house stands adjourned. >> reporter: republicans leaving the capitol indignant met by protesters. >> and as the house sitting continues into this morning the house of course is adjourned until the july 5th recess, but democrats have promised that they will keep this sit-in going in some capacity. there are numerous members still out there right now. to note, the house has already
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this year taken 24 days in recess and they've had 66 days in session. chris? >> i'll tell you some stark contrasts. you're in statuary hall and then we have this going on in the floor of the house. this intense showdown on the floor prompting americans to take to social media to demand action. others went right to the source of the problem. the u.s. capitol and are there this morning. we're live outside the capitol with more. >> reporter: well, chris, we're on the house side of the u.s. capitol and this rain has deterred a lot of folks. there are about a dozen people who are still here. at the height of this there were hundreds of people who came out here and spent the night to show support for the members of congress for that sit-in and weave been talking to people all morning and we found somebody very important, lucy mcbeth out
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of jacksonville, florida. it was her son, jordan davis, 17 years old who was shot and killed. this was the loud music case we covered in 2012. you've been out here, you changed your plans, you heard about this. just tell us -- i'm so sorry for your loss but what do you hope to accomplish being out here? >> well, something so historic with the congressional sit-in i wanted to show support for our legislators that are standing up to the republican legislators that have refused to pay heed to what's happening to over 90 americans every day that are dying senselessly in this country, hundreds more that are injured every day. they have turned a blind eye to gun violence and i'm here to support their efforts for standing up on our behalf. >> i know it can't bring your son back, but do you see yourself being out here day after day and perhaps back when
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congress comes back into session to keep this fight going. >> we will be here july 5th and we told them most definitely we will remember in november if they don't do right by the citizens of the united states. >> all right. thank you so much. really appreciate your time and i know this is tough conditions being out here, but as you can see, a lot of passion behind this. people are very serious about this issue and impacts them very personally. >> absolutely and that mom just says it all. let's discuss this political showdown with our panel. cnn political analyst and host of the david gregory pod cast, cnn political reporter and we want to bring in another analyst. how significant is what we're seeing unfold there on capitol hill right now? >> i spent six years up there as a beat reporter in the halls of congress and i've never seen anything like this. this is something you would see
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on the other side of the capitol in the u.s. senate. it is built that way. that's when we talk about filibusters and senators taking the floor and really trying to make a floor. in the house of representatives that's not the way that institution was constructed by our founders. it is run by the majority. the minority in this case said we've had enough. we need to do something. that is why we saw them basically take over the house of representatives, the floor of it and really what we saw last night was anarchy on the floor. >> let's look at a little bit of the right and wrong here. you mentioned the senate. they had votes. these bills went down there. it's not like there has been no action. you look at ryan, he could have done other things. he cut the c span feed. we don't like that because we wanted that main feed but they're in control of it. but he waived the decorum rules to allow them to continue their protest. so when you look at the right and wrong, who do you think is coming out on top? >> if you're somebody who believes in the follower of
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rules and decorum, the democrats were wrong because they did not win the majority. the republicans were put in charge of the house of representatives and that's how the house should be run. if you're somebodyofpopular opinion or supporter of the democrats you're going to say why didn't we have votes? we should have votes. that's what the american people want us to do. but again, it depends who you talk to about who's right and who's wrong in this. >> this is live right now on the split screen there. that's coming via periscope because the feed was cut. how does it come to justify the vote? >> reporter: there have been similar measures in the senate and this is essentially a publicity stunt. i think he's right. in many ways it's working. they are getting publicity for this cause in talking to folks who are on the side of the democrats, people at the brady
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campaign, they really want to seize this moment and create a tipping point, see it as a tipping point, see it as sort of a connection between terrorism and gun restrictions and even lgbt rights. they really want to seize the momentum here and keep this going and i think it really has been a remarkable shift we've seen. i think at the federal level we have seen stalemate after stalemate in terms of federal laws but at the state level there has been some movement for instance in maine and nevada, there will be ballot measures that would expand background checks in november and you can see democrats very different now than they were in the early 90s afraid of the nra. now at this point really seeing some sort of political gain by taking on the nra. so we have seen something of a shift, i think, over these last couple of years in this gun control debate. >> david, what do you see in the disconnect between the poll numbers showing over 50% of
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americans, probably somewhere between 70 and into the 80s when you ask them questions about more background checks that are thorough, or more gun control or more measures, people generally favor. this is just the straight one which is favor versus opposed 55/42, but when you get specific like the terror watch list, the numbers are very high. so where is the disconnect that leads us to the dysfunction? >> i think it's voter intensity, chris. if you are a supporter of gun rights you will vote on that issue. if your representative does not support the 2nd amendment, does not support the nra position, that's what you'll vote on. i think a lot of supporters feel strongly about it but they don't necessarily vote on it. i think democratic leaders want that to change. this is an attention getting maneuver. this is a year, of course, when bucking the political order is getting a lot of trarkction.
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i think for democrats this is about creating this as an issue of bigger voter intensity, saying to voters, look, these are the stakes. not only this mass murder in orlando, but it's also saying these are the stakes in the election year. if we could take back the senate, if we could take back the house we could get these gun measures through. it's almost like creating a supreme court pick and the stakes that are associated with that, trying to associate that with the issue of gun restrictions. >> the president sent out a tweet regarding this. he says thank you, congressman john lewis on leading on gun violence where we need it most. so what does this sit-in that's happening right now mean for the white house? what's their response? >> i think it's very interesting that president obama and the white house is sort of taking a role in this as well by tweeting out john lewis, you know, embracing the sit-in from the
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other side of pennsylvania avenue shows that they're in support of it and certainly when you're thinking about president obama where he is in his presidency, he's thinking about his legacy. he's talked many times about how one of the greatest disappointments of his presidency, one of the worst days was when they couldn't get gun control measures passed in the senate after newtown. he's talked openly about how that was one of the worst days of his presidency, so this is an important intersection and an important moment for democrats and it will be interesting to see if he ratchets up his involvement. >> what do you see happening? >> this is a very seminal moment in this election year and we have to wonder, is this going to be the new norm meaning will we see house democrats do this on other issues that they they can make political hay out of so to speak. we're going into a moment where this could simmer down because we're going into the july 4th recess, but right now
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politically democrats are not expected to take back the house of representatives. what we saw just a few hours ago and right now, it could be a powerful political moment for them to rally their base and to try to chip away for support for republicans in the house. will they continue to do this throughout the summer and then into the election. >> now, they're fund raising off of this effort right now. that's certainly portrays it as a stunt. >> unseemingly. >> why? >> in effect, we asked them last night, we were on air all throughout the night and we had two democratic congressmen on there and they acknowledged that they were doing it. they didn't have a great answer initially until they said listen, we're raising money for this because we need to elect more democrat to try to get laws like this enacted but we're talking about 49 people murdered down in orlando, more than 50 injured and yet they're raising money in the middle of the night. i think it took away a little bit of what they were trying to do symbolically on this issue.
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>> give us a quick take on this. one of the measures that the democrats did not want, that they voted down, was a bill in the senate, this is obviously -- was a bill to further fund the existing background check system. now, one of the middle grounds in this debate that gets ignored a lot is why don't you enforce the laws you already have better? there are huge lapses of getting information so the background check is comprehensive. how do you think that plays once word gets out about that. >> well, i guess it depends in which audience because their argument is that to concede on that which is a legitimate point about more prosecutions you still don't close the loophole of the gun shows and private sellers and so to compromise means that you see that ground completely. but that's really the argument. the argument around compromise is some way to split the different here and i think there's going to have to be some compromise and maybe smaller
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measures that move forward if we're going to break this log jam in some way. voter intensity is a big piece of this, but even hillary clinton supporters, democrats are really trying to drive the base around these issue to get them out in november. >> panel, stand by if you would. we have many more questions about hillary clinton and donald trump's response and throughout the morning we will talk to lawmakers about where this political showdown goes from here. so stick around for that. >> so the dysfunction in d.c. matching the attacks on the campaign trail. clinton and trump are in hay maker mode. very negative, very personal, very often. we're live in washington with the blow by blow. chris? >> reporter: good morning. you're right. this 2016 slugfest continued yesterday with hillary clinton and donald trump just wailing on each other and some were clean shots and others, they hit below the belt. >> donald hates it when anyone
3:15 am
points out how hollow his sales pitch really is. >> there's hillary clinton rebutting donald trump's onslaught of personal -- >> hillary clinton, she's a world class liar. >> reporter: and professional attacks. >> her decisions spread death, destruction and terrorism everywhere she touched. >> reporter: trump going as far to say -- >> hillary clinton may be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency. >> reporter: and clinton firing back. >> he's going after me personally because he has no answers on the substance. >> reporter: the two trading jabs over their popular catch phrases. >> we shouldn't expect better from someone whose most famous words are "you're fired." >> i'm going to make sure you hear you're hired. >> her campaign slogan is i'm with her. you know what my response is to that? i'm with you, the american
3:16 am
people. >> reporter: trump praised by his party for delivering a tightly scripted speech tried to tarnish clinton's foreign policy record. >> no secretary of state has been more wrong more often and in more places than hillary clinton. >> reporter: the latest cnn poll shows more americans believe the foormer secretary of state would make a better commander in chief. >> her invasion of libya handed the country over to isis, the barbarians. >> reporter: but trump still included falsities and half truths about clinton. >> among the victims of our late ambassador chris stevens, he was left helpless to die as hillary clinton slept soundly in her bed. when the phone rang at 3:00 in the morning hillary clinton was sleeping. >> reporter: no, actually clinton was awake. the siege started at around 4:00 p.m. eastern time, not in the middle of the night. trump was also claiming clinton ran the state department like
3:17 am
her own personal hedge fund that she'll end virtually all immigration enforcement and wants to abolish the 2nd amendment, all false according to the fact checking team. >> but trump also rightly pointed out that clinton has done some exaggerating of her own. a story in 2008 where she said she landed in bosnia under sniper fire when in fact she didn't. clinton later said she misspoke but this campaign is shaping up to be one heck of a street fight. >> thank you for the reporting. so how was trump's first major address of the general election received and how will clinton counter those attacks and the allegations? all that's next. (vo) one dark stormy night
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3:21 am
it's going to help house democrats and by virtue of that it's probably going to help hillary clinton because that's who she is aligned with. we'll see what happens with donald trump because he has been at odds with some republicans on the issue of guns. maybe that's because he's from manhattan and there's a different idea about -- about gun regulation certainly here in the city, but we'll see what happens. i mean, i don't know if this will become a huge issue in the presidential election other than what we did see donald trump say yesterday in his speech is that hillary clinton wants to take away your second amendment right. a very broad attack on her on that and he'll continue to say that to try to continue to get these gun owners and these fervent gun owners to back his candidacy. >> how was trump's speech received? i heard many republicans say that they felt relieved that he sort of hit on some good messages, particularly the slogan of i'm with you. he said to the american people. >> yeah, i thought that was perfect, this sort of rewriting
3:22 am
of hillary clinton's campaign slogan which of course is i'm with her. you know, this is the donald trump that republicans have been waiting to see. he's had a really bad couple of weeks prior to this so they want to see a donald trump who looks more presidential, who's certainly more scripted as well. i do think though in talking to republicans one worry is that the message is right, but there's still questions about the messenger. right? even if you look at some of the claims he's making about hillary clinton on the clinton foundation, for instance, that she's enriching herself, that brings up the issue for donald trump of trump university. even on his criticisms of the clintons on nafta, you can say what about you mr. trump, you have made some of your products, your ties and your suits in china. so he is vulnerable. it was interesting yesterday because he had marco rubio saying he was going to run for the senate and one republican i
3:23 am
talked to said wouldn't it be great if somebody like marco rubio had been making this same case. as a messenger i think there's still questions that republicans have even though he's got a good message, i think. >> so david, the plus/minus is republicans like hearing trump attack clinton. you know, of course they don't like him attacking minority groups and splintering what they want to see as a broad coalition, but the question that becomes where does this take them, i mean, all i'm saying is a result of clinton and trump is just more intensity of the negativity in this campaign, more polarization. >> i think there's no question about that and if you're republicans, you want to see donald trump start to attack his opponent. i mean, it is kind of interesting that he's getting plaud its and now it's a seminal moment in the campaign, but
3:24 am
that's how far his campaign has fallen and that's the kind of tremors he has inspired throughout republicans. they want to see him take the attention off of himself and make it more of a contrast rather than a referendum on him. i think that's going to be tough. i think donald trump's inclination is to make it a referendum on him. but this question of negativity on both sides, if you're trump you attack clinton because you want to depress her turnout. i think if you're clinton who has problems with trustworthiness and all the rest, you want to fire up debates with a sense of anxiety, anger and fear and i think you do that by this consistent theme of saying how dangerous and reckless he is. you may be able to inspire with the negative against trump and i think that's where we're headed. >> donald trump has called hillary crooked hillary and he continued that line of attack. let me play a portion of that from yesterday. >> she ran the state department
3:25 am
like her own personal hedge fund doing favors for oppressive regimes and many others and really many, many others in exchange for cash, pure and simple, folks. pure and simple. >> okay. so what he's referring to there is the clinton foundation and whether or not there was any quid proquo. those questions do persist. how has hillary done at responding? >> you know, i think the clintons probably have failed in a big way in that they haven't been so open about how they raised money for the clinton global initiative which has done wonderful things around the world, but there are questions about who they're taking money to help fund -- >> put up the clinton foundations list. >> if you look at the polling when donald trump goes out there and says she's crooked and a liar and what have you, you have clinton at a deficit on the issue of honesty and
3:26 am
trustworthiness. it's working a little bit, but the fact that he's saying she made money off of it is not purely based in facts. >> i mean, there's a reason that you're not seeing real investigations into this, but does that matter politically? >> no. i mean, i think in many ways, donald trump has sort of proven that we are post fact checking in many ways in this campaign. his -- his speech yesterday was littered with falsehoods and remember, this is a candidate who's going to burst on to the scene in 2012 as sort of flirting with the presidency, conspiracy theories. this is the person that floated the theory that cruz's father was involved in the jfk assassination. this is the sort of dialog we've seen from trump which again goes
3:27 am
back to his problems as a messenger. is he sort of a credible person in terms of advancing some of these ideas about hillary clinton, which as you said, aren't really a base -- aren't based in fact but he's a master of that. saying oh, well, there's questions about this and even though he can't really prove them he sort of raises the idea and plants the seed and it works effectively for him. >> and that raises the question, david, of whether or not hillary clinton should respond to each one of these and take them on because there is no direct evidence of any quid pro quo but there are questions surrounding the timing so what should her campaign do about that? the apparatus in place in the part of the campaign and superpacs she coordinates to respond to correct the record. but i've talked to others in the clinton orbit who say they want a different direction. they don't want to counterattack. they want to have a disciplined
3:28 am
message that surround the fitness for office. that cuts through his business, his statements, bigotry and all the rest. fitness for office is what she wants to drive. >> panel, thank you very much for your perspective and we do want to get back to this breaking story. out of capitol hill, there is this sit-in now in its 19th hour by democrats. they are demanding a vote on gun measure. so you're looking at live pictures right now. this is from periscope and we will be talking to a congressman in the middle of all of this next. ♪ it's here, but it's going by fast. the opportunity of the year is back: the mercedes-benz summer event. get to your dealer today for incredible once-a-season offers, and start firing up those grilles. lease the e350 for $499 a month
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>> house will be in order. the chair wish to make an announcement regarding the decorum in the house chamber. >> 19 hours and counting. democrats continue their protest on the house floor to demand a
3:32 am
vote on gun control. this dramatic standoff, you can hear them singing we shall overcome there. it's unfolding even after republicans have adjourned the legislative session now until july 5th. joining us now, part of this sit-in. good morning, congressman. >> good morning from washington. >> have you been on the floor of the house all night? >> i just walked off the floor about 15 minutes ago. i have been on the floor off and on all night. >> republicans are calling this a stunt. you call it a wakeup call. what are you trying to accomplish? >> well, we just can't operate business as usual. you know, just in my time in the congress, even before i was sworn in at a freshman orientation at harvard, my colleague was given the news. she represents newtown, connecticut. that slaughter happened just literally weeks into after
3:33 am
the -- my election in november of 2012. and then you know, the next big tragedy -- there's several tragedies but only a few have made the news. you know, the tragedy in charleston, south carolina at the church and now just -- just last week, 49 lgbt people at a club, pulse, in orlando, it just no longer can we do business as usual. this is not a publicity stunt. this is not a political stunt. this is a wakeup call. this is about representing all the frustrated americans who are expecting to see their government do something. >> yeah. but congressman, i guess what's your end game? will you sway any republican minds, any of your republican colleagues to then create a vote here? >> well, our end game is to really show the american people that there are people here
3:34 am
representatives that are going to fight for them. you know, public sentiment is everything according to abraham lincoln. it makes anything possible and without public sentiment nothing is possible, so you know, our -- our objective is to really show the american people, you know, i think most of whom are behind the two very modest measures that we want it to advance, you know, no fly, no buy, and background checks for all. these are no brainers even for republicans. and the fact that the republican majority won't advance into the floor is thwarting the will of the american people and it's to do the right thing and do the sensible thing. this can work. >> i mean you're right in terms of public sentiment. all the recent polls do suggest that the public is on your side.
3:35 am
they do want more law to keep guns out of the hands of suspected terrorists but speaker paul ryan says this. he says this must pass item on the house floor was legislation to provide for additional resources to fight zika. that's what they did vote on. democrats can continue to talk but the reality is they have no end game strategy. the senate has already defeated the measures they're calling for. the house is focused on eliminating terrorists, not constitutional rights for law abiding citizens and no stunts on the floor will change that. your response. >> the speaker is not concerned with terrorists and this issue that happened in orlando, terrorism is a talking point. we're all concerned with terrorists, but very clearly it's more and more the emerging -- the facts emerging around this case, they're showing that it's very much about a troubled individual who gained access to an assault style weapon. this is more and more clear. they're trying to use terrorism
3:36 am
talking points to blot out even the fact that it happened at an lgbt club. you know, if the house of representatives could pass a bill, i believe senators would give it serious consideration and we would have a chance to pass it in the senate. but they're using procedural fig leaves to thwart the will of this country and the will of representatives. if this bill came to the floor, that's why they high tailed it out of the city so quickly. we were scheduled to be here until friday but we come in here on tuesday, we're out on wednesday late at night, they do a -- an adjournment through procedure 2:30 a.m. in the morning when most people are asleep. they're basically afraid to bring this bill -- these two bills to the floor because if -- if their members had to vote on them, these bills would pass
3:37 am
overwhelmingly and that would say to the senate -- well, that would present the senate with a big choice as well. >> but congressman, what we're looking at right now on the split screen there is coming from your cell phone. this is from facebook live and these are your colleagues continuing to talk about this issue. how long are you going to stay there on the floor? >> well, you know, we're going to stay -- the democrats are in discussion now, we work as a team, you know, we haven't -- we haven't mapped out the full strategy, this was not, you know, something that came about through, you know, large preordained -- >> i get it. but are you prepared to stay? i see that. are you prepared to stay through the holiday? >> well, you know, i -- i can't say at the moment exactly what will -- what i'm prepared to do
3:38 am
in conjunction to my colleagues but we'll be working together throughout the day and i'm prepared to be here today and tomorrow. i was scheduled to be here through friday, and we may be working out some sort of schedule for next week in terms of tag teams and going in shifts. >> okay. thank you for taking the time to come and speak to "new day." obviously we'll be watching what unfolds today. >> my pleasure. thank you. when you look at what's going on in congress and on the campaign trail, what a stark contrast to what we had on cnn last night. we had the libertarian town hall. you had these two former governors there on your screen. they covered over a dozen issues. they really did not bash anybody and it was all about their plans and why they say if you're not happy with trump and clinton and the status quo, you should look at them. the highlights, next. nice to meet you!
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it's certainly not news that
3:43 am
people are not completely satisfied with the current choices for president and more and more people are saying i'm open to an alternative, i'm open to a third party. the libertarian ticket believes that's what they represent. their nominees, they already have their convention are two former governors. gary johnson and his running mate foreign massachusetts governor. we had a town hall with them last night. they covered over a dozen major issues. here's some of the highlights. >> most americans are libertarian. it's just that they don't know it. >> libertarian presidential nominee gary johnson flanked by his running mate looking to connect with voters who are looking for an alternative to donald trump and hillary clinton. johnson is equally reluctant to choose. >> if you had to say that one of these is more qualified than the other -- >> bring back water boarding or
3:44 am
worse it's not going to -- >> you're not going to give an answer? >> i'm not going to give in to voting for one or the other. >> i think mrs. clinton no matter what you think about economic policies is very well qualified to be president of the united states. i would not say the same of mr. trump. >> johnson shared his running mate's negative assessment of trump. >> the issues i have with trump starting with immigration, starting with free trade, going on and on and on, killing the families of muslim terrorists, really it's what's coming out of his mouth that i have issues with. >> johnson, a vocal supporter of legalizing marijuana was forced to face questions about his position on drugs. her family is struggling to care for her son, left disabled by first time drug abuse and overdose. >> this is heart breaking, but what you're pointing out is that prohibition really is what -- is what your son succumbed to.
3:45 am
>> reporter: johnson pivoted to a series of harm prevention progra programs. >> when they go to your pretty little places with the pretty little needles we'll still have street people out selling heroin because they're going to get their one dose and it's not enough so you're keeping people addicted. >> and a survivor bringing the gun control debate center stage. >> you said america would be safer if it was easier to buy guns and if more people carried them especially out in public, but last week when i went out dancing with my friends unfortunately i ended up in the middle of the worst mass shootings in our nation's history. >> johnson explaining that he doesn't advocate rolling back existing gun laws, instead that he would look for law enforcement solutions. >> the fbi came in contact with this guy three times. what transpired? why wasn't this guy deprived of
3:46 am
his guns? >> the optimistic duo hoping to gain momentum as a viable alternative to republicans and democrats. >> the two party system is a two party dinosaur and they're about to come in contact with the comment here. >> what a shock to hear a political discussion in this election where it wasn't, what's my answer? well, the other person stinks. that's my answer. so people got a lot of information. let's weigh in on where these positions will stack up in terms of the state of play. let's bring back the panel. your take, mr. executive editor? >> listen, i think that what's interesting is these are two governors, two former republican governors who are now the libertarian party's flag bearers heading into november. however, last night they seemed to try to be appealing to democrats in many ways in some of their positions. we saw william weld go out there and say he would support hillary clinton over donald trump. a lot of people do not like
3:47 am
donald trump and a lot of republicans don't like donald trump, but i do think it was interesting that they offered a different vision and certainly a toned down rhetoric than what we've seen over the last 48 hours between the two major candidates. >> and david, given that so many people say they want an alternative this year, they don't want to vote for either of the two leading candidates, why aren't these guys getting more traction? >> it's very difficult, because there's a sense of who can win whether the third party is a viable alternative and where they fit in an increasingly po lariz larized political world that we're in. i agree that in this year when you've had such a support for bernie sanders, there may be opportunity for democrats to appeal to and on some social issues they might, but they're more natural i think inclined to be a safe harbor for republicans who don't like donald trump given some of their views on
3:48 am
fiscal matters, taxes and all the rest. i think the traction question is the important one though, because they've had an initial burst of some good polling that they need to get to 15% in order to be considered for the debate stage in the fall. and that becomes important if you're going to get a large enough share of the vote. hard to see them being anything other than a spoiler impact. >> they see that as well. they see their challenges. they have exposure problems, a little bit of a circular issue there. they can't get to 15% because they don't get exposure from the media. that was one of the motivations last night. >> absolutely. that could change. >> let's see how they feel about it, but what do you make of that that they were okay, certainly gary johnson was okay with being a spoiler in this election? i said if it turns out that what you really do is help trump or help clinton, but not really help yourself to win are you okay with that, he said absolutely. >> yeah, and that was pretty fascinating. i mean, they're fine with being
3:49 am
essentially a ross perot figure. if you look back in 2012, gary johnson was able to get on the bath ballot in 48 states. he got votes in new mexico, about 5% of the votes. in states like that and this is going to be a really close election, will they really have some traction even if it amounts to 5 or 6 or 7% and could end up being that spoiler role? but you know, i felt last night it was refreshing to see this third party option. you sort of -- every election cycle you hear this idea that americans are ready for a third party, but to see these two folks out there really trying to gain some traction and get their message out there i think it's a good thing that they did and a good thing you did in interviewing them. >> it was refreshing because clearly they were taking positions that were not poll tested. >> 13 issues.
3:50 am
i've done these town halls before. the idea of getting through this many issues and deeply getting into it, at one point johnson told me i was getting too into the weeds on taxes. that's the kind of conversation you should want americans to have, but the bottom line is, doesn't resonate like you stink. the media picks up on it on a way that they don't pick up on the consumption. >> he is outside the main stream on drug legalization and gun control. i mean, you know, they just have interesting positions. >> they do. i tell you what, i think they certainly offered a different way forward than what we've seen from the other two candidates certainly so far. i would say i think he struggled on the drug issue. but no question about it and to lee it on this, the questions were great. the fact the first question was from somebody who was at the biggest mass shooting and part of that was an amazing moment i
3:51 am
think in our political history and it really is a continuation of these town halls and how effective they are. >> panel, thank you. >> i can share that because i did not come up with the questions. they were very strong last night. now we've got another rare opportunity for you today. what usually happens, you have a town hall, you have the debate and everybody goes into spin mode. gary johnson, the governor is coming back on today so we can follow up on these issues we're saying where he made some progress but also raised some questions. another big story we're following, voters are heading to the polls right now in the uk. they're deciding whether britain should stay in the european union or leave. the stakes are very high for everyone. we have a live report next. not now! i'm cleaning the oven! yeah, i'm cleaning the gutters! washing the dog! washing the cat! well i'm learning snapchamp! chat. chat!
3:52 am
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♪ "dinner!" "may i be excused?" get the new xfinity tv app and for the first time ever stream live tv, watch on demand, and download your dvr shows anywhere. and still haveealthy, gum disease. use gum® brand for healthy gums. soft-picks®. proxabrush® cleaners. flossers and dental floss. gum® brand. another developing story we're following, polls are open in the uk and voters are deciding whether britain should leave or remain in the european union. how's it looking?
3:56 am
>> reporter: well, since we last spoke we've had torrential downpour floods and some shuttered polling stations but the weather really seems to reflect the political mood leading up to this day. this isn't just about whether britain choose to remain in the european union. this really is about britain's place not just in europe and in the world and we're seeing that the enormity of this reflected in what we've been hearing from european leaders, what we've been hearing about the obama administration that the impacts of this is going to be felt around the world. president obama hasn't just expressed concern about the financial impact which we've already seen a little bit of tremor in the marks but what this could do in the war on terror and the global security fight. this is a momentous day here and we'll know a little bit more tomorrow morning. >> thank you so much for that update. we will check back. now, back to the breaking news here on capitol hill.
3:57 am
democrats are still on the floor of the house demanding a gun vote. this is live. this is happening on facebook live from a congressman's cell phone. republicans are not coming back until july. we have all the latest for you. defiance is in our bones. our citracal bones. easily absorbed calcium plus vitamin d. defy bone aging with citracal maximum. our highest level of calcium plus d.
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4:00 am
welcome to your "new day." chaos erupting on the floor of the house. this was last night, but as we speak, democrats staging an extraordinary protest holding a sit-in that is now in its 19th hour to demand a vote on gun control. >> you're seeing it from
4:01 am
periscope and facebook live because the c span feed has been shut off. the question is what will happen next. we have new information on that and also this huge vote taking place right now in britain that could rock your 401(k). so let's get after both of these the way only cnn can beginning at the u.s. capitol. >> reporter: it was a chaotic and at times very tense night at the capitol and democrats kept the sit-in going throughout the night. they brought pillows and pizza and extra iphone batteries, one member saying she brought a spare toothbrush from home. the sit-in does continue. there are about 18 members still out there and republican leadership though, they are digging in and saying that they are really not budging saying that they have adjourned until july 5th, but democrats too are digging in saying they intend to keep the sit-in going for days, if not weeks. >> i would ask that all of my colleagues join me on the floor.
4:02 am
>> reporter: it all started around 11:15 wednesday morning. >> we will occupy this floor. we will no longer be denied a right to vote. >> reporter: outraged democrats seizing the house floor dema demanding a vote on gun control after the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. >> how many more mothers, how many more fathers need to shed tears of grief were we do something? >> reporter: prominent civil rights activist john lewis leading the sit-in on the house floor. minutes later house speaker called a recess shutting off cameras in the chamber, but that didn't stop democrats from continuing their showdown, streaming live feeds of the house floor on social media. >> suspected and known to be a terrorist, why -- why can you get a gun, a machine gun? >> reporter: democratic senators storming the floor in solidarity. >> this is nothing more than a
4:03 am
publicity stunt. >> we will not bring a bill that takes away a person's constitutionally guaranteed rights without their due process. this isn't trying to come up with a solution to a problem, this is trying to get attention. >> reporter: in a confrontational move to regain control republicans trying to override a presidential veto. leading to tension exploding in the chamber just after 10:00. >> permission the gentleman from kentucky. >> reporter: as republicans opened the floor to vote, the democrats pressing against the podium, chanting and holding signs with names and faces of gun violence victims. democrats yelling shame and singing the anthem of the civil rights movement. >> the house stands in recess subject to call of the chair.
4:04 am
>> reporter: one republican disrupting the sit-in. arguing it wasn't guns that led to the orlando attack. just before 1:00 a.m. the house calling a procedural vote to adjourn until 2:30 a.m., scheduling a vote on a funding bill for zika virus that democrats oppose. >> you have no response except to run away in the middle of the night. >> reporter: after passing that bill they passed another to adjourn for the july 4th recess. >> the house stands adjourned. >> reporter: republicans leaving the capitol indignant, met by angry protesters. and democrats have said they intend to keep this going and intend to keep a presence on the house floor throughout this recess that lasts until july 5th. i just saw two members walking with blankets over their shoulders heading out to join their colleagues on the house floor.
4:05 am
the house has only had 66 days in session so far this year and they have taken already 24 days of recess. >> this could be a long one or they could retreat this weekend. it's hard to know what the plan is, but there is leader nancy pelosi speaking at the podium so she is there at this hour. well, the clash on the house floor is prompting protesters outside the capitol to demand action from their lawmakers. even terrible weather did not scare some away and we're live at capitol hill with more. tell us what you've witnessed. >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. we were outside this morning and yes, there were about a dozen people still out there in the pouring rain. we got caught in that rain. they are not under any cover. they are drenched. they are huddled together. they say they are going to be there for the long-term. they were there overnight and at the height of the support for the demonstrations inside the capitol there were several hundreds of them who gathered. they were chanting from time to time congressman lewis would
4:06 am
come out on pelosi would come out and thank them for their support. i met a very special and important woman this morning, her name is lucy mcbath. you might recall this was back in november 2012, her 17-year-old son jordan davis was shot and killed by another man because he was angry because he was sitting in his car and his music was too loud. this is why she is out there this morning. >> my son was murdered and just by the grace of god the other boys that were with jordan were not murdered. they are still living today and they definitely have been impacted by this for the rest of their lives and i'm out here because i don't want this to happen to anyone else and i'm out here because i want our legislators to know that they're accountable to us. they are accountable to us. and they're supposed to protect and serve us and not be beholding to the lobby. >> and lucy and many others say
4:07 am
they will be back on july 5th when the republicans come back to the house of congress and she also says they're going to be making their views known when they vote in november. it is a very personal and important issue for them, and it really hits to the heart. >> all right. so we have the issue and then we have the politics that are ongoing. we should let you know, right now you still have a lot of the democratic leadership that are in that room. nancy pelosi is there and again, why is the picture not any better? because the traditional c span feed has been cut it's the politicians that run the feed, so whoever is in power runs it. but a development. security just came in and asked the congressmen to leave because they have to do their routine sweep. nancy pelosi is said to have been quoted saying that is not going to happen. now, that could create a new wrinkle in this situation because if it becomes a security situation, you may see some different actions here so we'll
4:08 am
keep an eye on that. guns and terror. terror and guns. that is the combination dynamic that's coming out of orlando that is causing this sit-in on the floor right now. so let's discuss these issues separately and together with a republican from wisconsin, chairman of the house financial services subcommittee on oversight investigations. always a pleasure. let's start with what's going on on the floor right now. the polls are so obvious on this issue and we always chase after you guys about trying to please the polls, but not on guns. no matter how strong the numbers are to domore, the congress, certainly your party doesn't want to. why? >> well, so first off, the polls are strong in that americans don't want terrorists to have guns. that's true. but they also want to protect the second amendment and make sure that americans who aren't terrorists don't get ensnared in the no fly list and the i can't buy a gun list.
4:09 am
john lewis who was leading the charge on the house floor was ensnared in the no fly list. how does this list work? how do you get off it? that's a reasonable conversation. >> but congressman, you just made a good point. you're not having that conversation. we both know how the no fly list works. if you get stuck on it and you don't belong there which is a very small number of people you have due process. >> no you don't. >> sure you do. >> how do you get off? chris, hold on a second. you can't -- you can't tell me the criteria for which you get on the list and you can't tell me the criteria for which you get off the list. john lewis, ted kennedy, the senator from massachusetts, both of them could not get off the list and it was -- >> they both got off. >> we're talking about terrorism right now. >> right. >> and we should have a sit-in at the white house to say you know what, president obama? the inspiration for orlando and
4:10 am
bernardino, we want you to address it, mr. president. we want you to take action. we want you to destroy it and defeat it. that has been rising under your watch and you refuse -- our generals say we could take isis out in weeks if not months. >> congressman, one -- >> it inspires these radicals around the world. let's address the real and the rising threat. this isn't about guns. did you listen to the video tape or the audio tape when mr. mateen called in 911 in the midst of that horrible attack? >> i won't even say the guy's name. i don't think he's worthy -- >> i know exactly what he said. >> the answer is yes i did hear it. >> did mateen pledge allegiance to the nra or isis? >> isis. >> so why are we talking about the nra? let's deal with the real threat. >> i'm not talking about the nra. >> but i don't see those two things as the same. as a gun owner myself i don't see the nra as this problem.
4:11 am
i think a lot of lobbies have sway. but let's unpack these one at a time. if you want to have a sit-in at the white house, go there, brother. i don't know what you're asking for that isn't done right now. the generals do say they could take out isis but we know what they're asking for. they're asking for boots on the ground and you're part of a congress that won't even have a vote on the authorization for use of military force against isis. what about that? >> let me tell you what, because the president already has all the authority that he needs that we had given george bush to act and defeat this threat. he doesn't need any more authority. he said oh my gosh i can't act to defeat isis -- >> i'll gladly give him the authority again. but he as all the capability he needs to go in. >> why has congress -- you never do that. you never give the president blank power. all you guys do is try to check the president and i understand that, but not on this. you don't have a vote and say we
4:12 am
have weighed in and this is what we want to happen against isis. >> the authorization that he sent to congress actually restricted his power and authority to defeat this threat. >> so debate it. >> and it would expand the threat -- it didn't expand his authority, he shrunk his authority and we wanted to give the president all the authority necessary to defeat the threat. chris, but the point is on your show why aren't we debating terrorism? why are we debating guns? the conversation should be -- director of the fbi, a great guy, great agents but something is missing at the fbi. we let, again, boston, san bernardino and now orlando slip through the cracks. we should have a conversation about what tools do they need? >> absolutely. >> what resources do they need? but when democrats are weak on terrorism they want to divert from terrorism and they want to talk about guns. >> i think you need to talk about both. the fbi is asking for a specific power that none of these bills touch. >> we're not talking about that
4:13 am
stuff. and when you have a president -- >> because both matter. when people get these guns it cons to be an issue. 90% of the american people agree with that proposition. >> when you have benghazi, he doesn't talk about a video and you have hassan comes in he calls that work place violence. if you don't have a radical group like isis that inspires the orlando shooter you don't have an orlando shooter. this is the president's job to defeat this radical group and he refuses to do it and democrats are supporting his unwillingness to actually engage and win the fight. and my district, people know what the threat is. they know the threat isn't guns. they know the threat is radical islamic terrorism and they sit home and scratch their head and wonder why don't democrats and this president want to engage in a fight that actually makes america win? you wonder why we have a rise of donald trump. because donald trump goes i want
4:14 am
to make america great again. we're going to fight and win and defeat the threat and we're going to talk about the true issue that's inspiring this radicalism. we're not going to get sidetracked. are we going to ban pressure cookers that were used in boston? >> once. >> ban hatchets and knives? >> they were used once. if you keep seeing it again and again it would then start to see the issue of guns. i want to have this conversation as often as you want to have it. you know that, congressman. two points for us to take going out of this for the next conversation. one is we have a lot of gun violence in this country, disproportionate to countries of our size and our amount of progress. two, i don't agree with you on the amf issue. i believe if it matters to congress to dictate what the president does you guys should debate it and come up with it. that's the only place where i
4:15 am
see some hypocrisy in what you're saying versus what you're doing. >> he has the authority it's already been given to him. what we're doing in congress, we could give him new authority but we didn't like what he sent over, but point well made. >> you can debate it any time you want. >> this is a conversation about terrorism and you don't hear anyone on the house floor talking about how we defeat the threat of rising terrorism. this is -- they've been wanting to talk about guns for decades and they're trying to use this issue to talk about guns instead of the real threat and in middle america where i come from, that really frustrates people because they want to address this threat. they want to feel safe in their homes and in their countries and in their schools and they know that you can take away guns but you're not taking away the real cause of the violence that's coming from the middle east right now and that's what they want the congress and the president to work on to defeat. >> last word, thank you for being on the show.
4:16 am
appreciate it. >> thanks, chris. >> we'll be talking to lawmakers on both sides of the aisle about why this sit-in is going on, what are the real issues and what can be done. hillary clinton and donald trump tearing into each other. >> this 2016 slugfest continued yesterday with both hillary clinton and donald trump just wailing on each other and some of the jabs were clean shots and others, they hit below the belt. >> donald hates it when anyone points out how hollow his sales pitch really is. >> reporter: there's hillary clinton rebutting donald trump's onslaught of personal. >> she's a world class liar. >> reporter: and professional attacks. >> her decisions spread death, destruction and terrorism everywhere she touched. >> reporter: trump going as far to say -- >> hillary clinton may be the
4:17 am
most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency. >> reporter: and clinton firing back. >> he's going after me personally because he has no answers on the substance. >> reporter: the two trading jabs over their popular catch phrases. >> we shouldn't expect better from someone whose most famous words are you're fired. i'm going to make sure that you hear, you're hired. >> her campaign slogan is i'm with her. you know what my response is to that? i'm with you, the american people. >> reporter: trump praised by his party for delivering a tightly scripted speech tried to tarnish clinton's foreign policy record. >> no secretary of state has been more wrong more often and in more places than hillary clinton. >> reporter: the latest cnn poll shows more americans believe the former secretary of state would make a better commander in chief. >> her invasion of libya handed
4:18 am
the country over to isis, the barbarians. >> reporter: but even scripted trump still included falsities and half truths about clinton. >> among the victims of our late ambassador, he was left helpless to die as hillary clinton soundly slept in her bed. that's right. when the phone rang at 3:00 in the morning, hillary clinton was sleeping. >> reporter: no actually clinton was awake. the siege started at around 4:00 p.m. eastern time, not in the middle of the night. trump was also claiming clinton ran the state department like her own personal hedge fund that she'll end virtually all immigration enforcement and wants to abolish the second amendment. all false according to cnn's fact checking team. >> now, clinton spent the past couple of days hammering trump on the economy and arguing that as president he would tank the world's economy and just a few minutes ago they released a list of more than 50 business leaders who are endorsing clinton along
4:19 am
with a couple of republicans. it's yet ood way clinton is trying to demonstrate she's a more capable leader on the economy than the billionaire businessman is. >> thanks so much for all of that. in just a few minutes we will be joined by gary johnson, he of course the libertarian nominee and he will discuss the 2016 race and the political standoff that is unfolding on capitol hill over gun control right now. this man is said to be on the clinton short list for vice president. we'll talk to kaine about the race and what's going on on the floor of the house, the sit-in. what's the answer? next. think fixing your windshield is a big hassle? not with safelite. this family needed their windshield replaced but they're daughters heart was set on going to the zoo.
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4:23 am
announcement regarding the decorum in the house chamber.
4:24 am
>> okay. as we speak, house democrats are still staging that sit-in on the floor of the house and coming up on 20 hours, and they of course are trying to demand a vote on gun control. virginia democrat senator tim kaine cain attended the sit-in in a show of solidarity and he joins us now. >> hello. good to talk. >> what was the scene when you went over there? >> it was pretty amazing. you know, they had shut the cameras off. they had shut the microphones off and we were sitting in -- i was sitting on the floor with a beautiful view of congressman john lewis sitting right there on the center of the floor kind of like in a zen like place. it was a real team building exercise. we felt the same way when we did the filibuster last week. we went on the floor saying it's time for meaningful reform, but what we found was being on the floor together made us feel stronger, made us feel like we
4:25 am
were doing what our constituents want us to do and made us feel like we were inching closer to the day when we break the grip of gun manufacturers on congress and embrace reasonable safety reforms. >> beyond this team building exercise over in the house, what will this accomplish there? >> well, let me tell you on the senate side here's what's happened. after the filibuster last week, we had votes monday night, democratic proposals and republican proposals. neither passed but within 12 hours after the vote i was part of a group of ten. five democrats, five republicans putting a meaningful bipartisan bill out that basically said terrorists shouldn't be able to buy guns. we should block them from weapons purchases and this is something the american people support and it's important that this bill, susan collins, a number of us worked on, it's important that it's bipartisan. we will not make reforms without it being bipartisan.
4:26 am
>> indeed. so is that bill going to pass? >> we're going to see. we could have a vote today or it could slip into next week. we think we're going to be close. it again is something that overwhelmingly the american public supports. if you are on a no fly list, you're too dangerous to fly on an airplane then you should be prohibited from buying a weapon. if you're on the special list where our intelligence agencies have selected you out because of your tie to terrorism, you should blocked from buying weapons. we should prohibit felons, we should prohibit terrorists. >> we do have a new poll out this week, i want to put it up to reenforce what you're saying. when you even ask republicans, do you favor preventing people on terror watch lists or the no fly list from owning guns, 90% of the american republican public say yes, they would favor that.
4:27 am
85% of democrats. i mean, counterintuitive that the numbers for republicans are higher and yet it just seems so hard to get traction on capitol hill. >> well, you will see that poll number, you've looked at a lot of polls. we couldn't get that kind of number for supporting moth eer' day. when it's up on the floor, we think we've got a chance of getting it over the goal line. >> let's talk about what's going on in the presidential campaign. donald trump yesterday continued his attacks on hillary clinton. he's basically suggesting that she has i mean, for all intents and purposes taking payola from other governments for the clinton foundation and it somehow colored her time at the state department. let me play for you what he said in his speech yesterday. >> hillary clinton may be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency. she ran the state department
4:28 am
like her own personal hedge fund doing favors for oppressive rejor regimes and many others and really many others in exchange for cash. then when she left she made $21.6 million giving speeches to wall street banks and other special interests. >> okay. so senator, has hillary clinton adequately addressed the questions about the money that has come in to the clinton foundation? >> she has, alisyn and let me just lay out what this trump speech showed yesterday. first, this guy wouldn't know truth if it walked up to him on the street. he's the guy who's gone around perpetrating the notion that president obama was not born in the united states, that the vince foster tragic suicide he wants to now raise it again and say it was a murder and remember just like two months ago he said that ted cruz's father was hanging around with lee harvey oswald. this guy does not know truth and
4:29 am
you can't trust anything he says and second, look at the contrast. yesterday was supposed to be a speech by donald trump where he was going to make the pivot from criticizing latinos, women, the disabled muslims to show what a serious candidate he was and so what does he do? he says okay, i won't criticize everybody, i'll just repeat a lot of stories and negative trashing of hillary clinton. in the meanwhile hillary clinton was giving a speech laying out her plans to grow the american economy. >> and trashing him a little bit. >> and she said donald trump is going to be you're fired guy and i'm going to be you're hired. i think that was a great statement. >> senator, i hear your name dropped all the time in terms of who would be a good pick for hillary clinton's vice presidential person. are you interested? >> you know, i don't want to get into that guessing game. i'll tell you this.
4:30 am
i have been supporting secretary clinton, first encouraging her to run and campaigning for her especially in the place where i can help the most. critical battleground state. if she wins virginia she's going to be president. that's the only role i'm playing with the campaign. >> at the moment. thanks very much. great to talk to you. >> absolutely. you bet. all right. libertarian nominee governor gary johnson. he faced tough questions on the issue of guns and other issues at the town hall last night. what does he think this standoff in congress is about. what does he think the answer is to problems like orlando. that and other issues when the governor joins us next.
4:31 am
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4:34 am
the democratic protest on the house floor, 20 hours and counting. you see a little ticker there on your screen. let's talk about why this is happening, the pictures behind the congressman there are of victims of gun violence. it led to chaos on the floor of the house because of what democrats say is the desperate need for change. this came up as an issue in the libertarian town hall last night of course because of the wake of the orlando attack. so you have this contrast now. is this about terror or is this about guns?
4:35 am
let's talk about both. let's bring in gary johnson, former governor of new mexico. good to see you again. i feel like i just saw you. >> alisyn said, am i cuomoed out? are you johnsoned out? >> not at all but i am happy to see you back in the traditional garb of running shoes as the superathlete that you are. what's going on on the house floor? what's happened in orlando? how do you choose to define what that problem was about? was it about guns? was it about terror? >> all of the above. i mean, here we're putting into focus isis and really was this individual working on behalf of isis? no. clearly not. but this is -- this is isis. isis is regionally contained and yet they reach out, they say look, do this in the name of isis, this will help our cause. he does do that and it adds recruiting. it's like the streaker on the football field. we no longer televise the
4:36 am
streaker on the football field. we shouldn't give attention to that. >> understood. we try not to say the shooters names here any more than is necessary. he did declare allegiance and responsibility to the act to isis. some of your former colleagues, republicans are saying that's where the analysis ends. this is about isis and our inability to control it. the democrats say yeah, except for that thing he had in his hands. the ar semiautomatic rifle. let's deal with that issue as well. do you see that part? >> so, as a result of what happened in orlando, look, we do not allow automatic weapons in the country. you can't pull a trigger and have 20 rounds go off. >> that's not an automatic weapon. >> it was a semiautomatic rifle that there are 25 million semiautomatic rifles so that in and of itself presents the fact that there are a lot of law abiding citizens, i mean, the overwhelming, i mean, there's
4:37 am
not even a minute fraction of those rifles in the hands of criminals. so be open to a discussion about keeping guns out of the hands and seeing a proposal, ultimately might not keep guns out of my hands and that's the problem with these lists is that these lists are subject to error. >> let's deal with the list because it's what you said last. you can deal with being on a list rightfully or wrongfully with due process. you can build that in, maybe the bills weren't sufficient in that regard. maybe that should be debated. >> you're exactly right, yeah. >> if somebody on that list gets a gun, now you're at a very final and dangerous position. so i don't -- are those equivalent concerns? >> no, but these are the concerns so as president of the united states i would certainly weigh all of that and bottom line, you want to keep guns out of the hands of potential
4:38 am
terrorists. you want to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. how do you accomplish that? i would be so curious to know what transpired between the fbi and the shooter in this case and what the fbi is coming up with regarding future action and how they're -- >> whether they're hearing it from sources at the fbi, they tried to make a case, they couldn't. he became connected to another case, but not in a material way. that's it. in terms of how due process is, they couldn't put him on a list. but they did have suspicions about him. what the fbi wants is to keep guys like the orlando murderer on a list because they know he wants to get in even if he's not in yet and if he try to buy a gun they should be able to talk to him first and people say it's a violation of due process. >> what you're saying is totally logical. how do you write that into -- >> they just had a bill that came up that would have covered
4:39 am
that and say said no, other people can still keep their rights as well. where do you come down on it? >> if that was written in the bill -- >> it was. >> it is in the current version that was voted down. >> you'd have to believe i would be in support of that. >> you're a libertarian. your position, you were once asked, do you think we'd be better off -- the world would be better off if all guns were legal, you said yes. >> all guns were legal? >> yes. >> all guns? no, no, i've not come down on the side of automatic weapons. >> other than automatic weapons do you believe they should all be legal? >> not a missile launcher, a hand held missile launcher, not a hand held nuclear device, no. we are restricted to semiautomatic weapons. semiautomatic weapons, 25 million semiautomatic rifles in
4:40 am
circulation right now. >> in mental health that's sticky also. unless you have an adjudication of mental illness, how do you say what counts and what doesn't for a restriction? >> you started off the top. look, what's going on? well, there's an open debate and discussion happening i think you and i as americans we're copping to a better understanding of these issues and nothing is as cut and dry as it sounds. it's not as cut and dry. >> how do you get to progress then? you have people sitting in congress right now and it's not a good discussion. >> i'm looking to make things better and i suppose nothing is perfect, but if it makes things better just count on me to support that based on what you were saying about the list and the fbi being able to retain this guy from -- or put this guy on a list that would not have allowed him to buy guns because of a suspicious track record, if
4:41 am
you will, i would be open to just how that reads and how that would actually be implemented. >> governor johnson, it will be nice to see what happens because of the exposure in the town hall last night, see if it gives traction to the campaign. >> thanks to cnn and thanks to you. >> you're always welcome on the show to talk about what matters. governor johnson, everybody. so bernie sanders also very relevant in the race for president. he's going to join us tomorrow on "new day." what is his current status? does he still see himself as in the race? what is he doing to advance his agenda at the convention and who is he going to endorse, if anyone? answers tomorrow on "new day." okay. donald trump taking direct aim at hillary clinton in his first big speech of the general election. will his blistering attacks be effective? up next we talk to a new former trump advisor who resigned after his own public attack.
4:42 am
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4:44 am
she believes she's entitled to the office. her campaign slogan is i'm with her. you know what my response is to that? i'm with you, the american people. >> that was donald trump slamming hillary clinton in a speech that many republicans are hailing as his best. was trump able to regain his footing after a shaky few weeks? let's bring in a former trump campaign advisor who resigned this week after taking a public jab at the former campaign manager cory lewandowsk. did you hear a different tone and a different substance from mr. trump in that speech? >> i've been hearing that from mr. trump for some years now and i was glad to see it break through the clutter and i think it has a lot to do with the tremendous decision he made on monday. >> explain that.
4:45 am
how could getting rid of cory lewandowsk change his substance and tone? >> it's a lot more. it's not about cory lewandowski. it's about the united states of america. donald trump has a great campaign plan. he's got some good ideas. he's a pretty solid communique torr and it was just getting cluttered and things weren't happening and things were moving and sometimes when your campaign grows to a point where things need to change you have to change the leadership and then he's got a campaign now that's ready for hillary all the way to november. >> doesn't that suggest that cory lewandowski has undue influence on him if donald trump couldn't see his way out of the weeds that means that cory lewandowski was influential. >> of course he was influential. he took him to 60 miles an hour in a month and took him all the way to victory in the primaries and caucuses. it just became a campaign that needed to go in a different
4:46 am
direction and it's not uncommon for a presidential candidate to change leadership from primary to general election. i think that this isn't about cory and i think this is already kind of -- it's only three or four days later and it's already old news. the speech yesterday shows a real pivot for donald trump. i think the people skeptical of his campaign in the republican party and others, those who were doing this dump trump nonsense, they're already paying attention to a candidate that's out there communicating solidly. >> so it sounds like the way you would characterize it is he has become more focused. >> absolutely. but tuesday after both cory and i left the campaign they were already into the -- the rapid reaction stuff during hillary's speech. there were things going on that could have been going on for weeks and more and more people are being hired. we've got a surrogate operation with a strong leader now. all of these things were in the works and it's going to be like a dam breaking. all the great hires, people
4:47 am
being hired at the convention as an example. >> you speak positively for a man that resigned from the campaign this week. >> i made a mistake, mr. trump didn't. i support him is hundr100%. just because i made a quick mistake -- >> when you say quick mistake should we put that up on the screen and show what i believe you're referring to. >> why not. >> you tweeted out ding dong the wuch is dead. what did you mean by that, michael? >> i'm a very big fan of wizard of oz and i was thinking about it at that moment. i was driving from buffalo to cleveland where i was director of communications for mr. trump on caucus operations and i was about 80 miles an hour and somebody called me and said, he's been fired and i reacted, i put my phone down and by the time i got to cleveland the world was changed for me. >> you were driving at 80 miles
4:48 am
an hour while talking on the phone and tweeting. there's a few infractions happening. >> i didn't say what state i was in. >> it was a reaction to lewandowski and you resigned once that blew up. >> when you're running against a juggernaut like hillary clinton you can't have aides making mistakes. it was supposed to be funny. i didn't treat my candidate with the respect that he deserved and most importantly now that mr. trump has made these decisions on monday he's going to get the campaign that he's always deserved. i really believe that. >> before monday and lewandowski being let go was there chaos inside the campaign? >> i don't think you'd call it chaos. they were trying to work closely together. it's just that they had different agendas and paul's campaign plan which is now, you know, was a plan to win in november wasn't being executed on. by making these decisions on monday, donald trump widened his path to the presidency by five,
4:49 am
ten feet on both sides. >> so what is that plan? >> it's about communicating. i think if you listen to the speech yesterday, donald trump distilled it down to the most important message of this campaign and that's are you for change or are you for more of the same? hillary clinton is eight more years of barack obama and the more he stays on that message and communicate it is positive things he wants to do to bring that change the closer he's going to be to victory every day. >> thanks so much for coming on "new day" and peeling back the curtain for us. >> great to talk to all right, e democrats are sitting in for gun control. we have more of our breaking news, next. oooh! [ brakes screech ] when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops.
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4:53 am
you're looking at live pictures of the action or inaction on the floor of the house. 20 hours into a sit-in by democrats, demanding a vote on gun control. yes, the senate had votes on the same bills. yes, they were all shot down. but the call is for something more. let's discuss the issues on hand with ben ferguson, and of course, host of the "ben ferguson show." and mark lamont hill, professor
4:54 am
at morehouse college. mark, you go first. they say we need something to happen, the democrats in the house. something did happen in the senate. the same bills were voted on, voted down. what do you make of this tactic, and this effort? >> i think it is an extraordinary effort. obviously the bills were shot down in the accept natsenate. this is their dramatic gesture coming from the house side. is there a long history in civil rights activism. it will draw public attention which can lead to a different outcome. >> there is an odd disconnect when we talk about guns. i could show you 1,000 polls that have numbers from 50s to the 90s of people they want change. but there is no will to do it on the republican side of the aisle, and frankly, democrats have had their shots and not taken them as well. what's the disconnect? >> well, i think the disconnect is that you have lot of people
4:55 am
that say in general they want things to get better and they want there to be some sort of reform of gun control, but then you have democratics that are coming out and pushing extreme measures that will not curb the gun violence. if you look at the sit-in, this is a bill they're pushing that somehow it would have stopped orlando. it would not have. the second thing that bothers me about this is that you have democrats equating this is as a civil rights movement. that was about fighting for your rights. this would take away people's rights. what it does is basically you don't have the right to go and by buy a gun if you are put on this secret list. if you're on the secret list, inappropriately or accident, then you've got to get a lawyer pay it out of your own pocket, which will certainly hurt minorities and those that are poor, and fight the united states government to get off that list.
4:56 am
now, that is not freedom. for people that are claiming this is somehow about civil rights, look at the difference. when they had sit-ins they were fighting for civil rights, fighting forpre do freedom, and they're doing it in the name of gun control. >> just a historical correction, this is exactly what happened in the '60s, that's exactly the argument they made in the 1960s. people who sat in 1964, let me give you a historical fact, i can just tell you, in 1964, people disputed public accommodations, we're fighting for the rights to sit at the lunch counter. no, you're taking away my freedom who decides comes into my restaurant. my rights are being taken away, while the others are saying it is being given. let me just finish the point. the key here is we want people to be able to walk down the street and not be killed. terror watch lists not to have
4:57 am
access to guns, we want very simple legislation. i am not against guns. i'm against ridiculous levels of access when they are a threat against our society. >> this is what i would say. if i told you i was going to take away your right and your way to fight back is to hire a lawyer and then fight the united states government, which the last i checked, the united states government is pretty tough to fight. they don't actually care about many individuals coming after them. this is taking away your right to protection and freedom, and it is taking away your right that the constitution gives you. i also have to say this about the decorum on the floor. this is not some heroic event that the democrats is doing here. this is a publicity stunt. >> yes, it is. >> i said he shouldn't have done that when the president was speaking. for any democratic that you lied to the president, don't ever criticize anyone ever again, because you're acting like a bunch of children on the floor and it is an embarrassment. >> that's apples and oranges.
4:58 am
you say it is a publicity stunt -- screaming you lie was not only an act of decorum, they're being disrespectful. >> by sitting in on the floor -- >> think they're -- let me answer. i think they're being incredibly respectful. this is being loyal, engaged in loyal dissent. this is a publicity stunt. that's the point. ben, sitting on the bridge in 1965 was a publicity stunt. having a march was a publicity stunt, standing in front of lincoln, yes, it is a publicity stunt. you don't say. the question is, what does the publicity stunt yield. in this case, it should yield a conversation about guns. >> there should be a certain sense of decorum when you're talking about the house. if the republicans did this when nancy pelosi, you would have all been losing your mind, arrest
4:59 am
them. >> hold on a second, ben. it happened in 2008, about the energy bills and you had the house do this. pretty much respond the same way. it was notable that speaker ryan actual actually waived the rules and let it continue. last point. first of all, gentlemen, thank you for having this debate the way it should have, as opposed to a sit-in and no reaction. >> that was next. wait until the commercial. >> but i do want you to ask you to consider, ben, due process rights, you can negotiate and figure out a path. we're dealing with a small number of people who get wrongly put on that list who fit into the ben ferguson category, or once someone who is on the list gets a weapon, you have no ability to stop what road that goes down. do you think that should get a little bit more debate? >> i think it should certainly have a lot of debate. there is one key point here. if you want to have a way for me
5:00 am
as a citizen, because it shouldn't be a numbers game. when you take away someone's rights that the constitution allows them, you're rips at the constitution. i don't care if it is ten people or 150 people, you should not be able to come in and take away my right to own a gun without even notifying -- >> i'll just remind everybody -- >> having notification -- >> that's fine. but it is a pretty easy fix. that's a pretty easy fix on a bill that won't even get consideration. that's all i'm saying. it should be debated. that's my point. it is not being debated, one side sitting in, one side walking away. it was a good discussion. i appreciate having it on "new day." there is an ongoing situation on the house floor right now. what is it about? what's going to happen. let's get to it. >>announcer: this is cnn breaking news. good morning, again, welcome to your "new day." we do begin with this extraordinary drama unfolding on
5:01 am
the floor of the house. you just saw john lewis, you saw other democratic leaders sitting in on the floor of congress. why? well, obvious. protest, live pictures now. the number on the podium to call the capital, call your lawmakers and get action on guns. >> even when the capital police showed up for security sweeps and asked the lawmakers to clear the room, minority leader, nancy pillows s pelosi refused. republicans have left for the 4th of july break. let's go to the u.s. capital. >> reporter: you're absolutely right. capital police officers came on the floor a short while ago asking the members to clear the floor for a regular security sweep but nancy peliso, with
5:02 am
pizzas, iphone batteries, pillows, blankets, one member said she brought a spare toothbrush from home. they are not bulging. they have adjourned for recess for the next two weeks, but democrats promising to keep it going. >> i would ask that all of my colleagues join me on the floor. >> it all started around 11:15 wednesday morning. >> we will occupy this floor. we will no longer be denied a right to vote. >> outraged democrats seizing the house floor, demanding a vote on gun control, after the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. >> how many more mothers, how many more fathers need to shed tears of grief. >> prominent civil rights activist, leading the sit-in on the house floor. minutes later, paul ryan called
5:03 am
a recess, shutting off cameras in the chamber. but that didn't stop democrats from continuing their showdown, streaming live feeds on social media. >> suspected and known to be a terrorist, why, why can you get a gun, a machine gun. >> democratic senators storming the floor in solidarity. >> this is nothing more than a publicity stunt. >> speaker ryan lambasting the move as political theater. >> we will not bring a bill that takes away a person's constitutionally guaranteed rights without their due process. this isn't trying to come up with a solution to a problem. this is trying to get attention. >> in a confrontational move, republicans convening a session to vote not on gun control, but to override a presidential veto. leading to tension, exploding in the chamber, just after 10:00. >> gentlemen from kentucky, recognition? >> as republicans opened the
5:04 am
floor to vote, the democrats pressing against the podium, chanting and holding signs with names and faces of gun violence victims. ♪ we shall overcome >> democrats yelling shame and singing. >> the house standing in recess, subject to call the chair. >> one republican, disrupting the sit-in. arguing it wasn't guns that led to the orlando attack. just before 1:00 a.m., the house calling a procedural vote, to adjourn until 2:30 a.m., scheduling a vote on a funding bill for zika virus that democrats oppose. >> you have no response, except to run away in the middle of the night. >> after passing that bill, they pass another, to adjourn for the july 4th recess. >> the house standing adjourned.
5:05 am
>> republicans leaving the house indignant, met by angry protesters. and democrats have promised to keep this going, keep a presence on the house floor during the next two weeks recess, but it is very unclear at this point what form that will take. how robust that capacity will be going forward. but to note, this year alone, the house has taken 24 days of recess, as opposed to having just 66 days in session. chris. >> conviction of the moment. versus blowing your barbecue plans. will the democrats come down on that? for now, they are harnessing the fervor felt by you in every poll. the showdown on this house floor is bringing out that protest outside the u.s. capital as well, late into the night. cnn suzanne malveaux has more from the capital. >> reporter: good morning, it's pouring rain outside here in
5:06 am
washington. i got stuck in the rain. there are at least a dozen people however there huddled together. there is no protection for them. they say they will be out there for the duration. they were out there overnight. at the height of that demonstration, the sit-in there, you had hundreds and hundreds of people gathered outside, all of them have a story, but definitely in support of tougher gun laws, gun measures. there were times congressman john lewis as well as nancy pelosi to thank them. i had a chance to talk to a number of people, one of them very special. her name lucy mcbath. she lost her 17-year-old son, his name, jordan davis. he was just 17. this was in november 2012. it happened when he was playing music, in his car in a parking lot and another man wanted him to turn down that music and then he shot and killed him. this morning, lucy told me why it was so important for her to be there in support of those
5:07 am
members of congress. >> my son was murdered, and just by the grace of god, the boys that were with jordan were not murdered. they're still living today. and they definitely have been impacted by this for the rest of their lives. i'm out here because i don't want this to happen to anyone else. i'm out here because i want our ledge lay tors to know they're accountable to us. they are accountable to us. and they're supposed to protect and serve us, and not be beholding to the gun lobby. >> she says she is going to be out there throughout the day. she'll be back july 5th, when the rest of the members come back to session. the republicans, she say this is critical and something that is very important, very personal for so many people. they say they're going to express their views as well, make their views known, november, when they decide they're going to vote some of those folks out of office. >> suzanne, thank you so much for that. we're joined by congressman
5:08 am
meeks. >> thank you. don't have much of a voice, but great being with you. >> and you don't have much of a voice, because have you been up all night on the house floor. >> we've been on the floor, yes. i took about an hour nap, but we're going right back to the floor, as soon as i finish here. >> how long can you keep this up? >> keep it up. we're going to make sure we are here at least for 24 hours today, but whenever congress comes back into session, we will continue. we are serious about the fact that if there is no bill, there will be no break. when we come back, even while we're on break there will be things going on, folks will be here. we will continue to fight, until we get a vote on a couple of bills. >> so -- >> these are bipartisan bills we're asking for votes on. >> republicans aren't expected back until july 5th.
5:09 am
you're saying people will be there on the house floor for the better part of two weeks? >> i'm saying that we will continue this fight. we will have a whip meeting today, continue to discuss and strategize. we talked to john lewis last night. again, john says he is going to be back out here. so this is not something that we're going to give up on. the american people, you know, this is great democracy of ours, demand that we have a vote. everyone knows where everyone stands on these bills. it is extremely important and we're not going to in any way give in. we can just come as congress has done, and just have a moment of silence after tragedy after tragedy. that cannot happen no more. >> congressman, we've had republicans, several on our show this morning, and they say that they are trying to prevent americans from having their constitutional rights taken away if people are mistakenly on the terror list, that they should not be denied access to purchase
5:10 am
a gun. what's your response? >> my response to that is that's ridiculous. in other words, we can work if they are serious, we should be able to debate and work, and come up with something. i think we have. that's why in the bills that we put forward, it is simply to say that if you are on the no-fly list, then until such time that we can show or you can show that you don't belong on that list, then you don't have a weapon. that's for the good of the public. to be able to just go in to buy weapons of mass destruction, and i consider the type of weapons that have been utilized, weapons of mass destruction, it just doesn't make common sense. we're talking about the loopholes. there is two different things. if you go into walmart, for example, then you can, you have to have a background check. but if you go to buy something off the internet or one of the gun shows, you don't have to have a background check. so it just makes sense.
5:11 am
we've already, if we're doing a partial background checks, and you know there is a hole someplace, fill that hole for the benefit of the nation. >> and in fact, americans seem to support that overwhelmingly in all of the latest polls. however, we had congressman shawn duffy, one of your colleagues on the republican side just a few moments ago, and he also said that your focus is in the wrong place. you should be focused on terrorism, not guns. let me play for you what he says. >> how does this list work? how do you get off it? that's a reasonable conversation. why aren't we debating terrorism. why are we debating guns. listen, the conversation should be, listen, director comey at the fbi, great guy, great agents, but something is missing at the fbi. we let boston, san bernardino, orlando, slip through the cracks. something is going wrong. we should have a conversation about what rules do they need. >> okay, so a couple of things, he thinks the fbi should do better investigations. but in terms of terrorism, if
5:12 am
you do not -- terrorists will be able to get their hands on guns or pressure cookers, knives, they'll perpetrate their crimes and that's what you should be focused on. >> that seems absolutely ridiculous. when you look at the facts in america, 33,000 people, 33,000 people lost their lives because of guns and weapons. so in many of them, some by terrorists some by not. we need to do something in that regard. clearly we're fighting the terrorists, but what we have now is individuals, some who are domestic, who are self-motivated. and as a result, we make sure that they don't have access to these weapons. when you look at the suicides that have been taking place, people with mental illnesses, we've got to make sure we work collectively. we can do more than one thing at any time. we're fighting the terrorists. no question about that. when you look at the job that we're doing abroad and protecting ourselves at home, it
5:13 am
is our responsibility. we should be able to do more than one thing. when you think about the republicans and how much money they spent, four americans died in benghazi, look how much money they spent there, yet we can't talk, when we have 33,000 americans that are dying. no, we've got to talk about that, and we've got to talk about it on the house floor and we need a vote. >> congressman gregory meeks, we'll be watching what unfolds on the floor today. thank you for taking the time for "new day." >> my pleasure. later this hour, we'll get reaction from congressmen on both sides of the aisle. steve israel, as well as david jolly, all joining us here on "new day," chris. got a different kind of political fight going on in the campaign trail, donald trump and hillary clinton, trading hey makers, very personal about how they do it as well. cnn's chris frates is live in washington with more. >> good morning, chris. this 2016 slugfest continued
5:14 am
yesterday, between donald trump and hillary clinton. they were wailing on each other. some of them were clean shots, and others, well, they hit below the belt. >> donald hates it when anyone points out how hallow his sales pitch really is. >> there is hillary clinton, rebutting donald trump's onslaught of personal -- >> hillary clinton, she is a world class liar. >> and professional attacks. >> her decisions spread death, destruction and terrorism. everywhere she touched. >> trump, going as far to say -- >> hillary clinton may be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency. >> and clinton, firing back -- >> he is going after me personally, because he has no answers. on the substance. >> the two trading jabs over their popular catchphrases. >> we shouldn't expect better from someone who is most famous words are "you're fired." i'm going to make sure that you
5:15 am
hear "you're hired." >> her campaign slogan is "i'm with her." you know what my response is to that, "i'm with you, the american people." >> trump, praised by his party for delivering a tightly scripted speech, tried to tarnish clinton's foreign policy record. >> no secretary of state has been more wrong, more often and in more places than hillary clinton. >> the latest cnn poll shows more americans believe the former secretary of state would make a better commander in chief. >> her invasion of libya, handed the country over to isis. the bar barrians. >> still including falsities. >> among the victims of our ambassadors, chris stevens, he was left helpless to die as hillary clinton slept in her bed. when the phone rang at 3:00 in the morning, hillary clinton was
5:16 am
sleeping. >> no, actually clinton was awake. the siege started around 4:00 p.m. eastern time, not in the middle of the night. he was also claiming he ran the state department like her own personal hedge fund and end immigration enforcement and wants to abolish the second amendment. all false according to cnn's facts checking team. trump also rightly pointed out that clinton has done some exaggerating of her own. she said she landed in bosnia under sniper fire, when she didn't. she said she misspoke. this has hallmarks of a street fight. >> thanks so much for for that. >> peter king draft aid bill on gun control and democrats actually wanted to vote on it, but then the republicans skipped town. so peter king is going to join us with his reaction to that, next.
5:17 am
5:18 am
5:19 am
action because of inaction. that's a good way to characterize what's going on with democrats in the house, nearing 21 hours by our count on your screen. the sit-in. why, to force a vote on gun control. there already was one in the senate, right, the same bills went up and down. so what will come next? we've got vacation through the
5:20 am
july 4th holiday. what happens after that. let's talk about the state of play, with representative peter king, republican from new york. his bill on gun control democrats wanted to vote on and still do. many people don't know congressman, that these are largely bipartisan bills. the criticism of your bill from your own, which the headline is, let's keep people from the terror watch list from being able to get guns, they say you forgot due process. they say that what if cuomo gets put on the list, like senator, you know, may he rest in peace senator kennedy, or congressman lewis, who is on the floor of the house right now in the hit-in? did you forget that provision and could you fix it? >> no, absolutely not. and there is nothing to fix. chris, some history on this. i introduced this bill as far back as 2007 at the request of the bush administration. this is a bush administration antiterror bill. let me just say, you know, i
5:21 am
resents sort of what the democrats are doing, they controlled the house for four years, never allowed it to come to a vote when they were in charge. that's just a side note. no, there is due process provision in this bill. anyone who believes they are on the list wrongly can go to court within 60 days to get their name taken off. that to me is due process. >> but hold on a second, congressman. because your brothers and sisters on the right don't leave it at that. they say no, no, no, no. there are no criteria for how you get put on the list. no notification if you're on the list. there is no criteria for how you get off the list. i'm going to have to hire a lawyer, go into my pocket and fight against the attorney general. and i'm going to lose in most cases. how do i fight the u.s. government. fair criticism? >> no. first of all, republicans say we're at war. if you're at war, there is extra power given to the government. in this case, extra power to the government, but you're giving full rights to the american people. again, out of maybe 800,000, 1
5:22 am
million names going on one list or another, mostly foreigners, there has been a handful, they used ted kennedy and john lewis as examples but there are people arrested illegally, we don't open up all the jails. if you're going to balance the equities by a small number of people that may be inconvenienced on the other hand saving lives, you're on the terror watch list. to be technical, the bill doesn't talk about a terror watch list. it says at the attorney general shall again, simple names that he believes suspect for terror. so it is not that they've committed a crime. if you committed a crime, you wouldn't need a list. can go out and arrest them. this is not in the area where they commit a crime, but in orlando, he could have fallen into that category, the fbi could have kept him on the list. we're dealing with unusual times. you try to balance the equities. i believe my bill is balanced.
5:23 am
i would be more than willing to work out a compromise like senator collins' bill. that's what we should be doing. if my bill isn't good enough, i have no pride of authorship, if we want to go with susan collins' bill, that's fine. that would be a significant first step. >> is the reality that your party doesn't want to deal with guns? they want to make orlando about terror. the failure to address isis, not about guns. >> to me, we have to do both. first of all, orlando is about terror. i hear democrats on cnn saying it is not about terrorism, it is. he was inspired by terrorism. he didn't say a word about anything else, other than isis in that last hour of isis. >> no question about that. it may have been about other things as well. he seemed to have a lot of different dearrangement, but certainly what he said on the phone calls. >> isis, people do have emotional issues. it is terror.
5:24 am
at the same time, there is a gun issue. not to tribulize, we have to do all we can to go after terrorism, but we have to try to minimize the opportunity for terrorists to obtain weapons, guns or whatever. would this be a cure all, absolutely not. we have to do everything we possibly can. >> and one of the things that you have offered to do in the past that your brothers and sisters on both sides of the aisle have refused to do is, if the congressmen care so much about how we're fighting isis, take your constitutional responsibility and debate the auth za authorization for military force. no one wants to own the fight and they want it both ways with the president. >> first of all, yeah, i don't think we need it, but i'm more than willing to do it. we should not -- listen, we're either at war or we're not. it is not just a gun issue. it is certainly not just a terror issue, even though terror
5:25 am
is the prime -- let me just say, i really think for the democrats is doing is wrong. this is like mob rule. you can't be taking over the house because you don't get what you want. i wanted aid lot of my bills voted on. this is like a third world banana republic. >> let's see what wins. their conviction to win on the floor or their barbecues over tof 4th of july weekend. >> thanks for the dialogue. >> you know we talk about what matters. >> thank you. chris, time and again, we have watched president obama console americans after mass shootings. how will this house protest, this sit-in over gun control affect the president's legacy. we will speak to his former senior advisor, david axelrod, about all of this next. hundreds of thousandsd of places to stay all over the world. or that we searched billions of flights to get you here.
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it has been 21 hours, abld a sit-in is still going on. demanding action on gun control. this comes after years of mass
5:30 am
shootings, followed by congressional gridlock. president obama has called this the most frustrating issue of his presidency. let's bring in david axelrod. good morning, david. >> good morning, alisyn. >> so last year, to the bbc, president obama called these mass shootings the most frustrating issue and the most stymied, when an issue of gun control or mass shooting would come up. >> you've seen it many times. each time, the president walking into that briefing room at the white house and speaking to this, his frustration level growing. i think after the events in newtown and the murder of those young children, the fact that he couldn't move congress to act was one of the low points of the presidency. but you know, we live in a constitutional democracy, and congress has its say. if congress is unwilling to
5:31 am
move, we're in a stalemate here. these things are going to continue to happen. so it is a source of great frustration to him and i'm sure to people around him that we are where we are. >> well, it gets complicated so quickly, right, axe. you have the political reality in polls, which is everybody says they want change, but they don't get to the polls and vote that way. you have people that want protections for the second amendment, vote more on that issue than those who say they wants change. it fuels this in congregation. in terms of orlando, the conflict now is the democrats are making it about guns. the republicans are saying no, no, no. this is about our inability to stop isis. that's what this murderer in orlando said this was about. whether it was a pressure cooker, a knife, a car, bomb, he was going to do something about it. let's go after that problem, not guns. >> well, look, if you take the
5:32 am
politics out of it, there are two problems. one is you do have isis trying to incite people. some of these mass killings had nothing to do with, many of them have nothing to do with isis. the last couple have been motivated that way. >> true. >> no doubt that if someone couldn't get semi-automatic weapons that kill at a predidgo omplt us rate, not can you save some lives, can you save all lives. >> we cover these mass shooti s shootings, you've spent years of your life going to these. what i'm saying is every time this happens, we get all about the assault rifles, okay. i understand that. however, they're less than 1% of gun crime in this country, and what you have on the other side are people saying you want me to make a change to my rights to legally have a weapon and protect myself for things that happened less than 1% of the
5:33 am
time. >> not all the mass shootings. the mass shootings is what gets all the attention, because they're obviously so sickening, and let's examine the common thread. >> you have all these different rules, instead of finding a way to burden my rights. >> i'm sitting here in the city of chicago where obviously there has been a great deal of trouble with guns and shootings, and half of those guns, according to the police, come from across the border in indiana from gun shows, where there are no background checks. >> a lot of illegal sales, ax. >> and they come in here, and they sell these guns to street gangs, sometimes in large numbers. these things can be helped. background checks do -- they don't stop everything, but they can stop something. it is not unreasonable to ask
5:34 am
everyone who buys a gun to go through a background check. i think most americans agree on that. what's interesting what's going on in congress, why is it that paul ryan doesn't want a vote on the house. he doesn't want a vote because he doesn't want to put his members between the nra and public opinion. that tells you where the country is on this, and the question is, how long can the congress hold on in the face of public opinion. but you put your finger on it. unless people vote on this issue, they can go on for quite a while. because the people who are most motivated by it happen to be, at least as a voting issue, to date, have been on the other side of the issue. >> let's talk about what is going on as you speak. we're watching this cell phone video from facebook live, what's going on on the house floor. we've had some republicans on this morning, david, who say this is anarchy. this is just, you know, the members not following sort of
5:35 am
the democratic principles of there are certain rules for congress when you're in session, you vote. and when you're not in session, the cameras are off, you're supposed to leave. how do you see it ? >> i think they're drawing attention to this issue in a dramatic way. i don't think anyone -- i don't think either party is completely devoid of responsibility for dramatics in congress. we've seen it on both sides. we've seen in the past the republicans doing something similar to this and staying on the house floor, because they wanted a vote. this is, we've seen theater tri trick -- theatrics before. we wouldn't be talking had the democrats not done what they've done. i think they're using the tools available to them, which are few. >> david axelrod, thank you. great to get your perspective. >> nice to see you guys. all right, so we have this
5:36 am
sit-in going on on the house floor and also getting down and dirty overseas. in the u.k. right now, people are going to the polls to decide whether or not britain should remain or leave the e.u. the brexit vote. it will reverberate right here to your 401(k), live in london with more. what do we know now? >> reporter: hi, chris. well, the weather has not been helping this morning. we've had flooding, shuttered polling stations, over the next few hours, we've been told to expect a few months worth of rainfall. that's really causing a lot of nervousness on both sides of this crucial question. because the expectation is that this is going to be tight. as you rightly say, this isn't just about britain's place in europe. this is about britain's place in the world. we're seeing already financial
5:37 am
ramifications on the stock markets. the obama administration has warned about the potential ramifications to the exchange of information and cooperation in the global war of terror. really extensional issues. britains are aware of how crucial this is. people aren't agreeing across their own dinner tables. the rhetoric, especially given immigration, has been a key issue, has been pretty dirty. a lot of people just happy to get through today and see what tomorrow brings, alisyn. >> okay, we're looking to see what tomorrow brings, thank you so much for the update. back to washington, where democrats are still going strong with their sit-in, demanding action on gun control after more than 21 hours at this. what is their end game? we'll ask a congressman who is part of the protest, next. ♪
5:38 am
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democrats on the house floor showing no signs of giving up their sit-in, demanding a vote on gun control. now 21 hours and counting. that is the clock on your
5:42 am
screen. how do the republicans respond? they adjourned the session, left town for the scheduled july 4th break, but they did it, a couple of days early. joining us now, steve israel, democratic congressman from new york, former chairman of the dccc. what do you want, and will you extend the sit-in through the break? >> well, first of all, chris, forgive the sound of my voice. i worked the night shift and we're going on hour 21 now. i've been on the floor for those 21 hours. we just want a vote. we said at the beginning of the week, we were entitled to a vote on no fly/no buy. we would use all our tools, some blunt, some sharp. we used sharp and blunt tools, what do the republicans do? they cut and ran. they adjourned without giving us a vote. >> two reasons, one, the senate already voted on these same bills. two, the no fly no buy list
5:43 am
wrongfully put on the list. >> the bill we want to be voted on does have adequate due process considerations. it allows people to appeal to be brought off the list. it is very straightforward on that. we work that out with republicans. that's why the bill that we want to vote on is bipartisan, introduced by a republican congressman from new york, peter king, democratic congressman from california. 78% of nra members support it. it is just common sense. we're not, you know, putting a line in the sand demanding a ban on assault weapons. we're not drawing a line in the sand on cdc research. we're saying do this, but give us the vote and they've refused. >> and another basis for refusal is, one is the politics of it, a stunt, not unusual in politics, not necessarily a bad thing. another point of pushback is, why are you making guns about
5:44 am
orlando? orlando is about fighting isis and democrats unwilling to take on isis and actions and language it demands. >> chris, we could do both things. we could take on isis, be aggressive in protecting people's security from abroad. but we also have to be aggressive at protecting people at home. that's what this is about. it is not just about orlando. it is but newtown, connecticut. a aroura. if you are believed to be so sane inju dangerous, it shouldn't be easy too buy a weapon of war. we're going to stay here until we don't get a vote. the republican also have to go back to their districts starting today and explain to their c constituents and. >> the current plan is to stay
5:45 am
at least until 11:15, that would be the 24 hour mark. we will be in session, what is called a proforma session tomorrow, a couple of days next week, we're going to continue to use every tool in the toolbox to keep the issue alive. >> i'm not trying to mess up your holiday plans, but doye have to say as a journ allist, if you guys really care, then you're going to blow through the barbecues and breaks. however, balance that with this. this is not new. this bill from peter king, who is one of the cosigns on it, that's from 2007, by his own reckoning. it was a bush era bill that they were asking him to do. where was this enthusiasm then from democrats? you have been in control when some of these bills have come up, and we didn't see sit-ins then. we didn't see the push for votes then. why now? >> well, actually there was a push for votes on this and other measures. we faced some pretty stiff
5:46 am
resistance. since then, we have had just in the past several months, we have had the murders of american citizens, 50 of them in orlando. it comes it a point where you can't doing moments of sigh lenls. 37 moments of silence. it ain't working. so there comes a point whereas a minority, we have to use all the tools we have to force a vote. if for us, it was uncon shunable to bang the gavel and release us on vacation. that's what we're doing. >> if you want to do something, don't let perfection be the enemy of progress, why didn't you ask to vote on the bill about further funding for the background check system, when you know that one of the problems with vetting people who want guns is that the enforcement mechanisms aren't great. why not fund that bill? >> well, chris you know what, we're never going to get perfection. there was some on the caucus
5:47 am
that said we should push hard for a ban on assault weapons. some that said we should limit capacities of magazines. we felt this is a time tore compromise. if we couldn't get everything we wanted, at least give us something that 75% of nra members support, and 80 to 90% of people agreeing. pass it. don't spend time debating it. paul ryan and the republicans would not only give us a vote, they cut the week short. they left at 4:00 in the morning. they're getting on planes, where they're protected, but they're not willing to protect their constituents from people on the list, but may be able to buy weapons of war. >> steve israel, thank you for being with us on "new day." >> thank you, chris. sorry about the voice. >> no oh, you sound great. we have the view from the other side of the house. we're going to talk to a republican who voted down, but has a proposal of his own. we'll get to what that is, next.
5:48 am
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5:51 am
all right, that was chaos last night, erupting on the house floor, with democrats refusing to budge or leave the room, until they get a vote on gun control. republicans ended the session and left town. how do republicans process what's happening today?
5:52 am
joining me now is congressman david jolly, a republican from florida, who has introduced legislation in the house to address the due process concerns on gun control. congressman, thank you for being here. >> you got it. good to be with you this morning. thank you. >> how do you see what's going on on the house floor now. >> listen, i respect the convictions of members on both sides of the aisle. i understand the frustration as well. what i'm trying to get to is this. let's get to a bill that says no fly/no buy. everybody can agree on that. let's have due process protections. my only concern what's going on on the house floor, is the insistence has been to vote on a bill that fails on the due process front, we haven't accomplished. i'm asking people to look at my bill that providing an independent -- let's get to a consensus and get it done. >> here are the tenants of it. you don't buy a gun if you're on
5:53 am
the no-fly list. the government explains you're on the list. >> once you're denied. >> then you get a due process hearing, within 30 days. all unclassified evidence is revealed to you. who is against your bill, congressman? >> you know, the senate would say too many people are interested and not getting anything done, because it plays better in november. i think the american people have a different opinion. they want something done. i spent most of the day on the house floor yesterday, not joining in the sit-in, but looking for democratics to work with to constructively say let's get to a due process provision on your side or my side of the aisle that we can agree on and let's go forward. we can get there. i know we can. this is not as hard as it teams. unfortunately, the politics have creeped in, and we've got to rise above that. >> should speaker ryan allow a vote? >> so a vote on the democratic proposal would go down. should he allow it? listen, i'm somebody that thinks the house should work its will.
5:54 am
let's put immigration, tax reform, guns, everything on the floor. i'm the author of the 40 hour workweek in congress. if it is just a democratic proposal, it will fail. let's get one that works. >> why not vote on yours? >> i would love that. we need the support of the american people. i need the support of a couple of democrats. you know, i found five or ten yesterday, some of them said yeah, that's a good idea, but we're not there yet. >> what's the problem? what could they possibly object to in what you've spelled out? >> opinions get hardened when you get into passionate debates. that's what is happening now. i'm trying to give a voice of reason. let's overcome it. i'm not going to criticize my colleagues. i think our side should act. i don't agree with our inaction with our side for the next couple of weeks. i need the voice of the american people to say if you like the jolly bill, vote for the jolly bill, up or down. if it is not the jolly bill, maybe it is collins, maybe it adds due process, but let's get
5:55 am
something done. >> the american public does agree with that, the american public is speaking through public opinion polls. >> there is a reason we have an 85% disapproval rating. we can't solve the easy stuff. this isn't that hard. >> it isn't that hard. everything you're saying, sounds reasonable. it addresses the due process issue, which republicans have said is their stumbling block. it says no fly/no buy. these are all, you seem to have cobbled everything. >> bill nelson issue, that probably would have flagged mateen. you know, the democrats want to vote on a bill that probably wouldn't have stopped mateen. i want to vote on a bill that would have stopped mateen. >> what will it take to get a vote on your bill? >> let's have the american people not call the speaker's office and say give a vote on the current democratic proposal. call the capital switchboard and say let's give a vote on a consensus bill.
5:56 am
i think it's mine. if it's not, that's fine. i also need drop the democratics to stop the swords. let's get through the next chapter. we can get it done. >> congressman, you're making too much sense. >> it is far too reasonable to get done in congress. >> it must be. congressman, thank you for all of that, and we will -- i'll tweet out the number for the -- >> hr-5544. >> the line for the capital operator can make their voices heard however they want the vote to go. congressman, thank you very much for being on "new day." well, cnn breaking coverage of the gun control showdown on capitol hill will continue on "newsroom" with claarol costell right after this very short break. we'll see you tomorrow. you rely on frontline plus. because frontline plus unleashes a deadly killing force to kills fleas and ticks, plus flea eggs and larvae,
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watch out he just had a whole thimble full of coffee... woot! woot! the ready for you alert, only at la... quinta! yeah! and good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. nearly 22 hours, and counting on capitol hill. democrats refusing to budge from their sit-in on the house floor, demanding a vote on gun control. the wake of the horrific shooting rampage in orlando. this is a live look from the floor. their protests virtually unprecedented. ultimately, unsuccessful, at least for now. republican leaders shutting off the tv cameras and shutting down the session, ordering the house into recess for the next couple of weeks. the house speaker, paul ryan, calls the sit-in


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