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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  June 30, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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is not a spot for them in the american economy. >> left behind in the transition. fascinating. >> "early start" continues now. death toll rising as we learn how the suicide bombers carried out massacre. and new this morning, 13 detained in raids overnight linked to those attacks. good morning, welcome to "early start." p. >> it is thursday, june 30th, 5:00 a.m. here on the east coast. breaking news at this hour, the death toll rising in the istanbul airport terror attack. officials say 42 thousand denow. more than 230 people injured in that attack. world leaders believe it was carried out by isis. surveillance video now giving us a closer look at the attackers
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who opened fire before blowing themselves up. nn of the terrorists have been identified so far, but senior turkish officials tell cnn they believe the attackers were foreign. new information also coming this to cnn on how the attack was carried out and this in just the last few minutes, word of a raid in istanbul, 13 people detained in kaeks wiconnection with the attack. for the latest on that, we turn to alexander field live for us in istanbul. sounds like a big break perhaps in this case. >> reporter: it is not clear if there is any direct connection to this attack, but we know that it has prompted these counterterrorism operations. we understand that police went to 16 different locations sweeping up 13 suspected militants within the last day. so again, not clear if there is any direct connection to this, but certainly this has triggered or prompted these counterterrorism operations. on top of that, as they proceed in this investigation into what
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happened at this airport, we know he that they have located the taxi driver who dropped off the three bombers at this airport. he did provide police with a statement. we don't know whether it was in any way helpful towards leading police to the different locations that they have targeted now in these counterterrorism raids. but officials have not released the identity of the three attackers. we do know a bit more about the style of the attacks. the three then were armed with ak-47s, they were also wearing suicide vests. while this is an airport that has a high level of security, it exceeds the international standards according to airport authorities. we know that these men were able to carry out the attacks, one inside the departure hall, he was spotted would i a security guard who fired on him and he fell to the grund and detonated his explosive. another attacker went to the arrivals hall, he started firing his ak-47 into the crowd. the crouswd dispersed and this p
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detonated his suicide vest before he had cleared the security gate. then of course there was the third attacker who detonated his bomb just outside the international hall here. more than 100 people remain hospital rised from the injuries that were sustained in this deadly and coordinated attack. 42 killed. they represent citizens from a number of different countries. at least 13 foreign nationals were killed. and not all of the dead have been identified at this point. >> alexander field for us in istanbul, thank you very much. and still so much wounded. many wondering this morning why isis would attack turkey, a muslim country that for years the terror group has relied on actually as a vital transit hub and supply line. cia director john brennan believes turkey may be paying the price for helping the u.s.-led coalition fight isis. turkey started sealing its border. the country has taken in millions of refugees from syria.
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and last summer, turkey allowed the u.s. to fly air strikes against isis out of in ser lick air base. brennan says he's not surprised isis has not claimed spop responsibility. >> in most instances, isis has not claimed responsibility for attacks perpetrated inside turkey. i think they carry out the attacks to gain the benefits from it in term of sending a signal to our turkish partners, at the same time not wanting to potentially maybe alien thating some of those individuals inside of turkey that they may still be trying to gain the support of. and the united states is leading the coalition to try to destroy as much of this poison inside of syria and iraq as poll. poll. so it would be surprising to me that isil is not trying to hit
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us both in the region as well as the homeland. if nick believes that the u.s. homeland is hermetically sealed and that daesh or isil would not consider that i would guard against that. >> joining us to help break down the attack on the airport and its link to the war on terror, turkish media reporting now 13 people have takbeen detain thisd 16 different raids in connection with that airport attack. we bring in a former member of the joint chiefs of staff. colonel, thank you very much for being with us. these arrests certainly are likely linked to the attack here. what do you make of the fact that the turks opened the airport so quickly and seemed to be less quick on the
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investigation side some. >> within of the big things that happened is you need a lot of forensic evidence in order to make sure that you have an ironclad case. and i was surprised that the turk opened the airport as quickly as possible, but i think in the he saend they made a bus decision and they had this airport must be open, it has such a shear huge volume of passengers every year that they can't afford to close the airport for a long period of time. so they wanted to send not only a business signal but also a signal to isis that no matter what they do, the turks are resti sti resilient and that they will make sure that businesses can continue. >> you heard the sound bite from the cia cheeief and how he talk
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about isis knows that the united states is not hermetically sealed. what about airport security in this country, do you think these are soft targets and that they are a prize for either self-radicalized or directed by isis terrorists? >> i think it's very clear that one of the big threats that airports face not only in the u.s. but around the world is the insider threat. basically what that means is the people that work in the airports, you have to be careful that we understand exactly where they come from, what their political affiliations in the sense are they radical, are they not radical. those kinds of things. it becomes very important to know all of that. and it also becomes important to know what their actions are. and i don't think our vetting process is as ironclad as it needs to be when it comes to airport security and airport employees. most are great people and they will be absolutely trustworthy,
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but every now and then, it just takes one to do something like this. and it becomes very important to make sure that we protect against the insider threat and external threat. >> it has been a tough time and very uncertain time in turkey politicalry, economically other ways. certainly the u.s. natures out of in sur likt into syria and cutting off of borders is a good reason, but they are also dealing with the pkk, its own economy and with europe. are you as certain that this is in fact isis? >> based on the methods used in this attack, i would say it's highly likely that it is isis. most of the internal opposition to president erdogan is not going to use these kinds of techniques, that includes the kurdish pkk opposition. they come close heest perhaps in
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term of techniques to being able to do something like this, but it's highly unlikely that they would do this. therefore isis is probably the most likely candidate. other possible scenarios would include the syrian government or somebody like that, but the syrian government has its own reasons for not doing something like this. so i think the fingers all point to isis and i think isis is the most likely candidate at this point in time barring any other evidence that is out there. >> colonel, thank you so much for getting up so early for us. president obama unleashed a rant against donald trump's style of populism. that coming up. what are you doing? getting faster. huh?
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the president disputing the idea donald trump is spearheading a campaign seeking so represent the interests of ordinary people p the president says he's not representing ordinary people. during a news conference in canada the president went on a tear about populism. he said in part anyone who has never shown regard for workers or fought behalf of any social justice issues is not for the american people. >> you don't suddenly become a populist because they say something controversial in order to win votes. that's not the measure of populism. that's nativism. or xenophobia. or worse. or it's just cynicism. >> he didn't mention trump by
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name, but him a faux pop uhe live, someone try to represent the american people but didn't represent anyone but himself until now. and sort of embracing globalization and free trade. in upset with the direction of this campaign so far. and the way it's been hijacked by trump. >> absolutely. on the trade issue yesterday, this fight between donald trump and the u.s. chamber of commerce really moving even higher. u.s. chamber of commerce came out after donald trump's trade speech and basically said, look, he's going to cause job loss, he's going to mean higher prices, look at that under trump's trade plan, higher prices, fewer jobs and weaker economy, and trump just bashed the u.s. chamber of commerce and said they hold to special interests. >> for reasons only they can explain, the u.s. chamber of
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commerce wants to continue our bad trade deals rather than renegotiating and nemaking them better. we have a sound bite from donald trump from one of his speeches. >> the u.s. chamber of commerce is totally controlled by the special interest groups. just so you understand it. and there are special interests that want to have the deals that they want to have. they want to have tpp, transpacific partnership. it will be the worst deal since take oig. >> and the business community think it's just a natural progression of events. donald trump wants to change globalization or slow globalization. >> not everybody in the globalization game has benefited as others. so he's tapping into that clearly. but you deal with these people every day. what is their reaction to -- i mean business leaders are typically more con seven difference. >> they are. but they're also rag natick, so trying to figure out what does a
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president dump look like. many did not think he would be the nominee and now he is and you have years of republican party or dthodoxy that donald trump is rejecting. and that's why his supporters like him, because they feel -- we had a survey yesterday that 73% of americans think that the economy is rigged to favor somebody else, not them. interesting. >> trump also making a play for bernie sanders supporters. here's what he said about them. >> bernie sanders cannot stand hillary clinton. but i'll tell you something, you wouldn't think this, you wouldn't think this, but there is one thing that bernie sanders and i are in complete accord with. and that's trade. >> and bernie sanders did an op-ed in the "new york times" yesterday and i was reading if it didn't say by bernie sanders, it could be donald trump.
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>> except bernie sanders -- do we really think that bernie sanders supporters will support trump at the end of the day? why no, but there is overlap on their positions in trade. >> i'm not sure voters make their decisions that way. all that being said, new polls show hillary clinton is up -- although i think polls at this point, what people will do in november based on what they think now is completely useless. absolutely useless. but the trend seems to be there. every poll that comes out seems to show hillary up by at least a few points. >> brand new fox news poll, 44% clinton to donald trump 38%. again, 130 some days until the election and poll this is far out as you say are useless, but there you go. does trade kill u.s. jobs? that is the central question. many primary voters on both sides say yes. cnn money analyzed years of trade deals and economic statistics and found it's not that simple. about 5.5 million manufacturing
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jobs have been lost over the past 25 years. nearly a million have returned since the recession. experts say there are several factors contributing to the drop. free trade is one. but it's not the biggest. harvard economist tells us that that accounts only for free trade for about 5% of the overall job losses. technology is the biggest factor. it requires more skilled workers. and in some cases machines replace workers all together. plus corporate america was already shifting jobs overseas where it could pay workers less. that is just natural globalization encouraged by technology. experts say that would have happened regardless of any trade deals. but did those requirements make the situation worse? factory jobs increased after nafta was signed, making it easier for u.s. companies to get their goods into foreign markets, but nafta also allowed companies to move production to mexico which eliminated jobs. so there has been a listening
2:20 am
debate about whether nafta on balance has been good for american jobs. >> i think what is clear is that we are in a massive transition. >> >> absolutely. and three quarters of the jobs created since the recession have gop to people with bachelor's agree or higher. history for michael phelps securing a spot in yet another olympics. andy shool explains in the bleacher hes report.
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michael fellphelps is doingt he does best, swimming like a shark. earning a spot in the rio games for a record fifth straight olympic games. >> andy scholes has more in this morning's bleachers report. >> michael phelps the first american swimmer to ever qualify for five olympics. he'll be looking to add to his record 22 medals in rio. phelps' seven week old soon boomer watching his dad swim and easily winning the 200 butterfly final. fell pphelps posting a picture with the caption i'm going to rio. so pumped.
2:26 am
#number five. today actually phelps' 31st birthday. so happy birthday for him. things not looking good for the yankees against the rangers. they were up four at one point in the neeinth, but with two on three run about him to tie tbom. and a-rod was waiting to celebrate, but watch this, he blows right by him and juchmps into the scrum at the plate. andrew luck now the highest paid player in the nfl. luck inking a new six year $140 million deal, that will keep him in indianapolis until 2021. luck only played seven games last season due to many injur s injuries. marcus willis' fairy tale
2:27 am
run at wimbledon coming to an end yesterday. willis who still lives with his parts is ranked 722nd in the world. lowest ranked player to win a match in a grand slam in nearly 30 years. federer easily beat him, but willis had his moments winning multiple games, so a win in itself. >> amazing. not my standard. >> willis has only earned about $350 on tour this week. this week at wimbledon, he madeoff $66,000. so definitely an awesome week for him. and he may have a book deal in the making after this. >> and then can he move ohe can the parents' house. thank you, andy. breaking news this morning, 13 people in police custody in
2:28 am
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breaking news this morning. 13 people now in police custody. 16 overnight raids, all linked to the istanbul terror attack. we are live with brand new information this morning. >> welcome back to early start. i'm miguel marquez. >> i'm christine romans. let's begin with this breaking news. police raiding 16 homes in turkey. 13 people are in police custody in connection with the istanbul airport terror attack. and that according to turkish state media. officials now say 42 people are dead after a woman taken to a hospital later died. more than 230 people injured in
2:33 am
that attack. an attack that world leaders believe was carried out by isis. none of the terrorists have been identified, but senior turkish officials tell cnn they believe the attackers were foreign. and in fact among the 13 people detained in this morning's raids, three foreign nationals. for the latest on the investigation, we want to turn it over to alexander field live for us in istanbul. bring us up to speed with these raids, these arrests and where we stand in in investigati in t and what we know about the attackers. >> reporter: these are counterterrorism operations triggered by the attack at this airport, carried out in suburbs of istanbul, targeting isis according to a state run news agency. they swept up 13 people. the question, however, remains who are the three people who unleashed that deadly horrific attack on this airport behind me. we're learning more about the strategy and the tactics that
2:34 am
they employed. officials in turkey believe that this was an attack carried out by isis, although isis has not claimed responsibility. something that they have historically not done here in turkey. but police have now taken the taxi driver who delivered the attackers to the airport this to custody, they questioned him, released him, but he did provide a statement. en cleunclear how helpful that statement has been to police. what we now know about the attacks take they unleashed, it was a coordinated attack that targeted both the outside of the building, departure hall and arrival hall. one armed with an ak-47 went this to the departure hall, but the security mechanisms kicked into gear, mainly a security officer who spotted the suspect wielding an ak-47 and he detonated the wombomb. second attacker fired his ak-47
2:35 am
at the crowd from outside and detonated his vest. finally the third also blew himself up outside of this building. officials were able to reopen the airport just five hours after the attacks saying that they believe that the police was safe and security, it met the standards of security forces. and people at the airport, officials who run it and also officials here in turkey have continued to maintain their cop tension that this is an airport that surfaces the international standards for airport safety and security. >> alexander, thank you so much. many wondering this morning why isis would attack turkey, a muslim country that for years the terror group has relied on as a vital transit hub and supply line. i don't know brenn john brennan believes turkey may be paying the price for allowing u.s. to fight isis within the region. turkey started sealing its borders within the past dreyear.
2:36 am
the country has taken in millions of refugees from syria. and last summer, turkey let the u.s. fly air strikes against isis out of in scirlik air base. but he's not surprised isis has not claimed responsibility for the airport attack. >> in most instances if not all, isis has not claimed credit or responsibility for attacks that are perpetrated inside of turkey. i think what they do is they carry out the attack it is s to the benefits from to send a signal but at the same time not wanting to potentially alienating some of those individuals inside of turkey that they may still be trying to gain the support of. the united states as we well know is leading the coalition to try to destroy as much of this poison inside of syria and iraq as possible. so it would be surprising to me
2:37 am
that isil is not trying to hit us both in the region as well as in our homeland. if anybody here believes that the u.s. homeland is hermetically sealed and that daesh or sigh still would not consider that, i think i would guard against that. >> turkish media now reporting 13 people have been detained in 16 raids in connection with that airport attack. we want to break down all the new information with colonel leighton. good morning, sir. let's talk first about the raids. i think it's no surprise that they are probably, you know, shaking every tree in turkey right now around istanbul trying to find any kind of financing, operational, any kind of ties to this attack. >> that's right. the turkish intelligence service
2:38 am
is very good at not only quelling internal dissent, from also from an anti-terrorism standpoint. so you can get that they are like you said shaking every tree. they're really hunting down every lead. and the financing part is a critical element to this because this attack as civil simple as in some ome aspects was actuall very sophisticated and required a trail for it to be exciecuted the way it was. >> three bombs, who supplied the weapons, where did they come frr from, et cetera. >> attackers themselves may not have been the front line because they didn't seem to get very far into the airport. but there must have been a lot of support that went into this, yes? >> that's right. and one of the big things about
2:39 am
this, anytime apattan attack li this is conducted, there is a trail. as we saw with brussels and paris attacks, there was an extensive network that was set up out there, that assumed the actual perpetrators. they had explosives, they had a lab basically in which they made those explosives. p they manufactured the suicide vests and of course they had access to the kalashnikov rifles. so they know what they're doing and spent a lot of time preparing and in essence they cased out the joint, in this case ataturk airport. but they did a thorough job of that bnd the security system worked in the sense that they weren't able to penetrate the buildin buildings that they were attacking. >> isis squeezed on the battlefield in iraq losing ground, by some estimates up to 40% of its territory lost in the
2:40 am
past year. we see these attacks elsewhere for maximum img pakt. we heard the cia chief say that he's not surprised isil as he calls it is not taking credit for this or responsibility for this inside turkey. explain to us why they might not advertise their culpability here. >> well, as director brennan said, the way in which these isis operates in turkey, they want to in essence have maximum effect on the target that they're going after, but they also want to keep the door open for sympathizers to their cause. and when they come into a situation, an islamic country like turkey, they want to hedge their bets. they want to make sure that they attract some degree of support because they want to have the networks there, they want to be able to maintain the travel capability that they have through turkey and one of the
2:41 am
ways to do that of course is to keep a few doors open and that's precisely what they're doing in this case. >> colonel, thank you very much for your assistance today. p. >> you bet. thank you. >> 41 past the hour before prp taking on donald trump on his idea of populism. right after the break. u won't ss at the post office. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again.
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donald trump turns his back on decades of free trade orthodoxy. at a rally in maine, he pushed a more protectionist trade agenda, slamming the u.s. chamber of commerce for backing trade deals he called, quote, sinister. trump also speaking out on the airport attack in turkey preaching the need for a tough are stance against terror and a stronger u.s. military.
2:46 am
cnn's jim acosta has more from maine for us. >> reporter: donald trump continued to ramp up his rhetoric on national security following the terror attack in turkey. at a rally in maine, trump talked about the appeal of isis saying the terror group is looking strong and signing up people over the internet. he lamented the current state of the nation's military and made the false claim that the u.s. hasn't won a war since vietnam. here's what he had to say. >> when i was young, we won everything. used to brag america has never lost a war. then we had vietnam. since then i think we only lose. we're going to start winning again. our military is depleted. it will be rebuilt. we have old obsolete equipment. our jet fighters, we get our parts from the plane graveyard and from museums, that's how bad it is. >> and trump accused the u.s. chamber of commerce of being controlled by special interest
2:47 am
groups, a startling attack coming from a presidential candidate. trump is set to deliver another speech on trade in manchester, new hampshire later on today. >> thanks, jim. president obama disputing the idea donald trump is spearheading a campaign seeking to represent interests of ordinary people. during a news conference in canada, the president went on a tear about populism. without mentioning trump by name, he said that, quote, anyone who has never shown regard for workers or bought on behalf of any social justice issues is not for the american people. >> they don't become a populist because they say something controversial in order to win votes. that's not the measure of populism. that's nativism. or xenophobia. or worse.
2:48 am
or it's just cynicism. >> a new poll finds hillary clinton is widening her lead over her rival by six points, 44% to 38%. that doubles clinton's three point advantage over trump from three weeks ago in the same poll. this as a long time clinton aide testifies that the clinton private e-mail server may have interfered with clinton's ability to do her job. huma abedine saying that clinton missed a call from a foreign minister because aides didn't receive her e-mails. abedine also repeatedly explaining that clinton used personal server to prevent her private e-mails from being read, not to hide government communications. let's take a look at what is coming up on "new day." >> good morning. >> looking lovely. >> thank you very much. you as well. both of you. let me tell you what is happening. of course we are following the breaking news out of turkey.
2:49 am
terror raids are under way in that country right now in connection to the deadly attack at the istanbul airport. so we will get the latest from the u.s. state department as the fight against isis intensifies. plus donald trump talking trade of course and taking on his former republican primary rivals. why he says some of them should never run for office again. we have those stories coming up for you in just a few moments. >> all right. thank you so much for that. college graduates listen up, i have one stat that will make you feel a whole lot better about your job prospects. you, too. >> thank god. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. ♪
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flnew detail, egyptian officials confirming smoke was
2:54 am
on the dooped aircraft and wreckage shows signs of high temperature damage and soot. black box data is consistent with automatic electronic messages sent by the plane showing smoke detectors went off in a bathroom and the area below the cockpit. it's still unclear what caused the smoke. the plane crashed en route from paris to cairo last month killing all 66 people on board. florida police say a foot and other body parts have washed ashore in rio on a beach where the volleyball games are set to take place. just the latest incident in the crime-battered city. at least ten have been killed and 50 schools shut over the past nine days because of shootings triggered by police searches for a drug trafficker. and michael phelps is going for gold again. the 22-time olympic medalist who came out of retirement and a stint in rehab is now the first american male swimmer to make
2:55 am
five olympic teams. phelps came in first in the mens 200 meter butterfly at last night's olympic trials in nebraska. phelps splashed a high five to the crowd after he qualified in a show of appreciation for his fifth opportunity. amazing p. >> 22 medals. millions of people facing the threat of severe storms today. let's check in with our meteorologist. >> you talk about what has been happening here the past couple of days, plains have been hit hard with storms. past 24 hours, over 120 severe weather reports. largely related to damages winds a across the area. and when you take a look where the front is setting up over the next 24 hours, right there. similar spot, similar region for thunderstorm activity, damaging winds again and hail going to be a concern at least nebraska all the way toward the great lakes. and speaking of the great lakes,
2:56 am
see the green contours? that is the coolest air in the country happening across the great lakes. places like chicago, nice day, 82. just shy of the average temperature. 73 on friday that is comparable to what you would see late may and it continues to remain on the cool said for the midwest over the next couple of days. the southwest, it's a different story. a lot of monsoonal moisture beginning to surge in. look what happens in phoenix, high temperature of only 93 after flirting with the 120s a couple days ago. nashville today should be around 90, washington around 85. >> a nice summer day. thank you so much. let's get an early start on your monday. dow futures pointing slightly higher. stock markets in europe are mixed. shares in asia finishing mostly hire ov higher overnight. oil is down. two of the best days after two of the very worst. a week ago the dow popped on
2:57 am
hopes the until k would stay and then plunged when the uk voted to leave. those worries spilled into monday's session. but then two straight days of solid gains erasing much of the losses. here is where the three major averages stand for the year. the dow now positive again, up 1.5%. nasdaq down more than 4%. and the s&p 500 is just slightly higher. here is that good college graduate job i was telling you about. college graduates are filling almost all of the open jobs in the u.s. labor market. of the 11.6 million jobs created since the recession, 73% went to those with at least a bachelor's degree. another 26% went to people with associates degrees or some college education. that leaves just 1% of the jobs for everybody else. employers want workers with at least some higher education experience or a trade certificate from a technical or
2:58 am
community college. but grads in the most competitive industries are looking for dream jobs right away. look at this other survey we have for you, it reveals the top five companies that business and engineering majors want to work for. they are google and apple, ernst & young, goldman sachs and pricewaterhouse coopers. i think it's so interesting that 73% of the jobs have gone to college grads. people feel like they have been left behind by the economy because they don't have the education. >> i'm going back to college. >> i'd love to see you at the frat the party. >> that's exactly what i was thinking. terror raids in turkey in connection to the istanbul airport attack, "new day" starts right now. new information in the turkey airport massacre. >> bullets coming from -- >> u.s. airports have ramped up security. >> i would be surprised that isil is not considering carrying out these attacks on the united
2:59 am
states. >> what we need to do is destroy them. they will not self-destruct. >> i know every form of trade. fair trade, good trade, bad trade p. >> the prescription of withdrawing from trade deals, that's the wrong medicine. >> we're already losing the trade war. >> you don't suddenly become a populist because they say something controversial in order to win votes. >> the daring roller coaster rescue in oklahoma city. >> we're not sure how they will get everybody down. >> going up the hill and suddenly it just stopped. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo. >> that looks scary. welcome to "new day." it is 6:00 in the east and victor plaqblackwell joining us again. and we start with breaking news. on istanbul terror attack investigation. >> turkish police have been conducting anti-terror raids in
3:00 am
multiple locations. we just got new information about them. let's get right to brooke baldwin, she's live at the istanbul airport with those >> reporter: yeah, chris and alisyn, good morning. we know a lot. significant developments on this early thursday morning. beyond the fact this airport here in istanbul is fully reopened, we now know that police, special operations have carried out raids here in and around istanbul in 16 different neighborhoods or 16 different addresses in total, 13 different people have been detained, including three foreign nationals. all of this, they are telling us, in connection to the triple suicide attack here at the istanbul airport. a turkish official says one attacker walked into the arrivals area of the international terminal, blowing himself up near the security check point. the chaos and confusion giving


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