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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  June 30, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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coffee shops in the future. we love the stories that show that people are not their limitations. >> overlap of doing well and good. >> nice. >> and so valuable for the community, also. great story. thank you. victor, great to work with you. >> great week. thanks for having me. >> see you again. >> all right, time for "newsroom" with carol costello. take a t away. "newsroom" starts now. >>announcer: this is cnn breaking news. and good morning, i'm carol costello, thank you so much for joining me. planned by isis, senior government source telling cnn that the terror group's leaders appear to have helped plot the attacks on istanbul's airport. this, after we learn the nationalities of the three suicide bombers. they're from russia, and kyrgyzstan. there is strong evidence they entered turkey from the strong hold of raqqah and syria. counterterrorism troops have detained 22 people, including several foreign nationals, just
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around dawn, the raids swept across the capitol and coast. video that shows one of the airport tackers shooting a police officer. according to the newspaper, the officer had stopped the terrorist and asked for his i.d. and the death toll climbs to 43, after two of the wounded die of their injuries. nearly 100 people remain hospitalized this morning. we're following all the major developments this morning and breaking them down with our correspondents and experts. let's begin our coverage with matthew chance in moscow. hi, matthew. >> reporter: hi, that's right. turkish officials are saying the identity of the three suicide bombers and attackers have been made public. there is somebody from kyrgyzstan, soviet republics. the kremlin said they can't release or confirm what the
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authorities have already made public, but not expressly ruling out that a rsh shussian nationa could have been described in the heinous attacks described by russian president. the region have with islamic militant, thousands of russian citizens, dagestan, regions like that have already left russia to join the ranks of isis. it is possible that wuchb these attackers could have indeed been a russian citizen, carol. >> all right, matthew, reporting live from moscow this morning. let's turn to this morning's terror raids, detaining 22 people, as investigators scramble to identify who was behind the airport attack and whether mortar or attacks are planned. outside of the airport with more, hi alexandra.
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>> reporter: these are counterterrorism raids. right behind me, we know police have taken nine people into custody and another 13 people who they have detained from istanbul. they've brought them in for questioning. it isn't clear what kind of links they believe the people may have. we do understand from officials in intelligence sources, they've told cnn that three of the bomber whose had traveled from raqqah had spent about a month in istanbul prior to this attack. they have located the flat that these men have rented, so certainly that will be a focus of the investigation. they'll be not only looking at that, but speaking to the neighbors, anyone who may have seen these men, trying to glean more information about what else they could have potentially been planning, and who they could have been working with. also to that end, we know that within the last day, they were able to locate the taxicab driver would dropped these three attackers off at the airport. that person has been questioned.
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provided a statement to the police, and he has since been released. investigators are also learning more about how these men carried out the attack, with a mix of explosives and ak-47s. we know went to the departure hall, arrivals hall and kbrout side of the airport. this is an airport, carol, that places a high premium on security. we know it had a high level of security measures in place. authorities say they exceeded international standards. to that end, we know one of the tackers didn't even go past a security gate. he fired into the arrivals all before detonating his explosive. we've been able to see from closed caption television that one of the attackers shot what is being described as an undercover police officer. so there were measures in place. it simply was not enough to stop these attacks from happening. the death toll standing at 43. >> alexandra field, reporting
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live from istanbul, turkey. with me now, a cnn military a analyst. i'm also joined by contributor for "the daily beast," michael wise. senior source says there is strong evidence that isis leaders themselves planned this attack, and the bombers came from raqqah, syria, learning they were from russia, kyrgyzstan. what do you make of this? >> two things. from my time in europe, what i'll tell you is on a daily basis, we monitored the dozens of terrorist organizations, islamist extremists coming out of the caucuses. we found some of the toughest fighters as part of al qaeda.
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what you're seeing i think if all of this holds true and we're still in the early stages of the investigation, the potential for some of the toughest fighters coming out of the fight in syria and iraq, going back potentially to the caucus region. i think as matthew chance pointed out, this is going to be a very big challenge for mr. putin and his russian provinces. >> michael, sources also say the attackers actually rented an apartment, a flat in the month leading up to the attack in istanbul. they think isis leaders may have been supporting them financially before the attack. what does that tell you. >> very easy to rent an apartment in istanbul. i was embedded with syrian rebels in 2012, late 2012, they had taken bomb making courses in turkey through an assistance program with the turkish intelligence services. look, getting to istanbul from raqqah is fairly easy.
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it is it can be about 14 thundershowehours. they have sleeper cells and operatives, you know, scattered throughout the country, from ankara, isis agents have assassinat assassinated. turkey is completely penetrated by this. also, i have to add, the russian foreign intelligence service has conducted assassinations on turkish soil against russian federation nationals thought to be jihadists, including and especially dagestan, and the suspect named here is said to be dagestan. >> we do know one of the boston bombers in boston was born in kyrgyzstan. we know the younger brother, said he killed because of america's war against muslims. are we seeing something similar here?
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is it the same? >> well, carol, again, as michael just pointed out, the number of terrorist groups in this region is boundless. there literally are three or four dozen different organizations within kyrgyzstan, uzebkistan, several attacks occurred in europe when i was commanding there from those groups. so yeah, you may say they're the same nationality, but does it mean will is a connection, probably not. these are people who have grown-up from the russian government, and they have been attempting to find an islamic states of their own in the caucases region. >> i want you both to look at this airport security video. it is disturbing, so i'm going to warn my viewers now. it shows someone shooting at
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another human being, but sadly, this is the reality people live in. this is one of the terrorists. an undercover police officer asks for his i.d. the terrorist is in all black. and he opens fire on the security guard, the gunman call me walks off. this is how isis terrorists operate, with no -- i mean, he just walked calmly on. he didn't even seem to react, michael. >> look, i thought from the very beginning that these guys had some combat training, given the sort of coolness and calm with which they perpetrated this massacre. if they were, if this were a central isis plot in raqqah, i guarantee they've had extensive battle field training. going into the forest to link up with militants and insurgency groups there. these are the most battle
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hardened and die hard fighters they've got. these guys are on the frontline in fallujah, they just lost to pro iraqi forces. if you talk to anybody who has ever fought isis, the worst people are the czcins. they're former war minister, who was killed a few months ago, this guy actually led isis's first major military operation against the assad regime at the air base, i think it was late 2012 or early 2013. he sent two suicide bombers in trucks to blow open the gates of a military base by which isis was able to gain a tremendous hall of weapon, ammunition and so on. >> general, i just want to ask you about one thing before i have to let you both go. the turkish president apologized to russia for shooting down one
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of its planes over the turkish/syrian border. he reached out for a new relationship. so what happens now, general? >> well, there are a number of things that are complicating this matter, carol. first of all, certain discomfort between the russia/turkish relationship, the fact that turkey and israel recently signed an agreement after almost six years of being at each other's throat over the shipboarding in the mediterranean, you also have the end of ramadan, which is affecting this. so several things may have contributing to this attack, but as michael said, they have this fighting in their blood. they've been doing it for multiple decades, not only in their province, but all over the world. they've been attempting to gain their freedom. i'll reenforce what michael said. these are some of the toughest fighters they have. mr. putin knows he has a problem on his border, and istanbul and other airports is also
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problematic. >> all right, general, michael, thanks to both of you. u.s. officials say hundreds of militants may be dead, killed in a series of air strikes trying to flee southern fallujah. the mission comes days after eye wra -- iraqi forces say they claimed the city. in the meantime, an exclusive interview with cnn, the chief of intel for the air force warns the pentagon's anti-isis campaign still has a long way to go. cnn's barbara starr has more on this. >> carol, the cia is saying there may be a long way to go still to make significant progress against isis, just as a top air force intelligence officer is telling me he also thinks that targets isis is not what it should be. in an exclusive interview, the chief of air force intelligence tells cnn air strike targeting
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against isis gets a failing grade. on a scale of one to ten, how far behind is targeting? >> i would give us a five, which means we have a lot of work to do. >> the problem? >> the problem is not having enough fighter jets to drop bombs. the problem is having enough legitimate targets that we can strike that can put isil on their heels. >> the pentagon has been trying to find better ways to select isis targets that if bombed, really would hurt the organization. but the general describes a disjointed process. >> we are tracking targets off of probably a couple of dozen spreadsheets, and it is not coordinated between all of the agencies. >> a startling assessment, after 13,000 air strikes. >> there is always room to improve. >> the air strikes are helping take back territory. on this section of the syria/turkey border, the u.s. is
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focusing on shutting down the flow of fighters back and forth. conducting air strikes around this key area of manbish in northern syria. >> paris and brussels, planned in raqqah, go through this area, coordinate and move out through turkey to carry out their attacks. >> air strikes can -- half of isis's $300 million a year in oil earnings has been wiped out, but leaving them $150 million a year. >> that's a lot of money, and can fund a lot across the globe. >> isis is building the network of terrorists it can send into europe. >> they're attempting operatives for further attacks. they have a large cadre of fighters who can serve as operatives for attacks in the
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west. >> there may be a lot of senior military officers who don't exactly agree with the general about the five out of ten assessment, but some do. and it is worth remembering, the general has decades long experience in military intelligence. carol. >> barbara starr reporting, thank you. donald trump and president obama trading punches over trade policy, and it goes international. rushing to class. ♪ ♪ teaching us science... ♪ ...and how to bounce pass. ♪ by the day's end, your body is beat. ♪ ♪ your sealy hybrid gets you off your feet. ♪ you'll sleep through the night, and feel good as new. ♪ cause sealy's support is perfect for you. ♪ only the sealy hybrid has posturepedic technology to support you where you need it most. sealy. proud supporter of you.
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boy: this is the story of a boy who was very sensitive to lights and sounds. so he built secret hiding places where nothing could get in. the boy didn't like looking people in the eye. it made him feel uncomfortable. one day, he found out he had something called autism.
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his family got him help. and slowly he learned how to live with it better. announcer: early intervention can make a lifetime of difference. learn the signs at donald trump and president obama locked in a war over trade. trump is set to fire back in a speech later today, after obama ripped into the presumptive republican nominee, calling trade policies xeno phobic and bad for global trade. >> the prescription of withdrawing from trade deals and focusing solely on your local
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market, that's the wrong medicine. you are right to be concerned about the trends, but what you're prescribing will not work. >> jason carroll is following the trump side of the story. good morning. >> yeah, you heard the president speaking there in canada. i would expect donald trump to go after the president when he holds his rally later today in new hampshire. the president going after trump, saying his trade policies would not help the united states, would lead to a loss of jobs, hurt the economy. he also p went after trump, saying he is not a real popul t populist. >> president obama laying into donald trump's protectionist trade agenda as not feasible, calling it a prescription that won't help u.s. workers, but actually hurt them. >> withdrawing from trade deals and focusing solely on your local market, that's the wrong medicine. our auto plants for example
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would shut down if we didn't have access to some parts in other parts of the world. >> speaking at a rally in bangor, maine, trump again laid out his plan which calls for possibly pulling out of nafta north american free-trade agreement, his proposals drawing criticism not sdwrus frjust the left, but firing back at the u.s. chamber of course. >> chamber of commerce is upset with me, we're going to lose a trade war, we're already losing the trade war, folks. >> coming on two days of critiques, live tweeting during his economic speech tuesday. under trump's trade plans, we would see higher prices, fewer jocks a jobs, weaker economy, and trump says they're held by interest groups. >> we lost the trade war. we're getting killed. >> the presumptive gop nominee
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threatening agreements with china in the process. >> i want to renegotiate a deal. i want to terminate the deal and do a good deal. and that's all i want. >> the president, making a point to dismiss trump's so-called populist message. >> they don't suddenly become populist because they say something controversial in order to win votes. that's not the measure of populism. that's nativism, or xenophobia. >> trump aiming at hillary clinton. >> bernie sanders cannot stand hillary clinton. you wouldn't think this, but there is one thing that bernie sanders and i are in complete accord with. and that's trade. he said we're being ripped off. i said we're being ripped off. >> trump taking a swipe at old foes, calling out his former gop rivals for their lack of support. >> you know, these people signed the pledge. remember, they wanted me to sign the pledge.
6:23 am
they broke their word. in my opinion, they should never be allowed to run for public office again. >> trump's allies aren't letting up attacking elizabeth warren's heritage. how we carr opening up the rally by mocking the senator. >> you know elizabeth warren, right? >> picking up on trump's incessant jabs, calling warren pocahontas. >> that's elizabeth warren. >> a number of native americans offended by those comments there. want to pick up on the battle between trump and the u.s. chamber of commerce. they point to an op-ed trump wrote for cnn where he did not call for pulling out of nafta. in fact, he sounded more like a globalist. i want to read a quote for you, from trump. we will have to leave borders behind and go for global unity when it comes to financial
6:24 am
stability. the rank and file will say when you look at the u.s. chamber of commerce, these are members of the gop establishment. of course, they're going to be against trump. so that's why they're still falling in line behind him, and not surprised by the criticism comes from the chamber of commerce. >> thank you so much. >> you bet. mr. trump is making it easy for republicans to rally around him. at this rate, will he be forced to go at it alone. with me to talk about this, jackie from "the daily beast." welcome to boast of you. >> thank you. >> thanks for being here. ryan, donald trump cannot seem to rally republicans around him. so he seems to be trying to shame them. will this convince john kasich, ted cruz and jeb bush to jump on the trump train? >> more than that, too, right. i believe scott walker, the governor of wisconsin, who also ran against trump, has not endorsed him. i don't think so. look, what most of these republicans are looking for, and
6:25 am
have not seen it yet, is for trump to change, right. that's what they keep saying. they want to see growth, they want to see him pivot to use the cliché of the moment towards the general election. they want to see him run a more professional campaign and they want to see him stop attacking important republican interest groups, like the claim better of commerce, and focus all his energy like a laser beam on hillary clinton. and every time he sort of takes a baby step in that direction, there is a lot of, you know, sigh of relief, but let's be honest. trump has been in public life now running for president for a year. he is who he is. he is not likely to change significantly in the next four months until the general election. and i think a lot of republicans are just, you know, coming to terms with that. >> well, you know, jackie, trump's republican opponents are also still bitter over his vicious campaign tact particulars. listen to utah senator mike lee, talking about why he is not on
6:26 am
the trump train. >> he accused my best friend's father of conspiring to kill jfk. we can go through the fact that he has made statements that some have identified correctly as religiously intolerant. we can get into the fact that while unpopular, i hope i can get over these concerns. i hope mr. trump can help me identify them. don't stit sit here and tell me i have no reason to be concerned about donald trump. >> so jackie, what's the answer for mr. trump? >> you know, he really hasn't really made much of an effort to reach out to these republicans like mike lee, consistently. he does it behind closed doors, tells them it will be okay, but then goes out in public and does exactly what we're talking about, and republican whose signed the pledge who aren't endorsing him, saying they shouldn't be able to run again. that doesn't exactly breed good feelings. mike lee is someone who is known as sort of the policy wonk of
6:27 am
the heritage foundation type republicans. so there is also a policy issue here, where you know, the orthodox republicans can't get on board with trump because they don't agree with him on basic issues. so until he extend as an olive branch to republicans like mike lee, why should they support him? >> i will say, ryan, mr. trump has one friend, the nra. the nra has released an ad, a service member who served in benghazi. watch. >> i served in benghazi. my friends didn't make it. they did their part. do yours. >> so is the nra powerful enough to, you know, to cancel out the u.s. chamber of commerce? >> the u.s. chamber of commerce is one of the biggest spenders in presidential elections. i don't really see them lifting a fin ger for donald trump, givn
6:28 am
his views on economics and tariffs. he wants to start a trade war with china, and not to mention immigration, pro-immigration reform. trump has been consistently very pro nra stance on guns with one recent exception where he made comments that they disagreed with. trump got beat 26 million to 0 in terms of ad spending between the trump campaign and hillary and her affiliated entities in june. that's a lot of money, $26 million to nothing. so the nra is stepping any believe with a $2 million buy to start hitting hillary clinton, and they're much more scared of clinton, given how the democrats have moved left on the issue of guns than they would have been in a previous cycle. and i think that's actually interesting that they're that pro trump, because trump on some of the other big civil liberty issues that a lot of nra members traditionally care about is not so great. their core issue of guns, he is
6:29 am
much better than hillary clinton. but you know, one interest group like the nra spending a couple of million dollars isn't going to make the difference. the trump campaign knows this, and they're breaking the previous pledge that he would sell funds and they're trying to post a big number by the end of the month. >> all right, i have to leave it there, jackie, ryan, thanks to both of you. still to come in the "newsroom," before istanbul, how much contact did the bombers have with isis. i'll talk with a former cia director, next. yle ramen noodle. when you cook with incredible ingredients... you make incredible meals. fresh ingredients, step-by-step recipies, delivered to your door for less than nine dollars a meal. get your first two meals free at .
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and good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. the race to beat britain's prime minister just got smaller. a campaign kick off, the former london mayor and local supporter of the leave campaign, boris johnson, shocked political watchers, when he said he would not enter the race to leave
6:34 am
parliament to become the new prime minister. diane was at the announcement just a short time ago. hi, diana. >> reporter: hi, carol. well, it felt a little as though boris johnson was leading us all on. he built up this huge speech about how brexit would provide a new opportunity for britain to stand tall in the world, and a new leader would be heralding in a new leader, and then this. >> i must tell you, my friends, you who have waited faithfully for the punch line of this speech. having consulted colleagues and in view of the circumstances in parliament, i have concluded that person cannot be me. >> reporter: that person, or
6:35 am
leader of the party cannot be boris johnson. why is that? earlier this morning, michael goath, who was the man who campaigned for leave alongside boris johnson said he didn't have confidence in johnson's leadership abilities and he was going to run himself. so now the front-runners in the conservative leadership contest are michael goaf, and theresa may, she is the interior minister. but leadership contests, carol, are a little like referendum. they're very unpredictable, and this week am british pol particulars, nothing has been predictable. >> reporting live from london this morning, thank you. we are following two major developments in that terror attack at an istanbul airport that left 43 people dead. three bombers, one of whom is shown here, is from russia and
6:36 am
from two former soviet states. that news coming as a senior turkish government source says there is, quote, strong evidence the bombers were in the isis strong hold of raqqah syria, before heading to syria to carry out the attack. the source adding that isis leadership was involved in the planning. with me now, james wolsley, and jill doherty, for the cannon institute. welcome to both of you. james, i want to start with you. sources say isis leadership is tied to this terrorist incident, but isis has yet to claim responsibility. why do you think that is? >> i'm not sure. they play all sorts of games. and i think it doesn't matter much what they claim and what they don't claim. it is clearly a movement that seeks by adding to its size, caliphate, to dominate as much as it can in that part of the
6:37 am
world. one thing this brings out is that the muslim populations of the former soviet union have rid ca -- radicals eager to be involved. there is one demographer, by 2050, the russians will be a minority in their own country. so the russians need to pay attention to how they are going to do a good job of culturally integrating muslims from these caucuses and central asian states and they're not very good at it. we're not bad at integrating people from all over the world, the russians are not. >> i want to get back to the notion that isis leadership planned the tack. what does that mean for turkey? >> i think it means that they were beginning to regard the turks as a real enemy. the turks are helping against
6:38 am
isis, not as much as we would have liked, but they were doing and have been doing a good deal. the turks and kurds are probably the two best disciplined and fighters in that part of the world, and they presumably felt they needed to make a contribution to keep them from -- keep from getting shoved around essentially. >> okay, wait i'm hearing breaking news. one second. there is a report, there is a report of an active shooter at joint base andrews in maryland, home of air force one. apparently the other information you just gave me, michelle, can i report that? there is a report of an active shooter. was there a drill going on at the time? okay, so there was some sort of training drill going on at the time, and then during that drill, an actual call came through, and now joint base
6:39 am
andrews is on lockdown. since i have you here, james, just your reaction to that? >> well, that is used by presidents aircraft and other government aircraft. no particular schedule that i know of, but it is used that way. so andrews is a very important facility, and that's a very in your face move, if some entity did it. if it is one crazy individual, if it really is, you know, workplace violence, then okay, but this doesn't sound -- this sounds more as if somebody had decided they wanted to stick their fingers in the eyes of the united states, and this was one way to do it. >> okay, i have cnn analyst art rod ri rodrick on the phone now. you're right. it could be a case of workplace violence, it could be something more. it could be absolutely nothing. so mr. rodrick, what do you make
6:40 am
of it? >> i think, you know, i wouldn't be surprised if it was some sort of drill, but generally they would announce that immediately on the twitter page. that base in particular, right at 9:00, has by believe it has -- that place is usually full, you know, with people coming in and out of the gates, usually show up and work at exactly that hour. but i think we've got to confirm if that's a drill or if it's really an active shooter at this point in time. >> well, this is a tweet that came from joint base andrews. i'm not sure what time it came over. it was recently. it says the incident is ongoing. malcolm growe medical facility. first responders are on scene now. all personnel continue to shelter in place. so it certainly is on lockdown and supposedly this incident is
6:41 am
taking place at a medical facility yard. >> yeah, i've talked to some of my law enforcement friends who seem to think this could, could be i say a false alarm. that has not been confirmed yet, obviously. but you know, we still, it is still early on. as we know in these types of situations, the initial information we generally get is either not correct or off by some sort of means, but you know, this is still early on in the situation. but the information i'm hearing is it is either a drill or a false alarm. >> okay, and you have good sources telling you that information? >> yes. yes, i do. >> so why would they put it on lockdown, just out of an abundance of caution? >> yes, and in any of these situations now, i mean, you know, especially with what's been going on in the past couple of months, they would automatically put this on shut down. now, this being a military base,
6:42 am
they do this sort of training active shooter training all the time. they take this active shooter situation, these scenarios very seriously. these mass casualties training they do on a regular basis, and what usually occurs with these sorts of situations is they train on all of these military bases to -- in an active shooter situation, shelter in place if possible, or flee if you can get away safely, or actually, try to confront the individual. >> okay, again, we do not know if this is real or not. art is getting information from his sources that this could be a false alarm, and of course, we hope that's true. but as of right now, we do know that joint base andrews is on lockdown. all personnel have been advised to continue to shelter in place. there is a pentagon briefing that will be happening at any moment now. it was prescheduled. it is not about this. but we expect that they may want
6:43 am
to say something, just to calm things down or tell us exactly what's happening in maryland right now. james, i'll turn to you. you know, whenever you hear of this, you just, the worst things go through your minds. it is the times we live in right now. >> well, it is the times we live in. but there are some things we could do about it. we are at war. the president and the administration don't admit that. they don't like to use the word. they don't like to use the word islam, but we're at war with a hard line side of radical islam. they're at war with us. we may not be at war with them. and what that means is that a lot of the things that we could enjoy in excellent peace time, let's say early '90s, in which everybody had about as much privacy as we wanted, everybody had as about security we wanted and not much of a problem. when you're war, people are killing floeks in florida and
6:44 am
california maybe maryland, we don't know, you have got to focus on the fact that there will have to be compromises. the way do that is to get industry, particularly the part that manages our infrastructure to respect to data together with the government and work out public/private partnerships so we can keep track of the terrorists and people who might be terrorists. there public data available to buy and acquire trillions and trillions of bits of data that nobody, you know, you don't have to pay anybody for, and it is publicly known and available. you don't have to intercept anybody's communications. that could be something that we could do a lot with if people were willing to work together. we need a president who does what fdr did the morning after december 7, 1941, pulls everybody together, we're at war. he is in charge of detroit, he is in charge of such-and-such,
6:45 am
let's go. we don't have such a president. >> getting back to joint andrews for just a second, because i know you're very familiar with. we know it is the home of air force one. the president is out of the country right now, so that plane will land at sometime. i don't know. what else is joint base andrews used for? >> i think the joint means air force and also unified command. i'm not sure. they changed the names of the these bases. i haven't been at andrews for a long time. >> that's okay. i've got tom fuentes on the phone. >> i'm here on skype. >> what are you hearing? >> i'm hearing there is no confirmation of anything actually occurring. so they have the report. they're investigating. we'll wait and see if they find anything. >> art said that you know, there was a drill going on, this could
6:46 am
be a false alarm, but we do know joint base andrews is on lockdown. so what does that tell you? >> you know, it is interesting, because when i was in the fbi, i was involved in several drills where we notify the public, notify everybody that it is a drill, and yet, some other person sees something, thinks it is real, and called in in some cases called into the media, the media didn't know there was a drill, and it kind of took a life of its own. so that's why i agree with art that very good possibility that somehow something that might have been part of the drill could have been falsely called in, or not. we just don't know yet. >> and is this, i mean, they're acting out of an abundance of caution. is that because of, you know, the president's plane takes off and lands at joint base andrews. >> that's part of it, but i could tell you nobody will get near that aircraft or any of the other air force aircraft that look like small air force one,
6:47 am
and i've been oh a couple before. we nicknamed them air force 110th, the g 5 aircraft that are there. nobody will get close to the president's aircraft. drill or no drill. i wouldn't worry about that part of it. >> you know, i just, i just, i'm just loathed to scare people, because we don't know what is going on. art, tell us, i just -- we don't know. but we do know that the joint base andrews is on lockdown. that's pretty much all we know. we know a safety drill was ongoing, and then suddenly in the middle of the drill, something happened. if something happened at the malcolm growe medical facility. it says the incident is ongoing at the malcolm growe medical facility. first responders on scene now. all personnel continue to shelter in place. anything to make of that, tom? >> not really.
6:48 am
not yet. we're just going to have to wait a few minutes for more confirmation. >> james? >> the point you made here, i think that when something like this happens, there is a long history during the cold war of training, events and turning a radar on for the first time, the software of which isn't programmed right in which it looks as if something terrible has happened or may be happening. the gulf incident in '64 is one very good example. it is important that the next leader of our country do what you're doing. ask questions, and not jump to conclusions, and get it sorted out. and not shoot from the hip. so one of the things we all need to look at with our two likely presidential candidates, are they basically going to do what you were doing, which is what they ought to do, rather than fly off the handle.
6:49 am
>> are you talking specifically about one candidate over the other? >> no, i'm equally willing to look at both. >> gotcha. so art, you've been talking to your sources at, i don't know if they're at joint base andrews or not. what are they telling you. >> the word i'm getting is it is a falls reporse report. that doesn't necessarily mean that, you know, even if it is a false report, they will follow this through, follow the protocol that they have set in place. the military is probably the best set up and best trained to handle active shooter scenarios on any of their bases as we've seen unfortunately what has happened in the past couple of years on a lot of military bases. so even if this is a false report, they will have the protocols set up, they will follow this through. they'll search buildings, put people on lockdown. but the information i'm getting
6:50 am
is that shortly after, i came on with you, i received information that it was a >> things are breaking, so stick with me here. so jeh johnson is testifying on the hill. he's the secretary of homeland security. he said he may have to end his testimony early because something is happening at joint base andrews. he didn't say exactly what it was. of course he's testifying on terrorism on capitol hill. so i don't know what's going to, tom fuentes. >> that's exactly what happens, a situation like this, they report it up the chain to the head of dhs, the fbi, the cia, the president. but the information has to come from the people on the ground at that facility. and when it's not there, it's not there. they're being alerted there might be something, thereabou'sn a report of something. that doesn't make it a
6:51 am
confirmation, no matter how dramatic his exit may be from a congressional hearing, that is not a confirmation of an active shooter. we'll have to see. to me and others i've talked to, it's highly coincidental that they're having a drill and somebody calls in that there's an active shooter. often during these drills you'll have people running around with weapons and it looks like something big is going on, but it is a drill, and not everyone gets the memo that there's a drill. >> tom, a lockdown is now in place and personnel are being advised to shelter in place. what does that operation look like? >> it just means shut everybody down, drop everything, stop the presses, let's find out the what's happening and go from there and not have any more confusion than there already could be by having people running around not associated with the drill itself. now there's no longer a drill, there's no longer a reason for
6:52 am
people to be out and about on that base or the entrance to the base, and investigate. find out what actually is happening. >> gotcha. i'm just looking at the twitter of joint base andrews to see if there's anything new. i'll ask my producers in the control room if they've done the same thing. have you guys seen anything new on twitter? okay. we're keeping our eye on it. i don't see anything new either. so how much longer will this go on, when will they be sure, art? do they have to search the whole base? what do they have to do to satisfy themselves that this is just a false alarm? >> yeah, it sounds like it's located in one particular facility. as you recall, we went through the sail exact process a few months out in san diego, at the melt facility in san diego, when it was determined it was a false alarm. and it took several hours before the all clear came out from the military and from the first
6:53 am
responders. so i wouldn't be surprised to see if that's exactly what occurs here. the military has procedures for these types of scenarios and they'll make sure this is absolutely 100% a false report before they put out the all clear. everybody is locked down. we haven't heard any report of shooting going on at all other than a report of an active shooter. this is exactly what happened out in san diego a few months ago. but it did take time to go ahead and search the facility, search the surrounding buildings before they lifted the jock down. >> and tom, we know that the president's plane takes off and lands at joint base andrews. what else is done on that base and how big is it? >> all of the congressional delegations that depart washington fly on smaller jets, that as i mentioned look like little air force ones. and that's how they depart and go around the world, you know,
6:54 am
doing what they do. so there's a number of other air force aircraft that are there. then of course you have the president's marine corps helicopters that fly the president in and out of andrews, from the white house to andrews, which is probably a ten-minute helicopter ride, so it's not that far from washington, d.c. but the base is well-protected. i recall an event several years ago where a 16-year-old boy tried to drive through the gates, tried to crash the gates at andrews and was shot dead. it turned out they believed he was mentally disturbed, but it didn't matter, when he went through the gates, that was it and they shot him. so they take their security serious, they always have at that base. and they will be thorough, as art mentioned. they'll make sure that it's clear. one of the things they'll do also is immediately try to figure out who called it in, what did that person see. and some of these events like we've had at navy yard in the past where it was an accidental
6:55 am
call-in of false information, and they're able to resolve it quickly. or it could be a deliberate hoax just to watch everybody scramble around or test the security, and that's another thing they'll worry about, is somebody, you know, calling something in. the fact that it happened in the middle of a drill, that wouldn't be a good time to test the security at andrews, if it's already being tested in progress. >> all right. we have a little bit of information from joint base andrews' facebook page. it's not much more information, but i'll read it to you, just to inform you what they say is going on. it says there were reports of an active shooter incident on base at malcolm breaux medical facility at 9:00 a.m. eastern time today. persons on base have been requested to shelter in place. the base was scheduled to conduct an active shooter exercise however reports of a real world active shooter situation were reported. first responders are currently
6:56 am
on scene to secure the organization. due to the serious nature of the report, the base is acting to ensure the safety of all personnel. then they say more information as it becomes available. on the phone with me is former nypd detective joe jacaloni, hi, joe. what do you make of this situation? >> this is the heightened state of alert that everyone needs to be on. we don't want to discourage somebody who did see something and said something. even if the information proves to be inaccurate, we want to ensure that people continue to call in with information that they deem to be a threat not only to the public but to our military personnel. >> if this really were a serious situation, art, wouldn't jeh johnson leave his testimony on the hill to attend to matters more important? >> absolutely, especially if it's at joint base andrews.
6:57 am
the other interesting thing is we haven't heard in tweets or e-mail messages or text messages coming from anybody that would possibly be involved in a shooting in that facility. and i'm sure family members would have been calling 911 by now, and this would have been out on the air, as we've seen in past incidents. so i think the military is just doing what they do. they do this the best. they're making sure this is a false report and that they're going to continue searching the facilities until they give the all clear. >> and tom, they were conducting a drill when the call of an actual shooter came in. how do you suppose that drill went down? what were they doing, do we know? >> we don't know. i don't know how the drill started or if it started or what it involved. it involved people moving around on that base with weapons displayed. and that could be the basis of
6:58 am
the call from someone not knowing that there is an actual drill going on as opposed to a live incident. we just don't know yet what it is. >> and again, if you're just joining us, joint base andrews is on lockdown, of course that's in prince george's county, maryland, where the president's plane takes off, air force one, it's the home of air force one, you know it from there. that's why it's such a big concern. we believe there's an incident at the medical facility there, and that it's called the malcolm grow medical facility. and everyone on base is on lockdown. they're being advised to stay inside. also people living around the base are being advised to stay in their homes and to stay away from this area. but as art, our security analyst, has been telling us, he thinks this could be a false alarm. tell us again what your sources are saying. >> just that shortly after this was reported, local law
6:59 am
enforcement, local state and federal law enforcement had been called, and i had spoken to a couple of individuals and basically they had been notified early on that it was a false report. that's generally how these things run. joint base andrews has its own security there. so they would be the first responders. but when the call would go out, everybody that would be in the neighborhood in that particular area would respond, state, local, and federal officers would respond. so you've got fbi, u.s. marshals, atf, they're all in the area there right around that joint base, so it wouldn't take them long to be able to respond to that particular facility. but the call seemed to have gone out fairly early that it was a false report after the finish tweets came out from joint base andrews. >> all right, art, stand by. we want to go to the pentagon, to barbara starr, she hopefully
7:00 am
has some new information and can tell us what is really going on here. hi, barbara. >> reporter: hi, carol. it is in fact still a confused situation at this hour. here at the pentagon, air force officials are telling me that they have been told, and let's just step through this carefully, they have been told by air force officials at andrews that there is an active shooter at that location. the information is very sketchy because again, people are essentially in lockdown, being told to shelter in place. but for the officials in what the military calls public affairs, those who talk to us in the press corps, they say what they're hearing from andrews is there is an active shooter. we want to be very careful about this because it's still very early, it is a confused picture. there was an active shooter drill on andrews, by all accounts, today, a practice about how to deal with these kinds of situations.
7:01 am
so there is, you know, very sketchy information. here at the pentagon, you know, for now, they are saying that's what andrews is telling them, that there is one. this may actually be resolved very quickly, if it does turn out to be a false alarm, because there is this massive law enforcement response effort. if there is an active shooter, we might in fact see this whole situation go on for some time until they can clear buildings and be very certain of what they are dealing with. so again, here at the pentagon, air force officials say they've been told by andrews it is the real -- a real situation, there is an active shooter. other people are casting some doubt on that, carol. >> all right, stay right there, barbara, i hope you can gather more information for us. thank you very much. i want to go to brian todd, he is now en route to joint base andrews. brian, what can you tell us? >> reporter: officials this
7:02 am
morning are telling us that there was a planned drill for an active shooter this morning, and during that drill they got a report of an actual active shooter. that report came in around 9:00 a.m. eastern time. according to the public information officer at andrews air force base, they're following the protocols for an active shooter situation. the base is locked down, there is a shelter in place. another air force official, captain darryl white, told us there is an active shooter situation at the malcolm grow medical facility on the base. there is no more information than that, carol. we're told by air force officials there are first responders in that area. malcolm grow is apparently a fairly large medical facility on the base at joint base andrews. i asked air force officials a short time ago if they have reports of actual shots fired. they say the only report they have is a real world active shooter situation. and everyone now is on lockdown
7:03 am
while they try to ensure the safety of the people on base, carol. right now what we can tell you is they're following the protocols for an active shooter situation. everybody is told to shelter in place. if there is an actual active shooter, we're told it could well be at the malcolm grow medical facility at joins air force base andrew. >> remember a little while ago i told you that the secretary of homeland security jeh johnson was testifying on the hill. in the middle of his testimony he stopped to say say few words about what is or is not happening at joint base andrews. we've turned around his sound now, as we call it in the business, and i would like you to listen to that now. >> thank you, chairman, senator leahy, members of this committee. i appreciate the opportunity to be here today. you have my prepared statement. i will say just a few things for the record here this morning. first, we do have, as reflected
7:04 am
on the news, an unfolding situation at andrews air base, which may require that i take a break from this session, i hope you won't mind if i need to do that, chairman. >> okay. i'm going to go to tom opportunifuentes now. tom, this is just confusing. >> it's not really confusing. if there's a report of something at a location as significant as andrews air force base, he can't just sit there for hours answering questions, he's going to have to leave and appear to be in charge. >> i don't mean what he said is confusing. i mean the situation there is confusing. either it was a drill or it wasn't a drill, and how long will it take them to figure that out? >> we don't know that. it depends how much information they get as to what the original report was. and if there's additional information that they're getting. so it could be a matter of minutes, it could be an hour or
7:05 am
two, i think, to check out the that whole base. i think it will be pretty soon. usually the last time we had a false alarm at the navy yard, it was within an hour that it was resolved that it had been a false alarm. if it's a false alarm, we'll hear pretty soon. if it's not a false alarm, if someone needs medical facility, even though it's a medical facility, they may need more medical personnel to get people care. so there's lot going on, a lot of personnel staging, from the department of defense, u.s. law enforcement, as well as the local county of prince george's. >> i'm just getting word that also the u.s. park police, they've provided helicopter support. they're flying over the area to assist if they're needed. so the level of participation is growing, james.
7:06 am
>> of course this might be nothing. it might be something very serious. but there's tees a possibility that both things are true, that there was a drill, and somebody rather cleverly decided to use the cover of the drill in order to become an active shooter. so there are numerous possibilities. but this is the way you first hear about things, when you're in the cabinet room or the national security council. something crops up, and you don't know whether that is true or whether you have to inquire about that. almost always, the very first impression has something badly wrong with it, and it just takes some time, as i say. >> i would think jeh johnson would want to just go and find out the what's happening, but he's doing his duty, testifying before congress about important
7:07 am
matters. >> i think they will probably just let him go. >> i think so. barbara starr, are you still around? okay, barbara starr has left. brian todd, are you still around? okay. so i'm going to go back to you, tom fuentes. so the u.s. park police are also involved in this matter now. it seems like it's going to be -- i don't know, it's going to be a long time before we figure out what's happening here. >> it would seem so. but i don't think it will be that long. i think it will be within an hour or two that it will be resolved. as far as -- you know, what's interesting about this, we're talking like this is the first drill we're ever going to have at andrews air force base. this is probably something that have on an annual basis at least, involving all the agencies, federal, state, local, and county, how to work together, what resources would be deployed, what -- you know, where the assets would go to stage and get ready in case it's real. so this is something they would know in advance how they're going to handle it. one more drill, whether it took
7:08 am
place today or didn't, really is just an incremental training exercise in i'm sure a series of many exercises that would have gone on over the years at that base. >> we do understand that president obama's travel has been delayed because of this incident. as you know, the president has been in canada, meeting with canadian and mexican officials for the north american summit. oh, the vice president, i'm sorry, i take that back, i'm very sorry. the vice president's travel has been delayed, vice president joe biden was expected to go to ohio, i do apologize. do we know when president obama is expected to come back? i'm asking my producers. we're checking on that. he might be back already. i apologizing for that. that's a good thing. mike, have you heard anything more from your sources on what's going on here at joint base andrews? >> what i've heard is that -- and this sounds like a very good possibility of what could have happened here, they had the
7:09 am
active shooter training going on, and that something happened at that facility, possibly an accidentally discharge, possibly. and then what occurred here is that responding officers, once the call went out, responding officers were called to back off, stand by, and that the facilities, the individual facilities' security there, joint base andrews police, could handle this on their own. that's sort of what i'm hearing right now. so although we have all these units on standby, they're on standby just based on active shooter protocols. we see some officers at the scene right now, they don't seem to be moving, and then they get in active shooter type stances and are moving around. but the hospital will remain on lockdown, but that's the word
7:10 am
i'm getting now. >> okay. so we're getting these pictures in from wjla in washington, d.c., one of our affiliates. these are ground shots of joint base andrews. tom, we can't see much activity, but can you discern anything from it? >> i can't see it, i'm on skype. it's a one-way communication. >> i'm sorry. so art, i will go back to you. it doesn't seem like things are moving along too urgently here, is that what you're saying? >> that's what i'm saying. it looks like they knew probably from the beginning or at least the individuals in that particular area knew from the beginning what had occurred. but i'm sure reports came out, and law enforcement that was responding was basically told to stand down, stand down. but i think out of an abundance of caution, personnel are staging in areas around there. as you can see, these law
7:11 am
enforcement officers just slowly moving around the area. they don't seem to be in any tactical stances or moving at any type of speed as if they're some type of active shooter going on there. >> all right. for those viewers just joining us, i want to bring you up to date on what's happening or not at joint base andrews. this is from joint base andrews' facebook page. there were reports of an active shooter incident on base at malcolm grow medical facility at approximately 9:00 a.m. eastern. personnel on the base had been directed to shelter in place. the base was scheduled to conduct an active shooter exercise, however reports of a real world active shooter situation were reported at malcolm grow medical facility. first responders are currently on scene to secure the location. due to the serious nature of this report, the base is reacting to ensure the safety of all personnel. and it says more information will be released as it becomes available. we know jeh johnson, the secretary of homeland security
7:12 am
was testifying on capitol hill. he interrupted his testimony to say something was happening at joint base andrews and he may have to leave. but as far as we know, jeh johnson is still testifying on capitol hill. art is hearing from his sources that this could be a false alarm, but we don't know that for sure. i want to go to you, joe. a lot of time has passed since 9:00 a.m. eastern. what do you make of this? >> like tom was saying, not a lot of people are watching it now, they're not really moving around in a type of capacity where you would say they're going somewhere, there seems to be calm. they want to be sure all the i's are dotted and t's are crossed and everyone is accounted for. they'll find out whether there was an active shooter or not, based on gun inspections and what have you. right now things are calm, there's not a lot of ambulance activity, even though there's not a hospital. they might have to bring people
7:13 am
elsewhere than inside that facility, it wouldn't be safe, that would be an indication that something is wrong. right now i'm keeping a positive outlook and i think we'll find out they'll be standing down soon. >> i do hope you're right. i want to keep a positive outlook as well. tom, so the base is on lockdown, people have been advised to shelter in place. what do authorities need to do, what do they need to be sure of before they say the situation is all clear? >> that they don't have someone running around the base armed and shooting or potentially shooting people on the base. once they determine that, they'll end the lockdown. and it should be pretty quick. if this was an accidental discharge of a firearm, and this happens in drills, people are supposed to clear their weapons, and one person doesn't, or, you know, any number of things happen. people have been wounded and injured in active drill situations, which go bad, aren't
7:14 am
set up properly, and accidents happen. so, you know, that is a possibility, that that may be what happened. i think as soon as they verify that, they'll bring this to an end and terminate the lockdown. >> and art, do you know from your sources what kind of drill was going on at joint base andrews? >> well, my understanding was it was an active shooter drill. so i mean, based on what's occurring here, they're more than likely just following what they would do in a real active shooter situation. but obviously if there was an ad, what we call an a.d., an accidentally discharge, that is a very loud report of a weapon inside the hospital, and it's probably they received several calls about a shooting at that particular facility. so in the military, they do what they do best, and they'll follow
7:15 am
through this thing until the bitter end. again, just looking at the photos from the local tv station there, nobody is moving in any heightened state of alert. they're basically walking around and -- so it just appears to me there's really -- you know, that the active shooter scenario there occurring at the scene has already been, for all intents and purposes, internally there at the base, has been cleared, somewhat cleared. >> all right. it is delaying some air traffic for the vice president, so i want to head to the white house and check in with suzanne malveaux. joe biden was expected, what, to go to ohio today? >> reporter: that's right, carol. i spoke with the vice president's office and they say that yes, he is scheduled to go campaign for governor strickland but that that has been put on hold, he's been holding at the naval observatory. he was supposed to go to joint andrews base earlier this
7:16 am
morning around this time frame. they are not saying whether or not this is a real or a false alarm in terms of reports of an active shooter. they can't really tell us that. but certainly out of an abundance of caution, they're not going to put the vice president heading in that direction in that kind of situation, under that scenario. we are told that the white house as well, the president and those here, are aware of what is taking place. they can't really give us a lot of information. they are referring us to the department of defense as well as the air force to get any kind of details about this. but it is important to note, carol, that the vice president, who was scheduled to be there this morning to leave out of there, is now in a holding pattern at the naval observatory. having left and used joint andrews base, as it is called now, for many years, carol, this is typically a place where the vice president, the president, and a number of high level dignitaries will be traveling. they traveled from that location
7:17 am
to places all around the world. it is very typical that you would have either the president or the vice president using that particular base as their point, as the point in which they take off to world travel or even just throughout the country. so it's significant that you have the vice president, who is now in a holding pattern, not in that position, not at the base at the moment, until they get this all sorted out, carol. >> and hopefully they'll have it all sorted out shortly, because i see people walking around the base right now. i'll take a break and be back with much more after this. ah, it's my brother. keep going... sara, will you marry... [phone rings again] what do you want, todd???? [crowd cheering] keep it going!!!! if you sit on your phone, you butt-dial people. it's what you do. todd! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. i know we just met like, two months ago... yes! [crowd cheering]
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all right. i want to bring you up to date about what we know about joint base andrews. the situation is still ongoing. we do not know if there's an active shooter there or not. there was some sort of drill ongoing there this morning. in the middle of the drill, a call for an actual shooter went out. and -- i know it's been an hour and 20 minutes. authorities have been combing that base, trying to see if there is an actual shooter on base, someone who just happened to use the drill as a opportune
7:22 am
thing. we don't know. but but joint an air force but joint air force base andrews is shut down. carol costello has more. >> reporter: there's been growing confucian about what may or may not be going on at andrews. i've talked to individuals here at the pentagon. there is a confused situation. they now say they are not at all sure there is an actual active shooter at andrews, simply not clear at this point. they have no reports of any shots fired. and the security personnel that have responded, as they should during a potential situation like this, so far have not identified, it appears, any active shooter on joint base andrews. there was a drill going on on how to deal with active shooters. what we're hearing is that when that happened, there was some word of mouth on the ground there that spread that there
7:23 am
might be a real world situation, if you will, a real active shooter situation. apparently this word of mouth spread around the base. now, we want to be clear, we do not have a final answer yet. we do not know if the base is going to be cleared and reopened shortly or if they are still looking for an active shooter at this point. we do know there is a good deal of confusion, there was some word of mouth spreading around the base about what might be going on. no reports of shots fired. i think it's important to add, when this happens anywhere, of course, you know, law enforcement responds fully as if there is a full-blown crisis under way. but andrews is a very unique location, just outside of washington, d.c., as we've been talking about. this is the base where the president of the united states, the vice president, cabinet secretaries, members of congress, foreign visitors, fly in and out of all the time.
7:24 am
so a lockdown at andrews, a lockdown of the runway at andrews, is a very significant event here in washington. it advocates affects a lot of people, affects a lot of government business. officials are trying to figure out what if anything they're dealing with here. >> and i don't want to scare viewers, there could be nothing going on, we just don't know. justice correspondent evan perez has more. >> reporter: this does appear to be a false alarm. people thought there was an active shooting, that there was a real event. as barbara mentioned, there was a drill going on today that was scheduled. you usually alert everyone on base so people know if they see something that looks like a real deal, they know it was a drill
7:25 am
ongoing. as barbara mentioned, there has been no corroboration of any shots actually fired. we've talked to law enforcement here in the washington area, the fbi office in baltimore and in washington, are basically not even responding to this because they want to see what the security on that base does to sort out the confusion. as barbara pointed out, there seems to be a lot of confusion among the different services that run that base, joint base andrews has various services. and the security there is responsible for determining what exactly is happening. so right at this point, the fbi is not treating this as an active shooter situation, but more of a situation where the security on that base is going to have to just determine to make sure that everything is fine. i think it's going to take a little while. it's a large base, it's a sprawling place. it might take a little while to get the all clear.
7:26 am
at this point, no indication of an active shooter at joint base andrews. >> i'm just breathing a sigh of relief. i want to take our viewers to joint base andrews in prince george's county, maryland. brian todd is standing outside the gates. what do you see there, brian? >> reporter: carol, we're outside the base at joint base andrews. we're righted outside malcolm grow medical center where there was a report of an active shooter earlier. what we've just seen is security personnel manning the gates and the entrances to the hospital. we just saw a group of civilians being escorted out of the medical center with their hands raised, that's a security protocol, of course. they walked a few feet with their military escort and put their hands down and kept walking with that escort. again, we've seen security personnel, k-9 teams, in front of the medical center. but no one is panicking, no one is really even running. i saw security personnel jogging a second ago, but that may have
7:27 am
been just to catch up and inform somebody of something. there is no sense of panic. >> brian, i'm going to interrupt you just a second. evan perez has great news, what have you found out? >> reporter: that's right, carol, we are now told by law enforcement officials that this turned out to be a false report. the all clear has now been given to the personnel there on joint base andrews. again, there was this planned drill that was supposed to take place today. it appears that someone thought they saw something and called emergency services, 911, to say that they thought that there was an active shooter on base. there was never anyone, no one actually heard any shots, and so obviously they were treating this with an abundance of caution, as you tend to do in these situations. but we now are told there is no active shooter, that an all clear has now been given to the personnel on joint base andrews. >> you've made a lot of people happy this morning, evan perez, thank you so much. evan perez, barbara star, brian
7:28 am
todd, thanks to all of you, and thanks to all my experts and analyses. i'll take a break and be back with much more in the newsroom. premium like clockwork. month after month. year after year. then one night, you hydroplane into a ditch. yeah... surprise... your insurance company tells you to pay up again. why pay for insurance if you have to pay even more for using it? if you have liberty mutual deductible fund™, you could pay no deductible at all. sign up to immediately lower your deductible by $100. and keep lowering it $100 annually, until it's gone. then continue to earn that $100 every year. there's no limit to how much you can earn and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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7:32 am
and good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. turkey more firmly implicating isis this this morning, a source telling cnn the terror group's leadership helped plot the aairport attack. the suicide bombers are from
7:33 am
russia and uzbekistan and turk i stand. meantime, turkish police have detained 22 people, including several foreign nationals. just around down, the raid swept along the capital and the coast. the death toll, though, continues to climb to 43 after two of the wounded died of their injuries. nearly 100 people remain in the hospital this morning. let's begin our coverage with cnn's brooke baldwin. >> reporter: good afternoon, carol. we're just in front of the aperture, blue skies, a warm thursday afternoon. you see the traffic streaming behind me. you would never know. a lot of the glass panes have been replaced in the aperture. you would never know what happened here two nights ago. just to underscore from istanbul, a lot of new information today, beginning with the fact from the senior turkish official to cnn, the source telling us, as you said, that there is strong evidence
7:34 am
that these three suicide bombers came here into turkey from the isis stronghold of raqqah in syria, maybe a month ago. in fact they've locked down a specific apartment where they were renting for the last month. one of the bombers actually left behind by accident or perhaps not his passport, and it was a russian passport. that's how they began connecting the dots. you mentioned isis leadership. according to this senior turkish source, it was the isis leaders themselves who were helping plan this particular attack here at the airport. and also significant, that the suicide vest, the explosives that they brought in and ultimately detonated right front of this airport, just inside, were apparently made outside of turkey, specifically a sophisticated bomb maker and then they would have brought them in and these three bombers would have used them. again, yes, these three bombers, we've learned the nationalities here today.
7:35 am
one is from russia, specifically the black sea region of dagistan. the boston bomber brothers had briefly lived there before moving to the united states. we have seen video from a turkish tv station, and it shows one of these three attackers reportedly shooting one of the security officers, one of the police officers, just in front of the airport, who asked to show i.d. reportedly he was asking one of the attackers to show i.d. and that's when he opened fire. lastly, the death toll has risen to 43. and 94 people, carol, 94 are still being treated here at the hospital. >> all right, brooke baldwin reporting live from istanbul this morning, thank you. let's talk about all of this with cnn national security analyst and author of "united states of jihad: investigating america's home-grown
7:36 am
terrorists," peter bergen, hi, peter. >> good morning, carol. >> so what do you make of this, isis leadership directly planned these attacks, what do you make of that? >> you know, i think what is absolutely fascinating, carol, is the fact that we have russian, kurgys, and that is surprising for people who think of isis as an arab group with recruits from places like britain and france. but according to russian sources, we have estimates of anywhere from 2,000 as high as 7,000 russians who have joined isis now, even allowing some room for russian propaganda, after all, russia is heavily involved in syria, we can certainly say that in terms of non-muslim majority countries, russia is providing the largest number of recruits to isis, even more than the french. carol, you will recall that the french have provided the largest numbers of europeans who have gone to isis, at least 1500.
7:37 am
west point's counterterrorism center has found thousands of isis documents and analyzed them and found that russia was one of the top countries after countries like saudi arabia, which has provided -- and tunisia, which provided so many foreign fighters. so as we get into this, we'll find that not only are russians providing a lot of the manpower to isis, we also know that there are russian leaders of isis, for instance a guy called omar the chechen, who may have been killed in a drone strike earlier this year. he had a $5 million reward on his head from the state department. so there were russian leaders in isis, there are many russian foot soldiers in isis. there's even russian language magazines. >> so i'm just a little confused about what russia is doing exactly over syria, because it seems to be protecting the government of bashar al assad and not exactly fighting isis,
7:38 am
when it has its own problems with isis. >> well, that's true, because i mean, russia has competing interests. the main interest it has is preserving the regime, because of course russia has a port in western syria, the only warm water port that russia has, it's on the mediterranean. that's vital for russian national security interests. their main interest is preserving the regime. the other interest is going after islamic groups such as isis or others, but they haven't really done much of that. i think you point out an irony here, of course russia is at war with islamic militants in places like chechnya. that's why some chechens have gone to syria. "the new yorker" has reported, a very good reporter writing for "the new yorker," he wrote that
7:39 am
there might be several thousand chechens who have gone to fight in syria. anyway, i think the main point here is that, you know, for people who might have been thinking that isis is predominantly arab with some western europeans, jihadi john of course being a brit, this is going to be open people's eyes to the fact that there's very substantial russian, former soviet union presence within isis, both in terms of the foot shoulders and the leaders. >> interesting. peter bergen, thanks for your insight as always. still to come in the news room, a broken pledge has donald trump fuming, why he says candidates like jeb bush and ted cruz should be barred from office. you've wished upon it all year, and now it's finally here. the mercedes-benz summer event is back, with incredible offers on the mercedes-benz you've always longed for.
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as donald trump readies for a general election battle, he's calling out old rivals for failing to fall in line behind him. >> they signed a pledge saying they will abide, saying they will back the candidate of the party. and now they sit back and the pledge is out there and the press doesn't even go after them on that. they broke their word. in my opinion they should never be allowed to run for public office again because what they did is disgraceful. >> jason carroll joins us now, following the rough road in the republican party for donald trump. >> it does get rough, especially when you have trump talking about his former contenders there. we should say some of them, not all of them, he spoke highly of ben carson. he didn't name names, but he's
7:45 am
probably talking about jeb bush, ted cruz, governor kasich. none of them has endorsed him. even when he gave a speech in ohio, kasich's office said he had other things to do, meetings to take care of. new mexico's governor, susannah martinez, she wasn't there either. clearly a lot of people aren't getting behind him. why? first, you've got the rhetoric, some of the policies that the gop is not in line with, his trade proposals being just some of them. i want to bring in someone who spoke very, very strongly but why he is not endorsing donald trump, senator mike lee from utah. let's take a listen to that. >> he accused my best friend's father of conspiring to kill jfk. we can go through the fact that he's made some statements that some have identifying correctly as religiously intolerant. we can get into the fact he's wildly unpopular in my state. i hope i can get over my concerns, i hope mr. trump can
7:46 am
help me do that. but don't sit here and tell me, steve, that i have no reason to be concerned about donald trump. >> and of course senator lee referring to ted cruz, as you know, during the primary there, trump had insinuated that cruz's father had somehow been involved with the kennedy assassination. when i was listening to trump's speech in ohio, he was talking about trade and ttp, he compared the ttp to rape, to the rape of the country. and even among his supporters there in the audience, that raised more than a few eyebrows. >> the language that he used. >> the language that he used. this is what's making so many in the gop uncomfortable. you remember what trump says, he says, i don't need these endorsements, i can go with them, i can go without them. >> jason carroll, thanks so much. so on the hillary clinton side, on the democratic side, hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server continues to dog her campaign. in newly released testimony, her
7:47 am
top aide, huma abedin, says clinton's e-mail got in the way of doing her job, including one instance when clinton missed a phone call with a foreign official because she never got the e-mail. she said, quote, let's get a separate doctoraddress or devic don't want any risk of the personal being accessible. abedin testified that that referred to the reluctance anybody would be to have their personal e-mail made public. i would like to first talk about ohio governor john kasich. he sent out a campaign e-mail to raise money for down-ballot republicans. also included was this: "under a
7:48 am
modern electorate trump loses every swing state by 6 to 12 points. governor kasich wins six out of seven swing states. speaker ryan wins two out of seven swing states." that sounds like kasich has a dream out of cleveland. >> is kasich eating the brownies? i don't know. it's over. it's over. what really does astonish me here is the lack of grace and good sportsmanship. it's done. voters -- forget donald trump. the voters of the republican party have made their decision, as have, for that matter, the voters of the democratic party. and it just seems to me that you need to suck it up and get on with it. and the fact that they continue to do this, frankly is going to damage them for any of the folks that think they have a future in the republican party, they are going to damage themselves. >> but donald trump says he can
7:49 am
unify the party. he's saying that, you know, if john kasich doesn't follow the problem pledge to support him or endorse him, he shouldn't serve in office anymore. is that the way to get someone on your side? >> well, you know, everybody talks about the responsibility of the nominee. and that's correct, that is correct, donald trump does have that responsibility. any nominee has the responsibility. but these other folks are party leaders in and of themselves. speaker ryan, governor kasich, former governor bush, they are the leaders of the republican party. they too have a responsibility and they are not fulfilling it. >> patty, on the democratic side, bernie sanders is not enthusiastically jumping on board the hillary train, he's still in the race, and mr. trump knows it. >> bernie sanders cannot stand hillary clinton. but i'll tell you something. you wouldn't think this. you wouldn't think this. but there is one thing that bernie sanders and i are in
7:50 am
complete accord with, and that's trade. he said we're being ripped off. i say we're being ripped off. i've been saying it for years. he's been saying it for years. >> patty, what is up with bernie sanders? >> look, i'm happy to have the contrast on the democratic side versus the republican side in terms of party unity. you know, the night that hillary sort of clinched the nomination, that tuesday night, you know, the day after, we had barack obama come out and endorse her. we had elizabeth warren come out and endorse her. bernie sanders has said that he will do everything he can to make sure that donald trump is not elected to the presidency. and he has said that he will, you know, vote for hillary clinton, and that he's not likely to get the nomination. >> i have heard, patty, that some hillary supporters are kind of getting tired of bernie's act, they're upset with him. >> well, look, he ran a
7:51 am
fantastic campaign, a very strong campaign. he brought all of these millennials to the table, to the process, and that is great. he's obviously using his leverage to try and get what he feels needs to be done at the convention and in the platform. but as days pass, i think his leverage is diminishing because we have, you know, elizabeth warren, the other standard-bearer for the progressive movement, out there exchange with hillary clinton. the more she does that, the more people are going to say, bernie who? i think he really needs to speed it up a little bit. >> i have to speleave it there, thanks for joining us. still to come, we're all used to our tiny phones, but rather these babies? sadly, i do. we'll take you back to the '80s, next. all her aches and pains. and i said "come to class, let's start walking together"
7:52 am
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7:56 am
everybody talks on the go today, but back in the '80s cellphones were groundbreaking technology, from clunky car phones to holding one in the palm of your hand. we revisit the birth of mobile phones. >> these first started to pop up in the mid-1980s. the first customers are business people who needed to have these things or a super rich dude who wanted to show off. the big idea was cellular systems. >> it's called cellular because your car phone is tied into transmitters called cells, and as you travel, it tunes from cell to cell. if you don't have one now, you'll probably have one in decades, say phone makers. >> there are people who understood even in the early days that being trapped in a car was not freedom.
7:57 am
people are fundamentally, naturally mobile. >> senior technology correspondent lori segal joins me now. i actually had each of these products, i owned them at one time. >> welcome to the '80s. i present you with the '80s here on set. you remember this cellphone. the earliest versions of the cellphone that was available for everyone was the motorola. check this out, right? and this one, the earliest versions only had 30 minutes of battery life. they cost something like $4,000. i keep going back to zack morris from "davsaved by the bell," its affectionately called the brick phone. one of the big things in the '80s, this was the era when gaming was popular, atari was behind a lot of this. i have to show you the "e.t."
7:58 am
game, carol, this game was infamous, one of the worst video games of all time. it was so bad, it was rumored of this buried the unsold games in the desert in new mexico, i kid you not. >> with all the radioactive material. >> right. of course this was replaced by nintendo and sega. and the walkman, we can't talk about the '80s without the walkman. you remember going for a run and listening to your walkman. the idea that this was the soundtrack to your life, you could have your music anywhere, at any time, when you wanted, this was revolutionary, this was magical. now we have our ipod or our phone. and of course the boom box, right? and there was something very special about what the book box did in the '80s with hip-hop and bringing music to the streets, and this idea that you could listen as you grew up. so much of the technology that came from the '80s, although it looks enormous now, really kind of paved the way for what we
7:59 am
have today. >> i remember running with the walkman, and you held it in one hand, so this arm would be very fit and this arm would be flabby. >> it's like everything gets smaller and smaller. it's so funny, i saw part of the documentary that's airing tonight, and you have anchors describing technology and describing the cellphone technology, and it's so new and interesting. i'm thinking about myself years ago describing something like uber on television and saying, imagine if you could get a car with your smartphone, imagine what that would be like. i was just thinking, years down the road there's going to be a documentary with me saying this. >> they'll have phones implanted into our brains. there's a special tonight. >> it's airing tonight, check it out. it delves into personal computing and all sorts of things. tech in the '80s was so special for what it did for us today. it's interesting to take a peek inside that decade. >> the '80s was more than about bad hair and ugly clothes.
8:00 am
>> i did have that in the '80s as well. i'm glad there are no pictures of that. >> there are no pictures of your bad hair? >> not that they're showing right now. please do not show it. >> lori seg al, thanks so much. thank you for joining me today. "berman and baldwin" starts now. hello, everyone, i'm kate baldwin. john berman is off today. new details on the coordinated terror attack at one of the busiest airports in the world, the attackers using one bomb as a diversion, the others to kill. now the death toll has risen to 43 people, well over 200 injured. also new, a turkish government source tells cnn there is strong evidence the attack was directed by isis, directed, not inspired, directed. and that the three attackers traveled from raqqah, the self proclaimed isis capital in


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