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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  June 30, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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isis terrorism shipped straight from syria. "the lead" starts right now. the suicide bombers that unleashed held on istanbul were foreign fighters on a terrorist mission from isis leaders exported directly from isis headquarters. mitt romney suggests that republicans that vote for donald trump are helping america commit economic suicide. and when hillary clinton is trying to bush back on the notion that she is untrust worthy, her husband has a
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friendly chat with the attorney general. >> good afternoon, everyone, welcome to "the lead." new hair raising details about the slaughter at istanbul's ataturk airport. not only was isis behind the attack, but the leaders carefully planned, crafted, and directed the master. this as we're getting a glimpse of the devastation in istanbul moments after one of the bombers blew himself up in the airport. also new surveillance video captures the moment one of the isis terrorists tried to assassinate an under cover police officer. they were foreign fighters from former soviet block countries that travelled from central asia
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and europe. also evidence indicates they entered turkey with the suicide vests and bombs used in the attack. let's go to nima. officials conducted overnight raids across turkey. did they glean any new information about how this terrorist attack may have been carried out? >> reporter: much of what was a collaboration between the home grown terror network here. they are linked to isis and are responsible for two of the recent terror outbreaks in the last few months and directly working under the oversight of the isis leadership. take a look at this, jake. one terrorist is seen wearing a heavy coat despite the summer heat in istanbul.
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when an undercover cop asks for identification, he is shot. another catches a terrorists going through the airport unarmed. the men in these videos are believed to have been directed by isis leadership in syria. >> they're not muslim, they're the occupants of hell. they have secured their places in hell. >> today turkish police conducted raids across the country in connection to the attack rounding out more than 20 people. >> the evidence documents, and findings that we have obtained corroborate the predictions that this attack was carried out by isis. >> still, there has been no claim of responsibility and while the government here is convinces that isis was behind the attack, it has not said if they believe others were directly involved. what turkey authorities will say
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is they believe the three men were foreign fighters. originally from russia, uzbekistan, and kazakhstan. cnn learn they rented an aapartment where the russian man apparently left his passport. he confirmed one american was injured tuesday, although he described the injuries as minor. >> jake, neighbors in that very apartment building told us a few hours ago they were concerned for days about the smell of chemicals that were permeating the building, emanating from the attacker's apartment. >> okay, thank you so much. joining me right now, republican senator is the chair of the intelligence committee in the
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senate, what's the latest you can tell us about the investigation? >> well, jake, as you know we had quite a few of these lately. and it takes time for the forensics, especially when the is over seas. it has all of the marks of an isil directed attack. because of the degree of planning and the tactical coordination, it was looked at for quite some time. we knew it was surveyed in the past for reason, we don't know why. >> were any of the isis individuals known to turkish, european, or american officials? >> too early to know. i don't want to speak for the turks. they're the lead investigator and it takes awhile before their information feeds to us, and the faster they share information with us, the faster we make
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direct links around the world. i would not read too much into it until we know exactly who they were. they have very little evidence right now to go on unless they found additional evidence. >> they seem to have the nationalities of the terrorists. that would suggest they have an idea of who they are, no? >> it would suggest they confirmed by vigils who live by them. as we have seen before, for weeks there be additional raids, and i think the question is what will this do to turkey's commitment to close the border? will they be a real partner in
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closing the border. and can they help us stop these attacks? >> you have been saying this has all of the hallmarks of an isil attack. is there any intelligence or information showing information with these individuals or just the fact they have fied who they are, is it just their path more than anything else? >> no electronic media that is looked at that would give that direct link today. but that is not to say that we might not find the communication that shows communication with those in raqqa, or 19 other countries where they have a presence. >> let me ask you a question, it
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seems like isis is being defeated quite a bit on the battlefield. some speculate that every time they lose territory in their so call called caliphate, they strike out. is that contract or are they just always attacking? >>. >> two answers, they have given up 20% of the gee jog if i and lost quite a few fighters. i think more importantly i said for the last year when i had the opportunity, that the threat scenario gets worse, it is worse today than it was when this attack happened. there is a commitment to carry
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out an attack. and what we have is intent and capabilities and when we don't affect one of those two, it is a matter of the next one and the next one. >> how safe is and secure is the united states from this threat in the united states? >> no actionable intelligence, but the intent and the capability exist whether that is through directed, enabled, or just a individual that is home grown and radicalized. so when you see something say something is a really important phrase. we have individuals that say i smelled chemicals in the building, and they didn't say anything. we learn with each one, but as you pointed out, as the war
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starts to affect their presence in the caliphate, it can become more frequent around the world. >> thank you, we appreciate your time, have a happy fourth of july. isis taking a direct hit on the battlefield. what might this mean for a key battle coming up ahead. that story next.
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welcome back to "the lead." the state department confirmed a girl that was killed in a terrorist attack in the west bank this morning was a u.s. citizen. the is rally military says she was stabbed to death in her sleep. this makes at least seven u.s. citizens killed by terrorist attacks on the west bank in just the last year. turning now to the war on isis. 300 militants have been killed after two massive convoys of trucks were captured. let's get right to barbara star
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at the pentagon. ash carter says he hopes that troops can go after the kal in syria next. >> indeed, the secretary of defense really putting his cards on the table. just as these haszive air strikes in iraq pus isis under additional pressure on a battlefield that is changing nearly every day. >> isis fighters trying to outreturn war planes. 200 vehicles or more busted through trying to escape the iraqy government liberation of the city. war planes swooped in, the u.s. destroyed up to 50 vehicles. one military estimate more than
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300 isis dead. the stakes are accelerating with eyes quickly turning to the isis capital city. >> ash carter signaling the move to cyst leaders we are going to position to develop and collapse the control of raqqa. raqqa is the proclaimed capital of the self proclaimed caliphate of isil. >> getting there is increasingly surgt. the attackers travel from raqa according to turkish officials and the cia director is warning that more may be headed to
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europe. >> isil has a large group of fighters that could serve as operatives for attacks in the west. >> it comes as they discuss weather their two militaries can cooperate more in syria, a more kurg concern with raqqa now in the cross hairs. >> that is something they will have to be able to do to communicate to the russians. here is where they are so they're not bombing their own troops on the ground. >> why would he signal isis about what the next moves are. when isis is under pressure, they start to move around and that makes it easier for isis strikes to find them. >> hillary clinton and the democrats are not the only ones that donald trump thinks he is
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welcome back to "the lead." you're looking at live pictures from donald trump. welcome back to the show. the presumptive republican nominee has had his ups and downs, but many in his party hope to put it all behind them before the convention next month. well maybe not.
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jim acosta is covering trump in manchester, new hampshire right now. jim, one of the ways he has worked to appease party establishment is by talking about policy. right now he is talking about trade, but his views on trade are drawing comparison to the views of senator bernie sanders. and that is coming from trump himself. >> that is right, he is veering off of the typical g.o.p. playbook. he is taking questions from voters here. >> just a few moments ago, he offered very tough talk on trade. he joked that when a plane was flying over head, that plane could be from mexico preparing to attack. he is working off of the script, off of the tell preprompters sa
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those not backing him in the party are a disgrace. >> he is not feeling like the life of the party. >> it is like i am running against two parties. but i'm not sure is matters. >> he is openly complaining at his rallies about his past rivals refusing to endorse him. a document that trump agreed to himself. >> they broke their word, in my opinion, they should never be allowed to run for public office again because what they did is disgraceful. >> gop senators are hesitating to get board, big time. >> donald trump was not my second choice, he was not my third or fourth choice if is very important to me whom he chooses as his running meat. that is arguably the most important decision that a candidate can make.
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>> on trump's campaign, they we learned that chris christie is being vetted by his campaign. utah senator mike lee in an interview is urging trump to consider texas senator ted cruz, but he is furious that he floated a bogus conspiracy theory. >> lee says he is not ready to back trump either. >> there are assurances that he will be a vigorous defender of the u.s. constitution. he will not abuse a document that i have worn an hoet to uphold. >> and gop friendly groups are making republican insiders even more nervous. >> the u.s. chamber of commerce is controlled by the special interest groups.
1:26 pm
my wife and kids wanted me to run again interestingly enough. a e-mail from my son yesterday said you have to get in, dad. but the idea of running and asking people to come around me to be a spoiler is not something i can get behind. he also offered this warning from founding father john adams. >> our economy will commit suicide. >> a recent poll shows that more than half of republicans would rather see someone else be their candidate. donald trump feels like he is doing well, and for the talk on trade, there will be some republicans that don't like what he has to say. they feel like this kind of message pulls in some bernie sanders supporters and democrats
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welcome back to "the lead." politics now, josh ernest this afternoon refused to answer questions about the propriety of loretta lynch meeting with former president bill clinton. it creates an appearance of
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impropriety because she is overseeing that fbi investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server. the conversation between the two took place on a private plane hours before benghazi released their final report on the attack. let's bring in cnn's jeff zelani. this could not come at a worse time for the secretary. she is trying to beat back impressions that she is not trustworthy and that the clintons don't think the rules apply to them. >> it was just hours after she said monday afternoon in chicago, a blended mission about her trust deficit, but former president bill clinton did something that is causing democrats to shake their heads and republicans to call for a new prosecutor. >> i saw the president at the
1:33 pm
phoenix airport the other night. >> that meeting between attorney general loretta lynch, and former president bill clinton is raising new questions tonight. >> he cdid come over to speak t myself and my husband, he spoke about his grandchildren and travels. that was the extent of that. >> he climbed aboard taking lynch by surprise, a law enforcement official said surprisingly. >> no discussions were held on any cases or anything like that, and he didn't raise anything like that as well. >> both said it was a chance meeting, a coincidence, but others are calling it a conflict because she is seeing the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail server. >> it lit up conservative talk radio today with donald trump leading the charge.
1:34 pm
>> you see a thing like this and even in terms of judgment, how bad of judgment is it for him or tho her to do this. >> the attorney general said she did not discuss the e-mail investigation with the former president. she said the probe had not been politicized. >> it is being handled by career investigators and agents that follow facts and laws. >> they said they would not second guess the meeting and defended lynch. >> they said this should be conducted free of any political interference and the attorney general said that is her expectation as well. >> but it raises questions for lynch. >> have you discussed the clinton e-mail investigation with president obama or anyone at the white house? >> no, sir, i have not. >> do you anticipate that
1:35 pm
happening? >> no, sir, i do not. >> on cnn's new day, chris kunz of delaware said the appearance of a conflict is bad enough. >> i think she should a steered clear. >> a new headache for clinton who is off the campaign trail today and at home. the e-mail controversy is still weighing on her mind. >> it is so sensitive because it is taking place directly in the middle of that fbi investigation. a republican senator has called for loretta lynch to step aside from the investigation. and that a special counsel is needed more now than ever. >> joining me to dive into today's news, battleground
1:36 pm
states director mitch stewart, and kayla mackanna. and john ashcroft relinquished himself. >> we're talking about one conversation that is about 15 minutes to talk about their grandchildren or the impact of brexit. and this is something to hopefully distract from the campaign. >> it just looks as bad as it does, i don't think you can blame the democrats. it really dumb. i'm not one to lurch into
1:37 pm
conspiracy theory territory, but it is so dumb that some believe it was an intentional photo on to get her rescuesed and delay the whole investigation until after the election. again, not generally one, but i can't imagine two very smart, successful, talented people, both foregoing better judgment to allow this to happen. >> the optics stink, what do you think they talked about? >> i don't know what they talked about, it could have been just conversations about their grandchildren, but that aside, the u.s. attorney's manual is clear that if there is an appearance of conflict of interest, you are to rescues yourself and appoint a special prosecutor. you had a democratic senator say that, i know david axlrod saying it doesn't look good. >> it is a huge leap to go from
1:38 pm
one conversation to say there is a conflict of interest. it is not against the law. and do you think it just didn't cross president clinton's mind, and the attorney general was just stuck on her plane. >> there are people who through their success have behind kind of immune and sort of unaware of the way normal people see the world, right? and bill clinton is a larger than life character who i think has not been to no a lot of late. but lor retta lynch is a professional. i would have thought she would have said mr. president, slets
1:39 pm
this conversation another time. this is not a good idea. >> i want to play some of the warm up speaker. he was referring to senator elizabeth warren and the controversy with her native american heritage. >> i heard that hillary clinton and elizabeth warren campaign g campaigning, you know elizabeth warren, right? i mean, this is 2016. what is that? >> he was having fun with the audience. and you know what, i think we get offended on behalf of certain groups more often than not. you look at the redskins football team, and 90% of native americans are not offended by that term. we live in a culture where
1:40 pm
everybody is confirmed about everything. i thi >> i have a lot of native american friends, and if i did that to them they would punch me in the face. also a list came out today for things that governor kaine accepted while governor. he is a potential presidential candidate. will this hurt him? >> and the largest gift was a $45,000 gift from obama for america. it was a gift to the campaign that he was doing that. it's not like he had a rolex watch or something like the former governor did. >> i don't think it is much to
1:41 pm
do about anything. >> the city of cleveland plans to increase by five fold their protest insurance surrounding the republican convention to $50 million. they seem to be let's say cautious. are you anticipating things koud get ugly? >> there will be protests, both cams could from very heated emotional places. so yes, i expect protests. i will leave it to the city of cleveland in charge of security to make sure they are not violent eruptions. i can't honestly tell you i'm
1:42 pm
not concerned about it because i am. >> just to bring it back, i understand that you take their word for it, you don't believe they did anything improper, but if you were staffing bill clinton, you would have said don't go on that plane? >> yeah. >> do you anything anyone is traveling with him that is able to say things like that to him? >> i think it is easy to look at issues like this that i don't think are dignified, but she was very outfront about what they spoke about, and nothing improper happened. >> as far as anyone knows except for the two people on the plane. thank you so much. i really appreciate it. thanks one and all. a stern and frightening warning for hundreds of thousands of drivers, stop driving your car now. the makes and models being
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welcome back to "the lead."
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federal safety regulators want you to stop driving your cars now. the problem is the air bags inside could explode. now safety officials are saying that staying on the row is too risky. why the pitch to get them off of the road completely. >> they're putting out this warning to more than 300,000 honda and acura drivers. the safety administration says they did new tests and they show that the airbags in these particular vehicles have a 50% chance of exploding when
1:48 pm
deployed in an accident. in the words of anthony fox he says these vehicles are "unsafe and need to be repaired immediately." cars in warm and humid clients are at a special risk. eight of those had do with this specific air bag in these specific vehicles that we're getting the warming about tooth today. >> they have been under recall since 2008, i believe, why have that the not been replaced. >>. >> this is the largest recall. they have been or will need to be recalled by 2019 because of that a lot of the people have
1:49 pm
been driving the vehicles, waiting for the replacement parts to come in and it is taking several years. now the federal government, at first they said it was okay to keep driving your car. now they're telling people that with these specific vehicles, do not drive your vehicle. if you have one of them that you s see on your screen, they say take it in, and you will get priority. >> and a tesla self driving car was involved in a deadly accident? >> yes, they tell me they have officially opened an investigation into tesla. they have an auto pilot future on their vehicles. there was a fatality in an accident and the driver was using the auto pilot feature at
1:50 pm
the time. democracy is all about choices, but voters in california really only have one party to choose from in a key u.s. senate race and the absent party can only blame itself for not making it to the ballot. stay with us.
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welcome back to "the lead." fresh ink, moments ago, president obama signing legislation to help puerto rico restructure their $70 billion debt.
1:55 pm
that is the focus of today's debt. the long debated bill passed legislation. it does not help them pay off immediate debt like the $2 billion bill due tomorrow, but it times them a oversight board. marco rubio has been addiment about trying to help puerto rico. >> you have been a supporter of this legislation. why do you think it is important? >> it is a u.s. territory, they're u.s. citizens. if there is nothing in place, they will default on their debt and they will face hundreds and hundreds of lawsuit that's will spiral into a crisis for them. it's not perfect but it is a step in the right direction. i fear if we didn't act now,
1:56 pm
this issue would have been forgotten and we would have seen a major problem in puerto rico and the weeks to come. >> bernie sanders says the plan to institute a financial control board he calls that colonialism at it's worst. >> they face a very serious spending crisis as does washington dc by the way. they have faced very significant economic challenges and it is a oversight board that allowed them to get things going in the right direction. puerto rico needs that as well. they have spent significantly more than it as taken in. they would have a debt problem all over again. >> if they will be enough to get the cash trapped island out of trouble, that remains to be seen sarah has more now on what will
1:57 pm
be a historic senate race. >> democrat versus democrat. no, not these two, but these two. embroiled in a political battle happening for the first time ever in california history. >> i want to come home to the state that i love so much. when barbara boxer stepped down after a quarter century, there was a diluge of candidates to fill her seat. >> u i know that you're some of our stronger supporters. >>. >> and the former republican state party chairman, along with 12 other republicans. not one republican ended up on the november ballot leaving two democrats to duke it out.
1:58 pm
republican vs. themselves to thank. it was backed by a republican governor. it calls for the top teep primary getters to advance to the general election. >> if there are two candidates from the same party, the idea is that at least kun of them, if not both, will reach out to not align voters. >> it was about getting moderates in place? >> absolutely. >> attorney general harris received about 40% of the primary vote. the race giving her new life and a chance to tout her 20 years of service, but it comes with a caveat. and that is where the republicans may have their say.
1:59 pm
>> other probusiness interests in california may decide to support sanchez in the fall. not because they think she is wonderful or perfect, but because they think she is better. >> and this will not like i will be the last time we see this. political analysts say it will happen again and again because of the ballot measure that happened in 2010. also if you look at the number of democrats and republicans in the state, the party is losing numbers. so many bad news stories about the pending rio olympic games. dismembered body parts washed up on the beach near the volleyball venue. also, a jaguar escaped.
2:00 pm
also, the zika try rus which is causing athletes to drop out. that is it for "the lead." turning it over to "the situation room." >> happening now, directed by isis. a shocking new video emerged of the istanbul airport attack. there is suggests that isis leadership was involved in the planning of the slaughter. in iraq, air strikes decimate isis convoys and inflicting heavy casualties. u.s. security increased. security is beefed up at u.s. airports and transit centers. and donald trump