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tv   Declassified  CNN  July 8, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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welcome to our viewers here in the united states and indeed all around the world chlth i'm michael holmes at the cnn center in atlanta gl and i'm george howell here in dallas, texas, and we're at the dallas police department headquarters and i would like to give you a sense of what is happening behind me. you see this memorial you see set-up. you see the balloons, flowers, messages to remember the five officers. these five officers who were killed in the line of duty. their families who expected them to come home. those officers did not come home. the u.s. president, barack obama is set to visit dallas in the coming days at the request of the city's mayor. in the meantime, we are learning new details about the act of domestic terrorism that killed
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five police officers and wounded seven others thursday night. two civilians were also wounded. authorities believe that the gunman, 25-year-old micah xavier johnson, a former u.s. army reservist was the lone gunman. they say he was armed with at least two weapons. he had a rifle, he had a handgun and he opened fire on police officers as the protesters marched peacefully through the streets of dallas. police negotiators said he told them he was upset about recent police shootings of african-americans and that he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers. the texas governor praised police here in dallas for the efforts to protect those demonstrators when the gunfire erupted. listen. >> the past 24 hours in dallas has been a tale of two cities. on the one hand, it has been the tale of heroism of police officers. at the same time it has been a tale of coward by an assassin.
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we are so proud even in the mourning of the men and women who wear the uniform of the dallas police department as well as the dallas area rapid transit for their heroism in the face of remarkable danger. >> the texas governor greg abbott there speaking. we're also monitoring here on cnn, protests across the country after the violence we've seen this week. we see live pictures of people gathering to protest in downtown phoenix arizona. you can see the images there. a very, very packed in crowd there, but at this point we understand peaceful protests playing out in phoenix, arizona. also, in atlanta georgia there at cnn world headquarters near the downtown area. we see thousands of people who have been marched for much of the day. that march was peaceful there and there have been no arrests at this point. with e continue to monitor it.
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people have been gathering in the city of san francisco. we're seeing live images here from that protest that has been playing out. back here in dallas, there are so many people who were caught up in the middle of the chaos that played out just the other night. brendan hester is one at the protest. he was there thursday night and he saw the first police officer being gunned down and he caught it all on video obtained exclusively by cnn. [ sirens ] >> get out of the way, guys! go, go!
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>> images from just the other day. these images from when the officers were protecting people, the protesters, then the gunfire rang out here in dallas. there were a lot of videos that captured what happened that night. i want to show you another from jerry mccarthy here. we may be having trouble getting that video but even better than that, we can bring in jerry here and jerry can explain the video. thanks for being with us. talk to us about what you captured. >> so i was coming down, i had been with the march shooting video from dallas morning news. the march had been kind of at the old red courthouse and seemed to be wrapping up. people were coming up jackson
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street towards the garden as i was coming around jackson, i thought what i heard what i thought were fireworks and started to see people jump over like a little gate that was there. >> that is what so many people said, they thought they heard fireworks. we're looking at the video you captured. walk us through what you see. >> by the time i got to here, so the sound of fireworks was further back up on to jackson which would be to my right if that was my point of view. it was kind of a little bit of scattered noise and once it wasn't consistent it sounded more like gunshots. as people ran back, i followed the police cars up to this spot and ended up getting pinned against this wall where people were running by. >> for reference, that is right by the plaza, the bank of america plaza. >> my back was against the parking garage structure. there was myself and a father and son to my left and another cameraman was to my right. eventually these guys moved us out into the garage. we were moving through the garage and people started to
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spill out of the stair wells saying there is someone up there with the gun shooting so we had to move to a different location and move that way for the retst of the evening back to a more secure radio area. >> it is interesting to get the perspective from another journalist. i think back to covering fergus ferguson, missouri. you're instinctually following, you cover the job. you do the news, but at the same time, you're in danger here. >> yeah, i don't think about it until later. i mean, i couldn't even tell where the gunshots were coming from. i saw the officers looking that way. >> and they were pushing everybody back. >> once they sort of had their situation controlled, they turned around and saw this group of people there, they're like, you guys got to move. i couldn't tell which direction the shots were coming from. i just assumed the cops were looking this way, that is where the gunfire was. so i had a little piece of concrete next to me, so i was hopeful that that was enough to keep me safe. >> so you were in the middle of all of that.
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you've seen the last 12, 24 hours transpire, how has this city responded? >> it has been pretty incredible. this has been a really wonderful thing to see. >> it is touching. >> you know it is a pretty tight knit community and i don't know that we have experienced some of the same things at least, well, that is not true. there have been some of those things. it has been neat for people to come together and support this law enforcement. support each other. i think the important thing for me to communicate was it was a very peaceful march before hand and it was unfortunate that that was sort of taken over by this other event unfortunately and i think it is important that people realize that the cops were there doing their jobs, protecting people and it was a really, it was a really, just normal rally. it wasn't aggressive in any sort of way. this came out of nowhere. >> we talk about that. that it was a peaceful protest. keep in mind, the dallas police department, unlike other cities, i mean, you see these officers
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taking pictures with the protesters, it wasn't an us against them situation in dallas. it really does seem like these two groups really work together. >> it seems that way. certainly in that situation it definitely felt that way, so -- >> gerry mccarthy, thank you for being with us. >> okay. >> the victims killed in the shooting are remembered by their colleagues, loved ones and many people around the world. this is the deadliest single day incident since the september 11th attacks. five police officers killed in the line of duty. cnn's martin savage has more. >> reporter: officer patrick zamarripa loved being a cop. he served on the dallas police force for five years. on thursday night, he was deployed to watch over the protests. a navy veteran who survived multiple tours in the iraq war. officer zamarripa died on the streets of dallas. he leaves behind two young
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children. his father and brother posting tributes to him on facebook and twitter saying they couldn't be prouder. officer zamarripa was 32 years old. officer michael krol worked as a sheriff's deputy in michigan. he moved to dallas in 2007 to fulfill his goal of becoming a police officer. his uncle said he worked hard to join the dallas police force. officer krol was 40 years old. officer lorne ahrens was a 14 year veteran of the police force. he was married to a dallas police detective. he leaves behind two children. brent thompson was a dallas area rapid transit officer. he was a father and a grandfather and a newlywed. he married a fellow transit officer just weeks ago. >> i spoke with him a couple of weeks ago. he was in great spirits. >> he worked over seas as a police liaison officer in iraq and afghanistan.
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he was the first officer to be killed in the protests. officer thompson was 43 years old. three other dart officers were also shot in the protest but they're expected to survive. officer misty mcbride was shot twice. once in the arm and one in the abdomen. her fellow officers helped her so safety. her young daughter says she was able to tell her mom she loved her before she headed in for surgery. >> i was just happy that she was okay. that is really it. that she can live on to tomorrow and that i'm just glad that she is alive, really. >> two civilians were wounded in the shooting. one of them was attending the protest with her four sons. when the gunfire broke out. taylor was shot in the right leg and jumped to cover her 15-year-old son. >> she pushed him in between two cars on the curb. her other three boys scattered
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and ran in opposite direction so she lost three of her boys. didn't know where they were. >> she is expected to make a full recovery. and her sister says she has been praying for the families of the fallen police officers. martin savidge, cnn, dallas. >> let's now bring in john matthews. he is a former dallas police officer and also the author of mass shootings, six steps to survival. joining us now here in front of the police headquarters. thank you for being with us. when you think about last night. when you think about how the many officers came together and handled this situation, you've been in a similar spot. what do you think? >> the word professionalism comes to mind. they were out there protecting the public. guarding the citizens and they became the target and you saw officers ducking for cover, but you also saw officers grabbing citizens, moving them along, trying to protect them, so they kept doing their job under
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gunfire as they saw fellow officers being hit, being injured, and being killed right of them. professionalism is the word that comes to my mind first. >> talk to us about how the police department interacts with the protesters before the incident the other day, they work together it seems. >> that's right. we have a great community out reach program here. we're constantly trying to build bridges with the community. reach out to to hear their concerns, learn their issues, tell them how it is like behind the badge, and to work together to make the public safe and if you looked at the video before the shooting, officers were posing with some of the demonstrators and taking pictures and doing social media. working together. and i like to point that out. we get into the situations where it seemed binary. let's talk about the fact that no, not exactly. there has been a lot of interaction. >> can i tell you what i saw today? >> please, do. >> right here behind us at this
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makeshift memorial, we had people of all races, creeds and races, they were laying side by side on gurneys donating blood. that is a community that comes together. >> five police officers killed in the line of duty, you know? i was a police reporter at one point in my career and i remember getting to know law enforcement and many of their families and these are families with, you know, children, wives and husbands, and you know, they learned the news that their loved one would not come home. what is it like from an officer's perspective to lose one of your own. >> horribly tragic and our thoughts, our prayers go out to the ones we've lost. the ones injured, the families of everybody. our police department family and we've got to come together. we have to pull together and take care of each other. as you said it is an absolutely horrific event that moms and
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dads aren't coming home. and children aren't going to have their parent anymore and that is about as bad as it gets and from day one, when you're in the academy, your thought is i want to make it home tonight. i want to make it home tonight and when you get married, when you have kids, you think i want to make it home tonight for them. unfortunately, some didn't make it home last night. >> john matthews, thank you for your time. we have this memorial to remember the officers for their service. thank you. michael, we'll toss it back to you now. all right, george, we'll check in with you shortly. meanwhile, we have breaking news to bring you out of the korean peninsula. north korea launches a ballistic missile from a submarine according to the south korean defense ministry. for more of what we know about this from the latest move from pyongyang. matt, let's start with the launch, what do you know? >> sure.
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this happened according to the south korean joint chief of staff around 11:30 a.m. saturday local time here. apparently this submarine launch ballistic missile was launched from the sea southeast of the eastern part, in a providence eastern part. we are just hearing the latest information from the joint chiefs of staff here. they're also saying that that is all of the information we have as of this point. too early to determine whether this test fire was a success or not. that information usually comes in relatively quickly. we usually get that information after defense officials here have time to examine their data and to determine whether the test firing was a success or not. this, of course, is the latest of provocations from north korea beginning for at least this
9:16 pm
particular year, 2016, back in january, when north korea tested a nuclear weapon and there have been several missile tests. then the most recent set of tests coming in late june which were considered partial success by defense missions here. tlp was another and that failed ty only flew about 30 kilometers. according to them. it has to fly 300 kilometers to be considered a success. they're a big goal of the kim un regime. it is hard to predict a launch or judge when a launch will happen. of course, it would extend a north korea strategic capabilities. it is the latest in the
9:17 pm
provocations. >> the launches are always controversial and normally have consequences for the north. it is interesting, the last couple of days, the u.s. putting more sanctions under the lead of kim judge ng un. we heard the third missile intercept system. south korea agreeing to deploy that. there will be a lot of speculation of whether that played into the timing of this launch. >> i think it is fairly safe to say that that those two things happening this week and us seeing a launch, test launch from north korea on saturday probably is not coincidence. the north koreans responded via the state news agency very, very negatively to the sanctions. the human rights sanctions are a first for the united states, the treasury department sanctioning kim jung unhimself saying he is a violator of human rights.
9:18 pm
him and several dozen of accused him of killings, forced labor, torture, and that is the first time we've really seen them named specifically like that. largely symbolic but still very, very unprecedented and you have the deployment of the bad system which is it the very advanced missile defense system that the united states and south korea just yesterday announcing that they're in the final stages of deploying that. that is new. and so there is a lot for north korea to respond to and given what they said in state media, i don't think it is processing this weekend that you see them launch this slbm, whether it was a successful launch or not, test launch, we're still unsure at this point. >> as you say, unlikely to be unrelated and also that missile defense system is something that angers china who is angered
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about the missile defense. thank you so much, matt rivers there in seoul, south korea. we'll take a short break. we'll be back with much more on doo dallas. we'll take you to more protests happening across the u.s. stay with us. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ like bundling home and auto coverage, which reduces redney. tape, which saves money. when they save, you save. that's home and auto insurance for the modern world. esurance, an allstate company. click or call. >>psst. hey... where you going? we've got that thing! you know...diarrhea? abdominal pain? but we said we'd be there... woap, who makes the decisions around here?
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welcome back to our special coverage live here in dallas, texas. we're learning more about the act of domestic terror here in dallas. this attack targeting officers, killing five officers and wounding seven on thursday. the mayor of dallas say the gunman, 25-year-old michael xavier johnson, acted alone. officials say he was armed with at least two weapons. he had a rifle and a handgun. detectives searching johnson's home on friday. also found bomb making materials there. ballistic vests, rifles, ammunition and a personal journal of combat tactics. as this investigation continues, the president of the united states, barack obama is condemning the shooting from his trip over seas in poland. listen. >> i believe that i speak for every single american when i say
9:24 pm
that we are horrified over these events and that we stand united with the people and the police department in dallas. we will learn more undoubtedly about their twisted motivations, but let's be clear. there is no possible justification for these kinds of attacks. >> the white house says mr. obama will cut his trip short to europe and visit dallas next week as he continues to travel to this city that continues to mourn the slain officers. michael, back to you. >> we'll check back with you shortly. meanwhile, people in other cities in the u.s. are being protesting those shootings by police officers this week and the country's race relations in general. we'll take you now to phoenix, arizona. this is downtown phoenix. live pictures of people gathered there to protest. meanwhile, here in atlanta, georgia, hundreds of people
9:25 pm
blocking an entrance to a major freeway after marching through downtown. they didn't get down to the freeway and block that. police stopped that. the city's mayor was on the scene. he said since the protests were peaceful, he would let them continue. protesters are gathering in san francisco, too, in california, holding signs, speaking about how to bring change. in fact, our john voors is there. >> this is where we are right now. just maybe 100 people outside of city hall. there were a few hundred people that took place in the protest. it began a few miles away at fisherman's wharf. they held a prayer for a peaceful rally and a prayer this would not be another dallas. there was a brief mention of the five officers shot dead in dallas but the organizers say they wanted the focus to be on
9:26 pm
alton sterling and philandro castile, the african-american men shot by police. on our way to city hall, they had a sit in and read the names of some of the victims of police shootings this year alone. for the most part, it has been peaceful. they made signs saying stop racist cops, end corrupt cops. stop the police terrorism. there were a lot of police on hand as well. i counted almost 100 police at one point and they did have, you know, the big batons and the helmets. none was needed, it turns out. they made their way here to city hall. there have been fiery speeches here. at one point, the speaker did say why should we feel guilty for the deaths of five police officers? that should not stop this movement. we don't care about those five police officers and they got a pretty big cheer from the crowd. also at one point, one passerby
9:27 pm
did stop, confronted a few of the protesters saying all lives matter. he was shouted down. >> john vause interacting with the locals. more details emerging about the mass shooting in dallas texas. we'll have the latest from dallas when we come back.
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here in dallas, texas, the back drop behind me, the dallas police department headquarters. you see this memorial that has grown and continues to grow. i would like to cut over to a shot on the side of me. there are so many people here, many people who came together to sing, to chant, to hold hands. to remember these five police officers who were killed in the line of duty. in the meantime, we're learning much more about the mass shooting that played out just less than a mile from where we're standing right now. officials say the lone attacker was 25-year-old micah xavier johnson, a military veteran who served in afghanistan. he says, rather they say johnson killed the five officers, he is the person behind it, wounding seven others in the attack that started thursday night. two civilians also injured in that attack. police killed johnson with a bomb on a robot. the shooting occurred near the end of a protest over the police shooting of two dead african-american men in different states that happened
9:32 pm
earlier this week. for more now on how dallas is responding to the shooting, i'm joined by cnn political commentator ferguson. it is good to be with you this day. around the world, people saw what happened in dallas. this is my home state as it is yours as well, ben, it was hard to watch and hard to report the terrible facts of the officers not coming home to the families. talk to us about the last 24 hours, what you've seen and how the state has responded. >> it has been a unique 24 hours because you had total shock and mayhem at this time last night. you then had the shock of how many police officers were shot and then the shock of how many police officers are now dead, and then the anger and the frustration of why is this happening in this country. and then you have the other
9:33 pm
shootings of other police officers today around the country in tennessee and georgia and st. louis, so you combine that with also a police chief that is loved by his community, an african-american police chief who made it very clear last night and today again when he goes into work, he says he does not feel like he has the support of the american people of the community. he does not feel like the police are any longer the good guys and he made that very clear that the police need the support of the community. it was not about race to him. there has been a change on how we treat police officers in the country. and then you see the love how people responded to that. if you look at the memorial set-up and the people that are there that have stopped by to hug police officers, to pray with them, to care with them. that is something that is encouraging, while at the very same time, you have protests that are continuing to happen around the country that are not
9:34 pm
stopping, not taking a moment to pause in the wake of what has happened with this horrific shooting, this massacre in dallas, texas, and so when you combined all of that together, it is still hard to really move forward and to look at, are we in a better place tonight than last night? are we healing or are we very much divided in this country and i think that is what you're saying is people are trying to decide what side they'll be on. will they be at the memorial supporting police, will they stand with the men and women. or continue to protest and even some say that police deserved this. it is shocking to see how divided people are with the police in this country. >> you know, ben, let's talk more about that. the back drop, the context is important. we can't forget the fact that this week, we saw these very graphic videos that played out for everyone to see in plain view of african-american men
9:35 pm
being shot by police officers, the police involved shootings. it is angered many people, it is heartbreaking to see. there are investigations under way. that happened, we saw protests result from that. we're in the middle of you know, getting close towards the end of the political cycle that is very, you know, us or them. it seems that dallas, texas, has taken pause and they are recognizing the fact that on this day, they are honoring the lives of these officers. >> yeah. >> who were killed in the line of duty. >> and i have to give an incredible amount of leadership congratulations to the police chief and the mayor and the governor. many of them coming from very different political perspectives but when they had the press conference earlier today, they didn't care about who was running for president. they didn't care about the protesters that were trying to make their point. they cared about these families and their police officers.
9:36 pm
there are families tonight that are never, ever going to see their loved ones who did not return home when they went to work and they were out there, i think, one of the most incredible things, the selfless things you see by the police officers, the men and women were protecting protesters who were protesting them and they stood in front of them and protected the protestors who were out protesting the police and they stood by and helped those people. even if there are some that took it to another level, some celebrated the police officers being shot and killed downtown last night. that was probably the most shocking things i've seen in this country ever to see american citizens celebrating the shooting and the death of police officers. but what the city did was they came together around these rallies and the cops, i think it will be a different day in the near term. i hope in the long-term for community policing and for standing with the police because
9:37 pm
there is the majority of people they're saying, look, the police men in dallas had nothing to do with the shooting in baton rouge, had nothing to do with the shooting in minneapolis, st. paul. you saw game wardens, dart officers, people coming from 50 miles away. many of them black and white and hispanic. they didn't care and they came together and that is what the police force does and i hope we remember that. >> you know it is interesting, i spoke with one of the protesters who was here the other night. again, as you point out, protesting, you know, alleged police brutality playing out across the united states but he said the officers, they were outstanding. they put their lives on the line to protect him and he pointed that out and also making the point that dallas just seems to really understand the essence of what it is, not getting caught up in the political lenses of, you know, the confusion that can play out in ferguson in dallas.
9:38 pm
ben, thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> we'll get back to you. >> absolutely. >> i want to also talk about one of the officers killed in the line of duty. patrick zamarripa. he was killed in dallas. he was a u.s. navy veteran, and father of two. patrick's own dad shared a bit about his son with us earlier. >> he was very, very helpful young man. he was very giving. he would give you his last dollar if he had it in his pocket if you needed. it he would bend over backwards to help everybody out. he was patient. he would try to help anybody out the best he could. if you needed help, patrick would offer to help. even if he couldn't do anything, he would offer it to you. my son, he was, since day one, since he was born, he was a hero, he was my little hero and he is a big hero now.
9:39 pm
yeah, he's, he's going to be missed. >> he will be missed, indeed. officer zamarripa's family has been sharing photos and stories about his life on social media. we will have much more of our coverage live here in dallas, texas, straight ahead as the great state of texas continues to mourn the loss of the officers killed in the line of duty. we'll bring you the very latest on what we're learning about the shooter, next. hey there, starting your search for the right used car? i don't want one that's had a bunch of owners just say, show me cars with only one owner find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing it's perfect. start your used car search at
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by switching to xfinity x1. rio olympic games show me gymnastics. x1 lets you search by sport, watch nbc's highlights and catch every live event on your tv with nbc sports live extra. i'm getting ready. are you? x1 will change the way you experience nbcuniversal's coverage of the rio olympic games. call or go online today to switch to x1. i'm george howell live here in dallas, texas. this is where sniper shot 12 police officers, killing 5 of them. the gunman was acting alone when he ambushed the officers. he told police that he had bombs but police killed him with an
9:43 pm
explosive on a robot after the negotiations failed. the 25-year-old was a military veteran who served in afghanistan. michael, back to you. >> george, thanks so much. we'll check in later. the deadly ambush in dallas occurred as people in the city and other cities across the u.s. took to the streets to peacefully protest recent killings of african-americans by police. chanting black lives matter. randy kaye has more on the movement that has become increasingly visible here in the u.s. >> black lives matter! black lives matter! >> what started with a hashtag turned into a rallying cry. the goal? to shine a light on racial injustice. >> this is the generation that wants to dismantle structural racism. this is the generation that wants to get at the core of it, that wants to get at the system, the systemic problem.
9:44 pm
>> reporter: the black lives matter movement was born after the shooting death of florida teen trayvon martin, when his killer, neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman was cleared of any wrong doing. >> we, the jury, find george zimmerman not guilty. . >> reporter: after trayvon, the deaths of african-americans at the hands of police gave rise to more voices of protest. there was eric garner in new york. >> eric gardner, michael brown. >> shut it down, shut it down. >> and michael brown in ferguson where the movement began to take hold. >> the people, the local neighborhoods in ferguson were willing to call attention to the issues, right? they're willing to put their lives on the line for mike brown and for theirson future. >> then, 12-year-old tamir rice who only had a pellet gun was killed by police in cleveland. >> the young man pulled a weapon out and that is when the officer fired. >> activists say the list goes on. tony robinson, eric harris,
9:45 pm
walter scott, freddie gray. in most incidents, the officers were not indicted fueling the anger and amping up the message. >> they need to take care of our country. if the police are supposed to protect us, they should ensure that. >> reporter: there are dozens of black lives matter chapters across the united states and while some believe the movement has incited violence and worsened race relations, the founders disagree. >> the reality is this is a peaceful human rights movement led by incredibly courageous black people. i think we're demanding justice and freedom for our people. >> reporter: cnn political commentator angela rye joins us now to talk about this. she is the former executive director of the congressional black caucus. great to have you here in the studio with us. i want to talk about the protest in dallas itself was peaceful until all of this happened. i'm wondering the message of the protest and the message of a lot of the black lives matter
9:46 pm
protest has been diluted in the wake of the killing of the police officers. what -- how do you feel about that message being lost in the last couple of days? >> i certainly think that the shootings of the officers was a horrible, tragic event and i also believe that it was a terrible distraction from what needed to really begin a message and a conversation about healing in this country from the two shooting deaths, both of alton sterling and philandro castile. we were not able to talk through that because another horrific event ravaged the country and broke hearts of family members throughout dallas. the reality itself is very dangerous for us to say say the rogue shooter don democrated the violence. put out a statement today saying
9:47 pm
we do not support the acts of violence and have nothing to do with them. >> at the same time it all speaks to the decisiveness in the country. radio host rush limbeau told them it was a terrorist group. to speak of the decisiveness. it is muslim versus nonmuslim. it is born here versus not born here. all sort of shaken and stirred by a toxic discussion in this country. what do you make of that? >> i do think it is toxic in this country but i also don't think it is unique to the country. when you look at what happened with brexit, when you look at boris johnson and the comparisons made to him and donald trump, when you hear the type of rhetoric dispute about the muslim brothers and sisters all around the globe because there are people who happen to say they're muslim who are also terrorists. i think we have to be very, very careful about putting people in boxes where we're not
9:48 pm
comfortable with actually dealing with people based on their own individual experiences. you're no more monolithic to your next door neighbor than i am to mine. we have to find key identifying points to have critical discussions about the things that hurt us, about the things that make us stronger and how we can move forward but we won't be able to do that until we start paying respect to people's differences and how they grow up and their experiences here. >> okay. so what needs to be done when it comes to police and community relations? a lot of people suggested that there needs to be more of a collusion between the community and the police departments. dallas was doing a good job, ironically doing that. it is not the case everywhere. people talk about the make up police departments versus the racial make up versus the community they serve. what sort of things need to be done. >> i think all of those things
9:49 pm
are high on the priority list but i think given what has happened this week, we have to start talking about accountability and transparency in police departments. it is very, very important that data is able to be collected. it is very, very important that police men and women are held accountable when they run a foul of the rules. when they take a life. that is murder. anyone else would be in jail, if anyone else behaved the same way as the officers both in the alton sterling case and the phiandro castile. it is important to treat officers like they're not above the law. very important. >> and i have to add a caveat to that. we don't know the full story of those cases and the investigations are not done but certainly things -- >> if things appear as they did on video. >> if they appear on video. >> they would be at least arrested. >> the investigation is still being done. i wanted to ask you one thing. do you think it is impossible for the average white people in
9:50 pm
america to walk in the shoes of the average black person? do you think there is a disconnect in understanding what the experience is interacting with police or in other elements of life? >> so, i think it is important and that is why i kind of emphasize the whole i don't know what the average white person is. the most important thing is have conversations. i work for the cbc. very different from every single one of those members. there is age difference, geographic difference, gender difference. we went to different schools and made different grades and majored in different things. some went to law school and some are engineers. you have to come from the understanding you having a conversation with a black person doesn't mean that you've talked to the whole community. just like if i talk to someone who is white, i haven't talked to the whole community. >> but a conversation is a good
9:51 pm
start. >> absolutely. hundreds gathering to honor and remember the dallas police officers killed by a sniper. we'll take you there. stay with us. we'll be right back. pretty much over. (friend) wish we could start it from the beginning. (jon bon jovi) with directv, you can. you see, we've got the power to turn back time let's start over, let's rewind and let's go back and not quit the gym and have a chance to say goodbye to grampy tim oh, that's the power to turn back time. (vo) get the ultimate all-included bundle. call 1-800-directv. which saves money.rance a smarter way, like bundling home and auto coverage, which reduces red tape, which saves money. when they save, you save. that's home and auto insurance for the modern world. esurance, an allstate company. click or call. esurance does insurance a smarter way. they offer a single deductible, which means you don't pay twice
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we are thankful for our lives, others lost them last night. we are thankful for our families, other families lost that last night. we are thankful for our city, yes, and we are thankful for each other. that is why we're here today just hours after this act of evil. >> thankful, the mayor of dallas, texas mike rollins, he and other state and city officials. there was solidarity with these slain officers. >> george, thanks so much. a vigil for the murdered officers has been going on for hours. ed is there and has new information about the sniper.
9:56 pm
>> reporter: just outside the dallas police department headquarters, a vigil and emotional scene. this vigil has been growing steadily throughout the day. people coming, leaving flowers on the police cars and notes of condolences to the fallen officers, as well as those that were wounded and the police force here in dallas that essentially has been shaken to its core. this while the investigative work tonights. there have been officers at the crime scene downtown dallas piecing together and those officers have been trying to retrace the steps the killer micah johnson followed in his attack that ended with the killings of the five police officers here thursday night in dallas. we also know that investigators including federal law enforcement have been at the home of micah johnson where neighbors tell us he lived with his mother. that is where authorities tell us they discovered weapons, ammunition, material
9:57 pm
and a journal that wrote about combat tactics. detectives are pouring into the journal to get more into the mind of this killer. that going on tonight here as a city mourns. you're watching cnn. i'm michael holms in atlanta. i'm george howell live in dallas, texas. we will be right back with more special coverage of the shooting here after a short break. & in a world held back by compromise, businesses need the agility to do one thing & another. only at&t has the network, people, and partners to help companies be... local & global. open & secure. because no one knows & like at&t. i don't want to lie down.
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