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tv   Morgan Spurlock Inside Man  CNN  July 8, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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welcome to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. i'm michael holms at the cnn world center in atlanta. >> i'm george howell live in dallas, texas. the backdrop behind me, we're here at dallas police deputy head quarters and you seen the memorial that has grown and continues to grow. flowers and balloons and messages remembering the dead here. these five officers killed in the line of duty thursday night as they were protecting marchers during a peaceful protest. seven other officers and two civilians were wounded in that ambush. the shooter has been identified as 25-year-old micah xavier johnson, a former u.s. army reservist who served in afghanistan. authorities say that it appears he acted alone and they say that they found bomb-making materials inside his home before he was killed. before killed by police, he was killed by a bomb squad robot. police say johnson told negotiators he was upset of killings of recent african
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american men by police. the maryor is calling for peopl to come together. >> the past 24 hours in dallas has been a variable tale of two cities. on the one hand, it's been the tale of heroism of police officers. at the same time, it's been a tale of crowdedness by an assass assassin. >> we will not shy away from the very real fact that we as a city, as a state, as a nation are struggling with racial issues. they continue to divide us. yes, it's that word race and we've got to attack it head on. i will tell you this is on me generation of leaders. it is on our watch that we have allowed this to continue to
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fester, that we have led the next generation down a vicious path of rhetoric and actions that put one against the other. >> reporter: such a different scene the night before but there were so many people here, here in dallas caught up in the middle of this chaos, brendon hester was with the protesters and saw the first police officer being gunned down and caught it on video that's been obtained exclusively by cnn. you can see it here. >> get down! get down! get down! one down. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> get the siren on.
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>> huh? >> it coming from ail. >> hester spoke earlier with don lemon. he said he ran to a parking garage nearby to take cover as those shots continued. >> what i seen is -- can never really be just taken out of my mind. i'll never forget that for the rest of my life. like when the shots first, like, start coming, i seen like literally an officer fall like, i guess, i don't know if he was the first officer to fall but he fell like right there and that's when i ran and tried to take cover but i gus i ran the wrong way because nobody really knew where the shots were coming from when they first start coming so
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i mean, i just ran like anybody else would and by that time, my friends had all ran every which way, like everybody just kind of scattered and i end up i gus running to the wrong place. >> reporter: he just ran. joining us now, tyler, he witnessed the aftermath of that shooting. tyler is a former news anchor here in texas and lives just four blocks away from where all this happened. we spoke yesterday when all of this was, you know, playing out on the streets here in dallas. you heard all of this happen. tell viewers what happened. >> you know, first of all, it still seems surreal even at this point. where i live in downtown is on main street, which is where this protest, they walked up around main street, up around my building and had -- were ending their walk and their march and i took video as they marched past the officers were there. they were blocking off streets.
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they were protecting these protesters and it was four blocks from where the shots started and the first thing i remember hearing is just chaos with sirens. the police cars coming from all over and i quickly knew something, something was terribly wrong and then later i heard more shots. you also heard explosions later in the night, which we now know is when police eliminated this person. >> i want to ask you about that. i mean, downtown dallas is a place where there are condos and people live in downtown. you're there. what were police telling you when this was happening. they were concerned there was bombs throughout the core there. >> they were. it was unnerving because the suspect stated there were explosives. they were telling everybody to stay off the streets, stay inside if you didn't have to be in downtown especially that core around where this is going on but again, that was only four blocks away and it was extremely
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unnerving for everybody, even people inside their homes didn't quite know what to do and interesting, george, that has lasted even into today. we now know the outcome of this but people were still nervous today. >> you know, one thing i noticed and texas is home so it's interesting to come back into the state and hear these conversations. people talking directly about what happened but also trying to find some common ground. have you seen that? >> yeah, i actually have. i've seen people trying to make sense of what happened, which i don't know that there is anyway to make sense of what happened. i experienced a woman today trying to get into a bank that was closed. many businesses were closed in the central business district and she said she works down there, and she said she's scared to death and she started to cry and, you know, people are still feeling this and i don't know that they can make any sense of
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it right now. >> reporter: you know, just as i got to the airport there was a gentleman and you could sense the pain and anguish of what happened in this town right there on his shoulder to keep it together. >> george, you're here at the police headquarters. you see what is happening behind you. when you look at the skyline, it's illuminated blue. this city is all about this city. >> reporter: thank you for your time. a prayer vigil was held for the slain officers there the crowd cheered, chief david brown. the dallas area rapt transit known at d.a.r.t. hundreds of people were athe
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vigil that continued to grow throughout the day. the dallas shootings marked the single deadly day for u.s. law enforcement since the 9/11 attacks in 2001. cnn's jim sciutto has more on the men who lost their lives on thursday. >> reporter:. >> brent thompson was a dallas transit rapid officer. he joined the force in 2009 and was a newlywed married two weeks ago to a fellow transit officer. d.a.r.t's place chief said he was in great spirits. >> great police officer. servant to the people and our customers and used our system, great family man and we are deeply saddened by his loss. >> dallas police officer patrick zamarripa was 32 and a u.s. navy
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veteran that served three tours during the iraq war. on the news his brothers shared this photo on twitter saying quote i love you, brother. couldn't be prouder. we'll see you again. #prayfordallsa. michael krol was serving the law. >> he wanted to make things better and right. was really committed. you know. it was probably the most frustrating thing for him. he couldn't solve it all. >> according to local media reports, the other two victims are senior corporal that served in the dallas police department joseph kauser and omar mcbride who served in the military and was an army ranger. >> officer patrick zamarripa
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lost his life doing what he loved. his fally and friends mourning him and asking why the awful act of domestic terrorism took him away. earlier cnn spoke with his father, listen. >> first of all, my son patrick, he was very, very helpful young man. he was very giving. he would give you his last dollar if he had it in his pocket and needed it. he would bend over backwards to help anybody out. he was very patient. he would try to help anybody out the best he could. if you needed help, patrick, he would offer to help. even if he couldn't do nothing, he'd offer it to you. my son, he was -- since day one, since he's born he's a hero. he was my little hero and he's a big hero today. he's a big hero now. yeah, he's, he's going to be
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mised. >> you're incredible to share about your son. you know, you talk about him helping people and he served in iraq. he served in kuwait. he cared deeply about his country. >> oh, yeah, he did. oh, yeah. it was mainly his sister, she was in the navy, too, and she talked him into joining the navy and he loved it. he just loved being in the navy. he liked being a police officer with the service. >> he will be missed. cnn following breaking news in phoenix, arizona. you're looking at the live i'm migh -- images of live protests. you see what is happening. police lined up on the streets. tense protests. we understand that police have
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used tear gas, again, police using tear gas in these crowds. you see again, officers lined up on one side, protesters on the other and this arial image gives you a sense of what is happening there in the street. you can see many protesters there lined up against the police department. these live images right now at 11:13 in phoenix, arizona, that's where these protesters are happening. police using tear gas on the crowds. cnn will continue to follow these protests and others playing out across the country. this is cnn live coverage in dallas, texas. i'm george howell. we'll continue right after the break.
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they give awards for spelling but everyone knows cheese.s. cracker barrel has won awards for their delicious cheddar and they put that cheddar in a new macaroni & cheese. can you spell delicious? delicious. d. e. l... take you back to phoenix, arizona where protesters have been continuing. we do know that some tear gas has been fired. those live pictures giving you a sense of protests still continuing and the line of police there keeping the protesters at bay. it's not a large number of people but been a bit vocal and a little bit untidy. if it gets out of hand, we'll take you back to phoenix, arizona. meanwhile, other breaking news for you out of the korean peninsula. north korea launching another missile test.
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this time a ballistic missal from a submarine according to the south korea military. according to the joint chief of staff the missile launched in the seas southeast of sinpo city. for more on what we know about this latest move, let's go to matt rivers standing by. matthew, of course, this is the latest in a series of tests. tell us what we know about this one. >> well, this one, according to defense officials, the test launch happened around 11:30 a.m. and apparently, it failed soon after the launch. this missile launched from a submarine, slbm launched off the coast of east north korea and it failed shortly after takeoff. we've seen local media reports in the last couple minutes or so that say that missile reached heights of about 10 kilometers and flew for just a few kilometers before exploding in
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midair. now a successful launch, according to defense officials here means it would have had to travel at least 300 kilometers before reaching its intended target to be a successful launch, obviously, the rocket exploding midair only going a couple of kilometers would suggest this is a failed launch and the second for a submarine launch ballistic missile. back in april there was another such test that only flew about 30 kilometers that time before failing again but this is something north korea is going to continue to try and develop that program, according to experts would significantly increase it's strategy abilities so this is not likely the last test we'll see in regards to slbms. >> matt, before we let you go, it's about events in recent days that might have perhaps led to this test and one is sanctions against the leader and the other is the decision by the south koreans to deploy a u.s. missile
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protection system. >> right. a lot for north korea to react to. you have the deployment of the f.a.d. system, advanced missile defense system. the u.s. and south korea telling reporters they are finalizing the deployment of the system. that doesn't make north korea happy and for the first time, the u.s. imposed human rights related sanctions specifically siting kim jong un himself and that is the first time that sanctions have specifically been leveed against him. the north koreans responded very angrily about that. there is a lot to respond to. certainly not a coincidence i would say this missile launch comes just a day or two after we've seen all of these developments, michael. >> matt rivers in seoul, south korea, thanks. all right. the u.s. mourning those five officers killed in the deadliest assault on the country's law enforcement since 9/11 and we're learning more about the suspect behind this awful act of
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domestic terrorism. police say this man was the only shooter authorities say he was 25-year-old micah xavier johnson. police killed the former u.s. army reservist after a long stand off. police say he told them he wanted to kill white police officers and that he was upset about the recent shootings of african american men by police. protests began after two african american men were killed by police officers in louisiana and minnesota. police shot alton sterling, several times on tuesday after a homeless man called 911. a source said the man kept asking sterling for money and sterling brandished a gun. the 37-year-old was a father. the mother of one of his sons spoke with our don lemon. >> it is unbearable pain, especially being a mother with a teenage son and it's like, you
10:21 pm
know, what's the next thing that you tell him besides i love you? and everything is going to be okay. we have to stay together. we have to pray together, and honestly, that's what is really been keeping me and cameron focused with the help of my family, as well. >> the fiancee of philando captured the moments in the live facebook video post. a police officer shot castile after being pulled over for a broken taillight and being asked for identify. >> it's about all of the families that have lost people. this thing that has happened in dallas, it was not because of something that transpired in minnesota today. this is bigger than philando,
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this is bigger than trayvon martin, this is bigger tran sandra bland, this is bigger than all of us. today i just want justice for everyone, everyone around the world. >> all right. let's go back to phoenix, arizona and check out those demonstrations that are continuing there. they got a little out of hand. there were reports tear gas was used, we got reports that is pepper spray that isfective at close range. it's not a big crowd but a little lively, excuse me, earlier. we'll keep an eye on developments there. angela rye joins us now to talk more about this and the former executive director of the congressional black caucus. great to have you in the studio with us. i want to talk about the protest in dallas itself was peaceful until all this happened. i'm just wondering that the message of that protest and the message of a lot of black lives matter protest has been diluted in the wake of what actually
10:23 pm
happened in dallas with the killing of the police officers. what do you -- how do you feel about that message being lost in the last couple days? >> i certainly think that the shootings of the officers was a horrible tragic event and i also believe that it was a terrible distraction from what needed to really begin a message and a conversation about healing in this country from the two shooting deaths both of alton sterling and philando and we were not able to talk through that because another horrific event broke hearts throughout dallas. the reality is very dangerous for us to say that that rogue shooter die l eer dilutes the m condemn the violence and put out a statement today we do not support the acts of violence by this particular shooter and have
10:24 pm
nothing to do with him. >> it speaks to the divisiveness in the country. rush limbaugh says black lives matter is a terrorist group. >> horrible. >> well, he's rush limbaugh. it's muslim versus non-muslim and born here versus not born here. all sort of shaken and stirred by, you know, a toxic, you know, discussion in this country. what do you make of that? >> sure, i think it's toxic but not unique to the country when you look at brexit and you hear the type of rhetoric about our muslim brothers and sisters all over the globe because there are people who happen to say they are muslim who are also terrorists. i think we have to be very, very careful about putting people in boxes where we're not comfortable with actually dealing with people based on
10:25 pm
their own individual experiences. you're no more monolift if i can than your next-door neighbor than i am to mine and it's important to find key identifying points where we can have critical discussions about the things that hurt us, about the things that make us stronger and move forward but we won't be able to do that until we pay respect to people's differences and how they grew up and their experiences here. >> okay. so what needs to be done when it comes to police and community relations? a lot of people suggested that there needs to be more of a collusion between the community and police department and as said by accounts, dallas was doing a good job of that but not the case everywhere. people talk about community run, civilian commissions, perhaps, the makeup of police departments versus racial makeups, versus the community they serve. what sort of things do you think need to be done? are the priorities? >> i think all of those things are high on the priority list but i think given what happened
10:26 pm
this week, we have to start talking about accountability and transparency in police departments. it very, very important that data is able to be collected. it's very, very important that policemen and women are held accountable when they run afoul of the rules and take a life. that is murder. anyone else would be in jail if anyone else behaved this same way as the officers both in the alton sterling case and the philando castile, they would be in jail. it's important to treat officers like they are not above the law. >> we have to have a caveat. we don't know the full story -- >> if things appear as they did on video, they should be arrested. >> the investigation, we got to say is still being done. i wanted to ask you one thing. do you think it's impossible for the average white person in america to walk in the shoes of the average black person?
10:27 pm
do you think there is a disconnect in understanding the experience via interacting with police or other elements of life? >> so i think it's important and that's why i emphasize the idea earlier. i don't know what the average black person is and i don't know what the average white person is. i think the most important thing to do with your neighbors, friends, classmates and neighbors is have conversations. my experience is very different, i work for the cbc is very different from every member. there is an age difference, geographic difference, gender difference. we went to different schools and had different grades and mayored in different things. some of us went to law school, some are engineers, you have to come from the understanding that you having a conversation with a black person doesn't mean that you've talked to the whole community just like if i talk to someone whose white, i haven't talked to the whole community. >> but a conversation is a good idea. >> good place to start. >> thank you so much. >> angela rye there.
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welcome back to the viewers around the world, i'm geormicha holms. >> i'm george howell. in phoenix, arizona it was a peaceful protest. it's turned chaotic in the last
10:32 pm
30 minutes. we were told initially rather tear gas but we understand pepper spray is being used in the crowd. we want to understand exactly what police are using. pepper spray in the crowds. there is a concern, though, because as you see these officers lined up, they want to make sure people in the back know that more pepper spray could be used. the reason being they don't want people in the front to be exposed to the pepper spray and then rush to the back and possibly trample people in the back. you're looking at two different images. you see one aerial image to get a sense how many are on the ground and on the ground you see a live image where at 11:32 p.m. phoenix time, you see protesters in the streets still standing there and a tense situation we're continuing to monitor here on cnn. learning much more about what is being called an act of domestic terror here in dallas, texas.
10:33 pm
this attack that killed five police officers in the line of duty and wounded seven others. the dallas mayor says the gunman, 25-year-old michael xavier johnson acted alone. officials say he was armed with at least two weapons when he opened fire on these police officers as protesters march through the streets of dallas peacefully. during the standoff that went on for several hours, he told police negotiators that he was infuriated by the deaths of african american men at the hands of police officers and that he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers. that stand off ended when officers used a bomb delivered by a robot to kill him after the negotiations failed. right now i'm standing in front of dallas police head quarters and i want you to see what is happening behind me. this memorial. we seen people come throughout the day and the night bringing flowers, bringing balloons, bringing messages of remembrance for these officers who, you know, went to work one day and did not come home the next.
10:34 pm
our ed has more about them and new information about the sniper. >> reporter: just outside the dallas police department headquarters, a vigil and emotional scene. this vigil has been growing steadily throughout the day. people coming, leaving flowers on the police cars and notes of condolences to the fallen officers, as well as those that were wounded and the police force here in dallas that essentially has been shaken to its core. this while the investigative work tonights. there have been officers at the crime scene downtown dallas piecing together and those officers have been trying to retrace the steps the killer micah johnson followed in his attack that ended with the killings of the five police officers here thursday night in dallas. we also know that investigators including federal law enforcement have been at the home of micah johnson where
10:35 pm
neighbors tell us he lived with his mother. that is where authorities tell ushey discovered weapons, ammunition, bomb-making material and a journal that wrote about combat tactics. detectives are pouring into the journal to get more into the mind of this killer. that going on tonight here as a city mourns. i'd like to bring in steve moore, he joins us via skype live. steve, you and i were together just the other day talking about this situation as it played out and i just wanted to get a sense from you about what you saw, how these officers handled this situation. >> it was remarkable how well and how composed they remained if you realize that they count tell where the shots were coming from and could only take cover and so many people would have taken cover and that's it or
10:36 pm
gotten behind buildings blocks away. these officers were running towards wounded. they were running towards the shooting to engage. it was actually kind of inspiring. >> steve, one thing that i noticed and spoke to a protester in the group of people protesting. he heard the gunshots then. officers told him and many other people to get out of the way. they pushed him out. he said look, we were out there to protest, alleged police brutality. he said it's a problem in the united states but at the same time, he has love for those officers. he understands, you know, he said if i call 911 they are there for me. it's not them. it's an issue that he has a problem with. so you get a sense from what i hear from many people that, you know, especially here in dallas there is a connection with their police department. >> i so hope that's true and that it's more universal.
10:37 pm
the police officers, the vast, vast majority of police officers in the united states are these type of police officers that we saw yesterday acting pretty heroically in dallas and very minute section of law enforcement has issues. i don't want to have anybody blame law enforcement as a whole any more than we should blame black lives matter as a whole for the about of one deranged man. it's the whole thing of not jumping to conclusions, not lumping people together. >> it's good that you point that out because again, i've heard so many people here in dallas say hey, you know, one event, one -- this person who did this terrible, terrible thing in this city, that event should not hijack the issue that, you know, there are other top picks of the protesters are talking about and have a relationship with their police department.
10:38 pm
steve, i want to ask you about this, you know, when we understood that there was this stand off and the officers used this robot to go in with the bomb, talk to us about that tactic. >> i never seen that tactic before. i was on swat for five years. i was a sniper. but i think what people should realize is that deadly force is deadly force. it doesn't say that deadly force has to be a gun, has to be whatever. we were trained in the academy, if you were in your vehicle and somebody was shooting at you, your vehicle is a deadly weapon. it is simply what we call field expedient, do what you need to render the killer impotent and to what you need to do. >> steve, i'd like to show our viewers something. we have another camera trained off to downtown dallas. i'd like to cut to the camera and show it in full view because you see the downtown skyline and
10:39 pm
the main building, the tallest building in the city is typically green. it's lit blue tonight here in dallas, texas. this city showing solidarity with the police force. >> i -- i really appreciate that gesture. i appreciate lots of gestures, all these gestures. my brother-in-law is a police officer in texas. i hope, i desperately hope that through this tragedy maybe both sides can see that -- see the pain that the other one is feeling and move towards the center and find a way through this because war between police and civilians is not going to work out for anybody. >> steve moore live for us via skype in los angeles. steve, thanks for joining us again today. >> thank you. the u.s. presidential candidates are reacting.
10:40 pm
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hello, everyone. i'm michael holms in atlanta. time to up dadate you, a sniper shooting five police officers. the gunman was acting alone when he ambushed those officers and told police he had bombs explosives ieds and he was killed by a robot after
10:44 pm
negotiations failed. the 25-year-old was a military veteran that served in afghanistan. this was during many investigations demanding answers over the killings by two black men by police. protesters continued in several mayor cities including atlanta, phoenix and san francisco. barack obama addressing shootings overseas and cutting that trip short by a day to come back and he's going to be visiting dallas next week. now the mass shooting and the killings of those two black men by police have drawn responses from u.s. presidential candidates not surprisingly. the presumptive nominee donald trump with the killing of five officers in dallas to the economy. >> too many americans are living in terrible poverty and violence. we need jobs and we're going to produce those jobs.
10:45 pm
racial divisions have gotten worse, not better. too many headlines flash across our screens every day about the rising crime and rising death tolls in our cities. now is the time for prayers, love, unity, and leadership. >> the democratic side, the presumptive nominee, hillary clinton calling for new good lines in the wake of the shootings. >> we must do more to have national guidelines about the use of force by police especially deadly force. we need to do more to look into implicit bias and do more to respect and protect our police. look at what happened in dallas. those police officers were protecting a peaceful protest, a protest of authority that is a hallmark of america. >> presumptive u.s. democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton speaking there. the u.s. president barack obama responding to the news of the
10:46 pm
shootings in dallas while on his trip to europe, mr. obama is in poland to attend the nato summit there. the white house announcing that the president is going to come back early, a day early and will go to dallas next week as we said. while mr. obama's focus may have shifted in dallas, the future of nato and the eu topped the agenda. in this case robertson wi nic robertson with more on that. >> reporter: before the 28 leaders could assemble talking points of the day tragically torn off course. >> i speak for every single american when i say that we are horrified over these events and that we stand united with the people and the police department in dallas. >> reporter: despite the deaths in dallas, meetings went ahead. the international terror threat of isis high on the agenda also talking brexit with u.n. leaders easing economic fallout.
10:47 pm
>> nobody has an interest. >> reporter: ocpinions highlighting those ahead. >> maintaining the closest relations between the eu, uk, european and american interests. >> i would like to repeat here what we have said in brussels the other day that we cannot start negotiations until authorities are notified under article 50 the intention to leave the european union. >> reporter: the intended message of the summit, unity in the face of growing russian aggression that includes the buzzing of u.s. warships, troops on nato's eastern border and building sophisticated missile systems from the north to syria in the south. the answer being fine tuned, four additional nato bar tall --
10:48 pm
b beefing up. >> a clear message an attack on one ally is an attack on the whole alliance. >> obama announcing one of those coming from the u.s. >> the united states will deploy a battalion to serve shoulder to shoulder with polish soldiers. in other words, poland is going to be seeing an increase in nato and american personnel and the most modern capable military equipment. >> reporter: nato is leaving the door open to diplomacy with russia but most of the meetings here focus on what to do if that fails, for example, building border resilience to combat the tactics russia used to annex crimea. nic robertson, cnn, poland.
10:49 pm
and we are still keeping an eye on phoenix, arizona where a protest there has gotten a little out of hand. there is not many protesters but those that are there are being quite active in the last hour or so. causing a bit of trouble. the police have we're told been using pepper spray on a couple of occasions to try to disburse them and you can see there really haven't very many there but causing a little bit of trouble. we will continue to monitor this and bring you any developments as they come to hand. and protests of course continuing all week in the wake of the police shootings that we've been reporting on marches in one major u.s. city blocked traffic demanding change. we'll have the latest on that coming up.
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you're watching cnn live coverage. breaking news. in phoenix, arizona you see a line of police officers there lined up in the streets. there are protesters on the other side. we understand that the police officers there have used pepper spray on that crowd.
10:54 pm
again, dispersing that crowd. there was concern earlier about using that pepper spray and perhaps the people in the front would run back and trample the people in the back. so we understand that officers are lined up, trying to do the job of dispersing that crowd with the care of not causing a situation where people are trampled in the back of that crowd. this live aerial image in phoenix, arizona where the time right now there is 11:54 p.m. phoenix time. you see this chopper overhead and several protesters on the ground. keep in mind this has been playing out for some time now. we've seen some people pepper sprayed. this has been happening, you know, throughout the evening. and as the camera zooms in, you get a sense there of protesters who really aren't looking to leave. these protesters still in the streets in phoenix, and officers lined up to block them from proceeding. we will continue to follow these live images and bring you any developments as we learn them here on cnn. i'm george howell here in dallas, texas.
10:55 pm
i want to show you an image that's really poignant here in downtown dallas. we can cut over to this other camera that shows the skyline of dallas, the bank of america tower. you see that it is in blue tonight. that building typically lit up in green here in downtown dallas. but tonight the city, the dallas-fort worth metroplex honoring the fact that five police officers lost their lives in the line of duty. i'm george howell here live in dallas, texas. we'll continue to follow the breaking news here as we learn more about protesters and marches across the country that have played out after a week of police shootings. thousands of people gathered in the city of atlanta, georgia. they were blocking streets there. and a freeway ramp. look at this video in downtown atlanta. cnn's paolo sandoval reports on friday's peaceful protests. >> reporter: well, peaceful yet tense is one way to describe what took place on the streets of atlanta friday evening. it all started as a peaceful
10:56 pm
march through the streets of downtown. however, authorities quickly sealed off the route that some of these protesters, thousands of them, were taking as soon as they were heading toward the interstate. authorities basically creating what was a human chain here, uniforms shoulder to shoulder here, keeping some of these protesters from making their way onto the interstate as the mayor of atlanta said, the main concern here is they don't want anybody to get hurt, whether it's police officers, protesters, especially some of the people who are simply out for a drive. that's some of the reasons why things did escalate a bit during the early evening hours. that's when you basically had authorities, troopers, police officers facing off with some of these demonstrators as well. but i have to say what was interesting is there were actual conversations that were happening between law enforcement and some of these demonstrators as well at the head of the line. people were having conversations. in fact, there were some individuals that would actually go up to these troopers, shake their hand, and say thank you for their service. so it's interesting dynamic on the streets of atlanta.
10:57 pm
authorities will be on high alert throughout the weekend. they do say that they will be taking a more tactical approach for future demonstrations in light of what happened in dallas. back to you. >> all right. our thanks to polo sandoval there now. thanks for being with us this hour. i'm michael holmes at the cnn center in atlanta. >> and i'm george howell live in dallas. more of our special coverage on the dallas shooting continues. right after the break.
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