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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  July 12, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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new threats against police on the day america mourns five officers in dallas. >> i believe our sorrow can make as you better country. i believe our righteous anger can be transformed into more justice and more peace. >> meanwhile, police in baton rouge say they have stopped a plot targeting officers one day after the deadly shooting of alton sterling. i want to get right to baton rouge now where police say they are investigating two credible threats against officers just a week after the shooting death of alton sterling. boris sanchez is live with more.
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two new police threats there. what can you tell me? >> reporter: this really all started late friday night into early saturday morning. there was a burglary at a local pond shop in baton rouge. officials tell us there that they arrested a suspect who had a handgun on him. when he was interrogated, he told officers into that pawn shop was hard-- officers learne there were more people involved in this. they got information leading them to raid a home in south baton rouge yesterday during that raid, two other suss spents were arrested -- suspects were arrested, including a 13-year-old. we're not likely going to get much information about the 13-year-old.
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he's also the one that told police that this was part of a plot to attack police officers. the person arrested was malik bridgewater, a 20-year-old arrested at his home with three of the stolen guns. to give you an idea, eight handguns were recovered, still two missing. they have every under case to believe there was at least a fourth suspect involved in this plot. they tell us they're working to get more information on that suspect and they put out a plea to the suspect to turn themselves in peacefully. this is one of two credible plots against police officers here in baton rouge. they told us they received dozens of threats over the past weeks, some threats to law enforcement, threats against protesters, threats against the general public as well as, but they're taking these two very seriously. the second threat involved an
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officer having been followed by someone suspicious. we don't have very many details whether they were being followed by car, on foot or by more than one suspicious person. police believe it is significant enough to dedicate resource noose that investigation. once we have more information on that, we'll bring it to you. this is a very tense time. not only for law enforcement here in baton rouge but all across the country as well. >> boris sanchez joining us from baton rouge. ed lavandera is there live for us tonight with new indications about the police officer. we now know the name of someone who sold a gun to mica johnson. what more can you tell us about this investigation? >> well, this man that we knee w -- know who has been questioned by federal law enforcement investigati investigators tells us in the fall of 2014, he met with
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johnson, that they met through a air force base firearms group and met in the parking lot of a target, exchanged $600 for an ak-47 style assault rifle. that man who asked to not be identified said he's traumatized by all of this thinking and worrying that the weapon that he sold to johnson, who he believed was on the up and up, everything normal, in fact, during the course of the conversation had thanked him for his military service, that everything was fine, this person tells us he's traumatized thinking about the gun he sold in this case might have been used in this attack. it's not clear whether or not this was the gun used but federal investigators taking a close look at that tonight. >> ed lavandera, appreciate that. president obama was joined by
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former president bush. today's memorial service was so emotional for the people of dallas and all americans really. tell us what it was like to be in dallas for this moment. >> you could certainly feel that this city is -- you can feel it here at this memorial outside the police station where people continued to drop off flowers, drop off balloons and you certainly felt it as the president was speaking at this memorial. there was also a sense in this city, though, that there is the possibility of moving beyond it and the president himself addressing that, saying as he looked into the crowd, he could see that there was going to be unity coming to dallas. here's what he said. >> in this audience i see people who have protested on behalf of criminal justice reform grieving alongside police officers. i see people who mourn for the five officers we lost but also weep for the families of alton
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sterling and philando castile. i see what's possible when we recognize that we are one american family, all deserving of equal treatment. all deserving equal respect. all children of god. that's the america i know. >> it wasn't all uplifting as you listened to that speech that the president was flowing through a number of emotions, frustrated at times, angry at times, he really channelled that national sentiment and asked americans to work through all of those feelings and push it to uniting and moving toward that one america. >> the president really tried to walk a fine line between honoring the officer's bravery and talk about race. how did people respond to that?
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>> it's a very difficult conversation to have. but it's a conversation that's been ongoing in the city for some time. you have a black police chief, who certainly has been warmly received, especially since the shooting of these police officers. there has been a lot of discussion about community policings here in the city of dallas. this a community well versed in the conversation. they're willing to have that conversation. but what a tough crowd. this is a group of law enforcement of a number of police agencies who are in that room and the president was trying to call on those national themes dealing with a number of police agencies across the country, asking those officers who are burying five of their own, then look at themselves and what can change. >> kyung lah, thank you very much, in dallas for us as well. >> joining us with more on the threats that in baton rouge that
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boris just reported moments ago. good evening, colonel. we learned at least four people were involved in a plot to try to harm officers there. what more can you tell us about that? >> what's interesting here, this is a substantial, credible threat. we've been talking about that over the last week. you're getting all these different things on social media, calls coming in with threats to law enforcement. nothing credible. this was a substantial, credible threat. here's four individuals. we're looking for a fourth one now, based on our investigation, based on interviews, reasonably there is a fourth or more individuals involved. up know we're mi you know we're missing two weapons out there. their intention was to harm a police officers here in baton rouge. when you're dealing with guns, the intention of the harm can be death. >> we're heard they were looking for bullets to harm baton rouge
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police officers. some people have questioned your show of force but they didn't know these investigations were going on because you have undercover people holding these investigations. how concerned are officers for their safety right now, colonel? >> well, i talked to my officers continuously and i tell them rememberi remember your training, be aware of your surroundings and be safe. we only have to look at those five officers memorialized today. i'll say their names out loud before i go to bed tonight. death ends a life, not a relationship. we follow up on every threat and will continue to do so. this is not just a local effort, it's a state. and the sheriff and chief are working on this. we're going to continue to follow up on it. those guys that right now are standing between those protests and this building monitoring, watching it, they deserve our
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protection because they're the ones that that are in harm and dangers, they're the ones running towards it when everyone else is running away from it. we're still undercover working with it and i believe there's other people involved, we're going to do everything we can to find them and locate those two weapons. >> do you have there has been a difference since the shooting of alton sterling in bringing the community together in baton rouge for better or worse? >> i think what sets us apart here is the fact that we've been involved with our community. we've been a part of it for a number of years, not just based tuesday. the governor and i will travel to washington, d.c. to beat -- let me tell youing something, baton rouge is what they are today because of the involvement of our public and citizens and faith-based community all coming together. that's what's been the key here.
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we've not out of the woods, we've got a ways to go but i think the discussion started with a governor, our legislature and faith-based communities and involvement of the businesses. they've told people to come here to do oorm, don't want to peacefully protest. it's not going to be tolerated here. >> i have lots of loved ones there so please keep them self-. when we come right back, the mother of philando castile tells me what barack obama said today when he called her from air force i. >> baton rouge, america on edge. >> this is not just a black issue, just an hispanic issue. this is a an american issue. >> what happens when race, law and order and guns collide? every day on the american streets. don lemon brings all sides
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together for "black, white and blue, america 2016," live wednesday night at 10:00 eastern.
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>> i want is to bring in philando castile's mother and
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judge hatchet. valerie, how are you doing? >> i'm holding up. i have god and my son's spirit that's motivating me to keep myself going. >> i know you received a phone call from the president, as i mentioned just a moment ago. let's listen to part of it. >> we're all thinking about you and wish you the very best during these difficult times. i'll be speaking about him today even when i'm in dallas and let them know what a good man he is. >> what did the president say to you, salavalerie? >> he and michelle sent their condolences. he also mentioned he would be speaking on behalf of my son, mentioning his name and that
8:18 pm
everything's good. >> how important was it for you to hear from the president? >> it was very important because when the president takes notice of things that's going on in the country, then he gives you a call, that really means he's sincere about what's going on and willing to make changes. >> the president also said this about your son today in dallas. listen to this. >> and today in this audience i see people who have protested on behalf of criminal justice reform grieving alongside police officers. i see people who mourn for the five officers we lost but also weep for the families of alton sterling and philando castile. in this audience i see what's possible -- i see what's possible when we recognize that we are one american family. >> do you think it's possible that americans can come together
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as one family? >> ooh, that's a big job. i love to see that happen. but until some changes are made, i'm not so sure about that. but it would be a really good idea because we won't survive if we don't. >> judge, i'm going to ask you the same question. do you see that as possible? >> we always have to be hopeful, don. and if we give up hope, we know who we are. and that is the beloved community that dr. king talked about so, so powerfully, you know, decades ago. and we are still not there but we cannot give up to moving there. we can't continue the way we are. we just can't. >> why was it so important for you to reach out, judge hatchet, to reach out to valerie and her family? >> because my heart just continues to ache over and over.
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you know, don, that i have two young sons, young men and raising african-american men in this world. and to see what is happening over and gefr, i could not be silent on this. we had a mutual person who brought us together, for which i was very grateful, but let me quickly say that when i walked into her home, i didn't walk in as judge hatchet. i walk in to hug her as one mother to another mother. and i count it a privilege to be representing and i'm going to give it everything i've got. >> you say you want systemic reform. what does that mean to you? >> well, it naens that there have to be some national guidelines here that all police
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departments, whether you are in minnesota or california or new york, wherever you are, and i think we've got to look at, first of all, hiring, retention, training in these situations and we have got to be honest that we need to do better than we're doing. do i have all the answers? i do not. >> stop, say that again. >> i do not have all the answers. >> if you don't have all the answers, you're willing to listen to other people, right? >> yes! absolutely, don. absolutely. you know, our hearts grieve over the officers who lost their lives. and mrs. castile will be the first to say that violence of any kind is not acceptable. but until we willing to put in on work on this, and i have said
8:22 pm
to move to rhetoric we're going to continue to be polar rised and to look at each other with distrust and we can't live like this. we just can't continue to live like this. so our hash tag in the press conference today that this time -- you know, we're talking about a man who was doing right, who had a job, who wasn't trying to fight with the police, who wasn't a felon running and he was loved by his family and was permitted to have a gun and now he's dead. so we're saying this time -- and he did it all correctly. this time must be the last time. and if we don't work toward that, then we are going to
8:23 pm
continue to have this vicious cycle, in my opinion. >> i know, val i don't understand how you're doing it. b but. >> that's correct. >> what do you want people to know about that and about what this process is like? >> the process is very hard. but you have to have faith in god and that way it makes it a little bit marreesier and his services, yes, they are thursday at the cathedral in st. paul and i want everyone to see that he was a king. he is a king in my eyesight because he did everything he was supposed to do to be a productive citizen in the state of minnesota. and i want everyone to know who
8:24 pm
he is, who he was and what he stood for. >> mm-hmm. >> that coming from a mother who has lost her son. keep that in mind as we go over the next couple of days and week, thank you very much, i appreciate that valerie castillo and judge glenda hatch. >> coming up i'll talk with one man who was there. folding the laundry! can you? no... cleaning the windows! the living room's a disaster! (vo) most insurance companies give you every reason to avoid them. plants need planting! well the leaves aren't going to rake themselves! (vo) nationwide is different. hon, did you call nationwide to check on our claim? (vo) we put members first. actually, they called me. ♪ nationwide is on your side nationwide is the exclusive insurance partner of plenti.
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president barack obama honoring the five fallen dallas police officers and praising the force for saving countless lives last week as shots rang out. jonathan thompson, he's executive director and ceo of the national sheriff's association. i'm so happy to you have here to talk about this meeting and making a difference. yesterday president obama attended a meeting with law enforcement officials in response to last week's deadly shooting in dallas. you were at that meeting. how do you think it went? >> well, i think it was an
8:29 pm
extraordinary meeting for a number of reasons. number one, as you heard the president say today, that we ask our law enforcement uofficers t do too much and we ask too little of ourselves. that came through loud and clear in the suggestion with the president tonight. he was very honest and candid but but he listened. i think he understands we have a challenge in front of us on both sides of the nation. law enforcement has to protect this nation. we are a nation of laws and weep need to uphold those laws. but our citizenry also has an obligation. i think the president of crystal clear in his remarks, he's clear lanight with us that we have to squ more of our citizen rail.
8:30 pm
this is an issue that we have to take that step back that we all talk about and ask ourselves some tough questions. >> did you leave this meeting feeling positive that something was accomplished here? >> i do. i think the president was sincere in listening. i think he understands that at this think fee even we're asking them to be after school detention officers and this has to stop. our nation's got to take a deep soul searching and we've got to start asking ourselves questions like how do i make certain that my children, our children, grow up understanding that concept of rule of law. and what is the incentive to
8:31 pm
make that happen? we were very that your words have actions and that your angss are incredibly important, mr. president. i think he heard that loud and clear. >> do you think that law enforcement has been given the cools to fight, that they need to fight crime properly, to do their jobs properly? >> well, don, think an easy question but think what's happened too the president he he has saw the to put some very onerous rules and he committed to me and the group to reevaluate that position. i think it's the right thing to do because, number one, these are defensive tools, things
8:32 pm
likes helmets and shields, things that have no place other than protecting the law enforcement officers themselves. isn't a defensive tool. banks use them every single day to protect the money. all we're asking is to have the right tools to protect law enforcement and protect our communities. i think he's going to reevaluate that. i'm confident that we come tock to this. >> and what you with those tools is also the mindhet do you believe systems are unfairly treated by some officers? >> exo, don, that goes without saying.
8:33 pm
there are people who are mistreated in journalism, in education, in medicine, in every walk of life in this country. we cannot and law enforcement and they're i's in this country, they won't stand for it. they cannot stand for it. . we are a nation of laws and the moment we decide we are not, we are an anarchy. we can't have that. >> i think you're exactly right. and the so why is it so difficult sometimes for members of your own law enforcement groups to admit that there is even a lo. >> i don't think it's that we have difficulty admitting it.
8:34 pm
i think what's different and it's a very difficult job. high stress is an understatement. what i think the president and law enforcement do together over the next coming weeks and months is paramount. >> look before you jump. if you watch a 30-second video, tell me what happened in the 30 seconds before that video and tell me what happened in the 30 seconds after that. i believe when people think that way, they will understand the difficulty and the magnitude of the job that we have to do on a daly basis. can you not watch a 30-second video and rush to judgment.
8:35 pm
you don't do it, don, and we certainly home the people of this country don't do it. and most importantly, hour till tigss there was some discrimination. that is a solid answer. i think most people will understand it. and it's also a way that you have establish a conversation, to back and forth so have i to ask you then because what the president said and i think what most of the people on that stage said -- it takes that very difficult look in the mirror. no one is perfect. we all make mistakes. i make dozens every day.
8:36 pm
and we have to try and be and we as humans have to continuously try to improve our stat it's art. but those watching tonight and those listening, it makes courage and it takes conviction to ask yourself those tough questions. so i think -- i talk to sheriffs every day across this country. they are sworn and dedicated to uphold the laws of the constitution in this country. when they see people falling short, it breaks their heart. and it doesn't break their heart because it's wrong, it breaks
8:37 pm
their heart because they let the nation down and they let the electorate down. >> jonathan thompson, executive director and ceo of the national type back. please come back. >> did he get a big clue today? did have you can't get away with that. woo! oh, don't worry about it. they can't hear me, i'm just in your head, (announcer vo) no matter how you use your data, verizon's got your back. introducing the new verizon plan. now get 30% more data. no surprise overages. and keep the data you don't use. all on america's best network. why settle when you can have everything? switch to verizon now.
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convention is just days away and donald trump could announce his running mate any minute now. bob cusack, editor in chief of "the hill." so many people think they didn't think donald trump was going to get this far. he's going to announce he is running maim. can you believe it? >> we must come together and elect this good man as our next president. we must select this strong leader for one more reason -- because hillary clinton must never become president of the
8:42 pm
united states of america. let us resolve here and now that from this day forward, we will unite, we will stand together, we will not rest, we will not relent until we make this good man our feks. >> who is pulling for each candidate? >> i think pence has the momentum, there's no doubt about it. i thought his speech tonight was pretty good. it was short and sweet. did go and hillary clinton. is clearly interested in getting on the picketicket. didn't seem that interested earlier this week because he was re-elected. took on president bush on a number of issues, including no child left behind and medicare prescription drugs. i think he's a favorite right now. >> oh, you do. so, matt, i want to ask you
8:43 pm
about this. this is what donald trump said about pence shortly after that. >> i often joke, you'll be calling up mike pence, within who the he checks a lot of boxes. not all the positiones. his positives, can they make up for the neg i was? >> no. can it be different this trump because he is a nontradition pol days there's an assumption that
8:44 pm
movement conservatives like mike and he's really lost a lot of situation with ted cruz, won him no favor -- favorites mungs newt gingrich camp peacekeepers and he can really gave the spirch that was it parki think actually he can be like the explainer and chief of the trump campaign. >> he's been there. he knows his way around washington and around politics. does a trum of/pence ticket worry you or the campaign of
8:45 pm
hillary? >> no. this is what's so interesting that nobody's been talking about all day, which is the idea that donald trump is kind of choosing among, no you try and go to where you need help. so donald trump needs to expand his base from his reb primary when he needs independence. he needs moderates to believe in him. he needs women to come back, republican women and independent women to come back. he even needs a few hispanics to win this race. so the idea that what he's doing is shoring up his most conservative base with the candidates that he's picking it really remarkable, that that's wa he thinks he needs because his own base now is so shaky. so i don't think that newt
8:46 pm
gingrich or mike pence is going to do anything to take votes away from hillary clinton. >> i see, bob, you're nodding in agreement, it's newt gingrich, it's light guys. >> tft you're looking at gingrich, you're looking at pens. perhaps chris christiey. i'm surprised there's not a woman that's among the finalists. donald trump is full of surprises and he can surprise us but i'm surprised there's not at least a woman that we've talked about. we've talked about mary fallon, susannah martinez, to looks like she's not interested. but the reports and talk uses
8:47 pm
are not talking about that light. doubling down on her criticism of donald trump she told cnn he is a faker and. >> is that too far? what do you think of that? >> well, she right but you don't say that when you're a supreme court justice. it's not appropriate. but i think it's indicative of where we're at in america today. where the decorum, the tradition is out the window. i think she crossed a line. >> she's helped trump, right? >> probably does help trump politically, yeah. i think that's the other irony is that she inadvertently helps donald trump. >> i don't know if that's true. >> trump is demanding an apology from justice. do you think hillary is --
8:48 pm
>> donald trump has said much worse than the supreme court than just ginsburg has said about him. he has criticized so many decisions over the last few years. you might say that it energizes donald trump's voters but it sure as heck energizes hillary clinton voters. so this one might be a wash. supreme court justices are relatively unaccountable. they have one master and that's the constitution. ruth bader ginsburg takes that very seriously. so i think she has a sort of moral high ground generally that people don't see her as a political animal and i think she's actually defending the court when she criticizes trump. >> so stay with me, everybody. when we come right back, hillary clinton finally, finally finally gets bernie sanders' support. but will she get his voters? those new glasses?
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8:53 pm
and i intend to do everything i can to make certain she will be the next president of the united states. >> so if that is to happen, what is the best thing that bernie can do to help her defeat trump and become the president of united states as he says. >> he is a good surrogate in a number of states where he was successful that we need to win, likewise and new hampshire where they were today. he's got an energetic base of support among millennial voters and i think being on the stump for hillary can help convince voters that she really is going to be a progressive president. so you know, this was a long time coming along with many others, was sort of annoyed with how long it took, but you know, having said that, that is where, you know, we are where we are and it is a good thing.
8:54 pm
we're going into the convention united and excited about our candidate and i think bernie sanders is going to give a rousing speech there. we'll be in. >> bob, let's talk about the new research poll. 85% of bernie sanders voters will vote for hillary clinton. i mean, how can trump flip some of them? he reached out to them today. he said here is what he said, let's see, this is the statement i have. but he did reach out to bernie sanders supporters. >> he has. i mean, i think it is a long shot and i think that gary johnson is also going to try to get some of bernie supporters. i mean, remember, trump, a few months ago was calling bernie crazy bernie. it is hard to get the supporters when you're calling the candidate crazy. listen, i think there will be sanders supporters who will not vote for hillary clinton but the party more united right now is the democratic party, no doubt about it. it was a good day for democrats. i thought hillary and bernie appeared very comfortable with one another. that was something a lot of people were watching for. he gave a full throated
8:55 pm
endorsement and it was a good day for hillary clinton and we talked to one clinton aide who sells i'm relieved this is all over. this was a long time coming, a lot of negotiations but we got him. >> there is a hug, my goodness. not only happens with republicans but democrats do it as well. >> that guy is the worst, she is the worst. oh, the best president of the united states the very next day. trump reached back to supporters and then used language that bernie is part of the rigged system. you disagree? >> well, i think there is an interesting point here which is to say that, look, donald trump and bernie sanders have a lot in common. they're both against free trade. they're both protectionists. they both talked about the system being rigged. they both were anti-interventionists.
8:56 pm
they're both against entitlement reform. hillary clinton is actually on the other side of some of those issues and whether it is for ties to the obama administration or ties to the bill clinton administration, so trump has an argument. i just don't think that dog is going to hunt and our current partisan political environment but you know, he has a point. >> yeah. i can't believe, just a couple of days. are you ready? first convention starts in cleveland and philly after that. it is going to be great. thank you! >> it is going to be great. >> we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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don't miss our cnn tonight town hall, black, white and blue america, 2016. there are people on both sides of the conflict between police and the people they're sworn to protect. that is right here, tomorrow night, at 10:00 p.m. eastern. you should tune in. it will be a great town hall. that is it for us tonight. thanks for watching. and if you missed any of the cnn town hall tonight with house speaker paul ryan, you can see the whole thing starting right now. good evening. welcome to a cnn special town hall. tonight, your questions for paul ryan, the most powerful republican in washington, on where his party's heading and how he and other republicans a


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