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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  July 21, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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this crowd was gore veing very impatient and angry. boos and heckling and yelling of lying ted. the nickname that cruz got from donald trump in the bitter primary fight. when ted cruz said to supporters that come in the fall, you should vote your conscience, a lot of the delegates did not hold back. >> stand and speak and vote your conscience. vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the constitution. we must make the most of our moment. to fight for freedom. to protect your god-given rights. even if those with whom we don't
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agree. we will unite the party. we will unite the country by standing together for shared values by standing for liberty. god bless each and every one of you and god bless the united states of america. >> reporter: now immediately after that, heidi cruz, ted's wife was escorted out by security. she was getting heckled herself. there were concerns possibly over her safety. some question whether or not this could hurt ted cruz in the future in 2020. cruz was unapologetic when approached by reporters about his speech. he also said he did what he believed he needed to do. >> senator, why did you decide not to endorse donald trump? >> i laid out a simple standard.
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we need a president who will defend the constitution. i hope very much that is who the next president will be. >> reporter: afterwards, ted cruz later issuing a fund raising solicitation to his donors about this speech. clearly the fallout will continue. ted cruz does not think he did anything wrong. >> no, that is crystal clear. manu, thank you. joining us to discuss at the cnn grill. our panel. josh rogin. also with us is a trio of cnn commentators. maria cardona and amanda carpenter and john phillips. good morning to you all. amanda, peter king, republican congress member from new york. he responded after ted cruz spoke. he told our m.j. lee.
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he said cruz was disgraceful and disqualifying and that blank hole did know justice. >> it is funny we see peter king pop up on cnn a lot. how long will it take before he gets to bashing ted cruz. peter king, i'm not surprised at all. this is -- ted cruz knew what he was doing. he knew there would be blowback in the audience. he is speaking to a lot of people who weren't in the room. he was calling it the no-show convention. you had so many republicans not coming. former presidents and senators. donald trump is driving them out of the party. >> ted cruz was showing up and dis the nominee.
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>> this is not about donald trump the candidate. the republican party is not about donald trump. it should be about values and freedom. that is what ted cruz reminded people to give you hope. >> donald trump did react via tweet. rare and unusual for trump. he said wow, ted cruz got booed off the stage. didn't honor the pledge. the pledge they all signed early on to support the nominee. i saw his speech two hours early. let him speak anyway. no big deal. john, if he really saw the speech early, why let him go on? >> he owes ted cruz nothing. he likes to say ronald reagan is the politician i emulate. by looking at that speech, the person his idol is kanye west. he went to someone else's party and he was a living, breathing droning train wreck on live
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television. i think that taylor swift looked at that and said i can relate. >> you are playing three dimensional chess and we're playing checkers. >> i'm confused. >> and disturbed. >> paul manafort, a big taylor swift fan, had this to say why he let ted cruz speak. >> mr. trump was try to unify the party. he has done that. notwithstanding what senator cruz said tonight. donald trump made the offer to speak without conditions. the senator may have been more politically smart. >> the focus group of undecided voters were confused by what happened. does anyone win here? >> so, i think what -- we will see who wins. the calculation that ted cruz is
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making, he believes trump will lose. he would not have done this if he thinks trump is going to lose. he thinks what is my next move. when you look at donald trump losing in november and remember ted cruz has to run for senate in 2018. he has to runs. he is thinking should i be the next donald trump or if trump goes down in flames and a lot of people think he will. maybe i should be the anti-trump. he went with the latter calculation. now ted cruz is setting himself up for 2018 and 2020 to be the antidote to trump. when they do the autopsy of 2016 and if the republican party loo loses. let's do the opposite of what trump does. ted cruz will say i was. there i called it. >> i see john kasich and ted cruz. i see faces lining up already.
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>> this is a replay of the primaries. i think also a foresight into what happened when donald trump loses. >> if. >> when. but i'll say this. in the short run, donald trump clearly wins. that tweet and the interview from manafort makes him look magnanimous actually. you know, he trashed the place last night. certainly not miss manners. i do believe there is a contingent of the republican party which is bigger than what we know. they don't want to be luciferous about it that believes donald trump is going to be a disaster for the party. that he doesn't represent true republican values. in the long run, they can look to ted cruz and say here is somebody who stood up for what he believed in for the sake for
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the long-term viability. >> and paul manafort's comments. >> she's making the case. >> hillary clinton supporter here. >> i think this is delicious. >> what i really want to know is did you honestly think the blowback would be as loud as it is right now? >> i expected some boos. i never thought cruz would endorse trump. that is far more than the petty insults that went down. trump never sought forgiveness. the blowback. >> and the aftermath. >> i don't know. we have to see how it plays out. if i were cruz, i would have cut off the speech early and not stood there and took it. he took it for so long which is incredible. >> we have video of heidi cruz wearing yellow being rushed out of there. the aftermath was ugly.
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>> throughout the convention, they have been facing a lot of aggression and hostility from trump delegates on the floor. cruz in doing this speech, it wasn't about him, it was standing up for a lot of people and harassment from the campaign. we had the rule on the floor on monday. there are other people in the room and just knowing him and working for him, he wants to stand up for them, too. >> we are supposed to talk about unifying the republican party. we talked about everything but. >> we will get to that with trump's speech. what you saw was ted cruz's fru frustration. he thought trump would fizzle out quickly. he thought he had appeal among certain working class voters that would fall in the cruz camp and he and trump would be allies to the convention. it did not work out that way.
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ted cruz ended up being the loser. i think he just can't fathom how this happened. >> the problem is he can never been the head of the anti-trump movement because they hate him too. >> a lot more to discuss. the ted cruz speech overshadowed another trump campaign scandal. the speech-gate issue. we have an explanation for how melania trump managed to deliver part of the michelle obama speech. does that explanation make sense? that's next.
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new information this morning on melania trump's speech she gave the other night and how the passages lifted from michelle obama's 2008 convention speech wound up in melania's address. a writer for the trump organization basically confessing here saying she put
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them there which raises more questions this morning. our panel is back. josh rogin, amanda carpenter and maria cardona and john philfilp. she a staff writer for melania trump. we will talk about where that came from. john. >> we discussed many people who inspired her. a person she has always liked is michelle obama. over the phone, she read me some passages from the speech, i wrote them down and included some of the phrasing in the draft that ultimately became in the final speech. i apologize for the confusion and hysteria my mistake caused. >> this is what is interesting to me. this is a staff writer for the trump organization, not the campaign. an also she says these were passages originally read to her by melania trump. what do you make of that?
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you have written speeches before. >> it is sloppy work. the speech writer recorded it and kept it as dictated to her and melania didn't care it was kept in the same format when she delivered it. you know, it clears a lot of leeway for a lot of people who don't do this professionally. at the same time, they took so long to come out with the truth. they made staffers lie on their behalf which is despicable and they kept the story going. this should have been the explanation from the start. she will not be sued for plagiarizing. this is deeply problematic sdplch. >> i did not see her last night. >> do you wish they had cleaned this up more quickly? >> to my understanding, an original draft was written by speech writers by the campaign. they gave it to melania. she didn't like it. she went to this woman and they
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pretty much did their own thing. they probably did it at the 11th hour and that's how you ended up with this problem. >> if your guy and his team handle a snafu. >> this is not a 3:00 a.m. wake-up call. >> she was speaking on his behalf as a character witness to become the republican presidential nominee. if you can't handle your wife's speech. that's a big one. this is on him. not on her. >> two days after, they were out here spinning it wasn't plagiarizing. >> the big problem for the working reporters is the willingness to lie to the press. they do it without thinking about it. for them lying to the press is like talking. can you imagine what that is like if that was the white house? we know that public officials lie to reporters. usually they are ashamed of it. when they are caught, they are
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at least apologetic. the trump campaign is lying all day long. what does that mean? they don't feel a responsibility. >> take it one step further. you know, the media is important. who is the media talking to? the voters. this is the campaign that thinks american voters are imbeciles. every time they go out there and lie, they think they are jedis and performing a jedi mind trick. >> they hate the media. >> let's talk about the voters and what they will see tonight, amanda carpenter. donald trump deliver his speech tonight. i think the bar, i suppose is lower and higher. at a certain point, the convention has been so unusual, if there is no scandal, he succeeds. he has to give a pretty good speech to leave here and say that cleveland was successful.
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>> this convention has been plagued with turmoil. trump thinks that may be a good thing and no such thing as bad publicity. he is now the presidential nominee. i think he will be tempted in the convention hall to treat it like just another rally where he is unscripted and undisciplined and no clear message and rambles on. if he doesn't do that and actually has a clear, constru constructive speech, people will be impressed. i think he will be tempted to go into lying ted. >> i think the country does not feel safe right now.vince peopl keep you safe from foreign actors and people from trying to shoot police officers. if he can sell that argument, it will be a success. >> will there be a fog machine?
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the secret service confirms it is investigating one of trump's supporters for saying hillary clinton should be shot for treason on a firing line. al baldasaro is a delegate at the republican national convention. he is someone who worked hard for trump. he serves on the advisory coalition on the veterans for trump. the comments he made wednesday
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afternoon with the daily beast. >> hillary clinton, to me, is the jane fonda of the vietnam. she is a disgrace for the lies she told those mothers about their children that got killed over there in benghazi. hillary clinton should be put in the firing line and shot for treason. >> those comments being investigated now by the secret service. donald trump spent nearly $50 million of his own money on his campaign and keeping his word. trump raised $21.4 million for the campaign in june. he loaned himself a $2 million, but has officially forgiven the $47 million in loans he has given the campaign. trump is holding $20 million in cash for july. the most money he has had in the bank so far the election season. hillary clinton has much higher totals for june. she hauled in $35.3 million over the month.
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her campaign has a $44 million cash pile for july. check out the difference in spending. clinton burned through $34.4 million in june. trump spent $7.8 million. >> he is within the margin of error. intrigue and drama at the republican convention. ted cruz gets a prime speaking spot, but does not endorse donald trump. this happened several hours ago and this place is still buzzing. we'll discuss next.
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get out! give him the hook! pull the plug! >> wild moments at the
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republican national convention. ted cruz refusing to endorse donald trump for president. and the crowd goes wild. was it sabotage? was it back stabbing in whatever it was, it is making a lot of news. welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. 31 minutes past the hour. live at the cnn grill here in cleveland. this place, i have to say, is still buzzing. christine romans wondered if it was back stabbing. it may have been front stabbing. ted cruz on the stage, the wind of place and the kind of time you might say something nice about the nominee. you might say endorse the nominee. ted cruz didn't do it. the crowd, they didn't like it. there was booing. there was a lot of booing. enormous amount of tension. there is an enormous amount of
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fallout. cnn political reporter manu raju joins us now. manu. >> reporter: john, this is an issue and a moment with major implications on ted cruz's career and overshadowed mike pence's speech to the republican national convention. when ted cruz announced and began his speech, a lot of folks were waiting for that endorsement and waiting for him to talk about donald trump in positive terms. he barely talked about trump. he only congratulated trump for winning the republican nomination. he continued the speech and talked about republican issues and conservatives values and attacked obama and hillary clinton. the crowd booing and chanting of lying ted overshadowing cruz's speech and when cruz encouraged vowede e voter to vote their conscience
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in november. the crowd did not hold back. >> vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the constitution. we must make the most of our moment. to fight for freedom. to protect our god-given rights. even of those with whom we don't agree. we will unite the party. we will unite the country by standing together for shared values by standing for liberty. god bless each and every one of you and god bless the united states of america. >> reporter: now the end of the speech, heidi cruz, ted cruz's wife, was so concerned about her
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safety, she wass escorted out o the venue by security officers. some were warning that cruz could face major implications and blowback that could hurt his presidential bid in 2020. when he went to visit the billionaire adelson. adelson would not see him because he was angry at cruz for not giving him the endorsement. when a couple of reporters caught up with cruz, he was unapologetic. >> senator, why did you decide not to endorse donald trump? >> i laid out the simple standard. we need a president to defend the country and be faithful to the constitution. >> reporter: after, ted cruz send out a fund raising letter
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to his constituents. >> thank you, manu. a lot to talk about. thank you. joining us here at the cnn grill to discuss this is josh rogin. reporter for the washington post. and democratic strategist maria c cardona and amanda carpenter and then john phillips. i want to say what trump tweeted. he did respond. tweeting about the cruz speech. he said wow, ted cruz got booed off the stage. didn't honor the pledge. i saw his speech two hours early, but let him speak anyway. no big deal. amanda, you actually written speeches for ted cruz. you know this guy. what was he thinking? >> he was thinking i will go and make a stand for the republicans who are uncomfortable with trump
1:36 am
as president. the whole time, we had the never trump phenomenon. people were warning. we are not comfortable with you. we are worried you will not defend the constitution. they all said shut up. get on board. ted cruz spoke to that sentiment. >> clearly ted cruz is not over it. he made that very, very clear last night. the question is how did he get on the stage? did they know he was going to do this? chris christie, a big trump supporter, obviously very upset about it. listen to what he said. >> i think it was awful. and quite frankly, i think it was selfish. and he signed a pledge. it's his job to keep his word. and donald trump gave him the opportunity to speak at the convention tonight and i think it was too cute and i think you
1:37 am
saw by the end of the speech that the crowd was waiting for him to do the right thing. and realize once again he would not do it. i think the performance you saw up there is why ted has so, so richly deserved the reputation he developed on capitol hill. >> do you hear what chris christie is saying? do you think trump gave ted cruz an opportunity and ted cruz stomped all over it? >> let's be honest about the conventions. they no longer determine who is nominee is. it is determined before the conventions meet. they are four-day infomercials and television shows. we don't live in a 1980s world where soft music plays at the end. we live in reality tv world. what you saw was authenticity. ted cruz does not like trump. trump does not like cruz. allowing reality to play out on
1:38 am
television, i think is being honest with the audience. i think people almost expect to see that. people don't want to see a speech where ted cruz goes up there and says a bunch of things that ted cruz doesn't believe. i understand why trump allows him to play it out. it was entertaining television. the numbers will be huge. >> talk about your feelings. really. >> marco rubio, for example. when you contrast these messages. i want you to listen to the marco rubio video appearance. >> donald trump is committed to cut taxes and curb spending and get our national debt under control. he takes seriously the threats from radicals and committed to rebuilding our military. the time for fighting is over. it is time to come together and fight for a new direction for america. >> time to come together. donald trump has the answers. josh. >> that video looks awful.
1:39 am
he looks like he's in a hostage video. i want him to show up a newspaper to show he is still alive. set that aside. i think rubio made the smarter play. i disagree with john. i don't think cruz's speech was authenticity. it was opportunistic. he was fine with what trump was saying. when he decided it was in his interests to turn on trump and give him the middle finger, he is mr. authentic. rubio is not being authentic either because he is straddling the line. he is looking ahead to his possible run in 2020. he said he will not alienate either side. nobody knows what will go on in 2020. it is a long time from now. anything can happen. rubio has left the playing field open and cruz has alienated everybody. >> "profiles in courage." >> i think there is another point here.
1:40 am
if you have seen the conventions before and you know how they run, these are very scripted events. of course, we're talking about donald trump and you talked about his authenticity. i can almost guarantee you donald trump would have preferred that didn't happen. in any other convention, this is something you negotiate. if he cannot negotiate for ted cruz to come on and either endorse him or if he is not endorsing him to say something nice about him, why would you let him on? >> it is not reality tv. >> democratic talking points. >> a huge mismanagement of your own convention. if you can't manage your own convention, how will you manage the country? >> i hadn't seen the marco rubio video since last night because what ted cruz said overshadowed everything. my goodness, amanda, when you see them back-to-back. and i think senator cruz must have known that marco rubio was
1:41 am
going to do that. that is hard core political positions right there that he just did. he likes beating up on marco rubio. we saw that in the primaries. that had to feel good. >> everyone knew going into the convention some people would stay away like john kasich and jeb bush. marco rubio will try to split the difference. i think ted cruz sat about it and said what is the principle thing to do? should i run and hide from the problem? everyone can see the republican party is having an identity crisis. do i address the elephant in the room? ted cruz said yes. i will confront the problem. that just makes rubio look really wishy-washy beaming in from florida. >> it is all trump, trump, trump tonight. he can retake the narrative tonight. >> the narrative will go back the first night minus the melania trump scandal.
1:42 am
it will go back to keeping america safe. people don't feel safe at home or economically. >> we heard that from top advisers. they think this is a winning issue. another big controversy for nato members. members of nato. donald trump making some surprising comments if he becomes president. the u.s. may not have your back, nato. and vice presidential candidate mike pence. >> who? >> yes. up staged last night except for that kiss. we will talk about mike pence and we will talk about nato after the break.
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all right. breaking overnight. controversy as donald trump threatened to walk away from nato commitments if he thinks allies under attack have not met
1:47 am
obligations to the united states. this as trump's pick for vice president got his moment in the spotlight. our panel joins us to discuss this again. josh rogin. i want to read to you what donald trump said to "the new york times." he explicitly raised questions to automatically defend nato allies. he called into question whether as president he would automatically extend the security guarantees that give the 28 members of nato the assurance that the full force of the united states military has their back which is the point of nato. make no mistake. this is a big deal. this would be a big shift in foreign policy. >> it is not only that, but it calls into question every treaty and alliance agreement that the u.s. has made for the last 100 years. presidents disagree. you have democrat, you have republican, they have different views on america's role.
1:48 am
that is why they have treaties and they take this seriously. it is dependent on knowing the u.s. will do what it says. when we aggregate a treaty, that is something we do seriously. when you look at trump, he shrugs it off like he is watching tv. he is not serious on the issue, but he doesn't realize when he says these things, they have an effect. if he doesn't do this, all of these countries are changing calculations over america's credibility based on that statement alone. that's a problem for america and for the countries. >> john phillips, is he serious about this? is this part about make america first again or was he talking off the cuff? >> the countries stop allowing people to retire at the ripe old age at 49, they have money to pay their tap. >> you are being glib about
1:49 am
international security and world peace, but it is a serious thing. >> i understand you disagree with what donald trump is saying, but he is saying this. he said it before. it is a position, amanda, that more or less, he campaigned on and won on in the primaries. >> he staked it out. we have talked about his commitment to nato for some time. hillary clinton has jumped on it with other people. for some reason, he is undeterred. i don't know if it is because he hasn't thought about it or really mad and nato doesn't like it. i would like to hear more thoughts about it. >> it is kind of insane, really, that he is such a presence in the media. we have no understanding how he has arrived at this conclusion other than he think america is being ripped off. >> you make this point that mike pence last night, the vice presidential candidate, by the way, mike pence is the vice presidential candidate. he said america would stand by its allies.
1:50 am
>> this contradicts that. not only that, it highlights what has come across to those who understand what the united states role has been in the world. it comes off as vapid foreign policy of donald trump. politically he has not suffered from. he used it to his advantage in the primary. here is the problem. here is the problem we have seen in the last three days of the convention. the primaries are over. he has got to appeal if he wants to win the white house to a broader cross section of americans. a lot of the americans, you talked about it today. they don't feel safe. guess what? if donald trump cannot articulate a coherent foreign policy that talks about america's role in the world, you will continue to see the addition of foreign policy experts the way we have already -- the bush foreign policy experts have come out and say they will vote for hillary clinton because this guy is way
1:51 am
too dangerous. >> we are running out of time. we would be remiss if we didn't show the favorite moment last night. a sort of air kiss? >> let's look at this and analyze it deeply. >> met online on a dating site and they just had their first date? >> you know what just happened? he said i'll kiss your relevance good-bye. >> vice presidential candidate. >> i thought it was cute. it was donald trump -- >> arranged marriages take time to warm up to each other. >> i agree with you. it was cute. a lot of people talking about the moment. >> trump kisses on the first date. >> quickly, i want to listen to something pence said. why he thinks he is on the ticket and what he brings to donald trump here. listen. >> you know, he is a man known for a large personality. a colorful style and lots of
1:52 am
charisma. i guess he was just looking for some balance on the ticket. >> he said that he had a lot of nice things to say about donald trump last night. the ted cruz controversy, you know, his introduction to the convention overshadowed. >> vice presidents can help their candidates three times. the rollout, which donald trump messed up. the convention speech, which ted cruz messed up for him. and the debate. they are 0 for 2. he has one last chance. let's hope that ted cruz doesn't show up at the vice presidential debate. >> i was at the focus group. they loved when mike pence was making the self deprecating jokes. when mike pence started talking about donald trump, they didn't buy it. they did not buy mike pence as a messenger for donald trump. i found that very interesting. it may not matter. i don't think we're going to see him again.
1:53 am
john, you are a trump supporter. >> mike pence was going out last night to throw the fastball. he wasn't out to throw the curve ball or do anything to draw headlines. he was out to show he is a competent person and has a resume and qualified to be president. he accomplished that. >> maria, your suppor super del for hillary clinton. what happens now? >> trump gives an off the cuff speech which will be a disaster in some form. he will insult somebody or who knows what will happen. or he will give a speech off the prompter which will seem awkward and not look authentic. if he can do that and this is where i think democrats need to be careful because donald trump is somebody who is benefitting
1:54 am
from the bar of the lowest expectations. if he is able to get through a speech without stumbling on a word and without insulting anybody, people will take another look at him. that will be something that will be interesting. >> tune in tonight. tune back in tomorrow. we will all be discussing the donald trump speech. thanks so much, guys. we are still talking about what happened. the chaos in cleveland as ted cruz did not endorse donald trump for president and the crowd in the convention hall did not like it. "new day" is next. kellogg's® frosted 8 layers of wheat... and one that's sweet. for the adult and kid in all of us. ♪ kellogg's frosted mini-wheats® feed your inner kidult
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america is crying out for something new.
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>> stand and speak and vote your conscience. >> to paraprase ted cruz, the only possible candidate this fall is trump. >> democrats have not led us to a cross roads. they have led us to a cliff. >> hillary, enough is enough. america deserves better. >> never have i been more proud to be a trump. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> welcome to viewers in the united states and around the world. you are watching "new day." we are live from the republican national convention in cleveland. another exciting night. up first, what was ted cruz thinking last night? cruz refused to endorse trump.
2:00 am
instead telling americans to vote their conscience. that was met with thun drus booing from the crowd. >> this set up a highlight for trump. another son stepped up and delivered as did the vp nominee governor mike pence. now it comes down to the man himself. we hear trump has something special in store for tonight. we have every angle covered the way only cnn can. we have manu raju live. >> reporter: ted cruz refused to endorse trump. as ted cruz delivered the speech, delegates were growing anxious. when he decided not to endorse donald trump, things got ugly. >> i want to congratulate donald trump on winning the nomination. >> reporter: it was all downhill from


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