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tv   Americas Choice 2016  CNN  July 24, 2016 11:00am-2:01pm PDT

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things to low turnout and the report points out that 50% of the countries have yet to elect a female head of state. thanks for being part of my program this week. i will see you next week. hello, everyone. i'm fredricka whitfield. this is home of the eagles, the flyers, 76ers and the phillies. you're watching cnn's special live coverage on the eve of the democratic national convention. the democrats are in crisis. just 24 hours before the start of their party's convention, breaking news this afternoon, dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz will no longer preside over the convention. all major appearances by her have been scrapped. a top democrat going so far as
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to tell cnn that she has been quarantined. instead, ohio congresswoman man marcia fudge will take the reins gaveling each session in and out. this comes on the heels of the massive wikileaks. many appear to show staffers who are supposed to be impartial working against the bernie sanders campaign. sa sanders, who has long claimed that the dnc was supporting hillary clinton, responded to e-mails on "the state of the union". >> i think it's outrageous but not a great shock to me. i think, as i said, it's what we talked about six months ago. i mean, there's no question in my mind and i think no question to any objective observer's mind that the dnc was supporting hillary clinton and was in owe poe significance to our campaign. i'm not quite shocked by this
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and that is why many, many months ago i made it clear that debbie wasserman schultz should resign, should step down. >> joining me right now to talk about this major development heading into the dnc is cnn politics executive editor, mark pre preston, daily beast commentator sally cohen and clinton supporter bakari sellers. good to see all of you. this is the tall person set. my goodness. mark, you first. how damaging is this for clinton? is it for the dnc, for wasserman schultz or all of the above? >> right. so incredibly terrible situation right now for the clinton campaign in the sense that it's distracting what should be a fantastic weekend for them. the rollout of tim kaine in miami was flawless. he exceeded all expectations and now you have the head of the party embroiled in this controversy, really lending truth to the argument that bernie sanders and his campaign
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has made all along that the dnc was on the clinton side. i spoke to several democrats in the past few hours. one of them said that if debbie was s wasserm wasserman schultz was to lead, she needs to go as well as these staffers. this distraction needs to be taken care of right now and the democrats need to get on with their convention. >> meaning this has to happen before november? >> in the next few hours. we've seen her neutralized and taken out of the convention programming. the next step is for her to take her aside. >> we've been saying this all along that there was no impartiality and now we've got this e-mail dump. >> i think it validates the claim that it was rigged against him and they are complaining that they won enough debates. it was tilted against bernie sanders. that's just going to make people feel this even more. it's really interesting, you've got a convention here.
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we saw what happened last week with the plagiarism speech. >> hillary clinton in trump's view is crooked. how does he use this to his advantage? >> there's so much to unpack here. let's be clear, i was a bernie sanders supporter and i'm now proud to be supporting hillary clinton. but it is very fair to take our queues from bernie sanders on this. you can walk and chew gum at the same time. you can say these e-mails are problematic, reveal issues that people have been concerned all along. we should discuss them and look at broader reforms of the democratic party and the primary process that makes people feel that it's fair and participatory and, at the same time, bernie
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himself said this shouldn't get in the way of what we need to do in this convention which is to defeat donald trump. we can keep our eye on that prize and i wish we would. this is one of those cat nip to the media when we should be talking about substance. >> so even though bernie sanders may be saying i told you so, you see this, bakari, as more of an organizational problem, not a unity one. how is that different? >> i believe it to be an organizational problem, not a unity problem, and also an issue we have to delve into. i think people need to be fired and held accountable. i think debbie wasserman schultz has to make a decision on whether she wants to be a distraction or not moving forward. if i was the chair for the sake of the party i would resign from that position for the sake of actually going into this convention, we saw what happens when they get clouded and messages get stepped on next week. unity-wise, i think you can take
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queues from bernie sanders. i can tell you, we're not going to have a ted cruz speech on that stage. republicans are thrifting for t i think it's time to delve in to donald trump's relationship with russia and putin and their relationship with wikileaks and how the russians are trying to take stage. >> and the clinton camp saying that they believe there's some -- >> i think those things need to take place but first democrats have to own this, held accountable and then we can begin to move forward. >> in the meantime, i just learned cnn's john king is learning that debbie wasserman schultz is in the midst of a meeting right now, perhaps to determine her future. what kind of discussion is happening right now? is it willingness that needs to be demonstrated on her part that it's time to step aside or is it a berating from those in the committee saying it's time to do something? >> we don't know who is in the meeting. here's the problem.
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because while we're focusing all on bernie sanders and what she did to bernie sanders, it's not so much about bernie sanders. it's a larger problem than bernie sanders. bernie sanders always said his campaign was a revolution for the liberal wing of the party. so when the liberal wing of the party were marching in the streets behind us right now, frustrated and ang gry at the party for not being liberal enough, is there long-term structural problems with the democrats -- democratic party, there are. the fact of the matter is, it's true. >> look, i'm a proud member of the liberal left wing and the war on the democratic party. i'm not laughing only insofar as -- again, this is my challenge. i'm not saying that i don't share some of the tesentiments that you just shared but as a progressive democrat, as a bold progressive as well as others is to, again, walk and chew gum at the same time. the truth of the matter is, i have never been prouder at this moment to be a democrat,
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especially in contrast to the horrible, ugly, hateful, backwards agenda. i have never been more proud to be democrat. that doesn't mean i can't be made more proud. we can do that together. we can continue to improve the party, make the party more relevant and relatable to both the progressive base of voters and a populist country while recognizing that far and away we are the better offering than anything that the republicans have. >> one has to wonder what kind of impetus this offers for bernie sanders supporters saying they are not conceding their support to hillary clinton right now. listen to what bernie had to say this morning. >> i think the focus is somebody by temperament, ideology must not become president of the united states. i'm going to do everything i can
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to defeat him, to elect hillary clinton and keep focusing on the issues that face the american people. >> so bakari, he's on board. he's willing to say, you know what, i'm seeing the forest through the trees and he's throwing his support behind clinton. >> we've gone through this platform battle and issues near and dear to the hearts of the democrats. we've talked about college tuition, health care. we've gone through these issues. for me, i had a bernie sanders told me that they were going to support donald trump because hillary clinton did not support a worldwide ban on fracking. and i said you're going to go to someone who doesn't believe in climate change? that's illogical. you have to admit that change has to be made but i have to underscore that voters voted in this election and voters voted and came out and more voters voted for hillary clinton. that's also a fair statement to
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make. bumpy start for really both parties. we're seeing this kind of lack of unity. it's a problem for the republican party and then start of the dnc, it's a problem here, too. >> yeah. to be honest, it's more of a problem with the republican party. i don't think we're going to see a ted cruz moment here. had wasserman schultz gone out on the floor, you may have seen boos from the crowd but i don't think it's the same -- we're not going to get a democrat that stands up, i don't think, who says don't vote for hillary clinton. >> thanks to all of you. we'll see you again in a moment. mark, steve, sally, bakari, thank you. appreciate it. right now, a large crowd of sanders supporters are actually taking part in a rally not too far from where we are at the convention center. let's go to jessica schneider. what is being said there? >> reporter: fredricka, this is just the start of a kickoff of a week's worth of rallies. we're across from city hall.
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we have about a thousand people. this is all part of the march for bernie. it kicked off at 1:30 this afternoon. they'll be out here until about 3:00 p.m. and you can see a lot of emotion out here. the organizers of this big rally, this is one of many planned throughout the woke. they tell me that their goal out here is really peaceful. they say they want to destroy the political two-party system and they want big change. they say that bernie sanders has been the inspiration for their change. as you can see, people are out here with signs and talking about the importance of bernie. they are saying bernie or bust. they say that this nomination is not a loss. they say they plan to continue fighting and i hope bernie sanders speaks out. so it is really loud, very emotion-filled but they reiterate to me that this is peaceful. they do have permits to be out here and police have pretty much given them their space to speak
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their minds, let their voices be heard and beginning in just about an hour they will take this large protest, this large rally all the way down to fdr park, which is outside the convention center. giving a look now, you can see a lot of people estimating about a thousand people so far but organizers tell me throughout the week they are expecting about 100,000 people at least. so we'll leave you with a look at these people and send it back to you. >> jessica, thank you so much. that is really only about a five to ten-minute drive, not very far away, very noisy. let's see how impactful it might potentially be for this convention. a reminder, join us for full coverage of the democratic national convention monday afternoon, 4:00 eastern right here on cnn. all right. coming up, donald trump defends his comments about making nato allies pay up. plus, trump's son strikes back at critics who say his
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father is painting a pessimistic view of the country. >> and if president obama wants to go on the air and say, look at the america we live in, it's so phenomenal today versus eight years ago, i don't think i know an american that believes that to be the case. and this breaking news, australian officials warning about the olympic village inn rio. why they say it's not safe or ready for their athletes. we're back from philadelphia right after this. don't you dare follow your dreams. think big. or demand your own space. don't you dare leave it all behind. don't you dare ask what's next. introducing the first-ever cadillac xt5. ♪
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hello again. i'm fredricka whitfield here in philadelphia. donald trump is hitting back after getting a lot of criticism from democrats and republicans for his statements on nato. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell called trump's suggestion that the u.s. might abandon nato a, quote, rookie mistake. president barack obama said trump's comments show a, quote, lack of preparedness. this morning on nbc's "meet the press," donald trump defended his belief that nato countries must pay their fair share if they want support.
11:18 am
>> we have nato and we have many countries that aren't paying for what they are supposed to be paying, which is already too little but they are not paying anyone. and we are giving them a free ride or a ride where they owe us tremendous amounts of money and they have the money but they are not paying it. you know what? >> so estonia is paying and if they get invaded by russia, you're there? >> feel very differently. >> but if a country hasn't done the 2% -- >> we have countries that aren't paying. this goes beyond nato because we take care of japan, we take care of germany, south korea, saudi arabia. and we lose on everything. we lose on everything. if mitch mcconnell says that, then he's wrong. so all i'm saying is, they have to pay. this isn't 40 years ago. this isn't 50 years ago. it's not 30 years ago. we're a different country today. we're much walker, our military is depleted, we owe tremendous amounts of money. we have to be reimbursed. we can no longer be the stupid
11:19 am
country. >> joining me right now, cnn political analyst and columnist for "the washington post," josh rogin. also, kayleigh mcenany and bakari sellers. good to see all of you. bakari, back of the table here. so josh, this is donald trump saying going it alone. >> right. what is missing here, this is not trump making a mistake. it's not that he doesn't know what he's saying. he knows what he's saying. he's charting out a new for rin policy that's a radical departure from everything that we've known for the last 70 years. you can agree or disagree with that. he doesn't believe that russia is a big threat. he doesn't believe that nato is that important. this shocks a lot of people, including me, frankly, but it's not as if he's coming up with this on the fly. this is what he believes and people should understand that. the effects that that has on countries around the world is drastic. i've spoke with republican
11:20 am
officials and they are shocked, worried that the u.s. is re-neging on an agreement from 70 years ago. >> kayleigh, how do you defend this kind of isolationism? >> this is donald trump's world view. he looks at the world and sees the united states going into foreign countries, having these post-world war ii locked-in interests and he wants things to change. >> how is the argument made that this is advantageous? >> because right now they are only paying 2% on defense spending to nato. that's a problem. we live in a world of global terrorism where everyone has to fight and terrorism will not end until there are resources, not just the united states. >> that's actually cheaper than keeping them here in the united states. these countries may not do as much trump wants them to do but they do a lot and they do pay.
11:21 am
we have to understand, we're the super power. these countries are never going to do as much as we want them to do. if trump is going to make this argument, he needs to get his facts right. that will cost america more in the long run. >> trump's leadership has caused trouble in nato. nato needs to have more a -- in fact, they are committing -- >> that's like waiting for the sunrise. >> nato changed in response to this suggestion. >> one thing that kayleigh is not recognizing is that by pulling back on these defense commitments that we've had and going back to a preworld war ii -- america first, nationalism type policy is dangerous. instability is not only dangerous but you're talking about a domino effect that many people, including donald trump, don't seem to understand that if you pull back -- we can talk about turkey and japan and where our interests are firm and
11:22 am
although they may not chip in like we want them to, they provide services to the united states. by doing that, we're knocking the entire world off its stability course. >> hang on. this is how the president of the united states assessed what was said by donald trump. >> to go out and say that america might not stand by its solemn commitment to protect those same alleys who stood with us after 9/11 when we were attacked, i think it's an indication of the lack of preparedness that he's been displaying when it comes to foreign policy. >> so i think you're going to see a lot of this this week and what trump is saying about pulling back from allies is in direct contradiction of the clinton campaign and obama
11:23 am
policy. they say we're not going to stand by the allies. that totally doesn't make any sense when you think about it. >> they are very incongruent messages. >> all that he is saying when you make a deal, there are two parties and two sets of commitments. the allies have agreed to pay a certain amount and in return we have to defend them. their side has not and they need to come to the table and -- >> that ignore twos two facts. in the mike pence interview he said we're going to go through this and that. in the same day, donald trump was doing an interview with the "new york times" and saying we're not going to stand with nato if they don't pay their fair share. what kayleigh doesn't recognize and others, if we pull out, what happens next? what is the result of that? and we cannot afford that instability and afford to go in and say, hey, they didn't pay their fair share. we're going to sit on our hands and watch the troops --
11:24 am
>> they will pay their fair share. when you go nool a deal making, you set the stakes high. it's great negotiating. >> foreign policy is not a -- these are come pli plicated relationships. it's clear that donald trump doesn't understand the intrikra sees of these relationships. when he makes these broad statements, you have to ask the question, is that really helping or hurting? and from all of the reaction that we see all over the world, it's making the problems worse. >> can we -- there's been a lot of criticism that donald trump, that led rnc, was very negative and go it alone. >> that's what the pundits were saying. they thought it was somewhat positive. the newspaper headlines are not always reflective of the views.
11:25 am
>> we've seen that in the battleground posts. he got a 2% bump and if you go back in history, that's tiny, tiny, tiny. we also see that univision did a poll that showed hispanic voters found -- >> but to get back to this point, i think that americans have to understand, you know, building a taj mahal in atlantic city is vastly different and negotiating those deals to get a tax break is different than to protect americans. it's simplistic to say that he's a builder. he can put one brick on top of another so let's let him negotiate trade deals and foreign policy deals. until he can show depth on that, it's a lost cause. >> the problem is, the middle east is on fire. >> hillary clinton has depth. >> she has a mixed foreign policy but a horrible record. >> at least it's a record.
11:26 am
>> a horrible record. >> we still have 2 1/2 hours to go, ladies and gentlemen. that's the big picture. but for today, with us, yes, 2 1/2 hours. thanks so much. bakari, josh and kayleigh, appreciate it. all right. donald trump jr. giving a fiery defense of his father's convention speech and he is doubling down on his dad's pessimistic -- that's what some people are calling it -- pessimistic view of the state of america. he spoke with jake tapper on "state of the union." trump junior opposing the criticism that his father is painting an unfair picture of america's problems. >> apparently he hasn't turned on the news in the last few months, jake. if you look at what is going on in this country, it's a disaster. anything left is because it's artificially inflated with low interest rates that don't work in the long run. it's a lie. you can't turn on the tv these days without seeing cops getting shot, we're creating a system where we're encouraging
11:27 am
criminals, essentially, to pretend that they are vigilantes. it's ridiculous. we have to take care of our people. we have to get law and order back into this world because it doesn't exist. if president obama wants to go on the air and say look at the world we live in, i don't think i know an american that believes that to be the case. we're in a mess and we have to finally acknowledge that, jake. sound bites are wonderful but we actually have to do something in terms of action for a change. let's talk about the murder rate for cops skyrocketing. the way we measure unemployment, congratulations, they are miraculously off. when you talk about underemployment, obamacare has destroyed, when you talk about people that just aren't even registered because they don't count them anymore, they've been out of work for so long, they'd love to work if they could but they can't. that doesn't count. these are artificial numbers,
11:28 am
jake. these are numbers that are assuaged to make the economy look good, make this administration look good when, in fact, it's a total disaster. so let's talk about real numbers. when we talk about the numbers as they see it, it's fake accounting, jake. it doesn't really work and that's not what the actual state of this country is. >> all right. coming up, trouble in rio. less than two weeks now before the olympic games, australian officials now warning the olympic village isn't safe for athletes. cnn's shasta darlington is live in rio with that story. >> that's right, backed up toilets, leaky pipes and that's why they say they won't move in to the athlete village. more after this. i approve this message.
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11:33 am
de janeiro. with the olympic games less than two weeks ago, officials are saying that housing is not ready or safe for the athletes. they are staying in hotels because of blocked toilets, leaking pipes and exposed wiring in their dorms. bureau chief and international correspondent shasta darlington is joining us. you took a tour of the housing. what did you see? >> reporter: that's right. we did not see the backup toilets. we saw the basic rooms. enough seating for the people staying in the apartment single beds, disposable wardrobes, no television sets, which is something that they had in london and previous games. but the delegations did convince organizers to install air conditioning. that's to elay the fears of the zika viruses. there are exposed wires, dirty,
11:34 am
backed up toilets. the organizing committee is doing what they can to get all complaints dealt with as quickly as possible, fredricka. but i think what makes up for these problems is the outdoor space. this athlete's village has multiple swimming pools, tennis courts and even bike lanes, fredricka. >> wow. it sounds like it would be really glamorous and very nice but already the australian team is complaining. that's why they are staying in hotels. they want to be able to move in on thursday. what about the other teams? will they be moving in to the housing? >> reporter: according to the organizers, they are arriving today and moving in. no one else has come out with such loud criticism. we spoke to team usa and said as in other games there are issues that needed to be addressed and they are addressing them. we haven't heard these loud
11:35 am
complaints from any of the other delegations but that doesn't mean that there weren't details that needed to be wrapped up at the very last minute. we saw this like in the world cup, putting on the last coat of paint as people are moving in, fredricka. >> shasta, security is a huge deal here in philadelphia for the dnc. clearly it's a big deal for any olympic games. and we understand already the last wave of troops have been coming in to rio to secure the games. what's the role, as far as we know, that many troops will be playing? >> reporter: this is providing relief for the growing tensions here. earlier this week, 11 people were arrested in a suspected terror plot. they were all brazilian nationals. it raised concerns here and now the full 85,000 soldiers and
11:36 am
police and firefighters are on the scene here in rio, that's more than double the security detail that we saw in london. officials say that they will ensure secure games, that they have been holding anti-terrorism drills, they are prepared for the worst and convinced that it won't happen. they are already setting up around the venues, perimeters and even have navy ships off the coast of the beach where tourists will be staying and the hope is that this elevated security presence will deter any attempts, fredricka. >> all right. shasta darlington, thank you so much, in rio. appreciate it. coming up, leaked e-mails. a party chief cut out of the convention and now this. protesters furious with the democratic party and marching on the streets of philadelphia. more on their anger and what it could lead to. all of that, next. our vitamins contain no gluten, dairy or artificial flavors.
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hello, everyone. welcome to philadelphia. live pictures right now inside the wells fargo center which is home to the dnc when the convention begins tomorrow. final touches being made, final sound tracks and sets being built inside. meantime, great worry that
11:41 am
threatening to build the excitement is breaking news today. major news. the dnc chair, debbie wasserman schultz is no longer a play in the convention. congresswoman man marci fudge would be gaveling and staffers favor and bernie sanders responded to the e-mail controversy and clinton's vice president selection this morning on "state of the union" with jake tapper. >> i asked and demanded debbie wasserman schultz resignation many months ago and state that again i don't think she's qualified to be the chair of the dnc. not only for these awful e-mails, which revealed the prejudice of the dnc, but also because we need a party that
11:42 am
reaches out to working people and young people. >> let's turn to senator tim kaine, secretary clinton's choice for vice president. take a look at what donald trump tweeted this morning. "looks to me like the bernie people will fight. if not, their blood, sweat and tear, kaine stands for opposite. do you think senator tim kaine stands for the opposite of your political revolution? >> well, compared to donald trump, i've known him for a number of years, a very bright guy and nice guy. are his political views different than mine, yeah, they are, he is more conservative than i am, but compared to donald trump, a guy who rejects science, doesn't even believe that climate change is real, let alone that we have to take bold action to transform our energy system, a donald trump who wants to give hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks to the top two tenths of 1%, a donald trump
11:43 am
who goes around the country insulting mexicans and latinos and muslims and women, veterans and african-americans, trust me on -- on his worst, worst, worst day tim kaine is 100 times better than donald trump will ever be. >> according to the latest cnn poll, senator, 40% of your supporters are not planning on voting for hillary clinton. they feel insulted, too. you talk about the insults that donald trump has leveled against minority groups, your supporters feel insulted by hillary clinton, by debbie wasserman schultz, by the democratic national committee. what is your message to them? >> this is my message is that we have got to stay focused and the immediate focus has got to be that a disastrous candidate like
11:44 am
donald trump cannot be elected. my second message is that we continue the political revolution and fight for a government that represents all of us and not just the 1%. >> despite sanders' calls to stay focused, protests are happening, one right here a few miles away from this location. that's where we find correspondent jessica schneider right downtown in the thick of it all. i talked to a number of people on the planes and they said that they would be taking part in a rally. so describe what is unfolding there. >> reporter: fredricka, the bernie or bust movement is going strong out here. it's gaining force. it will be ongoing all throughout the week. take a look at the crowd around me. there are about a thousand people out here. they say that their mission out here is kind of two-fold. they say they want to break up the two-party political system but also say that they will act in reasonable harmony.
11:45 am
and you're taking a look at the speaker's podium right now. in fact, just a few minutes ago, i saw one of the top philadelphia police officials get up on to that podium and stand in support with the protesters out here. so the police are letting these people have their voice. this protest has been permitted and in a few minutes, a crowd of a thousand people will be marching 3 1/2 miles down to the convention center site where they will be rallying throughout the evening at fdr park. of course, bernie or bust, that's the theme out here. i want to bring in robert scherer, delegate from california. you will be on the floor and at the convention when this kicks off tomorrow when bernie sanders speaks tomorrow. what do you want to hear from bernie sanders? after all, as we've been hearing, this bernie or bust movement is not dead. >> i think we want to hear that we're going to move forward in
11:46 am
this nomination. in the absence of that, we want to raise the certain platform arguments, like the tpp and fair elections, minority reports drafted by our platform committee members. >> you were out here earlier on your bull horn. you said that you and your fellow bernie delegates had big plans for the convention. what are those plans? >> that's right. we drafted a nomination statement with a committee of 24 delegates from across the country and it effectively says that all of the signatories feel that secretary clinton is not a strong general election candidate and she doesn't have the support of americans from both the left and the right. we're going to have delegates stand here and from across the country and give short speeches on the issues that they feel that hillary clinton and not being embraced. >> bearz has come out in support of hillary and why not stand down now and let hillary have her moment? >> i don't think you're dealing
11:47 am
with a group of people in this country that are willing to stand down. from the beginning, we've been saying, not we. us. this is not about senator sanders. this is about moving forward and advancing progressive policies that america needs right now. the world's climate needs right now. not through incremental change. the science is clear, if we don't ban fracking now, we'll push the climate over the limit. >> robert shearer, thank you. this group will be moving downtown and into the convention center area very soon but they say that their message is out here, bernie or bust and will go strong throughout the week. fredricka? >> thank you so much, jessica schneider. only ten minutes away from our location here. coming up, tim kaine's big
11:48 am
homecoming. greeted with hugs and kisses as he heads to church. what we're learning about his faith and how it could play a role in this race.
11:49 am
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11:51 am
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that's definitely something worth celebrating. learn more about precision cancer treatment at appointments are available now. hello, everyone. welcome back. hillary clinton and her new running mate tim kaine won't take a break after this week's democratic convention. this will be crucial to any winning presidential campaign. earlier today, kaine, a devout catholic and former missionary,
11:53 am
attended church this morning and chris frates is live from richmond, virginia. >> reporter: fred, this is the church that the kaine's have been going to for over 30 years now. predominantly african-american church and was a homecoming for tim kaine and his wife ann. we saw them take an active role in the service. they brought the communion to the altar. he's a tenor in the choir. during the part of the service where people get up and ask for prayers, ann said i woke up feeling this morning feeling like i need your prayers and left unsaid why. of course, that's because they are about to undertake one of the toughest endeavors in american politics, which is to run on a presidential ticket with hillary clinton. but she also asked the congregation to keep her son in mind. he's a marine and he's going to
11:54 am
deploy overseas tomorrow and when tim kaine came out of the service, he talked to reporters and said how much it meant for him to be here today. >> i'm going to talk about church. some of you that were inside, you saw what a special community this is. ann found it in the summer of 1984 and we were married here. we needed prayers today and we got some prayers and some support and it really feels good. >> reporter: now, i talked to a lot of long-time parishioners. senator, governor, and now vice presidential candidate, they say tim is regular people, he's one of us. i talked to a woman who has been here for 50 years, fred. i asked what do you want the world to know about tim kaine? she said he'll take care of his people and not just his church
11:55 am
people but people everywhere, fred. >> wow. i'm sure he's going to be able to tout that. to say he's attended that church for 30 years, very few people can say that. chris frates, thank you. appreciate it. coming up, security is a big concern in the run-up to the convention here in philadelphia. how the city is bracing for an additional 50,000 people. plus, my interview with the former police commissioner. the advice he has for safeguarding such a huge event.
11:56 am
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hello again, everyone. thank you for joining me here in philadelphia. we're outside the cnn grill for now. i'm fredricka whitfield and we're steps away from the wells fargo center, which is the heart and soul of the dnc officially starting tomorrow. in the democratic party is reeling 24 hours before the start of its convention in philly. dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz will not preside over the convention and her major appearances have now been scrapped. cnn has learned that she's in a meeting right now about her future with the dnc. a top democrat going as far as to say that she's been
12:01 pm
quarantined. ohio congresswoman man marcia fudge will gavel each session in and out following the wikileaks dump that made 20,000 e-mails between staffers public. many showed that they were working against the bernie sanders campaign. i want to bring in cnn politics senior reporter stephen collins. a big change just hours before the start of the convention. what kind of impact is this having on the democratic party right now? >> reporter: well, you're right, fredricka. this is not the situation that they wanted to have going into their convention. they were basking in the successful unveiling of hillary clinton's vice presidential pick, tim kaine. this is distracting from the
12:02 pm
desire of the democrats to make a contrast with donald trump's convention last week, which was somewhat chaotic at times. there was a lot of disunity and discord. this wasn't the impression that they wanted to put across on the eve of the first day. >> stephen, one has to wonder what it must be, where they are still putting on the final touches, working with the sets and the lights, it's a very glossy look. it looks very presidential with the stars in circle formation and the gold paneling sometimes changing to blue paneling. is there a feeling that this will kind of take the glisten, the shine away from here? >> the plagiarism claim was talked about for several days
12:03 pm
and i think debbie wasserman schultz, a tough call if she wants debbie wasserman schultz to get her the nomination, sort of a loyal soldier. one of the issues about these e-mails, perhaps the dnc has been too loyal to hillary clinton and not fair to bernie sanders. so i think there's a lot of pressure to get this out of the way very quickly. perhaps before the convention opens tomorrow. >> all right. stephen collinson, thanks. bernie sanders who called for debbie wasserman schultz resignation months ago responded to the controversy this morning on "state of the union." >> well, i think it's outrageous but it's not a great shock to me. as i said, it's what we talked
12:04 pm
about six months ago. there's no question, in my mind, and i think no question to any objective observer's mind that the dnc was supporting hillary clinton and was in opposition to our campaign. so i'm not quite shocked by this and that is why many, many months ago i made it clear that i thought debbie wasserman schultz should resign, should step down. >> i want to talk more about this with cnn politics executive editor mark preston, political commentator and strategist maria cardona and peter beinart, scottie nell hughes and bill press. i need to take a deep breath on that one. bill, you first. how much of a distraction is this given -- listen to stephen's last words describing the loyalty between debbie wasserman schultz and hillary clinton. how did clinton's campaign not
12:05 pm
be jaded, not be bruised by this? >> i'm not sure he can say this on television, but i'm pretty pissed off right now. first of all, as a sanders supporter. i think this proves the point that bernie was making during the primary that the system was rigged against him, rigged against him by debbie wasserman schultz with the debates and the b.s. about the data and now with these e-mails. as a democrat, i'm upset because we had everything going our way. the great rollout of tim kaine, as disappointed as i might have been, it really worked and it was beautiful. coming into it, it was unity, unity, unity, and now this turd in the punch bowl -- one, bernie
12:06 pm
sanders is owed an apology and, two, debbie wasserman schultz has to go today. not tomorrow. today. she's got to go. and hillary clinton has to make that decision. >> what do you mean she has to make that decision? >> it's her party. she's in charge. she's the nominee. >> hillary clinton has to be the one to say debbie wasserman schultz -- >> it's not going to happen unless hillary clinton says she's got to go. president obama tried to fire her a couple years ago. it didn't happen. the time was then but today now is the time, between now and 6:00. >> peter -- bill, this is a big reflection on hillary clinton as well. and listen -- and if you read "the l.a. times" article which spoke about the secrecy, getting tim kaine and she together, just the meticulous detail to make that happen and now you've got something like this upstaging what was a very protected campaign about the selection of
12:07 pm
the vice president and how to roll out this convention with some real focus. >> right. i think we're going to learn something about hillary clinton today. we're going to learn that she does not have a problem firing people. >> good. >> if you read the -- >> but loyalty. >> she's loyal to people who are loyal to her. >> right. >> if you read the biographies about the clintons in the '90s, bill clinton had a hard time firing people. hillary clinton did not have trouble firing people. i think she will take debbie wasserman schultz's head and hand it on platter to bernie sanders and unlike ted cruz, he's given away his best card. he's already said he's going to endorse. so if bernie sanders gets up on monday night and -- >> you can't have a trump/cruz moment -- >> no. if bernie sanders gets up there and gives a speech that people like, a speech of unity and that's monday night, then the convention can go on from there. if he doesn't, if he somehow doesn't play ball, then we're in a whole different ball game.
12:08 pm
>> maria? >> i'm going to say something i normally wouldn't say on television. bill, this whole thing suction for democrats on both sides, for the hillary clinton campaign, for the dnc, for the bernie sanders people. the e-mails were completely inexcusable. people need to understand those were never meant to be public. >> that doesn't make it okay. >> no. i'm not saying it makes it okay. what i'm saying is people have their preferences. i assure you there are people within the dnc who wanted bernie to win. that doesn't make it okay, right? but what i will say is that this is clearly something that debbie is dealing with, the hillary clinton campaign is dealing with. debbie has been somebody who has worked very, very hard for this party and she is going to reflect on that and i believe at the end of the day, like every other democrat who is here, including bernie sanders, the goal needs to be to beat donald trump. if she believe this is is going to overshadow all of the great things that we have planned for this week, i think she's going
12:09 pm
to do the right thing. >> mark, two things, then. a, miss fudge, congresswoman n fudge, is she able to step in this with ease and then is there a feeling that hillary clinton will try to, in some way, distance herself from what may have been an organizational flaw as opposed to a reflection of she and her campaign or her relationship with wasserman schultz? >> first of all, i have very clean language and i never use cuss words. a couple things. let's explain what the dnc is. it can be very confusing what it is. it's a national organization, a structural organization that tries to keep things together. it's not a presidential campaign. what it does is puts the rules in place for the players to play and in many ways it's a referee. we have seen a tipping of the scales in this election for one candidate. timing is very interesting. had this timing come out seven, eight, nine months ago, it would
12:10 pm
be a different conversation and hillary clinton would have a lot more to explain. hillary clinton is out of time right now where she has the democratic party entirely behind her, even the likes of bill press wants her to be there, there will be unity here. the bigger issue is the chairwoman right now of the committee, can she survive? i don't think anybody can believe that she can survive, as peter said. hillary clinton will ask her to leave. she won't do it. somebody will do it for her. marcia fudge, this is her big moment. she's going to come in and gavel in. >> ohio is an incredibly important state. >> yes. and let me say one last point. we're talking about hillary clinton and bernie sanders. forget about those two right now. it's about the democratic party as a whole, about the liberal activists marching in the streets right now. >> you're saying i told you so. >> who feel like the party has left them behind, whether that's true or not.
12:11 pm
that's the problem and then what's behind this? you have hillary clinton's campaign manager who was saying this was orchestrated by the russians and so how does donald trump either remain silent on this or perhaps use this as ammunition in an "i told you so" moment. >> mark said it's not just about hillary clinton's campaign. there's a bigger issue. there's more things revealed in these e-mails that it was just tilted towards hillary. you're talking about collaboration with members of the media that didn't look good and hateful comments that were made and not just coming from debbie wasserman schultz. this was an entire staff. even if they get rid of her, that doesn't solve the problem. we don't know how mr. trump will respond, other be that the twitter we have right now, he may let you guys handle it within your own house, the
12:12 pm
democrats, but each e-mail will play out and show exactly how -- and you said it right, this is not meant to be public, maria. the democrats have been very good about keeping any infighting away from the public unlike the republicans, which we need to work on that. this opens up a can of worms and are you going to see the republican utilize it? >> i know the republicans are salivating that this is going to continue through november. this is today's story. it's going to be behind us tomorrow. it's worth talking about today. >> some of the comments are very mean and anti-semitic. >> i don't care if it's the russians or japanese that did it. >> they are there. they didn't right the e-mails. >> unlike cleveland, once this problem is fixed and it will be fixed today. >> trump has no room to speak about anti-semitic. there's a big difference between connecting and being atheist and comments about building a wall and a judge that says mop up
12:13 pm
engagement. big difference in those derogatory comments. >> there's a whole file of things that trump has said that -- >> they don't have dnc attached to it. >> it's like when the mccain campaign thought by choosing sarah palin they could win hillary clinton voters. there is overlap between the sanders and -- the gap is so massive on everything else. the moral philosophy is so vast that most sanders people are so repulsed by donald trump that even though they are not enthusiastic about hillary clinton and tim kaine, the prospect of a trump presidency will lead them to unity. >> 85% of voters are 45 and under. we don't need them to come support donald trump. >> they loathe -- they loathe donald trump. >> can i make one other comment? i think this is incredibly important moving forward. we need to under score and highlight that however this gets resolved and it absolutely needs to get resolved and the sanders
12:14 pm
people have every reason to be pissed off about this but we cannot let people think that the system, that the whole voting, that the primaries and the caucuses were not legitimate. hillary clinton won fair and scare. and that needs to be said over and over. regardless of what people believe the dnc did or didn't do in terms of, you know, putting their finger on the scale here and there, the rules were set. the dnc did not vote. the voters voted. >> the issue of unity or lack there of is still one because while there may have been a feeling going into this -- >> no question about this, fred. >> the e-mail dump makes it feel what it is not. >> yes. >> three big surprises. i know that we can talk about this all. big surprise, cleveland didn't burn down. the protests didn't happen. tim kaine hit it out of the park. >> fabulous. >> the democratic convention isn't going to be boring because, wow, it's started off really, really controversial. >> it's hot figuratively and
12:15 pm
literally. we are all drenched compared to the beginning? >> yes. we are. we are all hot. >> all right. thanks so much, gang. mark press son, maria cardona, bill press, scottie nell hughes, thank you, all. appreciate it. watch cnn for full coverage of the convention live from philadelphia beginning monday afternoon at 4:00 eastern right here on cnn. also ahead, i'll speak with pennsylvania governor tom wolf, an honorary chairman and how this could set back the party's efforts to unify behind hillary clinton. sfoo al also, new details from the 18-year-old in munich who carried out a horrific rampage, including where he got a gun used in that attack. all of that, straight ahead. ♪ mr. ingalls, he's not studying over here! he's streaming my games.
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welcome back. i'm fredricka whitfield in philadelphia. gorgeous view of downtown philly. or should i call it center city. we're outside of the cnn grill just outside the wells fargo
12:20 pm
center. it's not just the democrats that have a lot riding on this convention. the city of brotherly love have high hopes for the next four days as the nation spotlights here at the democratic convention. joining me to talk about all of this is governor tom wolf, the governor of pennsylvania. thank you for hosting. >> thanks for being here. >> thank you. you went to bed last night, probably feeling super that this is going off without a hitch and then you wake up and hear about this e-mail dump and now the chairman debbie wasserman schultz in hot water. >> first of all, philadelphia is the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection. >> uh-huh. >> that's first. second thing is, this is who we are as democrats. we talk, we argue but we're coming out of this convention united behind hillary. that was the intention. coming, in she won this contest
12:21 pm
fair and square and we're going to lead the united party, especially given what happened in cleveland last week. this is what america needs. hillary is going to win the united states and be the next president and i'm very happy about that. >> as a hosting state, you're also an honorary chair? >> yes. >> so when you know that the ba backdrop, which is so beautiful, and you know nestled in to center city, how do you see this casting a shadow? >> i don't see it, frankly, casting a shadow. it's democracy at its best. people are arguing. but day by day, more and more people are coming around to the understanding that hillary won this fair and square and she is going to be the nominee. i think she's going to be the next president.
12:22 pm
she's going to take pennsylvania and we need to unite around her and we will. >> what is it about philadelphia? what a history of conventions. a long history. >> long history. actually, going way back to the very beginning. >> right. >> the declaration of independence and constitution. this is where america was invented and where it's been reinvented. we're going to be reinvented once again and a new set of policies relevant to the needs and challenges of the united states is going to come out of this convention and we're all going to unite behind our leader, hillary clinton. >> a lot has been said about security. because of the climate of events, a broad and even nationally, i mean, this is a secret service reinforced safety zone here and, of course, other jurisdictions are also reinforcing security outside of the perimeter here of this
12:23 pm
convention. what is your feeling about how people should feel as they arrive into philadelphia, see the presence of secret service, philadelphia pd, et cetera. what do they need to know? >> i want people to feel welcome and safe. so the state of pennsylvania commonwealth has done -- we have the state police, national guard, the emergency management agency, homeland security folks, department of transportation all working together to make sure this is a safe and good experience for people coming here. everybody is working together to make sure this, as advertised, is a place that is welcome but safe. >> i personally felt very reassured when i saw downtown police officers in groups of four and sometimes five and i wondered, too, if that was a particular approach or method
12:24 pm
because we're talking about an event that brings in so many people as opposed to usually seeing two officers or officers working in pairs. in large part, we're seeing officers work in small groups. >> yeah. i don't know. you'll have to ask the mayor as to why they are doing that. everybody that i've talked to, the mayor, folks on the federal level and state level, we are trying to make this the kind of experience that makes people want to come back after this is over. >> what's the memory you want made at the dnc? >> this was the democratic party that did what we need to do to make sure that america really is everything that it can be. >> pennsylvania governor tom wolf, thank you for your time. thanks for stopping by. >> thank you for having me. >> all the best for a very exciting week ahead. >> thank you. >> thanks so much. all right. so if hillary clinton is to win the white house, she will need african-american voters to turn out for her as well. is she taking those voters for
12:25 pm
granted and could black lives matter and other movement groups disrupt this week's dnc in philadelphia? we'll talk all about that, next. [beekeeper] from bees to business expenses,
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welcome back. i'm fredricka whitfield live in philadelphia. you're looking at the cnn grill. this is going to be a hot place, especially as the dnc officially gets under way tomorrow. welcome to our set here. all right. black lives matter, the movement, the leaders say they are prepared to protest here in philadelphia during the democratic national convention. he's not happy with how hillary clinton has dealt with issues in this campaign. mchesson has met with hillary clinton and barack obama. joining me is rashad who met with the president of the united states for a summit on policing. robinson is the executive director for color of change, the largest online civil rights organization. good to see you. >> good to see you as well. >> what was your meeting like with the president recently and
12:30 pm
how did that either set the tone of a sentiment towards the hillary clinton campaign as we head into the dnc? >> it was a wide-ranging meeting with law enforcement officials and elected members from local government, governors and mayors and the meeting really was focused on solutions. bringing people from various sides together to have a meeting around solutions. >> solutions about how to have a relationship with the police community and black community? >> absolutely. and what are the solutions that we should be putting on the table to deal with this current challenge we're having in our communities? for us, a color of change, we continue to put both solutions on the table but really feel this is the time for action, that there are things that the federal government can do, whether it's tieing federal funds that they then move to local government to how law enforcement organizations perform. much the way it happens in education policy where they get
12:31 pm
incentivized for good behavior or have accountability and we have conversation and dialogue and action. without action, we'll be in this place five, ten years from now. >> if there were moments of encouragement or assurances during those meetings, is there a feeling that if hillary clinton was to win the white house, there would be effort that is being made promised by those conversations? >> i'm in no position to take for granted the type of pressure, the type of push, the type of challenge that is going to force those in power to do the right thing. but simply saying that because hillary clinton's a democrat or because the democrats, you know, will have meetings and
12:32 pm
conversation that we can rest on our laurels, we recognize that and need to do all we can to defeat donald trump. that incentivizes change because the democrats at times have sat on their hands and as a movement, you know, i do think, though, at the same time, president obama moved into office back in '08 and with a yes we can sort of movement and really fueled by young, black folks which outperformed all other groups and even back in 2012, mitt romney won the white youth vote. so really when you think about the power of the young black vote to turn out this message, it's about action. >> that's so very big. and it's important and a major concern to get young people motivated as it pertains to the young community, when you have somebody like tim kaine, the running mate of hillary clinton, many people describe hem as having a urban understanding and
12:33 pm
has attended an african-american church for 30 years. he married in that church. he's very much in step with and sensitive to the black community. how much might that assist in hillary clinton becoming appealing to what you would say is some very apathetic voters, particularly among young people? >> i think the biggest incentive for young black people is going to be donald trump. for folks who watched his convention speech, who watched the last week of what happened in cleveland, i was there and in the convention center for a part of it. i saw the ways in which our movement have been attacked. >> but then you hear that
12:34 pm
hillary clinton's track record, under policies that she had one time encouraged. >> yes. it is a difficult choice in that we don't necessarily have a candidate who has been a champion on all of our issues the way we want. it is not difficult when you line up the two candidates up against each other. and so there has to be a political calculation made around what we have to do and at the same time we need to not just focus on what happens at the top of the ticket but my organization is really contending if district attorney races across the country, recognizing that the d. arks, 70% run unopposed. we need to hold district attorneys accountable, mayors, governors. this is a much bigger thing than just the presidency. >> right. >> but the work has to be done to not just have but push for action.
12:35 pm
>> this is as american as apple pie to have protests, this is what democracy is all about. just down the block, bernie sanders supporters are demonstrating. do you expect there to be a black lives matter movement or color of movement protests. >> people will be raising their voice, like you said, this is as american as apple pie. >> rashad robinson, thank you so much. appreciate it. >> appreciate it. breaking news in to cnn. a source with the clinton campaign says they respect democratic party chief debbie wasserman schultz to be gone by the end of the day and saying that the president or someone close to him may need to get involved and call her because her position right now is that she was appointed by the president himself but another source telling cnn that wasserman schultz believes, quote, she can weather this. so again, debbie wasserman
12:36 pm
schultz has been meeting with members with the dnc about this big e-mail dump and the implication that the dnc, that staffers, including her, were not impartial. we're going to have much more on this and the latest developments right after this. hey! i like your ride. i just wanted to let you know... you can save a ton by switching to progressive,
12:37 pm
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welcome back. a source with the clinton campaign expect democratic party chief debbie wasserman schultz to be gone by the end of the day. another source with the democrats saying the president of the united states or someone close to him may need to get involved and call her because her position right now is that she was appointed by the president himself. but another source says that wasserman schultz believes, quote, she can weather this. joining me is mark preston, cnn political commentator peter beinart and cnn political strategist maria cardona. mark, you fisrst. all of these sources are saying that she can't weather the storm. >> right. this reporting is coming from
12:41 pm
dana bash and jeff zeleny, who are very well-sourced amongst democratic politics. debbie wasserman schultz has gone dark at this point. she's not taking telephone calls or at least wasn't up to a few moments ago. it's interesting the fact that another says they expect barack obama may have to step in because he's the one who appointed her to the position. just for our viewers to understand this, barack obama is the head of the democratic party but when you're in a presidential year, the nominee effectively takes it over. so this is really hillary clinton's party right now, certainly as we are in this lame duck year. the story is moving incredibly quick and something that democrats don't want to deal with. they had a great deal yesterday with the rollout of tim kaine and today it's being muddled by this. >> and talk about being really awkward. the relationship between them is described as a very royal relationship, peter. if it is indeed the nominee,
12:42 pm
clinton who would have to do that, how does this sour the rollout of this convention for her? >> i think the point for them is to get this over as quickly as possible, as mark was saying. they want this to be over. they want people to talk about something else by tomorrow night. one of the hallmarks that hillary clinton has tended to operate, going back to her time as first lady, she tends to be quite divisive. i would be very surprised if she was still head of the dnc tomorrow. >> while awkward, that could send a strong message by hillary clinton about the president and leader she would be? >> sure. absolutely. but i would caution everybody to take a step back. all of these conversations are happening and i don't want to predetermine what these conversations are going to end up being and the decision at the
12:43 pm
end of the day. but i will repeat, debbie wasserman schultz has been committed to this party for such a long time. she's put in a lot of reforms and she's completely committed to making sure that democrats defeat donald trump at the end of the day. she's incredibly loyal to hillary and, vice versa, debbie wasserman was there and introduced hillary. that's a very close relationship. but i think, again, when all is said and done, democrats at all levels from the president on down understand that in order to defeat donald trump, we need every democrat on our side. and this e-mail issue, problem, is the worst thing that could happen to our party when we need so many of our progressive brothers and sisters to be with us. whatever happens, the message need to be that this is a party that is unified and we're listening to everybody, everybody counts with us and
12:44 pm
we'll move forward with the best is he significance. >> does that message of unity become underscored by what bernie sanders and hillary clinton says, even aside from the debbie wasserman schultz moment? >> i think this is a big moment for bernie sanders. he left the race and was in silence for a while and democrats were upset by that. elizabeth warren went in and got the progressive movement behind her. bernie sanders got sidelined after helping to build in and caress it or what have you. here's a chance for him to say we need to unify and he's going to put himself in a different place. politics is a business and hillary clinton cannot have this distraction. if you're going to win, you
12:45 pm
cannot have a distraction and that's why debbie wasserman schultz so aptly said has fought for democratic values and has done a lot of things. in the end, you've got to go. >> so is hillary clinton having that conversation with president obama right now? no, you do it. no, you do it? >> i think the message will get to debbie wasserman schultz. she is going to have to ultimately do what they say. >> a lot at stake. >> we're seeing structural changes as it moves to the left and she's out of touch with where the democratic party has gone. we are going to see people to the left on a whole range of issues. she barely supported the iran nuclear deal. the strides are shifting and
12:46 pm
that's part of what we'll see as the outcome of this. >> dana bash says that tim kaine will have a call with the house of representatives and this was scheduled to talk about the ticket anyway but there's no doubt that this will come up. >> debbie wasserman schultz is a smart cookie and has an election coming up herself. all of these e-mails will be used by her opponent so she's going to want to focus on her own election and make sure that she wins because that, again, is going to be helping the democratic party as a whole and -- >> dana bash said, debbie wasserman schultz will be gone
12:47 pm
by the end of the day. she's with us inside the center. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: well, that is certainly the feeling among people in the clinton and obama camp, that it's either going to be up to her to make that decision or in the words of one source, it will be done for her. the open question now is how it's going to go. i should say, as jeff zeleny and other colleagues have been reporting, she's made very, very clear up until now that she feels that she should stay. she has the right to stay, that she has done a very good job up against odds whether it's fundraising or anything else. given where we are right now, where i am at the convention that she was supposed to chair, that's different thing. now, the other thing i want to
12:48 pm
tell you -- i'm texting with jeff zeleny. he's been told something that i've been told as well that she has been saying privately she wants to hear from the president or maybe a proxy for the president because he is the one who put her in this job. president obama is the one who put her -- who asked her to serve as didnnc chair so that'se person she wants to hear it from. again, whether it's someone directly or someone delivering a message for him, that it is time for her to go. as you have been discussing with all -- with my colleagues and maria and everyone else out there, this is obviously something that they realize is a very, very big problem that they want to try to fix big time before this is officially gavelled in tomorrow. >> and so dana, how much of this is heightening the buzz, already a lot of excitement and
12:49 pm
anticipation right there where you are. people are building the set. they have been on the stage doing mike checks and working on the lighting and now you have this. this has clearly influenced the dialogue of the campaign folks who are there trying to cross every t, dot every i to make sure that >> it's a big distraction, but not only because of that. it's because of the delegates and the kind of sort of temperature you already had coming into this convention. fred, i'm sure you have seen, just as i have, just in few hours that i've been here at my hotel and on the streets, there are a lot of bernie sanders supporters here who are carrying the signs still, wearing the pins still. hard core bernie sanders people who are reminding those of nus the media and everyone else that he got 43% of the vote across the board, total in the democratic primaries and caucuses. and they have a lot of power.
12:50 pm
so to actually, you know, see in black and white with these e-mails what they all and, of course, bernie sanders has said many times throughout the primary season that the scale was tipped for hillary clinton, that is going to make the feeling on the floor sort of the reluctance on the floor among many bernie sanders supporters to get behind hillary clinton even more intense unless this is fixed. and that is obviously what the clinton campaign and her advisers and people close to the president understand implicitly. >> all right, dana, excellent reporting. keep us posted. also adding to the table here of the discussion, we've got bill press who stepped in, we'll take a short break for now. we'll talk much more about this right after this.
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
all right. welcome back to philadelphia live here, breaking news into
12:54 pm
cnn. a source with the clinton campaign says they expect democratic party chief debbie wasserman schultz to be gone by the end of the day. another source with the democrats saying the president of the united states or someone else close to him may need to get involved and then call her because her position right now is that she was appointed by the president himself, but another source tells cnn that wasserman schultz believes, quote, she can weather this. here with us now, cnn politics editor mark preston, cnn political commentator peter -- no, i think peter's gone now. hello, ron brownstein. disregard everything in front of me. bill press with me as well, maria cardona, and scotty hughes. how about that, everybody? we've got a full deck here. you first because we're talking about debbie wasserman schultz at least according to sources saying she's waiting for the president. you know him well. how might he be handling this kind of molt or would it be the
12:55 pm
party nominee? >> that's all above my pay grade at this point. i'm gooding to stay out of that. >> hold on. mark has new information. >> there's a statement that's just been put out from the democratic national committee. let me just read it. i have been privileged to serve as the dnc chair for 5 1/2 years helping to re-elect president obama and vice president biden strengthening our party in all the states. while preparing for the general election and representing millions of democrats, i couldn't be more excited that democrats are nominating our first woman presidential candidate, hillary clinton, a friend. we've arrived here in -- this is a long statement. we have arrived here in philadelphia. let me try to get to the end here. i've been proud to serve as the first woman nominated by a sitting president as chair of the democratic national committee and i'm confident that a strong team in place will lead our party effectively through the election to help elect our
12:56 pm
45th president. she's buried it in here somewhere. >> a lot of past tense in there somewhere. >> as party chair this week i will open and close the cob vengs and address our delegates about the stakes involved in this election. we have planned a great unified convention this week and i hope and expect the dnc team that's worked so hard to get us to this point will have the strong support for all the democrats to make sure this is the best convention we've ever had. as far as receipting the people of florida, i hope to continue to do that. as the mother of three amazing children and as a representative of the district i know that electing hillary clinton as our president is critical. i look forward to serving as a surrogate -- >> that does not say step down. that does not say step down. >> i'm working on it. >> you keep reading. >> what are you interpreting thus far? >> thus far, i think she's making the wrong decision. i mean, she's crazy -- >> no, we don't know that. >> but i'm reading what i heard.
12:57 pm
we all heard it at the same type. >> you're not hearing stepping down, you are saying crazy thinking she can ride it out. >> yes. >> we don't know that. >> she said open and close it. close it and address the delegates. no, no, no. >> i'm gooding to make a prediction. if she in fact chooses to go out and address this convening, a world record for booing will be set. the ted cruz booing will look like a very, very small blip compared to the massive overwhelming booing. >> hold that thought. we'll talk more about it unless you can finalize this in ten seconds. >> going forward the best way for me to accomplish those goals is to step down as the party chair at the end of this convention. >> oh. >> hold on. >> this is just a comma, because we're going to take a short break. we'll come back and talk more about this now that we do know somewhere buried in that statement was that statement of stepping down. we'll be right back.
12:58 pm
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all right. welcome to a very hot philadelphia, and we mean it figuratively and literaler here. site of the democratic national convention. this is home of the liberty bell, independence hall and the
1:01 pm
place where the declaration of independence and constitution were signed. cnn is bringing you live coverage from the convention. hello again, everyone. thank you so much for joining me. i'm fredricka whitfield live in philadelphia. boy, did we say it is hot out here? we've got this breaking news. debbie wasserman schultz will step down as chair of the democratic national committee at the end of this week's convention. i want to bring in now cnn senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny and dana bash. you both have been getting reporting on this, talking to your sources. jeff, let me go to you first about this decision and how at first it looked like she was digging in her heels, it was hard fought. but now it appears her tenure will be over? >> yes, that's what it looks like. but not immediately. look at this statement she just issued very carefully here, particularly these lines. she says going forward, the best way for me to accomplish those
1:02 pm
goals is to step down as party chair at the end of this convention. as the party chair, i will open and close the convention and i will also address the delegates about the stakes involved in this election. now, this is where it could get complicated here. i just talked to a top democratic source who has been in conversations with the clinton campaign. he said, this is not okay with brooklyn, the clinton campaign headquarters. they firmly do not want her making a major address here in this hall. they do not want her facing the -- for one, the ridicule but just the controversy and drama of potentially being booed and keeping this going on here. i'm told by a top democrat this statement may evolve as the afternoon goes on. but this is starting to sound like the republican convention last weekend in cleveland. bernie sanders supporters are already angry, now this. >> actually, we were reporting during the republican convention at the beginning about, you know, very sort of intense, passionate debates that spilled on to the floor about their rules. and it was some of the ted cruz
1:03 pm
versus donald trump situation continuing and, as you said, if this happens, if debbie wasserman schultz does address the convention which as of this morning part of the deal with her being stripped of her role as chair of this convention was also she wasn't going to be allowed to speak, that could be a very uncomfortable moment for the clinton campaign never mind debbie wasserman schultz herself because we have seen already before this is even gavelled open there's a lot of passionate bernie sanders supporters here with their signs, with their buttons making clear to us in the streets and the hallways of our hotel that he got 43% of the vote. they already felt like that before the e-mails were leaked that, from their perspective, confirmed what they already thought, which is that they had -- the dnc had their hand on the scale for hillary clinton during the whole primary
1:04 pm
process. it could be incredibly ugly. as you were reporting, this is obviously not something that debbie wasserman schultz wanted, and she has been very, very reluctant in the meeting that we have been told, john king is reporting about this as well. had been going on all day today trying to pressure her to do what it appears she has done, whether or not she's gone far enough by saying it won't happen until friday. >> she was on stage yesterday in miami there. she was actually -- she's a member of congress from florida, of course. she was part of the warm-up act with hillary clinton and tim kaine. i happened to be on a flight with her just coincidentally from miami to philadelphia. i was having a conversation with her. this is a difficult period for her. she told me she was looking forward to this convention, the historic nature of this convention, and the fact that she essentially has had her speaking role stripped in this nature was something that didn't sit well with her. so now we're going to have to see how this unfolds, if she actually does speak, but if she
1:05 pm
does, it's not going to be anywhere near when hillary clinton is on stage. >> the key thing to remember, as i toss it back to you, fred, this is a side show that no candidate wants when they're going to be nominated but particularly when you're talking about the nature of what this is, which is a reminder to the bernie sanders supporters that hillary clinton is trying so hard to attract and to make sure that they go out for her and vote in the general election, that this is a side show that goes to the heart of what hillary clinton needs to do, which is unify the party. >> right. and so jeff, you just said that brooklyn, clinton's headquarters, they're not happy with this. one has to wonder why that camp cannot leverage this decision, a speedier decision by debbie wasserman schultz, when, dana, you just said, this is upstaging an event. this is upstaging what clinton's mission is.
1:06 pm
so jeff, why did the clinton campaign feel that they could not convince her otherwise that stepping down now as opposed to later? >> well, fredricka, i think this is a work in progress. it's what, about a little after 4:00 in the east on sunday? this has not disrupted anything yet. the convention hall is empty except for a few of us here. they want to have this confirmed by tomorrow. we may see this evolving in a different way here. but debbie wasserman schultz, as dana knows from covering her in congress for years, she's a fighter and wants to stay in this position. she's also running for re-election in her florida congressional seat. i believe her primary is in august. that's also connected to this. >> her primary opponent, by the way, is somebody that bernie sanders told jake tapper a couple of months ago that he would support. that just shows you the animus between them. the other way to answer your question, fred, is about why she's kind of not leaving is because she has worked really,
1:07 pm
really hard. she's been a member of congress and she's been the chair of the democratic national committee, worked very, very hard to raise money to do everything that you need to do to be the democratic party chair, and she feels like she's worked to this moment at the convention and she wants to have her due to address the delegates. there's to no question -- >> i think a lot of people would understand -- >> -- that's what that is about. >> yeah, i think a lot of people would understand that she wants to enjoy the fruits of her labor, but this is much bigger than her and her position and for the sake of the candidacy, one would think that perhaps there would be a quicker evolution of that decision-making. >> sure. i mean, that would have been the ideal situation. in fact, some people were hoping that she would have stepped down a while ago. maybe now you have to wonder if she's wondering that as well. >> yeah. >> there had been talk some
1:08 pm
months ago that the end of the convention may be the end of the road for her. now it appears that is a good exit point. she may say she wants to campaign for herself, but again, fredricka, this is still evolving here. and let's wait and see if she ever shows up on the stage or if it's ever at an actual prime moment when people are watching. >> all right, jeff zeleny, dana bash, excellent reportering. thank you so much. a very complicated situation here. i have a fantastic panel to delve into all of this, bill press, maria cardona, van jones and scotty hughes. let me go to you first because it looks like you're champing at the bit. you have more source intel. >> donna brazile who is a cnn contributor, vice chair of the d in, -- dnc, will now be taking over the dnc. >> interim. >> on an interim basis. donna brazile very well known by
1:09 pm
our viewers and democrats. very well respected and liked during the bernie sanders campaign during all of the turmoil donna worked behind the scenes to keep the waters from getting too choppy. >> she worked very hard this campaign season saying she owed impartiality. she was not advocating for clinton or bernie sanders. >> that was not only impartial on the air. she was impartial behind the scenes. she kept up consistent common kags to both sides. she put the kind of work in you would expect from a party chair. >> this is a great decision. and as a bernie sanders supporter, i worked with donna through this thing. there couldn't be anybody better. i have to come back to this question. this is the wrong decision. i'd like to remind everybody this convention is about hillary clinton and tim kaine. it's not about and should not be about debbie wasserman schultz. and if she stays for the next four days, that's all we're going to be talking about. i think this is a leadership
1:10 pm
test for hillary clinton. she cannot let debbie wasserman schultz address those delegates. >> you see this as a challenge, for hillary clinton to step up and say -- >> yes. >> -- this is a decision i'm making for the dnc. >> so if hillary calls obama, obama will do the right thing. this cannot fester. >> you're being too kind, sir. if she walks out there, she runs the risk -- >> and she, which she? >> if debbie walks out there, she runs the risk of again seeing a world record set for booing. now, if she can sneak in there at 6:00 in the morning, gavel and run out. but if she walks into a full convention, she will be met with an avalanche, a tsunami of booing. >> what's behind her decision to say i want to open and close it? >> it will be talked about all day long. it will be on loop. she cannot do it. >> let me say something else. i don't like that this is all being put on the sanders' people. i'm a hillary supporter now, i'm
1:11 pm
pissed at debbie wasserman schultz as a democrat. i want this convention to be a model of unity and optimism, not talking about debbie wasserman schultz, damn it. get out of the way. >> david? >> clearly the clinton campaign doesn't want this distraction all week. they've been working to come to some kind of resoluion here. van, i have a hard time imagining she can take the stage in a big before the delegates kind of way. because i agree with you, that has become untenable. how does she save face a little bit here. can she indeed hand the gavel over to marcia fudge or whomever will actually conduct the gaveling in and gaveling out to be able to say that she played some role. i think now we're in the negotiation of that. but you see the statement that debby wie wasserman schultz put out. this was her trying to get out ahead laying down her marker.
1:12 pm
i don't think it's the final word on where we are. >> right, right. >> i suspect that we have not heard the end of this. i suspect that this is the first step in an evolution of where we're going to end. >> isn't that odd, too, on the eve of the dnc, if you have to be thoughtful or find a more concise way in which to work through your thoughts, why release like the version one and why not wait till version five when it's ready? >> first of all, this is a really difficult situation. secondly, i know that, compared to the republicans, people were expecting perfection from the democrats, but we're democrats. let's remember that. okay? at the end of the day, this was really, really a difficult decision for debbie. and to her credit, she has worked really hard for this party. my sense is that she will continue to focus on what is best for the party, and she will understand that maybe coming out publicly is not going to be the best reflection for hillary clinton who is our nominee and
1:13 pm
we want to be the next president of the united states. so again, i think that this is the first in an evolution of what will happen at the end of the day. >> she worked hard. god bless her, she worked hard. but it's not just about working hard. it's also about being fair and doing the right thing. if you're the referee, you can't put on a jersey for the right team. and she did that. nobody is being unfair to her. no referee in the super bowl could come out wearing the other team's jersey and keep their job. the chair has to be fair. if the chair can't be fair, she can't be there. >> scotty, as a supporter, how does this play into that dialogue? >> absolutely. this is like deja vu from last week. now it's your turn. i get to go on the offense, which is nice. i agree with you. if she really wanted to do what's best for the democrats, she would completely step down. we might spend tonight talking about it. but then you can put the focus on the convention. unfortunately -- fortunately for
1:14 pm
us, she's not going to do that and that story will continue. it was not just debbie wasserman schultz who wrote these e-mails. >> hers is the prominent name. >> but there's a lot of other staffers that need to be held accountable for their words. >> heres a the problem with her taking the stage, two things, one, legacy, the booing that will ensue. i guarantee you the bernie sanders people will show up if she'll be gaveling in at 3:00. literally, they'll show up in what is usually a pretty empty hall. that's one. number two, she's got win re-election. bernie has already endorsed her opponent. you will now see more progressives get behind her opponent and that race down there will get pretty ugly. >> what a day, huh? fireworks. and we haven't really officially begun. >> an hour from now. >> this is no longer philadelphia. this is reality check for a lot of people in the democratic party who when they hear bernie
1:15 pm
sanders' name, they think dennis kuhns itch, some far left guy who got 4%. welcome to reality, 42, 43% of the people are going to be bernie sanders' people and it won't go down the way they think it will go down. >> cnn will have full coverage of the democratic national convention live from philadelphia beginning officially -- because we're live right now -- but officially monday afternoon 4:00 eastern right here on cnn. can a toothpaste do everything well? this clean was like - pow. it felt like i had just gone to the dentist. my teeth are glowing. they are so white. 6x cleaning*, 6x whiteningá in the certain spots that i get very sensitive... ...i really notice a difference. and at two weeks superior sensitivity relief to sensodyne i actually really like the two steps! step 1 cleans and relieves sensitivity, step 2 whitens. it's the whole package. no one's done this.
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hello, everyone. welcome back to philadelphia. we're live here. i'm fredricka whitfield. we're following breaking news. party chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz will step down as the chair of the democratic national committee at the end of this week's convention. we just got this statement from president obama, for the last eight year, it says, chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz has had my back. this afternoon i called her to let her know that i am grateful
1:20 pm
for her leadership of the dnc. it has meant that we had someone who brought democrats together not just for my re-election campaign but for accomplishing the shared goals we have had for our country. her critical role in supporting our economic recovery, her fights for social and civil justice and providing health care for all americans will be a hallmark of her tenure as party chair. her fund-raising and organizing skills were matched only by her passion, her commitment and her warmth and no one works harder for her constituents in congress than debbie wasserman schultz. michelle and i are grateful for her efforts. we know she'll continue to serve our country as a member of congress from florida, and she will also be our dear friend. so we're going to talk much more about this. we heard in a statement from debbie wasserman schultz not long ago, she said she would be stepping down but after she opens and closes the convention. you heard our fiery discussion
1:21 pm
here. we're going to pick up on that again now that we heard the president speaking, and we also know that not far from here, just about a five or ten minutes' drive, there's been a large -- a very sizable crowd of bernie sanders supporters who are marching to a park near this location. some of them have been saying they want to start a third party. jessica schneider is there with them. so jessica, is there any direct reaction coming from the protesters there about this news, this shake-up in the dnc chairmanship? >> exactly, fredricka. actually, just a minute ago they came over the loudspeakers. there's a van up in front of us, in front of these protesters, and they shouted across the loudspeakers, in fact, that cnn had just reported that debbie wasserman schultz has agreed to step down. they came on the loudspeakers shouting debbie resigned.
1:22 pm
it rippled throughout this crowd to cheers and elation. but they say that's not the end. they were shouting, we will win, talking about bernie sanders. they're continually shouting as we walk this 3 1/2 miles which is near the convention, they say that this rally isn't necessarily about one candidate. this is about the political system. we've heard it throughout the campaign. they say that the political system is rigged, and they want a big change. so about a thousand or more people stretching for blocks behind me walking straight down broad street toward fdr park. these people are going strong despite these very hot temperatures and 'n the high 90s right now. but we're two miles in, about a mile left to go. fredricka? >> oh, my goodness, okay. already supporters said that they were going to be protesting because they still want to see the sentiment of a bernie sanders, whether he and a clinton campaign, have representation here.
1:23 pm
now there is no fodder with the dnc chairperson debbie wasserman schultz saying she's stepping down at the end of the convention. it's very noisy. jessica is not able to hear us. let me pick up where we left off with our panel discussion. not long ago. we have bill press her, david chalian, mark preston, maria cardona, van jones. you all are killing me. >> we're going to get nametags. >> we'll talk about all this. a lot to chew on, right? we'll be right back with all of that. right after this. ♪ ♪
1:24 pm
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1:27 pm
all right. welcome back. we're live in philadelphia. i'm fredricka whitfield. as we're covering breaking developments on the announcement that dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz will step down at the end of the convention, she says, hillary clinton just released this following statement. i want to thank my longtime
1:28 pm
friend debbie wasserman schultz for her leadership of the democratic national committee over the past five years. i'm grateful to debbie for getting the democratic party to this year's historic convention in philadelphia. and i know that this week's events will be a success thanks to her hard work and leadership. end quote. there's much more to that statement, but that is the crux of it. we're also getting reaction from donald trump via twitter. he wrote, quote, today proves what i have always known, that reince priebus is the tough one and the smart one, not debbie wasserman schultz, end quote. all this coming on the heels of these leaked dnc e-mails which has caused a major crisis here in philadelphia and within the democratic party. earlier today hillary clinton's campaign manager spoke with cnn's jake tapper on "state of the union." he suggested those e-mails were hacked by the russians and released to help donald trump's campaign. >> experts are telling us that
1:29 pm
russian state actors broke into the dnc, stole these e-mails and other experts are now saying that the russians are releasing these e-mails for the purpose of actually helping donald trump. i don't think it's coincidental that these e-mails were released on the eve of our convention here. and that's disturbing. >> the trump campaign issued a response calling the allegations a joke saying the clinton campaign will do or say anything to get elected. donald trump is hoping to sway those bernie sanders supporters to his side. despite bernie sanders' harsh words for donald trump and his candidacy, the republican candidate believes he can convince sanders' loyal supporters to vote for him. here's trump earlier today on "meet the press." >> great respect for what he's done. he's being taken advantage of and, frankly, the system was rigged, and i'm the first one to say it, was rigged against him. he has been gamed.
1:30 pm
it's a rigged system against him. and what happened with the choice of tim kaine was a slap in the face to bernie sanders and everybody -- i was shocked. >> all right. trump sent out this tweet this morning saying looks like the bernie people will fight if not their blood, sweat and tears was a total waste of time. kaine stands for opposite. talk about this with our panel van jones, a cnn political commentator, maria cardona is a hillary clinton supporter. mark preston is a cnn politics executive editor and ron brownstein is a cnn senior political analyst. thanks so much to all of you. ron, you first. this is interesting. donald trump, he's very good at leveraging whatever happens to his advantage, but he's really calling upon the bernie sanders supporters who are here in large numbers protesting down broad street -- >> yeah. >> -- making their way here and
1:31 pm
donald trump saying come over to my side. >> if you did a venn diagram of the concerns of the sanders' supporters and the trump supporters, it would be like los angeles and new york. there's one overlap in michigan on trade. on immigration, gay right, universal access to college, tax policy where donald trump is proposing an enormous tax cut, there's very little in common. the bigger risk for hillary clinton not so much are bernie sanders voting for trump but particularly those younger votes. 60% of millennials voted for obama in 2012, but not so much the risk they'll end up with trump but with gary johnson. voters under 35 were veoting fo one of the third party candidates. i don't think there's that much supporters that find their way to donald trump. >> is the clinton camp counting on bernie sanders' message to give direction to his supporters
1:32 pm
that while he's throwing his support, they should, too. >> yes. >> i talked to a few getting off the plane. he may be throwing his support, but we're still not on board. >> they're still not on board, yet. we talk about preaching populism. donald trump preached a flavor of populism, as did bernie sanders. they're two different flavors and the overlap was trade. but the bottom line is if you're a bernie sanders supporter, you're not a donald trump supporter. that's the biggest red herring we saw from republicans up to this point. bernie sanders has an opportunity at this point for his own career and his own legacy to try to say let's bring the party together. much like ted cruz had that same opportunity and he squandered that last week. >> let's remember also that hillary clinton, while she definitely has those challenges and she's admitted those challenges and has committed to work her heart tout make sure that she reaches out to all the voters that are the obama coalition, she also has obama. she also has michelle. michelle is incredibly popular
1:33 pm
with millennials. she has elizabeth warren. she has vice president biden who is also incredibly popular with millennials. uncle joe, right? what you'll see this week is is that contrast versus what happened last week which was the complete debacle at the republican convention. i can see why donald trump is trying to take advantage of anything he might see in terms of a division of the democrats because his convention was so completely the opposite. it was dark, it was dismal. this convention is going to be about hope and optimism and bringing the country together. >> van, elizabeth warren, you brought up the name, hearken to the thought where she was so vocal for a period of time and now very quiet as her lead in here. what does that mean, if anything? >> she started to speak out again. during that last possible vetting process for the vp, she might have thought it would be smarter to be a little more quiet. but listen, i just want to make sure we don't get too far from reality here. i remember hearing and it
1:34 pm
shocked me, it really surprised me to hear people saying i'm either going to vote for sanders or i'm going to vote for trump. this is back during the primary process because people are trying to sort out the insider versus outsider thing. i think that the numbers show that's kind of dwindled a bit, so i think you're right. there is a hunger for an outsider still. and i think that for the younger voters, i don't think it's a question of do i vote for trump or hillary, it's a question of do i vote at all? maybe i vote for pokemon go, you know? maybe i do completely different with my time. >> and they're going to put that on the shoulders of a 74-year-old man. >> right. >> that's crazy. >> and you got to lock ok at th overall landscape in the polling. it's clear that trump has trouble getting toward 50. there's been one poll that had him above 42. but the risk is clinton -- and this keeps getting harder and harder than democrats thought it
1:35 pm
would be. she's facing more headwinds. he has a ceiling and it seemed like there was some space between his ceiling and her floor. her floor keeps moving down to the extent that a sanders type supporters peel off to these third party candidates. the number you need to win comes down to a range where donald trump can hit. >> scottie nell hughes with us, a trump supporter. trump is appealing to, he's trying to reach out to those bernie sanders supporters who are still saying we're here in philadelphia, we're here at the convention inside, outside, but we're not necessarily sold on hillary clinton yet. donald trump has a direct message to them. >> why is he telling them or what is it that he's substantiating when he says that kaine is the opposite of what you want to see in a hillary clinton. >> because of her close ties to wall street. just main concern a lot of these bernie sanders -- but here's the think, just taking debbie wasserman schultz out of the
1:36 pm
deal doesn't solve the problem. it's still a dnc problem. mr. trump and all the republicans are saying until you clean house, until you make sure that everybody is held accountable for their words, nothing is going to change. just the namesake will change. you have to make sure this is vetted from the top down or the corruption will still continue under a different name. >> i would love to be able to have this type of argument with you guys. again, there's a concern that, if we don't handle as democrats these little controversies that come up, last week we beat you guys up because melania trump may have googled some stuff. and we just beat the heck out of you. we've got a much bigger problem now. we can deal with our problem quickly, decisively, you don't cut a cat's tail off one inch at a time. you cut a cat's tail off in one stroke. we'll be talking about debbie over and over again. so i think it's important -- we got to move on and talk about other stuff. but i think it's important that we not be in a situation where we talk about debbie the next day and the next day. i want to tell you why you're
1:37 pm
wrong. >> debbie won't let you do that, van. i'm sorry. i'd love to talk policy, too. that's what we all want to talk about. but this drama that makes a house of cards writers jealous of the last two weeks we've gone there will not allows to compare the candidates. >> it's not debbie that won't allow it. it's trump. >> trump did not do these e-mails. >> but like i said earlier, he's taking advantage. smartly so. >> there's a very compelling report in "the atlantic" on the providence of where this came from and the overwhelming circumstantial evidence does point to russian intelligence. it's a very strong piece out today. >> and they're already tweeting they have more coming it next week. if she is elected, are they still going to continue? >> e-mails are the democratic national committee. it is a different thing. >> but they are having conversations. >> i don't want for democrats to start feeling like alex jones
1:38 pm
out here with conspiracy theories. does -- are you hearing that they're trying to blame putin for the mae-mail scandal? that just strikes me as weird. >> they're blaming trump, which is ludicrous. >> i'm just saying there's a very compelling article in our defense, one, looking a t the fingerprints of russian intelligence as the original source of breaking into the dnc. >> at least at this point -- >> there are a lot of things we could be talking about including just this morning donald trump was asked about the former ku klux klan leader david duke who is running for a senate seat in louisiana and his support of trump and this is what he had to say. >> david duke announced his senate candidacy claiming your agenda for his own or essentially saying glad that you spoke out. >> are you ready before you ask the question? >> newt gingrich said everybody
1:39 pm
should repudiate this guy. >> and i do. >> you would support a democrat over david duke, if that's what was necessary to defeat him? >> i guess depending on who the democrat, but the answer would be yes. look, the answer is as quick as you can say it, in fact, i want to answer you because last time with another person in your position, i did it very quickly. and she said he didn't do it fast enough. rebuked. okay? rebuked. done. >> okay. >> scottie, this is something that keeps coming back. is he handling it any differently this time as a result of lessons learned the first go round? >> well, i think he's always rebuked david duke.
1:40 pm
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welcome back. this breaking news to cnn. munich police have arrested a teenager in connection with friday's deadly shooting spree. a 16-year-old afghan was arrested sunday on, quote, suspicion of being an accessory to friday's attack. police questioned the teenager at his home and say he made conflicting statements. the teenager is believed to have been a friend of the attacker. nine people were killed in that attack. and breaking news out of rio da ja nero, with the olympics
1:44 pm
games less than two weeks now australian officials saying housing is not safe nor ready for their athletes. they're staying in hotels because of blocked toilets, leaking pipes and exposed wiring in the housing. cnn's brazil bureau chief and international correspondent shasta darlington is joining us live from rio. what more have you learned? >> well, fredricka, i actually got a tour of the athletes village before it was opened. of course, they didn't show me the blocked toilets and the exposed pipes, but what we did see is these are very basic a come o additions, more austere than in previous games. single beds, no television sets, but they did get the air conditioning that some athletes were pushing for out of fear over the mosquito-borne zika virus. according to the australian olympic delegation, they have more to worry about than just zika. they say the plumbing and
1:45 pm
electricity were so out of whack, that when they did a stress test, opening taps and turning on waters all at once, water started running down the walls. they're going to stay in their hotel rooms until these problems are fixed. the olympic organizers here in rio came back and said that there are always last-minute details that need to be attended to and they're working around the clock to make sure that the rooms are ready and safe for athletes before the games kick off august 5th. >> and then shasta, what about the other arriving teams? >> well, they started arriving today. they opened up the athletes village, according to organizers, they're moving in. we haven't heard any major complaint from other delegations although there have been reports that some of the delegations had to hire private contractors to get some of the work done. team usa. they put out a statement saying that there are some minor details. they're working with organizers but they're going to have 500 athletes and coaches staying at
1:46 pm
the athletes village. so there obviously are some hiccups. it's not clear how serious they are. obviously, the australian delegation not happy but others at least not making a big deal of them, fredricka. >> then the last wave of troops are coming into rio to help secure the games. do we know what their role is going to be? >> absolutely, fredricka. there are two major problems here in rio. first, we've had a major crime wave. violent crime, pick pockets, murders, you name it. so they're going to have to deal with that on the one hand, then for first time in brazil's history, they arrested 11 people last week suspected of planning a terror attack. they were all brazilian nationals according to officials very amateurish, loosely organized, but they pledged allegiance to isis and started talking about planning an attack. so the security forces here, we're talking 85,000 in total between police troops and firefighters, that's more than double what we saw in london,
1:47 pm
they're going to be responsible for making sure that tourists don't have to worry about getting their pockets picked or getting mugged at gunpoint but also about intercepting any potential terror threat. so they've got a lot on their plate, but you can already see they're out in full force driving around today. there were soldiers on every corner in copacabana. navy ships off the coast which this is an area where a lot of the athletes will be staying. >> shasta darlington in rio. security paramount there, as it is here in philadelphia. you can still hear the choppers overhead with a lot of security sweeps still on the way on the eve of the dnc. part of the must dos ren coming to philly, running the "rocky" stairs. that's what i did. that's coming up next.
1:48 pm
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i thodid the ancestrydna toian. find out i'm only 16% italian. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. welcome back live in philadelphia. politicians and, of course, all americans really love the symbolism of coming here to philadelphia. the birthplace of america. there's the liberty bell, independence hall and the home of betsy ross. but if a presidential hopeful really wants to feel the love, they better be prepared for a critical and cheesy kind of political test, as our jake tapper shows us in this week's state of the cartoonian.
1:53 pm
>> reporter: with the democratic convention taking place in philadelphia this year, the real question facing many delegates is not bernie or hillary. it's pats or gino's. that's right. it's cheesesteaks, not politics that really divide this town. many presidential wannabes have fall been victim in the great cheesesteak wars. john kerry in 2004 ordered his cheesesteak with swiss. thank heaven it wasn't brie, i suppose. president bush mocked kerry saying he knew the proper order was whiz with, that's cheez whiz. that's the proper order. but provolone also shows some cred. scott walker went with american cheese. what raised hackles among the tough philly crowd was cutting in line and not cleaning up after himself. philadelphians can be stuff, we once booed santa claus at an eagles game. but the presents the previous
1:54 pm
christmas had been rather wanting. so when it comes to all this cheesesteak back and forth, let's not overstate the roll. ♪ >> and bring your running shoes. because you cannot come to philadelphia and not partake in one of the most popular attractions. i couldn't resist. and when this philly, the city of brotherly love, i can hear the music already. [ playing "theme from rocky" ] ♪ >> oh, my goodness. okay. that is very silly. but you know what? it is fun and you got to do it when in philly. of course, have a cheesesteak afterwards, a philly cheesesteak. coming up at the top of the hour "situation room" with wolf
1:55 pm
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this is cnn breaking news. >> breaking news. stepping down. the woman in charge of the democratic convention here in philadelphia leaving her role after e-mail surfaced suggesting a plot against bernie sanders. but debbie wasserman schultz has not yet left. will she be here for this
2:00 pm
convention? will she have any, any appearance? also, explosive accusations as donald trump taunts democrats over the e-mail firestorm. the clinton campaign now blaming the russians for the leak in a sinister effort to try to help donald trump. and dead heat. why the race between trump and clinton may be closer than ever. i'm wolf blitzer. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world for cnn's live special coverage from philadelphia. you're in "the situation room." a major earthquake is hitting the top leadership of the democratic party right now. just a matter of hours before the national convention opens here. the chair of the democratic national committee debbie wasserman schultz is


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