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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  July 25, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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here come the democrats.
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philadelphia now grease the democratic national convention. see the sights here. before it all begins, there is new trouble. a day about to be about unity, now ripe with disunity. how will this effect the race? welcome to "early start." at the democratic national convention in philadelphia. i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. it is monday, july 25th. 4:00 a.m. in the east. it is not 100 degrees yet. it is not just the politics that are hot. we are at the cnn grill. so far the main action is of the cane and abel action. hours before the convention is set to gavel in, the chairman is stepping out. debbie wasserman schultz is stepping out after an embarrassing e-mail leak. we have phil mattingly with more.
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phil. >> reporter: christine, this was supposed to be about unity. it was the title of the theme of the day united together. serious names behind it. bernie sanders scheduled to speak. elizabeth warren scheduled to speak. michelle obama scheduled to speak. after the raucous primary, everybody is starting to come together as one until wikileaks. bernie sanders said the democrats had their thumb on the scale of scrutiny. saying someone needed to get someone to ask about his religion because that would hurt him in kentucky. he said debbie wasserman schultz
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needed to step down. now she will. she will step down. before then, she is expected to speak today and the democrats have been talking to are weary of what that will create on the floor. they don't want a cleveland-esque if you will, of boos. clinton is not willing to look past what happened in cleveland. >> i don't know what they're convention was about other than criticizing me. i seem to be the only unifying theme that they had. there was no positive agenda. it was a very dark, divisive campaign. >> reporter: guys, you can expect democrats to move quickly on from this if they can. a group who may not, bernie sanders supporters.
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not willing to move on. this adding fuel to that fire. some work to do for bernie sanders as he speaks today in philadelphia. >> phil mattingly, thank you. romans, as we arrived in philadelphia yesterday, there are protesters here. bernie sanders people on the streets. more than we saw in cleveland. you know, this was more of a march. they are here. the people support bernie sanders and say they may not support hillary clinton. they here in the city. joining us to discuss is john phillips. a talk radio host on kabc. we have josh rogin. reporter for the washington post. also here is two commontators.
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angela rye and we have bob bechtel. >> john, this is not how we planned it. actually, i am feeling so sorry for my friends who worked on the convention and democratic national convention. this is a lot to handle. we hope for a nice kumbaya. now the challenge is bernie has bought in and continued to say that. bernie bros are not. >> he was asked about this. he said he wondered a long time ago. listen. >> i asked and demanded debbie wasserman schultz resignation many months ago and i state that again. i don't think she is qualified to be the chair of the dnc. not only for these awful
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e-mails, which reveal the prejudice of the dnc, but also we need a party that reaches out to working people and young people and i don't think her leadership style is doing that. >> bob, he had been complaining about what he saw as tip of the scales against him for months. now he looks vindicated. he wanted her out. she's out. is this over? >> it is pretty much over. the debate schedule set up was not to bernie's advantage. the one thing about bernie supporters, if you look at the polls, they are lining up behind hillary clinton in larger numbers than most second place finishers. will they go out and work the way they work for sanders? i don't think they are. the one thing that will get them rallied and one encouraging point is trump. >> interesting, bob beckel, josh
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rogin, one of the things is to deal with this issue of honesty and trust worthiness. she is slipping. you cannot go any lower than wicked, wicked low. on "60 minutes" she talked about that. something she called the hillary standard. listen to what she had to say. >> i often feel like the hillary standard and standard for everybody else. >> what's the hillary standard? >> well, a lot of as you saw through the republican convention, unfounded, inaccurate, mean-spirited attacks with no basis in truth. reality which take on a life of their own. for whatever reasons, i don't want to analyze the reasons, i see it, i understand it. people are very willing to say things about me to make accusations about me that are --
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i don't get upset about them anymore, but they are regrettable. >> she sure seems to be saying it is not my fault. >> right. this is not building her trustworthiness. this is her being defensive. playing the victim. it is what the voters don't like and how not to handle one of these things. the e-mail scandal is what it is. it is not some conspiracy of donald trump. it was an actual investigation. james comey said she was actually careless. >> the state department e-mails. not the dnc. >> the last thing you want to talk about is more e-mails. >> and the explanations have changed over time. sometimes misleading and sometimes lies. these are facts. she is not quite there where she can just admit to the facts and say she's sorry and move on. this is her flaw over time. >> john phillips, i think this is something that is interesting this week. i think this is the first convention cycle in history
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where you have a candidate live tweeting. imagine how he can use as he has used this forum to get his own message out. you think we will hear from him? >> i think he will get carpal tunnel on all the exclamation points. the big problem for the democrats is they didn't have to do this. she had all the endorsements and all the money and all of the name identification. all of the advantage you could have had. she could have beat him clean without the dnc shaving points. because they did that, this is a huge scandal. if you want to talk about voter diseven franchise choicement, that is what this is. the party was behind one candidate and that is not bernie sanders. >> if you read twitters, donald trump is concerned. >> it is really rich to hear republicans talking about voter
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disenfranchised when they introduced hundreds of bills to ensure that voters who look like me and other people of color and low-income folks can't go to the polls. i think going through a party process that is not designed to level the playing field and designed to pick a candidate in general is really rich. >> did they rig it against bernie? >> i think the e-mails are damning. what i will tell you is i find it very hard to believe that bernie sanders could have ever won this election. they did not need to do it. >> of all the campaigns. the idea of a huge scandal. i would say it too. right now, it's not about the scandals. this is defensive for her entire political career. she has taken her husband's
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water on on top of everything else. you her new hampshire when she was at the lunch counter and behind and got beat by barack obama in iowa. she teared up, but was very personal and it worked. she won. i'm not suggesting she should get up there and cry. i think she needs to humanize herself. >> the hillary standard is valid to bring up, but not from hillary clinton. >> that is why tim kaine is there. >> the speculation is loud, but tim kaine was the choice. he will tell you he is a quiet politician. he and hillary clinton sat down for the first interview as running mates. we have some of their answers next. the fastest food truck min brooklyn. meet mylanta® tonight. it's also fast, but unlike godawgs, it makes heartburn after dinner, history. new mylanta® tonight. faster than heartburn.
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the clinton campaign is showing of the newly minted vice
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president candidate. hillary clinton and kaitim kain sat down for a joint interview with "60 minutes." >> i'm ready to lead. i'm ready first to be a supportive vice president so that the presidency of hillary clinton is a fantastic one, but if something were to put that in my path as much as any human being would be ready, i would be ready. >> all right. you heard it. our panel is back here. let's talk about what this pick does for hillary clinton. you know, he's non confrontational. he fills a lot of boxes for her. bernie sanders says he is conservative for me. listen to what bernie sanders said. >> tim is a very, very smart guy. he is a very nice guy. his political views are not my political views.
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he is more conservative than i am. i prefer to see somebody like elizabeth warren selected by secretary clinton. yes, i would. >> angela, what do you think? >> i agree with bernie sanders on the elizabeth warren pick. she is just too risky. it was a risky pick for hillary clinton. she he wanted to be safe and sure. the database says she have challenges with young women and blue collar workers. warren would not do that. >> the hillary clinton team would not do what bernie sanders wanted. they gave him some things in the platform which doesn't mean anything. the delegate will not play out. at the end of the day, hillary clinton won. she doesn't feel she owes bernie sanders. he is will not appoint elizabeth
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warren as secretary of state. she wants to direct the campaign the way she wants to direct it. >> this is months in the making. the progressives of bernie sanders are saying don't pick tim kaine. clinton has been working on that trying to get him on board. they had gone a long way to doing that before the whole dnc e-mail thing happened and have the tim kaine pick and e-mail thing happen at once creates unhappiness here. bob beckel, talk to be about the strengths. >> josh, you are doing mega reporting on this stuff. you are right. he was a substantial advisor to bernie sanders saying trying to get people behind her is difficult. now tim kaine, the landscape is littered with the bodies this guy has beaten. he has never lost a race. never. i have seen him on the trail
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many times. this is not a soft spoken guy. when he gets angry, he gets angry. fine. if they want to underplay and say he is boring, fine. >> donald trump weighing in on the vp pick. he is interested in the democratic party. the crooked hillary vp pick is disrespectful to bernie sanders and all his supporters. just another bad judgment case by h. >> he left out sad. >> it's implied. >> he put an extra "e" in judgment. >> can't you bring up another word than crooked? >> he hoped it gets buried into the psyche. >> this is the risk adverse choice for hillary clinton. a choice she thought would rock the vote. i think bernie people have a hard time swallowing it. in the grand scheme of things,
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it doesn't sway. it used to be the northeast and south are two different planets. that is not the case. what tim kaine does is endorses the product she is selling which is what candidates do now. >> john edwards lost north carolina. jack kemp lost indiana. >> there you go. we have a lot more from philadelphia in just a few minutes. it is 21 minutes past the hour. first, another violent attack rocks germany and who police say is behind it is raising some eyebrows. we have a live report from germany next.
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welcome back to "early start." new attack in germany. the third in a week. last night in the city of ansbach. a suicide bomber blew himself up after refused entry to a music festival. a 27-year-old syrian refugee. we have the latest from frederik pleitgen from germany. he had a backpack full of nails and crews. authorities believe the damage could be worse. >> reporter: it would have been worse if he would have gotten into the place he wanted to get into. there was a music festival going on here in the small town of ansbach. went to one of the checkpoints at the entry point at the festival. they did not left him in because he did not have a ticket.
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he was acting suspiciously. he loitered around the area and the explosion went off. 12 people wounded in the vicinity. he was the only person to be killed. they believe it was because he was not let into the venue. as you say, the bomb he had on him was laced with sharp metal and screws and nails. it was meant to cause a lot more carnage than it did. people are concerned because of the attack in wurzburg and then in munich where nine people were killed. one of the things about the town in ansbach, this is a big military contingent. about 5,000 u.s. military personnel are stationed here. >> frederik pleitgen. thank you. back in philadelphia, the sight of the democratic national convention. pushing for unity, but pushing out a top party official.
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the clinton coronation begins. democrats gather in philadelphia for the party convention. democrats are dealing with a new e-mail mess. it is not so little. it is threatening the image of party unity. how this plays out this week. welcome back to "early start" at the democratic national convention in philadelphia. i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. 30 minutes past the hour. we are live in the cnn grill. climate controlled because it is about 100 outside. this is the city of brother
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love. home of rocky balboa. will the entire party be dancing on the steps of the art museum together or will they be a divided party dancing on the steps? a strange metaphor, but stay with me. as they head in, it is supposed to be about unity, but there is disunity. the party chair stepping down after the mess of e-mails leaked. debbie wasserman schultz is gone. phil mattingly. >> reporter: there will be dancing on the steps no matter what. on its face, a full-proof plan. unity on the first day of the democratic convention. bernie sanders set to speak. michelle obama set to speak. elizabeth warren set to speak. this is how it was to come together until wikileaks released 20,000 e-mails hacked from top dnc officials. those e-mails contain things that bernie sanders has been alleging for months.
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that the dnc had its thumb on the scale for hillary clinton throughout the divisive primary process. included in the e-mails. one e-mail suggesting that the dnc pitch stories about what a mess the sanders campaign was. another e-mail from a top dnc official suggesting someone get a reporter to ask sanders about his faith thinking it would negatively impact his ratings in west virginia and kentucky. what this underscores is what sanders fans and supporters talked about for months. a rigged system. this gives fuel to the fire. that is problematic. we know this is supposed to be the time to unify. this is what hillary clinton's campaign did not want to have happen. what some democrats have wanted to happen, including bernie sanders, debbie wasserman schultz to step down. this won't happen until thursday. that is raising concern among democrats who are worried what scene will be created if she
1:34 am
speaks. there will be booing or chanting? the clinton campaign and hillary clinton is focusing on the raucous nature of the convention in cleveland. see what she had to say on "60 minutes" with her new running mate tim kaine. >> i don't know what their convention was about other than criticizing me. i seem to be the only unifying theme they had. there was no positive agenda. it was a very dark, divisive campaign. >> reporter: christine, you see hillary clinton right there trying to layout a format going forward. a more optimistic message is what the democrats hope for. one big problem, bernie sanders, you have to get them in line. >> phil, thank you for that. in the primary process, the party is supposed to be like switzerland. this is the issue. people are saying, come on, bernie sanders is not a
1:35 am
democrat. the democratic party running the primary system. maybe they were trying to favor the candidate hillary clinton after all. the point is they can't do that. >> to use another metaphor, if it is a football game, they are the refs. >> we our panel here. john phillips, talk radio host at kabc. we have josh rogin. a reporter for the washington post. and two of our finest commentators. angela rye and democratic strategist bob beckel. this was supposed to be united together. today was the theme. ouch. >> we're united together now behind an interim chair. and thankfully to all of us, cnn shoutout to donna brazile.
1:36 am
we need donna back. the good thing is donna is going to be fantastic at interim chair. hopefully we it turn the page and not talk about dws tomorrow. >> does anyone think john needed this story? never mind. here's the bottom line. how many people will stand up for debbie wasserman schultz? she does not have a big base in the democratic party. bernie sanders won't get a boo. >> bob, you brought up the point that americans are not shouting across the breakfast table. hey, you hear what happened to debbie wasserman schultz? they don't care about that. josh rogin, people do. insiders do. it gets to the issue of organization and gets to the issue of is there genuine unity or is it a fake unity? >> right. what we saw last week at the
1:37 am
republican national convention is disarray and dysfunction. the plagiarizing or lying about the plagiarizing. ted cruz coming out against the candidate in the speech. the democrats want to project confidence. this attacks that message. that doesn't mean it will be a week of this. if they can turn the page and get back on message. one day out of five will not sink them. it is not a good start. they need to make tonight count. >> it is not even a start. >> it is more than confidence. you had four days of lock her up. she has to show reliability and strength. i don't know what that sound is. is it raining outside? >> sounds like hail. >> i think they lost control of the narrative. it is 11:00 at the hotel. it sometime for debbie wasserman schultz to check out. she is not leaving for four more
1:38 am
days. you have a piraha walking around right now. >> it is interesting to see how that plays out. >> i don't know if you can hear it, but it is really raining hard in philadelphia. >> that's rain? >> either a train pulling through the cnn grill or rain. let's hope chris cuomo has an umbrella on the way here. i want to talk about how hillary clinton wants to make the transition. last week, we heard lock her up. last week, we heard direct political attacks on hillary clinton. she was asked if she was going to respond in-kind to the crooked hillary charges of the listen to what she said to "60 minutes." >> he called you crooked hillary. what do you call him. >> i don't call him anything. i'm not going to engage in that kind of insult-fest that he seems to thrive on. so whatever he says about me
1:39 am
he's perfectly free to use up his own air time and his own space to do. i'm going to talk about what he's done. how he has hurt people in business time after time after time. >> bob beckel, every four years and candidates learn this. we had to respond to attacks and they shouldn't have done it. how do you think the democrats need to respond to the trump convention? >> my biggest problem right now is i don't have an umbrella. i think the way they do that is they have other people attack trump and there is plenty to do that. go back to the fbi statement. comey's statement about her problems with e-mails. there's a lot of stuff in there republicans could use. what's keeping trump alive is hillary clinton. what's keeping hillary clinton alive is trump. that is where you have two people with high negatives. she has the ability to get rid
1:40 am
of her negatives. i don't think he does. >> she needs an authentic likeable moment. she needs something to show her in that light. >> she is smart to have her daughter introduce her, number one. there has got to be from her standpoint the human side of hillary clinton. she has done a lot of things for a lot of people. kids. go back. i think that story needs to be told. what i have seen so far of the convention film has that in there. >> genuine authenticity. >> she has a problem. she is trying to take the moral high road and be positive. every other sentence, she is portraying trump as a threat and government.n to run our she has to make those messages. they are contradictly. >> any idea who will take the lead on going after trump? >> i think it will be bernie.
1:41 am
i think bernie is the attack dog she will use. that will prove not only that he is out there being the voice of the democratic party going after donald trump. he and her have made up. he is out being the attack dog. >> i think it will be bill. >> i think it is elizabeth warren. she has been effective and very good at getting under donald trump's skin. that is why the only thing he can come back at her with is pocahontas. he has been very threatened by it. >> he does have a very thin skin. i think if i were hillary clinton in the first debate, i would look at him and say man up. i think it would drive him crazy. >> his kids were real asset to him last week. do you think chelsea and bill clinton will be as good weapons for her? >> chelsea is not as polished as ivanka. >> they are friends. >> they are and they have
1:42 am
similar life experiences. she is running as the grandmother you want have run the country. it can only help her. a lot more to discuss coming up. we have tim kaine to talk about. we have a bunch of things. this convention as we were saying comes on the heels of what happened in cleveland with the republicans. how will the two compare and might one of the candidates get a bounce? we'll discuss that next.
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john berman here with christine romans. we are live in philadelphia at the cnn grill. why? because today's the beginning of the democratic national convention. a big party. it is all happening right here. there will be comparisons over
1:47 am
what happened here and what happened in cleveland last week. what about the tone? let's discuss with our panel right now. bob beckel, you looked at the republican convention last week and said it has a dark tone. particularly donald trump's speech. doesn't mean it was effective, but dark. what do you expect to hear here? >> go back and ask how many candidates have given bad convention speeches. very vifew. i go back to the convention in '68 in chicago. you know, besides that one, i can't think and mcgovern, i guess. i cannot think of a bad speech. these are so choreographed. even trump can cohoreographed i. i'm going to belize if he wins. >> do you think she will have a
1:48 am
more up beat speech? they will walk out people from all walks of life? >> i think her speech will be good. i don't think it will be one of the best. i don't think it will be that long. she is not trying to filibuster the floor on the last day. she wants to remain likeable. >> we will hear from michael bloomberg this week. a billionaire not for the other billionaire. >> and republican, by the way. >> former republican. >> he was a democrat who became a republican and now is independent. >> let's say he represents the radical center. these are the people who are not really hillary fans and not trump fans. they are put to a decision. that is a bellwether for those types of people. they are thinking am i more horrified by a hillary presidency or donald trump presidency. the trump presidency is more
1:49 am
horrifying. >> does michael bloomberg represent the radical center? how many people are there in the bloomberg camp? >> he represents rockefeller republicans and most of those people are dead. they don't exist. we had realignment of the parties. to get back to the point that bob made. the e-mails and ethics have to be first and foremost. donald's line is she is crooked. she will give a speech in the e-mail scandal that looks like the primary was rigged. if she doesn't take that on. >> what is she supposed to say about this? >> you have a bit of experience with brutal honesty that has mixed results. yeah, i blew the e-mails? >> let me tell you. no.
1:50 am
it is something you have to be careful about. mea culpa's are dangerous. if they are not handled correctly, they can be dangerous. in '84 -- i want to go on record to be the first guy sued here. donald trump is not a billionaire. he's not. >> meanwhile, just going back -- we have two billionaires. you have two billionaires talked about in this campaign. i wonder if bloomberg on the stage gives away millions of dollars and tries to fix problems around the world. he would use his money. donald trump won't release his taxes. is there an optic thing there that gives hillary clinton the advantage? >> i do. i think there are a lot of people out there that self identify. whether or not they identify
1:51 am
with bloomberg, probably not. there are people that respect him and saw him as a potential candidate. he was polling in double digits before he decided not to run. he still has people out there. >> if bloomberg had a nation advantage. >> they had numbers and did research and they vetted vice president candidates. it was a real thing. he decided he could not win. >> the train on donald trump, there are stories that have not been told. this guy cheats subcontractors. he has illegal immigrants come in and finish his buildings. who loses money on a casino? >> these are stories that hillary clinton will try to make this week. do these stories stick on him more or less than the stories on her? >> everybody, thanks so much.
1:52 am
nice to see you. it will be a fun week. 53 minutes past the hour. a shooting at a bar in ft. myers, florida. two people killed in the shooting outside the club blu. both victims believed to be men. another 15 to 17 people were injured in this shooting. police say a man hunt for the sho shooter or shooters is under way right now. one person of interest is being held. we will bring you more information as it comes to us this morning. all right. a new attack overnight in germany. the third there in a week. last night in the city of ansbach, a suicide bomber blew himself up after refused entry to a music festival. he is described as a 27-year-old syrian refugee who was denied asylum. let's go to cnn's frederik pleitgen in ansbach, germany.
1:53 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police said last night in the german town of ansbach, the man was denied entry in the music fest because he did not have a ticket. he was acting suspiciously as well. he loitered outside of the festival for a while and then all of a sudden, this explosion wept off. the police say the only man killed in the incident, and he was the only one killed, appears to be the one who was the perpetrator and setoff the explosive device. 12 people wounded. the explosive device was laced with sharp metal and screws and nails. this is the third major security incident in germany within a week. one man on a rampage who was isis inspired on a train here last tuesday. then the shooting in munich. certainly people concerned. another thing about the town in ansbach, it is very, very big
1:54 am
u.s. military that is here. more than 5,000 u.s. military personnel here in the town. >> fred, thank you. a nation very much on edge. fred, keep us posted. back to business news. corporate story. verizon is buying yahoo!. that is expected to be revealed today. after bidding, people familiar with the deal, it is worth $4.8 billion. verizon will acquire the real estate holdings. it does not include the $30 billion stake in chinese alibaba. the deal ends the company's 21-year end to the independent company. it could mean marissa mayer could be out of a job. >> i would take half that to leave my job. a lot going on here in philadelphia. leaked e-mails from inside the democratic party force the party chair out of her job on the eve
1:55 am
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the next vice president senator tim kaine. >> when donald trump says he has your back, you better watch out. >> hillary. >> kaine was a slap in the face to bernie sanders. >> on his worse, worse, worse day, tim kaine is 100 times better than donald trump will ever be. >> let's defeat her in november. >> i don't know what their convention was about other than
2:00 am
criticizing me. >> most of us stopped the name calling in the fifth grade. >> the dnc was not running a fair operation. i'm not shocked. >> i'll take her rights over her any day. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "new day." it is monday, july 25th. 5:00 in the east. chris and i are coming to you live from philadelphia where the democratic national convention begins today. hillary clinton hoping to unite the democrats, but the consequen convention is off to a rocky start because of the leaked e-mails. >> wikileaks may be striking again. what does it mean for the campaign? how do they handle it? will they own it or go in denial mode? we know how that worked out last week. the good news is the tim kaine effect. what does it mean coming into this week? we will discuss


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