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tv   Americas Choice 2016  CNN  July 25, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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and good morning, we're live in philadelphia, pennsylvania. thank you so much for joining me. my name is carol costello. we're at the site of the democratic national convention. thank you so much. it is another e-mail scandal, rocking the democratic party. any minute, outgoing democratic chair, debbie wasserman schultz, speaks for the first time since abruptly resigning as the leader of her party. she has brought down by leaked e-mails showing her dnc staffers
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preferred hillary clinton over bernie sanders. there may be a sinister sub plot. clinton's camp says they're russians trying to help donald trump win the white house. that move would be historic. russian cyber attacks. michelle doherty is in moscow, but let's head to washington first. he ha evan perez. >> the hacker was the work of hackers working for russian intelligence. officials tell me the fbi is investigating this hack, and so far, the evidence does point to at least one group of hackers that is familiar to u.s. counter intelligence. this is the same group that was involved in hacking into nonclassified e-mail system tess state department, and at the white house, as well as other federal agencies. investigators believe that russian intelligence is behind a
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wave of other cyber attacks on political organizations and even think tanks in washington. the release of the e-mail by wikileak does add another wrinkle to this. we don't know where they got the e-mails it is releasing, and they're not saying. we can say the russians did this to help donald trump. we know this is a type of activity that foreign spies, including the russians and united states always try to carry out. they did similar cyber attacks in the united states around the 2012 election cycle. the issue this time is that whoever is behind the release of the e-mails over the weekend is alreadies have a tremendous impact on the u.s. president den elections the ouster of debbie wasserman schultz. >> what does putin say about all of this. >> well, he is not saying anything about it, carol. i mean, this is not, i think
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anything that vladimir putin would want to talk about right now. again, it is still allegations. there may be indications that that is the case, but certainly, we're waiting for proof whether or not it indeed is the case. i think you would have to say to what purpose would russia want to meddle in the election. i can see a purpose initially where they would want to get information about donald trump, because for quite a long time, donald trump, although he was praised as kind of an interesting flashy person by vladimir putin, they wanted to get more information. he was not well-known at all, and i think still to this point, russians don't really know a whole lot about him. and i could see this is my surmisele, they would want to get as much information behind the scenes as they possibly could. now would they want to support donald trump? you know, early, carol, there was this idea that russians do support donald trump.
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and indeed, many people and the media seem to support him. but there is also a counter vailing idea that some in the kremlin consider him unpredictable, they're not sure what they would get if he were in the office, hillary clinton, who is predictable, even though they don't like her particularly. so you know, that's i think the question you would have to ask. why. >> well, jill, the other thing that's coming up is donald trump's, you know, you know, he intimated he wants to dump nato and wouldn't protect the baltic states against russia. wouldn't than a reason he might want to get involved in the american election? >> yeah, no, there are those things. nato is very good example, because he says donald trump says that it is obsolete maybe we shouldn't protect our partners unless they pay up. vladimir putin believes it is a threat to russia on the
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doorstep. so anything that would damage nato or even indicate that the u.s. wouldn't come to the aid of its allies would be useful to vladimir putin. also, i would have to say some of the warns he has about the united states, a vai violent place that the system is rigged against people and others have made this point. it is not just donald trump. especially on that rigged part. but the violence is very similar to what you see on the russian media. state controlled media. the united states is a violent place, where people have very few rights. the government doesn't come and protect them. you can see this very much rt, which is their english language broadcast. you have couple of people on the campaign, senior people, paul manafort, and certainly carter paige, who have been involved in
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business or let's say lobbying here in russia and the former soviet union. and i can give you details if you want to get into it. >> you gave us plenty of information, jill. you stick around, jill. reporting live from moscow. no evidence to indicate that vladimir putin had anything to do with the hacking of the dnc e-mails. whether the be russian angle is a conspiracy theory or not, democrats are all in. >> from what i've heard, i have not received the full briefing, there is some agreeing degree o hackers. but now we found out they were stirring up a little bit more. >> other experts are saying that the russians are releasing the e-mails of helping donald trump. i don't think it is coincidental that they were released on the eve of our convention here. and that's disturbing.
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i think we need to be concerned about that. we need to be concerned that we also saw at last week at the republican convention that trump and his allies made changes to the republican platform to make it more pro russian. >> why it is so far fetch today blame the russians and to say the motive was to help you? >> i mean, it's just absurd. i don't know anything about what you just said. you may know it. if you do, then you ought to expose it. to say you know, i don't know what you're talking about. it's crazy. the fact that we're having this conversation is the wrong conversation. the conversation we should be having is what does russia have for hillary clinton's server. that's the bigger issue. not what anybody got from the dnc server. >> all right, that's paul manafort, who is of course trump's top aide. with me to talk about all of this, hillary clinton supporter, sally cohn, robert sitterman and carl bernstein.
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jill doherty and evan perez are sticking around to help with the fact check. robert, really? robert, really? vladimir putin behind it -- i thought it was going to be boring, but you were right. >> you know something, let the fbi do their investigation. i'm not prepared to go there. the fact that the fbi is investigating i think does give it some -- does make it relevant. it makes it of it interest. the bigger concern to me is the fact that donald trump is taking positions that are so in sync with vladimir putputin, dis mantling nato, certainly, we've never had a republican candidate or any presidential candidate be as supportive of the russian leadership. >> so democrats, sally, always accuse republicans of conspiracy theories. some might think isn't this another conspiracy theory. the democratic convention is starting off in chaos.
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>> first of all, i've been inside, talking to -- i don't think it is starting off in chaos. let's be clear. those of us who like to talk inside baseball, are fascinated by these e-mails. the american people are more interested in the policies and how they affect their lives. >> i would say they're interested in this notion that the russians hacked into the dnc. >> this is profoundly important, and tim kaine said it well. donald trump has crcriticized everybody but vladimir putin. now we have donald trump, mister i'm going to be strong saying i'll back out of nato. come right into the baltics, no problem, mr. trump. i admire your leadership. that is incredibly disturbing, and you're right, democrats are, i'm tired of hearing about the conspiracies, but they have a lot they're feeding us, and this one has credible evidence. >> i want to turn to carl bernstein, because you know a thing or two about cracking into
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things. >> call the woman in charge of the life of -- it is relevant. >> could this be a thing? >> look, it does seem that the russians have something to do with the hacking. this is a question that reminds voters of why both these candidates are held in such disregard by most americans. because one, it reminds them about hillary clinton and her server, and the possibility of it being hacked. because what she did with her server is indefensible, reckless, it probably endangered the national security. there is no explaining it away, particularly after what comey, the fbi director said. >> just to be clear -- >> let's go to the question of trump, who is the real issue in this campaign. and particularly, his lack of experience in foreign policy. what he has said about nato. look, the concept of no moveable borders in europe is what has kept the quest alive since the
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end of world war ii. what putin is determined to do and has done already, to move the borders in europe. donald trump is someone who has no understanding, comprehension or ability to conduct foreign policy. the real issue in this election is donald trump's suitability, temperament, stability. and whether he can be president of the united states. hillary clinton, you've got these terrible things that such as the server, yes. and questions about her honesty, but that, she also has a record going over 40 years in public life of making real contributions. believing in good things. you don't see that with donald trump. >> okay, i want to bring in evan for a second. hillary clinton's e-mail serve certificate separate from the dnc. >> totally. but the point is still, both, both are subject to possible hacking. and what i'm saying -- >> however, the fbi did point
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out in fact there is no evidence that hillary clinton's server was hacked. >> i just want our viewers to be clear on that. that's all. >> the democrats keep trying to do, defending hillary's conduct. stop doing it. pushing back like that is a great mistake. what comey said -- the fact is, comey said, he indicated, it is very possible, it was hacked. the fbi did not know. you ought to stay with the facts on this quit trying to -- >> let's bring in evan. you were saying? >> one last thing perhaps be a political panel needs to address is the content of the e-mails that wikileakss has released here. it appears to be, everybody here in washington and fbi and everybody who has looked at this, they believe that hack was the work of russian intelligence.
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it doesn't really negate what is contained in these documents that have been released. it really does call into question the impartialialty of the dnc and that's the larger question, that perhaps, still has to be addressed by the clinton campaign and by the -- >> we're going to turn the corner and talk about that now. the question i have for you at the moment, evan, how long might it take to figure out if vladimir putin really was behind this? or is that an impossibility? >> it will take a while. they're long investigations to do. we do know that the hackers were in the system for over a year. so that really tells you that they had access to all kinds of stuff. not only the opposition research on donald trump, but all kinds of other stuff that we are yet to see. so you expect that we're going to see more documents released between now and november. and it will probably take the fbi longer than that to figure it all out. >> okay, so let's turn the corner and talk about the scandal itself, because it is quite damaging.
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evan is right about that. i'm going to show you one example of a leaked e-mail. from the dnc chief financial officer, and it talks about targeting sanders on his religion, on his faith, quote, i think read he is an atheist, draw a big difference between a ju and atheist. they accept all religions. it is awful. >> it is awful and offensive. look, i mean, you know, this is a problem. the democratic party is addressing it. there have been people held accountable. we haven't seen -- finished seeing the repercussions of this. the problem is, here, look, i'll be honest, frustrations with this entire election season, we keep getting caught up in these kind of catnip for the media sort of little scandals or big scandals about the people and
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the e-mails and the -- right, when what else seems to be incredibly relevant is donald trump's policies, his ties with russia. the pro putin things that his own senior advisors -- >> i get that, but this plays into donald trump's narrative that the system is rigged. >> so it is getting addressed, and listen, we're going to have a convention where people will come together. we'll see bernie sanders speak. he himself said the e-mails were bad, they confirm what we knew. there needs to be accountability and focus on electing hillary clinton. >> i'm running out of time. >> the bottom line, it was disgracef disgraceful. >> more than debbie wasserman schultz? >> absolutely. here is the important point. no evidence has emerged which shows this venting on e-mail resulted in political action against senator sanders, and to his credit, he is keeping the focus on electing hillary
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clinton. >> an asterisk in two weeks. >> raucous conversation. hillary clinton takes the conversation, donald trump takes the lead. the republican nominee surprising the pundits with a bigger than expected bounce from his party's convention last week. cnn joe johns in charlotte with more on that. the. >> reporter: hi, carol. hillary clinton appearing later this morning here at the veterans of foreign wars convention in charlotte, very different from the appearance she made here earlier this month. that was with president obama. this time, donald trump will be appearing at the vfw convention, just tomorrow morning. it comes at a time when we are looking at a six point convention bounce for donald trump, coming out of the republican national convention. also, when you look closely at the most recent cnn/orc poll, it shows once again, a huge deficit on the issue of honesty and
6:17 am
trustworthiness for hillary clinton. she talked a little bit about that convention, just last night on 60 minutes. her take away from what she saw from the podium and how she was characterized at the rnc. listen. >> did you feel threatened by that. >> no, i felt sad. i felt very sad, scott. i mean, i don't know what their convention was about. other than criticizing me. i seem to be the only unifying theme that they had. there was no positive agenda. it was a very dark, divisive campaign, and the people who were speaking were painting a picture of our country that i did not recognize. >> she has done a good job of letting the water go off her back on this. that's not the way i feel. when i see this, you know, crooked hillary or see the lock her up, it is just ridiculous.
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>> reporter: back live in charlotte. we're expecting to hear from hillary clinton around 11:00 eastern time, likely to talk about national security, veterans affairs, the u.s. commitment to nato and she is expect today pick up an endorsement from general john allen, the former deputy commander of u.s. central command. so a lot going on here in chore l -- charlotte. >> thank you, joe johns. the florida delegates are holding a breakfast this morning. debbie wasserman schultz is speaking before them. the crowd at first cheered, and then jeered here. it was very raucous. order had to be restored before she made her remarks. let's listen to what's going on now. >> about making sure that we can have the voices across our state heard. and standing with the people who were injured and who were killed is so incredibly important. so i know that you and i,
6:19 am
together will continue to fight to make sure that people who should not have guns cannot get access to them. and i will continue to fight everyday with you to make sure that doesn't happen. so i can see is there a little bit of interest in my -- in my being here. i appreciate that interest. and a little bit of interest from the press, so that really shows you that florida is the most significant battle ground state that will make sure that hillary clinton is elected president of the united states of america. we are the state that will deliver the white house to make sure that we can continue to make the progress that we have been able to make under barack obama for the last eight years.
6:20 am
i'm so proud to have been able to serve as the chair of the democratic national committee, and yesterday, yesterday, i had the great honor of speaking to both president obama and hillary clinton. i thanked president obama for the honor of serving as the chair of the democratic national committee, and being able to watch his back and bring him across the finish line in 2012, which we did on the shoulders of florida's voters. didn't we, florida democrats. yes, we sure did. we're going to do it again. i also spoke, i also had the -- i also had the privilege of speaking to hillary clinton. and she thanked me for my service. we had a wonderful conversation. she asked me and i committed to her that i would serve as a
6:21 am
surrogate throughout this campaign, so that we could make sure that she is able to help build on the progress that we've been able to make for the last eight years. we have a lot of work to do. we have so much to do, and we have to make sure that we move forward together in a unified way. we know that the voices in this room that is standing up and being disruptive, would he know that that's not the florida that we know. the florida that we know is united. the florida that we know is going to make sure that we continue to create jobs, like the 14.8 million jobs that were created under barack obama's leadership. the 20 million people who now have health care who didn't have it before. for me, as a breast cancer survivor, and i know there are many survivors in this room, we have to make sure that insurance companies can't drop us, or deny us coverage that they used to be
6:22 am
able to do to kick us to the curb when it came to covering us with health care. we have this h three quarters of the deficit reduced under president obama. we have had made sure that we can continue to build our economy, and we must under president hillary clinton make sure, we must under president hillary clinton make sure that our economy works for everyone. i look forward to continuing to represent my constituents in florida's 23rd congressional district, and thank all of you for your incredible support. i'm going to continue to make sure that florida has a strong voice to speak loud and proud on our values. and you will see me everyday between now and november 8th, on the campaign trail, and we will
6:23 am
lock arms and not stand down. we will make sure that the people of florida have the priorities that we know we need to accomplish. thank you very much. on to victory. thank you. >> okay, so that was a little surreal, right. the em battled chair who was in essence fired speaking before the florida delegation. we'll talk about more that. i've got to take a break first. i'll be right back. when consultant josh atkins books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and think big.
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thank you very much. two dead after a mass shooting at a florida club on teen night. the gunfire breaking out after midnight in for tt. myers flori.
6:28 am
the youngest, 12 years old. three people are in custody. boris sanchez is live on the scene. hi, boris. >> reporter: hey carol. we talked to a nab bore weighbod he was arriving home, and saw bodies on the ground and ambulances everywhere. there have been shootings in the past couple of months. this was teen night, a night where young kids, 12 to 17 could get in without an i.d. shortly after the event ended, as they were pouring into the parking lot, they were calling their parents to get picked up, and that's when the shots rang out. i'm going to move out of the way to show you what this looks like. they picked up evidence marker, more than two dozen across the ground here. most of them shell casings that had to be be picked up by police. this is one crime scene being processed. there is a home, where shots were filed at the home, and at a
6:29 am
vehicle. one person was hurt there. at this intersection, all three people were detained that you mentioned, carol, none have been called suspect. we understand they're being questioned by police to find out how involved they were in this incident. and again, you mentioned two people dead. at least 14 injured. we know most of them have been released from the hospital. but there are still some in icu right now. we're holding out hope that they make it, but obviously a very sad situation here in ft. myers, carol. >> all right, boris sanchez, reporting live from ft. myers, florida. with me is art rod ririck. hi, art. >> what do you make of this shooting. >> the whole thing behind any of these shootings is motive. what is the motive. is it gang-related, criminal activity. we don't want to go beyond that at this particular point in time. but i mean, we are a month away from the orlando pulse nightclub shooting. 12 years old, this is really
6:30 am
getting out of hand. >> there was armed security there, too, right? >> this was not a soft target. definitely not a soft target. so really, the whole -- they've got more than one crime scene at this particular incident. so it is going to be wrapped around what is the motive behind this. >> so the big question out there is how can we keep people safe when they go out just for a fun night? this was teen night. >> teen night, i know. they weren't even checking i. i.d.s. it is sad. he can't imagine what the phone calls were like with the kids calling their parents. i now it was a madhouse when the incident occurred. but it's like we're not safe any where any more. this is not an incident that is a soft target by any stretch. they had armed security there. and you know, we just have to
6:31 am
figure out what the motive is. >> i know, because we sort of kind of know why orlando happened, right. >> right, we do, right. >> a mentally unstable person, inspired by isis. >> right. >> who may have had many other problems. but this -- i don't know a lot about the neighborhood in which this took place in ft. myers. do you? >> there has been shootings there in the past. it is not a fantastic neighborhood by any stretch of the imagination, but not like an intercity neighborhood. we're talking about ft. myers. we all know -- >> it's strange that three adults were arrested for shooting, allegedly shooting up a teen party. >> right. >> what does that tell snu. >> it tells me there is some major criminal activity involved. we just don't know if it is fra gang or drug related. what is the motive. we have two other crime scenes, so the ft. myers police and all
6:32 am
their backup units will figure out exactly what is going on here. >> all right, art, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> all right. m.j. lee is at this breakfast that the florida delegation just had, debbie wasserman schultz, the embattled i guess fired dnc chair spoke. as you can see, people were waiving those signs right in debbie wasserman schultz -- e-mail signs, at times, the crowd booed. some people cheered, but mostly, a negative reaction to debbie wasserman schultz. you have to wonder, why did she speak. i know she is running for reelection in the state of florida. but seriously, when things are at a full boil, why did she speak. m.j. lee was at the event. let's ask her if she knows the answer to that question. why? >> reporter: yeah, carol, i mean, this was just a scene of complete chaos. as debbie wasserman schultz took the stage, as you mentioned,
6:33 am
there were some people who were cheering, debbie, debbie, debbie to show their support. however, the protesters i guess you can call them, the critics of wasserman schultz began to boo her off the stage. they were yelling things like shame, shame, shame. you can see from the pictures, holding up signs that said the word e-mails. and also, some people who were holding bernie sanders posters. now, wasserman schultz tried to power through her speech, despite there being so much booing and so much yelling against her, but you could obviously tell that this was a sort of awkward situation for her to be in. this was a breakfast that she was supposed to speak at originally, even before she made the decision yesterday to resign from her position at head of the dnc. now, i think the big question is, after seeing what went down at this breakfast, will she
6:34 am
still insist speaking at the convention later today. if that were to be the case, you could imagine a situation where this kind of sort of anger and frustration erupts on the convention floor, and you can imagine why democratic leaders would not want that kind of scene to break out again on the convention floor. >> i saw debbie wasserman schultz being escorted out. who was surrounding her, m.j.? >> reporter: yeah, as she left the stage, obviously a lot of reporters, members of the press wanted to talk to her, wanted to ask her questions. so there was a huge scrum of press trying to follow her. so she was basically surrounded by members of security as she left. we tried to ask her some questions to get her reaction to all of this. she just looked forward, and left the room very quickly, carol. >> is it curious that she did not mention this scandal at all, surrounding the dnc and its hacked e-mails?
6:35 am
>> reporter: right, i mean, this was obviously the huge elephant in the room, and i think even when people started yelling specifically about this scandal, she did not address the issue. i think that she originally wanted to come here to talk about the issues that she wanted to talk about, the issues that matter to floridians, the room here is filled with florida delegates. i think she stuck to that script. i don't know what she could have said to address the e-mail controversy since she has already made the decision to leave her post as chairman of the dnc. again, i think the big question is, will she still insist on speaking on the convention stage later today. you know, despite some of the clear anger and frustration that is really boiling over here in philadelphia. >> all right, m.j. lee, reporting live from philadelphia. thanks so much. with me now is stephanie shropp,
6:36 am
a hillary clinton supporter, and susan johnson cook, a former u.s. ambassador for religious freedom. political columnist for "huffington post, and scott fee nell hughes." thanks to all of you for being with me. stephanie. >> yes. >> why? why did debbie wasserman schultz, a, speak at the breakfast this morning? and b, why is she even considering speaking on the convention floor? >> well, let's just remember that she is a very popular congresswoman in florida, and it was the florida delegation breakfast this morning. it makes complete sense. and they'll make decisions on what happens yet on the floor tonight. i think what's really important here is that we have a great night of speakers tonight, right. we're showing -- >> yes, the democrats do have a great line-up. michelle obama, elizabeth warren, bernie sanders. >> that's right. emily's list, supporting candidate kristin tonight.
6:37 am
>> debbie wasserman schultz speaks, that speech will be remembered over the others, perhaps. because of the reaction she may get. >> well, i don't know. you you've got elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. i think that -- and michelle obama. i'm not sure who is most remembered tonight. that's an incredible testament to the power of the democratic party this year. >> so susan, should hillary clinton, she can make a phone call to debbie wasserman schultz and say please don't speak at my convention. >> no, hillary, she is concentrating on her speech thursday night. this is the first time we can have a history making event and we're unified and hillary clinton is doing what she needs to do. all of us will survive. we're going in as a unified body. >> how can you say we're going in as a unified body, when debbie wasserman schultz was fired as the chair of the dnc. >> but also donna brazile went in as the new chair. i was with her this morning. everyone is ready. for the sake of the unity of the party, we want to go in together. we are united in terms was where we go from here. so donna brazile is ready. we salute her, support her,
6:38 am
support hillary. >> scottie nell hughes's phase here. >> i do have sympathy for your ladies. i've been there about a week ago. i have to say, as much as you want to say unity, unity, we all know it doesn't mean it will come true. what we learned last week at the rnc, we can have people give great speeches, rudy giuliani, even pence, but that booing factor, if something negative comes from the crowd, that's going to be the headlines and haunt you the next day in every interview you ladies will do. i understand where you are. actually, you know, i think ms. schulz had a great opportunity. for the good of this party, i'm going to step down. i'm not going to join the hillary clinton campaign. i am going to completely remove it, and we can deal with this after the convention so that it is focused on the amazing lienep
6:39 am
of speakers you have. >> we're going to have our first female president nominee. this is a very different picture than the rnc. >> i agree. >> right. with all due respect, we also have, you know, we finished a contentious primary but we really were talking about the issues, moving forward. >> but the reason contentious, because bernie sanders thought it was rigged against him. these e-mails intimate it was. >> hillary clinton clearly won this with the most votes and the most delegates by far. nothing changes that. including more importantly, senator sanders feels that way. he is stand big hillary clinton. unlike other republican candidates with their nominee. >> it doesn't matter what senator sanders say. it is his -- >> i'm going to stop this conversation. i've got to give in a break. we'll continue it right after.
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such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california. today kicks up day one of the democratic national convention, you're looking at live pictures out of philadelphia, pennsylvania. among today's headline speakers, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren and first lady, michelle obama. the panel back to talk about that and more. stephanie shrock, and international religious freedom, political analyst and columnist for the huffington post. and scottie nell hughes. welcome to all of you. stephanie, i'll start with you, because a lot rides on hillary clinton's speech, because donald trump did get a big bounce from
6:45 am
his convention, right. she still has that, well, voters still don't think she is so trustworthy and the most recent poll, 68% don't trust her. but before we get into that, i want to play for our viewers something that hillary clinton said about the republican national convention on "60 minutes" last night. >> there is the hillary standard and the standard for everybody else. >> what's the hillary standard? >> well, it is, you know, a lot of, as you saw at the republican convention, unfounded, inaccurate, mean spirited attacks with no basis in truth, reality, which take on a life of their own. >> so she said it made her sad, because her america doesn't look like that. i think for voters, who are still deciding, do we live in donald trump's america, or do we live in hillary clinton's america? how do we decide? >> well, we very much live in
6:46 am
america, and we are trying, we're trying to unify our country again. i think it is really a questionable what kind of bump we saw last week. what we saw during the convention was still, again, a lot of lies and insults coming out every single night. i -- what i -- >> it resonated, that this vision of a dark america, where crime is rampant and he is a man on a white horse coming to the rescue that had to resonate with a good number of voters, since he is now five points ahead. >> it depends on what poll you're looking at. there is another one that has 42/42 today. the thing about the polls, we're going to see ups and downs. it will be a close race. but after last week, they went in knowing that they have a huge problem with women voters. seven out of ten votwomen voter don't like donald trump. that's not a good place to start with. nothing that came out last week,
6:47 am
including how dark his speech was, really is going to resonate with women voters, who are looking for solutions, for their everyday economic situation. >> so will hillary clinton talk about women in her speech, susan, do you think? >> without a question. the other fact is that she is a woman. for the first time, we're in philadelphia, the history of america. we have a history making convention. first female who is going to be nominated to be president. i think ultimately, she will -- her presence is female. but she certainly will talk about women. and she did you know have to talk about the dark side of america. she talks about bringing what she brings to the table. skill set, experience, you know, beyond just the gender. her skill set and experience, she got the 3:00 a.m. call, she got the 3:00 p.m. call. we need a leader. >> going back to this, because i do think voters are confused, because they don't know who to believe any more. so donald trump paints this stark picture of america. hillary clinton might paint a brighter picture of america, and i think that americans are so
6:48 am
distrustful of their institutions and politicians that they don't know what to believe. so how can hillary clinton say you know what, president obama has done a great job, and i'm going to continue his policy and america will continue to be great. >> she says that, but she also says how i build upon that. i know what americans don't want. they don't want a rude person who takes down women, who takes down immigrants, who talks and gets everything that is america. we are supposed to be the united states of america. we need someone who can unite us. hillary will be the light that comes this week. we'll see it happen. we've got three months to make it happen. >> so scottie, ivanka took to the stage at the republic national convention and she talked about women's issues at length. she talked about policies that were new to us, when it came to donald trump. he didn't talk about those female oriented policies in his speech. why was that? >> he talked about a lot of things, and you know, this idea
6:49 am
that it was dark, i don't agree with that. i guess it has to be from what viewpoint you're looking at it. the present for some is dark. you are $19 trillion in debt. there are people being hurt because we have poor borders and criminals have come to this country and hurt families. we have people in the military, their boys did not come home. that's the truth. what he did show us is here how i'm going to do it differently. i love the idea that you're going to sit there and say that it is historical that we have hillary clinton as a woman, and talk about all this unity. we have these demographics, which i understand, but the economy and security, hence why in the rnc they had one night focused on one and another night focused and mr. trump's speech encompassed it all. in the end, you just want to protect your family and provide for them. that's why the rnc i think
6:50 am
saw -- >> the very fact you talked about the boys not coming home. you omitted women from your conversation as well -- >> i was talking about benghazi, we had their mothers on the stage. >> the point is women are often omitted from the conversation. what we're looking at now is a woman who will put policies forward that will make sure that all of america is taken care of. that didn't happen in the rnc. >> a lot of it has to do with perspectives and assuring that women's perspectives are heard. it's been 230 years, we've never had a woman president. it is about perspective. because we need to look at the whole of the family and not just one side -- >> we'll have to leave it there. we could go on and talk about this forever. i have to leave it here though. thanks to all of you. appreciate it. donald trump : i love the old days;
6:51 am
6:52 am
you know what they used to do with guys like that when they were in a place like this?
6:53 am
they'd be carried out on a stretcher, folks. and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? it's like incredible. when mexico sends its people, they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy - ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like, "i don't remember!" our children and grandchildren will look back at this time... the choices we are about to make. the goals we will strive for. the principles we will live by. and we need to make sure that they can be proud of us. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
6:54 am
for the third time in a week, a violent attack rattles southern germany. germany authorities or german authorities, rather, are searching the home of a 27-year-old syrian national who detonated a suicide bomb outside of a music festival. yesterday, that happened yesterday. it injured 12 people. his home is located in this hotel which is used as a shelter for refugees. authorities are also investigating if the attacker was motivated by his religion, by religion of any kind. cnn's frederik pleitgen joins me now live, good morning, fred. >> hi, carol, there was a press conference that was going on by a top level bavarian official. this is the state in which the city is in, and they say they have found salafist material on the computer that belonged to the man during the search of the house. they also found what appears to be chemicals used for bomb
6:55 am
making in that location. they say right now the indications are this could very well have been an islamist motivated attack. they have a lot of information about the attacker. 27-year-old man from syria. he came here about two years ago. one year ago, his application for asylum was rejected by the german authorities. they say at this point in time, they're not sure whether or not that might have also played a role to motivate him because he was supposed to get deported to bulgaria. that deportion order had not been serviced yet. they also say he had a record of crime here in the city he lived in. that he had drug-related crime issues and petty crime as well. as far as the attack itself, they say what happened, at around 10:00 p.m. last night, he went to the scene of a music festival going on, went to one of the entry checkpoints. they didn't let him in because he didn't have a ticket. that's when he blew himself up, killing himself and wounding 12 others. the people here, very much concerned about the situation. not just because of this attack but of course because of the
6:56 am
other ones that you mentioned as well, three high-profile incidents here, just in the south of germany, within the past week, carol. >> all right, frederik pleitgen, reporting live for us, thank you. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" after a break. beyond has a natural grain free pet food committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is number one. and we leave out corn, wheat and soy. for your pet, we go beyond.
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acceptance life insurance. call massmutual today at this number. call now! and good morning, i'm carol costello live at the democratic national convention in philadelphia, pennsylvania. thank you so much for joining me
7:00 am
this morning. it is the democrat's turn to hold their convention but donald trump is again seizing the spotlight. the republican nominee once again surprising many political pundits with a bigger than expected bounce from his party's convention last week. in our new cnn/roc poll, he now leads clinton by five points, not counting the margin of error. hillary clinton is rolling out the big guns. expected to speak on this day one, a former rival, bernie sanders, senator elizabeth warren and the first lady michelle obama. all against a bizarre backdrop, leaked e-mails trigger a change of leadership among the democrats and clinton is blaming russia. she says moscow unleashed its hackers to help donald trump win the white house. the dnc chair, debbie wasserman schultz, is forced out amidst the scandal, which shows her dnc staffers favoring hillary clinton over bernie sanders. debbie wasserman schultz spoke for the first time just last hour and it wasn't pretty.
7:01 am
[ audience booing ] >> if i could get you -- >> we're also keeping a close eye on a dnc briefing with the surviving democratic leader about to speak to the media so that should be interesting. of course we're covering all the angles of this but let's begin with cnn's m.j. lee, she was at that breakfast meeting where debbie wasserman schultz was soundly booed. tell us more, m.j. >> yes, carol, this was really a chaotic scene. just so our viewers are aware. because it's a little bit hard to tell just by watching the scenes from this delegation breakfast. i want to point out there were people who were cheering for debby wasserman shultz, yelling things like debbie, debbie, debbie, once she took the stage, to show their support.
7:02 am
but quickly the scene turned chaotic with a lot of people booing at wasserman schultz and jeering at her, holding up signs that said the word "e-mails," clearly taking issue with the dnc e-mails that were leaked over the weekend and yelling things like "shame, shame," wasserman schultz only spoke for a few minutes before quickly exiting. she was surrounded by security and would not take questions from the press. i want to point out that now the clinton campaign and the trump campaign are in a bit of a fight over the timing of the dnc leaks and who exactly was behind the disclosure of these e-mails. take a listen to the sound bites. >> other experts are now saying that the russians are releasing these e-mails for the purpose of actually helping trump. i don't think it's coincidental the e-mails were released on the eve of the convention and that's disturbing and i think we need
7:03 am
to be concerned about that. i think we need to be concerned we also saw last week at the republican convention that trump and his allies made changes to the republican platform. to make it more pro russian. >> why is it so farfetched to blame the russians and say the motive was to help you? >> i mean, it's just absurd. i don't know anything about what you just said. you may know it and if you do you ought to expose it. to say "you know," i don't even know what you're talking about. it's crazy. the fact we're having this conversation, it's the wrong conversation. the conversation we should be having is what does russia have from hillary clinton's server. that's the bigger issue. not whether anybody got from the dnc server. >> now, carol, after this breakfast and seeing just how much anger and frustration really boiled up to the surface, i think the question for the clinton campaign as well as democratic leaders is whether or not debbie wasserman schultz really should still speak today
7:04 am
later in the day at the convention. you can imagine a situation where sanders supporters and other angry democrats will take to the floor to express their frustration and sort of the same way they did just a few minutes ago. i think that's a decision the florida congresswoman will have to make some time very soon. >> all right, m.j. lee, reporting live for us here in philadelphia, thanks so much. the clinton campaign does say russia is behind the dnc hacking. the allegations sound like something out of a cold war era, right, but now security experts believe russian hacking groups may have also hit systems at the white house and the state department. so let's get right to cnn justice reporter evan perez. what are you finding out? >> hey, carol, well, there's strong evidence from officials i've been talking to that indicates the hack of the dnc was the work of hackers working for russian intelligence. officials tell me the fbi is now investigating this hack. and so far the evidence does point to at least one group of hackers that got in.
7:05 am
that is familiar to u.s. counterintelligence. this is the same group that was involved in the hacking of the nonclassified e-mail systems at the state department and the white house and other federal agencies. now, the investigators believe the russian intelligence is also behind a wave of cyberattackers on political organizations and even think tanks here in washington. now, the matter of the release of the e-mails over the weekend by wikileaks and that adds another wrinkle to this. we don't know where wikileaks got the e-mails it is releasing and they're certainly not saying and we can't say that the russians did this to help donald trump as the clinton campaign is saying. what we know is this, this is the type of activity that foreign spies always try to carry out. they try to do this in the 2012 election cycle. the issue this time is that whoever did this, whoever is behind the release of the e-mails of the weekend is already having a tremendous impact on the u.s. presidential election. there's also the matter of the
7:06 am
relationship or, you know, the sort of -- the behind the scenes between trump and the relationship with putin. we do know that paul manafort who is a campaign mcanager for the trump campaign did do some work for president yanukovych who was ousted as president of the ukraine, russian-backed president for ukraine. that is the picture also coming together. we also know that put be ain an trump have said complimentary things about each other in the past few months. however, beyond all of this, we can't ignore the fact that no one's alleging that the russians wrote the e-mails that have now been released by wikileaks, carol. >> all right, evan perez, reporting live from washington. cnn's manu raju, he's at the dnc briefing which is about to get under way. good morning. >> good morning, yes, this is going to happen any minute. the daily briefing the dnc holds. being, today, comes with the concerns over the leaked
7:07 am
e-mails, in addition to hillary clinton's slipping poll numbers which is causing some alarm in democratic circles. more about the poll numbers. which actually saw an increase in donald trump's advantage with independent voters. a nine-point bump after that convention. as well as a big problem for hillary clinton on the trustworthiness factor. look at these numbers. 68% of voters now don't trust hillary clinton or don't believe she is honest. big alarm bells being set off because of these numbers and because of the way the republicans really went after her at last week's convention. so watch for tonight to be the beginning of the effort to turn that around. bernie sanders slated to speak as well as michelle obama and elizabeth warren. not just to go after donald trump, which we can expect a lot of that, but also to talk about hillary clinton in a more favorable light, hopefully, in their view, turn things around, by talking about things she has done positively for this country. that's a distinction democrats want to draw here. they'll talk about hillary
7:08 am
clinton when republicans didn't spend a lot of time talking about donald trump, they spent most of their time attacking hillary clinton, carol. >> okay, so i'm just wondering, i know bernie sanders and michelle obama were on the slate to speak tonight. was senator elizabeth warren added late? >> she was added last week, as we started hearing about whether it seemed unlikely she was going to get the vice presidential nod probably leaked in some way to showcase folks on the left, the progressive base, that even if she does not get the nomination, she'll have a prominent role in the convention. so clearly part of tonight is to dispel any dissension within the ranks, on the left side of the democratic party, because particularly in light of the e-mail leaks that showed the dnc staffers favoring hillary clinton over bernie sanders, carol. >> so this meeting that you're going to listen to, are they going to talk about debbie wasserman schultz and whether she is indeed going to speak at
7:09 am
tonight's convention? >> i don't think they want to speak about that, bub they're going to be asked about it by people like me. she is expected to speak some time today. later this afternoon. it's supposed to be brief remarks we're told. a few minutes long as part of her efforts to open up the convention. but not many folks, particularly on the clinton side of things, want that, because she's almost certainly going to get heckled. it's going to be a dramatic moment. that's a theme of the first day's convention. but having the outgoing party chairwoman booed and heckled on the way out, probably not the best scene to project on day one, carol. >> manu raju, thanks so much. with me now to talk about all of this and many, many people, and i'm glad about that this morning, cnn political analyst alex burns, former michigan governor jennifer granholm, a former adviser to the clinton super pac correct the record. cnn political commentator and
7:10 am
trump supporter scottie nell hughes and jackie kucinich, cnn political analyst. welcome to all of you. jackie, i will start with you. should debbie wasserman schultz speak, even if her remarks are brief on the floor of the convention? even if it's just to say hi, welcome? >> you know, she decided to step down from this position because she did not want to be the issue. after seeing this morning, she's a smart woman. my guess is she's going to do some reevaluation. it's her call but i think she's probably going to do some re-evaluating. you don't want this to be a five-day story. one day, boom, we're united. you don't want to extend the political primary. we are united. i was with jeff weaver on this, said earlier, you know, we're totally together, so that's the message. >> so why can't hillary clinton step in and say, look, debdebbii
7:11 am
don't think you should speak? >> i don't think you'll see her publicly saying something like that. >> privately. >> behind the scenes, what the governor just said now. i know you want to speak, but did you see that breakfast that you were at this morning? can we show you the video? do you want that replicated on a massive scale on national television? i think those are the kind of conversations that are certainly happening right now. >> i do have to question how unified everyone is though. just by virtue of walking around downtown philadelphia yesterday. it was one for one. people wearing bernie sanders stickers and buttons and swag and hillary clinton. and you heard some of the conversations that were going back and forth. when this news about the e-mails broke. you saw people in the hallway having conversations and bernie sanders fans, in particular, being very upset about this, so maybe it will get past it today, but i do question going into this convention, no offense, just how unified they are. >> it was a tough primary and a lot -- it's hard to turn those
7:12 am
emotions on a dime, there's no doubt about that, but you're going to see bernie sanders speaking tonight. he's going to make it extremely clear that we are united. that will be a very big moment for us to send a message to his supporters and to hillary clinton supporters that we have turned the page. honestly, bernie sanders did such a phenomenal job in getting what he needed in the platform. i mean, almost everything that he was pushing for, he got. there was a consensus committee yesterday dealing with the superdelegates which was another issue. you know, debbie wasserman schultz has decided not to proceed, that was another issue. so there's no reason for us not to be totally united. >> these leaked e-mails proves bernie sanders was right. it's hard to believe he won't mention thatness speech. >> i think that's a big test for him, right. does he really want to be a team player at this week and does he want to bring the party together. or does he personally feel what his supporters obviously feel. there still needs to be
7:13 am
catharsis where they work out their anger over the primary. i think a lot of folks on the left are ready to come on board but i think the alarming thing for democrats in general is what if there is 10% to 15% of the party, i don't think a giant slice, but what if there's a significant chunk that's not going to get there and it's not even about bernie sanders, it's about being disaffected and anti-establishment and just unwilling to get on board. >> of course donald trump has been tweeting up a storm about the system being rigged and look at these leaked e-mails and we were right. there's this russian hacker thing going on. scottie. >> first of all, bernie sanders i think is being very diplomatic. i give him a lot of credit. you're right, he's being a team player. that doesn't mean necessarily his supporters are going to agree with that. i think they're extremely loyal to the platform. now you bring in this russian side. even if the russians did hack, that brings up a lot of concerns about our national security and the security at the pentagon, the white house. hillary clinton's server. if the russians can hack into
7:14 am
government, it scares me about what they can do to a private server. this is going to continue on because these e-mails are not just about brerny, what happened to bernie, it's going to go on that they're very homophobic, very racist, a lot of negative things in these e-mails, that things you would not incorporate with the democratic party that they'll have to answer for and those staffers are staying on board as of now and publicly bringing her into the campaign, that's just going to follow into the campaign. >> well, here's what i would say on this. number one, on the issue of security, i think what this hack does is really make people question why in the republican platform did they remove a provision that was to come to the ukraine's defense? why did that happen? why would there be some interest on the part of the russians to care about who is the next president? because donald trump has said we want to potentially not come to the defense of our nato allies.
7:15 am
that is a huge boon for president obama. of course he would love that. >> you think there's a possible that vladimir putin ordered the hack? >> well, these are russian hackers. i have no idea. but it's not too hard to draw the links. >> i want to be cautious about that because when you sit there and do that conspiracy theory, that tie between the campaign, i really believe is ultimately false, then don't sit there and say -- when we sit there and say, you know, this administration does not support israel because of the iran deal and the ties they have to the -- >> -- you go back totally -- >> i'm saying that's how ludicrous. don't sit there and open pandora's box or you'll see ties to the people inviting the muslim brother hood into the house and -- >> i'm just saying paul manafort worked for the ukrainian president backed by putin who got out. he worked for him for years. it's not a total leap to say the russians did it -- >> they didn't write the
7:16 am
e-mails. the emay -mails were written by democrats, the dnc, that's the problem. >> -- talking about breaking news, do you want me to go to the dnc briefing? okay, robbie mook, hillary clinton's campaign manager is now speaking at that dnc briefing. let's dip in. >> -- the first lady will be speaking. she will be talking specifically about the challenges facing families today. her unique perspective on that. as first lady of the united states. and the type of leadership that it's going to take in the white house to put families first. we're also going to hear from some other participants tonight. one i wanted to highlight in particular is a young woman named carla who is 11 years old. you may have seen a video that she was in with secretary clinton. she approached secretary clinton at an event in las vegas during the primary to talk about how concerned she was that her parents will be deported. she will be addressing how
7:17 am
secretary clibten is going to provide opportunity and break down barriers for her and her family. and throughout the week, you're going to be hearing from president obama, vice president biden, vice president cli, obviously, addressing this same issue of secretary clinton's lifelong -- >> okay, the interesting part of robby mook's speech here will be when reporters start asking him questions and you can be sure reporters will be asking him questions about debbie wasserman schultz and these leaked e-mails. we're going to step away and continue our discussion right here. so jackie, you can hear, democrats are really trying hard to change the subject, but itability happening. >> absolutely, this is supposed to be the boring convention, wasn't it? they were supposed to come in here and it was your normal convention where everyone's speaking and you're done. no, you have the head of the democratic party stepping down the eve of the convention.
7:18 am
so they've got to figure that out. yeah, they do not want to be talking about e-mails anymore. like at the end of the day, that's the last thing the clinton campaign in particular wants to be addressing, be it her e-mails, anyone's e-mails, going into what should be the coronation. >> robert zimmerman told me earlier he thinks more people will step down but it will be after the convention. would it be best for that to happen sooner rather than later? >> the review is going to happen, you know, donna brazile is so fantastic and she'll make sure that everything is totally above board. but i do think, you know, they've got a whole trove of e-mails. they'll be more e-mails that come out. i do know also that the democrats totally want to focus on the message tonight. why wouldn't they? they really do want to strike that contrast with donald trump -- >> don't you think the best way to really concentrate on the message is make sure debbie wasserman schultz does not appear again, not speak, you're gone, bye? >> i think -- that's truly i think that she's got to -- this is why she stepped down to begin
7:19 am
with. is she didn't want to be the story. >> at that breakfast meeting, she said, i talked to obama and clinton yesterday and it was great. and they fired her. it was -- it was just, like, did you realize what happened? >> i think -- she stepped down, so she stepped down -- >> okay, she stepped down. >> -- she stepped down because she didn't want to be the story. you know, she's aware enough to realize that if getting up again in front of the convention would create a story, so you want to focus on what robby mook was just talking about, which is the economy and families and hillary clinton and getting people to know her. >> okay, i've got to stop it right there. we're going to continue this a little later. but thanks to all of you, i appreciate it. now she writes mostly in emoji. soon, she'll type the best essays in the entire 8th grade.
7:20 am
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all right, we're going to bust out of this break and go to this dnc briefing. robby mook talking about debbie wasserman schultz. >> this is going to be a good question. >> yes, it's very good. >> secretary clinton -- the russian hacked the dnc e-mails so that she -- specifically the russian government? >> all we know right now is what experts are telling us. i would refer everybody here to the reporting today in "the new york times" and yesterday, i believe, in "the washington post." what the experts are saying and what the experts said when this brief initially happened at the
7:23 am
dnc was that they believe that it was russian state actors who took these e-mails and what further experts are saying. again, i refer you to the reporting on this. what further experts are saying is that then because they possessed those e-mails that russian state actors were feeding the e-mails to hackers for the purpose of helping donald trump. >> does secretary clinton believe that the russians, the russian government, though, is hacking -- [ inaudible ] >> i think -- you'd have to ask the secretary that. she like all of us we are reading the same reporting you are seeing and the experts -- >> hey, robby, should there -- listen, should there be any repercussions beyond debbie wasserman schultz stepping down from any other senior level dnc
7:24 am
staffers? and do you think it's okay -- why do you think it's okay that debbie wasserman schultz should address the convention this afternoon? do you have any concerns with her speaking before the convention? >> well, my understanding is the dnc is reviewing all of the information. it's important to recognize when hackers dump something sometimes the information is doctored and so on. so there's a process in place to review this information and they will take appropriate action -- >> do you think there should be anybody else fired or any repercussions? >> they're doing that review right now and we'll just have to see what comes out of that. there are systems in place -- >> any concerns with her speaking in light of the way she was received this morning before the florida delegation? >> look, the chairwoman put out a statement yesterday she plans to gavel in and that's what she says she plans to do. [ inaudible ]
7:25 am
[ inaudible audience question ] >> the chairwoman's statement yesterday speaks for itself, that's what she plans to do. look, as i said earlier, our convention could not be a greater contrast to what we saw with the republicans last week where you had speakers coming who barely talked about the candidate. you had one of his opponents from the primary who wouldn't even endorse him. and you had utter, you know, discord outside the convention hall because you had former presidents, governors, senators, who wouldn't even show up. our party is coming together here to unify to elect hillary clinton and defeat donald trump and that's what you're going to see today. [ inaudible audience question ]
7:26 am
>> first of all, again in contrast to ted cruz, senator sand esers has already endorsed secretary clinton. i expect us to hear a very similar speech tonight. i'm going to leave it to senator sanders to talk about, you know, how he goes through the process of drafting that speech but we're excited, we think it's going to be a great way to close out the evening. [ inaudible ] >> i just work here. >> i think you'll be continuing to see secretary clinton answer questions in a variety formats including probably press conferences before the whole thing is over. she continues to take questions on the road. do interviews. and so she's been answering questions on any number of
7:27 am
topics including emays and everything else for a long time now. josh. [ inaudible ] >> again, i think we're simply reflecting what experts are telling us. they think it's up to donald trump to decide what he thinks of it. i think that voters need to take a look at this. it's troubling if it's true. [ inaudible ] >> well, i would argue donald
7:28 am
trump. because he failed to present a clear plan about what he's going to do to help get this economy working for everyone and, boy, was it depressing. i mean, it was all doom and gloom and he failed to bring his party together. all that said, when there's a clear trend historically in polling that after your convention you always get a bump, so i would -- i would kind of suspend any polling analysis until after our convention and then we can interpret once voters have had a chance to see both sides of the argument and both sides have had four days of convention and the communication that happens during that, you know, and then we'll see where we are but i wouldn't read anything into what you're seeing right now. >> we'll do two more. >> just to be clear on debbie wasserman schultz -- [ inaudible ]
7:29 am
>> look, i'm not going to get into -- there's a plan in place. i'm much more excited about the incredible speakers, the talent that's going to be up there tonight, makie ing case about t choice the voters face. parliamentary procedure and gaveling in and all that. what matters here is the message to voters. [ inaudible ]
7:30 am
>> i don't know the senator's comments -- i can't comment on that. what we are pointing to as a campaign is the reporting that all of you are doing on this topic and what the cybersecurity experts are saying. >> thanks, everybody. >> thank you. >> all right, that was robbie mook, hillary clinton's campaign manager, talking about debbie wasserman schultz and more. alex, i will start with you. he seeped rather chipper to me which was a surprise because, you know, because of the reception that debbie wasserman schultz got at the breakfast meeting this morning. >> what's not to be chipper about? it's great. you don't see the convention on fire behind you. no, look, think one huge advantage of the clinton campaign has now over the trump campaign last week is that the institutional party is genuinely united behind her, right, so even prominent sanders
7:31 am
surrogates are saying it's time to move on, it's time to come together. you're not going to have, unless perhaps debbie wasserman schultz goes ahead with speaking, the same kind of chaos be at convention floor. the difficulty for democrats is what happens outside of the convention and what the folks are who protesting on streets yesterday were saying and, you know, i can just tell you on my phone just now on social media people blowing up saying you are underestimating the extent of anger over hillary clinton, there are millions who will never vote for her. the polling doesn't reflect that right now. but it doesn't take a mass exodus to be a really big problem. >> well but you have elizabeth warren and bernie sanders speaking tonight, so depending on what they say, could that just make this all go away and could it really become an asterisks? >> i just don't -- it really depends on what they say, you're absolutely right. how passionately, particularly bernie sanders, not so much elizabeth warren. elizabeth warren has been adamant about her support for hillary clinton for about a
7:32 am
month ago. bernie sanders has been quieter. she's had to draw it out a little bit more. still i think there will be the loyalty to his ideas and there may still be so discontent out there, even if he does endorse her this evening. >> you heard what he said about the russian hackers hacking into the dnc's e-mail system, right, their server, and they are responsible for these leaked e-mails. maybe putin is behind it, we don't know, so he's even giving credence to this theory that maybe russia is helping donald trump. >> who knows. we do know the russians hacked. that i think everybody agrees on but the motivation behind it, who knows. you say he was chipper. because he really wants to get on showing people what this graes lineup of speakers is tonight, what the topics are tonight. because tonight really is about families and how families need economies, need to rise, and her specific mechanisms for doing that and they'll be real people -- >> do you think any of the speakers, elizabeth warren for
7:33 am
example, will bring up russian hackers? >> no, i don't think so. i think what elizabeth warren and bernie sanders both said, they've got to decide, who will they talk to? the people within the convention center, the establishment that have all united around hillary clinton. or more importantly the people who are now engaged with the democratic party who may not have been before. who are they talking to. they have a real fine line to walk because that is their base. one of the big platforms why people like those two is because they're against wall street. they're against the big banks. something that hillary clinton, a stigma that hillary clinton, as well as our vice president, both have on them. >> is there evidence that bernie sanders supporters would gravitate towards trump? >> it's not necessarily about gravitating towards trump. there are some common themes. it's more importantly, are they motivated to go to the polls. them staying home and not voting is still a vote for trump. >> that is so true.
7:34 am
to make the point, and they don't -- i would say 95%, maybe 90%, of the burny sander supporters are not going to be trump supporters in the end. tonight's messaging will make sure that enthusiasm issue you talked about, scottie, is addressed. >> i'm sorry, and i apologize to my viewers. i'm having terrible problems with my ifb. my ep talks to me about breaking news and she's telling me to wrap right now. alex burns, scottie nelles hughes. i'll be right back. ♪
7:35 am
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when they were in a place like this? they'd be carried out on a stretcher, folks. and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? it's like incredible. when mexico sends its people, they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy - ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like, "i don't remember!" our children and grandchildren will look back at this time... the choices we are about to make. the goals we will strive for. the principles we will live by. and we need to make sure that they can be proud of us. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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7:39 am
several hours from now, the curtain goes up at the democratic national convention, but hillary clinton will stay on the campaign trail today. cnn's joe john's in charlotte, north carolina, where clinton is due to speak just minutes from now. hi, joe. >> hi, carol. hillary clinton is expected to come here to charlotte, north carolina, to address the veterans of foreign wars convention in just a little while. she comes to the city at a time when she is expected to talk about issues of nato, of veterans affairs, but also of national security, at a time her campaign is suggesting there may be a national security element embedded in the compromise of democratic national committee e-mail. no word from the campaign at all
7:40 am
on whether she will address that question that is out there, whether russia might be trying to influence the united states' presidential campaign. meanwhile, we do know, donald trump is also appearing at this very same convention tomorrow morning. he will be arriving here at a time when he's already got be a post convention bounce from the democratic republican national convention i should say. a six point bounce, which is certainly significant. we can also see through the latest cnn/roc poll that hillary clinton continues to have huge problems with the issue of honest city and trustworthy ni, according to respondents of the poll. hillary clinton talked a little bit about the way people characterized her at the republican national convention last night on "60 minutes," listen. >> i don't know what their convention was about, other than
7:41 am
criticizing me. i seem to be the only unifying theme that they had. there was no positive agenda. it was a very dark divisive campaign and the people who were speaking were painting a picture of our country that i did not recognize. >> hillary clinton expected to appear here in charlotte some time after 11:00 eastern time. after the speech, before the vfw, she is expected to make her way to the convention in philadelphia. >> joe johns, live from charlott charlotte, north carolina. i'm joined by pennsylvania's governor tom wolf. thanks for being here, i do appreciate it. so what do you want to talk about first? >> baseball. >> baseball, right. >> it is a beautiful -- well, it's hot, but still, philadelphia's a beautiful
7:42 am
gorgeous city. >> it is, thank you for pointing that out. >> you're welcome, any time. so let's start with the rather chaotic start to this democratic convention. democrats were hoping that there would be unity would be the only word used during this convention. on the very first day, we have what's happening with debby wasserman shechultzschultz. >> unity's still the word. i think debbie did the right thing and we're going to move on and we're going to -- >> should she speak on the -- should she gavel things to order or skip that? >> we should all unite around hillary clinton and win in november and that's what everybody wants to do. if we don't unite, we're not going to win and that would be a terrible thing -- >> at this point, debbie wasserman schultz is a distraction, isn't she? >> i think she's been a good leader. we have to move on. >> she's been a good leader. did you read some of those leaked e-mails? >> we need to move on. this is about unity.
7:43 am
i know you want to talk about that this is a side issue. the issue of this convention is -- >> but is it a side issue? because bernie sanders charged throughout the campaign the dnc was against him and these leaked e-mails actually show that. >> senator sanders is going to speak tonight and i hope he says what needs to be said, that we have had a good fight, that disagreements -- continue to have disagreements within the party. at the end of the day, we're going to have to unite to defeat donald trump in november. if we don't unite, we're not going to win and that's not going to be a good thing for anybody. >> sanders will talk about unity and endorsing clinton but his supporters are not happy. how do you convince them it's not a rigged system that, you know, the election was fair and square and there's no indication that it wasn't, but you know what they're thinking. >> i think every nominated convention that comes at the end of a hard-fought primary, you'll have these issues. but, again, that's what a primary campaign is about.
7:44 am
and we -- this has lasted, what, almost ten years, and we're getting to a point now where we have to say, okay, we've said the things we've had to say, we've had our disagreements, and the party has accommodated those. we have taken those things into account. we're moving forward. we've got to be united or something very different then either bernie or hillary is going to prevail in november -- >> let's talk about what you're talking about and his name is donald trump, right? so the voters in pennsylvania, a good portion of them really liked what he had to say because they do believe that the economy is in a bad place, that crime is too rampant across the usdz. that foreign policy's a mess. so that's a tall order for hillary clinton and the other speakers at this convention. so what do you say to those voters who are still deciding, who do think america's a dark place?
7:45 am
>> i ran in pennsylvania and actually won. i think the reason i won, the only democratic gubernatorial pickup in the united states in 2014, was because people back in 2014 wanted then, as they want now, fairness. they want a just system. where the benefits, the economic benefits, are spread broadly. that's why i think i won. that's why i think hillary's going to win. because her message is a lot stronger on that. that's what her message is, fairness and equity. that's not what donald trump -- that's not what the republican message is. it worked for me. it's going to work for hillary. >> i'm from the midwest. midwesterners. from ohio. right next door. so i think -- i think midwesterners want someone they can trust in office that when you say to us something, you're going to follow through. when you look at the latest polls, hillary clinton still has this terrible problem with trust. 68% don't trust her. why do you think that is? >> i don't know but because --
7:46 am
i'll tell you why, the reason i don't know. she has been absolutely consistent throughout her life from the time she was in college. fairness mattered to her. it matters when she was back in college. it matters to her now. i think it mattered to her when she was in high school. she's been consistent on that. i'm not sure how you can trust someone for whom fairness has been a continuous theme throughout her life. she didn't just come to it because this is a good thing for a cap pampaign. she's been doing it all her life. >> but that perception is out there. last night on "60 minutes," you heard what she said. she said there is a different standard for her. is that true? >> i don't -- i trust her. i believe that she is going to do what she says she's going to do. i believe she has the capacity to do what she says she's going to do. america doesn't need platitudes and huffing and puffing. it needs someone who absolutely knows what to do in a position of responsibility. she has shown in different positions of responsibility she
7:47 am
knows how to exercise those responsibilities responsibly and i think she's going to do a great job as president of the united states. i'm a strong supporter. >> governor wolf, thank you so much for stopping by. philadelphia truly is a beautiful city. thank you so much. fresh off his post convention bounce in the polls, donald trump isn't ready to give up the spotlight to the democrats this week of course. trump and his running mate mike pence are hitting the trail in two swing states today for the first time since accenting the gop nomination. the two will hold a town hall in roanoke virginia and cap the day with a rally in winston salem, north carolina. germany attacked again. this time, a suicide bomber detonates explosives outside a music concert. atika shubert just got accebeiao the crime scene. we'll take you there next.
7:48 am
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it's time to start believing again. a club shooting on teen night kills two people in florida. police just moments ago revealing the names and ages of the two victims killed. they were 14 and 18 years old. the gunfire rang out just after midnight in ft. myers. the youngest victim now recovering is 12. police say they have taken three people of interest into custody. we're told all three of those people are adults. the investigation of course is ongoing. for the third time in a week, a violent attack rattles southern germany. authorities are investigating if the attacker was islamic motivated. german police are also searching the home of a 27-year-old syrian national who detonated a suicide bomb outside of a music festival injuring 12 people. his home was located in this hotel, which was used as a shelter for refugees.
7:53 am
cnn's atika shubert joining us from the scene. tell us more, atika. >> carol, police have just allowed us into the crime scene. this is quite extraordinary because they haven't quite cleaned it up. take a look at this. it gives you a sense of what was happening. i can see blood stains. this chair in particular seems to be twisted out and its black blown out, also some blood here, and i believe this may be where the main force of the explosion was. there's a lot of press walking in and out here. you can see the chalk outline here used by police to draw where the body of the attacker was found. he was the only one killed in the attack but more than a dozen others were injured. to give you a sense of the force of the explosion, it wasn't that big, but you can see a crack in a number of cases, also cracked through here. what we know from police is that he packed explosives into his
7:54 am
bag, but he also packed metal bolts, ball bearings and screws to cause maximum damage and that's what it looks like came right hue there. more than a dozen people injured. they were mostly injured from bits of metal flying all around. there's still a bit of cracked glass over there as well. and if you look over here. this tells you some blood stains still on the ground as well unfortunately. if you look over here, this actually tells you less about the force of the explosion but just what was happening that night. you've got glasses of beer still full. glasses of wine half full as well. people were just drinking here, having a good time, you know, maybe going to the music festival. what we know is he tried to go to the music festival with the backpack but he didn't have a ticket so he was denied entry. he sat down at this wine bar and according to eyewitnesss he leaned forward and that's when he exploded.
7:55 am
the fact that we're able to be here now that police have allowed us in, is extraordinary access to what is a relatively fresh crime scene, carol. >> all right, atika shubert, thanks so much. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour" after a break. takbbq trophies:hese best cracked pepper sauce... most ribs eaten while calf roping... >>yep, greatness deserves recognition.
7:56 am
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awful e-mails which revealed the prejudice of the dnc. >> he has been gamed. it's a rigged system against him. >> it is an outrage and sad. >> i'm pretty pissed off. it was rigged against him by debbie wasserman schultz. >> the next vice president, senator tim kaine. >> hillary, hillary! >> in philadelphia, we will offer a very different vision for our country it. >> hello, everyone, i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman, live at the democratic national convention. a rocky start here and not just because we're in philadelphia, get it. the title of tonight's program is united together. but does that come with an exclamation point


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