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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  July 25, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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awful e-mails which revealed the prejudice of the dnc. >> he has been gamed. it's a rigged system against him. >> it is an outrage and sad. >> i'm pretty pissed off. it was rigged against him by debbie wasserman schultz. >> the next vice president, senator tim kaine. >> hillary, hillary! >> in philadelphia, we will offer a very different vision for our country it. >> hello, everyone, i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman, live at the democratic national convention. a rocky start here and not just because we're in philadelphia, get it. the title of tonight's program is united together. but does that come with an exclamation point or a question mark. >> kind of like united together!
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or united together? >> exactly. this morning, new polls and new e-mail scandal. donald trump seeing a six-point convention bounce. he now leads by three points nationally. according to a brand-new cnn/roc poll out this morning. >> and the head of the democratic national committee debbie wasserman schultz she is out after leaked e-mails show dnc staffers seeming to tip the scales for hillary clinton over bernie sanders during the long-fought primary. the fallout already this morning, debbie wasserman schultz booed, shouted down by some in the crowd at a breakfast for the florida delegation just a short time ago. here's a little taste of it. >> all right, everybody, now, settle down. [ audience booing ] >> everybody settle down, please. >> cnn politics veteran mark preston here. when everything kind of went
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down last night, mark, everyone was wondering what she was going to say and what was going to happen when she showed up to this breakfast. >> no doubt, it's been a difficult 24 hours for the soon to be former chairwoman of the democratic national committee. when she spoke to the florida democrats this morning, hoping to get and embracing acceptance from her fellow democrats, it wasn't quite that way. let's take a look. >> let's hear other speakers -- >> thank you all so much. we know that the voices in this room that are standing up and being disruptive, we know that's not the florida that we know. the florida that we know is united. >> as you see there, she was getting booed there. there were some cheers, but she also made a point to note she
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spoke to president obama and hillary clinton. let's hear what debbie wasserman schultz had to say about that. >> yesterday, yesterday, i had the great honor of speaking to both president obama and hillary clinton. she asked me and i committed to her i would serve as a surrogate throughout this campaign so we could make sure that she is able to help build on the progress that we've been able to make for the last eight years. >> now, kate and john, hillary clinton said in her statement yesterday that she will campaign with debbie wasserman schultz, she thanked her for her service. this comes as well as she is going to speak this afternoon or this evening. i spoke to a senior sanders aide and that aide told me, look, we will try to keep the delegates in line, but let's face it, that's difficult. >> mark preston, debbie wasserman schultz set to gavel in the convention still roughly at 4:00. the follow-up to what you just said is really.
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after what we just saw, really? >> look, if you were to go into the streets of philadelphia, you would see bernie sanders supporters marching in the streets. they were very upset about this wikileak. showing that in fact the democratic national committee was getting behind hillary clinton. >> a lot of hours for things to change here before that gavel comes down. stick around. we got more to come. >> cnn washington correspondent joe johns. joe is live in charlotte, north carolina. hillary clinton about to take the stage very shortly there. tell us what's going on. >> well, i got to tell you, things are changing here a little bit too. the speaker at the podium said that hillary clinton was essentially -- that they're going to move on with the program. suggesting there was some type of travel delays. there was a problem with the plane at the airport landing. we asked the vfw here in town what was going on. they said hillary clinton was having some travel delays.
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they don't know exactly what time she's going to get here. hoping to see her around 11:00 eastern time. the convention continues today. we expect hillary clinton to talk about veterans issues before this crowd. also certainly about national security issues. and it comes at a time when donald trump appears to have gotten a pretty sizable post-republican national convention bounce, if you look at the latest cnn/roc poll, it appears she's got a 5% to 6% bounce there coming out of the convention. if you look a little bit closer of course, hillary clinton continues to have problems with the issue of honesty and trustworthiness. something like 30% of people saying she's honest and trustworthy and about 68% saying no, back to you. >> all right, joe johns for us in charlotte, north carolina. clearly the hillary clinton campaign not running on a platform of punctuality, at
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least not yet. >> you can't anticipate travel delays, john berman. >> as i said, punctuality, maybe not this election. the fbi investigating whether russia was involved in the hack of the dnc e-mail system. raising new questions about whether they are trying to influence the presidential election here. >> hillary clinton's campaign seems to think so, suggesting the e-mails were released to help donald trump in this election. evan perez is joining us from washington. what are you hearing from your sources? what do they know so far? >> officials tell me, kate, there's strong evidence indicating the hack of a dnc was the work of hackers working for russian intelligence. officials telling me the fbi is now investigating this hack. and that so far evidence points to at least one group of hackers that is familiar to u.s. counterintelligence. this is the same group accused of hacking into the nonclassified e-mail systems at the state department, at the white house and other federal
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agencies. now, the investigators believe that russian intelligence is behind a wave of cyberattacks on political organizations. and even think tanks here in washington. now, recently, we interviewed james trainor who is in charge of the fbi cyber security investigation. he wouldn't talk about the dnc hack or the russians, but he told us what he's seen. take a listen. >> yes, it's fair to say there's been aggressive targeting of that sector. the various campaigns, think tanks in the washington, d.c. area, political organizations. >> now, the release of the e-mails over the weekend by wikileaks adds another wrinkle to all of this. there's a lot we don't know at this point. we don't know where wikileaks got the e-mails it is releasing. we can't say for sure the russians did this to help donald trump. what we do know is this is a type of activity that foreign spies always try to carry out. they did this type of thing during the 2012 cycle. the issue this time is that whoever's behind the release of
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these e-mails over the weekend is already having a tremendous impact on the u.s. presidential elections, john and kate. >> that's exactly what we're talking about right now, etch v perez. >> cnn political commentators, bill preston, bernie sanders supporter, kristine quinn, hillary clinton supporter. also cnn politics executive editor mark preston and andre porter. former lieutenant governor of south carolina, kristin quinn. we saw what happened this morning, speaking to her own people in florida. she's still expected to go to that convention hall which is filled with a lot of not her people and gavel in. what's going to happen? is that a good idea? >> well, look, i think things can change, as we said, you know, those decisions are i think being looked at and it might change, it might not. >> is that a statement or a hope? >> i can't possibly answer that question so let me move on.
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now, the gaveling in is actually not no disrespect to whoever gavels. it's not the big moment in the convention. you're basically gaveling in -- >> it's because -- >> -- it's becoming a very big moment at this convention. >> maybe, maybe not. we'll see. i think the real issue here is that this was the dnc, not secretary clinton or her staff. secretary clinton has taken action. debbie wasserman schultz has said she's going to resign right after the convention. we have a terrific interim chair, donna brazile. something happened that shouldn't have happened. responsibility was taken and actions were taken. and i think that really speaks to the kind of quick thinking and firm president hillary will be, versus donald trump, when they put out that anti-semitic tweet where there was an apology, and donald trump said it's like the greatest tweet and nobody should apologize. a problem happened, a decision was made.
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as opposed to the trump campaign with is everywhere but sideways. >> see how long the ripple effects will be if she does, when she does gavel in. bill press, donald trump has gotten some questions about this. he tweeted this about bernie sanders. if bernie sanders after seeing the just released e-mails continues to look exhausted and done, then his legacy will never be the same. how should bernie sanders play this? he's speaking tonight. everyone's going to be looking for him, how he's going to react to this. >> bernie sanders should ignore what donald trump says, like everybody in the world should ignore what donald trump says. it's just one insult after another. but i got to come back to issue number one here. to quote myself, i'm still pissed off at this. >> a famous man once said. >> right, as a democrat, and i'm embarrassed for my party. i mean, look, i came here -- >> who are you pissed off at, the dnc, the russians, hillary clinton? >> number one, i'm pissed off at
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debbie wasserman schultz, that she did tilt the dnc, it's pretty clear, in favor of hillary clinton. she put on the jersey of the opposing team. should she no have done so. i'm pissed off at the fact she has not done the right thing. the right thing is to get on a plane and go back to florida and she hasn't done so. i'm also disappointed. i'm sorry, christine, in hillary clinton. this is a leadership test for hillary clinton. this should be -- we should be here talking about her and tim kaine. hillary clinton should have told debbie wasserman schultz, again, if you're not going to step down. now, the problem is she's out but she's not out yet. she's got to be out today. hillary clinton should tell her, get out of town and that's a leadership test. i think hillary has failed the leadership test. she's also named as part of this deal debbie wasserman schultz as a co-chair of her campaign. i mean, what the hell is going on. let's get back on track. hillary clinton and tim kaine. we should not be spending time talking about debbie wasserman schultz. >> when you're hearing this, you
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know, what's going on behind the scenes? it's 11:11 right now. this whole thing starts at 4:00. there's four hours and 49 minutes by my math to fix this. who's trying to fix this? >> the clinton people right now, when you try to talk to them about it, they are deflecting, deflecting, deflecting, because they realize this is a very big issue. debbie wasserman schultz is the chairman of the national party that none of our view irs know who she really is, however, she has an incredible amount of power, she misused her power and right now after we saw an unbelievable role out of tim kaine on saturday, defeated all expectations th s thas that eve, we're sitting here talking about debbie wasserman schultz. the difficulty for hillary clinton is debbie wasserman schultz has been in that position for a long time. debbie wasserman schultz was very loyal to hillary clinton. and debbie wasserman schultz did die on the sword so to speak. except she's not quite yet dead. she still wants to stay through the convention. people like bill press and these
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protesters behind us in the streets of philadelphia, kate, as you said at 4:00 this afternoon, it is going to be loud in that convention hall. >> that's uplifting imagery for all of us. >> well, mark press -- >> i'm more than happy to -- >> if you ever met him, you would know this -- >> the ted cruz welcome in cleveland, right, he'll look like the most popular person in cleveland compared to -- >> andre, what are you watching? one of the interesting things we learned this morning is senator elizabeth warren will be the keynote speaker. she's going to be making the keynote address. she's speaking tonight. in the lineup is elizabeth warren, michelle obama as well as bernie sanders. cory booker's in there as well. what do you think of elizabeth w warren being the keynote speaker? she's great at taking on donald trump. does that concern you at all? >> they're not going to get to donald trump. we've been told since we were little, cheaters never win. bernie sanders was cheated. if you think 43% of the voters are going to come in here and check their brains at the door and not be aggravated that they
8:14 am
think they were slighted by their party. there's going to be some vocal people in tonight and it's going to derail this for a whole day. much like what happened with the republicans. when they should have addressed the problem and immediately put the fire out. he is absolutely right. >> you were honest about that, putting the fire out. >> and it's exactly what should happen now. they should go back later and thank her for her duties and maybe in some way honor her but right now they should put the fire out in this news story and get her gone. they've got a great lady to fill in for her. it should be now about letting the democrats move forward. i don't understand why through the convention? why not now? >> one of the big differences about our convention versus the one in cleveland is did anyone want this e-mail thing to happen with the dnc? of course not. it's no way to start. that's clear. we have a candidate, a ticket, a party where bernie sanders has endorsed hillary clinton and reiterated that endorsement post e-mails. we're not going to have a man
8:15 am
who was her opponent go up on stage and beyond throw shade on the candidate and not endorse him. that's not going to happen. are people feeling upset? they should feel upset. but we're going to see a united ticket. >> is anyone here a little bit nervous that the russians are getting involved? >> the biggest story of the week and quite frankly of the year right now. the russians are getting -- >> i am very nervous. >> beyond the partisan politics, the fact that the russians are -- >> i'm very nervous that the russians are involved. i believe they're trying to influence this election and help donald trump. right now, as a democrat, my goal is to have a great united convention. the unity of this convention has been destroyed, at least temporarily, by debbie wasserman schultz. >> well with that in mind, bill -- >> -- an embarrassment for my party. >> you are a former super delegate. do you support people being -- if you were looking for unity, do you support people booing her on the convention floor tonight? >> look, if i were there, i
8:16 am
would tell her, i would probably be booing her on the floor. but, you know, the people are upset. but i want to say, it's not just the sanders people. i keep making that point. the clinton people should be upset because she has stolen the thunder and the show and the spotlight from hillary clinton. get back on hillary and tim kaine. the only way to do is to get debbie wasserman schultz off the stage. >> i think a lot of people are upset but whatever gavle or not gavel tonight, this is going to be different than cleveland, not just in unity but actually in about having messages that are there to help the american people and unite them. we'll have the first transgender speaker ever at a democratic national convention. and the platform that is. >> does the message fully get through. >> come on. >> christine is move right now. >> mark press, mark breaston, andre bauer, thank you. hillary clinton wants to
8:17 am
reintroduce herself to voters. for someone in the public eye for decades, how does she do that? clinton's convention strategy ahead. >> plus, there's someone else running for president right now. donald trump. he is on the trail. what is he doing today? how will he move past with his post-convention bounce. mobility is very important to me. that's why i use e*trade mobile. it's on all my mobile devices, so it suits my mobile lifestyle. and it keeps my investments fully mobile... even when i'm on the move. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars. i think when people hear about i think it's important for, everyone to know that there is so much more to memory support than the stigmas you hearabout. that these residents still have lives and their lives still matter and that they are still living their lives. that they're not locked away and that they still have a lot to live for, you know, that they have people that care
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by finding a policy to fit your budget. [ coughs ] sorry, tickle in my throat! water would be nice, but that would go right through me. ghost problems. we're back with breaking news right now on the suicide bombing that injured 15 people at a german music festival last night. isis has just claimed responsibility for that attack. >> let's go to cnn terror analyst paul cruickshank right now with the details. paul, what are you learning? >> john, the semiofficial news agency of isis claiming this attacker was one of their soldiers. very similar language to the language they put out after the orlando shootings after the nice attack. they're not explicitly saying they directed and trained this individual, but they are saying he acted inspired by their message, their message to launch attacks against the west, to launch attacks against germany. we're also hearing from
8:22 am
authorities in germany that on the cell phone of the attack, they found a video in which the attacker pledged allegiance to the leader of isis abu baghdad al baghdadi, doing it because of what is done against muslims around the world. germany is helping train the per, mega, peshmerga, providing assistant to them and also flying surveillance missions over syria, even if it's not itself launching air strikes over syria or iraq. so this appears to be another isis inspired attack. of course just last week, we saw an ax attack on a train, also in the bavarian region, and that individual also managed to upload a message to isis, saying he was doing it on behalf of the group. >> all right, paul cruickshank, a lot of information there. isis now claiming responsibility for the attack in germany that injured more than a dozen people last night.
8:23 am
paul, thanks so much. >> thanks, paul. back here to philly, the site of the democratic national convention. the first day of the convention and the first day of the rest of hillary clinton's life. an overstatement, maybe. but maybe not. clinton is looking to use the week to reintroduce herself to voters. voters who have known hillary clinton for decades. >> let's go to cnn national reporter m.j. lee. how is this going to work? hillary clinton is going to say, hi, america, my name's hillary clinton, and then say what? >> well, john and kate, you're right, the convention is usually a big opportunity for the nominee to introduce him or herself to the country. the problem of course for hillary clinton is that the entire country already knows who she is. so her challenge when she takes the stage this week is to try to capture voters who already feel like they know everything that there is to know about her. now i spoke to a clinton official to get a sense of what their vision is for the convention and they say first of all they plan to talk about her years in public service and exactly what she wants to do from the white house. and the other big thing of
8:24 am
course is drawing a contrast between clinton and donald trump. they see the convention as a big opportunity to do that. and they essentially want to tell a tale of two candidates. it is the "i alone can fix it" donald trump versus the "stronger together" hillary clinton. something the campaign thinks will help make that contrast with the democratic leaders who plan to speak at this week's convention. of course, the speakers include president obama, vice president joe biden. first lady michelle obama. and bernie sanders as well. that of course is in stark contrast to the republican convention wherep republican leaders actually did not attend or declined to speak. now, of course, the other thing the clinton campaign is watching very carefully is whether the controversy over the dnc e-mails will spill over as drama on the convention floor. we saw behind me just a little while ago that frustration sort of boiling over as debbie wasserman schultz took the stage. and this of course is not the
8:25 am
image of party unity that the clinton campaign hopes to project this week, john and kate. >> all right, m.j. lee with a preview of coming attractions. thanks so much. >> exactly right. joining us to discuss those, joe beninson, strategist for hillary clinton's campaign. thanks for bringing the heat, as we like to say. folks are watching closely to see if there is continued fallout with this dnc e-mail controversy. how excited are you that debbie wasserman schultz after what you saw when she spoke at that florida breakfast, how excited are you she will be gaveling in? >> my understanding is convention rules require the chair to gavel in. i'm excited about what will happen after that during the night. i think we have a roster of people who will speak tonight. cory booker, michelle obama and bernie sanders himself to reinforce the need for us to stay united to defeat d.c. d.on
8:26 am
trump and elect hillary in november. >> if she chose to remove herself, if debbie wasserman schultz chose, you know what, i'm not going to do it, will the clinton campaign be okay with that decision? >> i don't know what would happen hypothetically. here's what i know -- >> but you wouldn't stand in her way? >> here's what i know. we've got a convention planned for the next four days that will frame the choice in this election very clearly between hillary clinton and her vision for building this country by working together, giving working people a chance to get ahead and stay ahead, and address the concerns in their lives. every speaker we hear from, whether people from hillary clinton's past who she's helped along the way and stayed in touch with, made a real change, whether you're talking about veterans, immigrants, and working men and women, are going to be able to tell a story and raise the curtain on someone who has helped people. in contrast to the republican convention where we had almost no one stand up and be able to vouch -- >> all right, but joel, with all of that and so much to come in
8:27 am
the days ahead, on a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you to have another e-mail scandal? >> look, i think that will be reviewed. i think obviously the attention is going to shift very quickly to what happens on the floor of the convention. when you get a lineup of speakers like we have for this week, just like we saw last week, there were a lot of speed bumps along the way at that convention. there were speed bumps every day. some of them disappeared quickly because they were that big and what happens on the floor were. that's what's going to happen tonight. >> keynote, elizabeth warren. why her? >> i think elizabeth warren is an absolutely perfect person to drive a very strong contrast about what it would mean for the economic lives to americans by electing hillary clinton president as opposed to donald trump. a woman who has laid out specific plans. how we can deal with the economic angst that some people have. how we can make sure we get incomes rising by creating good paying jobs. making sure that we recognize
8:28 am
that families today are different. two-income families, single moms who are raising families. as opposed to a candidate who throughout his business career has hurt and damaged small businessmen, working men and women who work -- by just refusing to pay them for the work they did for him cavalierly while he pocketed millions going bankrupt. >> he got a six-point bounce, i mean, if this is the bounce you get, if this is the number you're looking at when, as you describe hip as a horrible candidate and disaster of a convention, what does that say? >> kate, bounces and bouncing back happen in every convention. the time to look at the polls in these conventions is after the second convention. not after the first one. mitt romney had a lead after his first convention, okay. john mccain had a lead after he came out of his convention against barack obama in 2008. people had it -- it's your opportunity to have an unfiltered message for four days talking to people and they're focused in on it. now we get our chance to do
8:29 am
that. with the lineup and the message we're driving about what it takes to build the future of america for all people and an economy that works for everyone, i'm confident that after the two poll, after the two conventions settle in and we're talking good seven or eight days -- >> you guarantee she's have a bigger bounce than him after this convention? >> i'm not going to guarantee anything on the bounce after the convention. what i'm saying and i can guarantee is the american people are going to respond to hillary clinton's message much more favorably from now through november than donald trump's divisive hatefulness. >> inside the new poll -- these were in the polls even before the convention. you can't just peg it on the timing here. the honest and trustworthy number for hillary clinton. 68% right now say she's not honest and trustworthy. just take her out of the equation for a second, joel. will the american people elect someone they don't trust? >> well, let me say this, you've been asking me this question now for months as we've been winning -- >> that's correct -- >> no, what it says is the
8:30 am
american people are judging them by something else. they're evaluating them on which one of these people can we count on to create jobs that are going to work for me. which one of these people can i count on to give the kids i'm raising an education. which one of these people really had specific plans and the way to bring the country together -- >> joel, is that saying they don't have to trust her to -- >> it's saying they have to count on the president to do what they can do to help them in their lives and make the country stronger and safer and i believe americans know they can count on her because she believes we're stronger together, that we succeed when we lift each other up, and they can't count on donald trump to unite this country because -- >> can she win with 68%? >> if we are the candidate dividing this candidate and making people align, that we have to solve our challenges together to keep us safe and stronger economically and in our security, and donald trump continues to be the divisive figure he is, a lot of the numbers you say, he is in very
8:31 am
bad shape as well because of his divisiveness. the american people believe we have to do this together. when you stand up and say "i alone can fix it," it is absolutely the antithesis of what people want in a president. there's been other polls out there, people much more -- say they'd be embarrassed, afraid, with donald trump as president. because they know the message of bringing the country together, getting americans to work together to help all americans is how we've always succeeded as a country. >> it all begins today, day one of this convention, joel, thank you. >> you just booked yourself for seven days from now, i just noticed that. >> 11, seven days after the convention. >> thank you, joel. >> how is donald trump, the other guy, counterprogramming right now this convention? new details about his strategy and where he's going. that's next. >> also ahead, a new term in this 2016 race. the hillary standard. here why hillary clinton said that last night.
8:32 am
and what people are saying about what she said. we're live from philly. we'll be right back. now she writes mostly in emoji.
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8:35 am
these monuments are sacred places. i've been to many of them. also to our cemeteries around the world. people come to sit quietly. maybe lay a flower or a letter. or other memento. to reflect on the courage and sacrifice of those who fought for our nation and our ideals. i don't think it is an overstatement for me to say those memorials might not exist if it weren't for you. so thank you and thank you for standing up today and every day for veterans health, for veterans education, for the right of all kitchens to dignity
8:36 am
and security. and thank you for continuing to push our nation to live up to our obligations to those who serve. i've been a direct beneficiary of your expertise and commitment. some of my top advisers are members of the vfw. i'm grateful to all the veterans and retired military leaders who have shared their knowledge and counsel with me. i especially want to thank the vfw for the close consultation you provided as we work to put forth our plan to refor the va. today i especially want to acknowledge and appreciate retired marine general john allen, former deputy commander of the u.s. central command and
8:37 am
commander of the international security assistance force. overseeing nato troops in afghanistan. i had the great privilege of working with general allen and therefore i am deeply honored that he endorsed me this morning. his confidence in me and of the other esteemed leaders who support my campaign means a great deal to me. it also imposes a high responsibility on me as well. i thank you. i thank you for what you've done behind the scenes as well as in public. to make sure america keeps our promises, honors our history and gives our veterans the respect and the opportunities they've earned. a lot of the issues you have fought for are at stake in this
8:38 am
election. america's grappling with big questions. how do we keep our country safe. how do we make the world safer. how do we make sure we give our troops what they need to see their missions through. and when they come home that they have the support and access to services they need to live healthy and productive lives. these challenges matter to me personally. not only as the proud daughter of a veteran. my father, hugh rodham, enlisted in the navy shortly after the japanese attacked pearl harbor. he became a chief petty officer, responsible for training thousands of young sailors before they shipped out toea, mostly to the pacific theater. after my father died in 1993, i
8:39 am
received letters and old photos from men who had served under him, talking about what a difference my dad made in their lives. these are letters that i treasure. my dad once told me how sad he felt when he left great lakes naval base and accompanied his trainees to the west coast to join their ships. he knew some of these bright energetic young men wouldn't survive. some of them probably thought it too. but still they went to serve. because they knew our country needed them. that's the kind of courage and
8:40 am
honor our men and women in uniform demonstrate every single day. i thought a lot about my father's experiences later. when i became a senator from new york, serving on the senate armed services committee. and then as secretary of state. i've worked hard over the years on many of the issues you care about. and work on every day. i am not a newcomer to these issues. and today i want to tell you a few of my core beliefs. which will guide me if i have the great honor to be elected this fall. because americans aren't just choosing a president. we're also choosing a commander in chief. the person who decides questions of war and peace, life and death. there's no more solemn or
8:41 am
serious a responsibility than that. so you deserve to know what we candidates believe about national security. and how we go about making life or death calls. because they will affect our men and women in uniform first and foremost and they will affect our veterans. let's start here. i believe the united states of america is an exceptional nation with capabilities that no other country comes close to matching. and we have -- [ applause ] we have the world's greatest military. don't let anyone tell you otherwise. [ applause ]
8:42 am
we have an economy that is more entrepreneurial than any other on the planet. we are guided by values that have long inspired people across the world. an equipment to quality justice. the idea that every single person deserves to be treated decently and with respect, no matter who they are. i believe in standing with our allies. because they are part of what makes us exceptional. no other country in the world has relationships like we do.
8:43 am
generations of american troops fought and, yes, died. to secure those bonds. because they knew we were safer with more friends and partners and fewer adversaries and enemies. our men and women in uniform carry that work forward today. my running mate in this election is a wonderful man from virginia named tim kaine. he was mayor of richmond, virginia. if you're not familiar with him yet, i urge you to check him out. he's a great public servant. his son is a marine. his son is actually deploying today. to help defend our nato allies
8:44 am
in europe. that's how committed and we should be too. after all, america's word has to mean something. i believe in being firm but wise with our rivals. standing our ground when we must. that's the balance that made it possible for me to work with all kinds of nations. to work to increase pressure on north korea. to work to stand up to the chinese in the south china sea. to work with russia to conclude the new start treaty that
8:45 am
reduces nuclear stockpiles while standing up to them. because of their threats to friends in eastern europe. one thing for certain you will not ever hear from me is praise for dictators and strong men who have no love for america. and yes i believe with all my heart in democracy. and i believe in diplomacy. it's often the only way to avoid conflicts that can end up exacting a much greater cost. i believe the most sacred responsibility of a commander in chief is deciding whether to send men and women into battle.
8:46 am
i have visited our troops in theaters of war and tension. i know how serious this is it force must only be used as a last resort. only a clear and well thoughtout strategy. our troops deserve nothing less. america expects nothing less. i believe our troops strive to comport themselves with honor. they deserve a commander in chief who will never order them to commit war crimes. i believe in listening to our generals and admirals because they have invaluable knowledge and experience and they're doing one of the most important jobs there is, commanding america's sons and daughters. as commander in chief, i will
8:47 am
always show them respect and hear them out. you will never hear me say that i only listen to myself on national security. i believe we're doing everything we can to meet threats at home and abroad. i know we live in a dangerous world. that's why we need strategies to deal with terrorism including home grown terrorism. i've worked with experienced people from across different fields and across the political spectrum to come up with comprehensive strategies for these and other threats. i will be ready to get to work on day one. i take nothing more seriously
8:48 am
than our security. most of all, i believe in in american leadership. i believe who we are as a people, the values we hold dear, the history that we care about, matters a great deal. i'm not interested in talking provocatively. i'm interested in bringing our country together. i'm interested in healing the divisions. we have to protect ourselves against terrorists. we shouldn't leave that to the rest of the world.
8:49 am
that won't keep us safe. we need a strong global economy because it's good for american jobs and exports. that means we should lead in setting and enforcing the rules. if we retreat on either security or the economy behind some kind of imaginary wall, we will have lost our leadership, our purpose, our chance to prevail in the 21st century. and if america doesn't lead, we leave behind a vacuum. and that will either cause chaos or enhabit other countries to rush in to fill that void. then they will be the ones making decisions about american lives jobs and safety. and the choices, make no mistake about it, might well not be to our benefit. that's not an outcome we can live with. i have set forth plans and
8:50 am
strategies for dealing with these threats. i know how challenging it will be to meet the difficulties that we face in the . >> i have optimism. i don't understand people who trash talk about america, who talk about us as being in decline, who act as though we are not yet the greatest country who has ever been created on the face of the earth for all of history. if you want somebody who will cape goat other people, pedal fear and smear, i'm not your candidate. i'm interested in bringing everybody together and getting to work to solve our problem. that's why in the senate i work
8:51 am
closely with republicans. now, as some of you might know, i have been, oh, the recipient of numerous political attacks for a long time. i have learned to live with that. i have as eleanor roolt vesevel you want to you better develop skin as thick as the hide of a r r -- i i was elected to represent the great empire state and i wanted to do everything i could to produce results for the people who honored me by electing me to be their senator. so i worked with republicans to increase the benefit paid to
8:52 am
family members of the fallen, to expand veterans access to military health insurance, to make sure all members of the reserves and national guard and their families had access to military health benefits even when they were not deployed. i introduced the heros at home act to establish new services for military members and veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injuries. i fought successfully in 2007 to amend the 2007 defense apr apropuation achlkt i did all of this because i had met so many
8:53 am
wonderful people who were struggling, struggling because their loved one came home and didn't have the care he or she needed. they deserved support and i was in a position to advocate for them. i joined forces with senator john mccain to raise money for the fallen heros fund which helped build a state of the art rehab to help our seriously wounded service members coming home from iraq and afghanistan. and let me just say, it was a pleasure to work with senator
8:54 am
mccain. >> hillary clinton speaking to the vfw in charlotte, north carolina. interesting speech. it satarted out sober and subtl. it was mostly on issues of national security. she says i don't understand who people who trash-talk america. she called the united states the greatest country in the history of the world. several other examples also. >> she says you'll never hear me saying i only listen to myself, getting to trump there. we have kevin here, senior adviser to 2012 campaign and fill leadership levine.
8:55 am
as john was saying it was a sober speech but make no mistake who she was going at towards the end of it. >> what do you make of the tone, the message? >> yes. clinton is talking about bringing our country together. that's what this week is about. i understand he is working on the new condo project which will be another failed project from donald trump. secretary clinton is about moving us forward. we saw in that republican convention, that was yesterday oos news. we are about keeping nato securing europe. i wouldn't be planning my european vacation for next year. america security important and please, don't talk to bad about our country. >> yes. and tim kaine, his son is headed
8:56 am
as a marine to protect nato. seems clinton is trying to paint herself as the serious one on national security. >> she made very strong points. on pure performance i'm struck by how ineffective she is. why i think trump is wing on terrorism questions is strength and resolve and clarity. clinton is kind of reading the words but not really doing so in a way that excites a lot of voters. that relateability thing -- >> she is using his own words against him. >> yes. some times she does that successfully. there were a couple of instances. one is calling him out for
8:57 am
praising brutal dictators. i think she had praise for that what kevin is talk about is the sense in the country that people are afraid of terrorism. this idea that she is going to bring people together is almost beside the point. i don't like trump's policies but the problem he is identifying tidentif identifying is the problems. our military is the best. of course that's true. we are going to be great and solve these problems together. i think the american people want to hear you're as outrages as they have about the problems. >> the sub text is you should be afraid of trump handling them.
8:58 am
>> it was an opportunity to troll donnal truald trump. >> i don't think she misrepresented him. she said she would always stand with nato. he has said i listen to myself before i listen -- >> and the shoes. -- shows. >> yeah, and the shows. back in october of 2015 she said despite that veterans were happy. those words right there with the crowd that she is in. the military times came out and say they favored trump 2-1. that she hasn't admitted it until now. she has not listed how she will stand with veterans, which is a
8:59 am
crowd for today. >> donald trump did not mention the troops once in his speech. >> okay. we'll take a quick break. we'll be right back. >> okay. they think that it's sad. i think it's important for everyone to know that there is so much more to memory support than the stigmas you hearabout. that these residents still have lives and their lives still matter and that they are still living their lives. that they're not locked away and that they still have a lot to live for, you know, that they have people that care about them and they have people that love them and i love them, so (laughs). call now to find out how we can put our 30 years of understanding to work for your loved one today.
9:00 am
all right. joining us on enmy territory. >> yeah. >>. >> they are focused on that, not coming after us. >> we'll go there. >> the russians, they hacked into the e-mails. any proof they hacked into the republican national e-mail? >> no. >> one thing is tlgs no question about who wrote the e-mails. i think the deflection to talk about the russians, that's important to discuss. the fact of the matter is they got caught


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