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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  July 26, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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can i just say to the bernie or bust people, you're being ridiculous. >> a big push for unity on day one of the democratic national
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convention. bernie sanders supporters urged to get on board and support hillary clinton, but speaker after speaker with glowing endorsements, did it work? good morning, everyone, william to early start at the democratic national convention. we are here in philadelphia. i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman, it is tuesday, july 26, it is 3:00 a.m. in the east. we are at the cnn grill. i want to welcome our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. wow. night one of the democratic convention was like an entire season of downton abbey, there was intrigue, tension, back stabbing, humor, tears, euphoria, reconciliation, and of course paul simon just like downton abbey. the day began with a sense that it might be dominated, even overshadowed by disgruntled bernie sanders supporters, but it ended with a stirring speech by michelle obama that some are already placing in their convention halls of fame, and then there was bernie sanders
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himself. joining us now, cnn's phil mattingly, phil, looked like a roller coaster of political emotion. >> yeah, no question about it, john, if you think just about 24 hours ago, nobody thought that the democrats were going to actually embrace the unity that they planned on the theme of the day actually being, but the clinton campaign choreographed the evening very closely and speaker after speaker, democratic star after democratic star, praising their nominee. take a listen. >> what i admire most about hillary is that she never buckles under pressure. she -- she never takes the easy way out. and hillary clinton has never quit on anything in her life. i'm with her. >> together, with hillary clinton as our president, america, we will rise. god bless america!
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let us rise together. >> a woman who fights for children, for women, for health care, for human rights, a woman who fights for all of us. we're here today because our choice is hillary clinton. i'm with hillary. >> any objective observer will conclude that based on her ideas and her leadership, hillary clinton must become the next president of the united states. >> hillary clinton will make an outstanding president, and i am proud to stand with her tonight. >> reporter: and guys, quite a contrast from just a week ago in cleveland where you had a lot of big-name republican speakers come out and talk about republican ideals, republican orthodoxsy but not really talk about their nominee. now, obviously, you heard bernie sanders, his probably the most important speech of the night, but the real tipping point when you talk to democrats, most notely clinton campaign
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officials was michelle obama. in the lead-up to michelle obama's speech, while there had been big speeches, a lot of promising words about hillary clinton, there was still a spattering of boos and chanting. bernie sanders supporters in pockets throughout the convention center really kind of kazing problems for the speakers. that stopped when michelle obama started speaking. she's the unquestioned star of last night's show and one thing to note about that speech, while it was very personal and through the lens of a mother, it was also very closely coordinated with the television ad campaign that the clinton campaign has running in battleground states about what type of role model you want inspect white house. that was exactly the message michelle obama was trying to get across last night as well, a powerful speech but one that's very in line with the message the clinton campaign is trying to get out. >> thank you so much for that. and again, she's getting rave reviews this morning for that speech. so let's discuss the first night of the democratic convention here. we have our sort of dream team, josh rogan, the columnist for
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the "washington post," also political commentators, angela reply, the former executive director for the congressional black caucus, amanda carpenter, former communications director for ted cruz and democratic strategist bob beckal. welcome everyone. we've cut a nice chunk of sound from michelle obama. it was one of the many moments in her speech last night but a moment that gave chills to almost everybody in that room. listen. >> leaders like hillary clinton who has the guts and the grace to keep coming back and putting those cracks in that highest and hardest glass ceiling until she finally breaks through, lifting all of us along with her. that is the story of this country, the story that has brought me to the stage tonight. the story of generations of people who felt the lash of
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bondage, the shame of servitude, the sting of segregation, but who kept on striving and hoping and doing what needed to be done so that today, i wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves. and i watch my daughters, two beautiful, intelligent black young women playing with their dogs on the white house lawn. and because of hillary clinton, my daughters and all our sons and daughters now take for granted that a woman can be president of the united states. . >> i'm just going to say three little letters.
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wow. ange angela rye? >> i -- you talked about having chills, watching it again, i got chills again. i was on the convention floor and when she said it, i was crying. and part of it is because i think that it's a part of american history that oftentimes gets forgotten. people sometimes, particularly when you don't relate to the history of the slave trade and what the -- the consequences of the slave trade and what it means in this country, it's oftentimes just swept under the rug. she put it right in your face, and she did it in a way that wasn't angry, that was just like, this is a matter of fact. this is just what it is. >> and tied it all together with her daughters and hillary clinton. >> so she tied in the historical moment of a barack obama presidency for 2008 and 2012 and just created this amazing bridge, and you also saw that shot of john lewis, right there, then attorney general eric holder right there, the -- it was amazing. >> bob beckal, you've been to
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some conventions. there are moments when a convention speaker knows that he or she has the room. i mean, michelle obama, i think, there was a point in that speech where she knew she had them. she had that audience, and what she did with them was something that the clinton campaign had to be jumping up and down with joy during the speech, because michelle obama framed the country in a way which puts donald trump or tries to put donald trump in a box. this seemed to be the speech that they really wanted to have. >> you know, something about conventions, i've been to 20 of them now, and when the room gets quiet, when you know you've got it. and what she was able to do in a speech that is as big as her husband's speech was in 2004 for john kerry, is that she was able to both be very positive about hillary clinton, bring her own narrative into it, and take on donald trump in a subtle but serious way, as most of these
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speeches did. you could not walk away from this convention and say this was a dump trump night. it was not. but there was enough there for people to understand what the comparisons were. i thought she was absolutely brilliant. >> i was just going to say, it was a good chance for her to tell america's story, because the nation heard her personal story week when melania trump told it in her speech. so i think what we see here is you really have the power of the first lady, she has an opportunity, right, she's not touched by politics, she's really hard to attack, she's pretty much got clean hands, and you want to use that power very strategically and very sparsely, and that just showed you -- you see the contrast. >> she didn't mention melania trump, by the way. >> that's why i brought it up. >> i wouldn't have had that restraint. >> when they go low, she goes high. i thought that was the best take away of the night. kind of explained their approach to things, especially contrasted to donald trump. listen, this wasn't the speech of the night, the convention. i think that was the political speech of the entire 2016 election because it was so
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beautiful. it was an intensely political speech. she made the case for hillary. i think the line that will continue that was laid out in that speech is that hillary clinton is not a quitter. that sort of turns the republican argument that, well, she's been around a long time but she hasn't accomplished anything. michelle obama went and said, she just doesn't quit. that almost made that into a positive, which is why i think the speech is so good. because it was so political but you felt good listening to it. >> and the delivery. let's be honest. you write speeches, you can write a beautiful speech, but it has to be delivered beautifully. and you can -- what'd you call it? whitney? as she got closer to the end -- >> whenever michelle gets into a speech, she starts shifting, and you can tell that she's just, like, into it and she's feeling the energy of that, and that's when you know she's coming in for a strong close. >> watch out, bill clinton, he's got big shoes to fill. >> bernie sanders actually gave the final speech of the night and it was highly anticipated after a wacky day in philadelphia with the clinton
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supporters and the sanders supporters, but he also talked a little bit about policy. we have a little bit of sound we can play. >> she understands that we must raise the minimum wage to a living wage. and she is determined to create millions of new jobs by rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, our roads, bridges, water systems, and waste water plants. >> so, josh rogan, everything hillary clinton hoped it would be and more from bernie sanders? >> yeah, listen, his endorse. speech, he already gave refashioned with some additional details about what he got from the clinton camp in the negotiations. he's touting the impact that had sanders impact has had on the democratic party and then using that as a reason to bring his
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supporters along. what you alluded to was the big story of the day, behind the scenes, all day long, the bernie people and the hillary people are conspiring how to keep supporters from raging protests all over the floor and all over the city. they had mixed success. they're combining their whip obligations to go around telling them not to protest at hillary clinton's own convention. bernie did what he could and he was a loyal soldier today. >> all right, guys, stick around. a lot more to zus. >> absolutely. democrats on stage, not only singing hillary clinton's praises but also leveling new attacks on donald trump. our panel breaks it all down. we talk about it more next. polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! sì? polo! marco...! polo! scusa? ma io sono marco polo, ma... marco...! playing "marco polo" with marco polo? surprising. ragazzini, io sono marco polo. sì, sono qui...
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well, i've got news for donald trump. the american people are not falling for it.
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we've seen this ugliness before, and we are not going to be donald trump's hate-filled america. not now, not ever. >> welcome back to the cnn grill, john berman here along with christine romans, the democrats came into this convention saying they would portray an optimistic version for america, a contrast to what they called the darkness of the republicans last week, but the democratic version of sunny and bright apparently includes a full frontal, gloves off, throw the sink at him assault of donald trump. sunny in that way. josh rogan, angela rye, bob beckon, we want to bring in talk radio host from kabc and donald trump support. bob beckel, they went after donald trump early and often. >> they did but keep in mind they balanced it. on the one hand, they said wonderful things about hillary and then took the opportunity to take on trump and trump in the
12:18 am
republican convention was all anti-hillary. i think this is a brilliant balance. whoever had a convention and not taken on the opponent. it's going to get worse, by the way, before it's over. >> worse than -- listen to cory booker. worse than this? let's listen to cory booker. >> we've watched donald trump, our children, our daughters, our nieces and grandkids have watched donald trump and heard him calling women degrading and demeaning names. dog, fat pig, disgusting animal. it is a twisted hypocrisy when he treats other women in a manner he would never, ever accept from another man speaking about his daughters or his wife. . >> let me -- you haven't seen anything yet. >> that's just the beginning? >> yeah, it would have been epic if he would have said wife or wives at this thing. >> well, when you speak for
12:19 am
eight and a half hours, eventually you get on every subject, he'll get on trump, talk about the linda berg kidnapping, all that. you had michelle obama go out there and talk about how great the country is and then elizabeth warren came on and said, you're getting screwed by corporate america, getting screwed by the banks and politicians. mind you, she's saying this at an event that's sponsored by corporations that is named after a bank dr a building that's named after a bank, and you're talking about a person who was on the board of directors of walmart. >> she's using that as an example of income inequality in america, why you have to raise the minimum wage, she used that to pivot to what she thinks -- well, what is in the democratic platform. she talked about income inequality and she said america is still great and rich but people aren't sharing in that. and she also, again, pivoted to this attack of donald trump. listen. >> here's the really ugly
12:20 am
underside to his pitch. trump thinks he can win votes by fanning the flames of fear and hatred, by turning neighbor against neighbor, by persuading you that the real problem in america is your fellow americans. people who don't look like you or don't talk like you or don't worship like you. he even picked a vice president famous for trying to make it legal to openly discriminate against gays and lesbians. that's donald trump's america. >> josh rogan, was she effective in both attacking donald trump but then also lifting up hillary clinton? what they tried to do, show unity and attack. >> here's my take. on the attacks on donald trump, i think the democrats all night were pretty consistent. they had big themes. they pointed out the same anecdotes where trump may have alienated muslims or hispanics or people with disabilities. they reinforced the messages that you see in the ads.
12:21 am
if you were watching cnn, you saw the ad that the children are watching trump say all these things. that came up in the speeches. that's not an accident. when it comes to the positive messaging, there's a little bit of dissonance here because you have people like elizabeth warren and bernie sanders trumpeting what they think they had to do with -- breaking up the banks, putting in a new glass/steagall, universal health care, is hillary going to do any of those things? it's not clear. when it comes to the agenda, it's not clear. when it comes to what they're saying about trump, they're pretty much on message. >> donald trump and mike pence on the road, the republicans on the campaign trail as running mates. we'll discuss where they're heading today and donald trump's new comments about hillary clinton. that's next. whatcha' doin?
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donald trump hitting the road and hitting hillary clinton pretty hard this morning, donald trump will be in north carolina, addressing the vfw. hillary clinton was there yesterday. on monday, donald trump was with his running mate, mike pence, they were in virginia. trump is debuting a new nickname for hillary clinton. listen. >> why did hillary get rid of her middle name? huh? hillary. no, but why did she get rid of it? hillary rotten clinton. rotten clinton. hillary rotten clinton, right? maybe that's why. it's too close. no, no, it's too close. it's too close. you think mike pence would say this? i don't think so. >> trump also, hillary clinton
12:27 am
is low energy and needs naps, which is kind of an attack line he used against jeb bush during the primaries. >> all right, 28 minutes past the hour, a stunning display of unity on night one of the democratic national convention. this was the goal, right, to portray a party not in disarray but united behind hillary clinton from the first lady to bernie sanders on why they trust hillary clinton to be the next president. that's next. been for a better reason. me, too, but the eulogy that frank's daughter gave was beautiful. i just feel bad knowing they struggled to pay for the funeral, especially without life insurance. i wish they would've let us help. but, it did make me think, though. about what? well, that i could leave you in the same situation. i don't have life insurance, either. if something were to happen to me tomorrow, how are you pay for my funeral? or my other bills? nothing's gonna happen to you tomorrow. you don't know that.
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me there is only one person who i trust with that responsibility, only one person who i believe is truly qualified to be president of the united states, and that is our friend, hillary clinton. >> michelle obama, she says she trusts hillary clinton, a stirring speech on night one of the democratic convention.
12:32 am
can she convince americans to feel the same way? good morning, everyone, welcome back to strerls early start live at the democratic convention in philadelphia. >> that's the outside of the grill, we are inside. it's 33 minutes past the hour, we welcome all of our viewers here in the u.s. and around the world, impassioned calls for party unity and enthusiastic endorsements last night for hillary clinton on night one of the democratic national convention. to the concern of the clinton campaign, the day began with a sense it might be dominated even overshadowed by disgruntled bernie sanders supporters, but it ended with this stirring speech by michelle obama that some are already placing this their convention halls of fame. and then there was bernie sanders himself endorsing the candidate. joining us now, cnn's phil mattingly. good morning, phil. >> good morning, christine. there was no hemming or hawing, there was no talking about voting your conscious. it was just endorsement after
12:33 am
full throated endorsement, and that's an important thing, not just because broadly, in polling, hillary clinton has character issues, at least according to voters, inside the wells fargo arena here in philadelphia, there were plenty of delegates who believed the same exact thing. because of that, the clinton campaign rolled out a star-studded line-up of top democrats to vouch for their nominee. take a listen. >> what i admire most about hillary is that she never buckles under pressure. she never takes the easy way out. and hillary clinton has never quit on anything in her life. i'm with her. >> together, with hillary clinton as our president, america, we will rise. god bless america. let us rise together. >> a woman who fights for
12:34 am
children, for women, for health care, for human rights, a woman who fights for all of us. we're here today because our choice is hillary clinton. i'm with hillary. >> any objective observer will conclude that based on her ideas and her leadership, hillary clinton must become the next president of the united states. hillary clinton will make an outstanding president, and i am proud to stand with her tonight. >> and guys, obviously, no shortage of importance attached to that bernie sanders speech, but it was michelle obama's remarks, the full throated deend and kind of an implicit attack throughout the entire speech on donald trump. there was really a tipping point for the evening. christine pointed out, throughout the course of monday, it was not a pleasant scene for the clinton campaign, the bernie
12:35 am
sanders delegates causing a problem on the floor, booing every time hillary clinton's name was mentioned. that stopped when michelle obama started speaking and it's also worth noting that michelle obama, clearly the highlight of the evening, you look at the new york "daily news" covering today and possibly heading into the hall of fame of convention speeches. i talked to a couple of clinton campaign aides afterwards and they made clear that it wasn't just a very good speech for the convention, it also echoed some of the clinton campaign's attack lines. there's an ad that plays the worst comments of donald trump's in front of children. that was essentially the message in michelle obama's speech last night, something to keep an eye ongoing forward and tonight, bill clinton, michael bloomberg, so it's not just stopping after monday. a couple more headliners tonight, guys. >> all right, phil, thank you so much for that. joining us to discuss the first night of the democratic
12:36 am
convention, we've got our team back here, cnn political analyst josh rogan, three cnn political commentators, angela rye, the former executive director for the congressional black caucus, also amanda carpenter, and democratic strategist bob beckel. welcome, everybody. let's listen to a little bit more of hillary clinton, because she talked about trust, how she trusts hillary clinton and how she -- that trust, again and again, we heard, that's clearly what they're trying to hammer home last night. listen. >> i trust hillary to lead this country, because i've seen her lifelong devotion to our nation's children. not just her own daughter, who she has raised to perfection, but every child who needs a champion, kids who take the long way to school to avoid the gangs, kids who wonder how they'll ever afford college,
12:37 am
kids whose parents don't speak a word of english but dream of a better life, kids who look to us to determine who and what they can be. you see, hillary has spent decades doing the relentless, thankless work to actually make a difference in their lives. >> bob beckel, you've been to a convention or two, and i'm sure you want your speakers to always rise to sort of the michelle obama standard here. how'd she do? >> oh, i thought she was -- how can you say -- a plus plus, but in conventions, i was a campaign manager, two presidential campaigns, and we would look at every one of the speeches and my guess is they did not look at hers last night. they were not going to tell her how to give a speech, but a friend of mine did focus groups in toledo, ohio, last night for a candidate out there. with 50 blue-collar workers who were anti-hillary or had negative opinions of her. i'll give you three comments after it was over. i feel better about her. if bernie's there, i'm there.
12:38 am
she's less crooked than i thought. not bad. >> that less crooked than i thought thing is very interesting based on what we just heard from michelle obama and i'm not sure that they didn't look at this speech beforehand, because it was loaded with these, like, hook words, i trust hillary to, dot, dot, dot. >> oh, they looked at it. but the question is did they edit it. >> but amanda carpenter, when trust is the issue, and it is for hillary, to have michelle obama go out there and say, i trust her to do anything is helpful. >> it's a big deal. that was my number one question going into the convention, how are her surrogates, her other salespeoplers going to help her on the trust question. michelle obama went there. and not necessarily on issues, the political issues, but in a broader, i think, more important way. she positioned hillary as the protector of the next generation, coming from michelle obama, as first lady, as a beloved mother, that's a really big deal. >> i would say, like, if we look at the polls that have been coming out, it can help us
12:39 am
understand what the clinton campaign's strategy is here. we saw the pew poll, it said that 90% of people who are consistently with bernie plan to vote for hillary clinton. so, they can conclude that those people are probably okay. then we look at the cnn/orc poll and it shows that trump is gaining the independents so it seems that independents are where they need to gain ground and the trustworthiness and honesty is a big issue with those independents as we've seen all cycle. >> and elizabeth warren has been somebody who's been an attack dog for hillary clinton against donald trump, you know, and last ni night, elizabeth warren tried to talk about hillary clinton's values and weave it into what is in the progressive things that are in this party platform. listen. >> hillary will fight to make sure discrimination has no place in america, and we're with her. hillary will fight for raising the minimum wage, fair scheduling, paid family and medical leave, and we're with
12:40 am
her. we believe every kid in america should have a chance for a great education without getting crushed by debt. hillary will fight for refinancing student loans and debt-free college. we are with her. >> some of these things, angela, are things that bernie sanders and elizabeth warren have really been pushing for, for a long time, and now hillary clinton is with them on some of the more progressive parts of the platform. how do you think she did last night? >> absolutely agree with you on hillary being more with them, but i also think it's important to note, over time, hillary clinton has been there. these just haven't necessarily been issues that she's touted. >> on the women's issues in the workplace, she's really been there partner a long time, fair scheduling. >> and on college affordable as well. the one thing that i think is interesting about elizabeth warren's speech is it depends on where you were, how you received this speech. so for example, i was in the arena, and i'm listening to it, and i'm like, she is just not landing this thing. where is the fighter elizabeth warren? like i cannot believe she's
12:41 am
taking this, you know, prime time opportunity and this is -- >> you thought she was subdued? >> interestingly, though, when i watch the clips now and earlier, and i'm like, this is actually great. so, now, i feel like it's just -- it's just different. i think that she did hit hard on policy priorities and that was very important for elizabeth warren to do that. she's very professorial and does that very well. i do think she could have landed some things a little punchier, a little harder, hit donald trump a little harder, but i think it landed much better. >> it wasn't a convention speech. if you had watched that as an outside political observer, you would not have tagged elizabeth warren as the leader of the populist insurgency inside the senate. this was a very professorial speech. it didn't have the majesty, it's really hard when you compare it against michelle goem, but even corey, you would think that cory booker is the guy fighting, not elizabeth warren. so i'll be interested to see how they use her going forward as a surrogate, basis i do not think she has risen to the level needed to defend hillary
12:42 am
clinton. >> she did follow directly michelle obama so emotionally, that's a very hard place to be. i talked to the clinton campaign yesterday and they said elizabeth warren's job is to target rust belt voters who donald trump was targeting with his economic message. that's what the clinton campaign said. she really did that exactly. i wasn't expecting her to use donald trump's language. she kept on saying, the system is rigged. i thought, that's a dangerous line there to sort of take on his framing of the entire election. >> right. what we know is that a lot of theme for the trump campaign has been putting forth and a lot of the themes that the sanders, warren have been putting forth, they have some commonalities but they don't agree with the policies for what we should do. but i think what elizabeth warren is doing is not really risking leaving the bernie and warren people over to the trump campaign. that's really not going to happen. it's not a real thing. but what she is trying to do is take the narrative away from trump. and if you notice, she also didn't have any of her trademark
12:43 am
trump zingers? because she doesn't want to give trump any opportunities to take over the news cycle, all he's the doing is waiting for the opportunities to tweet something and then we'll talk about him instead of them so that's the needle she's trying to thread. >> i also don't think the clinton campaign cares, i think that'd rather have michelle obama as the headline. >> as demonstrated by this e-mail i received at 1:00 in the morning. donate today. >> the democratic party moved very far to the left last night and any other year, that's probably not a good idea, but in a populist year and donald trump, right thing to do. >> hang on to that thought. a lot to discuss. bernie sanders is sternl part of that populist progressive wing, he came forward with his strongest endorsement yet of his primary opponent, but can he convince the bernie or bust folks who have been out in force here in philadelphia? can he get them on board?
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our job now is to see that strong democratic platform implemented by a democratic-controlled senate. by a democratic house and a hillary clinton presidency. >> bernie sanders last night calling for his fellow democrats to unite behind a hillary clinton. well, not his fellow democrats, he's an independent, but for the democrats to. the party opened its convention facing divisions sharpened by an e-mail leak that appears to show party officials trying to help hillary clinton and hamper sanders. now the outrage of sanders supporters, that was palpable at wells fargo center last night,
12:49 am
but after a night of soaring endorsements of hillary clinton and some tough attacks on donald trump, are the democrats there yet? how close are they to achieving the unity they're poping fhopin? i want to talk more about bernie sanders and his speech last night. it took him a while to get to hillary clinton. it he talked about his own supporters and his own movement first and i want to play a little bit of that. he acknowledged that his supporters are disappointed. listen. >> i understand that many people here in this convention hall and around the country are disappointed about the final results of the nominating process. i think it's fair to say that no one is more disappointed than i am. >> bob beckel, for a while there, you had people with blue tape over their mouths saying they were silenced, what were
12:50 am
they chanting? cheaters, cheaters. what percentage of the bernie supporters do you think were the sort of the rabble-rousers last night? >> 15, 20% but i think he had to do it that way. he had to talk to his supporters first. he had to make the case for why he was coming over. if he jumped in and said hillary clinton at the front end, it wouldn't have had the impact. so i thought he staged it exactly right. it's a tough sell. donald trump's going to get these people to vote for hillary clinton but are they going to get the energy behind it? and that's the issue. i think bernie did -- the guy has surprised us all yearlong and that was a surprisingly good speech to me. >> one of the reason it took so long for him to get to the endorsement is because he was getting some of the loudest applause of the year, forget this convention, any convention. i was struck when we're talking about michelle obama, she covered a lot of ground in her speech, including, in a way, you know, chastising the bernie sanders supporters for what they've done.
12:51 am
let's listen to what michelle obama said there. >> when she didn't win the nomination eight years ago, she didn't get angry or disillusioned. she -- hillary did not pack up and go home. because as a true public servant, hillary knows that this is so much bigger than her own desires and disappointments. >> so, john phillips, it's interesting, you host a talk radio show and you're a conservative and a trump supporter and i know a lot of conservatives are stirring the pot saying, look at the unrest and the chaos. yet a compared to the republican convention where you had ted cruz, the runner-up, not endorsing donald trump, yeah, there's a lot of shouting here, but people are on board. >> yeah, the goal last night was to turn debbie wasserman schultz's name into debbie
12:52 am
what's her name schultz, just turn the page and move on. and i thought michelle was very effective last night. look, she's a lethal weapon in this process because she hasn't drawn blood yet. she didn't get involved in the primaries, she wasn't on team bernie or team hillary and she went out there and said essentially, hillary is an honest person capable of running government and she needs that right now. you need cosigners when your credit is bad. >> don't i know that. >> let's talk about the sarah silverman moment. don't lend john berman any money. let's talk about the sarah silverman moment because a lot of people were scratching -- this was a moment where not a central moment of the night but an interesting moment about the bernie upstarts. listen. >> i will vote for hillary with gusto as i -- as i continue to be inspired and moved to action by the ideals set forth by bernie. i am proud to be a part of
12:53 am
bernie's movement and a vital part of that movement is making absolutely sure that hillary clinton is our next president of the united states. can i just say to the "bernie or bust" people, you're being ridiculous. >> josh. >> yeah. well, listen, i think she's got a point that a lot of democrats are sympathetic to. the bottom line here is that at some point, these bernie hold yoults a you you outs are working against their own interest. i thought was really interesting was that bernie said to delegates, he asked them to vote for clinton/cain and he said, listen, guys, this is the real world that we are living in and i can tell you from personal experience, talking abouting to some of the "bernie or bust" people in and around the convention today, some of them don't realize that reality. they're living in this sort of
12:54 am
alternate universe where bernie could really squeak it out if they just protest long enough and that's not the case. and i think that's what saerl was trying to tell them. >> in this moment, i empathized with the bernie supporters a little bit and here's why. you had a broken heart and you were starting to mend it and this e-mail thing comes about and it's like somebody taking your heart and breaking it again. it's frustrating. it feels like they were robbed, even if bernie sanders was not ever going to win the nomination, we do have to be a little bit compassionate given where they are right now. this is a 72-hour thing, right? this is still really fresh. and i had to remind myself of that earlier, like, why are they booing? they're really frustrated. >> you had to be on the floor of the democratic convention in 1980 and listen to the kennedy people and the carter people go at each other. that was real serious division. this is not all that bad. you got to remember, these people have been through a battle, and it's not easy, after you've been through one of these things to say, okay, fine, i'm
12:55 am
ready to go. it's a process that comes along. it will take some time. in fact, there's a larger percentage of sanders people saying they're going to vote for hillary than there were, say, for example, people who were bill bradley people saying they were with gore. >> it's 90% according to the pew poll. i get it, you've got denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance, but we've got to speed this process along because the election is coming up quick. >> sarah silverman is the 13th step. >> ridicule. >> all right. democrats pushing for unity on night one of their national convention, we've been talking about it all morning long. did it work? much more on "early start" from the cnn grill is next.
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a big push for unity on day
1:00 am
one of the democratic national convention. amidst protests and screaming and shouter speaker after speaker calls for unity behind hillary clinton. did it work? welcome back to "early start." live at the democratic national convention in philadelphia. i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. it is tuesday, july 26th. it is 4:00 a.m. in the east. we are here's at the cnn grill. we are talking about last night. calls for unity and endorsements for hillary clinton on night one of the democratic national convention. the day began or dominated with the disgruntled with the bernie sanders supporters. it started with the speech that some are placing in the convention halls of fame. then


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