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tv   Wolf  CNN  July 26, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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america. our best days are ahead of us. and together with hillary clinton as our president, america, we will rise! >> to the bernie or bust people, you're being ridiculous. >> hillary clinton must become the next president of the united states. and i am proud to stand with her. >> she's been fighting for us for decades and now it's time we fight for her. >> we are not going to be donald trump's hate-filled america. not now, not ever. >> don't let anyone ever tell you that this country isn't great. that somehow we need to make it great again. because this right now is the greatest country on earth.
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>> hello, i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. here in philadelphia. wherever you are watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. history is the order of the day for this, the second day at the democratic national convention. if all goes as planned, democrats will make hillary clinton the first woman to be nominated for president of the united states by a major party. the roll call vote that would seal the deal is set to take place a few hours from now. a senior party source tells cnn that the clinton and sanders camps are in serious talks right now to have senator bernie sanders formally nominate hillary clinton. that would be a very extraordinary move, a sign of party unity. regardless, there could be loud opposition on the floor from the bernie sanders supporter, but he tried to tap that down once
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again today in a speech to california delegates. >> elections come and go. in my view, our immediate task, what we must do or forever look back and regret is defeat donald trump and elect hillary clinton. in my view, it's easy -- it's easy -- it is easy to boo, but it is harder to look your kids in the face who would be living under a donald trump presidency. >> and just a little while ago we saw the vice president joe biden on the floor of the convention hall checking things out. he'll address delegates tomorrow night before president obama speaks. today he also talked about the
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bernie sanders supporters. >> they have every right to have an outburst. they're going to be fine. look, they worked hard. we want to show a little class and let them be frustrated for a while. it's okay. >> reporter: for how long you think, mr. vice president? >> hey, they will all end up voting for hillary clinton. in the end do you think the guys are going to walk in and vote for trump? raise your hand if people here protesting or hollering are going to go vote for trump. >> reporter: some say they will. >> well, then they didn't support what bernie stands for. >> after the roll call vote, the focus will quickly shift away from party unity and to donald trump, shift towards hillary clinton and her decades of public support. former president bill clinton takes to the stage later tonight to talk about his wife and her commitment to women's issues as first lady and long before they were in the public eye.
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before former president clinton speaks, we'll also hear from what is being called the mothers of the movement. mothers of young african-americans killed in very high-profile incidents. they include the mother of michael brown who was killed in ferguson, missouri. eric brown, who was choked to death by a new york city police officer. and jordan davis who was gunned down at a gas station parking lot. >> we know secretary clinton even as senator clinton has been dealing with these kinds of issues with gun violence, gun violence prevention, mass incarceration, criminalization, poverty, she's been dealing with these kinds of systemic issues all along. so her record speaks for itself. so she didn't just join the game. >> tonight's historic nomination will just be the first part of hillary clinton's quest. there's also, of course, the general election. and tonight's theme as hillary clinton fights for her life is certainly aimed at the second goal. we'll go to our senior political
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expert briana kieler inside the convention hall. briana, how conscious is hillary clinton of the history that will be made tonight? and does she plan to make it a part of the narrative going forward? >> reporter: well, wolf, i think she's very aware of the history that will be made today. it's not necessarily the case she's going to be making. we heard her talk about the historic nature of her candidacy before the night of the california primary when it became clear that she would be the presumptive nominee for the democratic party. she addressed this, but it is something she let others be messengers for. she heard michelle obama talk about this, an effective messenger to talk about how historic this is. for hillary clinton's aim we are talking about countering the problems she has with trust. this is what we're hearing from folks in the campaign. she knows it's an issue and not
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something to change overnight. so what we are going to be seeing here tonight including the mothers of the movement is people vouching for her. we'll be hearing that from her husba husband. >> will she be in the convention hall later tonight when bill clinton speaks? >> reporter: no, she's not going to be. she'll actually be home in new york in chappaqua watching. that's what we have heard from the campaign. she, of course, is working on her remarks for thursday night. and this is really an opportunity for bill clinton to provide her, perhaps one of the best services he can provide, as a surrogate, as someone who is vouching for her. we saw him do this for president obama in 2012. he's capable of giving a very motivating speech. that is certainly what we are expecting to hear from bill clinton tonight. you know, at times throughout the campaign, he hasn't been able to provide as much of a voice as he would have liked to. donald trump made sure of that when he brought up bill
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clinton's past infidelities before. certainly, bill clinton did his wife some disservice by meeting with loretta lynch on the tarmac in phoenix just before she was to sit down with the fbi for an interview. this is bill clinton really with his ability to speak in a way that certainly a number of politicians just aren't able to be. and that is what he's hoping to deliver tonight for his wife. >> all right, briana is inside the convention hall where some of the musical artists who will perform tonight are rehearsing right now. briana, thank you very much. the historic roll call vote could offer a glimpse at where the democratic party goes from here. eight years ago we saw a similar situation unfold with delegates making a public choice, at least until hillary clinton closed it down. >> in the spirit of unity with the goal of victory, with faith in our party and our country, let's declare together in one
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voice right here, right now, that barack obama is our candidate and he will be our president! >> a very dramatic moment eight years ago. here is raul with me, the first to back bernie sanders. thank you very much for joining us. do you think we'll see a similar moment tonight where bernie sanders will make it official? she will be the democratic presidential nominee, the first time in american history that a woman will lead a major party ticket? >> it's historic and i think that it would be very historic for bernie, whether he does part of the nomination for her from the podium, and in doing so, i think that that sends a message to his supporters that we're unifying. and i think that will affect many of the pledged delegates there for bernie at the convention. i think it would be very good. not only for the question of
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unity, but for understanding the historic role in the moment we're in. >> so you want him to do it. if he's watch right now, you would say, yes, bernie, go ahead and do it. >> if i had to talk to bernie i would encourage him to do that. i think that shows the kind of spirit and class to be shown through the primary and he could show it again today. >> is it more from your perspective, you were the first in the house to endorse bernie sanders, that you're so scared of donald trump as president, or you really believe hillary clinton would be a great president? >> i think hillary clinton is going to be a real good president. and i think that it's going to surprise some people in terms of her independence and the priority she pursues from that office. but i don't think it's part fear, but it is also part understanding that progressive politics within our party have made great advances with the sanders campaign platform reflecting that, the commissions that have been established
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reflect that, the reform at the dnc reflect that. and if we are going to pragmatically move that agenda forward, we need an allie in the white house and bernie can go a long way for our issues in pushing that alliance. >> as you know, some of the bernie sanders supporters are not on board yet. they are still angry at hillary clinton. can he, can he and you and others who are now saying vote for hillary clinton bring them along? >> i think there's a significant number. at the end of the day in november, the vast, vast majority of bernie voters are going to vote for hillary. but the people that are bernie or bust or just can't bring themselves to support hillary, that percentage, however small it might be or not, it's going to be difficult to turn them around. having talked to him here at the convention and in nevada, there is just a line that will be difficult to cross. and i think we just accept that and move on.
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>> sarah silverman spoke last night. you heard her speak going off script and she addressed those bernie sanders supporters. listen to this. >> can i just say -- to the bernie or bust people, you're being ridiculous. >> when you heard that, congressman, what did you think? >> you know, it was kind of -- i thought, look, here's sarah, for a year that has been a bernie surrogate and worked on his campaign, committed to that agenda and that cause and that campaign, for one of our own, if that's the word we want to use, to a to admonish in the way she did, the politicians need to not get angry and to understand for every action there's a reaction. and the definition of progressive, the definition of getting, beating donald trump is not their definition. there are others that supported bernie that feel just as
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strongly this is a step forward. >> congressman recall grijalva, appreciate it. coming up, michelle obama went where a few first ladies go in her convention speech, she attacked the republican presidential candidate, although not by name. >> that when someone is cruel or acts like a bully, you don't stoop to their level. no, our motto is, when they go low, we go high. >> we'll have more of that very memorable speech, more memorable moments from last night. stay with us for that. take a look at this live pictures coming from inside the convention hall here in philadelphia. we'll be right back. i'm terrible at golf.
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call liberty mutual for a free quote today at liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. welcome back. we're live from the cnn grill here in philadelphia just hours away from the historic democratic nomination of hillary clinton for president of the united states. she would be the first woman to lead a major party going into a presidential election. one of hillary clinton's most important surrogates addressed the convention last night. the first lady of the united states michelle obama
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electrified the crowd using her personal experience to make the case that hillary clinton should be sitting in the oval office. >> during our time in the white house, we have had the joy of watching them grow from bubbly little girls into poised young women. a journey that started soon after we arrived in washington. when they set off for their first day at their new school, i will never forget that winter morning as i watched our girls, just 7 and 10 years old, pile into those black suvs with all those big men with guns. and i saw their little faces pressed up against the window. and the only thing i could think was, what have we done? see, because at that moment i realized that our time in the white house would form the foundation for who they would become. and how well we managed this experience could truly make or
10:18 am
break them. that is what barack and i think about every day as we try to guide and protect our girls through the challenges of this unusual life in the spotlight. how we urge them to ignore those who question their father's citizenship or faith. how we insist that the hateful language they hear from public figures on tv does not represent the true spirit of this country. how we explain that when someone is cruel or acts like a bully you don't stoop to their level. no, our motto is, when they go low, we go high. and i -- i am here tonight because in this election there is only one person who i trust with that responsibility.
10:19 am
only one person who i believe is truly qualified to be president of the united states. and that is our friend, hillary clinton. leaders like tim kaine -- who show -- who show our kids what decency and devotion look like, leaders like hillary clinton who has the guts and the grace to keep coming back and putting those cracks in the highest and hardest glass ceiling until she finally breaks through lifting all of us along with her. that's the story of this country. the story that has brought me to this stage tonight. the story of generations of people who felt the lash of bondage, the shame of servitude, the sting of segregation, but
10:20 am
who kept on striving and hoping and doing what needed to be done so that today i wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves. and i have watched my daughters, two beautiful, excellent, black young women, playing with their dogs on the white house lawn. and because of hillary clinton, my daughters and all our sons and daughters, now take for granted that a woman can be president of the united states. >> and joining us now, cnn political commentator angela
10:21 am
mark and lamont hill. >> if hillary clinton wins in the general, this was a decisive moment of change for her. i think michelle obama completely humanized hillary clinton. the rhetoric that's been used to talk about the length of her service, you know, whether as first lady of arkansas or the first lady of the united states or the senator and secretary of state, she made that theme as if hillary is a long-standing fighter and public servant for all of us. and i think she really changed the course on the narrative of hillary clinton. i think hillary clinton should also think about using her speech writer for thursday. she was fantastic. >> what does it mean to you, mark, when she says she wakes up in a day every day that was built by slaves. >> it was powerful and compelling. oftentimes we don't want to come to terms with the viciousness of slavery. but she brought it to full public view but linked her to
10:22 am
her view of american policy. that is powerful. the only concern is that hillary clinton can match that. but also will hillary clinton be able to bring up or sustain that energy for younger voters, black voters and for the bernie folk. because they found that resonate, but i wonder if they find it in future speeches resonate. i almost wish michelle came a few days later. >> we'll see how hillary does thursday night. cory booker from new jersey also spoke very passionately. let me play a little clip. >> this is our history! this is our history! escaped slaves knowing that liberty is not secure for some until it's secure for all. sometimes hungry, often hunted in dark woods and deep swamps, they looked up to the north star and said with a determined whisper, america, we will rise! immigrants -- immigrants risking their lives in times of
10:23 am
sweatshops and child labors. they organized labor unions and devoted themselves to lifting the tired, the poor and the huddled masses. with fierces of grit they shouted so all could hear, america, we will rise! king pointed to the mountain top. kennedy pointed to the moon from seneca falls. to those who stood at stonewall inn, giants before us said in a chorus of conviction, america, we will rise! we are the united states of america. our best days are ahead of us. and together, with hillary clinton as our president, america, we will rise! >> powerful speech he gave. the only criticism some people thought he went on too long. it didn't have enough substance in the speech, but it was well delivered. >> if the democratic national
10:24 am
convention ended today, there is already such a stark distinction between what is represented with the democrats and what is represented at the republican convention. i finished the republican convention last week and was just like, i'm just so sad. and this i was so uplifted, whether talking about the little girl to run up to hillary to give her a hug and said what will you do about my mother, she can't be deported? ore the disabled national advocate. or cory booker's speech. this was representative of a big ten party. even though we have evidence by the e-mails, it was such an amazing first night to demonstrate unity. >> the democratic leadership gave him the primetime spot because they see him as a rising star. >> it went so long because it was his 24/24 speech at the same time. i thought it was fascinating last night, they took a page out of the republican playbook. republicans tend to hold the mantle of patriotism. last week's convention was so dark and somber, democrats say
10:25 am
we are going to go high. we are talking about patriotism values. they co-authored the language and it may resonate with voters to feel hope and not despair. >> he got a bump according to polls out of the republican convention. we are talking about donald trump. i assume hillary clinton will get a bump out of the democratic convention, but were you surprised by the bump he got? >> i was not surprised. i would have been surprised if donald trump did not get a bump and that here's why. that's a lot of free air time to tout your message. they focused so much on hillary's negatives. maybe she just went down a little bit about how negative they were. >> the polls are very close, especially in the key battleground states like florida, ohio, pennsylvania, the state we're in right now. >> again, not only to have an infomercial in the battleground state of pennsylvania. that's important. hillary will take over again, not only does she have free
10:26 am
advertising for a week, but she also has presidents, first ladies, very popular americans. nobody is more popular among democrats than michelle obama right now. those numbers will go up over the course of the week. i think hillary will be very successful. >> if the president can help recreate the coalition he put together in 2008 and 2012, that will go a long way in helping her to become the first woman president of the united states. he was the first african-american president of the united states. so we'll see what happens, guys, thanks very much. coming up, we are just hours away from the roll call on the convention floor where hillary clinton is expected to make history once again as the first female presidential nominee of a major party. hillary clinton's deputy communications director is with us here. she'll join us live, that's coming up next. if you have medicare
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we weren't able to gather the hardest ceiling glass this time thanks to you. it has about 18 million cracks in it. and the light is shining through like never before filling us all with the hope and the sure knowledge that the path will be a little easier next time. >> hillary clinton there back in 2008 during his first
10:32 am
presidential bid. during this the 2016 election, hillary clinton fought a long, hard battle against senator bernie sanders to get to philadelphia. in the end, sanders has now endorsed hillary clinton. but bernie supporters are not yet willing to let it discord into the convention. the roll call vote that would seal the deal, make it all official is set to take place a few hours from now on the convention floor. he's got live pictures from inside the wells fargo center. we have the communications director from the hillary clinton campaign. thank you so much for joining us, christina. >> thank you for having me. >> what is the status? what are you hearing as the bernie sanders camp is out there, what do you want the bernie sanders camp to do as far as the nominating process is concerned? >> first of all, we were
10:33 am
thrilled with the speech he gave last night with a full-throated endorsement of hillary clinton. he got out there to talk about the issues they share, the values they share and what she would do as president and why he's supporting her. so we were just thrilled with last night. our campaigns are working very closely together to bring our two teams together. and i think we're going to have a really great night tonight but we are working out the details. >> is it a done deal right now because michael briggs, the spokesman for the bernie campaign has told us that vermont goes last. bernie sanders is the spokesman for vermont. he goes ahead and calls for the nomination of hillary clinton at the very end by unanimous acclimation. >> we are working out the details right now. our teams are talking to each other, so we'll have more to say on this later. but we are just thrilled to be working closely together. >> because terry mccauauliffe i
10:34 am
supposed to be the one to announce this. >> there are a lot of supporters who want to play a part in this. and we are pleased to be working closely with the sanders campaign. >> it would be an extraordinary moment, i think you would agree, kristina, if bernie sanders were the one to announce the vermont delegates to put her over the top and she became the first woman in american history to be the nominee of a major political party. that would be something you would warmly welcome, right? >> i have to say we have warmly welcomed his support. as i said, he gave a speech last night talking about why she needs to be everyone's choice for president of the united states, really bringing his supporters over. you know, they have so much in common. we are really proud our campaigns came together to put together the boldest, most progressive platform any democratic party has had at a convention. so it would be great, as he said, to get out there to come
10:35 am
pain coast to coast to make sure she's elected president of the united states. we really appreciate his support. >> he'll do whatever he can to convince his supporters to vote for hillary clinton. a lot of them, you heard some boos out there still, some heckling going on, what else do you need to do to convince those remaining bernie sanders voters, a lot of young people, millenials, they voted in big numbers for him. he got 13 million votes. you need that. you need that. >> he ran an extraordinary campaign. hillary has said that over and over and so proud of the campaign both candidates ran really focusing on issues. i will say that you're going to see tonight she's going to -- we're really going to reach out to talk to people about the fights of hillary's life. a lot of people know what she's done as secretary of state or as first lady. but a lot of people don't know about her history really being a fighter for children and families. we're going to get out to tell that story tonight. and i think that i was in the room last night and i also watched some of it on tv, there is a small group of people that with were pretty vocal last
10:36 am
night in the room. but overall the sanders supporters have really come on the team and are supportive of this candidacy. i have to say, wolf, we really understand this. in 2008 you remember there were a lot of tears in the room when hillary clinton spoke. there were a lot of her supporters that were having a hard time coming over to then senator barack obama. in fact, 40% of her voters at that time said they wouldn't support him and they worked really hard to bring the party together and that is what we are going to do with senator sanders. >> eight years ago she put him over the top at the convention. let me play a quick clip, this is hillary clinton speaking about her husband, the former president, who will speak later tonight. listen to this. >> i think it's an all hands on deck time. >> when we wrote that question, i expected you to come up out of your chair at me and tell me that there was only going to be one president. >> well, no, because i will be the president. but it does happen to be a historical fact that my husband served as president for eight years. and there's a lot that happened which helped the american people during those eight years.
10:37 am
>> what are we going to hear from president bill clinton tonight? >> we had an extraordinary night last night with first lady michelle obama just bringing down the house with that speech. we had cory booker, senator warren, it was an incredible night, but people should get ready for a show tonight with president clinton to talk about the hillary he knows. they met back in law school and have been together all these years. he's going to talk about the fights of her life, what she stood up for, who she is, the ad have to ka advocate she is. she's writing it and working on it today. he'll really speak from the heart. and we'll have other people she has helped in her life to stand up to talk about hillary clinton, who she is and the real difference she's made in their life. >> we all remember president bill clinton's speech four years ago that really helped then president barack obama. he's still our president get re-elected, we all remember. kristina, thank you for coming in. we'll be watching this every step of the way. coming up, bill clinton is
10:38 am
getting ready to take the stage tonight to make the case for his wife as president of the united states. is he her strongest surrogate? we're live here at the cnn grill at the democratic national convention in philadelphia. we'll be back right after this. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork.
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call liberty mutual for a free quote today at liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. moments ago the white house gave us a preview of the speech president obama is said to deliver to the democratic national convention tonight. listen to this. >> i think tomorrow night's speech will much more focus on how secretary clinton has the judgment, the toughness and the intellect to succeed in the oval office. lastly, i think the president will talk about who we are as a
10:43 am
country and that we are better united than divided. and we are better together than apart. i think you'll hear that as a theme, not just of the stark candidate differences this year. but it also happens to be a distinctive american tradition, one that the believes is fundamental to our nation's identity. >> former president bill clinton is set to be the star tomorrow nig night, tonight at the democratic national convention. it's a role he's certainly played several times before for democrats. a role he's played several times since he left the oval office. we'll take a closer look now at his speech and the influence. bill clinton still has within the party. >> reporter: tonight hillary clinton is calling on her biggest advocate. >> she's a walking, breathing change agent. >> pretty good warm up ad, don't you think?
10:44 am
>> reporter: as bill clinton embraces his supporting role. >> she's got the best ideas, she's got the best record of working with republicans. she'll be the grown up in every room and give us space. >> reporter: the former president taking ownership of his address tonight planning to make the case for his wife's role as a change agent throughout her life. >> i believe she's the best qualified person for this moment in history that i've ever had a chance to vote for. >> reporter: an effective messenger for the party with a unique ability to fire up the base. bill clinton remains a beloved figure among democrats with 79% viewing him favorably. but the former president's favorable rating stands at 50% among all americans falling from 65% in march of 2015 just before his wife launched her campaign. >> he lied. >> reporter: as gop nominee donald trump has seized on bill clinton's past -- >> have you ever read what hillary clinton did to the women
10:45 am
that bill clinton had affairs with? and they're going after me with women? give me a break, folks. >> reporter: attempting to blame hillary clinton for her husband's personal failings. while also hammering clinton era policies. >> she doesn't understand trade. her husband's side in the history of the world, the worst trade deal ever done. >> reporter: hillary clinton is trying to make clear she's running on her own record. >> i'm not running for my husband's third term. >> reporter: but having to clean up for him at times, most recently when bill clinton held an impromptu meeting with attorney general loretta lynch overseeing an ongoing investigation into hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server while secretary of state. still, hillary clinton sees her husband as an asset pledging to give him a role in a potential second clinton administration. >> my husband who i'm going to put in charge of revitalizing
10:46 am
the economy, because you know he knows how to do it. and especially in places like coal country and inner cities and other parts of our country that have really been left out. >> reporter: beyond just pioneering a new title. >> my scottish friends say i should be called first laddie because it's the closest thing to first lady. >> the first dude, the first mate, the first gentleman, i'm not sure about it. >> reporter: reporting for cnn, philadelphia. >> we'll bring in our panel to talk a little more about this. joining us, david gregory, cnn political host of "the david gregory show podcast." and he gave a speech four years ago to help president obama get re-elected, how will he do tonight? >> i think he has a different role. he can be much more personal. it's so unique, a former
10:47 am
president talking about his spouse running for president herself. it's a unique moment in history. he can talk about her record but wants to talk about her call to service, how they fell in love, they've had a very public difficult relationship that people know about. but he's still offering the private testimony that nobody else can. and can also make an appeal about her to parts of the electorate that doesn't trust her. that he's -- we can't forget how popular he is as a democrat in the party. >> that's the asset he has that most politicians in elected office in the arena fighting don't have. he has a accident approval rating. he and obama the two politicians in our public life right now healthy above 50%. hillary clinton is not there. donald trump is not there. most of the senators and governors are not there. so it's a unique asset to fly. i do think he has a much harder job than four years ago. four years ago when obama was in a relatively tough re-election campaign and a lot of people
10:48 am
didn't think through a white house campaign for themselves, clinton came from the outside to be the person aggrieved from the 2008 campaign and made this powerful case that was no sense he necessarily owed obama anything. they had fought a tough -- his wife and obama fought a tough campaign. this time it's tricky, it's his wife. everyone knows he's going to stay or say nice things about her. >> i remember him saying you'll get two for the price of one. is she going to say that this time? >> in a mapper of speaking, i think she has said that. it's a label now. but if he's president, to have another president in the west wing, what does that mean? he can have a portfolio on the economy. and if you think about his potential as a campaigner, he can work in the rust belt to shore up some of her weaknesses with white working class democrats and others and white men. and allow her to concentrate on parts of the new democratic coalition. >> it can be effective in
10:49 am
michigan, iowa, pennsylvania, states like that. >> absolutely. he's always done well in those states with unique popularity and could lend him some democratic support. i do think the clintons and this campaign owes the public a more specific explanation of what bill clinton would do as first laddie. i think people want to know that. at one time he would be in charge of the economy and the campaign backed off that because people said, what does that mean? they have not spelled out what his role would be in the hillary clinton administration and think they should. >> i also think he has to be too careful about being defensive. they are already in defensive mode. he has to watch that. >> the economy was good when he was president during eight years and there was a balanced budget and a surplus. he will cover that in his speech. >> he has to be careful to say things were so great in the clinton era, not in the obama era. >> coming up, much more on what is happening in philadelphia.
10:50 am
but there are other important news that we're following. yet another terror attack in france, this one leaving a priest dead. we're going live to normandy. that's coming up next. .
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
welcome back. we're live here in philadelphia. only a few hours away from the historic nomination of hillary clinton, the democratic presidential nominee. first time in american history a woman will be nominated by a major party to run for president. we'll have much more on that coming up. . but i want to bring you a story out of normandy right now, very disturbing development. the french president, francois hollande, says a deadly terror attack on a church was carried out in the name of isis. our international correspondent, phil black, is with us. tell us what happened. >> reporter: wolf, it was early this morning local time. the morning mass in this church. a few blocks from where i'm standing was under way when two men walked in to the church with knives. what we've heard from witnesses is that they carried in knives, they were videoing themselves, they were talking in arabic. in the words of a nun in there at the time, she says the men performed some sort of sermon
10:54 am
around the altar of the church. and then they took an 86-year-old priest, forced him to his knees, and cut his throat. he died. another person there was injured with life threatening injuries, we are told. bunch of other hostages were freed. that was because the police arrived relatively quickly, confronted these men outside the church and these two attackers were shot and they were killed. so now the authorities are working to investigate precisely who they were, why they did this, why they selected this church. they know at least one of them. authorities have told cnn that one of the men is known to have tried to travel to syria twice. on one of those occasions he got to turkey -- at least one of those occasions, was intercepted by authorities there, sent back to france, spent some time in jail, was released earlier this year but ordered to wear an electronic tracking bracelet. we don't know if he was still wearing it, if he was wearing it at the time of the attack. but all of these, no doubt very important questions for the investigation, which is now
10:55 am
under way here in a country that has been shocked yet again by another deadly attack, by small committeed group committed group of people with pretty primitive means. the government has vowed to stop these attacks from taking place. >> phil, what's been the reaction from the vatican? >> reporter: well, it is with great sorrow, great outrage really. we know that the french president, francois hollande, has spoken by phone to the pope today. both men have expressed their condid condolences. to some degree their anger as well. not just, yes, another attack in france but one like this that's been so violent and taken place in such a sacred place as well. so the vatican and indeed the catholic community of france are asking for prayers for people to try and prevent further hatred and violence. francois hollande is saying this
10:56 am
is a war with islamiced a radic that france must not be divided and it is a war they must win. >> thank you very much, phil black. that's it for me. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." the news continues next right after a quick break. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern. i just wish it had been for a better reason. me, too, but the eulogy that frank's daughter gave was beautiful. i just feel bad knowing they struggled to pay for the funeral, especially without life insurance.
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here we go. we're live on this beautiful outdoor set here in philadelphia. great to be with you on this tuesday. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for hanging with us. joining me on day number two at the democratic national convention. it is a day that will we wie'll witness to a milestone, just a short time