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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  July 28, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. >> it is inconceivable that any presidential candidate would be that irresponsible. >> this guy doesn't have a clue. >> i'm a new yorker. and i know a con when i see one. >> there has never been a man or a woman more qualified than
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hillary clinton to serve as president. >> she's always been there. >> i'm asking you to join me. select hillary clinton as the next president of the united states! >> hello, everyone, i'm john berman. >> hello, i'm kate bolduan live from the convention in philadelphia and this is the fourth and final day of this convention, the day hillary clinton takes the baton handed to her last night by president obama. oh, you missed it, you say. here is a dramatic re-enactment. now here's the real thing. >> and that's why i can say with confidence there has never been a man or a woman, not me, not bill, nobody more qualified than hillary clinton to serve as president of the united states of america.
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>> this sets the stage for tonight and what could be the biggest speech of hillary clinton's long political career. >> tonight, the fourth night of the convention in the city of rocky and the spirit of rocky 4, hillary clinton will enter the ring and tell donald trump i must break you. let's go to cnn white house correspondent michelle kosinski inside the convention hall in the midst of what have been some big speeches. >> oh, i thought i was just -- put that in there. >> nicely done. >> just when you thought you got that out of your head, right? i mean, this was a big speech. even just -- when you consider all that was in there, it's something that president obama worked on for weeks. it was just packed with so many phrases that are likely to live in sound bite eternity. things like "the american dream isn't thing that can be contained by building a wall." as you might imagine, as that phrase was, he really took this
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opportunity to tear into donald trump and run with it. using his name. listen, here's part of it. >> he's selling the american people short. we're not a fragile people. we're not a frightful people. our power doesn't come from some self-declared savior promising that he alone can restore order as long as we do things his way. we don't look to be ruled. >> so this wasn't just a big contrast between what he called the qualifications of hillary clinton and the disqualifications of donald trump. at one point, he said it was dangerous to national security. it was also a contrast between what he sees is the deeply pessimistic message and the message here he tried to keep optimistic. so hillary clinton is in the enviable and unenviable position
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of having to wrap all of this up into one powerful speech. we also know she's been working on this for weeks. even today, she was expected to be finishing, really putting the finishing touches on it. so what do we expect her to say? well what her campaign has offered is that she's going to talk about her values. really hammer home the stronger together phrase that she's been using. draw on points from her book "it takes a village," so unity of course is the theme. that's not saying a whole lot. that's not a lot of detail that we wouldn't have already expected. when you look at what bill clinton said the other night, really looking at hillary clinton's life, how she's helped people along the way. her personal stories. she's likely to do something similar to really, you know, get that across to people watching across america, that she understands their problems, and that she's working for them, because that is what she has been doing. back to you guys.
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>> michelle kosinski inside the hall where it all happens tonight. >> winning the day, michelle kosinski. joining us, christine quinn, police call commentate, the former speaker of the new york city council and hillary clinton supporter. republican congressman lee zeld n of new york, trump supporter. and also, "new york times" political correspondent nick healy. and bill press, who i would say is, still is, a bernie sanders supporter. he can clear it up if need be. bill press, you and barack obama have not always been on the same page. john berman remembered this morning you actually wrote a book about president obama called "buyer's remorse, how president obama let progressives down." did president obama let you down last night? >> i still am a bernie sanders supporter. there's still hope, you know, until 11:00 tonight, right? >> god bless you, bill.
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>> no, president obama did not let me down. you know, there's a contest i think now as to what is the greatest barack obama speech that we've heard. there are a lot of them, right. a speech here in philadelphia, in constitution hall, whether he talked about racism during the campaign, charleston, newtown, connecticut. what i loved about it is, you know, his message was like maybe you don't trust hillary, but i didn't either in the beginning but now i've seen her, i've worked with her, and she is great, ready to lead, and this other guy is not, and the other thing liked is he shredded donald trump but he didn't do it -- he wasn't mean, he wasn't ugly, he remained positive while he was destroying donald trump. i thought that was a real coup. >> he called donald trump a homegrown demagogue. >> that's not nice, bill. >> some noted that he almost sneered at the concept of donald trump when he was doing it.
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christine quinn if you're sneering at donald trump calling him a demagogue, are you essentially saying -- now, i understand reaching out to independents and a broad bunch of republicans who may be disaffected and are available, but does that close the door on trump supporters? if you're saying you're supporting a demagogue? you probably can't win them over at this point. >> look, never say never. but president obama had to call it like he sees it and like a lot of america sees it. if donald trump didn't want to be called a homegrown demagogue, then why did he say at the republican convention that i can do it all? i don't need anybody, nothing, it's all about me and i'll get it done and of course i'll be great. he set the stage for himself to be called that. it's what he basically said how he sees himself. i think the president hit it totally correctly and gave an amazing, amazing speech. as did joe biden. you got to love joe biden screaming the word malarkey across the arena hall last night. >> google searches for malarkey went up 100 jillion percent.
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congressman, rich lauery, editor of the national review, last night tweeted this, american exceptional and greatness, shining city on hill, founding documents, et cetera, they're trying to take all our stuff. are you handing it over to the republican, to the democrats? >> no, absolutely not. with the president's speech last night, you know, the ruler peace for example, the reference to ruler. i don't think donald trump is looking to be both the president and congress. and i also don't believe that this president is the best messenger. you're coming right of a u.s. supreme court ruling that his immigration executive order was illegal, after a couple of dozen times, the president said beforehand that he didn't have the authority to do it. you have a federal court ruling that the health care on obamacare, the money that was paid out of the federal treasury, wasn't done with authorization. so i don't think on those couple of points -- the other thing i think is important is that maybe for a lot of people in the room,
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we're watching at home, who are already supporting hillary clinton, hearing talk about a third term for president obama, that might connect with the people looking for a third term with president obama. and for the people at home watching who aren't looking for a third term of obama, you're not going to get their support, the ones who are very committed to trump. i'll tell you, there are a lot of people -- there are independents, there are all across america who believe we should be going in a different direction than the past eight years. i think the president's speech last night contradicts that motive and that goal. >> but to the independents, was michael bloomberg, i thought he was the most effective -- >> don't move on yet -- >> because i want patrick healy, i want to talk about what the congressman just said right there, because that is a risk the president took last night. he essentially said that things in america are great. and that keep them great for four more years with hillary clinton. if you do not believe they are great right now, does that message go right past you?
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>> right. they're so twinned right now, they're so together. i think what hillary clinton needs to do. i mean, tonight, is sort of go out there and say, you know, i believe in the progress that we've made. here's how i sort of see that progress but i'm not going to be just another four years of barack obama. you're going to get something different from me. and especially i think on the national security side, going to people who might feel uncomfortable with what obama has done with -- against the islamic state, with keeping america safe, and who look at donald trump and see a whole lot of risks there, a whole lot of kind of loose cannon, shoot from the hips arguments. that's sort of the pocket of voters that she can go at in terms of those national security republicans, those independents, you know, who she can go to. she can draw differences with barack obama. i think a lot of people see her in some ways as kind of more hawkish than obama, as sort of taking a tougher line. >> i'd be pretty surprised if tonight was the night of differentiation and space --
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>> i don't think tonight is the night to do it after last night, the baton passoff a. let's talk about biden. using one of his signature phrases. for our viewers, here you go, listen. >> his cynicism is unbounded. his lack of empathy and compassion can be summed up in a phrase i suspect he's most proud of having made famous, "you're fired." i mean, really, i'm not joking, think about that, think about that. think about everything you learned as a child. no matter where you were raised. how can there be pleasure in saying "you're fired"? he's trying to tell us he cares about the middle class. give me a break. that's a bunch of malarkey.
8:12 am
>> but with that it sure seems like joe biden is trying to target here one of hillary clinton's weaknesses so far. white working class voters. >> first of all, i'm from delaware. i'm a big biden fan. it made me kind of -- i wish he had run. >> you're still doing if only then. move on, bill, move on. >> i have. what i loved about joe biden's message last night, he also talked to the people, like bloomberg did, outside of that hall, and he talked to them in a language that they speak and they can understand. as he said about donald trump at one point, he doesn't have a clue. right. or give me a break. but i think in terms of he was carrying the message that yes hillary clinton has to reach out to, to independents and middle class americans. he's going to continue to do it
8:13 am
effectively. joe biden, that was the best speech of his career, hands down. >> really? >> yes, there are people who are saying it was so good they should have moved it into the prime-time hour instead of the current vice presidential nominee tim kaine who chose a different direction to go in with his speech. he did a comedy routine in parts. let's watch. >> i'd agree with that. >> it's going to be great, believe me. we're going to build a wall and make mexico pay for it, believe me. we're going to destroy isis so fast, believe me. there's nothing suspicious in my tax returns, believe me. >> christine quinn, i speak as someone who makes jokes that no one laughs at. >> a lot. >> a lot. i don't do it when i'm speaking to the country at the democratic national convention. should he have been doing that last night? >> let's all remember the amazing speech he gave when he was announced as her candidate and try to stay in that moment.
8:14 am
but sarah silverman had nothing to worry about, nothing to worry about. it was attacks. they tried it. i don't think we'll do it again but, you know, he seemed to be having fun so that's important. >> congressman, do you have any good impressions you're taking on the campaign trail? >> from this week? >> would you like to try some out right now? >> i would say while i was talking about the irony of the president talking about that ruler point to the vice president bringing up the malarkey point, i mean, donald trump has created tens of thousands of jobs. to tim kaine when he talked about the national security piece. there are people at home who are taking this very, very seriously. the national security, the economic growth themes for people, it's their number one issue. for some people, if they pick two issues, it's both of those issues. so what's important for whether you're the president, the vice president of either party, from this point forward, i would strongly recommend that all four of them take these very seriously and don't make light of the fact that for the american people, they're
8:15 am
prioritizing defeating isis for many above all else. >> a couple things here. one, joe biden's irish, i'm irish, malarkey is not a joke. it's dead serious, a. b, donald trump has back pedalled that he was joking yesterday. he wasn't joking. so you can't put that in the same category at all. and you want to know the thing with -- i mean, whatever kaine tried and didn't work. the issue here, donald trump and jobs, just today, cnn is putting out a story again showing how he's not employing americans. he's in fact manipulating, taking the immigration system, he wants to make harder, and bringing in workers with a specific focus on pretty young white women. as he's already said if you ain't a 10, he ain't interested, right -- >> congressman -- >> because he's not actually about jobs, he's about himself, everything he does is about how he can make it, make money, bringing in women from other parts -- >> that's not the message --
8:16 am
>> message and reality are different. >> congressman, final thought. >> i like the fact donald trump is actually having a press conference yesterday. hillary clinton hasn't had a press conference since the end of 2015, so what happens -- >> hold on, guys. >> that press conference -- >> bill, hold on -- >> -- where you allow any reporter to ask the question on their mind. if you want to sit donald trump down and have a conversation about it, that's a fair point. by the way, on that fair point, you can also talk about the clintons connections with the clinton foundation, with paid speaking. there's a lot to talk about the russian piece of it. what i do think is great is the fact that we are seeing press conferences and both of them should put themselves for full accountability, full transparency in front of all of you, in front of all the reporters and answer every question -- >> does full transparency include tax returns for donald trump? >> the fact is with regards to finances and background, all these questions are legitimate questions that deserve answers. >> all right, all right -- >> i've got a better job at
8:17 am
going after that, this was a real problem with that speech. >> we got a lot more to discuss and only a little bit more show after that block. next, expectations off the charts for hillary clinton's speech tonight. how is she going to go about it? will she go after donald trump? will she talk about her own buyography? the architect of her '08 campaign join us live. >> plus, he's responding now to the backlash that set in quickly. what trump says he really meant. this is cnn special coverage from the democratic national convention. with my moderate to severe crohn's disease,... ...i was always searching for ways to manage my symptoms.
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and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. by finding a policy to fit your budget. [ coughs ] sorry, tickle in my throat! water would be nice, but that would go right through me. ghost problems. >> give me a break. this whole thing is the biggest fairy tale i've ever seen. >> shame on you, president obama. it is time you ran a campaign consistent with your messages in public. >> she compared our campaign to karl rove's. that's not one i've heard before. >> all right, that was then, 2008, this is now, what a
8:22 am
difference. the president gave a glowing speech last night about hillary clinton and tonight it is her turn. >> here with us, the architect of hillary clinton's 2008 campaign mark penn here with us. mark, thanks for being here. >> great to see you. >> so after last night, after the big night, what's the bar for hillary clinton tonight? >> well, i think the great thing is the setup for hillary clinton has been tremendous. everything has gone so well. so that rather than sitting there worrying about everything, think she can really feel confident she can hit a home run and drive people into the plate. >> the question is what is a home run here. because she's acknowledged she's not a natural politician. people say she's not the orator the likes of which we've seen several nights here in philadelphia. >> but the polling numbers are out of whack. what she's going to do now is reset them. you know, you have some of these polls where almost 70% are saying she's not honest. i mean, they're just out of whack because people sort of have gotten the impression, the negative spindown machine has
8:23 am
just gotten too much. i think she's going to come out, she's going to be forceful, she's going to be clear, she's going to be tough and human at the same time, and i think that's going to melt a lot of opposition to her. >> but with so many heavyweights in the days leading up, is the bar higher for her than when donald trump took to the stage last night? >> well, i think expectations are high, but because of the effect of the polling numbers being so low, she's well positioned to hit that home run. everybody has set her up. this is not a convention of disunity, of fights breaking out. it's a building unity. look at all the surrogates now she's got ready to go out on the stump with great speeches. >> your a demographic expert here. who's the audience tonight? if hillary clinton's talking to one person? >> there are four kinds of voters. people who like hillary and trump. there are none of those. people who like hillary, not trump, about 40%. people who like trump, not hillary, about 40%. people who don't like either,
8:24 am
about 20%. she's talking to the 20% that right now doesn't like either candidate and will decide. she gives those people more confidence in her leadership, she will speak up five, six, seven points in this race. >> with that goal in mind, how directly should she take on donald trump tonight? >> i think her taking on donald trump, it's got to be there, but it's less important than the result. what they're really saying is do i like hillary clinton, do i trust her with the presidency of the united states, and she has set up now by the president, by the vice presidential candidate, by the first lady, by the others who spoke, to say yes, i am. >> this is something you looked into, i know, eight years ago, what does hillary clinton or can she do to make people like her? what does it take for her to
8:25 am
flip that switch? >> it's not so much about likability about trusting her. she's got to knock that down 10%, 15%, and that will bring this race into a -- >> can she do that in a speech? that's putting a lot of pressure on one speech. >> the power of a single speech. i mean, the audience is going to be huge tonight. it's the second most important probably event remaining. it's the first debate. and these are the two major -- mass events have driven this election from day one. yes, there's a lot of pressure. i think she'll do it. the setup has been tremendous. the better she will be perceived as the leader of a group of leaders. >> are you advising her at all? >> no, i'm not. i am enjoying this convention. i can come on and say my 2 cents. it's been a pleasure to be at this convention because it's
8:26 am
been so incredible. >> any idea where her head is right now? >> i think her head is going to be, knowing her, 100%, practicing, is it right, you know, is this right, is this going to work. there are always suggestionings that fly in from everywhere. she doesn't need them. she's ready. >> mark penn, thanks so much. all right, hey, russia, hack hillary clinton's e-mails. no, i'm just kidding. can donald trump get away with that language? we're going to ask the rnc's chief strategist who's sticking his tongue out at us right now, next. >> plus, the trump kids were the stars at the republican convention. tonight it's chelsea clinton's turn. we're going to talk about her speech and her role and her mother's inner circle.
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we are live in philadelphia on the fourth and final day of the democratic national convention. that means hillary clinton is batting clean-up with her big speech tonight. democrats, though, think president obama already hit it out of the park, including when he said donald trump is so bad, he's not even a republican. >> but what we heard in cleveland last week wasn't particularly republican. and it sure wasn't conservative. what we heard was a deeply pessimistic vision of a country where we turn against each other and turn away from the rest of the world, and that is not the america i know.
8:32 am
>> right, we want to bring in sean spicer, chief strategist and communications director for the republican national committee. sean, you heard the president right there. erick erickson, a conservative, tweeted last night saying, thank you for noting donald trump is neither republican nor conservative. is donald trump republican or conservative? >> of course he is. what didn't get talked about last night. they talked about donald trump a lot. they didn't talk about isis. they didn't talk about israel. they didn't talk about national security. they didn't talk about the national debt. they talk a lot about donald trump but they don't talk about what the policies and vision is for america right now and i think that's because they represent the status quo. this is the status quo establishment ticket. you have heard a lot of them talking about donald trump. but the fact is, is that they may not like what they heard in cleveland, but when you -- there was a cnn poll that verified this, that the american people actually by 76% did like what they heard. he's talking about what's really
8:33 am
happening in this country. the challenges we face both domestically and abroad. >> he's also, president obama was actually the one to name-check president reagan, not donald trump. that's leading some republicans to say they're stealing our best lines. are they? >> no, look, i think by all accounts -- >> where's the optimism? >> right now what the american people want is reality. they are facing challenges at home. they fear for their safety. they fear for their family. that's what i think a lot of people, you know, a lot of politician, a lot of, frankly, people in the media and a lot of pundits just don't get. there's a reason he continues to rise in the polls. it's because he's actually tapping into an understanding of the american people that no would be's getting. >> sean spicer, do you want russia to hack hillary clinton's emaims? >> absolutely not. number one, she said this was -- the e-mails she didn't turn over were about yoga and chelsea's wedding. we find out there's a ton of classified information on there. i think that information, if
8:34 am
russia has access to it, hopefully they'll get that to the fbi. mook went on the air and talked about this is a national security problem. it was a national security problem when she installed a secret server and allowed classified information to get put on this. she's the only candidate of the two that has had access to national security information and violated that trust -- >> but take the contents of the e-mail out of it, the mere fact that donald trump said, hey, russia if you have access to the e-mails, we'd love to see them. even if he says it's loose talk and it's carcasarcasm, can a presidential candidate afford to have loose talk like that? >> what's more dangerous is the fact that one of the two candidates actually did have access to the information, did make it vulnerable to foreign hacking -- >> sean, can they -- you served overseas, you know, can you afford to have loose hlips -- >> i'd rather have someone who's joking around than someone who actually violates that trust --
8:35 am
>> do you think he was joking? >> he says he was joking but i'd rather have somebody joking or half-serious or whatever than someone who actually put this country's security at risk. >> what would your reaction be if hillary reaction said, hey, russia, i hope you can hack trump's e-mail? >> that's really pathetic. the idea we're not talking about what's potentially at risk here. >> it is fine, there is plenty to talk about and we have talked about the e-mail issue and the scandal around that. i mean, we absolutely have. putting -- that's one discussion. this is the discussion, though, that seems every republican we've tried to talk to tried to jump around the fact. do you think it is dangerous or not when a candidate says -- >> when somebody's joking around, they're joking around. >> you think it's okay to be joking like that? >> i think the context he was saying, the real discussion, and it's not going around, it's saying, okay that was a joke, but the reality is we have serious national security problems. we have potential classified
8:36 am
information a foreign government is at risk. we're talking about whether it's appropriate for him to joke about it. i think the priorities are wrong. the priorities are is our country at risk because of -- >> we can talk about both of those things -- >> sean, does putin have strong leadership kwaulth qualities? >> i'm sure if you're a russian, you probably think he's tough -- >> do you approve of your party's candidate for president saying -- admiring things of his leadership qualities? >> look, it's one thing to say is he a tough leader. sure, he's been elected a few times. but the reality is, the only ones with connections to putin are the clintons. their foundation has taken a ton of money from them -- >> that's not necessarily true because donald trump himself said at one of the gop debates they get along really well, they met, they were stable mates for a "60 minutes" interview, he has said that himself. >> stable mates and a "60 minutes" interview, he didn't -- >> he's the one that touted it.
8:37 am
>> it's bill clint than got speech fees from him, the clinton foundation that got money from him. the relationship between the clintons -- they are doing a great job of diverting -- >> so the answer you've given us on the e-mails and putin have essentially been i know you are but what am i, essentially -- >> no, it's -- >> it's not bad but it's much worse -- >> no, to be cleeshgs clear, i think there's a bigger thing at stake. you have a money trail between clintons and putin and the russian government -- >> real quick. >> -- a couple of the comments that were made, i think the focus is where the real action has been and the stakes that are existing because of what she's done. >> i asked house speaker paul ryan his team to react to this, what donald trump said that sound bite, when he said, hey, russia, help me out. this is the response. russia is a global menace. sure seems like yet again paul ryan is having to distance himself from trump. that's the reaction. >> i think paul ryan is right, putin is a menace, they should stay out of our elections.
8:38 am
the only reason they're potentially involved in anything is because the dnc was lax with their e-mails. hillary clinton allowed things to get hacked. their actions have allowed this to get where we are now. let's not forget where we are. hillary clinton installed a secret server. the reality is, their actions got us here, not our, not donald trump's. >> sean spicer, fish out of water, republican at the -- >> thanks for having me on kate's birthday, it's an honor. >> zip it. this is how he wishes me happy birthday. >> sean, thanks so much, appreciate it. >> thank you, sean, get off my set. >> tonight, hillary clinton's big moment. she's giving a speech tonight, you might have heard. she's being introduced by her daughter, chelsea. what she says she fears and she hopes will happen as she steps into the spotlight.
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russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. i think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.
8:43 am
let's see if that happened. >> can't anyone take a joke. that's the word from donald trump this morning after those remarks when he asked russia to hack hillary clinton's e-mail. now trump says he didn't mean it. listen. >> you have to be kidding. his client, his person, deleted 33,000 e-mails illegally, you look at that, and when i'm being sarcastic with someone -- >> were you being sarcastic? >> of course i'm being sarcastic. the real problem is what was said on those e-mails from the democratic national committee. >> all right, joining us now, kelly ann conway, a senior adviser and pollster for the trump campaign, austin goalsby, the former chairman of the council on economic advisers under president obama and he starred in this funny or die video that aired at the dnc monday night that will forever be part of your resume. also joining us, margaret hoover, cnn political commentate, former staffer for george w. bush and veteran of
8:44 am
two republican campaigns and john avlon, editor, the daily beast. margaret hoover, republican, donald trump says he's joking, does that settle it? >> that's all i needed to hear. no, that was me being sarcastic. because you know when i'm sarcastic. you know it doesn't look like trump was sarcastic. there was a moment on august 11, 30 years ago, when reagan into a hot mic, not knowing it was hot, said my fellow americans, in five minutes, we begin bombing the soviet union. reagan was a jokester. you knew he was joking. maybe it was inappropriate. everybody knew he was joking. this doesn't pass the smell test. the worst part about this is the utter hypocrisy of republicans bending over backwards to somehow suggest this kind of interference by an aggressor of the united states of america on behalf of him to win a political election is okay.
8:45 am
>> but, john avlon, can't anyone take a joke? >> look, i think more people need a sense of humor in politicses and in life. the problem was, this wasn't a joke, this is somebody shooting from the hip, because he's primarily an entertainer, not a politician, let alone a leader. some people like that. but we're in the serious stage of the campaign and the allegations which the fbi is looking into that russia hacked into the dnc to influence the election could not be more serious. so, and look, there's a lot of situational ethics and spin in politics and it's what disgusts a lot of independents. imagine if hillary clinton went on tv today and said, chib, china, i want you to hack donald trump's servers. i think you'd be mass inly rewarded by the american press. >> i would be thrilled because it meant she had a press conference for the first time in -- >> kelly ann, you know that vladimir putin doesn't poll well with the american people. >> we actually don't put him in
8:46 am
our -- >> donald trump considers him as his running mate -- >> look, i do think people can't take a joke. you're covering the most joyless nominee in the history of politics, hillary clinton. i think all of this says again there's a disconnect. americans see this election as a referendum on hillary clinton. and many in the media see it as a referendum on donald trump. voters see it as she's the one who's been in public life for decades. do we want what she's selling, a lack of integrity? we hear she's the most qualified person in the history of people running for president. to a lot of voters, a d.c. resume is not a qualification, integrity is a qualification. donald trump said he was being sarcastic. go watch the whole press conference. it was an hour's worth -- >> we did but -- >> he was just talking to the press in terms of why don't you force her to have a press conference and basically saying to the media wouldn't you be thrilled to see what's in those e-mailings. i think most americans, even though we want to see a
8:47 am
billionaire's tax returns, they would rather see her e-mails than his tax returns. >> in the same discussion, he's talking about maybe he'll recognize the russian invasion of crimea and say, oh, it's okay that they did that, measure not going to hold them accountable. we've had the experience of him saying -- proposing to default on treasuries and recession to try to save money for the government and then coming back and saying no, no, i was just kidding, that's not what i meant. you see the trump people doing what they consistently do, which is let's try to change the subject to something else when he gets called on what he's saying. i don't blame him. i would be trying to change the subject too. if my candidate were going out and saying these absolutely a asini asinine, insane things -- >> and leading in the polls. >> may be leading in the polls, but totally unreasonable. they're trying to change the subject from what you heard last night, where president obama made clear -- >> i want to get your take, if donald trump is saying asinine
8:48 am
things, if he's such a weak candidate, if that convention was such a disaster, why are the polls the way they are? >> well, let us see what happened in the polls after this convention is done. mike dukakis was ahead by 17 points in the election at that same spot in between the conventions. >> there's always a bump and kelly ann will of course appreciate the importance of polls but might downplay them after the typical post-convention bump on the democrat's part. i am surprised to hear you say integrity is the alternative to hillary clinton. i don't think that's -- >> -- is a qualification -- >> -- is his strong suit -- >> well, 68% of americans say hillary's neither honest, nor trustworthy. john, i don't know what we're going to hear tonight or this year that's going to turn that around for her. i'm opening to listening. what is she going to say or do that's going to turn around two-thirds of americans admitting to a stranger on the phone they can't trust her? >> again, this is trying to change the subject from what -- >> let him talk.
8:49 am
>> -- if the subject of what donald trump said the most damaging thing to the donald trump campaign are the words that come out of donald trump's own mouth, that's what's the most dangerous thing here. >> it's not about what hillary clinton is going to say. she's a pretty safe candidate. she doesn't take a lot of risks. we don't have any idea what donald trump is going to say -- >> i think -- i'm afraid i do know what he's going to say and we do know what -- and that's even scarieiescarier. >> that doesn't matter, him saying i don't want veterans to die anymore? >> he has a ten-point minimum wage plan but they're all contradicting each other. >> the veterans have been dying for care -- >> i'm not laughing it off -- >> you're contrasting yourself with -- >> i'm sorry? >> i'm not sure you know that anyone's pro-va deaths -- >> but he says -- we're talking about the fact we don't know what's going to come out of his mouth. listen to what's company oe outs mouth like the ten-point plan so veterans -- >> what are the ten points?
8:50 am
>> go read it. you don't want to read it. >> i do want to read it. i've seen his tax plan -- >> the one thing i would love is if donald trump is telling a joke, i would like him to say, i'm telling a joke, and then tell a joke. >> that's something hillary would say, i'm about to be funny, watch. person after person last night said i know you don't like her, with friends like that, i mean, she's not a great speechwriter. >> last word, ten seconds, go. >> i'm not funny but tell me how was that donald trump joke funny? that wasn't funny at all. >> thank you, all. >> you were hilarious in that video. >> i didn't say anything at that point. >> thank you, guys. >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday, next up, chelsea clinton. she'll be introducing her mother tonight. and we just got a preview. for lower back pain sufferers,
8:51 am
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you've gotta get it... to really get it. but it won't last forever, so hurry in. i just, i think my heart will burst. this election is so important to me because i'm now a mom. as proud as i am of my mom, this election is about my children, charlotte and aiden. i couldn't imagine a better president for them. i couldn't imagine a better grand mother for them either. i think standing there, thinking about my children and looking at my mom, i think it's going to be overwhelming. >> that's chelsea clinton giving a preview. she'll be introducing her mother tonight. senior washington correspondent
8:55 am
jeff zeleny, what are you hearing about the speech tonight? is it done? >> it is never done in clinton would when we have this much time. tonight is an opportunity really for hillary clinton to tie all the themes in we've been hearing, but for her to make the case for herself after she's introduced by her daughter, for anyone out there who may not like me, i'm going to fight for you. i think that's one of the biggest goal has the clinton campaign want to take away from this. her people are with her. her supporters love it. she's trying to reach the people who may not yet be with her. she's run for president before, been in the senate, secretary of state. she has not done this before. this is a new moment. she's never accepted the nomination before and gone ahead to do this. look at the village surrounding her. we use the word a lot, it takes a village. look at the people surrounding her, a couple of presidents, vice president, vice president and potential nominee, she has
8:56 am
this village. tonight she has to bring it and they think she will bring it and make people like her a little bit more if that's possible. it's a big moment for her tonight. >> the village will not be on stage with her. we will see if they pro fell it forward. >> a great way of putting it. she's done so many things before. from here on out, a new moment. >> kate bolduan, happy birthday. >> thank you. our special coverage continues in just a moment. adverse conditions. ch ts ♪ come to the lexus golden opportunity sales event this is the pursuit of perfection.
8:57 am
when heartburn comes creeping up on you. fight back with relief so smooth and fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. tum-tum-tum-tum-tums smoothies, only from tums.
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welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. we're live in philadelphia on the fourth and final day of the democratic national convention. this is


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