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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  July 29, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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right? i watched -- no matter where she goes, she's got teleprompters. and i like using teleprompters. they're really good. but honestly, when you do these things, wouldn't it be -- okay, if i'm standing here like this and i'm going, ladies and gentlemen of colorado, welcome, welcome. >> i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." we're continuing to carry donald trump's first respond to hillary clinton's speech at the democratic convention. let's listen in. >> she had a speech this morning, reading teleprompters. if she has a group of 12 people, she's got teleprompters in front. then she doesn't do news conferences. she hasn't done one in, like, what is it, 237 days. something like that. she hasn't done a news conference in something like 237 days. hone honestly, the reason is, she couldn't answer.
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they'll ask her about the fbi saying she's a liar. they'll ask her about all the e-mails she deleted or erased or got rid of. 33,000 e-mails. you know the ones that were done for her yoga class, right. yoga. the ones done for the wedding. 33,000. i've done a lot of weddings. oh, 33,000. i mean, how stupid is everybody? how stupid are we to hear this? 33,000 e-mails for the yoga. yoga and a wedding, and they were personal. i'll bet you in this room we have people that probably -- i'm not a big e-mail person. you know why? i'm intelligent. i know about e-mail. i don't like e-mail. you know what i like? i like the old days. i like the days -- because today they just announced somebody else was hacked and another group was hacked. everybody's being hacked. they have no idea who's doing it. they have no idea who's doing it. these things are amazing. you know, the kids growing up, i have a young boy, baron, he's
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very smart, but he's using the computer so much. we put it on lock, right. no way he can find out. i don't know what happened. we go back an hour later, and he's playing with the computer. we had it on lock. we said, wait a minute, we had it on lock. you needed a sequential number. we said, baron, how did you do that? i'm not telling you, dad. this kid's a genius. it's getting worse and worse because i live with him. i grew up and it was a certain age they -- now they live with it. it's like their right arm. they can do it so well. i like the old days, especially for the military and things like that, right. you want to attack. or you want to do something. it's called courier. it's called let's put it in a thing, put it in an envelope and hand it to the general. let's not send it over the wires so everybody's probably reading it, right? and no matter how good they say
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it is, it's not -- i mean, people can hack it, i guess. it's just terrible. you know, if you talk about military, if you talk about all these secrets, and you even talk about politics or you talk about all of this stuff, it's very confidential stuff. then you find out the hacking is all over the place. i hear china is brutal. they say russia is excellent. and you have guys sitting in their home that are very good. you have people, men and women, sitting in their homes that are better than the people that are the inventors. i don't know. there's something about -- you know, general douglas macarthur, right? had a guy come say, sir, here it is. the risk is from there to there. general george patton. i guarantee you general george patton who was rough as hell, he wouldn't be doing e-mails when he's going to be ready to attack. if he were around, he'd say, i don't like that system at all.
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>> [ inaudible audience comment ]. >> thank you, darling. i love you. i love you and i think it's a guy. i don't know. who the hell cares. oh, no, it's not. beautiful. thank you very much. thank you very much. now i see you. i like that much better. i appreciate that. thank you, honey. i don't know. hey, the thousands of people on the other side that the fire marshals aren't being very nice to, they don't love me so much right now. but that's okay. and we're going to come over and see them when this is finished. should i do that or stay with you longer? we're going to come over. we're going to come over. so a lot of things happened. we're going to get a lot of
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bernie supporters, i think. bernie made a big mistake. the mistake he made, and this is the beauty of doing speeches like this. it was late in the night and i saw it. she was thanking bernie and talking about bernie. he's sitting there like glum. did you notice that? no smile. his wife pats him on the back. she pulled her hand away. whoa. did you see that? a pat on the back. darling, i love you. and pulls it back. she was a little bit concerned there. but he was angry. then a second time they showed him. he was angry. honestly, he made a big mistake because we have the best movement of all. we have far more people than anybody. we have the most important -- i tell people bill o'reilly said
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the greatest thing he's ever seen in politics. you, you, you. all of us. there are people lined up the driveway, all the way up. this is one of the great movements in the history of our country. our movement is much better than bernie. i'll tell you where bernie blew it. he told his soul to the devil. he did. he had a great thing. i was so surprised because he seemed like a tough guy. he was like tough, tough, tough, tough. in the end, he folded. i said yesterday -- and it's true. he wanted to go home. he wanted to go to sleep. okay, that's what it was. but had he not folded and his people haven't folded because his people were angry. now, just to show you how unfair it is, if that would have happened in the republican convention, they would have said, catastrophic evening, people are screaming. did you see when they had the moment of silence for the police? and by the way, the only reason the police were up on that stage on the fourth night was because
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i was complaining they don't have any police up there, right? they put the police up because they were getting a lot of heat. but they don't mean it. the difference is i mean it, okay. we're going to be law and order, and i mean it. we're going to be great. we're going to be great. [ cheers and applause ] but did you see what happened when they had the moment of silence for the police? tough situation. tough situation. not good. not good. then you had bernie and he makes the deal. then they pick a vice president that's exactly the opposite of bernie. he believes in tpp, which is a disaster, by the way. we'll never approve it. they'll approve it. how about where terry mcauliffe, the governor of virginia, comes out and said, don't worry, hillary will approve it after the election. see, that's the way it is. and it will take your jobs away
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almost as bad as nafta, which was approved by bill clinton. right, nafta, a disaster. nafta has cleaned out so many states in this country. look, new york state, you look at new york state, you look at new england, you look at pennsylvania, what nafta has done to pennsylvania with these companies moving to mexico. a friend of mine is a builder. he builds plants. if you told him to build a department, he wouldn't know where to begin. he builds plants. big, big plants. one of the biggest. maybe i'll use him to build the wall. what a great idea. [ cheers and applause ] got a lot of smart people. somebody shouts out, let him build a wall. [ chanting build a wall ]
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we have smart people. but this guy builds big, big plants. you know, automobile plants and computer, technology plants. this is what he builds. one of the biggest, maybe the biggest. he started off building in the united states years ago. he'd build plants in the united states. i see him the other day and say, how's it going? good. how's business? unbelievable. i say, great. i thought that was good for the united states. i said, how many plants you building? many. he said, you've got to see what's happening in mexico. now, by the way, this guy's better than a consultant. if i hire a consultant, i'll hire some guy that, you know, that's terrible, to tell me what's happening. they'll charge a million bucks. he'll give you a report in seven months from now. they have to take a long time, otherwise they can't charge as much. this guy tells me in two minutes. in one minute i learned better about what's happening from him, talking to him about how's his business, than i can learn from some phony consultant because if he was any good, he would have been the one building the
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plants, you know. so an amazing thing. so i said, so what's going on? he goes, you got to see mexico. it's the eighth wonder of the world. he said, we are building the biggest, the most sophisticated, the most incredible plants all over mexico. i said, what about the united states? not so good. like, who cares. and actually, he'd much rather build in the united states but not so good. he said not so good. i said, what does that mean? he said, we're doing a little work but not much. donald, you have to see mexico. i said, no thanks. but he goes, he goes, what we're doing there is incredible. how stupid are we, folks? how stupid are we? our companies are moving to mexico and other places while crooked hillary clinton, who's crooked as a $3 bill, while crooked hillary clinton sits there and makes up stories.
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donald trump didn't do well in his campaign. i said, i just beat 18 people or 17 people, whatever. donald trump -- no, no, it was all written by politico. i can't believe i'm talking about politico. politico is terrible to me. politico wrote all cliches, not good, okay. but somebody wrote it. she probably didn't notice it. i'm being recognized for having done one of the most legendary campaigns in the history of politics in this country. [ cheers and applause ] and she puts in her thing right after the tweet, if somebody tweets, he gets upset. i get upset? i don't get upset. somebody wrote that. it was a nice little sound bite. they just announced i have over 22 million between twitter and facebook. 22 million people. like, i don't get upset. if somebody tweets, i do what i do. who cares?
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i'll tell you, i think i have the best temperament or certainly one of the best temperaments of anyone that's ever run for the office of president, ever. because i have a winning temperament. i know how to win because my whole life i've been winning. my whole life i've been winning. and i think i have one of the best temperaments. we have to start winning. we can't beat isis. we can't beat china in trade. then they go and build this massive fort in the south china sea, which they're not supposed to be doing. they only do it because they don't respect us. so they take our money, they take our jobs, they take everything. they sell us the products. no tax, come on in. our manufacturers want to sell to china. they can't get in. if they ever do get in, they have to pay a tax. sst so high. or they have to build their plants over there. and they don't even want them to do that. honestly, friend of mine, great, they said, well, we don't want your product. then they gave a tax -- which i won't even say because it's so
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high nobody's going to believe it. then they said build your plant over here, but we don't even want you to. they don't even want us there, okay. they don't want us to build. now, boeing, they ordered 300 jets, and they made boeing build massive plants. watch what happens in seattle and watch what happens in a number of years when those plants are built. watch what happens in south carolina, where i love those people in south carolina. they gave me the biggest victory. remember i was supposed to lose. i was supposed to lose. highly e vn jevangelicaevangeli evangelicals love me. highly military. south carolina, big military. colorado, big military. big military. big. and i went in and you watch what they do. south carolina built big boeing plants.
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they have a big, big plant. beautiful. i love seeing it. i love seeing this stuff. they actually move part of their operation from seattle. big plants. so they think it's good. great people, great labor force. but china is forcing them to build plants in china. when china devalues its currency and when boeing, in a number of years -- and remember i said it. but oh, if i'm president, it won't happen. if i'm president, boeing will be very happy, believe me. because it won't -- they may be unhappy that they built the plant in china, but they're not going to have to worry about south carolina and seattle. but remember i said it. just in case we don't make it because you people get lazy and don't vote, okay. colorado is very important. very important. so just remember i said it. when that plant's finished, when they start operating, and when
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china does a massive devaluation of its currency and when you go and order your brand new jetliners for all of the different airlines and when they find out that the planes are going to be made in china, not in south carolina and not in seattle, not in this country, because we have people that are incompetent running our country, when you see that, and i hope you don't see that because if you see that, that means that i didn't win and that won't be good. that won't be good. so here's the story, folks. when you see that, if you see that, it'll be a sad day. and i told the boeing folks, i said to boeing, i said you have a big investment. what happens if the plant that they're being forced to build in china becomes much more active and you start making all of your planes there. oh, well, i don't think that will ever happen.
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watch. watch. we're dealing with grand masters of currency manipulation. one of the reasons among many that i'm against transpacific partnership is they don't cover currency manipulation. and in fact, one of my opponents in politics fought very, very hard that no currency manipulation be mentioned in the documents. this is a u.s. politician. i won't mention the name. i should, but i won't. you know what, call washington. they'll tell you. they didn't want currency manipulation mentioned. currency manipulation is the single biggest tool that foreign governments use to beat us. and to destroy our companies and
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to destroy our trade. and to get rich and to rebuild their countries as we suffer. we're like a third-world country. we have rotten airports. we have airports -- you go over to dubai, you go over to places in china, you go over to other places in the middle east, you'll see airports the likes of which you've never seen. i went to dubai a number of years ago, and they were treating me great. i mean, it was great. great visit, unbelievable what's happened there. but they have an airport that's so unbelievable. the head of the airline is showing me around. it's really good. i'm looking at the terminal. i say, this is one of the most beautiful -- and i'm good, i'm a really good builder. i build under budget and ahead of schedule. by the way, i had a meeting with your great newspaper, and i really like the editorial board of that newspaper, okay. you know who i'm talking about. these are great people. they were telling me there's a
2:18 pm
veteran's administration hospital that had a $1.2 billion cost overrun in this area. think of that. i'm building a hotel in washington, and i'm under budget and ahead of schedule by one year. think of it. and it's peanuts compared to $1.2 billion. what is this? that's just a cost overrun. and this is happening all over the country. when you build a road, when you build an airport. some of the richest people in this country are people that can't even read or write. they're called friends of mine, contractors. they might not read or write, but they're a lot smarter than the guys coming out of harvard. i want it tell you. they can take them and wrap them around their finger. no, i did an editorial board meeting a little while ago. i really like that group. of course, if they write badly about me, i'll take it back. we'll be back here again many times.
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you'll get so sick of me. i'll tell you, i dislike that group very much. no, i liked them. and smart people. but they're telling me about a hospital built in the area. you know what i'm talking about. 1.2 billion. i said, wow. that's a lot of money for a hospital. how big is it? they said, no, no, no, that's just the cost overrun. think of what we could do if we had real people running our government, okay. there's 1.2 billion -- and i have friends. we know how to build ahead of schedule. we build. we build buildings. they come in underbudget. i have friends that can do this. if one of the people that i know, some new york killer builder or somebody, built that building, it would have been up two years ago. it would have been finished like a year after it started. it's not even a tall building.
2:20 pm
that's easy. because it takes longer to build a tall. height means length, remember that. but one of my friends, the thing would have been thrown up so fast, and it would have been better than it is now. i'll tell you a little quick story. i got called before the united nations. i heard they were building an extension to the united nations in new york. number of years ago. jeff sessions is such an amazing man. he's great. he was the first senator to endorse donald trump. first really major political guy. very smart guy. but they have -- i built a building across the street like for $320 million. it's a very tall building. like around 90 stories tall. that's tall. much taller than the united nations. then it was -- and i built it for i think it was $325 million. condominiums. it's called trump world tower. great building. really beautiful. all glass.
2:21 pm
it's beautiful. the architectural critic for "the new york times," prior to passing away, gave it a great review. we built this building, and it's announced. i get a call from -- i think it was the swedish ambassadors. he said, mr. trump, i'm with the united nations. he said, i don't understand something. we're talking about doing an expansion of the united nations. not a big deal. and it's going to cost $1.5 billion. i read that your building, which is three times taller or more, costs $325 million. is that possible, o is that a mistake? i said totally possible, mr. ambassador. they said, why -- he said to me -- he was good. he was a good man. >> we're going to continue to monitor donald trump and get back to him once he gets into some more substance. coming up in our next hour, by the way, i'll speak live with donald trump's national
2:22 pm
spokeswoman, katrina pierson. she'll be joining us. right now, i want to speak with democratic senator diane feinstein of california. she's the vice chair of the senate intelligence committee a hillary clinton supporter. senator, thank you so much for joining us. >> you're welcome, wolf. >> this was just donald trump's first television, on-camera response to secretary clinton's acceptance speech. he said it was, what a sad situation, about her speech. he said it was so average. i want to give you a chance to respond to that. i'm also curious what you thought about the larger criticisms he received from secretary clinton, at least so far he hasn't addressed those. >> well, i'm not going to do what he does. i sat here and listened to him. i listened to him attack, demean, and belittle. everything except himself. and this man wants to be president of the united states. the world is filled with serious problems. only he can solve them.
2:23 pm
this just simply isn't true. i sit here appalled, particularly after three days of seeing a great part of america come together, not divide, but unify, show a patriotism, and i think a sense of community, of family, and see a candidate who not only broke the glass ceiling but set forward a program of exactly what she was going to do. i listened to donald trump and all i heard was how bad, how terrible everybody was. anybody that says anything about him, he's going to one way or another crucify. and that's what's happened. that's what happened with his republican opponents. that's what's going to happen with world leaders if he is president. i really fear for the nation, wolf. i've been in washington for a
2:24 pm
while. i know you can't get things done just by yourself. i know a president has to have a relationship with both political parties. i know you can't call people names and then expect them to come around and do what you would like them to do. so it's very, for me -- it is such a blemish on everything that happened last night. to hear the president of the united states say that hillary is the most qualified person for president in history, including himself, and then see donald trump rip her apart. it just makes me so angry. >> that strategy worked, as you kn know, with the other 16 republican candidates for the republican presidential nomination. he beat some prominent governors, some senators. he's continuing that strategy. let me get you to respond to a couple points he just made. then i want to get to some national security issues.
2:25 pm
he said, once again, he's been saying this for a while, he's willing to have news conferences all the time, but right now he says it's been about 237 days since hillary clinton had a full-scale, formal news conference with reporters. she does one-on-one interviews, but a full-scale new conference she doesn't do. does he have a point there, that she's afraid to have a news conference? >> no, i don't think she's afraid to have a news conference. i think there is no woman on earth that gets more press than hillary clinton does. and i've watched her day after day at event after event. i can't answer why there aren't more news conferences except the questions that come up are always the same questions. it's e-mails and it's benghazi. look, when i was chairman of the intelligence committee, both sides on our committee did a year and a half investigative
2:26 pm
study into benghazi. we published a classified and an unclassified report. there was no culpability found. yet, it goes on and on and on. i think that's part of the problem. and this is a woman -- and i think you saw it last night. you saw it in what bill clinton said. she's devoted her life to public service. she will be a terrific president if we can get her there and give her an opportunity before the opposition goes out to claw her apart which is what he tries to do. >> let's go through some national security issues. you're the head democrat on the senate intelligence committee. they said their computers, their e-mails were also hacked. they believe by the russians. as you know, the dnc e-mails were hacked. the dnc believes by the russians. this would be the second
2:27 pm
suspected russian hack on democrats. do you believe -- and i know you've been briefed on this -- that the russians are deliberately doing this in an attempt to impact, to affect the u.s. election? >> i don't know what their motive is. do i believe they've done it, both the g.r.u. and the fsb, that's certainly the way it looks. as clapper said last night, all the evidence isn't in yet, but it's certainly the way it looks. is it a problem? yes. both adam schiff, who's ranking on the intelligence committee in the house and i on the senate, have sent a letter to the administration urging transparency in what we find. i think it's time to put this kind of thing before the american people, and i think it's time to prevent it from happening. but it's difficult. and this is where we've got to work on encryption. this is where we have a lot of work to do to see that these
2:28 pm
systems are safe from hacking. >> do you believe, based on everything you've seen, there will be more leaks, more damaging information released in the coming days and weeks by these hacks? >> oh, i have no idea. i can't really answer that question. i think it's indication that people are trying. for what reason, i don't know. and that's why i think what is found should be made public so they can be part of the public debate, and everyone can look at it carefully. >> as you know, right after these two conventions, both of the nominees start receiving classified daily intelligence briefings from the cia. hillary clinton will receive a classified daily briefing. donald trump will receive a classified daily briefing. you receive these briefings very often. although, they'll get different information. are you okay with that? >> well, we do not get the
2:29 pm
president daily brief, called the pdb. the intelligence committees get everything else but that. so consequently, most of us spend a lot of our time reading classified material. and it's very frustrating because it takes a lot of time, and of course you can't talk about it. but you do get a comprehensive view, at least according to intelligence, of threat, of problems, and that kind of thing. >> we're also getting some breaking news right now, senator, that the fbi and the justice department are now investigating a possible computer hack of the hillary clinton campaign in addition to the dnc, the dccc. now there's an investigation that perhaps the clinton campaign was hacked as well. what can you tell us about this? >> i haven't heard about that yet. i'm in san francisco. it wouldn't surprise me. i think it should be pretty clear that both campaigns should
2:30 pm
be aware that there's a problem out there, and i think until the technical people can come up with some solutions, which are more ironclad, and i don't know whether that can be done or not, everybody should be cautious. what i worry about are the big systems that control the major operations of our country, whether it be military operations or civil aviation or anything else. we have to see that these systems are freeway from ha fro. now, even the defense department has been hacked and hacked and hacked, and defense has moved to try to remedy a lot of this. but the hackers are smart. they know the technology, and they use it. so we have to take a good look at that, and we also have to make some decisions about what the penalties for hacking into these systems are.
2:31 pm
we haven't tackled that yet. i never thought that the day would come when that would be necessary. but perhaps we should lack at that. >> our justice correspondent evan perez and our chief national security correspondent jim sciutto, they're saying that this latest intrusion of the clinton campaign was discovered by private investigators hired by the campaign. this according to law enforcement officials. i guess the bottom line question is, do you believe the russians are trying to tilt this election in favor of donald trump? >> well, i wouldn't be so bold as to say that right now. i don't know. i think the fsb and the gru, the military as well as cia type intelligence in russia, is trying to put material together. now, for what purpose, at whose request, i have no idea. but one can take some guesses.
2:32 pm
>> you want to take a guess? >> no, not right now. >> and just to clarify, are you okay that donald trump is receiving top-secret national security intelligence briefings? >> well, it will be interesting if he can keep a secret. there's nothing i can do about that. he is the designated nominee of a political party. we'll see. >> let me wrap it up on a historic point we all observed last night. you served in the u.s. senate now for more than 20 years. you've seen women come a long way in politics over this time. there are now some 20 women serving in the united states senate, 104 overall in congress. this is the first woman, hillary clinton, to accept a major party's presidential nomination here in the united states. at this time, i want to get your reaction to that, that it's taken this long for a woman to be a presidential nominee. >> well, my reaction is this. it took us a long time to get to
2:33 pm
vote. 1920, the suffragettes. women have had to work for everything they've gotten in society. previously, it was very much a male-dominated society. now that women are ceos of big companies, they're chairman of board of directors, they're surgeons, they're doctors, they're in the military. we still fight. we fire fght for equal pay. we're not there yet. and we have fought to break this glass ceiling, and we have. and that's a big accomplishment. and fortunately, it's a most qualified woman. it's a woman experienced. former secretary of state, as everybody knows. i think one last thing, i think after last night, i've talked to friends who say, i never really knew that hillary rodham clinton did all those things, that it began so early, that she's had such a long-standing dedication
2:34 pm
to public service. and i think it's changed some views. i think people saw her in a much more human way. this arena is hard. you get a lot of brick bats. it's very hard very often to change misperceptions about one's self. you also get hurt. and she's been able to sustain all of this over a substantial period of time and come back. she has drive, staying power, and motivation like no one i've ever seen. that's going to stand her in good stead as president of the united states. >> senator diane feinstein of california, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. >> we're going to have much more on the breaking news coming into the situation room right now. urces telling cnn the fbi is now investigating the possible hack of the hillary clinton campaign. we'll be right back.
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we're following multiple breaking stories here in the situation room. donald trump is holding his first campaign appearance since hillary clinton's convention speech. sources now telling cnn the fbi is investigating a possible hack of the clinton campaign. joining us here in the situation room, our political director and our senior political correspondent, manu raju, and jim acosta. this is serious stuff. the dnc was hacked, they believe
2:40 pm
by the russians. now the dccc, the arm of house democrats, and now we're getting word from evan perez and jim sciutto that the fbi and the justice department are investigating the possible hacking of the clinton campaign's computers and e-mail testimo system. this is all very disturbing information. >> no doubt it's disturbing. the clinton campaign manager went on state of the union with jake and asserted it was the russians without a ton of facts at that point. other reporting has come out throughout the week that does sort of point that way, but perhaps robbie was so confident last saturday because they may have already been looking into this issue in their own campaign headquarters. so it now seems that the democratic accomplishment across the board from the presidential campaign to the party headquarters to the congressional arm, they're under attack. that's what this is. they're under attack. so this now, i would imagine,
2:41 pm
we're going to see congressional hearings. this story is going to be with us for our while to find out who's doing it and what the motivation is behind it. >> and if these leaks come out, who knows what's actually in those e-mails. donna brazile said there could be a lot more dnc e-mails coming out. it keeps that issue in the news. remember, james comey said that hostile actors overseas could potentially access her e-mails through that private e-mail server. it keeps that issue alive, something they don't want to talk about. >> evan perez and jim sciutto quoting law enforcement officials saying this apparent hack of the clinton campaign was discovered by private investigators hired by the campaign. they believe it was similar to the hacking of the democratic national committee, similar techniques were used. if, in fact, these three, the dnc, the dccc and the clinton campaign were hacked, that's going to cause a lot of problems if a lot of these e-mails are released publicly in the middle
2:42 pm
of this campaign. >> that's right. i think you almost want to step back and observe the magnitude of what we're witnessing right now. this is a cyber watergate that's occurring during the course of this political campaign, the likes of which we've never seen before. it has the potential to alter this campaign. it's already altered it somewhat in that debbie wasserman schultz was forced to leave the dnc as a result of the leak of these e-mails over the dnc. lord knows what's in the rest of these e-mails over at the clinton campaign. it's also a test for donald trump. remember a couple days ago there were people on both sides of the aisle questioning whether donald trump was fit to be president in the way he responded to this by saying, well, the russians should tell us what they have in terms of hillary clinton's missing e-mails. so i think we hav not really seen how all of this is going to unfold and what the impact is going to be on this campaign. no question about it, this is really a big moment. >> we're waiting for a statement from the clinton campaign responding to these reports. we'll obviously have that as soon as it comes in. this was donald trump's first opportunity to respond in a very formal way.
2:43 pm
we took the speech live here on cnn to respond to the hillary clinton speech that she gave last night. he said it was what a sad situation, referring to her speech. he said he watched it last night, so average. he had an opportunity to go through point by point the accusations that were leveled against him. he really didn't. >> no, he didn't at all. and he just kind of leveled char charges right back at hillary clinton, not really giving any sort of substance in response to her counterpoints. it was interesting. some of our reporters there at that event noticed there were these chants that have been since the republican national convention in cleveland in the audience saying lock her up, lock her up. then donald trump got a lot of praise for being more presidential and kind of responding, saying, no, don't say that. basically just go out and vote. we got to beat her in november. today he kind of started to join in on those chants. it seems like he's trying to bring a bigger argument against
2:44 pm
hillary clinton, kind of get down in the scrum. he made the point to that earlier. he said, i'm about to bring it against hillary clinton. >> at the republican convention, we heard chanting lock her up, lock her up. he at one point, you're absolutely right, he said, you know, we're going to do some other stuff, we're going to win the election, we don't necessarily have to lock her up. he did say just now, david, we're going to get a lot of bernie supporters. we did see at the democratic convention in philadelphia there were some bernie or bust heckling a bit hillary clinton in her speech, general allen when he was speaking, leon panetta, the former defense secretary. is donald trump right, that he's going to get a lot of bernie supporters in november? >> define a lot. i doubt that he's able to bring over a majority of bernie supporters. i don't think he probably can get a third of bernie supporters, would be my guess, over to his side because we see in our polling that many of them are already moving towards
2:45 pm
hillary clinton. but that doesn't mean he's not going to continue to try. this is a main avenue for the trump campaign. they do believe that part of what fueled them and their rise throughout the primary season fueled bernie sanders' rise, and they want to make sure that they open their arms to welcome anybody willing to come into their fold because obviously that could have a big electoral impact, even if he did win 30% of bernie supporters, which would be huge. >> we're going to have much more coming up on the breaking news. i want everyone to stand by. we'll take a quick break. we'll be right back. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork.
2:46 pm
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we're back with our political experts as we cover the breaking news.
2:50 pm
only moments ago, donald trump's rally in colorado, the crowd started chanting "lock her up, lock her up," referring to hillary clinton. i want to play that for you. pay attention to his reaction. [ chanting lock her up ] >> you know what, i've been saying -- i've been saying let's let's just beat her on p november 8th. i'm starting to agree with you. >> jim acosta, that's a shift from what he said last week. >> on wednesday i asked him at the press conference, he did not join in when they were chanting lock her up at the republican convention. he said i didn't get enough credit for that. i said let's just beat her in november. he repeated that just yesterday. for him to say what he said a
2:51 pm
few moments ago, indicate what we'll see over next several weeks is this is going to be a brawl. if your stomach was churning before, you better get out the rolaids i think this is down and dirt. i think he's decided the race is reset and all bets are off. >> one of the things he said at this rally was talking about temperament. this was the whole democratic convention is she has a temper. she's the one you can trust in the oval office because he's even kiled. he said i have one of the best temperament. he said i have a winning temperament. he recognizes some of these attacks may have worked. it's one way he decided to respond. >> he said, you know, i said last week that we will just beat her. he starts getting applause for that. the crowd started applauding the
2:52 pm
posture he took last week. he said, no, no, i'm starting to agree with you. he stepped on his own. his supporters were trying to give him credit for that moment. >> just today, mike pence was quoted saying that we shouldn't have name calling in politics. mike pence said that. he's trying to dial this campaign back as well to no avail. >> you've covered him a lot during this election cycle. he can be a very disciplined speaker when he's got a script, when he's reading the te teleprompter. this is the came donald trump we have seen. if you speak to his aides, they
2:53 pm
believe it worked in the campaign and it might work now. >> it's notable he came out today, his first rally and he settled at the podium. he said isn't it great there's not teleprompters there. it's like he enjoyed shifting back to this more authentic donald trump. the big question is how will it work for him now. it's interesting how mike pence shifted the role of a traditional vice presidential candidate. right now he's playing clean up for donald trump. it's interesting to see if he cleans that up. >> hesita's responding to the criticism in the way he likes to respond. michael bloomburg was very tough. he's independent. he came out at the democratic convention and very tough. donald trump responded by saying i was going to hit one guy in particular, a very little guy.
2:54 pm
i was going to hit him so hard his head would spend. he came out of nowhere and then he's been tweeting about michael bloomburg. i assume that earlier reference was to michael bloomburg. >> he was making clear, he meant hit verbally. listen, it was very clear when we were all watching speech, he all knew, that's going to get under donald trump's skin faster than anything else. questioning his business acumen is one of the fastest ways to get him on twitter. >> he questioned his mental sanity too. >> jake tapper interviewed tim kaine and asked if he agreed with the criticism, tim kaine couldn't go there. he said michael bloomburg knows donald trump better than i do. >> you're going to be on the campaign trail with him. >> he was not going to lay low.
2:55 pm
all indications are he's going to keep up this busy pace. he wants to get the narrative back on his side as we saw at that sometimes messy press conference on wednesday. >> we'll stay on top of the breaking news. stand by. we're getting new information about the suspected cyber attack on the hillary clinton campaign. the computers, e-mails. is russia behind it? we'll be right back. and can you explain to me why you recommend synthetic over cedar? "super food"? is that a real thing? it's a great school, but is it the right the one for her? is this really any better than the one you got last year? if we consolidate suppliers what's the savings there? so should we go with the 467 horsepower? or is a 423 enough? good question. you ask a lot of good questions... i think we should move you into our new fund.
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we're learning of a computer hack after two other cyber attacks at democrat party organizations. sources say russia is to blame. is vladmir putin trying to influence the u.s. election. tonight, can the democrats bank on a convention bounce as the general election campaign revs up. hit em hard. donald trump keeps his verbal fire on the democrats since hillary clinton's convention speech. this has his running mate declares there's no place for name calling in presidential politics. father's fire. a muslim american points to the u.s. constitution and the memory of his war hero son to unleash a blistering condemnation of
3:01 pm
donald trump at the democratic convention. >> you have sacrificed nothing and no one. >> we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitze. you're in "the situation room." breaking news, more fuel for fears vladmir putin may be trying to interfere in the u.s. election. law enforcement officials in washington investigate a new cyber attack on the hillary clinton campaign. this after two hacks on democratic party organizations. stand by for more on that. hillary clinton is taking her convention message on the road. she's arguing that voters have a clear choice between man who claims he can fix things alone and a woman who says americans are stronger together.
3:02 pm
the democratic presidential nominee is hoping she left philadelphia with a convention bounce as she and tim kaine launch a bus tour through the battleground states of pennsylvania and ohio. donald trump offering a scathing review a little while ago during a campaign rally in colorado. trump national campaign spokeswoman is with us tonight. she's standing by live. jeff is in philadelphia with more on the democrats post-convention swing. what's the latest? >> reporter: the clinton campaign is not commenting on this hour of the report of potential computer hacking into their own campaign accounts along with other officials.
3:03 pm
they're not commenting on that yet tonight. this is happening as they held a rally here in philadelphia. they believe they have unified their party after a week long convention. now comes the hard part trying to win over those voters still undecided in the middle. ♪ the new democratic ticket is take its show on the road. >> as of tomorrow, we have 100 days to make our case. >> reporter: the challenge now tapping into the country's hunger for change. i'm not telling you that everything is peachy keen. i'm telling you we made progress
3:04 pm
and we have work today and we will make sure everybody is included. >> reporter: their fight with donald trump is now fully joined as they try making him an unacceptable choice. >> the republican convention was like a twisted and negative tour. it was a journey through donald trump's mind, and that is a frighten place. >> reporter: today they set off on a bus tour of pennsylvania and ohio evoking memories of another journey back in 1992. >> thank you. >> reporter: with the clintons and gores. this time the clintons are along tim kaine and his wife, anne, still focusing on the economy. >> we're going to be visiting a few places where people are making things. donald trump talks about make america great. he doesn't make a thing in america except bankruptcies. >> reporter: a democratic convention rich in history. >> i accept your nomination for president of the united states.
3:05 pm
>> reporter: is now the script for how democrats hope to defeat trump. >> russia, if you're listening. >> reporter: she says he doesn't have the temperament for the oval office. >> man you can bait with a tweet is not a man you can trust with nuclear weapons. >> reporter: safety and security an essential piece of her argument. >> donald trump says, and this is a quote, i know more about isis than the generals do. no, donald, you don't. >> reporter: after a week in historic philadelphia, clinton made clear the history making moment that matters comes in november. >> i believe every time we knock down a barrier in america, it liberates every one in america. every parent in this country could look at their son or their daughter and now say, the very same thing, you, too, could be
3:06 pm
president of the united states. thank you all. god bless you. >> reporter: now in that convention speech, hillary clinton said she would reach out to democrat, republicans, independents. she would be the president for people who vote for her and who don't for her. she's very likely to run into both of those on this 600-mile, three-day tour of rust belt counties. these are the critical places where she's trying to win over voters here. if she does, she could do well in a race with donald trump here. donald trump, is trying to go after the same people as well. he's campaigning these very same counties and towns. you will bet he will be back again soon. >> thanks very much. to donald trump now who has been unleashes a barrage of new attacks in response to the democrats convention. he's out there on the campaign trial. also on twitter, our national correspondence jason carol is in colorado where donald trump wrapped up a major rally.
3:07 pm
first time speaking since the democratic convention. update our viewers. how did it go? >> at one point, donald trump told the crowd who had gathered here he was hoping that hillary clinton would have congratulated him for accomplishing so much in terms of securing the nomination. he continued to criticize clinton calling her dishonest. he says if people think he's been tough on her in the past, he said just wait for what's to come. >> just remember this, trump is going to be no more mr. nice guy. >> reporter: donald trump on offense taking aim at heillary clinton on the heel ofs of this week's democratic convention. >> i'm starting to agree with you. >> reporter: trump also ignoring the advice of a friend who he said told him to stay focused on clinton. >> i was going to hit one guy in particular, a very little guy. i was going to hit this guy so
3:08 pm
hard his head would spin. he wouldn't know what happened. >> reporter: today going after former new york city mayor, michael bloomburg who delivered a scathing attack at trump. >> trump says he wants to run the nation like he's running his business. god help us. i'm a new yorker, and i know a con when i see one. >> reporter: trump said if if he ran again for mayor, he wouldn't get 10% of the vote. they would run him out of town. >> man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons. >> reporter: trump firing back. >> if somebody tweet, i'll do what i do. i think i have the best
3:09 pm
temperament or one of the best temperaments of anybody that's ever run for the office of president. ever. i have a winning temperament. >> reporter: the gop nominee, as he's done so many times in the past, calling clinton several names on twitter, all this while mike pence took issue with the name calling after the president referred to trump as a home grown demagogue during his speech wednesday night. >> i don't think name calling is any place in public life. i thought that was unfortunate that the president would use any term like that let alone lace into a sentence like that. >> reporter: wolf often times when you coming out to rallies you hear the crowd chant lock her up, in reference to hillary clinton. today for the first time we heard trump say to the crowd, i think you're right. i think it's time for something like that to happen. also going forward, he said in terms of how he's going to be
3:10 pm
treating hillary clinton, he said the gloves are going to be coming off. wolf. >> thanks very much. joining us now, the donald trump campaign national spokeswoman katrina pearson. thanks very much for joining us. >> great to be here. >> as far as you know, is there any evidence to suggest your campaign or the donald trump campaign has been hacked? >> no, not at all. i've heard nothing about our campaign being hacked. we do take extra measures to secure our communications. after all, we were one of the only ones talking about hillary clinton's e-mail scandal and the fact her server was insecure. >> is donald trump concerned a foreign government might be trying to sway this election? >> i think everyone is concerned that a foreign government is hacking at all. there was something mr. trump talked about a long time ago.
3:11 pm
abc news reported the dnc were told they needed to update their security measures and they didn't. >> the democratic national committee, their e-mails were hacked. the justice department and fbi are looking at if they have been hacked. if more information is released, embarrassing information to hillary clinton, the democrats, will the trump campaign exploit that information if it's coming, let's say from russian hackers or other foreign hackers? >> well, i don't know if you could say it's exploiting. i think it's more vindicating. this is something mr. trump was talking about. it was the dnc using racism and sexism to try to divide people,
3:12 pm
not the republicans. i suspects if anything comes out, it's going to be more of the same. more that hillary clinton has no intentions on following through with her brand new positions on trade and education. really there's nothing to exploit. it's going to be another "i told you so." >> will the trump campaign use that information if more information embarrassing information to hillary clinton and the democrats is leaked? >> well, of course we're going to talk about it. particularly if it's something like the dnc was colluded with the media to create negative stories about mr. trump like painting him as a racist. it's interesting he's had a public life for the last three to four decades and just now he's being painted as a racist. these are the kinds of things the public should know. if information comes out, the campaign will talk about it. >> secretary clinton said last night, and i'm quoting her now, a man you can bait with a tweet
3:13 pm
is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons. you heard her say that in her speech. she said donald trump can't handle a political campaign let alone be commaner in chief and have his finger on that nuclear button. here is the question some people are asking today. i want to give you a chance to respond. is donald trump proving her right with his barrage of tweets and what he said at his rally in colorado tonight? >> no, not at all. mr. trump has been able to utilize twitter unlike any other. it does breakthrough the media which tries to tell a different story quite often. she's insulting millions of millenials who use twitter as their primary source of information. mr. trump will always defend himself. i think that the left and the clinton campaign are shocked that they actually have a republican candidate that they can't just sit back and call names, put out lie, rewrite their policies and just take it.
3:14 pm
donald trump is going to defend himself and the campaign is going to continue to set the record straight. >> you heard mike pence, the vice presidential nominee say no more name calling in these presidential campaigns. donald trump did a lot of name calling and he does a lot of name calling with hillary clinton now. is there a gap, a division between the vice presidential nominee and the presidential nominee? >> governor pence said in public life, that's the president of the united states that he's talking about. donald trump as a private businessman, he's a political candidate, but he's not a current office holder. that's what mike pence was talking about. >> ronald reagan's spokesman and speak writer addressed the democratic convention and he said this, he said i knew ronald reagan. i worked for ronald reagan. donald trump you're no ronald reagan. there's other republican who is are saying they can't vote for donald trump and they're going one step further saying they
3:15 pm
will vote for hillary clinton. how concerned is the trump campaign about that? >> well, we're not concerned. look, donald trump broke the record in the gop primaries. he's already flipped tens of thousands of democrats to support him as well as hillary clinton has been trailing in double digits because of his policies. we've had democrats speaking at the rnc that support mr. trump and several others will be coming out in the future. >> will donald trump continue name calling? will he continue to make fun of hillary clinton by calling her various names? >> you mean like crooked hillary, absolutely. if the name fits. here's the thing. we never hear about the name calling on the democrat side. there were a ton of names being called and hurled at mr. trump. we didn't see the same fall out in media. mr. trump and the campaign will continue to defend mr. trump and his campaign. >> i raise the question only because mike pence, his running mate, said there shouldn't be
3:16 pm
name calling in presidential politics. stand by. there's more to discuss. i want to get your reaction to other element that is we heard in that democratic convention. much more right after this. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, and you're talking to your doctor about your medication... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. doctors have been prescribing humira for over 13 years. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections,
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bloating? pain? you may have ibs. ask your doctor if non-prescription ibgard is right for you. ibgard calms the angry gut. available at cvs, walgreens and rite aid. they're investigating a cyber attack on the hillary clinton campaign. much more on that coming up. katrina, donald trump just wrapped up a speech in colorado. he was responding to the crowd that started cheering, started saying lock her up. i want to play this clip for you. then we'll discuss.
3:21 pm
listen to this. [ chanting lock her up ] >> you know what, i've been saying let's just beat her on november 8th. you know what, no, no, i'm starting to agree with you. tired of saying it. every time i mention her, everyone screams lock her up. they keep screaming. you know what i do, i've been nice. after watching that performance last night, such lies. i don't have to be so nice anymore. i'm taking the gloves off, right? yes. take the gloves off. >> does the donald trump campaign believe hillary clinton should be locked up? >> i think a lot of americans believe that. look at the polling.
3:22 pm
this wasn't just a republican thing. the democrats were chanting lock her up at the dnc convention. there's a lot of people who think that she should not have been held above the law considering how she was asked by the fbi to send the information when we all know if you're being investigated, they'll kick down your door and take all of your e electronic devices. she did get off after the fbi director said she lied. >> he also said there was not evidence to file any charges, any criminal charges against her. >> that's right. >> that's what the fbi director said. >> that's right because there's 33,000 missing e-mails. that's right. 33,000 missing e-mails. >> the question is does your campaign, the trump campaign believe she should be locked up? >> i think for what she did and now they will be investigating
3:23 pm
her for lying under oath to congress, we believe that hillary clinton should be held to the same standard as every other american. >> i'll leave it on that. you don't want to answer directly. donald trump heard the chanting. he said we want to beat her in november. today he changed that position. you just heard that. he said maybe that's a good point. i'm just trying to get from you whether you think she should be locked up. you don't want to answer directly, right? >> well, there's a question of what exactly happened. if we can find the 33,000 e-mail, maybe we'll know more. it's safe to say she should be held to the same standard as every other american. we know that's not the case. there's a time and place for everything. at the convention mr. trump said let's just beat her in november and moved on. he's at rally. you know, i've been on this
3:24 pm
program several times. mr. trump is engaging with his audience. they're cheering and loving it. >> he heard the lock her up chant -- >> after what heard at the convention. absolutely. he's hitting back. >> all right. let's talk about one of the more moving speeches over at the democratic convention last night. it came from the father of a muslim war hero who gave his life in the iraq war trying to save several service member. listen to what a little bit of what his father had to say. >> look for the words liberty and equal protection of law. have you ever been to arlington cemetery. go look at the graves of brave patriots who died defending
3:25 pm
united states of america. you'll see all faiths, genders and ethnicities. you have sacrificed nothing and no one. >> has donald trump reached out to the family for their son's service to the united states? >> i don't know if mr. trump has reached out to the family. i will say this, it's truly unfortunate that we are using this opportunity to pit people against each other, particularly, in a state where we have to do something about what's happening in the middle east. mr. trump wasn't in the military but there were 3,000 families who lost loved ones, husbands, fathers, brothers and sisters on 9/11.
3:26 pm
15 years later here we are saying the exact same thing under the exact same policies and hillary clinton was at the forefront with barack obama that made the situation worse. it doesn't matter how many lies they continue to tell to the american pub llic. there's limited powers that the government is supposed to have and national security is one of them. that's where hillary clinton have failed. >> would it be a good idea from the campaign's perspective to reach out to him and thank him for his son's service. >> mr. trump has thanked everyone for their service. i don't know if he will reach out to the family or not. again, i think that's another opportunity to make headlines and mr. trump doesn't like to do that with matters of the heart. >> it would be a nice gesture, don't you think? >> it would be a nice gesture to thank all the veterans. it would be a nice gesture at
3:27 pm
the dnc when you take a moment to honor police officers that black lives matter didn't chant through it. >> thank you. she's the national campaign spokeswoman. just ahead, we'll have more on the breaking news we're following right now. the cyber attack. there are reports that there's been a cyber attack on the clinton campaign. we'll be right back. to discover what we it's learn on the track... doesn't stay on the track. it just finds more street-legal form. for a limited time get some of the best offers of the year on our complete line of f sport performance vehicles. at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, isn't it time to let the real you shine through?
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3:32 pm
cnn has learned the fbi and the justice department are investigating a possible computer hack of the clinton campaign. this is in addition to the cyber attacks on two other democratic party organizations. joining us now cnn politics executive editor, washington post assistant editor. this that an an overarching theme. can voters stomach more bad news about e-mails, hacks. if there's been a hack of the clinton campaign. that information is released publicly and if the russians responsible for that hack, that could be explosive in the middle of a campaign like this.
3:33 pm
>> if some of the e-mails that have been communicated back and forth were to get out there. really what the problem is the fact that the russians are trying to play into our political system and cause chaos right now. clearly if they had a choice, they would want donald trump to be president. he's appearing to say that he would be willing to work with vladmir putin and we have hillary clinton not. this is not good news for american democracy now. now the clinton campaign, let's say as the suspicioissuesuspici russians are doing that. is there any legal recourse?
3:34 pm
>> the answer is no. a foreign power is taking an active role in an american presidential election. this used to be the stuff of movies. if the dnc hack was the work of russian, it's already had an impact. the wikileaks e-mails really had an impact. the thing that's really bad for the clinton campaign is there's almost nothing they can do. what are they going to do? sue russia. there's no legal remedy. these are very hard to identify at all who the source is. even if you did, and it's a foreign power, a political campaign is no position to sue a foreign power. the clinton campaign will have to deal with whatever the implications are and whatever the content of these e-mails are. >> we skrus receijust received
3:35 pm
from hillary clinton responding. data program maintained by the dnc and used by our campaign was accessed as part of the dnc hack. our campaign computers system has been under review by outside cyber security experts. they have found no evidence that our internal systems have been compromised. you understand that a lot of the details there. that's what they say has been hacked. >> what they're talking about is the hillary clinton campaign as well as the sanders campaign at times can work together on trading information back and forth regarding voters files in many ways. that's what it appears to be. the fact they were able to get into the door in the front door, god knows how far that they
3:36 pm
tried to get in even further. >> how damaging could this be? >> i think it's really question more of national security than kind of partisan advantage for either side. this is an extraordinary moment where you have a country that is moving back toward kind of systematically hostile relations with the u.s. overtly interfering. i think it's a bridge too far to say specifically that they are trying to help donald trump. we don't know that. we know if they are involved, they are trying to disrupt and cause chaos which may be sufficient for them. we also know that trump's initial reaction to it where he initially welcomed, basically invited the russians to hack the clinton forces and try to find the e-mails and later said it was sarcasm. either way it's a remarkably cavalier response to what's extraordinarily aggressive act by the russians. i think it's a question of not
3:37 pm
so much how the campaigns respond but how the u.s. government will respond which most experts seem to believe. >> so far only democratic institutions have been hacked. the dnc, the d triple c and now the hillary clinton campaign. >> only democratic institutions that we know of. let's say that democratic institutions are the only ones that have been hacked. it is a problem for the clinton campaign and the dnc if for no other reason that it feeds into this narrative that secretary clinton, with her e-mail scandal, may have been a security risk. that's a narrative that the trump campaign would like to put out there, whether or not it's her fault. >> how does the campaign deal with this right now? this could be so demoralizing if sensitive, embarrassing e-mails are leaked as they were involving the democratic national committee. >> we're seeing the dnc still
3:38 pm
recovering from that. this just reminds the public about the perception and mistrust around hillary clinton with her e-mail server. it's not directly related, there's still that connection this voters would make. >> i think, wolf, i think it's a very strange analysis. you're talking about being the target of a foreign intelligence service and if anything, the questions will arise about why they are doing this? i think that's the longer run issue. i said i don't think you can say at this point that deliberately doing it to help one side or the other. if it's a systematic attack on democratic party institutions, that conclusion becomes harder to resist. in the end that will be a bigger issue. i think the biggest issue is why are the -- if the russians are doing this, why are they doing it and what are the implications for american democracy to have a foreign government so overtly
3:39 pm
trying to influence the outcome. i think that will be a bigger question than whether the clinton campaign has sufficient security. i'm guessing that the trump campaign's cyber security is no more sophisticated and the issue may be why only one side if it turns out to be the case was targeted in these attacks. >> jeffrey, why do you think the russians, if in fact the russians are responsible for these acts, why do you think they're doing it? >> because they want trump to win. that's the only reason i can think of. that is a -- it's a very disturbing thing to think that a foreign power is taking that kind of role. if i can just add one other point. once these e-mails come out, if in fact, they do come out. we're going to focus on the content. we're going to focus on what embarrassing thing was said. we've all sent e-mails and write things in e-mails and i'm
3:40 pm
certain there there be embarrassing stuff. that may be more embarrassing than the fact of the disclosure and who did it. >> everyone, stand by. we're getting more information coming in on this latest development. the apparent hacking not only of the dnc, the d triple c but now the clinton campaign, much more right after this.
3:41 pm
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3:45 pm
we're back with our political team. we're following the breaking news in the presidential race. reporting that the fbi and the justice department are now investigating whether the computer system, part of the system used by the hillary clinton campaign has been hacked and maybe been hacked by the same people who hacked the dnc and the d triple c. that's believed to be russians. you're now getting the first reaction from the trump campaign. >> they sent over this statement to us. this is from jason miller. donald trump's senior communications advisor. this seems to be a problem where ever hillary clinton goes. hopefully there wasn't classified or top secret information that puts american lives at risk. it goes to show we're seeing the donald trump campaign try to weave this together with the e-mail server scandal that's been dogging hillary clinton since we learned that she was
3:46 pm
keeping her own server as she was secretary of state. >> it's interesting, the national campaign spokeswoman for the trump campaign, i interviewed her moments ago and said if there is embarrassing information that will hurt the hillary clinton campaign, they would use that information. she wasn't shy about that. >> it's clear they will pick at this wound a little more. it's interesting especially coming after the democratic convention this week where so much of it was argument against donald trump's areas of trust and his risk factors. one of those lasting lines that came out of hillary clintons speech is you don't want to trust someone that can be baited in to tweet with the nuclear codes. i think they are trying to flip and turn that on her on this
3:47 pm
issue again. b get back to hillary clinton, her bigger issues of trust. >> you think there's an issue involvie ining national securit. >> it's a very strange argument to say the classic blaming the victim. if you're saying the russian intelligence service is systematically attacking institutions associated with the democratic party in the u.s., potentially because they want to help donald trump who has said remarkable things about vladmir putin. i don't think we know that yet, but potentially that's why they're doing it. then you say because the russian intelligence service is attacking hillary clinton campaign, that means she's not fit to guard national security. that is just completely inverted. the real issue is here the national security question of a foreign government potentially trying to influence the outcome of the u.s. election or to throw the election into chaos. either way, i think this is a question of how the u.s. government will respond. i'm in los angeles where we had
3:48 pm
a dry run for this with the indications that the north korean government hacked sony. initially everybody was like this is cool. we have these e-mails inside of sony. about halfway through, people realized that a foreign intelligence service attacked major u.s. institution and we were amplifying the impact by reveling in the disclosures that were made. i think we're really missing the forest for the trees. the question should be how are we, as a country, going to deal with it. now who is going to get an immediate partisan advantage over it. >> david, if the trump campaign exploits, uses this information for political purpose, could that backfire on them politically? >> wolf, i think it could if it ever comes out or if the public starts to see this as the trump campaign working in concert with the putin administration or
3:49 pm
someone in russia. up to this point, i think ron is right, there's an element of victim blaming here. at the same time, we've got this idea of one campaign being hacked and you already see from the statement you got, the trump campaign not necessarily being in cohoots but playing along to their advantage. >> we have to be careful. we have no evidence that donald trump and vladmir putin are talking about night about how to take down clinton. >> it was the clinton campaign who suggested last sunday that the russian, if they're doing this, they're doing it to try to get donald trump elected because they think he would be friendlier towards russia. >> you can imagine government of super powers spying on each other. it's the statements coming from the trump campaign that's unprecedented. >> you'll also hear from some trump supporters is that it's sort of underscores the ine
3:50 pm
ineptness of the democratis. they can't protect their own computers and e-mails. >> that's where you get into the victim blaming. lots of american companies whether it's target or sony or all sorts of companies have been hacked. that doesn't necessarily mean that they are bad companies. i cannot conceive, way that this is a very serious thing, but if e-mails come out we will focus on the content of those e-mails. did they say nasty things about bernie sanders? did they say nasty things about possible vice presidential candidates? this is what people do on e-mail, and i am afraid that the content of the e-mails will overwhelm the larger issue of who hacked it and why.
3:51 pm
>> i just want to be precise once again. the clinton campaign is saying, mark preston, what was hacked apparently was an analytics data program maintained by the democratic national committee and used by the hillary clinton campaign and a number of other entities. they're suggesting the e-mails themselves were not hacked and only the data program. >> and data that is basically used for voter files to try to get out the vote. it appears that that's what's going on because it does happen in campaigns. >> more on the breaking news coming up. hillary clinton's campaign responding as we just heard to the latest reports of a cyber attack. we're learning new information. we'll be right back.
3:52 pm
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3:56 pm
the breaking news tonight, sources telling cnn the fbi and the justice department are investigating a cyber attack involving data used by the democratic party and the hillary clinton campaign now says there's no evidence its internal systems have been compromised. our chief national correspondent jim sciutto is working the story with us. he joins us along with our elise labott and mark preston and our legal analyst jeffrey toobin is still with us. based on all of the reporting you've done, how wide spread is
3:57 pm
th this? >> this is proving to be an enormously expected cyber attack. >> and that led to the resignation of the chairman of the dnc and we learned the democratic congressional campaign commit and that opened up the clinton campaign and a whole host of candidates around the country and their communications and donor, et cetera and now it extends into the clinton campaign itself and the clinton campaign saying it was a shared analytics tool, regardless, it's information in the campaign which, along with e-mails provides enormous potential for other things to be revealed that could have an effect on the campaign and the one final point and i'll make the one common thread, it's russia. >> there are a lot of people fearing this could be the start of a brand new cold war, elise. >> there's the feeling that russia, if it is indeed proved to be russia crossed the line. every country spies on one another, but the idea that the information was leaked in an effort to meddle in the u.s. election. that is really seen as crossing a line and when you look at what putin is doing across europe.
3:58 pm
he's funding elections of parties that are friendly to russia and to nato and very similar to the kind of rhetoric we're hearing from donald trump. so what the u.s. is saying is, if it is russia, they need to respond and perhaps they'll start working with some of these european countries who fear their election process has been threatened and i don't think you will see the cold war that we saw decades ago because the relationship with russia, even as upset as the u.s. would be it is too important and they're working with russia on syria and other aspects and it could be a response and it could be in cyberspace, but there will be some response and i don't think they'll pull the plug on the relationship. >> you're getting more information on the trump campaign? >> let's forecast this ahead in security terms and political terms. this is what i'm hearing in real time now that this is not a joke and her supposed strength is becoming a massive weakness at the same time and is hill rae
3:59 pm
clinton becoming a security liability? we heard last night on stage from philadelphia, a lot of people behind her and veterans talking about how she could fight isis and how she understands foreign policy. i think the trump campaign as we all see will use this in the upcoming weeks. >> china, russia, they're attacking the whole expanse of the u.s. government and not just hillary clinton and they've been in the opm and they've exposed the white house, state department and u.s. companies. >> they're still going to do it, though. >> also, if you listen to members of the republican party, you heard paul ryan, the house speaker warn the kremlin to butt out of the election, calling russia a dictatorship with blood by a devious thug and his own running mate, mike pence saying if it is russia they will be held responsible. >> we are standing by, mark, for more reaction and more information from the clinton campaign, right? >> absolutely. we're waiting to hear what they have to say about this although we do understand that the data that we're talking about is the
4:00 pm
voter database this year that was exposed in the dnc. >> they keep saying the clinton campaign, no internal systems were hacked external systems. stand by. much more of our coverage continues right now with erin burnett "out front." out front next, breaking news. sources say the fbi is now investigating a hack at the clinton campaign. is russia behind it? plus, trump and clinton kicking off the final phase of this election both taking the stage tonight. so who has the upper hand and clinton and bernie sanders, they found unity, but sanders supportes are still protesting on the convention floor. can clinton win without them? let's go "out front." ♪ good evening. i'm kate bolduan in forrier ier


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