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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  August 2, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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and it is a real challenge for anyone elected in november. >> what a neat place to be in in 2016. thank you very much. i'm brook baldwin, thank you so much have a wonderful tuesday. stay right here "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. >> thanks brook. president obama today laying into donald trmp andump. >> unfit, president obama charging donald trump as being so woefully unprepared today be kander and chief, the government might stop functioning. and he didn't let hillary go without a touch of trade related shade. and the candidate keeps
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struggling to not feed. and with just three days to go until the olympics officials say the water in rio is so toxic swallowing just three teaspoons could make athletes violently ill. so how are they supposed to swim in this stuff. just when you thought maybe the back and forth between donald trump and the grieving parents of the fallen muslim american army captain might be coming to a close, well along comes president obama to breathe new life into it. just hours ago, president obama called out not just mr. trump, but every republican official that still supports donald trump. he called the republican presidential nominee unfit, unprepared and says he lacks
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the judgment and temperament. >> he said in the past, even though they were his own opponent he felt that things would at least be okay if they were president. just the words that president obama chose, in the east room of the white house, standing next to at world leader and having his say on donald trump. he was asked do you think that trump's recent companies, criticizing the parents of a fallen muslim shoulder make him unfit? he comments on his knowledge, common sense, and basic decency.
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>> i think the republican nominee is unfit to serve as president. i said so last week and he keeps proving it. >> a plunt answer to a simple question but he didn't want to stop there, unleaching more than five minute smack down. >> the notion that he would attack a gold star family that had made such extraordinary sacrifices on behalf of our country -- the fact that he doesn't appear to have basic knowledge around critical issues means that he is woefully unprepared to do this job. >> extending his pointed words to top republicans and the party as a whole. >> what is interesting is the repeated denunciations of his
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statements by leading republicans including the speaker of the house, and the senate majority leader and prominent republicans like john mccain. and the question i think they have to ask themselves is if you're repeatedly having to say, in very strong term that's what he has said is unacceptable why are you still endorsing him? what does this say about your party that this is your standard? this is not a situation where you have an ep shotic-- gaff. he is just someone who makes those kinds of statements. he doesn't have the judgment the temperament, or the %
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understanding to occupy the most powerful position in the world. there has to be a position at which you say enough. and the entire republican party endorses and validates the positions being articulated pi mr. trump. >> a warning there but president obama also has words for clinton. >> right now i'm president, and i'm for it. and i think i have a better argument. hopefully after the election is over and the dust settles, there will be more than just a political similar possible.
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>> thank you so much. appreciate it. of course it did not take long for trump to respond to the president calling him unfit. mr. trump likes to counter punch. he put up lengthy statement. >> that's right, donald trump tried to turn the page today, but again the gop found his critics just getting louder in washington. >> under fire for his very public battle donald trump tried to show he still has plenty of support. >> a man cam ip to me and he handed me his purple heart. i said man, that is like that
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is like big stuff. i always wanted to get a purple heart, this was much easier. but i tell you it was such an honor. >> so far, trump steered clear on his comments about the family he spoke about at the convention. >> hillary clinton has had ripgss with people like putin. she has a terrible relationship with putin. >> unlike his past comments he is having trouble out running is ward of words. >> trump disrespected our nation's armed forces and his disrespect for the family is an example of that. will there ever be a point in time you can look at trump in
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the eye and tell him that enough is enough. you have a son in the military how do you tolerate his disrespect. >> that's okay. that's all right. folks, that is what freedom looks like and that is what freedom sounds like okay? >> some republicans have had enough. >> some said while i disagree with her on many issues i will vote for mrs. clinton. >> trump fired back with a statement saying hillary clinton, who has proven herself unfit, the trump campaign accused the media of blowing the story out of proportion. >> i think that is a big question by him, and eric trump
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stands behind his father. eric trump suggested that strong women somehow don't get sexually harrised. >> did he stay by what he said? >> it should be addressed and addressed strongly. ivanka is a strong powerful woman, she would not allow thoers be objected. >> don't worry about that baby i love babied. i love babies. i hear that baby crying i like it. i like it. i was only kidding. you can get that baby out of here. >> we all like crying babies. he said he cannot want to criticize the but he said that
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criticism of that family should be avoided. >> major changes today at the democratic national committee in the wake of last week's e-mail hacking scandal. the ceo is now stepping down and she is far from alone. let's bring out joe johns. this starts with the hacking into the dnc server and the wikileaks revelations of the e-mails. many of them talking about attacking bernie sanders in the primaries. >> and you knew there would be some blow back. and it is just a tough time for a national party to have a big leadership transition less than 100 days before the election but after the e-mail fiasco at the start of the democratic national convention they don't appear to have much choice. they announced the departures
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today of three people including the executive director communications director lewis miranda, and cfo brad marshall who made an issue of bernie sanders religious beliefs. they made the announcement and praised all three of them. she also said there is a transition team to help the party for the election. and that includes veterans that have been around for a long time. >> still as you know, could not be a worse time for a party to have major leadership changes. president obama differing with hillary clinton on trade. did he have any response tomorrow? >> not so far. we have reached out to them and this is such a flash point in the campaign but the president supports the transpacific partnership, hillary clinton opposes it donald trump wants
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to renegotiate it all because of the fear that while relaxes trade restrictions it could hurt american workers and jobs. he expressed moment today that once the election is over cooler aheads will prevail and congress will move on the deal. there was predixes that hillary clinton would soften her position especially since she was in favor of being president obama's secretary of state. now they said she is against it before the election and she is against it after the election as well. >> okay joe johns, thank you. a crying baby disrupting a donald trump event.
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welcome back to "the lead." let's keep talking about politics i'm joined now by our
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panel including hillary rosen, andre bower. thank you all for being here. let's start with this problem between hillary clinton and donald trump. he is very aggressively out there again pushing the pacific trade deal. and they don't want to talk about it. >> hillary clinton once said it was the gold standard now she is trying to run away from it. this is what happens when the next president doesn't want to deal with it. paul ryan who likes free trade, they want to strike a deal and take it off of the table for the next administration but do democrats throw enough of a fit to try to derail it. >> we heard that the governor of the great commonwealth of
1:18 pm
virginia said she would pass that and they had to back away from that. but president obama saying kind of the same thing saying he hopes that cooler heads will prevail. doesn't that hurt her ultimately? >> i don't think it will be dealt with so easily in the lame duck. i think there is a lot of opposition to this. president obama said today that i'm for it she's fens it and friends are allowed to december agree. hillary clinton and donald trump both think they will be able to negotiate better trade deals than we have. let's give it to the next president and let's see. i think that president obama made a good case for this, but hillary clinton has taken a different view. i think that unlike donald trump who doesn't have specific plans for the economy, hillary clinton does. she has a very focused set of
1:19 pm
standards she is trying to achieve, and donald trump just saying i'm going to throw it all out and do better. >> andre, i want to ask you about something you heard earlier in the thing. he said i love the crying baby and he said maybe it's a better idea if the crying baby and the mom leave. tim kaine just weighed in on it all. >> i saw that donald trump kicked a crying baby out of an event today. so as i'm thinking about pre-k, you wonder who the baby is. >> your thoughts sir? >> i don't know that i have any thoughts. he must have been a democrat the baby. i don't know. i wasn't there, i didn't see it and i don't know if he was doing it just in good fun or what.
1:20 pm
but i hope we will focus more on the issues than a crying baby at a rally. >> i want to read you something, amanda. "conservative die hards" hold that's hillary clinton is worse than trump. she may be a corner cutter and a liar but at least she is not a sociopath. i don't know that that fits on a pumper sticker, but i think she'll take the vote. you're a republican that cannot stomach mr. trump. >> i'm prepared to live under the bridge until the next administration but others will want to seek healther. people are talking about creating a permission structure to vote for hillary clinton. i think it is hard to say i'm
1:21 pm
not voting for anybody. you're seeing other republicans coming out saying i lo vote for hillary clinton. she has a big punt so pick up republicans, donald trump is so offensive, but what will she do to strike a deal? would she really make over churns to republicans? i never thought i would say this about her having this opportunity, but she does i don't see her taking any steps to seize the moment. if she just wants to wait for people to come to her -- >> >> republicans have always liked, a strong independent voice. you have people other business leaders, coming out and saying that hillary clinton will be a
1:22 pm
good steward for the economy. hillary stewart made the most sense to me. she say i cannot look my children in the eye and say that i'm going to vote for donald trump. she worked with republicans well. >> andre, i just want to ask you so much of the option for donald trurp is not about his positions, his policies or even the fact that he thinks the nation is on the right track. you are gentlemanly, you have chivalrous you're generous in your comments. what do you say to your republicans back in south carolina who say i really want to vote for trump, but he is not making it easy for me. what do you say?
1:23 pm
>> thank you for the comments. donald trump has a background and nobody in politics has a backbone any more. it is whatever you say that day to make someone happy. donald trump dug in. they say look we appreciate the sacrifice of what your son did, but let's examine this further. he is exploiting the system -- >> hi is an immigration tour but keep going. >> but his website was rit lddled with problems like donald trump was talking about. most people in politics don't
1:24 pm
have any. once the media jumps on you, everyone draws back because they're scared of it. and for once we have a guy with a little backbone. i don't always agree with him, but someone is willing to take a stand and not immediately back down when there is controversy that comes with it. >> i want to touch on this sexual harassment and the agencies made against roger ailes who will possibly advise donald trump's campaign. mr. trump said "i would like to think she would find another career another company, if that was the case." eric trump, her brother, said she was too strong to be harassed. >> this comes from a position where it is easy to have a fall back plan. a lot of women don't. you can't recreate those
1:25 pm
circumstances. so i put out there on twitter that a lot of women may dig in. they may want to be in a position of power where they can protect other women. eric trump said that was well said i appreciate that i would like to see more of that. >> president obama calling on republicans to rescind their endorsements of donald trump, calling the candidate unfit to be commander in chief. we'll talk to one member of congress about that next. emotional moments long before they stood on that convention stage. we have a clip from an hbo documentary coming up.
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zlnkt welcome back to "the lead." president obama hammering donald trump today, calling on republican leadership to drop their support. >> there has to come a point at which you say somebody who makes those kinds of statements doesn't have the judgment the temperament, or the understands
1:31 pm
to occupy the postimportant position in the world. >> charlie dent is not supporting donald trump or hillary clinton, thank you for joining us. basic question do you disagree with president obama's assessment that donald trump is unfit for officer? >> i have made numerous stramts about some of the incendiary comments of donald trump whether it be about mexicans disabled the david duke debacle, the indiana judge, and now the kahn family situation. they're all giving me a lot of pause. and the few policies we heard have been conflicted or
1:32 pm
contradictory. i'm concerned and that is why i have refused to endorse him at the moment. >> the president challenging republicans to not endorse trump. the fist sitting republican member of congress is saying he is not going to vote for donald and he will be voting for hillary clinton. and or at least regret he is unrepentance in all things. what do you think about what congressman hanna has to say. >> he called me on sunday and made me aware of his decision. he is a rock solid guy. a good man, a good friend. where i disagree is i do not endorse hillary clinton, i think
1:33 pm
she disqualified herself in part because of the way she mishandled classified material. any member of congress or the government mishandling classified nerl that way the least of their concern social security maintaining a security clearance. and if we want four more years of the same policies hillary clinton would be your choice but i don't want four more years. i agree that the statements of our nominee have been harmful to the party. as a party we need to get back to being a center right party and reclaim what it means to be a more traditional conservative. things like measured statements, evolutionary change ordinance, measured statements and tone. i think these are the things the
1:34 pm
center center-right party should be about. as opposed to some of this reckless rhetoric that we have been hearing that is not lending itself well to a center right or a conservative party. >> in fewer than 100 days you're going to have to pull a lever, who will you pick? >> like i said i'm not planning to vote for either and i'm not ready to say i will vote for the libertarians libertarians either. i'm like millions of americans right now who are not happy about the choices. i suspect if you talk to americans, the choice for the two major presidential candidates that have sky high favor favorability ratings. hillary, people have trust issues and donald trump because of the recklessness of his statements. >> pennsylvania is part of mr.
1:35 pm
trump's plan to win the presidency. he needs to win the keystone state and you're from pennsylvania and a swing district in pennsylvania. what do you hear from voters when you go home? do you think he can win pennsylvania? >> i believe pennsylvania will be very competitive at the end of the day. i'm not ready to make any grand or bold predixctions i would say that hillary clinton has a strong advantage in philadelphia and the counties around it. donald trump on the other hand has strength in southwestern pennsylvania and the upper northeast as well as the t of pennsylvania. the northern tier. i would say trump is performing or perhaps overperforming up
1:36 pm
state. and that is really the question. can donald trump cut into hillary clinton's advantage? home court advantage. >> a lot of political junkies like that answer. >> thank you, we appreciate it. >> presidential candidates and their running mates are entitled to intelligence briefings, but will they be getting the same information as top military brass? i've been taking fish oil from nature's bounty to support my heart. eating better, keeping healthy. so that no matter what happens in the future, my "future self" will thank me.
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both presidential candidates and their running baits are waiting to get classified intelligence briefings.
1:41 pm
barbara, what are you learning about the timing and the contents. >> forget all of the political drama, they say they will move ahead and provide these briefings and they could start at any point now that there are formal candidates. expect them to start soon. expect the intelligence community to only make an announcement when the briefings are concluded. it will include classified information about things like the threats and challenges facing the u.s. things like the current state of play with isis with russia with cyberer war, that type of thing. don't look for these candidates to get the crown jewels. they will not be briefed about the most secret of operations about covert operations about where operatives may be. missions being run. the high-tech tools and methods that they use to collect and share information.
1:42 pm
that is only briefed to the president elect the morning after the election. the intelligence community saying they have no hesitation to provide briefings to donald trump or hillary clinton. the information will be classified and they will be told it is classified and they need to keep that classification in tact. >> okay barbara starr, since their appearance last week at the democratic national convention they have been at the center of a political firestorm. we were reminded of an hbo documentary in which they participated in 2008. it was called section 60. look at this private moment as they visit the grave of their fallen son. >> i'm the father of captain
1:43 pm
kahn. he passed away on june 8th 2004. we moved to the united states 25 years ago, and made it our home because of the opportunity and freedom of religious freedom and expression. >> god -- >> prayer reminds us that we all are here for the purpose -- >> i just miss him. a lot. especially every day in the morning, every evening.
1:44 pm
sorry. the pain of gold star parents. thank you for letting us use that. in our world lead today, reports of chemical weapons being used in the same region that a russian helicopter was shut county. plus olympianing swimming in contaminating water. the problems plaguing brazil three days before the games begin.
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this just in donald trump was asked if he would support other republicans in their
1:49 pm
reelections. "i like paul but these are horrible times for our country, we need very very strong leadership and i'm just not quite there yet. not quit there adequate. you might remember those are almost the same words speaker ryan used when he told me weeks ago that he was not quite ready. they say he is running a very good campaign. trump also notably did not endorse senator john mccain saying they have not done a good job for veterans. an 85-year-old priest was laid to rest in france today. he was murdered when two isis terrorists tomorrowed a church near normandy while he presided over a mass. in an attack claiming to be in
1:50 pm
the name of isis. they stabbed the priest slit his throat took three nones hostage. he had been under police sir fey advance and forced to year a monitor. . now to the ongoing christ in syria. activists say cylinders of gas were dropped in northern syria, and the syrian government is claiming terrorist groups carried out an attack in o aleppo. what can you tell us about these gas attacks? >> according to the white helmets, a group of volunteer medical individuals that rush to
1:51 pm
the area to try to get to those who need aide. when we spoke to a photographer there who said he was confident it was chlorine, he said we have been through this before the symptoms were severe. they're calling on the u.n. to intervene. >> at least 30 people are reported to have been killed in alleppo. it is a dire situation for moneys of thousands still trapped in the city how are they surviving? >> with great, great difficulty jake. that particular shelling incident that happened in an
1:52 pm
area that was in rubble. it also says in the last 80 days thousands were killed or wounded and we have seen photographs of children burning tires because they're trying to obscure the jets flying overhead. they are saying it is the most intense they have ever seen. creating a humanitarian catastrophe. >> appreciate it as always arwa. the problems keep stacking up for brazil, and zika is not even half of it. is rio ready? with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain,
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. with just three days to go until
1:57 pm
the olympics begin, rio has a lot of problems they're facing. the water is considered toxic, and brazil is also grown zero for the zika virus. joining me now is dr. sanjay gupta. athletes will be in the dirty watt near tested positive for a dangerous drug resistant super bacteria. >> yeah that -- they have known about this for some time jake. i think even when they got the bid for the mechanics there was concerns about the water. but yes, about 80% of some of that waste and some of the concerns about super bugs remain. i'll tell you, the one they're talking about is something known as cre. one of the various super bugs
1:58 pm
and i don't know how much you can see over my left shoulder here jake that is cocoa cabana bay. people are swimming and paddle boarding in it, and those are the water they're talking about that is infected. there has not been a huge uptick in brazilians getting sick from that water. i point that out because much of a concern as is it salespeople have been swimming in the water for years and people are not getting sick. still pretty disgusting still concerning but the health risks may be lower than people thought. >> we're also learning that brazil is beefing up security with 14,000 patrol officers. have you noticed an increase in security? do you feel safe in rio?
1:59 pm
>> you know you're told there are certain places you should not go. certain times of day you should not be out. there has been some more minor crime and theft. we came in from the airport, i came in from salvador brazil there was a pretty huge military presence along the highways coming into ryeio. there is a lot of people still out and about. i have not felt any kind of particular risk myself. there is an under current of that but it has not been something that has been very obvious to me. i will tell you even the hospitals are starting to get prepared. it is challenging here the health care system is very overrun. people wait days and days for emergency care. they are trying to make more beds and resources available if something like that is necessary. >> thank you so much we appreciate it. >> you got it thank you. >> in programming note tomorrow
2:00 pm
hear from libertarian candidates in a townhall tomorrow night at 9:00. i now turn you over to tlsmt wolf blitzer with breaking news in "the situation room." thank you for watching. happening now, breaking news not quite there yet. in a turn of events donald trump turns on his own party leader saying he is not ready to endorse paul ryan in the upcoming primary. he is also saying he will not support john mccain in his reelection campaign. unfit and unprepared. president obama unloads on donald trump, slamming his attacks on a gold star family and saying the nominee is not informed on key issues and is woef