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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  August 7, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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that is blunt talk. all right, richard roth, thank you very much outside yankees stadium. all right, much more in the news room straight ahead. top of the hour, i'm poppy harlow in new york, so glad you're with us this sunday earri evening. we begin with more on the politics and white house. the last polling will be something that donald trump will not tweet about. the last polling shows hillary clinton up 8% over donald trump, in a two-way matchup, clinton maintains that edge even when you factor in libertarian and green party candidates. this survey, capping off what has been tough week for trump after his feud with the parents of a fallen soldier. this week he is trying to get back on track and message, doing that by attacking hillary
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clinton. >> unstable, hillary clinton. and you saw that. you saw that where she basically short circuited the people of this country. they don't want somebody who is going to short circuit up here. okay? not as your president. remember, isis is looking, folks. this stuff is so amazing. it amazes me actually. honestly, i don't think she is all there. >> all right, well trump talk -- talks about hillary clinton and tries to appeal to some republicans, there is one republican in particular that he has not won over. that is ohio governor john kasich. john kasich sending shock waves through his own party when he skipped the gop convention, even though it was in his own home state of ohio. he sat down, he spoke in a fascinating exclusive interview with our jake tapper about that and a lot more. >> paul manafort said you were
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embarrassing your state of ohio when you skipped the convention in cleveland. you talked about the pressure that you felt people telling you that you needed to go and you needed to endorse. were there back channel efforts to get you to come to the convention? >> no, not really -- >> who put the pressure on you? >> no, no, people would call who were longtime friends and say you need to do this, well, they would do a couple of things saying you need to support the party. and secondly don't give the impression you're a clinton supporter. that's just kind of this thing. well, let me be clear. i'm not, i see four years of gridlock with her, total gridlock and meltdown and economics. okay, so that is one thing. >> what do you see now? >> well, i see gridlock there too. >> were you surprised when donald trump declined to endorse speaker ryan, senator mccain and senator ayotte? >> well, yeah, i thought it was a little bizarre. >> your nominee for president,
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the republican presidential nominee said john mccain was not a hero and prefers people who were not captured. >> well, i don't agree with that. i don't agree, i think john mccain is a hero. look, jake, all throughout this anybody can say you know, trump said this, you say that. why don't you slug him over the head. look, my actions have spoken louder than any words. >> your refusal to endorse him. >> and think about this. i want to know when anybody had a convention in their state when they were the governor who didn't go in the convention hall -- i mean, some people are really furious with me about that. but -- i did what i thought i needed to do. and you know what, i never went in that hall to promote myself. and i wanted believe it or not i wanted to show respect to the nominee. and my going up there and disrupting his deal was not my
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-- what i intended to do. >> can trump win ohio? >> he is going win parts of ohio where people are really hurting. there will be sections where he is winning because people are frustrated and haven't heard answers. but i still think it's difficult if you are dividing to be able to win in ohio. >> all right, to talk about that and a lot more with me now washington correspondent and trump supporter, scotty hughes, also with us, clinton supporter maria cardona. thank you for joining us. yeah, he says it's going to be difficult for him to win ohio. look at trump, he says he is the best deal-maker out there. why can he not seal john kasich on board? because even you admitted he needs this. >> oh, he does, every republican needs the state of ohio. the question i think jake
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probably asked governor john kasich, what can donald trump do to win your support? or at the very least stop being the worst torpedos that are coming from the campaign are the same ones with r's by their name. you can sit down with interviews with john mccain, lindsey graham, and they will be the worst sticks of dynamite that will implode the donald trump campaign. what are they risking right now against the other republican supporters who may not be thrilled with donald trump but by god he knows he is a lot better than hillary clinton. you don't see one democratic governor sitting down and knocking hillary clinton. and it's not that they're agreeing with her. until they give us a solution for the problem why are you continues to do these interviews? >> yeah, but you also see some republican lawmakers, members of
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congress, senators walking away from donald trump. all right, stand by, i want you guys to listen to one more thing that john kasich said in this interview with jake, confirming it seems the new york times reports that donald trump jr., trump's son, floated the vp offer to a john kasich aide. >> donald trump jr. called you and tried to flesh out your feelings and interests in being the vp and said you would be able to run domestic and foreign policy. is that report true? >> i never got a call. apparently my aides did. >> donald trump jr. did call one of your aides and had had that conversation -- >> that is what the reports are. >> but your aides said that was accurate? >> that is what one of them told me, yeah. >> and you said i believe you said donald trump jr. said what do you think i am, a meat head to do something like that?
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>> there is either a conversation, the denial is what they offered john kasich, how wide his portfolio would be. and you know, he has obviously confirmed that something happened. you know, just possibly going back to -- and kudos for getting john kasich on the record for confirming that because there was a bit of mystery there what could trump do to win over some of the holdouts? i think john kasich is vague about that. i don't know exactly what he wants. another republican who has been very tough on donald trump is jeffrey flake of arizona. and he spelled out in detail, repeatedly what he wants and it's the big issues that are separating trump from the establishment of his party. it's a more serious immigration plan from this wing of the party. not just build a wall and make mexico pay for it. it's a more specific backing away of the ban on muslims. that is a big problem for a lot
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of republicans. you know it comes down to it, the more political things just running a more disciplined campaign. those are big policy disagreements and a big political ask. so i do think that trump, if he wants to be president he needs to reach out to some of the important players especially the governor of ohio. but he will have to give a little. just look at bernie sanders, to get hillary clinton, look how much she had to give bernie sanders to get his full endorsement, right? and that is what trump has to do as leader of the party he has to give ground on some policy and some politics. >> and a point on that -- >> i want to get maria cardona in here, because you heard, he said i think hillary clinton would be a disaster for the country. he was in no way leaning towards
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her whatsoever. when you talk about hillary clinton she is somebody who has been on the main stage for 25 years. people know everything they think they need to know about her, or at least they think they know everything they need to know about her. who was she trying to convince to come on board. what is the play here for the undecided because she is so well known on the national stage? >> well, i think two things. we saw this play out in the convention. yes, people do think they know a lot about her. but i think what they still don't know perhaps are her motivations in terms of why does she do what she has done for more than 30 or 40 years. and that is what you saw at the convention, too, give light as to we know her resume but who is the woman behind the resume. that is why i think she has gotten a bump out of the convention because people saw a more personal side of hillary clinton. her motivations, her commitment. her commitment to working families and children. and so that is i think going to be the message going forward, plus, though, she will also
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continue to contrast her commitment of 40 years. and her experience and temperament to be president versus donald trump who we have seen even republicans in his own party can't support him have come out to support her. >> scotty, before we go i do want to get your take on what we played at the top of the show and that was donald trump last night in new hampshire talking about hillary clinton saying i don't think she is all there. what does he mean? i mean, you can hate your opponent, but it's another thing i think to question their mental capacity. >> but isn't that what she has done to him for the past few weeks. it's funny, one thing mentioning that people talk about republicans coming over and people can trust her, they know her. she is one of them that can sit there and smile and laugh and you would not think the woman you see on the stage is accountable and responsible for all the corruption and distrust and lives we hear -- because she is not.
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>> i'm not asking about trustworthy, i'm asking about the specific words she is not all there. she certainly has questioned his testament, but are you saying she also has questioned his mental capacity? >> absolutely, democrats have questioned his mental capacity. >> scotty, what are they getting out of there -- >> like i said you can sit there and smile all you want, what is her actions? well, you can sit there and smile while you're putting arsenic in the sweet tea. the question is who do you learn -- >> weird image. >> remind me never to have sweet tea at scotty's house. >> last night it was throwing vases, tonight it's arsenic and sweet tea. >> it's a desperate move by the trump campaign. >> thank you all, you will be back with me. coming up, hillary clinton seizes on a positive jobs report to make her case on the economy. donald trump, though, says these
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numbers are not a bright spot that we need. we will sort it out, duke it out with two economists, including one just named to trump's economic team. also you could call colorado purple, a key swing state this go-around, so why isn't trump spending more to beat clinton there? we'll break down the numbers. and a story that seems pulled straight out of the spy novel. a nuclear scientist put to death in iran for spilling secrets to the united states. the details ahead. ♪ the sun'll come out tomorrow... ♪ for people with heart failure, tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ i love ya, tomorrow in the largest heart failure study ever.
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detroit to unveil his economic plan. hillary clinton will give a major speech on the economy thursday in detroit. when you look at the jobs numbers we found out 255 jobs were created last month, unemployment still below at 4.9%. the clinton camp says the nation is out of the ditch and needs to build on progress. the trump campaign says that the clinton machine is describing an economy that doesn't exist by most americans, that it's an economy enjoyed by most of her donors and supporters. the managing director of economic policy joins me. peter navarro is with us, an economic adviser to donald trump and just told me all the footnotes are done on the speech tomorrow in detroit for mr. trump. when you look at the analysis of trump's jobs plan previously, they figured it's going to cost 3.5 million jobs, unemployment
2:17 pm
will hit 7%, home prices will fall and the rich will just get richer. and let me note that the head economist -- >> are you -- just to be clear, poppy, are you referring to the study done by -- that -- >> let me finish -- >> and mark zandy's statistics. >> let me finish my question to you. >> well, that was a hit right off the bat. >> let me finish what i was going to say, mark zandy contributed to her campaign and also advised john mccain. and it's not just him. it's a team of economists at moody. so given that will the plan we hear from trump be different tomorrow? >> let's focus on the plan. this is in the spirit of the olympics. it's a gold medal plan that is going to knock it out of the park. it will announce the most -- biggest revolution since the
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reagan revolution in the '80s. it will cover energy, regulatory reform, taxes and trade. and the whole port of this is to get us back to double our growth rate, which we enjoyed prior to the major trade deals that hillary clinton helped enter into in terms of nafta, and china, and south korea and the fta. so this will be a comprehensive plan creating millions of jobs for american workers. it will create trillions of dollars over decades so that we can pay for infrastructure, medicare, social security and our national defense. and it's really truly visionary and goes back to the expert of ronald reagan. and i think people will be really pleased when they hear all the things that are in there for the american people and worker and manufacturers. >> andy, jump in here. because look, the jobs numbers were strong but you still have wage growth that is improving. but it's at 2.6%.
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and the fed always notes you need at least 3.5% wage growth to really have a strong economy so a lot of americans are feeling this. they see the economy growing at 1.2% and they want more. >> absolutely, i think the economy, the track record that president obama has is a strong one. there are 14 million jobs created, but clearly a lot more needs to be done. secretary clinton has a plan to reduce the economy and grow profits -- >> but it will be different from president obama's track? >> i think the question is will secretary clinton have the support of republicans in congress? this is half of the john boehner and paul ryan economy that president obama has gone against -- senator clinton will push really hard to make progress on that front. and if i could just add about everything i have seen and i
2:20 pm
have not seen the actual trump plan tomorrow, but when i hear deregulation and i hear things like regulatory reform and i think they're all talking about tax repatriation, this goes back to the economy that gives billions to the corporations that don't need them, stashing their money offshore and ships jobs overseas and contributed to deregulation. >> so poppy -- >> peter let me ask you about this. trump has said that he will if necessary slap a 35% tariff on goods imported from mexico and china. when you look at that, do you think that will help as an economist? does that not spark a trade war, actually bring the manufacturing jobs back here, because a lot of these were frankly jobs of the past for this country. how does that tariff help? >> follow me here, bill clinton shoe horning china into the
2:21 pm
trade organization, in the last 15 years our growth has been cut in half. we lost over 750 factories and have 20 million americans who can't find a good job at a good wage. china doesn't abide by any of the current rules. the tariff that trump proposes is not an end game. and the purpose is not just to put tariffs on, it's to use it as a negotiating tool to stop china's cheating. >> but if trump is the on one that says don't show your cards don't tell them what you're going to do. >> you don't show your cards but you darn well show your negotiating tools. ronald reagan was a free trader, back in the '80s when japan treated he slapped a tariff on the semiconductors. it was a defensive move. this was a battle between philosophies. let me just say this poppy, real
2:22 pm
quick, we have obama/clinton using the standard policies. >> peter, i got to let andy respond. >> yeah, i mean -- >> i got to let andy respond. >> if anybody thinks that the way that my colleague here is proposing is the way to deal with china, has never dealt with china. look, we have to be very targeted and look at the things that will raise labor standards and raise environmental standards, reduce the amount of subsidies. we'll need a lot stronger trade enforcement. and secretary clinton has a plan to bring manufacturing and targeting investments here in the u.s. i think there is a lot more to be done. i think frankly paul ryan and john boehner need to own what they're doing. here is the problem, poppy. >> peter, it's also important for both candidates to be very honest to the american people about the way the global economy has changed and what manufacturing jobs canould come back and which technology has changed. peter, you have just been named to donald trump's economic team of advisers, let me pull up that
2:23 pm
team. 13 people, five of them named steve. not one woman or not one african-american. why? why not one woman or one african-american? >> look, i see this again as a typical media bias. >> what? >> the -- >> how is that -- >> trump puts together a brilliant team to help bargain on behalf of the american people. and instead we wallow in this muck of political correctness. >> peter, it's not about being -- >> discriminate against people named steve? >> it's not about being politically correct. study after studies show the diversity of thought in corporate boards, study after studies show the diversity of thought in corporate boards, diversity of thought and representation in the corner office makes a business difference, when you look at a 2011 study by catalyst, it showed that companies with a high representation of women on boards significantly out-perform
2:24 pm
companies with no female directors. when you look at a mckenzie study -- >> poppy, you're filibustering when you have a guest here. let me respond to all of these things. again, i'm telling you what the american people are going to get with the trump team and it will have women in it. it will get as tough smart negotiators who will finally negotiate on behalf of the american worker. american domestic manufacturers, rather than doing what hillary and bill clinton have been doing for 23 years, negotiating on the part of the multi-national corporations, which have been off-shoring our productions to china and mexico and the rest of the world at the loss of all of our jobs. one thing on my bucket list, i want one election only to be about economies and jobs so that this country can be great again. and i'm hoping that we can do that rather than wallow in this
2:25 pm
politicly correct muck, this will be a team that gets better and better. >> no question about the smarts of this team, but the lack of diversity. >> this team represents what donald trump is, you really want to wonder why women are paid $79 on the dollar for what men are. donald trump has oil company owners, banks who are seeking deregulation. a bank that negotiated to make billions going short on the housing market in 2008. this is a group of investors and you know, i want to put my colleague here aside. but this is a group of investors who are making money betting against the american economy. >> i don't think you can categorize all 13 of them that way. you need some business leaders, but guys, i have to go. >> you fought the good fight against china trying to save
2:26 pm
steel workers jobs in ohio. >> women will be watching. >> i guarantee it. >> coming up, iran, executing a nuclear scientist. was he spilling secrets to the united states? what exactly happened? also the timing of this is critical. we'll discuss it. what happened next.
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a nuclear scientist in iran is dead, just executed there on charges of spying for the united states. take a look at this. this is previous footage of shahram amiri, he was charged with being the "great satan," he was charged with helping the united states. we have a career american diplomat with us, you previously worked with the state department under both president obama and president george w. bush. briefly, if you can, walk us through the significance of a retire -- amiri. >> amiri was, depending on what story comes to light, a defector, a scientist, a spy, he was in the nuclear program and at some point came in touch with the officials of the united states. and he kind of represents the shadow world of the long cold
2:31 pm
war. the long covert cold war between the united states and iran. >> but again, as we looked at this video of the plane when he went back to tehran in 2010, he was really greeted with this hero's welcome, so what transpired between that and now being in prison and then executed in tehran? >> well, there could have been facts that came to light, revelations recently that came up in e-mails. also there was the possibility that the iranian government continued to create a narrative that this person had a public persona of somebody who was coming back to the fold. however, in the background they never really trusted him again. >> so the timing of this, of his execution is very critical? right, i mean, this comes on the heels of the developments this week, the $400 million coming in cash on the plane to tehran, the day that the four americans were released and the optics of all that. >> and the optics, you have to remember the optics in tehran
2:32 pm
are that this government has made a deal with their longtime enemy, trading for cash the national security of iran. all the people that were released were accused of spying and treason on behalf of the united states. so they had traded cash for iranian national security and they needed now to restore their authority and restore the fact they're vigilant. the hard liners in iran. >> and especially the hard li r liners in the presidential election. the world choice, calling the united states the great satan, also telling. >> and that is just a return to some very hard line language of enemy, great satan, that had kind of fallen out of favor under president rouhani. but now it's important to know, poppy, this was a press conference held by the judiciary purpose. this was not a leak or comment for a reporter in the newspaper. they wanted this story out and
2:33 pm
they wanted this story to have a message, primarily at home. but abroad as well to the united states. >> do you think that message was effective? >> i think the message out there is that -- cross us and we will hold you accountable. we're still here. you know, the friendly smiling face that rouhani and the foreign minister were trying to portray abroad, those are not these people. we're still here and we still continue the united states a number one enemy. >> reasserting power in the number one country who they feel they sold out to in this deal? >> right, the basis of the support for the nuclear agreement is weakening. the supreme leader has taken some pretty hard positions against it, against the united states trustworthiness, and now they're piling on trying to push the point.
2:34 pm
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one thing we know about this election is that if you live in a swing state, your vote really's really matters. so if you're in colorado right now, listen up, that is a place where more than one third of the electorate considers themselves independent. hillary clinton and donald trump using very different strategies in colorado trying to engage people on the ground. our kyung lah reports. >> reporter: in the battleground state of colorado, the ground war. >> i'm getting people registered to vote. >> reporter: taking a look at retail and augmented politics,
2:38 pm
looking at pokemon and other attention-getting draws. a cello, for real? >> a cello, you have to be real in battleground states. >> reporter: battleground colorado twice elected bush, and then gave colorado back to barack obama. this shows signs of leading democratic. some recent polls give hillary clinton a double digit lead. since 2012, democrats have registered more voters than republicans. and the ranks of latino voters continues to grow up to 15.3% higher than the national average. 14 clinton campaign offices are up and running in the state. hundreds of workers are on the payroll, the operation expected to triple by october. >> we're not going to take anything for granted. >> reporter: democrats have spent $5.6 million on ads.
2:39 pm
the clinton camp now pulling tv ads, saying trump is not on the air waves or frankly on the pavement. >> are you seeing the trump operation out there? >> no, i haven't. >> reporter: the trump plan in colorado is far different, yes, there are some workers knocking on doors but only a handful are on the payroll. most are volunteers. the trump campaign has just five offices, relying instead on an extensive republican national state and local network in place since 2013. the campaign, not worried about being out-gunned in the traditional ground game. >> her game plan is the same old tired worn out paradigm we've seen for years and years and years. trump brings a brand-new level of energy. colorado will be decided in large by a group of people in the middle of america. >> reporter: in colorado, more than a third of voters are registered independents, like mark sabin. he supports trump. >> i will do it as an independent, so i will
2:40 pm
contribute directly to donald trump. i do not contribute to the gop. >> reporter: loyalty to trump, not party, an x factor not lost on both sides. and with both candidates having high unfavorability numbers, it's leaving voters uncertain which way they will go in november. >> i'm not sure, i want both of them as president. >> so how will you decide? >> i don't know, the lesser of two evils. >> and that is something we heard from a number of independents in the state, especially those leaning towards clinton, they already now know what they don't like, they now want something to like. kyung lah, in denver. indeed, kyung lah, thank you. and coming up, donald trump's way to win over female voters, he may be enlisting his daughter, ivanka. >> he is color-blind and gender
2:41 pm
neutral. he wants the best person for the job. get $30 off your first delivery
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much has been made of hillary clinton breaking a glass ceiling. certainly the glass ceiling of presidential politics. so what do female voters make of this political milestone? if you look at the polling it shows that hillary clinton has a pretty commanding lead of female voters, 49% support her versus the 39% to donald trump. ivanka trump, donald trump's
2:45 pm
daughter, has been one of his key supporters. she introduced him at the convention. but how can she bring in more voters? my colleague, fredricka whitfield, sat down with me. >> well, it's very interesting, to give you an idea who made up the panel we had a culture writer, an economic correspondence supporter, and a journalist, all of them with a keen view of what is on the campaign trails. they are sizing up the issues from equal pay and being invited to the table. on the issue of ivanka trump, since you asked, they used words like poised, confident, having the ear of her father. but whether she has a certain sensitivity to her father, or support on all the issues, that sparked conversation. >> i think women don't want to
2:46 pm
be viewed through the prism of gender, when donald trump talks about a woman, that helps me, he is speaking to me as a person, not as a woman. >> to talk as though there is some sort of utopia, that one day the light switch came on and it's equal for everybody, for women, muslims, black people. so to talk as -- speak to me like a person, perhaps if i was a privileged person i could take that positioning. right? but because i'm coming from the position of knowing that we're working from a deficit we have to act as if we're in today. we are not equal. >> and while they love the notion of measuring a man or woman, you know, father or mother in matter by the character or behavior of their kids, some really frowned that the idea of any candidates' kids being in the position of doing cleanup duty or offering clarification for their mom or dad wanting to be the president of the united states.
2:47 pm
>> it's a fascinating panel, fred, i know we saw a lot more of it today and on cnn as well. thank you. fred. >> sure thing. >> all right, coming up next, to a child of poverty to unbelievable power and riches, to that, heading to a mexican prison. we take you inside to the infamous escape and capture of the drug lord known as "el chapo." i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened.
2:48 pm
gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
2:49 pm
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2:51 pm
some very sad news to share with you just in to cnn. a young boy has died on the world's tallest water slide in kansas. police are investigating what is being called an accidental death at the schletterbahn water park in kansas city, kansas. the death is on the zurik, which is about 160 feet tall, according to the park department. the thoughts and prayers of everyone there are with the family. the former drug lord known as "el chapo" was sitting in a prison waiting to find out if he would be extradited to the u.s. to stand trial. the story about his life, about
2:52 pm
the drugs that he and his cartel imported, also deals with his power and his greed, and cnn premiers a fascinating new film, a look inside all of it. it's about "el chapo's" drug kingdom and how he was finally taken down. here's a look. >> reporter: before dawn, in the northern mexican city of lo los moches, 15 elite mexican marines bust into what seems like a normal middle class home, looking for one of the world's most wanted criminals. the drug lord they call "el chapo" for short. a man with an uncanny ability to evade capture and a loyal army of heavily armed thugs. it's bullets flying everywhere,
2:53 pm
so the team has to split in half. half go down where there is a bedroom this way. the other half has the difficult task of trying to make it up these stairs. in this bathroom, they came to and they just bashed it open. they find a woman in here. there is another woman back there. but "el chapo" is not anywhere on this floor. downstairs the other team moves through the hallway. you're now in the bedroom that the men are most fiercely defending. they did not want the teams to get in here. when the marines do get in, they find two men armed with semiautomatics. suddenly the men change their tune and no longer want to fight. they want to surrender. in the closet they find two more
2:54 pm
men who also surrender. marines don't know it yet, but those men are buying time for the kingpin to escape. searching, marines find machine guns, rocket-propelled grenade launchers and grenades. there are five dead guards and six others to arrest. but no "el chapo." where is he? here's your answer. it looks like an ordinary closet, but it isn't. you see this up here? it says "hood" on it like from an old car? when you pull on it, this door pops open to reveal a signature "el chapo" move. a tunnel connected to the city's sewer system and to freedom. once again, chapo, aka harry hue de -- houdini escapes. "el chapo" slips through the
2:55 pm
escape hatch behind the mirror and runs about half a mile through the sewer, popping up in a manhole in the middle of the street. the billionaire and his guard carjack the first ride they can find. this blurry video shows it happening. they flee, realize they've been spotted, ditch it, steal another, head out of town and don't make it. one of the most wanted, wealthiest men in the world is found wet and filthy in a red ford focus by officers looking for the stolen vehicle, not him. >> all right, be sure to tune in tonight to chris cuomo's special report "got shorty; inside the chase for "el chapo."" john kasich addresses the rumor that's been floating for months. did trump's camp float a vp offer by him? you'll get the answer next and
2:56 pm
much more with an exclusive interview with governor kasich, next.
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[ hip hop beat throughout ] [ fans cheering ] ♪ olympics 2016, let me get you on my level. ♪ ♪ so you never miss a moment, ♪ ♪ miss a minute, miss a medal. ♪ why settle when you can have it all? ♪ ♪ soccer to wrestling. track and field to basketball. ♪ ♪ fencing to cycling. diving to balance beam. ♪ ♪ all you have to say is, ♪ "show me," and boom it's on the screen. ♪ ♪ from the bottom of the mat, ♪ ♪ to the couch where you at? ♪ ♪ "show me the latest medal count?" ♪ ♪ xfinity's where it's at. ♪ welcome to it all. comcast nbcuniversal is proud to bring you coverage of the rio olympic games. top of the hour. i'm poppy harlow in new york. we begin with presidential politics and brand new polling in the race for the white house that finds hillary clinton ahead of donald trump. not just ahead but doubling her margin.
3:00 pm
the "washington post" abc news survey has clinton with an eight-point lead among registered voters. when you factor in third-party candidates, clinton still pulls out eight points ahead. the poll comes at the end of what has been quite a tumultuous week for donald trump, endorsing paul ryan, kelly ayotte and john mccain. there is one republican he has not won over yet and that is former candidate john kasich. he skipped entirely the gop convention despite it being held in his home state. he sat down for a fascinating one-on-one interview with our jake tapper. >> reporter: governor kasich, thanks so much for doing this. >> thanks for coming here. >> the last time i saw ywas at republican convention which you did not attend. it was the oneon


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