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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  August 9, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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all over washington, people are asking "did donald trump just say what it sounded like he said." more republican officials say they cannot stand with their party's nominee, donald trump, did he just cross one of the few lines left to cross? >> families watching in horror. falling from a ferris wheel days after a boy died on a rollest coaster. and the navy seal that fought off the taliban with his bare hands. fighting terror in the shadows. good afternoon, everyone.
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welcome to the lead, i'm jake tapper. starting with donald trump and him saying things that leaves us asking did he really just say that. trump said something that has to many democrats and republicans aghast. >> hillary wants to essentially abolish the second amendment. by the way, if she gets to pick, that's it, folks. she said that hillary wants to essentially abolish the second amendment, the right to bare arms. maybe second amendment people, maybe there is, something i don't know. is that an inkll conceived jokee
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didn't mean anything by it, or is that a joking suggestion that someone should try to assassinate his rival from stopping her to being able to select supreme court judges? we're waiting for comment from the trump campaign. this is simple. what trump is saying is dangerous. a person seeking to be the president of the united states should not suggest violence in any way. sarah murray is traveling with the trump campaign, has the trump campaign responded to your many calls and e-mails seeking clarification for what he was saying? >> they did just put out a statement. while they suggested that trump
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may be inciting violence, they they she was calling for second amendment people to rally behind him. he says they are in amazing spirit. they will vote in record numbers and it will be for donald trump in is a week when he was trying to stick to the script. >> donald trump, who made "off the cuff" is signature style is striving to stay on message. >> hillary clinton will be four more years of obama, but maybe worse. >> slamming hillary clinton and highlighting his economic plan once again today. >> i'm cutting taxes.
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especially for the middle class and especially for businesses. >> all of the members of his own party grew weary of waiting for a more disciplined candidate. the latest defector, senator susan collins of maine. she said that trump poses a risk to the nation. donald trump, in my judgment, would make a perilous world more dangerous. i worry his tendency to lash out and his ill-informed comments could escalate and spin out of control. at a time when our world is in conflict. >> this coming after national security officials said they
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can't back trump, either, saying he would put at risk our country's national security. trump quickly dismissed the snub. >> 50 people that have been running our country forever and they say they can't support donald trump. and you know why? i'm not going to hire these people, i don't want these people. >> i always have had a good temperament. it got me here, i don't think i should change all of a sudden when i have been winning. >> and finding opening to hammer his opponent. today mocking clinton for saying she short circuited her handling of the e-mail issue. >> can you imagine if i said i short circuited. they would be calling for my execution. they would bring back the electric chair. one thing to make bad decisions. it is another thing to be whacky and make bad decisions.
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>> the clinton campaign taking their own swipes at donald trump. they said that clinton would be there for all three debates. he says he has conditions for the debates, leaving the door open for the fact that maybe he won't show. >> jeff is in miami, and he is covering the clinton campaign, the clinton campaign with a very quick and forceful response to donald trump and his comments about maybe the second amendment people can take care of hillary clinton's ability to appoint justices. you heard what the trump campaign says. but a lot of people in washington, including people in the national security apparatus didn't take it that way, they thought he was making an inappropriate joke about someone
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shooting at hillary clinton. >> that is right, the clinton campaign did react quickly. with the campaign manager, specifically saying that violence should not be part of this campaign, this is all part of what the clinton campaign is trying to do, saying that donald trump is an unacceptable nominee. even if they not voting for her, they don't have to vote for him. >> hillary clinton is casting a wider net today, looking for newly supportive republicans. the clinton's campaign concerted effort to recruit republicans peeling off of trump is paying off in small waves.
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two prominent republican environmentalist who ran the epa announced their support today for clinton. they said trumps that shown a profound ignorance for science. the clinton campaign is also eyeing new investments in georgia and arizona. exploring whether trump's challenges have created a realistic opening in republican territory. democrats believe they can flip. it is a delicate dance for clinton. >> get a bill passed. get a bill focused on combatting zika passed. >> also tangoing over the fall. trump is concerned about nfl
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gaming drawing attention away from the debates. >> i don't think we should be against the nfl. i don't know how the dates were picked -- >> all of this as clinton's rally monday night outside of orlando was overshadowed by another man. the father of pulse nightclub shooter omar mateen was sitting just behind clinton. >> i know how many people, family members, loved ones, and friends are still grieving. >> he said shehe is a democrat wanted to attend. >> i love the united states. i have been living here a long time. >> he says he supports clinton. >> it is good for the united states versus donald trump.
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>> so, sadek mateen put out crazy videos, praising terrorists, has the clinton campaign said they want his support, have they denounced his support? >> they said very little about this at all today. just a short time ago, a reporter shouted a question at secretary clinton at secretary clinton. the only thing the campaign said is this, jake. he was not invited as a guest and they were not aware of his attendance until afterwards. there was some 3,000 people there or so. of course not all of them were sitting behind the stage, behind her as part of the backdrop here, but there is no question that the secretary herself will have to address this. she has been talking about the night club shooting, talking
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about it as an example of a need for gun control. >> i'm sure she will have more to say after what the clinton campaign is interpreting as a assassination joke made by donald trump. trump says 50 experts are the reason the world is less safe. one of them is general michael hayden and he will respond, next. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain,
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welcome back to "the lead." donald trump blasting 50 top national security officials for being against his candidacy. joining me now is one of the recipients of that skacathing letter. he currently does work for the
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u.s. government. thank you for being here. before we get to your letter, i want to play for you this comment that donald trump just made at a rally that the clinton people are saying is him joking about hillary clinton getting assassinated. >> hillary wants to abolish the second amendment. and by the way if she gets to pick, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know, duh -- but -- >> how do you interpret what he said? when i heard that for the first time, that was more than a speed bump. that is a very arresting comment. it suggests either a very bad taste reference to political
1:17 pm
assassination and attempt at humor, but incredible insensitivity. the prevalence of a political assassination inside of american history and how that is a topic that we done ever come close to, even when we think we're being light hearted. >> there was an attempt on donald trump's life a few weeks ago and the secret service got involved. >> if someone else said that outside of the hall, they would be in the back of a police wagon. >> does this fit in with the issues that you took with donald trump in the letter you wrote? >> it does in a way. he is out of hit element, but not always sprnsed, but confident. you said he would be a national
1:18 pm
security threat? >> yes, i think we all we all arbored the hope at a point in this process that you tact to the middle. you talk to experienced people. you start to gain knowledge about how the world works. we all kind of decided that that is just not going to happen. and since we don't expect it to happen, we felt duty bound to issue, frankly, a warning. that if he governs the way he talks as a candidate, and we have seen no evidence that he won't, he would be a danger. >> you don't buy his campaign argument that he was just referencing the second amendment activists that will be involved
1:19 pm
in defeating hillary clinton? >> i'm just telling you the way i accepted it. by the way, this might be very important. i used to tell my seniors in the cia. you get to a certain point in this business, you're not just responsible for what people say, you're responsible for what people here. donald trump said the names in this letter is the one that people should look to for why the world is a mess. they are the washington elite looking to hold on to their power. they're the owners of the disastrous decisions to go to iraq, die in benghazi, and causing the rise of isis. >> this is why we wrote the letter in the first place. he doesn't come too close to a factual accounting. we'll take a hit on iraq.
1:20 pm
most of us were in government at that time. that is something we have to defend ourselves for. the rise of isis? none of us have been in government for eight years. and yet, it was mr. trump who just slumped all of those together, blew as hard as he could to attach all of those things together. it's not fact based. at some point if you're going to be president of the united states, reality matters. >> vice president cheney and donald rumsfeld have endorsed trump. i'm sure you're talking with other foreign policy and national security experts to get on the letter, is there a warning you give? >> i wasn't the letter meister. i got a call a few weeks ago, i said yeah, i could. it was circulated among the
1:21 pm
group. i had a comment on one of the changes, that was it. the authors said are there other folks we might want to include, and people were free to sign or not based on whether or not they agree with the letter. >> and how about the response that eyou're helping elect hillary clinton? >> we all felt strongly enough about a clear and present danger that we felt compelled so say what we said. we also put in that this was not an endorsement for hillary clinton, and a lot of us do not intend to vote for her either. >> you called donald trump a clear and present danger. >> if he governs close to the language he has used in the campaign, i fear for our future. >> we just heard the former cia director say that donald trump
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welcome back to "the lead." no shortage of items to discuss. we have katrina pierson. let's play what donald trump just said a little while ago at a rally. >> hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish, the second
1:27 pm
amendment. by the way, if she gets to pick, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks, but the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know, but -- >> it's not just the clinton campaign that says it sounds like he is making a reference for violence. general michael hayden said it sounded like a threat. what did he say? >> he said exactly what he said. hillary clinton and gun control has been talked about a lot. she is a gun grabber. she will do everything she can to remove the second amendment, so mr. trump was clearly
1:28 pm
pointing that out as he does every day on the campaign trail. we also know that unification is key. there are a lot of americans that support the second amendment. there are millions of members of the nra. so this is very important in november if you care about your second amendment rights to get out there and vote. >> but he was talking about what second amendment activists could do to stop her if she won, to stop her from appointing a gun control nominee to the supreme court. it wasn't about november, it was if she gets in there folks, nothing you can do, maybe second amendment folks, that is what he said. >> that is not what he said,
1:29 pm
second amendment rights need to come together out there and stop hillary clinton from winning in november. >> he just said why can't trump say "i miss spoke." i meant we should all you unite to beat hillary clinton. >> i think you jusz saw a clarification come out from the campaign that was exactly what he wanted to say. >> anna, what did it sound like to you? >> i think it is open for sbrepation. i thi -- interpretation. >> what did it sound like to you? >> like another stupid thing. just when i thought he might be
1:30 pm
shifting into policy, he seems not to understand the power of words, particularly the power of words used by someone that is the republican nominee, the nominee of a major party. words matter. there is a lot of people out there who, the last thing they need is to get angrier. i think that is where he fails so miserably. he can't grasp the weight and influence he now carries. >> paul? >> a reasonable person would, i think, take that to mean a threat. general hayden did, a reasonable person. i wear this pin every day. it is from the secret service. they protected my boss every
1:31 pm
day. they stopped one animal trying to go after donald trump in is not something that should be joked about. i hope the best case you can say he was joking, and it didn't seem like a joke to me. i fear that an unbalanced person hears that in this environment, and takes it as a threat. >> while we're on the subject of unbalanced people, the orlando terrorist, his father, appeared behind hillary clinton at a rally last night. he was very visible. he said some horrific things out there, and talking about gays, the taliban. he is the father of a terrorist. he says he supports hillary clinton. you can't coordinate with the hillary clinton campaign i don't think. what would you advise them, if you were allowed to, what would
1:32 pm
you say? >> disavow his support. i run campaigns. at this stage, they're a big battlesh battleship, but they need to go to battle stations. they need to fire the advance person. thousands of people came to the campaign, you can't screen every one of them. but he was in the shot. he was behind the candidate. >> very visible. >> that was a bad advance move right there, and the campaign needs to disavow that man. >> if this was a donald trump rally, it would have been breaking news and there would be mass chaos. he says he was invited by the clinton campaign and was
1:33 pm
strategically placed right behind her. this is a individual that praised the taliban, and just joined isis for crying outloud. and no one can explain or come out and denounce this person? >> i have asked for a response, and i have not gotten one. >> i bet you do now. >> they should hurry up and do it, and this is a flaw by what we have seen is a very well run type of cam pane. they need to acknowledge the mistakes -- >> what is the problem, why would you hold -- i'm asking you to speculate. >> it is a logistical thing, it's not like when you're starting out. >> there was 3,000 people there, but he looked familiar to me the first time i saw a picture of him behind her. >> you ought to run a google or
1:34 pm
a check if they're in the picture. if they're in the auditorium, i can't fault them for that, but he was in the shot. >> thank you all, a ferris wheel action, and a death from the tall est water slide. who is overseeing these rides?
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on an amusement ride. two girls fell from a ferris wheel. and a boy died after going down the world's tallest water slide. is anyone in charge of ensuring safety on these rides? safety standards are not the same state by state. tonight a child is in intensive care, and a county fair is forced to shut down all of it's rides. the concern now is that there is no one set standard for safety
1:40 pm
regulations. >> i have three kids that fell from a ferris wheel. >> they fell about 45 feet from an amusement park ride in tennessee. >> we called for two helicopters, two med units. >> one day earlier, a 10-year-old died of a fatal neck injury. it is dubbed the world's largest water slide. >> what we do know about water parks is there is little oversight or regulations. they're not requires to report their injuries, and much of it is handled at a state and local level. >> there is more than 400 amusement parks. no federal agency is responsible for oversight, it is up to the state to regulate, and some are more strict than others.
1:41 pm
but the group that represents amusement parts tells cnn in a serious incidents are extremely rare. the most recent data from 2014 shows of the millions of visitors in the u.s., there was more than 1100 reported injuries. that does not account for rides. it also doesn't account for close calls like this. a texas father forced to hold his 6-year-old son mid ride after the safety restraint came loose. and fatal incidents like the woman who fell out of a roller coaster car to her death in 2013. >> she goes like this, and when it drops to go down, it just released and she was just gone.
1:42 pm
>> all raising questions why there is not one standard to ensure that millions of riders are safe. >> they're expecting to have a safe ride, we need to make sure all of the work on the design, maintenance, oversight and inspection is done so there is a safe ride for everyone. >> there is some federal oversight for temporary fairs and carnivals. but we are preventing the federal government from regulating amusement and water parks. he has been trying since 1999 to get that federal oversight restored for the amuse want park. has not happened yet. >> they could be carrying out a mission as we speak. cnn uncovering amazing details about the special operation teams fighting isis and their amazing acts of heroism that remain hidden from the public.
1:43 pm
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welcome back to "the lead. the world lead now. the american university of afghanistan today shut down their campus as they worked to try to find two professors who were kidnaps in kabul. a security official says they their car was stopped, the window broken, and they were grabbed. workers sometimes travel around town by helicopter to avoid driving on dangerous roads. nearly 4,000 troops are currently in the war against isis. special operation service
1:48 pm
members are in iraq and syria. you won't hear much, if anything, about the struggle of these special operation members. barbara star saw there were real stories of valor to be told they put themselves in harm's way in the fight against isis and were rewarded the silver star. what can you tell us about these american heros? >> indoeed, the fight against isis is usually a secret battle, but now tonight we have new details. >> navy seals in a expire fight. this video captures a area
1:49 pm
glimpse into the deadly world of special operations. across the battlefield, they're endaged -- engages in missions so perilous. there are four silver styles, the third for combat against zits that are so classified, no details are available. clues on other battles are emerging from documents obtained by cnn, one file details exclusive new information on a july 2014 raid that so far has only been briefly acknowledged. a silver star awarded to a army
1:50 pm
helicopter client for a ten-hour high risk mission. he flew overhead for five hours after being wounded in the initial assault. the mission, navy seals and army delta force commandos tried to rescue american hostages. the americans had already been moved. we now know how tough a tire fight that was. a marine was awarded a bronze star as he came into close contact with isis and eliminated a grave threat. and from may 2013, significant new detail about a raid in syria to capture a top isis operative. he was killed in the fire fight. for that raid, a silver star secretly awarded to an army
1:51 pm
mission. he continued to fly for over a head despite sustaining damage during the assault. they are who woulding the names at the request of the pentagon, but we are revealing their valor. >> they are not releasing about 20%. and for security reasons, we don't publish. >> over 240 awards since 9/11 are still stamped classified. president obama also secretly awarded medals to the navy seals that killed osama bin laden. jeffrey edgers was there. >> the humility of the military forces there. >> it is just worthying about.
1:52 pm
over 240 awards for valor to servicemen since 2011 are still secret. as we talk about this, jake, the pent gone is reviewing all 1200 awards since 2011, public and secret, to make sure they're being appropriately recognized. >> hopefully some day we can send them off. the proceeding sentence could not be more stals. we'll talk about more, coming up. and this is the best tool for running my business. we've never celebrated our grill like this.
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welcome back to "the lead." turning back to our pop culture
1:57 pm
lead, the who's scuffle docummo documentary of the year is about hillary clinton. now, you might not agree with the take on hillary clinton, but he is laughing all of the way to the bank. >> democrats support slaves. >> different from the kinds of political attacks you're probably used to. >> the old trump, the new trump, the same trump. >> they bruise feature length accumulate tear films. >> what if their plan is to steal america? >> they have a distinct point of view and are blatant in efforts
1:58 pm
to exploit damaging detail. >> and banking on spice could be good for business. >> what is a documentary filmmaker. it is not just the dournl itself type, it is someone who is an entertainer. >> in it, conservative filmmaker uses violent scenes of slavery to make his points. >> the film earned more than 11 million making it one of the top grossing of all time. >> in 1991 we made a documentary about donald trump. he threaten today sue and he got what he wanted. >> the team behind trump marketed the old film with a modern media blitz.
1:59 pm
he says the deal was released not in theaters, but itunes, given a website, facebook page, and a twitter account. >> the onus is on the filmmakers to make a gimmick. >> the world could be a pretty scary place in 2016. >> the most successful film, 2016, obama's america, was about his reelection. >> not unlike michael moore whose "fahrenheit 911" addressed bush, the same year he was reelected. they are more often than not the
2:00 pm
true believes. i think it says something about how people like to digest their politics these days, they like to be entertained. >> turning you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." happening now, breaking news, trump's warning. donald trump tells a crowd that if hillary clinton gets to pick whur supreme court justices, there is nothing they can do about it, but then he adds maybe the second amendment people -- is that a threat? trump's campaign blames the media. behind her, the father of the gunman who killed 49