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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  August 13, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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election, and in the middle of a fierce showdown for swing states, donald trump is making bomb shell election fraud allegations. telling an audience in pennsylvania the only way he could lose that state come november is if hillary clinton cheats. >> we have to call up law enforcement. and we have to have the sheriffs and the police chiefs and everybody watching. because if we get cheated out of this election, if we get cheated out of a win in pennsylvania, which is such a vital state, especially when i know what's happening here, folks. i know, she can't beat what's happening here. the only way they can beat it in my opinion, and i mean this 100%, is if in certain sections of the state they cheat. okay. >> joining me to talk more about this is cnn investigations correspondent chris frates. chris, what kind of evidence did donald trump present to that audience to substantiate that
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claim? >> he didn't provide any evidence of any kind of cheating in pennsylvania. that's not unusual when he makes these kinds of allegations. he has expressed concerns that pennsylvania and some other states without strong voter id laws could be targets for election fraud in november. on the website, the campaign website he has a section for people to sign up to be election observers. so this is something trump has talked about in the past. this latest accusation in pennsylvania comes as trump is badly lagging clinton in the polls there. and that's a state, pennsylvania, that's going to be critical if trump is going to go on the win the white house. let's take a look at the polls. a recent quinnipiac polls shows clinton beating trump by 10 points. if you look around the country, the picture doesn't get better for donald trump. a recent nbc wall street journal poll shows clinton leading trump in four key battle ground states. florida, up five. colorado, she's riding a little
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bit of a rocky mountain high there as you can see leading by 14 points. >> wow. okay, so trump is right now campaigning in historically blue state today of connecticut. what is the logic or strategy behind this as to why donald trump feels like he needs to gain some ground there? or that he could effectively do so. >> it's a great question. it's historically a blue state. they're insisting that connecticut's in play. but like pennsylvania, which we were just talking about, and he was in yesterday. connecticut hasn't voted to put a republican in the white house since 1988. but unlike the keystone state where trump is hoping to win by appealing to rust belt voters, connecticut is a solidly blue state. with trump lagging clinton in the key battle ground states we talked about. the decision to campaign in connecticut today raised a lot of eye brows, fred. you know, i think trump's campaign thinks they have a shot there. >> chris frates, thanks so much.
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appreciate it. >> you're welcome. we'll talk more about this now with boris epistein, a senior advisor to the trump campaign. and a democratic strategist and ron brownstein is a senior political analyst and senior editor at the atlantic. you first, boris, pennsylvania has voted democrat for the past six presidential elections, why does donald trump feel it couldn't happen again unless they're cheating involved? >> if you look at the disaffected voters, voters have been left behind by the economy the clintons put in place by nafta, by what the tpp would bring. those voters are present in pennsylvania. yes, there's a couple of polls out there that are showing donald trump behind. pennsylvania is absolutely in play. he did extremely well there in the primaries. donald trump is convinced as are we, as the whole campaign is, he will win pennsylvania. voter fraud, his statement says we don't want it to be voter
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fraud. that should be bipartisan. we should have voter id laws in every state. >> when you look at the polling that chris frates referenced showing clinton up double digits in battle ground states like colorado, florida, north carolina, and virginia. >> sure. listen, dukakis was up by 17 coming up on the democratic convention in 1988. he got walloped by george hw bush. polling only means so much. we will win the states and the election. >> go ahead. >> if i could point out, contrary to what boris said what donald trump said is the only way he would lose pennsylvania is if in fact the election were rigged. this is the tactic he's played again and again during the primaries. he claimed the primary process was rigged until he started winning. then he said i'm not going to call it rigged since i'm winning. the presidential debates, he said that was a rigged system and he claimed to get a letter from the nfl.
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that was a lie. the letter never materialized. the travesty here is what he's doing as a republican nominee for president is undermining our system of democracy which is not just the pride of our country, but what distinguishes our nation throughout the world. and it's important to know that before president obama was elected, you didn't hear republicans talk about voter fraud it was never one of their priorities. >> that's not true at all. >> what about the notion of undermining the system? here it is the u.s. we're being engaged to helping to show countries what a democratic voting system looks like and then we've got a presidential nominee who is saying don't even trust this system. >> in 2008 i was on the mccain campaign and played a huge role in combatting voter fraud which was wide spread all over the country and specifically in pennsylvania. >> that is relationship. excuse me. >> robert. >> go ahead ron. >> the state of pennsylvania an
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illegal filing -- >> i guess you can interrupt me. >> hold on. >> there were zero cases of in person voter fraud in the state of pennsylvania. there is simply -- the assertion that donald trump could only lose pennsylvania with voter fraud has three big problems, it's wrong, it misdiagnoses his problem in the state and compound the problem. the state of pennsylvania has acknowledged there was zero cases of in person voter fraud in illegal filing the republican administration filed. his problem in the state isn't even the insinatiuation of vote fraud. mitt romney won college educated whites in pennsylvania by double digits. in the poll you cited he's losing college educated whites by 21 points. this kind of accusation compound the problem. if you look at what his biggest
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problem is with those white color whites which is why he's behind. they think he's reckless and they tend to view him as racially devisive. this kind orf -- >> can i finish my point now? >> that's why he's ten points down. there is no evidence of the voter fraud in pennsylvania that you are alleging -- >> ron, you're incorrect, ron. in 2008 there were black panthers intimidating voters -- >> wait. >> he interrupted me i get to finish. >> if it's not cheating the other problem is the media. here's what donald trump had to say about that. >> these people are the lowest form of life, i'm telling you. the lowest. they are the lowest form of humanity. >> so, boris, everyone is to blame. >> so this question is to me right? >> it is. >> great. what he's saying is what's going
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on in this discussion. the comment about the only way he loses was cheating was 15 seconds. we could be talking what he discussed on jobs, national security, but this is what we're discussing. let's talk about what matters to the folks in pennsylvania. >> because donald trump is underscoring these things. he's placing blame on everyone and everything and spending a lot less time on issues. >> that's incorrect. if you look at the speech, the speech was absolutely focused on issues it was focused on the jobs that are leaving pennsylvania in droves because of the clinton economy and the fact the clintons have left the rust belt -- >> excuse me. >> boris, robert. >> please if i could make a point. the reason we talk about these outrageous comments by donald trump is because that's the center piece of his campaign whether it's referring to the fact that people who support the second amendment could assassinate a president or his comments about the election being a fraud or his personal attacks he engages in.
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he's the andrew dice clay of presidential politics -- >> that's a great talking point. >> as we look at the campaign unfold he's responsible for his own message. he's responsible for the inconsistencies of his statements and the lack of facts behind his statements. >> why don't we look at hillary clinton's week? the e-mails that have come out? >> fred, can i -- >> go ahead. >> i partially agree with boris, it misdiagnoses the problem. even at the low point in the polling with donald trump trailing significantly nationally and in battle ground states. he's running even with hillary clinton on the two biggest issues, the economy and terrorism. if he's running even on the two biggest issues why is he trailing so badly? it's because of these personal judgments about him. whether he's qualified to be president. 60% saying no in the last abc washington post poll and whether he's racially biassed against women with nearly 60% say they view him that way. the problem he's got is an issue debate is not going to solve
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these core personal -- most votes -- many of the voters voting for hillary clinton don't think that much of her either. they cannot imagine donald trump as president for these two reasons -- >> why don't you -- ron just exemplified the media bias. la times has him down by one. that's a tie. >> look at wall street, nbc, all of them consistently having him dropping quite a few. >> we can unskew the polls all the way -- >> and it can be as valuable for -- you know what? again, that is a ridiculous statement if you look at the -- >> la times is lying? >> -- show donald trump behind by roughly six points now on average -- >> what about the la times poll? what about bloomberg? >> it was six points -- >> la times is six points? one point. >> good news -- >> technique -- >> there's some good news in all of this, we've got a long show.
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roughly about four hours we're going to have you back so we can continue the conversation. thank you so much. we'll see you again soon. still ahead a truck has been swept away. incredible images here, towns cut off and residents are stranded. heavy rain and flooding taking a huge toll on louisiana, cnn's boris sanchez is there. live for us, boris? >> reporter: the rain has been on and off all morning long. the water is starting to recede in this neighborhood but there's still plenty of danger, we'll explain why next. be the you who shows up in that dress. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin. be the you who controls your psoriasis with stelara® just 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and may increase your risk of infections and cancer. some serious infections require hospitalization. before treatment, get tested for tuberculosis. before starting stelara® tell your doctor if you think you have an infection
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distance there being swept off the road. towns are simply cut off and thousands of people are without power. >> literally my heart is broken. there is so many elderly people in here and people who can't afford to replace their things. it's like, the water is like up to your waist. so that means their houses, everything in there is destroyed. >> cnn's boris sanchez is live in amite city, louisiana. what have people in that neighborhood said? >> reporter: well, many of them didn't expect this to happen so quickly, this flash flood that came through this noireighborho. one man said he was home until midnight yesterday. it wasn't sunny yesterday but as the rains came he had to get out. you see the debris line up there, it's at least two and a half to three feet up. and this home got a couple of inches inside. so far the water has receded
8:17 am
quite a bit in this neighborhood, specifically. there are a couple of lakes nearby that overflowed. but the problem here is that all this water is heading south now. and there are cities and towns south of here that are bracing for the brunt of all this water headed that way. you mentioned the numbers, at least three people killed by the flood waters, more than 12,000 without power and many people forced out of their homes. i spoke to one man yesterday who was camped out at a gas station because he didn't have anywhere to go. there was an evacuation center set up at a church not far from the people had to leave because the church became inundated. the rain is on and off as i said before. it's been, you know, almost a week of non-stop rain for this region, stretching from the gulf course, the pan handle of florida mississippi, and here.
8:18 am
we may see another day and a half of rain, hopefully at some point there is some relief. but the residents here are growing uneasy because it hasn't stopped pouring. >> boris sanchez thank you so much. still ahead, a tall order, short of details. how donald trump says he will destroy isis. across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive. let us help grow your company's tomorrow- today
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the democrats are once again the target of hackers, calling themselves gucifer 2.0. the hackers released personal cell phone and e-mail addresses of democratic house members. they targeted democratic aides and released some log in information for the congressional campaign committee. an earlier hack of the democratic national committee ahead of the party's national convention forced the reg resignation of debbie wassermann schultz. donald trump is expected to lay out his vision for fighting radical islamic terrorism on monday in a speech in youngstown ohio. the speech comes after a week that saw some very big former republican national security figures leveling sharp criticism of trump's foreign policy knowledge and his tempermental vitness to be preside fitness to be president. here is cnn's randy kaye.
8:23 am
>> reporter: donald trump likes to talk about isis. >> we have to defeat isis, we have to knock out isis. >> reporter: his recent comments about the terrorist group included this suggestion, ling president barack obama and hillary clinton to the birth of isis. >> isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis. he's the founder of isis. okay? he's the founder. he founded isis. and i would say the co-founder would be crooked hillary clinton. >> reporter: whether or not he believes obama and clinton are the co-founders of isis, trump seems confident he's the expert on the terror group. >> i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. >> reporter: if that's true, then why would he have said this? >> we don't even know who their
8:24 am
leader is. >> reporter: trump has suggests several different ways he'd handle the terror group. first, warning isis their days are numbered. >> i would bomb the [ bleep ] out of them. i would just bomb those suckers. >> reporter: then another idea. he told cbs' 60 minutes he'd let russia do away with isis. >> russia wants to get rid of isis, maybe let russia do t. what the hell do we care? >> reporter: what about the oil fields isis has taken control of? >> i would bomb the hell out of those oil fields. i wouldn't send many troops. >> reporter: eight months later a different plan from trump. this time he said he'd send tens of thousands of troops to the middle east. >> we have to knock the hell out of them. i'm hearing numbers of 20,000 to
8:25 am
30,000. we have to knock them out fast. >> reporter: he took heat for this idea. saying he'd target those related to isis members. something that is against the geneva conventions. >> you have to take out their families. when you get the terroristsio aha -- you have to take out their families. they're going to be gone. isis will be gone. if i'm elected president and they'll be gone quickly. they will be gone very, very quickly. >> reporter: he won't say how he'll do it. this is what he said a month before he noilannounced his 41 white house. >> i do know what to do i know how to defeat isis very quickly and i'm not going to tell you what it is tonight. all i can tell you is that it is a foolproof way of winning. >> reporter: winning, something donald trump prides himself on. all he seems to need is a solid
8:26 am
plan. randy kaye, cnn, new york. >> and still ahead, donald trump under a more pressure to release his tax returns after the clintons released theirs. why he says the clintons are trying to distract americans. next. you don't know this yet but in fifteen hundred miles, you'll see what you're really made of. after five hours of spinning and one unfortunate ride on the gravitron, your grandkids spot a 6 foot banana that you need to win. in that moment, you'll be happy you partnered with a humana care manager and got your health back on track. because that banana isn't coming home with you until that bell sings. great things are ahead of you when your health is ready for them. at humana, we can help you with a personalized plan for your health for years to come.
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welcome back, i'm fredricka whitfield. hillary clinton has thrown down the gauntlet to donald trump on the issue of taxes. by releasing her most recent federal tax return. it reveals she and her husband made about $10.5 million in 2015. with a tax rate of just under 31%. so where does that leave donald trump? his campaign released a statement on her taxes saying in part hillary clinton has turned over the only records nobody wants to see from her. end quote. but he has yet to release his tax returns. and as cnn's brian todd explains it may not happen anytime soon.
8:30 am
>> reporter: donald trump promised he'd release his tax returns to the public, a year and a half ago. at the start of 2016, trump said he was working on it, saying the information was approved and quote, very beautiful. he went from that to down playing their impact. >> you can't tell anything from tax returns. maybe there's something in his tax returns. there's nothing. >> reporter: what has become a familiar deflection. a long running irs audit prevent him. >> i can't do it before the audit is finished. >> reporter: he got defensive about it when speaking to abc. >> what is your tax rate? >> it's none of your business you'll see it when i release it. >> reporter: he's floated theories denied by the irs on why he's being audited. >> religion, something else because i'm doing this, this is just -- >> what do you mean religion? >> because i'm a strong
8:31 am
christian and feel strongly about it. >> he's trying to distract what's going on. when he's defensive he reacts rashly. >> reporter: through all the excuses, no release of tax returns from donald trump. is he legally prevented from releasing them during an audit? >> there is no legal reason why mr. trump couldn't release his returns. >> reporter: is trump being audited by the irs? >> i get audited every single year. >> reporter: trump has offered a letter from his tax lawyers sent to him in march saying, examinations for returns for the 2009 year and forward are ongoi ongoing. but is there a letter from the irs? the irs says it's not allowed to tell us. trump's campaign and lawyers aren't telling us either. the political pressure on the gop nominee is building. >> i think you're going to keep seeing the democrats continue to hit this they do sense there's a vulnerability here. >> reporter: trump's tax returns may confirm whether he's as rich as he says he is and gives as
8:32 am
much as to charity as he says he does. where his interests lie. one prominent tax return said he'd advise trump not to release his taxes. >> thousands of people would by looking at it and see transactions are complicated and legitimate but that look strange to someone who is not trained in the tax field. that could raise a public outcry. >> reporter: trump could get around that. he could provide other basic figures without releasing returns. his charitable contributions he could say what his tax rate s. we asked trump's campaign and his tax attorneys if they could provide us that information. they declined. saying, again, that the nominee is undergoing a quote routine audit and he'll release his returns when that done. brian todd, cnn, washington. let's bring back our political panel to talk over all of this. boris epistein is a senior advisor to the trump campaign. robert zimmerman is a democratic
8:33 am
strategist. ron brownstein is a senior cnn political analyst. good to see you all back. so the clinton campaign released an ad this week calling out donald trump for not releasing his taxes and here's a bit of it. >> so you know if you're running at a minimum, probably you're going to have to show your returns. if you didn't see the tax returns you'd thing there's like something wrong. what's wrong? >> donald can answer all of these questions. >> boris, what happened? >> we're 33 minutes in. we haven't once talked about the clinton foundation. haven't talked about the e-mails that have come out this past week. haven't talked about the great report by drew griffin -- >> as it pertains -- >> trip to new york -- >> we're talking about returns. he's on record as saying that you're disingenuous if you don't release them and now it's his turn and he's saying now.
8:34 am
how do you as a supporter of donald trump defend his words from yesteryear to the present? >> first of all this whole narrative is a distraction, the reporter in the previous piece said they requested specific information. that information is in 104 pages they're not tax returns -- >> when every contender for the presidency going back to richard nixon has made public their returns why is it different -- >> there is no requirement to do so. >> it's not a requirement but it's been voluntary because most presidential contenders say they want to be transparent, they want to at least not appear to be hiding anything. >> i'd love to talk about transparency where are the 33,000 e-mails hillary clinton is hiding -- >> why are you changing the topic? we're talking about tax returns how do you defend that? >> the things i'm talking about matter to american people. things i'm talking about are evidence of lying and corruption by the clintons.
8:35 am
not a private individual deciding whether to release their tax returns as the attorney said he would not advise his climates. he specifically said if donald trump were his client he would advise him not to release his tax return. specifically said -- let me finish. he will release the tax returns once the audit is done at the advice of his attorneys. >> robert? >> i can vouch first hand, as to how often and aggressively cnn has investigated hillary clinton's e-mails and questions roo around -- >> thanks for your vouch. >> the bigger point here -- ultimately boris it's not our decision is what's discussed in the media the media makes those decisions. when i heard that tax attorney speak about what donald trump shouldn't release his tax returns. he probably got his law degree from trump university -- >> it's a great firm. it's a first rate firm. >> i'm surprised you're not
8:36 am
defending trump university. donald trump could release taxes that are not under audit. this year's taxed he filed which are not under audit. he could release his tax rate and provide information. the fact he's not doing that -- >> did you look at the financial disclosure -- >> richard nixon released his taxes when he was under audit. this underscores the fact he's not fit to be president and underlines the fact he does not have the confidence of the american people. it's not just this one situation. his tax story plays into a larger narrative of the personal insults that he engages in. >> so ron, for a very long time the narrative has been from the trump campaign the clintons are dancing to their own beat, they make up the rules as they go along. now the same can be said of donald trump and how you know, what's good for others is not necessarily good for him. it's not necessarily convenient. that's the dialogue now. is that why his polling numbers
8:37 am
are slipping and is that why, you know, he's losing ground particularly in those battle ground states? >> well, this debate, actually, i think captures very well the dynamic in this race. there are lots of head winds facing hillary clinton. it's tough to have a third party term. a majority of americans have an unfavorable view of her and don't consider her honest and trustworthy. she's still ahead, because the north star in this race is in polling since last summer till now, 60% of americans have consistently said they do not believe donald trump is qualified to be president and nearly that many have consistently said they consider him biassed against women and minorities. when donald trump goes out and makes the kind of reckless and racially tinged accusations like saying the only way he could lose philadelphia -- lose pennsylvania is with -- >> that wasn't racially tensions at all. >> exacerbates the
8:38 am
vulnerabilities that are -- if you look at those battle ground state polls in virginia, colorado, north carolina, and florida, that came out, mitt romney won college educated white voters by double digits in all of those states. donald trump is trailing now among college white voters in virginia, colorado, north carolina running even in florida. the style of his campaign, the racially polarizing style and message has not only put him in a place to have an historic loss. that is the box that he is in. and -- >> he's running 20% -- >> you could say the polls are wrong. hold on. you can say the polls are wrong, bluster all you want. the reality is the perceptions that trump is facing among minorities and white call collar whites, many of those white collar whites hold ambivalent
8:39 am
opinions. >> boris -- >> hold on i'm dogoing -- >> how do you explain the deflection of republicans, national security advisory members formerly of president bush's administration. h.w. bush who are saying they don't want anything to do with donald trump, publicly throwing their support behind hillary clinton. is that not a microcosm of what we're seeing across the board in some of the segments of the american voters that ron was pointing out? >> absolutely not. 14 million americans voted for donald trump in the gop primaries. >> that was in the primary, this is a whole new thing. >> now you're referencing 50 or 70 people who signed a letter, listen that's their right. they want to write letters, fine. >> it's much bigger than that. >> hillary clinton should be in jail. not running for president.
8:40 am
>> we could -- >> rules and regulations throughout her whole career. everyone knows it. we all are just pretending it's not true because the media wishes to concentrate on issues like this one. we should be talking about clinton foundation -- >> we've been reporting on that. >> the point simply is when you have mitch mcconnell the republican leader of the senate saying they could lose the majority because of the way this presidential campaign is progressing, that's a tell tale sign there's something up. if you look at the whole strategy behind voter id laws where are they targeting? poor communities, targeting communities with -- >> incorrect. >> and in fact, if you look at this issue because it's so critical to our country, loyola university did a study in 2014. over 14 years they found 31 examples of voter fraud and politto fact said we're more likely to be hit by lightning -- >> having fair elections is not a racial issue.
8:41 am
there is no race that's against fair elections. that's all we want. fair and -- >> all right. gentlemen. >> can i make a final point? >> unfortunately, i have got to go. we have to go to louisiana where there has been devastating deadly flooding taketsiing plac the governor is about to speak. governor john belledswar edward. >> so we can talk about truly historic situation as it relates to the weather. this is the third weather-related emergency or disaster that we've had this year. and while this flooding event is a smaller geographic area than what we had in march, it is a considerable part of the state. it extends basically from i-55 westward and will eventually get we think all the way to the state line with texas.
8:42 am
in south louisiana. even though the area is smaller, we believe that the rainfall and the flooding could actually be worse. and in fact already is worse in many areas. this is an ongoing event. that's one of the critical things we impart to the viewers out there all over louisiana. is this is certainly not over. the rain continues to fall. it continues to fall in the areas that have been most impacted already. this is a very slow moving low pressure system. when it moves we expect it to move westward. so right now, while the areas that are most impacted are from baton rouge over towards the east and livingston, we know that there is already been flooding west and south of that ridge as well. that may actually get worse with the rainfalls that we're expecting over the coming 24-36
8:43 am
hours. what we know is we have record levels of flooding along rivers and creeks. and because these are record floods, we don't know how wide the water is going to get in those areas. we don't -- this is unprecedented. we don't have records we can go back and see who all is going to be impacted. and whether it's the amite river, tickfall river, and all of the tributaries. if you are living in those areas and you've been advised to evacuate, you need to do that. you need to heed these warnings. please don't rely upon your experiences in the past that water hasn't entered your homes or flooding hasn't been as bad as you were told it might be. because that's what's taxing all of the resources in terms of our first responders and the people
8:44 am
who are going out and doing these search and rescue missions now. people that should have evacuated in many cases didn't. they wait until it's an emergency. they're having to be evacuated by high water vehicles, by boats and in some cases by aircraft. the other set of folks who are causing search and rescue to happen are those who are getting on the road unnecessarily. so at this time, if you don't absolutely have to be on the road, we're asking that you stay off the road. if you're going to get on the road you need to obey all of the signs that say a road is closed because of water. and it's critically important you understand that as the waters rise, they're going to be places where roads are going to be underwater whether interstates, highways, parish roads you name it. and they're going to be dangerous. they may not be marked until we
8:45 am
can discover them and move signage to those locations. we're asking motorists to use caution and don't try to go through areas when you see that there is standing water in front of you. we have had multiple fatalities already because of motorists whose vehicles, heavy vehicles were swept off of roads because of swift moving currents along these rivers and creeks. so asking everyone to simply evacuate if you're supposed to do that. if you're being advised to do that, stay off the road if you don't have to. if you're going to be on the road, be extremely cautious. there has -- because of -- >> louisiana governor john bel edwards saying they are not out of the woods yet with this flooding. still trying to get to people. it's still a tenuous situation, this flooding is extreme. it has been proven to be deadly already. we'll have much more on our coverage. we'll be right back. sun'll comt tomorrow... ♪
8:46 am
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a judge tosses out the murder conviction of one of the defendants featured in the wildly popular netflix documentary series, making a murderer. on friday, a federal judge in wisconsin overturned brendan dassy conviction. he was sent to prison along with his uncle. he was 16 at the time. and had learning disabilities.
8:50 am
here is part of his questionable confession to police that a judge ruled unconstitutional. >> what else did he do to her? >> raped her. >> did he tell you that? tell us about that. and where he did it. >> i don't know where he did it, but -- >> what did he say he did in his words? what did he tell you? you can swear, you can use any language you want. tell us exactly what he said he did to her. >> that he ripped off her clothes, she refused. she tried to get away but he was too strong for her. and he did it. >> prosecutors now have 90 days to decide if they will retry dassey. if not he will be released from prison. sara ganim is covering the new
8:51 am
developments. what was the judge's issue with dassey's conviction. >> the judge said because hof his age and low iq, the tactics used were improper. he threw out the conviction and confession. saying police officers made false promise to dassey and coerced him to say certain things. people who watched this documentary series -- and a lot of people did, the third most streamed series on netflix. this was a really compelling part of the series, watching him in this police interrogation. and you can see that there are times when police are actually introducing the facts and not 16-year-old brendan dassey. take a listen to one of those more compelling scenes. >> we know. we just need you to tell us.
8:52 am
>> that's all i can remember. >> all right. i'm just go to come out and ask you, who shot her in the head? >> he did. >> why didn't you tell us that? >> because i couldn't think of it. >> now you remember it? tell us about that, then. >> so you can see that the police officer is actually the one that says, who shot her in the head. and brendan dassey then responds. now his attorneys released a statement last night saying they're overchillmented and thrilled for him. now the prosecutors have 90 days to decide if they're going to try and retry the case. >> thank you so much. keep us posted on that one. we're going to have much more on that case. now we're going to take a break. we'll be back. elf" will thank m.
8:53 am
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senator marco rubio is running for reelection in fl florida, but his republican challenger is taking on rubio by questioning the senator's allegiance to donald trump. here's chris moody. >> on the republican primary ballot, it is you running against little marco, is that correct?? >> i didn't say that.
8:57 am
>> i did. >> yes, i'm the only one left standing. when he got in the race everybody bailed out. >> you will not be dropping out? >> no. i'm in it to the end. >> this businessman is spending millions of his own dollars to challenge marco rubio. his strategy, embrace donald trump hard. >> i'm not ashamed to support trump and i approve this message. >> and there are a few similarities 2010 beruff and trump. trump has a personal jet. a real mogul. trump says things like that. and beruff does too. i will be a lieutenant for trump. >> he i endorsed marco rubio, he endorsed me. he's doing well. >> beruff got in the race when
8:58 am
rubio was still a presidential candidate. but after losing to trump rubio changed his mind. polls are pointing to a massive victory for rubio in the august primary. so why is beruff still in this thing? i went down to his ranch to see why he's spending millions. mind you, it's summer in florida so it was hot and buggy. >> since i've been 35 years i've been trying to help people. if i do it myself i won't disappoint myself. i think people are fed up with people who are career politicians who don't stand for anything. >> how much are you willing to spend? >> whatever it takes to get the message so the voters know they have an alternative. >> comparisons to trump? >> i'm an elephant compared to donald trump. but i mean we have similar backgrounds and we share a lot
8:59 am
of the same ideas for this country without a doubt. >> if you spend up to $15 million, $20 million and don't win, is that worth your time and money? >> of course not. if you lose. but that's the chance you take in life. at the end of the day i've been taking risks my whole life and this is no different. i don't need this career. i'm 58 years old. but this country has made me successful beyond anything i ever dreamt of. and at the end of the day if you don't make an effort to bring that back to the basics of this country, then the future for our young people isn't as bright as it was for me. >> all right. so much more straight ahead in the newsroom and it all begins right now. all right. hello again. thank you for joining me. i'm fredicka whitfield. donald trump is making a play for voters in battle states this weekend. he was in pennsylvania last
9:00 am
night where he boldly declared that the only way he would lose to state to hillary clinton is if he is cheated out of it. >> wow, what a crowd. i ran against 17 people and got more votes. think of what that means. we got more votes than anybody. we wrought in new votes to the republican party. that's not being registered in different forms of media. they're not talking about the fact that the republican primaries were up 60%. and the democrats were down 20%. so with all of the bernie stuff -- and we like bernie. look. bernie, the system was rigged and we're going to watch pennsylvania very quickly. we're going to watch pennsylvania. go down to certain areas and watch and study and make sure other people don't come in and vote five times. because if you do that -- and i know you're all voting. is everybody here voting? if you do that, if you do that, we're not going to lose. the only way we can lo


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