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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  August 15, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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just what the first responders do, but what people can do. people can do beautiful things. >> we've seen great examples of that today, particularly the guy who rescued the woman and her dog in louisiana, and now this wonderful dispatcher. they are an inspiration to all of us. thanks for watching. time for "newsroom" with carol costello. thanks. "newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "newsroom," donald trump set to layout his strategy to fight isis. >> isis has developed like wildfire under our incompetent president obama. >> and aiming to reset again. >> i said the founder of isis. obviously a big sarcastic. >> i think he was being very serious. he was making a point. >> also, milwaukee on edge. protesters throwing bricks,
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rocks and bottles after police shoot an armed black man. and robbed in rio. ryan lochte retells his run-in with a gunman. let's talk, live in the cnn "newsroom." good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. donald trump beginning a new week with a familiar mission. getting back on message. after a weekend on the attack, trump will deliver a big speech on how as president, he would oversee the defeat of isis. something new, details. jessica snyder is here with a preview. >> good morning, carol. donald trump is set to give a speech in ohio in just a few hours. he'll hone in on three specific prongs to combating isis and the spread of terrorism, likening the fight to the cold war. >> he is going to layout his vision and his strategy for defeating radical islamic terrorism. >> donald trump turning his isis
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centric foreign policy ideals. >> we have to get isis. >> we will defeat isis. >> into a three-pillar policy proposal to defeat them. >> he'll talk about how you target your enemies and work with your friends, you don't overreach and destabilize countries like the obama/clinton administration has done. >> a senior campaign official says trump will unveil several proposals today. he'll declare an end to nation building and consider any country willing to help defeat isis an ally. a call that could include russia, a country trump has long pointed to as a possible partner. >> russia wants to get rid of isis. we want to get rid of isis. maybe let russia do it. what the hell do we care. >> he will propose raising the bar for entry into the u.s. and an ideological test. the test would question visa applicants on their support of u.s. values, and seek to weed out any supporters of radical
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islam. but no specific mention of that muslim ban trump called for just nine month as. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shut down of muslims entering the united states. >> and finally, trump will promise to make a clear statement to the world that the u.s. is fighting a battle not just military and financially, but ideologically, a point far from trump's bombastic rhetoric of the past. >> i would bomb the [ bleeping ] out of them. >> we have to nknock the hell ot of them. >> you have to take out their families. >> the speech comes after trump repeatedly used a false claim on the campaign trail. >> i call president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. >> and paraded his self-proclaimed expertise on the terrorist group. >> i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. >> and one thing campaign officials say he'll make clear,
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this isn't about nation building. in fact, the campaign officials put it this way. the u.s. won't be, quote, remaking the middle east into one democracy into another at the points of a gun, carol. >> jessica, thanks for the report. mr. trump blames the media for his troubles, but that ain't cutting it with the "wall street journal" this morning, placing the blame on donald j. trump. most of the media wants him to lose, but that was true of george h.w. bush, george w. bush, but he has made it so easy for the media and opponents. he needs to stop blaming everyone and else and decide if he wants to be president or turn the nomination over to mike pence. let's talk about this. political commentator, boris epstein, senior advisor to the trump campaign. larry sabato, senator of politics at the university of virginia and sally cohen and hillary clinton supporter. welcome to all of you. boris, i want to start with you.
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the "wall street journal" says donald trump is not running a competent campaign. is that mr. trump's fault? if that's indeed true. >> that's incorrect. the campaign is absolutely competent. we just heard about this speech will be put out today. that's what americans care about. isis or its pred -- >> it is a murdock owned paper. get it together, or get out. >> every editorial board has the right to their opinion and that's an opinion piece. the campaign is absolutely come tent. fighting radical islam terrorism. that's what donald trump will talk about in ohio and that's what americans care about. >> tara, can mr. trump stay on message and -- >> well, he hasn't thus far. if he were running a competent campaign, he wouldn't be hemorrhaging support even from republicans. he wouldn't be competitive or losing in traditionally red
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states, like georgia, arizona, kansas is now potentially in play for goodness sake. he has lost ground there. he would have infrastructure, which they don't have. they would have a get out the vote operation, which they don't v they've outsourced all of the traditional apparatus to the republican national committee. that's not a competent campaign. if the campaign was competent, donald trump wouldn't have spent the majority of last week attack the media and everybody else as opposed to hammering home his economic message. if you go on his twitter feed, but yesterday there were 20 tweets attack the immediate yeah. you couldn't find any tweets talking about his economic plan or his plan for the future of america. that's not an example of a competent come pain. he doesn't stay on message. >> if donald trump pivots, and today he stays on message, will that kind of solve some of his problems?
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>> well, core ca carol, it bene to wage a war on isis, rather than the american news media. that's not going to get him very many votes, at least outside of his core supporters, who already back him. but can he really pivot? how many times have we heard already that he is pivoting. this reminds me of that old saying about second and third marriages being the triumph of hope over experience. i think that trump's pivots are also a triumph of hope over experience, at least for his four beleaguered campaign team. >> sally, i do think americans are looking for a better way to fight isis, and donald trump has outlined new and different things which we'll get into in a second. might that resonate with independent voters. >> well, let's back up a second here. donald trump hasn't actually said much throughout this entire campaign on this issue or any other issue.
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he has been astonishingly thin on details. the things he has said have been largely, extreme ugly or mischaracterizations or just preposterous assertions. so when you have somebody running to the head of or armed forces, and i know more than isis, i know more about isis than the generals, think about that for a second. the man is about to give a speech who thinks he doesn't have to listen to anybody who is actually doing the work on the ground, because he knows more. he doesn't read, he just told us, he doesn't study, he has no interest about learning these things, but he knows more. then he says things like, oh, obama and clinton are the founders of isis. he defends it, and defends it before that saying, no, no, i was being sarcastic. tough talk does not defeat isis. >> his campaign did release some
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details of his plan today and boris, i was looking over the details and mr. trump's new plan to fight isis does not include a muslim ban. why is that? >> this has been consistent for several months and i've talked about it on this channel repeatedly. there has been a development on the proposal, the proposal was made in december 2015. >> so donald trump no longer supports a muslim ban, even a partial muslim ban? >> the proposal would be what he lays out today and he'll look at the countries which are bases for terrorism. we don't have the ability to vet. hillary clinton wants to improve immigration by 550%, and make sure we're not letting people into the country who want to attack us. >> but no muslim ban. >> the proposal is exactly what he lays out. >> let's get into the proposal before -- >> it is very interesting for the people who are anti-trump to say there are follow proposals, but they're ignoring what is there and concentrating on sten
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seconds of a speech. >> the muslim ban was a big thing, but let's get into the specific proposal in trump's plan that he is going to outline later today. it raises the bar for entry into the united states. mr. trump wants to create an ideological test that would prevents foreigners from coming into the united states if they don't uphold religious freedom, gender equality and gay rights. >> look, i think that the bread and butter of the trump campaign started off with immigration and talking tough on terrorism. people responded to that because they kaunds in basic terms those are the bad guys, we're not winning against them now and i'm going to win against them. now, the devil is in the details of course, because donald trump has been very light, and also inconsistent on how he'll do that. >> okay, he said he'll use social media, interview these candidates coming into the united states -- >> i'm not sure how practical that -- >> i'm not sure how -- >> that's wonderful. let's see if this is what we talk about in two days from now
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or if donald trump, after he gives his teleprompter speech -- >> it is up to you talk about it. >> it is up to your candidate what we talk about. >> you can change the sub -- >> no i'm not. no, i'm not. the bottom line is this. donald trump needs to be able to keep this message consistent, since 1952, no candidate has lost coming out of the convention. he is behind significantly, and if he -- >> coming out of the dnc. >> i want to talk about this proposal. >> wait a second. just hold up. so sally, you're strong supporter of gay rights and gender equality. does trump's plan, does part of trump's plan resonate with you? >> i don't have enough strong words that i can use on television to express what i'm feeling right now, but if we're going to start doing an ideological test and not allow into the country people who don't support gender equality and lgbt rights, then i don't
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know, how about the entire republican platform committee that voted to say that it should be okay to send your kids to anti-gay destructive homophobic conversion theory. let's just get rid of them. i'm sorry, this whole using, suddenly the republican party -- >> now you want to get rid of citizens of this country sdm. >> gay rights and women's rights, not to actually give rights and women's rights to people in this country, but simply as a fig leaf to bash muslims. >> letting people from outside and citizens in this country. >> let me be clear. there are muslims in this world, including in this country, who are far better on gay rights and women's rights than many of the people in the republican party. so, so, let's be clear about that. i'm all for the test, but you know, let's who do we apply it to. >> so larry, you're my impartial guy. so i think -- you can be antigay in this country, because it is a
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free country. you can believe whatever you want to, you just have to follow the law. is it conceivable that you can keep people out of the country who don't believe in gay rights? >> on a practical basis, i think it would be very difficult to determine that. also, and this will shock people. people coming into the country have been known to fib, or to out right lie about their views, if they know what the correct answers are supposed to be, they'll tend to give the correct answers. look, carol, the broader point is, first of all, if donald trump is actually changing on these things, for example, dropping the outrageous ban on muslims, i salute him for it. that's a good thing. we want candidates to evolve in the right direction. and do the right thing. the problem with trump is he is so mercurial, what he says what day has no relationship to what
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he'll say on wednesday or next thursday or in office if he is actually elected. that's one of his fundamental problems. people don't feel they really know what he will do. when he says something like i know more about isis than the generals, almost everyone outside his operation laughs, because there is no one outside his group that believes he knows more than the generals about isis. >> okay, i have to leave it there. tara, larry, boris, sally, thanks to all of you. fbi notes from a three-hour interview with hillary clinton over her private e-mail server could hit congress as early as today. several republican lawmakers requested the notes after fbi director james comey, testified about the interview earlier this summer. comey said there is no complete transcript of the interview, members of congress will have access to notes. clinton was not under oath at the time.
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violent protests in the city of milwaukee. this time, at least one person is shot and a police officer injured. demonstrators threw rocks and bottles, and a half dozen businesses were torched, over the a black man who was shot. >> reporter: carol, things are quiet and peaceful now, but this community is still very much shaken. the national guard remains on stand by. it was activated, but not deployed overnight, even with local authorities struggling to get crowds under control. the unrest is all about years of oppression and racism, that they have felt in this community. the weekend shooting was simply a flash point. protests and violence erupting again in milwaukee,
6:20 am
demonstrators firing shots. >> a lot of shots, a lot of shots right now. >> reporter: throwing objects. >> it looks like the gas tank just popped. >> reporter: and setting cars on fire. at least one person was shot and rushed to the hospital. a police officer also hospitalized, after a rock smashed the windshield of a squad car. the weekend of violence gbegan n saturday, overturning cars and throwing rocks at police, fro test the police shooting death of 23-year-old sivele smith. he was shot fleeing a traffic stop, when he turned toward the officer with a gun in his hand. the officer's body camera, capturing the deadly encounter. milwaukee's mayor tried to address the anger, about whether the shooting was justified. >> without question, he had a gun in his hand. i want our community to know that.
6:21 am
>> reporter: governor scott walker, activating the national guard to assist the police. >> i was worried about whether or not things would escalate. >> reporter: smith's family and friends, holding a vigil, marked by prayers. with his sister, calling for peace. >> don't bring the violence here and the ignorance here. >> reporter: milwaukee police say they made multiple arrests overnight. it comes on top of the 17 arrests made saturday night. and now the wisconsin department of justice has the investigation into the shooting as their investigation is ongoing, the community here is still wondering what their path forward looks like. carol. >> ana, thank you. a police officer is shot and killed in south georgia, police have arrested a man in connection to the shooting. the suspect identified as r royhemdied. the father of three was rushed to the hospital but did not survive. police are questioning a
6:22 am
possible suspect in connection to the double murder of a new york imam and his assistant. they were shot after leaving prayers at a mosque in new york. the nypd says there is nothing to suggest they were targeting because of their faith. they're looking into whether an earlier dispute at the mosque led to the shooting. still to come in the newsroom, she says voters are fed up on what she calls a corrupt two party system. green party, and what she thinks of hillary clinton and donald trump. flooding destroying thousands of neighborhoods in parts of louisiana. when it comes to healthcare, seconds can mean the difference between life and death. for partners in health, time is life. we have 18,000 people around the world. the microsoft cloud helps our entire staff stay connected and work together in real time to help those that need it.
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the ability to collaborate changes how we work. what we do together changes how we live.
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a state of emergency in southeast louisiana, at least five people have died in the historic flooding that is devastated four parishes. as the death toll rises, so do
6:27 am
the waters. the coast guard are helping officials rescue the stranded. this was a particularly dramatic rescue. they get this woman out of the car and rescue her dog. already, 20,000 people have been plucked to safety, just like this woman. boris sanchez is one of the hardest hit areas in baton rouge. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it is surprising when you hear 20,000 rescues taking place, that video you were just mentioning, those were volunteers. we've seen scenes like that all across the state. boat owners coming out into the most affected areas, trying to rescue people who are in dire need of help. what is happening now is really interesting. this area in itself did not get pounded with a lot of rain, but rather, there is a swamp behind these homes. it is the manshack bayou. as it moves in louisiana and the ground became in sashated with
6:28 am
water, it had to go somewhere. they were going inside to homes to salvage what they could, many of them that live here were also weary the water was going to continue to rise, and it really dramatically has. a lot have camped out with their neighbo neighbors, waiting around to see what would happen. here is what one told me. >> the highest i've ever seen it. i've been here since 1983. i want to be able to wake up tomorrow morning with my feet off the bed and not be wet. >> reporter: and sadly for that neighbor, carol, that was not the case. i'm looking at his home right now, and there is a foot, if not a foot and a half of water inside his home. he has had to move in with a neighbor for now. hopefully the water will recede and he'll be able to get back inside. >> boris, thank you. for ways you can help the
6:29 am
victims of the louisiana flooding, go to cnn./impact. and good morning, i'm carol costello. thanks for joining me. hours from now, vice-president joe biden hitting the trail with hillary clinton in scranton, pennsylvania. this campaign rally won't be short of attacks on donald trump. biden is expected to take on trump's lack of experience and clinton is set to hammer him for not releasing his tax returns. but there is another release, this one, by the fbi that could be a major problem for mrs. clinton. cnn's a thethena jones is in washington. >> reporter: good morning. as you mentioned, vice-president biden is making his debut on the campaign trail later today. what better place than scranton, pennsylvania. this is where he was born. he spent the first decade or so of his life in scranton. he is a popular figure there. the vice-president is going to
6:30 am
be reprising a role, and that is trying to whoo the white blue collar voters that he has had a special appeal to all of his career. so he'll be there in pennsylvania today to try to help clinton do that. this is of course one of the rust belt states that donald trump has said he wants to put into play. but no republican has won pennsylvania in a presidential race since 1988. president obama won there in 2012 by about five points, in 2008 by about ten points and that's about the distance that clinton has been able to put between herself and trump so far, according to recent polls i believe the most recent one from nbc/"wall street journal" and marist has her up 11 points. we expect to hear the vice-president to make a flip of the argument that the president made on the dnc stage in
6:31 am
philadelphia, just a few weeks ago. he argued, president obama did, that there is no other candidate that is better prepared to be president than hillary clinton. we expect vice-president trump to argue that there is no other nominee, no party nominee in the history of the country that has been less prepared to be president. so that is part of the argument that biden will make. we know that secretary clinton is prepared to hit trump on his tax release, not releasing his tax returns. as you mentioned, again, the fbi report, the notes from an facebo fbi interview that hillary clinton gave, a three-hour long interview that she gave to the fbi as part of the investigation into her private e-mail server, those notes are expected to come out soon to members of congress who have requested them. so a lot on the table here as we start out this week, carol. >> all right, athena jones reporting live. thank you. with me now to talk about this and more, green party candidate for president, dr. jill stein.
6:32 am
welcome, dr. stein. >> good to be with you. thanks so much. >> nice to have you here. what do you suppose congress will learn from the fbi's notes from hillary clinton's private e-mail server? >> you know, we'll see, but there were statements made by the head of the fbi that seem to implicate hillary clinton as having undertaken extremely reckless habits with her e-mail server that put top secret information at risk. what he said actually seemed to be in contrast to his conclusion that there would be no prosecution. so it could be -- >> so you believe secretary -- you believe secretary clinton should have faced some sort of, what? you know, after comey came out and talked about her private e-mail server. >> i think there should have been a full investigation. i think the american people are
6:33 am
owed an explanation for what happened, and why top secret information was put at risk, why the identity of secret agents were potentially put at risk, and you know, this isn't the only set of questions -- >> let me ask you this. the fbi director -- the fbi director said mrs. clinton was extremely careless, but she had no criminal intent. so no criminal charges would be filed. the justice department closed the investigation. do you believe that mrs. clinton should face criminal charges for using her private e-mail searcheserver? >> there are many in the field who say justification for proceeding for the investigation, the question is whether top secret information was put at risk, regardless of the intent. that's a matter that deserves public discussion. there is much more that is coming to public attention about
6:34 am
hillary clinton's behavior, including the recent revelations about favors bestowed on the clinton foundation donors who got special deals, who got state partnerships, weapons deals for the saudis who were major contributors. and indeed, the sale of 20% of u.s. uranium reserves to a russian-controlled company. so there are many questions that have been raised about senator clinton's behavior while in -- >> let me ask you this, going back tots fbi notes being turned over to an oversight committee, do you think they should open an investigation into mrs. clinton's private e-mail server? >> yes, i do. because we're talking about state secrets and these are the highest level of state secrets that were put at risk, when it is known that the protections for her e-mail were extremely
6:35 am
inadequate. in fact, orders were being issued from her office to others in the secretary of state department to do the exact opposite of what she was doing. so certainly, you know, if she wasn't aware bouhraoua she was violating state department rules, it raises real issues about her competency. but i think the bigger issue here -- >> before you go, i do want to ask you about this notion that the election is rigged, because donald trump has come out and he keeps saying the election is rigged. he often uses bernie sanders' loss in the primary to prove there is a rigged system. in your mind, is the system rigged? >> i think there is no question in the mind of the american people the economy is rigged, and there is a political system that keeps -- >> i'm talking specifically about when you go to the poelll will your vote count or will people vote 20 times? >> it is clear the playing field is steeply tilted. i'm a one candidate in this race that is not taking money from
6:36 am
the lobbyists, the big corporations and the super pacs, so i'm the one candidate -- >> i'm asking you specifically about the polls and voting. do you think the system is rigged? >> i think it is a complicated system in which the money matter, the media coverage matte matters, and the issues matter. as i mentioned, i'm the one candidate that is fighting for the issues that matter to the american people. emergency jobs program that will solve the emergency of climate change, which your program just, you know, showed the evidence of. it is not only the massive flooding in louisiana, it is the fires on the west coast, it is the heat waves all over. it is the potential for sea level rise, serious sea level rise in our lifetimes. we need an emergency solution on the climate which will also solve the emergency of our economy and we need to cancel the debt that is hauled a whole generation of hostage. we bailed out wall street. it is time to bail out the
6:37 am
younger generation. >> thank you for being with me this morning. don't forget, chris cuomo will host the green party town hall on wednesday, 9:00 p.m. eastern, and you'll hear more from dr. jill stein and her running mate. donald trump goes on a twitter tirade and the media is caught in the crosshairs. ...and sprint's network reliability is now within 1% of verizon. and sprint saves you 50% on most verizon, at&t and t-mobile rates. that's why millions have switched. make that millions plus one. can you hear that? don't let a 1% difference cost you twice as much. switch to sprint today. across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica,
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a familiar faux returns for donald trump, but it isn't a political rival. no, the media, including this network. >> crooked cnn, cnn is so disgusting. cnn. oh, look, their camera just shut off. their camera just went off. that's funny. i got to know all the cameras, all those red lights on. you know what, i just said cnn is disgusting, and by the way, their ratings are going down big league. you know why?
6:42 am
because i refuse to be interviewed. >> okie doki. you saw we did not turn off our cameras. we got the whole thing. he says it is a corrupt media, and calling outlets to bar -- press freedom in an awkward spot. >> we have a newspaper that is failing badly, it is losing a lot of money. it is going to be out of business very soon. "the new york times." the newspaper is going to hell. so i think maybe what we'll do, maybe we'll start thinking about taking their press credential as w -- credentials away from them. i think so. i think so. >> trump has banned reporters who he thinks are unfair from attending his campaign events.
6:43 am
you said you were going to talk to him about that. have you gotten him to lift the black list? >> i don't think donald trump is having any problem getting press at this point. >> you have strong feeling about free press. have you gotten him to change his mind. >> we'll keep our private conversations private. that's an ongoing discussion in the campaign. >> all right, let's talk about this. media correspondent brian stelter and dylan joins me. so brian, donald trump tweeted over the weekend that the press should not be allowed to report things that are false. that's not the definition of a free press, but it kind of is, isn't it? >> the value of freedoms in the united states is trump can say false things and so can you and i. we try to get it right and be fair. >> and we can be sued. >> that's right. that's right. for the most part, courts have upheld a definition of press
6:44 am
freedom. we judge candidates on their words and actions, and he has a limited grasp of the first amendment. he has a lack of respect for press freedoms, for the fourth estate. except when the press is positive for him. he is entitled to those views, that's part of freedom in the united states. however, voters will keep that in mind when they're making their decisions. they should consider how he treats the people who cover him everyday. >> dylan, the "wall street journal" editorial board came out and said stop blaming the media, donald trump. you're to blame. the "wall street journal" is not a liberal rag, right? >> no, not by any means. what i'll say is, you know, in a way, look, attacking the media is always red meat for a conservative base. what donald trump is trying to do and has always tried do with his attacks is inoculate himself from media. the criticism becomes more and
6:45 am
more robust and becomes this feedback bloop where by donald trump does things that the media can't lay down and let pass, they have to really stand up and say something, especially a conservative editorial like the "wall street journal," who is concerned with the future of the republican party, has to stand up and say something. just like "the new york times" reporters have to stand up and look into what donald trump says and what he does. it creates a situation where donald trump goes further and further and further in terms of his attacks on the immediate yea -- media. you have to wonder who the people are at those rally whose are so convinced that every single report about every single thing that donald trump has done that is either false or misleading or wrong or illegal, you know, what have you, they just don't want to believe it, because he says "the new york times" and other outlets are
6:46 am
disgusting, dishonest people. >> one of trump's senior advisors were was on "new day." she said look, you don't cover hillary clinton the same way. >> which is fundamentally not true. i mean, i know, you know, "the new york times" has done very robust reporting on hillary clinton, just like it has done on the obama administration, especially recently. the "wall street journal" practically has a mandate to go out and do as many critical hillary stories as they do critical donald trump stories. i just don't think it is true. >> just to stand up for my show, we just did a six-minute segment with dr. jill stein, who wasn't complimentary of hillary clinton. >> he is seeking out favorable interviews, like shawn hannity on fox news. he has been doing local tv interviews, but avoiding cnn, and avoiding any news outlets where he feels he'll be asked any difficult questions. that's a measure of where he is with his campaign.
6:47 am
there is a cause and effect here, right. when you're down in the polls, what do you do, you attack the people who are doing the polls. and as long as we're all in on it, voter also figure it out. >> couldn't you say the same thing about hillary clinton? she isn't exactly sitting down for interviews? >> no, that's true. that's true. she deserves scrutiny about it. she gives as few interviews as she can. she hasn't had a full-fledged press conference since last december. she launched a podcast. we need to continue to scrutinize that and challenge her to do interviews. but at least she says the right things about press freedom. she claims to recognize the responsibility and opportunity journalists have. >> she isn't going to ban any reporters. >> no black list. >> dylan, brian, thanks to both of you. still to come in the news
6:48 am
newsroom, olymp -- "newsroom," coy live from r. >> reporter: hi, carol, we're going to talk about ryan lochte, celebrating, held at gun point and robbed. scary stuff from here in rio. we're going to talk about it coming up after the break. it is number one. and we leave out corn, wheat and soy. for your pet, we go beyond.
6:49 am
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6:52 am
olympic athletes robbed in rio after several menned posed as armed police officers stopped a taxi full of several athletes. here's ryan lochte on what happened next. >> they pulled us other this they pulled out their guns.
6:53 am
they told the other swimmers to get down on the ground. i refused. i was, like, we didn't do anything wrong. so i'm not getting down on the ground. and then the guy pulled out his gun, he cocked it, put it to my forehead and he said, get down. i was like, i put my hands up, like, whatever. >> and gold medalist gabby douglas under a different kind of pressure, online bullying because she did not put her hand over her heart during the national anthem. her mother says it's hard for her daughter to understand. >> it's hard because her nature is so giving and so kind. she literally is just a very tender-hearted person. so she was devastated. can we just stop with the hating. can we stop with the fighting. we are one nation. and when we're divided, we fall. can we unite as a nation and help other nations who are looking to us as a great power.
6:54 am
>> coy wire with more on all of this. good morning. >> good morning, carol. let's talk about ryan lochte again because i knew this was a serious issue ahead of these games down here in rio. when i first arrived, first dinner, i went to dinner with five friends who had been here for five days and two of them already had a scary experience including one of them was held at gunpoint and had her purse stolen. this lochte robbery is making some serious waves. the australian team has been given strict orders. they want their athletes to dress in casual clothing, hide their credentials under their shirt. they're telling the traveling groups of three or more. no more walking between venues. they want them driving to all. but that didn't prevent lochte from getting robbed. so heightened sense of tension after that event and occurrence. we'll keep our eye on it. let's have some fun now. you have to see this picture. usain bolt just playing around in the 100 meter semifinal.
6:55 am
it looked like he was tiptoeing through the tulips. the atmosphere was electric. he was just toying with the competition and then in the final the whole stadium goes silent and the only thing you could hear was a helicopter off in the distance. that gun goes off and you feel like you're doctors edropped ou roller coaster. bolt with those long strides just said good-bye, see you later. race ends. all right, one last thing, another highlight. simone biles continuing to make history. the u.s. had never had a woman take olympic gold in the vault. with all this potential pressure, people looking at you, every mind-numbing feet, one missed step, you can end in disaster. but she retained her focus, three golds now. more potentially including in the beam today. >> i hope she gets them too.
6:56 am
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7:00 am
happening now in the "newsroom," donald trump to set out his strategy to fight isis. >> isis has developed like wildfire. under our incompetent president obama. >> and aiming to reset, again. >> i said the founder of isis, obviously, i was being sarcastic. >> i think he was being serious and he was making a point. >> also, milwaukee on edge. protesters throwing bricks, rocks and bottles after police shoot an armed black man. and a state of emergency in louisiana. tens of thousands of people rescued from floodwaters,
7:01 am
including this woman. grabbed as her car went under. let's talk live in the "cnn newsroom." good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. donald trump heads to the battleground state of ohio today but it's his combat plan against isis that will take center stage. trump desperately trying to get back on message and stem the bleeding from recent polls and controversies. today, he will deliver a big speech on how, as president, he will oversee the defeat of isis. this time, his tough talk will be dressed up with something new, actual details. cnn's jessica schneider is here with a preview. good morning, jessica. >> good morning, carol. those details coming in the form of a three-pronged policy speech. donald trump will lay out his plan to combat isis. first a trump campaign official says the republican candidate will make clear that any nation that fights isis is an ally. also noting the u.s. will no longer be in the business of nation building. secondly, trump is promising to
7:02 am
raise the bar on standards for entry into the united states, suspending visas from countries with ties to terrorism and potentially questioning eligible applicants about their support of u.s. values. thirdly, trump wants to make a clear statement to the world that this fight will be waged militari militarily, financially and ideologically, likening it to the cold war. hillary clinton is already getting out in front of trump's speech, releasing a youtube video clip, questioning trump's fitness to be commander in chief. >> he is a stunning ignaramus on foreign policy. >> they said, what do you think of nato? it's not like it was my primary subject in all fairness. >> he'll use this speech to get back on message after last week's controversial comments and a weekend be where he spent it bashing the media, carol. >> all right, jessica schneider, thanks so much.
7:03 am
today will be donald trump's latest attempt as a reset as members of his party reportedly grow more concerned time is running out for a presidential pivot. here to talk about that, bekari seller, clinton supporter. scottie nell hughes, a trump supporter. welcome to all of you. scottie, "the wall street journal" this morning, it's a murdo murdoch-owned paper, out with a harsh editorial of your guy, saying if he can't be more presidential by labor day, the gop should write him off and mike pence should run as the presidential candidate. your reaction? >> they have freedom of the press, they can say whatever they wish. but they can't ignore the thousands of people that continue to show up at donald trump rallies. thoughts of exposures on social media. they can't ignore the candidate himself that has defied odds from the very beginning. it's interesting that the more people say he's down, the stronger he becomes. in the end, it's all going to be about who gets their people and motivates their folks to the
7:04 am
polls in november. right now, the motivation and the movement sides with mr. trump. >> here's the thing, "the wall street journal" went on to say, its editorial board went on to say mr. trump should stop blaming the media and place the blame for his campaign, faltering campaign, squarely on donald j. trump. is trump capable of doing that? >> no, i think not. no candidate is going to look in the mirror and say i am the problem. the problem republicans have is this has been an apparent problem really from the beginning. i wrote a piece in january called the trump gap which said at that point trump's favorable ratings were rising among republicans but were stagnant or deteriorating on the groups outside the republican coalition, particularly those that had been the key to president obama's two victories, which were minorities, millennials and college-educated white voters, especially women. fast forward seven months later and these polls tell you a remarkably similar story from state to state and nationally. donald trump is facing divisions within the republican coalition
7:05 am
but his big problem is he's -- his message and persona are overwhelmingly unpopular among the growing groups that have decided the last several presidential elections, that's been clear from the beginning, and there's no easy abc nswer t this dilemma. their theory is there's hidden out there that they can motivate to come out. in the existing electorate, they're facing huge obstacles among the groups growing as a share of voters. >> well, mr. trump -- >> carol -- >> wait a second, mr. trump is going to try today, he will outline his plan to fight isis. it will include details. it will be a detailed plan. he wants to reclaim that mantle on foreign policy. will it help, bekari? >> i think any time donald trump speaks from a teleprompter and stays on message it helps his campaign. the problem with donald trump speaking about foreign policy is we've seen these faux pass throughout. whether or not him not
7:06 am
understanding the relationship between russia and ukraine. i think today when he outlines these three prongs what we'll see is the ability to grasp foreign policy. russia is not our ally. what he tries to do is bring this umbrella to bring his friend vladimir putin under it. restricting visas from states that sponsor terror, are we going to talk about -- or have a history of terror, are we going to talk about france, talk about ireland? how are these nuts and bolts going to actually work? i'm not sure donald trump can answer that. when we have these debates in september, hillary clinton is actually very well versed in foreign policy, is going to have her way with donald trump. >> okay, so, scottie, before we get into the minutia of the plan, i did notice in reading through the notes that mr. trump's plan to fight isis does not include a muslim ban. does that mean donald trump is totally opposed to banning muslims from coming into this
7:07 am
country? >> i think he's re working it. i think his advisers have come in and said we might not necessarily be able to do what you said on the campaign trail obviously. mr. trump is actually going to work with congress and make sure everybody is in agreements with foreign policy and not just issue executive orders. >> will mr. trump come out, scottie, and say i was wrong about that muslim ban and here's why? >> i don't know if he was wrong on it but he said let's actually fine-tune it a little bit more, get more specific what we're talking about. or let's make sure whoever's coming into this country, regardless of where they're coming from, that they're going to come in and make sure they want to promote our communities, put america first over where they're coming from and make sure they're going to promote, not necessarily hurt our community, which is what the failed policies of this administration has done to us. >> i do want to get into the details of mr. trump's plan because i think that's what
7:08 am
voters really want to hear so let me dive in just a little deeper. i'll pose this question to you, ron. mr. trump, he says he wants to raise the bar for entry into the united states. you heard scottie talk a little bit about that. mr. trump wants to create an ideological test that would prevent foreigners from coming into the united states if they don't uphold religious freedom, gender equality and gay rights. how many would that work do you think, ron? >> you know, look, it's hard to know exactly how that would work in practice. it is a significant change from where it started. it's worth noting paul ryan said at various points they would not introduce legislation for the original muslim ban. kind of find out what they truly believe versus what you want to hear. i think this issue is revealing where we are as a campaign. donald trump is actually quite competitive on hillary clinton on responding to terror but he trails her enormously on dealing with a crisis and dealing with foreign policy in general.
7:09 am
i think what that tells you is even though obama's approval rating, there is a desire for change after eight years of an administration. americans don't think the fight against isis is going particularly well. the problem donald trump faced is despite that desire for change, the verdict on him personally, the kind verdict rendered by those former officials in their incredible letter which focused on his personal fitness for president that is the huge headwind he faces, and, you know, that is what he ultimately has to change between now and november, how to -- >> let's say mr. trump goeses into even more detail and he talks about ground troops notice middle east to fight isis, whether air power should increase. he talks specifically about which countries are our friends and which countries we consider our enemies. would that hurt clinton be if he did something like that? >> no, i don't know why we keep
7:10 am
expecting this donald trump pivot, to all of a sudden he's going to become some foreign policy guru. he will have three points that he'll outline some plan. i don't expect him to have that level of detail. why don't i expect that? why don't the american public expect that? because he hasn't done it before. we're not sure he's able to grasp it. not that donald trump doesn't know foreign policy, it's that he's unwilling to learn foreign policy. i think that is the danger of dealing with someone who has this temperament, who's unwilling to learn, it doesn't make for a strong commander in chief. >> i think some voters might be confused when he says, i know more than the generals, i'm going to bomb isis. when he says these things, then gives a more measured speech, they're concerned about what exactly donald trump believes. >> well there is no confusion about the fact we have a problem with isis. since 2002, they killed more
7:11 am
than 33,000 people. here's the number that people -- 80% of that since 2012. hillary clinton has yet to come out and saypulled out iraq. as far as we know, she would have gone exactly along with what barack obama and what she did and make no corrections because she's not laid out any separation of what -- >> here's the thing -- wait, wait, is mr. trump in favor of putting more troops in iraq and reversing that? >> i think trump is in fair of going in there and doing something. not tap dancing with the jv squad which is how this administration has treated isis. isis should have been taken out immediately from the very beginning. whether it takes air strikes, whether it takes special forces, whether it takes troops on the ground, we have to go in and take care of these folks on their soil as they shown they continue to infiltrate ours.
7:12 am
>> will donald trump get into those things as far as the number of ground troops, increasing special forces troops on the ground, like, will he get into all of that too? >> i've not read the speech yet but i guarantee you whatever -- he will do whatever it takes to keep the fight over there and to keep american's safety first. that is his priority. something we've not seen out of hillary clinton yet say she wants americans here at home to be safe first before putting over the political correctness she has with the rest of the world. >> you don't believe hillary clinton wants to keep the country safe? >> i absolutely -- you have to wonder with her immigration policies and the points she's laid out. any woman who can sit there and look mothers in the eyes over their coffins and caskets. i wonder sometimes what her motivation is and the actions she's made with her foreign policy. >> that's absurd. i do just want to add this check to what scottie said because we are living in this trump factory america.
7:13 am
>> no, it is fact, i'm sorry. >> donald trump supported the troop withdrawal from iraq. when he talks about this vacuum, he needs to understand he also supported that. to actually say that hillary clinton is not trying to keep this country safe, i mean that is the type of off message rhetoric that's very dangerous. >> no, i have to call truce, we have people who come home in body bags because of her failed foreign policy and then she lied to the mothers about it, no, that is called facts, sorry. >> this is kind of the challenge, right. you can certainly have a debate about the last eight years and whether america is safer and whether the right policies about sips were pursued and that is something that -- the longer you're debating that, that is ground to stand on for donald trump and the republican party. when you say hillary clinton doesn't want to keep america safe, you veer back to speaking to that alienated 48% and causing the rest of the electorate, where donald trump
7:14 am
isn't where he needs to be, to question whether you are truly someone operating within the boundaries they are comfortable as president and i think that encaps lated both the opportunity and challenge donald trump has created for the -- >> i'm just going to stop this right now because i think the bottom line is the american people just want to know what both candidates are going to do to fight isis. they want specifics. they don't want ton gue guess. i suspect that's what most voters want. thanks to all of you. today, vice president joe biden hits the trail with hillary clinton, his hometown of scranton, pennsylvania. biden is set to attack trump's experience while clinton hammers him for not releasing his tax returns but the fbi could spoil clinton's day as congress awaits new information about her private e-mail server. cnn's athena jones in washington with more on all of that. good morning. >> good morning, carol. well, biden is a popular figure there in pennsylvania. having been born in scranton. the hope on the part of the
7:15 am
clinton campaign is he can help her appeal to blue collar voters, white working class voters. these are the types of voters that trump has had an advantage with. we should mention at the outset that pennsylvania has not voted for a republican for president since 1988. but this is one of those rust belt states that trump has said he wants to put into play. you can certainly expect the clinton campaign to campaign hard there as well. we expect to hear vice president biden to argue that there has been no nominee, no major party nominee in the history of america that has been as poorly prepared as donald trump is. he'll also say that trump has no clue when it comes to the needs of working class families. this is in some ways the flip side of the argument the president made for clinton's credentials at the dnc. he will hit trump on taxes, on not releasing his economic plans. as you mentioned, this news that could come today, maybe tomorrow, these notes from the three-plus hour-long interview
7:16 am
clinton had with the fbi over her private e-mail server. so there's a lot to talk about as we enter this week, carol. >> reporting live for us this morning, thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," a second night of violence in milwaukee. one person shot, a police officer sent to the hospital. she spent summer binge-watching. soon, she'll be binge-studying. now she writes mostly in emoji. soon, she'll type the best essays in the entire 8th grade. today, the only spanish words he knows are burrito and enchilada. soon, he'll take notes en espanol. get back to great with the right gear. from the place with the experts. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. at safelite, we know how busy life can be.
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milwaukee police are now regaining control of their city after a second straight night of violent protest. one person was shot. a police officer injured. as demonstrators threw rocks and bottles at police. this latest round of violence comes after half a dozen businesses were torched over the weekend. the protest triggered by the shooting death of a black man who police say was armed. >> we are right at ground zero
7:21 am
where these protests have erupted in the last couple of nights. just over my shoulder is the busy intersection. things getting back to normal. but this is the location where protesters clashed with police last night. this is where they hurled rocks at police officers according to the police officials. this is where gunshots rang out. this is where a lot of attention has been building in the last couple of days over my shoulder on this site. you see the burned out bp gas station. one of six buildings that were set ablaze on saturday night when the initial round of unrest happened following that shooting you mentioned, carol, the 23-year-old shot and killed by police just a couple blocks from here last night. family friends held a candlelight vigil for him. we heard from his sister, listen. >> somebody else to be there for me ya'll maybe at the club.
7:22 am
i lost my brother. i can't get him back never never. that's pain. it's real hurt. >> the community says it's hurting. it's been hurting for a long time. we spoke with one one who's lived in this neighborhood for 40 years. she describes the root of the anger in this community, listen. >> it was wrong to burn down but they have no opportunity. they're oppressed. so i feel like we really need some change here and it's not going to end if we don't have change. >> change, what we're hearing now. residents tell us it was just -- the shooting was just a flash point for really the issues that have been bubbling up in this community when it comes to the economic woes, when it comes to feeling oppressed, feeling like
7:23 am
this community has been sort dumped on or ignored or not listened to, not cared about my community members and state leaders. and so that's where the conversation moves going forward as the community here is calling for solutions, carol. >> the initial incident where that young african-american man was shot and killed by police, do we know anymore about what exactly happened? >> well what we have learned is that it all began on saturday afternoon, a couple of police officers tried to make a traffic stop. they said it was a suspicious vehicle. the two people inside that vehicle took off on foot, including smith. officers pursued on foot. what police have told us and the mayor saying he's now seen the body camera video from the officer who opened fire, is that sievele smith was holding a gun at the time, according to police officers, and he refused to obey orders to drop that gun. that's why they say the officer opened fire. this has all been turned over to
7:24 am
the wisconsin department of justice who will look at all the facts of the case but at this time police and local officials are saying it appears this shooting was justified. important to note though because it is a different conversation than some of the other shootings we have been talking about in recent weeks and the last couple of years, really, since ferguson, carol. >> all right, ana cabrera, thank you. accused of killing a south georgia police officer. the suspect is accused of shooting officer tim smith. it happened when smith responded to a 911 call on saturday night. a few minutes ago, we learned from a florida sheriff that he was captured earlier today. he was found hiding in the trunk of his sister's car. still to come in the "newsroom," brazen and cold-blooded. gunned daun ened down in broad. was it a hate crime? the latest next.
7:25 am
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7:29 am
new york city detectives are questioning the possible suspect in the killing of an imam and his assistant. both men were wearing muslim attire when they were shot in broad daylight. cnn has been following the story. >> we know nypd is questioning a person of interest in this case who was apprehended after bumping into a police car, an unmarked police car, that was surveilling him. we also know police have released this sketch, you see here on the screen, that they composed based on surveillance video from nearby that shows a
7:30 am
man with a gun walk up behind the two men as they walk down the street from saturday prayers at their msosque towards their home nearby. he shoots both men and runs away with the gun. we know that as we speak police are being very careful about a motive, but continue to investigate involving the hate crimes in nypd. we also know the imam had $1,000 cash on his person when he was shot, leading police to believe that robbery was not the motive. they're also saying that this person, this shooter, was precise in his targeting of the two men as they continue to investigate of course this community on edge, feeling very much that this is a very scary incident, this happened in the middle of the day, carol. >> sara gannon reporting for us, thank you.
7:31 am
and good morning, i'm carol costello, thank you so much for joining me. hillary clinton is back with a high-profile democrat in tow. vice president joe biden. as she tries to paint herself as a friend of the working and middle class in scranton, pennsylvania today. but, is that a stretch? a new op-ed published in "the guardian u.s." suggests maybe so. it called for the left to push clinton on her economic policies. while she made fun of trump on the slump for having a dozen or so economic advisers he just named. apparently she's living in a glass house funded by goldman sachs and should be throwing no stones. the author of that op-ed and writer at large for "the guardian." welcome. >> thank you, carol. >> clinton is pulling ahead of trump in nearly every poll out there. shouldn't democrats be celebrating instead of criticizing? >> on the one hand, they should be celebrating because she's
7:32 am
probably clearly going to win. but it's also incredibly sat because she's running against the most racist, horrible candidate she possibly could. even though bernie sanders was pulling her to the left, the direction that particularly voters want her to go, trump is pushing her to the right and ridiculous directions. >> it is interesting hillary clinton is not sitting down for any interviews with reporters. she's not holding news conferences with reporters to ask her questions. why do you suppose that is? >> part of it is she's spending her time chasing after endorsements from henry kissinger and accepting endorsements from people like john negroponte. taking money from places like goldman sachs. even though her people are not named steve who are billionaires she's reportedly endorsed by lots of billionaires. in the camp of people who have a lot of money and she doesn't like to talk to the press. it's hard for her to go to scranton and sell herself as somebody who's a friend of the
7:33 am
working class. >> she's trying to reach out so she can win this election. could it be simply that, not that she buys into their ideology? >> it's unfortunate that she really seems set on running up the score and if she wins a majority of the popular vote, she'll be the first clinton to do so because her husband never did and so she seemed to want to be running up the score but it's sad she wants to do it with republicans and doesn't seem to want to do it amongst bernie sander reporters. >> when you look at the polls, most bernie sanders supporters support pltz clinton now. i think 69% of them. so something she's doing is resonating with those bernie sanders supporters. >> she is, part of it is because the opposition is so completely horrible. people can't vote for trump. if they have any morality. at the same tie, she's somebody that's not offer ago good vision economical economically. we're seeing all this violence in milwaukee. we know that democrats don't have a plan to deal with how to advance many of the things that
7:34 am
black lives matter movement wants. they're not going to give us any kind of magical solution with what's happening with police violence. her support from bernie sanders supporters is really more to do with how horrible the opposition is than with her adopting his kind of policies. >> of course, as i said, she's going to scranton today with joe biden and they're going to talk economics and they'll be speak in front of blue collar middle class workers. so mrs. clinton unveiled her economic plan last week and she said, quote, i will stop any trade deal that kills jobs or holds down wages including the transpacific partnership. i oppose it now. i'll oppose it after the election. i'll oppose it as president. should working class americans believe her? >> it's really hard to because she has a past that doesn't match what she said. my column came out before her economic speech did. when i look at who she's surrounded by, who she takes money from, how she's made money, how her family's made money, it really is very
7:35 am
concerning she's going to follow through on these things. >> it is interesting, i read an article, i wish i could remember who wrote it, but the premise was hillary clinton is really a moderate republican and that's why all these republicans are rallying around her. >> she is -- >> and donald trump is really not a republican -- >> i mean, i understand disaffected left voters and young voters. i sort of cape to my political activism largely through opposition for the iraq war which senator clinton voted for. it's painful to see she voted for that war and she's accepting the endorsement of someone like john negroponte. very much she's a republican in that sense. i think that people on the left have a real opportunity to consider either voting for a third party out of conviction but also there's so many states where she's going to win big, california or new york, and she's going to lose big, like texas that allows people who do want to advance these agendas to consider putting in an
7:36 am
oppositional vote and they're not going to necessarily be making trump -- >> your article is hold hillary clinton's feet to the fire because if she's for president of the united states, you have to live with that too. >> make her work for your votes. even if you ultimately -- leave wiggle room in this. don't use this as a time to not be critical. i think we should always be critical. i don't like the language of saying politicianings are our friends. they're not our friends. they're people who work for us. even if you ultimately decide to pull the lever for clinton, you should really hold her feet to the fire now and make her put forward policies that you know are going to work in your favor. >> thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," dead ly flooding in louisiana. searching for a gread car? i don't want one that's had a big wreck just say, show me cars with no accidents reported find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing i like it start your used car search at
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7:41 am
a state of emergency in southeast louisiana. at least five people have died in the historic flooding there. already more than 20,000 people plucked from their homes and cars in dramatic rescues like this one. >> oh, my god, i'm drowning. >> we're coming, we're coming. i'm going to break this window. >> oh, my god. >> people are just volunteers. you can see a woman pulled from her car and then she says, please, please, rescue my dog. yes, you can see the little doggy there has been rescued too. in the meantime, president obama is declaring a major disaster in the state. boris sanchez has the latest from one of the hardest-hit areas of baton rouge, good morning. >> hey, good morning, carol. yes, you see rescues like that and it's just incredible, especially when you consider
7:42 am
those were volunteers that were just in the right place at the right time. scenes like that have been playing out with neighbors coming together to help each other. yesterday, we saw several people, boat owners, come out and lend their boats to people to go into these affected neighborhoods to try and rescue those who need help. to give you an idea what's happening now, you can see behind me, there are blue skies. the rain has stopped here in east baton rouge but the water is still rising. part of the reason for that is because the ground is saturated right now. there's nowhere for that floodwater to go. any marshes or wet lands, rivers, start to overflow and go into neighborhoods like we see here. there was a marsh behind here, or rather the bayou and it went into this neighborhood in a very short amount of time. we have neighbors here. you live in that home right there. tell me about the moment you realized you had to get out. >> it was about 3:00 in the morning yesterday morning. had some neighbors come and knock on my car and say they're evacuating, they recommended i get out too.
7:43 am
i stayed around. i end up staying back, trying to protect my home, putting things up off the ground, all my valuables and everything. >> not much you can do, right? >> at this point, there's nothing i can do. >> but you're very fortunate to have neighbors like jenny and eric. you guys have been helping brad out. you guys live right there. the water's just a few feet from your door. >> we're lucky, we could have gotten waesh in the house. we were watching it hour after hour through the night. i could not sleep. neither could jenny. waking up, checking it with a flashlight. every inch we could see it slowing down. we were -- you know, felt more and more blessed. it's actually starting to fall. the stick that we put in the front of our yard is actually showing a decrease in the level of the water. so, you know, more and more blessed every minute and we're happy to help brad. >> that's certainly welcome news. thank you, guys, so much for speaking to us. as you can tell, some of the
7:44 am
danger maybe out of the way but there's still a large recovery effort under way. the governor's asking people, if you don't have to leave your hope, to stay inside. >> all right, boris sanchez, reporting live from baton rouge this morning. still to come in the "newsroom," top foreign policy experts say donald trump would be dangerous for u.s. foreign policy but will his big foreign policy speech today change their policy speech today change their minds? fight baith relief so smooth and fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. tum-tum-tum-tum-tums smoothies, only from tums. and i quit smoking with chantix. i have smoked for 30 years and by taking chantix, i was able to quit in 3 months and that was amazing. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it absolutely reduced my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions
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7:48 am
donald trump is expected to leave trump tower at any time for youngstown, ohio. normally candidates talk about the economy in that blue collar city but today mr. trump will lay out his plan to defeat isis. the specifics, he wants to build alliances with willing allies in the middle east. that's rudy giuliani. i suspect maybe. let's go back to that picture, can we? let's go back to that picture. rudy giuliani. maybe he's traveling to youngstown, ohio, with mr. trump. but certainly he has been advising him because mr. trump will go to youngstown, ohio. normally candidates talk about the economy in that blue collar
7:49 am
town but today mr. trump will lay out his plans to defeat isis. some specifics, he wants to suspend visas for people from countries with heavy terrorist footprints that cannot be adequately vetted. and describe effortsasan ideological struggle against radical islam. just days after many top security officials signed a letter criticizing mr. trump. reading, we know the personal qualities required of a president of the united states. none of us will vote for donald trump. all right, so let's talk about this. with me now is major general james "spider" marks who has come out in favor of clinton. we did reach out to the trump campaign to provide us with someone to talk about trump's foreign policy but no one was available at this hour. so that said, we'll jump right in. mr. trump is going to lay out his foreign policy and he will provide details on how to defeat isis. what can he say to change your mind about him?
7:50 am
>> carol, you know, first of all, the most important thing in leadership, and especially for looking at being the commander in chief, is the notion of predictability and certainly at the strategic and policy level, predictability is everything. if we're trying to build alliances, if we're trying to engage with partners, if we have to have a shared vision of what it is we're trying to achieve, predictability is number one. we have to know who's going to stand with us. and we have to be able to deliver a message that allows others to galvanize and grow around what that vision looks like. the challenge i have with mr. trump is he has been all over the map, he's on, he's off, he's being sarcastic. my challenge with all of that is if we have nations that are listening to us, we have enemies listening to us and friends that are listening to us. if we confuse them all, we're
7:51 am
going to be standing alone, trying to solve this problem 30 years from now. look, the notion of trying to get our arms around isis is a monstrous effort. it's interjen generational. this administration has not been doing an adequate job. i believe mrs. clinton can come forward, can distance herself from the challenges that have taken place with this administration. i'm convinced she'll be far more bullish and far more predictable and she'll be able to galvanize and build the team. >> donald trump does seem to be backing off -- backing off on some of his more controversial ideas like a muslim ban. that the campaign afforded some details of his speech today. no word of a muslim ban included in mr. trump's foreign policy to defeat isis. does that make you feel better? >> well, i think that makes entirely more sense, absolutely. the challenge, carol, still
7:52 am
remains. what has been stated. what has been put out there. what has been nailed down is now being unnailed. my concern is, look, get your national security team to get around you, come up with a cogent, very clear, very precise and simple message that says, and square with the american people, that says, look, we're going to be after this for quite some time. it's not going to be gone tomorrow. we're not going to wave this thing away -- >> no, no, no, he says he can defeat isis quickly. ethat he uses that word a lot. >> as we say in business that ain't going to happen. this is intergenerational, an ideological challenge we have. so it has to -- really, the only way we're going to get arms around this is if we have partners willing to work primarily inside. we have to have moderate arabs that say enough. this is crazy. we cannot afford to have our religion of islam hijacked
7:53 am
demonically like it has been for the last number of years. this is how we have to get about it. very measured, very precise, very simple message, which says we have to do this together. >> all right, general, major general "spider" marks, thank you. a new call to protect olympic athletes after several swimmers were robbed at gunpoint in rio. great grains cereals are made from delicious clusters, real fruit, wholesome nuts and crunchy flakes. good things come together to make one great thing. great grains. why be good when you can be great?
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7:57 am
the international olympic committee is now calling for tougher security measures after a taxi full of olympic athletes was robbed in rio. several bandits dressed as armed police officers swarmed the car. here's ryan lochte. >> they told the other swimmers
7:58 am
to get down on the ground. i refused. i was, like, we didn't do anything wrong. so i'm not getting down on the ground. and then the guy pulled out his gun, he cocked it, put it to my forehead and said get down and i was, like, i put my hands up, like, whatever. >> coy wire in rio with more on this. >> certainly ramping up security. right now, looking behind me on copacabana beach where they finished the marathon swim, they have security members carrying assault rifles. the australian team has banned their athletes from even going to copacabana after dark. they've been told to travel in groups of three or more. they have a curfew. concern certainly growing. here we have ryan lochte who shares the title of second most decorated american olympian, here he was, having a gun pointed to his head. i was at one of these events
7:59 am
last night where lochte and swimmers were -- around the world were attending, the competitions were over, their training for years and finally they get to celebrate being an olympian, gold medalist in the case of lochte here in rio, and it's easy to let your guard down. even though you've been told to be safe. you get into this beautiful city and forget at any moment you could be at the wrong place at the wrong time. security certainly coming back to the forefront of the concerns in the wake of lochte's robbery. let's get you caught up today on what the good is to see here in rio. pressure in the air. simone biles took her third gold medal yesterday. that's already the most by any american woman in olympic gymnastics history. she could win two more, including in the beam, with her teammate 16-year-old. also you'll see 400 meter four-time gold medalist allyson felix will be the star in that, look for her to bring home the
8:00 am
gold for the u.s. >> so many athletes breaking world records. it's been a great olympics, at least that way. coy wire, thank you. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour" with berman and bolduan starts now. i'm not running against crooked hillary, i'm running against the crooked media. >> the campaign is contrary to what the media is saying. >> now they're analyzing, did i really mean that. these people are the lowest form of life. >> this guy will make up anything. >> i call president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. they're the founders. >> i think he was being very serious and he was making the point that needs to be made. >> donald trump getting down to policy today, laying out his plan to defeat isis. >> he's going to talk about


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