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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  August 16, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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changes everything. ♪ and good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. we begin this hour with what could be a radical shift for the global war on isis. russia's defense minister now says moscow and washington are in very active associatinegotia how to joipt fugt against the terror group in syria. matthew chance joins us live with more on this it. hi, matthew. >> thank you very much. negotiations, in fact, have been going on for some time now between the united states military and russian koupt parts trying to find common ground between these two countries in their conflicting objectives over syria. russia is engaged in a brutal air war backing up the forces that bashar al assad are
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currently the battle is for the syrian second city of aleppo. it's the latest comments have been made to the russian state news agency task by the russian defense minister saying that the negotiations between united states and russia are very active at the moment as they try to find this common ground. he says he's talking only about aleppo that will find points in common. if this is agreed and it is some way off at the moment, it could be a major departure from the situation before it. >> two questions. why just aleppo and not all of syria and how long have negotiations been ongoing? >> they have been going on for several months, in fact, on and off. there's been a lot of contact between the various militaries to try to establish what common
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ground there might be. it's part of an engagement policy to make sure that russia and the united states, for instance, coordinate airstrikes and don't run into each other in any kind of confrontational way. as to why it's aleppo, that stands to the fact that the o object i-s for the united states and russia in syria are where are different of. russia, a strong backer of bashar al assad, the syrian president. the united states opposed to him continuing in power. so it's only in these localized areas that they are it going to be able to find any common ground, if they are going to find any common ground at all. they are still on opposite sides of the conflict. >> matthew chance, thank you. all of this on the heels of donald trump's big speech on foreign policy and protecting from radical islam. athena jones is life with more. >> donald trump is usually unscripted, but he was on
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message talking about what he would do to defeat terrorism. he made a change or a a turn in his speech after repeatedly questioning the value of the nato aplooilliance some weeks a. he's vowing to work with partners to fight terrorism and with clinton and her allies raising questions about her temperament, he's now try iing raise doubts about her judgment and fitness for office. >> i call it extreme, extreme vetting. >> donald trump delivering a fiery speech on his ideas for fighting radical islamic terrorism. proposing a different kind of admission test for people entering the united states. >> in addition to screening out all members of the sympathizers of terrorist groups, we must also screen out any of hostile attitudes toward our country or principles or who believe that sharia law should american law. those who do not believe in our
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constitution or who support bigotry will not be admitted for immigration into our country. >> trump calling for bans. >> we will have to temporarily suspend um grags from some of the most dangerous and volatile regions of the world that have a history of exporting terrorism. >> and simultaneously trashing hillary clinton's capabilities. >> with one episode of bad judgment after another, hillary clinton's policies launched isis on to the world stage. she also lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on isis. >> the democratic trifecta, president obama, biden and hillary clinton hitting trump on a all fronts. at a dnc fundraising event monday night, president obama refusing to mention trump by
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name, but quipping, i don't have to make the case against her opponent because every time he talks, he makes the case against his own candidacy. clinton and biden together in biden's hometown of scranton launching their preemptive attack. >> friends should not let friends vote for trump. >> this guy did you want care about the middle class. and i don't even blame him in a sense because he doesn't understand it. he did you want haveoesn't have. this man is totally unqualified to be president of the united states of america. >> biden slamming trump as a threat to national security. >> there's a guy that follows me right back here, has the nuclear codes. so god forgid anything happened to the president and i had to make a decision, the codes are with me. he's not qualified to know the code. had can't be trusted. >> so trump holds a rally and
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town hall in wisconsin. clinton will be in pennsylvania attend iing a voter registratio event in philadelphia. meanwhile in a sign of confidence, the superpac supporting clinton says it's not going to air any local ads in virginia, colorado or pennsylvania through most of september saying in a statement we know at the moment these are tough states for donald trump and there isn't as much of a need for us to air ads there. >> athena jones, thank you. to talk about all of this including trump's anti-isis strategy and the talks between washington and moscow, i want to bring in peter hoekstra, a trump surrogate. welcome, sir. >> thank you, good morning. >> good morning. can you respond to vice president joe biden saying that mr. trump should not have access to the button? >> i can respond to it and say it's a a totally inappropriate
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comment. donald trump clearly has the skills necessary to make those kinds of judgment. he laid out a good strategy yesterday to con front the threat that we face from radical islam. his strategy is much better than the strategy that this president and this vice president and their secretary of state have implemented over the last years. it's the best indication that donald trump has the capability and the capacity to deal with those codes because he has a strategy that can work. >> some say his strategy is very similar to president obama's. i'll give you an example of that this morning. matthew chance at the top of the show said that russia is saying that the obama administration is negotiating with russia to find common ground in aleppo. so the russians and the americans are talking and negotiating. this has been going on for a a few months. would trump approve?
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>> absolutely, but what trump would also say is that the only reason that obama is negotiating with the russians today is the strategy he's had in place for the last number of years has put america into a place where we have to go and negotiate. america's actions in iraq, egypt, syria created a vacuum that's been filled by the russians and has given the russians new opportunities to increase their influence and we'd never be in the situation we're in today if the obama administration had not aligned with radical jihadists to overthrow the egyptian government, to overthrow libya and overthrow assad in seyria. >> you're saying the obama administration aligned itself with jihadist forces? >> they aligned themselves with the muslim brotherhood.
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>> didn't egypt have an election? >> they facilitated -- in egypt they septembnt a clear signal i time for mubarak to go. in libya they allied and trained, e equipped the people that overthrew gadhafi. gadhafi had been an ally for algt and a half years. the president decided to align themselves with radical groups to get rid of gadhafi and it's been a disaster ever since. >> let's talk about bashar al assad, the syrian president. as you know the united states is at odds with the syrian president. now the u.s. and russia are negotiating over the city of aleppo. as you e know, bashar al assad, by all accounts, is guilty of using chemical weapons against his own people, which is why the
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united states is not a fan of him. would trump be in favor of keeping bashar al assad in power in syria? >> i don't know if trump would be in favor at this point, but what he would have been in favor of is never articulated and implemented a half baked idea that says we're going to support the groups that are going to overthrow assad, draw red lines and never execute the strategy. they never got to the point. >> i'm trying to figure out -- and i apologize for interrupting. these are complicated matters. would he say we cannot support bashar al assad because he uses chemical weapons on his own people. how would trump negotiate that? >> number one, trump would never
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have gotten the united states -- >> but we're here now. i want to know how he would go forward. >> what he would do is that he would negotiate with the russians to defeat the radical jihadists in syria and other places in the middle east and once we dephotoed isis, we would decide where we would go with the regimes that would be impacted. >> i get that. russia has other interests within syria and one of those interests is keeping bashar al assad in power. not necessarily to defeat isis. so how would trump finesse that. >> trump has made it very clear. we are not going to take our eyes off the ball like the obama administration did in egypt, libya and syria. our focus, number one, is going to defeat isis.
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once isis and radical jihadists have been contained, we will move on to those other issues. but the most important thing is to eliminate the caliphate thattistst has in syria and in iraq because it's created a refugee crisis throughout europe. keep our eye on the ball. our eye has to be focused on defeating isis. >> congressman hoekstra, thank you for joining me. still to come, forget strategy. donald trump says hillary clinton doesn't have the physical stamina to defeat isis. what exactly does that mean? we'll talk about that, next. beyond has a natural grain free pet food committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is number one. and we leave out corn, wheat and soy. for your pet, we go beyond.
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members of congress could soon receive notes from hillary clinton oos interview with the fbi about her private e-mail server. the fbi, which said it does not have a complete transcript of the interview, is responding to a request from several republican lawmakers. they asked to see the notes
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after fbi director james comey called clinton extremely careless in the handling of information during testimony. we'll keep you posted. sglmpbts instead of focusing on clinton's e-mail controversy, trump used that word to dispar age hillary clinton, that word stamina. he insisted on a national stage that clinton not only lacks the physical stamina to fight isis, but her mental state might not be up to the task either. >> importantly, she also lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on isis and all of the many adversaries we face. >> some observers predicted this kind of strategy. rumors of clinton's failing health have been featured on the cover of the national inquirer. a paper trump says he respects. we should also note it's published by one of his closest friends. the drudge report is asking
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whether clinton needs to rest on weekends. and on fox news, sean hannity has done entire programs on clinton's health. on the other hand, more than a few observers have questioned trump's sanity, including michael bloomberg. >> as an independent, i am asking you to join with me not out of party loyalty, but out of love of country. and together let's select a sane, competent person. >> so let's talk about this with me now amy kremer and kurt ik ikenwald. welcome to you both. so amy, are these comments out of line? >> i think that he is just echoing something that we're hearing from people all across
6:20 am
the country right now that they are concerned about hillary clinton's physical health. is she -- does she have what it takes. that's simply because she's had some injuries. she did suffer concussion and following that a blood clot. as we have seen from e-mails, she's written in january of 2013, she wrote she was easily confused. i think there's concern. i do think her medical records should be released. i think that it probably is referring to. >> it doesn't matter if a a physician released a letter proclaiming her a healthy female with hyperthyroidism and seasonal allergies. the doctor wept on that hillary clinton is in kplept physical condition and after she suffered that concussion, she went on to testify before a committee on
6:21 am
benghazi. so why are people still wondering about hillary clinton's physical health, amy? >> i am not a medical professional and don't proclaim to be one. from my understanding, a concussion can cause injuries that it may not show up on a regular ct scan or mri. it's something that all americans should be concerned. if you go back to dol and mccain, they produced all their medical records because their health and physical well-being was call ed into question too. were they physically fit to serve this it office. so i don't think it's anything unusual. it's something that americans should be concerned about. we want to know what kind of physical health our commander-in-chief is in. >> so kurt, some comments that sean hannity made on his show inspired you to write a column. i want to play some of hannity's remarks so people can understand. let's listen. >> let me go back to this video
6:22 am
on the screen now. we'll put it up again. it's a violent repetitive jerking of the head here. you can see it's uncontrollable. watch the reporter like pull back. the reporter got scared and e she keeps doing it. what is that? >> so you are watching that and? >> it's nothing. i mean, sean hannity tried to say that it was seizures. i have seizures. and i got to tell you it was incredibly offensive that sean hannity took something that no competent doctor would ever say was a seizure. it was hillary clinton goofing around. and try to make it into a medical case. your other guest said people are saying, this is the trump garbage approach, which is you get all the conspiracy theorists
6:23 am
online talking about something. you get sean hannity talking about something, and then they say people want to know. here's what i want to know. you have talked about hillary clinton's letter. here is the letter from donald trump's doctor. and i will say flat out, this is not a real letter. because what you have, number one, it's not from an internist. it's from a doctor who treated digestive problems. number two, he says that all of mr. trump's medical tests are positive. that means that everything he was tested for, he has. no competent or real doctor would write this. it also says such things donald trump will be the healthiest president in the history of the united states. that sounds a lot like donald trump. it doesn't have a real lett letterhead. it was written on microsoft word. they want all of hillary clinton's medical records
6:24 am
released. her letter has within it the test results, what tests were done, what the medical history is. none of that donald trump has released. so if you want to -- are you a physician? u don't think you're qualified to say what is accurate and not with donald trump. >> but amy, hillary clinton released her medical records. >> i don't think she has. >> i have not said -- please stop lying. i have not said a word about donald trump's health. what i have said is this is not a real letter. because if you have a doctor who thinks that a test result is positive, that it means you have tested positive for the problem. that is not something that requires a medical degree. that is something that requires
6:25 am
basic, general knowledge. if your doctor is telling you you are testing positive for every disease he's checking for, then, yeah, you do not have a competent doctor. this is a gast ro interologist. he does say this is his primary physician. a doctor who treats digestive problems. i am not putting into question mr. trump's health. what i'm saying is if they want the medical records, we need an internist to give a real, a real result of his exams. give the answers as to what his tests are. >> how do you -- >> let amy interject here. i just am wondering if you want hillary clinton to release her medical records, all of them, shouldn't donald trump do that too? shouldn't donald trump release
6:26 am
them too? >> i don't have a problem with both of them. i think we should know what our commander-in-chief, what their physical health is. absolutely i do. but donald trump has not had an injury that can have long-term, lasting effects. as i stated earlier, even her assistant has said she often gets confused. >> we don't know in what context that e-mail was written. it could have been about something entirely different. >> i want to say something else. i'm not a conspiracy theorist. i don't just follow blindly. i'm capable of thinking for myself. i would advise you to get outside of the d.c. and new york media bubble and listen to what the people are saying. at the beginning of august, a poll with 59% of americans want to see her medical records. >> amy, let me stop you.
6:27 am
wait, wait, wait. amy, do you think those people believe that there's something wrong with hillary clinton because conservative media is drumming up these rumors like sean hannity, like the drudge report? >> carol, i don't know -- i think there is evidence. abc news in 2012 reported about her falling and having a concussion. shortly after that, there was a very serious -- >> but her doctor said she recovered and testified for the benghazi committee. >> that testimony was delayed after that concussion because of her injury. i think the american people have a right to be concerned. i think that probably sean hannity and others are trying to put the pressure on so she does release her medical records. just like the pressure was put on mccain and dole for them to release their medical records. >> i will say about -- just one second.
6:28 am
i will say when you put on doctors who have not examined the patient, that's not really responsible. >> he's not qualified to say that either. >> i absolutely am. number one, let's go down one quick path. donald trump's family has a history of alzheimer's. donald trump has never released a letter from an internist. he's e released a letter saying his primary physician is a doctor who treated the digestive system. if you want to play this game, we can play this game. or we can simply look at the letters, i encourage people to do it, and reach their conclusions. but if donald trump wants to prove he doesn't have alzheimer's, he should e release all of his medical records. see how easy conspiracy theories are. >> i'm going to end it there.
6:29 am
i will post both letters on my social media and on my twitter account. i'll have my production assistants start doing that now. thank you for your insight this morning. still to come in the newsroom, clinton gained ground in the rust belt. that's next.
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83 days until voters hit the polls. right now the university center for politics has all eight battleground states leaning or likely democratic. that includes my home state of ohio, where the working class vote is crucial. but many are still finding hope in donald trump. jake tapper took a trip to the rust belt. >> in places such as middletown, ohio, donald trump's motto seems more than a a slogan.
6:34 am
>> we're going to make america great again. >> here where businesses and families are struggling, it's almost as if trump is talking directly to them. >> i want jobs and i want wealth to stay in america. >> reporter: the majority of residents here are white working-class voters such as lori henning. >> mills are not doing as well as they used to. the paper mills have gone. middletown is a struggling community. but it's a great community. it has great people here. >> reporter: and originally from kentucky. a truck driver at the local steel mill, which is still standing, though its best days are in its rear view mirror. >> he apt never wept downhill at nothing. he's went up at everything he's done. put him in as president, he'll take us. >> reporter: these are the families that too many politicians ignore.
6:35 am
hillbillie hillbillies, author of the new book "hillbilly elegj." it's a sense for us to use and an insiders term. >> reporter: he grew up here in middletown in the middle between cincinnati anddayton. his grandparents helped raise him after his mother fell into a life of drugs like far too many people in these communities. he credits the marines and later yale law school for steering him on the proper path. though that was far from certain. >> when you grew up in an area where people are doing drugs, where in my family was doing drugs, i was very frustrated with my own life. i was really unhappy and resentful kid. it seemed like the national thing to do. >> he does not support donald trump, but he understands why so many in these struggling communities seem drawn to him. >> even though they recognize that trump is imperfect, they say at least he's trying and
6:36 am
diagnosing the problems and recognizings the pain we're feeling. >> reporter: there's been attempts by both parties at a stop at a mine here. but generally speaking, they kind of when they say they feel ignored, they are kind of right. >> that's definitely true. he can feel neglected but the frustration catches up and that's exactly what's happened in this cycle. >> how stupid our politicians are. >> reporter: trump's brash and offensive approach to politics is pivotal to his appeal. >> is there something about the fact that trump angers so many people in washington, d.c. and new york that people in middletown like? >> if you're from middletown, you feel like you don't have a voice. what trump does is take the people who you wish you could say something and insult and go after them and he does it for you. that's something very liberating in his rallies and frankly i'm attracted to. >> americans are uncomfortable
6:37 am
with a lot of the rage that they discern at these rallies to minority people expressing jubilation at offensive ideas. they are still there. >> absolutely they are still there. we have to recognize they are still there and be aware of it. >> he's also leading people with his rhetoric in a dark place. that's what happens when you ignore people for a long time. i also think the optimistic upbeat message of the democratic party just doesn't match the lives of trump voters. >> the one constant here in middletown is they need help. >> i wish we could have better job security. i don't know how the election can work with that. but it's tough. >> reporter: they hope talk about white working class voters doesn't end on election day. jake tapper, cnn, washington. >> let's talk. with me is jackie and ryan list,
6:38 am
a cnn political commentator. that's it the thing. politicians talk a good game during the elections and say they care about white working class voters and promptly forget about them. what guarantee is there from either candidate they will remember if they get elected? >> there really is no gauarante. it's the policies. that's why these policies that they are representing are so important. because that's something they can be held to. it's not just their words. so i think that's one of the reasons you see someone like joe biden out there for hillary clinton. that's why you see her going to some of these states like pennsylvania, ohio, are going to be extremely important. they want to reach these voters that may not be immediately predisposed to hillary clinton, but they are hoping that essentially they believe them
6:39 am
when they say they are going to make their lives better. >> here's the thing, rooen. back in 2008 when barack obama was running he went to youngstown, ohio, more than 14 times. i think i was there every time he was there. but people in those areas still don't think he did a darn thing for them. why should they believe the democrats? >> that's a good question. the white working-class has not since the recession of 2008, 2009 recovered. any republican candidate running against the democratic party, which has been in office for eight years has a very good argument to make that the recovery hasn't been as strong as it should be. that these communities have been going to and telling the people there that things are going to get better. they really haven't done it. i don't think -- if you had a more politically gifted talent
6:40 am
with a little more specifics, the specific policy agenda, frankly, for all of the talk about how trump is appealing to these voters, they could potentially be doing a lot better. if you look at the states where we thought trump was going to have great appeal, he's getting killed in these states in pennsylvania, ohio, all of these midwest rust belt battlegrounds that were supposed to be for trump, it's not happening. that's one of the things that is not being talked about when we talk about the working class. . >> i want to dig into that a little bit. gallop poll shows a lot of interesting things about who supports trump exactly. ly pose this question to you. this shows that trump supporters are not affected by trade or immigration. they don't have lower incomes. nor are they more likely to be unemployed. does that make sense to you?
6:41 am
>> it is different than what we're hearing. but that said, i wonder about those numbers. when you're out there on the trail talking to people, they do tend to be your more blue collar workers. it's interesting to see what the polls are reflecting. >> they could be blue-collar workers, but not all are poor or suffer job loss because of immigration. so could it be something else? >> away you're talking about there, this study was an economist who dug into a year's worth of surveys. 87,000 americans, tried to figure out what is the main characteristic of the trump supporter. the big finding, it sort of shattered some myths and confirmed some believes about trump supporters. the thing that it shattered is
6:42 am
what you talked about is these voters, the most consistent trump voters are not necessarily as poor and working class as we in the media have imagined. they are more middle cls. people are scared about mobility. they are scared their success is not going to be passed on to kids. they are people with deep health problems. people in communities that are having some sort of cultural dissipt grags. they are not people that have been impacted by foreign trade. one thing that's important is race and incredibly important. without contact with a lot of racial minorities or foreign immigrants.
6:43 am
but that leads people to be more prejudiced. those are the two big findings of the study. what's interesting to me about it is it's not necessarily the poor working class that are the heart of the trump movements. >> i know it's fascinating. it's "the washington post." so google ryan's article. thank you, both. still to come in the newsroom, nine people dead as louisiana struggles to recover from catastrophic flooding. ♪ ♪
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nine people are dead and parts of louisiana are still under water. the worst flooding has been triggered by two feet of rain hitting baton rouge. let's check in with boris sanchez. >> reporter: good morning, carol. six of those fatalities came here just east of baton rouge.
6:48 am
and even further east of us, there are homes that are still under water and the flood water in those areas is rising partly because of back water flooding where bodies of water have overflowed and inundated neighborhoods. more than 100,000 people have lost everything. their homes completely destroyed. where we are now in this neighborhood, the water has receded significantly in just the past few hours. there's actually a swamp about 50 to 100 yards behind us and as you can tell, submerged homes in this neighborhood. one man gave us a tour of the neighborhood on his boat yesterday. his house was totally submerged, but he was helping his neighbors get back to their homes to salvage what they could, save pets stranded as well. just goes to show you the heart of the people here in louisiana. one more note, carol. it is expected to continue raining today. there's a good shot an inch of rain will fall across this area. >> boris sanchez, thank you.
6:49 am
still to come in the newsroom, a response to the olympic drama. for the first time we're hearing from a russian swimmer who was called a drug cheat. get between you and life's dobeautiful moments.llergens flonase gives you more complete allergy relief. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. ♪
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we're now hearing the other side of the story 06 one of the biggest dramas of the rio games. the swimming competition between yulia efimova and lilly king.
6:54 am
you may remember lilly king with her own sign after beating efimova to a gold medal and king called her competitor a drug cheat. now efimova is telling her side of the story. she talked with nick paton walsh. he joins us to tell us what he said. >> this is a russian athlete unlike many of the others. she lives nearly all the year in los angeles, very fond of the united states, has found the past weeks of scrutiny against her and her two bans for drug use extraordinary stressful, particularly from american athletes. here is what she said yesterday. >> when you were in the pool and you did that, what did you mean by that? >> i just made it, like, if you win your race, you're first. >> did you think that would cause lilly king to do this?
6:55 am
>> that's why i don't understand -- i don't know. maybe it's because the media and everything. >> when you hear what the americans have been saying about you -- >> yes, it's like -- it upset me so much. especially from michael phelps and girls like lilly king and everybody. >> reporter: for her this has been a very traumatic time. she'll go back to united states. she said the two bans were for a food sum supplement that she didn't know was banned. some say i've never made mistakes at all in my career and still get to compete. a lot of controversy over this young lady. it's been an incredibly tough time for her on a simply human level, carol. >> nick paton walsh live from rio this morning. the next hour with cnn newsroom starts now.
6:56 am
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7:00 am
happening now in the "newsroom," the fight over who's fit. >> she also lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on isis. >> he has no idea what he's talking about. there's a guy that follows me right back here, has the nuclear code. he is not qualified to know the code. he can't be trusted. >> but what do voters think? let's talk, live in the cnn "newsroom." >> good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you very much for joining me. russia makes new inroads in the meeflt strengthening its ties to iran and raising eyebrows in washington. for the first time russian warplanes are taking off from an iranian air base to launch
7:01 am
strikes in syria. now, the targets are supposedly isis militants, but the u.s. is disputing that. cnn's barbara starr live at the pentagon with more on this. good morning, barbara. >> good morning, carol. the u.s. believes the russians are continuing to largely strike syrian sive vilcivilians with t bombing campaign. maybe there's some isis out there, but that's not the way the u.s. sees the majority of what the russians are up to. the russians now, as you say, landing their bomber aircraft inside iran in northwest iran at a military base there, loading up there on the ground with weapons, bombs and missiles and taking off for those targets inside syria. the russians are looking in the view of the u.s. to solidify their position in syria while they're still trying to convince the u.s. to sign a joint air agreement, if you will. the russians want the u.s. to sign up to some kind of -- what they view as joint cooperation agreement for future air
7:02 am
missions. the u.s. very reluctant to do that because the u.s. priority in terms of the russians is to get them to stop bombing the civilians. what you're really talking about here is no surprise. it is a clash of wills between moscow and washington overse s a syria. the u.s. wants the rukss to back off, deal with isis, get assad out of there. the russians are continuing to bomb and you just have to look at the destruction in aleppo where they have been many russian air attacks, in the view of the u.s., tens of thousands of civilians in desperate circumstances there. so washington making it very clear that it's not signing anything with moscow until some of these issues are resolved. carol? >> barbara starr reporting live from the pentagon this morning. thank you. all this as donald trump unveils his own plan to fight isis and the threat of islamic terror infiltrating the united states.
7:03 am
trump wants immigrants to face extreme vetting and even a litmus test for their beliefs and values. >> the time is overdue to develop a new screening test for the threats we face today. i call it extreme vetting. those who do not believe in our constitution or who support bigotry and hatred will not be admitted for immigration into our country. >> cnn's athena jones live in washington with more on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. you heard the applause in the tape you just played. trump gave his fans exactly the tough tausk they like to hear from him. this is what they've been responding to for the entire campaign. the question is what about the other people trump is trying to win over, how will they receive it?
7:04 am
will they mind there's not a lot of meat on the bones. how is he going to carry out this extreme vetting? one person talked about maybe a questionnaire. if you're a terrorist seeking to do harm, are you going to openly say you don't agree with the constitution or sharia law. it's very unclear how he would carry out that extreme vetting. but on another front, what was very interesting yesterday was to see trump do something he's been doing a bit of lately, which is to try to take these questions that clinton and her team is raising about her fitness for office, her temperament and turn them on to clinton. take a listen to what he said to say yes in ohio. >> importantly, she also lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on isis and all of the many adversaries we face. >> there you see trump trying to give the clinton team a taste of their own medicine. he's been talking a little bit about her stamina at several points throughout the campaign,
7:05 am
but seems to be stressing a lot more this idea of, oh, you say i'm not fit, well you're not fit either. meanwhile vice president biden campaigning in his hometown of scranton yesterday continued to make a similar point. take a listen. >> there's a guy that follows me right back here, has the nuclear codes. so god forbid anybody had to make a decision and i had to make a decision, the codes are here. he is not qualified to know the code! he can't be trusted. >> so there vice president biden with a pretty evocative description to try to spell out why donald trump can't be trusted. this is a message, carol, they're amplifying in all sorts of ways. they're sending out already fund-raising e-mails saying how unfit donald trump is. there's also an ad that they're airing across the country that includes some former bush offici officials, folks like former cia director michael hayden and other conservative commentators
7:06 am
questioning donald trump's temperament and fitness. so they were certainly on message, both sides i guess you could say, were on message yesterday. >> athena jones reporting live from washington. thanks so much. andre bauer is a trump 1u7 porter and former south carolina lieutenant governor. lonnie chen former policy adviser to mitt romney and hilary rosen is a clinton supporter. welcome to all of you. >> hey, carol. >> andre, i want to start with you. what does mr. trump mean when he says hillary clinton lacks the mental and physical stamina to deal with isis? >> number one, mentally, he thinks she's made wrong decisions. she says that she's short-circuited. she's herself explained maybe she can't quite put it altogether and stubbed her toe on numerous occasions. he thinks they're headed in the wrong direction. he's chronologically laid out where he thinks the
7:07 am
administration went wrong and what we need to do to right the ship. he had a great day yesterday. >> hillary, on the other side of the coin, democrats saying of mr. trump he's temperamentally unfit. is it tit for tat at this point? >> i don't think we need to go into hillary clinton. anybody who sees her knows she's got more energy than i do and she's ten years older than me. yesterday donald trump did something that was frightening. he went through a litany of issues he saw as problems. he barbed the iraq war that he supported. he barbed the libyan war he originally supported. he barbed the overdloe of the egyptian government that he s p suppo supported. he barbed the withdrawal of troops from iraq that he supported. time and again, donald trump is trying to revise his own strategic policy analysis to say that he would do things
7:08 am
differently. but we have history here. he can't run away from the things he's already said. so now what's your plan going forward? you can have a plan going forward and it can involve sort of walling off the entire country. but unless you're willing to acknowledge that you made a huge number of mistakes over the last 15 years on these things you're complaining about now, you don't have much credibility going forward. >> lonnie, mr. trump did say he would cooperate more fully with the rukss, right? if russia wants to defeat isis, why not join them in that fight? i know mr. trump has intimated that before, but he said it very strongly yesterday. was that giving voters an idea of exactly what he would do and what strategy he has to fight isis? >> that was one element of specificity you actually did see in his speech, which was a name check of russia. the challenge with engaging russia is they have been opposed to american interests at every
7:09 am
turn over the course of the last eight years, whether it was what they did with iran or with syria or in general just being a menace to the united states over these last several years. it's very, very difficult to see how we would engage the russians. i think yesterday's speech was an opportunity for donald trump. it seems like every monday there's an opportunity for him to reset his campaign. it's not the mondays that are the problem, carol. it's the tuesdays, wednesdays and every other day that donald trump has when he seems to step on his own message. we'll see if he can continue with what he did yesterday. >> andre, on the subject of russia, you heard our lead story today, russia is launching warplanes from iran to fight isis or rebel factions within syria. is that something that donald trump would support? >> yes. as an american taxpayer, i worry about our treasury, loss of life. i'm glad we can find common ground to fight someone that we both fear. >> even if it's working with iran who is israel's most feared
7:10 am
enemy? >> look, you find strange partners in some of these problems. we've worked with some of our enemies before to defeat what we thought was a threat to the united states. it's not always the ideal partner. but when you're dealing with a situation that's very unideal and we've got to do all we can -- we're talking about 33,000 deaths since 2013. this is a major world problem. anybody that's also to help us with it, we need to at least listen to them and try to engage in working together. >> go ahead. >> you can't just do that in a vacuum, as lonnie said, which is russia and putin are responsible for armying the syrians and keeping assad in power. contributing to the increase in power of the isis power. there has to be engagement and there has to be sort of finding support with our allies.
7:11 am
but donald trump's naive to just say, oh, well, we're not going to worry so much about this problem, we're going to leave to it the russians to go in and bomb isis. that's just not going to work, and in our long-term interest, they're not going to be aligned that way unless there's a different level of understanding about the goals of both the u.s. and russia in the middle east. >> i want to focus a little bit on -- oh, my gosh, you guys agree. i want to focus on this extreme vetting that donald trump talked about for immigrants coming into the united states. they have to promise they will uphold the u.s. constitution and support american ideals. lonnie, i know in particular you have a problem with that. why? >> well, i mean, your reporter touched upon it earlier. i think it's going to be very difficult to implement and enforce. the idea of a questionnaire in silly. anyone looking to do harm to united states can easily make up answers to satisfy a
7:12 am
questionnaire. the kind of vetting that would have to take place would be so extensive and so time consuming one wondering what it would do to the immigration system more generally. i'm all for vetting. i think it's important to understand who is coming to the united states. one of the things mr. trum lp have to do is understand how his vetting process will differ from the current process in place or whether he's talking about is a ban for people coming from certain parts of the world f. that's what he wants to do, he needs to articulate it in that way rather than make it sound reasonably and legitimate like he did yesterday. >> andre, can you explain for us how the vetting process that mr. trump is suggesting is different from the vetting process we have in place right now? >> well, it would be a much more thorough vetting process. i agree you need to lay out a chronological -- >> how so? >> he hasn't said how he would much more thoroughly vet. however, we need to find a
7:13 am
different approach. we know this isn't working. we want people to come here and assimilate, want to be in this country, not bring their ways here to the u.s. and impose it. australia has done that. >> american citizens are responsible for some of the terror attacks within the united states. >> that's exactly right, carol. donald trump is lying the the american people when he goes out there and says what i heard him say, thousands of terrorists are getting through our system. that's not -- it's irresponsible to be so aggressive as a way to justify clearly some racist policies because it's not the case. when we have had the limited terrorist attacks we've had in the u.s. and they have been terrible. they have been from people who live here, who are citizens here and not showing a significant
7:14 am
amount of communication with isis and middle east terrorists. they're doing so as lone wolves. this is a frightening and offensive tact that trump is taking, creating fear. >> andre, last word. >> i don't think it's offensive to say, look, this country -- we want to make sure you're here for the right reasons. if you're 06 fepded by that, then you probably don't need to come here anyway. to come back in as a u.s. citizen, i have to go through certain checks and balances. we want to be a country of immigrants, we should make the it much easier for people to do it the right way. if it takes more money, as a taxpayer, i'm willing to spend that to make sure our borders are safe within this country. >> andre bower, lahne chen and hilary rosen, thanks to all of you. a conundrum for some campaigning republicans. back donald trump or keep your distance.
7:15 am
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donald trump's unpopularity within his own party is causing concern for down-ballot representatives. some are gegt cold feet. in in particular is kelly eye yot, locked in a tight race in new hampshire walking a fine line. so far she's keeping her distance from trump. cnn's manu raju sat down with her yesterday about balancing the party divide. manu is live in manchester. good morning. >> kelly ayotte and donald trump have sparred on a handful of issues and kelly ayotte is trying to use that to her advantage to show herself as an independent-minded senator. what we found in our interviews yesterday is that the clinton-trump race is having a pretty significant impact on this critical senate race. >> six years ago new hampshire senator kelly ayotte rode an anti-obama wave into office, now
7:20 am
battling the headwinds cause bid her own party's nominee, donald trump. >> you've said you support donald trump but you don't endorse him. >> i said i i will be voting for him, but i have sig any disagreements with him so i won't be endorsing him. >> what's the distinction between endorsing and voting? >> there's actually a big distinction. everyone gets a vote. i do, too. but an endorsement is one where i'm out campaigning with someone. while he has my vote, he doesn't have my endorsement, and i'm going to continue to focus on my race. >> you won't be campaigning with donald trump if he comes up here? >> i'll be campaigning in the senate race. >> thanks for volunteering. that's excellent. >> reporter: she's aggressively campaigning up and down the state, key for saving her seat and helping republicans hang on to the senate majority. with democrats only needing a handful of senate seats to take back power, they're seizing on
7:21 am
trump's growing unpopularity in battleground states like new hampshire where the gop nominee is down 15 points in a recent poll. that has democratic senate candidate maggie hasset linking to trum. >> she says she's not endorsing him but is voting for him. >> i think people should hear that statement for what it is. she wants it both ways. i don't think anyone supporting donald trump should hold office. >> meanwhile she's eager to align herself with the top of her ticket. >> onward to victory in november. >> speaking this weekend at a rally in manchester for clinton's running mate, tim kaine. 64% of voters in a recent cnn/orc poll believe clinton is not honest or trustworthy and asked three times, hasan would not give her opinion? >> do you think she's honest and trustworthy? >> i experience her for the
7:22 am
presidency because her experience and record demonstrate she's qualified to hold the job. >> do you think she's honest? >> she has a critical, critical plan among others for making college more affordable. >> but do you think she's trustworthy? >> i think she has demonstrated a commitment always to something beyond herself, bigger than herself. >> after this interview, hassan's campaign clarifying that she does believe clinton is honest. for her part, when asked, ayotte won't say whether she trusts clump with his finger on the button? >> what worries me and what i don't trust is continuing the foreign policy we've been under under this administration and that will be continued by hillary clinton. >> ayotte has sparred periodically with trump on issues like the call for a muslim ban and fight with a gold star family. so much so trump called ayotte weak only to announce support for her a few days later.
7:23 am
>> i call it like i see it. when he criticized me, i just said very clearly, which i'm going to continue to do, whether i have his endorsement or not. it's going to be about calling it like i see it for the people of new hampshire. whether it's my own party or the opposite party, if they're doing something that i don't agree with that i don't think is right for new hampshire, i'll stand up to them. but also work with them to get things done. >> reporter: today kelly ayotte trying to take matters in her own hands releasing an ad, spending six figures talking about her record here in the state. that's also part of a flurry of ads that both republicans and democratic groups are now unveiling here in the state. more than $30 million in outside and campaign ad money flooding the airwaves. carol, it just goes to show you how critical of a senate race this is and how it could determine control of the next majority. carol. >> fascinating story, manu. i want you to stick around.
7:24 am
i want to bring errol lewis, cnn commentator and anchor for time warner cable news. i think what manu's story illustrates is the struggle all voters are having casting their vote for president. you have two people, not quite sure of them, but you've got to vote for somebody. >> that's right. you have to pick somebody and try to reconcile it with whatever else is going on on the ballot. if you've got a senate candidate up for re-election, if you've got a house member that you want to think about or think about replacing, it's hard to align that with how people feel about these candidates at the top of the ticket. one thing that happens after a decade or more of polarization of the electorate is ticket splitting is almost a thing of the past. one thing that blew my mind is in 2012, only 6% of congressional districts had voters who chose a congressional member and a president who were
7:25 am
of different parties. presidential candidate of different parties. that's a historic low. it hasn't happened like that since 1920. when you get that kind of polarization, if somebody says, you know what? i like my local senator, but i don't like the presidential candidate, now they've got a real problem. it's sort of unknown for candidates that encourage people, hey, vote for me, and what happens at the top of the ticket is another question. we're certainly not going to see presidential candidates saying vote for me and do whatever you want for senate. >> it's been such a fascinating election. >> manu, considering what errol said, i always think this election is going to change things forever, people will no longer vote as they used to and we're going to see this shift in our culture. we don't know what it is yet, but do you feel that, too? >> reporter: that's what a lot of these republican senators are hoping for in terms of not expecting, as errol was saying, this straight party ticket
7:26 am
that's been so voters to vote straight party which has been so common in recent election cycles. you're seeing in states like in ohio where ohio senator rob portman is actually leading his democratic opponent in that state according to the polls even as donald trump is struggling. here in new hampshire, kelly ayotte is worried about the trump effect because trump is down nine, ten, 15 points in some polls. she needs to significantly run ahead of donald trump to win. she needs to convince these voters that this senate -- this senate seat is much different than a presidential race. that's a difficult thing for candidates to do, particularly if the top of their ticket is running eight, ten, 12 points behind the other candidate. so clearly there's a hope among republicans that donald trutrum continues to struggle, there will be a change in the
7:27 am
electorate and many voters may not want to vote straight party line. >> i'm getting new news in, i'm reaching over and ignoring you, but don't mean to be rude. we just learned that marco rubio is standing by his description of donald trump as a con artist but says he still plans to support the real estate mogul for president. >> well, that's one way to deal with this dilemma, simply call him a con artist and explain you're going to vote for him anyway. >> also interestingly, mike pence, trump's running mate, will be campaigning with marco rubio in florida. >> they're going to have a very interesting afternoon. >> i just don't -- i don't really get it. the other interesting -- did we lose manu raju? oh, there you are. go ahead. >> reporter: i was going to say for marco rubio, remember what happened at that march 15th
7:28 am
primary in florida. donald trump won overwhelmingly. so rubio can't ignore the fact that donald trump does have a significant base of support. he also has said a lot of things about donald trump in that presidential primary season that he can't exactly walk back. it really shows how a lot of these senators are in such a bind with donald trump. they've said a lot of nasty things about him, but at the end of the day they need supporters if they want to win the election themselves. >> i have to leave it there. manu raju errol louis, thanks to both of you. where are donald trump's taxes? a question hillary clinton keeps asking, and she's not the only one. then, making history with the splash. up next, i speak with simone manu manuel, the first african-american women to swim to two individual golds.
7:29 am
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7:33 am
for donald trump it is the question that just won't go away and the question that hillary clinton is all too happy to ask, where are his tax returns? clinton hitting trump hard on an issue during a rally in scranton, pennsylvania. >> he's even called for a new tax loophole, let's call it the trump loophole, it would allow trump to pay less than half the current tax rate on income from many of his companies, a pretty sweet deal. he would end up paying a rate lower than millions of middle class families. now, that is assuming he pays any taxes at all, because we really don't know since we haven't seen his tax return. >> joan joining me by phone is republican congressman steve
7:34 am
king of iowa. welcome, sir. >> thank you. thanks for having me on today. >> thanks for being here. do you think it's fair that hillary clinton keeps saying donald trump should release his tax returns? >> i think it's politics. fair is a pretty useful term to use and hard to define. so when i hear her talking like that, i'm thinking, let's take a good look at the clinton foundation, clinton family foundation, take a good look at bill clinton and hillary clinton. by the way, why don't we ask the fbi to release the videotape of the 3 1/2 hour interview conducted by presumably james comey and the fbi. of course, there is no tape. that tape was never collected, i understand, and there's no transcript. i think hillary is in pretty dangerous waters here. yet, if donald trump released his tax returns four or five months ago, i would have thought it would be a good decision.
7:35 am
now i think it is too close to the election, it would consume our dialogue and probably distort the election. >> you don't think he should release his tax returns at all because it's too late? >> yes, because here we're in the middle of august and in the downhill slide of the presidential campaign. if you have $10 million to poke through, we'll never poke through all that before november. i do know what hillary clinton and critics would do. my advice to donald trump months ago would be release them. today i say that water has gone over the dam. it's too late to do so, you'll have to tough it out until november. >> supposedly notes from hillary clinton's interview with the fbi over her private e-mail server will be given to a house oversight committee. what are they -- why do they want the notes and what do you think they'll find out?
7:36 am
>> i don't know what they'll find out. that's my point. there was an fbi investigation. hillary clinton down for a 3 1/2 hour interview. if that happened under any other scenario of law that i know of in particular, and i talked to a law enforcement officer, a large county sheriff. i said do you ever interview anyone related to potential crime, fell rad level felony of espionage that you ever don't record that interview? >> he said if i had an officer that did that, they would be up for disciplinary action. yet there's no video, no audio and no transcript and notes that simply say we didn't learn anything. what we get from james comey, we all know hillary clinton lied to the public multiple times. james comey is saying, well, she didn't lie to the fbi. so we don't have any evidence on what she specifically said in
7:37 am
that 3 1/2 hour interview. >> do you think, sir, a house oversight committee should conduct an investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail serv server? >> yes, i think they should. we ought to also be investigating how it is that these thousands of e-mails made available to hillary's attorneys and they concluded there's nothing to see there and then they dumped them and scrubbed their hard drives so that they can't be recovered. now, that's evidence and that is -- by the way, that was destroying the property of the american people and the united states government and the state department. those archives are archives that belong to the state department. they were destroyed by her lawyers after she made that information available and refused to make it available to the public or to the investigating committee.
7:38 am
>> regard co-rubio is running for rae election in florida and says he's standing by his description of donald trump as a con artist but says in an interview with "the miami herald" she still plans to support the real estate mogul for president. how can he support what he terms as a con artist? >> that sets me up to take another shot at hillary, and i really shouldn't do that. i'll say i have trouble reconciling that statement that i just heard in the last few minutes from marco rubio. i would hope he would find a way to mitigate that statement about donald trump. it's a political statement, i would presume. what we have is a country that has to be put back on the rails again. for me, as national co-chairman it's hard to get in this place with donald trump. i will say, as i look at the policies he's laid out, listen carefully to his speech that thursday night in cleveland, i just read through the speech he
7:39 am
delivered on defeating the ideology of radical islamic jihad yesterday, and all of that sounds good to me. the policies coming out of donald trump are the right policies for america, so i'm supporting him for those reasons. >> are you giving z him a full-throated endorsement. over the weekend you said you couldn't. this morning are you giving donald trump your full-throated endorsement? >> i'll say it this way, i'm more enthusiastic after reading his speech on defeating the ideology. he's one o of the first candidates to utter the words, defeat the ideology of radical islamic terrorism. with the exception of defeating their educational system -- i'm closer, but i would say i have a few more superlatives that i have not yet deployed. >> congressman steve king, thanks for joining me this
7:40 am
morning. >> you're welcome. making u.s. history by breaking color barriers. up next, i'm talk to simone manuel ever to win individual gold in the pool. gold in the pool. we'll talk to her next. be. ds were headed to their first dance recital... ...when their windshield got cracked... ...but they couldn't miss the show. so dad went to the new safelite-dot-com. and in just a few clicks, he scheduled a replacement... ...before the girls even took the stage. safelite-dot-com is the fast, easy way to schedule service anywhere in america! so you don't have to miss a thing. y'all did wonderful! that's another safelite advantage. (girls sing) safelite repair' (girls sing) safelite replace. the search for relief often leads... here... here... or here. today, there's a new option. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a tens device with high intensity power that uses technology once only available in doctors' offices. its wireless remote lets you control the intensity.
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you do your push-ups today? prepare to be amazed. [ male announcer ] don't wait. call today to request your free decision guide and find the aarp medicare supplement plan to go the distance with you. go long. u.s. swimmer simone manuel is not just bringing home four olympic gold medaltion, but walking throuhome with a new wo record, the 100 freestyle, making her the first african-american woman to bring home a medal in a swimming event. she joins me live now.
7:45 am
hi, simone. >> hello. >> does it feel real? >> not yet. i haven't had too much time to soak it in. i was just so happy to represent my country. >> i always wonder how it feels when that moment comes, that you've realized, not only did you win, but you broke a record. tell me how did that feel? >> it felt great. getting the gold medal is awesome and also breaking the american record. i went out and tried to swim as fast as i could. to see all my hard work pay off was more exciting than any record that i could have broken. >> well, it was certainly exciting to watch. you said that your medal isn't just for you. what did you mean by that?
7:46 am
>> just in the sense that coming up in swimming i didn't always feel comfortable just because i was a minority in the sport, and it's just for people in my sport, hopefully for the next generation of swimmers that don't feel that swimming is an option for them and maybe they'll become involved in the sport. >> why don't -- why do so few african-american kids take part in swimming? >> i think it has to do with accessibility to pools. i don't know, just like not seeing -- representation matters, so not seeing many people like yourself doing a sport makes it kind of hard to actually want to join a swim team or learn how to swim. i think that hopefully my role and what i've done with inspire some people to join the sport. >> what would you tell young
7:47 am
kids about the joys of swimming and competing? >> i just have a lot of fun i.'s what i love to do. my goal is not to get everybody to want to love to swim. i just think the most important thing is water safety. i hope, like i said, if people see me swimming, then hopefully they believe they can swim, too. >> i know you're a very competitive person, so what's next for you? >> right now i think i'm going to take a break, rest and spend some time with my family. and then i'll head back to school. >> wow. do you feel the weight of history on your shoulders? >> no, not too much. i didn't have any expectations and i don't put too much pressure on myself. i just wanted to go out there and swim as fast as i could. i'm really humbled by the fact
7:48 am
that i did make history. but like i said, i'm swimming for myself. i love it, and i just -- it was the greatest honor to represent team usa. >> i'd like to ask you about gabby douglas, because she's been taking some abuse for not putting her hand over her heart for the national anthem. it was very hurtful to her. her mother said it was very hurtful to her, too. what do you make of that controversy? >> i just think that -- she's here. she's representing team usa and she's working hard. some of the backlash is unnecessary. we're out here competing and representing our country in the best way we know how to. >> so why do you think she's been taking so much abuse over that? >> i don't know. i'm not sure at all. i'm sure it wasn't intentional. i think she's also very proud to
7:49 am
represent team usa. >> you're both awesome, and thank you so much, simone, for joining me this morning, and congratulations. >> thank you. still to come in the newsroom, thousands of people are stuck living in shelters as parts of louisiana remain under water. gary, gary, gary... i am proud of you, my man. making simple, smart cash back choices... with quicksilver from capital one. you're earning unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. like on that new laptop. quicksilver keeps things simple, gary. and smart, like you! and i like that. i guess i am pretty smart. don't let that go to your head, gary.
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7:53 am
nine people are dead and more than 10,000 living in shelters. parts of louisiana still under water after several days of extreme flooding. more than two feet of rain hit areas of baton rouge causing at least 20,000 people to be rescued. cnn's boris sanchez live in baton rouge, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. the numbers are staggering. in some areas the floodwaters are continuing to rise. it's not just the rain. it's also that back water flooding that you get hen the ground is saturated and bodies of water overflow into neighborhoods. southeast of here in livingston, parish, more than 100,000 people lost everything, their homes
7:54 am
completely submerged. it's surprising there are only nine fatalities, as tragic as it is, that nine people were killed. tens of thousands of people are in shelters right now across the region, many hoping the water recedes so they can get back in their homes. i'll paint a picture of the neighborhood we're in right now. the past few hours the water has receded dramatically. about 50 to 100 yards behind us there's a bayou and that's what overflowed. many neighbors haven't been able to access their things. the people in shelters are hoping for food and clothing and water, things that you may not think about. baby formula, for example. fortunately a lot of people are lending their support. one man that lives in this neighborhood named marcel, he gave us a tour of the neighborhood yesterday in a boat. he was helping neighbors gather anything they could salvage and rescue pelts, many pets that had been left behind.
7:55 am
marcel actually -- i got a chance to ask him what he was hoping to do next. his home was submerged. here is what he said. >> you see your home under water. what comes next for you? >> fixing it. that's all i can do. wait for the water to go down and fix it. what else can i do? that's the plan, fixing it. i ain't got nothing else. we'll wait for the water to go down and family and friends to come help. we'll get her done. >> reporter: that shows the spirit of these neighbors. they're out here helping each other even as their own homes are in really, really bad shape. we're expecting some rain in the forecast today, potentially an inch in some areas. the major areas of concern are in the southeastern part of the state where the flood water is still rising, carol. >> boris sanchez reporting live. i do hope that man can salvage his home. thanks so much. thank you for joining me
7:56 am
today. at this hour with ber marn and bolduan after a break. ♪ only those who dare drive the world forward. introducing the first-ever cadillac ct6. and i quit smoking with chantix. i have smoked for 30 years and by taking chantix, i was able to quit in 3 months and that was amazing. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking.
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8:00 am
isis is on the loose. before obama came along, we didn't have any successful radical igs lambic terrorist attack in the united states. >> he said i know more about isis than the generals. no, no donald, you don't. >> those who do not believe in our constitution will not be admitted into our country. >> he doesn't have a clue. he really doesn't. he doesn't have a clue. >> friends should not let friends vote for trump. >> i'm kate bolduan. john berman is off


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