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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  August 16, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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from overseas to staff his businesses, complain about workers coming in to take african-american jobs. he could have easily hired them in his workplace. you u have someone lecturing us about crime. you have someone that's trying to speak about the african-american community but left out the fact his own company was marking applications for apartments noting which ones were african-american before outright rejecting him. yes, words are great. whether you like the speech or dislike the speech, the fact of the matter is that donald trump has had an entire career of attacking people. a couple of days ago he talked about low some communities, some communities in pennsylvania are going to engage there massive voter fraud. now, you don't have to be a genius to know which communities he was talking about. whether it's been been inference, intentionally dividing african-americans and hispanics, whether it's been a career of discriminating against
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them or whether it's been outright bigoted words, the fact of the matter is donald trump doesn't have a grasp on temperament. or tone. or facts. or figures. that's why he shouldn't be president of the united states. >> i want kellyanne to get in. i know you're pained by some of the conversation. go ahead. >> what did you want me to answer? i can speak the way they did? okay. great. that's terrific. so let's contrast the last couple of days by hillary clinton and by donald trump. yesterday he gave a very muscular foreign policy speech. he talked to the american people who feel like we've been at war against terror for 15 years and he said here's the problem. here are the solutions. here's my plan. withdrew may not like it, people may not like it but at least they can read it, can hear it. he talked about how isis is on the rise. isis and predecessor groups killed 33,000 people. since the growth of isis in 2013, they killed 30% of those people. we left a vacuum in libya, in
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iraq, in syria, in egypt, that allowed us to flourish. today he followed up with another speech. people who want to talk about his style and this and that don't want to give him his due. he learned that tonight. people are not going to change their minds. going to continue to insult him, lie about him. there are people listening to his speeches. he's bringing the message directly to them through the noise and silence. they will hear him. this electorate is going to want everybody to pivot from this -- >> i didn't hear anyone insult donald trump. tonight. what i heard was criticism. how his does criticism become an insult. >> the minute somebody says something about hillary clinton, they're being sexist or being mean or they're being -- they have a bad temperament. they're being intemperate. so why is there a double standard for that? why she and her and people like elizabeth warren and joe biden yesterday, the vice president of
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the united states playing political pundit? he spent 95% of his speech instead of propping her up like so many do on donald trump. he did what democrats always do. he's being asked to talk about hillary clinton. he talked about donald trump. that's not -- >> i was talking about in this particular panel tonight. you said that people will continue to insole. i thought you meant with this panel. i didn't hear anyone say anything insulting about -- >> about donald trump. >> i have a question for kellyanne. >> actually, don, i think i will tell you something, i will take credit for insulting him and i will take credit for insulting him because he's been insulting communities since the first day he launched this campaign. when he started talking about mexican rapists. the reason i can call donald trump names and insult him back, i am the sister of a disabled man. he mocked a disabled man. i am the friend of a p.o.w. he mocked that p.o.w. i'm an immigrant and he has insulted immigrants. because i'm a hispanic and he has insulted hispanics. because i'm a woman and he has insulted women.
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yeah, we're at the point where there's insult and name calling but i will just say that he threw that rock first. >> van? >> he's the one who has lowered the debate to the level that it's at. >> well, amen, sister. >> are we on a speech topic? >> well, we were responding to what kellyanne said. go ahead. >> first of all, i want to acknowledge kellyanne has done great work on charter schools. i didn't mean you in particular. you earned your stripes. i apologize if you thought i was taking that away from you. all too often republicans only talk about what's going on in chicago or other places as a talking point, a sound bite to either push back on protests or push back on democrats and to me that is not in the spirit of people like jack kemp who used to actually go to the community, as republicans, and really be a part of the community and try to help. i'm just tired of seeing the pain that we're suffering being used for political football points by any party and
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especially by someone like donald trump who as best i can tell has never shown up, unlike you, has never shown up in these communities on a hard day. he was happy to go to a white community, part of the optics here and talk about us and not talk to us. >> i appreciate that, van. >> let kellyanne respond. he was speaking directly to kellyanne. >> no, no, i think it's unfair to judge somebody who's running for office for the first time. and just presume they've never gone to these communities. he employs thousands and thousands of people from all walks of life from many different countries from all races. both genders obviously. and i think that we should take a step back and look at the full measure of the man. the charity work he's done. the donations he's made. the people he's helped over time. it's difficult when somebody doesn't have a political resume to necessarily look at all the speeches they've given and promises they made. van, ladies, lady, gentlemen, i think the question is very fair to ask.
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since hillary clinton has been in public office for decades, and none of us can deny some of these very haunting facts, what is she going to do that's so different. >> why should some of these communities have hope? why shouldn't shay at leathey a listen to donald trump's speech tonight and entertain it? everybody has tvs like we do. i hope he goes to other audience. >> if you let me get in, that was one of the first things that one of the panti ipanelists, va were trying to make and the panelists were trying to make if you're going to deliver a message, make sure that message, people receive that message instead of it bouncing off. >> could you look at it as a start? >> but you took -- i think the panelists were simply trying to have a conversation and have you and trump supporters understand that optics do matter. >> they do. >> the words do matter. go ahead. >> the substance matters. >> absolutely. we're not saying the substance
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does notab was a national speeo a national audience. this wasn't to the audience in the room. you can't put a room big enough. >> corey -- >> look, donald trump has had multiple meetings at trump tower with african-american leaders from across the country. you know, if you look at -- >> isn't that mapart of the problem, those meetings are at trump tower, not in african-american communities? you saw "the new york times" story about him going into detroit and other areas. >> pastor mark burns. bruce lavelle. >> going into trump tower. >> how many times has hillary clinton done that and pandered, literally pa lly pandered to th african-american community and say i got hot sauce in my pocket, wasn't that a comment she made? it was egregious. >> no. >> that's a good question for one of the democrats on the panel. >> you know what he did tonight? he gave a very specific message. he said i want to help, i want to show there is a difference to the democrats who've taken you for granted, african-american population and the speech is much broader than that. it's initial foray to outreach.
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>> van? >> you know, one of the ironies here is i was one of the people who join were out there working for donald trump back in september, back in october, back in november, december, i was saying the african-american community could be open to a donald trump message. i was -- i got a lot of grief from it. i said there have been failures on the parts of democrats. there is an opening there for someone to come with a new message. the milk curdled in the black community because of the way he talked about muslims, the way he talked about latinos, the way he talked about disabled people. the whole list that ana just went through curdled the milk. african-americans are very sensitive to people who come across in a bigoted way or speak in generalities about groups. we look and say if you talk bad about them, talk bad about them, you're going to talk bad about me. the great tragedy for both parties is that donald trump took a bad situation, too many african-americans in one party which is bad for both parties and made it worse because of his
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conduct. now, and then tonight he had a chance to fix it. >> i disagree. >> van, here's the thing. >> he made it worse. >> van, come on. >> you have an african-american president who's had the opportunity to do something very special for the last eight years which is take african-americans who have a disproportionately high rate of unemployment in their communities and do something for them. empowerment zones. help people back to work. he hasn't done it. the african-american population today is not better off than they were eight years ago. >> oh, we're never going to get to a commercial break tonight. >> we're not better off than eight years ago -- >> go ahead, guy. >> i think if corey thinks the way dronald trump is going to appeal to the african-american communities by attacking president obama and attacking obamacare, it reflects a good reason why he's sitting on this panel and not in trump four right now. it's just a fundamental misunderstanding of the electorate and talking about hot sauce on a panel, attacking hillary clinton's health -- >> corey, just stand by for me. kellyanne, stand by. everyone, i need to get to a break.
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donald trump makes a big speech in wisconsin tonight but did voters like what they heard from him? back with me now, former trump
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campaign manager corey lewandowski, with me cnn senior media correspondent, mr. brian sel set selter. ana navarro, kayleigh mcenany and van jones. brian, there were lots of attacks on -- not to mention the media, is that the right tactic. >> many, many new criticisms of the press. we've seen this from donald trump for days complaining about media coverage against him, presenting the press now as part of a rigged system. i think it is logical for him to make this argument. certainly his base supports it. as we said before i don't know why undecided voters would be more likely to support him because he says the press is out to get him. every time he criticizes the media, it helps inoculate him against criticism and scrutiny. i think that's what he's doing. >> is there irony in hearing donald trump talk about the noise on television when he -- >> it's beyond irony, after all, he was live on all the cable
10:16 pm
chams. the speech will be heard on morning tv, twitter and facebook. dronald trump and hillary clintn are the noise of this year. i think it's beyond ironic. >> you think his criticism of the media is fair? >> as opposed to talking about the substance of the speech, we're talking about the venue. yes, i think that's an unfair criticism. let's talk about the substance. let's talk about what the messaging was. not about what the venue was. i don't think that's a fair criticism of the media. i think if hillary clinton were to deliver a speech on the problems with washington, d.c., and she decides to do that outside of the beltway, no one would criticize her for doing that. i do think he gets unfairly treated. no one wants to look at the messages very on point tonight like it was yesterday when he talked about isis, didn't have to be in a war zone to deliver that speech. the message goes to a much broader audience. i think it's unfair of the media to question the venue of a speech like that tonight. >> i think he mentioned -- go ahead, van. >> well, look, i think if she went to give a speech about women and there is only men in
10:17 pm
the audience, i think it would just be weird. i mean, in other words, i mean, you guys are taking this really, you know, badly and feel like you're being persecuted. i think optics matter if politics. if you're going to give a yo guys don't understand this. the trump campaign, maybe it's why you're at 1% with the black community. we don't like people talking about it us when they could be talking to us. true of pretty much anybody. a dignity question. we don't like people talking about us when they could talk to us. >> two ahead, kayleigh. >> van, you talk about optics. what matters a lot more than optics is outcomes. the democratic party has said we're the party for the african-american community. it's time for the democratic party and hillary clinton to tell the african-american community why in the words of a u.s. civil rights commissioner this they are this proportionately affected by immigration policies put forth by this democratic administration. talk about putting hispanics and blacks against each other which
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is crazy. what is true according to the same u.s. civil rights commissioner, since obama took office, there are 2 million more eligible working black men. despite that, 2 million fewer african-americans in the labor force. yet 4.4 million foreign-born individuals have jobs. those are facts. those are numbers. it's time for the democratic pear to explain why they have failed the african-american community. crime, education and the economy. >> okay. so good. if you want to have this -- i'm sorry, go ahead, ana. was that ana trying to get in? >> yeah, it is. let me just say, it all matters, folks. optics matters. words matter. actions matter. records matter. and let's just look at how actually donald trump first got onto the political scene recently. it was by questioning president obama's birth. where was president obama born? a lot of african-americans, a lot of americans, period, saw that as a dog whistle because it was an african-american president. let us not tdeny he has been th
10:19 pm
flag bearer, since we're in olympic season, on where was the first balack president of the united states born? let's also take a look at the republican convention. actually i should call it the trump convention because so many republicans i know were not even anywhere near the place. and in that trump convention, there was something like 18 african-american delegates. there were more african-americans in the choir that opened up the democratic convention than there were in the entire republican convention and speakers at the entire convention. so those things do matter. the fact that it is now september, it is, i have good news for america. we only have three months to go before the election. i have bad news for america. these three months are going to be like dog years. they're going to be extensive and last and they're going to kill us and i recommend that you resort to alcohol, to meditation, to prayer, to internet shopping, sex, whatever it takes to get you through these next three months.
10:20 pm
you don't start outreach with a community which you are at 1 % r 0% three months before election day. in florida, ballots go out in two months, absentee. this man has nothing going on with hispanics, african-americans or any other floridian. there is one office in physicfl and think it might be mar-a-lago. >> i want to play, we've been talking about what he said. let's watch a little bit then we can stdiscuss. >> we reject the bigotry of hillary clinton which talks down to communities of color and sees them only as votes. that's all they care about. not as individual human beings worthy of a better future. they have taken advantage. she doesn't care at all about the hurting people of this country or the suffering she has
10:21 pm
caused them and she meaning she and her party officials. there has been tremendous suffering because of what they have brought. the african-american community has been taken for granted for decades by the democratic party. and look how they're doing. it's time to break with the failures of the past. i want to offer americans a new and much better future. >> see, he said no -- this is for you, maria, no community and i'm paraphrasing here, has been hurt more by the policies than african-americans. by hillary clinton's policies than african-americans. >> so there's so many reasons here why this speech has fallen flat and, you know, there was a lot of complaints on the panel we weren't talking about substance so let's talk about substance. and i will give them hints as to why this speech has completely fallen flat with african-americans as well as with latinos. first of all, when you talk in
10:22 pm
hyperbole which is what we just heard in terms of what hillary clinton and her policies has done to the african-american community, let's remember that she as well as her husband, bill clintons, have been working in the african-american community for the past four decades. one of the first things that hillary clinton did after she left law school was go to work for the children's defense fund and a lot of that was to do research undercover to make sure that schools wi were not discriminating against african-american children. >> okay, the speech -- >> in the '70s she was registering with latino voters. in the speech you talk about how hillary clinton has done nothing and has been a failure to african-americans, it completely falls flat. >> we're saying the democratic policies have failed. you haven't answered that. neither has van. >> hang on a second, kayleigh. >> policies failed the african-american community. >> one second, kayleigh. >> let me finish. >> i haven't spoken yet. >> so then when you talk about when this comes from somebody who as ana said, i was going to
10:23 pm
mention this, burst onto the national scene by a racist birther movement and burst onto the presidential scene calling mexican immigrants rapists and criminals, the hispanic community and african-american community are not going to listen to you with open ears especially when you have done nothing to approach them with respect, with dignity and with openness. has he had one conversation with mothers of the movement? has he had one conversation with dreamers or with mixed status families who are afraid of their family being ripped apart? >> okay. >> you deflect, though. >> we need to correct something that's very important. donald trump did not burst onto the scene by talking about barack obama, where he was born. if you recall back in 1 t9 84 donald trump was raising money for ronald reagan for his re-election campaign. it's been long before this. i know ana doesn't are remember that. >> his political stature. in 201 1 was built and premised
10:24 pm
upon birtherism. >> i understand but also what you don't want to talk about is the thousand hispanics he employs if in florida. it's a fact, no one has denied it. >> kayleigh asked a very important question. >> actually, corey -- >> i was going to say, go ahead, ana. >> let me just go ahead and answer you, corey. >> a lot of employees -- >> don't know much about me. >> you have a lot of employees? >> yeah, actually, we do. actually we do. actually, actually why don't you ask don lemon and maria cardona and kayleigh who stay at our hotels and my family's hotels in florida how many hotels we have and how many hispanics, how many haitians, how many americans we employ and are proud to. before you attack me personally, at the least -- >> you've been attacking donald trump all day calling him -- you don't know the guy. you've never met the guy. ana, you've never met him. >> i will attack him until the
10:25 pm
last day of this election. >> you're bitter because you were a bush supporter, went from being a bush supporter to some other supporter and now you're an unhappy loser. you don't support the right candidate, that's what happens. >> let me tell you something, let me play my little violin for you, okay? >> look, i support the winner. i have no problem with that. >> jeb bush lost. you know what, i was unhappy that jeb bush lost and it lasted me about a week. after that, i started supporting everybody other than donald trump. >> how'd that work out for you? >> i think he's a racist bigot who's destructive for the republican party. >> how'd that work out for you? >> corey, you don't have to go after people personally. you're out of your league when you do that. >> donald trump employs a thousand people in florida at -- >> that was an attack on ana -- >> ana's not running for president. >> listen, you're so ignorant and so defensive you don't know we own two hotels in florida and we employ more than a thousand people. >> i have been there and seen
10:26 pm
those employees. >> okay. kayleilyleigh asked a very good question. you want to respond to it, van. quickly then we'll take a break. >> sure. i appreciated kayleigh's question because she's actually trying to deal with a real challenge. ais i'm going to assume kayleigh is actually concerned about african-american unemployment and there is this, myth, if you lock at the numbers you can fall into this trap, the reason african-americans don't have jobs is because latinos are here. when you actually break out the data, it turns out we're not actually competing in the same sectors often. you see a lot more latinos in the agricultural sectors. we're not there. african-americans in the public service jobs, public sector jobs, latinos aren't there. where there is some conflict in some service sector jobs in some cities. where there has been that conflict, man, it has been very hot and heated. we work very hard to get those tensions down. i'm concerned about donald trump inflaming those tensions again.
10:27 pm
kayleigh is actually trying to do a service i think to the country to let us actually talk about, you knows, facts and figures and there are democratic responses. at some point we should have this conversation. >> so can i say this, i don't know how many of us you can put on screen, but this is how you actually have a conversation. you argue. you fight. you let people talk. some people make wrong points. this is an actual conversation that's happening on television and i sat back and sort of let this, you know, and listen, i was not upset with kellyanne but i like people to answer my questions directory and go on to make your points. i am really enjoying this. i hope the american people are enjoying this. i hope people are sitting around having similar conversations. >> kayleigh and corey and mr. trump are trying to put the democratic party on trial for some of the failures in urban america. i don't have a problem with that. a lot of african-american
10:28 pm
progressives are also trying to put democratic party on trial, but the way the arguments are being stacked and the tone of it and what you don't say, the positive things you don't say about the community, make it hard to hear. message matters but also messenger matters. >> and we'll be right back. i am rich. in my gentleman's quarters, we sip champagne and peruse my art collection, which consists of renaissance classics and more avant-garde pieces. yes, i am rich. that's why i drink
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and we're back now. corey lewandowski, kayleigh mcenany, maria cardona, ana navarro and van jones. he is painting himself as an outsider against the status quo. many people have told me this would be the message that could turn things around for him. did anybody agree that this is a message that turns things around for him? i'm going to -- let's -- i'm going to ask a republican first. so let's ask kayleigh. did this turn things around for him? >> yes, because when you look at polls the media is historically low in its approval rating and politicians are also very low in their approval rating. so this message of getting back to the idea of public service, not personal enrichment, this idea that you shouldn't go into public office and come out like the clintons, hundreds of millions of dollars are richer. that's a compelling message.
10:34 pm
but it's one that has to be put forth constantly without distraction, without getting off message because it is one that resonates. this idea we're here to serve you, we've gotten away from that. >> he said he wants to get senior officials, people who work for him, senior officials in the government to not do speaking things while they're in the government and what tid did he say -- >> five years. >> five years afterwards. any group that has lobbyists or government officials. >> well, that was new but the message wasn't fundamentally new, was it? his talk about being an outsider was the message of the primary season. once again tonight he pedalled what i would describe as conspiratorial ideas talking about hillary clinton saying that her stamina is in question, is in doubt. >> she doesn't have the strength and stamina to fight for you. >> the clinton campaign is out sharply fighting back with a new statement from her physician. these bubble up on fringe right-wing websites and reach all the way to donald trump's ears. that is a problem for him continually for the next three
10:35 pm
months. >> i'll let you get in, kor ary, you think the strength and stamina have to do with the -- >> there's no proof she has some secret illness. that's the idea on blogs. drudge report tries to popularize it, hosts like sean hannity have tried to popularize it. it's been irresponsible behavior by the hannitys of the world. he knows his supporters have seen his stories online so it's helping to reinforce -- >> i was watching from my office the other night, repeat was on, she was joking with the reporter, he said something like is she having a seizure? i thought it was a joke at first. >> it's been very reckless, the speculation. it's only august. i worry about what kind of conspiracy theories he's going to bring up by october. >> go ahead, corey. >> 11% is the imagine imagic nu. congressional approval rating. 11% of the american people actually think congress is doing the right thing. the same am of people, 11%, who
10:36 pm
think hillary clinton is honest and trustworthy. that includes democrats. we saw maggie hassen, state of new hampshire, ask ed do you think hillary clinton is honest and trustworthy? three separate occasions she could not answer that question. not only the sitting governor of the state of new hampshire, the democratic nominee for the u.s. senate candidate in that competitive race. >> isn't that a great example of journalism, kind of journalism donald trump decries? to have that question be repe repeated. >> putting the surrogates of the clinton campaign on record saying to you support your person? we see this on the trump side all the time. do you support what he said do you condone what he said? this is the first time i've seen it in a long time. >> she did make a statement afterwards saying she does think she's trustworthy but after the interview and way too late. >> so much for rigged media, though. this is the journalism we want to see being done. it's happening every day. it's why i think it rings hollow when trump talks about a crooked media being out to get him. >> he did say, speaking of that,
10:37 pm
anchors and journalists are part of the status quo and anchors and journalists want the status quo. i can only speak for myself. >> there are a lot of liberal journalists, left-leaning journalists. frankly a lot of reporters would love to write the trump comeback story. there's a bias in journalism toward conflict and drama and change. if there are signs in the polls trump is starting to strengthen, that's a story journalists want to write. >> corey, you're the best person to ask this. when donald trump was doing all kinds of media, i met yout trump tower inonald trump's office doing an interview with donald trump. he g so muchwhats i called, earned media, free media. now he's saying the media is against him. when the media gave him, according to fact, right, so much play, so much more airtime. >> more than anybody else. >> than anybody else. >> where he got to just sort of come on and say whatever he wanted to say. now that it's coming down to the line, you know, he's starting to
10:38 pm
be vetted. now he doesn't like it. >> i think what you saw in both the primary and in the general election right now is donald trump has made himself available to the media which is a very different thing than the clinton campaign. you saw in the primary dronald trump when the media called, he would sit down, do an interview with you, members of this network. he would participate in town halls. many opponents chose not to do that at their own peril. the general election, hillary clinton continued to refuse to have a press conference in almost one full year. donald trump continuously calls into tv shows, continuously does sunday shows, continuously -- >> that is true. hillary clinton has not given a press conference. donald trump does not call -- >> he's mostly appearing on fox. >> mostly appearing on fox news, calling the media crooked. calling out cnn for being crooked every day. cnn is not treating him differently except reading back his own words and fact checking his own words and he doesn't like it. >> you have a candidate who's
10:39 pm
unbelievably accessible not just to the broadcast media but print media. he's done hundreds of print interviews printed verbatim at length whether "the new york time times", "wall street journal," "washington post," he's always made himself available. >> why the animus for the media lately? >> when people report on donald trump -- >> because he's losing in the polls. >> -- fairly, you don't editorialize, report what he says, that's fair. look at the story he did in "the new york times" with maggie haberman on foreign policy, it was literally the transskricrip what he said to her. that's fair reporting. >> i should take a break. you say it's because he's not winning. >> i f i were losing in the polls -- >> democrats aren't in the room. sorry you didn't get to take part in this conversation. thank you, all. we'll be right back. and the one republican.
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big speech from donald trump tonight in the wake of a weekend of unrest in milwaukee. here to discuss, three men who
10:45 pm
have the ears of the voters. talk radio host ben ferguson hosts, i should say, ben ferguson, jer ary bader and john fredericks. good to have you here. it's been a very interesting evening here on cnn and i'm sure all across america. >> it's been a little entertaining. >> it's great. i love having these conversations. >> we have popcorn. >> let me get your reactions from dronald trump's speech tonight. first, what do you think, ben ferguson? >> look, i think if donald trump would have been using a teleprompter and keeping things short like he did tonight months ago, he'd be doing a lot better in the polls tonight. there are going to be a lot of people that can connect with what he was saying. some people may not have liked the venue. you can criticize him for that. what he said tonight was clear and concise and gave people something to hold onto about real problems in milwaukee and other parts of the country. so from that standpoint, i think donald trump, if he can continue to do this, and that's the big question with donald trump is can you keep him on script? can you keep him on a
10:46 pm
teleprompter? can you keep him focused the way that he was tonight? and can you keep it, i think, concise and small enough and not rambling on that it has an impact. tonight i think he did that. >> jerry, what did you think? >> for the portion that i heard while sitting here listening, yeah, i agree with the rambling part. again, he can't be concise. the other thing i notice, i listened to the speech when last he was in wisconsin in green bay. here he never seems to localized. it's all 30,000 feet and to a national audience. you doe baebated about him talko the black dmunt, african-american community in broad terms. i didn't hear the whole speech. specifically talk to the people in milwaukee, talk to the african-americans in milwaukee, talk specifically to your audience. yes, understanding that a much larger audience is watching but he doesn't seem to try to connect locally. >> okay. i'm glad you understood what people were asking in that conversation. john, what'd you think? >> well, don, first of all, as always, thanks for having me on.
10:47 pm
look, what everybody is missing in this entire episode, in this entire trump campaign is this is a political revolution, don. this is a movement. and we want to take a trump speech tonight where he very clearly outlined some of his plans that represent a change from the hillary clinton/obama third term status quo. so basically whether you're white, black, latino, african-american, whatever you want to say you are, if you are satisfied with the direction of the country right now, then you're going to vote for hillary clinton. if you think that there's an opportunity for change and that we can do things a lot better off than we are, then you're going to vote for trump. and don, i believe on november 8th, he'll win. >> yeah. he badgered -- i don't have to play it. i want to get your reaction real quick if you guys can go quickly. jerry, what was your reaction?
10:48 pm
he really hammered the media. he's been toidoing it throughou the campaign and tonight. >> he, himself, said he's running against the media. the problem as others pointed out, lts media is not on the ballot. donald trump's problem is donald j. trump. look, every republican, every president with an "r" behind his name had to deal with the media. if donald trump would stop serving them up low-hanging fruit, vospeak in the verbal equivalent of -- they wouldn't have such an easy time. that's his issue. >> all right. vy to take a break here, everyone. thank you. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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abdbloating?in? you may have ibs. ask your doctor if non-prescription ibgard is right for you. ibgard calms the angry gut. available at cvs, walgreens and rite aid. i'm back with my panel of radio hosts. gentleman, this is another radio host, charlie sykes. he made a stunning assessment of conservative talk radio. here is what he said if you can roll it up, please. he said, we basically eliminated any of the referees, the gatekeepers. there is nobody. let's say that donald trump basically makes whatever you want to say, whatever claim he wants to make and everybody knows it is a falsehood. the big question of my audience, it is impossible for me to say that, by the way, you know it is false, and then they'll say why? i say, it is on allen, b, west
10:54 pm
or they'll say i saw it on a facebook page and i'll say the new york times did a fact check and they would say that is the new york times. that's bull. how do you respond to that that nobody believes facts anymore. ben ferguson, first. >> it is exhausting. when i was critical of donald trump in the primaries, not only did i lose listeners, ratings, advertisers. they said i was fact checking and being too tough on him. so it is a tough world right now. if you love donald trump, there is nothing that he says that is not true. and that is the difficult part for many conservatives like myself who are trying to be honest with the audience without alienating half of the base. >> you're shaking your head. why? >> this is ludicrous, poppycock. nonsense from charlie sykes. they're cry babies and whiners. because there is an idealogical
10:55 pm
battle going on in the republican party. they want the establishment, status quo, the neoconservatives. they got their clocks clean and they don't understand it. this is a political revolution, don, that passed them by. their incompetence is egregious. >> it is revolution that is stumbling, though. look at the poll numbers in swing states. part of the reason it is stumbling is donald trump said things that are hard to back up. >> i have to go. ben ferguson, thank you. john fredricks, i appreciate all of you coming on this evening. thanks. >> thanks. >> we'll be right back. it's the phillips' lady! anyone ever have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas or bloating? [ simultaneously ] she does. help defend against those digestive issues. take phillips' colon health probiotic caps daily with three types of good bacteria. 400 likes? wow! phillips. be good to your gut. hhis stellar notebooks will last through june. get back to great.
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this is cnn newsroom from los angeles. he is behind in the polls, now trump is trying to woo minority voters. and the fbi is giving congress details of their interview with hillary clinton about her controversial e-mail server. and a ride along with rescue workers trying to help flood victims in louisiana. hello and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm isha sesay. "newsroom l.a. "starts right now.