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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  August 17, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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there. being good, being charitable can be contag contagious. >> time now for "newsroom" with carol costello. >> you guys are ridiculous, but i like it. >> speak for yourself. >> i know, thanks so much. have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. and good morning, i'm carol costello, thank you so much for joining me. donald trump, announcing a major shake-up overnight, a move to bolster his sagging campaign. paul manafort keeps his title, but the team at the top is growing. kellyanne conway, a familiar face here on cnn is promoted to campaign manager. the conventional voice and ceo steven bannon will be the flame
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thrower, adored by many conservatives. a lot to breakdown this morning. let's begin with jessica snyder, outside trump tower in new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. donald trump releasing a statement this morning, saying he will do whatever it takes to win. he is touting his two new appointments, steve bannon and kellyanne conway as highly qualified people who love to win and who know how to win. also, in addition to that, we know that this shake-up was all set in motion by donald trump's son-in-law, ivanka's husband, jared kushner. we know kushner raced back her from vacation yesterday afternoon, convening an emergency meeting right here at trump tower. putting into place those changes that have now significantly affected the balance of power here. donald trump, shaking up his campaign leadership team again, for the second time in two months. >> people want to criticize
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donald trump. >> reporter: senior advisor, kellyanne conway con if i recwa confirming she has bepromoted t campaign manager. the embattled chairman, paul manafort, will stay on, despite his relationship with trump going sour in recent weeks. >> the campaign is doing really well. it has never been so well united. >> trump is very plugged n he is very connected. the campaign is working, contrary to what the media is saying. >> reporter: manafort is under investigation by ukrainian authorities for allegedly receiving millions in illegal payments from the country's former pro russian ruling party. this is the second major shake-up for trump's team. he fired corey lewandowski, weeks before the republican convention. >> he is a good man. we've had great success. he is a friend of mine, but i think it is time now for a din kind of a campaign. >> i had a nice conversation with with mr. trump, and i said to him it has been an honor and privilege to be part of this.
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>> reporter: the news comes as trump tries to appeal to black voters in wisconsin, but the audience was mostly white. >> i'm asking for the vote of every african-american citizen struggling in our country today who wants a different and much better future. >> reporter: trump, addressing the violent protests in milwaukee, after police shot and killed a black man saturday. >> those pedaling the narrative of cops, supported by a nod of my opponent, shared directly in the responsibility for the unrest in milwaukee and many other places within our country. >> reporter: he is placing the blame for inner city unrest squarely on what he calls failed democratic policies. >> the african-american community has been taken for granted for decades by the democratic party. it is time for rule by the people.
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not rule for the special interests. hillary clinton backed policies are responsible for the problems in the inner cities today, and a vote for her is a vote for another generation of poverty, high crime and lost opportunities. >> reporter: with only 83 days until the election, trump is digging in on his combative style, in hopes of turning around his slide in the polls. >> i am who i am. it's me. you have to be you. if you start pivoting, you're not being honest with people. >> reporter: on the heels of that law and order speech, news of the latest shake-up, potentially another distraction for the trump campaign, but the trump team actually touting this as an expansion, not a shake-up. in addition, carol, donald trump will be receiving his first national security briefing today. the first time he'll be receiving classified information. carol. >> all right, jessica snyder, reporting live outside of trump tower. thanks so much. bloomberg once he described
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the chief executive as the most dangerous political operative in america. steve bannon runs brigeitbart news. the headlines bizarre behavior, seizure allegations, raise doubts about clinton's health, intriguing perhaps, but certainly not true. breitbart was in the news earlier this year, following an exodus of staff after the leader did not stand up for reporter michelle fields who was allegedly grabbed by corey lewandowski. ben shapiro explained it this way. steve bannon is a bully. he has shaped the company into trump's personal pravda. in order to protect his campaign manager. lewandowski was later cleared of assaults fields, but the trump campaign eventually fired him. mr. lewandowski is currently a
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contributor here at cnn. i'm joined by donald trump supporter, kaleigh, the political reporter for real clear politics, rebecca berg and cnn political and hillary clinton supporter, sally cohn. kayleigh, i start with you. bannon wants trump to be trump. no holds bar campaign. what will we see? >> we're going to see is the perfect balance between trump being trump, but also staying on message. you can look at kellyanne conway, a woman on the top spot, along with steve bannon as two ends of the scale. you've got steve bannon saying be yourself, like we see hillary clinton being a mannequin. talk about populism, this is the perfect team, along with paul manafort to usher in and bring
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home the win. >> also the disgraced news chief, roger ailes, and also roger stone, a political operative. so sally, i want to ask you about this team that trump has now assembled. roger ailes, roger stone, steve bannon, they play rough. how do you see this evolving for your candidate? >> i mean, i think hillary clinton and her campaign are doing just fine. they're putting actual substantive policy issues out. they're talking about what the american people care about. they're not resorting to smears and out right lies. let's not forget, i think donald trump's current rating for the number of times he has actually managed to tell the truth according to plit fact is still one in five. you know, donald trump, his whole campaign is based on trust, you know. trust me, i know more than the generals about isis. trust me, i'll surround myself with the brightest and best.
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the guy can't run a campaign. how do we think he'll run a country. >> larry, do you think this new team will make a difference for mr. trump in the polls? >> not really. that's not a cut for example, kellyanne conway. very able political consultant, and pollster. i've known her for years, and and i'm sure she'll add substance to the campaign. however, in the end, it is the candidate, carol, the candidate is what matters, and one thing i have learned over four decades of presidential campaigns, when you have shake-up like this, it is because the candidate is losing. it is not going well for the candidate. and you cannot fix a campaign with a shake-up at the headquarters, because there are fundamentals involved, fundamentals involving the candidate and fundamentals involving the basic issues. so i don't expect a big reaction, at least in the polls.
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>> well, let's talk about the polls and kind of like, you know, i want to isolate women voters, because mr. trump is having a problem in particular with women. in fact, i think that "washington post"/abc news poll, shows he is losing among white educated women by 23 points to hillary clinton. so now, rebecca, he has taken on mr. ails, who left fox after the sexual harassment controversy, right, where 20 women have come forward and accused roger ailes of sexually harassing them. so how does this help mr. trump with women voters who already suspect of him? >> sure, well, carol, the problem that trump has with women voters is mostly about his message. and this is a message that to me, this news of him bringing on steve bannon and promoting kellyanne, that says to me that he wants to keep on the track that he is currently on, wants
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to stay on the message he has been on. which has been very tough rhetoric. and this is turning off a lot of women, actually, who might otherwise support him. there was a really striking monmouth university poll, a national poll this months, that showed only 20% of women think donald trump has the temperament to be president. that's why we hear hillary clinton and her allies continuing to push that message, that he doesn't have the temperament to be president, because this is a major concern right now among voters, and particularly, among women voters for him, his rhetoric isn't resonating. >> kaleigh, can you address that? it seems everybody respects kellyanne, right. but the rest, they're like, i don't know. is that going to help him with the demographics that donald trump needs to capture in order to win? >> yes, it will. kellyanne, as you mentioned, is a woman. donald trump has a history empowering women, like his daughter, kellyanne, she is a wife, mother of four, she can
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tail -- the "washington post" had a poll, if donald trump wins the election, showing 56% of voters think the country is in a dangerous place. the problem is that message that donald trump has of strength on the foreign policy stage, strengths economically has not gotten through because some of the side stories. kellyanne is the perfect person to ensure for every rally, bring home the economic message, bring home the terrorism message, because that's a winning one if he can break through the side stories we've seen in the last few weeks. >> sally, your thoughts. >> first of all, i also love kellyanne conway, this can be the kellyanne conway love fest. i'm going to send her the biggest bottle of tylenol i can find. i love it when kaleigh and the trump campaign in general
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resorts to identity politics ach bashing political correctness. we want to be the president for everyone. none of this on race and gender, but hey, look how we supported and promoted and put women at the top of the condition and whatever. let's let that stand there. number two, blaming the side shows for not being able to get the message out, but he is the side show. he is constantly the one putting his foot in his own mouth, not only a presidential candidate, but i mean, his ability to discipline his own mouth and thoughts, to be just have a basic level of respect for the american people, this country, his opponents. i mean, you know, again with the possible note of putin, who he seems to constantly respect, he is the side show. he is the mess. you can't fix mess with new staff. he is a hot mess. >> larry, let me pose this
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question to you. paul manafort was brought from to sort of like temper donald trump, to make him stay on message, to use a teleprompter, to talk about actual policy. will those things now go away? >> well, it sounds like it. it sounds like some of the new campaign team really does want to let trump be trump. which was the original philosophy. but carol, remember, that was the philosophy for primaries. when you have essentially mainly activist voting, the hard-core, they love that kind of thing. donald trump's problem is, he has been unable to expand his coalition, much beyond that basic core. and you have to be able to do that, because 135 million people are voting in november. he got 14 million votes in the primary, and that's great. but it is not nearly enough to win a general election. somehow, they have got to crack the public perception, which is
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really begun to harden, that he is unqualified and he has a temperament unsuited to the oval office. >> on the other hand, rebecca, when donald trump says you know what, i have to be authentic, because people want authentic candidates, they want people to, you know, they wanted a candidate who speaks his mind and is truthful. i think there a grain of truth to that. >> well, certainly. and we've seen that many voters have been disturbed that hillary clinton is in their minds, in authentic and over the course of her political career, they've not seen her be as karrcharisma and ayou're speaking to a completely different audience, and donald trump hasn't adjusted his message enough, in some cases, he hasn't adjusted it at all to target these other voters. bringing in steve bannon, to
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bring us back to this news, bringing in steve bannon, who has run breitbart news, doesn't really send a message that you're going to be changing your message and targeting undecided voters. steve bannon is someone who can speak to the republican base and has been successful at that in his career, but there is no evidence based on his experience at breitbart news that he knows how to message to undecided independent voters, and we're going to have to see what approach he takes to try to appeal to them. >> all right, i've got to leave it there. i want the panel to stick around. we'll be right back. i'll be back with you in a moment. all right, i have breaking news, this is just in from puerto rico. 512 people are preparing to abandon a passenger cargo ship. the caribbean fantasy, that's due to a fire. is this a cruise ship or a boat? let me clarify that.
6:16 am
passenger and cargo boat. you can see the smoke coming from that vessel. it makes regular runs between puerto rico and the dominican republic. as i said, you can see smoke in the distance. the fire started in the engine room, but no reports of injuries it. the u.s. coast guard has rushed to the scene. of course, we'll bring you updates as we get them in. still to come in the "newsroom," donald trump looking to up his support among black s blackers. c -- black voters. can he sell himself?
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appeal to the african-american community, in an effort to bolster his poll numbers. he chose to do that in a predominantly white community from a predominantly black neighborhood rocked by tension and looting. trump called for more police,
6:21 am
telling a room full of white supporters that democratic policies have failed minority communities. >> it is time for our society to address some honest and very, very difficult tests. the democratic party has failed, and betrayed the african-american community. democratic crime policies, education policies, and economic policies have produced only more crime, more broken homes, and more poverty. we reject the bigotry of hillary clinton, which panders to and talks down to communities of color, and sees them only as votes. that's all they care about. not as individual human beings worthy of a better future. they have taken advantage. >> mr. trump has a lot of ground to make up. a recent nbc news "wall street journal" poll put trump support
6:22 am
at just 1% among african-americans. so let's talk about this. i'm joined again by kayleigh, sally, melina abdullah, and assistant director, tom fuentes. he said not less police, but more police. would that solve milwaukee's problem? >> absolutely not. if we want to talk about law and order, what we really need to do is reimagine and define what public safety is. every academic study shows public safety comes to the floor. we bolster public safety when we invest in the things that actually make communities safe. liveable wage jobs, mental health resources, permanent housing, those sorts of things, after school programs. we do not need to invest in the
6:23 am
police that are held completely unaccountable, and are allowed to kill black people with impunity. >> okay, so tom, you're next. mr. trump -- well, why don't you just respond to melina's comments. what do you think about this? >> first of all, police are not allowed to do whatever they please with impunity, officer van dyke in chicago that shot and killed laquan mcdonald is charged with first degree murder. we have other police officers around the country charged with first degree murder in the shooting of unarmed african-american males. it is not that they can do whatever they want. some people want justice to happen sooner, but they do need to conducts investigations when these things happen. but i think the problem is that as ms. abdullah just mentioned, there is a lack of education. there is a lack of job opportunities. there a another of other factors, but unfortunately, in the modern era, all of it comes down to okay, police, society has failed the community. whoever. democrats, republicans,
6:24 am
everybody, have failed the community. now it is your problem. you go on the street at night with that badge, with that gun, into these neighborhoods, it is your job to keep a lid on the situation, when everything else in the system has failed. >> sally, mr. trump also said there a racist narrative out there about police, and he blames the democrats for that. is that the problem in these communities? >> no, that's an over sim indication, number o -- simp simplefaction. let's get our facts straight. poor and middle class do better under democratic presidents, period. it has been proven in administration again and again. >> there is still many problems within black communities, especially in urban america, sally. >> no, no, no no, i'm not saying there aren't issues. listen, i'm far from saying there aren't issues, and obviously, everything that was
6:25 am
said was correct about better wages for good jobs, public education. but again, number one, where is donald trump on those issues? he is the candidate who said actually that wages are too high, number one. and number two, look, this is an issue of this is an over s simplification. we have systemic injustice in this country in which the way black people are treated by the police and by the government is systematically worst than, is repeatedly habitually worst than the way auto white people are treated. the problem is you have leader like donald trump, who says to his supporters, you don't have to believe that. you don't have to believe, you don't have to validate. you don't have to try to understand the experience of black americans. let's dismiss that experience, and in fact, let's suggest that what they need is more law and order, more cops. it is that insensitivity -- >> okay.
6:26 am
>> -- dismissal of black americans -- >> i want to get back to the charge that democrats are the reason that some african-americans have problems in this country, and melina, and kaleigh, i'll get to you, i want melina's thoughts on this. are democrats to blame? i don't want it sound like all african-americans are poor, because they're certainly not. we're talking about a certain segment of the african-american community. >> right, i think we do want to acknowledge that black people tend to be poorer, we're at the bottom of every social and economic measure. >> is that the democratic's fault? >> i think that it is really important that we understand that under both democratic and republican regimes, black people have not been treated with the dignity and respect, with the attention that we deserve. our communities have been neglected. we've not only been dismissed, we've also been treated with disdain. and so i don't think it is the
6:27 am
fault, necessarily of just the democrats. but i think that we need to look at the overall two party system. i'm very eager to see the green party town hall, but i think it also is important that we understand that electoral politics are a piece of the puzzle. they are not all of the equation. and so the people really need to demand all people really need to demand better treatment, not just for the poorest folks, not just for black folks, but recognizing that when we uplift the bottom, when we lift from the bottom all boats rise. so we need to pay attention to the resources and/or the lack of resources given to our communities. >> okay, kaleigh, so mr. trump's comments have sparked this interesting conversation. but here is the rub. critics say that why wasn't mr. trump giving his speech closer to, what happened to sally kohn?
6:28 am
>> sorry. i was just worried. >> okay, so kaleigh, critics say that mr. trump should go into the black communities and actually talk to african-american citizens about their problems, and he hasn't done that. instead, he chose to give this speech 40 miles from the neighborhood, where all of this unrest took place. some of the tweets out there are vicious, and i'll put some of them up on screen. trump tells a room full of white people in wisconsin about his concerns for black people. his answer, more police. #clueless. that whole trump speech was the very definition of white splainig, talk at us instead of to us. why not goo into a community or at least have more minorities in the audience when you're speaking to a community. >> he was speaking to millions of people. the teach was televised. he was speaking to a national
6:29 am
audience. >> he took it for granted they would be watching? >> no, he brought his message to everyone, to the american people, to everyone. it doesn't matter where he gave the speech. what matter is what he said. you hear democrats like sally kohn come on the network and call hmm a racist and twrie to demonize my candidate. but what you don't hear is why democrats have failed this community. the facts don't lie. 58% more african-americans on food stamps since the beginning of the bomb administration. >> civil rights commissioner -- >> i think that's the thing, when african-americans complain about politicians talking at their communities. you're portraying all african-americans being on food stamps? >> no iejs i'm not. i'm saying they've been hurt by this president. there are many african-americans in stalg school, disproportionately -- >> why doesn't donald trump go to a failing school, talk to the teachers. >> i think he will. this is the beginning of his
6:30 am
outreach, tailoring his message, and the onus is on the democrats why they have failed this population that has turned out in droves to vote for democratic politicians, and yet all of the politicians are running, you have two million more eligible more african-american workers since the beginning of the obama administration, yet you have two million fewer in the work force. democrats have a responsibility not to just demonize donald trump, but why they've failed this community. >> i've got to leave it there. thanks to all of you. i do appreciate it. and i want to take a moment to clarify something from monday. we had a report that inadvertently and wrongly characterized the plea from a milwaukee woman whose brother was killed by police. she demanded the violence stop in her community, but in fact, she also said that protests should instead take their violence to the suburbs. i regret that second part of her statement was not included. i'll be right back.
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critical state of ohio today, and she is taking her fight against donald trump tax policies with her. she is expected to hammer on it, saying it will only help people like her rival. she deals with two lingering issues. the controversy over her e-mail server, and persistent rumors about her health. cnn's chris frates has more from washington. good morning. >> good morning, carol. hillary clinton is hitting back against donald trump, and conservative media chatter, suggesting she is not healthy enough to be commander in chief. this week, trump said clinton lacks the mental and physical stamina, like shawn hannity and the "drudge report" have questioned clinton's health. she fired back last night, putting out a statement from her doctor, saying she is in excellent health, accusing trump
6:36 am
of deranged conspiracy theories parroting lies. hillary clinton has release aid detailed medical record, showing her to be in excellent health, plus her personal tax returns since 1977, while trump has failed to provide the public with the most basic financial information, disclosed by every major candidate in the last 40 years. it is time for him to stop using shameful distractions to hide his own record. so the clinton campaign trying to change the subject, to trump's unwillingness to release his tax returns. another hot topic today, hillary clinton's e-mail problems continuing to dog her campaign. yesterday, the fbi sent congress a classified report, explaining why it recommended against charging clinton in connection with her use of a private e-mail server as secretary of state, the report contains notes from interviews with clinton and other material related to that investigation. the decision where charges are not brought is extremely rare.
6:37 am
in a statement, the fbi said it provided the report that congress with the expectation that it won't be made public, but the clinton campaign doesn't think that is how it will go, accusing the republicans of planning to leak the documents, and being asked they be released to everyone. chuck grassley seemed to agree with clinton, saying the report is unclassified and should be made public. in a letter to lawmakers, the fbi reiterated james comey's assertion that clinton's handling of highly classified information was in fact extremely careless, but did not warrant prosecution. but carol, i'll tell you, judging by the fire work on capitol hill yesterday, the political battle over clinton's e-mails, is far from over, carol. >> let me ask you a question, because yesterday i had a republican congressman on who said the fbi actually videotaped hillary clinton's interview, and that it is lost somewhere out there. is that true? did the fbi videotape clinton's
6:38 am
interview? >> no, that's not true. the fbi did not videotape that interview. in fact, they didn't even take a word for word transcript of it. what they turned over to lawmakers on capitol hill, carol, was notes from that interview. so there is no recording of that interview out there. in fact, there isn't even a transcript, i a word for word transcript. these are notes taken by the fbi interviewers, carol. >> all right, chris frates reporting live from washington. let's talk about this, larry sabato is back, director of virginia senator for politics. rebecca berg, real clear politics. welcome to both of you. these notes from this fbi interview, larry, they're going to be turned over to congress, right and congress is not supposed to say a word about them because it is supposed to be secret. but you know perhaps drips and drabs will come out about it. will that hurt hillary clinton? >> we'll all be shocked, shocked
6:39 am
when this is leaked to the press. who could have guessed that this will appear in print. look, i view it as a low-grade fever. it is certainly not a serious illness to bleed over into the subject of health. it is not going to damage hillary clinton to the point that she would lose or anything close to it. it is, however, continuing concern that frankly will dog her right into office if she is elected president. i hope, i think everybody hopes that she has learned something from this event. she wanted to serve a little extra privacy. look at the trouble she has caused herself with this private server, and as i say, there are applications here that she needs to learn for the presidency if in fact she is elected. >> rebecca, trump has this new team and trump will be trump. he has talked about crooked hillary. won't the attacks become worst?
6:40 am
>> that's what we would expect. especially when you have steve bannon running his campaign, if you've taken even a casual glance at some of the coverage coming out of breitbart this election season, regarding hillary clinton and her close aides, that is a sort of thing that we should be expecting now to hear from the mouth of donald trump. so i am expecting that his rhetoric will get much harsher, steve bannon is described by some people as a political street fighter. he plays hard, and some would say dirty. so that's what we can expect now out of the trump campaign. now it is no surprise of course, that they would focus on this issue. he is trying to portray hillary clinton as corrupt as someone who puts herself above the law, and above average people. and the e-mail issue plays into that narrative. very, very well for him. as long as this is in the conversation, as long as republicans can keep this conversation going, it is pretty good news for donald trump and
6:41 am
definitely not a positive thing for hillary clinton. >> and in this campaign, larry, you can make any allegation you want. it doesn't seem to matter. >> yes, well, we live in a post factual era, carol. we don't even need facts any more to say things. look, remember what bernie sanders said. was it larry david who said that people are tired of hearing about her damn e-mails. i don't think people are tired of it. but i don't think it packs the punch that trump needs to regain the offensive. but again, this is something that hillary clinton has to endure, and she has no one to blame but herself. >> all right, i have to leave it there. larry saab to, rebecca berg, thanks to both of you. >> thanks. >> you're welcome. tonight on cnn, special town hall with the green party, jill stein and running mate, they'll sit down with chris cuomo at 9:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. still to come on the
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after a catastrophic blooding in louisiana. rescue workers have been working around the clock to get more than 20,000 people to safety. the floodwaters are receding, but leaving behind damaged homes and untold destruction. boris sanchez is live with more. hi, boris. >> reporter: hey, good morning, carol. the floodwater is receding, but not in some areas. as a matter of fact, some areas like we're standing, it has gotten worst. the backwater flooding has entered this neighborhood, the last stop before the mississippi river, blocking roads, making it difficult for neighbors to get inside their homes. it is hard to get an idea on the kbrou
6:47 am
ground how expansive it is. a lot of damage, widespread, tens of thousands of people are in shelters right now. more than 60,000 people have actually requested help with fema. it tells you, desperate need out there. there was a curfew last night in part to keep people out of dangerous situations. also to prevent crime. yesterday, last night, carol, there were ten people arrested for looting. >> all right, boris sanchez, reporting live from gonzalez, louisiana this morning. near baton rouge. thanks so much, boris. a monster sized wildfire is moving fast in california. the blue cut fire, as it is being called, has burned 18,000 acres in 12 hours. scorching up the dry hills and homes. governor jerry brown has declared a state of emergency. still to dom in tcome in th "newsroom," let the briefings
6:48 am
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6:52 am
donald trump will get his very first classified national security briefing today. it will be the first type the business man has ever had access to such sensitive information. for more on what trump is expected to learn today, i'm joined now by cnn justice correspondent evan perez, good morning, evan. >> good morning, carol. this briefing we expect to happen later this afternoon in
6:53 am
new york at the fbi office is really going to give trump the first chance to dig in to some of the most sensitive intelligence that the u.s. has on essentially the more important parts of the world. this is, now, he's a presidential candidate, and it's important, the view is it's important for hip to not inadvertently step into something. especially when the words of an presidential candidate can mean so much. he's going to get a big picture of the hot spots, some of the u.s. relationships around the world. it's really not intended to provide anything, any details on important operations u.s. intelligence has around the world but it essentially helps school candidates on what things the u.s. is working around the world with foreign governments and so we expect that briefing is going to take place at the fbi office in new york city this
6:54 am
afternoon. trump is already kind of talking a little bit, though, about his view of the u.s. intelligence apparatus and the job that they've done. he appeared on fox news this morning and sort of said he's not -- he doesn't have a lot of respect for the job some of these people have done because essentially in his view they've kind of made a mess of the world. so you can expect, carol, this is going to be a very interesting briefing in new york for donald trump. >> oh, don't you wish you could be a fly on the wall, evan, i know i do. >> oh, my goodness, i would love to be there. i mean, look, it is a very important part of the process. i'm sure he's going to have questions. i think we'll see after this briefing whether or not it changes his tone on some of the most important relationships that the united states has with countries around the world. we'll see whether that changes anything. >> i know you'll be following the story for us, evan perez, thanks so much. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" after a break.
6:55 am
6:56 am
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6:58 am
6:59 am
and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. a return to the battle cry "let trump be trump and win at all costs." the firebrand nominee announced a major shake-up overnight. paul manafort keeps his title but shares the leadership. kelly ann conway, familiar face on cnn, promoted to campaign manager. she'll be the conventional voice. and new ceo steven bannen will be the flame thrower. sources tell us trump did not consult his children on the decision. that is a major shift in the way things are normally done within the trump campaign. cnn's jessica schneider is outside new york's trump tower with more on this, good morning. >> good morning, carol, yes, you know, up until this point
7:00 am
ivanka, donald jr. and eric have been the sole sounding board for donald trump. in this decision to appoint kellyanne conway and bannon, trump made this decision on his own, makie ing clear he's in control of his campaign. especially with this new staff shake-up. now, the way all of this shake-up was set in motion was yesterday. in fact, jared kushner, donald trump's son-in-law, ivanka's husband, flew back to new york, after a family vacation, cutting it short, coming right here to trump tower. he was part of an emergency meeting at 2:00. we understand that jared kushner was the messenger to paul manafort, letting manafort know things were going to be changing and his role might be diminished somewhat by the appointment of conway and bannon. donald trump actually began that message last night, talking about how he is going to be his own man and really go back to the way he was in the primaries
7:01 am
and dealing with some of these distractions. but donald trump said he wants to make it clear he is now in charge and in control of his campaign. take a listen. >> i am who i am. it's me. i don't want to change. everyone talks about, oh, you want to pivot. i don't want to pivot. if you start pivoting, you're not being honest with people. because i've heard this over the years. you know, with politics. with general politics also having to do with me. no, i am who i am. i've gotten here in a landslide. we'll see what happens. >> and donald trump, feeling this is the way things were done in the primary, listening to his instincts and going back to that way of doing things. also, all of this, you know, coming on the heels of that law and order speech in west bend, wisconsin, last night, and this shake-up could possibly serve as another distraction for the trump campaign. they say this is not a shake-up. they're actually touting this as an expansion of the team,
7:02 am
releasing a statement, donald trump saying he's brought in extremely high quality people who love winning, who know how to win. paul manafort also saying in that statement that this is an expansion of the team adding highly qualified people. in addition to the shake-up, donald trump will be getting his first national security briefing. it will happen today. it's the first time he will be getting classified information. we've already seen a flurry of activity here at trump tower. in fact, just a few minutes ago, we saw alabama senator jeff sessions coming in. he talked to us very briefly, saying that this shake-up was a very good thing. carol. >> all right, jessica schneider, reporting live from trump tower this morning, thank you. bloomberg once described chief's new chief executive as the most dangerous political operative in america. steve bannon runs brightbart news, a conservative website that often has these headline, seizure allegations raise doubts
7:03 am
about clinton's health. an intriguing headline but not true. brightbart was in the news earlier this year following an exodus of the staff, angered its leader did not stand up for reporter michelle fields after she was allegedly grabbed by then campaign manager corey lewandowski. editor at large bren shapiro left brightbart and described it this way, quote, steve bannen is a bully, he has shaped the company into trump's personal pravda. he has abandoned and undercut his own reporter in order to protect trump's bully campaign manager. lewandowski was later clearfed assaulting fields but the trump campaign later fired him. joined now by host of cnn's "reliable sources" brian stelter. the most surprising thing about bannen is he has no experience running any political campaign, yet he has this powerful position in the trump campaign. >> what he's had are media meg
7:04 am
ga phones. he's interviewed trump repeatedly for brightbart's website so he has that kind of expertise. others would say street fighter, master of the political dark art. clearly what we're seeing here is a shift by the donald trump campaign, by trump himself, wanting people around him who support his no holds barred, anything goes style. that's what this signaling i think that bannon -- >> what do you mean by that? >> you were describing the far right position on the internet. a site in many ways to the right of fox news. in some ways supportive of the tea party movement. oftentimes supports fringe political views. fa far right political views. conspiracy theories about clinton and obama and things like that. we're seeing the conservative media echo chamber at work. ideas that start on fringe websites make their way to the
7:05 am
drudge report, the sean hannity's talk shows of the world and then eventually to trump. some applaud that and say they're glad trump is echoing them. so i suspect we're going to see more of that for the next three months. >> so word is that roger ailes will also be advising trump about his debate performance. >> yes, roger ailes, the ousted ceo of fox news. of course, he left last night amid a cloud of sexual harassment allegations against him has been friends with trump for decades. so there's this long relationship and it makes a lot of sense they'd be talking on the phone helping each other through this pivotal moment. and seemingly ailes can help trump with a debate strategy. ails s ies is a master of tele and he knows how these things are staged. even though over the controversy
7:06 am
of the allegations which ailes has denied. >> i want to bring in donald trump campaign spokeswoman katrina pierson along with maria car donna and the political editor for the jason johnson, welcome to all of you. good morning. so katrina, mr. trump made this decision to shake up his campaign on his own without his children's advice. does that mean they're out? >> no, not at all. in fact, earlier reporting on cnn is that it was his children who made the decision. look, mr. trump has discussed -- >> initially we thought that, i just want to clear it up. we got new information that this was mr. trump's decision, not his children's. >> that's what seems to be lost in translation here. these individuals were not just brand-new people that have been brought into the campaign and kellyanne conway's been around for a very long time and has a relationship with mr. trump. she was a fantastic addition to the team. there is no shake-up.
7:07 am
no one is out. everyone retains their position. he's just adding to the campaign which is something we've been doing all along the way. we needed someone to fill the campaign manager position and mr. trump chose miss conway. >> okay, so maria, you heard our earlier reporting on steve bannon in particular, so the attacks on mrs. clinton are sure to escalate. how might the clinton campaign react? >> well, i think they need to be ready for what is going to be, i believe, one of the nastiest, most rabid scorched earth campaigns that we have seen in our lifetime that is going to leave nothing but a wake of negativism rancor and divisiveness in the country. the campaign needs to be ready for that. they seem from the beginning the only thing donald trump has to serve up are those kinds of negative divisive rhetoric. and we have seen how that has been very negative for him in
7:08 am
the polls. clearly, it worked for him during the primary. what i don't think he understands and what he's doubling down on with these changes, especially with steve b bannon, is that it worked for him to get 14 million votes during the republican primary season. it's going to do nothing to add to that base of support and, in fact, what he's been doing, is he's been losing support among key demographics he desperately needs in order to win -- >> let's talk about the change in demographics. jays johnson, so mr. trump reached out to african-american voters last night, right, he's having problems with women. do any of the additions in your mind to his campaign help with those key demographic groups? >> well, no, and this is the problem, it's classic trump. it's a good move on the surface but as you kind of open up the trunk, you're like, oh, my gosh this is a mess. bannon is a good selection. kelly. these are smart people, capable people.
7:09 am
the problem is, the brightbart site itself. this is a site that's been under hate watch. this is a site that's been known to have racism, provocative things. one of their writers was kicked off twitter for iing lesley jones for being the black "ghostbuster." so trump has taken five steps forward and seven steps back. >> and katrina, mr. trump has to do better among republicans. i just want to run this by you. there's a conservative website, writer, jason taylor, is aghast at the changes. he write, go flat out crazy, have those big rallies, spew b.s., toss out the tell prompter, good times. once again the gop doubles down on the stupid and now the crown car has run off the tracks. the implosion of the conservative party continues in an unstoppable chain reaction. trump being trump is not even
7:10 am
winning over a good number of republicans, so how can they be a good move? >> well, because the media and many on the right who have always been vocal against mr. trump, have been writing this campaign's obituary for over 400 days and it hasn't worked yet. now, the thing is when we are talking about campaign additions, and i know cnn is focusing on bannon for whatever reason. he's not in charge of communications, he's just the ceo. he's run several successful companies in the past. he's running it as a business, which people also complain about. >> we has a prominent role in the trump campaign. >> of course he be does. >> but it's not like he just -- >> that brings mess to my next point. we have not spent nearly as much time talking about hillary clinton's campaign infrastructure, particularly uma abadin and her dual role at the state department and the -- >> she didn't go -- >> okay, that's not --
7:11 am
>> okay, i know you want to deflect and that's your job -- >> -- and ties to the russian government, we spend so much time talking about russia -- >> wait a minute, whose direct ties with the russian government? >> -- with hillary clinton -- >> let's talk about his brother, let's talk about the banks they're involved with, the boards they sit on. we're not talking about that here on cnn because we just want to focus on trump. >> that's because trump just shook up his campaign for the second -- >> no, he didn't, he added -- donald trump added -- >> oh, come on, katrina. >> no one's out. when you shake up your campaign that usually means someone is out, carol. this was announced as an expansion. i can point to several messages. we have sent out on the campaign website under press releases. we've had multiple expansions of the campaign. for some reason, cnn is probably the only one reporting that there's some shake-up that's happening. >> well, i dare to suggest this, i dare to suggest this, that no one was ousted simply because mr. trump didn't want this to
7:12 am
appear to be a shake-up. >> right. >> carol -- >> not at all, not at all -- >> if i can jump in here, anybody who knows anything about presidential politics and how campaigns are run knows this is a shake-up. sure, they're not calling it a shake-up. they're calling it an expansion. call it whatever you want. it is absolutely a shake-up. because donald trump is terrified of the polls. he knows he is losing. but here's the problem. he's doubling down on a strategy that focuses on sub traction as opposed to addition. forget african-americans, forget latinos, let's talk about college-educated white women. which hillary clinton is now winning by 23 points and mitt romney won them by 14 points and lons the election. there's no path right now. there's no credible path to 270. what he's done today makes that path even more narrow. >> i have to bring up roger ails at this point. >> if you had an olympic relay team and you said suddenly we're bringing in people at the last
7:13 am
minute, you would think there was something wrong with michael phel phelps. when you're adding this many new people this late in the game, it's a bad sign. those are just the facts of how a campaign operates. >> yes, so people -- >> -- have been complaining that the infrastructure is small. corey lieu ewiandowski was gone. we simply filled that position. we brought in a ceo, something we didn't have before. this is not something that people are being replaced. >> even fox news is calling this a shake-up though. even fox news is calling this a shake-up. >> but that's what i'm saying. it's not a shake-up. this is simply an expansion. we can ignore what the campaign is actually saying and make all the infrances that we want. that seems to be what is called news today. but the facts are, we simply added to the campaign team. there's nothing new there. >> okay, let's talk about roger ailes. he's going to advise donald trump on the debates. as you know, he left fox news
7:14 am
under this cloud of controversy. 20 women came forward and accused him of sexually harassing them. donald trump is having a major problem with women voters. how can roger ailes' advice possibly help him? >> well, first, that reporting is also false. roger ailes does not have any role, formal or informal, with the campaign orb with the debate process. as mentioned before, they have been friends for a very long time but he has no role in this. >> but he is offering donald trump advice on his debate performance. >> i don't know what they're talking about in private conversations but he's definitely not playing a role, informal or formal, in the campaign. there's a lot of people that give donald trump advice but that doesn't mean they're part of the campaign. >> jason, does any of this help donald trump? because, you know, if you're lose like 70% of women, you're not going to win. >> right this is what we're talking about. this is like obama started isis last week.
7:15 am
roger ailes should help. he ran a multibillion dollar news station that millions believe in. there's no shame in saying he's going to help donald trump. it's probably not going to help with women but donald trump wasn't doing well with women to begin with. the trump campaign's great et weakness has been from my perspective is just own up to stuff and go forward. when you backtrack like this and you sing and dance it makes you seem less authentic. that's the one thing donald trump has been able to sell. >> no one's backtracking. they're friends and they have discussions but he's not a part of the campaign so i'm simply correcting the record. >> kellyanne -- >> please, let katrina have her say. go ahead, katrina, last word. >> i was just simply correcting the record. this is being reported that somehow roger ailes is a part of the official campaign team and he's not. if they talk, they talk. they have been friends for decades. but he is not formally or informally involved with the campaign. >> all right. i have to leave it there.
7:16 am
katrina pierson, maria kardona, jason johnson, thank you. hitting the republican rival on tax policy and for spreading debunked rumors about her health. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn because you can't beat zero heartburn! ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. the search for relief often leads here.s, introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. new aleve direct therapy.
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7:20 am
the state of ohio has not backed a republican for president in the last two elections and hillary clinton is hoping to extend the winning streak to three as she heads to ohio today to deliver a speech on the economy. clinton pushing ahead on policy as congressional republicans get their first look at the fbi report on its investigation into her private e-mail server. cnn is covering all developments within the clinton campaign. joining me now, cnn money christina's aleshi. christina, first to you and hillary's speech. >> this is going to be a very interesting speech because she's going to paint trump as someone
7:21 am
who touts supporting the middle east. saying the middle class needs to get ahead. when you look at the plan, it's questionable it will help the little guy. the three main points she's been hitting so far is this idea that his child care plan really just helps people with expensive nannies and does very little for the poor and middle class. she says his estate tax repeal is a gift to himself and his friends. and lastly that his business, his plan to reduce business taxes will directly impact and boost his own bottom line. so this is what she's saying. when you look at these facts that clinton is putting out there, actually, these allegations that clinton is putting out there. >> i was just going to say. >> we fact-checked them and they're mostly true, by the way. if you look at the plan side by side, and i think we have the specifics on her plan, she is going to tax the rich, a minimum 30% rate on anyone making $1
7:22 am
million or more. a 4% surcharge on income of $5 million or more. she's going to use that money, she says, to fund programs like 12 weeks of guaranteed paid family leave. universal pre-k. if you're a middle income american and you're looking at this plan, it should resonate with you. >> how is she going to work with the republican congress to raise taxes so much on the rich? >> you know what, that is an excellent question. you're probably right. this is a dream that is going to be very difficult to execute, carol. i think you're on to something here. but what i'm saying is her ideals really do appeal more to the middle class, whereas trump is talking about, you know, reducing taxes for everyone, but invariably his tax breaks will flow to the highest income earners. if you look at that 33% rate, right what no one's talking about is most wealthy people actually make their money through investment income and
7:23 am
that 33% rate under his plan doesn't apply to investment income. the investment income under his plan would be taxed at a cap of 20%, okay, so nobody's talking about that. but this is going -- this is the plan that really does benefit -- and by the way, there's nothing wrong with that, right, but you can't go out there, say, you help the little guy when your plan doesn't show that. >> christina alesci, thank you. chris frates, tell us about the notes the fbi is about to release. >> yesterday, we saw the fbi with a classified report saying why it recommended against charging clinton in connection with her use as a private e-mail server as secretary of state. report contains notes with clinton and other material related to that investigation. the decision to release information in a case where charges are not brought, that's
7:24 am
rare. in a statement, the fbi says it provided the report to congress with the expectation that it won't be made public. but the clinton campaign doesn't seem to think that's how it's going to go. they're accusing republicans of having other plans. and in the statement, the campaign said, we believe if these materials are going to be shared outside the justice department, they should be released widely so the public can see for themselves rather than allow republicans to mischaracterize through selective partisan leaks. top republican senator chuck grassley seeped to agree, saying much of the material in the report is unclassified and should be made public. in a letter to lawmakers, the fbi reiterated what director james comey said, that clinton's handling of certain highly classified information was extremely careless, but did not warrant prosecution. now, also hot today is hillary clinton hitting back against donald trump and some conservative media chatter, suggesting she's not healthy
7:25 am
enough to become commander in chief. this week, saying clinton lacks the mental and physical stamina to fight isis and conservative media staples like sean hannity and the drudge report questioned clinton's health. clinton put out a statement from her doctors saying she's in excellent health and accused trump of pedaling deranged conspiracy theories. trying to change the subject from the health to trump's unwillingness to release his tax returns. so hillary clinton taking on donald trump on a couple of different fronts here and still fighting all those e-mail problems that the drip, drip, drip just seems to continue there, carol. >> chris frates, thank you. 40 days until donald trump and hillary clinton face off on the debate stage. what is it like to prep both candidates? we'll talk about how roger aimas might help out donald trump next.
7:26 am
7:27 am
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7:30 am
good morning, i'm carol costello. sources telling cnn that ousted fox news ceo roger ailes will begin advising donald trump, helping him prep for those crucial presidential debates. that's something the trump campaign denies, but it does admit the two men do talk because they are lifelong friends. so let's talk about the debate and how both candidates might prepare. trump and clinton. alex conet is the former communications director for the marco rubio campaign and he helped rubio launch some of his fiercest attacks against donald
7:31 am
trump. before we get into it, alex, i'd like our viewers to walk back in time with us. >> you're the only person on this stage that's ever been fined for hiring people to work on your projects illegally. you hired some workers from poland. >> i'm the only one on the stage who hired people. you haven't hired anybody. you have so many different plans. >> now he's repeating himself. >> no, i'm not repeating. no. >> he's repeated himself every day. >> talking about repeating, i watched him repeat himself five times for weeks ago -- >> i saw you repeat yourself five times four seconds ago. >> i watched you -- >> all right, alex. that was something, right? good times. so a lot of people said marco rubio should have come out swing like that much earlier on the debate stage. do you feel that way? >> well, i don't know. i think it's going back and revisiting history is hard to do. nobody took donald trump very
7:32 am
seriously early on in the debates. i think at key points, trump is a good debater. he won just about every single debate we had. his poll numbers seemed to go up after every single debate. anyone who thinks trump is not going to do a good job wasn't paying attention to the debates during the primary. >> if you were to offer advice to hillary clinton let's say, what advice would you give her? >> i'll say it's very hard to prepare to debate donald trump because you don't know what he's going to say. in part, because i don't know he always knows what he's going to say. i don't get the sense he spends a lot of time preparing for debates. a lot of it is off the cuff. so she's got to be on her toes. i think it would behoove her to go back and look at some of the most effective attacks against donald trump, including some of the attacks that marco rubio, ted cruz and other candidates launched at him in the last couple primary debates. mostly, she needs to be ready to be on defense, ready to perry and she needs to have a better explanation for some of her past
7:33 am
scandals including the e-mail scandals than we've heard today. >> we hear that roger ailes will be advising donald trump as far as his debate performance. you got to believe when fox put on that very first debate and megyn kelly's now famous question that came from roger aim ailes, let's listen. >> you've called women you don't like fat pigs, dog, slobs and disgusting animals. you won't told a contestanted on celebrity apprentice it would be a pretty picture to see her on her knees. does that sound to you like a temperament of a man we should elect as president? >> i'm pretty sure roger aim ai probably had something to do with that. with that in consideration what will roger ailes tell mr. trump? >> well, look, roger ailes is probably the most talented debate coach america has ever seen. he's been doing this for 30 years-plus. he's very effective. to the extent mr. ailes is
7:34 am
talking to mr. trump, i think that's a very to mr. trump and something that should worry the clinton campaign. they know ailes is very effective at putting on a good tv show, very good at coaching people like trump in those situations. so i think it's to the extent that communication is happening, i think that's a credit to trump and something that should really worry democrats. >> so there's controversy surrounding roger ailes with this whole sexual harassment controversy, he had to step down as the ceo of fox news because of that controversy. do you think female voters will take that into account or won't it matter? >> i mean, i sort of doubt it. i think at the end of the day, these campaigns -- voters judge the candidates on the candidates, not who necessarily the candidate's advisers are. i know the media likes to obsess over who the advisers are, but advisers are replaceable. the only person you can't replace is the candidate himself. i know this morning there's a lot of talk about the shake-ups happening inside the trump campaign. i think it's a little bit
7:35 am
overblown. what really matters is the candidate. at the end the day, that's who voter judges. >> in your mind, did donald trump add people who could help him with these demographic roots he's losing? >> well, i don't know about the democratic roots he's losing. the key point is he's losing. he's down in every single poll. every single key state. he recognizes he's going to suffer an embarrassing defeat this fall. so i give him credit for shake up his team and bringing in some fresh blood. i've been on a lot of campaigns in my career. a lot of the campaigns that were losing in august, they would bring in a new team in august and we'd go on to win. i give him credit for recognizing he was on a failing trajectory and making a change. it's i think way too soon to tell whether or not it will be effective. it's possible it's too late to be effective since early voting starts in just a couple weeks. >> all right. and the last question about the debates. i've read stories about the
7:36 am
clinton campaign beyondering who the stand-in for donald trump ought to be. when they practice, they have stand-ins for the other guy. who would that be in your mind? >> it's got to be somebody who's got a good sense of humor and someone who is going to have the courage to stand in the same room as hillary clinton and attack her. because you know donald trump is going to bring everything he's got to that first debate. it's going to be a knockout fight. she better be prepared for it. it's going to be, you know, can't miss tv. >> maybe it should be bill clinton. >> maybe. maybe it should be bill clinton. someone from the obama administration who has gone toe-to-toe with her in cabinet meetings or the situation room. i think she needs to be prepared for a really tough debate. she cannot just mail this in. she can't go in there assuming she can ignore trump because he is going to figure out ways to engage her just like he did in every single republican primary debate. it was very effective then. i expect it will be very effective this fall as well.
7:37 am
>> thanks for allowing meg to pick your brain, appreciate it. classified information, secure fbi location. donald trump gets his first intelligence briefing today.
7:38 am
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7:41 am
a pivotal first for the campaign today. donald trump will receive his first classified briefing from the director of national intelligence. it will be the first time the business man has ever hassed v had access to such sensitive information. >> this a bit of a top-line briefing for donald trump. this is going to be a lot of the important points of the most
7:42 am
important foreign policy relationships with countries around the world, including our allies and some of our adversaries. not a lot of operational information is going to be included in this briefing. that's something that comes only when the person becomes president, officially becomes president. that's when they get read in to some of the most sensitive programs the u.s. operates. it is still a very important part of the process. it helps the candidates know where they can go, what they can talk about, and not create any kind of diplomatic crisis. today donald trump is already on television this morning with fox news sort of addressing what he thinks of the u.s. intelligence apparatus. from what it sounds like, he doesn't really have a very high opinion of it. take a listen to what he had to say. >> do you trust intelligence? >> not so much the people who have been doing it for our country. look what's happened over the last ten years. i mean, it's been catastrophic. matter of fact, i won't use some of the people that are sort of
7:43 am
standards, just use them, use them, use them. i won't use them because they made such bad decisions. >> we expect trump will have one of his trusted aides, general michael flynn, former head of the intelligence agency, by his side as he sits in the briefing room essentially and gets this rundown from the u.s. intelligence agencies on what's going on in the world. it will be a very interesting, obviously, meeting, because as you can see, he doesn't have a high opinion of of what these people are going to be able to tell him. as you said, boy, to be a fly on the wall of of that meeting. >> i know, i was just going to ask you how might the intelligence community react to what donald trump just said? >> well, you know, that's -- i think one of the things they want to do is to be impartial. they expect they're going to deliver the same briefing to donald trump and to hillary clinton and they're really not going to take any sides here.
7:44 am
they know they're dealing with a challenge here, particularly with donald trump. >> evan perez, thanks so much. both sides have received partisan pushback on their intelligence briefings. arguing clinton cannot be trust ed with confidence matters after using a private e-mail server. >> we're talking about state secrets. these are the highest level of state secrets that were put at risk when it's known that the protections for her e-mail were extremely inadequate and, in fact, orders were being issued from her office to others in the secretary of state department to do the exact opposite of what she was doing. certainly if she wasn't aware she was violating state department rules, it raises real issues about her competency. >> jill stein told me that on monday in the newsroom. we will most likely hear more
7:45 am
tonight on cnn. chris cuomo hosts a special town hall with green party presidential candidate jill stein and her running mate, starts at 9:00 p.m. eastern, only on cnn. massive wildfire in southern california. more than 80,000 people forced from their homes. plus, louisiana, under water. cnn's boris sanchez is there. >> hey, carol, the sun is out here in louisiana and the floodwaters are receding in certain areas. other parts, it's getting worse. we'll tell you why coming up. it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. ♪ ♪ trintellix (vortioxetine) is a prescription medicine for depression. trintellix may start to untangle or help improve the multiple symptoms of depression. for me, trintellix made a difference. tell your healthcare professional right away
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7:49 am
a monster wildfire is moving fast in southern california. these pictures from moments ago. thick smoke billowing from the hillside. the fire has already destroyed 30,000 acres and it's zero percent contained. more than 82,000 people are under mandatory evacuation orders. cnn's stephanie elam live in san bernardino, california, with more, good morning. >> good morning, carol. yes, we're out in san bernardino county where this fire just picked up steam. yesterday, it started about
7:50 am
10:30 a.m. local time, yesterday. so less than 24 hours, it has ballooned to over 30,000 acres that have been burned. i want to show you behind me what it looks like now that the sun has crested this hillside here. you can see the stuff in front here, you can barely tell what was inside there, has been burned. you can see there's a house just beyond that. this is a community that's right off of interstate 15. so for a lot of people who like to travel between los angeles and las vegas, this would be off that route that you would take. here's the big thing, interstate 15 is closed and the person i spoke with from the fire department say it may stay like that for a couple of days simply because there's red flag warnings in here. so they think it would be too dangerous to have that traffic opened. for people who want to take that route, it's probably too much. take a look at this post right here. it's still smoking, still crackling. you can feel the heat off it. this is what they're up against. that's why you've had over
7:51 am
82,000 people evacuated and some 34, more than that, homes have been evacuated because the fire is fast moving. as the sun gets up and starts baking in here in this high desert area, more than likely the fire is going to rage back to live. we went from 18,000 last night before we went to sleep to 30,000 this morning. they're looking for it to grow some more and at this point it's not even contained, carol. >> stephanie elam reporting live from san bernardino county, california, thank you. at least 11 people are dead in louisiana. rescue workers scrambling to get people to safety. the waters are leaving behind untold destruction. cnn's boris sanchez live from louisiana. >> the floodwaters are receding. they're heading into neighborhoods like this one in
7:52 am
assumption parish. the courthouse was inundated. it's difficult to get into homes. i'll give you a look at this neighborhood so you can see the flooding. we have the drone flying and it gives you a wider picture of how widespread this water has become in this area. part of the problem is the backwater flooding. not necessarily the amount of rainfall that came down in this area but, rather, when the ground was saturated and bodies of water overflowed into neighborhoods, they come in this direction. i'm told this is the last stop before the mississippi river. and there's actually pumps in this area. the problem is after the water gets to a certain height, the water pumps stopped working. the hope is now that the water's going down, they'll be able to function again and help expedite the process of getting all this floodwater out of here. the need is tremendous. there's 60,000 people that registered for aid with fema. we'll show you before and after pictures of baton rouge to give you an idea of how badly destructive this flood was.
7:53 am
tens of thousands of people are in shoulders and living with neighborhoods right now. many thousands are without power. there's, again, a desperate need for resources. things that you might not think about. things like food and water, baby formula, pet food. i spoke to a man who lives in this neighborhood. he lived in new orleans during katrina. he says his home was destroyed during hurricane katrina. he moved here because he thought he'd be out of the flood's way. now he's dealing with several inches of water inside his hope, carol. >> all right, boris sanchez, reporting live from gonzalez, louisiana. you know that awkward hug that goes just a second or two too long, well, this would one n time with a calendar. headed to their first dance recital... ...when their windshield got cracked... ...but they couldn't miss the show. so dad went to the new safelite-dot-com. and in just a few clicks, he scheduled a replacement...
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consider this, the politics of awkward.
7:58 am
the vice president leans in, the nominee taps out and the hug goes on and on. as viewers squirm and comedians howl. here's cnn's jeanne moos. >> reporter: there are hugs where you just throw up your arms and go for it and then there are hugs that keep going and going and going. joe biden wouldn't let hillary go as they met on the tarmac at scranton airport. about four seconds into the hug, they semidisengage. nothing to see here, right? wrong. because the vice president wouldn't unhand hillary for almost 16 seconds? notice how many times he tries to tap it out. she lets it go, he does not. tap out. no, he's still holding on. okay, second tap out, for god sake, joe, you got to let go. >> reporter: this latest awkward hug would not have been micro analyzed if it hadn't been for all the other overly handy biden moments.
7:59 am
critics collect them. times when he gently rearranges a young girl's hair and whispers in her ear and rearranges some more. there's nothing pervy here. the vp knows he's on camera. the parents are right there. as he leans in for a kiss. vp is known as a close talker, he even does it to the president. perhaps his most famous hands-on moment came when he put his hands on the wife of defense secretary ash carter. >> got a lot of thanks to give out. >> conservatives panned it. >> this is the creepiest thing. >> reporter: and so did some liberals. >> no, that ain't right. you appear to smell her hair. >> reporter: at least the vp didn't get that close to hillary. now, hillary and president obama have come a long way in their history of hugging. from this paltry excuse for a hug eight years ago after he
8:00 am
defeated her to this, a hug so close that hillary closed her eyes, they even gazed into each other's eyes. this was a hug so novel for these two, it looked like the cover of a romance novel. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> just makes me feel a little creepy. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour" starts now. another major shake-up in donald trump's campaign. >> two new people. >> the campaign's not going according to plan. >> i am who i am. i don't want to pivot. you have to be you. >> trump will receive his first classified intelligence briefing. >> it just absolutely bewilders me when i hear donald trump try to talk about national security. >> i think her e-mail scandal is one of the worst things i've ever seen. >> giving fake briefings. don't tell him stuff. he won't know the difference.


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