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tv   Wolf  CNN  August 22, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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preparing for a rare third transplant from an anonymous donor. last night he was awarded the jimmy award for perseverance. >> time is how you live your life. >> thank you for watching. brianna keilar is in for wolf and she starts right now. hi there. it's 1:00 p.m. here in washington. thank you so much for joining us. with 78 days to go until the u.s. presidential election, the candidates are focusing on key battleground states. they're getting their finances in order and they are honing their messages to voters. for donald trump, that means reaching out to minority voters. he made a couple of speeches aimed at african-american voters
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and now he's focusing on hispanic americans. his campaign manager hinted trump may be rethinking a key part of his proposed immigration policy. the round up and deportation as many of 11 million undocumented immigrants. today, donald trump did not waiver. >> we have to be very firm. we have to be very, very strong when people come in illegally. we have a lot of people that want to come in through the legal process. it's not fair for them. we're working with a lot of people in the hispanic community to try to come up with an answer. >> you're not flip-flopping? >> no i'm not flip-flopping. we want to come up with fair but firm answer. it has to be very firm. >> the clinton camp countered with the talk of this policy change that says donald trump's immigration plan remains the same as it's been. tear apart families.
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this is really the question. is he flip-flopping? he says no. there seems to be this impression from some of the reporting that came out of a meeting that he had on saturday that maybe he is trying to soften which would make sense in a general election strategy, so which is it? >> we just don't know yet is the answer here. donald trump, you heard him say, he wants to devise and fair and firm strategy but it depends on what the definition of what fair and firm is. leaving that meeting over the weekend with his hispanic out reach council newly formed, a lot of those participants was left with the idea maybe he was softening and stepping away from keep parts of his proposals. that was almost backed up by what he any campaign manager said where she said the deportation force isn't set in stone. >> dana bash asked her twice. she dodged the first time and the second time she said to be
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determined. she wasn't quite sticking to it. >> trump is giving a major policy address on it this weekend. >> what does this mean for the clinton campaign perspective? >> the clinton campaign wants to keep voters abreast of what he said initially. they do not want him to backtrack. if they do, they want to call him out on it. we saw the statement from john pedesta there. they want to not allow donald trump to pivot to a softer approach. we'll see paid advertising on this. we'll see a ton of response on this. this is similar to what donald trump did on his muslim policy. he had a full throated speech in the beginning in the primary and he backed away. >> complete and total ban. >> i was at the rally in south carolina. >> it was pretty straightforward. >> clearly some disagreement. he may be backed into a corner on this as well. he could lose support from some on the right. the clinton campaign is eager to
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hold him to and accountable what his words said. most of their advertising strategy is donald trump in his own voice. >> let's talk about their advertising strategy because you have virginia. you have colorado. these are places with either large or expanding hispanic american voting blocks. they're not spending big there, the clinton campaign. what does that tell us? >> that tells us that the clinton campaign is confident at their position heading into labor day in virginia and colorado. up some ten-points at least. virginia, up 14 points for the clinton campaign. we remember from 2012, virginia was one of the closest states barack obama beat mitt romney only 3 percentage points. the fact that virginia is a double digit state, colorado as well, the clinton campaign feels confident about that at this point. we see the numbers on the screen right there. it's still a potential for
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shifting. polls are not predictions. they are a snapshot in the moment. in this moment, donald trump is losing both of those states. >> what are we, i guess what is our assessment of what's happening with donald trump right now? he's had this shift in his campaign management. he did have a couple of days -- he says things that are controversial but seemed like he was sticking to topic. top he goes on a twitter tirade against the msnbc morning show hosts when he's supposed to be focused on immigration. >> this is not what his campaign wants him to bo doing now. they want him to stick to one topic. make it unique every week. this week is immigration. next week is education. have the candidate come out with a major policy proposal, stick to those teleprompters. they don't want him on twitter
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tweeting. >> good luck. >> they're just like, oh, my goodness. >> he's sitting at home and responding in realtime on his own without the consultation of these new advisors he's brought in. it works for his supporters. the problem here is it doesn't allow him to expand or grow here. it takes it off topic. he was waiting into tabloid gossip. >> thank you so much. let's talk more about the trump campaign's minority voter outreach. i want to welcome shawean spice. you have donald trump saying i'm not flip-flopping on immigration. he says he wants fair but firm plan. just explain this to us because a lot of folks walked out of that hispanic advisory council meeting on saturday thinking he was trying to moderate a little
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bit. you have his campaign manager asked about this deportation force that he promised. she wouldn't say it was going to be in his plan, to be determined. let's listen to that sound. >> will that plan include a deportation force, the kind you heard in that sound bite and you talked about in the republican primari primaries? >> to be determined. >> that was the second time she was asked. the first time she stayed away from it and then she just didn't commit to it. what should we expect from his plan on immigration? >> i think what kelly ann did and what i'm going to do is let many trump speak for himself. he will be addressing this subject in the next couple of weeks. i think he will lay out a detailed plan. we have 11 million plus folks here illegally. what he said this morning is consistent with what he said all along. we need to be fair and also
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humane. there's people with family here. what he waptss to do is lay out plan that's well thought through and not just a sound bite that gets thrown out. as he goes along the next couple of weeks, he'll continue to lay out his plan on immigration and deportation. he talked about taxes and national security. you'll see more and more of this over the coming weeks. him laying out detailed plans. >> he initially talked about a det deportation force. do we have that sound? let's listen to that and talk about it. >> we're going to have a deportation force. >> will they get ripped out of their homes? >> they're going back to where they can. that's the way it's supposed to be. they can come back but they have to come back legally. >> a deportation force. is that fair, firm and humane? >> it's something that hillary clinton's talked about as well. if we want to talk about
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immigration, let's look at everybody's record. hillary clinton has been voting for a fence. she talked about sending back illegals that were here. it's one thing to look at it in terms of what he said -- >> you're saying hillary clinton is proposing this right now? >> no, no. she's talked about this in the past as well. >> which is -- i'm trying to and now she doesn't. now i'm trying to understand what talked about that recently, so what's the deal now? >> what i'm saying is mr. trump, as you've noted, he'll be talking about this in the coming weeks. we'll go into a detailed plan on his stance on immigration. how we're going to address people here illegally and how we will strengthen legal immigration to meet the needs of this country. to get ahead of him is not the right way to go about this. he needs to sitz here s ts to done with a host of topics. there are people that are here illeg illegally. he understands the complexity of
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this and will lay out plan to address it. >> sure. he talked about a detoration force. now he's talking about fair, firm and humane. you say he's going to lay out details. i'm trying to get to the bottom of this. is it deportation force fair, firm and humane? >> depends on how it's done. that's the point. he recognizes the complexity that exists in a problem like this. we want to do something that recognizes that we're a nation of laws but understand there's people out there and there' an economic consequence and he'll lay out a detailed plan to address it. i'm not sure how i can say it over and over again. it's fairly simple. it's a complex discussion that needs to occur. he's going to treat it with a level of respect that it needs. >> okay. i want to talk to you about some of his outreach to african-american voters. a lot of people look at and say it might not be outreach to african-american voters.
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it might be an appeal to people who are not african-american voters but want for him to be more inclusive. these are appeals he's made in places that are overwhelmingly white communities. he said to african-american voters last week, what the hell to you have to lose. is that in line with some of the rnc prescriptions that we saw coming out of last election where you guys said there needed to be a better appeal to black voters? >> there's two things to note. his point is you look at some of these large urban areas, they're all run by democrats. they've been a failure when it comes to economic development, education. i think his point is, look, you've been told by the democrats over and over again that you must vote with us. their vote has been taken for granted. what do you have to lose? we have solutions to lift people out of poverty and help small businesses succeed and put people back to work. second of all, i think it's important to look at the
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totality of donald trump. in 1985 when he bought mar largo and the liberals didn't let people join clubs because of color of their skin, it was donald trump that went out and bucked the establishment and fought to make sure that people no matter the color of their skin or their religion could join the clubs. he's got a corporation that employs thousands of people. >> look -- >> let me finish. >> the answer is -- >> i am. when you look at his actions, not just this year when he's running for office or the pandering like hillary clinton does, he's been someone that promoted minority, put women in levels of power. you look at his record over 30 and 40 years, that's telling. >> why doesn't he talk to an audience of black voters or go to a kplunts that's at least 10%
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african-american. he hasn't been doing that. >> he's had meetings with black pastors. >> he's chosen forums that a white. to the tune of the 90 some odd percent white. how is that talking to black voters? >> he understands you have to talk to all americans. i think there's a level of diversity there. >> there's not -- >> we want to talk about spending time. >> we have producers in these audiences watching these audiences both of these where he delivered these messages were p p predominantly white. if you advising a candidate to reach out to women, would you go to men to deliver that message? >> he's going to major venues in big states. you can't move the venue. give me a break. i think this is ridiculous. he's made an effort not just
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through the -- >> you could pick a different part of the city. >> let me answer the question. my point is you look at totality of what he's done over the last 40 years, it's not just about pandering and rhetoric. it's the actions he's had as a businessman where he's put people in power. he's given tons of money to organizations that have helped lift people out of poverty. if you want to talk about where he holds events in the last ten months and done an appropriate job of pandering, that's one thing but the totality of a 40-year kreecareer where he's ld that up, i'll take that any day of the week. >> why doesn't he say that to an african-american crowd or at least try to say that to an african-american crowd by going to an community that's not 90% white. i think anyone can say that's a good argument. she should make it.
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why isn't he making it to black voters? >> he just did. you talked about the pitch. he talked about in a second term of a trump presidency he wants to get a majority of the vote. >> in diamondale. it's 1.3% black. >> he's made it very clear he wants to earn their vote and help solve the problems that they face. i'm not sure how much more he can communicate that. we're spending six minutes talking about the venue on day in which 15,000 more e-mails come out about hillary clinton and the relationship that exists between her selling access to the united states and them enriching themselves over where a venue occurred. i think it's more important for someone who told the american people that the only e-mail she doesn't turn over were yoga and recipes and chelsea. the bending over backwards was to help rich donors get access to the government. the only flexibility she's shown is the type of flexibility to
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help people that will benefit the clintons and let them live by a second set of rules. that's probably more pressing for the american people right now. >> the nice thing about cnn is we have plenty of time to discuss both things. that's something we should discuss and we'll discuss it in this hour. when you're talking about outreach it's an important topic. we appreciate you coming onto talk about it. thanks. >> thank you. still ahead, donald trump ease running mate, mike pence, may be trying to soften donald trump's message to minority voters but he's making no apologies for the republican candidate. >> the race is on. this is going to be a competitive race all the way to the end. i truly do believe we have the right candidate and the right message and this movement will carry donald trump all the way to the white house.
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calling all go-getters. all providers. drive with uber and make more than $300 a week by driving a few hours a day. calling all nine-to-fivers and night owls. with uber - a little drive goes a long way. start earning this week. go to donald trump's running mate admits the candidates choice of words can muddle his message. mike pence went one-on-one with cnn. she asked him about the latest shake up within the trump campaign. pence defended trump's attempt to appeal to african-american voters by saying you're living in poverty, your schools are no
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good, you have to job. here is how he explained it. >> donald trump is not a experienced politician who care any selects his words. he speaks right from his heart and mind. what you heard this week is a leader who is determined to make america great for every one in this country. i think you're going to continue to see this campaign in the days and weeks ahead. speak directly to americans in every community about what our plan to make america great again will mean. there's always a time where campaigns evolve and change and i expect that to continue to be evidence of a campaign that's on a roll. you look at this last week, donald trump laid out a vision for confronting radical islamic
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terrorists. he showed his mind and heart in his speech on thursday night and the compassionate way he visited with hurting families in louisiana. i think these changes are part of seeing this campaign come together. the race is on. this is going to be a competitive race till the end. i believe we have the right candidate and the right message and this movement will carry donald trump all the way to the white house. >> pence was also asked about trump's praise and admiration for russian president vladmir putin. pence took more of a hard line on a the russian leader. >> vladmir putin has a history in the kgb. he has a strong awe tor tear yan tendency. i think he's someone that needs to be watched. the truth of matter is what we have seen is an administration that's so little respect by the world community, including by russia. russia and other countries in the wider arab world, the
10:23 am
borders have been disentigrating. donald trump will immediately command the respect of the world. >> let's talk about this interview and all goings-on when it comes to donald trump with our panel. washington post reporter abbey phillip and senior politics writer for u.s. news and world report. this is my question because i've almost heard this become a bit of a punch line where donald trump says something and you put it through the mike pence machine and it pops out as something that is softened and doesn't resemble what donald trump initially said. >> i think mike pence has done a hell of a job walking the line of being loyal to the candidate but not parroting his language. a lot of this is about
10:24 am
self-preservation for mike pence. i think he made a play. he's always had ambitions to be president himself. he thought putting himself on the ticket would be better for his long term chances. i also think that he thinks next to donald trump mike pence looks a little more moderate. we're not taulking about the religious freedom act he put through. i think he's done a pretty good job of not going whole hog with donald trump's comments but preserving himself. >> maybe mike pence going through the mike pence machine softens him as well. we've seen this a lot where he's sort of -- he is walking this line. for instance, on tax returns. he's putting his out. donald trump is still not putting his out. it doesn't seem to create any friction between him and the trump campaign. do they feel it's a benefit to trump? >> seems like they're allowing
10:25 am
mike pence to be mike pence. even before he was on the ticket he had been critical of the wall. he had these public stances that were not in line with his running mate. the issue is also what does this translate to voters. we see mike pence. i think donald trump is such a force at the top of the ticket that even with the mike pence machine, it's hard for that to penetrate to voters. i still believe that donald trump believes what he said yesterday and the day before and six months ago and so on. >> maybe we're sort of listening but we're maybe overestimating the impact it has. let's talk about donald trump when it comes to immigration. that's what he's trying to focus on this week. one, he's taken on msnbc morning show hosts. he's also creating a bit of confusion about where his plan is. some folks walked out of the
10:26 am
meeting with him on saturday and thought maybe he's softening up this deportation language. >> it's always difficult to tell whether he's pivoting or whether he's saying things and not recognizing what the deeper meaning in that is. immigration is a great example of this. throughout the campaign he's been pretty consistent saying we want a wall. we want to send people back, et cetera, et cetera. over the course of his career he's not been consistent. this is something that ted cruz raised. in 2013 he tweeted as soon as congress is able to focus on strengthening the borders and stopping illegal immigration then they could consider amnesty. over the course of his career he's been remarkably inconsistent. it's one of the toughest thinks about donald trump is figuring out what he means when he says something. in this case it's completely unclear if he's pivoting or if he just says something
10:27 am
differently and doesn't actually mean to pivot. >> it does seem his add vvisorse trying to test the water to see how far they can go without alienating his base. i think it's unsettled how far they will go. going back to paul manafort, they talked about the position to further soften his position. he hasn't yet. >> his advisors would like him to pivot a little bit and try to reach out to a broader audience. the problem now is the same problem it's been all along which is donald trump doesn't want to pivot. >> impossible for him to whitewash immigration. this is how he came up. this is why he's won the primary.
10:28 am
if he were to go out today and say i'm not for the wall anymore. i'm not for kicking out the criminals and the rapist who he labeled in his announcement speech, he has enough problems with inconsistency. this is what is core to his base, core to his appeal. it's engrained in the electorate. >> you'll stick around with me. you have much more ahead. the fbi has revealed another twist in the controversy surrounding her e-mail server.
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colin powell says do not blame him. he's pushing back on reports stemming from the hillary clinton controversy. clinton said that powell suggested she use a private e-mail server. powell tells people magazine, her people are trying to pin it on me. she was using the private e-mail server for a year when i sent her a memo telling her what i did. let's bring back our panelist. first, this is not what the clinton campaign wants to be talking about, number one. i've always looked all along at the different things the past secretaries of state did and
10:34 am
i've not been able to find an example of someone doing exactly what hillary clinton did. there are differences, right? >> i think one of the reasons colin powell is annoyed by this is he, what he had was a private e-mail address that was held on a commercial server. she had a private server in the basement of her home. she did no business on any state department accounts. he also says that he warned her not to conduct any classified activities on this e-mail server and clearly that did not happen. >> let's flash back to the timing which is when colin powell was secretary of state compared to when hillary clinton was. these are light years of difference between how often people used e-mail and how essential it is and when hillary clinton were -- it's an essential tool at this point in
10:35 am
time. when colin powell was doing it, i think the fax machine was huge then. the bottom line is we're talking about this. it just keeps going and going for the clintons. >> the other problem is what was the screen on this. it was hillary clinton and her lawyers. they were the ones that determined what was going to be public and what was going to be with held. in the original explanation, she said this was me talking about yoga. now we're finding there's hundreds, maybe even more in this new 15,000 batch, that weren't about private yoga class and talking about chelsea and her baby. this is about high level stuff e-mailing about access for foreign dignitaries. >> the crown prince of behrain and what you pick up is asking through a clinton foundation
10:36 am
channel, asking for the crown prince who is very important to us, he says to have a meeting with hillary clinton after it appears the crown prince has gone through official channels and has come up empty on this. the meeting appear to be set up although guidance that we seem to be getting from people supporting hillary clinton is this was through official channels. it doesn't look like -- it just stinks a little bit. >> it does. that's exactly the problem for them. even if they can say convincingly that in the end there wasn't a conflict of interest. we did go through official channels. the perception that most voters are going to get from this is that people were working their connections to get access to clinton in the state department. that's the problem that we're also seeing now with the clinton foundation and what influence it might have played in the state department with hillary clinton now as a candidate for president. this is why hillary clinton has
10:37 am
decided that she would not continue to operate the clinton foundation if elected president because of the perception of a conflict of interest. >> they said all the e-mails were released and this brings that into question. i have to read a statement from bryan fallon. he said hillary clinton provided the state department with work related e-mails. we're not sure what i diadditio materials the justice department may have located. we support the documents being released publicly as well. >> how is that true? how is that statement true given what judicial watch has uncovered today? they have never been completely transparent about that. that statement is most likely untrue give whan n what is reve today. >> thank you so much. been so generous with your time today. coming up, hillary clinton and donald trump are on the attack on the air wave.
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we'll compare their messages, next.
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-we last week donald trump finally got on board with his campaign message. here is a little of the ads starting with donald trump's. >> in hillary clinton's america, the system stays rigged against americans. syrian refugees flood in. illegal immigrants convicted of committing crimes get to stay. collecting social security benefits, skipping be line. >> the times of kcrisis, americ depends on steady leadership. >> knock the crap out of him. >> clear thinking.
10:43 am
>> i know more about isis than the generals do. >> and calm judgment. >> you can tell them to go [ bleep ] themselves. >> i do have to say he didn't actually say the f word. the bleep makes it sound like he did. he just mouthed it. joining us is cnn media correspondent. here we me is cnn political director. you see those ads and i wonder, i guess i wonder what both you have think about this. if i'm a voter, i almost don't want to get out of bed in the morning. these are so dark. >> i want to thank the voters of florida and ohio and pennsylvania for putting up with this. most of us in the country aren't seeing these every single commercial break the way those in swing states are. we have the warn them, it's only going to get worse before better. >> we travel to battleground states. we live in washington, d.c. so
10:44 am
we're not getting bombarded. one of the big educational things for us is when we do go back to the hotel and we just watch to see these ads, and you really do get a sense of why people, how people are being bombarded. >> which is why it was so troubling for the trump campaign to be uncontested on the airways throughout this summer period. once the general election began, think about that. at home, at night, the families in ohio and florida were only getting one side. it's just now that the trump side is starting to engage and message back. if you're looking for a reagan-esque morning in america, hopeful message, thus far it's not coming. that will no doubt impact the mood of the electorate heading into the fall campaign stretch. >> whoever wins or loses here, david, do you imagine sort of people waking up on november 9th and whatever the result is, they're still this almost sort of dread? >> we've got a long way to go.
10:45 am
we'll see. if this is the tone and tenor to dominate through november 8th, i'm sure you'll find a lot of people who are turned off by it. before we think that means people don't show up to vote, we have to remember people love to bemoan negative advertising and it's proven effective. every time you say in a past, it's a clear warning you should know what you're talking about this cycle. i knowledge that. does television advertising have the impact it's had? >> are these going to work? >> this is the ultimate test. for political scientists, this year is a dream. we get this perfect study about whether television advertising has the effect in this digital media age that it always seems to have had in the past. people can buy ads on facebook and campaigns can buy ads on twitter. tv is still where it happens. because donald trump is so badly unmatched, this is quite an
10:46 am
experiment. it's almost as if donald trump has bought one house on the block but the clinton campaign has bought the entire neighborhood. that's the scale here of what we're talking about, $5 million spent by the trump campaign. already 70 million dollar spent by the clinton campaign with $80 million more in reservations. it's a grand experiment in how important tv advertising still is. >> if the election were today, david, we know what the outcome would be, but there's still a lot of time. if you get to november 9th, and donald trump has lost and people start monday morning quarterbacking about what the big issue is, is it, man, why didn't he get on ads sooner? is that something that will be there in the top few reasons. >> it will be one of the reasons. you're asking me a question to look forward. i think the larger question would be did donald trump do everything he could to broaden his appeal to the large swath of the american voting public or did he stick with the strategy that was more geared toward the
10:47 am
republican primary. that seems to be a central challenge. >> just on his message. >> yes. we're going to look, is he going to put real money at the levels? is he going to be with the 80 million that bryan is talking about or is he going to take the campaign strategy and advertise far less than his opponents did but he was still able to emerge victorious? does that kind of formula, just like the message formula, may not work for the general, so to may his television ad formula. >> could be rewriting the rules. thank you so much. coming up, president obama prepares to visit flood ravaged louisiana. details on when hillary clinton plans to visit and who she wants to talk to when she gets there. stay with us. month after month. year after year. then one night, you hydroplane into a ditch. yeah...
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>> i did not -- >> i do not send. >> i did not send classified material. >> not a single time. >> and i do not receive -- >> never. >> -- any material that was marked or designated classified? >> i never told anybody to lie. >> that's all i can say. >> these allegations are false. >> did you falsify the whole things? >> i don't know how it works digitally. about the fha-insured home equity conversion mortgage. if you're not familiar with this loan program, it was created by the federal housing administration so homeowners age 62 and older can get money from the equity in their home, and continue to own their home, with no monthly mortgage payments required. call now to find out if you qualify. you'll get a free mortgage review and a free information packet. many people use this loan to... make home improvements; plan for a better retirement; or gain more money to live on by eliminating their monthly mortgage payment. one reverse mortgage is a quicken loans company. our licensed experts will educate you on how
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president obama will visit louisiana tomorrow to see firsthand the catastrophic flooding that has wrecked the southern part of the states. moments ago, white house press secretary josh earnest talked about this disaster and the
10:52 am
president's response. >> i can tell you what the president has been focused on is the response on the ground and the people whose lives in louisiana have been turned upside down by this terrible flooding event. and the response that you've seen from the federal government has been effective and the president and the other members of his team that have operational responsibilities, is have been effective. >> hillary clinton has not visited yet but she released a statement saying in part "the best way to help people from louisiana affected by the floods is to make sure they have the resources they need today. i am committed to visiting communities affected by these floods at a time when the presence of a political campaign will not disrupt the response." all of this comes after donald trump's trip to louisiana on friday. trump and other republicans have criticized president obama for not cutting short his vacation in martha's vineyard to visit the state. we have cnn national correspondent polo sandoval joining us live from gonzalez, louisiana.
10:53 am
polo, give us a sense of what we can expect when the president arrives. >> well, we are told, brianna, that president obama will in fact tour these affected areas but when you talk to the people in these communities, they tell me they hope the commander in chief will at least get a good representation of what the situation looks like -- looking like. neighborhoods like this where people's belongings and building material is stacked high on their front lawns. you won't just find it here, brianna. if you look down the street you will see front yard after front yard where people's materials and belongings are now stacked high. this stuff is too damaged or destroyed so as a result they're simply waiting for this debris to get cleared out before the construction begins. you mention these numbers, too, at least 60,000 homines affecte many homes did not have insurance. some of these families -- if they had flood insurance, which is only a small percentage -- they are having to rebuild from the inside out. they're literally gutting the
10:54 am
inside of their home, furniture, appliances, sheetrock, you name it, then they have to turn these houses into homes again and that's something that will take a while even for the people who have insurance, replacing what was in the homes will likely be out of pocket unless they had insurance to cover that, brianna. >> it's staggering how few people have any sort of safety net to deal with the damage. i mean, we're seeing it behind you there, polo. i was talking to democratic senator mary landrieu who said it's important for people -- former senator, who said it's important for people to visit because it reminds people what's going on and they donate money. but you've been talking to a lot of people about what they need there. what are residents telling you as you get a sense of where they are with all of this. >> well, cleaning supplies is something they need. they need to go in the homes and spray down the studs that make up their walls.
10:55 am
brooms, clorox, things of that nature. we've seen strangers dropping off those kinds of things. then food and water is also something badly needed. one national guardsman last week told me the need for those things is just as great as what we saw during hurricane katrina over a year ago. so people are coming together, brianna, we have seen the worst that mother nature had to deal and now we are seeing the best from humanity. >> we do see some of the best which is is important. 106,000 households have registered with fema. it will be a long load ahead. polo sand valoval in gonzales, louisiana, thank you very much. i'll be back at 5:00
10:56 am
eastern, amanpour is next. for our viewers in north america, "newsroom" starts right after this. cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon... then quickly fell back to earth landing on the roof of a dutch colonial. luckily geico recently helped the residents with homeowners insurance. they were able to get the roof repaired like new. they later sold the cow because they had all become lactose intolerant. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance.
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you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. that you c thank you for being with me on this monday. we begin with what could become the biggest flip-flop for the white house. donald trump is pushing back on reports he may be softening his stance on immigration, a signature plank in his rise to the gop ticket. questions about donald trump's policy were raised after a weekend meeting with hispanic advisors to his campaign where trump reportedly said he wanted a "humane and efficient way" to deal with undocumented immigrants in this country. leading a lot of folks to wonder if he is perhaps backing down from his early ambitions. just a reminder to all of