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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  August 27, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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he has supporters like david duke. connected with the ku klux klan. >> do you want white supremacists to vote for you. >> no, i don't at all. >> ku klux klan values, donald trump values are not american values. >> whoever committed this brutal act, i pray for that person. >> rodney earl sanders charged with two counts of murder in connection with the deaths of two nuns. >> they lived their lives to try
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to make the world better for the people who have nothing. >> at least ten water rescues occurred overnight in kansas city. flash flood emergency was issued for the metro region. and i want to wish you a good morning. thank you for sharing your time with us. we always appreciate it. >> "cnn newsroom" begins right now. i want to share new pictures right now, this hour hillary clinton arriving moments ago -- but the fbi offices in white plains, new york. she's receiving her first set of classified intelligence briefings as the democratic candidate for president. trump received his first briefings ten days ago. in the meantime, republicans are firing back, the head of the republican national committee, is charging that the clinton campaign has quote, sunk to new
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lows after clinton's running mate, tim kaine linked donald trump to the values of a white supremacist group. >> donald trump is their candidate. because donald trump is pushing their values. ku klux klan values, david duke values, donald trump values are not american values. >> kaine holding a rally this hour, we'll monitor his speech and report any developments from there. diane gallagher joining us now. any indication how this tone on race is resonating? >> sort of depends on who you ask. both candidates are playing in it at the moment, you know, tim kaine, obviously embracing the kind of attack dog persona that many raining mates do. amplifying sort of the tactic that the clinton campaign has been embracing, since earlier this week when hillary clinton gave that speech saying that donald trump's campaign is built on prejudice. the rnc as you've said attacked immediately saying this was not
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okay. sean spicer, the spokesman, saying that democrats who don't denounce kaine's comments are complicit. the trump denying any thing with the kkk and the clinton campaign is doing this to distract donald trump called hillary clinton a bigot. not backing down there. this morning, republican senator joanie ernst who is hosting a motorcycle rally donald trump is going to speak at later this afternoon, she told "the washington post" that both clinton and trump need to tone it down. saying, quote, that both of them, i'd say, i need to take -- they need to take this into a civil discourse. i don't like it when campaigns go that direction. i say to both of them back down. you may remember that donald trump lost the iowa caucuses to
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ted cruz. polls show him right now running pretty close with hillary clinton. maybe a few points ahead. most of that within the margin of error. >> diane gallagher, we appreciate it, thank you. controversy swirling around donald trump's new campaign ceo. an old domestic violence charge against steve bannon has surfaced. it was 1996. it detailed an alleged fight between bannon and his then wife who said he abused her physically. chris frates has details. >> reporter: good morning, donald trump's advisors always seem to invite controversy. this time it's trump's new campaign chief who is in the headlines. trump's new campaign chief steve bannon is drawing democratic fire. >> the latest shakeup was designed to let trump be trump. to do that he hired stephen bannon. the head of a right wing website called
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as the campaign ceo. >> reporter: now the conservative news chief is drawing headlines of his own. bannon was charged with battery and domestic violence stemming from a 1996 incident involving his then wife. according to documents obtained by cnn, an argument over money allegedly got physical after bannon's then wife told them she wanted a divorce. the police officer wrote she appeared she was very upset and had been crying. her eyes were red and watery. she said oh, thank you you are here. the police reports went on to say that bannon pulled her by her wrist and pulled her down. the report said she fought back, got away from bannon and dialled 911. neither the trump campaign or a bannon spokesman returned comments. former campaign chairman paul manafort's lobbying ties to ukraine and russia and former manager cory lewandowski rough
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treatment of a reporter drew scrutiny. trump attorney michael cohen argued, of course, understand that by the very definition you can't rape your spouse. trump friend roger ailes left fox news the channel he founded following allegations of sexual harassment. >> i asked trump's campaign manager if this will affect the campaign. she gave me a definitive one were answer, no. in an interview she was asked if trump knew about the domestic violence case. i don't know what he was aware with with respect to a 20-year-old claim where the charges were dropped. it doesn't sound like bannon is going anywhere anytime soon. back to you my friends. >> chris, thanks so much. you can watch donald trump's running mate mike pence live on cnn tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. eastern. i want to give you a taste
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of what some of the folks in kansas city, missouri, are dealing with this morning. look at this water. flash flooding there in the city, the national weather service calling this an extremely dangerous and life-threatening situation. they're issuing an unprecedented flash flood emergency there. anyone who tried to drive through this, look at this, they watched their cars sink in the high waters, that's what the rescuers had to deal with as they were going through these cars with flash lights trying to look in and make sure nobody was stranded. they've been working around the clock to try to rescue people. >> i'm sure you've heard about this brutal crime out of mississippi. these nuns who were killed, authorities say they captured the man who killed those nuns in their home. also, an outbreak of heroin overdoses sickening and killing people in several states. we're going to look at the crisis that's unfolding in america's midwest and talk to
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bloating? pain? you may have ibs. ask your doctor if non-prescription ibgard is right for you. ibgard calms the angry gut. available at cvs, walgreens and rite aid. investigators in several states are dealing with an adepartmenti alarming out break of heroin overdoses. >> in the past few days dozens of people in indiana, kentucky, ohio, west virginia have overdosed and several have died. and according to more than 100 people have overdosed there in just the past week. police are afraid a batch of heroin laced with elephant tranquillizer could still be on the streets. rachel crane takes a look at the
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growing problem. >> terrified. it terrifies me. >> reporter: a recent spike in heroin overdoses, nearly 100 in the last week alone. have laurie fearing for her daughter's life. >> i would love to get high. i would. i'm a drug addict. >> reporter: april is 22 years old and been using heroin for the last six years. in those years she says she's lost a dozen friends. >> i had one of my friends die yesterday morning. she left four kids behind. >> reporter: officials suspect a batch of haeroin laced with elephant tranquillizers is to blame. april says that's not enough to scare away regular users. >> when you are addict today heroin, when you're using, you don't care about dying, you're just chasing the next high. and for a lot of people, hearing that there is a souped up strain
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of dope on the streets, that's actually appealing. >> yeah, definitely. absolutely. because you stop getting high. that's why they call it chasing it. you stop getting high. you're staying well, you're staying that sick. when you hear that somebody has overdosed or you hear about these crazy new drugs, you know, you're thinking, like, well, all right. it's about time. i'm trying to get high. that's all you've been trying to do. >> reporter: that means that with this new strain of heroin that's cut with elephant tranquillizer. >> i am very sure that there are heroin addicts who are actively looking for it and thinking the people that are dying are doing it wrong. they're doing too much. they're not -- you know what i mean? they're thinking they're going to find a way to get high and not die. or if they die, they don't really care. but they're definitely looking for it. i would be. >> my son is on drugs.
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and i think he's overdosing. i think he's overdosed. >> is he awake? >> no, he's awake but barely. >> he's not breathing. >> what's he oding on? >> heroin. i guess it's [ bleep ]. >> reporter: this firehouse in cincinnati responded to two dozen overdoses in a single day last week. more than ten times their daily average. and they don't know when the calls will stop coming in. april's mom is worried about a different type of call. >> you know, we hear an ambulance, and we always wonder if it's someone we know or for our child. and that's something that we live with every day. you know, we go to bed at night wondering if we're going to get that phone call. >> reporter: april and her mom know better than anyone how difficult the struggle withoidioid addiction is. >> i'll do any drug you put in front of me. it's definitely a struggle it's really hard. >> reporter: it's difficult
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because we can't like, love them out of it. you know? so we love them so much and it doesn't -- there's nothing that we can really do for them. >> reporter: april says getting sober is a daily struggle. in her eyes, not using heroin is progress. even if other drugs are taking its place. >> i wouldn't say i'm using. but i've used twice since i've been out and i've been out for a month. >> reporter: how has heroin changed your life? >> i'm 22. i just did 11 months incarcerated. i'm back on probation with more time on the shelf. when in reality, i mean, i probably should have been applying for med school this summer. that is what i wanted to do. that's where i should have been. >> reporter: rachel crane, cnn, cincinnati. >> let's talk to u.s. surgeon general to discuss all of this. thank you so much for being with
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us. >> of course, glad to be with you today. >> i know you wrote a letter to more than two million doctors this week asking them to join the movement turn the tide on opioid epidemic. was this in response to what you're seeing in ohio and the reaction was when you first heard about it. >> let me first say the recent wave of overdoses we've seen is heart breaking. al the opioid epidemic in america is one of the most urgent public health threats we're facing. i've seen this problem as a doctor, practicing medicine in boston, having cared for many patients dealing with opioid addiction. i've travelled across the country and met with families who tell me they got started in many cases on their road to addiction with a simple prescription for pain medications after an injury. i sent a letter to 2.3 million healthcare practitioners across america urging them to join the
7:17 am
national movement we are building to turn the time on the opioid crisis. by sharpening their prescribing practices, connecting people with treatment and helping change how our country sees addiction. >> you're asking for help from thedre doctors, what about the government, what about the problem with the prescription drug epidemic? >> all of us have a role to play in addressing this epidemic. we got here on a path that was paved with good intentions. 20 years ago doctors and nurses were urged to treat pain more aggressively. they weren't given much tools or training in how to do so safely. that cohincided with that. that's why in the letter i have
7:18 am
sent we're urging doctors are to change their practices. the department of health and human services in partnership with shapes have addressed funding, more treatment programs, expending the use of technology like prescription monitoring programs that can help doctors make safer decisions about prescribing for their patients. >> there's an article about a task force in seattle. as you talk about what to do i'm wandering what your thoughts are on this. there's a task force endorsing a strategy where they establish safe zones where addicts are permitted to take drugs without fear of arrest. they provide clean needles and syringes, they don't supply the drugs. but they're able to take drugs under the supervision of trained authorities. is that a plausible solution in your opinion? >> when we look at solutions, my opinion is we have to look at what science tells us works. what science tells us works is medication assisted treatment. a combination of using methadone
7:19 am
with counseling and with social services support. that is a strategy that has worked and been studied and one we need to support. right now we have over two million people who need treatment for opioid disorders. only a million can get treatment. that's why president obama has requested $1.1 billion extra to address the opioid epidemic. large portion of the funds would go towards treatment. that's why i'm hopeful when congress comes back they'll help provide funds because families all across the country desperately need access to more treatment. >> you know, i don't know if you caught on to this in that story right before this, but april said something that caught my ear. she said i'm a drug addict, it's what i do best. and i thought somebody told her that. i don't know if she believes that. but you do make the point of having to reshape the conversation and reframe how we
7:20 am
deal with addicts. how do we do that on a psychological level? because that's as much the problem, is it not? >> you bring up a very good point. while we have to expand access to treatment and sharpen prescribing practices, we also have to change how our country thinks about addiction. this is a tough thing to do. for many years, people thought about addiction as a moral failing. as a character flaw. it turns out that that's absolutely wrong. addiction is a chronic disease and one that we have to treat with the same urgency and compassion and skill that we would heart disease or diabetes. that stigma around addiction prevents people from coming forward and asking from help. it keeps communities from accepting treatment centers in their neighborhoods. the only way we'll change our perception of addictions is if all of us, moms and dads, teachers, and doctors change how we talk about addiction. if we come forward and share our stories more.
7:21 am
help people see recovery is possible as i've seen as i travelled across the country. we'll enable people to come forward and get help they need. >> doctor, we appreciate you being with us, so much. >> really glad to be with you, thank you so much. >> for more information on the surgeon general's call to end the opioid crisis, go to turn the tide tragic news out of chicago, the cousin of dwayne wade was shot and killed. she was pushing a stroller her baby inside near a school where she was registering her children. police say he was just walking down the street. just caught in crossfire. dua dwayne wade and his mother have spoken out against gun violence in chicago yesterday. >> i just sat on a panel yesterday, the undefeated talking about the violence that's going on within our city, chicago. never knowing that the next day we would be the ones that would
7:22 am
be actually living and experiencing it. >> the woman leaning on her shoulder there was nykea's mother. dwayne wade's aunt. aldridge was the mother of four children herself. the baby in the stroller was not hurt. investigators, let's turn to mississippi now, describing this heinous crime, the deaths, the murders of these two nuns. we now have details on the person that they have arrested. who they say is responsible. ...clear for take off. see ya! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full.
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an arrest in what mississippi authorities describe as a heinous crime, two nuns stabbed to death in their home. polo sandoval is following the story. a lot of people are wondering if they're giving any reason as to why they honed into this individual as a suspect. >> it was a great question. we just posed this to the mississippi investigators. they are tight lipped about the details of the suspect, rodney earl sanders, only say they had interviewed him at length yesterday and developed enough information to file charges late yesterday. >> margaret and i have worked together for many years. we just see patients and do what needs to be done. >> this is one of the poorest counties in all of mississippi. it rivals the bottom place in
7:27 am
sorts of statistics. >> reporter: catholic nuns and nurse practitioners were found stabbed to death in their home on thursday. police say there was evidence of a break in. a car that belonged to one of the victims was found on an abandoned road less than a mile from their home. this morning, 46-year-old rodney earl sanders is under arrest facing two counts of capital murder. police say he was identified early in the investigation as a person of interest. after what they call an exhaustive interview, he was charged. authorities have not revealed a motive in the killings or discussed any possible relationship between sanders and the nuns. but they do say, quote, this heinous crime has been solved. >> it's sad that people come to this whatever motivates them. i mean, you know, my aunt and sister margaret lived their lives to try to make the world better for the people who have nothing. >> reporter: those in the community who knew the two nuns described them as outgoing and compassionate.
7:28 am
always willing to lend a helping hand. >> everybody was the same in their eyes. you know, all you had to do was go to them, ask them for help and they helped you any way they can. that's why, you know, it really pained the community. >> reporter: the community said they are now coming to turns with the loss. we're told they're expected to have a memorial mass come monday. these are two catholic sisters, who did incredible work for a community that badly needed it. one of the poorest in the country. as for a motive, that's one of the big questions here. police are holding tight on actually considering this a robbery. they're still going over the evidence, still going over the statement of this individual, mr. sanders. >> all right. polo, thank you. appreciate it. polo sandoval for us there. when donald trump announced months ago that all illegal immigrants must go. the man who calls himself america's toughest sheriff stood by his side in arizona.
7:29 am
trump a lot of people are saying has muddied his reaction this week. we'll get sheriff joe's reaction to that next when we join him live. you see a keyboard that can just, get out of the way. and a screen you can touch. and even write on. when you see a computer that can do all that, it might just make you wonder... hey, what else can it do? ♪ let's go meet them soon. in person, we could read the room. on the phone, you're just a voice. yeah, i'm good. for fast rewards, let's book on choice. this trip could really help us grow. ♪ should i stay or should i go? ♪ when it's time to go for business, book on for instant rewards
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the presidential running mate, mike pence, and tim kaine are out on the road on campaign trail this hour. >> moments ago republican vice presidential candidate mike pence made a stop in richmond virginia. on the left-hand side of your screen a live picture on you as we're waiting for rally to get underway in florida where democratic vice presidential candidate tim kaine will hold a rally. we'll monitor these events and gi bring you developments as we see them. donald trump says he's going to announce his immigration plan in the next two weeks. this comes after he has been
7:33 am
sending mixed ideas. sheriff joe arpaio is here with us. we know you're one of trump's earliest supporters of his candidacy, and this hardline immigration stance he's publicly taken. what is your understanding of trump's immigration plan? >> first of all, let me just say one thing, the campaign never calls me and asks me to say certain things. so what i say is what i feel. and i'm not being pressured by donald trump or anyone else. let's get that right away on the table. >> okay. >> so i was with him for day one, i'm still with him. i believe his policies on immigration, illegal immigration, and it's very complicated. you know, i spent many, many years as a director in mexico city -- i go go on and on. i know where the u.s. border is.
7:34 am
i know the problems over there. al he's addressing those problems. he wants that wall, which is good. because we're being flooded with drugs and heroin coming across our border. not just the illegal immigration problems. so it's a very complicated when you talk about the, what, ten, 12 million people that are in this country according to statistics and what to do with them. >> what is so complicated it? he's talked about a wall. he has talked about -- let's listen to what he said to anderson cooper on thursday about the number of people that are coming across as you just mentioned. let's listen together here. >> 11 million who have not committed a crime -- >> we're going -- >> path to legalization, is that right? >> you know it's a process. you can't take 11 at one time and say boom you're gone. we have to find where these people are. nobody even knows if it's 11. there is no path to legalization unless they leave the country
7:35 am
and come back. >> all right. so he says there's no path to legalization unless you leave the country and come back. he says he wants to build a wall. what is so complicated about putting that in a concise policy? we know jeff sessions who is known as a border hawk is helping him craft this. are you surprised we haven't heard anything yet? maybe we're getting late in the game here? >> no. when i say complicated, we have to follow the law. he wants to follow the law. if the -- you arrest people and they're here illegally, deport them. when you have 10,000 people in my jail system turn over to i.c.e. and 39% come back to my jails. that i run. and 24 times people come back so you know they are not being deported. that's the top priority. get these people out of our country. now, those that are here --
7:36 am
>> when you say that, what do you say to his argument that he wants them to leave and then they can come back legally? how realistically logistical is that? >> well, why not? the federal government immigration homeland security is directed by the president. he can put the resources to that. when you come cross people here illegally, send them back to mexico, which is great. and let them come back legally. i think that's a good program. but you're not going to knock doors down, i'm sure he never said we're going to go knock doors down and drag everybody out. it's when you come in contact with these people. >> so if he came to you, let's say, and asked for your advice on tackling immigration, how would you advise him? >> well, thanks for asking. because the secretary of state is the most important official dealing in international
7:37 am
problems next to the president. how many times has hillary and president been to mexico city to put pressure to do something -- >> how would you advise him? you live in a state where this is a true problem. >> i would advise him by building that wall and getting tough with the mexican government and i'm not going to go back in history how we used to do it under nixon, and take away their foreign aid. hillary is saying the taxpayers are going to build a wall. take away their foreign money until that wall is built. the wall is important. you're not going to solve the problem 100%, but the wall is important. i'm more concerned about the drug traffic that's coming over from mexico destroying our young people. that's why big concern and the illegal immigration problem. >> all right.
7:38 am
sheriff joe arpaio there in arizona, are you going to be with him when he comes out on wednesday? >> i'm always with him. >> all right. sheriff joe, we appreciate you being here. thank you so much, sir. >> thank you. okay so now what's the view from a clinton supporter? we have with us cnn political commentenitator maria car dona who supports hillary clinton. we'll talk about what she just heard from sheriff arpaio right after the break.
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all right. welcome back. we just heard from sheriff joe arpaio of maricopa county in arizona. let's bring in hillary clinton supporter maria cardona. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> what you heard there from a staunch supporter of donald trump about his views on immigration. what do you think? >> well, i actually don't think much of joe arpaio. the man is a national disgrace. today "the washington post" had a scathing editorial about this man who has continually flouted the law. has been found in contempt of court repeatedly. and has now been referred for criminal prosecution to the department of justice because he refuses to stop racial profiling to keep his deputies from harassing latinos, who are u.s. citizens, by the way. simply because of the color of their skin and how they look and sound. and this is a man who is
7:43 am
advising a potential president on immigration law. i'm sorry, but it just does not ring true or credible or anything in terms of this man having anything to do with our nation's immigration laws. >> he talked about the nixon administration and hoping to punish mexico in ways other than specifically dealing with the immigration issue. do you think donald trump has said they're going to pay for the wall. that there is any realistic element there that we'll see in this plan that comes out and what i expect -- or the trump campaign says will be for two weeks? >> no, absolutely not. every time somebody like sheriff arpaio or donald trump talks about punishing mexico or making mexico pay for the big beautiful wall, you hear laughter coming out of the equivalent of the
7:44 am
white house in mexico. because these are not people who are putting forward rational thoughtful realistic proposals to deal with what is a significant problem in our country. that's why you have the majority of americans who support comprehensive immigration reform who understand that our national's immigration laws are broken but that we have to approach it in a way that is academic, that is factual, and that really focuses on solving the problem. and we have had a solution in front of us for years. it's something that president obama has pushed franked. it's something that president george h.w. bushed. this is something that hillary clinton supports and if we had had a sensible republican congress that would understand that this is the solution we would have gotten immigration reform today. >> let's talk about something
7:45 am
tim kaine said yesterday about donald trump that's getting a lot of attention. do we have it? we can play it and we can talk on the other side. we don't have the sound. let me read for you what he said. he was talking about donald trump. this is what he said. yesterday hillary clinton gave a speech in reno, nevada, calling out donald trump on a lot of things on this equity idea. or equality idea calling him out on the fact he has supporters like david duke connect would the ku klux klan going around saying donald trump is their candidate because donald trump is pushing their values, ku klux klan values, donald trump values are not american values. did tim kaine go too far there in invoking the kkk, invoking david duke? when donald trump himself has said he does not want the votes of white supremacists? >> absolutely not. this is something that donald trump and his campaign have brought on themselves. when it takes you three tries to denounce david duke after you
7:46 am
have lied and said you don't even know who david duke is. you bring it upon yourself for people to believe that you are giving a wink and nod to the white supremacist movement. that's not all. donald trump has repeatedly retweeted several influencers that are in the circle of the white supremacist and white nationalist movement on social media. his field directors are followers of white supremacists online. in his very first general election ad, he not only demonizes immigrants but uses statistics and figures from the center for immigration studies, which is run by a gentleman by the name of john taunten who is known to have ties to the white supremacist movement. there is nothing that tim kaine said that was not true. and it was great that hillary clinton made the speech connecting donald trump to these
7:47 am
racially divisive movements. because it is something that the american people have to understand. and by the way they already believe it. 2/3 of americans repeatedly in poll after poll believe that donald trump is racially -- is racist and is racially bigoted. >> we saw those stats come out the quinnipiac poll. the way that donald trump speaks appeals to bigotry. we'll see how this continues over the next couple of days, maria cardona, thanks so much. >> thank you, great to be with you. >> like wise. live pictures, mike pence will be live on state of the union tomorrow 9:00 a.m. eastern here on cnn. it is a price hike fire storm. epipen maker mylan taking steps
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>> a little bit tempermental at times. do you have that might fit that type of customer? >> does the customer have four leg? >> yes. >> i think we might have what you need. >> is this firm enough for you? yes? how do you like the bed? do you feel like you could get used to this? why does a dog need a mattress? >> it's funny. since the day we launched the casper bed the most popular media posts are four legged friends jumping on the bed and testing it out. we thought we would make one for them. we studied what dogs needed to get a good night's sleep and what the perfect design would be for a dog mattress and introducing the casper dog mattress. >> casper, the perfect mattress for everyone. >> what if my dog is not that into it? >> we offer 100 night trial on the casper dog mattress. >> even if it's been used and abused. >> used and abused, absolutely. >> this is like, a marketing
7:53 am
ploy to get people to buy human mattresses? >> not at all. look at the design and care that went into the mattresses. we went through tons of iterations and we're proud of this product. >> i'm not like, super excited to go out and buy a mattress. it's not the top thing that's going to happen in my day. how have you been able to make mattresses cool again? >> it's a good question. i think we were so different than anything out there. that it resonated with people. we heard that before we launched no one liked buying a mattress we thought we could make it a fun experience. >> you've included all humans, but you're missing, like a potential customer with the mattress for pets. >> who are you thinking about? >> cats. obviously. >> we'll see what the future holds. >> it's gotten a lot of people riled up spiking drug prices. epipen maker mylan says it will offer discounts to some people to reduce the cost.
7:54 am
right now a two pack of epipens will set you back $600. that's up more than $500 since 2009. we're live in washington this morning with the latest. as i understand it these last -- they're good for a year, so this is an annual purchase you have to make. >> it's an annual purchase and mylan is doing damage control. they're offering an instant coupon for $300 for any patient whose have to pay full price if they don't have good health insurance coverage. they're going to expand their financial assistance program so families of four that make about $97,000 or less can apply to receive that standard two pack for free. but that has not stopped patients and consumer advocates for slamming the country for what they call price gouging. the ceo is on the defense. she said don't blame me, blame the broken system. here's what she told cnbc. >> the reality is in the brand
7:55 am
pharmaceutical market, this isn't a epipen issue, this is a healthcare issue. pharmaceuticals, the irony is that the system incentivizes higher prices. >> now, those comments came after senators slammed the country and called for hearings into the price hikes. one of the senators embroiled is brush's own father, joe manchin. the most blistering reaction came from senator blumenthal who said in a statement, this step seems like a pr fix. more than a real remedy. masking an exorbitant price hike. it should be followed by action. >> thank you. and thank you so much for sharing your time with us. we always appreciate it. >> news continues with fredricka whitfield after a quick break.
7:56 am
but first, we want you to meet this week's cnn hero, a 33-year-old woman who left a career in the u.s. to provide free medical care in kenya. we have about six villages that have absolutely zero access to healthcare. when an individual is in a remote area and has an absolute emergency, it's considered a matter of destiny. i feel like there's no purpose if you don't challenge your comfort zone. and do something that's a little bit bigger than who you are. ♪
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hello, everyone, it's 11:00 on the east coast. i'm fredricka whitfield. newsroom starts right now. and the insults continue to fly on the campaign trail after a week of democrats and republicans hurling claims of bigotry and racism at each other. tim kaine assuming the role of attack dog at a rally in tallahassee, florida, earlier, speaking at


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