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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  August 30, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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happen? would that be history making? >> it depends on how much backlash he continues to face for making these kinds of comments. if he feels like the pressure is too much and he feels like he's not in a productive role here, maybe he decides to leave early. >> unusual news coming out of maine. thanks for joining me today. at this hour with berman and baldwin starts now. zblunchts zblanchts. >> this is cnn breaking news. hello everyone, i'm john berman. kate bolduan is off today. we begin with breaking news in the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. we could be about to learn a whole lech of a lot more about this investigation. the fbi now plans to publicly release the report it sent to the justice department recommending no charges against secretary clinton, and also the notes that agents took during
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their interview with the secretary. cnn justice correspondent evan perez broke this story. he joins us with the details. evan, what are we going to see? >> we'll see what the fbi found in its investigation in a lot more detail than what we heard from jim comey, the fbi director. as you recall, he made the extraordinary press conference last month in which he said he was recommend oing to the justice department that no charges be brought against hillary clinton. this report is about 30 pages long, submitted to the justice department who accepted the recommendation. we'll see the 302s, which is the fbi agents' notes of hillary clinton's interview with the fbi which happened right before the fbi made that recommendation last month. these we expect both to be released as soon as troechlt what will not be release right-hand the 302s or interviews, notes from the
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interviews with some of hillary clinton's aides as well as the investigative material that's already been sent over to congress. again, this is just a reminder of the fact that this investigation is over as far as the fbi is concerned. it doesn't mean that hillary clinton will be able to put this all behind her, between now and election day, john. >> i'm sure her answers will be analyzed and also the questions and the notes of the fbi itself in this investigation. there are those in congress who have criticized the fbi. this will be fascinating tomorrow. evan perez, thanks so much for this news. i should say we have the clinton campaign here. they will come on the next block of this show to respond to this information. in the meantime, now to an event so big, it makes the super bowl seem like pop warner, the stakes higher than a grateful dead concert on mount everest. with the pregame spin so ferocious it makes a pit bull seem like my little pony, the first hillary clinton-donald trump face-off, less than one month away. we have brand new details about what's going on behind the
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scenes to get ready or perhaps i should say what the campaigns want us to think is going on behind the scenes to get ready. the trump campaign is said to be a free wheeling debate, chats over burgers. for clinton, they say a surgical thought process, forensic-style analysis of trump's earlier debate performances. here to discuss the details, patrick healey, cnn political analyst and "new york times" correspondent, great details in a new article in "the times." lanhee chen, cnn political commentator and mitt romney's former public policy director who has done more debate prep than anyone watching this show. and jeff zeleny, senior cnn political correspondent, who has more on how team clinton is preparing. thanks for being with us. jeff zeleny, first to you, the clinton team out in long island,
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hillary clinton's got briefing books. what's this plan to get ready for september 26th? >> part of the plan is she's watching a lot of trump tv. we know she likes to watch some series and dramas, "house of cards." i'm told her schedule includes watching some of donald trump's debate performances from earlier in the primary season. she was busy during that time and didn't catch the many hours of that programming. that's one thing. she's also reading a lot of information about him. she's done so many debates, i believe nearly two dozen or so in 2008. six during this primary period. all that aside, this is a different moment. she's never been in this moment before, in a general election debate. she is approaching it in a different way. last night at a fundraiser in the hamptons, shfs soliciting advice from donors in the room, past of that is to make them feel part of the process. but also, she said something
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interesting. she said i know most of the country, a lot of the viewers have not been watching all this back-and-forth. i need to define donald trump. that is what she is intent on doing is, a, getting under his skin, and b, not letting him shape shift at all, keeping him frozen in time from some of those positions. >> patrick healey, your article included des tails on tim clinton, saying she's consulting with psychologists to get a feel for his makeup. you also got remarkable detail from donald trump himself. what's he doing or not doing? >> right. john, it's so striking. the contrast could not be greater. donald trump basically told me i know how to handle hillary. i don't want to overprepare. you can sound scripty and fon any. he's so confident that he won all 11 debates that he participated in during the primary season. if his campaign tries to change
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him or insert prepared lines in his head or do these mock debates with some faux hillary, lit throw him off. he has his own certitude. the clinton campaign is casting this net going all the way back to the 1980s, i spoke to donald trump's ghost writer on "the art of the deal," the clinton campaign has reached out to this guy to talk about the 18 months that he spent with donald trump in the mid '80s, going all the way back then, looking for the insecurities that donald trump has that you can get under his skin, john. they've been particularly fascinated by three things. one is donald trump's net worth. second is his sort of image as a businessman, as a successful businessman, and the third is his own intelligence. to jeff zeleny's point, looking at those debates where particularly ted cruz really started unnerving trump and figuring out the ways that
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hillary could do that. >> the other thing in patrick's reporting that's remarkable is the trump campaign hinting maybe he won't do mock debates. he's not sure if he wants to stand up behind a lectern and do that, not sure if he needs it, a good segue to lanhee chen right now. first of all, mock debates, what can they do? >> they're not always as useful as people think. i think in the conventional wisdom, these are the things that get a lot of attention. who is going to play hillary clinton, who is going to play donald trump? at the end of the day both these candidates have to go back to basics. for donald trump, the basic thing is he's got things he has to get done. he has to demonstrate temperament, he's got to be able to prosecute the case against hillary clinton. on the flip side, for hillary clinton it's important for her to be able to demonstrate that she can be trustworthy, less of an edge that people might think, she does have a plan. she is qualified for the job.
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they've got to focus on that much more than who is going to play hillary and who is going to play trump. the mock debates are fun. we had mark portman playing barack obama, he did a terrific job. >> he was wonderful. >> sometimes we pay too much attention to that instead of what we should be talking about which is the substance of the prep. >> jeff zeleny and patrick healey, some of the great reporters in the world today. i'm always skeptical when campaigns tell reporters what they're doing and not doing. they're spinning us. for instance, i don't think i believe donald trump is not doing mock debates. i'm not sure the three things where clinton will hit trump are are the three things they told us. >> this is a tale as old as time. campaigns love to spin reporters saying, gosh, he didn't look so good in prep today. in the case of trump, he is such an unconventional candidate, it
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wouldn't surprise if if they didn't do mock debates. that's par for the course. >> this general election debate is going to be different. he needs to be prepared for a much different setting. >> totally. jeff, you alluded to this. the difference between a primary debate and a general election debate is ions. in a primary debate, you have 11, 12, 15 people on stage. you're thinking about one-liners. this is going to be 90 minutes, one-on-one -- maybe g f gary johnson gets it, maybe three. >> all right, guys. >> kellyanne conway in terms of campaign manager wants him to do mock debates. they may still happen. >> we shall see. i bet it does. thanks, guys. appreciate it. meantime, in arizona and florida, kind of like a little slice of november in august. voting is under way in both states right now. senators john mccain and marco
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rubio are trying to fend off primary challengers. even though donald trump not on the ballot today, his presence being felt. cnn's manu raju in orlando with more on what's at stake there today. manu? >> reporter: marco rubio facing a primary challenge from the one man who did not get out of the senate race here even as other candidates did step aside when marco rubio decided to run for election. that man, carlos beruff has spent $5 million on tv to try to promote himself and align himself with donald trump. what we're seeing is mr. beruff doesn't have the level of support according to the polls to beat marco rubio. expect him to win today. but marco rubio does have to contend with the forces of donald trump in november. he has to win over those donald trump supporters as well owes those disaffected by donald trump. take a listen to what he had to seyed about the thorny issue of immigration and how donald trump
8:11 am
should handle it going forward. >> do you hope he reverses his position to deport the 11 million undocumented i'm glants. >> i have consistently said that's not a realistic approach. >> is it realistic to build a wall on the border -- >> you don't need a wall across the entire border, but key sectors, absolutely you need a wall. >> mexico is going to pay for it? >> mexico is not going to pay for it. i've already said that. >> should donald trump soften his rhetoric? >> again, i'm more focused on the democrats' rhetoric on this issue. >> reporter: throughout that interview, john, marco rubio trying to focus on hillary clinton, tieing hillary clinton to his likely democratic challenger patrick murphy who has his own primary challenge against a progressive alan grayson. marco rubio not wanting to walk back criticism against donald trump from the presidential primary but not wanting to pile
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on, really emblematic of the fine line he has to draw here, walk as we go forward. remember trump won this state by 20 points in that march primary. >> it will be a fascinating dance between now and november 8th. man now raju, thank you. a bit of a roadblock for donald trump's outreach to minority voters. the pastor who introduces trump at his rallies is apologizing for tweeting out a picture of hillary clinton in black face and he's also in hot water for another treat. plus, more on the breaking news on the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. the fbi will release its report to the public explaining why they did not pursue charges. the clinton campaign responds live.
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we have breaking news in the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. the fbi now plans to publicly release the report it sent to the justice department recommending no charges against secretary clinton. the agency will release notes it took with the interview it took with the secretary. this could happen as early as tomorrow. we expect this very soon. we have a chance to get reaction, the first reaction from the clinton campaign.
8:17 am
hillary clinton's deputy communications director, christina shocky. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> new information coming out tomorrow, the report the fbi sent to the justice department and also notes from the interview. your reaction? >> we are having pleavery pleas being made public. when they made the unprecedented step that the notes be released from the fbi, she said if that's going to happen, let's make it transparent and open for the public. this is something we wanted to have happen and we're glad it's going to. >> is another day talking about the e-mails really a good day for the clinton campaign? >> let's look at the big picture. she called for this to happen. we understand if they were going to go to republicans in congress, we're very unhappy that there was no basis to move this forward, there would be selective leaks and keep this in the news. she said if it was going to be released to congress, make it public. she said right here on cnn in an
8:18 am
interview with anderson cooper, she has apologized. she understands she shouldn't have set up her e-mail this way and she's tried to be as transparent as she can. >> after we see them, come back -- >> i want to say one other thing about this. this is really a stark contrast to donald trump. hillary asked all these e-mails be made public, released her taxes since 1977. we don't even have the basics of transparency from donald trump. he's not released his taxes. as a result we don't know anything about his business dealings. from investigative reporting from "the new york times" this weekend we learned he's hundreds of millions in debt to the bank of china. this is problematic. he's not disclosing this information. >> we have asked them and will ask them about that. we have the trump campaign coming on in the next block. the clinton foundation has been the focus of transparency issues
8:19 am
for years. right now hillary clinton and bill clinton have recently said if she's elected president, there will be some separations between clinton and the foundation. "the new york times," no conservative bastian, put out an editorial and said why wait. wiser course would be to ban contributions from foreign and corporate entities now. if mrs. clinton winds, bill and chelsea should end both end their operational involvement in the foundation and its affiliates for the duration of her presidency. if there is even the appearance of conflict as she said years ago, wife wait? >> you also saw in that editorial, they talked about the lifesaving work that the foundation has done all over the world. hillary is so incredibly proud of that. as she said here in the interview on cnn, it's going to take late time for them to find the right partners and transfer the work. it's important for the life
8:20 am
saiching work continues. they'll find the right way to do that. >> the "wall street journal" said chelsea clinton is considering staying on the board. >> they're in the process of figuring this out. if hillary has the privilege of serving as the president of the united states -- they're figuring the best way to do this. when she was secretary of state, she went above and beyond. the ethical standards of transparency. >> she says she went above and beyond the ethical standard. at the time when she was being confirmed, she said she wanted to avoid the appearance of conflict. >> she worked really hard and the state department said clearly never any of her work influenced by the clinton foundation. she understands if she's president of the united states, she'll work even harder. what's really important here is the foundation has done incredible work all over the world and right here in united states and that work needs to continue and they'll make sure it's done in the appropriate
8:21 am
news. >> i wathe nfgs /* /- huma abed seb rating from anthony weiner. donald trump said i worry for the country in hillary clinton was careless and negligence in allowing weiner to have such close proximity to such classified information, jut another example of hillary clinton's bad judgment. >> i have to say huma is a lovely woman and mother. she has asked for privacy during this very sad and painful time for her and her family, and we're going to respect that. i think what we saw with donald trump yesterday is just another indication of his poor character. there's just no low he won't go to. this is a ridiculous allegation. sad he would use this information to be so hurtful. >> christina shaq shocky, thanks for coming. you should join us on labor day to hear the personal stories of both candidates beginning at 8:00 p.m. with "unfinished business, the essential hillary
8:22 am
clinton." and then at 10:00 with "all business, the essential donald trump." we have a lot of business to do. this is only on cnn. a pastor who supports and works closely with donald trump now apologizing for tweeting out a picture of hillary clinton in black face. he's also facing new questions about another tweet. plus some high profile trump supporters are telling their guy to stop talking about the anthony weiner mess. we will discuss ahead.
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still more breaking news in the world of politics. reports that maine's controversial governor paul lepage is now apologizing and thinking about stepping down. why? well, it comes after he left a profanity filled voice mail for a state lawmaker. cnn's mj lee joins us. >> interesting development out of maine. paul lepage saying he may not finish his term as governor and apologizing in a local radio interview for leaving a voice mail failed with lots of curse words. let's listen to a little of what he said. >> i just apologize to the maine people, to the family and most of all to my family, and we will take action.
8:28 am
>> now apology was given to a local state representative who was very critical of some recent comments that lepage made about african-americans in the state of maine. he said recently 95% of drug dealers arrested in maine are black and hispanic people. lepage saying in the radio interview that when i was called a racist, i just lost it and there was no excuse. this is interesting in the 2016 election as well, lepage is a trump supporter and he has campaigned with donald trump in his state as trump has campaigned for the one electoral vote in that state. we'll see if the trump campaign releases an official statement and reaction. john? >> all right. m.j. lee, thanks so much. just part of the breaking news today. i'll bring back our panel now, lanhee chen is back, cnn political reporter maria cardona, andre bower, donald
8:29 am
trump supporter and molly ball political reporter at "the atlantic." let me start with the governor lepage story. you live in south carolina, a state with a little political redemption. paul lepage is an outspoken guy. i haven't heard him apologize for much before. now weighing, musing that he might actually quit. what do you make of that? >> when i was lieutenant governor, this came before the governor i had in front of me. he made a mistake, too. the people of south carolina were very forgiving. i suspect the people of maine will be forgiving, too. if there's a pattern, i understand somebody stepping down. but for somebody to stub their toe, probably not worthy of stepping down. >> he says a lot of stuff that's controversial. does that corporation tut pattern, andre? >> the people of maine will have
8:30 am
to make the decision. i'm not a voter of maine, so i really don't have any input on it. >> if you ever see bull durham, he used words that will get you thrown out of a game. other issues breaking just now. we got word a short time ago that the fbi is going to turn over the report it gave to the justice department recommending no charges against hillary clinton for her e-mail situation. in addition to the notes that fbi agents took during their interview. molly ball, you're a reporter. i suspect you feel like i dorks i have a keen interest in seeing those notes and exactly what was said between the fbi and hillary clinton. >> absolutely. i'm going to be very interested to see what they say. you had someone from the clinton campaign on earlier saying we wanted this, it's going to vindicate us, et cetera, et cetera. that may be true. there's no question that the clinton campaign would prefer this issue is not continually in
8:31 am
the news. the fact we continue to get more information about this, which of course we want, we want more transparency, more information. in political terms, the clinton campaign would like the entire next two months to be a referendum on donald trump. the more this issue surfaces and the more information we get about it, the more it underscores the problems for her with this e-mail situation. >> i think that's exactly right. i take them at their word, that they want this out there. every reason to believe that the clinton campaign doesn't want just republican members of congress to have this. if they're going to have it, they want the public to have it, too. lonnie, to molly's point, i guarantee you we'll be talking about them tomorrow when the report comes out, it's a day we're not talking about other things with donald trump. >> that's true. the candidate's approach which is nothing to see here, i don't think that's sustainable. going into the first debate in a few weeks, they'll have to figure out strategically how can she appear to come clean with the american people while not compromising the things she said
8:32 am
previously. that's going to be a very difficult task. >> her answer to anderson the other night, people are looking at that and saying, gosh, if she's been say that with so much of an abject apology all along, maybe we wouldn't be where we are right now. >> the problem is, you look back to all the times when she said she didn't disseminate classified information or the various times she said all these different things, i think those will come back to haunt her. i agree with you, i think the tone is right. she has said so many things, she's got to remember that that tone, that apologetic tone is something she should carry into that debate. >> maria? >> i think you're right. she will continue to focus on the apology, what she should have been focused on all along. she has apologized repeatedly. i think the fact that the hillary clinton campaign called for these notes to be out there for the public so republicans aren't the ones who are initiating the selective leaks, trying to make it look nefarious when it's not is good. obviously they would rather not
8:33 am
be talking about this and would be focusing on trump. but i also think it gives them the opportunity the way kristina schake did brilliantly with you, to also contrast it with the lack of transparency we're seeing from the trump campaign. we know everything about hillary now. now we'll even know what she said to the fbi. one of the things we'll see which has not been talked about, this decision from comey's team was made unanimously, all his investigators, all his operators, all the people who looked at this, all the analysts -- >> we don't know, we'll have to wait to see what we see and we'll go over it. >> that's exactly right. the end of the day, the contrast with the complete lack of transparency, we don't know what business dealings donald trump has because he hasn't let us see his taxes i think is a good one. >> we're all for transparency. i think both candidates could have a little bit more. there's a lot we would like.
8:34 am
i'm going to change subjects, an important thing i want to get to. race in this campaign. the discussion about race i think to some extent is unexpected. the players are somewhat unexpected. pastor mark burns, a big supporter of donald trump put out a tweet of hillary clinton in black face saying she was pandering to get minority votes. he has apologized. he's actually apologized fairly profusely for this tweet, but says he stands by the substance of it, that democrats have failed minority voters. andre, is this muddling the message that donald trump wants to give these next few days in advance of his race speech, prominent support for donald trump, having to apologize on along the way for racial insensitivity. >> absolutely. any time you avert the discussion, it muddy it is water. clearly the message is still there. donald trump didn't put this out, but a surrogate did.
8:35 am
it diverts the conversation which is never healthy. there's plenty out there to talk about, when you just finished up with hillary, i think about her being on the talk show the night before saying these were dull, boring e-mails. that is again a lie to the american public. the next day she says something totally different to anderson cooper. i was on the panel when she said that. again, you don't use bleach bits to wipe out information when it's just yoga. this is concerning and misleading the american people. >> andre, i am impressed to turn the question about race into the question about hillary clinton's e-mails. >> i answered it. >> i want to keep this focus on race. molly ball here, it is surprising to me molly, the extent to which we're talking about this and the extent to which the trump campaign continues to talk about it despite the roadblocks with pastor burns. donald trump is going to be speaking about this on saturday. who do you think wins when there's a continued discussion about race in this campaign? >> well, on the one hand, if you
8:36 am
see some of these polls where donald trump is at zero or 1% of the african-american vote, there's literally nowhere to go by up. it's possible by just opening the conversation and saying he wants minority votes he could attract a few people. as you pointed out, pastor burns didn't apologize for the substance of his comments. the substance of his comments are the same as the message that donald trump has been saying, in his speeches and outreach to minority voters when he's saying that hillary clinton is bigoted and the policies she advocated intentionally' miss rated minority communities. that's message to get across to say the democrats they have overwhelmingly supported have intentionally made their lives miserab miserable. i think the kinds of people drum has surrounded himself with make it difficult for him to go into those communities and start to win people over. >> all right, guys. thanks so much for being here and rolling with the breaking
8:37 am
news which keeps on coming. we'll check back in when something new happens in the next two minutes. in the meantime, donald trump promises a major speech on immigration, but his campaign is still having a hard time explaining exactly what his position is. will we get any clarity tomorrow? we'll ask one of his advisers next. a true traveler's journey doesn't end at the horizon. so it most certainly doesn't end... at gate c-47. with travelocity, get help through social media 24/7. travelocity® wander wisely™
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no... they feel good? you wouldn't put up with part of a pair of glasses. so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with part of a day? these are not useful. live whole. not part. aleve. kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. and donald trump surrogate is responding to heavy criticism after he tweeted two images intending to show hillary clinton in black face. pastor mark burns deleted and issued an apology for a cartoon, not apologizing for the substance of it. steve cortez, a donald trump surrogate and member of the national hispanic advisory
8:42 am
council. thanks so much for being with us. this latest episode, a donald trump surrogate tweeting out pictures of hillary clinton on black face on top of the episode with judge curiel, on top of his distancing himself from the kkk earlier in the campaign. without relitigating each separate one, how much work does donald trump need to do to heal his relationship with minority communities? >> well, look, john, i'll be the first to concede that we have a lot of work to do, republicans in general. this isn't just donald trump. for decades we've done terribly and i think it's a disgrace that the party of lincoln has not earned larger support from the african-american community and hispanics. the pastor has apologized and quite profusely so, and he should. black face is a crick couture and it's divisive. i will also say i think hillary clinton should apologize for her disgraceful ku klux klan
8:43 am
commercials where she tries to equate trump supporters with a couple of hateful bigots somewhere. as a hispanic and catholic, i find that deeply offensive. i would say to pastor burns and to hillary clinton, let's get out of the mud pit. let's start talking about policies, stop the race baiting and get to what can actually advance our agenda of growth forward for all americans and especially for people of color who have not done well in this economic recovery. >> david duke is supporting donald trump. donald trump has renounced david duke and denounced robo calls where he tried to tie himself to donald trump. no denying that david duke is tieing himself to donald trump. >> david duke can do whatever he wants. he's an idiot, a hateful bigot. he endorsed us. we did not endorse him. i'm sure we can go out and find pretty embarrassing people that support hillary clinton, but that wouldn't be fair. she doesn't pick who supports her. the point is, there are millions an millions of americans who do
8:44 am
support donald trump. i think there will be millions enough to win the election come november and, by the way, we're not sticking the the traditional republican model. as a campaign, we're being intentional and aggressive about trying to reach out to hispanics and african-americans saying we understand some of the problems that face your community, and give us a chance. what you've tried for decades with the democratic party, those policies have not worked for you. give us a chance to use our policies that make your lives better, make you more prosperous and safe in your communities. >> let's talk about policy, because we're about 24 hours now from donald trump giving a big speech on immigration. i'm wondering if you know exactly what donald trump's policy is when it comes to the 11 million undocumented immigrants now in this country. >> john, i think you'll understand that, if i do know things that are not already in the public realm, i certainly can't tip my hand right now or i won't be on team trump very much larger. what i would say is this, though, donald trump has been
8:45 am
remarkably consistent. he's being accused of waffling. he's been consistent on a couple major points all along. one is that the border must be secured. we are going to build a wall, that's non-negotiable. >> yes, he has said that. >> the second thing that is non-negotiable, whatever he does decide regarding illegal immigrants, there will be no path to citizenship. we cannot reward corruptivity with united states citizenship. >> steve, you know those are two big issues. there are other huge issues. in fact, the thorniest issue, what to do with the 11 million undocumented immigrants who are in this country, not citizenship, but should they get legal status? if you're not going to formalize legal status, are you going to work to remove them? up until two weeks ago, donald trump said i'm going to get them out, by a deportation force if necessary. but now he's not clear, is he? >> not yet. he will be tomorrow night. listen, i think shehe's shown r
8:46 am
leadership. he's saying i reconsidered my position or am at least reconsidering it, will come out with a formal, extensive detailed proposal for what he will do as president. i'm speaking personally, not on behalf of the campaign, my advice to mr. trump is while we probably need to deport a lot of people. there are dangerous folks who are here, folks who just got here illegally, they ought to go and should go quickly. there are also many people who have been here for decades and have not been criminals, haven't been a drain on our system, have families, have jobs. in my opinion there should be a process by which they can stay. by the way, it will be an onerous process. it won't just be, okay, you stay. it will be vetting, background checks, penalties, back taxes, perhaps a touchback. i'm not divulging what the plan will be. we will find out tomorrow night. >> if he does agree with you, that would be a huge change, one more thing for us to wait and see tomorrow. i hope you come back, steve
8:47 am
cortes and talk to us again after that speech. i think it will be an interesting discussion. appreciate it. >> will do. voters heading to the polls right now. big primary battles under way right now. john mccain facing a test in arizona. his challenger putting on a tough campaign, calling him weak and too old for another term. hmmmmm... [ "dreams" by beck ] hmmmmm... the turbocharged dream machine. the volkswagen golf gti. named one of car and driver's 10best, 10 years in a row.
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. >> voting under way right now in self major primary races in florida, where senator rubio and debbie wasserman schultz are batting to retain their support. in arizona, john mccain fighting six time challenger kelly ward, walking a fine line in uneasy alliance or uneasy peace or no comment with donald trump. joining me now from phoenix is the national political reporter for the arizona requested republican." few want, i want to look forward, john mccain i think will prevail in the primary t. question is, what's next for him before the general election? he has a tough race against anne kirkpatrick. a lot of people think john
8:52 am
mccain was not willing to pull back his endorsem of donald trump, until today might feel differently over the next self weeks. >> right. i think pittsburgh cane really wanted to avoid kind of kicking the hornet's nest of the trump supporters while he tries to get through a republican primary here in arizona. i will see you 3u9ing more distance between himself and trump. i don't want if kain can denounce trump and cake back his endorsem, maybe if trump says something really outrageous or more so than mccain would consider that. right now, like he mentioned, he's an uneasy piece. i think probably in the interest of the pittsburgh cane to keep it that way as far as he can. he definitely is when he can and where he can on issues of foreign policy, he is delineateing himself and trump.
8:53 am
>> of course, that could be, arizona could be a tighter general election race than beseen before. dan, stand by, we will go to florida, where senator rubio is in a campaign an faces a tough general election battle. the bureau chief joins us right now. again, marco rubio leading in the primary polls, up with of the big questions is how did parco rubio deal with trump? he las endorsed donald trump, a man in the primary the presidential primary he called a con artist. we saw an interview, marco rub quo doesn't look comfortable talking about donald trump, exactly. >> reporter: no, you are right. it's very clear that marco rubio is reluctantly endorsed donald trump. i think it will be interesting to see how he mansion things after elections. does he distance himself more? i think like in arizona, it is very likely to be dependent on what donald trump says in the
8:54 am
coming weeks. i think what his immigration speech that's expected this weekend will be an important indicator. if he embraces some of the principles that marco rubio kited he is supportive of, that might be kind of a bridge that will help in a bit of an olive branch. >> debbie wasserman zmults, former head of the dnc. bernie sanders endorsed her opoint bernie sanders didn't go campaign, did he? >> no, it is very clear that bernie sanders know tim kenova embraced bernie sanders and really got most of his support and unusual support from bernie sander's supporters. but debbie wasserman schultz has never face faced a prime air challenger before. this is her first challenger. he has been enormously
8:55 am
successful. but it doesn't look as though according to polls he is going to be able push it that far. i think bernie sanders second fiezed that. >> bernie sanders perhaps fought wanting to weigh if unless he can get a victory there. arizona voting in the primary, florida voting as well, john mccain faces a tough general election against congress woman anne kirkpatrick and marco rubio faces perhaps a tough general election. we will stay tuned and watch those races coming up. in the meantime, the star quarterback of the 49ers, he may mot be the only player refusing to stand during national anthem, hear why the rookie that wants to join him just back offend this idea to protest a. lot more coming up. is that i with us.
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>> hello, everyone, i'm ashley ban feel, there are less than ten weeks to influence friends and voters and a little more than one day for donald trump to do ba we are awaiting for, a long awaited immigration plan. donald trump's address comes tomorrow night in phoenix, arizona, another day we could see more on the hillary clinton e-mail saga. because the fbi toll us something, they are expecting to make more of tear investigation public for you to view and read and parce and decide upon. so i want to go right to our justice toernt evan perez with more of the details. so what are we expecting from the fbi, ub


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