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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  September 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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[ light laughter ] laugh bigger. [ laughter ] good morning. thank you so much for joining me. donald trump and hillary clinton will go all in on labor day, both candidates shifting into high gear as they zero in on key battleground states like ohio. with just 64 days until the election, donald trump and clinton are now in the home stretch and they know it. any minute now we are expecting clinton's running mate tim kaine and vice president joe bidden to make remarks in pittsburgh and bill clinton courts voters in detroit. hillary clinton trading in her private jet for a bigger plane. it will have enough room for her traveling press core and for the first time since july 31st mrs.
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clinton will sit down with a reporter and answer questions face-to-face. as for donald trump his campaign now struggling to get on the same page when this comes to immigration policy. we're covering all the angles with our team of political reporters. we have a producer getting ready to board mrs. clinton's plane. but first let's bring with our political correspondent. good morning. >> you said it, hillary clinton is going to be honoring labor day today, she'll be in ohio and illinois but another thing happening today is that bernie sanders is doing his first solo event campaigning for hillary clinton. he's actually got two events in new hampshi new new hampshire. but some of his comments are getting a lot of interest because he is someone who criticized her during the primary process for her involvement with the clinton
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foundation. many of his followers felt that there was something unseemly about the influence that donors might have because they donated to the clinton foundation. bernie sanders would not say that hillary clinton if she's president should shut the foundation, but he did say this. >> well, i would certainly suggest that as president of the united states she should cease all operations, all contact with the clinton foundation. >> does that mean shutting it down or just not being involved. >> at the very least she should -- at the very least she should not be involved, at the very least. >> now sanders had been critical of the foundation and the foreign don nations that were accepted as hillary clinton was secretary of state. you had jason miler the spokesman for donald trump saying when bernie sanders and "the new york times" saying the clinton foundation presents an
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unacceptable conflict of interest it shows how badly compromised a hillary clinton presidency would be but it is essential carol for hillary clinton to get some of the support from bernie sanders' followers, the more progressives and the young people that she really needs to come out and vote for her. you see polls tightening especially in these key battleground states. >> thank you. as i told you at the top of the hour next hour clinton's new campaign jet is expected to depart for ohio. it will mark the first time this cycle that clinton will be traveling on the same plane as the press. joining me now is our reporterer at the airport. dan, just explain the set up on board that plane. >> reporter: so, yeah, this is 17 months after clinton launched her campaign in new york city she will begin flying with her campaign press core today. she will fly from the airport near her home in new york to
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labor day events in ohio and on the boarder in illinois and ohio. the plane is a boeing 737. it was manufactured in the united states and modifications were made in texas and new mexico. the general election campaign slogan is on the side in big blue letters. clinton will be on the plane with the press core. she'll be seated in the front and there will be a section for secret service and the press will be in the back. clinton has been and remains extremely press overse. it's been over 270 days since she's held a formal press conference. flying with her press gives her a leg up over donald trump in terms of press accessibility. donald trump flies on his own
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plane and the press is left to a smaller charter. >> do you expect that hillary clinton will go in the back of the plane and talk with rof reporters on the very first day. >> reporter: i'm looking at a long line of reporters who are about to get slips to get on the plane and we all certainly hope so and i think it's a safe bet she will do something like that today. the questions remains if it will be a continual process. it's important to note that getting on the same plane in september is far later than other campaigns, especially those in 2008. president obama or senator obama got on his plane with the press core far earlier than september. >> all right. i'm sure you'll keep us posted. thanks so much. donald trump travels to ohio today and his campaign surrogates struggle to answer where he stands on mass deportation for umd immigrants.
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>> donald trump gave a speech on immigration last week and answered a lot of questions except for one. what do you do with the 11 plus million umd immigrants in the countries. he laid out there would be a prioritiation system. what about the rest? it depends on who you ask. donald trump's campaign still struggling to explain his immigration policy. >> i think donald trump has been consistent. >> reporter: giving little clarification on how to handle the 11 million undocumented immigrants. >> we don't noknow who would be left. >> after the 2 to 3 million get put out of the country because they're committing crimes and hurting americans and doing things that are illegal, once those people get dealt with first then we can deal with the remaining 8 million people.
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>> reporter: another top supporter of donald trump says he no longer wants mass deportations. >> donald trump would find it difficult to throw out a family that's been here for 15 years and they have three children, two of whom are citizens. that's not the kind of america he wants. >> reporter: a comment that runs contra to trump's own words when he laid out a plan after a visit to mexico. >> for those here illegally today seeking legal status they will have one route and one route only. to return home and apply for reentry like everybody else. >> reporter: and new criticism following trump in detroit this weekend. trump reaching out to african-american voter in a predominantly black church has some critics questioning the sincerity of the visit. >> for centuries the african-american church has been the conscious of our country, so
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true. >> reporter: all this as hillary clinton is losing ground to trump in the latest national polls. dogged by the fbi publicly releasing its report on her use of a private e-mail server as secretary of state. >> she's apologize nd for that d she said it was a mistake. >> reporter: clinton's running mate slamming trump with a new attack, referencing watergate and drawing a parallel for donald trump calling on russia to hack and release the e-mails. >> contrast the hillary clinton investigation with an attack that's been encouraged by donald trump on the dnc by russia similar to what led to the resignation of a president 30 years ago. >> reporter: we're in that home stretch so the attacks are only suppose in had to escalate. hillary clinton is in ohio and
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so is donald trump. it's battleground states continuously over and over again starting today with the great state of ohio. >> get ready battleground states because your life is about to be filled with tv commercials and phone calls and all that fun stuff. let's talk, because again this is why we are so confused over mr. trump's immigration policy. listen. >> donald trump as he expressed in one of his interviews recently would find it very very difficult to throw out a family that's been here for 15 years. >> they will have one route and one route only. to return home and apply for reentry like everybody else. >> all right. with me now is jessie benton. she's a donald trump supporter and former south carolina regional director for obama in 2012 and hillary clinton supporter and cnn political
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analyst. welcome to all of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. thank you for being with me on labor day. i do appreciate it. so jessie i want to start with you. a simple question, will undocumented immigrants have to leave the country, reply and come back or will mr. trump allow them to stay? can you hear me jessie? so rebecca, i'll go to you. do you understand where mr. trump is coming from on his immigration policy. >> he sounded pretty clear in his speech on immigration last week saying that anyone who is in the country illegally would need to return to their country of origin and then come back and rep reaapply for legal status in the united states but what's confusing is you have seen his
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campaign surrogates over the weekend and recent days coming out and saying we completely misinterpreted trump in his speech and that actually most people that are in the country illegally would not be subject to deportation at least not immediately and they would go through a process of considering options with these people. it's amazing we are still having this discussion because in advance of trump's speech on immigration he and his campaign were all saying that we should look to that speech for clarity, that he would clear up all the questions we have and it seems in many ways he's created more questions and that's probably a deliberate strategy on his part because the issue of the 11 million or so people in the country already illegally is one of the toughest questions when it comes to immigration and one of the toughest politically for him to answer. he doesn't want to upset his core supporters by saying we can let them stay, but then again most people if you look at the polling, about 70% of the people
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support some sort of legalati zh for those people in the country. >> so there is confusion over who is going to pay for mr. trump's wall as well. mr. trump says mexico will pay for the wall but both ben carson and laura ingrams website say trump is looking for innovative ways to pay for the wall use money from drug offenders or strip benefits from undocumented immigrants. listen for yourself. >> recognize that a lot of money is going to be saved by enforcing our boarders, by not giving various types of benefits to people who are here illegally. that money is money that we otherwise would not have had and that can be applied to the wall and various other things.
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that's i believe the spirit in which that comment is made. i don't think mexico is going to write a check out for the wall. >> you heard what ben carson said he doesn't think mexico is going to write a check out and here's $20 billion and that's for the wall. what are we to believe? who is going to pay for the wall? do you know? >> donald trump's an expert on clever financing. i'm sure he'll have great ways to use tax credits and use payback programs and things like that. >> tax credits? >> sure. it's not exactly who writes the check, it's that it's going to be done at basically no cost to the american people. >> so is he shifting his position on the wall? is that what he's doing? >> no, i don't think so. i think this is a lot of goch you here. people are going to have to go
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back to their country of origin to gain legal status but i think most importantly we're not going to see a force going and rounding up people door-to-door which i think was most concerning to most people. donald trump is strong on immigration and he's very very clear that we're going to enforce the laws passed by congress. >> these are shifts in your mind jessie. aren't these shifts? >> they're not shifts away from the core fundamental principal that we're going to honor the spirit of the law that was passed by a bipartisan congress that calls for things like 700 miles of a boarder fence that have never been built. >> clinton has her own problems because donald trump will not let up on clinton's e-mails and neither will many voters. this is what mr. trump tweeted over the weekend. lying hillary clinton told the fbi that she did not know the
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"c" markings on documents stood for classified. how can this be happening. i want to clarify one thing, according to the fbi director that "c" stood for confidential and not classified but confidential is still a concern. so hillary clinton is going to sit down with abc later today. is this her way of trying to explain finally. >> we're in the fourth quarter of this campaign now and as you mentioned earlier before we came to the segment she's going to be traveling with the press now. listen, she said this is a mistake and she can do it all over again she would do it differently. i'm glad that you pointed out that the clear definition of the "c" that it was confidential but there were a lot of e-mails exchanged. she had a private server. >> but still going back to like -- i think voters really want an explanation so she's going to travel with the press
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core on the plane and reporters will think that's good but we don't know how many times she'll go back and talk with those reporters and she's going to have an interview in cleveland but she's not going to have a press conference that so many reporters want her to have where she'll stand there and answer questions that voters have about this e-mail controversy. >> i think you're going to see that sooner than you think. she's an experienced campaigner. she knows going -- this is the time to be transparent and to be honest. one thing we can say about hillary clinton that we can't say about donald trump particularly when it comes to releasing his tax returns is that while this may be a distraction for for her campaign and most americans want to move on from the e-mail conversation she's been present and cooperated and answered the questions that she could recall. while i think it's on the minds of americans, i think people want to get to the real issues
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of education and grow the economy and continue to work with aour allies to keep this country safe. >> i have to leave it there. thanks to all of you. still to come, is russia trying to hack the u.s. election. president obama and vladimir putin talking today on the sidelines on the g20. what did they say?
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as violence es ka lats on the ground in syria with a series of coordinated attacks today killing at least oh people the u.s. and russia are unable to reach a deal on a cease fire. president obama calling discussions at the g20 summit productive but there are gaps between the two governments. president obama addressed his meeting with vladimir putin a short time ago. >> president putin is less
6:22 am
colorful, but typically the tone of our meetings are candid, blunt, businesslike and this one was no different. we had a range of issues that we had to discuss, but the two most important were as have been reported discussions that have been taking place between secretary kerry and russia's foreign minister about ways in which we can institute a meaningful, serious, verifiable ceasation of hostilities in syria and our capacity to provide some humanitarian relief to families, children, women who are suffering enormously under the burdens of that war. as you will recall, we had
6:23 am
initiated a ceasation of hostilities a while back. initially it did lessen some of the violence and then slowly it unwound and we're back into a situation in which assad's regime is bombing with impugnty. that in turn we think is actually strengthening p capacity of nesra to recruit people who will now view anyone fighting against assad as legitimatized and that's a very dangerous dynamic. and so we have had some productive conversations about what a real ceasation of hostilities would look like that would allow us both the united states and russia to focus our attention on common enemies like
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isil. >> president obama also took on the controversy surrounding the 49ers chiolin kaepernick. he's been taking a knee during the national anthem earning boos from sports fans. president obama says sports figures have long exercised their constitutional rights. >> when this comes to the national anthem and the flag and the meaning that holds for our men and women in uniform and those who fought for us, that is a tough thing for them to get past to then hear what his deeper concerns are, but i don't doubt his sincerity based on what i've heard. i think he cares about some real legitimate issues that have to be talked about. >> so let's talk about this.
6:25 am
jason johnson joins me live. he's the political science professor at morgan state university. hi. >> good morning. >> so the president preferased those remarks by saying i haven't throughout about this but then he gave this remarkably thought out answer so evidently he has been thinking about it. >> it's interesting when the president says i had no idea but let me bring out this sheet here. president obama is a sports fan but i thought that's the closest thing to an endorsement of colin kaepernick's behavior as we've heard from any official both elected and some working in the nfl. he said that his points are valid. he thought his protest was sincere and completely in line with history. i thought most importantly the president said i understand that some men and women in uniform can't look past him not standing for the pledge but he hoped over time they would understand that
6:26 am
the issues that colin kaepernick was bringing up was important and had to do withstanding up for our patriot issues in this country. >> hillary clinton's running mate has said the quarterback was following his conscious but he would do it differently. kaine said his rational for protesting didn't make much sense to him. i don't know if it's completely different, but it is different. >> it is different. i can say this, i personally -- i have a problem with anyone elect yurg people on how they should go about protesting. it's one thing to say i don't think you should destroy property. of course not. no one wants property destroyed, but how is colin kaepernick supposed to protest. if he protests loudly he's disrupting the game. if he protests silent people have a problem with it. it's a young man exercising his rights. i don't think what tim kaine said is correct but he's running
6:27 am
for office right now so he has to play the middle. they have to one those swing states. >> i yern for politicians to say what they mean and donald trump said that, donald trump said maybe he should leave the country if he doesn't like it here. >> right. you've always that that is an equally offensive thing to say. the idea is if you exercise your constitutional rights get out of here if you don't like everything that's going on, that's like say if you didn't like your dinner at a restaurant don't go out to dinner again. i think it reflects an overall racial dynamic when it comes to people protesting. you have the san francisco police department saying we're not going to cover the games unless colin kaepernick apologizes so government employees are not going do their jobs because a citizen is going to exercise his rights. we pick and choose who is
6:28 am
legitimate. >> it's becoming more of a controversy or a debate over whether someone should stand for the national anthem at a sporting event instead of what colin kaepernick yerns mofor an that's an intelligent discussion on police brutality in this country. >> i wrote an article about this on the route about the star spangled banner. there are issues with our national anthem and whether the star spangled banner is in the fact explaining about african-americans and slaves seeking freedom. there's a lot of issues in this that people are in many way intentionally ignoring because it's easier to complain about colin kaepernick's hair or whether he's a good starter other than fact that he's saying that are tax paying law abiding citizens that are not receiving the same justice as anyone else.
6:29 am
if colin kaepernick decided he was going to sit on one knee until america took care of the veterans no one would be complaining. still to come, hillary clinton is hitting the campaign trail and so are all of her surrogates including bernie sanders. we'll talk about that next. also, tune in for two special reports tonight starting at 8:00 p.m. earn with unfinished business. i have asthma...
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labor day is the start of heavy duty campaigning for the candidates. now it takes off in ernest.
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hillary clinton has a busy day. you see her new campaign plane there. she's using a bigger plane to accommodate the press. the press will travel in the back of the plane along with the candidate and then later today as that plane arrives in cleveland, it will land and hillary clinton will give a sit-down interview with abc. it's the first interview she's given since july 31st. joe biden is in cleveland and later on bill clinton will participate in a labor day picnic parade in cincinnati. you see that parade is under way. of course perhaps the most anticipated thing for democrats at least is bernie sanders. he will begin campaigning for hillary clinton at a breakfast in new hampshire. joining me now is a democratic
6:35 am
strategist and former press secretary for bernie 2016. hi. >> how are you. >> i'm great. how will it feel to have your candidate campaigning for hillary clinton? >> it feels good. we're stronger together so i think the senator is really excited to get back out there on the campaign trail. we love new hampshire. i know he enjoys new hampshire. i think he's going to do great at the breakfast this morning and of course at this really great rally that he's going to have this afternoon at the high school in in frp. >>. >> it was a rough primary for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. he accused of her being in the pocket of wall street and disastrous trade deals. when his supporters listen to him will a little piece of them say this is hypocrite cal. >> i don't so.
6:36 am
primaries are debating on the issues and somebody has to come out victorious. i think what folks will hear from sanders today is that yes, i challenged secretary clinton in the primary, we had a hard-fought battle but i believe she is the best person that can carry the water on the issues that the political revolution was all about. she's the best person on health care. she's the best person on minimum wage. >> here's the thing, like some of the same issues that bernie sanders was hitting hard for the primary are still issues for mrs. clinton today. she has trust issues and she's raising lots and lots of campaign cash and a lot of that cash is coming from wall street. how does bernie sanders say that's okay now? >> i think what bern ie -- i don't think that's what he's going to say. i think for him this has always been about the issues.
6:37 am
he endorsed secretary of state because he needs the political revolution to roll on and the only way that will happen is if we have a candidate that is going to be an advocate for w k working families, someone we can trust with the nuclear codes. >> even bernie sanders said -- i have the sound bite right here. bernie sanders said over the weekend mrs. clinton should divorce herself from the clinton foundation and she should do it right now instead of waiting. he also said that the libertarian candidate mr. johnson should be on that debate stage with mrs. clinton and mr. trump. let's listen to that. >> do you think gary johnson should be in the debates? >> i think they have generally speaking my view is if people reach a certain level, i think it's 15% they should be in the debates. >> you think that level, that 15% is a fair metric. >> it's probably too high.
6:38 am
>> you think it should be lower. >> it probably should be lower than that. >> so should gary johnson be on the debate stage with clinton and trump. >> i think senator sanders he wasn't talking specifically about gary johnson and he was speaking in general. in general if you reach a threshold you should be on the debate stage. bernie sanders ran as a democrat because he knows that a democratic candidate is the best chance for us to keep the white house come this fall. he's not -- he's supporting secretary clinton because of those same reasons. i think the threshold is there. we've got the rules. we'll see if gary johnson or anybody else makes the cut. >> go ahead. another surprising thing is the richmond times dispatch, it's editorial -- what am i can looking at here. this is in detroit. this is bill clinton in detroit. he's probably in that car heading down the parade route.
6:39 am
he was waiving to the crowd. going back to the richmond times dispatch editorial board they endorsed gary johnson and this is despite the fact that clinton's running from virginia, tim kaine. the paper said much of the country is distressed by the presidential candidates offered by the two party and for good reason. neither donald trump or hillary clinton meet the standards we have every right to expect of an american president. we found gary johnson to be knowledgeable but unscripted, reasonable and good humor and in all respects optimistic realistically presidential. so might gary johnson shock the country and become a real contender. >> you know what, i don't think so and let me tell you why. i know there are lots of people out there myself, i'm a democrat and i'm supporting our democratic nominee but i know there are lots of people out there that would like a viable
6:40 am
third-party option. we live in a two-party system. maybe down the road we can talk about a viable third-party option but we're not there yet with the current political climate we have we have to operate in this system and we have to pick the best candidate that can walk in there on day one and lead and govern and that's what this race is about. while there might be some great things about gary johnson and other folks, in terms of governing and who is going to carry the water on the issues and get criminal justice reform done and take health care to the next level, that's secretary clinton. that's what we're going to hear on the debate stage and you're going to hear from the clinton surrogates and you'll hear it from bernie sanders. >> thanks so much for being with me this morning. >> thank you. still to come, a family receives devastating news decades after the abduction of their little boy. that's next. this is shaving.
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heart breaking end to a 27-year-old mystery. minnesota authorities confirming they found jacob wetterling's remains. jacob was 11 years old when he was abducted in 1989. his mother telling cnn at the time our hearts are broken. jacob's case garnered worldwide attention. >> this guy wearing a mask came out and they could see his handgun. this guy told him to get off their bikes and lay down in the ditch or else he would shoot. he asked them one by one who their age was. after that, he had trevor and aaron one by one run off into the nearby woods.
6:46 am
>> cnn has more for you. >> reporter: for nearly three decades the wetterling family held on to hope and so did their neighbors in this small community hoping jacob would find his way home safely and now their worst fears becoming a reality as investigators found the remains of jacob wetterling. many people are looking back on that night in october when parenting changed forever. >> things we took for granted, i think it touched america in a way there is no such place is a safe haven anymore. we have to be vij ent. >> as for the investigation we know that daniel who gave the fbi investigators that gave information that led to the body and we found that he has been in custody for nearly a year as
6:47 am
part of an ongoing federal child pornography in this case. he has not been named a suspect in the murder. all that could change next week as investigators are expected to release new information and now the family is focusing more on their son and his legacy and his memory. we know after his abduction there was the creation of a federal sex offender registerry and that's something still in place today. still to come, north korea fires three ballistic missiles. that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how. across new york state, from long island to buffalo,
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the tensions rising on the korean peninsula. north korea launching three midrange ballistic missiles overnight, according to the south korean military. all of this as china, north korea's only real ally, plays host to the g-20 summit. paula hancocks has more. >> reporter: the three missiles fired are believed to have flown around 1,000 kilometers and they say they assume they were rogen midrange missiles. the joint chiefs in south korea say they were fired into japan's air defense identification zone, which is certainly a concern for tokyo. as they say there was no prior navigational warning for this launch. now, that's a point that's also been picked up by a senior u.s. administration official, telling cnn that this launch is
6:53 am
reckless, as there could have been a threat posed to civil aviation or also to maritime commerce in the region. japan's minister of defense has called for a heightened state of vigilance. now, as for the timing, assumes they are reacting to the g-20 summit in china. for president zee jinping once again indicating he does not want the missile system to be stationed in south korea. washington insists it is necessary for protection but buy jiang is concerned it should be able to track its own military movements and it doesn't want more u.s. military hardware on its doorstep. one other possible region for today's launch could be the upcoming anniversary of foundation day. that is on friday. it's the day of -- that north
6:54 am
korea was created. either way, pyongyang is being widely condemned. south korea once again saying the use of this ballistic missile technology by pyongyang is violating directly a number of united nations security council resolutions. paula hancocks, cnn, seoul. still to come in the "newsroom," hermine changes its path and heads east but storm warnings still threaten millions. been making
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as hermine continues to churn a few hundred miles off the coast of long island, millions are under tropical storm warn beiingwarnings. live in montauk new york with more. >> reporter: when they say stay
6:59 am
off the beach, they really mean it here in montauk. they put up barricades to keep people off the beach. lifeguards posted where the surf isn't quite yet touching yet. making sure that people who want to take pictures don't come too close to the water. that's how powerful this surf, these rip currents are. that's one of the major concerns with hermine at this point. look at the waves. we've heard about some people who tried to take selfies in the water, if you can believe that, and got caught and had to be taken out a little bit further down from this beach. so it's quite dangerous. as we're approaching high tide at this point, maybe a few hours away, the concern is that water is going to push through here and do some maybe localized flooding. not too serious but that's certainly the concern that officials are keeping an eye on at this point. overall, though, hermine is trending north, so that's a good sign. no rain, that's a really good sign. a lot of people enjoying the fact they can just look at these beautiful waves as the storm sort of rolls out of here,
7:00 am
carol. >> all right, brynn gingras reporting live, thank you. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. donald trump and hillary clinton hard at work on labor day. both candidates shifting into high gear as they battle in on key battleground states like ohio. mr. trump and mrs. clinton are in the homestretch. clinton's running mate tim kaine and vice president biden both at a labor day parade in pittsburgh today. hillary clinton also trading in her private jet for a much bigger plane. she debuts that plane today. it will have enough room for her traveling press corps and for the first time since july 31st, mrs. clinton will sit down with a reporter and answer questions face-to-face. as for donald trump,


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