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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 5, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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this documentary. >> thank you very much. you can watch two cnn special reports tonight. "the essential hillary clinton" airs at 8:00 p.m. eastern and goes for two hours "the essential donald trump" airs at 10:00 a.m. eastern, it airs for two hours as well. thanks for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in washington. the news continues right here on cn cnn. >> wolf, thank you so much. hi, everyone, i'm brooke win. happy labor day. you may have not have heard the starting gun but the final sprint is on for the race for the white house. the general election folks is nine weeks, nine. early voting begins this month in several states look at the full day of events. all eyes are on the battleground state of ohio. check this photo out. this is the tail of hillary clinton's plane and in the distance you have trump's plane
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there, the duelling of the two campaign plains. hillary clinton's running mate tim kaine took notice as he arrived in the city. >> it's interesting to have all the planes on the same tarmac. it shows you how important ohio is. >> any moment we should see tim kaine and hillary clinton join a labor fest if cleveland. we'll take that live. meantime, donald trump and his vice presidential pick mike pence attended a round table with union members. later on trump is expected to go to the county fair near youngtown in an area known for many its many converts of democrats backing trump. so joe johns is waiting for the clinton/the clinto clinton/tim kaine event to begin. clinton talked to reporters. what's the word.
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>> well, the reason why that's so important is because it's been something like 275 days since she did a formal news conference with reporters so she's gotten a lot of heat about that as you know and on the plane she said the she'd talk to reporters later. we take that to mean there might be some type of gaggle on the plane with people traveling with her, something that hillary clinton, and many other politicians, have done before. it doesn't sound like a formal news conference. so let's just listen now to some of what she had to say to the journalists on the plane. >> hi, guys, welcome to our big plane. so exciting. >> what do you think? >> i think it's pretty cool, don't you? you're supposed to say yes. [ laughter ] >> i am so happy to have all of you with me. >> have you missed us? >> i've been waiting for moment.
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and i'm -- no, really, i'll come back and talk to you more formally but i wanted to welcome you on to the plane. >> how was your labor day weekend? >> it was good. it was really good. we had a good time. the last moment of -- hello, mark. i recognize your hat! how are you? i'm glad you're here. last moments before the mad dash, the next two months. so i hope you guys are ready and. >> are you ready? >> i'm ready, are you more than ready. are you ready? has he been taking good care of you? it's really been -- how long have you been working for me now? >> two and a half years. >> two and a half years. he started right out of -- you were still in college, right? i know, we're so happy. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] ? >> what? >> reporter: happy labor day. >> exactly right.
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>> do you have a labor day message? >> oh, i do, you'll hear it. i definitely do. if you want more happy labor days you know who to vote for. thanks, i'll come back later, by bye. >> and labor day is the whole theme. richard trumka, the president of the afl-cio, many others, and congressional district of congresswoman marcia fudge, a lot of african-americans, sort of hillary clinton's sweet spot as she campaigns and enters what we could call the home stretch of this presidential campaign. brooke, back to you. >> we are keeping a close eye on your event in cleveland. joe johns thank you. hillary clinton is adding reporters to her plane. donald trump allowed reporters on board his today. yes, he has done it before, today he says he was not aware that clinton was now traveling with press on her plane.
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he talked about the presidential debates which are three weeks away. here he was. >> i know it's logistically challenging at times but the past nominees have done that. >> it's different because of the way it's set up. it's not set up with seats, it's set up with -- it's a little bit different. kellyanne, i have no problem with that, with letting some of the folks travel. are you okay? >> we're talking about on a regular basis? >> i don't have a problem. i don't have a problem with it. she might have. it never would have bothered me. >> even if it was on a daily basis? >> well, it doesn't have to be all the time but we could do it plenty. go ahead. >> reporter: how did your immigration speech get misinterpreted? >> you know, it's very interesting, some people totally loved it, you know that thought
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it was the best. other people thought it was tough but it was the enthusiasm of the crowd. 15,000 people in the room, we had 8,000 people outside of the room trying to get in, that was a big crowd. were you there? were you at the speech? >> no, i was watching on tv. >> to a large extent it was the crowd that was so enthusiastic. >> are you saying the crowd influenced the tone? >> i think both. >> how are you preparing? >> i'm preparing like i prepared for the other debates. i think i'm preparing -- you know, i enjoyed the debating process. obviously i did well in the debates according to the polls, the online polls that they did right after the debates. >> are you doing prep work? >> i'm doing some.
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i've seen some people do so much prep work they get out there and they can't speak. >> so what kind of prep work? do you mind pulling back the curtain a little bit? >> well, it's really basically called a lot of things right shouldn't go into iraq, shouldn't get out of iraq the way they got out of iraq, so many different things we've been talking about. take the oil, i'm saying take the oil for years. >> is someone playing hillary? >> no, no, i haven't done that. >> do you plan to have -- sorry, do you plan to have mock sessions where someone does? >> i hadn't planned on it. i never did it before. >> and you're definitely going to do all three of these debates? >> well, as of this moment, yes. >> there's no -- >> as of this moment, sure. >> what could cause you to change your mind? you say as of this moment.
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what could cause you to change your mind? >> um, hurricanes, natural disast disaster. >> only an act of god? >> i look forward to the debates. i think it's an important element of what we're doing. i think we have an obligation to do the debates. i did them with the other cases. we had -- i guess 11 debates. >> they came without the moderators last week, do you like them? >> i respect the moderators, i do respect them. it's interesting. >> again, he talks debates, let me remind you, three weeks until the debate at hofstra here in new york. two months until election day. a real dilemma for some young black voters. they distrust hillary clinton, they aren't fans of donald trump, either. according to this piece in the "new york times," a lot of democrats are alarmed at black
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millenni millennials' lack of enthusiasm and in some case outright resistance to the democratic nominee hillary clinton. this is coming to light after progressive organizations convened four focus groups last month. if dems hope to pull in numbers they did with president obama, this new report presents them with a challenge. let me bring in van jones, also a former special advisor to president obama and simone sanders is with us today as well, democratic strategist and former national press secretary for bernie sanders. hi, you two, welcome. >> hey, brook. >> hi. >> hi. let me first get to this "times" piece. one young woman is quoted as saying "what should i do if i don't like him and don't trust her? choose between being stabbed or shot. >> she says hillary clinton is part of the problem that sent blacks to jail. this is a big problem for democrats if these young black voters do not turn out to
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support her. >> it could be. but for context hillary clinton is getting 91, 92, sometimes 97% of the black vote in polls. she's outpolling obama in 2008 or 2012 with black folks so i don't think she's in a major problem but you have this younger group and they are impatient and rightfully so. for eight years they've had a black president, their conditions haven't improved as much as they would have wanted and they want real change and so also for them authenticity is such an important thing. keep it real. sometimes hillary clinton struggles with that. but i want to point out that donald trump is done, gives them an alternative to but i don't think hillary clinton is in grave danger. >> i hear you and it is interesting. simone, you're quoted in the
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piece saying yes, i guess it's important to go to black churches and hbcus. tell us about your work on the ground in these states with the young activist. how do you get them to be enthusiastic about supporting hillary clinton. >> i think it's less about the secretary and more about the issues and how secretary clinton can carry the water on these issues for our communities and i don't think it's that young people are impatient. i think it's that we want something to vote for and not something to vote against. and so what i think you saw what was reflected in the "new york times" piece from these focus groups is that young people, they want to know why should i come out to the polls and vote? i believe the stakes are too high and this election for us to stay home, donald trump won't carry the water on our issues but we can't just sit back and think young people, particularly young african-americans, are just going to go to the polls in droves. yes at polls they might say they would vote for her but in this day and age -- and i think bernie sanders is a testament to this -- there is a difference
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between outreach and people coming to a rally, people in have come to your events and folks going to the polls and voter mobilization. so it's a focus on voter mobilization for african-american millennials. i know the clinton campaign has a millennial outreach team but we need compounded efforts. >> let's talk about the president because there was an interesting interview with sean p. diddy combs, this is what he said specifically about president obama. >> my number one thing, though, and to be honest, is black people. i feel like we put president obama in the white house and when i look back i just -- i just wanted more done for my people because that's the name of the game, this is politics. if you put somebody in office you get in return the things you care about for your communities. we got a little shortchanged. that's not knocking the
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president. there's a lot going on, a lot of balls in the -- he's done an excellent job but it's time to turn up the heat because the black vote is going to decide who is the next president of the united states. >> van, did i hear correctly? did you just get off the phone with diddy? >> i did. he is somebody who is a complete icon in the black community and he's not just an icon for music. don't forget this is the man who coined the phrase "vote or die." so this is someone who has been not just a cultural leader but a political leader for a whole generation so when someone like him steps forward and says he is dissatisfied. when someone like him steps forward and says we didn't get as much as we deserved and we want more going forward and he says maybe we should threat on the withhold our vote that should send a signal to democrats not to get complacent
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that donald trump is so unacceptable that the african-american community will fall in line. i think you're seeing bellwethers that there's dissatisfaction and i think the african-american community kbg the cornerstone of the obama coalition but feeling at the end of the day bittersweet about the outcomes should be a big signal not just to hillary clinton but the entire democratic party. >> i want to play sound for from the president, simone. this is president obama. he was asked about 49ers quarter back colin kaepernick. in the most recent game he knelt during the national anthem. here is the president weighing in. >> my understanding at least is that he's exercising his constitutional right to make a statement. i think there's a long history of sports figures doing so. i don't doubt his sincerity based on what i've heard. i think he cares about some real legitimate issues that have to be talked about.
11:15 am
a and? nothing else what he's done is generated more conversation around some topics that need to be talked about. >> simone, part of the conversation among us editorially and among folks we've talked to reading an editorial by michael eric dyson, criticizing the president for missed opportunities and i'm wondering hearing the president weigh in on this, i know he's a busy man but is this something he should have waded into a tad sooner? >> well, i think it speaks volumes that president obama said what he said this morning. you have a black president yet again standing up there and giving legitimacy to issues that black people in america experience every single day. you have your black president standing up there and saying what colin kaepernick is protesting for, these are legitimate and real issues, these things are happening. when you have folks questioning
11:16 am
whether -- what colin kaepernick is protesting for is a real thing. so i think president obama hit the nail on the head. he has a great legacy that he has -- that he is still writing that he will leave for the next president of the united states. i think yes there are some -- clearly there's some things that we wish we would have gotten done under president obama but make no mistake, the way that the justice department has came into baltimore, into ferguson, into countless other place departments across the country and pulled back the vail of what was happening, things black people have said have been happening for years, that was the obama administration and we need to remember that. >> van to you, as i'm talking i'm remembering watching you on television in the wake of what happened, the atrocities in charleston, south carolina, you were sitting outside of that church the day the president sang amazing grace and i'll never forget your enthusiasm as you were saying "here he is."
11:17 am
and in the wake of diddy's comments and what we're hearing the president now today. what do you think? >> well, first of all i thought it was really important for the president to stand up for the rights of people to express themselves. in the same year that muhammad ali dies and everybody says "what a hero, what an icon, he stood up for what he believes in" now off young man doing the same thing and he's a villain and we hate him. didn't we just do this with muhammad ali when he was a young guy? >> ali was a champion and he's not in the same ballpark. >> but to be clear ali had a mouth on him before he became the champion. my only point is i think we criticize young people and celebrities for not being involved, not being engaged, being apathetic, being the selfie generation and when they speak out we want to smash on them. it was important for the president to not just validate
11:18 am
the issue dubut to validate tha we want young people to be involved and it can get messy but that's all right. >> van jones, simone sanders, appreciate it. go enjoy the rest of your holiday. coming up, new confusion after former mayor rudy giuliani says no, no trump's now against mass deportations. what's going on here? we'll discuss that. also ahead. breaking news. after a 90-minute sit down with president obama vladimir putin says russia and the rust closia the rust close to a deal over syria. and for 27 years two parents have wondered what happened to their missing son. the big break that led to jacob wetter ling. you know your heart loves megared omega-3s... but did you know your eyes, your brain, and your joints really love them too?
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11:23 am
deportations of undocumented immigrants in this country trump is having a change of heart. here he is with jake tapper. >> donald trump as he expressed in one of his interviews would find it very, very difficult to throw out a family that's been here for 15 years and they have three children, two of whom are citiz citizens. that's not the kind of america he wants. >> let's start there, i have gloria borj we are me, ger with new york city councilman and trump supporter joe borrelli and also adam green, co-founder of the progressive change committee. joe, let me ask you. you can understand why people are looking at that interview with roougd audy giuliani and t w.h. whoa, whoa, whoa? >> he was talking about donald trump's feelings, as far as policies he's been clear and he went as far as giving a full ten-point plan. the three main points have never changed, building a wall, securing the border, no amnesty
11:24 am
and no citizenship. >> the mass deportation thing? that was the headline. >> he's been consistent. >> we want to deport people who are criminals first. after that happens, after the boarder is secure, after we set up systems like e-verify, things like that, then we have to deal with the people who are here illegally. >> so we don't have an answer on that? >> i think you. do i just gave you an answer. >> i understand the steps which is precisely what he outlined in the interview with tapper. i'm saying beyond that, down the road we don't have a plan. >> whatting giuliani says is donald trump has a hard time. no one takes pleasure in this stuff, disrupting families. that's what he's talking about. not being inconsistent. >> but that's not what we heard during the primaries. if i were jeb bush or marco rubio or any of the other candidates he was accusing of wanting amnesty i would say wait a minute, we believe in prosecuting criminals here, we believe in getting them out of the country, by the way, that's what president obama is doing.
11:25 am
he's deported 2.7 million. but if i were an opponent of donald trump's who had been arguing with him over this is e issue. >> but they were talking pathway to citizenship which donald trump has been clear. >> not all of them were. >> speaking of gang of eight, thank you for the transition. so you have jeff flake in arizona who donald trump has chosen to pick this fight with. he is someone who is not endorsing, saying he won't vote for donald trump, says he's very against any sort of -- any of trumps immigration rhetoric. what does trump have to gain with picking a fight with someone like that? >> i don't see what he has to gain. jeff flake is not a fan; we know that. but he hasn't lost an election in the state of arizona. this is a state donald trump should win and he's ahead by a couple points so it's close so i
11:26 am
don't see what good it does for you to pick a fight with somebody who has a prechb electoral record in a state you need. >> what about the issue -- let me pivot to hillary clinton and i'll bring you in the conversation, adam. three weeks until the big debate at hofstra university and the fbi's revelation. donald trump will try to take her to task on that as we've had their surrogates do successfully. how will she defend that? >> good question. she'll give the same answers she's given and the chips will fall where they may. in my mind, what will have impact is whether she spends her entire 60 seconds or 90 seconds in the weeds talking about e-mails or whether she pivots to issues that remind voters why they trust her on issues like
11:27 am
debt-free college. >> is that what you're saying she should do, pivot and show people can truster? that's a huge issue with hillary clinton? >> answer quickly and pivot to big bold progressive ideas that voters trust democrats on. >> joe, how will trump handle that? >> these notes from the fbi are damming to her, not because they paint her -- they confront her with a choice. she had to come out and say she lied to the american public and fbi and congress or double down on what she said to the fbi which paints her as one of the most incompetent people. i'm sure she'll do. >> it's a trustworthy issue? >> it's an issue that's dogging her. it doesn't matter to democrats, people who like hillary clinton -- >> they've decided. >> the e-mail issue is not an issue. the problem is with undecided voters and donald trump has a
11:28 am
problem on that trump issue as well with these undecided voters and so if i were trump i would keep talking about the e-mails also, of course, but if i were hillary clinton i would keep talking about donald trump as a risky candidate who doesn't have the temperament to be president. >> what about tax returns? i'm not saying debate. i'm looking at you seeing that mike pence says he will release his tax returns this week. mow does donald trump handle his running mating down that and him not? >> i'm sure they thought about that coming up and trump said he'll release them when the audit is done. but that has been discussed ad nause nauseam. >> hence bringing it up. >> this e-mail stuff this week is what's the new issue and it keeps reiterating the fact -- >> you're not answering the question on the -- >> he did. >> the e-mails are not a new issue. if you say one thing is ad nauseam you have to grant the other thing is ad nauseam. pence called out trump and forced his hand a bit. but this is about agenda setting
11:29 am
and what issue voters wake up on election day thinking about. if the entire debate or most is dwelling in the weeds about e-mails and frankly even tax returns that is what leads to a low turnout election. if she can rise above it and pivot not just for tactical reasons but voter mobilization reasons to big bold progressive ideas like expanding social security, wall street reform, campaign finance reform, things that impact people's lives that's how she gets above it and focuses attention in a positive way for democrats. >> adam and joe and gloria. or go ya, see you back here to talk about the documentary coming up on donald trump and another on hillary clinton. stay tuned for that. meantime, stunning new cnn reporting that isis planned for the terror attacks in paris to be even worse and plotted additional attacks across europe. we have those new details coming out. also ahead, breaking news, as president obama warns vladimir putin over tampering with the election, putin revealed russia and the u.s. may be close to a deal on syria
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. breaking news out of the g20 meaning in china from russian media. vladimir putin is claiming the u.s. and russia may be on the brink of reaching a deal to quote/unquote ease tensions in syria. putin didn't give details but said that agreement could come within a couple days. putin made the comments in china after meeting with president obama. president obama telling our michelle kosinski, our white house correspondent, any agreement with russia is hamp hampered by "gaps of trust." let's go to fred pleitgen there live in moscow.
11:35 am
fred, what do you know of this possible agreement? how is it being reported where you are? >> well, russian media says they believe an agreement is possible within the next couple days but it does seem as though the american side is more skeptical. we have to keep in mind, brooke, the negotiations about a possible cease-fire in syria have been ongoing for weeks and they were supposed to take place, the actual cease-fire was supposed to happen during the g20 summit and it didn't because there were still trust issues between the u.s. and russia that the president was talking about. the main issues that the two sides still have the russians are saying look we want the u.s. and russia to bomb islamist and rebel groups together where as the u.s. says what russia is doing is bombing groups jetted and backed by the u.s. and the big issue the u.s. has is they say the russians are causing too many civilian casualties for the u.s. to work together withings
11:36 am
are and too coordinate their actions in russia. so that's not something that has gone away. it appears as though there are difficult negotiations in a lie ahead. the russians for their part seem to think it's an agreement that could be possible very soon. the obama administration for its part said they are still a little more skeptical but they've also said that they do want to keep negotiating, they do want a deal to happen because right now, brooke, the civilian suffering in syria is worse than it's ever been and so one of the things the president said there at the g20 summit, he said that alone makes it imperative to try and find some sort of solution, brook. >> we will wait to get perhaps more clarification from the u.s. side, fred pleitgen in moscow for us. coming up next here, this family. they have been searching for answers on their little boy for nearly three decades. jacob wetterling's mother and father never knew what happened to their child. now a big break all these years later just led them to their son.
11:37 am
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. welcome back. you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. just an absolutely tragic end and hopefully some peace for this family here. this is a three decade old mystery. minnesota authorities confirming to cnn they have found the remains of an 11-year-old boy abducted 27 years ago. jacob wetterling was grabbed by a masked man with a gun back in october of 1989. the boy and his brother and a friend were just out riding their bikes near their rural minnesota home and sources have told cnn affiliate wcco that this child pornography suspect,
11:42 am
a man who was questioned in the wetterling case, led authorities to this boy's remains. while no charges have yet to be filed, the sheriff's office says they're evaluating the evidence. over the years, jacob's parents young to the hope that their son would someday be found. >> there's no explanationful i don't feel the anger yet, i just want him home. >> i'm very optimistic. my son is pretty intelligent and if there's any way that he can help pull himself through this he's going to do so. >> when you live in a small town everybody would like it to be somebody from -- some really bad guy from the coast who came in, did this terrible thing and left and the reality is that, you know, maybe it's not that. maybe it is somebody from the area. it's not been my goal to get even or string somebody up. i don't care. i don't care about the person who did this. i need my son. i'll let the rest of the world take care of who did this.
11:43 am
i never want to have to look jacob in the eye and say, you know, i wanted to keep going but i got tired or it was so long, you know? like we never quit, ever. >> that was so many years ago. now cnn has gotten a text message from the mother over the weekend upon learning they found jac jacob's remains, she texted cnn "our hearts are broken, there are no words." bob lowry from the center for missing and exploited children is with me. according to john walsh, bob, your involvement was so crucial in pushing investigators to pursue leads in this case which led to the big break over the weekend. so welcome and thank you so much for joining me. can you tell me, where were you when you got the call? when you knew jacob was found? >> thank you for having me on, brook. yes, this has been devastating news, obviously news none of us
11:44 am
hoped to get, i know we personally know patti wetterling and her husband jerry and the entire family, our hearts are with them today. it's an extremely difficult time. i spoke to patti friday night and she shared with me the news of the discovery of her son and we spoke for quite a while about how she and her family were coping which has obviously been very difficult because like so many other families of long-term missing children you hold out the hope that your child is alive and will be reunited with you and that was what we were trying to do for the wetterlings. >> how long have you been involved in this case? >> well i've been with the national center for seven years and prior to that a had a 25 year law enforcement career. i've known the wetterlings for many, many years. patti herself has been a tireless advocate for children, spoke to many of us in law enforcement over the years, especially those that worked violent crime about the pain.
11:45 am
and that's very remarkable about patty is that her incredible strength led her beyond her own pain to help other families and other children. >> can you explain, though, bob? connect the dots for me. 27 years is a long, long time. in man who finally gave up or assisted in telling authorities where the remains were, why did this take so long? >> these are the hardest cases law enforcement faces, and i'm speaking from personal experience. these are proverbial needle in a haystack cases. jacob's brother trevor and his friend aaron were with him and able to provide details too law enforcement but they were sketchy. we knew we had a man in a ski mask armed with a revolver but there was no car description, there was very little to go on, very little crime scene to go on so there was not presence i can evidence we would always expect so there was a lot of painstaking work done over these
11:46 am
past 27 years. we obviously applaud the fbi, vca and sterns county sheriff for persevering in that investigation because as you can imagine there have been hundreds of suspects that have been developed, considered, and who could potentially have done this when it really boiled down to danny heinrich. >> false leads, false hope for these parents, please just know we're keeping the wetterlings in our thoughts and hopefully this will bring them some peace although i cannot even begin to imagine what this is like for them 27 years later. bob lowry, thank you so much. extraordinary work, national center for missing and exploited children. thank you. >> thank you, brook. next, back to politics here. you have hillary clinton and donald trump facing reporters on their planes. look at this shot. same tarmac, cleveland, ohio. you have to trump plane, the hillary clinton plane, the battleground blitz begins. hear what they just said. plus an amazing story at a major college football game over the weekend.
11:47 am
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>> this past weekend not only did i have the privilege of attending the big u.s. navy game against fordham university in annapolis, maryland, i happened to be there firsthand to see one players super sonic sit. he started in the stands so i not go photo. that's me and a bunch of plebes. the entire brigade sits in navy memorial stadium. but this guy, a freshman, ends up shining on the field. let me back up and explain. navy starting quarterback gets hurt. his knee. i think it was the second half of the second quarter, his backup needs a backup. turns out third string guy isn't around so these nervous coaches are looking around thinking "what do i do?" turns throughout first year, navy midshipman, plebe, ends up plucked from the stands, rushed to the locker room and told to throw his uniform on. from there let me turn it over to a sports reporter for the "washington post" because, gene,
11:52 am
this is what everyone was talking about in the game on saturday and this kid -- i shouldn't call him a kid, malcolm perry, a first year, wasn't even dress in his uniform because he'd been sick. >> it was crazy, brooke. i've been at the "washington post" for almost 30 years in sports and this was a first for me to see a player march on with a brigade of midshipman in his dress whites, watch the first quarter from the stands and then in the second quart er he tears the acl. he's out, they need another quarterback, malcolm perry had been ill, hadn't practiced, played with the jv team friday night, they found his uniform in ricketts hall away from the stadium, brought it back, he goes into the locker room, changes and closes out the game in the fourth quarter. a crazy story. >> never played a varsity game ever, first year into this plebe summer and what i never realized is that all the plebes, all the
11:53 am
first years, every single time navy scores there they are in the end zone doing pushups. this kid had already done 100 plus pushups during the game before he tosses on the uniform in his qb? >> he acquitted himself quite well on the field. they simplify it had play book for him, he ran seven times for 30 years but he looked good considering he had missed three days of practice and was playing cold. but that's how they do it at the nay val academy. they have no scholarship so they have no roster limit so they can get two huddles at one time during practice so all these quarterbacks get a lot of reps so they know how to run the triple ochgs offense. >> just showing how they didn't anticipate this, we noticed there were two number fives on the field, that was hysterical. we invited perry to come on i understand a first year has a lot to do on his labor day but
11:54 am
he was quoted saying "i saw somebody running up the stairs really fast, i was looking at him because it was odd and he's like where's malcolm? where's malcolm? then i went down to the field and got dressed." do we know how malcolm is feeling today? >> we talked to malcolm. we spoke with him after the game in his dress whites and he was very calm and composed. he said it was unexpected but he took in the stride and you would not think this guy was a plebe considering how he was able to speak and eloquently about his unexpected performance. >> u.s. navy. that was quite a game. gene wong, "washington post." thank you for sharing a fun little moment i had over the weekend. appreciate. >> it thank you, brooke. >> a heads up for you. any moment hillary clinton will be speaking live in cleveland, ohio as both candidates are swarming the battleground state on this laibd. here what they have said today to press on their planes. we will play that for you in
11:55 am
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and we continue on on this labor day monday, i'm brooke baldwin, you're watching cnn, thanks for being with me. you may not have heard the starting gun here, but the final sprint is on now. the race to the white house, the general election, folks, it's nine weeks away. keep in mind, early voting begin this is month in certain states. look at the full day of events here. right now all eyes are on the battleground state of ohio. take a look at this picture. we're about to talk to this guy who took it. both hillary clinton's planes and donald trump's in the very similar picture on the same tarmac just underscoring how important ohio is today. both candidates opted today also to speak to reporters on board
12:00 pm
said planes and that was a first for hillary clinton who is now traveling with a press pool on her 737 starting today. >> i am so happy to have all of you with me. >> have you missed us? >> i've been just waiting for this moment. no, really, i'll come back and talk to you more formally but i wanted to welcome you on to the plane. >> trump says he didn't know about the debut of the clinton press plane, however, he did say he, too, will allow reporters on his plane but not necessarily everyday. trump also talked about the presidential debates which are just three weeks away. >> i think i'm preparing somewhat like i prepared for the other debates. i think i'm preparing -- you know, i enjoyed the debating process. obviously i did well in the debates according to the polls, the online polls they did after the debates. an


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