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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  September 6, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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our new cnn-orc poll shows a statistical dead heat. in fact, trump has a slight lead. >> he's temperamentally unfit to be commander-in-chief. >> i don't think she has a presidential look. >> every time i think about trump i get allergic. >> the billionaire's stance on immigration again. >> he went down with a mission to demonize immigrants, to call mexicans rapists and criminals. he didn't raise it, so he did choke. >> let me tell you about choking. i don't choke. she chokes. >> hello everyone, i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman, the day after labor day, the official
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start of the campaign season. we said it yesterday. today we mean it. today we have a poll that really means it. a brand new cnn-orc poll that shows a big shift in the campaign. donald trump who trailed by a fair amount much of the last month, now basically tied, a point ahead of hillary clinton in a two-way match-up among likely voters. >> for some perspective the summer holiday ended with a thud. a month ago cnn's poll of polls had trump down by ten points. not the case anymore. for some more perspective let's bring in cnn's political director david chalian. >> good morning. how are you doing? take a look at the four-way horse race among likely voters. 45% for trump, 43% for clinton, 7% for libertarian candidate gary johnson and 2% for green party candidate jill stein. that's among likely voters. we're now past labor day. registered voters still has a three-point edge.
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look at some of the key voting blocs inside these numbers, independents. donald trump is besting hillary clinton by 20 points. 49% to 29%. remember, mitt romney won independents by five points in 2012, still lost the election, but this is a huge gap and hillary clinton has work to do among independents. take a look at women. i think this is really one of the most interesting findings in the poll. obviously hillary clinton is winning women overall. look at the difference between single and married women. she's got a 53 point lead on donald trump among single women, but married women, donald trump bests hillary clinton by 17 points. that's a traditional democrat-republican divide, but it's sort of on steroids this year. much more exacerbated than we've seen in the past. then, take a look at the key factor of enthusiasm. take a look at it historically. 46% of people in this poll, guys, say they're extremely or very enthusiastic about this election compared to 57% four
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years ago at this point, 60% in 2008 who said that. 64% in 2004. so the big question mark here is, are we in for a lower turnout election perhaps, people are not as excited about it. but when you look at the enthusiasm vis-a-vis the candidates, this is a big story line to follow. 58% of donald trump voters in this poll say they are extremely or very enthusiastic about voting. only 46% of clinton voters say that. mission critical for the clinton campaign, why you're going to say barack obama, michelle obama, bill clinton on the trail non-stop, because they want to boost this enthusiasm number. >> what about the issues, donald trump enjoying movement there as well? >> yeah. take a look at these key issues and especially issue number one, the most important issue to voters right now, the economy. donald trump is besting hillary clinton 56% to 41%, a 15-point gap. he's got a six-point lead on who
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is better to handle terrorism. immigration is basically a draw, 49% clinton, 47% trump. on foreign policy, that's her big strong suit. 16-point lead, 56% for clinton, 40% for trump. >> david chalian with the numbers, thanks so much. want to bring in cnn senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny. jeff, we know polls are a snapshot in time. this is a snapshot that i think the clinton campaign would not like b to be looking at on september 7th. >> they don't have until november. the reality is early voting starting in some states the end of this month. they will say they know enthusiasm is a challenge for them. they point to their ground game, what they've been spending all this time an mond any building. they point to polls in swing states. from florida, north carolina, michigan, wisconsin, on and on and on. secretary clinton has an advantage. and the realclearpolitics
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average of these battleground states except iowa. what they're looking at is to see if some of these swing state polls will follow the trend in the national survey. they may or may not. the swing states have been subject to much more advertising. that is why she is changing things up a little bit as she campaigns. she's right now flying to tampa, florida, just came back on her plane a few moments ago and said i'm going to take questions again later on today. for a second day in a row, they clearly are worried about this whole transparency issue. has she been hiding anything? makes you wonder why they waited until september to not answer questions from the press. they were resisting that, a story line we talked about a lot there. she'll take more questions later today. >> stay tuned for that. >> one thing that has been a long-term trend in the polls is her problem with honesty -- the honest and trustworthy question. that continues to be a big problem.
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you actually spoke to the current vice president joe biden about her trustworthy problems. what did he have to say? >> joe biden is back on the campaign trail and loving every moment of it. this is his final lap, if you will. he had some advice for her when i caught up with her in pittsburgh. let's take a listen. >> hillary knows it's a problem. she's trying to figure out how to remedy it. my advice to her, the best way to remedy it is talk about what you care about, and talk about it with some passion and people will see through it. >> he's saying to open up more, show your heart more. we'll see if she takes that advice. that works for joe biden. that hasn't been her strong suitor what she often does here. she is opening up more in terms of answering questions as we saw yesterday as well. >> she got on the plane, said she'd come back and talk to reporters is. >> which we should point out is normal for presidential candidates. they used to do that. this should happen -- >> what this election is not is normal. great to see you, jeff.
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good to hear from joe biden. >> with us now to discuss former, former south carolina state representative bakari sellers, new york city councilman joseph ber really and cnn correspondent dana bash. let's make sense of it all. dana, we are old enough to remember when hillary clinton was up ten points. what happened? >> reporter: sort of where do we start? i think the bottom line is, it's a split nation. it's a divided country. it just is. that on top of the fact that hillary clinton' oh neither hillary clinton nor donald trump are the most well liked candidates we've ever seen. i think that's an understatement. but the fact of the matter is hillary clinton has had a rough couple of weeks, just like the couple of weeks before that donald trump had a rough couple of weeks. you combine the fact it's a divided country with the fact that the people who are
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reluctant about hillary clinton for whatever reason, whether it's because she's just another politician or because of what jeff was talking about, the fact that people are concerned about her honest and trustworthiness, the events of the past couple weeks have just fed into that big time. on her e-mail questions, questions about the foundation and so on and so forth. that clearly is why hillary clinton signaled to reporters she's going to come back on the plane today, it's unclear whether that notion is already baked in the cake or not. >> bacarri, let me ask you, dana brought up this issue of likability and favorability. one of the things clinton supporters have pointed to, her unfavorability numbers are high, but donald trump's are even higher, people like him less. this new poll, for the first time i've seen, hillary clinton has higher unfavorabilities than donald trump. can she win if that stays the case? >> well, first of all, we're
8:09 am
having this moment, especially moments of the pro verbal bed wetting here. this is one poll, if you look at this in the context of the last nine polls, this is the only poll that has donald trump actually ahead. if you look at the average on realclearpolitics, hillary clinton is still at 3.3%. we have to put that in context. in terms of unfavorables, they're both extremely high. they go back and forth. at the end of the day, you have 63 days remaining. this race is going to be close. it's gotten closer. no one said otherwise. the difference between the two candidates is very simple. you have one campaign with an established ground game. we saw the same thing in '08 and in 2012 oor. the ground game will put hillary clinton over the top at the end of the day. you can't make that up in 63 days. >> maybe why this poll may be getting more attention in brooklyn and elsewhere is early voting starts at the end of the month. it's all going to start matters.
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let me ask you this, councilman, donald trump wakes up, he has not been quoting -- citing many poll numbers on the trail because he doesn't like the way they looked. donald trump wakes up this morning, sees these numbers and he says what? >> i'm sure he has a big smiem. to bakarri's point, clinton's lead cut in half over the last 30 days. the trend has been there to put the campaign right where they want to on literally today the first real day of the campaign signal to have these wonderful headlines broad kaccastbroadcas >> councilman, the polls are not the only things that have changed over the last 24 hours, it seems donald trump's position on immigration has changed again as well. first i want to play you what he said on the plane yesterday about whether or not he would
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grant some sort of legal status to some of the illegal immigrants -- >> can you rule out legal status? >> no. >> not ruling it out. not ruling out. that seems pretty different, councilman, from what he said less than one week ago. let's listen. >> for those here illegally today who are seeking legal status, they will have one route and one route only, to return home and apply for reentry like everybody else under the rules of the new legal immigration system that i have outlined. >> not ruling anything out is way, way different than one way and one way only. one route and one route only. which is it? >> i think you're comparing apples to oranges. when he says one route, there's
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one route to citizenship. >> and i quote, for those of you seeking legal status. >> if you want to be legal in this country, you have to self-deport and come back. >> that's not what he said yesterday. that's not what he said yesterday. >> he's been extremely clear. we're going to build a wall. there's no amnesty and no pathway to citizenship. what you saw on the plane was candidate doing what he's supposed to do, having a frank conversation about hypotheticals, the policy working itself out. hillary clinton did this for the first time yesterday. give donald trump credit for engaging n o issues like immigration. >> he's contradicting himself. how does that help donald trump. >> on the three points of the immigration plan, whether it be a month ago or yesterday, it's always been the same. he's talking about hypothetical situations -- >> everything is hypothetical. he's not president yet. voters need to know where he stands. >> it's a binary choice.
8:13 am
if you care about immigration, if immigration is your issue in this race, you have one candidate who wants 100 day amnesty and you have one candidate -- >> the fact is, what he said yesterday was qualitatively different than what he said last week. it's just different. it just is. it may be helping him it's different, but it's different. >> dana bash, on the issues, we have the new book -- >> it's back there. >> we're reading it backstage. >> being read by a team of people, a policy book, the clinton-kaine team came out with this book about what they're going to do, stronger together. -- [ phone ringing ]. >> maybe that's somebody calling to tell me about that. for the same reasons you saw tim kaine talking about in the interview with jeff zeleny.
8:14 am
that's where they think they can win, on the issues, to keep talking about policy. when you talk about personality, when you talk about those issues, it tends to favor donald trump. more importantly they're trying to put the spotlight on what you're talking about with our friend the councilman there. that is donald trump even on his signature issue, immigration, is confusing things because he's trying to kind of find the middle ground, and it's not so easy on such a complex issue. i will say the thing that fascinated me in this poll on the issues, is the open-ended question, what issue is important to you, without giving options. the economy was number one, of course. immigration was number two. maybe that's because we hear so much discussion about it and voters hear so much discussion about it because of donald trump being in the race, but if it is so important to voters, it is going to be incumbent on donald trump and hillary clinton, but more on donald trump because
8:15 am
it's his core issue to be more clear about it. he's been trying for the last couple weeks and it hasn't really worked in terms of the number one question, clarity on what to do with the undocumented immigrants currently in this country who are not criminals. >> we'll continue to seek more clarity from everybody on that one. guys, great to see you. thank you so much. coming up for us, breaking developments in the drama surrounding fox news. the network apologizing and paying big time over sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a former anchor. the man at the center of it all, former fox news chairman roger ailes, he's also been advising donald trump's campaign. first donald trump maets makes a donation to an attorney general, then she decides not to investigate the university. is this quid pro quo here? we'll hear how the trump team is responding. stay with us.
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did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. brand new poll numbers out this morning that show a much, much different race. hillary clinton is trailing donald trump by 20 points. and on the question of who is more honest and trustworthy, hillary clinton trails by 15 points. >> here to discuss hillary
8:20 am
clinton's deputy communications director, christikristina schak. thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> good news for donald trump, which means can't be great news for hillary clinton. when you look at the poll numbers, what jumps out to you. >> we look at this poll and we knew this race was going to be very close. hillary knew that from the day she started this campaign. that's how she's been running it. you heard her seyed she has 63 days to go and she's going to work her heart out to earn every vote. we think this is an outlier. our pollsters took a look at the methodology. usually pollsters don't do that kind of polling over a holiday because it affects the results. we also think in the methodology that there were 8% more republicans, but it didn't increase in terms of the democra democrats. >> i did hear complaints about the methodology when our poll
8:21 am
showed you up by nine points. >> every poll, we just assume we're in a dead heat. we look at every poll, and hillary doesn't take anything for granted and she's going to get out there and work hard for every vote. we do think this poll is an outlier. we're running as if this is a very close race because this is what hillary believes. >> one thing that's not an outlier because it's been consistent, the issue o of who is the most honest and trustworthy. the gap, right now donald trump at 50%, hillary clinton at 35. we asked this question before, but can she win if she's trailing donald trump by 15 points on the question of who is more honest and trustworthy? >> she understands she has some work to do in this area. she is going to get out there and talk to reporters as she did yesterday and today. we just saw her, and to voters about what she would do as president. i think at the end of the day when people go in and decide who to vote for, they'll vote on the candidate they with count on in the oval office and work on
8:22 am
behalf of their families. that's what hillary clinton has done throughout her career and that's what she'll do as president. >> you mentioned families. we hear that from hillary clinton a lot. she's womening among women overall. when you look at this poll, she's down 17 points with married women. why? >> you know, as i said, she's working hard for every vote. one of the rons i came on the show today, to talk about the real policy she has for all americans including america's families and married women, for what she would do to make sure we get equal pay for equal work, quality affordable child care. hillary wrote this book. this was her idea because she believes in the old-fashioned idea that when you run for president, you should tell people what you wld do. >> do you get a sense that people are talking about the issues in this book, that's what they're looking for? >> i tell you, it's very important to hillary. she said herself she's a policy
8:23 am
wonk, but the details matter when it's your child, when it's your family, your community. she cares deeply about these issues. from the first day of this campaign, she laid out a vision for this country, to make the economy work for everyone, not just those at the top, to keep us safe and bring americans together. this book is actually her specific ideas of how to solve the challenges that american families face today. this is in real stark contrast to donald trump who "the washington post" wrote an editorial saying that he hasn't actually laid out really any policies other than building a wall and giving huge tax cuts to the wealthy, like himself, and actually to real estate developers. >> we'll be asking them about that as well. one of the things that you probably don't agree with, one of the reasons she wants to talk about policy, but is still facing a lot of questions regarding -- and we see it in the poll numbers consistently, honest and trustworthiness. she continues to face questions about her e-mails. one of the things a lot of
8:24 am
people are talking about is aides acknowledged they smashed her blackberry, more than one blackberry with a hammer in order to destroy it. when it comes to transparency, does that sound like transparency? >> i think as has been explained when these notes came out, she used one device at a time. the old devices aides got rid of in the most secure way as possible. she wasn't involved in those decisions. let's look at the facts here, she asked that these notes be released, asked that they by made public, all her work related e-mails be made public. she's released decades' worth of tax returns, released her medical records. >> she hasn't released medical records. you're right about the taxes and absolutely right she wanted the notes released. have you ever smashed an old blackberry. >> this is a decision made by her aides on what they thought was the best way to get rid of
8:25 am
an old device. in stark contrast to donald trump, he has not released his tax returns. american voters expect you to release your tax returns so they can see how you manage your own finances. this is especially important with a candidate who ha left a trail of bang ruch sees and lawsuits and unpaid bills in his way. we want to see how he manages his finances so we understand how he'll do it for the american people. >> more transparency would be better all around. thank you for coming on. >> we will get the republican response from team trump right now, sean spicer, chief republican strategist, working many days a week out of trump tower joins us next. >> also, flashback to 2011, donald trump was eager to push the birther conspiracy, questioning if president obama was born in the united states. today trump's position on it, i don't talk about it anymore. does that answer it?
8:26 am
we'll be right back.
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huge news this morning in the media world and the fallout could definitely hit the political world. 21st century fox settling a sexual harassment lawsuit with former fox news anchor gretchen carlson, paying carlson $20 million. the company saying this in an apology, they sincerely regret and apologize that gretchen was not treated with the respect and
8:31 am
dignity that she and all of our colleagues deserve. >> carlson claim the lack of respect and dignity came from her former boss roger ailes. this is the same roger ailes who happens to be advising the trump campaign right now, particularly in debate prep. we don't know yet how much of the $20 million ailes will pay. greta van susteren also announcing she's leaving the network. joining us cnn political reporter rebecca berg. ron narg from the ted cruz campaign and former adviser to the trump campaign, ed booker. >> fox just settled the lawsuit for $20 million. >> a lot of money. >> roger ailes has been advising donald trump on debate prep. is a guy in the middle of a $20 million sexual harassment settlement, is that the guy you
8:32 am
want advising you on debate prep? >> i think what mr. trump wants for his advisers are people who are experts in their field. gretchen carlson said she's ready to move on from her settlement. i think that's the case with all of us. mr. ailes has shown from working with other campaigns, from his building of fox news, he understands what communications is all about. i'm sure he'll give good solid advice. >> when you need to appeal to women voters, does that look good? >> i think people are going to be judging mr. trump on mr. trump and his performance. your poll this morning suggests mr. trump is doing much, much better among men and women. i think he's been showing over the last period of time from his recent speeches on policy, outreach in the inner cities, he is showing the public what kind of president he's going to be. >> rebecca, george w. bush said you can judge the character of a man by the company he keeps.
8:33 am
so what does it say about donald trump's character that he's keeping company with roger ailes. now in the middle of a $20 million sexual harassment settlement that cost him his job and now cost him a lot of money. >> well, they have clearly been close for a long time. donald trump trusts roger ailes' advice and vice versa. if you read the "new york magazine" piece on this on going drama, it reported that donald trump was actually advising ailes on this lawsuit at the same time roger ailes was advising donald trump on his presidential campaign. so it's a very similar yotic relationship they have and a long-standing one as well. the question is, from a political perspective, do voters necessarily care that donald trump is keeping company with someone like roger ailes or any other aide to his campaign? there's been plenty of campaign drama for donald trump when it comes to his campaign managers, his top aides. so far it hasn't mattered in the context of this campaign. i think ed is probably right
8:34 am
that, even though this will certainly create headlines for donald trump that maybe he wouldn't want, ultimately voters are going to judge based on donald trump. >> do voters then care about this, ron, i want to get your take. trump over the past couple days has been asked about his past comments pushing the birther conspiracy. when he's asked if he regrets bringing it up, when he's asked about it, he says the same thing over and over now. he says i don't talk about this anymore. i don't talk about this anymore. you work for ted cruz. donald trump brought up questions about where ted cruz was born. is that a good answer? >> no it's not. donald trump says a lot of the weird things. the tendency is when some of the weird things he says has been disproven or laughed at, making this bizarre claim which he doubled down on after the convention, that ted cruz's
8:35 am
father was connected to lee harvey oswald and the nation"na enquirer" should receive a pulitzer prize for their reporting on, trump is hoping that everyone forgets it. unfortunately you can't escape that. donald trump and hillary clinton both are trapped in brands that they created back during the primaries and before. so right now the choice of the american people being asked to make is do we give nuclear weapons to donald trump who tends to say weird things or do we give nuclear weapons and elect a richard nixon is a pant suit which is hillary clinton's on going problems with respect to ethics. that's why i think the polling is moving in the direction we've seen because hillary clinton has suffered so much in terms of not being perceived as someone who is trustworthy at all. >> ed, there's no statute of limitations to crazy -- >> for being asked about crazy things you said in the past. >> ed, do you think president obama was borne in the united states? >> i do. and i think mr. trump has --
8:36 am
>> why is it so hard for donald trump just to say that, yes, president obama was borne in the united states? >> mr. trump has choeps en and rightly so. the american public isn't deciding the next president of the united states based on that question, but who will give more jobs, make america safe for their children and grandchildren. right now it looks like they're moving in the drrks of donald trump. as the polls are saying, they don't trust hillary clinton anymore. the other thing the polls are saying is 70% of america thinks it's time for change. donald trump represents change. hillary clinton certainly does not. >> one thing they're also saying, if you're talking about that, ron, to get you on this, when you look at who is voting for who, the parties are going to their party leaders. 90% of republicans are now supporting -- saying they're now going to support donald trump. republicans are coming home. are you joining them? >> well, you know, i'm in the vote your conscience camp right now. i want to see what donald trump
8:37 am
is able to do going forward. i think he has an opportunity to reinvent himself if he chooses to take it. i think the most dramatic thing he can do to shake this race up would be to take some of the bizarre things he's said in the past -- the american people are very forgiving. everybody loves a comeback story. the americans will love a comeback story. if he were to come out and specifically apologize for these bizarre and crazy things he's said that's kept the republican party from being able to come together, certainly republicans, of course, a fast majority of republicans are going to support for donald trump, but it's not there with the fund-raising and in terms of grassroots activity particularly in terms of the grassroots states. he can shake the race up, but i don't know if he has the ability to come out and apologize for the bizarre and offensive things he's said and be able to move forward. if he had done that at around the time of the convention and before, we would be looking at a very, very different dynamic against a very weak hillary
8:38 am
clinton. >> we certainly haven't seen him do that. he flat out refuses to say the president was born in the united states. he says he doesn't talk about it anymore. it doesn't mean you can't also talk about other issues if you want to tell the truth. guy, thank you so much. we'll move on. no strings attached or were there? a $25,000 donation to the person -- a person considering whether to investigate trump university. but donald trump insists it wasn't used to make her look the other way. we'll discuss. also breaking news. we're getting word of a close encounter between an american navy ship and iran. we'll go live to the pentagon next with the details. next with the details. be right back. go ahead, spoil yourself. the es and es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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pentagon. cnn is learning that u.s. and iranian ships got uncomfortably close again in the persian gulf. let's get to barbara starr with more details on this. what are you learning? >> what we're learning is this happened on sunday, word just coming now. a u.s. patrol craft was in the persian gulf when he was essentially swarmed by seven iranian revolutionary guard small boats. one of those boats came within 100 yards right in front of the u.s. navy ship and came to a dead stop in the water, significantly raising the risk of a collision between the u.s. navy ship and the iranians. the u.s. navy had to make a sharp turn, steer out of the way and came within 100 yards of this iranian ship that stopped dead in the water right in front of it. there have been a series of these incidents. they're raising a good deal of concern at the pentagon. consider the numbers of
8:44 am
increased incidents. so far this year in 2016, 31 unsafe encounters with the iranians in those waters. all of last year, 23. so the iranians in the view of the u.s. navy stepping up their unsafe actions in these waters and there is a good deal of concern that this could lead to a potentially deadly encounter, something the u.s. says it wants to do everything to avoid. john, kate. >> very, very dangerous. barbara starr, thanks so much. coming up for us, a $25,000 question about a questionable $25,000 perhaps. donald trump dismisses any notion that a donation made to attorney general pam bondi's campaign had anything to do with a potential investigation into trump university. that's next. t the rent is outra. good thing geico offers affordable renters insurance. with great coverage it protects my personal belongings should they get damaged, stolen or destroyed.
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it is the $25,000 question in politics right now. donald trump dismissing questions about a donation his foundation made to florida attorney general pam bondi's re-election campaign back in 2013. this gift came around the time
8:49 am
that bondi was thinking about opening a fraud investigation into trump university. >> bondi eventually decided not to pursue the investigation. critics suggest trump was essentially giving her money to look the other way. trump says that is not true. listen. >> i never spoke to her. first of all, she's beyond reproach. she's a fine person. never spoke to her about it at all. many of the attorney generals turned that case down because i'll win that case in court. many attorney generals throughout the country would turn that case down. i never spoke to her. >> david farn that from "the washington post" joins us now. wu eve done a lot of digging on this. explain how this all played out, the timeline. >> okay. so in 2013 pam bondi, the attorney general of florida has basically a decision to make. some folks in florida have come to her with complaints that they feel they were defrauded by trump university. she had to decide whether to
8:50 am
turn that into a fraud investigation. she solicits a campaign donation from donald trump trump, $25,000. he gives it ought of his charity not it sort of goes away in florida. so that's what happened back then. now, we're dealing with the irs fallout from the way trump made this contribution. >> what are the open questions here, david, that you see as a reporter? what you hear from a lot of people on the left, you have a quid pro quo. trump gives money. bondi doesn't investigate. >> the difference between trump and clinton is that he was not in government. he was outside. he bragged that he gave money and government officials gave what he wanted. this is a clear example of that. he is backing away from ta now. two questions, in florida, did
8:51 am
bondi break the law by asking somebody for money while she was thinking about investigating him. from trump's perspective, a real interesting question about his taxes. he sent tax forms from his foundation to the irs that covered up this and they listed a fake, false donation that had the effect of hiding this donation they shouldn't have given. will there be any more fallout from trump as a result of that? >> that is a remaining question that will stay out there. david, thank you so much for joining us. let's talk about this with sean spicer, a communications director for the republican party. >> david farenthal has done a lot of digging on this fine donald trump has paid through the irs, because there was a campaign finance violation. the money goes to the attorney
8:52 am
general in florida considering investigating trump university. then, she stops investigating. she decides not to. is that pay to play? >> not at all. there were 48 other attorneys general that didn't investigate this. the only one that did was eric schneider man who is a hillary clinton supporter. of all of the 50 states where this was brought up, only one state pursued it, new york, a close ally of hillary clinton. there was a clerical error that was made, all fixed, paperwork refiled. that's it. if this was a cover-up, where are the other 48, 49 states that should have done something? none of them agreed with eric schneider man, the only one, an ally of hillary clinton. the rest of them shared there was no merit in going forward. >> i want to move on to an interview that donald trump gave last night na aired this morning on good morning america.
8:53 am
he spoke to david muir. he asked about comments that trump has made saying hillary clinton doesn't look presidential. let's watch this exchange. >> you have often talked about hillary clinton's stamina. you have even said she doesn't look presidential. >> i really do believe that. >> what do you mean by that? >> i don't think she has a presidential look. you need a presidential look. you have to get the job done. >> what is a presidential look? >> i mean, if someone who has questioned did the donald trump the's fitness to become president. she doesn't look and appear someone who would be presidential. she dock look presidential when she was installed a secret server to avoid government tracking. >> that's not what he is talking about. >> is he talking about because she is a woman? >> at some point, she can glob a million insults at donald trump. he says she doesn't look
8:54 am
presidential because of the actions she has undertaken in keeping with government. >> he talks about her actions all the time. when he is talking about her look, he is not talking about her actions. you are not wearing a tie. that's how you look today. he is talking about some kind of appearance there. >> you are inferring what he means. kate is inferring it because of her gender. >> i am just asking a question about that. >> it is about how she carries herself. she does not appear presidential. she does not act like a president. she evades government scrutiny and avoids the transparency she was to live up to. m when she hurled insults at donald trump for what was an unbelievable meeting in mexico with the president down there. she used a ton of insults to describe that, no one questioned her lobbing those insults. when he goes back, it is always about donald trump. there is a huge double standard
8:55 am
when it comes to how this campaign is covered. >> you talk to david brock, he claims the double standard goes the other way. a different subject, mike pence is releasing his taxes. donald trump won't do it until an audit is done. donald trump told viewers that voters don't care about seeing taxes. if voters don't care about it, why is mike pence releasing his? >> because he wants to. donald trump has basically said, i'm under audit, under the advice of counsel. i will not release until it is done. he has released a financial disclosure form, which is all the assets and debts. it is more comprehensive than a tax return. >> it does not show things that a tax reform does. >> i didn't say that. it is more comprehensive. >> hillary clinton was in government for a long time. we continue to see a pay to play from the clinton foundation. talk about a lack of transparency. >> this doesn't have -- >> it does.
8:56 am
they faked amnesia about why they didn't know about the secret service. that was government. >> anyone can release their taxes under an audit? >> that is between him and his counsel it decide whether or not he releases them. >> great. he has made a decision on the advice of counsel, he is not going to do it until the audit is over. if the audit gets cleared up, he will do it. what hillary clinton has not done, she was in government and evaded the law and what was required of her over and over again. >> both sides want to change the subject to the other candidate. it is so funny. donald trump, after giving his immigration, different positions he has on immigration and his speech, senator jeff blake of arizona was critical of him. how did donald trump respond? he took him on on twitter and called him weak jeff blake. do you think senator jeff blake is a weak senator? >> i have said this before on several topics. those aren't necessarily the words i would choose.
8:57 am
we have a better argument, better values and solutions for this country. one of the things about donald trump and one of the things that makes him appealing to folks is that he doesn't kowtow to this political correct. what you see with trump is a guy that's going to go down there and fight, no more business as usual. >> what he said about jeff blake, was that appealing to you? >> was that appealing to me? >> you said it makes it appealing. >> look, again, i don't tend to use words like that in describing fellow republicans. what people are tired of is the same old politicians using recycled talking points. what trump offers is a breath of fresh air and not going to do the business as usual that is keeping washington from m solving the problems. >> our business as usual is going to commercial or we won't be in business. we'll be back in a moment. >> nangs. ying. now she writes mostly in emoji. soon, she'll type the best essays in the entire 8th grade.
8:58 am
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hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view." with 63 days left, she says she is not going to remain silent even she coughs now and again. hillary clinton chatted with reporters on her campaign plane. the very first question was about the coughing fits that had


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