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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  September 11, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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commemoration ceremony. take a look, she gets into the van with the help of the secret service. they took her to her daughter's apartment in new york, chelsea clinton. she was there for a bit, supposedly at home. the latest in chappaqua, new york, but what is the latest on how she is doing and what her campaign is saying? >> reporter: well, poppy, we actually have not heard from the clinton campaign for several hours now. the only statement we got from the clinton campaign was late in the morning, when hillary clinton did in fact get overheated. and that is why she left the 9/11 memorial earlier and came to chelsea clinton's home. but we did learn that hillary clinton did in fact appear to faint. i want to be clear this is not
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something that the campaign confirmed. but law enforcement officials said hillary clinton did in fact appear to faint this morning. we'll learn if they give us any information on her status right now. and you're right, she did come here this morning to her daughter's home. and when she came out she said she was feeling great, smiling, even alwapaused to take a photoh a little girl waiting outside. no updates as of right now on whether or not the episode will end up affecting her travel plans. tomorrow she was supposed to fly to california. she has a number of fundraiser and campaign events scheduled on the west coast, we don't know yet if any of those plans will be affected. >> okay, m.j. lee, thank you for joining us. and for the update. last year, her physician did release a letter signing off on her hit. that letter from dr. lisa bardak, saying that hillary
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clinton is fit to serve as president. clinton had been diagnosed as hypothyroidism. she takes a medication and the blood thinner, cumadin. so let's talk about this with dr. sanjay gupta. i want to get to first what law enforcement reported. this is from law enforcement, saying she appears to have fainted. >> well, i don't know what to make of that. people use the term in different ways, you saw the video, i'm not sure if you're talking about the point where she stumbled. appears to have fainted, versus somebody who fainted or lost consciousness, i don't know, i can't tell, so if somebody is saying that they saw that and that is confirmed. obviously that would be another piece of information. but you have to piece it
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together with everything else still. >> you're right, and we're just not going to do that we're going to be extraordinary accurate with just what we see here. so let's have you look at what you see, sanjay gupta, happening. >> well, she is clearly getting help as she stands there. look at the movements, she has a difficulty with balance, clearly stumbles, trying to get into the van at that point. and then, obviously the doors close and we don't see her again, an hour and a half, to two hours later where she appears fine. what do i see there? it's somebody who is clearly having difficulty with their balance. i don't know if you can say more than that, or that she fainted necessarily looking at that video. but it's somebody who either because of dehydration, low blood pressure, something created an impact that obviously led her to have just difficulty navigating those few steps. >> so let's talk about dehydration, sanjay, if there
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was dehydration, you mentioned earlier she takes antihistamines, right, for her allergies? could that lead to dehydration, one of the medications she is on? >> that is common, so dehydration pops to the pop of the list. so poppy, whether it is big or small, that is still speculative. so dehydration, antihistamines, the antihistamines we know recently she talked about the fact she increased her dose of antihistamines, because she has had these troubles with allergies. antihistamines, decongestants, as we know, they dry up your sinuses, and work well with that. the problem is they can also cause you to have dehydration in your body as well. so that can be sedating, that is one place you would look. some of the other medications
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could play a role, as well. including the thyroid medication. again, none of them as an isolation but as a combination. we still don't know. there is no doctor report or statement. there has been nothing. she doesn't appear to have even had a checkup after that episode. we have nothing to base it on. >> after she left the ceremony this morning, he says she attended the ceremony, et cetera, she was there for about an hour and 30 minutes to pay her respects and greet some of the families of the fallen. during that ceremony she felt overheated and went to her daughter's apartment and is feeling much better. we know that in 2010 she suffered a blood clot between her brain and skull. her doctor has come out and said that is completely resolved. once a person has a condition like that, has a blood clot are there any special considerations? we know she is on blood thinners
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in. >> right, i think that was 2012. one thing you think about, somebody has had ha blow to the head, a concussion is a bit of a misnomer, a head injury. and she developed that blood clot in her brain, as well. apparently she developed the blood clot, despite being on the blood thinners. what we know from her medical note is looking at the follow-up. is there a concern? but the follow-up from her medical notes say she has been tested and there is no long-term impact to her brain from this. but she is on blood thinners, very carefully, i have to notha note. there is complete resolution of her symptoms back in 2012.
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poppy, you're bringing up an important point. she had a fainting episode back in 2012. we don't know if it was a fainting episode. you heard it characterized by law enforcement. what is the fainting episode about? is this really just dehydration, which it very well could be, dehydration plus a combination of medications. but she did not get a checkup today, even if it were a basic checkup. forget she is a candidate for president, anybody who has an episode like this should get checked out. >> look, this letter says she experienced no side effects from her medications. talk about the medications she is on, she is on thyroid medication for hyperthyroid. >> so armour thyroid, for
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somebody who doesn't have enough thyroid in the body, often they will have symptoms where they're cold intoleranintolerant, and t have blood tests, and armour is one of the ways to help the thyroid. you're given the hormone and it can cause the opposite symptoms, it can make people feel heat intolerant. also it revs up the metabolism. that is what the medication does. the coumadicoumadin, a version blood thinner for some years now and apparently was on it back in 2012 when she hit her head. but despite that did not have brain bleeding, according to her medical reports but instead developed a blood clot in one of the blood vessels. >> you say she was on this medication before she had that fall and concussion.
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you know, there are a number of people 50 and older, 60 and older who take aspirin, right? what is the difference of being on coumadin? >> it is more powerful. she had a history even before 2012 of having what is known as deep vein thrombosis, you don't want them to travel to the lungs. so she had been on blood thinners, most recently, since 2009. i think she had been on blood thinners since before that time. >> so sanjay gupta, the information released to the public has been broadly discu discussed. urely from a medical perspective, would that be
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valuable to the candidates for hillary clinton and donald trump to let the public see their records? >> at a minimum there probably needs to be an independent board of doctors who don't have a relationship with the candidates to vet this. a lot of times doctors are friends as well as doctors. i'm not suggesting anything that would come out of that that's less than objective, but if you're friends with the candidate we clearly saw we were not getting enough information. we were getting just a summary information. i think back when senator mccain was running for president, he released his records to a group of reporters for a time. we had had hours to go through it and derive your own opinions. at a minimum, it seems there should be a better explanation of what exactly happened today and maybe even have her doctor talk about being able to answer some questions about what may have precipitated what we saw today. while she was getting into the
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van. >> all right, dr. sanjay gupta, thank you very much for that important information. that is what we know at this point. again, we'll update you when we know more about the campaign. and a lot of americans are paying attention to their commander in chief. so how could a health concern affect one campaign member for president? we have less than 60 days to determine that. and coming up, polls in key swing states. we'll take a look at how the numbers show a much, much tighter race than just a week ago. me relationships you stick with. over time, they get even better. that's why more people stick with humana medicare advantage. we work together with you to find the best plan, however your needs might change. because great things are ahead of you when your health is ready for them. humana medicare advantage. the plan people stick with.
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commemoration ceremony after her campaign said she felt overheated. you see secret service agents helping her as she gets into the van. she sort of stumbles, and w wobbles a bit. she did come out and speak to the press saying quote, she feels great. but when you talk about the optics of this, 60 days away, there are questions people have. let's bring in our commenn correspondent from austin, texas, all we know is from her campaign she overheated. two law enforcement sources are telling cnn that she appears to have fainted. but again, that is not confirmed by her doctor or campaign. what does history teach us about how concerned voters are about the health of the candidates running for the white house? >> reporter: well, we're concerned, but we're a country
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that elected franklin roosevelt four times when we know he had polio four times, wheelchair-bound. so there is a reasonable perspective. this is not a big event that occurred in my mind today. hillary clinton didn't do anything wrong. she has been chris-crossing the country, i don't know how any of these candidates do it. and she is out in extreme heat. got a little bit dizzy. and there was an awkward moment. but there are times in u.s. presidential campaigns when there is a bad video bite when we see her stumbling into her car, where it causes pain. and she needs to be clear what happened and try to explain to the public what it is. >> and dr. sanjay gupta, our chief medical correspondent, said look it would be a good idea for the candidates to release their health records and frankly have an independent board of doctors who release
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their information, who you often become friends with. what is the historical precedent for that, or is there none to get health records for candidates? >> well, i agree with him that would be ideal. but we're also very late in the game right now. there are times when candidates' healths just causes big problems. i mean think about thomas eagleton, running for candidate. he had a background of mental illness, it eventually broke loose. it cost george mcgovern terribly to not be transparent on that. i remember in 1992, when george herbert bush threw up on a japane japanese visitor. so that bite was very haunting. i think we have a right to know the medical history of somebody
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running for president. these candidates all have their own doctors who will say they're fit as a fiddle. it's important for hillary clinton not to do what john kennedy did in 1962 and try to hide a condition. she needs to be transparent where she is at, what happened with her concussion and just be frank with what happened. she needs to get on a plane and go to san francisco and keep get on the campaign trail, or will this make her cancel? we'll have to wait and see. >> why do you say it's key if she gets on the plane. if you're talking about -- these candidates are flying across the country back and forth and clearly what they do is exhausting. are you saying she has to get on that plane or else the optics are just going to be too tough for her? >> well, if she is not going to invite a doctor to chappaqua, for the get bags of fluid if she was dehydrated and really was
2:19 pm
just fine, felt dizzy, that means she would be onward to california. but if you're going to feed into the campaign's notion that she is unfit to command and she has been covering up her health woes for a while, so if she can get on that plane tomorrow, i certainly would do it. >> douglas hinckley thank you. and still to come, we have more on the swing states, live from the cnn news room. wholesome nuts and crunchy flakes. good things come together to make one great thing. great grains. why be good when you can be great?
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this is cnn breaking news. all right, we do have breaking news into cnn. an update on presidential candidate hillary clinton's health. what we have just learned from an aide is that hillary clinton's doctor attended to her home in chappaqua today after she arrived there. and here is the full statement from her doctor, the chairman of internal medicine. secretary clinton has been experiencing a cough related to allergies. on friday, after a follow-up she was diagnosed with pneumonia and put on antibiotics and advised to rest and monitor her schedule.
2:24 pm
while at this morning's event, she became overheated and dehydrated. she is now rehydrated. she was diagnosed with pneumonia. checked by her doctor, the doctor said she is recovering nicely at her home. sanjay gupta, what do you make of what the doctor said she has pneumonia. >> well, it's the first of what we're hearing about. we heard about the coughing episodes she had. and those were attributed to as and even heard she was increasing the dose of her antihistamines. pneumonia is a very different diagnosis, obviously means an infection of the lungs. the doctor has put her on antibiotics which suggests it's a bacterial infection of the lungs. and it's a virus that you can understand why somebody would curtail their schedule, and basically take the medicines and recover.
2:25 pm
despite this diagnosis that it sounds like came on friday, we still obviously saw the schedule she was keeping with this planned travel even tomorrow. and then the note you just read, poppy, i saw it as well. they say they had advised to modify the schedule. i'm not sure how the schedule was modified if it was. >> well, it is interesting, because she sat down on provide, the pneumonia diagnosis came on friday, we don't know what time it came. on friday, she sat down with an interview for our own chris cuomo, and she went to the 9/11 plans and the commemoration ceremony this morning. sanjay, we know that in september, not long ago she was in cleveland and had a coughing fit for a few minutes. that now seems to make more sense, right? >> it seems so it's tough to piece it together, i don't think anybody can piece it together except for her and her doctor.
2:26 pm
but the distinguished coughing episode due to allergies, which would be something that is an allergan, pneumonia is an infection of the lungs, an infection as opposed to an allergan, it is typically diagnosed because somebody has difficulty breathing, done with a chest x-ray and done in a hospital. so these could all wrap together somehow. maybe she thought it was allergies and then the doctor diagnosed her with this pneumonia as to causing her coughing. but you know, again, i think we're still dealing with limited information here. this -- you know, it's tough and it's speculative without more complete information. >> right, and therefore it's hard to make a judgment. one of the questions is, is she supposed to travel across country tomorrow to california
2:27 pm
for a fundraiser? well, i guess she is not your patient. you would not be able to say with this much information that is something she should do. >> absolutely, that is something that is going to be true for anyone, her and her doctor. pneumonia, if somebody has an infection of the lungs it could take a while to recover from that. you are dehydrated and oftentimes have fevers. it could make the dehydration worse, typically on a plane it could make things potentially a little bit worse. who knows? i don't know the severity of the pneumonia. dr. bardek says she is recovering nicely now. i don't know what that means, she clearly had an episode today and had this diagnosis on friday, on medications, a new one we're just learning about right now. an antibiotic. so there are several things going on painting a better picture but still not a complete picture.
2:28 pm
>> and sanjay, stay with us, as we bring in our reporter outside hillary clinton's apartment, where she went today after she stumbled and got into the van. i want to bring the video getting into the van but also walking out of chelsea clinton's apartment. because i think it's important to show how she was reacting when she came out of the van. are they responding regarding the statement from the doctor? >> reporter: not quite yet. we have not heard from clinton's campaign as to whether her travel arrangements will be changed. as a result of this doctor's note, they have not -- certainly not reacted to the new information that we're getting from her long-time physician. i think as sanjay said this is limited information still we are dealing with. but certainly very new information we're getting that she was diagnosed with pneumonia on friday. i find that very interesting,
2:29 pm
because right now today is sunday. we did not know members of the press, the campaign did not inform anybody that this was something that was going on, on friday she had a busy schedule. she had a big national security meeting and then held a press conference. and it is actually interesting thinking back to that friday. i was in the room when she held the press conference. and i remember thinking you could tell she was struggling to contain a cough. you could tell her throat was clearly bothering her. you know that in recent weeks she has had these coughing fits out on the campaign trail. and then when she was done with the press conference she let out a big cough when she walked away from the podium. this is something the reporters were talking about a little bit afterwards and just noting something that was going on. so very interesting she knew about this since friday but continued on -- perhaps the doctor's diagnosis came after that press conference. we don't really know. i think the big question is
2:30 pm
whether the campaign will sort of take the advice of a doctor po more seriously. the doctor did say in the letter she should rest and modify her schedule. she is set to go to california tomorrow, we don't know if the campaign will cancel that or delay that trip. >> and m.j., you say it is interesting we're only finding out now and perhaps because of this episode she was diagnosed on friday. is it atypical for a campaign to not put the information out there right when they learn about the diagnosis or is that standard? >> reporter: look, certainly i can say there were many questions swirling about her health, in large part because her opponent, donald trump, and his surrogates have raised many questions about whether or not she is in a good state of health. i think this is a very sensitive subject, something the clinton campaign has tried very hard to brush away. and certainly this morning that was the worse case scenario where you get video of her
2:31 pm
stumbling. law enforcement officials saying she appeared to faint. that is not the kind of distraction they wanted, especially the kind of distraction related to her health. >> all right, please stay with me. i want to bring in dan merrick, outside of chappaqua, outside her home, we know hillary clinton left her daughter, chelsea's apartment. and dan what are you seeing there? what is the mood since hillary clinton arrived there earlier this afternoon. >> hey, poppy, we have not, it is pretty much business as usual, the secret service blocking the area where she lives. we haven't seen her come out. she reports she arrived at some time in the 1:00 hour. her was waiting for her there and came to the house to examine her there after she had this
2:32 pm
incident leaving the 9/11 memorial. it's important to know as m.j. said, the doctor suggested she modify her schedule. she and her press corps are supposed to fly to california tomorrow morning. and then there is a fundraiser in california and in san francisco, and then she has two fundraisers on tuesday as well as an event in the los angeles area. and then wednesday she is supposed to give the speech and campaign more in nevada in las vegas. i'm told that the campaign is taking the doctor's recommendation seriously. and take the diagnosis of pneumonia seriously. but as of now there is no change to her schedule. she is still slated to go and fly to l.a. tomorrow. and as for how the campaign feels they know that this is you know, likely something that trump supporters and trump maybe himself will use to point out secretary clinton's health, questions about her health. they certainly have been doing that.
2:33 pm
and the issue with the video is that questions about her health have been living in the right wing news sphere for a while now. it's the question secretary clinton had to weigh in a few weeks from clinton's doctor. and the events from ground zero, it will just elevate and make it more of a mainstream conversation. >> and douglas brinkley, the presidential historian, just said to me earlier in the hour, said look, it could be a problem if she doesn't get on the plane tomorrow but health is primary. i mean, that is it, right? do you have any insight into how the campaign is dealing with this? the doctor says modified schedule, how they will make that determination whether or not she goes tomorrow. >> yeah, i mean, certainly there are optics at play here. but i think the campaign has to
2:34 pm
sort of weigh the two options, right, one is to not heed the doctor's advice and go on with her travels anyway. and then i think risk her being exhausted, tired, and potentially her illness right now getting worse. and i think the other thing as you pointed out is that if she does cancel her plans for tomorrow then yes, her critics could point at that and say look, we should be more concerned about her state of health right now. i did want to point out since we're talking about donald trump and his side of things and whether there has been a reaction from him, the campaign has been very, very quiet today. donald trump was asked very briefly if he knew about hillary clinton and her health episode. earlier today, he said he did not. but other than that brief interaction with the press i don't believe the campaign has really weighed in. and remember this is politically a strategy coming from the donald trump campaign. the campaign has said on 9/11
2:35 pm
they do not want to weigh into politics. so that seems to be their strategy right now. >> sanjay to you, look, this doctor, the note we have from hillary clinton's doctor, doctor lisa bardek, the doctor who gave her a clean bill of health a year ago in july saying she was essentially perfectly healthy to be fit and president. sanjay, you also have confidential information from a doctor, right? the doctor can't send any information unless the patient gives them information. are there any other rules that apply when they're dealing with presidential candidates in terms of what they can or cannot say? >> no, i think the rules are pretty much the same. the confidentiality clauses, and agreements, still very much intact. and doctors, i guarantee you that dr. bardek would not have released that note you put up on the screen without secretary
2:36 pm
clint clinton approving that. on friday, she was diagnosed with pneumonia. typically to diagnose somebody with pneumonia, it involves somebody doing the exam, somebody having a suspicion because of a fever or breathing or coughing episodes as you said earlier. typically involves a chest x-ray as well. so something that is done in a clinic or hospital. we didn't hear about any of that until today. none of that o-- that's -- this is the first time we're hearing about it and it's a more serious diagnosis. something very treatable, but still a more serious diagnosis. >> it's a very important point. because m.j., to sanjay's point about if she was diagnosed friday, were all of these tests done on friday. because sanjay, you diagnose pretty quickly after those tests are done, correct? >> yes, you can get them quickly. >> so you said she had a very
2:37 pm
busy schedule on friday. >> reporter: that is right, she held that additional security meeting and then she proceeded to hold a press conference where she took questions from the press and then she sat down with cnn's chris cuomo. so yes, it was a relatively busy day. and as i mentioned earlier you could tell sitting closer up to the podium she was sort of clearly trying not to cough. and then as soon as the press conference was over she turned around and let out a pretty big cough. these coughing fits have sort of followed her around these past couple of weeks. and she has said they were allergies. her doctor said in fact today she had an allergy-related cough but obviously we know now the diagnosis of friday is that she has pneumonia. >> and finally, to you, sanjay, finally before i get a break in here just on all that has developed in the past too
2:38 pm
moments, we went into her medical history the fact she had that blood clot back in 2012. and her doctor said se has been completely cleared of that with no side effects of medications. now doctor, your thoughts. >> common things are common, that goes without saying. so the idea somebody would have become overheated, a combination of things, maybe not getting enough food or drink, the weather conditions, whatever it may be the combination could have caused this certainly. the pneumonia, again, brand-new information. had not heard that up until just now. obviously it could be a very significant contributing factor as well that causes somebody to have fever and causes somebody to have difficulty with breathing and can cause coughing episodes and cause them to be hydrated. it all seems to fit. we're getting information sort of piecemeal here. and i think because of this episode today is probably the
2:39 pm
only reason we're getting some of that information. doctors like journalists always want more information, poppy. i think having dr. bardak answering some of these questions and more transparency around it, i think would go a long way because i think there are questions about it still going on over the past several days. >> dr. sanjay gupta, thank you for reporting, we'll be right back after this.
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this is cnn breaking news. all right, we're back with our breaking news, presidential candidate hillary clinton we've just learned in the past few moments diagnosed with pneumonia. that diagnosis coming on friday from her doctor. this all coming in the wake of having to leave the 9/11 ceremony early this morning. and you see her, she stumbles, helped by secret service into the van. in just the last few moments, our jeff zeleny says the senior adviser says the trip now planned for her to go to california tomorrow up in the air, defensagain, the trip to california up in the air in the wake of the news of the health diagnosis coming in. there is an evaluation of her schedule going on at this point in time. this comes moments after we got
2:44 pm
this statement from hillary clinton's doctor, dr. lisa bardak, let me read you the statement, secretary clinton has been experiencing a cough related to allergies. she was diagnosed with thu pneumonia, i have just examined her, she is now rehydrated and recovering nicely. that statement coming from dr. lisa bardack, our m.j. lee reporting she was at the press conference that hillary clinton held on friday. and that she nor any journalists were told of any health concerns. we now learned she was diagnosed with pneumonia on friday but now it has just become public. our chief medical correspondent
2:45 pm
dr. sanjay gupta is back with us. they are evaluating her schedule seriously. >> and given that this came in on friday, i guess it is surprising that that evaluating of the schedule had not already been done. it sounds as if dr. bardack had suggested that already. this is surprising, we're hearing about it for the first time. the diagnosis in what m.j. lee reported, on friday, typically the evaluation is an x-ray or blood work often is done. it's a totally treatable thing, no question about it. but it is a serious thing, and should not be taken lightly. it sounds like poppy, doctor what you're hearing and what the statement reads they are taking
2:46 pm
it more seriously. >> stay with me, m.j. is back with me, and the senior adviser to the campaign telling him, california trip, serious evaluations are under way. it doesn't answer the question why the public was not notified of the diagnosis two days ago when she received it. >> reporter: yeah, so we're starting to see the first signs that perhaps her trip to the west coast tomorrow could be in jeopardy here. as you noted our jeff zeleny reported that according to a senior adviser, now the california trip that was supposed to take place tomorrow is up in the air. also to note according to the adviser there are questions now as to why clinton went to a campaign fundraiser with barbara streisand on friday. and that is in regard to the note on friday, the diagnosis on
2:47 pm
friday. she is told to rest, on friday she had had a very busy schedule that started with a national security meeting in the morning. a press conference, after that meeting. and then she sat down with chris cuomo for an interview, and then she went to this fundraiser. so that was a packed campaign schedule day. and i think now there are some questions as to whether she really does need to take her doctor's advice a little more seriously. >> m.j., stay with me, jeff zeleny is with us on the phone, jeff this is what you're hearing from the campaign, tell us more. >> reporter: poppy, good afternoon, i'm hearing as m.j. said, there is really a conversation going on among clinton's top advisers about how they have been scheduling her. there has been a lot of conversation and criticism from donald trump, oh, she takes naps and is not out in the public often. but that is not actually true. if you look at her schedule, really, i covered five
2:48 pm
presidential campaigns, one of the most scheduled candidates that i have seen. and in this case, some advisers wonder if she has been over-scheduled. and the friday example is a key one they're looking at. she was indeed as we now know diagnosed with pneumonia on friday. and we were at the briefing on friday afternoon, and then she went to the barbara streisand concert fundraiser. why did she need to be there? the checks were already in the mail. that was a big use of her time. and in fact she also used the time she gave a speech that she made a comment that she ended up apologizing for on saturday, you know, about half of donald trump's supporters represent deplorable people. so right now, poppy, there is a discussion going on inside
2:49 pm
clinton world about how they have scheduled her. and you know, this health concern is something that is actually pretty serious. she is you know -- keeps a very aggressive schedule. no doubt she wants to do all of this. she is not one to say no in the words of advisers. but there are now suggestions and conversations that her california trip tomorrow she is scheduled to go to san francisco monday for a fundraiser. to los angeles on tuesday for a couple of fundraisers and an economic speech and to las vegas on wednesday. this schedule now is in question, i'm told. and at this point they're reevaluating the next few days at least as she gets her health back under way. >> and jeff, notable silence from the trump campaign on this. >> it really is interesting, donald trump has commented on her health really throughout the campaign, talking about how she takes naps and how she is not aggressive in campaigning like him. they have not said anything at
2:50 pm
all. we'll see how long that lasts, i think today at least it's notable that they're not saying anything at all here. but poppy, interestingly to note at this point in the presidential campaign most candidates in previous cycles do not of a person's candidacy, but you do not have to go to all your fundraisers. the clinton campaign, she has actually struggled to raise money. she shhas worked hard throughou the summer to raise money and go to all these events. she goes in a classic old-style way as opposed to money coming in on line and other things, and they're really evaluating, wonder fg this ing if this is t use of her time some 68 days before election time here, and the consequences are certainly deep here, poppy. >> jeff zelany, stay with me as you continue your reporting and
2:51 pm
reaching out to your sources. dr. sanjay gupta, back to you. if somebody is being treated for pneumonia, how are they treated? what medication do they get? are they allowed to fly? >> well, it's hard to paint that with a broad brush stroke. it's differing depending on how serious it is, how she's responding to therapies. but, again, as i've been saying, it's a more serious diagnosis, so typically in this case it sounds like she has a bacterial pneumonia, so this is a bacteria that's causing it. it's an infection of the lung and she's being treated with antibiotics. typically people have fevers, they may have chest tightness, difficulty with breathing. we've heard a lot about these coughing episodes she's had recently. they could all be related. but yeah, typically you do need a lot of rest, you do need a lot of fluids. you're losing fluids because of the fever. you're losing fluids because of the infection. and there is not, i don't think, an absolute rule against flying, but i think a lot of doctors
2:52 pm
would suggest against it because of the -- could it make the symptoms even worse? i don't know that it would make the pneumonia even worse, but you might feel worse as a result of the flying. there is want an absolute formula here, but clearly it sounds like, again, on friday, we're hearing this for the first time now, some of that guidance was given. fall back, get rest. >> i want to go to m.j. on this. the statement we got from nick merrill, the spokesperson for her campaign hours ago, minutes after she left the 9/11 commemoration memorial ceremony earlier, all it mentioned was overheating. it did not mention the pneumonia diagnosis, the diagnosis that came two days prior. >> reporter: that's right. we're only learning about the pneumonia diagnosis today. we now know that the pneumonia diagnosis actually came from clinton's doctor on friday. i think it's important to note sort of the dynamics in the presidential campaign right now
2:53 pm
that might have led the clinton campaign to decide that they want her to be as active as she can be. we are talking a little bit about jeff zelany and he's reporting that there are questions being raised about why she had to go to that fundraiser on friday, for example. well, look, we are now in the month of september. there is less than two months left until election day and the polls have been tightening and the clinton campaign is very aware of that. they know that every campaign rally counts, they know that every interaction with the media counts. they know that every meeting counts, they know that every sit-down counts. i think this is at a point at the campaign when the clinton campaign wants to make as much effort as possible to get her s her message out there. there was an interesting moment on clinton's plane when her spokesman was telling reporters about her personal story. a comment that stayed with me, palmeri was pointing out that it does take a little more effort on the clinton campaign's part
2:54 pm
to have sort of positive message break through because of the kind of candidate donald trump is on the other side of the aisle. so i think we have seen some sign that the clinton campaign really is making an effort to get herself out there and to really set the narrative for herself on her own, on her own terms, and i think friday was clearly an example of perhaps the clinton campaign overscheduling her despite the doctor's orders to rest and modify her schedule. >> and jeff zelany, to you in washington joining us on the phone again, sanjay spoke about the fact it would probably be a good idea for the american public to see the health records of all the candidates. any indication from the clinton camp that this may cause them to release more information about her health, put the health records out there? >> it's a great question, poppy. so far no. so far the clint oon campaign h not indicated they are any more likely to reveal a release of the secretary's entire health records.
2:55 pm
it is important to note that statement earlier this morning, it did not give the full story that she was overheated. that story didn't sound right at the time. yes, it was a warm, muggy, hot morning in new york, and yes, she may have been overdressed. when you looked at her she had a jacket and she was dressed more for a fall day. but the reality here is that the clinton campaign has not been as forthcoming with medical records as has not the trump campaign. this is an election cycle that is -- it's important to note here, the american voters have less information about the health and, you know, really what's going on healthwise with either candidate than in any recent presidential election. and it's also the election where both the nominees are the oldest that they've ever been. whoever is sworn into office here will be the oldest candidate sworn into office here, and it's a moment for the clinton campaign to possibly release records if they decide to. donald trump has not.
2:56 pm
clinton released more than trump. her record from the doctor was longer. we haven't seen records from other years. >> much more on our breaking news. hillary clinton again diagnosed with pneumonia on friday. just learning about it now after she left that 9/11 service early this morning. much more ahead. stay with us. i've bfrom nature's bounty to support my heart. i'm running, four times a week. eating better, keeping healthy. so that no matter what happens in the future, my "future self" will thank me. thank you!
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i'm poppy harlow. breaking news this hour. we begin with an update on hillary clinton's health, her principal doctor just issuing a statement noting that hillary clinton on friday was diagnosed with pneumonia. we also learned in the past few moments that according to a senior campaign adviser, an upcoming trip to california now in the air, she was supposed to fly to arizona tomorrow. in new york early this morning, two law enforcement sources told cnn it appeared the candidate
3:00 pm
fainted. the campaign manager will only say she was overheated and was diagnosed with pneumonia. during that follow-up evaluation of her prolonged cough, she was diagnosed with pneumonia. this is all from her doctor, dr. lisa bardack. she was advised to rest and revise her schedule. while at this morning's event, she became overheated and dehydrated. the doctor said he has examined her and she is now rehydrated and recovering nicely. this is after she was diagnosed in her home in chappaqua, new york. after clinton left that ceremony, she went to her daughter chelsea's apartment in new york and then went home with where she was, as we know, examined by her doctor. m.j. lee is also outside the apartment of chelsea clinton where hillary clinton went, and jeff


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