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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 13, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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from working people as he could. and now this guy's going to be the champion of working people? i mean, he wasn't going to let you on his golf course. [ laughter ] he wasn't going to let you buy in his condo. and now suddenly this guy cease going to be your champion? sko so if y-- so if you oppose raising the minimum wage you should vote for trump. you should also vote for pat toomey. a trump/toomey economy will be right up your ally. but if you are concerned about paying your bills, growing the economy, creating opportunity for everybody, keeping the trend of rising incomes going and rising wages going. and uninsured going down and poverty going down, if that's what you're looking for this shouldn't even be close. if you want higher wages, better
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benefits, a fairer tax code, a bigger voice for workers, stronger relations on wall street then you should be voting for hillary clinton and katie mcginty and bob brady to stand up for you. [ cheers and applause ] and if you're concerned about who will keep your family safe in this dangerous world then the choice is clearer. i just came from overseas. talk to the other leaders around the world. they don't even understand how this is close. [ laughter ] hillary's worked with our intelligence teams and diplomats and military. she has the judgment and temperament and the experience to meet any threat. there's no scenario she will not have seen before. and she'll see it our troops finish the job of defeating isil, doing it the right way without resorting to torture
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without banning entire religions from our country. she's prepared to be the next commander-in-chief. [ crowd chanting "hillary" ] and then you've got the donald. [ laughter ] who just last week went on russian state television to talk down our military and to curry favor with vladimir putin. [ boos ] he love this is guy. think about what's happened to the republican party. they used to be opposed to russia and authoritarianism and fighting for freedom and fighting for democracy and now
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their nominee is out there praising a guy saying he's a strong leader because he invades smaller countries, jails his opponents, controls the press, and drives his economy into a long recession. [ boos ] look, i'm actually being serious. think about this. and when the interviewer asks him well why do you support this guy? he's a strong guy. look, he's gotten a 82% poll rating. well, yes, saddam hussein had a 90% poll rating. [ laughter ] if you control the media and you've taken away everybody's civil liberties and you jail dissidents, that's what happens. the pollsters call you up and say "do you support the guy who if you don't support him he
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might throw you in jail?" you say "yes, i love that guy. [ laughter ] that is donald trump's role model. i have to do business with putin, i have to do business with russia, that's part of foreign policy but i don't go around saying that's my role model. can you imagine ronald reagan idolizing somebody like that? >> he saw america as a shining city on the hill. donald trump calls it a divided crime scene. he's not offering policies or plan, just offering division and fear. he's betting if he scares enough people he might scare up enough votes to win this election. i mean, look i believe americans
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are not a fearful people. we don't look for being ruled. our power comes from those ideals first put in place right here in philadelphia that all of us are created equal, that we the people can form a more perfect union we don't believe one person is going to do it for us. it's what we can do together achieved by us. it's hard but that's the necessary work of self-government but hillary clinton understands that. she's been through it. she knows in a democracy in a big diverse country like this one it doesn't work if we demonize'm other and call each
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other names. she knows love trumps hate. [ cheers and applause ] she knows you have to compromise even when you're 100% right and she knows for progress to happen we have to listen to each other and we have to see ourselves in each other and we have to fight for our principles but also fight to find common ground and these days our politics doesn't always lend itself to those ideals. we get impatient, we want our progress right away and we don't want to have to compromise or listen to other folks. but i promise you when we stay at it, progress does happen. if you don't believe it, ask the 20 million people who have health care today who didn't have it.
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[ cheers and applause ] ask the marine that serves his country without hiding the husband he loves. democracy works, but here's the thing. we got somebody who fainted. this is what happens. they'll be okay. just give them a little room. everybody bend their knees one time. we'll do an exercise right now. ems folks are in front if you can find somebody. drink some water. i love you, too. but bend your knees. [ laughter ] listen to this. you've got to want it. you've got to want democracy. not just on election day but all the days in between. we can close the inequality gap
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in our economy. hillary's got plans to make sure everybody has a shot, not just those at the top but you have to help her by voting for democrats up and down the ticket. [ cheers and applause ] we can reform our criminal justice system but you've got to vote not just for president but for mayors and sheriffs and state's attorneys and state legislators. [ cheers and applause ] we have to work with police and protesters until laws and practices are changed. we can fix our broken immigration system, but we can't keep on sending republicans to congress who stand in the way. we've got to vote for leaders who see immigrants not as criminals or rapists but as families who came here the same reasons ours did, to work and
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study and contribute we know that leaders in congress -- we need leaders in congress who know that the wall isn't something that can contain people. this month was the hottest on record, this year will end up being the hottest on record, this is not somebody's imagination, this is not some liberal plot. it's a problem. but we have to vote for people who understand that it's real. we have to worry about single moms worried about gas prices and coal miners worried about providing for their kids. and hillary's got real plans to do that. if you don't think the stakes are high enough, remember for months the republicans in the senate have refused to do their job and fill a vacancy for the
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supreme court. [ cheers and applause ] even though i nominated somebody with more federal judicial experience than any nominee in history, they want to see donald trump fill it with somebody who sees the world as he does. imagine that. who would that person be? the supreme court should be above politics. they make monumental decisions that affect every aspect of our daily lives, from a woman's right to choose to your right to vote. [ cheers and applause ] so my most important message is we can't take this election for granted. we have to fight for this thing. there are serious issues at stake in this election. behind the frivolous stuff that gets covered everyday. and let me just make a comment
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about that ch. i'm not running this time but i sure do get frustrated with the way this campaign is covered. i'm just telling the truth. guys in the back, i'm just telling you the truth about how i feel about this. do you mind if i just vent for a second? [ cheers and applause ] you know, you don't grade the presidency on a curve. this is serious business. and when we see folks talking about transparency, you want to debate transparency, you have
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one candidate in this debate who's released decades worth of her tax returns. the other candidate is the first in decades who refuses to release any at all. [ boos ] you want to debate foundations and charities? one candidate's family foundation has saved countless lives around the world. the other candidate's foundation took money other people gave to his charity and then bought a six-foot-tall painting of himself. [ laughter ] i mean, i -- you know, he had the taste not to go for the ten-foot version but -- [ laughter ] . you want to debate who's more
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fit to be our president? one candidate who's traveled to more countries than any secretary of state ever has, has more qualifications than pretty much anyone who's ever run for this job and the other who isn't fit in any way, shape, or form to represent this country abroad and be its commander-in-chief. [ applause ] so somehow as things go on because we've become so partisan, our standards for what's normal have changed. and donald trump says stuff everyday that used to be considered as disqualifying for being president. and yet because he says it over and over and over again the
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press just gives up and they just say, well, yeah. okay. "i was opposed to the war in iraq." well, actually, he wasn't. but they just accept it. the bottom line is that we can not afford suddenly to treat this like a reality show. we can't afford to act as if there's some equivalence here. to be president, you have to do your home work and you have to know what you're talking about and you've got apply study judgment even when things don't go your way and you've got to make the tough calls even when they're not popular. even when they take years to pay off and you have to handle criticism without taking it
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personally, just brushing it off. and then go ahead and get the job done. and that's something i learned. and that's what hillary learned as a senator and secretary of state and first lady. yes she's got her share of critics like i do and she's been caricatured by the right and sometimes by the left and she's been accused of everything you can imagine and has been subjected to more scrutiny and what i believe is more unfair criticism than anybody out here and she doesn't complain about it. and you know what? that's what happens when you're under the microscope for 40 years.
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but what sets hillary apart is through it all she keeps going and she doesn't stop caring and she doesn't stop trying and she never stops fighting for us even if we haven't always appreciated her. we are a young country, we are a restless country. we like the new shiny thing. i benefited from that when i was a candidate and we take for granted sometimes what is study and true. and hillary clinton's steady and she is true. [ applause ] and the young people who are here, who all you've been seeing is just the nonsense that's been on tv, you maybe don't remember all the work that she has had to
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do and all the things she has had to overcome and all the good that has happened because of her efforts. but you need to remember, you need to understand this. if you're serious about our democracy then you've got to be with her. she's in the arena and you can't leave her in there by herself. you have to get in there with her. [ applause ] you can't stay home because she's been around for a long time. you know what? this is not reality tv. democracy is not a spectator sport. you don't tweet in your vote. america's not about yes he will, it's about yes we can. yes we can. yes we can.
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create more good jobs. yes we can create better schools, yes we can create safer streets. yes we can create a more secure world. we can bring about real change and real progress the time has come for me to pass the baton on but hillary clinton will run that race and she will finish that race and that's why i'm with her, that's why i'm fired up, that's why i'm ready to go and i need you to join me. [ cheers and applause ] i need you to work as hard for hillary as you did for me. [ cheers and applause ] . i need you to knock on doors. i need you to make phone calls. you have to talk to your friends, including your republican friends. you need to go to and register to vote by october 11. then you have to go to the polls and get people to go to the
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polls and if you're willing to do that with me is we'll win in november. we'll elect hillary clinton the next president of the united states [ cheers and applause ] we will continue on this journey to create a better america and a fairer america, a more just america, a more loving america, a brighter america. that's what we're fighting for. that's why i need you. let's get busy, let's get to work. thank you, philadelphia. got bless you, got bless the united states of america. [ cheers and applause ] >> president obama, this is significant. this is the first time we have seen him as a solo appearance stumping for hillary clinton. he wants to, as he just said,
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pass the baton on, there he is in philadelphia. really echoes of then senator obama running for reelection in 2012 hearing things like "don't boo, vote." "fired up ready to go." the crowd chanting "yes we can." trying to fire up the electorate. telling them why the man who, oddly enough, we've been watching in the little box on the screen speaking at the same time, donald trump, why he thinks he is not the man to be the next commander-in-chief he also criticized the guys in the back, the press. let's get into all of that. i have susan page with me, the washington bureau chief for "usa today" now covering her ninth presidential race. we'll stay on these pictures. cnn senior political reporter nia-malika henderson. crisco advantage who supports donald trump. hilary rosen a, a democratic strategist who supports hillary clinton and with me here on set who covered obama the last couple of rounds jeff zeleny.
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susan page, i defer to you as you have been through as we mentioned, what, nine elections and listening to president on his talk of transparency, of a double standard, what jumped out at you? >> i've covered nine, this is my tenth. never in those campaigns have you had an incumbent president campaign with that kind of enthusiasm for his party's nominee to succeed. for various reasons al gore didn't want bill clinton out there. john mccain did not want george w. bush out there. this is a case where barack obama aligns with hillary clinton's position. he wants younger voters and african-americans to turn out in significant numbers. you saw his power to do that in that rally we just watched in
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philadelphia. >> nia, what did you any why is he in philadelphia, too? >> philadelphia has always been good to democrats. you think about 2008, barack obama drew 35,000 folks there in 2004 john kerry was there with bill clinton, drew a crowd of like 100,000. it's the center of that pennsylvania getout-the-vote machine for democrats and democrats need to win pennsylvania this go round if they're to continue obama's legacy and have hillary clinton take the white house. he was feeling it out there. this is a president who has a 58% approval rating according to this "washington post" poll that came out just recently. and i thought he very effectively picked apart some of donald trump's arguments. he was mocking him. he talked about the bizarreness, he framed it that way, of donald trump seeing putin as a role model. he talked about this idea of donald trump being a champion of
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working class. americans, but yet someone who wouldn't let working class americans in his buildings or someone who wouldn't let working class americans on to his golf courses. i thought he was so effective here in this crowd today and i am sure the hillary clinton campaign is pleased and wants to see him out there more and more and in october he will be out there much more. >> his line -- he was sort of on a roll getting the crowd to laugh, talking about -- when he was talking about vladimir putin as a role model and talking about saddam hussein and saying, listen, if you jail dissidents and you control the media, you'd have a 90% approval rating, too. chris kovac, to you. we heard about this transparency when hillary clinton was on the phone with anderson cooper, we heard it with president obama, this lack of transparency when it comes to your candidate. do you agree with that? we just don't know a lot about donald trump. >> well, i mean, i think that's a hard charge for the hillary
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campaign and by extension president obama to make, too, because we have all of the destroyed e-mails on hillary's part and the lack of transparency -- >> tax returns, medical records, two examples they would throw back at you. >> right, but i'm saying -- right, exactly. there's no question trump has said you will see the tax returns after the audit is done. i'm sure the trump campaign will be happy to put out medical records in light of the recent difficulties with . i don't think there will be a lack of transparency there. i'll say this about obama -- >> hang on. when you bring up the medical records. do we know how far back, how detailed the trump medical records will be when they're released this week? >> i don't know how far. i haven't gotten any information on that. but i wouldn't be surprised in they're pretty significant. let me say this. i think having obama speak on behalf of hillary was a smart move because one of the main problems we've seen in this entire campaign year for the
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clinton campaign is an enthusiasm gap. remember in the republican primaries trump brought all kinds of people out of the woodwork and had huge record-setting numbers. on the democrat side you didn't see that. so obama has the ability to motivate people and get them excited for hillary, the base, that is, people who are already thinking about voting for hillary but it's a double-edged swortd because it reinforces hillary will be a third obama term and i don't think they're running away from that anymore in the hillary campaign and that plays into trump's argument that, look, i can blame the wage stagnation on hillary, i can blame the poor economy, our weakness abroad on hillary because she's embracing the idea that she will be the third obama term. so it has a negative consequence for the campaign. >> i think on economics, he brought up the new numbers with regard to the median income going up to $56,000. his line was republicans don't like to hear good news right now. so hilary rosen, i want you to respond to that but i want you to respond to obama's point when he was saying hillary clinton is
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subjected to more scrutiny, more criticism, that there is a double standard. >> and let's remember that president obama has a majority approval rating in this country, much more significant so if the trump campaign will try to hang him around hillary's neck they'll be surprised because he's quite popular, particularly in the states donald trump has to win to overcome her lead. i think we get to this point now in the race where hillary clinton is going to be more proactive, more positive about the changes she's going to make in this country and i thought president obama was very articulate in saying essentially look at donald trump's record. he's cheated people, his foundation didn't just take other people's money but it bought a six-foot-tall painting of himself. this is not the kind of giep who's going to come up with policies to help you, the
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middle-class, in pennsylvania. >> on the enthusiasm point, though, let me bounce back when kris mentioned that, that's a valid criticism of hillary clinton thus far, especially among some young folks. jeff zeleny, you saw president obama, you covered him, you were showing me a picture in '08 and you remember these similar choruses which brought about enthusiasm, especially from young people "yes, we can." >> without a doubt. he's hoping the response is the same. you have to remember there are so many millennials who didn't get the chance to vote for him so he's offering them a chance to vote for this third term. i could not v imagined sitting here a year or so ago thinking the clinton campaign would have been okay running for a third obama term. and now they are because of the economic numbers and other things and because he's so different than mr. trump. but what's striking here is we've never seen if president obama's translates to other
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candidates before. it didn't in 2010 when he lost control of the senate. it certainly didn't if 2014. this is a biggest test, i think, of his transferability here. can some of those voters -- will they follow him and join him? he doesn't need to get everyone, he just needs to get that old band back together, the obama coalition of voters. thoo's why he's in philly registering people to vote. that's why he's here and michelle obama is in virginia on friday. he's the most valuable player in this campaign but it's a big test for him and his legacy as well. >> just one quick thing on the enthusiasm gaps which that, you know, no one, millennials or senior citizens, could be watching this campaign and just feel good about it. this is not a campaign that's talking about directly about the future of the country. hillary clinton has to do everything she can to make it be about that but this has been for
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the last 15 months on the republican side and we've now brought it into the general a campaign of insults, of race baiting, of religion baiting. it's just an unpleasant thing to experience, i know for those of us sitting around that studio and so i can only imagine in so many ways how it feels to people who really want progress in this country, who want to build on the progress of this country. >> on progress, just quickly, we heard and mentioned a moment ago how obviously president obama was touting the positive economic numbers today. as we were listening to the president, donald trump was speaking as well. he just spoke about the economy, let's hear what he said. >> one in five american households do not have a single help in the labor force. another 14 million people left the labor force since 2009 and the national debt has doubled to nearly $20 trillion during the obama years.
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>> so, all right, susan page, coming to you on your 10th presidential election you're covering. here's more numbers just to confuse everyone but it's significant. this is the news that came out today. this is from the u.s. census bureau. median income in the u.s. grew to $56,516, that represents a 5.2% raise for american workers, the first gain since 2007, additionally the poverty rate also declined, all obviously positive news, we heard the president out thing that as p t he said yes it took time for change. how do you hear trump juxtaposed with the positive news today? >> this is very important statistics for the democrats because we know that the unemployment rate has gone down significantly, down below 5%, cut in half during president obama's tenure but the stag station of wages has been a big problem for american households, this means more americans can feel the economy is really in
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that recovery that we've technically been in for some time but which a lot of people and their families and households haven't felt. definitely important statistic. but you see two different versions of america from these two campaigns and we saw that in the two conventions in july, a much more upbeat version of where the country is headed among clinton supporters and democrats than trump supporters. we found in our latest poll that about 6 in 10 clinton supporters think the country is headed in the right direction. 90% of trump supporters think the nation is headed in the wrong direction. this may be the most fundamental divide between these two campaigns. kris kobach, i want to play this sound. this is from trump talking about the economy, talking about the different parties. this is from 2004. >> it just seems that the economy does better under the democrats than the republicans. now it shouldn't be that way but if you go back, it just seems the economy does better under
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the democrats but we've had some pretty bad disaster under the republic republicans. >> it just seems the economy does better under the democrats. this is something the clinton campaign grabbed on to when they tweeted out today, kris. >> it is interesting. if you look at the economic ebbs and flows, the ups and downs of gdp, sometimes a democrat is in the white house and sometimes a republican is but there have been some periods when democrats have been in the white house but i think we have this probably false conceit in america that whoever is president has the ability to just by their own will somehow change the economy, we know that it's a combination of what are the tax policies coming out of congress, what is the president doing? so it's a variety of things. >> but trump wasn't saying that. i hear you on the nuance and the different administrations but trump is speaking in a bit more general terms saying it just seems the economy does better under the democrats.
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we've had some pretty bad disasters under the republicans. his own words. >> i think he was probably talking about the way i read it, when a democrat is sitting in the white house because for example the second term of the clinton administration you had republicans balancing the budget in congress, clinton signing that budget and so you had some good years but a lot of it had to do with republican fiscal conservatism. so it's hard to generalize like that. bottom line is trump is -- go ahead. >> go ahead, hillary. >> i was going to say much of it has to do with the fact that when the republicans were in charge they drove up the deficits by creating huge tax cuts across the board. creating a big vacuum in the economy and essentially crashing the labor force. and so that is -- and then, you know, trump started to make more money when democrats came into office. that's what he's saying and yet what he's trying to do now is to suggest that is those same policies, those same advisors,
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those same across-the-board tax cuts are somehow going to create a different situation for the middle-class voter, it's not true. >> i thought it was interesting, president obama was questioning how donald trump would be championing working class people, nia, to you. questioning the appeal of working americans to mr. trump. seemed to highlight that. >> i think that was one of the most effective lines in his speech today, essentially taking one of trump's arguments and his selling point that he alone conditioned k do it and he is the voice for so many voiceless and saying well, what have you done so star in that regard and i think donald trump and his supporters will say listen, he's created x number of jobs as a businessman but i do think it's fair to look at those business practices, to see if he's invested. for instance, he's going to detroit saying he wants to invest in those communities, well he hadn't done that already as a business person so i think
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obama's tone, the kind of mockery and the questioning i think is a smart one and i think even this ad that you see today with donald trump saying democrats do it better, he sounds like bill clinton's speech from 2012 and you can imagine that if you're a democrat you'll make that into an ad because there you have donald trump arguing the democratic policies are better for the economy. >> final question, jeff zeleny, to you. she mentioned bill clinton in terms of people on the trail this week because obviously hillary clinton is recouping from pneumonia, her husband will be at fund-raisers in beverly hills, who are the big names? >> the biggest name is the one we saw right there in pennsylvania but tim kaine was in michigan, chelsea clinton has two stops today in north carolina so really the entire democratic bench has been out there and hillary clinton has been up with ads but i think the key takeaway here, president obama i am told by his advisors is so serious about this, and we heard him say he's like i am
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really, really, really into electing her. he is pretty much clearing his calendar to the extent he can in october to campaign for her and i think that he makes probably the best argument. we saw in 2012 at the convention how bill clinton made the argument for barack obama, made the economic case for that. barack obama is hillary clinton's bill clinton, if you will. i think he can make the case better. he's not related to her, they used to be adversaries, i think he has some credibility here, at least with that coalition here, so she has a big bench that can tell you her advisors would also like to see her on the road soon which we're told will happen later this week. >> jeff zeleny, we ask everyone to stand by. coming up, we'll continue this debate over the deplorables, trump's running mate calling on hillary clinton to apologize. we're hearing from hillary clinton's running mate on this comment. what tim kaine is now saying. i'm brooke baldwin, you're watching cnn's special live
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. >> well, my opponent slanders you as deplorable ander redeemable. i call you hard-working american patriots who love your country and want a better future for all
11:41 am
of our people. [ cheers and applause ] her comments displayed the same sense of arrogance and entitlement that led her to violate federal laws as secretary of state, hide and delete her e-mails. 33,000 e-mails. >> donald trump speaking moments ago in iowa grabbing that basket of deplorabless hillary clinton made. she is being lambasted by a number of republicans on that. his campaign, donald trump's, pouncing on her words, painting her as this elitist who doesn't care about american voters, who's smearing, as he just said, patriots. his running mate, governor mike pence doubling down calling on hillary clinton to apologize but you know what? my next guest says she's not wrong. dana milbank, opinion writer for the "washington post" who just penned a piece "yes, half of trump's supporters are racist." dana milbank, thank you for
11:42 am
joining me. >> good to be with you. >> in reading your piece you say clinton wasn't wrong. you went on to say if anything she low-balled the number and this election has showed us there is so much more racism in this country than we believed. >> it's true and i'm not making the argument that half or more of trump supporters are putting on sheets at night and not that kind of racist but -- and i'm not saying it was smart of hillary clinton to say such a thing and i think you're seeing the blowback for that there. but if you look at things like the american national election survey, the gold standard of research going on in this country for years, you actually can unpack those numbers. there's been a huge jump in the amount of racial stereotypes expressed by white people in america, people who will say that black americans are less intelligent or lazier than white americans. and it's really quite shocking, something like 62% of white voters have these sorts of
11:43 am
sentiments and by better than 2-1 they vote republican. so as a matter of statistics, it's probably true that people expressing racist sentiment are -- constitute more than half of trump supporters. they were, in fact, more than half of mitt romney's supporters and now you see trump obviously taking the rhetoric far beyond anything the republicans have before. >> listen, he's taking it -- it could be a smart strategy for him but you and i were just talking in commercial break, you were listening to president obama, as we all were here, and he didn't mention her comments a single time. surprised by that? >> well, it indicates that president obama doesn't think it's good politics and what i was just mentioning this startling jump in racial sentiment in this country going from 2008, there's been sort of a 20 percentage point jump in the number of white americans expressing these racist stereotypes and a lot of that has to do with backlash against the first african-american president, one, now you see
11:44 am
trump stirring it up saying to people it's okay, it's safe, you're not deplorable, and you're a hardworking america. and you have them, and you have mike pence refusing to use that word to even apply it to david duke so tacitly it's saying it's okay, it's safe to say this, now. >> in fact, tim kaine was asked to weigh in on what you just mention mentioned and he condemned that interview. here's a piece with tim kaine. >> last night on a news program wolf blitzer asked a running mate is david duke deplorable? "i don't want to get into the name calling business." if you can not call out bigotry, if you can not call out racism,
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xenophobia, if you can't call it out and you stand back and you're silent around it, you're enabling it to grow. you're enabling it to become more powerful. >> my thought when i heard the is if you have mike pence saying well, i don't want to be part -- get into the business of name calling but yet he is signed on to a ticket where you have the president of the name calling club at the top of the ticket, i'm not sure what i was trying to say. >> mike pence has created this deplorable situation for himself. on your network this morning you had kellyanne conway saying "just say he's deplorable." but rather than being sucked into that trap he's refusing to say it. he'll say david duke is a bad man, he won't use the word, you even have senator mike lee, a friend of mike pence's saying "come on, use the word." now he's dug in there so what could have been a nice opening for the trump ticket seems to be causing the backlash because they're refusing to denounce the deplorables in their midst, even
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just one of them. >> dana milbank, thank you so much, come back any time, appreciate it. coming up here, my trip to a barbershop in atlanta, rapper michael render, killer mike, noted bernie sanders surrogate, joined me as we talked to a couple of his friends. it was quite the conference, it was real and what they said about donald trump and hillary clinton might surprise you. . >> why do you question trump because he hasn't released them? >> because he's a big fat liar. >> that's true. >> that's true. i'll grant you that. >> we go back to hillary. we going to say hillary's a liar -- >> it doesn't matter she's sick it matters she lies and it matters she lied about being sick.
11:47 am
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breaking news out of israel where former president shimon peres has been hospitalized after suffering a "brain episode." we're joined live from jerusalem. the former president, 93 years of age. how's his condition? >> well, we've learned that brain episode was a stroke he suffered earlier this evening. at first he was taken to the hospital, he was fully conscious in stable condition just a short time later we got another statement from the office of president or former president shimon peres saying he had been sedated and intubated, was to undergo a cat scan so doctors could understand his condition. that's the update after former president shimon peres, 93 years old, suffered a stroke earlier this evening. we're awaiting the update of his condition. the results of that cat scan
11:52 am
which we expect we hope comes from the hospital. this isn't president shimon peres's first time in the hospital this year. he was taken to the hospital in mid-january having suffered a mild heart attack. a week and a half later he suffered an irregular heart beat. he was there for five days and at the hospital last week to have a pacemaker to put in. another trip to the hospital. everybody wishing a speedy recovery. >> thank you so much for the update there. meantime the barbershop is known for candor, politics and perspective. i went to the graffiti swag shop to hear about trump and clinton and the impact of the black vote on this year's election. you are about to hear a candid conversation, six people including michael render, a.k.a. killer mike, rap, activist and the barbershop owner. you will hear from taj anwar baul, a firefighter and urban farmer, shelley winters, a
11:53 am
harlem native voting for donald trump, jamida orange whose father march misdemeanor miles with dr. king, a grass-roots activists and local leader who is not at all voting on a national level, period. and christine white, an attorney and is all in for hillary clinton. here is the beginning of our conversation which took off very quickly. . r. >> i think this weekend marks the turning point. i think the illness -- >> why is that in air quotes? her doctor says she has pneumonia. >> because last week when i believed this i was call cooke. >> who are you supporting? >> donald trump. but i think this is a turning point in the election. i think that you lieds about being sick, what else have you lied about and you're already seen as a liar. >> who else feels like she lied about being sick versus just being sick? >> why would she need to lie about being sick?
11:54 am
that doesn't even make sense to me. there's no rational argument about being sick. >> there's a long history in america. fdr was in a wheelchair for the majority of his presidency. >> we're talking about hillary clinton in 2016. >> the reason why she would lie is because, one, she's a woman, one, you don't want to appear weak because you're a woman so by appearing -- and so -- >> she's not lying because she's a woman. >> no, no, no. >> that's what it sounded like. i didn't want you to get -- >> no, no, i'm married to a woman, my mom is a woman. >> you should see the looks you're getting right now from a jameiya. >> women go to work sick all the time. >> but when you go to work sick you tell your boss "hey, i'm not feeling well today." >> no, we don't. no, we don't. >> you don't? you don't? >> so first of all, her being sick is her personal business. that's not something she needs to disclose. in my opinion. >> in your opinion. >> because if i have something -- i had breast
11:55 am
cancer. why would i tell my employer that? what does that have to do with it. >> are you running for president of the united states? >> does that mean i can't do my job? i'm not running if president but i save lives for a living. people rely on me to be in tiptop shape. >> do we need to know when this woman is on her menstrual cycle. >> yes, you do because she's a woman and we got to tell it all! >> you know he didn't mean it like that. but let me say this, though, i feel like we're making mistake we as good black people always make. look, man, i had a white champion in bernie sanders, that was my man. it is hard for me not to bring him up in conversations but i must accept that he's out of the running. what's best for black people? like, i pray for everybody, hillary included. i pray for trump's toupee. [ laughter ] what is best for black people?
11:56 am
and what made you pick donald trump versus -- >> how many trump supporters among us? raise your hand? who's all in for hillary? >> all in for hillary. >> contingent upon -- >> i feel like you're kind of waivering. >> i will commit. i will commit. what is a bigger deal for me is why trump won't release -- and i don't want to hear nothing about no audit, why he won't release his tax returns. >> because he's says he's being audited although we haven't seen proof. why do you question trump because he hasn't released them? >> because he's a big fat liar. >> that's true. i'll grant you that. >> we go back to hillary. if we're going say hillary's a liar -- >> it doesn't matter she's sick, it matter that she lies and it matters she lied about being sick and over a 30-year period this is the attack that has been put on her and her husband, that you lie. you lied about having relations with other women. same with hillary. it's a pattern.
11:57 am
if you can't tell me that you feel bad, then you can't tell me that russia's about to attack or anything. anything of serious nature. >> even though she's been secretary of state, has logged all these miles, at the end of the day it's about lying? i feel she's going to win, if i'm just -- but she's going to -- and that is not an endorsement. >> thanks, mike. >> she -- it seems the leader of the free world -- like i know we hear that and we're in america. people expect a lot of us and i wouldn't want someone i have the confidence to lead the free world to just drop dead on me. i know she's a good politician. i know that she's a good enough politician to reward people who are going to give her up to 80% of their vote. my question always doubles back down to what colangi wants to say, what's in it for us? >> she can't do anything for us because she is a puppet. she represent this is two party system. this two party system is not
11:58 am
designed to help us at the grass-roots level, first and foremost. secondly they're both liars, we're clear on that, we figured that out long ago so whether she's sick or not we know they both have a history of being psychotic, period, you know what i mean? we know she has no concern for our well-being as a people. we can take that back to 1994 with her and her husband -- >> the crime bill. >> yes, the crime bill. >> even though she says she's regret it had things she's said, that's still a big issue. >> before the election who was talking about stopping police terrorism on the street? neither one of them. who was concerned with the homeless population. neither one of them. who's concerned with the prison population? over 60% of the prison population, we didn't hear a peep about that. she regrets it, that's good. i regretted selling drugs when i was younger when i got locked up.
11:59 am
me being a grass-roots organizer, it's all fair game here. it doesn't matter whether hillary clinton's the president or dumb donald, wicked witch of the west, dumb donald, we don't care. >> wicked witch of the west or donald? >> we're totally not concerned. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. sage. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported.
12:00 pm
i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump. you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. moments ago president barack obama injected his famous "yes we can" to help hillary clinton's campaign speaking in philadelph philadelphia. this is his first solo campaign appearance stumping for the democratic candidate in the key battleground state of pennsylvania, a state he noted clinton won. he said clinton whooped him but he was able to win it in novemb.


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