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tv   New Day  CNN  September 16, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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>> 911, what is your emergency? >> a woman stranded in an abandoned house in ohio. >> does he have a weapon? this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alyison camerota. welcome to your "new day." refusing to say that president obama was born in the united states. trump's campaign has said he now believes president obama was born in the united states, but trump won't say it. >> hillary clinton condemning trump and accusing him of bigotry. trump needs to say it himself. on camera owning the situation, admitting he was wrong. is donald trump a birther or not? simple question seems to be very difficult to answer. the timing could not be more important. 53 days until the election. early voting just a week from now. ten days until the moment of this race, the first debate. we have it all covered for you. let's begin with brianna keilar
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live in washington. >> you mentioned this from the trump campaign, it's nothing new. just last week trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway asserted that president obama was born in america, but despite being questioned about it numerous times the candidate, himself, has yet to go on the record about that. in a statement donald trump's campaign saying he now believes president obama was born in the united states. after encouraging false rumors for years. >> why doesn't he show his birth certificate? you know what, i wish he would. i think it's terrible hanging over him. >> reporter: refusing to denounce the conspiracy theory in a new interview with "the washington post." saying, i'll answer that question at the right time, i just don't want to answer it yet." i don't talk about it any more. the reason why everyone will be
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talking about it as opposed a the jobs, the military, the vets and security. trump's campaign releasing this sta statement, falsely blaming hillary clinton for starting the birther speculation and forcing the president to release proof of where he was born. mr. trump did a great service taa the president and the country by bringing closure to the issue that hillary clinton and her team first raised. having successfully obtained president obama's birth certificate when others could not, mr. trump believes that president obama was born in the united states. hillary clinton denouncing trump. >> he was asked one more time. where was president obama born? and he still wouldn't say hawaii. he still couldn't say america. this man wants to be our next
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president? when will he stop this ugliness, this bigotry. we need to stand up and repudiate this divisive rhetoric. >> reporter: trump's birther firestorm, once again, overshadowing policy. the republican nominee laying out an ambitious economic plan on thursday that promises to create 25 million jobs and increase economic growth by 4% annually. >> hello. >> reporter: meantime, clinton back on the trail after days battling pneumonia. hitting trump over releasing a doctor's note about his health on a talk show. >> i'll never be the showman my opponent is. and that's okay with me. >> reporter: trump gaining momentum in the polls during her absencess this week. clinton only has a two-point advantage over trump in cnn's poll of pollchise is an average of the last five national polls. trump is opening up a lead in several key swing states but clinton says the race isn't over
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yet. >> i've been called a lot of things, i've never been called a quitter. >> this birther conversation erupting back into the spotlight as donald trump makes a play for african-american voters or many observers leave a play for black voters uncomfortable with how he has not reached out much until recently to black voters. this is a key democratic voting bloc, alyison, and clinton has been quick. birthrism seen as cringe by republican standers as well as democratic standers and many black voters feel it is an attempt to delegitimize the first african-american presiden presidency. >> brianna, thank you so much for all of that background. we want to discuss the birther controversy, as well as donald trump's new economic plan. senior trump economic adviser, david he is former chief economist for bear stearns and david stockman. he is former director of the office of omanagement and budget
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under president reagan and also the author of "trumped" and "nation on a brink of ruin and how to bring it back." david, you are an adviser on trump's campaign. what is going on inside the trump campaign in terms of the birther stuff and why trump won't publicly disavow it? >> the big message is that we have an economy that will grow a lot. birther was originally raised by hillary clinton and it was put to rest. >> that's not true. it has been debunked. some of her supporters -- i want to correct you, david. some of her supporters that were never linked to her. we all talked in this election. the camp can't be held responsible. why is donald trump sticking by it? >> there's nothing going on on that. the whole energy and energy there every day and is to get the economy going. it's been dead stopped. that's what the issue is. i don't know why it keeps coming
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up. people are trying maybe diverting -- >> he won't disavow it. >> the front page of "new york times" trump as a change agent. showing the american people that one of the candidates wants a really new economy and the other wants to keep the economy as it is. that is a very favorable turf for trump and his polls are going up to reflect it. >> david, how do you see this? >> this is what is wrong with politics and why the country, particularly, fly over america is turning against the establishment and the media. as far as i can tell, obama was born, elected, served eight years and is leaving office and what's left behind is a huge economic mess. the american people want to know how you're going to fix that. they don't care about this issue. >> you don't think the american people care about whether or not they have a theirest in the white house. >> how do you look at the fact that he didn't disavow?
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>> it's a stupid idea. how do i know, i'm here to try to talk about his economic program which is far more important. >> is it? >> there are millions of people in america today who don't have a job or who have had a huge wage cut because of what's gone wrong with our economy. tens of millions of savers who are getting nothing on their savings because of the fed zero interest rates. we're not investing. we're not growing. we're failing. we've got a 20 trillion national debt. we have the fed out of control. these things weigh so much more. >> of course. listen, we all agree that when you ask voters they never say that birtherism is at the top of their priority, of course, being unemmro unemployed is much more important to them. can you dismiss it nicely that this was a grand conspiracy that someone in the white house may still hold? >> i think we're going to use up all of our time on the interview here. we've got 25 million jobs that can be created over these next
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ten years. that's what everyone should be talking about, including on this show. how do you do it? how do you get the economy going and change it out of the rut. it's almost like the carter malaise that david stockman had to deal with in 1991. growth went to 8% after there were economic changes. >> 25 million jobs is what the trump economic team is promising. what do you think of that number? >> i thought the speech was brilliant and the delivery was powerful and the most soaring rhetoric i have heard from a republican about capitalism since jack kemp. so that was great. but the substance was a dog's breakfast of good ideas and terrible fiscal math. so, you're going -- i agree. $4.6 trillion in tax cuts over ten years. do it. this economy needs it. but the $2.6 trillion of reflow and of dynamic, you know, forecasting, that is an illusion
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because it's already built in to see the rosy scenario forecast. the lesson i learned in 1980 is the reflow is already there. you can't count it twice. if you want to cut taxes, like he has stood for and i agree with, then you've got to tell the public the truth. entitlements are going to be cut. we've got a means test social security. he is out of his mind thinking he could raise defense. we don't need to raise defense. we spend more than the next ten countries together. you need to cut defense and cut entitlements. the idea that one penny out of the discretionary spending is going to make any difference is silly because it amounts to 13 hours of spending. >> let's get his economic adviser to weigh in on how he is going to do all that. you hear the critics and the concerns. how is he going to do it? >> if you cut the corporate tax rate to 15%, you're going to get a huge amount of investment in the united states. you're going to get reflows from abroad. you're going to create millions and millions of jobs.
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and, so, certainly, that is going to top the cbo estimate. >> stop right there for one second. >> it used to be rosy scenarios in cbo, but now they're only looking for 2% per year for the next ten years. meaning trump, trump, it will do much better than the current forecast. >> let's go point for point. cut corporate tax rate and brings back this inflow of business. >> the inflow is a temporary thing. i would get rid of the corporate tax entirely and fund it with a new tax on imports and consumption. >> but get a lot more investment by existing companies. >> it would be better than what we're doing now. my point is that the cbo forecast way over projects nominal gdp or wage in salary income. $11 trillion of too much over the next decade. $5 trillion of too much wage and salary in the baseline. $2 trillion of revenue isn't there. now, the reason i'm saying all
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this is important is that the reflow that the trump campaign is talking about is the $2 trillion that's overestimated. >> what do you want to see trump do? how can he fix what you think the problems are in. >> propose to eliminate the corporate tax entirely in a mobile world you cannot collect corporate taxes. capital is mobile, technology is mobile, it goes everywhere. get rid of it, it's a waste of time. it doesn't generate any revenue. second, we need to cut the payroll tax because we are killing workers and labor in this country with a trillion a year of payroll tax and replace it with a tax on imports and consumption. >> okay. how about those details? >> mr. trump laid out a transparent, very strong economic program yesterday that will 25 million jobs and 3.5% average growth and maybe 4%. reagan had 8%. the biggest change of the economy and the biggest positive transformation since ronald
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reagan. >> hearing somebody in ronald reagan's administration think the trump plan gets there. >> david is saying we're heading off the cliff if we keep doing what obama and hillary clinton want to do. and, so, he's saying trump's not doing enough to fix this. i'm saying, trump is going to make it much better than what hillary clinton's program would do. >> here's the skunk in the wood pile. the cbo assumes 208 months without a recession. double anything in history. not going to happen. the next president is going to have a recession. when you bill that in, that's the same thing we had with reagan, you're not going to have the kind of average growth over time, dave, that you're talking about. >> you're saying it's not realistic. >> on day one trump as president can start making the economy better and that's what's getting missed with this. so, everyone wants to fix everything. i think trump has laid out a program that will work. there's middle class and lower income tax cuts.
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so, everyone will have a share and that means more jobs coming out of small business. one of the critical things is to get small businesses starting to get financed and growing. >> are ask you satisfied with that or still a skeptic? >> i am a skeptic on the fiscal math. we have to have a mandate if trump is elected. i hope he is. he has to have a mandate to do big, tough cuts. to tell the people the truth. we're living beyond our means. social security can't be exempted. what is he thinking? that's a trillion a year you can can't. we do not need one dime of more defense spending. i said the pentagon is a swamp of waste in 1991. i got in trouble for it. it's a biggest swamp of waste today. >> we want to make the nation secure and protect social security and have a lot more growth. >> thank you for laying out some of the details and trying to parse through them. thank you very much. great to have you both here. coming up in minutes, we
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will have house minority leader nancy pelosi will join us. and in our next hour, we will have vermont senator bernie sanders. what do they think about all the news of the day. chris? what does donald trump believe? pretty simple question. his camp says he believes the president was born in the u.s. he put out a statement don't believe what anyone says except me on this. now his son is weighing in. why he says this controversy is about to end. next. sick of getting gouged for limited data? introducing t-mobile one. one price, all unlimited for everyone. get 4 lines for $35 per month each with unlimited 4g lte data. switch today. iyou can't lead this nation if you have such a low opinion
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breaking news right now. cnn has learned that donald trump may address the birther controversy today. let's get right to chief political correspondent dana bash live in washington with all the breaking details. what have you learned, dana? >> the key question that we have been talking about all morning, one thing for the trump campaign on his letterhead, but with his spokesman officially giving the statement out saying that barack obama was born in the u.s., that that is one thing. the question is will we hear it from the candidate's lips? the answer is i'm told that is likely to happen today. donald trump has public events
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early. actually, he'll be here in d.c. and he has other forums that we know of, like twitter. we'll be watching all of that to see if and when this does happen because as much as we're getting push back kind of the official push back from the campaign which is jason miller and the people who work for trump speak for him. the reality is that they know and we all know that if the birther issue is kind of one that is separate from everything else. because it it preidates everybody who works for it. everybody who works for him now. and it is the issue that defined donald trump as a private citizen that gave him the end roads into some in the republican base that allowed him to have a footing that led to him getting the republican nomination. this is different and very much donald trump and we do have to hear it from him. the reason i'm cautious is it is
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donald trump and we never know how it will end up at the end of the day. i'm told we should look for something by him. >> let's discuss this further. we have boris ephyten and paul begala and we have what's going on and why it matters. you'll come in on the second part. let's nail down what's happening here. this reporting that he has literally his team around him saying, trump, you have to own this, say that the president was born in this country and move past it. he's saying, i don't want to do it. that his daughter is saying to him, dad, you've got to own this if you want me to campaign for you. no, i'm telling you what we know. and he is saying, no, kicking them out of the office saying, i don't want to do this. is that accurate? >> that's a whole lot of editorializing right there.
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>> that's reporting. there is zero editorial. >> he's kicking people out of his office, come on. there's no sources there. you didn't name a source. >> no, hold on. i want to do this the right way. if you want to question my reporting, you go right ahead hp you get people in that room to tell me it never happened. you tell me what the state of play is. >> having been in the room last night and being here and going to headquarters right from here. this issue is absolutely done. it's over. the statement came out yesterday. mr. trump had clearly stated that hillary clinton's camp was the one that started it. she couldn't finish and got an answer for the american people. he believes, the campaign believes that barack obama was born here. if you don't believe that he was, that's up to you. the media can keep the story going. we're here to talk about jobs, national security. >> he always says it himself. >> are you telling me when nick
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merrill was speaking for secretary clinton he wasn't speaking for her? >> not today, my friend. he speaks for himself. he owns every position. he does it himself. not on this. why? >> you're telling me that donald j. trump for president campaign doesn't speak for the candidate? of course it does. >> what did he mean with kellyanne conway. it was before the statement. >> the statement came out last night and on behalf of donald trump. >> have we heard from him on this. he was asked on a plane and said he will answer it at the right time. >> you got the answer last night. that's the answer. mr. trump is a closer. he closed this issue and it's done. let's move on and talk about things that matter to america. >> he closes it without saying a word about it. if hillary clinton said my campaign answered this about the server, we answered it, i'm not going to take the question. what would you say? >> first of all, she doesn't take questions about the server. second of all, she does go back
4:23 am
on her campaign. what i said earlier, the campaign answered for her on 9/11 about overheating and answered for her -- >> she did interviews about it. she came out. >> was your campaign speaking for you? >> no, because she said it herself. >> mr. merrill said it. >> she came on and don't be a faux of the facts. >> i'm not. >> she came out and talked about it. he won't answer this question. it's weird at a minimum. >> that's editorial, again. >> he never not addressed a question directly himself before. give me one example. give me one example when he's done this before. >> it was addressed last night. >> one example. >> this was addressed last night. that's who's voting. the american people. that's somebody who earns $20,000 a year somewhere in ohio and michigan and pennsylvania. >> now, let's talk about -- >> how many voters do you think care about this? >> tell me about why this matters. beyond the facts as they are.
4:24 am
>> done an enormous amount of damage. 47% of republicans believe the president was not born in the united states. that's damaging our democracy and it's delegitimizing. millions of americans think it's racist. i happen to be one of them. this matters enormously because it's a theory. >> is the campaign saying he believes it enough? >> of course not. >> why not? >> first off, he needs to say it himself as you point out. donald trump speaks for himself. he has to say it himself and apologize for the damage he has done to his country, his party and to our president. by the way, while he denounced the crack theory. donald trump is the most crack pot flat earth theories. we're sitting here 53 days before election. >> i was going to do you one
4:25 am
better on that. does hillary clinton own some of the blame for starting the birther? >> zero. none. this is -- you don't have to believe me. "the washington post" took the statement that the campaign put out. phil bump, good reporter, and says every single sentence in it is a lie. i commend the piece of journalism. >> he did not put that memo out? >> no, private memo to his client which was garbage. it was crap. excuse my language. >> give us the distinction, though. penn is working for the campaign and put out a memo. >> he put it out. he gave it to his client who rejected -- >> paul, come on. >> he gives the memo to his client who is hillary clinton. >> right. >> what does it say and what do you think it means? >> it it says we should push that you're more american than him. >> that's incorrect, paul. >> no, i have the memo. i'm asking the questions but the memo does not say anything about birthrism. >> lack of american roots.
4:26 am
>> this is garbage. everybody who has looked at this, every fact checker, not just me. again, look at the -- >> real politics, politifact, cnn, she denied the birther movement as soon as she was asked about it. >> the chief strategist in '08 campaign and the hillary clinton campaign in '08. >> of course. >> i'm saying there's no connection from what mark penn wrote in that memo. >> can we bring this back? >> anything the campaign did to advance the birther movement. >> people who worked for the campaign did. in iowa. >> people who were supporters -- not staffers of the campaign. people who said they were supportive of hillary clinton. >> we are having the same discussion that we had two weeks ago. something happened. last night a direct statement from the trump/pence campaign that said donald trump believes, literally said donald trump believes that barack obama was born in the united states. do you think that donald trump, the baus oss of the campaign wo allow the campaign to put out a
4:27 am
statement he wouldn't agree with? i know you want him to say a lot of words. >> i'm sorry, i was wrong. >> forget about sorry and forget about apology. i'm not saying it's right or wrong. let's deal with what's in front of us. he's never done this before. >> what do you mean he's never done this. >> he never had someone ask him a question and say i'm not going to answer you and refer it to the campaign. >> that's what he's doing on this issue right now. since the statement, since the statement, he has not been asked the question. the statement came out 11:00 last night. >> are you advising him to say this birther stuff is bunked. you're a senior adviser. what do you think he should do? >> he should do what he thinks is best for himself and the country. listen, we're at 19% with affcu. >> ron: americnd what is not goo help is the media driving this wedge issue and we're uniting
4:28 am
america. >> your candidate refusing to answer an issue which is whether or not he believes the president is legitimate. he refused to answer it himself and that is odd. >> now you're just guessing. i said that's up to him. he'll say what he decides to do. >> he'll continue to dodge and lie because he -- >> that's what mark preston said last night, too. the campaign is not going to say anything about it and then 20 minutes later there was a statement. let's be honest with each other. this was put to bed last night. the media needs an issue to drive on this today. that's what's happening. >> how is it driving against? i think this helps him. i think donald trump, if you want me to editorialize. if you're going to throw it around falsely. if he comes out and says, look, the birther thing is behind us. it's not real. it was wrong. i asked the question, he brought up the birth certificate. i believe it. he was born here. it's over. >> a statement from last night, chris. this is the statement -- >> who am i going to hear from when you are president of the
4:29 am
united states? am i going to hear from you or president of the united states? >> whoever the press secretary is. does barack obama speak on every issue? >> look, with hillary clinton she had to own the server thing, it was wrong. we heard from all the people around her it was wrong and it was poorly thought out. why? >> how long after it came out. >> this has been going on for years, boris. since 2011. >> hillary clinton did something illegal. she broke the law. >> she did not do anything -- >> james comey is a liar, too? >> if you look at all the particulars of bringing that case, there was a case to bring. he said so, too. >> he said there is no case to be brought. nothing prosecutorial. >> in the 21st century the party of lincoln -- >> the southern district of new york. >> can i get back to the birther
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thing. >> why do you want to get wabac to the birther thing so bad? >> pushed a racist attack on the first black president and refuses to renounce it and apologize. he has persuaded half of his party to believe this. it's flat earth garbage. >> this is the same deplorable comments. >> here is the tragedy of all of this. it could be ended in four second. >> it was ended last night. and, by the way, calling our campaign racist is the same thing that hillary did when she called us deplorable. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> alyison, to you. what does the democratic leadership think about all of this, all of these issues today? house minority leader nancy pelosi will share her take on everything that is in the news. all the hot button election issues. that's next.
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so, while you were sleeping donald trump's campaign releasing a statement trying to put the birther controversy to rest. it reads, "having successfully obtained president obama's birth certificate when others could not, mr. trump believes that
4:35 am
president obama was born in the united states." so far trump has refused to say those words publicly. nancy pelosi joins us now to talk about this and so much more. so great to have you here. >> my pleasure. good morning. >> i know you don't want to get bogged down. but does it have a ripple effect in the country and in congress that you're seeing? >> there is nothing that donald trump has said whether it's about birther or mexicans or whether it's about muslims. women. none of the things that he have said that members of congress haven't said over and over again on the republican side. not all of them. so, this issue whether it's put to rest or not, the damage is done, as far as his evoking a response from a certain element in our con. >> but meaning that you think republicans in congress are following his lead. >> no, i think he's following theirs. i think that in congress if you look at the record, the public
4:36 am
record on, for example, immigration. there are worse statements made by members of congress for a long period of time that they tried to implement into law in terms of muslims into our country. shocking language used by republican in congress. he's a reflection of them, which is why i think that some of the establishment republicans are unhappy with trump for what he says, but also he's pulled back the veil. you have a speaking of the house whose budget will goes further. his budget will remove the guarantee of medicare. you have the committee that oversees wall street saying we're going to overturn dodd frank and put us back where we were in '08. you have a congress, a republican congress that refuses to bring up issues that relate to gun violence prevention. the list goes on and on. so, what donald trump is saying
4:37 am
is not shocking to us. the people have to know that the election is more about, is more than the presidency. it's also about what happens in the congress of the united states. he calls climate change a hoax, that's they're in total denial on it. especially appealing to millennials to say this election is important. it has ramifications and if you care about some of these issues, you really have to consider hillary clinton. >> if it's such an obvious case to you, why are the polls so tight and why is there such an enthusiasm gap between clinton and trump. people much more enthusiastic about voting for him rather than saying i will vote for hillary clinton are enthusiastic about that. >> two reasonsreasons. some voters going to the third and fourth party. the tightening that some of these undecideds have gone to that place. some of the millennials. secondly, fear is a big driver.
4:38 am
and he's a fear monger. that's what he is. he wasn't born here, i'm going to build a wall. immigrants undermine our society. >> he says he's a change agent. but the status quo is unacceptable. you can't put somebody in the office who is an author of the status quo. i am from outside and the change agent. you hear that from a lot of supporters of his, as well. >> i think a woman president of the united states is more of a change agent statement than anything. but i think that it's really important for us to get around to what that change means in the lives of the american people. and that's -- people vote to what it means to them. yes, they want to be attracted to the candidate. but at the end of the day, what does it mean to them? all this birther stuff and all the rest of it if you're a bread winner and holding down two jobs trying to make ends meet for your family and you're like,
4:39 am
what does this mean to me? what it means to them is what we have to explain is what was said on here earlier. this trickle down economics does not work. that is the main, that's what attracts a lot of republicans to vote even for somebody like trump. because they believe in trickle down. we believe in an economy that works for everyone. that's what hillary clinton will put out there. >> yet, the battleground state polls are tightening. he's leading now in ohio. i believe that they're neck and neck if he hasn't leap frogged her in florida. if donald trump becomes president, how will you work with him? >> he's not going to be president. let's be very clear. >> where does the confidence come from? >> my confidence comes from the trust and faith i have in the american people. the american people are not negative. they're not bigots. the american people want to see some respect for the american people. it's about them. they are our bosses.
4:40 am
and when we have the debates and when we actually focus on the issues as to what it means in their lives, i think that hillary clinton will win. but what's important here and you pointed out is that people cannot make a protest vote for a third party candidate and then be surprised when that has an impact on the numbers in the race. my confidence also comes from the fact that as one who is hoping that we can win the house of representatives in the united states senate that we're going to own the ground. we're out there for all that you say about donald trump. he's a gift that keeps on giving. every time he says something, it increases our registration, strengthens our mobilization and increases our fund-raising and makes the contrast in the message clearer. so, again, we have, if you're a senior, do you want medicare to be the guarantee to be removed from medicare and you're going
4:41 am
to get a voucher and go shop for your health care? 80% of the american people want background checks for guns, but it's not going to happen in the republican congress. they all are in denial about climate. but it's always about the economy. and the economy that this president inherited and what he turned around. president obama remarkable. remarkable. and a democratic congress that helped him do it. and some of the census bureau results sprang from some of the actions that he took and the legacy that he will leave. >> i don't have to tell you that congress' approval ratings are not good, but people always say they're frustrated by the gridlock. so, what is going to be able to be accomplished in congress in the next term. >> let me just say it is not about gridlock. it is about ubinstruction. >> what is the difference? >> gridlock is when we can't come to terms and obstruction is
4:42 am
we are not going any place. the republicans, they have said when president obama when they won the majority, the most important thing we can do is make sure he does not succeed. >> the perception is both sides will do that based on who is in power at the time. that's what fuels a lot of distaste for the status quo. >> that's not true. when we had the majority and president bush was president we exposed him and privatizing social security and we opposed him on the war in iraq. on every other issue we tried to find common ground and passed the biggest energy bill in the history of our country which he proudly signed. we worked on helping to refundable tax credits for our working people in the lower income bracket. and we do many things. hiv/aids. he wanted to do that. we wanted it big. we had a wonderful success with it. we have a number of many things we have done with president bush
4:43 am
for a party to say we don't want the president to succeed is just unfathomable. i guess they don't have confidence in what they believe in. they just have to obstruct. i think it's really important to make that point because president obama has extended the hand of friendship over and over again which they have rejected. >> leader nancy pelosi, thanks for being here on "new day." we have to tell you about this story because this kidnapped woman makes a chilling 911 call. >> i've been abducted. >> where is he at now? i'm in the bedroom with him. >> we'll play that call that saved her life, next. woah! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those.
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we have an incredible story for you right now. police in ohio releasing this chilling 911 call of a kidnapped woman who was desperately pleading for them to find her. the victim held captive in an abandoned house in ohio and begging to be rescued as her captor was sleeping in the same room. george howell on this incredible story. >> this story of a woman being abducted and forced to engage in sexual activity by a man who is charged with killing multiple women. her plea for help captured in a very chilling 911 call. listen. >> 911, what is the address to your emergency? >> right across the street from fourth street. >> what is it? >> 4th street. >> what's the problem? >> i've been abducted. >> the 911 call is chilling.
4:48 am
>> but you're at the laundromat? >> i'm in the bedroom with him. >> do you know what color the house is? >> no. please hurry. >> a woman pleading for help. her accused abductor sleeping in the same room. >> does he have a weapon? >> he's got a taser. >> are you injured? >> a little. >> the woman's fear is palpable. >> any way you can get out of the building? >> i don't know without waking him and i'm scared. >> is there a bathroom in the house? >> his bedroom is closed and he made it so it would make noise. >> so if you told him you had to go to the bathroom he would do something to you? >> yeah. 'cause he had me. >> so are you tied up now? >> well, yeah, but i kind of freed myself. >> the dispatcher stayed on the line until the police arrived at the house. >> you can set the phone down.
4:49 am
>> then silence. minutes pass as the woman waits desperately. >> are you still there? >> how much longer? >> what? >> how much longer? >> finally the officers arrive and she works up the courage to leave the bedroom. >> it's locked. are you at the door? >> yeah. >> is there a window there? >> yeah. hurry, hurry. >> he said to hurry up and come back. >> after some 20 minutes on the line, the woman is rescued. >> come on out, come on out. hurry up. where is he? >> bedroom sleeping. >> still sleeping? >> okay, they have her. >> inside, police arrest 40-year-old sean grate before finding two bodies a grandmother who went missing last week. also leading police to a third body and the rubble of a burned
4:50 am
out home nearby. charged with kidnapping and two counts of murder. he was being held thursday in the ashline county jail awaiting a bond hearing it wasn't clear whether he had an attorney and cnn was unable to reach anyone in his family. back to you. >> oh, my god. 20 minutes she had that -- i mean obviously the police were there for some of that time and she was trying to redirect them for how to rescue her. that's one of the most chilling 911 calls i think we've ever heard. >> the whispering when she must have wanted to scream with every fiber of her body and the waiting. but great work by the police. no address. having to use that gps location, but to find the exact house and take that guy down. bravo. wow. all right, so, back to the campaign. donald trump's strongest surrogates have been his kids. there is an upside, and a potential downside to that. some of the interviews now are creating controversy. next! ing stops us from doing right by our customers.
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okay. donald trump's kids, they play an all-important role. the most visible, and could argue most effective surrogates for their father's campaign. but, you know, there's a
4:55 am
compromise with this. it's hard. to be a surrogate when you love your father. and you have to do the job at the same time. and we've seen that come up especially in the last couple of days. the kids going off message, expressing frustration. let's be honest, they're not kids. they're full grown adults. let's discuss the plus and minus of having the trump surrogates also be his children. with cnn political commentator and senior writer for the federalist mary katherine hamm. let's start up top on this m.k., which is obviously i understand this, i grew up as a politician's kid. my -- but i was a kid. they kept me out of it. i my parents were very protective of us in that way. trump's kids are not kids. i probably shouldn't even be saying that. shows how old i am. late 20s, 30s, adults, families, but, it is hard to defend the man you love as a father against legitimate things, and that's increasingly come their way. the veil has been pulled off that child protection. >> yeah it's not an easy job. they've been walking this line.
4:56 am
and they've done a really good job of it. i think donald trump jr.'s speech at the rnc was one of the better ones. ivanka has always had a great image and risen above what's going on in the campaign. but that can't always last if you're getting some nitty-gritty policy questions as we saw this week. i think what i would say also you know who is also a grown kid who is a surrogate, chelsea clinton. but because she was a kid in the white house people are very kid glove with her. the same interviewer who did the cosmopolitan interview with ivanka and grilled her gave chelsea an interview that was like, do you think you'd live in the white house if your mom was there? >> you see a real difference in how the media treats the kids? >> i do. because i think the media has an institutional memory of chelsea as a child. but chelsea is now on the campaign trail and she was on the campaign trail this week when hillary was getting better. >> what you're referring to is the cosmo interview where the interviewer asked ivanka look your father in the past said that women being pregnant is inconvenient for a business. it's great for the family. highly inconvenient for the business. how can you now say that he has
4:57 am
this great child care plan that women should take off six weeks paid leave. isn't that a fair question? >> no, i think it is a fair question. i just wish that chelsea got just as hard questions for the foundation she's going to run -- might run when her parents are back in the white house. but, i think that i was a little bit surprised actually that ivanka went to the, you shouldn't ask me that question route because she's very good in interviews. they are really good at being disciplined public figures. they're actually sort of the opposite of their father in that way. >> she's now getting a lot of negativity from it. i mean just from reading the transcript, it's hard to know what the vibe was in the room, from reading the transcript that wasn't a negative question that was a fair question. >> no it's fine. and i think if you're going to be helping with policy then it clearly is, then know the policy and talk about it. >> but it's more than that because i would argue that all of us are soft on the kids. you do not ask ivanka trump the kind of questions that you ask boris epstein, okay? no matter what they say. because they're the kid. but, now, they're having it both
4:58 am
ways because a lot of what you hear out of the trump children is very negative about hillary clinton. and that starts changing the calculus. we're not used to hearing that m.k. you know like now we have donald jr. on gma this morning trying to explain what is just an ugly situation for his father with this birther situation. it's hurting him. he's got to find a way out. he sends his son out. here's what he had to say. >> that is coming from him because i was involved in those conversations. he's going to put the head of his campaign spokesperson is putting it out. that's from the campaign. what he has said in the past don't believe when you read when someone says a source scloes to the campaign, don't believe what those people say because those are guys trying to get media. >> tough position for him because there's a simple fact. donald trump doesn't let anybody speak for him until this, and now. it's a hard spot to put your son in. >> it is. and i think donald trump often contradicts his spokes people after the fact. and i think that's going to continue to happen even with his kids. although i think his kids have
4:59 am
more influence on him than others do. they're part of the campaign. they deserve tough questions. i think they can handle tough questions. i think chelsea can too and we should give them to her. >> mary katherine ham thanks so much. >> there's a lot of news this morning including a live interview with senator bernie sanders. what is he think is going to decide this race? let's get to it. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> all right, good morning, everyone. welcome to your "new day." we do begin with breaking news at this hour because cnn has learned that donald trump will likely address the controversy that he has re-ignited by refusing to say president obama was born in the u.s. >> now so far trump has refused to do so publicly. uncharacteristically he's refused to take this question one of the things that has distinguished trump is his desire to take on everything. he's often said his campaign doesn't speak for him. but now he's saying, they do. so let's get right to chief political correspondent dnaa barb with the breaking details. dana? >> that's right.
5:00 am
what we have heard since last night was a statement, a lengthy statement from donald trump's campaign in the name of his top spokesman jason miller, but i'm told that in some form or fashion it is likely that donald trump himself will be the one to address this issue and say those magic words, in some way shape or form. those words being that barack obama was born in the u.s. now, we are going to have caveats here, because donald trump likes to do his own thing. and this is an issue for him that stands alone for basically everything else. because as we know, this is what launched his political career within the republican party. it gave him a launching point for the primaries. and so we're going to wait and see what he does, and if he does what he says. but as i toss it back to you people are probably saying, why now? and i think one of the big answers is that these election is very, very close. and a


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