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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  September 25, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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now things get worse, we have this to help keep us afloat. - so that's very, very important for us.
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the camera and lighting crews have arrived, the set getting finishing touches as you see right there. you're looking at the last minute preparations at the hofstra university debate hall where in just 30 hours hillary clinton and donald trump will approach those podiums for their very first debate of the 2016 election. hello, everyone, thank you so much for joining me. i'm fredericka whitfield live at hofstra university in hem psted new york. the countdown is on. as if the stakes weren't high enough, a new abc/"washington post" poll shows clinton and trump in a virtual dead heat. clinton with only a 2-point lead among likely voters over the next two how's, we'll talk about the candidates' preparedness and the three main topics they will debate. lester holt will be questioning trump and clinton about quote, america's direction, achieving prosperity and securing america. both candidates are off the
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campaign trail today but have separate meetings with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. clinton is hunkered down at a hotel near her home in chappaqua where she was seen working late into the tonight. sources say clinton has been sparring with multiple stand-ins from trump and multiple briefing books about his policies and personalities. trump says he doesn't want to overprepare. he held a rally in fact in roanoke, virnlg vrnlg last night. mostly clinton's running mate tim kaine who represents virginia. it's trump's twitter feed that is giving us the most insight into what he may do monday night at the debate. after clinton supporter mark cuban taunted that he would be in the front row as a guest of
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clinton, trump tweeted this, if dopey mark cuban of failed benefactor fame wants to sit in the row perhaps i'll put gennifer flowers alongside him, who infamously had an affair with then arkansas governor bill clinton, then told "the new york times" she would indeed attend the debate. trump's campaign says she will not be there. my colleague, jake tapper asked trump campaign manager if these are the types of head games that clinton can expect from trump. >> can you confirm if gennifer flowers will be at the debate as a guest of mr. trump? >> no, i cannot confirm that and can't believe how easily baited the clinton campaign was. basically mr. trump was saying, if mark cuban is going to send out texts, the humbling at hofstra, big down fall, then mr. trump was putting them on notice, we could invite guests that may get into the head of
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hillary clinton. we have not invite her formally and don't expect her to be there as a guest of the trump campaign. i did think it was really odd one day after hillary clinton was of rebuffed by the mayor of charlotte to not to come to charlotte then they exercised poor judgment the very next day putting out a statement by the clinton campaign about gennifer flowers, that shows he's easily provoked. no, it was a clinton campaign. it was poor judgment. we'll talk about the issues that face america. i can understand why hillary clinton wants a billionaire in front row, that's another monday night for her. we're taking the case directly to the american people tomorrow night. >> as a point of fact, both trump and clinton were talking about visiting charlotte and the mayor said they didn't have resources for either one to revisit. it's curious and viewers wondering, you think what's odd is the clinton campaign's reaction to donald trump
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tweeting about somebody that her husband had an affair with decades ago, not the fact that donald trump tweeted something about someone -- the nominee's husband had an affair with decades ago. >> it seems odd that they would give it life and breath since you said three times in a row that governor clinton had an affair with her. i didn't say it but now a lot of americans -- >> but donald trump gave it life, did he not? >> he basically -- they could have left it at that. what he said if she's going to do this as way to bait him, perhaps he'll invite gennifer flowers there or have her sit in the front row. i want to say, jake, the particular presidential debates are incredibly important so that he with can hear the visions of these two candidates, donald trump is on the stump every single day. roanoke last night or four or five swing states this week giving policy addresses and talking about issues.
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hillary clinton is running negative ads against him. you know what should be fact checked? the campaign saying she was going to become more uplifting and optimistic and aspirational. it's negative ad after negative ad and negative pieces of mail, get out the vote programs, we're taking our case directly to the american people in this debate and every single day on the stump. >> but it's hard to argue that donald trump hasn't been negative about hillary clinton. i want to ask you in fact, is he planning on bringing up bill clinton's marital infidelity during the debate himself. this is something he discussed on fox news channel and other places an it's something he's talked about in speeches. >> mr. trump will answer the questions as they are asked by lester holt the moderator and has a right to defend himself against anything that mrs. clinton -- secretary clinton may say in response.
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>> so will trump use bill clinton's extra marital affairs as fodder for tomorrow night and is the clinton campaign prepared for such a thing. tapper asked clinton campaign manager. >> in the mock debates, are you preparing for anything? are you preparing for the gennifer flowers' of the world to be invoked? >> jake, as you would appreciate, nobody knows which donald trump will show up to this debate and his erratic temperament has been a subject of quite a bit of discussion, i would argue why he's not fit and prepared to be president. but look, big picture, this debate is an opportunity for the american people to look at these two candidates and see which one of them is ready to be our next president and commander in chief. and i think the fact that donald trump is spending hours before this debate on the -- on this sort of thing is indicative of the kind of leader he would be and president he would be.
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i think it's a warning sign before the debate has even started about donald trump's lack of fitness and bullying tactics that make him unfit. >> former adviser david axe elrod who wants hillary clinton to win is concerned if hillary clinton spends a lot of tomorrow night attacking trump, that might not be enough for her to win the race. he told the "washington post," quote, if trump finds a way to normalize himself, it can be a trap door. going into this debate, do you think it's more important for hillary clinton to sell her own vision or to paint donald trump as a threat, which could in doing so feed into her issues with likability and trust worthiness and honesty, et cetera? >> i'm glad you asked this question. this is the heart of the matter. every time that hillary has had an unfiltered opportunity to talk to the american people about not just what she's going to do, to make their lives
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better, the specific plans and policies that she has but also how her entire life and this campaign is part of a mission to help kids and families. she's done better. we're really excited to have that opportunity. and to your point, i'm very concerned that donald trump will be graded on a curve. just because he doesn't fly off the handle in the middle of this debate does not mean he's prepared to be president of the united states. he needs to have a coherent answers to the questions and needs to demonstrate a command of the issues and needs to roll out specific plans about how he's going to make life better for americans. i was a little surprised to here kelly ann imply that he has those plans. we haven't seen them. he has a secret plan to defeat sis s isis, won't tell anybody what it is. says he knows more than the generals, that's not a specific plan and not being transparent with the american people about
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what those plans are. we hope that will come out at this debate and want this to be an opportunity for hillary to deliver her message directly so that people can understand she's fighting on their side. >> let's talk about all of this now, i'm joined by cnn's phil mattingly and reston and salaly cohen and we have lots to cover, don't we. you've been covering this forea long time. the clinton campaign had to no this would be coming from donald trump? >> absolutely. we don't know exactly what donald trump's plans are. there are tricky words in there that she won't be a guest of donald trump tomorrow night but perhaps someone else, who knows. i think donald trump likes to pump up the drama. one adviser to hillary clinton was saying to me last night, she will be ready for anything.
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gennifer flowers in the front row, she will blow her a kiss and not be rattled she's ready for whatever he brings on. >> phil, what's the feeling on how hillary clinton would steal herself for this? clearly she enough known this was coming. he inty mated he might unleash this. >> there's been preparations about these specific accusations, all of these contingency possibilities have been address add enyou ask how she prepares, by preparing. she hunkers down and spends a lot of time at the briefing books and advisers that makes her comfortable. hillary clinton debated just about more than anybody on a stage this big in history. >> all the way back to high school. >> so there's a level of comfort there with the stage. i think the one concern is that she overprepares and gets into
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her own head about it. i think they are comfortable on this stage, it's a matter of can they land what they need to land when they need to land it to make donald trump has robby mook was trying to point out, that he was not prepared or possibility to sit in the oval office. >> how could this be to the detriment of hillary clinton? >> i love you, fred, but even that question in this election cycle should strike us all as a little preposterous. now because -- i'm not accusing you uniquely of this as we're used to doing, we have to talk about both sides and say something about trump and clinton. ask me a hard question about clinton. the hard question for clinton is she might over -- apparently donald trump -- >> he says he doesn't believe in overpreparing. >> it's like a mask for -- in in facing a candidate who is horrifically unprecedentcedenti unprepared to be president. the flip side, is hillary
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clinton too prepared? it's almost laughable reality. she may be too prepared for the debate like she is too prepared to be president. what a shame. >> john, this brings out -- it boils down to insulting, that there's a different standard. why is it that hillary clinton would be overprepared an he could be under prepared and that's okay? >> they have different goals. what hillary clinton needs to do tomorrow, she needs to motivate the obama coalition to go out and vote. she needs minorities and liberals and needs people that went out and voted in 2008 and 201220 go out and vote for her. so far we don't know if that's going to happen. what trump has to do, he has to be the guy in mexico and look presidential and look like he belongs up there. he has to bring back some of those college educated white women that voted for mitt romney that have reservations about him this time around. he's already done that with men and needs to close the deal with women. >> what does looking presidential look like when you're on the debate stage?
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>> you need to be in command of the facts and look like the type of guy who would have a sober take on a world event that happened at 3:00 in the morning and you would have the country's best interest taken care of. >> you make me laugh, these expressions kill me. >> i'm trying to hard to tone them down. politico just did a report, looked at donald trump for five straight hours. he told a lie, a lie an average of every three minutes and 15 seconds. so i do think part of this is a question for lester holt, is he going to do a good job -- treat the candidates fairly. if he lies more, hold him accountable more. looking presidential isn't being able to show up and say a few names of stand presidents without tripping over yourselves but being able to show the american people that you're ready, that you have the temperament and the expertise and experience of this job. i don't know how donald trump can show up and do that because that isn't who he is, he is
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fundamentally unqualified. >> so much of the on us will be on hillary clinton to be doing this real time fact checking. we've been covering donald trump for a long time -- >> you're saying it's more incumbent on her to do that to correct as opposed to the moderator. >> if she wants to win the debate she better be prepared to do that. a lot of times at donald trump's rallies when he said things that are inaccurate, there's no one there to call him out. that's why she has been preparing so carefully for each of those things to call him out on the facts and that's the way in which they think they can sort of expose what they see as -- >> why does that potentially undermine hillary clinton that people will say she's being too wonky, if she's coming across too studied by correcting him, that that could potentially cost her support. >> i think this is the primary frustration in the clinton campaign.
12:16 pm
sally hits at it to a t. that could be problematic. her fluency on the issues, the preparation involved, a lot of go tos he says over and over on the campaign trail that we've repeated stated are completely incorrect or a lie. they've been preparing for her to have counters to those as they come. the concern you hear rolling around a little bit, will that make her look unlikeable? does that hurt her numbers? the clinton campaign scoffs at that idea, her ability to command issues, command a response to donald trump when he tries to put out things that aren't true will only serve to benefit her. there are people in the party concerned about absolutely everything. one of those is the fallout for that. >> we're going to talk more about this. appreciate all of your points of view. i know there's more. we'll get to that and of course you can see the first presidential debate here on cnn tomorrow night, 9:00 eastern,
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welcome back to hofstra university, site of tomorrow night's first presidential debate. i'm joined again now by cnn's phil mattingly and sally kohn, a clinton supporter and phillips, a trump supporter. we have a nice excited crowd back there. this is the prelude to what we'll be experiencing tomorrow. mave, you first, we're talking about the measuring sticks are different for hillary clinton and donald trump, we've seen it on the campaign trail. some anticipating the same will
12:21 pm
be said for the debate stage. clinton's campaign manager robby mook says nobody wants to see donald trump graded on a curve. >> right. that is one of the biggest concerns in the clinton campaign right now and among allies, there's such a low bar for donald trump that they are very worried that if he is calm and cool and collected up there and there aren't those gennifer flowers antics he'll come away with good headlines on next day. there are so many voters still undecided and we have to remember that. many more than were undecided at this point in 2012. and he does have an opportunity to reintroduce himself tomorrow night. with me with so many eyeballs there are going to be people believe it or not who have not been following every twist and turn -- >> like us? >> so phil, these candidates are
12:22 pm
mindful that they are trying to appeal to the undecided voters, not necessarily speaking to their base, speaking to their core support. >> look at the numbers, they are staggering, they have 100 million people watching and 70 to 80% say they are for sure going to watch -- i'm from ohio, got a lot of buddies who are football crazy, don't care about the election. mock i've been doing this for the last 15 months, all will be watching the debate tomorrow night not monday night football. john made a good point last segment, they are reefing out to the independent voters and also reaching out to their bases and they need to rally their folks and make sure they can bring their coalitions together. there's a dual prong approach to this. the bottom line, there are a ton of people watching and eyeballs and people are really paying attention. it's a huge moment. >> this is a super bowl of politics. john, which donald trump does donald trump want undecided voters to appeal to?
12:23 pm
>> donald trump has done very well in these debates. i don't know why -- the clinton campaign -- >> there are several faces of donald trump. america and supporters have seen that. undecideds now, how does he call attention and win their hearts? >> it's going to be the donald trump that has seen the bounce in polls the guy after the candidate after roger alz and others made him stick to the script, the guy within two points of hillary clinton if you believe the "washington post" poll and beating her in several purple states, swing states. if he sticks to that, think he'll do okay. i think it would be a huge mistake to go back to the mark cuban thing. if she were to bring mark cuban and have him sit in the front row, you create a circus like atmosphere. >> you see that as tanamount to the gennifer flowers? >> as the primary debates, whenever people would go toe to toe with donald trump, they
12:24 pm
would see their numbers drop and his goes higher. if she tries to mix it up in that way, i think that plays to his advantage. >> sally? >> i'm going to need more alcohol. later, not right now. for tomorrow night. first of all the idea he would attack the first major female candidate of a major party running for president based on the who rid indiscretions of her husband and bring that personal pain public again -- >> not only offensive but like will back fire. >> not a sacrifice of female followers -- and voters? >> will trump do it? probably because he can't help himself. should he have attacked the family of a brave man that died fighting if country? no, he shouldn't have. i don't care which trump shows up, i want the trump aall along to be held accountable.
12:25 pm
the other thing, as crazy as it sounds that we talk policy. want to hear about hillary clinton's record of fighting for families and children throughout her career and plans to continue to support the middle class and working families in this country and like donald trump to be press on the fact that he has no policy specifics or details whatsoever he has outlined and needs to be held accountable. >> that is where the pressure is in large part due for lester holt. he has to keep them to the 90 minutes in talking about america's direction achieving prosperity, securing america. all right, thanks to our panel of the we're going to stop for now but pick this conversation up a little bit later. thanks so much, everybody, of course you can see first presidential debate here at cnn tomorrow night 9:00 eastern time. our coverage begins at 4:00. straight ahead, charlotte police releasing tapes of the deadly encounter rather with keith lamont scott. that doesn't stop another round of fiery protest in that city, what the videos show and whether
12:26 pm
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welcome back to hofstra, thanks so much for joining us, more predebate coverage in a moment. now to breaking news out of charlotte, north carolina, where anger over the shooting death of keith lamont scott is spilling
12:30 pm
into the streets again today. protesters gathered outside of bank of america stadium locking arms and chanting ahead of today's game between the carolina panthers an minnesota vikings. today's protest comes a day after charlotte police release two videos showing their deadly encounter with keith lamont scott. we want to warn you that some of these images are very disturbing and one of the videos is from an officer's body camera as he arrives at the scene and for a moment you can see scott in the blue pants and when he comes back into the frame, he is then on the ground. he has a blue shirt, rather. the other video is from a different perspective of a police car dash camera. you can see scott getting out of the car starting to walk backwards before he was shot. police say there are several other videos but those are the most relevant, according to police. i want to talk more about this with retired los angeles police
12:31 pm
sergeant cheryl dorsey and criminal defense attorney and former police officer phillip holloway. cheryl, to you first, how does the release of these two videos and images, fill in blanks for you or perhaps leave gaping holes for you? >> well, it just really explains what the police chief had prepared us for and that's the video is not conclusive with regards to what the officer's statements are. i don't see any furtive movements by mr. scott prior to them firing their weapons. and i don't see any criminal activity that was occurring based on the statement that was released yesterday that was so exigent that these officers should have left a surveillance location to drive some distance away and put on vests that say they are the police and come back to engage mr. scott. this thing could have been handled so differently. i think it would have been better had they just called
12:32 pm
black and white and maintained their position of surveillance and cover and allow another unit to deal with mr. scott. this thing as he's walking backwards, i don't see his hands raised. he takes three steps and then he drops. it's inappropriate. >> the police version of events is that he was seen in the vehicle and rolling a marijuana blunt and may have been a brandishing a weapon and that's what inspired these officers who were working undercover on another case, what inspired them to get out of the vehicles and pursue them in this manner. phillip, is all of that justifiable based on what you saw in the videotape? >> i'll first start by saying our sincere con doleances to the scott family. as the guests have said is correct, we did not see any actual furtive movements in a traditional sense, however, the supreme court of the united states told us in 1989 in awful
12:33 pm
police use of force separations they are to be viewed from a perspective of objective reasonableness. put yourself in the position of the officer who is on the scene. now, these videos don't do that. certainly the dash cam video doesn't do that. he's not seen raising what may be a gun in his hand. he might have been considered by the officer behind the pickup truck to be circling around behind the truck and let's face it, police officers do not have to wait until someone starts shooting before they can take action to save their own life if they truly perceive their life is in danger. >> cheryl, police say that he was brandishing a weapon. we end up seeing still images of a weapon and a holster but not on the body of mr. scott. how troublesome is that? >> well, you know, listen, the supreme court has also told us that a black man does not have any right that a white man must respect. so the fact that they say he's
12:34 pm
brandishing a weapon in an open carry state and the fact that the officers are now saying they observed him roll a joint, is problematic for me because i don't smoke marijuana and don't roll joints but i do know all of that activities happens in your lap. i'm not sure how these officers were able from their position seated in their car to see mr. scott rolling a joint and then conclude that that's activity criminal activity occurring so egregious and outrageous they need to leave their posts to deal with that. it doesn't jive, fredericka. >> if i can respond to that -- >> why wouldn't police release video that substanciates a threat, i'm not a police officer nor an attorney, but it's difficult to see where he looks like he is exhibiting threatening behavior based on the videotape that was released. >> well, that's an easy one because it's threatening
12:35 pm
behavior when you're told multiple times over 30 or 40 seconds to drop a gun and rather than dropping the gun you get out of your vehicle -- >> we don't see the gun. that's my point. that's at the root of this argument though and this is why tensions are the way they are. in the video you do not see a weapon on this person, mr. scott. that's what i mean. why would police not reveal or show to substantiate the claim that she was brandishing a weapon that there was a threat? why would that video that was released not show that? >> well -- >> because, fredericka, they released the video -- >> fill ip first. >> they told us those are the best they have. the videos -- you can't clearly see what if anything is in his hand. it looks like there's something there. the police have said it's a gun. but we need to wait until the entire investigation is complete before we draw any firm conclusions. we can't jump to this emotional knee jerk narrative that this was someone simply reading a book because that has been i
12:36 pm
think mostly discredit d at this point, not before it caused riots and loss of life but we have to wait until the entire investigation is complete to see what other witnesses have said they saw and see what the other officers have put in their report and see what other videos may or may not show. we have only seen a small piece. we need to wait for it all. >> cheryl? >> and so fredericka, what we're going to find in the other officers's statements is that it's going to be very similar to what the officer who discharged his weapon is going to articulate and that is that they were in fear, there was a threat, we understand, to match up with the video, much like in the case of walter scott, had we not had the video recording, we would have had to take the word
12:37 pm
of michael schrager that walter scott had grabbed his taser and about to shoot him with it. but for the video in the came of sam die dubois, we would have had to take the word that he was being run over by sam dubois and that's why he fired his weapon. we're going to have to take the word of these officers that somehow mr. scott made afurtive movement, which we don't see. he didn't something threatening, which we don't see. we don't see him raising his hands and it's going to be based on their statements and their statements alone. great deference is given to what police officers say. >> that much i agree on. great deference is given to what police officers say, yes. the supreme court says we must do that. >> all right, we'll continue to conversation. thank you so much, we'll be right back.
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i've from nature's bounty to support my heart. eating better, keeping healthy. so that no matter what happens in the future, my "future self" will thank me. thank you! 45 years of experience has taught us: no matter what the future holds, you're always better off healthy. nature's bounty welcome back to hofstra university in new york, site of tomorrow night's first
12:41 pm
presidential debate. on the eve of tomorrow night's presidential debate showdown, the expectation game is in full swing. back with me to discuss this cnn political commentator sally kohn, a clinton supporter and john phillips a trump supporter. good to see both of you again. the clinton campaign has been hitting trump hard with ads and it's just full force, perceived connections to russia and his issues with women voters. let's take a look. >> i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is hard to be a ten. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [ bleep ] absolutely. >> trump's use -- use of trump's words in hillary clinton campaigns, doesn't have to be a whole giant narrative, no tracking et cetera, is it
12:42 pm
effective? >> this is typically the point of the campaign where you hit them with the kitchen sink. you go in with whatever attack you have and hit them with that and voters see it for the first time and move the polls. well -- >> it's a replay of his own jargon. >> their hyperbole is blunting this stuff. he said the guy is a nazi, klansman, all he has to say is prove he's not charles manson. >> how does he combat these images, young ladies and language he's using to describe women in that particular campaign. it's pretty hard hitting. >> the problem is it's old news. they've been saying this exact thing for months and months. >> you don't think he has to work hard to change that message, to come up with plans or reveal something about you know, a change of thought or apologies, nothing like that. >> no, i think he's got to do what he's going to do and ignore
12:43 pm
this. this has been out there. that debate where he said that about rosie o'donnell was the most watched debate in primary history. people know he said it. yet, he's two points behind. the numbers keep going up. >> first of all, the clinton campaign -- certainly clinton herself has not said the things you alleged -- we're talking about his own words and you're trying to contrast them with various untethered supporters, number one. that's a false comparison which is the definition of this election and second of all, do you have kids? >> i do not. >> i do. i have a daughter. and she's the age of the little girls in that commercial. i'm sorry, but i don't care if it helps or hurts in the polls, what he said is unacceptable for someone running to be president of the united states -- >> politics is hardball. >> i'm sorry, john, how can you sit here and tell me that my daughter, my 8-year-old who's going to watch the tv and could see this man as president, someone we should respect and look up to and that's the way he talks about women? >> you can go back to the way
12:44 pm
bill clinton has treated women and the way the clinton campaign and hillary clinton suppressed -- >> bill clinton is running right now. and -- >> but little girls will hear those stories too. >> we're talking about things that donald trump has said and will not apologize for you just said he should apologize for. it's okay for my little girl to hear him call women fat pigs and slobs. >> she has network television, she's see far worse. >> i don't see how we can lower the bar for presidency. who cares if he doesn't know anything about foreign policy or knows more than the generals or insults little girls and immigrants. i care and american people should care. >> each candidate -- >> they repeat this stuff, john. >> to say this is the narrative, this is the message, this is the mantra that i now want to help control this debate, what will donald trump's be versus what might hillary clinton's be tomorrow night? >> he's going to hit on the same
12:45 pm
themes he's been hitting on throughout the campaign, talk about securing the border and talk about aggressively going after isis and talk about moving away from the traditional republican position on trade. and that is what has galvanized blue collar voters and brought all of these to the party to watch primary debates and vote where we saw record turnout. he's going to hit those again. >> setting tone is really important when they take to the debate stage. what do you anticipate for hillary clinton? >> i think hillary clinton will reintroduce the american people to her story. folks feel like they've known hillary clinton for a long time but may not know everything she's done fighting for equality in schools and to help families who don't have enough to feed their kids. reintroduce them to her story and her plan how she's going to actually help not only bring jobs back but good jobs with good wages and benefits and she's going to do it in a way where she doesn't act like a school kid. >> she's going to talk about these things sally just discussed and people left
12:46 pm
behind, which was a theme she used in the primary, donald trump has to answer the question, left behind by who? their party, the democratic party has been in charge for the last eight years. why were they left behind? >> all right, john, sally, thank you so much. we appreciate it. of course, you can see this first presidential debate right here on cnn tomorrow, 9:00 eastern time. our coverage begins at 4:00. and we'll be back in a moment. yeah. well, we gotta hand it thto fedex. glasses. they've helped make our e-commerce so easy, and now we're getting all kinds of new customers. i know. can you believe we're getting orders from canada, ireland... this one's going to new zealand. new zealand? psst. ah, false alarm.
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welcome back to the campus of hofstra university in new york, the site of tomorrow's first presidential debate. late night comedy shows used to be the place where candidates try to look a little more like the rest of us. in 2016, the welcome mat can be a little slippery. here is jake tapper. >> can i mess your hair up? >> when "tonight show"'s host jimmy fallon disrupted donald trump's hair instead of confronting the candidate, things got messy. >> i guess because ratings matter more than brown people. >> you say some shocking things. >> critics say fallen could have asked trump why he was pushing a lie about the president's birthplace for five years, the news of the day leading up to the interview. >> by ignoring the poop, nbc n
12:51 pm
condoned a demagogue. >> samantha bee broke from general late night protocol and went after fallon. >> sure, he's making life dangerous for muz islims and immigrants, but he's good entertainment. >> reporter: this bit from nbc's late night with seth meyers aired after the faux pas. >> you don't get to pedal racist rhetoric for five years and decide when it's over. we decide when it's over. >> reporter: seth meyers is well versed in the art of diplomacy. he said it is good to have both kinds of shows on air. >> i think it is important that the airs still exist for people who want to tune out politics for a night. i think jimmy does it better than anybody. >> fallon joked with hillary clinton about the trump interview. >> he left these for you, softballs. >> no, that was my gift to him. that's what i gave him. >> reporter: the bigger question, is there still room for escapism when the stakes of
12:52 pm
the presidential election are so high? >> i know it is a perception, that late night hosts are entertainers or maybe there was some time when that's all they did. but i don't know i don't really find that to be true. >> would it be rude -- >> reporter: when this politicians on late night trend began, jack par was nothing but polite in his 1960s interview with then-senator john kennedy. >> reporter: in the decades shaped since, by hosts like david letterman -- >> first of all, the road to the white house runs through me. >> always happens. >> reporter: and jon stewart. >> obama v romney, it is on. >> reporter: all bets are now off. playing it safe, to some, might be the biggest risk of all. >> donald trump, everybody! >> thanks so much, jake tapper. we're back in a moment from hofstra university. [ "on the road again," by willie nelson ] ♪ on the road again
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welcome back to hofstra university. in hempstead, new york. i sat down with peter king of new york, and he says trump will have the upper hand in tomorrow's debate. >> heard some details about how
12:57 pm
hillary clinton has been preparing this weekend, being in a hotel with a number of advisers until the wee hours of the evening. reading over policy books, doing mock debates, preparing for this debate in any direction, a stand-in for those kind of potential one liners from donald trump. you don't believe he's doing anything like that? >> i'm virtually certain. there is no stand-in, none of that, no podium or anything that he's rehearsing. what he's doing is going over different issues. going over how he can respond to charges against him and make his case, not any formal rehearsal, no. that's not his style. >> that was congressman peter king. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" begins after a short break.
12:58 pm
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