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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNNW  September 26, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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and good morning, thank you very much for joining me. live in long island new york, you can find the excitement already. i am carol costello. tonight's presidential debate could drawn audience of 100 million viewers, a staggering number. usually reserved for the super bowl and it under scores why this is the single most important moment yet in the race. this is a sneak peek of the stage where hillary clinton and donald trump will faceoff in their first one -on-one debate and the stakes cannot be higher.
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>> we are covering all the angles of tonight's show down. jason and carol is inside the debate hall. lets speak in with jason. show us the stage and what's going to go down tonight, jason. >> well, carol, you mentioned the super bowl, i guess we can call this the super bowl of politics. the stage is set behind me. there is much anticipation. america's direction achieving prosperity and securing america. there is been a lot of talk of details. lets go over some of them for you. the debate will last about 90 minute and broken into six 15 minute segments. there is a lot of talk about some of the rules involved. some of the rules were decided by mutual consensus by both campaigns. clinton's podium is stage left and trump is right. that was decided by a coin toss.
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clinton's podium is shorter. that's for optical reasons, she's shorter than donald trump. she's about 5' 6" and he's about 6' 2 t." who gets the first question? clinton will receive the first question and have about two-minutes to answer. trump then in turn will have two-minutes to respond. about thousands of people will be packed in to here, this hall he here. much anticipation about 100 million people to tune into watch. carol. >> unbelievable j, jason, thank you. le lets pull back the curtains of what wie have not seen. >> reporter: donald trump is not subscribing to that idea of how to prepare for a debate.
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one thing we know going into a debate that all campaigns can do including donald trump is setting expectations. take a look of what the aids said to both this morning. >> to me, it is always important. mr. trump is a game day player and he will be ready. look at the energy and momentum coming in. the poll numbers are looking good and we are seeing these crowds and rallies. >> for all this talk for which is trump is showing up tonight. we'll see trump number two which is this kelly anne conway creation, trying to come in and seeing presidential. >> that's what the campaign w t wants to see publicly. behind the scenes, here is what we know. hillary clinton is staying traditional and preparation is
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crucial for her and her team. she's been on the national stage for these types of debates for years now. what her team is doing, she and top advisers have been running through mock debates and four hours at a time and two sessions. they went late into the night, trying to prep for the 9:00 p.m. start time tonight. >> donald trump has been more tight lit. inside trump tower, she's been meeting with top advisers and chris christie is not doing mock debates. what advisers telling me is they want him to be comfortable. that's the most important thing for donald trump, carol. >> all right, phil, thank you very much, joining me to talk about all of this politics, and our chair and presidential for the university.
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first, mark, off to you, we'll see both candidates on stage and they're going to touch each other. this is what people are asking me all week, will they shake hands or ignore each other, obviously, they dislike each other. >> dislike is a soft way of describing it with the animosity that exists between the two. they'll walk up and shake hands. this could be a slug fest or potentially can be donald trump taking a step back and going light on hillary clinton. if he does that. he will probably be better viewed at the end of the debate so he does not look like he's attacking. >> donald trump cannot look like he's bullying clinton and he cannot be maean to her and hillary clinton cannot look like why am i on stage with these
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guys. they kind of have to put that away honestly for 90 minute. >> warm handshake and firm like this or will it be like kind of like -- >> i think some where in between. i think it will be quick, and getting to the point. i think they need, both candidates need to be strong on substance. it is easy to lose a debate, it is harder to win a debate. you will win on substance. >> we'll talk about the optimistoptics and i will post this question for you. hillary gets a smaller podium because she's a lot shorter. some women may ask, what's with the smaller podium. >> it is important for the candidate to be comfortable in the environment than a much large podium that's the same height. it could be one that's extremely uncomfortable for her where it causes her to frigid and looks
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like she's stressed and the non verbals of the interactions are far more important than one evaluating the podium size. that's not what we are going to talk about at the end of the day. okay, okay. >> i have negotiated 25 debates on behalf of cnn and this was always a big issue where one candidate gets upset where the other candidate gets an apple box. the optics are just as important on what is talked about and when it comes to policy because the p optics are what people are going to walk away from. >> half of them are really tuning in for the first time to see these two. >> lets talk about war of optics and the size of the candidates. we all look like the same size
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but in broadcasting they do that purposely so we all look like we are on even footing. they're not going to do that on tonight's debate. hillary clinton will look a lot shorter than donald trump. >> if they put her on donald trump's level, would look strange because she's not 6 feet tall because that's reality. i do think at the end of the day while optics are important. i don't know if the hieight is going to matter as much as what they say and how they treat each other and the kind of non verbals. that's going to play more then. >> so it is a coin toss. >> will hillary clinton speak fir fir first? how important is it for a candidate to speak first? >> i think it gives the initiative if you will to set the tone. it is a 90 minute debate. coin toss is democracy at work. [ laughs ] >> you cannot get more dem eck
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th democratic than that. the person that speaks first gets to set the tone >> yes, they get to set the tone of the event. the first person gets to set the tone of the debate and determine the way it proceeds. that's one of the things that i would be most concerned about in preparing it today that the candidate is preparing for any sort of immediate news coverage or things that's occur ring in the world that the first set of questions can fluster a candidate or set them up for a success. that is definitely kept in mind. >> you have to expect that certain things will come up right off the bat like the the recent shootings. >> we had the new york bombing and this thing in houston. will those things be brought right away no matter what the
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candidates is asked. we are sprinterested to say wha hillary clinton and donald trump addresses will ever they go in the question. hillary clinton will say it is a time for healing and come together and go ahead and answer the question. and police violence, it is a fine line to walk and both candidates have to be careful in the sense they want to appeal to minority groups. >> same time, you cannot i alienate the plus aolice and e r reporters. i want to pause for a moment of another tragedy, a shooting, lets go out the houston right now. houston police say they actually shot a suspect who opened fire at a shopping center this morning. jean is following this for us, what do you know.
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>> there are 20 ems vehicles on the scene and two doctors are on the scene and people are transported to local hospitals. now, management is saying that six people are being transported to the hospital with injuries. the police department confirms that this is fluid and that we do not know the severity of these injuries at all. we know that at 6:29 this morning, there was a call to the houston fire department saying that an active shooter was on the scene. it was a park lot at the petco, now, the shooter is down. people do not believe, the police does not believe that more than one participated in this. this is an active investigation right now and as we do know, the injuries are unknown at this time. six being taken to the hospital. the area is southwest houston. police are saying stay out of that area, do not go near it and roads are closed. it is an active investigation.
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there should be a briefing in time. 6:29, the call were made to the fire department of an active shooter, nearest shopping center in southwest houston. >> all right, jean casarez is reporting live for us. >> tonight, will it be a game changer when it comes to swaying voters? blood pressure now that fedex has helped us simplify our e-commerce, we could focus on bigger issues, like our passive aggressive environment. we're not passive aggressive. hey, hey, hey, there are no bad suggestions here... no matter how lame they are. well said, ann. i've always admired how you just say what's in your head, without thinking. very brave. good point ted. you're living proof that looks aren't everything. thank you. welcome. so, fedex helped simplify our e-commerce business and this is not a passive aggressive environment. i just wanted to say, you guys are doing a great job. what's that supposed to mean? fedex. helping small business simplify e-commerce.
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that's liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. . my american dream is for 11 million undocumented americans like myself not have to live in fear. >> get a well enough job to support my family. >> having the ability to go out and make a name for yourself. we live in the land of opportunity and become successful in this country.
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>> wow, the american dream. when it comes to tonight. clinton and trump contest is among the biggest and will answer that question, how will they make your dreams possible. 80% of americans say tonight's debate will not change their minds about who to support. so are the majority of the millions tuning in tonight just, i don't know, hoping for a train wreck? my panelists is back. >> mark, many viewers are wondering will donald trump showing up, will it be the less energetic donald trump or this guy? lets listen. >> first of all, this guy is a joke artist and this guy is a liar. this little guy has lied so much about my record. >> don't worry about it little marco. >> you are the single liar.
6:18 am
>> that's what we'll get. you are getting beaten badly. i know you are embarrassed but keep on fighting. >> you are never going to be the president of the united states by insulting your way. >> will it be that guy or telaprompter trump. >> i am certain that his campaign has told him to dial it back. two, while some people may not agree with this and saying it is sexes, attacking a woman does not view very well and donald trump of the way he attacks could be seen as really destructive. >> i will post this question to ed. trump's supporters like his s g
6:19 am
zingers and they like it when he says crooked hillary. does it make a difference whether he insults her or not. >> it will give us an indication how coachable donald trump is. you identify there are about 18% of people who identify they can change their positions or possibly open to doing that. his supporters are not going to change his position. donald trump coming out and attacking hillary clinton is only trying to communicate with the converted. a donald trump that does as what your other panelists identified is subdued and focused and trying to convert a different audience and speak to those who are concern of the direction of the country and the way which politics are leaning. we'll get a much better idea of who donald trump is as a debater and someone that's capable of being coached after this event. >> see, jackie, to me, the sp t
6:20 am
specticles have started. donald trump invoke jennifer flowers. >> that's donald trump's biggest issue and not doing something and brought up all these questions of sexism again. the worst part of donald trump because his ego is bruised. he can avoid that and manage to look presidential, he will have a good night. it is easy to look a jerk. that's a dangerous zone for donald trump and would be back for him if he cave to his nature. >> you have to believe that hillary clinton is going to play to minorities, right? she's strong with minorities and to women. how might she bring up these things to make donald trump look negative? >> well, i think her strength is talking about what she's going
6:21 am
to do and talking about the problems the country is facing and the shooting this morning and the series of shootings and the horrible tragedies we have seen over the last several weeks and over the summer and talking about what she's going to get done. i think that's her strength. i think for donald trump, one liner can be effective. just what jackie says and obama and in new hampshire. >> presidential debates are all about sound bytes, right? if trump gets a few sizingers i won't that last longer than a big long talk about policy from hillary clinton's status, it maybe. . >> i agree, we are not in the environment where all press is
6:22 am
good press as donald trump clearly come to see which the way he dealt with people in the military and sexism, he does not want to come away with us having conversations about donald trump being a sexist candidate. what he does want us to think is donald trump is reserved and someone willing to tell it like it is. thatst that a fine line, yes, you want donald trump to be donald trump, that's a very dangerous place if you are the person that's running this campaign >> well, they maybe worried about that but we are all looking forward to that. that's the differentiator how clinton and donald trump reacts to one another. body language and body language. split screen, when someone attacks the other one, how does
6:23 am
the other one react. we'll learn a lot just in their reaction. >> mark, preston and nina bow and ed lee, thank you to all of you. the presidential debate airs tonight right here on cnn starting at 9:00 p.m. eastern, still to come in the newsroom, he's accused of shooting five people outside of seattle, now, investigators are working to find out why. in spirit in the now. boost. it's not just nutrition, it's intelligent nutrition. with 26 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. all in 3 delicious flavors. it's choosing to go in one direction... up. boost. be up for it. yeah. well, we gotta hand it thto fedex. glasses. they've helped make our e-commerce so easy,
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and good morning from the site of the first presidential debate in long island. thank you for joining me, i am carol costello. guilty or not guilty, the 20
6:28 am
earlier is accused of killing five people on friday in a mall in seattle. he was captured walking in the streets near his home. >> cnn, has more for you live from burlington. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: good morning, carol, he's looking at five counts of first degree murder, it happened around 7:00 on friday evening. when he was seen entering the mall without a rifle in his hand and so minut10 minutes later, h into the macy's department and he killed four women. he fled this way to interstate 5 and disappeared. it took 24 hours for police to track down where he went and that's through tips and surveillance cameras in the area. they discovered him about 20 miles away in washington. >> that's where one pleolice
6:29 am
officer recognized him and apprehended him. there were no struggle that the suspect was zombie-like when they took him into custody here. arcan cetin is 20-year-old, he's a legal resident of the united states. he immigrated from turkey. we know that he had an ex-girlfriend who worked at a macy's, not at this macy's. they interviewed him and his family. there is no motive. they don't know why and they don't know if there is any reason that he could have been targeting this one macy's. they have no reason this was terrorism related but they are not ruling it out at this point, carol. >> all right, stephanie elam live in washington this morning. charlotte after days of protests after the shooting of
6:30 am
keith lamont scott. this weekend of released videos. there are still so many unanswered questions. >> good morning to you carol. those two videos released by police just one day after keith lamont scott's wife released the cell phone video of the incident. pressure from the public and the scott's family to release those videos by police. it does not answer some of the major questions that are still pressing with this investigation. most notably, was the shooting of the black police officer against keith lamont scott justified? that's a major question that the public is asking. those videos don't change the narrative on both sides. the police say that he was praeking the law and that's why the deadly force was needed. that's where we are at at this
6:31 am
point of the investigation. in addition to the video being released, police released three pictures of evidence in this case, one a handgun, they said that was found at the scene and a holster and a marijuana cigarette. they say that scott was smoking marijuana and that was part of the reason why he was breaking the law and he owned a handgun which she shouhe should not havn possession of. more evidence are coming out. >> this case is still under investigation by the state. at this point, a protest, they have calmed down here in charlotte in the past few days. that did leave the mayor to lift the curfew here. a sit-in is scheduled later today. the public is calling for the resignation of charlotte's mayor and the police chief. >> live from charlotte this morning, thank you. arnold palmer has died. the 87-year-old four times
6:32 am
champion of golf. admired for his actions on and off the course. he once said his career is driven by the enjoyment of three things. >> i enjoyed people and enjoyed the golf game and i enjoyed the competition. >> he died last night while awaiting surgery at a pittsburgh hospital. >> i will be back. before taking his team to state for the first time...
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my version of the american dream is that i don't keep waking up another day to see another black body slain by slaurlaw enforcement on social media. >> whatever makes you happy if you feel free then you are living the american dream. >> oh, the american dream. tru trump supporters say it is dying and both kacandidates are on ste here to talk about america's direction. >> with me, john phillips and jeff weaver who also work as bernie sanders' campaign manager. welcome to both of you. you heard of those young people talking about their version of the american dreams.
6:38 am
hillary clinton needs toes voters come november. what does she have to say tonight to make them excited about her candidacy. >> i think a lot of young people that we met out during the campaign season when the snafenr was running for president. obviously, there is been a lot of back and forth on this campai campaign. there is a lot of negativity back and forth between the candidates. tonight is an opportunity to turn the debate around. when that happens, young people are going to see that hillary clinton is a much better candidate. >> john, donald trump has problems with young voters. 62% are considering to voting
6:39 am
for a thursday candidate. what are they not seeing with donald trump. >> young voter who is are key part of the obama coalition. >> clinton needs to bring something in and so far she has not done that. a key part of why that has not happen is you have gary johnson on the ballot. he's doing double digit there is and running on legalized marijuana platform and that atracks a lot of young people who would go to hillary snochlt wh . >> what do yultimately, young vl go back to hillary clinton. bernie sanders will be out with her on wednesday at an event at the university of hampshinew ha. i think we have to take for this positive message.
6:40 am
they crafted a plan to create free tuition of public colleges a and universities for families making under $25,000. >> a campaign that's so exciting for so many millenials and we'll make college debt-free for everybody. it is inclusive and does end on one of the young people on your clip set. the violence that americans are facing for our country. these are the kinds of issues are uniting. will she get the opportunity to get that message out for people or will it turn to a trump name calling event. which we hope it is not. >> lets hope not for the sake of the country, we talked at substance, right? >> lets talk about educated voters. he does need to explain a little bit about his policy and a way
6:41 am
that says to educated voters that he does know what he's talking about. what does he need to do? >> there is an opportunity to trump. if you look at the abc polls. trump is doing better among republicans than hillary clinton is doing among the democrats. he needs to go out, that's doable if you are looking for vetters that are dp-- >> what can he say about those educated women, i hear you and i understand your issues, this is what i am going to do for you. >> i would go back to the republicans. many of them voted for romney. going after isis or building the wall on the southern borders, branching his identity as a businessman. it will give them something to come back. >> will that do it, jeff?
6:42 am
i would guess that many educated voters would say it bothers me of some of the stuff donald trump said on stage. you can bet that hillary clinton will bring it on stage tonight. >> you are roiight. >> women were negatively moved by those comments. women are aware of discrimination in our society and i also put off of his comments against latinos and against muslims or people with disabilities. i think they're people who are facing hardships and discrimination and understanding what it is like for other communities. i think there is a lot of affinity there. >> and just, last because we don't have much time. i want to talk about
6:43 am
expectations. john, the trump campaign has set the bar really low. they said he has hot really studied for this debate. >> i cannot believe that. i cannot imagine somebody apeefria appeariappea appearing in front of national television and not study for it. the bar is set so low. a lot of people thought he would have problems with those in debates. i think he will do just fine tonight and he will have an opportunity to give a test run to his new catch phrase. >> you are tired. >> hillary clinton of the expectation game. jeff, what everybody kind of execs her to win because she's done a million debates before and she's been debating one candidate and she's known as this policy walk. >> how could she possibly lose? >> we experience that during the
6:44 am
primary process. she comes in adversed on all issues and has a deep knowledge. >> donald trump trying to disrupt his discussions with his normal one liner. hillary clinton is not good on the one liner. she's a substance candidate than that. i think sometimes you know for people looking a lot this as entertainment, he may come across as entertainment and quotable. in terms of the substance of what she's going to offer for the country in terms of health care and jobs and climate change, he's going beat him tha hands down. john phillips, thank you for both of you. still to come in the newsroom, to fact-check or not, it is a debate. is it up to the moderator to fact-check?
6:45 am
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it is a beautiful day in hofstra university on long island ahead of tonight's presidential debate, another debate is going on. should the moderator fact check the candidates? former moderators bob schieffer and jim lehr say it's up to the candidates tookt as the first line of defense and fact check
6:50 am
each other but believe moderators need to set the record straight. how will lester holt play it tonight? let's bring in brian stelter and carol simpson to talk about that. so carol, lester holt, how do you think he's feeling at the moment? >> i think he's feeling a little bit worse than i am. i am so excited and so anxious, i have got butterflies. i'm just waiting for this debate but i'm sure he probably has them, too. it's a scary thing to have to do what you have to do, what he has to do. >> i have heard that lester holt is shutting out all the chatter, he's in a dark room somewhere preparing. >> that's right. i tried to talk to him about this last week. he has not given any interviews about his plan. he knows how to relax. he's a bass guitar player. i bet he brought his guitar with him for unwinding through this. he has an incredibly tough task
6:51 am
ahead of him. in some ways a no-win situation but he's working for the viewers at home. i think he knows that. he's surrounded by a great team of people helping him prepare and he knows what he's doing. >> this is so different from when you moderated that debate with george h.w. bush and bill clinton and ross perot. this time the two candidates really dislike one another. it's going to be very contentious from the get-go. how do you handle that? >> well, i have been saying this weekend and i have been watching everybody talking about what's going to happen. nobody knows what's going to happen. i don't think the candidates know what's going to happen. but i think something is going to happen tonight, because they have been like tea kettles and the bubbles are bubbling and near the boiling point. i think there will be some fireworks. but i think this debate should be as different as this
6:52 am
presidential campaign has been. why should we expect a moderator who plays the role of how i had to play straight and narrow when you've got people that might be saying incredible things. i think the moderator has to step in. >> it's interesting you say that because brian stelter just informed me in the break that the candidates' microphones will be on the entire time. >> that's one of the most interesting details here. yes. that's right. their mics will always be on so if they interrupt each other, we will hear it. if clinton has a coughing fit, that will be heard as well. there's no commercial break, no interruption, no bathroom break for 90 minutes. that makes it very different from the primary debates. we know clinton will get the first question, will have two minutes to answer, then trump will have two minutes, then for about ten minutes, they will go back and forth. that's where it gets interesting. >> so clinton won this coin
6:53 am
toss, right, and brian tells me they won't tell him who flipped the coin. why not? >> it's so secretive. >> why? >> that's crazy. >> that's how it was. this commission is so secretive. >> yes. i was talking to mike mccurry and asking him why i wasn't named moderator. i would love to be the moderator tonight. don't want to take it away from lester holt but i think i would play a whole different role in terms of i don't like to say fact checking, but if you're a journalist and you know that someone is standing in front of the american people and telling them an untruth, i think it is your obligation as the moderator acting on behalf of the american people to get the truth. that's what we are, we are truth tellers. at least the journalists that
6:54 am
were of my era were. i'm not sure about today's. but i think the moderator should really call to task. >> here's the thing. there are ways you can ask a question to prevent a candidate from lying, right? you can start with that. >> you can start with basic facts. put them on the table and not dispute them. if trump -- trump does have more of a challenge. he has a more tenuous relationship with the truth if we were to be generous. lester holt can bring him back to reality by asking for his sources of information and by encouraging hillary clinton to follow up. a lot of this will come down to clinton following up on trump's misstatements and vice versa but i do believe holt will be ready to step in when necessary. my sources at nbc say he will not be a potted plant onstage. >> okay. but i will tell you this, carole and brian, that the trump camp has already set it up that the media will be unfair so they want lester to lose before the debate even begins. listen to what kellyanne conway
6:55 am
said. >> if mr. trump has any disadvantage going into tomorrow night's debate it's that he's not really treated fairly and that's pretty obvious if you read man of the reports, if you turn on the same station at any point in the day, the coverage varies from incomplete meaning it's all about him to overtly biased. >> okay. i found that difficult to understand so hopefully you guys could have understood it better than i could. basically she says the media -- did you hear it? okay. basically she says that, you know, if they go overboard on the fact checking, like who knows if the media's really telling the truth, right, if they jump all over mr. trump and they don't jump all over mrs. clinton it will seem unbalanced from the get-go. >> it has been unbalanced from the get-go since the primaries started. i am embarrassed by how the
6:56 am
press has handled donald trump. every call, every tweet, every appearance, every rally, the networks have put him on television, radio has put him on television. they have given him so much exposure and i don't see how they can say it's been unfair because everything he's had to say, he's gotten away with and we have let the public see all that. >> well, we will see how it goes tonight. hopefully we will make you proud as journalists. i hope so because i greatly admire you. thanks so much. next hour of "cnn newsroom" after a break.
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