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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  September 28, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. donald trump campaigning this hour behind closed doors. he's in chicago right now. he's expected to speak before the polish american alliance and then mr. trump will attend a fund-raiser before traveling on to iowa and wisconsin, obviously these are pictures from the debate. at each stop we expect mr. trump to claim victory in monday's
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debate and promise a big performance in the next showdown. >> for 90 minutes, i watched her very carefully and i was also holding back, i didn't want to do anything to embarrass her, but i watched her and she was stuck in the past. for 90 minutes on issue after issue, hillary clinton defended the terrible status quo while i laid out our plan. >> also today, rival hillary clinton rolls out some heavy hitters. michelle obama, chelsea clinton and bernie sanders will be on the stump for her from north carolina to new hampshire. their target, young voters. jason carroll live in chicago for the trump event, joe johns is following the clinton campaign. let's begin with you, jason. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. both candidates are basically out this morning claiming
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victory laps. donald trump for his part out raising money, claiming victory. he's going to be attending this breakfast at the polish american alliance here in chicago. we should tell you that overnight, the building that's just right behind me was actually vandalized. there was anti-trump obscenities written not only on the outside of the building but on the sidewalk as well. city workers overnight and early into the morning got out, started cleaning up the building ahead of trump's arrival. trump, a controversial figure here in chicago as you know, carol. in terms of combatting violence here in the city, he's been calling for reinstituting stop and frisk, using it here in the city. you know that was a controversial practice used in new york city. it was ruled to be unconstitutional. a federal judge basically ruled and said it was a form of racial profiling but trump is calling for that to be used here in chicago. he's also once again saying that he is the one who won the debate
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and, carol, he says he has the fund-raising dollars to prove it. >> today, we had something where i understand through largely small donors and some others, we had the biggest day we have ever had because of the success last night of the debate. they raised almost $18 million today. can you believe it? $18 million. crazy. >> reporter: $18 million but despite all that, as you know, there's been a lot of talk about whether or not donald trump was properly prepared for the debate. the "new york times" is reporting that in the beginning, there was some sort of an effort to have more of a traditional preparation in terms of how to go forward with the debate. the former fox news head roger ailes was involved with this but apparently there was some sort of effort in terms of trying to get trump to focus and to concentrate so that was abandoned and they went for this
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unconventional route. so going forward, according to the "times" and the camp, there will be more preparation. the hope is there will be more focus on the next debate on issues such as hitting hillary clinton on the clinton foundation, hitting her on benghazi, the economy, getting her on trade, hoping that will be the focus, more focus on that, hopefully less focus on former miss universe and trump's criticism about her weight. >> what about policy? is that in there somewhere? >> reporter: policy in terms of policy? well, of course. the trump campaign is hoping that going forward, in the next debate, that as i said, he will be able to really get clinton and the moderators to focus more on issues such as the clinton foundation, benghazi, more focus on trade and the economy. these are the issues where the trump campaign feels as though he does extremely well. the hope is going forward on the next two debates there will be more focus on that and
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post-debate, less focus on issues dealing with a former miss universe. >> jason carroll live from chicago this morning. hillary clinton hoping to build on her performance at monday's debate, rolling out high profile surrogates across the country, including the first lady, her daughter chelsea, and one-time rival bernie sanders. but there's another big name, john warner, former republican senator and navy secretary who is also telling voters that he's with her. cnn's joe johns in washington with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. former senator warner has been out of office for years but he is not forgotten and the clinton camp hopes this sends yet another signal to republicans in a critical battleground state who may be on the fence on donald trump. warner was a moderate republican in the senate, a true expert on national defense issues from the state where the pentagon itself is located, former secretary of the navy, though he may best be known in pop culture as the husband of the legendary actress elizabeth taylor. now coming to support hillary
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clinton, appearing in alexandria with her running mate, tim kaine. meanwhile, the clinton campaign ramping up on multiple fronts, releasing a new ad featuring first lady michelle obama. listen. >> our children watch everything we do and the person we elect as president has the power to shape their lives for years to come. hillary has spent her entire career bringing folks together on behalf of our kids, because she believes that every child deserves a chance to succeed. >> reporter: also today, hillary clinton, the candidate herself, appearing in new hampshire with bernie sanders, reaching out to younger voters which they very much need this november. carol? >> joe johns reporting live for us, thanks so much. after monday's debate, donald trump's team is reportedly pursuing an aggressive strategy for his next face-off with hillary clinton. you heard jason carroll mention that. the "new york times" is also revealing that campaign advisers to donald trump plan to more rigorously prepare him by drilling the republican nominee on crucial answers, facts and
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counter attacks and by coaching him on ways to whack mrs. clinton on issues even if he is not asked about them. one line of attack for mr. trump could be talking about sex, specifically bill clinton and his mistresses. but hillary clinton is reportedly ready. her camp seeing that as another way to win over female voters. let's talk about this. patricia murphy, from roll call and the daily beast and paul singer, washington correspondent for "usa today" . welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> so the next debate, will it be all about just attacking hillary clinton and hitting her hard on issues like her e-mail controversy and such? >> well, i think we don't know. i also think the trump campaign doesn't know and i think donald trump doesn't know. so for republicans in washington, around the country, that is deeply, deeply concerning. there's clearly a split between donald trump's campaign and his advisers and what he wants to do. he has been repeatedly saying even since the debate just
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minutes after the debate was over i could have been tougher, i could have talked about bill clinton's problems. many people within his debate think that will be a terrible mistake for him to do. they want him to be smarter but not tougher. that's a really tall order for somebody who has only been in one major debate in his career. so i think he made significant mistakes if he were to focus on hitting hillary clinton on areas of policy, i think that would be well-advised but in the last debate he did not have the discipline to follow through on that. >> so paul, what if he does bring up bill clinton's infidelities? i talked to a lot of women about that, that really wouldn't resonate with them but he could frame bill clinton's infidelities in another way to make hillary clinton look, i don't know, he said he might make her look like an enabler and he might accuse bill clinton of even worse things than infie dlts. >> this came up last year at the end of the year, saying bill
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clinton was an abuser and that hillary clinton let him get away with it. i don't think it helps him anywhere. i really think, jason pointed this out in his piece and we saw it during the debate, his best moment in the debate was when he was able to push hillary clinton on trade policy. she did not have a good answer to his question about well, when did you change your mind on the trans-pacific partnership and is it obama's fault, is it the president's fault for not negotiating that properly. that's a good line of attack and good policy centered line of attack and it lets hillary on her heels for that moment. as soon as he starts getting into any kind of infidelity issue it opens up his own kind of bizarre past of three marriages and who knows how many affairs and howard stern conversations about women's bodies. none of that helps him with anything. it certainly doesn't help him convince anybody. maybe it gets some people that are deep in his base more excited about him but i kind of doubt it. >> okay. there's a lot of bizarre happenings surrounding this election. howard dean, a democrat.
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trump kept sniffing throughout the debate. he said it was a microphone problem but people definitely heard it. howard dean has been running around saying maybe trump has a coke problem. let's listen. >> he has trouble with pressured speech. he interrupted as you pointed out hillary clinton 29 times. he couldn't keep himself together. so look, do i think at 70 years old he has a cocaine habit, probably not. but you know, it's something that i think it would be interesting to ask him and see if he ever had a problem with that. >> oh, patricia, why? >> why howard dean? i think howard dean is just trying to get into donald trump's head and just throw wild accusations the way democrats think donald trump has done against hillary clinton and other candidates. the problem is that when democrats have been saying they are going to take the high road while donald trump takes the low road, this totally undercuts that message.
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democrats want to be seen as the adults in the room. the people responsible enough and with the temperament both as individual, as hillary clinton and as the democratic party, the ones who are going to be responsible to govern the country. when you have this kind of language out there and you have howard dean who is a high profile democrat making accusations about donald trump, who doesn't even drink, i think it's ridiculous and it's not a good look. >> it's totally, totally ridiculous. so paul, final question for you about the next debate. it's a much more intimate setting. the candidates will be sitting down, there will be two moderators and a live audience. questions will be taken from the audience. is it possible that these candidates will not be comfortable insulting each other quite so much because of the intimate setting? >> yeah, and keep in mind some of the memorable debate moments have been in these sort of intimate settings. remember al gore got a little too close to george w. bush and it looked like he was stalking
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him. rick lazio running for senate got too close to hillary clinton and ordered her to sign a piece of paper. looked like he was threatening her. you have to be careful coming into someone's living room and getting bombastic. it's a very difficult thing, particularly a challenge for donald trump to not look like he's being rude and overly aggressive in a setting that's really quite quaint and polite. it's designed to look polite. hard for him to moderate sometimes if he's going to particularly talk about bill clinton. >> i have to leave it there. thank you so much. any moment now, donald trump will begin speaking in chicago. he's set to talk before the polish american alliance. we will monitor his speech for you. still to come in the "newsroom" today brings another all-out clinton campaign blitz to reel in new voters. will millenials bite? you tell your insurance company they made a mistake.
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at any moment you will see donald trump behind that podium. he's speaking in front of the polish american alliance in chicago. he just had a private breakfast with them. we will monitor trump's remarks and bring them to you as we see fit. in other news, other political news, a trio of heavy hit letters ters will be on ther hillary clinton. they travel their big target today will be millenials, a group clinton struggled to excite despite big celeb endorsements like katy perry. the pop star turned clinton s r surrogate is baring all to try to get voters to the polls. >> let those babies loose! >> that's enough of that. >> i read the constitution. i know i have the right to vote naked. >> did you read it or did you just briefly scan it? >> come on. no, no, no, come on. let's go.
7:18 am
>> you, too? >> scratch that. got to wear clothes. my bad. see you at the polls november 8th. >> with me now is political reporter for npr. welcome. thank you for being here. >> happy to be here. >> whenever i see spots like that, i think really? i know people are young and want to have fun and they find stuff like that funny sometimes but does that really get them to the polls? >> you know, that's a really good question. i spent a lot of time talking to young voters, particularly in key battleground states like florida and north carolina recently and i don't know how effective something like that is. the thing i continuously heard from young voters is they are really concerned about the personality more than the party. maybe that kind of helps with the personality thing. >> so let's talk about the personality thing. what do they want to see in these candidates that would attract them? >> so i heard a lot about
7:19 am
authenticity and feeling as if the candidate sort of genuinely identifies with them. that's why i think we saw during the primary season a lot of younger voters really come out in droves to support senator bernie sanders from vermont. now i think hillary clinton is struggling with this group. it's certainly true. we should be clear that she does lead all of the polls that we have seen against donald trump. she leads them by double digits so the question isn't really will younger voters support hillary clinton because it seems that some of them will. the question is how many. part of that's because we see young voters shifting towards either a third party candidate or at times telling me that they are just disappointed with their options and may stay home on election day. >> wait a minute. mr. trump, everybody says he's authentic, he has an authentic personality. he says what he means. why aren't they attracted to that personality? >> i guess there's kind of two main reasons. one is that millenials as a whole are the most diverse generation to date. so when you look at this
7:20 am
population, more than 40% identify as people of color and the other folks who don't often tell me they have grown up in a very different generation so they have grown up with very dear friends of theirs who either may be immigrants or the children of immigrants so some of donald trump's rhetoric around building a wall or about muslims just doesn't resonate well with this generation. i have heard that time and again, regardless of whether or not some younger voters tell me they identify as conservative. i met a lot of folks who told me they liked marco rubio or john kasich during the primaries but feel very hesitant about supporting donald trump because of his rhetoric. >> interesting. so mr. obama, president obama has been reaching out to young voters in an attempt to get them to vote for hillary clinton. he just did an interview with ryan seacrest. let's listen. >> anybody who is watching the debate i think got a sense that you have got really sharply contrasting visions about where we should take the country, and i'm admittedly biased.
7:21 am
i have worked with hillary, i know her. she is well-prepared. i would say that the other guy doesn't have the preparation, the temperament or, you know, the core valuesof inclusion. >> so when president obama was running for office, young people were psyched about him, then as time went on, they became less and less excited about his presidency. so do his words resonate with those younger voters who are thinking of voting for hillary clinton? >> i think that he's perhaps one of the best surrogates that hillary clinton could have with this younger population, but you're right. 2008 was sort of a high water mark in terms of millenial turnout and we did not see the same sorts of turnout in 2012 for president obama. i think his words, he's certainly a very effective surrogate for her. they also have limitations. when you look, it's no accident that hillary clinton is out today on the campaign trail with senator sanders.
7:22 am
he's also one of the most highly effective surrogates for her this election season, and you know, sort of combining that along with the fact that the first lady is also out could be effective in reaching some of these voters because i will say, a lot of times younger voters are not telling me that they are enchanted or inclined to vote for donald trump. they are telling me they may vote for a third party candidate, or that frankly they just don't care for any of their options this year. >> thank you so much for joining me this morning. still to come, a deadly police confrontation sparks more protests and new questions. you're not a cook, if you don't cook. you're not a firefighter, if you don't fight fires. or a coach, if you don't coach. and you can't be our leader, if you don't lead. our next president needs to take action on social security, or future generations could lose up to $10,000 a year. we're working hard, what about you?
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hey candidates, do your jobs. keep social security strong.
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all right. we have a bit of breaking news to tell you about. the u.s. and iraq have agreed on a plan that could send 500 or more additional american troops to help retake the isis stronghold of mosul in iraq in the coming days. cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr has more on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. this has been under discussion for some weeks between the u.s. and the iraqis. president obama and iraqi prime minister now finally coming to that agreement that could send up to an additional 500 troops to northern iraq in the coming weeks, if not sooner. this is all about sending more military advisers and trainers to iraq to help the iraqi forces and the kurds retake the northern iraqi city of mosul. this is the isis stronghold in iraq. this is the center of isis' so-called caliphate in iraq. it's a very important military target for the iraqis to get back. iraq's second largest city. so everyone agrees they need
7:28 am
more help doing it. this is supposed to be the last plus-up of u.s. troops in iraq. there are about 4500 there now on deployment orders. this again will bring it somewhat over 5,000. so if it works and there is a battle for mosul in the coming weeks and they get mosul back, it will be an important military victory against isis but will it mean the defeat of isis and the ideology? i don't think anybody is betting on that any time soon. >> barbara starr, thank you. all of this happening as the president gets ready to sit down for a town hall event hosted by cnn's jake tapper. the focus, veterans, national security and foreign policy. let's bring in cnn white house correspondent michelle kaczynski. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, this will be a unique venue for the president to speak directly to troops. he's coming here to thank them for their service, then he's going to participate in this town hall so in the crowd we will have active service
7:29 am
members, veterans, maybe special guests like world war ii veterans, family members of those who served in the military, even people who have lost loved ones to war. you can imagine the array of questions and likely tough questions that he's going to get. is this a tough crowd for the president? well, you might say that. especially when you consider that while president obama's popularity numbers, his approval ratings have been going up over the last year, to the point that it's made headlines, that it's over 50%, his numbers among members of the military are considerably lower. one survey, it was an unscientific poll but it showed that among u.s. troops, his approval rating was around 15% two years ago. there's low morale in the military. one survey showed that about half of u.s. troops feel that they are underpaid and overworked. and when the president goes out lately, he always wants to talk about what the next
7:30 am
administration would look like, making the case for hillary clinton, but that too is going to be tough here, especially since surveys have shown that u.s. troops support donald trump over hillary clinton by a factor of two to one and that about a fifth of u.s. troops that were surveyed felt like they didn't like either choice. there's a feeling out there in addition to the lowering morale over the years, a feeling that u.s. candidates at least from traditional parties or from the major parties, don't necessarily understand issues facing the military. so we are likely to hear some interesting and difficult questions posed directly to the commander in chief out here today. >> all right. thank you, michelle. tonight's town hall starts 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. another deadly police confrontation sparks a protest, this time in the san diego suburbs.
7:31 am
>> don't shoot! >> the police chief says officers responded to a call of a 30-year-old african-american man acting erratically on tuesday. the chief claims one of the officers fired after the man drew an object and stood in a shooting stance. a woman who says she's the man's sister posted this emotional video on facebook. >> oh, my god! you killed my brother! i called you guys to come help, not kill my brother! >> we are following this story this morning. good morning, paul. >> reporter: good morning. i'm here in el cajon, about 15 miles northeast of san diego. behind me, there's a small shrine to the man who lost his life in this police
7:32 am
confrontation. when we arrived in the predawn blackness i should note we saw about eight mourners holding hands in a circle, they were very reverent, they were grieving. before that, earlier in the evening, there were some protests, angry protests, people just absolutely furious wondering why this man had to lose his life. now, police came out and said what you pointed out earlier, there was a call for a man acting erratic. they said that he was in traffic and that he was a danger to himself and others. after police responded, they tried to tase him at one point. that didn't work. then let's show a screen save of the video that's going to be at the centerpiece of this case. someone shot this video. what it shows is two officers who have their guns pointed at the suspect and according to police, they say that he pulled an object from his pocket, placed both hands on this object and extended them rapidly toward the officers, taking up what
7:33 am
appeared to be a shooting stance. somewhere after that he was shot and killed. the police chief here in el cajon say they did not find any type of firearm. they are not revealing at this time what that object was. >> all right. up next in the "newsroom" 18 states asking for federal help to protect voter information from hackers. i will ask the ohio secretary of state what he's worried about next. i'll take it from here. i'm good. i just took new mucinex clear and cool. ah! what's this sudden cooooling thing happening? it's got a menthol burst. you can feel it right away. wow, that sort of blind-sided me. and it clears my terrible cold symptoms. ahh! this is awkward. new mucinex fast-max clear & cool. feel the menthol burst. and clear your worst cold symptoms. start the relief.
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the fbi wants to examine cell phones belonging to a number of democratic party staffers. it's looking into whether the
7:38 am
phones were hacked. if so, this could be an expansion of cyberattacks earlier this year on the democratic national committee. officials have said they believed russian hackers are behind those attacks in a possible attempt to influence the presidential election. top democrats have blamed russian president vladimir putin and his intelligence agencies. another concern, are those same hackers trying to steal voter information and disrupt the presidential election? we know voter data bases were hacked into in arizona and in illinois and voter information was stolen. the question is why. just moments ago, the fbi director james comey told the house judiciary committee the bureau was trying to figure out what exactly is going on. >> obviously, as you know, we are doing an awful lot of work through our counter intelligence investigators to understand just what mischief is russia up to in connection with our election. that is work that goes on all day, every day, about which i'm limited in terms of answering
7:39 am
questions, but i wanted you to know that's a part of our work we don't talk about an awful lot but it's at the core of the fbi. >> 18 states have reached out to the feds for help in protecting voter records come election day, warding off cyberattacks on their electronic voting systems. let's talk about that with john houston, the ohio secretary of state. welcome, john. >> thank you. glad to be with you. >> thanks for being with me, sir. how worried are you? >> well, i have a high sense of caution about it because we have been working on this issue for six years, frankly, modernizing our election system, looking at our vulnerabilities, upgrading it to make sure that it's secure. we actually have even invited the ohio national guard cybersecurity unit to try to hack our system to determine where the vulnerabilities are so that we can remedy them prior to election day. >> have you reached out to the fbi for help in protecting voter information in ohio?
7:40 am
>> we have been in continued contact with the fbi. we share information. we have let them know what we are doing in preparation for this. we have taken their advice, we have consulted cybersecurity experts to make sure that we're ready. >> so we know there have been breaches in illinois and in arizona in some voter data was stolen by hackers. what do you think they want with this information? >> well, they can't really disrupt the actual election, but they can be disruptive in events leading -- surrounding the election. one of the things i want to make sure that people are aware of, this isn't the actual voting machines. the voting machines are not connected to the internet. the tallying process is not connected to the internet. it can't -- a hack attempt cannot affect the outcome of a vote. but it can affect voter registration data bases. it can become disruptive. i think those are the things, those are -- it's really the scope of what they --
7:41 am
>> let me stop you right there. let's say hackers mess up the registration process. that means a voter could possibly go to the wrong precinct to vote and not vote at all, right? >> well, fortunately in ohio, we have a duplicate system. you have to change information both at the state level and at the local level for it to be effective. and that has to be authorized. so it would be very difficult for someone to cause that disruption but we have all of this information backed up to make sure that we can minimize any inconvenience to a voter if something like that were to happen. >> is it possible these hackers just want information like, you know, in arizona, illinois, they stole things like the last four digits of the person's social security number and other kind of personal information, and i suppose they could sell that information? >> i think they want attention, i think they just want attention, they want to be disruptive. terrorism takes many forms. some of them are human and
7:42 am
safety issues that could affect somebody but some of them are also to be annoying and to draw attention to themselves and to be disruptive in our election system. i think it spreads the gamut and that's what's in play here. >> okay. you said the word terrorism and that perked me up. do you believe this is a form of terrorism, perhaps? >> well, look, what i mean is that people who want to cause difficulty for america, whether that's foreign governments or domestic threats, they have many ways in which they want try to cause problems, interrupting our elections system would be a very high profile way for them to do that. but we are making sure that we are taking all the precautions necessary so that there's no inconvenience. the great thing is the american democracy is the greatest system of democracy in the world and they would like to try to undermine that. we are just not going to let
7:43 am
them. >> i like to hear you say that. thanks so much for being with me this morning. checking other top stories this morning at 42 minutes past, we are getting new information about what happened when malaysia airlines flight 17 blew up over eastern ukraine two years ago. this morning an international investigation team says a missile shot at the boeing 777 was brought into ukraine from russia. a group of prosecutors are gathering evidence for a possible criminal trial. all 298 passengers on board were killed when the flight was shot down back in july of 2014. fans will get the chance today to pay respects to the late marlins pitcher jose fernandez. a procession will leave the ballpark at 2:16 eastern time this afternoon to honor fernandez, who wore the number 16. they will travel to a miami church. public visitation is set for later tonight. fernandez was killed over the weekend in a boating accident. wells fargo has announced it will end controversial sales
7:44 am
goals by saturday, earlier than originally planned. the previous deadline was january 1st. former bank employees have said those goals fuel the bank's fake account scandal. this as ceo john stumpf will forfeit most of his salary this year, including his bonus and more than $41 million in stock awards. he is set to testify before the house tomorrow. two men are hailed as heroes after police say their quick thinking saved countless lives. they notified police after discovering a pipe bomb in elizabeth, new jersey. authorities believe it was planted by suspected bomber a e ahmad rahami. one of the men is homeless and has received donations from a local charity and has also been provided some place to live. still to come in the "newsroom" you have heard it for years. close the gender pay gap. are more women speaking up for what they want and if they are, are they getting what they want?
7:45 am
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all right. at any minute, donald trump is expected to speak before the polish american alliance. you see the audience is eagerly awaiting his presence behind that podium. of course, when donald trump takes to the podium we will listen in and share his remarks with you. women just may decide who the next president of the united states will be. both candidates fighting hard for their vote. both candidates insisting they have the answers when it comes to child care and equal pay. but a major new study shows women still have a long way to go to achieve parity on the job. let's talk about that. with me is rachel thomas, president of lean in. sher sheryl sandberg's nonprofit. there are so man positives but there are negatives to this
7:50 am
study, too. it shows women progressed farther but not quite far enough. >> not nearly far enough. one of the big findings is that women hit the glass ceiling earlier than you would think. at that first critical promotion to manager, women are far less likely to get promoted, far less likely to get on the path to leadership. the other thing we found is women are asking for more. they are lobbying for promotions, negotiating for pay raises. the problem is they face push-back when they do. women who ask for more are more likely than men to be called bossy, aggressive and even intimidating. >> still? because in my mind it's a good thing women are becoming aggressive, asking for what they want. i would think that would be 88% of the problem solved but it's not. >> the good news is that when women ask for more they get more. so they should keep asking. that's an important part of the finding here. the problem is that there is subtle bias in the workplace and it really impacts women. they are less likely to get access to senior leaders, get
7:51 am
less feedback, which is so important in improving performance. they get less credit for their ideas. all of these things add up and create a workplace that is just less fair to women. >> that also intrigued me, women don't get credit for the ideas. women feel invisible in the workplace. others kind of steal their ideas and take credit for them. why does that happen? >> a lot of this is rooted in age-old stereotypes. we expect men to lead, assert themselves, so we celebrate them when they do. we think their performance is high, naturally. for women, we expect them to be nurturing, collaborative so women need to do more to prove themselves and they need to do it again and again. >> so a lot of companies have outreach programs and they kind of like, you know, mentor women for leadership roles and in your study, you found that most of those programs are successful, not successful? >> one of the big things we found is the good news is companies are highly committed. they care about this, they want to get to gender equality. the bad news is, it's often
7:52 am
falling down in practice. less than half of employees think their companies are doing what it takes to improve gender diversity. this really matters. it's not just the right thing to do, it's the smart thing to do. companies with diverse work forces that use the full talents of the population, they perform better. >> so are the outreach programs just appeasing women in the workplace? >> no. i don't think that's right. i think that again, companies are highly committed. i think they are doing a lot of the right things. this is a really complicated issue. gender bias impacts women and men. it's very pervasive and it's hard to push back against but the more we talk about it, and the more we shine a light on what's going on, the further we will get. >> so that's part of the answer but it's just so frustrating for women. here, women are speaking louder, asking for what they want, they are still not quite getting it, they are still not getting parity on the job when it comes to pay and management positions. you say we just need to keep talking about it but at some point, don't women just say enough talking about it?
7:53 am
like what do we do now? >> there's a lot of things that companies can do. it does start with talking about it. they need to make a better business case for why diversity matters. they need employees to understand the workplace isn't equal and everyone benefits when we get to equality. the other thing is they need to set targets. you can't get there if you don't know where you're going. there are lots of actionable things companies can do. we talk about that a lot in the report. >> thanks for stopping by. i appreciate it. fascinating study. thank you so much. coming up in the "newsroom" it is the wedding proposal everyone's talking about. wait until you see what happened when a yankee fan went to put a ring on it. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company.
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thisthe only pick-up50. with a high strength, military-grade, aluminum-alloy body. of all the full-size, half ton pickups, it's got the highest gas mileage, best payload, and 12,200 pounds of towing power. plus, no body rust. and this is the safest f-150 ever built. the only pickup to pull the government's 5-star safety rating and earn an iihs top safety pick. this is the f-150. and ford f-series is the undisputed truck leader for 39 straight years. big nfl news this morning. reigning defensive player of the year j.j. watt may be done for the season. andy shults has that and for.
7:58 am
>> ever wake up to a sports alert on your phone and immediately start weeping? that was me this morning. i'm a houston texans fan. according to multiple reports, j.j. watt reinjured his back last thursday against the patriots and will now be placed on injured reserve. he will miss a minimum of eight weeks, likely going to be out the rest of the season. watt came back early after surgery in late july to repair a herniated disc in his back. he's never missed a game in his nfl career but that streak will come to an end on sunday. the u.s. ryder cup team taking their team picture yesterday. check this out. tiger woods, the vice-captain this year not playing, just there to help, and they kick him out of the team picture not once but twice. that picture there apparently only for the players. little awkward. tiger had some fun with it, laughed it off. he will be playing competitively for the first time this year next month. finally, during last night's yankees/red sox game, a fan proposed to his girlfriend in
7:59 am
the middle of the fifth inning. one problem, on the way down he dropped the ring. you can see the whole section fanning out looking for the ring. this was all going down on the big screen at least for the first part. eventually they find the ring in the cuff of his girlfriend's pants. everyone goes nuts and he proposes and of course, she says yes. happy ending but i can only imagine the panic that was going through his mind when he looked down at the box and there was no ring in it. >> he was probably so nervous and he dropped the ring. what if she would have said no? >> he probably would have jumped off the upper deck. >> probably so. a happy ending, we like that. thanks so much. let's check some other top stories. the founder of spacex says yes, he says a colony of humans could be living on mars within 50 to 150 years. elon musk is laying out details for his plan to send people to the red planet, saying he will
8:00 am
launch using current technology would cost around $10 billion. his goal is to reduce that to $200,000 a ticket. that will do it for me today. just one story to send you off. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. i didn't want to do anything to embarrass her. >> he fling whatever insults he wants. >> hillary clinton is virtually incompetent. >> if not paying taxes makes him smart, what does that make all the rest of us? >> donald trump refusing to let go of his scathing criticism of the weight gains of a former miss universe. >> he was really aggressive. he was really rude. >> she gained a massive amount of weight. it was a real problem.


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