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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 28, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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hi, everyone, i'm poppy harlow. donald trump is on a swing state tour. he's in the midwest right now. michelle obama is stumping for hillary clinton in the key swing state of pennsylvania, this hour. but just moments from now hillary clinton will be live in durham, new hampshire, she's riding high off a strong debate performance. now she's targeting what polls show is a weak link in her support -- that is her appeal to young folks, millennials specifically. she's with her former democratic rival bernie sanders. they're going promote a free public college tuition plan.
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michelle obama was in the battleground state of pennsylvania. listen. >> and then there are those who question and continue to question for the past eight years whether my husband was born in this "courant" country. [ boos ] hurtful questions that were designed to undermine his presidency. questions that cannot be blamed on others or swept under the rug. we also need someone who is study and measured because when making life or death war or peace decisions, a president just can't pop off or lash out irrationally. no, we need an adult in the white house. and trust me, a and can candidate is not going to change once they're in office. just the opposite, in fact
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because the minute the that individual takes the oath they are under the hottest, harshest light there is and there's no way to hide who they really are. >> we'll talk about the first lady's speech and what she said in a moment but first president obama is getting personal on how much this election means to him. take a listen to what he told steve harvey on his radio show. >> if you don't vote, that's a vote for trump. if you don't vote, that's a vote for trump. if you vote for a third party candidate who's got to chance to win, that's a vote for trump. my legacy is on the ballot. >> "my legacy is on the ballot." let's talk about it with the author of "a woman in charge, the life of hillary rodham clinton." carl bernstein. good to be with you. >> good to be with you. >> you wrote a fascinating piece about this and delved into more of it on right now and you wrote that clinton needs
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obama to carry her across the finish line. how do you think the president can be most effective? because it's not that he hasn't been out there. he has been out there. he will be out there in force in these last 40 days. how can he do it most effectively to help her with the voters she doesn't have locked in. >> he has credibility with those voters. this is about two visions of america -- an inclusive progressive america such as obama represents, such as the tradition of the modern presidency represents and a fearful vision of america under siege from within, under siege from foreign adversaries. and he's got real credibility. his pop you lairty is as high as it's been. he can appeal to millennials, he can appeal to white women which is where trump needs to expand his base. but also hillary has done a great deal in this debate to finally get some wind at her back and with obama it's a very
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powerful combination. >> obviously race is front and center in this election. some of the millennials that were polled by the "washington post," the number one issue was place the debate and we've talked a lot about race and what happened in terms of trump's father and in the 1970s in terms of the housing discrimination lawsuits but not a lot has been spoken about hillary clinton's father. contrast them for us. >> well, i say that in the piece on hillary clinton's father was very bigoted. he was representative of many white people of his time. he described black people in epithets in the mid-century and into the '60s. but hillary clinton changed directions away from her father. she heard martin luther king preach in chicago, a youth minister took her to hear king, she was hugely influenced by this. she became an advocate for racial justice, it the the constant of her life, actually.
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if there is a single bottom line to her advocacy it's about equality for all americans. >> then let me can ask you this, if that is the single thread that weaves through her life of 25 plus years in the public eye and in public service, why is it if race is the number one thing of importance to these young voters as they showed in their response to the debate, why is she not doing better with them, carl? >> i think bernie sanders raised a lot of questions that appealed to younger people. she is of a different generation, even though bernie sanders is, also, but she represents, i think, to a lot of younger people the past and she has to convince them that she is in tune with ideas of today and their concerns and i think she's starting to do a lot of this. i think the real thing we need to look at right now is the
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contrast between her and trump among the groups that that trump needs to win and this debate was a disaster for anymore that regard. >> it's one thing for president obama to come out and support her, you expect that and he is and he will, we hear, step it up. when michelle obama comes out, there's a reason, why, carl bernstein, she got the nickname "the closer." she comes out on stage today in the key swing state of pennsylvania. i was there all day yesterday reporting, talking to undecided voters. it's so key in this race and she says "we need an adult in the white house, we need someone who will study, who will prepare." does it feel like what she says has more of a punch because perhaps we hear from her less often than we do from the president? >> i think it's a great one-two punch whatever it is and we're going to see both of them and hillary clinton keep going to this question about trump's taxes and his verbal confirmation, it would appeal, that he did not pay federal
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taxes, this is a huge thing that could just be so destructive and we're going to keep hearing it from both the obamas and hill are i. >> he says he did not say he didn't pay federal taxes but replying to hillary clinton saying "why aren't you showing us your taxes, perhaps it's because you didn't pay federal taxes" he said "that's smart." we'll debate that with ben stein coming up. overall as we're two days out from the debate, what is your forecast for the next one? because it's a very different format. it's a town hall. >> i think it's more than a format. i think the expectations might be very high that hillary is going to knock him off his block again. that might be a little bit unreasonable, trump did very well even temperamentally in a sense in the first half hour of the debate and then he lost it and became unhinged. he needs to stay hinged if he can do it. one of the things that's very
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interesting is that rudy giuliani was among those prepping him for the debate and his temperament also is this bombastic "let's go after the -- hate hillary" that line of attack. he needs to expand, trump does now. he's got the hate hillary voters. he needs to do it substantively as he tried to do in the first part of that debate and the i can to those substantive appeals. >> you saw from the fascinating report in the "new york times" this morning that his entire team wants him to do that, focus more on prep and those attacks he can lob at her, carl bernstein, thank you very much. fascinating article on i want to get to the ground in new hampshire where hillary clinton and bernie sanders are set to appear in a little bit. senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny is at the event. you just heard carl bernstein say it, she needs to do better with young people and bernie
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sanders is the guy to help her do that. they'll talk about free college tuition plan. specifically, though, how is sanders going to step up, put the fire under her among millennial voters. >> poppy, one person is frustrating the clinton campaign now. his name is gary johnson, running as a libertarian candidate. if you look at survey after survey after survey in the clinton campaign's eyes there are too many young voters under 35 who are still considering gary johnson, that's at the center of everyone's message today. yes, college affordability is the official policy proposal here but it's the argument that a vote for gary johnson or jill stein, the green party candidate, in effect is a vote for donald trump. we heard michelle obama make that argument as strong as anyone has made it earlier today in philadelphia, she'll make it again in pittsburgh. that's the message hillary clinton and bernie sanders is going to be making in new hampshire.
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bernie sanders won new hampshire, we remember in february, by some 20 percentage points, poppy, there's a line stretched outside of this auditorium in durham at the university of new hampshire down the block around a football field. i have not seen this big of a line for a clinton event in a long time. some are coming to see bernie sanders, no question. he's so popular here. the clinton campaign hopes they can translate his popularity to hillary clinton, he makes a strong argument that they have to get out and vote. young people have to vote and he'll argue they should vote for hillary clinton. the question is, will millennials follow suit? sometimes they have a mind of their own. but that's the challenge facing the clinton campaign today. >> i thought it was fascinating the interview chelsea clinton did with "cosmopolitan" magazine and she went after gary johnson and she said "you're not supportive of public schools? yeah, you should vote for gary johnson." clearly a strategy to hit the millennial female voters with
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that interview. we'll wait for hillary clinton to come on stage in durham. thank you very much. donald trump's campaign advisors are planning what seems to be significant changes for how their candidate prepares for the next presidential debate. the "new york times" reporting that aides want trump to practice a lot more to be more drilled and repeatedly go after those facts, answers, and counterattacks. aides are reportedly concerned about what they describe as trump's lack of focus during the debate on monday. let's bring in jason carroll. jason, the big "if" is whether trump will do that. the "new york times" delved into this well roger ailes was trying to prep him at gun of his golf courses and trump was distract and they got into past campaign stories and they weren't focused and roger ailes was going through his ousting from fox news. is there a sense from the trump camp that this time it will be different. that someone will take the lead here, lock him in a room and make him drill down on this?
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>> well, look, i mean despite the public proclamations from trump that he won the debate it's clear, privately there's talk he did not perform as well as he should have that there were missed opportunities that he did not hit hillary clinton hard enough on issues such as the economy, jobs, benghazi, her trustworthiness. that he took the bait when he should not have and didn't respond as well as he should have when he was challenged on issues such as birtherism, his taxes, issues such as -- such like that, allegations he's a sexist. and i think what's happening is the campaign is looking and saying this unconventional approach that they took to preparing, this non-traditional approach of not holding mock debates, not really pushing him, not taking him off the campaign trail and having him hunker down really did not serve him as well as it could have. now, look, going forward, as you said, the question is what will
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trump do? well, look, at the end of the day we've seen it during the primaries, we've seen it during this leg of the campaign. trump is his own man so it will be hard to predict what he'll doing going forward. roger ailes, former head of fox, was involved in trying to get trump to prepare and initially, according the times, there was this effort to have him follow the traditional route of holding mock debates but that's not something according to the times that trump warmed up to. he became distracted and that was abandoned and what the camp did was they instead decided to go over the issues and follow this non-traditional method of preparing. going forward the question is what is he going to do? is he going to prepare in more of a traditional way? a number of his advisors want him to, they want him to focus on the issues, perhaps hold mock debates, get a podium in there if necessary. at the end of the day this is donald trump and he deal what donald trump wants to do. >> it's fascinating it's
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fascinating to reminisce to 2008 and what you read subsequently about how the mccain team was trying to prep sarah palin and she didn't want the traditional prep work and they got her to do that. jason carroll thank you very much. coming up, a significant update on the new york bombing investigation. investigators believe they have identified the two menu see in this surveillance video. three law enforcement officials telling cnn now authorities think they've identified the two men seen removing the pressure cooker from the bag in new york city and then walking away with the luggage. remember, this was the second pressure cooker found on 27th street. the men were identified in just the last 24 hours. the two men are still considered witnesses. as cnn has reported, investigators believe the two men were foreign tourists and sources tell us investigators believe they have left the united states, that was the bomb that did not detonate in new york city. others did. one injured 29 people. that was the bomb on 23rd
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street. coming up next, as trump once again attacks a former beauty queen over her weight, she's striking back, i'll speak live with former playmate and "apprentice" contestant about why she is supporting donald trump and her response to his latest remarks on that. plus, he's one of trump's fiercest critics, what does former mexican president vicente fox think about his debate performance. and the senate for the first time in the president's term has voted to reverse one of his vetoes, the white house calling it the single most embarrassing thing the senate has ever done. details ahead. you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets, no accidents... that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah. now, you would think your insurance company
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custom t-shirts and other great products for all of life's events. get free shipping and on-time delivery guaranteed. ♪ start today at welcome back. former miss universe alicia machado is speaking out about being criticized for her weight and being called "miss housekeeping." she says by republican presidential candidate donald trump. in an interview with cnn marx chad doe called trump aggressive
11:20 am
and rude, she said she will rally against what she considers his personal attack on her ethnicity. >> she was really aggressive, he was really rude, he was a bad person with me. and that is the story, then, i need to share for my community. we can't accept, we can't more insults for my latin community. no more. no more insults for the women. i know very well mr. trump and i can see the same person that i met 20 years ago. >> again, that was alicia machado responding to the lobs hillary clinton threw at donald trump during the debate saying that when she was miss universe and gained weight wently that
11:21 am
mr. trump called her "miss piggy" and "mishouse keeping." my next guest she has mixed feelings about his comments though she plans to vote for him. she's a rm toer playboy play meat and an actress on "celebrity apprentice" when trump said this to her. listen. >> let me say. this brandi came here n here, got down onner will knees and said "i want to do this. i am the team chooser. not leader." >> excuse me, you dropped to your knees? >> yes. >> and begged to do this. >> and i said i'm looking around the room and even latoya thought -- >> that must be a pretty picture, you dropping to your knees. >> joining me now is brandi roderick, thank you for being here. >> hi. good to be here. >> good to be with you. after clinton brought up alicia machado, trump said -- she said he called her miss piggy and miss housekeeping. the trump carp denied that but yesterday morning he went on fox
11:22 am
news and talked about her weight gain after winning miss universe. he said "she was the worst he ever had, she gained a massive amount of weight and it was a real problem." what are your thoughts as a trump support yir on him doubling down on this story, continuing it 41 days out from the election? is this what is presidential candidate should be saying? should be talking about? >> well, listen, first of all i think that all beauty comes from within and there are beautiful women in all shapes, sizes and colors and i by no means condone bad things being said about anyone. in fact, if my children were saying some of the things that she is accusing trump of, i'd probably wash their mouths out with soap. but that being said, there are certain jobs that have certain requirements and parameters that are asked of you, one of which being a beauty pageant contestant or -- where you're being judged and critiqued wearing a bikini or someone like a dallas cowboy's cheerleader or even a pro athlete.
11:23 am
there's certain physical requirements of that job. like myself being on ""baywatch."" we had writers and -- there's writers and clauses that you have to sign when you here in these types of positions and jo jobs. >> i hear you and an employer if there is that clause can bring that up with the employee or the pageant winner this case. what donald trump did is according to her call her miss piggy and miss housekeeping, which is a racial sure. he also had her work out in public in front of the media, right? and some trump supporters have said, yes, well she should have said no to that, are those appropriate things. >> he did not admit to saying miss piggy, she said he did and of course that is what she is saying but working out in front of people, that is showing physical fitness, showing she's healthy. that's part of her reign of
11:24 am
being miss universe. >> in reaction to her weight gain. brande, did you say something? i said it was in reaction to her weight gain. my question to you is, you said last year on cnn "he's the host of a reality show, they didn't hire trump because of his filter." this was during the primary. if he's elected president of the united states, do you think he needs a different filter? >> you know, i think that everybody -- all trump supporters would probably say he does need a soft filter, definitely but the thing that americans that we all love about him is that he's a straight shooter. he says exactly what he's feeling and he doesn't sugar coat things. does he need a soft filter? yes, i don't think anyone is denying that. let's talk about the context this is in because this follows
11:25 am
other offensive comments donald trump has made about women. let's put a few on the screen about megyn kelly moderating the first republican primary debate. "you could see there was blood coming out of her eye, blood coming ott of her wherever." about carly fiorina who ran against him "look at that face, would anyone vote for that?" about rosie o'donnell. he called her disgusting inside and out, take a look at her, she's a slob. he also called her a fat pig. trump has said that he would be "the best for women if elected." his daughter rivanka sat down fr an interview last year and said he would be amazing for women and talked about how he'll et separated women in the workplace. what do you think a president trump would do for women? >> let's talk about my experience, which you just showed on television about his comment to me. there's a difference between? saying something derogatory and demeaning and what he said to me was completely different and
11:26 am
believe me i certainly know the difference between somebody saying something derogatory or demeaning and and i think a lot of things are taken out of context and i believe that trump is the pest person to be commander in chief. he is the best person to be our president. i have a lot of opinions about that. >> how did that make you feel, the clip we played at the top when he said something to the effect of "you would look good on your knees." how did that make you feel? >> exactly what i just said. it was completely innocent. it did not make me feel one way or the other. i know what it's like to have a feeling of somebody being derogatory towards you or demeaning. it feels like you're being kicked in the gut. it feels like you want to vomit. believe me that was the complete opposite. it was innocent. >> last year you were speaking to my colleague kate bolduan
11:27 am
during the primary race and you said you think trump has -- she asked you do you think donald trump has the temperament to be president and you said i think i need to see more. now you're a big trump supporter. a big supporter of his. what is it you saw from him in the last year that told you, yes, he has the temperament to be? >> you know what? there are a lot of things i've seen and a lot of reasons but one that i'm going to really -- that really strikes home that i'm passionate about is his support for our troops and first responders. i have a long line of military in my family, some of which are deployed right now. i have best friends that are green berets and rangers that are ex secret service men and they are all? support of trump. they are fearful of what's going to happen to us and our country if hillary is elected president. >> so specifically and we're all incredibly grateful and indebted to our veterans.
11:28 am
specifically to the temptmeeram question, brande. what about his temperament has taken you from a place where you said i think i need to see more tonight-to-a place where you say yes, he has the best temperament. what specifically has he done on that front? >> if you look back to the beginning of how he had absolutely no filter whatsoever and he would say things i think he's completely changed over this campaign, you can watch his progress in that and i think he's progressed a lot in his temperament and how he reacted to things. >> you told me you think he needs a better filter like he said what he did about as machado. >> he's not perfect of course. nobody has a perfect temperament. but he has progressed, you asked me what i've seen from before to now. i've seen a progression and i've seen his temperament get better. >> is it enough? >> absolutely enough.
11:29 am
100%. >> before i let you go is there anything about the way that donald trump has handled this situation aw alicia what machad said his comments caused her to become anorexic and bulimic, something that took her years and years to get over. >> absolutely. for me i don't think there's anything wrong with saying sorry. should he say sorry for making those comments because it made her feel the way she felt? absolutely. >> so you're suggesting donald trump apologize. you'd like to see that? >> sure, absolutely. >> brande roderick, appreciate you joining us, thank you. >> thank you. coming up next, donald trump suggests during the debate that he did not potentially pay federal income taxes. is that exactly what he said? he says that, well, if he didn't that would have made him "smart." we'll talk with famed economist ben stein. does he think trump will release
11:30 am
his tax returns and what does he make of that statement? also, millennial voters came out in droves to elect president obama both times but what do they care about most this election? i will speak with some of them. they participated in a focus group during the debate. the results fascinating. also, we're awaiting a live event with hillary clinton and bernie sanders in new hampshire. much more ahead. stay with us. my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but dad, you've got... with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. it's good to be in, good hands.
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breaking news. the senate just voting to override president obama's veto of a controversial bill that would have allowed the families of 9/11 victims to sue saudi arabia for its alleged role in
11:35 am
the terror attack. the senate vote was overwhelming, 97-1, man knew u s on the hill. it's complicated. walk us through the justification for this veto override. this is a first in the entire obama presidency. >> very significant. very rarely have we seen democrats buck the white house the way they did right here. the white house has argued that this bill that would allow those victims, those families victimized by the 9/11 attacks to sue count these have been culpable in those attacks, namely saudi arabia, the white house has said this bill is not the right approach. they believe it could open up -- people overseas, americans overseas to potential retaliatory actions by foreign governments if the united states does military action abroad. that's been their big argument. they've been lobbying members of congress. president obama has been on the phone with mitch mcconnell the senate majority leader and harry reid, the senate minority
11:36 am
leader. that fell on deaf ears. harry reid being the one democrat that listened to the white house and voted to sustain the veto. the white house is not taking this well at all. josh earnest, the white house press secretary was just asked about this veto override and he said this. he said "this is the single most embarrassing thing the senate has done since 1983." he was referring to another veto override vote that happened. very strong words. i've been talking to senate democrats. they are not happy. one democratic aide said in response that it's amateur hour at the white house. i talk to democratic senator chris coons of delaware said "asking us to stand between 9/11 families and their day in court is asking a lot" and a hawaii democratic senator said josh earnest's comments are overcooked. so a lot of tension here on this final day of congress as they try to wrap up section before the elections. >> manu before i let you go, for
11:37 am
a lot of people that don't know the background, it's important to know. can you talk about the decision-making process the white house went through in terms of getting here. chris coons of dover makes a good point. asking us to stand between 9/11 families, people who lost their loved ones on 9/11 and taking parties they think are culpable to court, the white house had to weigh things and decide whether they were going to be on the side of the families. they had to weigh that with what they're saying is the protection of u.s. citizens overseas. >> not only that, but also their diplomatic relations in the middle east with saudi arabia. that's been a tension relationship between the united states and saudi arabia. saudi arabia warned it could pull billions of dollars of assets out of america if this legislation became law so there are a lot of considerations with those americans overseas. that's why the white house has come out strong but virtually nobody in congress is listening to them, poppy.
11:38 am
>> thank you manu. coming up, hillary rodham clinton says donald trump is hiding something in his taxes and that's why he won't release his tax returns. my next guest vetted then president nixon's tax returns in 1974. hear what ben stein says trump might be afraid to reveal. also, moments from now bernie sanders and hillary clinton hitting the stage together in a big moment for former rivals coming together. it wasn't that long ago they were debating one another. stand by for that live event.
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there's only one egg that gives you better taste and better nutrition in so many varieties. classic. cage free. and organic. only eggland's best. we're following breaking news, confirmation of a shooting at a school in south carolina. what you're looking at are live pictures of townville,
11:43 am
elementary school. this is in anderson county, south carolina. what we know at this hour, emergency crews say two students have been shot, we don't have word on their condition. we know the fire department says it has been told to be on standby, the school is being cleared at the moment. of course as we have updates we will give them to you. we also know a life flight helicopter has been dish patched to dotownville elementary schoo. no more specifics. we'll bring you more as we have it. back to politics. donald trump's statement about his taxes is continuing to raise eyebrows today. here's a reminder of what he said during the debate monday night. >> maybe he doesn't want the american people, all of you watching tonight to know that he's paid nothing in federal taxes. >> that makes me smart. >> if he pay zero, that means zero for troops, zero for vet, zero for schools or health and maybe because you haven't paid
11:44 am
any federal income tax for a lot of years. and the other thing i think is important -- >> it would be squandered, too, believe me. >> joining me now, ben stein, actor, cleedian and acclaimed conservative economist. thank you for being here. >> lawyer. that's the main thing, lawyer. >> i should add that, my being here.n, thank you for - let's take a walk down memory lane. take me back to the white house, president richard nixon, 1974. you get called in to dig through a bunch of boxes through his tax returns. >> i was there working for your friend and correspondent dave gergen and he called me down and said "look at these boxes." it was around midnight. he said "find what's going on and find me a way to prove it was all right." those turned out to be patricia r. and richard nixon's tax returns. he had been taking deductions for turning over his presidential papers to the general services administration on their way to the library of
11:45 am
congress and it was quite clear that that was not allowed and so early in the morning, i think i stayed there all night i reported this was not going to work, this deduction as far as i was aware from tax law was not going to work and he said "call mr. nixon's tax lawyer in new york and see what happened." and i called him and he said "i'm glad you're working on it and not me." so that's what happened. >> but it's j ee's germane aboud trump's tax returns. although not equivalent, he was under audit and he released his tax returns to the public. donald trump is saying because he's under audit his lawyers have said not to release his tax returns. you've talked about the fact he should. clinton went after him hard on monday night and said there's got to be something embarrassing she said if not dangerous what could be dangerous? >> well, i think the problem for mr. trump is that he's dragged about how rich he is and it's
11:46 am
going to turn out he paid either zero or close to zero in income tax and he bragged about how rich he was and it will turn out he's nowhere near as rich so i think it will be embarrassing, i would add if i may as a republican that it's nowhere near as bad in my humble view as destroying 30,000 subpoenaed e-mailed but it's darn bad. >> and he said that, he said look, when you release your 33,000 deleted e-mails i'll release my tax returns. i don't think we're going to get either, especially before the election. or ever. but here's something that is important and it's weather -- the only thing that matters for two of them is how much voters care about it. i was in pennsylvania yesterday speaking with a lot of voters, many of them undecided, i sat down with an independent woman who made the decision to vote for donald trump and i asked her about taxes she said, yeah, i guess it bothers me but here's the thing, it's not donald trump's fault, she said, if he didn't pay any federal taxes,
11:47 am
that is the fault of the politicians that wrote the tax code that hasn't been changed since 1984 and therefore donald trump is just being smart by following it. what do you think? >> well, it's partly that, partly he has an army of lawyers and accountants and they say we can figure out a way to minimize your tax. >> but her argument that it's not his fault even if he didn't pay taxes that's not on him, he says. >> i think it's on him and i think as a matter of decent human character, a terribly rich person should pay tax, we all seek to minimize our taxes. i certainly seek to minimize mine and my income is nothing compared with his but i think if he's going to brag about how rich he is he can't do that and at the same time show zero taxable income for income tax purposes, he can't have it both bays. >> so the question you're getting at is what does it say to the average american? to middle-class folks who say -- >> i'm much fatter than the
11:48 am
average american but i will say i don't think it looks good, i don't think he's done anything illegal but it's not pretty look at and i think it does make an impression. we're all supposed to minimize our tax burden but we're also not supposed to say we have $10 billion when we don't. >> ben, correct me if i'm wrong, we've not seen the audit letter from the irs that they send to everyone being audited. but aside from that wherever this audit ends we would not know, the public would not be made aware by the irs, correct? it would be up to trump to say the audit is over? >> but he can show the returns any time he wants. that's not a good argument. he has many counter arguments he can make to attack mrs. clinton, it's my guess that's what he should a do and say we seek to minimize our taxes but it doesn't look good for a person who has a private jet and a million houses and resorts to say i have zero taxable income. it doesn't look right. >> ben stein, thank you. >> thank you.
11:49 am
more ahead on our breaking news, we have confirmed a shooting at an elementary school in south carolina. we are told two students have been shot there. much more ahead.
11:50 am
11:51 am
we are continuing to follow breaking news out of south carolina. you are looking at live pictures of an elementary school in anderson county south carolina. what we know at this hour. we know two children have been shot according to ems. obviously this is just preliminary reporting but right now we are being told by ems that two children have been shot, one of them is being treated at greenville trauma center. ems says they are trying to make sure this is not still a dangerous scene as they escort students out of the building. we have just learned there is a lone shooter and the shooter has been apprehended. the lone shooter in townville, south carolina, has been apprehended. the condition of the other students is unknown, in of them being escorted out but now ems
11:52 am
telling cnn two children were shot, one taken by helicopter to greenville trauma center. we don't know if the shooter was a child or an adult, ems saying they believe the shooter is in custody and we have just confirmed that indeed the shooter has been taken down by law enforcement. much more of breaking news on this school shooting in townville, south carolina, next.
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top of the hour, i'm poppy harlow in today for my friend brooke baldwin. 41 days. that's it, folks, 41 days until election day and soon you will see donald trump make his case to voters in the midwest. meantime, hillary clinton is making a move on millennials. she is courting those young voters with two political heavyweights today.
11:57 am
the first lady michelle obama speaking in pennsylvania moments ago and moments from now clinton's former rival bernie sanders will appear by her side. let's go to jeff zeleny in durham, new hampshire, where at any moment we're expecting hillary clinton and bernie sanders to take the stage. before we get to that, let's talk about michelle obama, the first lady rallying for hillary clinton in philadelphia making a very strong pitch and really with an urgency to it for young voters to get behind hillary clint clinton. >> poppy, there was urgency to it and if you want any political figure in your corner across the spectr spectrum, both parties, michelle obama is one of the most popular figures out there. she's making her second campaign trip today, solo campaign trip for hillary clinton. she's also on the airwaves with a new ad for hillary clinton making the case to voters that, a, they should pay more attention to this race but, b warning them in blunt terms
11:58 am
against voting for a third party candidate, against gary johnson, the libertarian, or jill stein the green party candidate and sharp words. she didn't mince her words saying a vote for either of those candidates is a vote for donald trump now hillary clinton is going to be here with bernie sanders. you can see the stage behind me here lined up. they are going to be talking about debt-free college. that is one of the central issues for younger voters and bernie sanders, poppy, i can tell you, so popular here, a couple students i've been talking to said they were sanders supporters now they are hillary clinton supporters but it took time for them to get there. >> jeff, let's take a moment to listen to the first lady and what she said in pennsylvania today. >> and then, of course, there are those who questioned and continue to question for the past eight years whether my husband was even born in this country. [ boos ] and let me say, hurtful,
11:59 am
deceitful questions, deliberately designed to undermine his presidency. questions that cannot be blamed on others or swept under the rug. we also need someone who is study and measured because when making life or death, war or peace decisions, a president just can't pop off or lash out irrationally. no. we need an adult in the white house and trust me a candidate is not going to suddenly change once they are in office. just the opposite, in fact because the minute that individual takes that oath, they are under the hottest, harshest light there is and there's no way to hide who they really are. >> jeff, this is the second time we've seen her on the trail for hillary clinton. interesting she used the same wording "pop off." we can't have someone who pops off." to use that just a week or so
12:00 pm
ago. she's speaking to temperament. donald trump said on the debate stage "i have the best temperament." she's going right after his temperament. they call her "the closer" for a reason. how effective can she be for clinton? >> she can be very effective for voters who may not be as excited about hillary clinton as the clinton campaign would like them to be. there are so many younger voters not of voting age during the obama's campaign in 2008 and 2012. i talked to two young women a few moments ago who said they were never able to vote for president obama because they were too young. they like the president, they like the first lady so that's a way to give another obama vote here for his legacy by voting for hillary clinton. but a challenge is for hillary clinton herself to win over these voters yes she can call in reinforcementut


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