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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 28, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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to use that just a week or so ago. she's speaking to temperament. donald trump said on the debate stage "i have the best temperament." she's going right after his temperament. they call her "the closer" for a reason. how effective can she be for clinton? >> she can be very effective for voters who may not be as excited about hillary clinton as the clinton campaign would like them to be. there are so many younger voters not of voting age during the obama's campaign in 2008 and 2012. i talked to two young women a few moments ago who said they were never able to vote for president obama because they were too young. they like the president, they like the first lady so that's a way to give another obama vote here for his legacy by voting for hillary clinton. but a challenge is for hillary clinton herself to win over these voters yes she can call in reinforcement but her campaign believes and knows she has to
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excite them herself. but i think michelle obama is the best person out there to have on your side in this toxic climate, poppy. >> jeff, thank you for the reporting. we're waiting for hillary clinton and her former rival now advocate bernie sanders to take the stage. we'll bring you live to durham, new hampshire, as soon as we get that. donald trump set to hold a rally in just a few minutes in iowa. the republican presidential candidate spoke to the polish national alliance there. trump then attended a private fund-raiser at a golf course in bowling brook, illinois. protesters gathered nearby holding those signs. phil mattingly is with trump in council bluffs, iowa. i guess you've been in three states today, phil? >> donald trump is busy. there's no question about it. when it comes to donald trump's schedule, he has an intense one. he's all over the place doing multiple battleground states but in that first event in chicago, we had an interesting moment for donald trump. you think back over the course
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of the last couple months, one of the things that has unnerved foreign policy officials in both parties and across the world has been donald trump's criticism of nato at one point call canning it obsolete, another point saying if you were presidehe we president he wouldn't honor the agreement where if one country is attacked all will enter the battle. this this is what he had to say to the group of polish americans. >> we want nato to be strong which mean we want more countries to follow the example of poland. if everybody country in nato made the same contribution as poland all of our allies would be more secure and people would feel better, even better, about nato. nato is very important we'll work with poland on strengthening nato when i am president. we will strengthen nato.
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and we'll get nato involved with terrorism. >> poppy, going from nato is answer obsolete to strengthening nato is not a small shift. his foreign policy advisors have been pushing him to move to that over the last couple months. when you talk to foreign policy officials, that's important because a lot of republicans in the foreign policy sector have been wary of trump's candidacy. >> and this is something hillary clinton went after him. she talked about article five specifically and said the only time it's been invoked is after we were attacked on 9/11 and the 28 member countries came to our defen defense. is that the shift for him now why he is saying we will strengthen nato? >> there's no question this goes at least part of the way to take that attack line off the take. an interesting almost of this is this is part of a 48 hours where the trump campaign behind the scenes has been trying to figure out the next steps forward after
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the debate. if you talk to them publicly, they're very happy with the debate performance. they raised a ton of money after the debate. they're talking about online polls that show donald trump as the victor of the debate but if you talk to them privately they are concerned about the fact that there was not a lot of serious preparation put in and it showed. what are they going to do to change things going forward? i'm told today here in iowa and a rally in wisconsin they will sharpen their attacks on hillary clinton, particularly on her ties to wall street, on the so-called corruption issues that have plagued her campaign during the democratic primary and were effective. that will be a shift poppy. >> i have to jump in here. phil mattingly live in iowa. we're expected trump soon. thank you so much. breaking news. just two hours after the senate -- the house has voted to override president obama's veto of a controversial bill that would allow the families of those 9/11 victims to sue saudi arabia for its alleged role in
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the terror attack. the senate vote was overwhelming, 97-1 overriding the president's veto for the first time in his presidency. let's bring if manu raju. 97 of them opposing the president on this. >> remarkable. a very stunning rebuke for the white house in the president's final days here in office. his party did not listen to the concerns the white house laid out about this bill saying that this bill could expose americans overseas to retaliatory lawsuits from other countries who may kneel u.s. military action should be grounds to sue these united states diplomats overseas, now not only that, the 97-1 vote in the senate just hours later the house doing exactly the same thing, paul ryan, the house speaker, just walking by me right now. 348-77 vote here in the house to override the president's veto.
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very, very overwhelming margin. the president was not table to sell his party to side with him. now, there's been a bitter back and forth between democrats on the hill and the white house, the white house calling the senate vote today the most embarrassing thing the senate has done in more than three decades. that's prompted a sharp rebuke. one democratic aide told me it's amateur hour at the white house. other democratic senators pushing back showing the message the party did not want to have on this final day of congress before they wrap up heading home to campaign ahead of the november elections, poppy. >> manu, thank you very much for the reporting from capitol hill. let's get to my political panel. with me now, chief political analy analyst gloria borger. let me go to your reaction to what manu was just talking about. such opposition to the president on this, the vote, 97-0.
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>> well it's stunning. i think basically what you have are senators feeling that they are being asked to be put between families who want to sue saudi arabia and then you have to white house who's saying we have a relationship with saudi arabia that's extremely important to the united states, they're our key ally in the middle east and so i think both sides have interests in this case and the white house wasn't able to bring the senators around to see it their way. >> gloria, i want to move on to the names reporting this morning. a lot of fascinating details they have about the trump camp, while publicly supportive of their and can day saying he did extremely well, look at the money he raised, they talked about how he needs to be much more rigorously prepared, drill him on answer, facts, counterattacks, some'm sa peopld why didn't he go after her more on that? my question is do you read this report in the "new york times,"
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which has a number of unnamed advisors as their way of publicly making donald trump prepare better next time? leaking it and saying if you're not going to listen to us you can read about it? >> another way of communicating with the candidate. this very often happens in campaigns where you can't go to the candidate directly and say "you messed up." you have to go around the candidate who pays attention to what people are saying on television the echo chamber, what you're reading in the names and if you want to tame the lion that's donald trump you have to figure out a way to do it without allowing him to continue to blame the moderator or the microphone. >> that was fascinating but steer sten, here's the thing. the next debate is different, right? the next debate is a town hall so he'll get 40 questions from voters. and he went after lester holt on some things that were factual and he told lester they weren't.
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you can't do that with a voter, can you? >> well you would think that you can't but donald trump tends to do things his own way. but the problem remains the same whether the problem is the way he was in this debate and that is that he needs to prepare. that's why you're seeing pressure being put on him through the "new york times." donald trump, as much as he bashs the "new york times," he cares a lot about what is in names so this may be the only way to put pressure on him. it's ironic considering the line the trump campaign had been taking up until the debate was to mock hillary clinton for preparing. to basically make it out she's there with her binders studying locked up, he's so brilliant he doesn't need to prepare. well it didn't work out. >> she completely filmed that on him in clearly a rehearsed line. gloria, michelle obama stumping for the second time in a big speech today in pennsylvania, a
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key swing state hillary clinton wants saying things like donald trump -- she didn't use his name. which she doesn't. >> she doesn't need to. >> she said "you can't pop off, we need an adult in the white house." my question about michelle obama. clearly she is being used strategically here and they call her the closer but who can she get to vote for clinton that isn't already? that's what interests me. >> she has a 58% approval rating, a little higher than her husband's but they're both popular. she can talk to millennials. hillary clinton is up 16 points with millennial voters. her husband carried millennials in 2012 by 23 points. >> the whole point is michelle obama convincing them not to vote for gary johnson and jill stein. >> exactly. she also raised the birther issue and she can help with young people of color. young minority voters who are not as enthusiastic about coming out and voting this time for
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hillary clinton, she talked about birther. she talked about how it demeaned her husband in one way or another. >> on the same way that he said on the radio "she is my legacy." exactly, exactly. so i think she can stir people to get out in vote in much the same way that bernie sanders can talk to millennial voters who will see him coming up with hillary clinton but it's kind of a one-two punch and she can be quite effective because she's a terrific speaker. >> and there's concern. there was this quinnipiac pole a few weeksing that showed 62% of people 18-34 are considering vote for a third party. >> that's what we have to hear from bernie sanders. will he say "don't throw your vote away?" he's an independent. >> very, very good point. let's move on to how regard dean because howard dean alleged that trump possibly was using cocaine at the debate. i can't believe we're using these words in the debate but
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he's someone who ran for president, he's former head of the dnc. david chod, clinton supporter came out and said "i love howard dean but this is nuts." should he apologize? >> he's been asked to and he refused to so i don't think there are many people who think this was what was going on. donald trump has famously -- i don't think he drinks let alone does drugs. >> he says he doesn't drugs but howard dean on msnbc said "i'm not saying he said it, i'm not making a medical diagnosis but it's something we should talk about." >> it seems like he's trying to get back at them for what they did to hillary clinton with her health. like just throwing it out there, let's talk about it kind of thing. but it seems out of bounds and what they've done on hillary's health has been out of bounds so i don't think the way to react is to act like them. >> ladies, stay with me. let's go to new hampshire and listen to bernie sanders trying to rally millennial voters for
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clinton. transform america. [ cheers and applause ] you've come to the right place. thanks very much for being here. i want to thank secretary clinton for inviting me to join her here in the great state of new hampshire. [ cheers and applause ] and today i am asking all of you to think big not small [ applause ] to understand that here in the united states we are the wealthiest nation in the history of the world and if we are prepared to stand together and not allow people to divide us p
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up -- [ applause ] if we we are prepared to stand up to powerful and wealthy and greedy special interests there is nothing that we cannot accomplish, no goal that we cannot achieve, and that includes making fundamental changes in the way we fund higher education in our country. [ cheers and applause ] here is a simple truth, 40 or 50 years ago, in new hampshire or vermont, virtually any place in america, you went out, you got a high school degree, the odds are you can go out and get a decent paying job and make it into the
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middle-class. that was the world 40 or 50 years ago but that is not the world today. the world has changed, the global economy has changed, technology has changed, and education has changed today in a highly competitive global economy if we are going to have as a people the kind of standard of living that the people of the united states deserve, we need to have the best-educated work force in the entire world. [ cheers and applause ] let me be honest with you and
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tell you that sadly that is not the case today. our nation used to lead the world in thor is sentage of young americans with college degrees. we were number one. today we are number 15 and that is not acceptable. [ applause ] that is why secretary clinton and i understand that in today's world when we talk about public education it's no longer good enough to talk about the first grade through high school. that was good. that was wonderful 30 or 40 years ago. it is not enough today. [ applause ]
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today when we talk about public education, it must mean making colleges and universities tuition free for the middle-class and working families of this country. [ cheers and applause ] now during the primary campaign secretary clinton had some very strong proposals, i had a different approach. but we came together after the campaign and reached an agreement that says that every family in this country earns $125,000 or less -- that is 83% of our population -- should be able to send their kids to public colleges and universities tuition free with. [ cheers and applause ]
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make no mistake, this is a revolutionary proposal for the future of our country with wide-reaching implications. students will not be leaving college with outrageous levels of student debt. i talked to too many young people and people who were not so young who were paying off student debts of $30,000, $50,000, $100,000 and in some cases it was taking them decades to pay off those debts. i want young people to leave school excited about the future. the new businesses they'll open
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up, getting married, having kids, buying a house, not being saddled with tens of thousands of dollars in student debt. [ cheers and applause ] finally, making colleges and universities tuition free does something more profound than just lowering student debt. in new hampshire and my state of vermont there are millions of low income families and working class families with kids who don't know anybody who graduated college. their parents didn't graduate college, my parents never went to college and they are thinking to themselves there is no way in god's earth that they are ever going to make it through college and into the middle-class.
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what this proposal, secretary clinton's proposal, tells us is a that if you are a low income family, a working-class family if your kid studies hard and does well, yes, regardless of the income of your family your kid will be able to make it into college. that is a big deal. [ cheers and applause ] today hundreds of thousands of bright and qualified young people do not get a higher education for one reason and one reason alone -- their family lacks the income that is unfair to the future of this country. how many great scientists and engineers and teachers and
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police officers are out there who will never get a chance to do what they could do because of lack of income of their families, secretary clinton and i are going to change that, if you have the ability you will be able to get a college education. [ cheers and applause ] and while we are going to make colleges and universities free for the middle-class and working families of this country we are also mindful that there are millions of people out there who have already incurred deep debt and we intend to change that and lower those student debts as well. [ cheers and applause ] it makes no sense to us that when you go get an automobile loan, refinance your home for 2%, 3%, 4%, but there are
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millions of people stuck with interest rates at their student debt at 6%, 7%, 8%, people should be able to refinance their debts at the lower interest rates they can find. [ applause ] now some people will say, our critics will say, well, you know, it's a good idea making public colleges and universities tuition free but it's expensive. it costs a lot of money and the truth is it is an expensive proposal. but i will tell you what is even more expensive and that is doing nothing. [ applause ] we must invest in our young people and the future of this country and i will tell you something else. that at a time when we have massive levels of income and wealth inequality it is absurd, it is disgraceful for donald
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trump and his friends to be talking about monies of billions of dollars in tax breaks for the top 1%. [ cheers and applause ] i think that the overwhelming majority of the american people understand that it is far more important to invest in the future of our country than to give donald trump a -- and his family, donald trump's family a $4 trillion tax break if trump were to repeal the estate tax. the walton family, wealthiest family in america would get a $50 billion tax break.
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so when you have republicans telling us that it is okay to give tens and tens of balls of dollars in tax breaks to the richest people in this country, do not tell me that we cannot afford to make public colleges and universities tuition free. [ cheers and applause ] all of you know that new hampshire is a battleground state. all of you know that this is a very tight election and, in fact, new hampshire could decide the outcome. so i am asking you here today not only to vote for secretary clinton but to work hard to get
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your uncles and your aunts, to get your friends to vote. if anybody tells you that this election is not important, if you ask why the koch brothers and sheldon adelson and other billionaire, why they are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to elect their candidates this election is enormously important for the future of our country. it is imperative that we elect hillary clinton as our next president [ cheers and applause ] and with that, let me introduce the next president of the united states, hillary clinton. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> thank you! thank you all so much. it is great being here on the stage at unh with my friend bernie sanders, one of the most madison square garden gn passionate champions for equality and justice that i have ever seen and someone who i look looking forward to working with to get the kind of agenda through our congress that will begin to make our country stronger by providing the kind of support that working families and middle-class families so richly deserve, you know, bernie's campaign energied so many young people, some of you in this crowd. [ cheers and applause ] and there is no group of americans who have more at stake in this election than young americans because so much of
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what will happen will affect your lives, your jobs, the kind of country we are, the kind of future we want to build together. i'm proud of the primary campaign that bernie and i ran. we ran a campaign about issues, not insults. [ cheers and applause ] and we worked together to create the issues that we need, knowing we are stronger together to come up with specific policies in education, in health and so much else. thank you, bernie, thank you for your leadership and thank you for your support in this campaign. [ cheers and applause ]
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we're going to need help in washington and i hope new hampshire will send your now governor maggie hassan to work as your senator. and i hope you will send carol shea porter back to washington. [ cheers and applause ] isn't this one of the strangest elections you've ever seen? [ laughter ] i really sometimes don't know what to make of it. standing on that debate stage the other night i was especially -- [ cheers and applause ] thinking about that ch.
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i've been very clear about what i want to do if i'm fortunate enough to be elected president and americans increasingly are zeroing in on the fact that we're not only electing a president, we're electing a commander-in-chi commander-in-chief. we're looking to see who can protect our country and provide steady and strong leadership around the world. i was very honored today to earn the endorsement of john warner, a retired republican senator, world war ii veteran, former secretary of the navy who served under two republican presidents. i served with him on the senate
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arms services committee and i have the deepest respect for his patriotism and it's great nonor. he's never endorsed a democrat for president before and i'm also very grateful that a number of republicans and inspects here in new hampshire have announced their support for this campaign. [ cheers and applause ] . in fact. it is really an extraordinary honor that 150 republicans in new hampshire are supporting me because they understand how important the stakes are. the next 40 days will determine the next 40 years.
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so i'm going to close my campaign the way i started my public service and my career, fighting for kids and families. that's been the cause of my life and it will be the mission of my presidency. and when you go to vote in no foryou vote early it's not just my name on the ballot. every issue your care about. think about it. because in effect it's on the ballot, too. it's whether or not we continue to a fight climate change or we give in to denial. this is a big deal. i never thought when i gave my acceptance speech at the democratic national convention
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that i would have to put in the following sentence. i believe in science. [ cheers and applause ] and claimant change is real, it's serious and we have to be united and committed in addressing it i never thought i'd hear someone running for president, my opponent, who says he wants to appoint supreme court justices who would overturn marriage equality. and turn the block back on lgbt americans. [ boos ] overturn a woman's right to make her own health care decisions and reverse that fundamental right. and so much more. so there's a lot at stake and
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that's why some of the analysts are saying more americans will vote in this election than ever before. we had more people watching that debate than any presidential debate before. [ cheers and applause ] and that's why we have to focus on what we want to do because i want to make a difference in your lives and one of the biggest issues that i heard about throughout the campaign, that i hear about from every corner of our country is how much an education costs. bernie is right. i remember. when i went to college, my dad who was a small businessman, he saved up money, but i had to work, i had to work through college, work during the school year, work during summers but that was okay. we were able to put it together, it wasn't so much that it endangered me or my family's
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financial future. and then i decided to go to law school and my dad said "i can't help you. we're done, we can't help you." so i kept working, i got a small scholarship but then i took out loans and i paid those loans back but i was lucky because i signed up for a program that gave me the opportunity to pay my loans back as a percentage of my income, not a fixed interest rate. that's why i could go to work for the children's defense fund. i think i made $14,000 a year as i recall. i could never have done that if i had had 2 kind of interest rates that so many young people now are facing. it's absolutely wrong and it has undermined the fundamental right to pursue your dreams, to have that education, to get those opportunities that you so
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rightly deserve. now, new hampshire has the highest proportion of students request debt in the country. and the second-highest average debt per student. there's a student i met here in new hampshire that said going to college should be hard but paying for college shouldn't be so hard that it prevents you from getting your education. indeed, here in new hampshire we've got so many young people graduating with debt who aren't able to get started in their careers, aren't able to do the jobs like i could do because they have to get a job that pays as much as possible to begin paying their debt down. so we should and we will make public colleges tuition free for families earning less than
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$125,000 a year. [ cheers and applause ] and if you already have student debt -- like so many students have here in new hampshire, we will help you refinance it. it is absolutely outrageous that you cannot refinance student debt and it is even worse that you're being charged interest rates that are so much higher than anything that anybody else is paying to buy a house, to buy a car, to borrow money for a business i don't know how we got to where we are but we are going to fix it. this is wrong. it's wrong for students, it's wrong for families and it's wrong for our country.
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i also have met a lot of young people who want to start a business. they want to be entrepreneurs. it's the classic american story. start that business in the garage or the basement, get going. but they can't get credit because they have student debt. nobody will help them out no matter how great the idea is. so we're going to put a moratorium so you don't have to pay your student debt back for a couple of years while you try to get your business started and you get the chance to get the credit you need. we're also -- [ applause ] going to provide loan forgiveness for people willing to go in to public service or national service. [ cheers and applause ]
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and in florida on friday i'll give a speech about why that's so important. now when you add it up, our plan will help millions of people save thousands of dollars. our campaign has built a footooo see how our college plan will help you, not in general, but really specifically. you, the situation there you're in. to get it out go to now, we have an example right here and this presentation is what you can see when you go to our web site. you can say i have student debt, you can say i'm planning for college, you can put in what your annual household income, is how much you will save and we are trying to make it as
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specific as possible because i don't want anybody to miss out on what this plan can do for you. you can choose weather you have student debt. i met a young woman just yesterday in north carolina who said "nobody really explained to me and my family what i was getting into." i hear that so much you know, these financial aid forms once called fafsa, it takes forever to fill out and at the end of it you don't know what it means. well, we're going to be really explicit. you know, we do have technology in america and we ought to use it more to help people understand what they're getting into and provide alternatives so they don't make the wrong decisions for themselves is so, please, use this, you know?
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you will save $60,640 if you're in one of these categories but there is a way to understand the choices you have to make for everybody so i hope you will, go to hillary but i have to say this. none of this will happen if you don't turn out and vote. none of it. clapp clap. i sea all the signs saying "i will vote." there's also a web site, please go to to make sure you're registered. all the information is there, you put in your name, you put in your address, and through the miracle of technology you can find out if you're registered or maybe because you moved you were purged from the records and you have to register again. new hampshire makes it easy. you can have same-day registration. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> there you have it, hillary clinton speaking alongside bernie sanders at the university of new hampshire. one clear message, millennials i need your vote. that was very evident from what she said the. bernie sanders that this is imperative that you vote for hillary clinton as our next president, talk about college affordability and a lot far is important to young voters. let's talk to some of them because even though young voters historically favor democrats as president, hillary clinton has a long way to go to lock in millennial voters. who better to talk about this than millennials themselves. jamal hudson is with us, and mike grobles. jamal sports clinton, mike supports trump. also with us their professor who's just over the millennial border, right? just over. the professor is philip daltan,
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head of the rhetoric department. thank you for sitting through that. you've been waiting a while. let's talk about your reaction to hillary clinton and bernie sanders. djamel, you were a sanders supporter, you switched to clinton. is he making the case to enough people? >> i think so. i started off as a bernie sanders supporter but after looking at hillary clinton's resume, her track record of fighting for social justice for young people i'm with her because she's been with me so i'm excited to vote for her in november. >> interesting for you, mike, you were a sberz suppoanders sud now you're a trump supporter. there were sanders supporters who moved to gary johnson or jill stein. they're saying you can't do that or we're losing this election. >> i wouldn't want to go to the third party. i want to give donald trump the satisfaction of having a party -- both parties can be
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elected. third parties will take away votes. i think more millennials need to realize it's okay to vote for donald trump. it's okay to voice that you're -- you stand with donald trump. >> it speaks to the high unfavorables that these candidates have that the third parties are getting young voter support. professor, walk us through this experiment. you guys and others were watching the debate. what was the thought process behind the experiment? >> we were interested in how african-americans and caw stations would respond to the candidates in the debate. it's an interesting election because trump polls so poorly with african-americans so we thought going into it that it would offer us an opportunity to see where two populations contrast with each other best. >> one of the key findings here is when the candidates talked about race. walk me through how the black students reacted. >> once matters of policing came
12:44 pm
up and implicit bias and violence we saw whites and caucasians go in the same direction but the african-american response was much more pronounced so when hillary clinton would speak -- and she got the highest scores in the study, all the peaks were hillary clinton's scores -- she -- the scores for whites would go up. the african-american scores would go up much more markedly. >> jamel, what do you make of that? >> it shows donald trump's rhetoric has not gone unnoticed. his track record of playing coy with white supremacists -- >> but the fact that black voters responded even more when race came up versus white voters? >> it shows that's a strong component of this election. it's important that both candidates are addressing racial issues and what we can do to make a healthy relationship between african-americans, police officers and the american public in general. >> mike, one interesting take is
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that when foreign policy came up you guys as a whole group were not interested. totally disinterested. why? >> i think they lost us when it started getting dry. i think what some people look for the debate -- >> just the safety of the free world. >> when they hit with the zingers and one liners it's his story cal a hysterical and when it got serious people thought "where's the funny stuff." >> this is the presidential debate. >> i know, but they were tned
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off by it. they were there for prime time television and they weren't getting the prime time they wanted they turned off to it. >> we appreciate sorry i have to cut it short. there's a great piece about this in the "washington post." we have more breaking news from capitol hill. the senate has cleared a bill to fund the government along with a handful of other key needs. the measure on its way to the house that means, folks, drum roll, no government shutdown. let's get to manu raju on capitol hill. we should haven't to applaud when we fund the government, manu. >> remember that 2013 shutdown that lasted over two weeks. there's some drama but at the end of the day there was expectation there would be a deal cut and they did reach a deal. this would keep the government afloat until december 9 but attached to that are a bunch of provisions that are significant, including $1.1 billion to fund efforts to combat the zika
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virus. that package deal with zika funding had been fought over by the two sides for months stalling in the senate over a range of issues. that has passed. in addition to that money to deal with the opioid epidemic happening here in this country as well as $500 million for louisiana flood aid. what led to this package passing was a side deal cut between democrats and republicans to move separately an aid package to help flint michigan with its stanted water supply so watch for that also to pass congress and become law sometime later this year poppy. >> manu, thanks for the update. we appreciate it. up next, back to our breaking news. new details in the shooting at an elementary school in townville, south carolina. it's in anderson county, two students and a teacher are wounded by gunfire. the suspect has been taken down. much more straight ahead. ant a family and a career, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep.
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the wall. two words you have heard a lot in this election season. but words that were really surprisingly not uttered by hillary clinton or donald trump as they went head to head for the first time during monday's debate. the wall has been a staple of trump's campaign that not only will he build a border wall with mexico if elected but that he'll force mexico to pay for it. with each mention of the wall a fierce rivalry has intensified. watch. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border. and mexico will pay for the wall. >> i declare, i am not going to pay for that [ bleep ] wall. he should pay for it. he has got the money. if i offended you, i am sorry. but what about the other way around? >> vincente fox was on television last night and apologized and i accepted his apology. i thought it was very nice.
1:38 pm
did you see it? honestly? i thought it was very, very nice. >> i invited him to come and -- on his knees apologize to all mexicans here and mexicans in the united states. >> vincente fox joins me now. former multiplication kexican p author of "waiting for hope." >> you've received two e-mails you tweeted about from the trump campaign. is that for real? >> that is real and correct. it is incredible. it's incredible that he is asking me to support his campaign when i am totally against his ideas, his proposals, totally against the wall. wall doesn't serve a purpose. we already have a wall there in the border, and it doesn't serve a purpose. what we need is to work out our
1:39 pm
partnership. what we need is to work together for a very successful north america, including canada, united states and mexico. that's the kind of partnership we have. i am part of america. my grandfather was born in cincinnati, ohio, and he came as a migrant down to mexico back in 1895. he crossed deserts, mountains, looking for his american dream. and he found it here in mexico. so my relation is a both-way street. it's worked to our advantage. of course, we need order in that border. we need to deal with the cross of goods and services and containers and products with the flow of one million across the border every day. so there are very more wise solutions that we can work together. >> let me get your reaction to
1:40 pm
the debate on monday night. i am assuming that you watched it in its entirety. and what stood out to our team as we were talking this morning is that the wall wasn't mentioned once. why do you think that is? >> well, i don't really know, but what i saw, it was really a great impression in the outside world. remember, you people from united states, and i consider myself part of that, but when you elect a president of the united states you're electing the leader of the world. so the leader has to be compassionate. has to be like hillary clinton. that's the way we can build this world together. there is much at stake. there is a lot of violence. there's a lot of problems. but believe me, mexico is a great friend and partner and neighbor for the united states.
1:41 pm
we work together with you to build north america, to be competitive. remember when ford motor company, chrysler, gm were going broke in united states. and government, with your taxes, had to come and rescue and invest billions of dollars. today they have become very healthy, competitive corporations, working out of canada, working out of united states, working out of mexico. that's the deal we have put togeth together. it's a partnership that makes us competitive and gives us the opportunity to compete with the rest of the world. united states cannot do it by itself. we need to work together to meet the challenge of the east. no doubt chinese economy is growing very fast. it's second largest economy in the world. it's going to be the number one pretty soon. so we need to be a strong north america. >> president fox, one of the concerns that a number of american voters and workers, especially those manufacturing workers that i have spoken with
1:42 pm
on the road, have said they feel like they're losing their jobs to mexico. to be clear, the plant that ford is opening in mexico does not mean that a single job is being lost in the united states, but they are employing more people in mexico. they are keeping all of those current jobs, though, in michigan there. my question is the labor costs in mexico are 40% less when it comes to auto making. do you understand the voters who are really on board with donald trump because he is speaking to that concern? >> yeah. i am very aware. united states has lost 30% of its manufacturing jobs in the last ten years. same in mexico. mexico is losing manufacturing jobs to china, to central america and other regions of the world. so what we have to be, both united states and mexico, be competitive. and that's the case. now, united states is very
1:43 pm
fortunate because all those jobs, manufacturing automobile jobs, have been replaced by high-technology jobs. that has grown 95% the creation of jobs in the last ten years. so they have been replaced. those who lost their job there, there are opportunities to working in different areas. >> president fox, let me jump in here because i have spent a lot of time speaking with these workers. a lot of them don't have the necessary training and higher skills for the higher jobs. that's the problem. donald trump has said, if he is president, he's going to scrap nafta, which he has the authority to do as president and slap a 35% tariff on goods coming from mexico to the united states. if he did that and if you were president, which i know you're not anymore, what would your reta retaliation to him and america if he were to slap a 35% tariff?
1:44 pm
>> it's a loss, loss, loss proposal. because what trump has to tell people is the whole truth, because he is lying in a way. number one, 40% of the products that mexico is exporting to united states, 40% is u.s. contents. number two, the profits that those corninporations are doing mexico are brought back to united states in the jobs. the most important part. please, u.s. citizens who have lost your job. if nafta is canceled you'll be losing 10 million jobs, which is by the purchases and imports that mexico makes from united states, creates ten million jobs in united states for u.s. citizens. so every action has a reaction. now, he claims that u.s. products coming into mexico are
1:45 pm
taxed. yes, they have a sales tax. exactly the same thing that happens with mexican exports to united states. they are sales taxed in united states. so there is no tax, as he is saying, and lying. so the thing is, that is lose, lose, everybody loses on a proposal like that. >> former president vicente fox of mexico. i wish we had more time. but i do appreciate you talking to us. thank you very much. >> thank you. a pleasure. thank you and good luck, hillary. we need you! vicente fox, we appreciate it. that will do it for me, i'm poppy harlow. hillary and bernie giving it the old college try. "the lead" starts right now. many of his voters felt burned after the primary. today hillary clinton hits the campaign trail with senator bernie sanders. can he deliver young people to
1:46 pm
the polls? with less than six weeks until america votes, every minute counts and name-calling resumes after donald trump says he held back at the debate. where he took the bait about a beauty queen. plus, dying for help. bombs falling on hospitals in a city that desperately needs life-saving aid. today the united states saying it may get militarily involved to stop the suffering in aleppo, syria. welcome back


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