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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  September 30, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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"newsroom," sex, money and presidential politics. >> clintons are the sordid past. >> no topic off limits. >> he can say whatever he wants to say as we well know. >> but what about his past? >> i have a very good history. >> also, an ugly fight with beauty queens. >> the most beautiful women in the world and we're made to feel like fat. just quite worthless. >> and she's not alone. trump targets a former miss universe in an early morning twitter tirade. plus, rush hour horror. >> it just didn't slow down. it didn't brake. >> two questions this morning. what went wrong and could it have been avoided? let's talk, live in the "cnn newsroom." and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me this morning. presidential politics and the all important swing states this morning. hillary clinton hits florida and donald trump visits michigan this afternoon. but overnight, trump fires off vicious new tweets on a new
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voice in the clinton campaign, a former winner of his miss universe pageant. quote, did crooked hillary help disgusting, check out sex tape and past, alicia become a u.s. citizen so she could use her in the debate? and this tweet, quote, using alicia m. in the debate is a paragron of virtue. the next debate nine days away and the election itself now just 39 days away. and from all indications, from all indications, the restraint that trump boasted about a few days ago, it is gone. let's begin our coverage this morning with cnn's chris frates, live for us this morning. good morning. >> good morning, carol. after a week of fallout from the lackluster debate performance, his advisers are starting to talk about overhauling how the gop prepares for this next big face-off with hillary clinton. and some of those advisers are
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suggesting chris christie take the lead and bring some brutal honesty to the preparation process. meanwhile, trump's preparing a couple of new lines of attack. donald trump's on a tirade this morning against hillary clinton and former miss universe alicia machado, tweeting hillary clinton was duped by machado, accusing clinton of floating her as an angel without checking her past. the republican candidate also calling machado disgusting, falsely alleging she was in a sex tape and that clinton may have helped her become a citizen. >> the clintons are the sordid past. we will be the very bright and clean future. >> this as trump hints he's considering bringing up bill clinton's infidelity the next time he faces off with hillary clinton on the debate stage. >> she was very nasty to me and i was going to do it and i saw chelsea sitting out in the audience and i just didn't want to go there. >> the thrice married candidate telling reporters he's not worried about the attack inviting scrutiny of his own marital history, like his well
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documented affair with actress marla maples while married to his first wife. >> i have a very good history. i guess, i mean, they can do, but a lot different than his that i can tell you. we have a situation where we have a president who was a disaster and he was ultimately impeached over it in a sense for lying. and so we'll see whether or not we discuss it. >> the plan, an attempt to fight back against trump's own controversial comments about women, detailing talking points on tand by cnn this week. encouraging surrogates to drop names from bill clinton's past, like monica lewinsky. >> do you, as someone who presumably wants more women to run for office, high office, feel any obligation if trump brings up your husband's past to speak out against a spouse's indiscretions or past being brought into a campaign like this? >> no. look, he can say whatever he wants to say, as we well know. we have seen it in real time over the last many months. and i'm going to keep running my
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campaign. >> trump's also standing by his claim that he did a service to the country by leading the birther movement. >> i was the one that got him to produce the birth certificate and i think i did a good job. >> and going a step further saying he's proud of his effort, while reiterating a false claim that clinton questioned a president's citizenship had she ran against him in 2008. >> i'm the one that got him to put up his birth certificate. hillary clinton was unable to get there and she tried. she was unable to do it. i tried and i was able to do it so i'm very proud of that. >> all of this as trump's foundation faces renewed scrutiny saying the new york state attorney general's office, the washington post reporting that the charity never obtained a certification that new york requires before charities can solicit money from the public. the trump campaign is not responded to the paper's request for comment. now, cnn has reached out to the trump campaign and has not gotten a response. also this morning, new polls done after the debate show clinton leading trump in three
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battleground states. let's look. in michigan and new hampshire, clinton is leading trump by seven points, 42 to 35%. and then in that all important swing state of florida, clinton's edging trump by four points, 46 to 42%. so clinton seeing some good news on the heels of her debate performance on monday night. >> all right, chris frates reporting live from us from washington. hillary clinton holding an event in florida. and she'll deploy a weapon against trump that could resonate deeply with hundreds of thousands of voters there. cnn's suzanne malveaux joins us with more. good morning. >> good morning, carol. as you mentioned, clinton is hitting the trail, must win state of florida, where she's going to make two campaign stops as chris had alluded to that poll showing she has a four-point lead there, she's dominating among women, african-americans and hispanics but faces some real challenges with the groups that trump has captured. we're talking about working class white men and independents
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and also the millennials, they're being drawn to the third party candidates particularly gary johnson who could be a spoiler in this state. so clinton goes to florida today, with the fresh attack line, sure to resonate with a critical voting block and that is cuban-americans in florida. it is from newsweek's report that says trump secretly conducted business in communist cuba during fidel castro's reign, allegedly violating the u.s. trade embargo. >> today we learned about his efforts to do business in cuba which appear to violate u.s. law. certainly flout american foreign policy and he has consistently misled people in responding to questions about whether he was attempting to do business in cuba. >> so trump responded to the report in an interview with the
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new hampshire one's paul steinhauser saying i never did business in cuba. there is this guy who has a bad reputation as a reporter, you see what his record is, he wrote something about me in cuba. no, i never did anything in cuba, never did a deal in cuba. you can imagine there is going to be lots of follow-up questions on this and the hope from the clinton campaign is that if this is true, it would peel off some republican cuban-americans from trump's camp and bring them to clinton's side. right now, clinton must also focus on a potential problem that she is facing in florida and that is one, evidence that the libertarian candidate gary johnson is gaining with millennial voters and, two, that her ground game is not generating the kind of voter registration and enthusiasm that is needed to get young black voters to the polls. >> suzanne malveaux reporting live for us this morning. thanks so much. it is safe to say that donald trump had the very bad week this week. usa today did something this morning it has never done in its 34-year history.
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it has taken sides in a presidential election. that's not quite accurate. the paper actually says vote for anyone but trump. calling trump unfit for the presidency and the reasons why are brutal. usa today says trump is erratic, he traffics in prejudice, he's a serial liar, he speaks recklessly, his business career is checkered. here to talk about this is errol lewis for new york one news. welcome to you. good morning. so, errol, if you thought the usa today thing was bad, here is what a member of "the wall street journal" editorial board wrote just this morning. quote, hillary clinton's election alone is what stands between the american nation and the reign of the most unstable, proudly uninformed,
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psychologically unfit president to ever enter the white house. >> she's a tough writer, and a convinced conservative. so just so folks understand where she's coming from with that. she's one of the ideological conservatives that said early on that donald trump represented a break with their movement, and did not sort of make himself an extension of that movement. so that's where rabinowitz is coming from. as far as the "usa today," it is devastating, not just because it is a break with their tradition, but they're putting how many of these copies under every hotel door in america today. this is going to be a message that is heard far and wide, and it amounts to, if nothing else, a free ad for hillary clinton. i mean, when "usa today" says vote for anybody except trump, they're saying that they want hillary clinton to win because that's the realistic choice at this point. >> you bring up conservative newspapers and i'll pose this question to you, lynn.
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the arizona republic, a conservative paper, it backed hillary clinton. "the dallas morning news" endorsed hillary clinton, something the papers have never done in decades, endorsed a democrat. does it really matter in the end, do you think? >> well, for people who truly are undecided in the swing states, a local newspaper, the voice of a local paper making an endorsement may have an influence. usually the top of the ticket is a place where newspaper endorsements don't sway as much for a local office where you may not get as much information. at one point, carol, on the "usa today" endorsement, endorsements should make the call. and the editorial writers know there is a third party candidate out there who may make a difference in some battleground states and if they -- it is not enough just to list the reasons why trump is unfit for office, if that's the consensus of your board. but they also had no consensus
6:11 am
who should be president. well, that's the job of an editorial board, figure somebody is going to be president, and they should made the call, if they truly wanted this to be the most useful exercise and in a sense testify to the influence of their wide reach as errol noted. >> i want to switch over to mr. trump's twitter tirade this morning because he started around 3:00 this morning. and then tweeted again at 4:00, tweeted at 5:00. i don't know when this man sleeps, but he's attacking alicia machado, the woman he referred to as miss piggy. brings up this sex tape that she supposedly made and, you know, she was on a spanish reality tv show and she wasn't naked in the sex tape, she was underneath covers and covered up, but she says some, i guess, sexual things, but big deal, errol. alicia machado has the right to do whatever she wants with her own body. >> whether it is eating or doing whatever she wants in reality tv, which donald trump very well
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knows. i think you've got to feel for donald trump's staff, his campaign staff, because he is going to now sweep into today's news cycle, going into the last 39 days and every day, every news cycle is critical, important. has to have some kind of a point and a purpose and a goal and a strategy. and this is all -- this is the opposite of that. this is him just kind of emoting. and by the way, it is a can't win situation for donald trump's point of view. this is like attacking judge, the gold star family, where he simply cannot win. women don't like to be told what to do with their bodies, they do not like to be insulted about their weight. he's doing all of this stuff instead of letting it go and it is simply not a winning strategy. >> he continues to bring up bill clinton's infidelities, he's called hillary clinton an enabler, his campaign manager kellyanne conway on "the view"
6:13 am
yesterday, they put it to her, she said i advised him not to talk about bill clinton's infidelities and then shared this personal story. >> if your husband was cheating on you, you would turn on them too, wouldn't you? >> no. my mother had that experience. i was raised by a single mother. i'm sure there are many watching your show. >> that's why we're so shocked why you're supporting him. >> so, lynn, like errol said, you got to feel sorry for donald trump's advisers who are saying don't go there. and donald trump, i guess, it is just no holds barred, donald trump all the time now. >> it is. and if your viewers saw me glancing down, i was checking my donald trump twitter feed in case there is anything late breaking on our segment here. but he brings up infidelity at
6:14 am
his own peril because if you're looking for suburban educated women in the swing states, the strategy is risky. and he is a genius of the tweet. it is the medium of conversation in the 2016 political contest. and if he thinks that the conversation that he wants dominating today, the weekend, is about a miss universe contestant, this brings him into what we're talking about all these weeks, the alt universe. i'm talking about bill clinton's sex scandal, if you do that in front of a woman, in front of any woman, hillary clinton, any woman, and you talk in front of her about her husband's cheating, you do so at very much your own risk. hillary clinton on the plane in chicago yesterday when asked about it just tried, you know, just said do you want to respond to this question, she just said no and let it hang there. >> and the reason she is able to do that, errol, is because
6:15 am
donald trump has been married three times and he also cheated on one of his wives. >> very publicly, by the way. those who were not in new york reading the papers at the time, i mean, it was something you could not avoid. it was the front page of the newspapers. and it was brazen and it was comical in some ways. it was noisy. he doesn't want to go there. i mean, this is just not how you -- look, every day that donald trump is not talking about trade policy or immigration or his other strong points that got him to where he is now is a day that he is wasting. i do not know why he's chosen to waste this day, but he's only got 39 of them left. >> here is the other thing that came up yesterday. remember donald trump insists that he was always against the iraq war. even though everybody knows that's not true. and gave this interview to howard stern in 2002, he did say he was, you know, kind of for the iraq war. howard stern comes out and says, yep, that's what he said. listen.
6:16 am
>> trump on our show years ago and said, yeah, you know, kind of for the iraq war. us going into iraq. he was saying he really was for it. so they were forced to mention my name. it was cool. good promotion. >> so, lynn, how can donald trump possibly continue to say that he was always for the iraq war? >> well, he lives in his own alternate universe where there is no facts that seem to be persuasive to him, including videota videotape, including audiotape of his own words. and that's one of the central findings of this campaign and why it is so unpredictable and so historic because you have an army of fact checkers who are working overtime to produce documented facts, linked to source documents, so people can see for themselves on the internet, and it isn't persuasive to either voters or to the candidate himself.
6:17 am
that alone, you would think, would cause some pause among trump's advisers and his supporters to think what have you got here that he cannot answer questions in a way that meet factual standards. maybe we'll see this in the second debate. but the fact checking army still needs, i guess, more reinforcements to nail down the facts even if he won't acknowledge them. i'm at a loss to think of what else you can do in the wake of facts when somebody doesn't accept them? do you have any more ideas? >> i'm out of ideas myself, lynn. i got to leave it there. thanks to both of you. coming up, donald trump once called her the bravest woman he knew. i'll talk with the former miss wisconsin about trump's beauty queen controversy. hey, it's been crazy with school being back- so we're constantly going over our data limit. oh, well, now - all of our new plans come with no data overages.
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another former beauty queen
6:22 am
is coming forward and speaking out against donald trump. >> the memories are really, really raw. really quite fresh. and everything that is going on today brings it all back. he told me to stick my gut in, quite often he would be walking through where we were eating or where we were performing and just kind of casting his eyes over the ones that were a little bit plumper and favoring the girls that were a little less. so very much he enforced exercise in his hot little tent in las vegas. we all had leg weights on. meant to be representing our countries as the most beautiful women in the world and we were made to feel like fat, just kind of quite worthless. >> this comes on the heels of the controversy involving former miss universe alicia machado. she says trump called her miss piggy after she gained weight and referred to her as miss housekeeping, a derogatory reference to her heritage.
6:23 am
melissa young has a different view of mr. trump. in march, she told trump she is terminally ill and thanked him for his support. >> i wanted to thank you because through you and your organizations, my son who is mexican-american, 7 years old, through your organization and just being able to stand on that stage and view in 2005, the outpouring of love that came from that ultimately provided my son when he graduates high school with a full ride to college. and -- >> that's great. >> melissa young joins me now. thank you for being with me this morning. >> thank you so much for having me, carol. good morning. >> good morning. i know you were in the hospital this week. so i really do want to thank you for taking the time. i notice you have a port in your chest. can you share with us what that is? >> yes, ma'am. it is not a port, but a
6:24 am
different kind of line, a special line, it was really experimental. it is really the last line that they can put in my body and that's my only way of receiving hydration, and the nutrients i need to stay alive and formed a blood clot in the -- a few days ago, a large blood clot in my chest. and they successfully removed it. and nothing really would have stopped me from being here this morning. so until my last breath i will speak out about, you know, my experience with mr. trump, so i'm honored to be here. thank you for having me. >> and we do want to hear what you have to say. so specifically how did mr. trump help you and your son? >> yes, ma'am. years after competing on his stage at miss usa, i became extremely ill due to a doctor's medical negligence. and i had not seen or spoken to mr. trump at -- in any way,
6:25 am
shape or form and i was in the hospital really fighting for my life. and that day, don't even think he knows this, i've never told him this part, but that day i was actually given my last rights. and a delivery man came to the door of the hospital and said, here i have an envelope for you. and handwritten by mr. trump that said must be delivered by 8:00 a.m. and i opened it, and there was a message from him saying to the bravest woman i know, and in that moment it lifted my spirits where i knew that god was not done with me yet, that there was more for me to do. and he continued to do that, to reach out, to check on me, to check on my son, personally calling me on the phone in his busy life, he has so much going on, but to check on me and this was before he announced he was running for president.
6:26 am
and, like i said, my son is a mexican-american, and he has treated us with nothing but just the generosity, utmost respect and dignity and he has never spoken about it, tooted his own horn about it. he's been such a wonderful support system for me and my son. >> well, melissa, you've heard all that is going on right now. and the other women who participated in trump's sponsored beauty pageants. they tell a much different story. are there two mr. trumps? are we just not knowing him? where do the insults come from about women's weights and the pageants and his continued attack on especially alicia macha machado's character? >> yes, ma'am. i don't know that there is two sides to mr. trump because i don't know that side of him. i only know him as being a
6:27 am
gentleman, he has supported me in my life as a woman, as a mother. and i've seen it also with my fellow miss usa contestants that they were treated with the utmost respect during our time competing at miss usa. we were there nearly three weeks and i saw nothing but tremendous respect from him and i just don't know that side of him. >> melissa, when you see this old video of mr. trump at an exercise room with alicia machado and he's sort of like coaching her to lose weight and alicia machado said that made her feel, you know, lowered her self-esteem, she was only 19 years old, when you see pictures like that, old video like that, what goes through your mind? >> a few things go through my mind. she was, you know, miss universe, and unfortunately, you know, having to be in a bathing
6:28 am
suit and compete and so that comes with the territory, i guess, to take care of our bodies, but another thing that comes to my mind is that it has been 20 years. it has been 20 years, so i -- it makes me, i guess, question too why now? why are we talking about this now? why is this -- it just -- it doesn't make so much sense to me, why not ten years ago, why not five years ago, but now that mr. trump is running for president, that it comes out during the debate. so i'm so sorry that she felt that way, and i would never, ever want anyone to feel bad about something like that. >> i think people hear you when you say that this happened a long time ago. but mr. trump just tweeted again this morning attacking alicia machado's character. why doesn't he just let it go? >> okay. i can't answer that question for you.
6:29 am
i'm sorry. i don't know why he can't let it go. but -- >> should he let it go? >> should he? i think that it probably shouldn't have been brought up so late in the game if there was a problem. and she was hurting, i think maybe that was something that should have been addressed a long, long time ago and probably would have been let go by now. but i think he has a right to defend himself, and also to address it. i'm not sure how he feels personally about what is happening right now. i have not talked to him about that. so i would probably myself personally let that go, yes. >> yeah, because, you know, some might say that's not really showing the side of mr. trump that you know. it is just showing, you know, the counterpuncher he always talks about. >> he has been nothing but
6:30 am
just -- he's the greatest man i know. and until my last breath i will say that. i want people to know i know a man that has a heart of gold, and i just -- i think he's a tremendous human being. so -- >> melissa young -- >> -- that's my experience. >> thank you for joining us this morning and i wish you all the best. thank you so much. we'll be right back. when you ache and haven't you're not you. tylenol® pm relieves pain and helps you fall fast asleep and stay asleep. we give you a better night. you're a better you all day. tylenol®. the check they sent isn't enough
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. the national transportation safety board, officials are one step closer to figuring out what caused a packed commuter train to crash in new jersey killing one woman and injuring more than
6:35 am
100 others. this is the focus of the investigation now shifting to rail safety and the train's engineer. cnn's renee marsh joins us with more. >> good morning. you know, as you said, the ntsb investigators now have the event recorder from this new jersey transit train. it records critical details like the speed, the use of brakes, the position of the throttle, and investigators are downloading that information this morning, right there on site and then we will know exactly how fast this train was traveling. we do know the speed limit as the train is approaching the terminal is ten miles per hour. but witnesses say they thought that the train was traveling much faster. the other priority for ntsb, carol, is interviewing the train's engineer. a source close to the investigation says the ntsb made contact with the engineer, but they have not yet interviewed him. he was heavily medicated, but
6:36 am
when they do interview him, they want to know what was happening in the final seconds before the crash, where all of the systems functioning, what was his sleep schedule and was he rested and, of course, toxicology tests will be done. of course, all of that information coupled with the data from the recorder as well as the review of the mechanics of the train and the signals will all help investigators pin down a cause, but, carol, unfortunately, that is not a speedy process. >> no, it is not. remay mnee marsh from washingto thank you. fighting for young voters. hillary clinton dispatches surrogates. just checking my free credit score at credit karma. what the??? you're welcome. i just helped you dodge a bullet. but i was just checking my... shhh... don't you know that checking your credit score lowers it! just be cool. actually, checking your credit score with credit karma doesn't affect it at all.
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hillary clinton is pulling out all the stops trying to make inroads with younger voters. that demographic has been a challenge for her going back to her bruising primary fight with bernie sanders. now, in the homestretch of this
6:41 am
election, are her efforts paying off? dana bash hit the road to find out. good morning. >> good morning, carol. that's right. i went to north carolina which is the swingiest of swing states. president obama won there in 2008, but lost in 2012. this year the clinton campaign hopes to win north carolina back, but the challenge there is convincing reluctant young voters that hillary clinton is their candidate. >> i'm a volunteer with hillary. >> reporter: at field offices and 280 college campuses, millennials work the phones for hillary clinton. >> i was wondering if you would like to come out and do some voter registration or phone bank with us this weekend. >> reporter: young voters fueled president obama's wins, he got 60% of 18 to 29-year-olds in 2012. a demo that was nearly 20% of the vote. now could be growing. >> young people could represent 25% of the vote.
6:42 am
>> reporter: team clinton is putting a premium on millennials, they hired youth directors in key battleground states. lilly wins north carolina and says social media is key. >> we can't knock on every dorm, students move every year. so it is having those kinds of conversations, but through our text lists or through twitter. >> reporter: still, polls show clinton is under performing with millennials, so the campaign is deploying high profile surrogates. bernie sanders is lobbying his army of young supporters. >> it is imperative that we elect hillary clinton as our next president. >> reporter: chelsea clinton is hopscotching college towns. >> why has been so hard for your mom to do that, to get people your age to get behind her? >> dana, thank you for including me in the millennial demographic. i'm just at the older end. if we think about the younger millennials, we think 55% of 18 to 24-year-olds were registered to vote at the beginning of
6:43 am
2016. that means we need to be doing a better job collectively on making the case of what is at stake in the election. >> reporter: at east carolina university in north carolina, we heard why it has been so hard what is your experience in getting your friends on the hillary clinton train? >> well, it has been pretty difficult. especially because a lot of young people, especially at ecu, were for bernie sanders. >> reporter: one sanders supporter challenged chelsea directly saying the primary was rigged for clinton. >> what moral ground does hillary clinton have to stand on to continue running as the democratic nominee? >> i would hope as someone who clearly is a passionate supporter of senator sanders that you'll listen to him directly and not rely on me to make the case. >> reporter: he really came to protest. and walked out holding a sign for green party candidate jill stein. you don't really think jill stein can win, do you? >> i think we're going to establish party power and
6:44 am
relevance for the green party by doing what we're doing. >> reporter: using millennials to third party candidates is a dire concern for clinton. >> if you vote for someone other than hillary or if you don't vote at all, then you are helping to elect hillary's opponent. >> reporter: for some, that's working. eric jenkins was a sanders delegate who told us clinton's college affordability plan convinced him. >> leveling out the cuts in colleges and states and also making the federal government match it fourfold. >> reporter: but stroll through campus, it is clear clinton has work to do. who are you going to vote for? >> jill stein. >> hillary clinton. >> i'm undecided. >> reporter: and to give a sense of how big a clinton concern that third party poll is for young voters, a poll earlier this month showed 44% of voters age 18 to 34 said they would vote for green party candidate jill stein or libertarian gary johnson. if that actually happens, carol, on election day, it really could be the difference between
6:45 am
winning and losing for hillary clinton. >> dana bash, thanks so much. coming up next in the newsroom, donald trump strutted his stuff with an snl rendition of hot line bling. there is a new trump on saturday night. when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums
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this morning, shimon peres, the last of israel's founding fathers, was laid to rest. the country's ninth president was interred a short time ago at a cemetery. attending the service, dozens of dignitaries and world leaders,
6:50 am
including president obama. >> we gather here in the knowledge that shimon never saw his dream of peace fulfilled. the region is going through a chaotic time. threats are ever present. and yet he did not stop dreaming and he did not stop working. >> before the service, a poignant moment between the current israeli prime minister, benjamin nett benjamin netanyahu and mahmoud abbas. cnn's orrin lieberman live in jerusalem with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's very much the legacy of the ninth president of israel, shimon peres. he was the man who stood for peace, who carried forward the torch of peace even if today's
6:51 am
middle east made that seem rather unlikely. to get an idea of how much he meant to this country and how much he was in the public service, he worked with ten different u.s. presidents in more than half a century, in fact, nearly 70 years in public office, holding nearly every position in the israeli government from prime minister to president, defense minister and a number of others. it was that career and his ability to evolve to change and yet stay positive, to dream that everyone here remembers, especially president bill clinton who considered him a dear friend. >> he started off life as israel's brightest student became its best teacher and ended up its biggest dreamer. he lived 93 years in a state of constant wonder. >> so many powerful moments as they eulogized shimon peres. the words vision and dream were used very often because he was a
6:52 am
visionary. he was a dreamer. he believed in that power and he also believed in the power of small gestures to start big changes. that's why i think he would have smiled knowing that abbas and netanyahu shook hands. in i don't think anyone expects it to make any progress towards a two-state solution but that moment, small though it was, few words though it was, would have meant a lot to shimon peres as he tried to carry on that legacy of peace he now passes on to others he hoping they will fulfill the dream he had, an israeli state next to a palestinian one. carol? still to come in the "newsroom," next hour, what were you doing at 3:39 this morning? because donald trump was up tweeting, lashing out at the media, hillary clinton and the former miss universe. i will ask one of his camp's senior advisers about that. ingredient spelling bee lecithin lecithin. l-e-s (buzzer sound) your word is milk.
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checking top stories for you at 56 minutes past, at least two men have been arrested as protests continue over a fatal police shooting in el cajon, california. police had to pepper spray protesters after they threw bottles and smashed car windows at an intersection. 38-year-old alfred olango was shot and killed tuesday after police say he pointed a vaping device at them and they say it looked like a gun. after 14 years, two stolen paintings by vincent van gogh could be returning to their home in the netherlands. they were apparently found in naples, italy at the home of an alleged drug broker linked to the mafia. the paintings are still in good shape but missing their frames. oh, it's official. lady gaga will be the halftime headliner at super bowl li in february. the rumors have been swirling online and then the singer confirmed it herself on twitter. she's stepping up to the main
6:58 am
stage after performing the national anthem at this year's super bowl. a new season and new donald trump for "saturday night live." here's jeanne moos. >> reporter: expect alec baldwin to come down with a case of the sniffles saturday night as he begins his gig opposite kate mckinnon. "snl's" new donald trump, even if he's no fan of the donald's. >> we don't really want a president who looks like he's been dipped in movie popcorn butter. >> reporter: the tangerine tornado. baldwin follows impersonators like phil hartman -- >> love thy neighbor as thyself and like a good neighbor, state farm is there. >> reporter: baldwin has been there, hosting "snl" 16 times but never played trump. we have seen him do everyone from tony bennett to a guy name pete schweating selling balls of treats. will baldwin have a ball with
6:59 am
kate? >> all anyone wants to talk about is donald trump. >> donald trump? isn't he the one that's like ugh, you're all losers? >> reporter: donald himself is no stranger to "snl." dancing with chickens. advertising trump's house of wings in 2004 and the hotline bling last year. >> call me on the cell phone. >> reporter: this isn't the first time someone was hired to play a politician during an election year. >> you can actually see russia from land here in alaska. >> reporter: tina fey twisted that line. >> and i can see russia from my house. >> reporter: how deeply can "snl" impersonations infiltrate our minds? who said i can see russia from my house? >> sarah palin. >> sarah palin. >> oh, that was palin. >> reporter: tina f erey. >> she didn't say that. >> reporter: will alec baldwin's lines be mistaken for trump's?
7:00 am
jeanne moos, cnn, new york. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "cnn newsroom," sex, money and presidential politics. >> the clintons -- >> no topic off-limits. >> he can say whatever he wants to say as we well know. >> but what about his past? >> i have a very good history. >> also an ugly fight with beauty queens. >> the most beautiful women in the world and we are made to feel like fat. kind of worthless. >> she's not alone. trump targets a former miss universe in an early morning twitter tirade. plus, rush hour horror. >> it just didn't slow down. it didn't brake. >> two questions this morning. what went wrong and could it have been avoided? let's talk live in the "cnn newsroom."


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