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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 30, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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under oath from june surrounding a lawsuit he brought against a chef. the chef pulled out of plans to open a restaurant in his hotel in d.c. citing specifically donald trump's comments over mexican immigrants and the potential that some of those immigrants might be rapists, those claims made in donald trump's announcement. there had been a lengthy back-and-forth whether we would see these tapes. cnn and several other media outlets filed a motion to have the tapes released and the d.c. superior judge granted the motion, we are still going through all of this deposition but one moment did catch our eye where donald trump admits that his rhetoric negatively has impacted his businessings and in this case his d.c. hotel in this back-and-forth with the chef. here's part of that deposition. >> if they would have gotten out very quietly i think it would have been a lot better for everybody.
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they caused me damages because, you know, they made such a big deal out of it is and they didn't have to make a big deal out of it, so that was disappointing. but that's what i meant. they wanted to be they thought politically correct by doing what they did. i think they made a mistake. >> in another part of the deposition trump referencing those controversial comments when he called mexican immigrants rapists, or some mexican immigrants rapists, he said it's helped him politically. here's more what he has to say. >> i obviously have credibility because i now it turns out became the republican nominee running against -- we had a total of 17 people that were mostly senators and governors highly respected people so it's not like, you know, i've said anything that could be so bad because if i said something that was so bad they wouldn't have had me go through all of these people and win all of these
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primary races. >> the trump team was very against these videotapes being released. they argue it could potentially be used in the presidential campaign negatively. perhaps make its way to tv commercials by his opponents and 39 days to election day it's a constant reminder to voters as they head to make their final decision of these controversial comments that kicked off his campaign. >> and we should note it was judge curiel who first denied the media's request to see these tapes, he said he would not allow that, that's after donald trump questioned his ability to do his job as a federal judge because of his heritage this is a went judge who has released them. much more to come i am sure. let's go to coral springs, florida, boris sanchez is following the clinton event. she spoke with alicia machado on the phone. what do we know about that conversation? >> we've heard from a campaign
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spokesperson that clinton called alicia machado, she said it was a brief conversation in which clinton thanked machado for her support and told her she was appreciated for her courage in what she called an ugly war of words with donald trump, in response, alicia machado pledged her support to clinton's campaign. she's expected to get on the stage in coral springs any minute right now and she's fully expected to go after donald trump and attack him for going after machado, she's going to demand he stop attacking machado. we understand that clinton is going to use this to paint it as a pattern of donald trump's temperament, she's going cite other events like the incident he had with megyn kelly, with the khan family at the democratic national convention and this latest incident in his -- what she would call his kpieldish temperament and inability to get over what he deems attacks from others all of
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that set to start soon as hillary clinton takes the stage in coral springs, poppy. >> boris, they're singing the national anthem behind you so we'll get back to you in a little bit. she will take the stage in half an hour. sunlen serfaty, thank you as well. we are waiting for her to take the stage in coral springs, florida. her campaign has launched its counteroffensive against trump on twitter sending out more tweets than trump defending the former miss universe. clinton's tweet calling trump "unhinged." another said "alicia deserves praise for courageously standing up to trump's attacks and he has the gal to blame her and say he helped? and this clinton tweet. "when something gets under donald's thin skin he lashes out and can't let go. this is dangerous for a president." joining me now, strategist rick wilson who worked on rudy giuliani's senate campaign in 2000 against hillary clinton. giuliani dropped out of the race. rick, thank you for being here. >> thanks, poppy. >> i think you offer unique perspective because you ran focus groups in the 2000 senate
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race in new york trying to figure out how well attacking a candidate about their spouse's infidelity or theirs resonates with voters. what did you find? >> we asked our pollster at the time who conducted a series of focus groups too look at this question and what we discovered was that even if bill clinton -- they acknowledge, yes he's done terrible things, they didn't care, they felt like it was a bridge too far, that it made hillary clinton who was a generally unsympathetic character into a sympathetic character. it blew back. i'm a guy who will use political attacks if they work. they wouldn't work, that's why we never went at her on those questions, we had the data there and it hasn't changed at this point. >> it's interesting because rudy giuliani was a major part of the debate prep for donald trump. >> i know. >> especially in the final days of it. i wonder how involved he'll be for the next debate. do you think he'll bring that knowledge and say look, we
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studied this, doesn't work, don't go there? >> as a former rul eer rudy guys love and respect him but i don't know if he remembers the blowback from the polling data back then. it hasn't changed. there's been additional data that shows this is an attack that doesn't work. it may appease some of the trump base but he needs to win over a much broader coalition now and it doesn't work. >> so here's a way perhaps he could win over more folks that aren't supporting him right now and that is if stories like the one i'm about to play you part of were out there more. this is another pageant winner. former miss wisconsin speaking with our carol costello this morning talking about her darkest days when she was literally near death in the hospital and she was gravely, ill, she had a blood clot. donald trump sent her a note saying "to the bravest woman i know." listen. >> that day i was actually given
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my last rites and a deliveryman came to the door of the hospital and said "i have an envelope for you." hand written by mr. trump it said "must be delivered by 8:00 a.m. "and i opened it and there was a message from him saying "to the bravest woman i know." there was -- in that moment it lifted my spirits where i knew that god was not done with me yet. >> is this someone the trump camp should be pushing more and putting more of these stories front and center instead of him continuing to go after as machado? >> you don't see donald trump doing middle-of-the-night man i can twe-- manic tweet storms ab people he's helped. he does it to attack he believes have offended or wronged him or damaged his delicate ego. he's running a very negative tone campaign.
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make america great again may be the slogan but mostly what he's talking about is very dark and negative. including about machado in this case. we know her name as a brand name now. he never mentions miss wisconsin, never talks about that story because he's drawn to these attacks and petty slights because he's very a very thin skin and delicate ego. >> rick wilson, thank you. >> thanks, poppy. >> let's get more analysis. guy cecile is chairman of a pro-clinton super pac. also with me alice stewart, a cnn political commentator who used to be the communications director for senator ted cruz. thank you guys for being here. let's start with hillary clinton. she's about to hold that rally in florida and address, we believe, trump's tweet storm last night she's not letting him dominate the conversation, clearly, she's going after each one of these tweets. i wonder how she continue this
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is fight with him on this topic of women and appearance, etc., when michelle obama said, look, when they go low we go high. how thin of a line is she walking? >> i think the difficulty delight the for her to be able to address this and as you mentioned not let donald trump dominate the news cycle but to respond to what he's saying and unfortunately for him it's keeping an issue that's not favorable to him in the news cycle and he should be talking about the positive aspects he did in the debate where he was able to talk about tpp and his economic vision for the future but his middle-of-the-night tweets continue a negative story out there and i believe hill are i will be able to respond in kind keeping this in the news cycle but in a way, as michelle obama said, when they go low, we go high. >> one of the issues, guy, for hillary clinton is enthusiasm, right? whether her campaign admits it or not, i've been in the field talking to voters in the swing
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states of ohio and pennsylvania. enthusiasm is a problem for her. when does she need to start focusing on her own narrative, her own stories, rather than responding to trump and these issues? >> well, i think she's already begun to do that. in fact, just a couple of hours ago she did an event rolling out a national service program, yesterday she talked about college affordability plan. >> but that's not what she's tweeting about. this is five tweets from the clinton camp responding to trump on this issue of miss universe. is that the right tactic? >> one might argue that giving a speech for 45 minutes is probably more important than sending out five tweets but there's no question she has to find the right balance between holding donald trump accountable for what he's saying about americans across the country and also presenting her own vision and i think she's finding the right balance. >> alice, she's leading now, we finally have new polling post-debate, let's pull it up, florida, michigan, nevada.
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she's leading donald trump in these polls right now and he's going to want to close that gap. she's up by four points in florida. he's going to want to close that gap, she's going to want to widen it, how do you think she does that most effectively when trump is threatening to talk about, for example, her husband's past infidelities? >> i think she should do what she did in this last debate. have another two successful debates. keep in mind, this is important, if you recall back in 2012 mitt romney had a phenomenal debate. >> the first one. >> the first debate was very strong, the wheels fell off in the second two and he obviously didn't duck seed in beating barack obama. and i think she must continue to have two more successful debates but it seems to be working in her favor for the democrats to push this woman message against donald trump. >> as we talk about this, and we know this is not good for trump, the chings he said about women
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and their appearance, etc. and doubling down but what it means we're not talking about as much, guy, is tax returns and the fact he hasn't released them or other concerns about his campaign, is that perhaps a smart strategy so the focus stays on this and not on where are your tax returns? what about your foundation that didn't have the proper authority to raise money here in new york, et cetera? >> there is no question that that it is very difficult to decide what to talk about when you're talking about donald trump because his career, his rhetoric, gives us an endless amount of material to work with he refused to release his taxes because he doesn't want to show he hasn't paid income taxes and he's not worth as much as he says he is, he has spent four consecutive days body shame ago woman consistently. yes he continues to attack hillary clinton based on something her husband did 25 years ago.
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so it's always a challenge to figure out what to talk about with donald trump and to continue to provide a balance of presenting your vision for the american people. i think it's important for us to respond to the things donald trump is saying in realtime. maybe not at 3:30 in the morning. but we'll continue calling out his misogyny, racism, sexism because at the end of the day we can argue about tax policy and foreign policy. the problem with donald trump is that he defy what is we want our country to be. the character of our country. the character of our president and we have to make sure to keep talking about it. it's importance. >> i have to wrap it up. i want to bring you and our viewers a new tweet just in from trump about the tweets he made in the middle of the night. "for those few people for knocking me at tweeting at 3:00 in the morning, at least you know i will be there awake to answer the call." >> well, there's that. >> what else is there to say. i just -- you know, 39 days.
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>> guys, thank you. >> thank you. >> guy and alice, next. is the syrian city of aleppo on the verge of collapse? is a u.s. response in the works? also, stunning images after hours of searching through the rubble the moment that this rescue worker finds an infant alive. we'll have a live report on that. also a family desperate for answers after two american sisters vacationing at a luxury resort in the seychelles are found dead in their room. new details just into cnn. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork. month after month. year after year. then one night, you hydroplane into a ditch. yeah... surprise... your insurance company tells you to pay up again.
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. emotional footage has just emerged of the moment that a tiny baby is is pulled from the rubble of a four story building in syria. cl clutching the infant's dusty body this rescuer runs into the ambulance. for hours he dug for her, this little infant, and she was in his arms. as medics wipe the blood from
12:19 pm
her face she reaches her tiny hands up to the man who just saved her life. and then he breaks down. [ speaking arabic ] another day, another child, another symbol of the syrian civil war and for the smallest ones all they have known is a lifetime of war. for more on the horror unfolding in syria, let's go to our pentagon correspondent barbara starr. when you look at the city of aleppo, it was 2014 when an obama administration official
12:20 pm
warned if you think what's happening with the yazidi stuck on a mountain is terrible, wait until aleppo falls. now we're just days away from that and 300,000 people trapped. >> you know, the people of aleppo are desperate not for the weeping for them but for action, something to save their lives and right now it does not appear to be coming the russians, the syrians leading the offensive against women, children, and babies, the civilians, the people of aleppo, they say they are attacking terrorists and yet we see babies pulled from the rubble. right now according to the u.s. assessment, according to officials i'm speaking to, there may be thousands, up to 10,000 syrian-led troops in and around aleppo, syrian forces, kurds backing the regime, iranian
12:21 pm
militia backing the regime all continuing to pound away at the people of aleppo. backed up by the russians. the russians say they're hitting terrorists, the state department is about to throw its hands up by all accounts at any diplomatic initiative. you just have to look at what is being hit here. hospitals, babies, civilian areas, water plants. ambulances, these are civilian target, it's very difficult to see a way ahead. >> barbara, to what end? >> exactly. >> you can't call this a cease-fire now, clearly and kerry is basically saying -- throwing up his hands this isn't working with the russians but to what end these bombardments that have taken the lives of 96 children in the last week and, frankly what can the world do in response because this is five years on now. >> well, it is a question at the
12:22 pm
mome moment, a very small part, whether the world is witnessing a war crime. no one is calling it that yet. the u.n. is calling for a review of some of these strikes. it's against international law to hit these types of humanitarian civilian targets. so first up what to do now. the state department does not appear to trust the russians and any russian language at the moment that they want to go for a cease-fire yet again it didn't work last time, nobody obeyed it. getting humanitarian relief in, you cannot get it in unless you can ensure security. that's proefb not to be there. there is no security to get humanitarian relief. it's now up to the obama administration to see if they can find another way and there right now appears to be no appetite for u.s. military action, poppy. >> and we know the president has said the situation in syria haunts them to this day.
12:23 pm
barbara, thank you for the reporting from the pentagon. next, to politics and the coveted millennial vote far from locked in. >> who are you going to vote for? >> jill stein. >> hillary clinton. >> i'm undecided. >> they showed up for president obama but will this year be a different story. we will cape you to the campaign trail in battleground north carolina. first, a sneak peek at next week's episode of "parts unknown." anthony bourdain heads to nashville to take in the city's lively music and rich cuisine. >> nashville, tennessee when i planned to do a show here i was saying, you know, everybody does shows about music and nashville but then we got really, really
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in the final weeks of this election, hillary clinton is stepping up efforts to court young voters, polls show she's lagging behind in winning this critical group and as cnn's chief political correspondent dana bash reports, the clinton cam is taking notice. >> i'm a volunteer with hillary for north carolina. >> at field offices and 280 college campus, millennials work the phones for hillary clinton. >> i was wondering if you would like to come out and do voter registration or a phone bank with us. >> young voters fuelled president obama's wins. he got 60% of 18 to 29-year-olds
12:30 pm
in 2012, nearly 20% of the vote and it could be growing. >> young people could represent 25% of the vote. >> reporter: team clinton is putting such a premium on millennials they hired youth directors in key battleground states, lily catlin runs north carolina and says social media is key. >> we can't necessarily knock on every door, students move every year. so having those kinds of conversations but through your text list or twitter. >> reporter: still, polls show clinton is underperforming with millennials so the campaign is deploying high-profile surrogates. bernie sanders is lobbying his army of young supporters. >> it is imperative that we elect hillary clinton as our next president. >> chelsea clinton is hopscotching college towns why has it been so hard for your mom to do that? to get people your age to get behind her? >> dana, thank you for including
12:31 pm
me in the millennial demographic, i'm just at the older end. if we think about the younger millennials, we think only about 55% of 18 to 24-year-olds who are even registered to vote at the beginning of 2016, so that says to me we just need to be doing a better job collectively on making the case of what's at stake in this election. >> reporter: at east carolina university in north carolina we heard why it's been so hard. what is your experience on getting your friends on the hunk train? >> it's been pretty difficult, especially because a lot of young people, especially here, were for bernie sanders. >> reporter: one sanders supporter challenged chelsea directly saying the primary was rigged for clinton. >> what moral ground does hillary clinton have to stand on to continue running as the democratic nominee? >> i would hope as someone who clearly is a passionate supporter of senator sanders that you'll listen to him directly and not rely on me to
12:32 pm
make the case. >> reporter: he really dime protest and walked out holding a sign for green party candidate jill stein. >> you don't think jill stein can win, can you? >> i think we're going to establish party power and rell vants for the green part baby doing what we're doing. >> reporter: losing millennials to third party candidates is a dire concern for clinton. >> if you vote for someone other than hillary or don't vote at all then you are helping to elect hillary's opponent. >> reporter: for some, that's working. eric jenkins was a sanders delegate who told us clinton's college affordability plan convinced him. >> leveling out the cuts in colleges and states and also making the federal government match it four fold. >> reporter: but stroll through campus, it's clear clinton has work to do. who are you going to vote for? >> jill stein. >> hillary clinton. >> i'm undecided. >> dana joins me now along with "washington post" reporter david weigel. dana, that was a great piece, we don't hear from millennial
12:33 pm
voters enough. she's got 39 days to convince them to come out to vote and the enthusiasm gap, whether the campaign says it or not, is a real thing and you saw it there. how does she have to change her messaging, what she does, have she goes to do it? >> they're definitely employing these high profile surrogates, you saw in the piece bernie sanders was out with hillary clinton. president obama and michelle obama are going to get throughout big time and appeal to this particular group and others but have a focus targeting millennials. the thing that they really are -- lots of things they're most worries about are the third-party candidates you saw the one student i talked to who was for jill stein, in other parts of the country, even in north carolina and the polls show gary johnson is drawing big time from younger voters and that's why you heard hillary clinton herself say this week poppy that grow f you vote for a gary johnson, the way it will
12:34 pm
shake out is she believes it's effectively ar vote for donald trump so that's the message they're trying to get throughout along with the substance, things like her plans on college affordability which by the way she did with bernie sanders. >> she did. big time this week. we're talking about young folks, millennials. let's pause for a moment and listen to someone a little more senior. a 103-year-old woman voting for hillary clinton. >> i never thought i'd vote for a woman for president but i'm glad the time has come. >> you made it! >> do i have an audience? >> you do. it says democratic party, that's what you want? >> yup. >> you have to put in the the box. >> this is the most important election i have that ever voted in. >> and now you're about to drop it in. >> oh, i sure am. >> there you have it. 103 years old and going strong. guys i want to pivot and talk about plans for saturday night. are you watching "saturday night
12:35 pm
live"? you will have a new donald trump, one performed by alec baldwin. let's look. so, save, you just wrote a great piece entitled "can "snl" take down donald trump? is it going to try" in the "washington post." is the material already written for him after a week like this? >> we know they've been testing it and we know the staff watched the debate and will mirror that in alex baldwin's words. had the show premiered before the debate it might have been more critical but what i've noticed in comedy in general and with comedy writers fors snell is a worry that over the last year donald trump wasn't taken seriously. he was a funny character
12:36 pm
insulting people who couldn't win. hillary clinton was a familiar character who was power hungry and you've seen a lot of places in comedy but "snl," too, people worrying they've made trump too likable, hillary too unlikable and i don't think they'll skew their votes to switch the election but i think that unconsciously has become part of the conversation in the writers' room. >> except they had donald trump as a guest host so they contributed to that, right? >> they're very aware of that. >> i can't get the image of him singing "hotline bling" by drake and doing that dance out of my mind. we will never unsee that. >> well, they do have a lot of power, right, dave? you have six to seven million viewers on average per saturday night fors snel "snl," not to m all the clips you've seen onl e online. and it was not just one or two folks who left the 2008 campaign
12:37 pm
season who said it was sarah palin not tina fey who said "i can see russia from my house." >> there isn't an alumna who can speak about how the show affected culture but there's a real awareness that will farrell's impression of george w. bush made him seem more likable. and the tina fey thing was the opposite. horatio sands said they made up with what they did with george w. bush with the tina fey impression. the trump appearance last year was controversial. members of congress met with nbc executives to protest that unsuccessfully and that cast a shadow, as does jimmy fallon's interview with donald trump where he tousled his hair. i heard people in comedy say that was a pivot moment where they thought people will look back at us -- and not like they had one meeting where they decided us but people are independently saying we looked back at comedians, did we enable this because we thought he was funny? >> dana, david, thank you, we
12:38 pm
appreciate it. we'll be warble for sure saturday night. coming up next, mystery in paradise. two american sisters found dead in their hotel room in a resort in the seychelles. their family in minnesota desperate for answers, details in what we have just learned in this case ahead. approve this message.
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a family desperate for answers after two american sisters vacationing at a luxury resort off the coast of east africa are found dead. here is what we know. robin and annie korkki were found unresponsive in their villa in the seychelles. police say the bodies showed no signs of violence and now just-released preliminary autopsy results deepen the mystery. our correspondent rosa flores is following the story. rosa, these are young women from minnesota.
12:43 pm
what do we know about them and what does the autopsy tell us now? >> you know, poppy, what we know right now from authorities is that they do have the autopsy report and that autopsy raises more questions than it does answers about what happened to these women. here's what we know from authorities. they say this autopsy shows that the older sister, robin, died from acute pulmonary edema and the younger sister, annie, died from acute pulmonary and cerebral edema. these women were found in their villas by hotel staff so this really is very confusing for the family, of course, who wants to know what happened to them. here's what we know about when they were seen last according to police the night before these two women died. they were seen by hotel staff heavily intoxicated, hotel staff
12:44 pm
according to police helped them to their villa. according to police the next morning resort management found the two women. according to investigators, they're looking into what happened to these women, they've collected what they call specimens from their villa to examine for toxicology purposes but they're not telling us more and, poppy, very confusing for the family. we've talked to the family and they tell us they're trying to get more answers from investigators and they have not gotten more answers. poppy? >> tragedy, thank you. we'll bring this on the korkki sisters as straight as we have it. straight ahead, it was a moment you had to see to believe. an american fan got caught heckling the pros at this year's ryder cup. their response, challenge him. come on the green and make the putt yourself. guess what? he sunk it. that quote/unquote amateur
12:45 pm
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it wasn't quite a hole in one but a golf fan turned heckler just hit the putt that he will be talked about, i guarantee you, for the rest of his life. during a practice round at the ryder cup an american fan was heckling rory mcilroy and his teammates, mcilroy kept missing the putt and that's when the north dakota man stole the show. to raise the stakes at european golfer offered david johnson $100 if he could make the putt. here is the moment of truth. >> yeah!
12:50 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> ha, ha. joining me is the man himself, dave johnson who made the clutch shot. how you feeling today? >> i'm feeling well today, thank you for asking. thanks for having me. >> i'm so thrilled for you. what an amazing moment. you say somehow it just fell in. come on my would have been way in -- >> i'm sorry i missed it. >> you said it just fell in, but i tend to think you practiced this? >> i can't hear you, i'm sorry. >> oh, no. you can't hear me. can you hear me now. one, two, three. >> are you there? >> i'm here. >> yeah what was the question. >> all right good. yay, we have you back. you said somehow this shot just fell in, is that right? >> it is right. yes.
12:51 pm
i -- i managed to get a read that i thought was the correct read. i was told by rory and henrik that it was probably the worse read i could hit but for some reason it went it. i hit it just hard enough i guess. >> i guess you did. hey what was the response from stenson and mcilroy what did they say? >> it was wild. from the video rory's caddy took you see the guys falling to the ground a little bit. laughing in shock. it was just a cool moment. so fun to relive it as i can hear it in the back ground. >> yeah. hey, any endorsement? any sponsorship offers come your way my friend? >> there has not been, no. unfortunately. i'm certainly open to the idea. >> clearly are you. we will give them your phone
12:52 pm
number after the segment. >> all right. >> you got the $100 cash prize. >> the $100 check has been sign and stored away safely. >> who are you going to heckle next? >> you know i think i'm best just to enjoy some golf. >> i think -- i think that's a good -- a good point. thank you for being with us. incredible moment. one you'll show to your kids and grand kids, no question. have a great weekend. >> thanks. thanks for letting me. appreciate it. >> of course. now to this week's hero. more than 25 million live in poverty and especially fragile easily falling outside of any safety net into homelessness. we are shining a light on this forgotten group. >> when you're older, living on the street, it's a very scary place. you are much more vulnerable. the people who are in between the ages of 50 and 62, society
12:53 pm
views them as too old for working and too young for social security. they need help. it's like, you don't exist. and that's wrong. >> to see how sheetz lifting the elderly out of homelessness to give them new beginnings go to we'll be right back. woah! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. woah, woah! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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he was an army veteran and police captain who wrote a guide book on how to bury his comrade and then he ran into danger on a
12:58 pm
day he wasn't even supposed to be doing his job. >> reporter: i heard something to my right yell, no. i said i got to say this quick, brad lancaster is dead. >> in may kansas city detective brad lancaster was shot. captain dave helped to make sure his fellow officer was properly honored. >> he put that whole plan together. i mean, it was beautiful. the way the casket enters the stadium and the fly over of helicopters that was melton's idea. >> his research went into a how-to manual for fallen officers. >> he said put it on the shelf we'll not need it again. less than two weeks later we were pulling the book off the shelf to navigate his funeral. >> more than a thousand paid
12:59 pm
their respects to another fallen officer. >> chief who was presenting that flag, i never would have pictured that being me having to get that flag. >> captain had responded to a call about a drive by shooting. something he wasn't required to do in his current administrative position. >> i was doing captain promotions and so he went out to the field. >> at the scene he was fired upon as he got out of his police car. >> he was wearing his vest but that doesn't matter he got shot in the head. at that point -- whew. >> in a household where both mom and dad were police officers, sacrifice is a word never used lightly. small moments are cherished. he was a veteran of the army who served in iraq and afghanistan where he earned a bronze star.
1:00 pm
a father of five with another baby on the way. >> in those seconds it took for them to tell us he was gone. -- my entire life changed. his kids' lives changed. i would never wish the kind of pain we're feeling on anyone else. >> cnn kansas city, kansas. >> what a remarkable man. ryan, thank you for that. that will do it for me. "the lead" with jake tapper is now. >> nearly a week later and he's still thoroughly hooked on debates. "the lead" starts right now. he can't help himself, donald trump threeing everything but the kitchen sink at hillary clinton former miss universe and a media rant plus hillary clinton responds u


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