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tv   State of the Union With Jake Tapper  CNN  October 2, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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bomb shell, peaks from a trump tax return sent to the "new york times" by a secret source. what do they reveal? plus late night wars. trump mocked on snl. >> i stayed calm just like i promised. it is over. >> as clinton attacks his 3:00 a.m. tweets. >> his latest twitter meltdown is unhinged even for him. and trump launches another wild and unsubstantiated attack.
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>> i don't think she's loyal to bill. and why should she? >> mr. to come in the next political debates. the best mind will be here from the campaign trail. hello i'm jake tapper in washington, d.c. where the state of the union is taxed. "new york times" revealed 1995 tax returns revealing $916 million loss from failed business projects. the law would allow him to offset those losses for as long as 18 years. did donald trump pay any federal income taxes? his campaign's response, quote, mr. trump is a highly-skilled businessman who has a fiduciary spotlight to his business, his family and his employees to pay no more tax than legally required. that being said, mr. trump has
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paid hundreds of millions of dollars in property taxes, state taxes, real estate taxes, city tax, state tax, employee taxes and federal tax. it doesn't dispute the authenticity of the "times" document but said it was illegally obtain. joining me now is form are presidential candidate and former senator of vermont, bernie sanders. senator sanders, let me get your reaction about this news of donald trump and not paying federal income taxes. some trump supporters would argue why should he pay any more taxes than the law requires him to. what do you think? >> you know, jake, this is exactly why so many millions of americans are frustrated, they are angry, they are disgusted at what they see a corrupt political system in this country. what you have at a time of massive income and wealth inequality, in the last 16 years we've seen a ten fold increase in the number of billionaires. and at the same time many of these billionaires have
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loopholes that their lobbyists and their friends on capitol hill provide to them which enable the home avoid taxes in some cases not paying a nickel in taxes. you have the middle class people working longer hours for low wages. they pay their tax. they support their schools. they support their infrastructure. they support the military. the billionaires don't have to do that because they have their friends on capitol hill. they pay zero in taxes. trump goes around and say hey i'm worth billions, i'm a successful businessman. i don't pay any taxes. but you make 15 bucks an hour you pay the taxes not me. that's why people are angry and want real change in this country. >> you hit the campaign trail with hillary clinton to promote your new joint college plan. take a listen what hillary clinton said about you and your supporters back in february in a closed door fundraiser. this is an ek certain of these comments and came from an e-mail hack. take a listen.
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>> there's just a deep desire to believe that, you know, we can have free college, free health care. it's a false promise. but i don't think you tell idealistic people particularly young people that they bought into a false promise. you are out there working very, very hard for secretary clinton, trying convince your support towers back someone that many did not trust. what was your reaction when you heard that, calling your ideas indefensible saying you were selling them false promises? >> well, two things. if you listen to the whole discussion that she had, a very important point that she made is that a lot of young people who went into debt, worked very hard to get a good education get out of school and can't find jobs commensurate with the education that they received and there's a lot of unhappiness about young people and this is an issue that we must address.
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but the bottom line here is that i think that what secretary clinton and i have done since the election, since the primary dominating process we have worked together in a number of areas. secretary clinton has worked with me to make certain that public colleges and universities become tuition free for all families earning $125,000 or less. that we double funding for community heart centers which means that we'll have access to primary care for millions more americans and, by the way, apropos to donald trump not paying any taxes, she's come up with an estate tax proposal which will ask the very wealthiest people in this country, wealthiest families in this country to start paying their fair share. >> i get that, senator. she's calling other ideas you pitch not the ones that you two are working on together but she called other ones false promises and said what you were doing was
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indefensible. that must bother you. >> well, look, of course it does. we're in the middle of a campaign and i trust -- if you go to some of the statements that i made about hillary clinton you could see real differences. so we have differences. nothing to be surprised about. that's what a campaign is all about. >> she also said this about your supporter and let me also remind people you should listen to the whole comment. she said this about your supporters. >> some are new to politics completely. they are children of the great recession and they are living in their parents' basement. so if you're feeling that you're consigned to being a bar visit with thea or, you know, some other job that doesn't pay a lot and doesn't have much of a ladder of opportunity attached to it then the idea that maybe, just maybe, could you be part of a political revolution is pretty appealing. >> what was your reaction to that, sir? >> well, i agree with her.
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what she's saying is what i suggested a moment ago. there are young people who went deeply into debt, worked very hard to get a good education yet they are getting out of school and can't find decent paying swrobs. that's major problem. they are living in their parents' basement. that's the point. i personally do believe we do need a political revolution. we need to make sure donald trump and his billionaire friends start paying their fair share of taxes. do what donald trump does not want us to do, address the crisis of climate change, transform our energy system, do what donald trump does not want us to do, raise the minimum wage to a living wage and a pay equity for women. i think sec clinton and by the way, i just said i talked to her a few days ago opinion she's prepared on all of those issues to move forward within the first 100 days of her administration. now on top of that, unlike donald trump, she understands that citizens united supreme
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court decision is undermining american democracy. it has got to be overturned. she will be supporting the constitutional amendment to do that so that billionaires cannot continue buying elections in this country. >> senator, what would you say to a bernie sanders supporter who listens to that tape and thinks that sounds conde sending to call me a basement dwelling barista that's buying false promises from bernie sanders, and i think she's just using bernie sanders to get elected. what's your message to that bernie sanders support center >> this is what the message would be. take a hard look, not at hillary clinton or donald trump. take a hard look at the needs of the american people. and issue by issue, whether it is climate change, whether it is citizens united the need to overturn that, whether it is pay equity for women, whether it is raising the minimum wage to a living wage, rebuilding our
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crumbling infrastructure, a tax system that says to trump and his friends they are going start paying their fair share of taxes, look at clinton's positions, look at trump's positions, understand that one or the other of those two will be the next president of the united states. and after you take a hard look at those two candidates and their issues i think the conclusion that the vast majority of people will reach is that clinton is far and away the superior candidate. >> a lot of clinton advisors are worried that a sizable number of your former supporters might go to a third-party candidate such as jill stein or gary johnson. gary johnson the libertarian candidate struggled this week to name a former world leader who he respects. >> who is your favorite foreign leader? >> who is my favorite. >> name any of the continents, one foreign leader you respect. you got to do this. any continent. canada, mexico, europe, asia,
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south america, name a foreign leader you respect. >> i guess i'm having an aleppo moment. former president of mexico. >> which one. >> i'm having a brain -- >> name anybody. >> i know you disagree with gary johnson on a range of policy issues where you and secretary clinton agree. do you think he's qualified to be president? >> you know, that wasn't the most impressive interview i've ever heard. more importantly than that, people make mistakes doing interviews. look at his point of view on issues like the environment, on climate change, on the economy. and i think if any of the people voted for me take a hard look what he stands for, and understands where he's coming from they will not be supporting him. >> i want to ask you about deutsche bank. obviously as you know two weeks
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ago federal regulators slapped deutsche bank with a $14 billion fine for its mortgage lending activities during the housing bubble between 2012 and 2014. as you may know the clintons received almost a million dollars from deutsche bank for delivering four speeches behind closed doors. in light of the fine and ongoing investigation should they return that money? >> well that's for them to decide, but what this tells me and what this whole wells fargo fiasco tells me, jake, is what i've been saying all along. is that the business model of the largest financial institutions in this country and around the world is fraud. occasionally they get caught after making huge amounts of money. that's why we need to re-establish glass ste gal legislation and break up these financial institutions. we can't tolerate with it's bank
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of america, wells fargo or deutsche bank. lastly, sir, you were critical of the clinton foundation taking money from governments like saudi arabia during the primaries. there's still talk of the clinton foundation continuing even if secretary clinton becomes elected president, chelsea clinton is planning to stay on board. do you think that that poses a potential conflict of interest and should the clinton foundation shut down if secretary clinton becomes president? >> well, that's obviously something that the clinton family is going to have to determine, but i think it does raise serious questions if foreign governments, for example, are making contributions to a foundation tied closely to what i hope will be the next president of the united states. >> senator bernie sanders we always enjoy having you on. happy new year, sir. >> thank you very much. >> after a rough first debate trump says he's preparing this
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weekend for his next match up and says the clinton's marriage is fair game. his latest line of attack next.
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welcome back to "state of the union". i'm jake tapper. quote she's nasty but i can be nastier than she ever can be. that's what donald trump told the "new york times". then he proved it at a rally last night. >> she can't make it 15 feet to her car. give me a break. give me a break. >> while he was working that crowd the "new york times" published a story revealing that the paper had seen pages from donald trump's 1995 tax returns. which suggested a near billion dollar loss a deduction so huge could it have allowed trump to not pay any federal income taxes for as long as 18 years. we have lots to talk about with top trump adviser and former new
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york city mayor rudy giuliani who joins me live from new york. thank you for joining me. mr. mayor i have to start with this report in the "new york times". is your campaign disputing the authenticity of these documents from donald trump's 1995 tax returns that was mailed by an anonymous source? >> all i have is the "new york times" story to go by so let me comment on it as if it's true. first of all, what you fail to leave out of what you said and it's not your fault, it's the "new york times'" fault is that this is person effectually legal and the "times" makes that point about 26 paragraphs into the opinion. number two the "times" fails to point out he has the blaobligat as the head of a business to take advantage of the tax advantages to you. if not they get sued by their investors, they lose jobs for their employees. and the reality is this is
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rather common in large gigantic american businesses. loss carry forwards. you might remember a few years ago it was pointed out that ge paid no taxes. so the reality is this is part of our tax code. the man is a genius. knees,000 operate the tax code for the benefit of the people he's serving. >> mr. mayor you say he's a genius. donald trump said during the debate that not paying federal income taxes makes him smart. does that mean the rest of us who don't look for every possible leap hole and provision to avoid paying our fair share does that mean the rest of us are stupid? >> absolutely not. 44%, 45% of america doesn't pay income tax. >> a lot are below the poverty line. they are not billionaires. >> but someone told them that they don't have to pay taxes. and anybody that goes and has an accountant, h&r block or just
6:20 am
goes on block figures out all the deductions available to them. i mean the reality is that most americans take advantage of every deduction available to them. >> most americans pay federal income tax and donald trump apparently did not. >> just a little bit over most americans. >> a majority of the american people. >> and very large businesses very often take advantage of these kinds of losses. >> do you pay federal income taxes. you're a successful businessman. >> that's between me and my accountant and the irs. the reality is that i pay my lawful tax and he paid his lawful tax. >> let me ask you another question, sir. >> no, jake, wait a second. this is unfair. if he didn't take advantage of those tax deductions or tax advantages that he had, he could be sued because his obligation
6:21 am
as a businessman is to make money for his enterprise and to save money for his enterprise. it would have been insane -- >> sued by whom? who would havasued him for his own personal income tax. >> investors in his business. people who loan money to his business. if i have a $200 million loss carry forward that i can use and i don't use it, and i end up costing my company $200 million more, don't you think the bank that i borrowed money from is going sue me for mismanage my business. that's why you are -- that's why the simplistic analysis of an extraordinary complex code is so unfair. >> i think there are a lot of very, very successful businessmen and women who pay federal income taxes and don't look for every single opportunity there is to avoid paying them. let me ask you another question. donald trump has been selling
6:22 am
him -- >> wait a second, jake. >> he lost almost a billion dollars in 1995. >> there are not very many smart businessmen who don't take advantage of the tax, legal tax laws that are there. and if they are, then they are not very good businessmen and no one wants to go into business with them. they don't have very good lawyers or very good accountants. >> let me ask you, sir, he's selling himself as a brilliant businessman. he lost almost a billion dollars in 1995. >> correct. >> that doesn't sound brilliant to me. >> yes it does since he came back. he came all the way back. isn't that the history of america? i mean people like steve jobs was fired by apple and came all the way back. it shows what a genius he is. it shows he was able to preserve his enterprise and that he was able to build it. the idea he could carry it
6:23 am
forward for 18 years means at no time in 18 years did he make $916 million. of course we cho last year he made $685 million. we know -- designee hasn't released his tax returns. somebody released this -- >> no. we know that he made $680 million last year from his 104 page financial disclosure form which describes considerably more about his finances than the tax return. >> he's the first major party nominee since 1976 to not release his tax returns. if you're proud of that that's great. i don't think he should be. >> the way you are all treating this is a good indication of why someone might not want to release their tax returns. you take something perfectly legal, something he had no choice but to utilize and if he didn't utilize it he would be in trouble. you try to make it he did no wrongdoing meanwhile hillary clinton has violated probably 30 federal statutes.
6:24 am
he did nothing wrong. the headline should have been donald trump takes advantage of legal provisions in tax code. that's the story. >> that's an interesting headline. i think most americans are probably inned most americans pay their federal income taxes. >> you don't know most americans and i don't know most americans. >> i know most americans pay their federal income taxes. >> i also know most americans take advantage of river deduction and every legal opportunity there is to save some taxes so that they don't have to pay as much as they are paying to the government. i know most americans -- i know most americans would rather be paying lower taxes than donald trump than 10% or 20% under hillary clinton. >> donald trump tweeted half of americans don't pay income tax despite crippling government debt. he is in that half that does not pay federal income taxes despite crippling government debt. when he rails against the junky
6:25 am
infrastructure, when he rails against laguardia airport, when he talks about how bridges are collapsing, is he not responsible at least in part for the fact that these things are not being repaired? >> no. >> not at all. >> absolutely not. the law is responsible for it. if you have a sensitivity laws, you live by those laws. and the reality sue are ignoring completely the fiduciary obligation he has to the people around him to run his business at the lowest possible expense. every businessman takes advantage it including warren buffett. warren buffett think we should be paying 90% in taxes. why doesn't he voluntarily send in that extra 60%. he does the same thing. he takes advantage of the law. >> mr. mayor, one last question four. donald trump launched a wild and unstate of the union ti it aed attack against hillary clinton last night. take listen.
6:26 am
>> i don't even think she's loyal to bill, if you want to know the truth. and really, folks, really, why should she be, right? >> mr. mayor is that normal stable behavior for a presidential nominee to launch an attack? >> after she called him a racist and msyongist, schizophrenic, i think it's fair game. >> to make stuff up. just wild accusations that hillary clinton is cheating on bill no, proof whatsoever, everything is fair game. >> that was a sarcastic remark pointing out that bill clinton has, you know, quite a past and hillary clinton has done quite a job on attacking the people who were victims of bill clinton and not only that, she pose as a feminist and she's taken money from countries that stone women, kill women and have women --
6:27 am
>> bill clinton is not the nominee, sir. this is my last question for you. is the trump campaign, is donald trump and the people around donald trump really the ones to be casting aspersions on the marriages of anyone else? >> it isn't the marriage, it's the way she goes on the attack and tries to hurt victims of sexual predators. she's the one that says victims should be taken seriously. >> that wasn't about her marriage, him saying that she's not loyal to bill isn't about her marriage? >> i am saying the problem with hillary clinton has nothing to do as far as i'm concerned with marriage it's her protection of bill clinton to iv or 25 years against allegations of rape, taking advantage of an intern and going on the attack and trying to make those women appear to be insane in some cases. also it's her posing as a feminist and taking millions if not hundreds of millions of dollars from countries that kill women, stone women, don't allow women to drive, don't allow
6:28 am
women to have rights, use women as property. . >> i just find it hard to believe that mr. trump would want to start leveling accusations about people's marriages. but that's all the time we have. >> i think the accusations about hillary clinton taking money from countries -- >> the accusations was that hillary clinton was cheating on bill. that was the accuseiations. unhinged and wild accusation. i can understand why you can't defend it because ice indefensible. >> that's your opinion. coming up "saturday night live" delayed the start of their season to tack firms debate. was it worth the wait? ♪ because if you let yourself embrace them, you'll never forget them. join marriott rewards and we'll help you find your moments with our diverse collection of hotels and resorts around the world. so no matter where you go, you are here.
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donald trump says she's nasty but i can be nastier than she can ever be. that's not an album cover. is that a preview of what's to come at the next debate.
6:33 am
okay. so congressman, i don't think she's loyal to bill foupt know the truth is what donald trump said yesterday. you heard mayor rudy giuliani try to talk about other things that call into question secretary clinton thinks donald trump didn't say. is this a good path for your nominee to get the white house? >> i think what we need to focus on what counts. economy. national security. get back to what's happened where we created vacuums acrowned the world. economy, in my lifetime there's been two presidents that had it right as far as taxes go. john f. kennedy and ronald reagan. both of them looked at a plan that says we have to lower taxes and to raise taxes as an example let's talk about that. whether you raise taxes on
6:34 am
individuals or small businesses or corporations, it means the same thing. less jobs. >> this southern like to me a no he shown be talking about hillary clinton's marriage. >> america is ready for change in the right direction. >> rachel stage an intervention with your nominee. designee should be talking about tissues but let's not forget there was some footage leaked this week of michele obama who was just as ferocious during the primary with barack obama -- wait a minute. she said you can't go into the white house if you can't take care of your own house. very clear what she was talking about. but it's a dangerous road for him to take because a woman going against a woman and if he tries to do this at the debate it could be treacherous for him. he has to handle it very carefully. he's the right go after him if she tries to pull the war on women on him. >> it's not fair to make up a lie. >> i didn't say that comment was true. i'm saying this is in the
6:35 am
context of infidelity and who san enabler. it's a bad topic. >> good topic for donald trump. >> no. but if she brings the war on women to him he has to push back. >> or maybe he can stick with his strategy. there's a problem you have. when you're president of the united states guess what? sometimes somebody may say something mean about you. you can then tear up your playbook and go on a week long rant and tear tweeting in the middle of the night. he was doing well. he was doing frighteningly well. i was terrified ten days ago this guy would be able to be disciplined. hillary clinton in 15 minutes said two or three things and threw him off i had game and not been able to recover since the debate. that's dangerous for the country. >> the reality and just to go off what van said the reality is we're in day six of the meltdown. day six of the meltdown. deter bill. had a terrible debate performance. everybody sees that.
6:36 am
he sees the state polls moving towards hillary. 11 state polls were out this week. she's beating him in every single one. he can take that. this is the latest meltdown. if you want someone be commander-in-chief -- we're seeing in real-time that donald trump is not capable of dealing with the stress of being president because he's showing us in real-time that he lashes out, he attacks people, he says crazy things, attacking her and her marriage when he has a history of -- he's on his third marriage. he's had affairs. these terrible things. >> but i had point about the marriage and i'm not disagreeing he needs to get back to topic. the point about the marriage is not whether bill had an infidelity his point is her role into it. let's be honest she had on her website all women who have been raped need to be believed and that was mysteriously removed from her website. >> the point he made yesterday was a wild and baseless
6:37 am
allegation that hillary clinton has not been faithful to bill. congress man, is that what your nominee -- you want him to win. >> i do. what's important to me and important to america is this. is that national security, law and order. you look what's happening overseas. let's focus this election about america. and all americans. >> we had a great debate on those issues and -- >> wait a minute. wait a minute. it's my turn. you're on the clinton team for the transition. all right. i'm in no team. i'm on america's team. i spent my life fighting over there so it wouldn't come here. so i think as america we need focus on making sure we deal with the problems overseas, dale with an economy here so we can make sure we have -- wait a minute so we can afford to make sure we keep a strong military,
6:38 am
keep the promises we made. that's what the election is about. >> you should run for president of the united states as a republican because you sound great and your candidate doesn't. >> what we need -- >> let's have van have the last word. >> on the tax issue part of the thing that makes no sense in the last block this was his personal income tax. hillary clinton decided on her personal income tax not take every deferment. apparently donald trump lost a billion dollars and winds up a winner on his tax forms. listen that makes americans upset. no matter what they do they can win. no matter what this guy does he can lose because he's obeying rules he helped to write. >> everybody stay -- >> he did not. >> we're coming back. coming up how will trump handled these revelations about his taxes. will it matter to voters. stay with us.
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he hasn't released his tax returns which means he's either not that rich. >> wrong. >> not that charitable. >> wrong. >> or has never paid taxes in his life. >> wronger. >> alec baldwin brought in to pay donald trump until at least november maybe afterwards. let's talk about this tax issue. mayor rudy giuliani and bernie sanders not surprisingly had different takes. mayor rudy giuliani said trump is a genius for not paying federal income tax. bernie sanders said this is what americans hate about washington and how the fix is in. what do you think? how do you think it will play with voters? >> this says more about our tax code than donald trump. you're right. what people hate is the tax code. it's absolutely rigged to benefit those who can afford lawyers, who can afford lobbyists to carve them out it and what we need to do is have a discussion how do we simplify it
6:44 am
and make it more fair and that's something that hasn't happened for eight years under barack obama. this is something we need to deal with. paul ryan has a great plan and no one wants to take it up. the president is not interested in it. and this administration is the epitomy of cronyism if you are an environmental group -- if you're an environmental group you get a tax break. >> as an olympic judge i give you ten points. the point is we're talking about this specific campaign issue, donald trump paying no taxes after a dallas 900 million loss. >> already you like the tax code or not. i don't like it. he didn't break through. hillary clinton in destroying her documents broke the law. broke the law. absolutely. >> may i have a turn? >> yes. >> thank you. here's your thing it is, in fact, true that if donald trump lost a billion dollars, think about this, lost a billion dollars he could wind up as a
6:45 am
winner, legally in his taxes for a generation. why is that? because he's a genius? it's because billionaires have armies of lobbyists to write the rules, to help write the rules. here's the deal if you're obeying horrible rules you hoped the write it doesn't make you a genius. >> why do you say he helped write them. >> he lobbies and people like them have an army of lobbyists. they go up to the capitol and say put this loophole in. they follow the rules that they in a corrupt way helped to write. that doesn't make you a genius, you're a part of the corruption. >> you were waxing poetically that people feel the american dream is unattainable. >> on both sides. >> is this not the kind of thing that will bother them? >> here's where we have come. we understand the tax code is too arbitrary, too complex. american citizens when you go down to do your taxes, no one
6:46 am
says you know can i pay more? if miss clinton says it's political of purpose and not because she's a great person of charity. the deal is this, not paying taxes, if the tax code allows you to take a loss over a period of time because you did take a billion dollar loss and recover from it it's legal and appropriate. we don't like -- >> the point is whether it's appropriate -- >> i think it's smart business. >> so i think it belies, puts the con in everything he's been saying. he's claiming to be the champion of working people and he has not released his taxes. he can clarify all of this. if it's legal great release your tacks. do what every other person has done. he's been hiding the information because he knows that saying you're a great businessman when you lose a billion dollars on casinos really hard to do but somehow he managed to do it and
6:47 am
then telling everyone they are working hard and they deserve a break when their taxes, they are paying their tax and you use every loophole to not pay your taxes and this argument that he would be sued by people. it's a charade. these are his personal income taxes. he doesn't have shareholders that would sue him. these are his personal income taxes and shows he's a hypocrite on his most basic argument of being a champion of the working people because he's basically saying i'm going run these cons you have to pay your tacks but i'm not going to. >> we only have a couple of questions. i have a couple of so die up di sodium pentothal questions to ask you. does it hurt hillary clinton? >> i was prepared to be outraged. i think that the clinton wing has sometimes been very conde sending towards the sanders
6:48 am
wing. when you listen to the full thing she's trying to explain in a sympathic way. >> i want to ask about the alicia machado thing. >> let me jump on this quick. >> no. i want to know honestly the alicia machado thing how it's playing in the latino community. does it bother people? >> it's hurting him. he needs to win suburban moms and hispanics and authors pivotal demos in this election. if you think it's playing a lot on american, look at spanish tv. he should have said alicia machado came from venezuela. venezuela is a poster child -- they are eating their own pets. she wants to talk about what
6:49 am
happened 20 years ago what i said to alicia machado i want to save this country from going down the path of socialism that barack obama took us and hillary clinton has promised to do again. >> you're a lot better than he is. >> it's true. that's a message that hispanics understand. all those kids in the basement, all those moms with kids in their basements -- >> i got to go. i have to take a break. after the break the mystery candidate who worried ronald reagan. a subject of this state of the union cartoon. thanks all. wonderful job.
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well, this year's prop of
6:54 am
presidential candidate are animated. well, none of them are animated. >> previous election years we have seen cartoon characters running, that's the subject of this week. state of the cartoon. >> from papa smurf to fred fl n flintstone. it was america's favorite dog who may have come closest to the white house. the 1968 snoopy for president push complete with a theme song, at least according to lauren garn garner, the california actually changed the law to ban pictures. anything you can do to talk
6:55 am
snoopy out of running is appreciated, how does he feel about a cabinet post. woodstock got caught up in an identity politics. >> by the time i have glorown u we'll have a president, she says in a script. you know what that means? it means i won't be the first one. tv special of the 1972, "you are not elected," lione lioness experienced the campaign stop. >> i decided to say a few words about the great pumpkin. >> still, given this year's election. >> that's wrong. >> it is not long for the days when the beagles was on the ballot. ♪ >> thanks to the charles sholts.
6:56 am
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. welcome to all of you around the world, i am fareed zakaria . we'll begin today's show with saudi arabia and justice. the house and senate voted overwhelmingly this week to over ride a presidential veto. >> the bill on consideration is passed. >> now, 9/11 victim families can sue. does it set a dangerous precedent as president obama claimed. >> can you find a foreign political leader who's


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