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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  October 4, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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seems like one of those degs where you begged your college professors to have class outside. it's so nice to be here in beautiful farmville, virginia. i'm brooke baldwin, you hear the students behind me. they're small but mighty and crowd here. let me said the scene for you. [ cheers and applause ] a presidential proxy war is about to take place here a couple hours from now. running mates mike pence and tim kaine squaring off in their first and only debate. the stakes are huge. the debate coming as hillary clinton sees a bump in their
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polls. check this out with me. trump is down five points to clinton in a four-way race. donald trump takes more hits on what has been a very, very bad week for him. the controversies continue to pileup over his taxes, his foundation, the clintons -- their marriage, the fidelity issues he's questioning and also a beauty queen. folks, we are five weeks away to this presidential election and we are expecting kaine to seize on trump's recent follies, echoing hillary clinton's take on donald trump's refusal to release his taxes. >> here's my question, what kind of genius uses a billion dollars in a single year? >> on the other side, pence will have some trump cleanup and no doubt amplify trump's attacks on clinton's political scandals. you can bet he will also argue as an insider kaine won't change washington, a message donald trump is putting right back at
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the forefront. >> while my opponent focuses on small petty things, we are discussing the vital issues facing our country and our people. she will do everything she can to distract from the issues and her enormous corruption and criminal conduct. a campaign of distraction funded by wall street investors. >> let's begin with sunlen serfaty just outside the debate hall. sunlen, beginning with how are each of the candidates preparing ahead of the big debate? >> brooke, i think when both candidates take the stage it will be very clear that they are very well prepared. by all accounts both candidates have approached their debate prep in a very serious, consistent and disciplined way. they've both been running through question and answers with aides for months and the last few weeks, certainly at a higher intensity.
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and both have had these full-fledged mock debate sod they're getting a sense of how tonights may go. on the spot tonight will be mike pence after donald trump's no good very bad week. certainly he will be facing a lot of questions and will be on the defense about his own running mate, now, pence has signalled the direction that he would like the debate to go in tonight. he has said he is readying an attack obtain's record but while the center of the political universe feels like it's here in longwood, there is a lot of action away from farmville in longwood university that's going on today. you have nearly the full contingent of high-profile clinton surrogates on the campaign trail. we're talking bill clinton, michelle obama, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren. and hillary clinton out there this morning campaigning hers f herself. she held a town hall in pennsylvania where there was a very poignant moment with a 15-year-old voter.
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here's that exchange. >> at my school, body image is a really big issue for girls my age. i see with my own eyes donald trump does when he talks about women and how they look. as the first female president, how would you undo that damage and help girls understand they are so much more than what they look like? >> you're right. my opponent has just taken this concern to a new level. think about it my opponent insulted miss universe. [ laughter ] how do you get more acclaimed than that? but it wasn't good enough. so we can't take this seriously anymore. we need to laugh at it, we need to refute it, we need to ignore it and stand up to it and especially the bullying. there are too many young women online who are being bullied about how they look and being
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shamed and mistreated. >> that moment, that question-and-answer falls right in line with the line of attack that the clinton campaign has been pushing against donald trump. i bet no time at all this will be spliced up and appear in a political ad by team clinton. >> sunlen, thank you so much. i want to bring board off of that last comment. i have scottie nell hughes with me, she supports donald trump. commentator sally kohn who backs hillary clinton and jackie kucinich, washington bureau chief for the daily beast and my friend and senior political correspondent brianna keilar. the ladies panel. love it. scottie, let me begin with you. coming off of the question from the 15-year-old on body issues. this isn't going away. i realize it was hillary clinton being asked about it but everything that happened with the miss universe, woman's body issues and a grown man discussing at 3:00 a.m. on
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twitter, how does he handle this? >> with a classy approach and not only ignore it but move on. this shows hillary clinton doesn't want to talk about policy. the fact she just released this ad not talking about her policies on how she's going to help these women rather going negative against the words mr. trump has said in the past and taking them out of context. >> i don't think this means she doesn't want to talk about policy. she's being asked about a body image question. >> but then she releases this ad. we have yet to hear how she's going to help the 12% of women that -- only 12% feel comfortable they've saved enough for retirement. obamacare that is failing right now and the majority of excha e exchanges. >> sally, has she addressed. >> it she would rather talk about body image. >> scottie, i love you but even though you support mr. trump you can't do his thing where you repeat something enough it becomes true. it's not true. you must be confused because donald trump is the one who has no policy solutions when pressed for details. he lacks them over and over. hillary clinton has policy details. she's spelled them out in
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speeches. she just gave a speech on economics. she put them out in a book. they're all over her web site. she actually has plans. you may not like the plans but say that. but to say she doesn't have them, number one, and, number two, donald trump which boggles the mind has kept this issue at the forefront for the last week, hillary clinton -- he's the one who attacked miss universe in the first place, belittled her, went in on her with her exercise session during the press, fat shamed her and he started the tweets, went on fox news and said she was the worst ever. i don't see hillary clinton -- >> fact check. hillary clinton turned last week's debate into a middle school drama by bringing up -- >> yes, you're right, hillary clinton did it all by herself. >> he has the right to defend himself. and by the way, just saying you're going to raise taxes on the wealthy is not the way to have a plan or solution. >> okay from plans to polls i look and you and i think polls. i wonder why. let's talk about the polls that
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we have in today. this is a new poll of likely voters showing clinton leading trump by five. we're a couple days out from the town hall forum in st. louis. talk about the high stakes. >> there is a lot of pressure, there's so much more interest in these debates. normally in a case like this i think it's two candidates trying to prove they're ready to step in at a moment's notice. that may be part of it. but what i find so interesting about it is you have a lot of democrats who -- and republicans who would prefer tonight's vice presidential debate was the presidential debate. there are a lot of democrats who would be more comfortable with tim kaine than maybe hillary clinton and certainly a lot of republicans who would be more comfortable with mike pence as the nominee than donald trump. so i think above all it's do no
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harm but i think these are two candidates who have a strong grasp of the issues and the policies. one of the struggles for mike pence is going to be picking and choosing where he agrees -- he clearly has disagreements with donald trump. he's captain cleanup a lot and he sort of softens the things donald trump says, is able to gloss over them but i think they're going to be some things where he feels like he can defend them more and maybe he feels in his all right indefensible and he has to figure out how he'll do that. >> it's a tricky gig because you have to be up on your own policies and the folks at the top of the ticket that may not jibe with how you felt. let me ask you, jackie. they've been throwing out top-tiered surrogates today including bill clinton who was out, he made news for better or worse using the word crazy and obamacare in the same sentence. here he was. >> but the people that are getting killed in this deal are
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small business and individuals who make just a little too much to get any of these subsidies. why? because they're not organized, they don't have any bargaining power with insurance companies and they're getting whacked. so you've got this crazy system where all of a sudden 25 million more people have health care and then the people are out there busting it sometimes 60 hours a week wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half. it's the craziest thing in the world. >> first of all, is he wrong? and second of all will there be cleanup? >> this is why bill clinton is a blessing and a curse in his campaign. he's bill clinton, he's going to say what he thinks and yet this isn't helpful. he's not talking about his wife, he's talking about obamacare and that's not why he's there. he's a huge draw, particularly for blue-collar workers which is why they're sending him to eastern ohio so this is why -- he really connects with people but you take that with, you know, him maybe going off topic
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and he's going to talk about medicare next week. he's supposed to be hillary clinton's surrogate and this is what he's doing. >> will voters associate hillary with obamacare? >> oh, i think there's no doubt. and i think what you're hearing some of the surrogates say is -- we just heard amy klobuchar and she said "i've always believed obamacare was a beginning, not an end." the issue to what we heard bill clinton say is there is some truth to that and some people are feeling that, but that's a side effect of -- jackie and i covered health care reform on the hill from beginning to end. >> yeah, you did. >> and what we remembered was at the beginning of it was we're going tackle the cost and they bent the cost curve which means it's increasing less fast, that's pretty bad. so it's still an issue that people are feeling and clearly that is something that kind of needed to be pared but tackling the cost wasn't something that was politically palatable so it's something that needs to be
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achieved. in that regard he's not wrong. >> how do you feel? >> i'm glad he's the new surrogate with the trump campaign, thank you, bill clinton. with 15 of those health care exchanges failing, that's why in 2010 republicans were able to come back is because of obamacare and how much we were hurting. you couldn't keep the doctors you were promised. this is a great thing. i hope mike pence capitalizes on this and let's talk about how the affordable health care act as hurt the middle-class and women. >> i don't think if it's something that necessarily helps donald trump because you could have people who are liberal and say it didn't go far enough and that's why and i don't know if that's something that plays to donald trump's advantage as maybe like a bernie sanders. if she were up against bernie sanders. >> i'm on obamacare, i can categorically say it is better than what i had before obamacare but it is not as good as what it could be and hillary clinton, fortunately, has a plan to make obamacare better by including a public option whereas donald trump, like the rest of the republican party, only wants to
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repeal it and has no plan for what he would do for the 20 million people who would lose health insurance. >> not true. >> and it goes to what we're going to see in tonight's debate which is tim kaine, who represents both a candidate in hillary clinton and in a party which is about moving the country forward. it's about embracing immigrants, it's about embracing women's rights. it's about trying to provide opportunity and health care for all versus mike pence who actually i hope people take away from tonight where they may not know where donald trump stands on issues, we very much know where mike pence stands on issues. he stands for backwards policy on gay rights, on women's rights, on immigration across the board and i hope people are paying attention because that should give them a sense of who donald trump is that he picked this man as his running mate. >> we saw the pictures, tim kaine formerly on the richmond city council, this is how he started up to governor then senator, pictures of him arriving here at longwood university. ladies, thank you so much. appreciate. >> it thank you. >> a quick reminder, cnn's full coverage of tonight's debate starts at 4:00 eastern leading up to the main event.
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then it's mike pence and tim kaine debating tonight at 9:00 eastern. please watch live here on cnn. just ahead, you know it's 2016 when a republican senator is now backing off calling her nominee a roll model for kids. you will see the tape. plus, donald trump claims there is a race riot in america monthly. is that true? let's discuss. breaking news, a deadly hurricane making landfall and heading straight for the united states. we will take you live to where hurricane matthew is hitting right now. we're live in farmville, virginia. glad to be here, i'm brooke baldwin, you're watching cnn. [ cheers and applause ]
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[ cheers and applause ] we are back here live in beautiful virginia, in farmville, thank you so much longwood university for having us here. we're talking politics this evening ahead of the big debate at longwood university. let me tell you this, donald trump defending revelations about his possible tax avoidance touting it as proof of his
11:19 am
business savvy. in pueblo, colorado, trump confronted the issue, addressing it head on and boasting about it. here he was. >> i have legally used the tax laws to my benefit. and to the benefit of my company. my investors and my employees. honestly, i have brilliantly used those laws. >> with me now, sara huckabee sanders who is a senior trump advisor. nice to see you again. >> great to be here. >> welcome to beautiful farmville, virginia. with the way mr. trump addressed this last night saying the way he used the tax laws, is that him -- do you see that as him essentially admitting he didn't pay the taxes for a number of years? >> i think it's him saying i followed the letter of the law which is what we would expect for any businessman and any american to do is to follow the law that was given.
11:20 am
i don't understand why the clinton campaign would make this an issue because in this race they're the only ones that have helped write or pass any legislation. if they're upset with anybody, they should be upset with themselves. hillary clinton is the only one that ever played a role in passing or writing law, not donald trump. all he did was follow a law that was written. >> in following the law that was written, would you agree with the rudy giuliani's and chris christies of the world who would call it genius? >> i do. maybe i'm wrong but i'm sure when your accountant gave you taxes you didn't say "you know what? i don't think you've asked me to pay enough, let me add more." nobody does that rk, they pay w they're asked to pay, what they're required to pay under the law and i don't know why we would expect different rules for donald trump than any other business person in the country. >> okay, what about the issue also of regular folks who do pay their share thinking "how the heck do you lose a billion dollars?" that was 1995 a billion dollars, that could be a hundred billion
11:21 am
dollars today. that's a lot of money. what does that say to his business acumen? >> i think if you look at it in the full context of his life, he was able to go through -- >> we're looking at one year. >> you look at he was able to fight through the recession, lose that money and come back and create thousands of jobs. the only job hillary clinton's ever created were government jobs. those aren't real jobs. that's me and you paying more taxes to do that. >> one billion dollar loss in one year. >> and i think one of the reasons that people like donald trump is because he's a fighter. he got knocked down and he came back. he built a massive fortune not once but twice. that's the american dream. that's what most people want. they want to be able to build something like that. he's done it not one time but two times and i think that's a great success record and something he should be talking about. >> let me ask you this moving off of that as a woman. we were talking in the last segment with my panel about this 15-year-old young woman who asked hillary clinton the question about body issues and the wake of what donald trump did and said and tweeted about the miss universe bit last week,
11:22 am
body shaming, weight issues, the videos of the gym from years ago. i mean what does he need to say to put this to bed because she's still talking about it. >> i think one of the biggest issues that women care about -- i'm a mom, a working mother. , i think the most offensive thing anyone has said is hillary clinton. >> isn't it about donald trump who's talking temperament? when you have somebody tweeting about miss universe and body issues and shaming her, is that the kind of president you want? >> again i think you can argue the back and forth between these two candidates all day long. everybody wants to make donald trump like he's the most offensive person. >> i'm not. >> the most offensive comment that has been made to date was by hillary clinton when she called millions of americans deplorable ander redeemable only
11:23 am
to follow that up with calling bernie sanders's supporters losers that live in their parents' basements. >> but if you were offended by that -- and i don't disagree -- wouldn't you also be offended by trump's weight comments about a woman? >> look, again, i'm not saying that those are necessarily the best way to approach something -- >> just yes or no, sarah, yes or no. >> that's probably not my choice of words, no. >> okay, okay. looking ahead to tonight mike pence and tim kaine, we know they're doing their home work. it's tricky, the veep on the ticket, you have to know where you stand and you have to know where hillary clinton or donald trump stands. tell me something about mike pence that we should know about or that you're excited about when he really steps out on a world stage. >> i think mike pence is one of the most honorable men in politics. he may actually be too nice for this business. he's one of the purest, most
11:24 am
best-harded people and the american people are going to get a chance to see that firsthand when he steps on the big stage tonight. he's passionate about people, he's a good person and i hope they can see that come through. >> sarah, good to see you. thank you so much. appreciate it. coming up from farmville, it was a question asked in last night's new hampshire senate debate. would you point to donald trump as a role model for kids? why a republican freshman senator who is facing a tough reelection fight is saying she misspoke while answering that question. we'll show you the tape. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn's special live coverage.
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[ cheers and applause ] here live here on wheeler lawn at longwood glufrt farmville, virginia. a lively crowd. we're thrilled to be here. we are hours away from the big vice presidential debate tonight. you have thein, mike pence, going head to head in a matter of hours making the case for their candidates. one issue bound to come up, donald trump's recent comments on race relations in this country. i want to play you sound here. this is what he told a crowd of mostly white supporters in pueblo, colorado, just last night. >> we're a divided nation and each week it seems we're getting more and more divided with race riots on our streets on a monthly basis. somebody said "don't call them race riots." that's what they are. they're race riots and it's happening more and more. >> trump went on to list a
11:30 am
number of cities where protests have erupted in response to fatal police shootings of african-americans. here with me, simone sanders, cnn political commentator and former press secretary for bernie sanders, she now supports hillary clinton. also with us, andre bauer, cnn political commentator and former south carolina lieutenant governor who supports donald trump. and mark preston, cnn politics executive editor. great to have you with me, i wanted to begin, simone, with you on the race riots monthly statement that trump made last night. fair assessment? >> no, i think it's a gross and overreaching generalization. >> why? >> it just goes to show donald trump is out of touch. these aren't race riots that are happening. in the places that donald trump mentioned, these are unarmed black men who have been essentially gunned down, executed, modern day lynching some people would say, by police officers in these communities, we have to have real conversations about the state of race relations here in america,
11:31 am
the disproportionality that exists in our criminal justice system and donald trump's comments last night goes to show he doesn't get it and doesn't understand. that's inflammatory language. it's dog whistle politics. >> would you say, andre, as a trump supporter, he's overstating? we saw the pictures in charlotte and what happened in tulsa and beyond but is that overstating? >> i don't believe so. we have a real problem in this country, there's no question. would i frame the conversation differently? yeah, but i'm not where he is. >> but he's running for president. >> i'm glad he's engaging in the conversation because, quite frankly, nobody's talked about chicago for the last four, eight years and we keep seeing it happen and nobody has done anything to address fixing it so you can call him a race baiter or anything else if you want to but by god when is somebody going to engage in that conversation? are we going to continue to lose hundreds of lives each year there and not have an intellectual discussion on how we fix it? i think we do.
11:32 am
>> let me say this. when you're talking about race relations, you're talking about caucasian on black. that's what would conjure up race riots so the fact that he would use that language is wrong if not inflammatory. the real problem is right now we're seeing an income inequality that we're seeing in the urban inner cities that has been going on for generations and what donald trump is doing is not necessarily -- well, andre is right, he's talking about it but i don't think he's doing in the a productive way in order to fix the problem and that's the big issue and why we're seeing blowback from the african-american community on donald trump. >> let me move off that because i want to get to -- we've talked so much about down ballot in this country and how hillary clinton and donald trump on the tip of the ticket makes a difference so kelly ayotte, who was -- is in a race to save her senatorial life wants to hold on to her senate seat, takes part in this debate last night and is asked about trump being a role model. she has not endorsed him but she
11:33 am
said she'll vote for him. listen to what she said. >> would you tell them to be like donald trump? would you point to him as a role model? >> i think that certainly there are many role models that we have and i believe he's -- can serve as president and so absolutely i would do that ch. >> then she had to release a statement quoting senator ayottement "i misspoke, while i hope our children aspire to be president, neither donald trump nor hillary clinton have set a good example and i wouldn't hold either of them as role models for my kids." >> my question is all of these down ballot folks are being asked this question and they have to deal with the ramifications politically. >> this is the tightrope we're seeing from republicans that are having to walk -- having to support their nominee or at least seem as if they're supporting their nominee because they don't want to alienate the far end of the republican base to support them.
11:34 am
at the same time they can't get behind donald trump. for her to say i'm voting for him but i can't endorse him, i don't understand what that means. even more so, i was talking to a republican strategist on friday and said what are you telling your candidates right now when donald trump is going out and saying crass things and he said we're telling our candidates to shelter in place. run your own campaign. if donald trump does well, you'll do well, otherwise try to dissociate yourself. >> andre, do you fault her for saying that? >> no, number one -- i have two points here, both of these candidates, as much as i am not a hillary clinton fan, both of them have attributes. both of them i would hope if i had children would aspire to do some of the things both of them have done. one is an astute businessman. the other one has achieved levels for a woman that nobody ever has so they both have good qualities. i'll tell you another thing. you notice on this panel from time to time i'll call my party out. i'll call my candidate out. democrats are easier -- are easier on their candidates to
11:35 am
say i'm with you all the way and republicans, like kelly, know they have to be more cautious because republicans you have to cater to more. they're harder to keep happy than the democratic base i believe, i may be wrong. it would be an interesting panel discussion. >> and we appreciate you calling out -- that's why we love having you on, andre bauer, you're fair. >> it was a lose-lose question for the senator to answer that. she kind of put the nail in the coffin for her in new hampshire. the blowback that has happened from the senate is crazy so i don't know how she actually recovers from this. it goes to show we're in an election where you can't even, like hug your candidate at the top of your ticket and this has real down ballot implications and i don't think it's just this november. we're coming up on midterm elections as soon as this midterm election is over and these are things we'll talk about. >> you know what's worth saying about andre, when he was lieutenant governor of south carolina he did work with
11:36 am
democrats and it's difficult sitting on this panel having to defend dump so the fact that you will call him out is admirable. you're standing by him but when you were in office you did work with them. >> andre bauer, thank you so much. thank you, thank you, thank you. symone sanders, thank you as well. mark preston, you're all right. coming up, my next guest says you can learn a lot by watching a political debate with the volume off. does that apply tonight? we'll discuss that and what these men need to do to help the top of their tickets. you're watching cnn's special live coverage. we're back after this.
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welcome back. i'm brooke baldwin. we're live from farmville, california, the campus of longwood university where tonight mike pence and tim kaine will face off in their first and only vice presidential debate. joining me to discuss the stakes and what is to watch for here, james fallows, he is the national correspondent for the "atlantic" and has written a number of articles about the presidential debate this is election cycle. james fallows, we're thrilled to have you back on the show and i think a piece of -- what i love talking to you, you were fascinating last time i had you on and you said brooke i watched the debates with the sound on to listen to their points and then with the sound off to watch. does that same rule apply tonight, jim fallows? >> i think it's probably less the case for a vice presidential debate. one is historically they're not so much the clash of dominant personalities as the president you believe ones are. there's only two i can think of
11:42 am
where you had that personality conflict. one would be lloyd bentsen and dan quail in 1988 and the other would be joe biden and sarah palin eight years ago. but usually there's a lower ketone to these vice presidential debates. they are two relative nice guys doing it so their main drama this time will be the way each of them tries to position the other by connecting them to their respective running mates. >> how do they do that? to quote you and others we've had on set, tease are two really nice guys, not the same controversial figures, not perhaps the same show we saw at hofstra. how do they thread the needle and get forth the policies they need to and not say something wrong? >> so i think for pence he has a little bit harder task. we'll start with him. his job will be to connect tim kaine not so much with the ethical issues the republicans are raising about hillary clinton but rather policy failures. he'll be saying, obamacare even
11:43 am
bill clinton is saying it didn't work. the mess in syria. look at hillary clinton and her failed foreign policy. it will be a policy-type approach to make tim kaine defend her and i think that will be easy for kaine because there's not that much difference between kaine's policy views and hillary clinton's. on the other hand, tim kaine will then ask mike pence to defend the latest 500 points on what donald trump has said, whether it's policies where he disagrees with mike pence on gun control or abortion or whatever he said about women or about -- you name it. so i think the main drama i'll be looking for is the way kaine is trying to make mike pence time and again and again ayour running mate, the man you're supporting for president, says x, do you agree with that? do you agree on mexican judges? do you agree on building a wall? do you agree on x, y, and z? that will be the drama. >> also in reading ahead about these two vice presidential
11:44 am
candidate, faith plays a huge role in both of their lives. it's mike pence who calls himself a conservative christian and a republican in that order. then we hear tim kaine talking about his time in honduras in the jesuit mig their, the journey he went on and how they shaped how they feel culturally. how much do you think about that will we hear? >> yes, i think that's an important point that each will use to his respective advantage. when mike pence was selected, part of the analysis was that donald trump doesn't have a long history of connection to the evangelical movement so mike pence was aa sign of his credibility or bona fides with those people. with tim kaine, he can use this as a segue to i bet -- i'll make you a bet he gives at least one or two lines in spanish because that's how he learned spanish as one of his jesuit missions to central america and from the democratic point of view there's the understated point that he
11:45 am
has a different abortion policy or outlook from hillary clinton eke -- not on the legal consequences but how he approaches it philosophically but there's -- i think he'll say my faith is part of what you can -- it's why i was in central america, why i believe we are a diverse people so yes i agree. faith will be something i think each of them will speak about in a positive way. >> james fallows, thank you, see you next time. appreciate it. >> my pleasure, thanks. >> you got it. while farmville, virginia, is the setting for tonight's debate, it's a town with a special history, unique history and a connection to the modern civil rights movement. did you know in 1951 a passionate group of students took their fight against racial segregation all the way to the u.s. court? a student who led that historic effort will join me lye next. and we are keeping a close watch on a deadly hurricane slamming haiti right now about to hit cuba. is the southeastern united states next? stay with me.
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we are live here in farmville, virginia, thrilled to be here. it's one of those class outdoors sort of days ahead of the vice presidential debate here in virginia. there's no question how critical the issue of race is in this current election. it's been heightened by the nationwide protests against police killings of african-american men, a number of people consider the movement the next iteration of civil right which is makes tonight's debate location all the more relevant. did you know, farmville, virginia, is part of the landmark civil rights case brown are. have boa-- brown v. board of education? those in farmville know that firsthand. while the ruling was unequivocal, implementing it took years and strength by protesters who would not give up as these
11:51 am
with me now, megan clark, she is the very first african-american and first woman chief prosecutor in prince edwards county where farmville the county seat. she's also a professor here at longwood university, the host of tonight's big debate. she's joined by reverend jay samuel williams, jr., he grew up in a segregated virginia. it's such an honor and pleasure to have you both on. >> thank you. >> good to be here. >> let me begin with you, reverend, on your role. you were class president. >> senior class president. >> senior class president at the all black high school when what happened? >> we had noticed, students made comparisons and contrast with the facilities that we had against the white school a few blocks over. they had a cafeteria, we didn't have one. they had state-of-the-art
11:52 am
equipment for a library at the time, we had a small library for more than 400 students. >> wasn't good enough. >> was not good enough. so what did you do about it? >> we met the leader of our movement, called a secret assembly in the auditorium, we did not know it was going to jump off. there were some people working with her in the small group. she had informed them, five or six people and they called a strike and she presented herself, presented why we should strike, why we should stay out of school until we received a new school for which we were starting. >> which took a number of years, by the way. so blacks in farmville, there was no school at a point. "brown v. board" ruled, but blacks -- integration didn't happen for a number of years and that affected your own mother
11:53 am
who at the time had to get creative, shall we say, in making sure she gotten a education. >> she did. so my parents, both of my parents were around the age of starting school when the strike took place when the schools closed so my mother had to go to school one county over into lunenburg county. the counties surrounding prince edward ended up closing off their schools saying "if you don't live here, you can't go here." and she's always told the story of a pivotal moment when she had to learn how to lie. >> how? >> she went to school and the teacher asked for her address and she was very proud, she knew her address and the teacher asked her a couple more times and the teacher said "little girl, if that's your address you're not supposed to be here." my mom went home, she talked to my grandmother, we called her nanny. she talked to my nanny and my nanny was livid with her, she said you go back to school and say you had your address wrong and give them this other
11:54 am
address. my mom said at that moment she had to learn how to lie and that's stuck with her all these years. >> now fast forward to your connection and the fact that you took part, i understand it was very emotional for you reverend to take part in her swearing in as the first black female in her role in the county seat. what was that like for you? >> a feeling of elation, very much so. and i was so happy and proud and glad that i had been chosen to give the prayer during that particular service because that is the direct opposite of that which i have seen in the town of farmville over the years since i've been here. her coming up. the final thing i said, i car s caressed her with tears in my eyes and the final thing i said when we were getting up leaving "praise the lord and thank you, jesus." >> that's right. >> it was a high moment in the life of the county and in her
11:55 am
life. it shows some progress is being made and has been over the years. i can see growth, much more needs to be done, however. students today need to grasp that same combining courage of vision that barbara did that she thought us to do and that we did to strike as students. see, if you think everything is all right, as i tell students when i lecture at the museum, or here at longwood, if everything is all right, you can't see things. we're doing this. we were told all of that during the '60s when we demonstrated when i went to jail along with others, we were told that and other related kind of jargon but you have to see something and identify it. >> which we need to continue to do today in 2016. reverend, an honor to meet you. we wanted to step out side this
11:56 am
political sphere for a hot second to appreciate the fabric that is farmville, virginia. all the bits and all the past, thank you so much. up next, we are going to talk about this breaking news, we're keeping an eye on the deadly hurricane slamming haiti. it's heading northward. is the southeast portion of the antitrust danger? we'll talk about that coming up. but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands. lots of vitamins a&c, and, only 50 calories a serving...
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parts of south florida are under a hurricane watch right now. hurricane matthew is a powerful category four storm, slammed into haiti this morning. cuba is next.