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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  October 5, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning. i'm koorm kcarol costello. the dust has barely settled from the vice presidential debate and the candidates and their surrogates are back on the road this morning. you are looking at youngstown, ohio. bill clinton will be behind that microphone stumping for his wife very soon. it's his first stop of the day in this battleground state. clinton's surrogates are fanning out across the midwest. daughter chelsea and bernie sanders holding events from iowa to wisconsin. on the republican ticket, donald trump heads west to stump in reno, nevada. next hour mike pence rallies in virginia not far from last night's showdown. as for that debate, rolots of js insulting and interruptions. >> the thought of donald trump
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as commander in chief scares us to death. the trump plan is a different plan. it's a you're fired plan. >> i appreciated the you're hired, you're fired thing, senator. you use that a whole lot. i think your running mate used a lot of pre-done lines. >> when donald trump says women should be punished or mexicans are rapists and criminals or john mccain's not a hero, he is showing you who he is. >> senator, you whipped out that mexican thing again. >> can you defend it? >> there are criminal aliens in this country, tim. >> the vice presidential nominees came into the debate with one goal, do not hurt their own campaigns. by most accounts, mission accomplished. let's begin with cnn's phil mattingly, here to break down some of the more fiery moments. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. do not harm, probably the first principle no. question about it when it came to these two candidates. but they had very clear goals going into this debate.
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for tim kaine it was to talk about donald trump. he didn't want to talk about mike pence at all. all he wanted to do was remind viewers of donald trump and some of the comments he's made. that meant attacking on the issue that has become the premier issue for the clinton campaign over the course of the last week, taxes. take a listen. >> he said if i run for president, i will absolutely release my taxes. he's broken his first promise. second, he stood on this stage last week and when hillary said you haven't been paying taxes he said that makes me smart. so it's smart not to pay for our military. it's smart not to pay for veterans. it's smart not to pay for teachers. >> his tax returns showed he went through a very difficult time but he used the tax code just the way it's supposed to be used and he did it brilliantly. >> reporter: now, carol, it's worth noting a lot of people went into this debate thinking it was going to be dull or
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uninteresting or boring i was not that. it was feisty and combative, back and forth the entire time. you talk about what tim kaine was trying to do for the clinton campaign. mike pence also had a very important role in this debate, a very kind of steadfast role in this debate. be poised, be calm. present to the voters, present to the public that there's a steady hand on a ticket that really has been in turmoil over the course of the last couple weeks. that meant deftly pivoting away repeatedly from tim kaine's attacks and in some cases maybe not necessarily telling all the truth. take a listen to this exchange on vladimir putin. >> this is one where you can kind of go to the tape on it but governor pence said inarguably vladimir putin is a better leader than president obama. >> that is absolutely inaccurate. >> and i just think a guy -- >> i said he's been stronger on the world stage. >> no. you said leader. >> i think i would have a very very good relationship with putin and i think i would have a
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very very good relationship with russia. certainly in that system he's been a leader far more than our president has been a leader. >> i think it's inarguable that vladimir putin has been a stronger leader in his country than barack obama has been in this country. >> now, you see that back and forth there. going back a little bit to the tape, the clinton campaign pointing out that mike pence tried to dodge defending his nominee often and repeatedly throughout but you talk to trump advisers, to pence advisers, they are thrilled with the performance mike pence put forward last night. they say it's exactly what he needed to do to make the point going forward. it's something you will hear repeatedly over the course of the day including here and harrisburg, mike pence's first post-debate event trying to keep momentum going after a rough week for the trump campaign. >> phil mattingly, thank you. even before the debate began you knew how the night would end. both campaigns would claim victory, right? here's a post-debate photo of
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donald trump calling mike pence but here's a twist. campaign insiders telling cnn that trump could be upset that pence did too good a job in that debate. more on that in just a minute. and hillary clinton also took to twitter praising her running mate and saying quote, lucky to have a partner like tim kaine who stood up for our shared vision tonight instead of trying to deny it. cnn's sunlen serfaty live in philadelphia where tim kaine will hold an event later today to tell us more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. one thing we know about donald trump is this is a man that certainly does not like to be upstaged and at least one trump campaign official is telling cnn's john king that mike pence's solid debate performance last night did not sit well with donald trump. that said, he did tweet out some praise of his running mate saying that he did do a good job and of course, the trump campaign is going to try to capitalize on his solid debate performance that. said, they are also making an issue of tim kaine's aggressiveness up there on stage, the point that
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interrupted many times at many many different points throughout the debate, the trump team calling that rude this morning. they are calling tim kaine unhinged. this is something that team clinton is trying to spin as a good thing, that he was aggressive on the debate stage. here's reactions from both campaigns. >> donald trump and mike pence are very different people. they have different styles, different styles of debating. i can't imagine secretary clinton is happy with her running mate tim kaine tonight. he interrupted governor pence when he wasn't interrupting the female moderator he was interrupting governor pence. >> look, i think he was the aggressor tonight. i think he did a great job both in explaining what he and hillary want to do for the american people. i think he challenged governor pence to defend the kind of hateful campaign that donald trump has run and time and again, governor pence took a dive. >> reporter: on this issue of tim kaine's interruption which
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although the clinton campaign is trying to celebrate his just being aggressive, he did receive a lot of negative attention for it. the fact that it was nearly 70 times he interrupted on the debate stage, including this interesting tweet from republican governor mike huckabee, who tweeted tim kaine seems to think the vp serves the sme function for a president as a yappy chihuahua does for a socialite's purse. so certainly not the narrative that the clinton campaign wants coming out of the first and only vice presidential debate. carol? >> sunlen serfaty live from philadelphia this morning. so the vp debate is history. the next round, sunday. trump and clinton battle it out again, this time in a much more intimate setting. let's talk about that. with me is larry sabado from the university of virginia center for politics, rebecca burg from real clear politics and mark preston, cnn politics executive editor. welcome, to all of you.
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thanks for being here. mark, sunday's presidential debate is critical for donald trump. if he does not do well, is he toast? >> in this campaign i think making declarations has proven to be really a stupid thing to do. until we actually see the votes in november, who knows what's going to happen. look, this is where we are at in the campaign. we have seen hillary clinton come roaring back after her debate. even though mike pence according to our poll last night, our snap poll of watchers of the debate, he won the debate, but how much is that really going to factor quite frankly into people's votes heading into november. donald trump needs a strong performance. donald trump needs to take some lessons from mike pence. donald trump needs to show that he can curb his temperament which is something that he's failed to do even in the past few days. >> so larry, a lot of people are saying donald trump should sit down and study mike pence's debate performance, including
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the "wall street journal." here's what they wrote this morning. if donald trump could make the case for donald trump half as well as mike pence makes the case for donald trump, the new york businessman would well be on his way to the white house. so larry, do you think donald trump will take some cues from his running mate? >> i don't think donald trump sits down and studies very often. it's always possible. but look, they're such different people, donald trump and mike pence, and your personality tends to come out in these debates one way or the other. particularly for somebody like donald trump, who has not been in politics before. you can't emphasize enough how important that is. he is used to being very combative in the business world, let no insult go unanswered. in politics the key is picking the right insults to answer. that's something donald trump has not learned. mike pence knew the lesson years
7:10 am
ago. >> okay. so you talk about i guess that you could call that a competitive nature, right, because rebecca, here's the thing. john king reported last night that trump may not be all that happy with pence's performance because pence upstaged trump as a better debater and let's face it, pence did not effusively defend his running mate during the debate. >> no, he did not. the focus for mike pence was inarguably on hillary clinton and on mike pence. he did a very good job i think of pivoting throughout the debate to attacking hillary clinton but as tim kaine pointed out during the debate itself whenever it came time for mike pence to defend something that donald trump had said or some controversy that donald trump had created, he didn't do it in the way you might expect or the way tim kaine did for hillary clinton. that said, that might not have necessarily been the goal for mike pence. as you mentioned earlier in the show, it's important for these
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vice presidential candidates to really just do no harm for their ticket because vice presidential debates don't often really shape the trajectory of a presidential election and often don't necessarily reflect on the top of the ticket, and certainly mike pence did that. he was on message, he was unflappable. really a stark departure stylistically from donald trump in terms of his style. >> here's the other thing. mike pence was very thoughtful at times, right, and actually so was tim kaine once he got past all the interrupting through the first 45 minutes of the debate. because -- i bring that up because next sunday's debate will be in a much more intimate setting, there will be 40 people in the audience, they will post questions to the candidates and they have to talk to people and give thought ful answers. listen to this exchange from last night's debate, both candidates were asked about their faith and how faith plays into public policy. let's listen. >> for me, the hardest struggle in my faith life was catholic
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church is against the death penalty and so am i. but i was governor of a state, the state law said that there was a death penalty for crimes if the jury determined them to be heinous, so i had to grapple with that. when i was running for governor i was attacked pretty strongly because of my position on the death penalty but i looked the voters of virginia in the eye and said look, this is my religion, i'm not going to change my religious practice to get one vote, but i know how to take an oath and uphold the law and if you elect me, i will uphold the law. >> for me the sanctity of life proceeds out of the belief that ancient principle that where god says before you were formed in the womb, i knew you. so for my first time in public life, i have sought to stand with great compassion for the sanctity of life. the state of indiana has also sought to make sure we expand alternatives in health care counseling for women,
7:13 am
non-abortion alternatives. i'm also very pleased the fact we are well on our way in indiana to becoming the most pro-adoption state. >> so those were thoughtful answers from politicians who know they have to do their jobs but have also really thought about how their faith plays into things. can donald trump or hillary clinton articulate things in that way for this intimate debate that's coming on sunday? >> let me first take donald trump very quickly. we just heard from two men who base their policy positions on their faith. to larry's point, they are politicians. they know how to answer questions. they know how to handle themselves in a situation. if you go back and listen to donald trump, every time he's attacked or asked what is his experience that makes him, you know, the right person to be the commander in chief, he always goes back to his business background, he always talks about his business background. that is in very much his faith. that's what he's grounded in that has helped develop how he
7:14 am
thinks moving forward. hillary clinton also has a very difficult time, while she has all the experience she sometimes has a very hard time relating that to the voters. that's why someone like tim kaine when we saw him announce as her running mate was seen as a good get, because it helped to kind of edge the sharpened edges that hillary clinton has. >> but i think, larry, as voters sit down and watch that second debate, they will want answers like that from these candidates. will they get them? >> well, i think mark is absolutely right. these two are not natural debaters for a town hall format. the best ever i think the other panelists will agree with me, the best ever at this is bill clinton. we all remember those who lived through the 1992 town hall format when a very difficult question, kind of nonsensical
7:15 am
question about the national debt was asked and president george h.w. bush did his best to answer it but he couldn't. bill clinton got up off his stool, he went to the edge of the stage and essentially said in the classic clinton-esque fashion, i feel your pain. he just reformulated the question and answered it in a way that thrilled the woman who had asked and really the entire audience. that's what you do in a town hall. i don't think either trump or clinton necessarily has the skills to do what bill clinton did so well. >> rebecca, what can we expect from sunday's debate then? >> well, i don't think we can necessarily expect a major difference in terms of the candidates' tone and style from the first debate and i think we will see maybe some awkward moments because as larry noted, these are not two candidates who naturally are very good at relating to normal people, and
7:16 am
striking that empathetic tone which is so important in a town hall setting as bill clinton did in 1992 and larry just mentioned. you want to express to people that you understand their problems and care about their problems, and this is actually an area where we talk a lot about honesty and trustworthiness ratings in polling. the question does the candidate care about people like me, both of these nominees don't do very well on that question, either, in part because their unfavorables are so historically high, people don't necessarily trust them to understand or care about their problems, so the big challenge for both of them in this setting will be to express that sort of empathy where people start to think, where voters can imagine them actually caring about solving their problems and thinking about them in the same way that maybe they did. >> i'm sure we will be watching on sunday. thank you all for joining me. still to come, mandatory evacuations as a deadly hurricane barrels toward the united states. when could it hit?
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sgr stark warning from florida's governor as hurricane matthew takes aim. >> the storm has already killed multiple people and we should expect this same impact in florida if people do not take this seriously. >> right now the category 3 storm is on track to possibly make landfall on friday morning. president obama canceling his florida trip today. he will meet with fema officials very soon. lines for gas stretching around the block in miami as homeowners board up windows in georgia. are these pictures out of miami, fra? fort lauderdale. you see people have propane tanks with them and they are filling them in case of course the electricity goes out because that hurricane will bring high winds and possibly flooding and they are preparing for the night ahead. everyone is hunkering down.
7:22 am
we have team coverage for you this morning. meteorologist chad myers is at the forecast center but we want to head to boris sanchez. looks beautiful where you are right now but that may not be the case in a few days. >> reporter: that's definitely not going to be the case in about 12 to 36 hours. we will really feel the beginning of hurricane matthew as it starts approaching florida. as you said, people are taking the governor's warnings very seriously. there are long lines outside of gas stations. reports that some gas stations have even run out of gas. there's also at grocery stores some really unbelievable scenes, aisle after aisle emptied out. people buying water and non-perishable food, making sure they are stocked up at home for this storm. the way that it's tracking right now, it's really a tossup whether or not it's simply going to graze the coast or whether or not it's going to be a direct hit. the governor says we should brace for a direct hit. this is a very dangerous storm that killed seven people in the
7:23 am
caribbean. he's trying to get the message out that you can rebuild a home but you may not be able to rebuild a life. >> i cannot emphasize enough that everyone in our state must prepare now for a direct hit. that means people have less than 24 hours left to prepare, evacuate and shelter. having a plan in place could mean the difference between life and death when it comes the a storm of this magnitude. >> reporter: he's also trying to get the word out that if you fear that at some point you may have to evacuate, you should just do it now. it's better to get out of the way early than wait until the last minute. there are now mandatory evacuations south of us in brevard county. those are likely to expand as we get closer to the storm and coastal communities and barrier islands. in fact, we have been told by our hotel we may have to prepare to evacuate at some point. >> boris sanchez, stay safe. thanks for that report. let's head to atlanta and the
7:24 am
weather center, because chad, you have been advising people to listen to their governors. if there's evacuation orders, go. >> correct. go early. don't wait for everybody else to get on the highway and then sit there doing five miles per hour. that's the thing. once everybody is told to leave, it's hard to get out. if you have medicines, medications, make sure you take them with you. make sure you are telling somebody elsewhere you're going so they are not looking for you. if are y all these little things that you can do right now. to be honest, there is more of the eye that's offshore, more of the cone that's offshore than is on. the likelihood of a direct impact is lower than a miss so the chance of a miss is higher but if looking at 140 miles per hour storm, do you really care how much it misses by? northwest winds going to be blowing all weekend long, all
7:25 am
week long, 115 miles south of long island bahamas right now and it's a category 3 but it's forecast to become a category 4. here's the cone. here's what we are looking at. yes, you see the cone is onshore in florida, in georgia and the carolinas but it's more off than on. if this changes just a little bit and all of a sudden everybody panics, it's going to be katie bar the door just to try to get out of there. that's why we talked about this earlier. if you can go, if you have ways to go, places to go, do it now. because it is going to be a lot easier to do it now than it is when everybody else is trying to get out of there. this storm will change at 11:00. please tune back in so we can tell you what the new 11:00 advisory is because i guarantee it will change something, maybe drastically. that's what we were told about three hours ago. >> hope it changes for the better and heads to sea. we will see. chad, thanks so much. coming up in the "newsroom" hillary clinton's army of surrogates campaigning in four states today. what can the trump/pence ticket
7:26 am
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. moments ago hillary clinton went to the white plains airport and boarded her campaign plane, off to a bunch of fund-raisers in washington, d.c. she waved to the crowd and did not stop to talk to reporters. she simply gave the thumbs up, boarded the plane and off she went. actually, hillary clinton, maybe she doesn't have to say a word because she has an army full of democrats stumping across the country on her behalf.
7:31 am
look at the roster of heavy hitters who have or will hit the trail. michelle obama, al gore, bill clinton, chelsea clinton, elizabeth warren, bernie sanders and president obama. mr. trump's republican support is not so robust. while clinton has kaine, bill clinton, chelsea clinton and bernie sanders out today, mr. trump has mike pence. although you could argue clinton's surrogates sometimes fail her like her husband, bill, did on obamacare. >> the people that are getting killed in this deal are small business people and individuals who make just a little too much to get any of these subsidies. why? because they're not organized, they don't have any bargaining power with insurance companies and they are getting whacked so you have got this crazy system where all of a sudden, 25 million more people have health care and then the people are out there busting it sometimes 60 hours a week wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half. it's the craziest thing in the world.
7:32 am
>> okay. let's talk about that. with me, republican political commentator and donald trump supporter paris denard and cnn political commentator and hillary clinton supporter hilary rosen. hilary, some people may think you know what, maybe bill clinton just spoke the truth as he knew it and isn't that refreshing. >> well, look, hillary clinton is the first person to say there are problems with obamacare. president obama has said it himself that there are always improvements to make. the reason that there aren't more subsidies for small business in the affordable care act is because the republicans limited the amount of subsidies available. having a democratic congress, another democratic president will help that. so bill clinton might have said it inartfully. later he said he clearly supports the affordable care act. you know, this is a real policy difference between hillary clinton and donald trump. he wants to repeal health care which has brought new coverage for more than 25 million people.
7:33 am
he doesn't have something to replace it with. hillary clinton is saying let's fix it, let's make it better, but we sure don't want to take coverage away from 25 million people. >> so paris, that is true. donald trump says he does want to repeal obamacare. do you know what he wants to replace it with? because he says he will have something. >> yes. at the end of the day what mr. trump is going to do, this is why speaker ryan so confidently supports him and has endorsed him, because he knows that he is going to be able to work with speaker ryan to propose agenda items that will be good for the american people. president clinton -- >> how is he going to replace obamacare? what is he going to replace it with, do you know? >> there are a host of bills that have been proposed and ideas that are being proposed by the republican leadership in the house and the senate. mr. trump will work with them to propose and enact positive legislation that impacts the community the way we need it to but he has made it clear he's not trying to make people out to
7:34 am
remove the things that are positive about this law like the pre-existing conditions and things of that nature. >> that's not true. >> he understands -- >> he says he will repeal it. >> right. but repealing it does not mean that there's parts of it that will be in the new piece of legislation that will be proposed. that is the truth. >> so wait, paris, what you're saying is that donald trump will leave it to lawmakers to come up with a plan and then they will pass it? >> what i'm saying is mr. trump is an expert negotiator. mr. trump is a person who will get things done and he will work with the republican congress, the leadership, speaker ryan, to enact legislation and support it that is good for the american people. president clinton, bill clinton had it right when he was talking about the major failures of obamacare and you pointed out something that's very interesting, carol. you said secretary clinton was en route to fund-raisers and refused to talk to the press.
7:35 am
>> no, i didn't say she refused. i said she just didn't talk to the press. >> wait, wait. she may be on her plane right now talking to the press. i don't know. >> donald trump hasn't had a press conference in two months. >> what we know is the clinton campaign can have all the surrogates they want. people of the past. this is a change election. he's going to have the future vice president, governor pence, out on the road talking directly to the american people because he's about the future. that's a very good thing. >> we were looking at a picture of youngstown, ohio. bill clinton is going to try to get out the vote there. i just want to inform my viewers what that was. he will be introduced very soon. we will get back to that when bill clinton hits the stage. hilary, paris does bring up there's a lot of surrogates out there fighting for hillary clinton. some republicans might say why does she need such an army, but one very effective surrogate has been michelle obama. let's listen.
7:36 am
>> when she gets knocked down, she doesn't complain. she doesn't cry foul. we also need someone who is steady and measured, because when making life or death, war or peace decisions, a president can't just pop off or lash out irrationally and i think we can all agree that someone who is roaming around at 3:00 a.m. tweeting should not have their fingers on the nuclear codes. >> love her. >> i knew you were going to say that. >> she doesn't complain. >> paris, i do find it interesting that donald trump never hits back at michelle obama. not one single tweet maligning her. >> what are you going to do? you can't hit back at michelle obama. she has a lot at stake in this election as well. she's really articulate about it because the obamas have worked really really hard to encourage,
7:37 am
move this country forward in a progressive agenda. one of the things i thought was most interesting about last night, that barack and michelle obama will be most effective on the campaign trail is that this has been sort of a campaign of insults but there are real policy differences between these two tickets. you know, hillary clinton is for a woman's right to choose. donald trump and mike pence are against it. hillary clinton is for making more progress on climate change. donald trump and mike pence are against it. they are for lgbt rights. donald trump and mike pence are against it. these are causes that barack and michelle obama have been fighting for for the last eight years. they don't want to see this reversed. >> i want to ask paris about climate change because that's why al gore is going out. he will talk to young people because climate change is an important thing in their minds. so paris, mr. trump has said some things about climate change but hasn't gone into it. we know that at one point he
7:38 am
said it was a hoax created by china but he's since walked those comments back. where does your candidate stand on that issue? >> you know, i think that what's important is that mr. trump is focusing on issues that he believes people are really concerned about so while secretary clinton and president obama may say the biggest issue facing the world today is climate change, mr. trump believes the biggest issue facing the world today is the threat of isis and the terrorist threat. that's why cnn viewers and poll watchers have said that mr. trump is the candidate whom they trust the most as it relates to terrorism. so the issue of climate change is relevant to the conversation but it is not the overwhelming issue that americans are staying up and thinking about right now. they are concerned about jobs, the economy and quite frankly, national security. that is what [ inaudible ]. hillary is right, it was a
7:39 am
campaign of insults and that's what you heard on the clinton side. tim kaine spent the entire time interrupting, being rude and focusing on attacking mr. trump instead of talking about the issues and talking about the differences and looking forward. >> you know, all tim kaine did was repeat what donald trump said. >> thanks to both of you. still to come, you might be turned off but they want you to turn out. up next, how president obama and george bush are putting politics aside ahead of election day. what? is he gone?? finally, i thought he'd never leave... tv character: why are you texting my man at 2 a.m.? no... if you want someone to leave you alone, you pretend like you're sleeping. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. tv character: taking selfies in the kitchen does not make you a model.
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crum bawelcome back. you see bill clinton in youngstown, ohio. right now he's talking to
7:44 am
supporters. actually, he will be in ohio for six days ahead of ohio's tuesday deadline to register to vote. early voting in ohio starts october 12th so you can see why it's so very important for democrats to make a presence there in the state of ohio. let's talk about the election in general, shall we, because this election has turned off many, many voters. how many times have you heard someone say both candidates are so awful, i'm not voting at all? of course, both candidates are struggling to change the narrative. as you saw bill clinton is trying to convince people to register to vote. lynn manuel miranda is behind this psa, trying to get people to vote. >> vote. vote. vote. >> hearing your voice is the most important thing. >> stay involved in the political life of our country. >> our future depends upon you casting a ballot. >> if you are inspired by "hamilton," by our founders, understand the system of government they designed only
7:45 am
works if you participate. >> i know some of you may be sitting back saying whatever, i'm not voting. well, as "usa today" put it, you have to ask yourself this question. is it ethical to not vote this year? so let's talk about that. with me is michael mcdonald, associate political science professor at the university of florida. welcome, michael. >> great to be with you. >> great to have you here. so really? it's unethical not to vote? >> i wouldn't say it's unethical not to vote. of course we live in a free country and it's a person's right to choose if they wish to vote or not. but you have to remember that that choice, the fact that you even have that freedom of choice, is something that's a gift to you by a lot of people who went before you to make sure you had that right. so african-americans, literally thousands were killed or beaten or jailed during the jim crow era specifically to prevent
7:46 am
people from voting. women were jailed to keep them when they were agitating for the vote. and then we have young people aged 18 to 21, many of who were dying during the vietnam war and that's how we got an extension of our voting rights for 18 to 20-year-olds. if you stop to think, that's very important. our military is out there. people are fighting and dying for our right to be a free country. so is it ethical not to vote? that's a personal choice but i would say that a well-functioning democracy works when people vote. if you are not voting there's some problem. >> here's the thing. here's the thing. this is from a recent pew survey. it found the top three feelings most americans have about the election are frustrated, disgusted and scared. so those people have to overcome those feelings to go to the polls and then cast their ballot and somehow feel good about that. >> well, ironically, you don't have to feel good to go vote,
7:47 am
either. those are all very important emotions that can drive people to participate, instead of turning them off. there's a myth that says negative campaigns have a decrease in turnout. undoubtedly that's true for some people, they will be turned off, but the actual evidence is that negative campaigns where people are seeing lots of negative news about both candidates, that actually increases turnout, gives people something to talk about, engages them. all the people are saying they're not going to vote, they are talking about this election, talking about the candidates so i think they're engaged and i hope they will end up voting. >> you bring up an interesting point. if 80 million people watched that first debate between hillary clinton and donald trump, you're right, they are engaged. do you think they are not really telling the truth when they say oh, i'm not going to bother to vote? because they are engaged and you have to act when you're that engaged, don't you? >> well, again, i think there
7:48 am
are some people who are not engaged at this point and probably feel the way in which you are saying. so you hear the anecdotes but i think many more people are engaged at this point. i think some of those people may hold their nose and they will go out and vote. keep in mind, it's not just the presidential candidates we have on the ballot. we have lots of lower ballot election candidates running, too. it's important to vote for those races. if there's a real crisis in our democracy, it's the lack of participation in the lower ballot positions. i really encourage everyone not just to think about the president but all of the offices we have and consider voting for all of those candidates. >> michael, thanks so much. we'll be right back.
7:49 am
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checking top stories at 52 minutes past, more than two years after it became the center of a health care scandal, many of the same problems remain at the phoenix v.a. medical center according to a new federal
7:53 am
report. it found patients are still unable to get timely appointments and delayed care may be to blame for at least one more veteran's death. a 2014 cnn investigation found dozens of vets died waiting for treatment at this very facility. a potentially huge discovery in remote northern alaska. a texas drilling company says it found a massive amount of oil. the company saying its find could yield as much as ten billion barrels of light oil. the home and recording studio of prince will become public tomorrow for a limited time. paisley park was set to begin daily tours this week but the plans were scaled back after city council tabled a request to turn the property into a museum. until the council makes a decision it agreed to allow tours of the property this thursday and friday and on october 14th. oh, canada. it's not just for hockey anymore. the toronto blue jays winning a wild one against the baltimore orioles to advance in the playoffs.
7:54 am
we have more on today's bleacher report. >> this time of the year in canada, fans are usually gearing up for the hockey season but also, they love their blue jays and last night, they came to play. crazy moment in the seventh inning. the outfielder going for a routine catch in left field when a fan throws a beer can close to him. the fan wasn't ejected from the game because he took off before security could find him but the play of the game came down in the bottom of the 11th. game tied and edwin encarnacion jacks a three-run home run to win the game. game over, blue jays win 5-2 and advance to play the texas rangers next. tonight's game, you have the giants and the mets. they face off in the national league wild card game. after coming off one of his worst performances of his career on monday night football, odell beckham said he's not having fun anymore playing football. what? are you crazy?
7:55 am
and he's even saying the refs are in on him, out to get him. >> i just got to know that it's all against me, it's going to be that way. i have to assume that i'm always in the wrong no matter what. and that's something that's a tough pill to swallow but you have to understand it, you have to be able to cope with it and keep it moving. >> i understand his frustration when things aren't going well but he needs to be held accountable. he's too talented to be blaming others or making excuses. my advice to odell beckham, just play ball and everything else will work its way out. i love showing you great catches from all different levels. pee-wee, college, pro. check out this wide receiver catch. jaden wilson from the pro titans in wellington, florida. the guy is juggling, gets up and scores the touchdown. congratulations. what an awesome catch. >> that is awesome.
7:56 am
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the thought of donald trump as commander in chief scares us to death. >> hillary clinton and tim kaine want to continue the policies of open borders, amnesty, catch and release. >> donald trump says mexicans are rapists and criminals. >> you whipped out that mexican thing again. donald trump has run a campaign that's been about one insult after the next. >> you and hillary clinton would know a lot about an insult driven campaign. >> some fool and maniac could trigger a catastrophic event. hello. i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. it


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