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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  October 9, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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men. and the council eventually chose former portuguese prime minister and u.n. commissioner fantonio gerish. that's all for my program. see you next week. ♪ yes, that's a marching band. and yes, they know our song. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. what day it is? >> it's debate day. >> 90 minutes is what donald trump has if he survives another 30 days in this race.
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all this because of the stunning video of 2005 of donald trump casually talking about what amounts to sexual assault. bragging about the fact that he could grab a woman's genitals and get away with it because he's famous. this is the video which, needless to say, is quite graphic. >> i better use some tic tacs. you know, i'm automatically attracted to beautiful. and when you're a star, they let you do it. grab them by the [ bleep ] and you can do anything. >> donald trump has since apologized. some are saying the apology does not go far enough. this all as the top leaders of his own party are now jumping ship. it is easier to track who is still with him than who is against him at this point. among those condemning his remarks, trump's running mate
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mike pence issuing an astonishing rebuke, refusing to defend him. hillary clinton for her part has remained largely silent on this likely by design. she's expected to break the silence early on in the debate when she takes the stage in just a matter of hours. let's get to the very latest and go straight right now to jason carroll who has been following the trump campaign. so jason, what are you hearing from inside the trump campaign at this moment? it's been changing minute by minute, tweet by tweet. >> reporter: tweet by tweet is a good way to put it. first of all, the trump campaign preparing for what is likely to come out at the top of the debate, which is most likely a question about trump's vulgar questions that he's made. campaign is ridding itself of that. ru rudy giuliani said trump will probably apologize. there are certainly a folks
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within the gop that want to see a more heartfelt apologize coming from him. what his base wants to see is more of the defiant trump. one woman telling me she wants to see a, quote, knockout, drag-out debate. when i asked her, is anything off the table? she said, no, donald trump should go after hillary clinton and bill clinton. we have seen him go after bill clinton on twitter. we have also seen him go after a number of the gop leaders who have spoken out, condemning the remarks that donald trump made. donald trump on twitter calling many of them traitors. also saying, quote, so many self-righteous hypocrites. watch their poll numbers and elections go down. so certainly there are a number of donald trump supporters within his base who want to see a defiant trump show up tonight.
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certainly also there are a number of those within the gop who say, look, what we're looking for here is someone who shows up tonight who is well versed on the issues, conciliatory when it comes to issuing some sort of apology. and as he's heading out here to st. louis, with him by his side, his campaign manager, kelly anne conway, rudy giuliani as well as reince priebus with him. the question is, which trump is going to show up tonight? >> he does have the rnc party chair with him right now. so at least symbolically the support, the official support still of the republican party. all right, jason, thank you so much. just moments ago we showed you pictures from moments ago. hillary clinton has arrived here in st. louis in advance of this debate. we have supporters from both campaigns with us at washington university. there she is when she arrived. our m.j. lee was on the plane for the trip out here.
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m.j. joining us now by phone. we understand, m.j., the candidate, secretary clinton herself did not talk to opponents, but one of her key advisors did. what did she have to say? >> reporter: that's right. jennifer came to the back of the plane to set the expectations for the big campaign tonight. they have certainly been preparing for this debate because of the style of the debate and town hall style. one of the supporters were asked about donald trump's mindset and she said it is hard to predict. we are entering unchartered territory. and she had tough words for john mccain and kelly ayotte. they will have a lot to answer
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for for having, quote, legitimized donald trump. this will be the biggest moment that clinton has since been preparing for. her response to this donald trump tape, remember, she has not pubically addressed the video and lewd comments caught in the video since it came out friday. interestingly, jennifer pamiento doesn't say if clinton has seen the video, but no doubt she's prepped on it. this will come at the beginning of the debate. and how seriously hillary clinton and her campaign are taking the second debate, she has been home with no events for the last four days to get ready for tonight's debate. right now she's headed to a
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hotel downtown to huddle with the top advisors. many of them were on the plane with her, including john podesta, huma almehedin. >> they will have to address the video. i call shenanigans. thank you so much for being with us, appreciate it. >> we'll talk more about this with kirsten powers, the cnn political analyst and former "usa official." and meg restin is with us now. chances that hillary clinton has not seen that video is -- >> especially since the whole messaging of the campaign over the last couple days has been
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about this video. she's saying she hasn't seen -- this is something the campaign is attacking him on. she's clearly going to bring this up, even if a voter doesn't ask this question, she's going to pivot quickly. the question is, how does donald trump respond? as you see pretty quick reaction, that's what republican leaders want to hear. they don't want to hear him digging in or hear an apology the way the friday apology went down, sort of an apology and then he started to attack bill clinton. they want to hear sympathy from donald trump. that will go a long way to ensuring there are not more defections, particularly among the republican elected leadership in congress. but for the most part, they are barely standing with him. >> barely. >> we do know we have sources involved in the debate planning. we know the first questions in the debate will be about the tape. and brian stelzer is reporting
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that is, indeed, going to be the case. the question is once they both address it and we find out how abject donald trump's apoll jazz then what happens for the next 85 minutes? >> i think that is interesting with the format, with the town hall, people in the audience, reaction, shots. people will be watching the undecided voters kind of judging the candidates on the stage. so the extent to which, you know, you see clinton trying to come back to the tape that hillary clinton was an eni believe -- enabler. that is a danger for them going into the debate. >> if you watch twitter, one of the directions donald trump is going, he's bringing up and
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re-tweeting things about anita broderick. if he goes there, what does that tell us about tonight? >> does he want kamakazee the ar area? i need to say why i was wrong and sincerely wrong. >> isn't that going against what he's put on twitter this morning? like throwing bombs at his party? >> the chances of him doing that would be low moving in that direction. or i'm going all in with this strategy. maybe i'm not going to win. the fact is that he's gone --
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clearly at first as we heard from sources, he didn't think it was that big of a deal as his campaign did, then "snl" did a great job of reaching out. you have to do that. you think on bended knee at this point. >> he's also got to reach out to republicans running for the hills right now. maeve, he's attacking republicans directly saying so many self-rye chus hypocrites watch their poll numbers and elections go down. what is the leadership say but
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what is ryan or donald trump going to do tonight? tweeting is one thing, but what he says is another point. one of the things they are going to test is how he feels tomorrow morning. many of the leaders are discussing the presidential race, about this, about everything. >> donald trump is talking about the weather. >> exactly. they are on recess right now. >> about that continuing resolution -- >> exactly. they are on visas right now. so this is very unusual you'll have tomorrow morning -- you will attack how many are waiting to decide what to do. n nay. >> my sense is that everyone is waiting for paul ryan. those on the fence may defect
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their waiting that maybe i don't want to get out in front of the speaker. they are going to take his lead. >> it's a risk for him politically because a lot of the members are big trump supporters. so he can get a lot of backlack for that. >> not just paul ryan, but you have to think they are going to take cues from this flubbed p performance like the first debate. >> this one is double, triple, quadruple critical. >> critical like c squared. coming up for us, this was a big blow to the donald trump campaign, but is there more? a former produce we are the show "the apprentice" says there is far worse out there. and ted cruz, trump's former rival, who just endorsed him before the first debate is now asking why, oh, why, is this all coming out now?
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all right. john berman here with kate bolduan. we are live at washington in st. louis along with the best political band in television. >> in the world. >> in the world. all right. we are getting ready for the second presidential debate. what is a make-or-break presidential debate. really at this point for donald trump after the release of that
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tape on friday where he makes vulgar, crude comments. joining us to discuss what he needs to do going into tonight, we are here with the cnn political commentator who worked for president obama in the white house. and we have a donald trump supporter, jeffrey lord, former political director in the reagan white house who supports donald trump. amanda carpenter is a cnn political commentator, former communications director for ted cruz. i don't think she supports donald trump. >> we'll see. things change. people can evolve. >> jeffrey lord, donald trump has been on twitter. >> uh-oh. >> i know. he's been talking about the republicans fleeing, denying their support for trump or not supporting him enough. this is one of his tweets. tremendous support except for some republican leadership. thank you. so as we head into this second presidential debate, donald trump isn't just running against hillary clinton. he is now very publicly, locally on twitter, running against the
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leadership of his own party. what does that get him? >> you know, i think that's a bonus. to borrow inevitable reagan reference, the reagan quote that these were the fraternal order republicans. that they saw the republican party as a fraternity as opposed to a political party with ideas. and this is exactly the kind of thing that drove reagan crazy. and he's quite right. i would perhaps update it to save linguini spine republicans who flee at the slightest sign of rift. >> is this the slightest sign? >> this is not just about donald trump. this is about dealing with issues on capitol hill. and they do exactly the same kind of thing. we're going to do this and then they get there and say, well, you can't do tit this way. >> amanda, does this win votes? we are hearing reports that it is all-out war that trump's campaign is saying to their surrogates.
11:20 am
we didn't need those republicans to win the primary. we don't need them now. but by definition, don't you need more people than who got you elected in the primary? >> yeah, he's still fighting the ghosts of the gop primary. the leader of never trump is donald trump himself. he's made it so hard for people to fall in line behind him. you're not a leader if people aren't willing to follow you. this is a problem with how he ran the primary campaign. yes, he won the nomination, but it wasn't with the majority of the vote. he won with a small plurality and steam-rolled through it. along the way, he campaign in a nasty way and didn't bring people in along the fold. he's just standing alone. we are going into the second debate of the general election. we have people fleeing from him. if he can't bring people into the fold by now, it's done. if he wants to do this on his own, he will. but he's very much alone on stage tonight. >> kaley, we were on tv together friday night after the news broke. and i could see this got to you. and you said that donald trump
11:21 am
needs to humble himself before the american people. now that was before the videotape release. so a two-part question, was that humbling himself before the american people? and how much more or differently does he need to do it tonight? >> i thought the apology was a good start. he'll be a better person tomorrow. he regrets the comment and for me that's good. i forgive him. but he needs to stand before the american people and do exactly what mike pence said. show these people your heart. you had giuliani come on air to say trump was embarrassed by that. say that. >> prove it. >> say that to the american people and ask for forgiveness because that goes a long way. truly humbling yourself goes a long way and he can turn this around. >> at any point during this episode have you questioned your support for him during this past 48 hours? >> i thought when it happened, i was very disappointed and angry and disappointed and said, i can tell a lot about someone when their feet are to the fire.
11:22 am
and he put out the video apology, and for me that was enough, but for other people, you've got to convince them to come around 180. and it will take more than the video apology and more than humbling himself on that stage tonight. >> and so viewers -- we are getting to wikileaks in a moment. but what if donald trump does, which is obviously the political exspe expedient thing, is it enough, politically speaking? >> it won't be enough for some and for a lot of people. this is the guy who saws he's the law and order candidate. he came onto the national stage politically a decade ago-plus talking about five young black boys who committed allegedly a sexual assault. it turned out they were completely innocent, but he attacked them and whipped up hatred against them. they have been proven innocent, never apologized. then he said mexicans are sexual
11:23 am
assaultants and rapists. it turns out he's confessing to sexual assault out of his own words. hold on a second, you start your career saying the young boys are sexual assaulters. and now you're confessing the sexual assault so you're the super predator. >> here's the thing we need to pay attention to, in his video apology, he said i apologize for things i have said and done. i hope someone says to him tonight, what did you do. everyone knows about the comments. what did you do that you're apologizing for? >> one more thing, if, in fact, he was just joking around and did not sexually assault women, i can't go up to donald trump and grab his crotch and try to kiss him. if i do, it's sexual assault and i go to jail. if he was just joking around, he should have said that in the apology. you have implicit admission. that's a lot to get over with one apology. >> there's one thing that we're
11:24 am
missing here. it is gospel in republican circles that any republican nominee is going to get to this point in the campaign and have the media pounce on something. for mitt romney, if you recall, it was the steel workers -- >> this is not a media creation. these are words that came out of his mouth, jeffrey. >> i understand. but what i'm saying to you, to the degree it is played up, republicans believe fervently that anybody who was the republican nominee would have faced some similar blows. >> but when it came to mitt romney, i know that he can defend that. romney is a good man, that's not his character and what he meant because you know his underlying character. but this is the difference between donald trump and mitt romney. you cannot depend this man knowing he has a long-life history of saying things like this and acting on impulse. he has no boundaries when it comes to respect, control and for a commander in chief to have that kind of behavior, people have to ask serious questions
11:25 am
about it. that's the difference. >> amanda, i assure you, if ted cruz were the nominee at this moment, there would be something they would be going after. >> i have never heard him say anything remotely like that. >> but the difference is here, this is not the media blowing it out of proportion, this is members of his own party fleeing. that's how bad it is. >> this has never happened in the history of the republican party. >> not so. it happened with barry goldwater. >> not nearly as many senators. you have to go back to teddy roosevelt. >> let him stand alone tonight. if he wants a campaign about the party, go ahead and do it, donald trump. see where it takes you. >> pause. >> hold on. we have more to talk about on this subject after the break. more on that. plus, that is -- that is trump force one. >> that is donald trump's plane landing in st. louis as we speak. donald trump's plane. that's what we're being told in our ears. donald trump's plane landing in st. louis, we continue to watch it. that plus hillary clinton,
11:26 am
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we are live in st. louis at washington university. we are now hours away from tonight's big presidential debate here in st. louis. >> let's bring back the political panel now. joining us also, we should stay david gergenstein, former presidential advisor to ford, reagan and nixon. >> let's talk about wikileaks and the latest document dump. private conversations of hillary clinton. hillary clinton, the documents allegedly show, her taking on the different tone in private and public, with big issues like free trade, big issues like wall street. here's the quote sticking out to everyone, my dream is a them hemispheric moment. how does he have to explain this now?
11:31 am
>> three things, first of all, we don't know for sure this is real or not because, you know, the people who donald trumped this out are russians. >> if it wasn't, i'm sure that clinton's campaign -- that's the rules. >> first of all, we don't want to give the russians this much credit. it could be true or false. as long as they are hacking us, there's my anti-russian smack. number two, she was talking about it, the best i can understand, a common market with regard to clean energy. that's a more narrow thing than just a common market overall. number three, progressives are not surprised to hear that hillary clinton may not be an added elizabeth warren-style fair trader. and it is a tough pill to swallow for progressive democrats to feel that she moved over tactically and not authentically. that said, i think most progressives would say we would
11:32 am
wrath very a hillary clinton who we can push and to move with than to have a donald trump that we don't know where he's coming from. >> likewise, there are comments in there for wall street bankers being the smartest people and should help to figure out how to regulate themselves. this is what is coming up in the primary. >> my wing of the party hates this stuff. this is what we hate about that whole wing. it's what we have frustrations with when it comes to hillary clinton. at the same time, as we say it's a binary choice and people are wise to say, we're going to have to deal with hillary clinton and -- i'm going to tell you this, certainly surprising, the minute this thing is over, the sanders/elizabeth warren wing in the senate will lay down a gauntlet and there's a fight inside the par to over the trade stuff. >> this kind of cuts both ways, though. rudy giuliani was on tv earlier today and more than happy to bring up the wikileaks document dump. we have a sound bite from that. listen to this. >> one thing he's not is what
11:33 am
came across in wikileaks. and that is two people. hillary clinton actually specifically described that she's two different people, to the financial people that will give her millions of dollars, she's on their side and a big part of the government. but she stills them she has to pretend to everyone else that she isn't. >> right. if you follow that line of thinking, are you hoping that donald trump is exactly that? a different person in private than he is in public. with the latest episode, if he's the same person in both places, he's someone that likes to grab someone else's private parts. >> i think he's one person today and a different person 11 years ago. he needs to expla inthin explai that. but every bernie sanders supporter needs to fear this, it's important to have a public and private position. i want to know that the person i'm putting my name next to on the ballot is going to do things they are saying on the campaign trail. you can't believe that after these leaks.
11:34 am
>> we are talking about mike pence. >> he put out a statement yesterday where he said he's waiting to hear -- he looks forward to the opportunity for donald trump to speak to the american people. he didn't say, yay, donald trump. this was a tepid response of him. doesn't he need to step up? >> i think he will step up at the right point. look, he condemned the remarks, we all condemn the remarks. he's the vice presidential pick. i don't have any doubt. i just don't think mike pence is a cage y customer here. he's just going to say what he thinks and stick with it and be a good man of faith. i have no doubt about that. >> david, i want to get your take on this. if donald trump is coming out basically saying it's back to the beginning, i'm taking on the republican party all by myself,
11:35 am
i don't need you guys. does mike pence need to go against the republican party? >> no, he needs a walk a careful line, which is what he's doing. he's on a tight rope. because if he was after donald trump too heavily, all the donald trump supporters will turn against him and it will harm him in the house and harm in his future career badly. but if he wraps himself around donald trump, he's got the opposite problem. so if he were to become the nominee, that is still not out of the question. if donald trump has a bad debate tonight and it is really clearly over, there's going to be more pressure on him to step down. >> let's use that as a tease. is it possible that donald trump will not be the republican nominee in 30 days? we'll discuss that and much, much more. stick around. a lot more going on here live at washington university in st. louis. don't go anywhere. what if there was a paint...
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welcome back to st. louis, everybody. since donald trump's video has been leaked, the number who are dropping their endorsement is growing. donald trump is tweeting calling them hypocrites. >> i am bringing in matt lewis, senior political commentator to "the daily collar" and author f of -- >> too dumb to think. >> here along that line, we just shared that tweet of donald
11:40 am
trump going after the republican leadership there. he did it in several tweets right now. what state does that leave your party in? >> it's chaos. it's a mess. last night there were reports that reince priebus and the republicans were going to hang donald trump out to try. apparently the reports are erroneous. but you have a party that is divided against itself, the republican party. it's unbelievable. >> you have never been won over by trump yourself, to say the very least. what do you think of -- i don't know if you can call it a strategy, but what do you think of what trump is doing today, going back to where he began being at war with party leadership? is there advantage for him here? >> well, i think it's a desperation move, right? so the attention is on the
11:41 am
candidate. a lot of times there are hurt feelings, the candidate goes out to mend fences, but in this case donald trump is doing the opposite of that. maybe he feels like it is his last effort. >> that is the trump plane arriving here in st. louis. the earlier plane we told you was mr. trump. that was just a teaser. this is trump's plane filled with his advisors and the rnc chair reince priebus. steve, you were about to say -- >> i think it is much more than a ploy. everything about the campaign is unconventional. in terms of how he's positioned himself with other republicans, i think this is important. thisas not s mh a candidacy as it is a movement. it's not so much democrat against republican. i think in terms of trump, it is largely america against washington. so i'm not shocked that washington insiders, including republicans, are the first to
11:42 am
bail at any sign of trouble. much less significant sign of trouble. i think what is going on here is the reason donald trump is resonating with regular americans is they are rejecting the krone thy capitalist rigged system that exists only for the benefit of washington, d.c. to the detriment on the rest of america. >> as john pointed out, david, reince priebus is on the plane with donald trump. we don't know the seating arrangements yet, to say the very least, but what does that say? >> well, i think it's a show. he probably accepted it earlier but they put the pressure to at least symbolically show they were together. but what is donald trump's play here to call it a civil war. and to make it the people versus the eat. i must say, when i woke up yesterday, i thought he was in real trouble. after talking to trump people over the last 24 hours to get the mood and seeing what happened in front of his headquarters yesterday with the
11:43 am
sea of supporters, a lot of the supporters may stick. they make a point. >> this is a picture of her taking a selfie with donald trump on the way to the airport. so there are 18 different things going on in the picture. that's kellyanne conway saying she's still with donald trump. >> i think he's concerned about the leaks in the inner circle. and maggie havreman, the king of the castle painted a picture
11:44 am
from inside not helpful to him. >> real quickly, if you follow the logic where donald trump is right now, i'm at war with the party, but in the long run -- is this where he needs to be? >> he's convinced women voters he's got a plan for growth and security for all americans, including women. if he does that, it will be -- >> this is mutually assured distraction. now we think the republican leader shup will lose and this could be much more disastrous than donald trump -- they are on
11:45 am
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there is a growing number of people asking for mike pence to take donald trump's place on the ticket. >> mike pence did attend a trump/pence fund-raiser last night in rhode island. >> reporter: governor, should mr. trump withdraw? governor, should mr. trump withdraw? will you be staying on the ticket? >> cnn is as the pence home in indiana. what are you seeing, chris? >> reporter: hey, john. you're exactly right. there's a lot of talk, particularly among the gop establishment, will mike pence get off this ticket? the thinking is he's the conservative anchor, the heart and soul of the ticket. if he were to step aside, that puts huge pressure on donald trump. maybe he would step aside.
11:50 am
republicans could choose a nominee who is not donald trump. although that looks like it's a pipe dream at this point. i put that exact question to the trump campaign, a senior advisor told me there are no discussions with the governor, with his senior team about mike pence leaving the ticket. now, of course, he did cancel that big event in wisconsin with house speaker paul ryan yesterday. so people were asking this question, but his team says, look, he went to a fund-raiser halfway across the country in rhode island last night. i talked to a pence aid with the governor last night who raised half a million dollars. he talk to the donors, all those who rsvp'd despite dogging donald trump. he made a full-throated defense of the donald trump/mike pence ticket. he told supporters it is important to get out to vote. tomorrow he's in charlotte, north carolina. they are going to put him in swing states like virginia, iowa, nebraska, and tonight, john, he's watching the debate right here behind me at the residence. and tomorrow he's going to get right on the campaign trail.
11:51 am
>> yeah, a whole lot can happen before tomorrow in those travel plans. and they can change as we saw over the weekend. great to see you, chris. thank you so much. coming up, we have only seen or have we only seen part one of the trump tape saga? there are reports there are more videotapes this time from the archives of the old show "the apprentice." what effect could the, what we don't know yet, have on the race going forward? ewar earn points on over one million hotels, flights, and packages. when you cook with incredible thingredients...ato. you make incredible meals. fresh ingredients, step-by-step recipies, delivered to your door for less than $9 a meal. get $30 off your first delivery even if you're trying your best.
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six hours to go until the big debate here at washington university in st. louis. yes, hillary clinton and donald trump are the leading players in this drama. but there are some supporting cast members i've got to say who are just fascinating to discuss right now. >> and deserve equal amounts of attention. joining is glenn thrush, the correspondent for politico and all-around good guy. glenn, ted cruz, he tweeted something out this morning that has us scratching our heads a little bit. he's tweeting this out, nbc had taped 11 years and "the apprentice" producers say they have more and worse. why wait until october? what is he trying to get at here? >> i think he's saying, why release it two days before i
11:56 am
decided to endorse donald trump. >> worst timed endorcement ever? >> it's an entirely bad decision that you would make in a bar at midnight. no. he was holding out principle of not voting for donald trump. against some people, he decided to be a party player. i think he's greating that right now. >> with this tweet, he's saying, i would have won if this stuff would have come out before. it's not pulling his endorsement but complaining about the process? >> it's called trumpianism. it's like when you have not won, you blame external factors. look, between one another, ted cruz and marco rubio made one fantastic republican candidate. but the problem is they split the vote and trump got in. i don't think you can whine about it after the fact. >> what do you think of the other supporting player and what his next move will be, paul ryan. what is his play here? it's been a difficult road for
11:57 am
him all along. and now what? >> well, ryan, as we know, ryan essentially told trump not to show up at his doorstep in wisconsin this weekend, right? and he's in a particularly difficult position because he's got to stay on the stage. everyone can do what they want as big players. ryan, though, that's his benefit. he's a guy who has, i think, governed on principle and is the intellectual force of the conservative movement. so he has that to go to. a lot of the political players don't have that. >> he was told to remain silent in the next coming days. thank you. coming up, we'll bring up bill clinton's scandals that have been talked about at the debate. so how will, how should hillary clinton respond to that on the stage? you can be sure they are prepared for it. we'll discuss.
11:58 am
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