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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  October 9, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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we have our own music. >> we have officially made it, john. >> i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan. we are live from washington university in st. louis. and it is, john, you get to say it this time. >> it is debate day in america, everyone. >> once again, donald trump's plane just touched down here in st. louis. let the rumble begin as the republican candidate is facing what could be the most important 90 minutes in his political campaign. 90 minutes on tonight's debate stage. that might determine if, in fact, he survives the next 30 days of this race. all of this because at this point you should know of the release of the stunning video from back in 2005. donald trump casually talking about what amounts to sexual assault. bragging about the fact he could
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grab a woman's genitalia and get away with it because he's famous. this is the video which is, needless to say, quite graphic. >> i better use some tic tacs in case i start kissing you. you know, i'm automatically attracted to beautiful women. and when you're a star, they let you do it. you can grab them by the [ bleep ]. you can do anything. >> donald trump did issue an apology on videotape. but a lot of people say it didn't go far enough. this as top leaders in his own party, many senators and elected officials are jumping ship. his own running mate mike pence put a little distance between himself and donald trump. he issued an astonishing rebuke and did not defend him. hillary clinton has been silent and will break that silence
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tonight early in this debate. cnn has learned that at the very beginning both candidates will face questions about that trump/billy bush tape. we'll go to cnn's jason carroll. we just saw the plane arrive with donald trump now st. louis. what happens over the next few hours. and he's got supporters by his side. the rnc chair is with him along with the chairwoman. kellyanne conway responded to how donald trump is going to respond after making the vulgar comments. and we have heard from giuliani saying trump in all likelihood will probably apologize. certainlythe a number of folks in the gop want to see a little more support for drumpd some of
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them have been pulling their support and saying, quote, so many self-righteous hypocrites. watch their poll numbers go down. you should point out, donald trump being defiant is something we have seen in the past in the campaign. i remember back in april atend tend -- we'll turn our attention back to hillary clinton.
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we'll hear about hillary clinton's questions or so. after she does this, i'm told to tee teal donald trump? the hillary clinton and donald trump campaign creates why on the economy, she will not dwell on this. but she'll be practicing extensively like the last four days. for seven hours ago in new york,
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she was getting ready for this debate here. of course, to answer the question is at the beginning, but i'm told much more than that. to try to seize the opportunity to some of the suburban -- that's some of what she'll touch in her debate. >> we expect both candidates may come here to washington universe soon for a walk at the this debate. you have sources inside the clinton campaign telling you more. >> well, a certain only in of clinton's debate prep told me
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some of what jeff is hearing. but let me expand upon that a little bit. if trump says this is ols -- as we point out the larger context of this and the pattern donald trump has dealing with women. then broaden it out further to the question of what kind of commander in chief and world leader that would make him. how would he deal with women in the military. how would he stay out of the white house, for example. so what we should expect is put it in context. and they talk about her life experiences in terms of dealing with the women issues.
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on the wikileaks leak, they will expand on that and give the full sentence of what some of these things were about. and show that, in fact, one sentence where she was talking about open borders was in fact talking about a green econocont. and this was all due to the russian hat. >> revealing which they are not wanting to. the only place we can look at this point.
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if you look at his establishment, many are saying, let's see where the polls go. it is vin teenage donald trump, but it is defiance and election. poor voters on potential ly giving the explanation that does show, not just contrition, but better said that he did in the tape we playing frontal the other night, that was him before, this is him after.
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i'm a different person. i have learned through a -- >> it strikes me that donald trump has lost any other republican elected officials in the last five hours. >> i make a measure. >> if that is the case, are people just waiting for tonight? >> speaker ryan is waiting for tonight. senator mcconnell is waiting for tonight. unless there's a dramatic turn-around tonight that more leave his campaign. people who pitched their part to donald trump have to decide --
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>> look, those who dpeefected fm donald trump more so than any other time since 1912. there has not been a day like yesterday in over a century. you're up to almost a third of republican senators saying they will not -- from eat iing gold butter. the problem is he's underperforming narrow among white voters.
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they will be shaped by the tape, but the drum beat refractions. the white men usually vote republican. but this is something different. if you have a third of the senators saying they will not vote for him,saying a lot more. coming up, hillary clinton was behind closed doors for five hours. this is cnn's special coverage. don't go anywhere. an opening night on broadway is kind of magic. i'm beowulf boritt and i'm a broadway set designer. when i started designing a bronx tale: the musical, i came up... ...with this idea of four towers that were fire escapes... ...essentially. i'll build a little model in photoshop and add these... ...details in with a pen. i could never do that with a mac. i feel like my job is...
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welcome back once again to washington university here in st. louis for the second presidential debate between hillary clinton and donald trump just hours from now. >> back with us, dana bash, lightning round. what if donald trump comes out to apologize to humble himself in front of americans. >> i'm not saying that would be a game-changer, but that could stop the bleeding and make it harder for republicans to continue to exodus. one of the reasons i was told by a republican source why there wasn't a complete full-out dumping of donald trump was because they did get him to say i'm sorry. whether he can expand on that could make a difference. but the x factor is, after the "i'm sorry," what does that bait
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him into saying that could be -- >> is surviving the night enough for donald trump at this point? >> well, it would help. you know, he needs to do no harm. he needs to apologize. and he can't turn his contrition into defiance and attack. only because i think that would hurt him. and most of all, given the fact that this is a town hall, he and hillary clinton need to relay -- start relating to voter and tell them how as president they would change their lives for better. which is a conversation we have not yet had. >> yeah. what is the biggest risk for them, ron goldstein? >> they add too much emphasis on adding dents to the other fender. it is about repairing your own fender. >> there's a big factor that
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comes into doubt. you have to persuade them that you can do this job from the white house. >> chelsea clinton will be there tonight so -- >> all signs that they will go after bill clinton with his fideliti fidelities. >> in the '90s the trump campaign has been tweeting all day. give us a sense that the clinton team is prepared for this? >> yeah, i think they are prepared for everything. and i think hillary clinton will talk generally and not specifically to say this was a difficult time in their marriage and that played out public ly ad
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investigated publicly. and now he's more concerned about now. so i don't think she's going to sort of get gown down there to -- >> even if you add more risks for her, it won't change the outcome for hip. >> what's the biggest risk for her? >> it's piling on too much. she kind of did it masterfully in the first debate because these topics were not fonter. but if she could potentially harm. see you then. more special coverage live from washington university in st. louis with the big debate is coming up.
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welcome back, everyone. we are at washington university in st. louis for tonight's big presidential debate. there, the band of all bands,
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who have been helping us out throughout the morning. thank you so much for joining us. tonight, it comes down to 90 minutes. a 90-minute battle. after the latest crisis for he and his campaign, the stakes couldn't be higher. this time i mean it. >> really mean it. joining us, andy dean, senior political commentator, president of trump productions and the former executive and director of politics, mark preston. we have a lot of executives joining us. >> you and i are not. >> we are just staff. donald trump apologized friday night saying he's totally good with the american people. does he have to do anything when it comes to this tape? >> i think the tape is going to come up and he should apologize, not because the media wants him to, but because it's the right thing to do. and i think he does feel sorry that's not who he is. we all have tough moments in our life that don't represent who we are and doesn't represent what
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he believes in. he's a strong believer in women's rights. his campaign is a woman. and he needs to talk about the things that people care about. if you want to destroy isis, trump is the guy. he's the imperfect messenger, but his message is the winning one. >> he says be contrite and then move on. what you have heard today, though, the just really a full circle of where trump began in this campaign defiance, calling out, basically saying good riddance to the republican party. what do you see in that? >> listen, as much as what we have gotten for advice, i don't think donald trump is capable of taking the advice. we have seen that time and time again. look, yesterday, they could have used andy's help in trump productions to put out a video compelling and that could get donald trump -- >> the lighting was bad. >> was it just the lighting?
12:26 pm
>> was that it? >> the lead character and the ceo was wrong. >> are you talking about the production value? the background wasn't moving -- >> we'll talk about the sorry itself. did he look like he meant it. did it seem sincere to you. this is george bush's advisor, look at the tape from the "access hollywood." which looks more sincere in the one that was leaked? >> i'll answer on balance. i agree that it wasn't -- it didn't have the emotional connection in the apology. there was a debate of whether or not to do it. that's the feeling that is on the tape. but at the same time in donald trump's mind, i think there is a lot to defend here, a lot of the stuff that is quote/unquote breaking news every eight minutes across the media landscape, of him being on howard stern 15 years ago, was already known for the voters who
12:27 pm
voted over a year-long process. we know he's an imperfect man that can save vulgar things. that was the first question in the august debate. the american people priced that in. that is donald trump. but his message is much bigger and people believe in that message. >> but this is new stuff. if this wasn't a big deal, then why are we seeing it avalanche in people? >> i agree it is news and newsworthy. but the concern is unbalanced. there's new stuff about hillary clinton, for instance. that we learned in the past couple of week that is the laptops that hillary clinton and her friends gave to the justice department were actually destroyed by the justice department. that's the first time in human history we have seen this. we just want more balance. i agree it is newsworthy and vulgar and problematic. but what hillary clinton did is worse and i think the american people think so as well. >> you have been waiting patiently.
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>> i want to start with something my dad said to me. no, he was never a donald trump supporter, but what he said to me is, it is clear to me, not only through donald trump's rhetoric or his actions, that he's too sick to be president. and i think it is more than the fact that he's just disgusting. as someone who is a daddy's girl, i'm more troubled about the things he's allowed to say about ivanka trump. absolutely the voters knew about it. shame on the voters who supported him in spite of knowing this. this is very problematic at this point. we are so far down the road. ted cruz said these tapes should have come out sooner. but my frustration now as someone eager to see the fallout from the central park five footage that came out this week, it is frustrating because you don't know where to start or stop with this guy. there's always a problem. i don't care about whether or not he apologized. i care about the fact that at the end of the apology he still found a way to blame bill clinton. it is one thing you learn in
12:29 pm
elementary school. if your friend jumps off a bridge, are you going to follow them? you can't continue to blame your actions and words on someone else and say, they did it worst or first or whatever. >> what is the goal of donald trump tonight? is it just to survive? is that good enough for donald trump? we're 30 days out from the election. >> well, a couple things. one, there is an incredible amount of emotion around this that has divided the country more than it has. donald trump will have supporter that is stay with him. that's the bottom line. for donald trump right now, the path to victory is very hard if not absolutely impossible. he's going to have to win states right now where he is starting to alienate voters that he needed to win. pennsylvania being one of them. he needs to win pennsylvania. talking to people in the state the other day, they said, listen, we had a chance there, there was a shot to win pennsylvania. it's gone now. same thing in florida. i had the same conversation in florida. donald trump had a good shot at
12:30 pm
florida. now he doesn't have a shot there. to your point, kate, what is his goal tonight? he has an incredible egg go and thinks what he thinks is the right thing to do. and quite frankly, we don't know if he's taking the advice of his staff. >> stick around. a lot more to discuss. we are now less than six hours away from this crucial debate. donald trump and hillary clinton, they are both now here in st. louis. they could soon be headed, really, here to washington university in st. louis to do a walk-through of the debate hall. we'll bring that to you when it happens. go nowhere. i'm my team's #1 fan. yay. sports.
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university for tonight's second presidential debate with just hours to go, there is a whole lot to discuss. >> all right. i want to bring in our panel right now to discuss, ed martin, the former head of the missouri republican party, hillary rosen is a cnn political commentator, hillary clinton supporter and democratic strategist, michael nutter is a cnn political contributor and the former mayor of philadelphia, and geena loudoun is a trump supporter in the host of american trends with dr. geena. edward martin, jonathan martin, no relation, i assume, that there's a memo to trump surrogates to say attack those republican who is have cut and run from donald trump in the last 24 hours. i don't know if you have gotten that. >> i haven't gotten that. >> i think jonathan martin is a terrific reporter here. what is your message then to these republicans like john mccain? like kelly ayotte? like rob portman.
12:35 pm
i can go on down the list. these all said they will not vote for donald trump. what is your message to them? >> the people against trump now were against him before. they begrudgingly came along. we are now seeing the shape of this election. it is really an underdog, it is trump against the people who want to keep power the way it is. paul ryan, for example, has been for something similar to what hillary wanted, which is open borders. >> but paul ryan hasn't come out against him yet. do you have news for us? >> no, i'm saying it took a long time for paul ryan to come along. so what i'm saying is, the vision of america is a contrast. it's hillary and the powers to be, the powers in the status quo and trump and the people. that's what we'll see. mccain was never really for trump. he's not -- he's coming back and forthme forthme forth. kelly ayotte is going to find a with a way to say she's for his policies.
12:36 pm
>> running back against the republican party may be donald trump's way to pivot tonight but a blow-up strategy. >> why? >> he needs to grow his voters, not narrow his base. if you start -- if he starts running against the republican establishment, then he has no hope of getting those centerists and other who is are actually concerned about where the country is going. because that's where they see paul ryan and others focusing. >> he's been running against them for a while. this is the republican hunger games. they are imploding and fighting against themselves in a relatively small amount of folks as opposed to the national elect rat. they are having a national battle within themselves because they are so busy in-fighting. they can't figure this out. >> you're right, it's the hunger gmes but the people against the capitol. and the capitol is filled with hillary and the status quo.
12:37 pm
>> this is really just not the way i think that those of us on the inside who do this every day that think about it and talk about it all day long, we are not having the same election experience. this is a different year. and i think that moms sitting in florida, for example, right now, she's tired of labels and doesn't want to be labeled in the first place. maybe she doesn't know who paul ryan is or care. so i don't think that these little in-fights matter. i think what matters is that mom in florida sitting there thinking, i want to know that we won't have open border and my children will be safe and have a job. that someone in the white house will be there to be a strong leader. and she feels independent. >> i want to show you a picture right now. this is tweeted by jason miller with communications for donald trump. you can see donald trump there on the debate stage getting ready for tonight's event. and again, this is a town hall event tonight, which means that
12:38 pm
it won't just be the moderators, anderson cooper and martha radditz, there will be voters donald trump has to face when he's on the stool. and geena, do you think he's ready for it? >> i absolutely think he's ready for it. let's not forget, he's the person that wrote the art of the comeback. he's in the sweet spot when the chips are stacked against him. how many times did all of us sit on television and say he's done, this is where he always manages to come back stronger than ever. i look for that tonight. >> when you talk about format, hillary clinton just in the primary, she took part in a lot of town halls herself. who is the -- let's do the expectations game. this is where you can tell me she's not great at town halls. if she comes out to kill it, that's amazing. >> i won't say that. but i think the expectations for trump are a little lower in terms of the emotional connection issue. look, hillary clinton is very emotionally tactile in these kinds of events. i think she will do well. i do think that it is a good format for her.
12:39 pm
so i don't think that the campaign and certainly i have any interest in lowering those expectations. but here, i think, is where the conflict will be. which is if donald trump comes out and acts a little contrite tonight about the tape, that's not going to be enough. and democrats and hillary clinton are not going to let him just end with that being sort of a trick. >> that is opening it up to -- i can say it right now, it's never going to be enough. >> donald trump is never going to get -- >> hillary and this hillary are not the audience. the audience is, who is he going to vote his growth with now? everyone can see he's losing in key places. what he needs to do is to find new voters that will come over to the trump bandwagon. if he starts in with attacking the republicans and attacking hillary or bill, you know, for
12:40 pm
past transgressions, none of those grow the pot. >> how about donald trump comes out and attacks a system that is stacked against democrats and republicans alike that are working. they are trying to make a difference. i mean, the system right now is stacked in favor of the power -- >> right. >> people like him have taken advantage of the system. >> no, no, no. >> from the strategy perspective, i think the campaign would agree they would like that, but that is not what donald trump did in the last debate. that is not what he's saying today. he's not keeping message and what we have seen in the last 48 hours. but the question is, is he capable? >> yes, they would say he's capable. he's vulgar, but that guy is on the side of wall street. having said that -- >> let me talk about wall street, this involves clips of speeches that hillary may have given to some wall street firms
12:41 pm
right there. look, before gloria borger was saying the clinton advisors were going to add contacts to this, which she hasn't admitted. but i'm going with they are probably accurate. she talks about free trade, more supportive of it than on the stump. talks more about wall street bankers than on the stump. does she need to address this tonight and how? >> i would expect that she will make her position, which is already clear. crystal clear. now based on new information, leaked documents, whatever the case will be. i can't imagine -- >> will she apologize? >> i don't know what she has to apologize for. >> for saying this to wall street and not to the people? >> you don't have the whole speech. listen tonight and you'll hear the whole thing. >> well, this also brings this up -- >> go to the website. >> do you hope that donald trump is someone different in private than he is in public? because if he is the same person
12:42 pm
from the tapes that just came out, that's a challenging picture. this gives you the hope of -- i think that obviously leads to -- nothing donald trump has done has cost american lives. we can't say that for hillary clinton. the women -- the women that have said her husband assaulted. this is reported widely. why doesn't she come out in defense of those women? >> well, first of all, boca haram, there was no greater fighter to look for those girls than hillary clinton. but inlike past debates, this is
12:43 pm
going to be about what those 40 people in the room say to these two candidates. and hillary clinton, i think, is going to focus on what they say. so, for instance, if they raise bill clinton's past, hillary clinton will likely address it. not if donald trump raises -- she doesn't care what donald trump thinks of her marriage, but she does care what the people think. if those people talk about whether or not she's on their side on the economy, she'll talk about that. so that is really the key tonight for both candidates. >> there's a lot going on today, that's for sure. >> to say the least. coming up, it's one of the big things we'll be watching tonight. how will hillary clinton respond to this scandal surrounding donald trump right now? the communications director for the democratic party will weigh in after this. with my moderate to severe crohn's disease,... ...i was always searching for ways to manage my symptoms. i thought i had it covered.
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this is a picture of donald trump just moments ago as he was getting the tour of the debate hall. we are now five hours, 12 minutes and 32 seconds away from the big debate. >> joining us now is adam hodges, communications director for the democratic party. thank you for being here. >> great to be here. >> you saw the picture of donald trump doing his walk through,
12:48 pm
how much of the debate do you want to be about the tape? >> look, i think the most important thing about tonight is hillary clinton is going to lay out her vision, talk directly to voters about the solutions that she has. and we'll leave the video, it speaks enough for itself. >> you would be okay if the video did not come up at all in this debate? >> i'm sure it will come up, but the most important thing is to continue to talk about the vis and solutions for the challenges that the country faces, to continue the president's legacy and continue investing in infrastructure, health care, that's what the american people want to her about and why you have seen her do pretty well the last couple of weeks. >> how has she prepared to attacks that could come from donald trump about bill clinton in his past on breitbart today, juanita broderick who said bill clinton raped her in the 1990s, how does hillary clinton plan to respond to that? >> a lot of those have come from
12:49 pm
some of the people in the highest levels of the trump campaign for decades. but again, if he wants to continue keeping his campaign in the gutter, that's up to him. i think what the american people want to hear is solutions. they don't want to get bogged down, relitigating what happened in the 1990s. do you want to know how to solve the problem? how are you going to keep things moving forward? >> one thing is wikileaks put out another document dump, e-mails reported to be hacked transcripts of speeches hillary clinton gave offering a different picture of how she speaks in the tone she carries in private versus public on things like trade, on things like wall street. how big of a problem is this? what do you want to hear from her tonight? >> well, let's not forget, this was a crime committed, that the u.s. intelligence committee unprecedentedly came out to say that russia is trying to interfere with our elections. and now that shouldn't offend anybody regardless of your politics and your party. but the biggest thing is what
12:50 pm
she's talked about in public and private is the same. she's talked about ending the loophole, what we need to do on shadow banking, she's talked about income inequality and the need to address that to wall street. she said that publicly and said that privately. and i think that's why what you saw from senator sanders yesterday, he thought what she said was fine, she agrees we need to be tougher >> adam hodges, thanks for being with us. >> thanks for coming in. we want to catch you up on the deadly storm that's weakening off the east coast. matthew is no longer a hurricane, but the potential for more flooding makes it just as dangerous. the coast guard rescued eight people from rooftops in pine tops, north carolina. >> so far, matthew has produced record-breaking floods and claimed at least 17 lives in four states. nearly 900 people had to be rescued from the storm in north
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everyone, i mean everyone, watching the debate tonight, including wall street, recently we've seen the mexican peso and the broader stock market move in tandem with donald trump's polling. >> kate and john, tonight's debate could have repercussions on the financial markets this week. remember, after the first debate, we saw a relief rally the next day. the dow jumped 134 points after hillary clinton was widely perceived to be the winner. you might think, donald trump, a republican billionaire businessman would be wall street's dream candidate. the market appears to favor clinton for one key reason. uncertainty. and it is what wall street fears the most. the general consensus is this. investors know what they're getting if hillary clinton wins the white house. trump is seen as a wild card. investors worry that his tough talk to lead to a trade war or
12:56 pm
even a recession. if he emerges the victor tonight, we very well could see a selloff tomorrow when stocks open for trading. >> christina, thank you so much. for more on what's moving the market, go to cnnmoney to sign up for the before the bell newsletter. >> thanks, everyone, for watching. i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan. cnn's live coverage continues after this. >> announcer: before the bell is brought to you by etrade. don't just see opportunity. seize it. go to to stay on top of the markets and sign up for the daily newsletter. mobile lifestyle. and it keeps my investments fully mobile... even when i'm on the move. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars. when i took theq ancestry dna test, i mean a few results came up
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good afternoon. welcome to the beautiful campus of washington university in st. louis. and a special edition of "the lead," debate night in america. i'm jake tapper. as i mentioned, we are in st. louis, missouri. in a few hours, donald trump and hillary clinton will face off in their second presidential debate. you're looking at the debate stage right now. it'll be moderated by anderson cooper