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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  October 11, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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that does it for us. thank you for watching. cnn with don lemon starts now. this is cnn breaking news. breaking news, scorched earth, donald trump takes new aim at hillary clinton and his own party. this is "cnn tonight," i'm don lemon. trump unleashing an angry hello of tweets against leaders calling house speaker paul ryan weak and i know effective and calling them no longer supporting him disloyal and now he's going to do what he wants. president obama reacting for the first time on camera about the infamous "access hollywood" video about trump making lewd comments about women. >> you don't have to be a husband or a father to hear what
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we heard just a few days ago and say that's not right. >> and donald trump speaking right now at panama city, florida, let's listen. >> the state of florida's lost one in four manufacturing jobs since nafta and china deals happened. thank you. i love you, too darling. it's beautiful. i love florida. i love the people of florida. i've created many, many jobs in florida. many, many jobs on miami beach, dural is a tremendous success, and mara lago and the clubs. hillary has done nothing for florida. when we were in the primaries i
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ran against marco and jeb all those guys. hey, look, marco has been very, very nice and i hope he wins. we won by 21 points. how about all of these states. trump was one point down, doesn't look -- and then we win by 14 points. we could have this happen. we're pretty even in florida and i'm a little bit disappointed because hillary hasn't created a job and i've created thousands of jobs in florida. thousands. >> we'll continue to monitor that and see if donald trump makes news this panama city, florida. i want to bring in sara murray, mark preston, and and bob kusack, editor and chief of the hill. and sara i want to start with you at that trump rally, he's declared all-out war on the republican party. what's he saying tonight? >> reporter: don, he's at war with a lot of different people tonight, but it seems to be war against the establishment. he's hitting hillary clinton very hard. he's seizing on the latest hacked e-mails that have been posted by wikileaks. he went after hillary clinton
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calling her a vessel for the corrupt global establishment and he also went on a long riff against the media, the kind of thing we heard from him during the republican primary when he was trying to win the republican base, all part of the campaign strategy to hit the establishment, and cast donald trump as a different kind of candidate, a candidate of change. now, it is worth noting, don, so far, we have not heard donald trump go after other republicans, the ones he was going after earlier today on twitter. there's been no mention of paul ryan. and in fact he just mentioned marco rubio and said that rubio has been very nice to him and he hopes he wins his senate race. >> all right. sara murray in panama city, traveling with donald trump. sara we'll get you let back to the really, obviously very noisy. donald trump speaking to his supporters. president obama spoke out about donald trump's lewd comments on camera. listen to this. >> you don't have to be a husband or a father to hear what we heard just a few days ago
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and -- and say that's not right. you just have to be a decent human being to say that's not right. and if it makes you mad, if you say, that's not somebody i want representing the united states of america, you can do something about it, north carolina. >> so he's going directly to the voters on this, north carolina battle ground state. he won that state, can he win it for her? >> a couple things, she's going to have to win it herself, but there's no surprise -- he won that by less than 1% in 2008, i think it was 14,000 votes. he lost the state in 2012 by two points. so a battleground state. we see him in greensboro, but his job is to get out the african-american vote, not so much the percentage up it, so hillary clinton can put it in her column, it's to deny donald
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trump from winning that state, don, because donald trump needs north carolina in order to win the presidency. >> i want to talk more about him lashing out at different republicans, especially the house speaker. i want to bring bob and mark, listen to this, because this is from john pedesta, one of clinton's campaign ceo for clinton? >> yeah. >> he said an unshackled donald trump makes hillary clinton's top aides happy. they're concern ed what they're doing is this race for the bottom, he's going to turn this all out rate to the bottom and they're afraid that's going to suppress democratic votes come november 8th. that's their strategy. bob kusack, will that work? >> certainly democrats have to be worried about that. you and i know a lot of people who don't know to vote for, they're sick of this election and may vote for congressional
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races but not at the top. more people that vote is more for democrats. donald trump has shifted strate strategy. a month ago he was talking about courting hispanics and african-americans. he's getting base riled up and the base is riling up for donald trump. you have to be worried about turnout because if trump gets his guys out and the democrats are kind of, well, we're going to win, that's what democrats are nervous about. >> they say trump scorches, gets nastier with clinton, voters decide they've had enough with this election so they don't vote. does that mean republicans, as well, mark? >> here's the deal. democrats are clearly sending smoke signals to say we need to you vote. this happens every election, right, because they're afraid
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their base will be depressed and what they want to do is certainly get as many voters out for early voting. the idea behind the early voting is if you get somebody to the polls you don't have to worry about them on election day. there is an incredible amount of fatigue in this election. we've seen the race to the bottom go at epic speeds and the fact of the matter is if there is a depressed vote, if there is a lower turnout,s that going to help donald trump. there's no question about that. but his path to victory right now still remains very, very difficult for him to win. >> all right. let's talk about this, you know, race for the bottom as they say. this is for you, bob. he's lashing out left and right. one day after the house speaker said that he wouldn't defend him any more, trump went on a tweet storm, including this, he said it's so nice that shackles have been taken off me and i can fight for america the way i want to, and he said this to bill o'riley about being shackled. >> the shackles are some of the
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establishment people that are weak within the republican party senators and others and paul ryan led to a certain extent by paul ryan. >> they were holding you back? >> not holding back no but they're not giving support. they don't give the kind of support. we got more than 14 million votes, more than anybody in the history of the republican primaries, bill, and they don't give the support that we really need. >> okay. but i'm still confused. >> i'm better off with their without their support, if you want to know the truth. >> you might be. >> bob, the whole unshackled remark raises a lot of eyebrows. what's your reaction you've learned in your reporting? >> if he's been shackled, what are we going to see over the next month when the shackles are off. i think he's setting this up as hey the party's not behind me and if he doesn't win, he can blame the republican establishment for not giving him the money or the support. but overall i just think --
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think about who has hillary clinton other than going after donald trump, who has she gone after this election cycle? maybe bernie sanders? that's it. donald trump has gone after the kahn family, miss universe, paul ryan now. the thing is when donald trump goes after hillary clinton, he's very effective. he just has to keep the focus on her. >> what do you think, mark, of the shackled language? >> the language is inappropriate, and at this level at the very top of politics, the first image, think -- or that i thought, or anyone that i spoke to, said it envisioned slavery. when you hear shackles and bound by shackles, what do you hear when you hearing some like that? >> i thought it was slavery, or people who were jailed. donald trump is a certainly privileged person. if the shackles are coming off now, what were all of those other things when he talked
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about blood coming out of her where ever, when he talked about the mexican judge, mexico sending its people, and john mccain, was that shackled? >> right. and he always gives a little bit of wiggle room for interpretation, but that interpretation is a way he's able to say things that are very volatile. bob's right on this. as you just said, as well, the bottom line is if he wasn't shackled up to this point, what was he? that in itself is interesting, but it was a poor choice of words. >> do you think it was code? do you think there was a dog whistle snell. >> a way to pull democrats to say you're i pulling the race card to use this as a talking card. >> they were always playing that card. look, i don't know, but it was enough to bring a discussion that went beyond our circle of folks here. >> another clip from o'reilly tonight. >> if you're elected president you're going to need mccain and ryan. you're going to need these guys. >> they'll be there. i would think ryan wouldn't be
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there, maybe he'll be in a different position, but mccain will be there, they'll all be there. >> and do you think they're going to cooperate with you after you trashing them? >> i get along with you -- i know you don't believe this -- i get along with you for 20 years so i guess i can get along with anybody. so to be honest with you'd, i can get along with people -- >> i don't know what good it does to trash people. you can say, i disagree, but to trash them, i don't know what that does. >> he was begging for my endorsement. his fraends friends are calling. >> be the bigger man. >> the first sign of a little bit of difficulty he un-endorses. >> so bob, the, you have exclusive reporting, the trump ceo wanted to destroy paul ryan? what's going on? >> we got some documents with the reporter at breitbart late last year, steve bannon is no
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friend of paul ryan and he was seeking to destroy paul ryan, and proud of it. so it's very interesting that you have steve bannon and you have kellyanne conway, they have different methods, they have different philosophies and i think the bannon going for the base, going after paul ryan, saying to donald trump, listen, you won the primary -- which he did, wire to wire -- run this just like you want. it worked out the last time, but i honestly think he's got to expand his base of voters. >> a hail mary? >> yeah. it goes out to what we were talking about before, turnover -- turnout. maybe that's part of the strategy. >> what have we got to lose. just ahead the gop in disarray. what does the future of the party look like? i'll talk to gary johnson, libertarian for president, and the standings in the polls and his reaction to donald trump's comments on the "access hollywood" video.
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donald trump angrily breaking away from the gop leaders tweeting the shackles have been taken off him and calls house speaker paul ryan weak, ineffective, and disloyal. i want to bring in the president of americans for tax reform and kevin madden, republican strategist. kevin. >> great to be with you. >> a number of people have tried to downplay trump's remarks.
11:17 pm
i want to reread the interview with jeff sessions by the weekly standard. he said this was very improper language and he's acknowledged that, the weakly standard writes, but beyond the language, would you character the language in that video as sexual assault if that behavior took place? sessions says i don't characterize that as sexual assault. i think that's a stretch. i don't know what he meant, the weekly standard. if you grab a woman by the genitals, that's not sexual assault? >> i don't know. it's not clear how he -- how that would occur. so apart from damaging his own reputation, do these remarks hurt the republican brand? >> well, i think it only hurts the party overall if there are folks within the party that don't offer some kind of clarity it is in fact talking about sexual assault. and i think that is where you have some elements of the party being -- and i think that's why
11:18 pm
you have some breaking away of support from donald trump because there are elements of the party that believe that kind of -- that kind of distinction needs to be made very clear for the voters so it doesn't affect the profile of the party. is it a risk? it certainly is. it only becomes a bigger risk if those people inside the party don't confront. >> i want you to watch ben carson. >> with whom are you hanging out that you hear people talking like that? >> when i -- as i was growing up, people were always trying to talk about their sexual conquests and trying to make themselves appear, you know, like the -- you know, cass nova. i'm surprised you haven't heard that. >> i haven't heard it and i know a lot of people who have not heard it, and i think they were shocked -- >> maybe that's the problem. >> so grover, we're not talking about sexual conquests. we're talking about sexual assault.
11:19 pm
what's your reaction to the tape and the way it's being spun now? >> look, there's no defending the comments. we have a challenge here, and that's -- there's an election and the democrats are stuck with hillary clinton with all of her challenges and trump is the republican nominee. the question is if you have to pick one of these guys where do you go? >> the effort by our friends on the left to spin this as the republican party is collapsing i'm old enough to remember 64 we're told the republican party died '74, the watergate republican party died. in '86, during the reagan administration, and in '92 when bush lost and it lapsed in' 06 a and' 08 and the
11:20 pm
republican party is never going to exist again. >> you look good for your age, grover. >> the whole challenge for trump, how his wife treats him. this is not an existential threat to the republican party. the modern republican party has the house, the senate, two thirds of the state legislative bodies, strong legislators, governors, and a president candidate who says bad things as has happened before is not something that throws the whole party in a tizzy. >> you don't think it's this time, grover? you remember the '60s. i congratulate you if you can remember the '60s. >> that was early politico. >> it's different in the sense that nobody put microphones in front of every democrat and asked them their position when clinton had his challenges, and problems and it is something that everybody has to deal with as a candidate and what ryan said was i'm running my house
11:21 pm
races, he's running the presidential race. trump made it clear he doesn't want any help or advice from anybody else. he's running his own campaign and trump and everyone else should run on the bases of their own positions, and voters have to and what do they want with two flawed candidates, which one is going to -- how are going to treat them the whole idea the modern republican party has this big divide, taxes, complete unity on taxes. >> i understand. kevin, i have to say in the '90s, when the impeachment hearings plenty of democrats were put on the spot and questioned about his behavior. >> and all went down to the white house to cheer him on. >> and grover and i have talked about this and people inside the party like me and grover will continue to have the discussion, but the party is fractured. you have to at least acknowledge the problem if you're ever going to solve it. parties are at their heart, and
11:22 pm
the republican party is an organization around ideas and when you are -- when you are focused on ideas and solutions and when the party has always been known as ideas and reform is when it's flourished. the reason we're in big trouble right now 30 days away from this presidential election is we are instead litigating the behavior of somebody whose behavior we cannot defend as a party and we are not prospering around ideas and are not promoting the reforms on things like taxes and healthcare we need to win a larger swath of the american electorate, and that is why i think why i would disagree there is a fracture right now to the party. >> you articulated a lot better than i did, when you said you don't think it's this different with trump. grover, go ahead. >> look at the modern republican party. >> there used to be eye rockefeller wing of the republican party. there was a bob dole wing that wanted to raise taxes. we have a party that
11:23 pm
90-plus presidential candidates have made a commitment to never raise taxes that is a unity at the party level that this party has never had. they're all in the same place on regulations. on overall spending. on problems with trial lawyers. on defending the second amendment. this is a unified modern republican party. trump has said some outrageous things -- this is a challenge for him. >> you have 26% of house republicans not supporting donald trump, and i think that is -- i don't remember, and this is -- again, this is "usa today," in a survey the top elected officials, 26% are not supporting donald trump. how do you put that in context? kevin, you, as well. >> sure. >> because you ran the romney campaign. first grover and then kevin. >> the president party used to be president centered. from '34 to '94, they knew in their hearts they could never win the congress so they focused on the presidency. it's now a situation the republicans will hold the house and the senate for the next 50
11:24 pm
years more often than the presidency and the republicans have governed very well against clinton and obama from the house and the senate. they got permanent tax cuts out of obama, sequester they bet out of obama and stopped his $1.4 trillion tax increase. and from clinton they got welfare form. focus on what you govern from. >> this is where i agree with grover, the republican party can flourish when its ideas and its reforms are front and center. and that's why governor's and when we look at winning through some -- even some state legislatures and we win through the house and senate, but one of the big problems we faced right now, which is i think a systemic threat to the party, so much of that is being discolored by -- by donald trump and his departure on some key issues as well.
11:25 pm
up next trump criticizes hillary clinton's behavior at sunday night's debate. how tall are you?
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donald trump today dismissing what he calls disloyal republicans saying gop leaders give him zero support. want to bring in kayleigh mcenany, and former national press secretary for bernie sanders, and bob kusack, and maria cardona. this is the best panel. good evening all of you. bob, welcome back to the panel. maria, welcome back. trump, and followers continue dismissing remarks as locker room talk. does that detract from his apology? >> what apology? there really wasn't an apology, and for those who think it was an apology, absolutely it des from it because any -- detracts from it because any sane person most and decent men realize this is not locker room talk.
11:30 pm
this is talk from a person who believes they are entitled to commit sexual assault on any woman that they want simply because they are a celebrity. that is sexual deviance, whose name needs to go on a national registry, if you are a woman you should be afraid to be alone in any room with this man and we are seeing and hearing now of story, after story, after story, of inappropriate behavior. yes, sexual assault-type behavior, as well. things that are unwanted and this is something that the american people need. if he really wants to get past this, he's going to have to apologize from the heart and he's not capable. >> that is a big charge there to say that he should be on a sex registry. what do you say about that, kayleigh? >> we can all stand here in judgment and say he didn't apologize when in fact he did five times now, and it was heartfelt and ben carson came
11:31 pm
out today and he said, i saw him pray for forgiveness before the debate. had you james dobson and a he's a recent christian and recently accepted christ into his life, and the co-campaign share says he's witness said his faith conversion, and he's apologized for it. i'm not going to stand in judgment. we can be self-righteous or we can forgive. >> okay. >> don are we really about to bring jesus into this? >> i was going to say when you consider some of the things he said, that may be tough for people who are -- for christians who are not christians to believe because wouldn't your behavior have changed if you have accepted jesus christ as your lord and savior and -- go ahead, simone. >> first of all, donald trump only apologized because the tape came out and people found out he was saying it. let's not forget that he led with, well, these are just words, first of all, these are just words. words have power, first of all. secondly, these aren't just words.
11:32 pm
he described predatory, sexual predatory behavior that women all across this county -- >> yes. >> -- can identify with. let's not bring jesus down on into the gutter where donald trump and his stunts are. let's leave the lord out of this one. i think donald trump definitely has to own up to these actions and he's not helping himself or the party. you are standard for the republican party. >> if he really was heartfelt with his apology, when you and ask forgiveness, you don't say but look at that guy, he's much worse than what i did. that's why people don't believe him. >> i think it's so sad just the way we can stand in judgment. he asked for forgiveness and mike pence said it takes a really big person to stand before america and say, i hated that man on tape. i know the american people who forgive bill clinton, and trump apologized not once, but five times.
11:33 pm
>> we can forgive him. it doesn't mean he needs to be president of the united states. >> bob i'll let you talk about this. this goes a long with the whole shackles off. >> to kayleigh's point, maybe he has accepted jesus christ, and you think about alicia machado, and he brings in four women from clinton's past, does that seem like christian-like behavior, or does that seem like talking points to you, to be honest? >> well, chris christie said the apology should have just been i'm sorry, period and what he's alluding to is he shouldn't have brought up bill clinton. he shouldn't have brought out those women in the press conference. >> exactly. >> it's kind of i'm sorry but
11:34 pm
and sorries shouldn't have a but with it. overall though he did apologize. this is the first time we've seen donald trump apologize for anything so i think he had to do it multiple times because he needed to practice. i do think that what mike pence said is smart for him to say is it's all about forgiveness. we're still talking about this. he hasn't been able to put it be behind him and it's hurting his candidacy and you look at the polls. there's proof right there. >> you took the words out of my mouth. let's put the polls up. everyone's talking about temperament, kayleigh. does this go with someone who has a temperament to run the country? that's hillary clinton's argument and clear here the polls show they don't believe that he has it. >> the polls also show they trust him more than they trust hillary clinton. look, he has a lot of work to do to, you know, come back after this. i think it's a good start what he did. i thought the debate was a very good start and i think that american people accept that because that nbc poll that's been shown, the two days of it were before the debate but after this video came out that showed
11:35 pm
60% of voters said this video is not disqualifying or they didn't have an opinion of it. he can rebound. the people will forgive him, but means running a flawless campaign for the next four weeks. >> he's talking about his body language at the last debate, people said he's hovering over her in the background, he's stalking her. we're going to play what he said about that tonight coming up. don't go away.
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11:39 pm
we're going to talk about a new television ad targeting hillary clinton's trump and shows video of hillary clinton fainting last month. back with me, kayleigh mcenany, and maria cardona. i want to talk about a o'reilly clip. i want to talk about this looming over hillary clinton as the debate as some observed. >> she came into my territory. she came into my territory. i was standing at my lectern and she walks right in front of me so i never walked near her. she stands right in front of me. the next day, it was i was in her space. i was standing at my chair, my lectern.
11:40 pm
this is typical hillary clinton. >> bob, what do you think? >> i think some of the body language is a little bit overrated. remember when john mccain, and barack obama. these town-hall settings, where john mccain went the wrong way and portrayed it as him wondering around. you definitely noticed. trump is a lot taller than hillary clinton, so he does tower over her, but i think some of this stuff is just a little bit too much. >> yeah, it's everyone looking into putting something there that may not be there. but he was standing behind her and he could have sat down. she did sit down, but as you say many people just kind of overplay it. it did happen. let's move on now. so here's trump's new ad questioning hillary clinton's stamina. >> our next president faces extreme challenges in the word. a dangerous world. north korea threatening, isis on
11:41 pm
the rise. libya and north africa in chaos. hillary clinton failed every single time as secretary of state. now she wants to be president. hillary clinton doesn't have the fortitude, strength or stamina to lead in our world. she failed as secretary of state. don't let her fail us again. >> here's what a clinton campaign said, good to hear his meltdowns have been good for his tv buys. it's beneath the dignity of the office. this is what he said at the debate. i was surprised that he said this. look. >> i will say this about hillary. she doesn't quit, she doesn't give up. i respect that. i tell it like it is. she's a fighter. >> fighter or stamina, kayleigh, which one is it? >> i think it can be both. she certainly doesn't quit. we saw her 2008 loss.
11:42 pm
she's back here again. she's not a quitter and we can admire that but the contrast is a subtle implication of her health issues but the bigger, more overt comparison is she allowed ben gau zi to happen. we're not going to have dead americans on my watch. the pigger argument is the important one. >> not to just keep digging on this. when kailee, when she said he's a christian and that has changed this. can't both candidates say that about every fault they've had and they've apologized for. >> when they apologize. >> didn't bill clinton apologize for the 90 for what happened? can he not be forgiven? instead, your candidate is using
11:43 pm
that against his opponent. >> he can be forgiven, but the apology we haven't got season the one from hillary clinton putting private investigators on these women. she dodged the question and was deafly silent. that's an apology we haven't gotten. if she does, we forgive her. it takes an apology. >> ridiculousness of bringing something up that was litigated. there's no truth to saying she went after these women viciously. this is something that women understand does not work. that's why you have republican strategists wincing every time and cringing every time they see donald trump continually go back to this failed strategy in focus group after focus group. it pushes women toward hillary. so i just have three words. bring it on. let's do it. continue to do that. because what's going to happen is he's going to continue to bleed support from women. that's what he needs, the group
11:44 pm
he needs to appeal to more. he's going to continue to bleed support from all quarters who, this plus the videotape and the audiotape and his rants on twitter at 3:00 a.m. to paul ryan, understand that underscores that this man is unfit -- >> the videotape as well, the videotape of hillary clinton at the 9/11 memorial which is in that new ad, doesn't that hurt her? isn't it fair for him to use that in an ad? >> i don't think it hurts her. i think what it does is hurts donald trump. at the end of the debate, we heard donald trump praise hillary clinton essentially for her stamina, for her ability to whether you get knocked down or whatever comes at you, she keeps on fights, and donald trump said i'm a straight shooter. he said i keep it real, and then he came out with a d-rated political ad that contradicts exactly what he said in the debate. for those people following donald trump that got behind him
11:45 pm
because they feel he's authentic and tells it like it is and keeps it real, he just acted like another washington politician, the same folks he's railing again and the same people that he basically started his campaign against and said i'm different than them. those voters that love that authentic donald trump, that outsider donald trump, i don't think they appreciate this. not only are women jumping ship from the donald trump boat, if you will, so are those voters that appreciated his authenticity. >> thank you very much. coming up republicans are dealing with a leaked tape. what does gary johnson think of this? he's going to join us next. guess what guys, i switched to sprint.
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sprint will help you add customers and cut your costs. switch your business to sprint and save 50% on most current verizon, at&t and t-mobile rates. don't let a 1% difference cost you twice as much. whoooo! for people with hearing loss, visit . well, it is one month to go until election day. both trump and clinton campaigns are dealing with major controversy. i want to bring in gary johnson, libertarian candidate for president. former governor of new mexico. thanks for joining us. are you doing okay? >> i'm doing okay. thanks for having me on. >> i want to start with the lewd comments from donald trump. what is your reaction? >> there's no excuse for it whatsoever. the debate the other night i thought was interesting.
11:50 pm
30 minutes of that debate went by where there was not one mention of any issue, the economy, taxes, spending, social issues, the war on drugs. you know, they haven't mentioned the war on drugs in any of these debates ever. first 30 minutes, no mention whatsoever of our military interventions. 30 minutes goes by, no mention of free trade. they're both -- i have to push back. you may be right. you're right about drugs and things that could be mentioned, but sexual assault is a huge issue in this country, and not just women but many people find it to be a huge issue and they would like some discussion about it. you don't? >> oh, absolutely. you know, it is rampant on college campuses. i think to have a commander-in-chief that recognizes that sexual assault is taking place, the
11:51 pm
preponderance of men taking advantage of women, the fact when women raise these issues in court it is a stacked deck against getting conviction. it is really remarkable. there are policies, protocols in place, the department of justice has established these protocols. as commander-in-chief, as president of the united states, look, let's bring an end to the real sexual assault that is taking place. >> all right. thank you for answering that. you and governor well are both former republicans. i've got to ask you what you make of the total chaos inside the gop right now between -- you know, you've got paul ryan, you've got donald trump going back and forth. what do you make of this chaos? well, it is something that i predicted eight months ago. i thought donald trump was going to be the nominee. a year ago i thought donald trump was going to be the nominee, and i thought that he at the end would alienate more than half of republicans, and that has happened.
11:52 pm
so no surprise. the surprise is just the page tomorrow. i mean we've got four days ago news, but just wait until tomorrow, see what comes up tomorrow. what do you think, every moment there's something new and shocking and there's going to be another one the next day and the next day and the next day? >> well, there's nothing new about the fact that tomorrow is going to bring about something shocking. i think we're all expecting that. so that's going to happen. you know, on the hillary side, too, and i realize you want to talk about sexual assault, but on the hillary side when these e-mails are released, when the transcript is released of her talking to wall street and saying, look, we know what's best, ordinary people don't, but you know how it works, you know you got to get somebody in there that knows how to appease everybody, well, that's politics as usual. that's pay-to-play, that's government picking winners and
11:53 pm
losers, and i think hillary has been a part of that. >> that was my next question to ask you about the e-mails but you have answered that. so i'm going to move on and talk about the polls, because with the e-mails and the "access hollywood" from donald trump, with the latest polls conducted saturday, clinton 46%, trump 37%, you're at 8%, stein is at 2%. what's your reaction of people that criticize you for staying in saying that you could be a spoiler? >> well, i'm not a spoiler. i'm leading among independents. i'm tied for the lead among young people, keeping in mind that i've come up to be tied with hillary clinton among young people. if that continues i might actually take that demographic, and then leading among active military personnel, i'm their overwhelming choice to be next commander-in-chief. so given all of those people, their first vote, that's something i'm really proud of. dropping out, that is just not
11:54 pm
an option whatsoever. we've raised $10 million. a lot of people have put a lot of money behind seeing me be their next president. i'm going to be in this until the end. >> well, listen, i didn't say drop out. i'm just saying what folks are saying, even the former vice president saying the same thing, and you realize the people you are mentioning are sub-groups within sub-groups, some of them, military people an on and on, and it doesn't put you in the lead. the former vice president was at a rally for hillary clinton in florida saying this. here it is. your vote really, really, really counts. a lot. you can consider me as an exhibit a of that group. elections have consequences. your vote counts! your vote has consequences.
11:55 pm
>> so he went on to be more specific about that, but he was referring to the florida recount in 2000. they believe ralph nader cost them the election. a lot of people say they're unhappy with both clinton and trump as you have stated. do you think gore was trying to steer people away from you with that? >> well, no. was he directing them toward me? your vote counts. so if you want smaller government, if you want to be socially inclusive, if you want to bring an end to the war on drugs, if you want somebody that's going to actually address the fact that we have the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world, if you want somebody to address the fact that these military interventions aren't working, let's stop with regime change. if you want somebody that's going to support free trade, vote johnson. did he say that after what i heard? >> no, but he -- >> de go into that part? >> he was more specific about not voting for a third party candidate. so i mean that was great that you said that, but he was very specific about it.
11:56 pm
governor well recently said that he did not think anyone was more qualified than hillary clinton to be president. he later added it is about more than being qualified, and he, of course, is still your running mate. if you had to choose tonight between trump and clinton, who would you vote for? >> i wouldn't do it, absolutely not. i'm in this -- i'm opposed to both of them. i'm in the 60% that believes that, you know, neither one of them offer a choice forward for america. i'm in that camp. the fact that bill well may take a bit more umbrage against trump, hey fine. maybe i take a little more umbrage against clinton. we balance each other. >> i knew you were going to answer that way somehow. appreciate your coming on. "the apprentice" made trump a reality tv star. could tapes from that program cause trouble for his campaign
11:57 pm
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-- captions by vitac -- donald trump's scorched earth campaign. at a rally in florida tonight telling supporters if hilary clinton wins the election it could lead to the destruction of the country. yes, he said that. this is "cnn tonight." i'm don lemon. trump sending angry tweets against gop leaders calling house speaker paul ryan weak and ineffective. slamming republicans no longer supporting his campaign as disloyal, saying the shackles have been taken off him so now he'll do as he wants. a lot to get to in the hour ahead.


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