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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  October 12, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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happening now. breaking news. unchained melody. a day after donald trump declared his shackles are off, top supporters are pleading with him to attack hillary clinton and stop bashing his own party. tonight, trump is hammering clinton over what he calls his heinous e-mails but also escalating the war within the gop. tweaking the speaker. trump is portraying paul ryan's refusal to help him as something sinister, amid new evidence of the gop nominee's eroding support after "tape gate," and whether it will be a slash and bush until election day. russian involvement. vladamir putin is brushing off claims that he's trying to sway the u.s. election, calling it "hysteria." but tonight, we're learning more about moscow's alleged role in a cyber attack. intentional crash. federal aviation officials confirming that a small plane was likely driven into the ground on purpose. stand by for new information on the possible motive and the very
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tense minutes before the plane went down. we went to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. wolf blitzer is off today. i'm brianna keilar and you are in "the situation room." ♪ >> this is cnn breaking news. >> we have breaking news tonight. donald trump refusing to back off from open warfare with the nation's top elected republican. trump campaigning in florida, suggesting there's some kind of secret, sinister deal with house speaker paul ryan and other republicans who have turned against the gop nominee. tonight, trump is seizing on another wikileaks posting of e-mails stole b from the clinton campaign. clinton is firing back at trump for what she calls a scorch earth strategy. tonight, vladamir putin is denying any kremlin role on
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widespread cyber attacks, suggesting it's all hysteria. but cnn has learned that investigators now believe the russians were behind the cyber attack that exposed the personal data of florida voters. also breaking, the ntsb confirms that a deadly plane crash in connecticut was likely intentional. a student pilot who died in the crash reportedly died on the ground. we're covering all that and more this hour. we have our guests, including hillary clinton supporter hakim jefferies. first, to cnn's senior white house correspondent jim acosta. he's in florida, covering the trump campaign. and tell us what you heard today. donald trump has said he's unshackled. is that what you observed? >> reporter: brianna, today we found out exactly what donald trump unshackled sounds like at events across florida, saying paul ryan is part of a sinister
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plot to stop him from being president and hillary clinton should go to jail. doing all he can to hit the delete button on that damaging hot mike moment, donald trump is hammering hillary clinton's e-mail scandal every chance he gets. >> the election of hillary clinton would lead, in my opinion, to the almost total destruction of our country as we know it. >> reporter: with a nod to his current freefall in the polls, trump pointed to clinton campaign e-mails stolen by wikileaks and called on congress to investigate his rival. >> after getting the subpoena to give over your e-mails and lots of other things, she deleted the e-mails. she has to go to jail. >> reporter: trump come pains he's now at a disadvantage after john mccain and paul ryan bolted after tape gate. >> especially when you have the leaders not putting their weight behind the people.
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wouldn't you think that paul ryan would call in and say, good going? there's a whole sinister deal going on. in fact, i took her out furniture shopping. >> reporter: the contro sersy is hot on his trail as this protester blared the audio of the tape. the gop is venting its frustrations on fox news. >> i wouldn't want to be in a foxhole with a lot of these people, including ryan. >> reporter: if he wins, trump warned ryan may be replaced. >> maybe he'll be in a different position. >> reporter: as he tried again to explain away his offensive comments. >> a lot of women have come up to me and say i've heard a lot worse. if that what it takes to lose an election, that's sad. >> reporter: of 31 gop governors, 54 republican senators, 8706 those leaders are not endorsing trump.
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>> play-to-play politics, staggering amounts of cash poured into the criminal foundation for criminals, dictators, countries that hate america. >> reporter: the trump campaign blasted you a new ad, reminding that the goal is to beat clinton. the campaign manager argued this is no time to abandon ship. >> enough of the pussy-footing around in terms of do you support us or not? the fact is, you know, some of these leaders have been very wishy washy. i think pal ryan has a job to do to keep the majority in congress. >> reporter: and donald trump is back to attacking hillary clinton's health one day after he released an ad that showed hillary clinton coughing and stumbling during that recent bout with pneumonia in september. trump said in florida here today that she couldn't hold up during one of his events, but we should point out, of course, the democratic nominee recovered from that illness a month ago. >> jim acosta for us in florida
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covering donald trump. thank you. now to the clinton campaign. a two-front battle to push back against donald trump and yet another round of stolen e-mails posted by wikileaks, something the campaign has to answer for. and they're trying to our senior washington correspondent joe johns here, they're trying to brush this aside, but it's becoming difficult. >> reporter: that's for sure. and it's clearly, clearly a distraction to the clinton campaign. they're spending time and energy responding to wikileaks when the clinton campaign admits it's hard enough to get their message out over the daily roar of the trump campaign, charging that their opponents are in cahoots with wikileaks and russia. the latest batch of stolen e-mails released by wikileaks. becoming an unwanted distraction for clinton. the contents offering a glimpse
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into the inner workings of the clinton campaign. one e-mail revealing a disagreement between top clinton aide huma abedin and podesta over clinton's press strategy, abedin wondering if clinton can survive not answering questions from the press, podesta responding, if she thinks we can get to labor day without answering press questions, i think that's suicidal. donald trump is seizing on this opportunity. >> this is the most heinous, the most serious thing that i've ever seen involving justice in the united states in the history of the united states. we have a person that has committed crimes, that is now running for the presidency. >> reporter: podesta brushing aside those attacks, claiming trump's tactics are designed to energize supporters and turn off everyone else. >> this seems to be their strategy, disgust everyone with
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the sort of democratic dialogues. >> reporter: clinton is trying to make sure that doesn't happen, rallying supporters today in colorado. >> his campaign said they're going to use a "scorched earth strategy for the remaining four weeks of this race." now, that just shows how desperate they are. they's all they have left. pure negativity. pessimism. and we're not going to let donald trump get away with it, are we? >> reporter: ahead of her trip, the clinton campaign release thing spanish ad. >> we're going to have a deportation force. >> reporter: in florida today, a federal judge granted an extension of the state's voter registration deadline due to the effects of hurricane matthew.
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giving the clinton and trump campaigns until next tuesday to register additional voters. now, if it is true, there's an effort to depress turnout by turning off voters, the clinton campaign says the way to fight it is what they've been doing, pushing an affirmative policy message by selling voters on something to vote for and not just voting against donald trump. brianna? >> joe johns, thank you so much. let's talk more about this with hakim jefferies, joining us now in "the situation room." i want to talk to you about these wikileaks e-mails. yes, they were hacked, but we keep hearing over and over from hillary clinton supporters and surrogates that seems to be a defense of why you don't talk about them. putting aside how these e-mails were acquired, don't the american people deserve a response to what is in them? >> well, first of all, we're not sure whether it is legitimate and -- >> that is a talking point we've heard over and over,
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congressman. if something were fake, we know that -- because of course, we know that this is being researched by the campaign. we know that they would say it's fake. so we know that -- >> i think -- >> go on. >> no, i think it's important, one, to just state that fact. but i'm happy to discuss the e-mails, because i think, one, if you actually look at the back and forth between podesta and other members of the campaign, that's the normal give and take that occurs in terms of trying to determine what is the appropriate strategy in the context of a presidential campaign where you have an intense media spotlight and you're running for the most difficult job in the world. and so it's not clear to me that there's anything that the clinton campaign should be defensive about or has been defensive about in terms of these e-mails. >> i want to ask you about some of them, though. because some of them we see the topics of the speeches that hillary clinton has been giving, and quite frankly, a lot of them show her sucking up to wall
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street, as she speaks before people in speeches where she's being paid hundreds of thousands by financial institutions, talking about how dodd-frank was passed and needed to be done, that is the financial reform bill that passed after the economy nearly collapsed. she also said to people on wall street, you have to keep looking over the horizon. she gave them some credit for inventing products that nobody has invented. i mean, when you think of products nobody had invented, at one point, that was the mortgage backed security that led to this economic disaster in the country. voters are seeing this, and they're drawing conclusions about hillary clinton being too cuddly with wall street. what do you say to those voters who are undecided in this election and they're looking at this? >> i would suggest that people actually look at hillary clinton's track record. she went eight years in the
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united states senate where she was representing wall street. case in point, after george bush was re-elected in 2004, his top political priority was privatizing social security, which obviously would have been a boom to wall street, because you would have had billions, if not trillions that could have been managed by wall street folks. hillary clinton, along with other members, democratic members of the united states senate, stood up and pushed back and actually stopped that. on the issue of trade, which many people on wall street support, this was only one major free trade agreement that came before hillary clinton during the eight years that she was a member of the united states senate, that was kafta. and hillary clinton voted no. and so i'm very comfortable with the fact that hillary clinton, as president, will continue to stand up on the side of the american people, because that's exactly what she did during her eight years in the united states senate on issue after issue.
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>> in the discussion of trade, kafta is small try compared to nafta which she supported and the transpacific partnership, really the trade accomplishment that president obama was hoping for during his time in the white house. and she repeatedly, dozens of times, pushed it as secretary of state, only flip-flopping on her position once she was a candidate. and it appeared there wasn't an appetite for it among her electorate. >> actually, you've got three important trade agreements that you just laid out. the first one was nafta. that's bill clinton's. she was the first lady -- >> she supported it. >> she supported it, and that's part of the record. but she was the first lady at the time. kafta is a significant trade agreement, a very close second to nafta. and she voted no. with respect to the transpacific partnership, which is a very
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significant agreement, when she was part of the obama administration, if you actually think about the timing of her words, what she was suggesting is that the negotiation that is taking place would be a gold standard how -- at a time when what was on the table really was providing the president with fast track authority. when it was time for the united states congress to actually vote on that fast-track authority, when we had some sense of what that framework looked like, when there was some meat that was put on the bones, she came out against it. i think that's a reasonable position. it's very hard to take a position against something that you have not seen, and so, when you think about the timing as it relates to tpp, i'm very comfortable in her position. >> i will add that her support for it as secretary of state she never said was contingent on the outcome. but that is your opinion, and i'm here stating the facts as we
3:15 pm
see them about her statements. i do want to have you hang around, congressman. we have a lot more to talk about. house speaker paul ryan just weighed in on one of these e-mails revealed in this russian hacking of the clinton campaign's chairman's e-mails. we'll tell you what he said and discuss that after a break.
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effective at a cellular level. improve joint comfort. cosamin. for joint health, it's time to start believing again. back now with democratic congressman hakeem jefferies. as hillary clinton is working to build on her momentum, you have donald trump battling to recover from the tape gate controversy. this is the one, though, congressman that really does seem to be busying the clinton campaign right now. and there's actually a statement now from house speaker paul ryan. he's talking about an e-mail
3:20 pm
that was in this batch of what was hacked where you have the communications director for the campaign years before this campaign started talking about catholicism and how this is a more socially accepted choice, basically for republicans or for conservatives than evangelicals, because their rich friends wouldn't understand if they became evangelicals. someone else e-mails to john podesta that it's a bastardization of the faith. so this gives paul ryan, a catholic, the most prominent member of congress, fodder for sure. and he says, the clinton campaign's disdain for the catholic faith and christian evangelicals is staggering. these statements reveal their hostile attitude of people of faith in general. this is the united states of america. all americans of faith should take a long, hard look at this and decide if these there values we want to be represented in our next president.
3:21 pm
if hillary clinton continues to employ people with biased and bigoted views, it's clear where her priorities lie. how do you think the campaign should approach this? >> well, speaker ryan clearly is grasping for straws. he's had a rough couple of days in terms of the back and forth with donald trump and the republican party as we know it is imploding. i do think to the extent we can confirm that there was an e-mail that was written discussing catholicism and/or evangelical christians in such an insensitive way, i would encourage them to take action at the staffers. i think we should continue to celebration religious tolerance and diversity. by the way, it's quite ironic, because donald trump has been perhaps the most religiously intolerant presidential candidate in modern american
3:22 pm
history. >> but certainly that's not something that hillary clinton wants to be, you know, that's really -- she's probably trying to set her own bar when she comes to this. she is a woman of faith. you're a man of faith. so when you look at this, where do you think the conversation should be? you say this is something that should be brought up with the staffer, but how should the campaign deal with this in a way they may be turning off people of faith that read this, and they feel excluded and like they're being basically told by someone who may be talking about being sort of elitist that their religion doesn't matter as much or doesn't make sense in the political scheme of things. >> well, i have every reason to believe that the campaign will take appropriate action with respect to the staff member on question on this issue. if you think about hillary clinton's life journey, she's been all about diversity, religious, racial, ethnic
3:23 pm
tolerance, and embracing what's good in america and a large part of that is our tremendous diversity. it's a great strength. i think what we have with speaker ryan, he's trying to change the subject because his majority is in peril right now, and if you actually examine the relationship between trump and what he said and house republicans and what they've done, it's a very close parallel. donald trump talks recklessly, but it was the house republican majority that actually recklessly shut down the government for 16 days and cost the american people $24 billion in lost economic productivity. donald trump talks about building a wall and keeping the muslims and mexican immigrants out. the house republican majority has actually stopped bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform from moving forward. on issue after issue, we look at
3:24 pm
gun violence prevention legislation. the house republican conference has acted like a wholly owned subsidiary of the nra because they've stopped things like universal background checks that the american people embrace. so we can have a discussion about religious tolerance, but paul ryan is trying to change the topic. >> i want to add that the communications director who spoke about the part of catholicism being more socially acceptable politically for conservatives. i just want to point out she has responded to this, saying she doesn't recognize the e-mail and points out that she's catholic. i want to ask you, the governor of minnesota said today that the affordable care act is no longer affordable. is he wrong? >> he's absolutely wrong. first of all, there are more than 20 million previously uninsured people who have affordable health coverage because of the aca. the entire nation now doesn't
3:25 pm
have to worry about being denied coverage as a result of a preexisting condition -- >> aren't some people -- >> it is a reasonable discussion for us to have when this presidential election is over and we convene the next congress on january 3rd, as to how we can build upon the success of the aca and make adjustments. that was done with social security over the years. that was done with medicare and medicaid. it's reasonable to say it should be done with the aca. but the foundation of the law is solid and it's been a benefit to american people. >> congressman, thank you for joining us here in "the situation room." and for being so generous with your time with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. just ahead, donald trump sees what he calls a sinister deal along republicans distancing themselves from his campaign. what does he have to gain from repeated attacks on them? plus, the plane crash that
3:26 pm
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my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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we're back now with the breaking news. donald trump trying to fire up his supporters by raching up his charge that hillary clinton has to go to jail. trump staying on the attack against his republican opponents, accusing house speaker paul ryan of being
3:31 pm
involved in a "sinister deal." let's bring in our political team to talk about this. so you have republicans reportedly begging kellyanne conway to get donald trump stop saying this about paul ryan and other republicans who have basically deserted his chances at the white house. he didn't. he said something about paul ryan at his first rally, he did not at the second. kellyanne conway says it's over, but can she guarantee that? >> not yet. we heard donald trump say lot of things about paul ryan today, noting there might be some cynicism behind this. the point is that donald trump right now is trying to focus on getting his core, tried and true supporters out, getting them revved up, and going after paul ryan helps him do that, but not helping him pull in people from the base.
3:32 pm
>> as you look at that, do you think that he's going to be able to say okay, i was pretty ticked off at paul ryan for telling house republicans do what you have to do to be re-elected, meaning if you need to dump donald trump, dump donald trump. >> not really. i feel like after the captain con controversy, we were in the kellyanne conway part of the campaign. he gained in the polls. now we're in this donald trump/steve bannon phase of the campaign. he's hammering people on both sides of the aisle. >> the shackles are off, as he said. >> briannbrianna, when are we go like stop waiting for another donald trump to appear? he's going to change and he's going to be presidential. you know, the election is less than a month away. donald trump is who he is. he's not going to stop attacking
3:33 pm
anybody. this is how he campaigned. he became the republican nominee. that's a very big success for any politician. but the idea that he's going to somehow change his personality at this late date just seems absurd to me. >> it did seem for a while there was a hope springs eternal thing going on. it seems like hope does not spring eternal anymore. i wonder what you think, rebecca, about this idea that some observers are looking at what donald trump is doing, and they say even if he is not strategizing to get people kind of turned off and does not have them show up, these people who don't really like hillary clinton, don't want to support donald trump, maybe it's something that those folks behind him might be gearing him towards, do you think there's something to that, and is that a concern that the clinton campaign should have? >> well, he's not really acting, brianna, at the stage like he wants to win this election.
3:34 pm
he's listening to people in his campaign, like steve bannon, and saying things and acting in a way that really riles up his base but isn't really bringing in the undecided voters. he's acting like he did in the republican primary, in the face of great adversity right now, not the best polling. some difficulties in his message getting through, and resonating with people. he's retreating back to his comfort zone. and i think that's what we're seeing right now. that's not necessarily a great general election strategy. >> this is the place donald trump, i think as a candidate, that's a place where he's comfortable in. going on the attack. it might not be the best political strategy, by it's something that he likes to do. >> we have two candidates in this election. they have their comfort zone candidates. i want to talk about utah. trump is only ahead by five
3:35 pm
points, that is stunning. and check out this poll where we're looking at utah. you have donald trump and hillary clinton tied. that is fascinating. evan mcmullen, who is a mormon, byu grad, former cia operative, giving them a run for their money at 22%. >> so in missouri, the five-point lead is shocking. there a even can the margin of error, clinton would be tied. that's stunning in ways. in utah, i don't think it's all just the mormon vote, but mormons, donald trump has not polled well with mormons, even in the primaries and mormons tend to be republican voters. and it's been mormon politicians, mitt romney, others who have been really critical and scrutinized trump. >> you know what's interesting
3:36 pm
about that, briannbrianna, trum support has held up pretty well in the evangelical community, even though he's hardly an evangelical himself. but it's always been mormons that have not been sympathetic to him. you have the entire utah delegation in the senate, in the house saying we're not supporting donald trump anymore. it's the only state where all the republicans are united in that way. it's just a -- it's one of the things that i think we'll be looking back on, on this election that mormons and evangelicals had been allied in virtually all recent presidential elections, much less so this time. >> if we could go back to the missouri poll. that's so interesting, because it's really a signal of where this race might be going. the last time missouri was competitive at the presidential level was in 2008 when barack obama lost the state by only -- less than a point. he ended up campaign thing in the final days of that race, and
3:37 pm
obviously he won that race by a huge margin over john mccain. so if missouri is in play, we are looking at that sort of outcome in this election. >> i wonder what you think -- i want to change the subject, because john podesta, you've got these e-mails of his that have been hacked. you had on friday the u.s. government pointing a finger at russian hackers is responsible for what we've seen as a lot of cyber attacks. john podesta is going further than the u.s. government, suggesting that the trump campaign is actively working with wikileaks to time the release of these e-mails. is there anything to back that up? >> well, there is some tweet by roger stone, him intimating there would be e-mails coming out. certainly for the clinton campaign, their strategy is to tie it to the trump campaign to
3:38 pm
suggest wrongdoing on their part. but this kind of introduces the specter that come november, is the election going to turn out -- is it going to be -- as a voter, there's some nervousness going in. >> it seems like the truth has been so stretched in this election between john podesta saying it's hard to see exact will you where the base is. clearly it's their strategy. for donald trump at the debate, raising the question whether there was even a hacking period. so i guess my question is, what does this do to voters other than undermine their belief that anything can be true, that they can believe anyone, any institution? >> i think if there were some interference with actual voting on election day, you are going to see an interference or an effect on our whole process. but there's been such a flood of
3:39 pm
information about leaks and russia and servers and vladamir putin that i don't know it's seeping into the average voter at this point. >> brianna, i don't know what the politics are ultimately going to be of this wikileaks leak of john podesta's e-mail. but to think we now live in a society where private e-mails essentially don't exist, whether you work at sony pictures or whether you work for a presidential campaign. that's a very different world than we're used to. and i don't think it's a very good one. i'm a journalist. i like to see what these e-mails look like. but the idea that e-mails are no longer private is a scary thought. >> jeffrey, very good point. i've got to get a break in here. guys, thanks so much. just ahead, vladamir putin brushing off the alleged e-mail hacking as hysteria.
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fresh evidence that russia may be trying to destabilize the american election system. new information about russia's role in a cyber attack in florida. we heard the new denials, jim sciutto, of kremlin involvement. what are we hearing? >> reporter: you have u.s. officials right now directly accusing russia of trying to
3:45 pm
disrupt the u.s. election, both by hacking the e-mails of democratic party figures but also now hacking the voting systems of states, a state like florida. senior russian officials saying they're not involved. today, the highest levels of the russian government denying that the kremlin is behind ongoing and widespread hacks of the u.s. election system. the russian foreign minister telling cnn's christiane amanpour there's just no proof. >> everybody in the united states is saying that it is russia. it has nothing, you know, to be explained by the facts. we have not seen a single fact, a single proof. >> reporter: russian president vladamir putin going further, saying the u.s. is pointing the finger at russia to divert attention from what's actually inside the hacked e-mails. >> translator: all the hysteria is aimed at making the american people forget about the
3:46 pm
manipulation of public opinion. everyone is talking about who did it? but is that important, who did it? the most important thing is what is inside this information. >> reporter: but the evidence say u.s. officials is mounting. cnn has learned u.s. investigators believe russia is behind a cyber attack on a contractor for florida's election system that exposed voter data. this after the u.s. took the rare step friday of publicly naming and shaming russia for hacks of democratic party leaders and institutions. white house press secretary josh earnest not mincing words about rushi's intentions. >> russia is interested in attempting to destabilize the u.s. political system. >> reporter: democrats claim russia wants to win the election for donald trump over hillary clinton. john podesta, whose hacked e-mails are being released day by day on wikileaks, suggesting
3:47 pm
the trump campaign is actively working with wikileaks to damage the clinton campaign. the clinton campaign pointed to this tweet by roger stone in august in what cnn believes he meant to say, trust me, it will soon be podesta east time in the barrel. >> the reasonable conclusion that mr. stone had advanced warning about what assange was going to do. >> reporter: stone told cnn that he "had no foreknowledge of the wikileaks documents." john podesta releasing a new statement, doubling down on accusing russia, saying this level of meddling by a foreign power can only be aimed at boosting donald trump, and should send chills down the spine of all americans regardless of political party, despite receiving an intelligence briefing on russia's role in masterminding these attacks, donald trump continues to side with the russians, podesta says, even cheering on further intrusions.
3:48 pm
writing the growing number of links between trump's associates, wikileaks, and the russian government raises troubling questions about the possibility that trump's allies had advanced knowledge of the release of these illegally obtained e-mails. so an accusation for colluding with russia. >> i want to ask you about, you're hearing something about a u.s. ship that's been attacked? >> reporter: this from multiple defense officials. this is the second time it's happened. the "uss mason" deployed off the coast of yemen. for the second time, it had a missile fired at it from the shores from areas controlled by the houthi rebels. a surface-to-surface missile fired at this destroyer. the destroyer deployed countermeasures to defend
3:49 pm
itself. we're told that missile dropped in the water far away from the ship and did not cause any injuries or damage. but we can't underestimate the obvious danger of this. twice in two days a missile fired at a u.s. ship. i'm told this kind of missile system is consistent with the kind that iran has supplied these rebels. that is significant. >> jim sciutto, thank you so much for that. and why -- this is what we're going to talk about next. why would a student intentionally crash a plane? we're going to tell you what we're learning about this very disturbing case in connecticut. . . [ "on the road again," by willie nelson ] ♪ on the road again
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tonight. aviation officials are confirming the deadly crash of a small plane in connecticut was not arn accident. brian todd is digging on the story. what are you learning? >> reporter: we're learning the young pilot in that plane was under extraordinary personal pressure. he was a student pilot. that led to a brawl in the cockpit just seconds before impact. the horrific crash of a twin engine piper plane on main street. the student pilot on board dies. the struck outinstructor surviv. >> the fact there weren't more casualties is amazing quite frankly. >> reporter: this crash was likely intentional according tom the ntsb. a u.s. official tells cnn the
3:55 pm
flight instructor told investigators he got into a fight with the student pilot inside the cockpit. the student was so upset that he flew the plane into the ground according to our source. the source says it appears the student pilot appears he was being forced to become a pilot and was frustrated with his family. investigators plan to interview his family and search his computer the officials told cnn. while we don't know for sure what happened here. there have been previous intentional plane crashes, like this one in tampa by a teenager inspired by bin laden. and this one in texas targeting an irs building. the hartford crash highlights how difficult it is to defend against a private pilot intent on causing harm to others. >> there really is no way on the ground that you can defend against this. the only thing you can do is have exclusion areas where a private planes or unauthorized planes are not loud. and then have jets, fighters prepared to intercept.
3:56 pm
>> reporter: dan miller is a flight instructor in leesburg virginia. >> anything a instructor can do to prevent a student from doing that. >> as instructors we're trained to take the controls from anyone who's doing anything outside of the standard flight regime. in other words if they are not positively controlling the aircraft we have controls right in front of us. we can take the aircraft from the student. he said the instructors have the capability to grab the control yoke which looks like a steering wheel t runner pedals and throttle on their side of the cockpit and guide the plane to safety. >> what if i'm intent on doing something. anything you can do? >> there are things we can do. >> like what? >> i'm not going to tip my hand. >> and before they get into the cockpit they check for warning science. >> illness, medication, stress. alcohol fatigue and external
3:57 pm
pressures. if any of those are weighing on us heavily and we're not prepared for the flight we'll wave off. >> according to cnn's source there was no recorders on board the small plane so there may be little or no evidence to corroborate the flight instructors claim. despite that the source says based on their initial interviews investigators do believe the instructor is telling the truth. brianna. >> brian today. thank you for that. and now we want to tell you about a new cnn film airing tonight. featuring first lady michelle obama and focuses on the challenges many young girls face just to get an education. she traveled to liberia and spoke with young women in schools and shared their story. >> my goal as first lady was to make sure that i was the best first lady i could be. so i made sure that every day i came to my job they brought a level of passion and confidence and trust. and i try to operate from that
3:58 pm
place every single day. maybe those are some of my strengths. is the ability to just be me. no matter where i am. you don't have to be somebody different to be important. you are important in your own right. people want and need to value you because of who you are. because of your story. because of your challenges. that is what makes unique. >> one of the contributors to film joining me now. this is a journey with michelle obama but it is the girls in this film that are are real stars. tell us what we're going to find in this inspiring project tonight? >> people are going to be uplifted. they ever going to meet some incredible young women facing difficult ods but pushing forward nonetheless. one girl in particular, rafina lives with her aunt and uncle. and despite pressures she's pushing forward brianna. and when you hear the stories,
3:59 pm
when you hear how much they are fighting and struggling. i'm telling you it is going to steal your hard. this is a beautiful, beautiful project. >> and there is even the threat of violence. this is i think sometimes we take for granted what it takes to get an education. and they are facing tremendous odds. >> absolutely. it is not just some of the cultural issues that you face just kind of ideas of inequality between the sexes, financial pressures and the developing world. school is not necessarily a safe place for these girls. in some schools they see high rate of sexual violence. we know in a country like liberia there is a huge issue of exploitation. sexual exploitation of girls. these are real issues the girls are battling every day yet they are not pushing forward. brianna, these girls are going to thrive and make huge successes of themselves. >> and fascinating. and tonight you are pulling back the curtain and giving us a view of something we haven't seen before. so isha, thank you so much for that. and "we will rise: michelle
4:00 pm
obama's mission to educate girls around the world" tonight at 9:00 eastern only on cnn. thank you so much for watching. wolf will be back tomorrow. and erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" next. breaking news, a new report from the "new york times" alleging donald trump touched two women inappropriately. they are on camera. one on an airplane, the ore outside an elevator at trump tower. that is moments away. and donald trump accusing paul ryan of a secret and sinister deal in his words as trump's war against his own party heats up. plus under attack, a key battleground's state's voting system hack. all signs point to russia. what is the motive. let's go "outfront." and the breaking news at this housh, right now just breaking a damming report from the "new york times" that


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