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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  October 14, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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that's it for me, thanks very much for watching. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. east american the situation room. for our international viewers, "amanpour" is coming up next. for our viewers in north america "newsroom" with brooke baldwin starts right now. good afternoon, i'm brooke baldwin. any moment donald trump will be speaking in south carolina. he will be speaking about new attacks. just a short time ago president obama savage it had republican nominee along with republicans and lawmakers in jgeneral. he said they helped seed the
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trump candidacy. and jason carroll, do we have you? there we go. >> well, brook, a couple things, first of all, when we listen to what donald trump had to say yesterday in terms of defense, we heard it at one point at a rally. he came out basically calling these allegations pure fiction. we are hearing at a certain point the campaign will be pushing back on these allegations. in terms of how they will push back, will it be in the form of a statement? will it be in the form of a tweet as we know donald trump likes to do? or will it be here in greensboro? i can tell you earlier mike pence has been out on the
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campaign trail and speaking in defense of donald trump saying that in short time there will be some information that he says will back up trump's claims that these are false claims that are out there. i can also tell you that as we go forward and there are more allegations, like this new allegation that we're seeing, this one now being reported by the "washington post," woman reporting that back in the '90s telling the "washington post" that she was groped by donald trump. the trump campaign speaking to the "washington post" and saying, brooke, that this is just an attempt at publicity that this, like the other claims, is a false claim. but what all of this does is, brooke, it takes the campaign off message. the campaign wants to get out there, wants to talk about hillary clinton, talk about e-mails, talk about the economy, trade, and jobs. but what all of this does is, as all of these allegations come out, it takes the campaign off message and what it does is it
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continues to make gop leaders, some of the gop leaders who have already pulled back on the campaign have really pulled back on donald trump in many ways, it makes them more nervous. so this recent allegation now that we're hearing about that the "washington post" is reporting is just one more -- just -- it's just another block that the cam papaign has they h to deal with. there's no way of saying it, brooke. >> we're about to talk to karen tumulty who broke the story at the "post." jason carroll, thank you so much. watching and waiting to hear from donald trump, how does he handle this and where is the evidence for these multiple accusers coming forward? specifically, back to this story out of the "post" here, this former model, she talked to the "washington post," said that trump had -- sitting next to her in a club and essentially reached up and touched her genitals in anneer eerily simil
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scenario that we heard on the hot mike. cnn has not been able to independently confirm this woman's claims from the "washington post" story so we just want to warn you, though, the details from this are graphic. >> and i'm talking to my friend who i'm sitting across from on my left side. i'm very clear on this. this is the vivid part for me. so the person on my right, who, unbeknown unbeknownst to me at that time, was donald trump, put their hand up my skirt. he did touch my vagina through my underwear. >> and the woman who just broke this story, karen tum miltie with the "washington post." karen, thank you so much for coming on. here we have yet another accuser. before we get into more of the
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details, how did she come to you or how did you come to know her story? >> after the video came out last friday where trump had said on the hot mike that he felt entitled by his celebrity that you could get away with doing this we got a tip from a third party who said that they knew someone to whom almost this exact thing had happened. so we reached out to kristin. she was sort of -- not eager to come forward. we talked to her for days, we confirmed that, you know, she had been telling this story to friends for years and we have a couple of them on the record in the story and then finally she read the accounts night before last in the "new york times" of two women who wrote about being groped and in "people" magazine and she said i think it's important that i talk. she said what happened to me was relatively -- i brushed it off as minor at the time. but that now i realized that i
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need to have these women's backs and that these minor things are -- she described them as a gateway to more serious behavior. >> tell me more, karen, what about she shared with you. >> well, she said that she was at this nightclub and she was deeply -- it was very, very crowded, very, very hectic, people sitting on sofas, on the arms of sofas, so she was deeply engaged in conversation with friends on her left. she didn't notice who was on her right until she felt the hand go up her skirt. this is her version of events but she says -- as the hand gets closer and touches her vagina through her underwear she brushes the hand away, jumps up off the couch and turns around and recognizes donald trump who she said in the early 1990s when this happened when kristin was 22, he was all over the tabloids, everybody in new york
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knew what he looked like and who he was. >> did she at the time -- did she say she told him to stop, that what he was doing, even for just 30 seconds was wrong? >> she said there was no conversation at all. she said she just, you know, hit his hand away and essentially fled from the couch. so she and her friends decided that this was just really creepy and disgust iing but in their understanding of things which she now describes as naive they decided move on. >> so you mentioned on the top why she came out now. schenn you mentioned that you talked to other friends to corroborate. is that how you vetted this? >> that is how we vetted it. we also -- we talked to her a little bit about the facts that if she comes forward like this she is certain to find her private life under great scrutiny and she said she was ready to accept that.
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she provided by us everything we asked for. we double checked to make sure she was not a political partisan. she said she can't decide who she doesn't want to vote for this this election, that she doesn't like trump or hillary clinton and she wishes she could write in mitt romney or oprah winfrey. she in may changed her voter registration from democrat to no party declared. >> write in romney or oprah. >> final question, karen, how did donald trump respond to this particular story. >> the campaign in a statement through spokeswoman hope hicks denied this had ever happened and accused her of essentially seeking publicity which, of course, i would like to repeat once again the "washington post" went to her, she did not come to us. >> karen tumulty breaking this latest story of accusations of
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groping from the '90s, karen, thank you so much with the "washington post." appreciate it. thank you. again we're watching and waiting to hear from donald trump himself speaking there in greensbo greensboro, north carolina, we'll take it live as soon as we see him, meantime, ari fleischer is back with us today. he was the white house press secretary for george w. bush. good to see you, sir. so here's the deal. with all these different accusers coming forward, donald trump and even listening to mike pence this morning on the "today" show saying false and we have proof. we have evidence. do you believe them or think they're bluffing? >> i don't know how anybody knows who to believe. how do you know? can you believe the accusers at face value? yes? no, i don't think any of us are in a position to know. i do know from working on campaigns this is a terrible time for donald trump and the other issues in this campaign, the press doesn't want to talk about them, the public is gravitating to this. this is sex journalism publicity entertainment culture. it's all blended now. >> i would like to be talking
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about the issues, can i just say that. >> well, let's do that. >> this is what he has been talking about. listening to donald trump, this is what he brings up. we'll see if he brings up the issues later this hour in north carolina. but do you think, though, 25 days from election day, i talk to republican trump surrogates who want him to talk about the issues, the economy, terror. do you think it's too late at this point? >> well, i think donald trump -- his path to victory is extraordinarily slim right now. he has to count down a massive turnout of people who never participated in the political process but who already registered and they have to be a group of voters that are not college educated because he's losing the college educated vote so badly. i don't see how the math can work out for him but this has been a cycle none of us could predict. >> hillary clinton meantime has been laying low. she has let donald trump do the speaking for her and sucking this oxygen up, from a campaign perspective do you think this is smart calculus? >> of course it is. but she's also knowing by doing that she doesn't have to answer
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questions about the wikileaks, asking her questions about her support for open borders and open trade, things she denied, of course, in the campaign against bernie sanders. what we've seen here is donald trump, a lot of issues are being raised about his morality, his personal behaviobehavior, but h we have a lot of questions about her public behavior and policies. how could she say these things against sanders when she was against them all the time reinforcing whether she's duplicitous or not. >> she's laying low and to your point not having to answer those questions but she has pretty powerful surrogates who fighting for her. we saw the first lady yesterday, we've seen her husband and now the president of the united states last night columbus, ohio and on the attack. i wanted to play this. because he's speaking not to donald trump in the soundbite, he's speaking to republicans like you. >> they know better, a lot of these folks who ran, and they didn't say anything, so they don't get credit for at the very
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last minute when finally the guy they nominated and they endorsed and they supported is caught on tape saying things that no decent person -- [ applause ] -- would even think, much less say, much less brag about, much less laugh about or joke about, much less act on. you can't wait until that finally happens and say "that's too much. that's enough." and think somehow you are showing any kind of leadership and deserve to be elected to the united states senate. >> how would you respond to the president? >> i would like to see that same moral condemnation made about bill clinton and his behavior. has barack obama done that, i don't know. >> i understand why republicans are bringing that up, but, again, it's not bill clinton who's running. >> i understand, but he's making
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a moral statement. he's making a moral condemnation. if moral condemnation applies it should apply broadly. he's making it a political issue because he wants trump defeated. but if there's a real reason you can point to the rise of donald trump, you can also talk about the failures of barack obama. trump has scored because he talks about making america great again and i'm saying this as an analyst, not an advocate. the reason people want to make america great again is because they think we've failed under president obama. our economy is growing at 1.2%. you look abroad and you see america is in decline, russia is taking advantage of it everywhere including interfering in our own election and what's president obama done about it? nothing. and you look at the middle east melting down on his watch and a singular domestic accomplishment, obamacare, is falli falling apart. so a lot of the rise of donald trump is attributed to barack obama more than anything barack obama will acknowledge. >> off of that on to you as press secretary. i mean, i'm sure you've heard trump yesterday on the attack.
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he was talking about liberals, banking industry, the media, republicans, the clintons colluding out to get him isn't that dangerous? >> it's dangerous, a political mistake. what he's doing at the end of his campaign is narrowing his appeal instead of broadening his appeal. his only hope for victory is to have the fed up thinking it doesn't make a difference what i do. maybe donald trump can get enough of a turnout there. just mathematically i don't see it. but also i don't like this conspiratorial approach to government. this is not what we should be about. when al gore lost in 2000, when the supreme court said george bush won, al gore accepted it. this is how you keep the american institutions together. so if donald trump loses, he needs to accept it and not make this conspiratorial attack. >> if he does then what? >> well, i'll continue to condemn him if he does that c. t
11:15 am
but if people believe election wasn't legitimate, it's very harmful for democracy. i didn't like it when there were certain democrats who said george bush was not legitimate. they were doing great harm to our democracy and i'll condemn it if republicans do that if hillary clinton wins. >> i was talking to randy evans, he's an rnc committee member and he has reince priebus on speed dial. he said to me "i told you four months ago, this is what we'll be talking about." and i said "what will be talking about four months from now?" he said "i think we'll talk about three parties, democrats, republicans, and some trump party." what do you think we'll talk about on november 9? >> i spent time thinking what life will be like for republicans if donald trump loses and it depends if what he does. if he returns to fifth avenue and leave politics, the party will largely reset. >> come back together? >> yes, we lost elections. we lost in '64 and came back in a landslide in '68. democrats lost in an unprecedented way in 2002 in
11:16 am
george bush's first term and they came back four years later. this is politics. this is government. we're self-correcting. it happens. but if trump decides to stay involved, the republican splits are just going to grow deeper because this is the fissure. the republican party is split. donald trump has split it. i've said from the beginning he's much more of an independent. he's temporarily borrowed the name republican. he's not really a republican, he never has been. he ran as a republican so if donald trump goes back to fifth avenue, i think we'll return to your typical washington fights but the big wild card being what donald trump has shown is there is a big group of blue-collar working class americans who can become republicans. can republicans keep them and broad en the party the way we have to with hispanics and african-americans? that will be the challenge for our party. >> we keep talking about election day and what happens the evening of november 8 but to me november 9 is the story. ari fleischer, happy birthday, 38 looks good, my friend. 38 looks good. by the way, just a reminder, donald trump is getting ready to speak in north carolina.
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all of this as this latest accusation of groping from the '90s has been broken in the "washington post." we'll see if he responds to that. also ahead, i'll talk live with one of his former "apprentice" contestants to react to these allegations. what did he see? what did he hear in conversations with donald trump and his relationship with him for a decade? i'm brooke baldwin. this is cnn special live coverage. t put up with part of a pizza. um. something wrong? so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? you want the whole thing? yes, yes! live whole. not part. aleve.
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that just tastes better. with more vitamins. and 25% less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. i'm brooke baldwin, live pictures, greensboro, north carolina, we're waiting to see donald trump speak. he's promised to prove evidence, to provide evidence disproving the women who in recent days have stepped forward accusing him of groping or sexually assaulting them in the past. a lot of people questioning the timing of this. look at the calendar. 25 days until election day but my next guest says he's been trying to expose trump's abusive power and prejudice behavior for a while now. he's kwame jackson, the runner-up of "the apprentice," he's had a relationship with
11:22 am
donald trump since the show aired in 2003/2004. kwame joins me live. nice to meet you, nice to have you on. >> good to be here, brooke. let me say go heels to a fellow tar heel. >> go tar heels. thank you for the tar heel love. now on to the news. i was talking to karen tum miltmil -- tumulty from the "washington post." for you, what you saw, what you heard, how did donald trump tweet men versus women on the show behind the scenes? >> i think there was a subtle difference between men and women. i think there was more of a boys club among men. i didn't see egregious behavior towards minorities at that time but the bigger question to ask is why is the litmus test and bar so low for america? why is the litmus test that we have to have a tape that says donl donald trump uses the "n" word and he calls kwame this in the board room. why did there have to be a tape that came out to show the
11:23 am
specifics behind how he tweeted women. with the bar so low, we have to think about the history of his behavior that i've been speaking about over the last 18 months and goes back with the '70s with the federal accusations in court around his refusal to lease his properties to african-americans. there's been a long history. we have such a low bar in a day of what i call all lives matter, why is it after insulting mexicans, african-americans, military veterans, disabled that we got to the point that he insults white women and then it becomes america's fault line. that's the broader kwench eer q >> i was just talking to marshawn who brought up the same point. on the issue of race, you recently made headlines because you have come out, kwame, and you said he is a racist at his core, i have to push you on that and say what did you witness
11:24 am
that proves that assertion? >> he never used the "n" word to me but what i did get was what i saw through the birther movement. i wrote an oop ed called "show me your papers"s after how he led the birther movement against obama. that was a personal indictment against me. he said if you're a minority, you have to show your resume is valid, you have to validate yourself to be here and i felt that same pressure after the fact on "the apprentice." i felt as though he talked with a number of people in my background about my time at goldman sachs and other employers and he was always trying to figure me out to figure out what is this african-american guy with this harvard pedigree doing on my show? >> but kwame, if you don't have any specific interaction with mr. trump with the show or even in the years since that proves his racism, how do you square that? >> the litmus test isn't that
11:25 am
someone calls you the "n" word. the litmus test is a history of bigotry that basically says if you look at multiple incidents of how he's treated african-americans as well as other minorities in his business dealings. the fact there were no minority professionals in executive management roles in any of his companies, his casinos, hotels, anyone i interacted with on the show. the fact that he would lead a birther movement that used race against president obama to make him an other, i felt all those were personal indictments against me as well. so if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it's probably a duck and i think the fact that america says until you use the "n" word on tape and we can see it you are not a racist. that's too low of a bar. >> i'm listening to you, kwame, but i'm also just trying -- i'm trying to be fair and i'm thinking of what trump has said about these women, for example, and he's saying where are they years ago and why didn't they come forward years ago and i can say the same to you. you're on the show 10 plus years ago. i'm sure the show didn't hurt
11:26 am
your career. where were these opinions ten years ago? >> for me it's what i call a dr. jekyll and mr. hyde evolution. the person i met on the show when we filmed in 2003 was an egotistical boss, a rowdy boss but no direct racist behavior towards me. there had been a history of some documented racism that was kind of scuttlebutt and rumors around the show when i first came on but i said hey, let me figure it out for myself. obviously as we fast forward to the birther movement, which is the tipping point for me and many african-american voters, you see a history after that of repeated incidents that basically validate to me the fact that he has bigoted and racist tendencies. i don't think anybody has to be caught on tape saying the "n" word to be considered a racist. >> kwame jackson, thank you so much. >> thank you for your time.
11:27 am
speaking of donald trump again, we're waiting to hear him speak there in greensboro, north carolina, as yet another woman has come forward just today accusing him of sexual assault. we will talk to a trump supporter coming up. [ala♪m beeping] ♪
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breaking news, we're watching and waiting for donald trump to speak in greensboro, north carolina, this as another woman comes forward with claims of trump groping her at a club in new york? in the early '90s. her name is kristin anderson. she talked to the "washington post." she said she was talking to acquaintances when trump apparently was next to her and
11:32 am
she said within 30 seconds didn't say a word, slipped his fingers up her skirt. cnn has not been able to independently confirm her claims but here is what she told the "washington post." >> i was very young and sort of the whole thing was very inconsequential, seemingly, but now i feel like that's kind of a gateway. if you're letting somebody stick their hand up your skirt that, one, has not even introduced themselves and you weren't even speaking with them, they're sort of groping you on the side, on the fly like you're some sort of stuffed animal on the couch, that is really not okay and it opens the door for much worse behavior on their part and for the girl, allowing worst things to happen to them because they
11:33 am
feel it's incon kwen ssequentii. and it's meaningless because you're fine, it's nothing. but it's really not nothing and it sends an awful message to women that they are nothing if you're touched inappropriately, you should tell somebody and speak up about it and go to the authorities. >> the note from the trump spokesperson is that donald trump strongly denies these allegations calling them totally ridiculous. let's talk about all of this, gloria borger is our chief political analyst, kayleigh mcenany is a trump supporter and danny cevallos is here, our legal analyst and criminal defense attorney. great to see all of you. gloria, to you, first, we keep reminding the viewer we're about to hear from trump in north carolina because of this accusation of the woman who talked to the "washington post." we talked yesterday. donald trump went off. he went on that attack saying
11:34 am
this was, you know, lies, fictitio fictitious, he has proof to disprove these women. how do you think he will react today? >> i think he will react the same way he reacted yesterday and the day before that. i think this is very personal to him, it's not about the future of the republican party or even the presidency to a degree at this point. i think he feels to need to defend himself and what we're seeing is this avalanche of women coming forward, this was after donald trump told anderson cooper on that debate that the video on that videotape that he described never occurred, that it was locker room banter and that it was effectively just bragging about predatory behavior, that he did not behave that way. >> gloria, let's listen to donald trump. he's speaking now.
11:35 am
[ crowd chanting "usa" ] >> thank you. thank you, everybody, nice place. plenty of room in 25 days we're going to win the state of north carolina, which i love. [ cheers and applause ] and we're going to win the white house. early voting starts on october 20 so you have to get out there but november 8, that's our day. november 8, right? but do the early voting. i'd also like to take this moment to send our thoughts and prayers to everyone recovering and the tragic aftermath of hurricane matthew. you know about it very well, unfortunately, right here, we
11:36 am
send our deepest condolences to those who have lost loved ones we are with you and we will always be with you and help you when needed so good luck to everybody. [ applause ] the incredible spirit of the people of this state will power its recovery and it's the same spirit that will rebuild our nation. i have property in this state. this is a great state. you know my property. [ applause ] beautiful property, great employees. in a trump administration we will end decades of policies that enrich special interests and foreign countries at our expense. we're going to take on the big media, big business, and big donors that are bleeding our country dry. [ cheers and applause ] we're losing our jobs. we're going to renegotiate our disastrous trade deals and
11:37 am
illegal immigration, stop the massive inflow of refugees, take care of our vets. our great vets. and we're going to repeal and replace obamacare. 100%. that is a disaster. premiums are soaring in north carolina. it's a disaster, you know what's going on. your country could be left with only one insurer, you're going to have nothing, everyone's leaving and you're going to have nobody. obamacare is failing. we're going to repeal it and we're going to replace it. [ cheers and applause ] your jobs come back under a trump administration. your income goes up under a trump administration. your taxes go way down under a
11:38 am
trump administration. your companies won't be leaving our country under a trump administration, they'll be staying right here. and believe me, there are plenty of them right now negotiating to leave, i hate to tell you that. these are the issues that we will discuss at the next debate which i look very much forward to. [ cheers and applause ] crooked hillary is doing no more public events until after the debate. they say she's doing debate prep. but really she's just resting. she's resting. [ crowd chanting "lock her up" ] >> for what she's done, they should lock her up. [ cheers and applause ] it's disgraceful. honestly it's disgrateful. what's going on in our country right now is a disgrace.
11:39 am
the hillary clinton documents released by wikileaks make more clear than ever just how much is at stake on november 8. wikileaks released new clinton campaign e-mails revealing how friendly hillary was with the attorney general loretta lynch. this was only months prior to lynch's investigation of hillary's illegal secret e-mail server that gave foreign governments access to our confidential information. this comes on the heels of disclosure that clinton campaign was conspiring and colluding with the state department and justice department over the release of her e-mails and the investigation into her server. hillary clinton told the fbi 39 times she couldn't remember. she couldn't remember anything. i couldn't remember, i couldn't remember.
11:40 am
or recall key events concerning her e-mail server and related misconduct. now in new written testimony out as part of a freedom of information act request, hillary clinton has said she couldn't remember, recall, or anything else, key events and key things 21 different times. it's one more reason that if i win i will ask my attorney general -- [ cheers and applause ] -- to appoint a special prosecutor. and we also have to investigate the investigation itself. hillary clinton bleached and deleted 33,000 e-mails after a congressional subpoena. she got a subpoena from congress
11:41 am
and she said this is no good. this is terrible because those 33,000 e-mails had bad stuff. and she said get rid of them, delete them, bleach them, nobody bleaches because it's such an expensive process. she bleached. get rid of them. and then she made everybody get rid of iphones, her iphones. and some were hammered. they were hammered to death. all to cover up her crimes. yesterday new disclosures were made showing again how hillary clinton's pay for play works. saudi arabia paid bill clinton a lot of money to make a speech and then gotten a arms deal from hillary and her state department that they were unable to get. the nation of qatar also kicked in $1 million for bill clinton's birthday party.
11:42 am
wikileaks showed the clintons ripped off the people of haiti as they were suffering and dying after the earthquake and her brothers on the board of a gold mine, her brother. but the media is covering up for the clintons and there are many crimes against so many people. the wikileaks document show how the media conspires and collaborates with the clinton campaign, including giving the questions and answers to hillary clinton before the debate. okay? [ boos ] what a rigged system, folks. last night we had a massive crowd of over 20,000 people in cincinnati. filled up an arena. [ cheers and applause ] and the media won't even talk about the size of the crowd, the enthusiasm of the crowd.
11:43 am
i watched nbc this morning, they said last night donald trump was in cincinnati. [ laughter ] if hillary clinton has 800 people, oh, the crowd is so big. [ laughter ] it is horrible. it is really horrible. the corrupt media is trying to do everything in their power to stop our movement, believe my. they don't bawant this happenin. we have one of the great movements. we have the great movement, we have a movement that's never happened before. [ applause ] and no paper is more corrupt than the failing "new york times." the good news, it is failing, it won't be around too much longer. but they are really, really bad people. the largest share holder in the "times" is carlos slim. now carlos slim as you know comes from mexico. he's given many millions of dollars to the clintons and their initiative. so carlos slim, largest donor of
11:44 am
the paper, from mexico. reporters at the "new york times," they're not journalists, they're corporate lobbyists for carlos slim and for hillary clinton. we're going to let foreign corporations and their ceos decide the outcomes of the -- you just can't do this. we can't let this happen. we are not going to let it happen where they decide the outcome of our elections. they can't do it and we're not going to let it happen. this is our last chance to save our country and yes claim it for we the people, and it's going to happen. [ applause ] oh, it's going to happen. as you have seen, right now i am being viciously attacked with lies and smears. it's a phony deal i have no idea who these women are. i have no idea.
11:45 am
i have no idea and i think you all know i have no idea because you understand me for a lot of years, okay? [ cheers and applause ] >> when you looked at that horrible woman last night you said "i don't think so." whoever she is, wherever she comes from, the stories are toe fall fiction they're 100% made up. they never happened. they never would happen i don't think it would happen with very many people but they certainly aren't going to happen with me. folks, you know, my people always say don't talk about it, talk about jobs, talk about the economy. don't worry, your jobs are going to be -- they are going to be coming back to north carolina like you've never seen. [ cheers and applause ] but i feel i have to talk about
11:46 am
it. because you have to dispute when somebody says something and fortunately we have the microphone, we're able to dispute. some people can't. these are lies being pushed by the media and the clinton campaign to try and keep their grip on our country. they are all false, they're totally invented, fiction all 100% totally and completely fabricated never met this person, these people, i don't know who they are. i don't know who they -- think of what's has beening to our country. i don't know who these people are i look on television, i think it's a disgusting thing and it's being pushed. they have no witnesses, there's nobody around. they just come out, some are doing it for probably a little fame, they get some free fame. it's a total setup. now suddenly after many, many years phony accusers come out
11:47 am
less than a month before one of the most important elections in the history of our country. it also comes at a time as wikileaks unveils horrible, horrible things about hillary clinton but they'd rather talk about this. somebody that you've never seen that said, oh, in 1992 he went like this ask. [ laughter ] one came out recently where i was sitting alone in some club. i really don't sit alone that much, honestly, folks, i don't think i sit alone. i was sitting alone by myself like this. and then i went -- to somebody. i just heard this one. it's like unbelievable. even a simple investigation would have shown these allegations against me in just about all cases it's nonsense,
11:48 am
it's false. the "people" magazine story has already been debunked. here's the question, why didn't she write what she said happened before she wrote the story? why didn't she put in the the story? the story would have been one of the big stories. i was the big story, "the apprentice," why didn't she do it 12 years ago? 12 years ago? she's writing a story. think of this. think of this. she's a liar, she is a liar. she's writing a story -- check out her facebook page, you'll understand. she's writing a story about -- a beautiful love story, melania, donald, and she said i made inappropriate move. just so you understand, that's a big story, if i did. she wrote the most beautiful story. honestly, most beautiful story
11:49 am
100% story like beautiful. why wouldn't she have put this in to the story. two nights ago i get a call, "people" magazine, i say oh, it's okay. no, no, it's not okay. it's about a story written 12 years ago. she was on last night or one of the top people at "people" was on and he said no we were just informed of it. well, did you hear about it 12 years ago? did you hear about it five years ago? no, we just heard about it recently. these people are sick, these people are sick. the reason she didn't write it 12 years ago is very simple, it never happened, never happened, it's a lie. [ applause ] and if it did happen 100% she would have written it, it would have been the biggest story of the year. these are horrible lie, all fabrications and we can't let
11:50 am
them change the most important elections in our lifetimes. 5% of the people think it's true and maybe 10% think -- we don't win. in other words they make up lies, they have people come around, oh, donald trump did this or that, i never saw these people before, i don't know who they are then you watch these phony and dishonest networks who are 100% -- let me tell you something about hillary clinton, she's got nothing going. she's got nothing. the only thing she's got going is the media. she's got nothing going. she's got nothing. the other day at the debate where, by the way, i absolutely destroyed her, okay? [ cheers and applause ] every online poll, even "time" magazine, "time" magazine is not exactly in love with me but every online poll. she said -- i told you this. the other day i'm standing at my podium and she walks in front of me, right? she walks in front of me and
11:51 am
when she walked in front of me, believed me, i wasn't impress bud she walks in front of me. [ laughter ] and she takes a question then she walked back and that was the end of that, no problem. then she said the next day i invaded her space. give me a break. and i was waiting for that because she had that incident once before where they made up something. some guy invaded her space. the poor guy lost the election because of it. but i was very conscious of this so i purposely, i purposely didn't do anything so -- get this guy out of here. [ cheers and applause ] get him out. out. get out of here. [ boos ]
11:52 am
[ crowd chanting "usa ] it's really total disrespect for the american flag. there he is, look, good. great. folks, folks, that's what's happening to our country. that's what's happening. that is total disrespect for our flag. that's what's happening to our country. we're going to turn it around, folks, we're going to turn it around. so just to finish up, you see what's happening, the process is
11:53 am
rigged. this whole election is being rigged. these lies spread by the media withouts, without backup or anything else are poisoning the minds of the electorate. no witnesses, no backup, no anything else. and i'm telling you, i have many top professionals, don't talk about this, donald, nobody believes it, i said maybe they do believe it. you have to talk about it. when somebody makes -- am i right? when somebody makes an am sags that you did something and you never saw this before, it's a total lie, sometimes they do it for fame maybe they get money, who knows, the clinton campaign is pushing it, the "new york times" did a story on somebody where it was totally false. they knew it was totally false. we gave them the information, they wrote a whole big page about somebody where they were sending me e-mails and letters and everything and then you
11:54 am
realize it was a one-way send, by the way, there was nothing send back and you realize it was a phony deal. they did a big story on it. they didn't mention all of the e-mails, they didn't mention everything coming my way. others looked at it. as bad as they were, as soon as they saw this stuff that was said they immediately, immediately decided not to do this, "new york times" did a story on it. they read these stories and people might not know how untrue they are. it's really a disgrace. i've been saying this for a long ti time. the whole thing we're going through -- and i hate to say it. bernie sanders, it was a rigged deal, the whole thing is one big fix. it's one big fix. it's one big ugly lie. it's one big fix.
11:55 am
the press can't write the kind of things they write which are lies, lies, lies. the stories are fabrications and false and the only thing i say is hopefully, hopefully, our patriotic movement will overcome this terrible deception. [ cheers and applause ] hopefully our great movement -- and there's never been anything like this in the united states, the only way they figure they can slow it down is to come up with people that are willing to say, oh, i was with donald trump in 1980. i was sitting with him on an airplane. and he went after me on the plane. yeah, i'm going to go after you. believe me, she would not be my first choice, that i can tell you. [ laughter and applause ]
11:56 am
you don't know. that would not be my first choice. hopefully our great movement powered by everyday citizens will overcome the sickness that is plaguing our politics and our media. i'll tell you what, our media is, indeed sick. and it's making our country sick. and we're going to stop it. [ cheers and applause ] we're going to stop it, folks. all right, let's get on, now, let's get on to another subject. but isn't it god that we talk about that? who thinks i shouldn't talk? who thinks i shouldn't talk about it? does anybody think that? okay, i agree. when somebody -- you know, a long time ago with when you get hit, you hit back, you don't just say "i didn't get hit, i didn't get hit." when you get hit -- we are
11:57 am
destroying our country with these sick people back there and they know it better than anybody in this arena. i ran because i knew what trouble our country was in. our country in tremendous trouble. you know this in north carolina because you see what's happening to your jobs, they're disappearing. i know it's not about me, it's about you and that's why i'm doing this. i didn't need to do this. it's about you, it's about bringing our country back, making our country great again. i'm taking these slings and arrows for you so we can have our borders so we can get back our jobs, so we can be a safe nation again. you know, the number of murders in our country this year went up more than they have in 45 years. it's true. look, obama is an incompetent. he is an incompetent president. he doesn't know what he's doing
11:58 am
he's out campaigning all day long. he's talking about me like he knows me. i don't know him, he doesn't know me and why doesn't some woman maybe come up and say what they say falsely about me they could say about him. they could say it about anybody. they could say it about anybody. he better be careful because they could say it about anybody. but obama is an incompetent as a president he's about as bad as it gets. look at what's happening, how iran is taunting us. look at what's going on. he gives iran $1.7 billion in cash. gives them $150 billion this guy doesn't know what he's doing, it's an embarrassment.
11:59 am
you look at the middle east, it's an embarrassment. we have an incompetent president, i hate to say it but it's 100% true. he's campaigning for crooked hillary. that's all he does. either we win this election or we're going to lose our country because four more years of obama, you can't take it. wikileaks documents, hillary clinton speaking in secret and you saw this, two, a secret brazilian bank. hillary clinton said my dream is a hemispheric common market with open trade and open borders. there go the rest of your jobs, by the way. even though she doesn't say that, but that's what she said in a very, very secret meeting. the e-mails show behind closed doors speaking to international bankers hillary clinton's
12:00 pm
pledged to destroy the sovereignty of the united states a trump administration will secure and defense our borders better than you've ever seen them before. [ cheers and applause ] and, yes, we will build a wall. [ cheers and applause ] crooked hillary also wants a 550% increase in syrian refugees to pour into our country. [ boos ] and that's over obama numbers and those are thousands and thousands of them. even though she admitted in private -- according to wikileaks, again, nobody's covering wikileaks, they're covering somebody that i never saw before -- that she knows terrorists are trying to infiltrate the